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The Triumphal Progress of Con.
Grant Through the
Kvory Possible Honor Shown to
Him hy Princes and Peo
A Catherine: in One Place of One Ann
drtd Thousand People.
The Mediterranean Volcanoes
Both In Full Blast Night
and Day.
San Francisco, Juno L—Arrived, the steam
er Occanlva, from Iloug Kong, via Yokohama,
bringing 637 Chinese.
' lloko Kono, May B.—Grant’s visit absorbs
public attention everywhere, lie arrived at
Snfgon Friday evening, April 25, in the French
mail steamship. Hu was Invited, with his party,
by Bear-Admiral Ln Fond, Governor of French
Cochin Chinn, to sojourn at the Government
house, and passed the night there. Thu next
day ho visited the public buildings and places of
Interest. A public levee was held on thu
evening of the 2tUh, the guests re
turning to the ship at midnight. The
voyage was resumed the 27th. lie reached
Hong Kong the evening of April 80. The ship
Immediately was boarded by United States
Consuls Mosbv, of Hong Kong; Lincoln, of
Canton; Charge d’AlTnircs Holcomb, and depu
tations of citizens of various countries. Includ
ing Japan. The party of visitors proceeded the
sumo evening to the United States ship Ashue
lot. After refreshments. they went on shore in
the Colonial Government launch, amid renewed
salutes from the Ashuclot mid Japanese corvette
Nlshln. He was received at a decorated land
ing pier by Gov. itennessy and staff, members
of the Legislative Council, heads of thu Military
and Naval Service, a guard of honor, and a
multitude of American, European, mid Chinese
spectators. Many streets were adorned with
flages, etc., and houses Illuminated. On May
1 Grant called upon Consul Mosby mid In
formally Inspected the localities ol Importance.
May 3 he hold n reception at the United States
Consulate, and dined with Chief Justice Sir John
Smale. May 3, n state dinner was given at the
Government House. The felicitous address of
Gov. Hennessy was warmly commended by
the Americans. Grant responded briefly and
effectively, giving the sentiment of goodwill
and alliance between Britons and Americans.
May 5, the party started for Canton lu the
Ashnelot, escorted by n Chinese gunboat.
Salutes were fired by-batteries all along the
river. Ho was received at Canton May 0, py
the Consular officials, and conducted to thu
Viceroy’s Yemen, three miles from the point of
debarkation. The crowd was enormous, there
being at least 100,000 witnesses of the little
procession. Perfect order prevailed on all sides.
Ho was greeted by thu Viceroy and attendant
officers with crest form and ceremony. There
were salutes of artillery, nml troops were sta
tioned in every available locality. Luncheon
was served, conslstlngof eighty courses, in rapid
succession. Subsequently a brief visit was paid
to Uie Portuguese settlement In Macao, where
Grant was met with thu usual manifestations of
courtesy and respect. The few following days
will he devoted to receptions, entertainments hy
European and Chinese parties, a public garden
gathering on May 10, lu which the whole com
munity will participate, etc. The party expect
to leave Hong Kong for tho north on May 11,
will touch at Amoy and Foo Chow, and arrive
at Shanghai about tho 18th. Thence, so far as
yet decided, toTictsln ami Peking, after which,
probably, direct from Chefoo to Nagasaki,
Tlic revolt la Annum, under LI Yung Choi, Is
still unsubdued. LI dcQcs Anaamlto mid Chi
nese troops alike, lie remains Inactive, how*
ever, la a mountain stronghold, and vhu Chi*
ncse oflldals contldently predict bis surrender
within a short time.
Gov. Henoessy, of Hong Kong, peremptorily
opposes Die sailing of ships front that port with
the purpose of engaging Ju “ Coolie *' transpor
Yokohama, May IC.-—Preparations continue
for Grant’s reception on a grand scale. Several
high oniclala have been milled to the Committee
of Reception ami Entertainment, among whom
IsSoylzema, former Minister of Foreign Af
fairs. The iron-clad steamship Fuoso, the Jiuest
In the Japanese navy, has been dispatched to
Nagasaki to nwult his arrival. Them the party
will be Invited to leave the Aslmclot and
lake up quarters on board the Jap
anese flagship ns thu guest of
his Imperial Majesty. Jt Is thu present expecta
tion that Grant will proceed by sea from Naga
saki to illogo, and theuec, through Kioto, the
ancient Capital, by .land SOD miles to Toklo.
Nothing, however, is positively decided. From
appearances now, he will not reach the Japan
ese scat of Government before July.
who was recently summoned to Japan, pleads
Illness, and has scut his eldest son, 15 years old,
In his place. lie was received by thu Mikado,
and ordered to await the arrival of h(» father In
Toklo, when both will bo Invested with rank
and title as Japanese noblemen of thu highest
The Pacific Moll steamship Alaska arrived
April 13, relieving the general anxiety.
Lisbon, June I.—lt is announced that the late
Ministry, before Us retirement, concluded a
treaty with Great Britain looking to thu sup
pression of the slave-trade, the development of
commerce, and the civilization of Africa. Thu
treaty provides for the freedom of commerce
and navigation between adjoining British and
Portuguese colonies; deelorgcs the Znmbeze
River free to thu commerce of the world, ami
grants Great Britain facilities for the passage of
troops and munitions of war across Portuguese
territory to South Africa.
A Cllttßill'UL OUTLOOK.
Maduid, June I.—King Alfonso opened the
Cortes to-day. In bis speech bo declared that,
the Ministry will continue the practice of liberal*
principles. Thu relations with foreign Powers
aro satisfactory. Tbo Budget will contain no
new chances. The Government will submit
measures to alleviate thu elfects of the tcu
years’ war In Cuba, and with thu assistance of
thu Cortes will endeavor to asslmllatu the posi
tion of the colony to thatol a province of Bpu!n,
and hasten a complete abolition of slavery.
noux Kim*.
St. pKTunsiiUiia, June I.— I Two more of the
Hied Nihilists have been sentenced to ten years
n the mines.
deduced to nEOOAnr.
Hbulik,' June I.—Thu Kusslan Towns of
Welnikeund Gbojcz and four largo villages in
various districts have been burned, and thou
sands of peasants reduced to beggary.
Capetown, May 14.—Cot. Wood has broken
camp at Kambuta uud formed a new one at
Queen’s Kraal, on thu White Umvolusi River, lu
order to better co-operate with Col. Newdegulc.
Col. Crealock Is seriously 111 with typhus lever.
London, Judo I.—a dispatch from Natal,
May L£, says an alteration of plans is now under
consideration, according to which the main ad
vanco will bo from Lower Tugola os tho base of a
Hying column, creating a diversion ou tlic north
western flank.
Nrwuabti.b-on-Tvnb, Juno I.—Knnlan and
Plalsted had n trial Saturday, gningonthe north
and south aides of the .Meadows respectively.
They finished on n level, Ilanlnn, who otherwise
would Imre won hy n short distance, having (o
take a sharp angle, ,
London, .luno L—E. I*. Wostoti has entered
for the walking-match.
Sophia, .tuna I.—lt is reported that the Mace
lonian Insurrection (a Increasing, mid that the
Llreuks are Joining the Bulgarians.
London, Juno L—The SfamfanV* corrc*
ppomlcnt at Constantinople is assured Hint
Prince LobunolT, on tils return from Jurloiigh,
brought a project of alliance between llufisla
and Turkey.
Bermn, June !.—Tho Xorlh Herman Onsette
says that nothing is known In well-informed
circles concerning the alleged Initiation of thu
Government to abandon Ihe gold standard.
London, Juno I.—A Berlin dispatch says thu
recent rows In thu French (Jhnmhor of Deputies
are being used ns a pretext for enlargement of
the disciplinary powers of‘the President of thu
tub tariff.
l.tr.Lß, Franco, June I.—M. Tirord, Minister
of Commerce, made a public address here, In
which ho said the Government would do all In
its power to hasten u settlement of the iarllt
question; that the Protectionists based their
calculations on accurate data, and their agita
tions often bad a political motive.
Bomb, Juno I,—Thirty new craters have open
ed In H2tpa. They cover several sijuare mile.*',
and all pour forth lava. Tho eruption of Ve
suvius Is alio increasing.
London, Juno L— A correspondent at Alex
andria reports that four French subjects have
been pelted and otherwise maltreated by sol
diers pear Cairo.
Vienna, Juno I.—Dr. Charles Glskm Is dead.
Special tUtoutchet to The Tribune.
Dwiout, June I.—Fanners have been watch
ing mid watting with great anxiety to sec the re
sult ot the second planting of corn. Tho stand
Is somewhat better than the llret. A great deal
ot corn has nut come up yet, but lies In the
dry ground Just as It was, and Just as It will
until wo have a soaking rain. Tho i’rulr-e
farmer thinks tho “combi good shape for
growing under the soaking rains. 1 *- But the
great (rouble all this season has been that wo
have not, except In very limited areas, had a
single vain that wet down into the ground half
mi inch, while, on the other hand, up to the
present week the ground has been cold and a
l arga percentage of the corn hiis rotted. While
it is true every available acre lias been plowed,
Urn crop at present allows no promise of being
the “largest crop of corn ever raised In the
United States.” Farmer* will plant all next
week and wllh a better show lor u
crop than the cnrlv planted. Our oat
crop is looking verv poorly, mid any rain wo
may have soon will not help either I lie oats or
t)ic grass. Flax Is very thin and weedy. Largo
amounts of corn have gone forward hits week,
wlileh were sold for “ Mav delivery.” There Is
not much loit except wlmt will be needed for
humn consumption. Sumo farmers who Just
came Into town tell me: “'Hie potato bugs
have broken loose ami are thicker than chain
Salem, Marion Co., .nine I.—Oat? nr« suffer
ing badlv for rain. Do not look for more than
hall & crop. Winter wheal Is pot making much
bund. Short straw. March mid April weather
hurt the crop seriously.
Sr. Elmo, Fuyettu Co., June I.—Oats very
short. No rain worth mentioning since the 20th
of April. If ram comes soon winter wheat wnl
make one-) bird Jot a crop. Cut-worms doing
some damage to me corn.
Buena Vista, Schuyler Co., Juno I.—Snrlng
wheat and oats arc damaged by the drought.
Some corn replanted. An average stand.
Mt, Caukoi.i., Carroll Co., June I.—Spring
wheat fair. Winter wheat Just heading. Thin
mi the ground. Straw short. Good stand of
corn. About 200.000 bushels ot com In crib at
railroad stations in the county.
Cati.im, Vermillion Co.. June I.— Corn prom
ises to be a good stand. Winter wheat prom
ises better than was ever Umnvtu
New Columiiia, Massac Co., Juno I.
Winter wheat Is now likolv to ho cut short.
Oats are falling below an average. Pastures
sulfering for rain. Too far gone to be redeemed
by good seiuon hereafter. Wo have good stand
of corn.
Dakota, Stephenson Co.. June I.—Oats are
looking very badly. All small grain Injured by
thu drought. Pasture Is short. Winter wneat
and ryu heading out short. Fair stand of corn.
Nuni.xs, lUeiiland Co., Jtmul.—Wlntenviieat
looking badly. Thin and short cm i lie ground.
Just livndlng. Oats arc looking had. Chinch
bugs still with us. Reaches, cherries, and pears
all killed.
Caulyld, Clinton Co., Juno I.—Verv poor
stand of earn. Winter wheat, short heath.
Oats Injured fully (W per emit. Untlouk lor
crons not us promising as last season.
llocKroup, 111., May hi.—A heavy rain
passed over this section lust night, accom
panied uv loud thunder and sharp lightning.
An East Side house was struck, being damaged
considerable. A large amount of ruin fell, and
is of priceless vuluu to the growing crops.
Farmers are mure hopeful.
Nnw Coi.Umuia, Massac Co., Junn I.— Some
of our wheat will do to cut m leu days. Good
lung heads, but nut tilled well. Bud stand of
corn. I’ciic ies n failure.
ki.TUAN, Jackson Co.. June I.— The drought
has nearly ruined the winter "heat. Very pour
stand ot euro. Fast arcs poor.
Caiu.invju.k, Macoupin Co., Juno I.— Winter
wheat is not heading out evenly. Most of the
wheat will be short straw. The hernia are very
good size. Outs cron shortened 2U per cent.
Fnstures very churl, bland of corn not generally
goad. Bad seed and wire-worms lUu cause.
fipeelnl DlwHch 10 j'Ae Tribune.
La Cuosaa, Wls., Juuo I.—The following
(Ton reports from dllferent points in Minnetiota
were telegraphed to thu general ollleu of thu
Southern Minnesota Railroad in this city lust
evening, all dated May hi:
jiokah—Crops all doing well.
Houston—All small grain growing splendidly.
Prospects never better fur u big crop.
ilushfnrd—Wheat doing well \ thu rain doing
no damage.
Peterson—Crops look good; much Improved
since rains; wheat very thin In some piuceu.
Whalen—Crops growing nicely.
Laneaboro—Farmers report crops looking
very favorably and improving dally; frequent
showers and cool weather Just what is needed
to drive out thlueli-bugi.
Fountain—Weather very lavorable for wheat,
no more rain needed at present.
Wykolf—Crops doing nicely; good growing
Spring Valley—Wheat looks well on high
ground; farmers complain of too much ruin.
Grand Meadow—Crops are progressing rapid
ly, with a healthy mid substantial growth;
farmers lubtlaut.
Urowiisdale—Weather very favorable to grow
ing crops, except that too much rain bus fallen.
Itamsoy—Formers report crops growing fine
ly; weather favorable.
Delavan—Crops are in fbio condition.
Dexter-Crops look well except corn, which
Is stunted by cold, wet weather.
Wells— Orulu never looked better; prospect
Alduu—Crops continue to look well, having
splenald growhur weather (or whuit.
Oakland—Crops looking well;
rmn has fallen; will not damage wbont If
weaiher ctmUiuivs cool.
Wlrtnehago Crops growing splendidly;
weather cool; Just the tiling for wheat.
Fairmont—No change In crop-prospects; they
continue to grow nlceh*.
Sherhrurne—Crop-prospccts ennllnun favora
ble; wheat and corn looking very well; farmers
Hayward—-Wheat looks fine; the weather Is
first-rate for growing crops.
Easton—We have nice weather for wheat; it
Is crowing nicely.
Alhcrtha—Whtftl la growing slowly; Urn cool,
wet weather makes it strung nml thicker, and
the color Is good.
Armstrong—Farmers report crops looking
good; have had plenty of rain for the present.
Jackson—Crops reported ns growing rapidly;
weather favorable fop wheat; largo crops ex
pected throughout- tills county.
Minnesota Lake—All crops looking well;
plenty of rain.
flood Thunder—Crops looking exceedingly
well; wheat Is slooling splendidly, mid promises
Maplclon—Wheat growing finely; never
looked bettor; farmers greatly encouraged.
Mankato—Farmers say crops nra looking
splendidly; n Very largo crop Is anticipated.
Stteeml t)l*i*ifch In Tht Tribune.
Littt.r I’ai.ls, Morrison Co., Juno t.—Bcccnt
mins have started all cropa, nml are coming for
ward in good tdiune. The prospect now for
spring wheat Is excellent. Corn is Just coming
up. Other crops a little backward.
Suerlal 7)1 ../Hires to Tut Tribune.
Lovktte, Kingman Co., Juno L—Weather
▼cry dry. Wheat very short. Oats will not
amount to much. But little prairie broken this
season on account of dry weather. Harvest will
be unusually late.
SsreU it of The. Tribune.
Eureka, Greenwood Co., Knn., May 2ft—
Various rumors mid reports nre bolus circulated
through the press of the East in regard to the
crop prospect of this State, many of which
gr.otly underestimate the prospect otthewheat
crop through Southern Kansas. For five months
pas*. 1 have been traveling through this State,
every day on the mad, mid by dillccnt inquiry i
am led to believe that, unless some unluruseen
cnlamtlv befalls this Slate, uml that very soon,
the wheat crop this year will not fall far below
an average yield, and In some localities the yield
will be far mom than an average. The acreage
ns compared to past years is somewhat larger,
uml In this part at the Stale it Is already headed
out mid many fields commence to ripen. June
1 will see Hie harvest commenced In
many of the southern counties along
the line of the Nation. in the
central and northern part of the State crops are
not so tar advanced, but wheat Is looking well.
The drought that has been so much complained
of has nut dried up the Helds, the streams are
running lull, mid every lew days wo nre refreshed
with copious showers. Grusa, lb Is said, was
never better at ibis season of the year than it is
at the present time, and certainly corn that Is
nearly waist-high before (ho Ist of Juno dues
nut Indicate a verv droughty season. Many
fields am being worked for the last time, while
hardly n Held can be found that is not hclitgi
denned tho second time. Taken altogether
one would suppose the prospects for mi abun
dant yield worn extremely Hue. Wo certainly
hoar an occasional growl, hut where Is
them a farming community whom there
are nut soma grumblers? A two
hours* rain mid they wilt complain of
too much wet, and when tho dust begins to fly'
it's getting too dry. Emigration continues to
pour tu, but not In such volumes as a few weeks
since. Thousands upon thousands of acres am
Doing turned over, buildings are being erected,
fences built, mid Indications are Unit Kansas in
one year will have no Government land that is
.of anv value but what will bo occupied. Many
panics trem the Bou'.hern part of tho Statu
have told out mid started to settle in tho In
dian Territory, but they have been turned bade,
mid, after losing a good sham ot their properly,
am saddled to again settle In Great New West.
The “ Oii'tO'Okluhmnu ” has died out here, mid
tbconlv cry ywt now hear Is, “Whem’a Car
Many towns of 530 to 1,030 population three
months ago have now double llml number, and
still Urn work goes on. Tho majority of goods
arc sold ns low here ns in Illinois, and tome
things even lower than where they are manu
factured. Especially is this true of agricultural
implements mid barbed fence wire. Low
freights have taken thousands of car loads of
grain mid livestock to Chicago, and given the
fiirmes n higher price nt the Missouri Elver than
they could have obtained within liftv mites of
tlmr market., Tia ra Is yet plenty ot room for
good, thorough, hard-working fanners, but this
Is no place fur drones.
St. Louis, June I.—Heavy rain fell here Inst
night and to-day. Thu tumhcruluro Is quite
cold, requiring (Ires for comfort. Heavy rains
prevailed all over the .central, southwestern,
ami northwestern parts of this State, doing
great bcncllt to wheat, corn, and other crops.
St*cUit Cormpouitence nf The Tritnnu,
Wheeling, May 20.—-Wheat headed out;
very low; crop nut to exceed ono-thlnl of nu
average. Oats, with best of weather, cannot
mtiko one-half an average crop. With n con
tinuance ot present dry weather will not pay
for cutting, llay—l’ruspccts bad; without
plenty of rain soon pastures will ho dried up.
Corn—Large acreage planted; looking woll. lt
having heen so dry that weeds have not started.
Fruit—Fair prospect for apples; few cherries;
no peaches. No rulu to wet thu ground this
ttU'flnl fimuulihm in Tna Tribune.
Faiiutri.d, Clay Co., Jimu I.—Outlook for
all crops good. Finn stuua of corn, and largo
acreage planted.
FAinnunv, Jefferson Co., Juno I.—Wo have
had lino rains. Crops doing well. Acreage 2d
per emit larger than lust year.
Oku, Valiev Co., Juno I.— Stand of spring
wheat lirsl-rnte. * Oats and barley doing llucty.
Corn up and looks well.
lO\V A»
tiufciui nimhj(c/i m The TrUmni.
J.ooan, Harrison Co., Juuo I,—Soring wheat,
oats, anil barley aro Improving since llio late
mins. Some of tho winter wheat was so far
gone tbat It wau plowed up. Largo acreogo of
corn planted and stands well. Considerable
eoru being shipped out us fust m curs vau bo
hud. Mo old wheat.
A still alarm to Engine No. dint Ds-TO last
evening was caused by a tiro in a three-story
building, No. HXVJ Wilcox averiue, owned by E,
Elinor, and occupied by (I. 8. Date. Damage,
§lO. Cause, spontaneous combustion In a closet.
Thu alarm from Ilox £7l) at 1:05 yesterday
afternoon was caused by a lire In the tup story
of u thfce-slury brick budding at No. liO West
Washington street, owned by A. E. Ulshop, and
occupied as a plcture-Iramo factory by Martin
Kelley. Damage to building, (15; to stuck,
about §‘2s. Cause unknown.
Thu alarm from llux 4J os 12:45 yesterday
afternoon was caused uy the burning out of a
chimney at No. HP Dearborn sticet, the Wind
sor Hold. No damage to building.
Boston, Juno I.—Arrived, the steamers
llatuviu, Minnesota, uml ibcrlan, from Liver
Havkb, Juno t.—Arrived, tho slearacrßl,
Laurent, from Now York.
Quebmstown. June i.—Arrived, tho City of
Purlin and Neruda, from New York.
IM.ymoutii, Juuo I.—Arrived, thoWlcland,
from New York.
Thu Zulus.
~ , . Lundun Iln/t,
More reinforcements, probably from India,
will be repaired to subdue Zuluiaod. There cun
be no doubt that the colonial forces have experi
enced a severe repulse at the hands of Moirusi.
the rebel chief ol the liusulos. The protected
advance against the strongholds of Cctewuyu is
delayed, mid so far from the power of the Zulis
having been broken lu the recent battles, a Capo
cotum.uorary stales that they number 7U.U00
lighting men, uud that the campaign is only
Arrival'of a' Largo Fleet of
A Thrilling Accident and Rescue
Narrow Escape of n Schooner
from Siakln;;.
Ochsr Uishaps, Lake Frdehts, Marino
Insnmnoo, £‘c.
a mo ri.nnt in roitr— misiiavs.
Thu cold nnrllicrly galo Hint sprang up no
suddenly Saturday afternoon, mid continued
until Inst evening, brought a iihr (lout of vessel*
Into port, which greatly crowded the main river
mid brmiL-hc.a, mid tilled up Hie slip* to mi non*
Mini extent. The I.uinher Market was over*
crowded, »o Hint many voxels were compelled
to llml mooring* in the slips mid atom;
tins river below Rush street. There
were tmt fi*w grain-carrier* in the
Held, among them being thu sehrs Michigan,
N'clllo (lurdner, Delaware, mid • Annie
Voiight. Caul. St. I’ctcr, of the Life-Saving
Station, who keeps account of tins movement
of vessels, reported Hint during thu twenty-four
hours ending at 0 o’clock Inst evening 1111 sail
mid six steam vessels arrived, mid threu steam*
cm left port.
Thu coining of so large a fled was frnncht
with n few accidents, mid omi that emno very
nearly resulting hi the loss of a life. The sen
ran high yesterday, mid tuginen had about nil
they could do to handle tows. Tlteimr .Mosher,
Copt. St. Clair, yesterday forenoon, wlieu
near the Waterworks 'rrlh, took a line
from the schr Kenmrge to tow
tier In. At ttiu same 'Hum Thomas
Spellman, a Ueck*linnd on the Mustier, was In
thu net ot unbending the lieavlng-lluc to coll U
up, when ho was washed or rolled overboard.
Hu clung to Hie end of thu tow-line ns ho went
over, uml Capt. .St. Clair, mindful only of his
mao’s danger, let go Hie schooner's line, mid
quickly turned his boat around mid rescued
Spellman ns he arose to the stirliico of the
water utter passing under Hut ,schooner. The
act was bravely mid quickly dune by Cupt. St.
Clair, mid lie is untitled to great praise. A
heavy sen made it dUUeult to handle the
lug, mid it required skill mid good Judgment
to got her around so ns to resell the tuun when
bu appeared oil the surface of Hie water, Spell*
iiuui was verv much exhausted when rrsciied.
Hu Is about 8J veurs ot age. Thu tug ShieMu
took 1 lie Kenrsiirgu lu tow after thu Mosher
dropped her line.
Several lumber craft had their deck-loads
shifted by the heavy sea. Among them were
thu selira Duncan City and H. C. Winslow.
Others fiUtlcrcd slight losses from their dock
Tlio schr Tom 81ms, which was recently pur
chased at Oswego hv Capt. Elpliicko, of tin*
city, arrived yesterday, In u leaking condition,
wi(U a cargo of pig-iron for MeConiilek’u Reaper
Works. Constant work at Hie uuuips was re
quired td keep the vessel nllont. and it was
illllicultto keep her from elnulng during Hie
blow. She will t>o dry-docked, and examined
for the purposu of discovering thu icalc and
slopping it.
During Hin rush of vessels 1010 port yester
day morning, Hie prop IT ldgcon got aground at
Hie Galena Elevator, near Kush street bridge,
and caused a Jam that Luted about lllteen
minutes only. Two tug* gut thu propeller oil.
Thu schrTl. IL Moore started for South Chi
cago yesterday, hut ran back after pounding
about for awhile.
The schr If N, Forest arrived without that
valuable appendage, a Jlbboom, which she lost
Thu schr America (one of (he two) had her
hobstnys carried away yesterday In Sampson’s
Slip by collision with the schr Ouklcaf.
The now rate* on grain adopted by the Local
Board go Into effect this morning at 0 o’clock,
as stated in yesterday’s TninuNE. Two cents,
per du on corn to Buffalo Is a.Uiml-umi .figure,
mid if vessels do noted cargoes at that rate a
further reduction will have no Piled. Several
owners said yesterday that they would layup
their vessels rather than carry grain at such low
rates. The rates to Kingston and Oswego re
main unchanged, on thu basis of on corn.
The new taritt of rates on grain cargoes
adopted by thu Local Board of .Marino Under
writer*, with Hie sanction of the Chicago mem
ber of thu pool’s Executive Committee, go Into
olivet to-day. They weru given In yesterdav’s
Tuipbnk, ami nru on Hie basis of 15e pur SIOO
on Buffalo cargoes.
Pout Jluno.v, June I.—Up—Props St.. Paul,
Russia, Atlantic, Garden City, Howard M. Gil
bert, Bcrtscby, Ocurco King and barge*; sehrs
.lame* C. Harrison, .Jessie Hoyt, Btamuedu, C.
Nelson, Lcvl Rawsnn, Owa*-sn.
Down—Props Arizona, Winslow, Quebec*, CUv
of New York; stmrs W. It. Clinton, Nyaek,
Cormorant, Amhvall, Fay Rhodes, Alpena
and barges, Enterprise and vonsnrt, Sallna
and barges; tugs Gladiator and barge,
Sweepstakes and rail; schr* O. 8.
Austin, Hoboken, Evening Star, Penokce,
Mona, 0. Amsdeti, Azur, George Irwin, Mary
Giirrott, J.um Ellswortli, J. .Marla Scott, J, H.
KUclien, Gen. Fritz Siegel, Granger, .Minnie
Davis, Marv Eliza, Fred Dunlonl, Autulope.
The shaimer W. R. Clinton reports seeing the
tug Leviathan towing Hie steam bargu Llnsgar
and consort through llm Strait* bound lor Coi
lingwoud. The Llpsgar disabled her machinery
Friday ttflcrnouu.
Wind, northeast, brisk, cloudy
fifl*rlnl fH»pntrh to The Tribune.
Mjiav.vukkc, Wia., Juno I.— Arrived to-day,
the selirs TrnmplT, Alyosotls, Pelican, Porter
and barges, Keating, Hale. The steam-barge
Egyptian ami i’uiiean wero compelled to run
back last night. Thu latter, with Hie aclira Big
ler, 8. Hates, and a Canadian craft, wind-bound,
are ut anchor In thu bay. Thu atoumr Sheboy
gan remained ui I hid mi to-dav, partially disa
bled. The HelirStarku lust pact of a deuk-load
of lumber lust night wlillo crossing thu lake.
The schr Porter had square sail, yard, and miz
zen uatl carried awuy ui heavy vveaUier on Lake
The tug L. ti. Johnson was sunk in the North
Brunch, near Kinzle struotjiirldge, some tlinu
after Saturday mlilnlght, either hy accident or
design. Shu broke her erunk-pln Friday, uml
went under the derrick to tmvu It repaired, uml
It may he Hint a hole was left open somewhere
through wnldi the water poured into her, hut
thu engineer was Haiti to bu of thu opinion
Unit him had been tampered with. Ve&terdav
Him was pimped out uy a siphon-pump operated
by Hm tug Gardner, anti raised.
Biifdiil nttpauh to Th» Tribune*
Kbnohiia, WU., Jimo l.—Tho scow Onn J.
Davis, ol Pentwutcr, with ft load of posts for
(Irani Jb Co., r«u upon (lie slioro ut tills place
about 10 o’clock lost night, during a heavy
storm. No Urea were lost, tine will probably
go to pieces 11 Uiu gale continues.
Strange to say, nut u sill-vessel departed yes*
terduv (rum this port, ami Put tlireu steamers.
It was too cool fur excursions yesterday. The
boats were ready for them, but tbe people'were
The Lumber-Market is bo overcrowded with
vessels that Harbor-Master Carey yesterday bad
to order u number of luuiber-ludeu cruft to ibid
moorings elsewhere.
The wind shifted around to tbe northwest last
evening, and the sea, which bad been running
heavy, calmed down. A uumber of sull-vessels
wore ut (be piers waiting fur u lair wind to take
them away,
The following are (ho arrivals uml actual sail
ings at tills port for the forty-eight hours ©ml
log ut 10 o’clock last night;
Prop W, L. Wotaioro. Ashtabula, coal. Oconto,
fcehr Druneitu. Ashtabula, eual.Blxtevnih streut.
Prop Messenger, Denton, sundries, tilaio street.
Prop tit. Albans, Port Huron, sundries, Wells
tilmr Sheboygan, Manllowoc, sundries, Hush street.
Himr Corona, tit. Joe, sundries, itasn streut.
tichr I.evl llrsnt, Muskegon, lumber. Market,
tichr Lizzie Dean. til. Joe, (umber, 'Vwoinh street.
Prop Ulsmarck, Monckounee, lowing. Hush streui.
tichriJ. L. Filar, Mvuoaaunee, lumber. Mason blip,
bttbr Muiiukaauue, Uauekauuee, latuoet, Miuuu
ScliMJ. 1,. Wrntiii. Traverse. Inirtlicr. Mama slip.
H<*hr E. E.Tvfon. McnehnmiPu. lumber, MmonSho.
.*«'br IMmleer, Mntkagon, Inmlier. Market,
svlir Rum Belle, Mtiskrgini, hunt, it, Market.
Hchr Innierlnl. Green liny, poll*, 11. &Q.
scow Granger, Packard, Uc*. I’oVW street.
Slrnr Maakegim, Muskegon, •tinilrhw, Rii«h Hired,
schr.l. Bonn, dr., MnntMuc, blather. Market.
Hchr Itfltllo FDher. While Lake. lumber, Markol.
Prop If. (.*. Ilnulntt, Snugniuck, Hiir.drlcs, Stnlo
SchrTVlegrnnh, MiHteaon, lumber. Market.
Prop Pcerle««, Dnlnll), *»imilrio*. MiitlHuu elreot,
Propr, i.'111111)1)011, LmUmrlon, nm-lnes. Stetson
Hark Naiad. Saginaw, lumber, Merkel.
Schr L. U. Coates Muskegon, lumber. Market,
schr EintUlno, Mmdmgon, lumber. Market,
I’r«i|> .1. Flhk, .1 r.. Buffalo, Hiinilriec. Slain Hired.
Schrl,. A. Burton. I.mllnglon, lumber, Market.
Schr city of Toledo, MnrUmce, lunilior, Market.
Schr .Moektmr Bird, Elk Rapids, iron, Bloat Fur*
Schr Leo, Grand Ilnvcn. lumber. Market.
Schr Driver, Carlton, tie*, R. I. K. it.
SctirO. Sluuv. Muskegon, wood, ICuoli Hired.
Hchr Golden Harvest, Grand Haven, lumber,
Allen Slip.
Schr Clipper city, I’ontwntcr, lumber, Mnrkct.
Schr Mary Nnu, .Mnnlulcc. lumber, Market.
Schr Albatro-H, Mmd:ogon, lumber. Mnrkct.
Hchr Nellie Gardner. IWyClty. wtU, It. I. U. R.
SchrAnnloVought, llinliilo, coal, N. 11. It. Mill.
Schr North Star, .Muskegon, lumber, MnrKot.
Prop Ira 11. Owen. INcanntm. ore. N. I*, it. Mill.
Schr Doimlilxnn. Dutlnlo, co il. Lnko street.
Schr Tiiree liull.i, Maul.sten, lumber. C., A. it. St, 1,.
Schr MtcliacHoii, Lmltnutoo. Itimhur, .Market.
Schr Spy. Kewaunee, tlei, Market.
SchrU.c. Winslow, MusUcyon, lumber, Mnrkct,
Schr Lillie Pratt, Lmßngiuii, lumber. Twelfth
Schr Janie* Garrett. Manl«lco, lumber, Market.
Schr Annie O. Hanson, Muskegon, lumber, it, R.
SchrW. Loutit, Liullncton, lurolicr, Market,
schr.lotm Muir, Black Crvuk. pool*. Mud Lake.
Schr Trio, Benton. lumber, Must take.
Schr Two Brother*. MnnlMco, Itunbor, Market.
Schr Mary Collin*. Red Ulvcr. tie*. Twelfth street.
SclirT. Simm*. Kacaunha. iron. Rush street.
Hchr City of Uraml Uavon, Muskegon, lumber,Qu*
House Slip.
Schr Pilgrim, Lmllngtmi. lumber, Market.
Schr Magdalena, White Luke, wood, Uarrlaon
Schrl. M. Hill, Hamlin, lumber, Market.
SulirTuin Palm*. Minkcmiii, wood, Erie Mrcct.
Hchr Sardinia, While Lake, lumber, Arnold Klip.
Huht B. Mitchell, »s»\veuo. coal, Vim Burtm wtreot.
Schr W. W.Brluhum, W hile Lake, lumber, Market.
Schr Havana. Fair Haven, coal. Ugdou Slln.
Hchr Otter, White Lake, Inmbor, Market.
TiigGriDailer, Buffalo, towing, Hindi street.
Schr W’tlllum .lone*, tfluveland. coni, no order.
Schr Kmc nillctt, Jlcimiumcc, ties, Van Burcn
street. •
Schr 11. P. Baldwin. Bay City, lumher, Market.
Schr K. L. Coyne, liny City, salt, im order.
SclirT. S. Skinner, Mnskagon. lumber, .Market.
Schr L, B. Shepherd. Muskegon, lumber, Market.
Schr A. Bradluy, Portage, bark. Market.
Prop New Era, Urnnu Haven, lowing, HnMi street,
Schr Atminlo, Muskegon, lumber, Allen Slip.
Schr Transfer, Muskegon. Imnnur, Allen Slip,
schr Grace Murray, Traverse, lumber, Market.
Prop Annie Laura, Muskegon, lumber. Shite street.
Prop Geo. Dunbar, Muskegon, lumner. Hindi street.
Schr (’onlcst, Muskegon, nun bo r. Mason Slip.
Prop T. W. Snook, White l.uku,lumber. Statu street.
SchrlL L. Soiivlt. Mu-kegon, lomt-er, Market.
SchrUaclnu, Muikcgon. Uunlvcr. Market.
SctifG, Harrison, Wlitiu Lake, Inmbur, Mnrkot*
Prop Fayette, Munlstee. lumber. Stetson Slip.
Schr Windsor, MmiiMtee. Imiibor. SteleonShp.
SchcW'. Flncn. Sttliinan’a Pier, ItuiiDur, Market.
SchrCnacude. (iructiHay, lumber. .Market.
Prop Philadelphia, Erie, snn-.incj, Clara »lroot.
I’rop Mlku Uroli, While Luke, sundries,. Statu
Schr 11. 11. Moore, Muskegon, lumber, Market.
Schr Beloit, Alaska, .ties, C., B. ,t tj,
ScbrCuun. Manistee, inmlior, Marlcut.
Sclif Lookoiu, Horn's Pier. wood, no order.
SchrJ. V..lonos. .Muskegon, lumber, Allen's Slip.
Xchr Oak Leaf, Liidlnuton, lumber. Market.
Sckr Paulino, yiiiskogon, lumber, Market.
Schr Sligo, Georgian Bay. lies, no oraer,
SchrE. G. Simmons. Mmmcgon, Inmlior, Market.
SchrMysiic. Muskegon, Inmbur, Market.
Schr A. .1. Hudgurs, Escanalm, ore, Blast Furnace.
SchrS. P. Wilson, (loodllaruor, lumber. Market.
Schrldbertv, Lndlngton, wood, X. B.
Schr Advance, Mitsitugon. lumber, Market.'
Schr >l. B. Merrill. Muskegon, lurnoer, .Market,
Scbr O. It. dolmson, MiHkegoii, lumber. Market.
Scar Granada, Mnsitegon, lumber, .Market.
scbrdemiluMiilUn, iMuskegon. lumber, Market.
Scar B. Walhridgo. Ford Hlver, lumber. Market.
Schr Sea Bird, Grand Uavon, lumber. Market.
Schr Radical, Mm>kegun, lumber, Marlcut,
Scar (Lad Tidings, Ma*onvtlle, ties, C., JLAQ.
Schr H. Howleti, Grand Haven, lien. Market.
Schr l.lliblu Nun, Hunk Buy, powb*. Market.
SclirA. M. Beer*, Mmiii>leu, lumber. Market.
Schr PhUllpii. Ford Ulvcr. lumber, Market.
Sclir Dav Sjiring, Alanka. tie*, Market.
Schr Metropolis. Elk Rapid*, iron, no order.
Scar L. M. Davi*. Mtixkegon, lumher. Market.
Schr Iturtha BnrncH. Menominee, Inmbor, Market.
Schr Kearitnrge, Mumateo, hunker, Market.
Schr Amuskung. Miuilblco, luni Jur, Market.
Prop E. E. Tnempsuii, Muskegon,lumber.Twelfth
SchrS. A. lri/|h, Uratul, Haven, lumher, Allen
Pier, wood, Uarrl*
Him Hired.
Schr Ithlca, White Lake. wood. Tlnsli street.
Schr Kewaunee, MunlMcc. lumber, Marliot.
Schr William SiargCH. MmiiHlue, lumber, .Market.
SchrPrc-10. Grand Ilitvon. lumher, Market.
Schr .huuiiu l.udlugtou, tiuubjr. Market.
Schr Felicilou*. Linliugloii, lumber, North Hoi
sted street.
SchrSunrlsc*. Lnilnglon. lumber, Arnold Slip.
SchrF.B. Stuckhndge. Manuttec, Inmner, Market.
Schr Miitlmw. Whltul.uke, wuud, Cldcagu uvuntivi.
SchrE. Elllnwoud, White Luke, ties, Tweßth
Schr Adriatic, Muskegon. lumber, Market.
M-hrJ. B. PctiHehl. Oconto. Inmbur. Market.
Schr Carrier, Luiluigtoii, ties, U.. B. M
Schr J. M. Forruxl, Wlillo Lake, lumber, Market;
Prop Tempo*!. Wluto i.akc. Inmbor. Slate struct.
Schr Yankee Blade, While Lake, lumber, Market.
Schr Lucy.L Chirk. Traverse, wood. N. B.
Schr Lady .McDonald, Klncnrdln, salt, no order,
Schr K. t'. Crawford, Muskegon, lumber, .Market,
nchr U. CulkliiH, .Maiilsiee, lumber, Market.
Sr.hrW. 11. Dnnliam, Manistee, himour. Market.
Schr A'ditubuhi, MiiHkegon. liuiilxt, Market.
Schr Ottawa, Muskegon, lumber, Mnrkct.
Srbr Swallow. P.MiHuuce, Inmlior, Market.
ScbrG. D. Norn*. Traverse Bay, wood, N, 11,
Schr Knight Templar, IT. St. iuimc, lumber, Mar
Schr Colltngwond, Traverse, wood. Market.
Schr A. Rust, Muskegon, lumber, Marker,
SchrMaj. Ferry, Mu-kegoii, Jnmuer, Mi.rk.*t.
Schr Michigan, Buy City, salt, C., B. ii (^.
Schr Ida, Muakogon, lumher. Market.
SchrL. M. M i-ton. Liiuington, lumber, Market.
sehrß. -J. Skidmore, Ludinglou, latnuer, Mar
Hchr Potomac. Rowley’*, posts, Wood sir «t.
Schr Helen Blood, Muskegon,lumber, RiiHliHtrcet.
Schrdenuv l.lnd, White Luke, wood. Rn*n xlrcct.
Schr Rodnroclty. Koipie Bay. tie*, Rushatreu.
Schr Ecllpne, Suirgcon Bay, tie*, itn»U Hired.
I’ropC. Ilickox. .MiiHkegun, lumber, State stroot.
Schr Delaware, A*hilnihi, coal, Wood street,
schr WhUu Gak, MuHkegun, lumber, Mnrnut.
Schrß. B. King, While Luke, wood, Jtnsli alroot.
schr Lena,Johnson. Mamxtec, lumber, Market.
Schr Milwaukee Bello, Groce Bnv. post.*. Market.
Brig Stunight, Ford River, Inmbor, Market.
Schr.l, \V. Brown, Ludlnglon. lumber, Market.
Hchr Watertown, Glevobnd. coal, Wood street.
Sclirronquent, Sturgeon Bay, iioMn, .Market.
Schr B.l).Moure, MuAkuuon, lumber, UuMi street.
Schr JiHuiili Dresden, Muskegon, lumber, Rush
struct. .
Hchr Vermont, Muskegon. lumber, Rush street.
Schr Perry llaimnlt, dueUsonport, ties, Market.
Schr Little Belle, Pontwuler, lumber, .Market.
SckrNuboo, Lmllngton, lumber, Market,
schri’eonu, Sturgeon Bay, lumber. Market.
Schr 11. O, Albrecht, Mnakegun, lumucr, Allen
• Slip.
Hchr Onward. Muskegon, lumlier, Mason Slip.
Hchr Minnehaha, Mauttowoc. lumber, Kush street;
Schr l.otu*. Cedar River, lumber, Rush street;
Schr Hercules, Almapee, tie*, t*., B. X IJ,.
Hchr El Tump", Alnmpuo, Hvi. Market.
SclirT. 11. Howland, 1-Dcatmbu, ore, Blast-Fur
Prop City Fremont, Ontonagon, sundries, Wells
Hchr V.. M. fttnniuii, Vnxnkfott, Uimhcr, MtvtUd.
Schr Aluiiinou. Lincoln, Ininbur, Market.
Scfiril. D. Doitsuiimn, Travenu, wood, Market,
Prop ctiv concord, Port Huron, sundries, Wells
Prop Milwaukee, Cleveland, sundries, Wells
Bchr Duncau City, Duncan City, lumber, Market.
Prop HTtylnrU, Menton Harbor, sundries.
Prop i.'olln uainpoeil. Carletuu, sundries,
prop Polounie, UinTahi, sundries.
Prop Newbury llalTido, sundries,
Pron C»d. Cook, K*cunabu, llgut.
PropOuoUla, Hurtalo, sundries.
Kent A. Jackson, Muskegon, lleiit.
Hclirll. I‘arwoiiw. Muskevon, hifnt •
Prop Annie I.aiir'o. Manuicc. Held,
prop Messenger, demon ilurnnr, sundries.
Prop'l'. W. Miook, Whltu bake, sundries,
tichr Lizzlu Doak, St, Joe. hgut.
Kchr cr. F. Allen, Uraml Haven, light,
Kcl.rM. J. Cummins, Oswego, gram.
Scltr Hilbert Knapp, Matnsiuo, Itu'lit.
Sclir U'lnnlo Wing. PniiUiatcr, light,
Prnpl!. Haldwlu, Kscanuna, light.
Prop Delaware, liulfulu, sundries.
Hchrkoh, buumglon, light.
Scltr 11. 0. UittPatiln, Ksciuiaha. hahU
Knur (Jorona, Bi. Juu. sundries.
6t nrildcagu, MantlMvoc, iti itli’Oi.
Miarbliebuyi.Mii, Muskegon. suuerics.
Prop J. Pndgeon, Jr., Surul.a, sundries,
ticlirT. A. Scott, llnilalo, grain.
Prop Peerless, Duhitn, sundries.
Ilow tlio Chinese Fish.
A thousand years ago (he Chinese haiUbo same
Mans in regard to Uiu catching of llsi) ami (lie
working ut nets a.i they have at (be present. On
the coasts, however, the generally accepted sys
tem of procur.ug llsh Is In vogue. I lie lakes
and rivers of China, especially loose in the
north, an* so abundantly stocked Unit the JMi*
catchers make Uiejr living by actually seizing
and drawing thu llsh out of the water with thulr
hands. Thu mau goes into the stream, half
swimming, half walking, raising ids hands above
bU head ami letting them drun, striking Urn snr
taco with lila bauds. Meanwhile his feet are
moving on the muddy bottom. Uy a rapid dive
ho brings up a llsh la Ida bands. Striking the
surface frightens the lull, who sink below, ami
thereby arufelt by the feci and sec ured. Another
curious method Usowotlmes practlcedon several
of the great rivers, A muu sits at thu steru of a
long, narrow boat, steers her wltli apmldloto
the middle of tin* river, A narrow sheet or
white caiivU't in tUvtelu'.d along the tdde or the
noat, mul nlmi'j the u her side a net I* fastened
so as to form a barrier of two or I hreo feet in
liiulit. The innn keeps Rilll, wblln the
fish, attracted by tho wliltn canvas, approach,
mul nre caught in the net. Tin* fishing cor
inormit Is often trained In Mils country to catch
fish, mul are diligent workers, obeying promptly
theo;ill of their muster. (In the rivers mul
ruuil* near Nlng-I’o. Shanghai, mul FoodJhow-
K«»o, ilu* cmulovmcnt of the bints l»;thv no
menus nn muiimnimi sight, bill Drey nnl never
to be seen lldihig In tbe summer month:), tbelr
work being in (lie winter, beginning' always
nbont October mul ending In May. Tlic birds
have, of course. to be trained, which is carried
on in the cormorant breeding mul lislilug estab
lishments, one of which Is at a distance of thirty
or forty miles from Shanghai.
Saturday's enmes resulted In victories' for
Chicago, Providence, Cincinnati, and Syracuse,
over Boston. KnfTnln, Troy, and Cleveland, Uiu
scores being as follows:
i •’ n 4 r» n 7 n o
.0 0 2 2 0 (I » 0 0— 4
.oooiouioo— y
1 a 0 4 f» (I 7 8 0
.» (i a o on u o-ia
.o o o i i o o o o- g
i u » -i <i n ? r n
Troy 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 U 0-2
Cincinnati ....2 0 0 0 I 0 ii 0 o—o
iao4r» a 7 « n
.40101 0101—8
0 1 n 0 0 0 0 J 2-7
Innlnnt —
Cleveland ~
For the championship, thy Chlcngos ore far
abend, having wou fourteen games mul lost otic-
I'rovldciiee Is second, wild ten games won ami
live lost; Syracuse third, wttb eight won mul
seven lost; Cincinnati the same: Boston, seven
won mid eight lost; Buffalo, six won mid nine
lost; Troy, tour won mul eleven lost; Cleve
land, tltrce won and twelve lust. This week the
Chicago and I‘rovUlcnec teams play in I’rovidonco.
A Fight for a Hoarder,
The usual Btinday blood-lot tiiur was had at
the corner of iCllzabelU mul Indiana atrects at
about 5:30 o'clock lust evening. A young man,
afterwards ascertained to be dames Harrison,
was seen to rush out of n saloon in the uolirh'
borhood, followed by a number of young men,
at the head of whom was one Patrick Mnmrun,
having only one leg, nml bearing a crutch. The
latter struck Harrison over the head with the
crutch, awl then Urn others cam© up mul
punched mid bent him until ho lay insensible
upon Vbo street, niter which they
alt ran away. Yount; Harrison was cared for by
nomo bystanders, amt his wounds were exam
ined, but nut dressed, by Dr. Strong. By* this
time a Imig-sought-for policeman had arrived,
and bv him the wounded man was conveyed In
a semi-unconscious condition to the West Madi
son Street Station tlvst. mul thence to his board
ing-house. No. 53 North DesphitneH street. Dr.
Dunne, City Ppysleian. was called to attend
him, and found that he had bled profusely from
a trash on the right side of the head about three
inches in length, am! from another ami
smaller wound in the back of the head. The
patient also complained of severe Interna! in
juries, nud was snUtmg blood, but there were'
no external murks of violence on the body. Al
though the wound* wero «f quite a serious na
ture, the Doctor was ot the upinlou • that 1m
would recover.
After making the assault, the young men nil
ran off, mul Mungmi was so effectually hidden
Hint ut> to an early hour this morning the police
had not succeeded in tlndingiiim. Harrison
slates the assault was purely malicious, lie is
employed as a driver by i he Cram- Bros. Mamtfncr
taring Company, mid about a vear ago, in order
to bo nearer his work, ho (pill hoarding with
Mmigan’s parents, who live at No. 375 West
Ktn/.io street, and went to hoard with a distant
relative of the Maugans, Mrs. Garrity, living at
No. 53 North Dcspluhies street. The Mungans
wero greatly displeased, ami carried (heir spitu
so far as to cut off Mrs. Garrity from their Mat
of friends mid acquaintances. Yesterday young
Harrison, when hi the neighborhood pi JiiA/pc- (
hot iiomi;, ,WHii«wU»»,,R.
corner above mentioned, mid was there nlot hy
Mnngmi, who was'just drunk enough to be
nglv. Ho abused. Harrison budlv, mid chal
lenged him timu mat again to a light, until the
latter. losing all patience with him, struck him
two blows lit the face. The bvstamiers were nil
Mangnids friends, mid at this juncture took up
the assault, with the result stated.
Omen op tiim Chirp Snmt Oppicrii,
Washington, 1). C., Juno 3—l n. in,—lndica
tions: For Tcnncsauc. the Ohio Valley, and Uio
Lower Lake ICetrlon, rising barometer, norther*
ly to westerly winds, and numerous mins, fol
lowed hv cooler, dear, nr partly cloudy weather.
For the Upper Lake Hcglon, the Upper Mis
sissippi and the Lower Missouri Valleys, rising
followed hy falling barometer, northerly winds,
shifting to west or south, and warmer, dear, or
partly cloudy weather.
The Mississippi ttivur will continue slowly rls-
Inir from Keokuk to Memphis.
HHUNomi.n, Maps., dune L—Heat Intense;
llienmimcter '.Hi (o KM in (in; shade.
Nuw Vonic, .Mine I.—The heat was intense to
dav. The t hermometer readied US degrees, and
at midnight stood at 8t).
LlllCAflO, Juno I.
T»»w. ■ ifnr. : TAr //».■ Wm.l, | IVI. Un, ' IVnPler
Ussa a. 111. :i'*.onl 41 M N 10 ,|IH in. niTri.'
ll:H ». m. JIU.OU 4-i Hi in i-j ciomly.
yoioa. m. an.orri-ni 77 is at 'cimmy.
a::.a I>. m.eai.'tM -ni 77 N im .odetmmy.
eao 0. in.iUo,n;hs 70 s' m uiuuay.
lu:18p. ai.l.KUiid I7_ 77 IS h iTulr.
‘"Maximum. 4;n tidulmuin. 41. “““
hug 1, .luuu 1-10:13 p.m.
wmonrji. | fiur.
AltmnT 7 i '■
Miiuiiii :u. ill 11 ;
liicekcnriiigu a i.jv ai
itmiaiu a.'.mi r.v :
i;alru al. m ah .
Cimycimu.... an.a»! 4J :
Uucmiu aiUl; -47
Cincinnati... .m.uj, n;
Cleveland... a ■.i'll as
Muvcmiort... ,ao. C*! A 1
Peuvcr :ui 1 |:i
i»es Mutuua.. an.ai r.r.
Oct roll ao.uv 4,1
iUKiattUiY... ituil w
iniiutii :>o.-jii 4u .
l.rlo cu.hi as
fc#c.nißi>a.,, ( . a*i.n» 44.:
Von vnvvry... ao.w*' caj 1
Von itii'iuii.. ao.j.y An
(•ruim Haven ao.ta an :
jimimiaiHjiu. an.ni At
Kcukuli au. m At
I.a croate.... a-i.ia aj
j.c.nvoiiworm aaiH a:i
l. kui.vine.... aunt no
Mn.iucii ;u. pi Ait 1
M»r.pn!Uu.., aiu -va
.Uuimiiu’. al. m m
Milwaukee... :hi. 17 49
Siv.liviiiu.... ao..cv u»
New Orlcaiii. ;n.o;j 77
Niiflli IMauo.'iMluc A| (
MllllMU :i>.e7 At 1
Oiwcgo SS).H< 70 I
I’.'mi.iuu »u.n) :>a 1
i'lochu 1 ai
I'lluinirk'.. ..-i.).'. 7u
Pore Huron., :n.o.v 4a
llu.'lic.lcr..,. eo.«; im
b.icriiiiionti),. a.i.iw ft. 1
halt i.nko .... an.aij nt
hJintuixy an.ut. fn
baa Fraiiclucu uo.iu 70 1
.simivcport... uo.iP m
si. i.oui* a ».s»! At
m. i'aui.... :a.i.i7; At
Toledo iU'.UV AJ
Vion»ii(iri{.... :i>UH 7J
Winuumucca ;m.jo! tw
N. K„ tre»h‘
\. w..nc*n
N.W., fresh;
S. W..irc4hi
S. t frexh ..I
N,. irvili ..<
N.W.. well. 1
si; Kr.'.i
N„ (1'1H11.,1
N. K.,fte*W'
8. U., ttcili
N., frc»n ...
■ ircxli...
N,K., frcali
N. W,.gen..
N.. guide.
N., (resit...
N.W.. eon.
Nf 11Hh... |
s. K., gun..
S.\V„tti , «Ul
N. W.,lirl»k
h.K.. pun.
I Culm
iX.w,, ircli
H.W., cent. |
b., KOIHK'.. .
N., fri'*li,..i
N., fresh...
H. W..KUU ..
N. f brlVkl
N.. fresh ..
H. VV., «it|»,
N., fresh...
N.. ffcutlc.
Thu llullußtnt.
Romo Unto bUivc, Aulurc, thu V.ncUsh fcleu*
title journal. coiituinctl an article on iltu Use of
the ‘‘hcliusiut," or signaling byeiinahlne. Part
of thl® was reprinted In American journals, ami
various Instance® of the use of sun-signaling
were given by correspondent®, Unit excelled, u®
far as distance was concerned, the hclluslut In
tlm Zulu war, described by Suture. A corre
spondent of the New York Jfixuhnj 2‘o*t writes
us tollowa:
“During the work of the Coast Survey »omo
year® ago signals wuro repeatedly aent trom tho
dumo of tiiu college building ut Princeton, N.
<l., to thu easternmost point of the Navcsluk
Highlands, u distance of thirty mile®.
Communication is Kept up by mean® of
tld® Hashing of Iho bini’s rave between thu
lighthouse keeper® at Faulkner's Islam) m Long
Jil nut Sound and thu hill® behind New Haven,
a distance ol twenty-live miles, mid In ibttt llio
news of thu dcatli of President Lincoln was
transmuted In this way. Last summer two
young men, one of whom resided ut Momuru
neck, on thu Sound, and the oilier eight mile®
opiioslto across the Sound, near (Jlcn Cove, ulg
naled to each other every day of sunshluo with
out dllllcultv by the use of mirrors, and ilicy
found a small hand glass served the purpose
quite us well us a larger glu»s, producing u brill
iant Hush of light. 1 have myself signaled
from htaten Island to bandy Hook point, u dis
tance of eleven miles, with perfect case. The
Morse system of telegraphy U all that 1® need
ed—a long and short lla»h answering to u long
and short dash, etc. \tucu a nurd I® completed
nil that Is needed Is to shake UiecbotTnTT''"
mid forward, or, If stationary uS \l
log oft mul on.” > * m »vMhi» cov cr .
The Oltnlmm Mint *• Pllntr* in. ..

I hero I, a parcel of Imlnnl 1,,,,,..;
\ nakcuilam «|m hnvo fureni thoir
Irani sent, In Ilia )i»llltcal Mnncocur, „ , ~,
«“* In innko 11 11,at
are mialaUal l» spralt f„ r n„, namoctau,.s
■I hero Julmrmml, mi.l knaves am furcvrV,
Clnlmhii: Hull Ike Srmtli law nmiM 11, 0 Anj™T
munU, recnirnlzcl lire resallsot t | lL . \ v „ r |
la Ilic tirhltniaitiiu nf nrai«, „„,l all i|„.
the wlmly uniUillnn DiMla-luditlo n mt ‘
\>c, an,l llio rcnnilmlor of mankind ore
Iv rooliut In the puhlic mints.
A majority of these misbegotten pnrlv.fniii-.
ers never saw a cotton-plantation IUIP „
l.rako In llm ivhnln of Wlr
I reanliLTOus Uvuo. There Imre K,’
tio means, no elrcumslmux'shv wn|<j, they,,no
form u corrcel. Judgment of Southern i:V.V ' .
thought, mul belief, mui cliaraJlor! I,fc » ml
Vet, bark vo mul mark yel they l nve tu
blank assurance to stand forth niidniitnm .
thoughts to the Southern mind, mu] filinS*
the Southern heart, that the SontK *l£i“
would ecorn wit U u holy scorn to tlilnk or
We Want these renegades toiiiHlcrstuml hVi,»
now and hero, once lor all, that our uemllA .1 1
not cowards: they are not slaves;
<rhl|i|»nlspanlol3 to lisle llm hand u,S
them. “*
No I
By tho everlasting 001, tbev never witt
orlneo nr lawn at the foot of Mu- Federal nm,! 1 .
Unit marched over the hlcedlnif <oruH-suui
broken hearts of our people to Its gUttcrmirn II
guilty triumph. h U l
Unr bloody-shlrt rovllors nre right for on™
when they nay Hint the South is still untM,,
quered; Unit site is biding her times dial «tm
nropoacs to restore the Hcpubllc to Its aniu
bebum orbit at tbe first favorable opportunity*
Yes, sirs,—they are right for onco, we rein it
when they say this; mul, when the dlspu-MiU
ha.-d.nrd Ucmocrats btmr out that wc hate
Hirnea our backs on tbe past, tbev Mnmlv mak Q
an assertion thal Time, our Aveiilnr, will prors
to be as false as the false hearts in which It wai
The South has not yielded one whit or trifl*
of her high mid hulv Cnuse, mid, what is muru
mid belter, snu Ncviiu wiu,.
Site still believes In Statedllglds,
Bear wllncsn her late, long, mul flnnlly
cosMul Blrngglc for ilomc’dtulc.
She still believes In White Supremacy, audio
tends to maintain It at all hazard*.
Bear witness in the way she has rid herself of
the lust bla:k or yellow ruler within he:bor
Sue still believes that the Amendments ate &
crime ami a calamity.
Bear witness how her Representatives are
working to repeal the laws mul statutes that
lend force to those infamous enactments
She still believes In right of .m,. lV «Uoii as
It is the only redress « State has against wrong’
ivrauuv, mid destruction. ’
The mills have only been set croltur at the can
lurch Capitol; mid you will fee plenty of line
grinding before the steam In turned off, mul iti U
rattle, mid din, mid thunder of the tnuchiucry
become silent.
The .South has no hope, no fear, no interest,
that Is not our hope, mid fear, and Interest as
well. Opr very hearts, und live?, nud souls are
wrapped up In her welfare. Wo will st.iml hr
her, and. It the worst comes to the worst, wu
win fall by her. Her people me our people, her
turlunu our fortune,.mid tier Cod our (ioJ.
There can be nodivnrec between her dcstinvund
.our own. A blow at her Is a blow at u*. ft’lwa
she la taunted,’wb are taunted too. When Mm
la slandered, we feed the insult tingling through
every tlbru of our frames.
-Ttiis is why wo eoniront the bustard Demo
crat*. iu this mminer to-day.
T’hev have tried to humiliate her In the ores
of the whole earth.
They have represented that she has proved
recreant to the dead who died for her,—lias
turned from the consecrated altars ofhcraacei
tors, and Hung heraull prone before the lake
gods set up by hands that reeked und driupo
with the gore ot tier children.
iT 13 \ MB.
The Houth Is the old South still, thank
Heaven I and all the storms and lussww u,n
luwcc>t(rre>oohusa utir>planet can never make her
deimrtito U>e eight hand nor to the left.
Il ls well known that wo have vlnagtotlw
Northern State-Bights Democracy with death
like tenacity in Us darkest hour of doom.
Wo stood hy It in the William Allen catnpafgu,
when to do so was to bo denounced a* a fuml
und a foul.
\Vo stood by It nt a time when almost uiir
whole people had lust faith and hopo in tha
Wo have promptly resented every assault
made upon It by friend and foe, and nmMnl.ai
far ns in us lay, every threatened departure to
form a new alliance.' ■
Wo have stood by It against all odds nml un
der all eircumstnueea, because our I trains out!
our hearts approved Its fundamental doctrines
To-day, ami up to this hour, we ulaml un
flinchingly by Hie Northern State-Nights be
Jiut the Democrat who will not assort the
principle of Stato-lliglusaml WhileSinirrmao,
in Congress or out, in iiieNorthorni UiciMinth,
I'j a deserter: and we brand him as a traitor to a
cherished political conviction of his party.,
.inch Democrats we spew out of opr mouths,
lu conclusion, the .S’f.ges usks no wlds attue
bunds of the bastard Democrats of Vunkcnlijin.
We know Unit Kiev will resort to falsehood?;
we have proof Unit they will resort lolonrerr;
we iidlevo that they are capable of doing nut
tiling Umtls dishonest, unrteaii, and (Tlinliui u
misrepresent the Houth and weaken the meful
nc-fi of this Joiinml. ’
lint we (ling Uie gauntlet in thdr teeth, and
defy Uiern to do their worst; for wc have ap
pealed to Time, (he great Arbiter, and lei Ver
dict never went amiss.
A Hint** Courtship and Death.
St, Jsmh'l'vnt*, , „
A Indy who lives on Olive street relates me
followings A few dnvs mro there fell In front w
her window from a tree d “chippy,*' or ground*
bird, such ns chatter about the parks and sireds.
It seemed wearied nml crlpplcJ, She picked H
up. curried it in the house, fed it from her
mouth, nod at night placed it in the cage with
her canary. The canary at once bestowed u J’ uQ
the new-comer all of tin* attention of/u iiioinM,
ami nestled beside the llulu stranger miring the
night. In the, morning the Judy placed He
ehlpny in the window so that it might have tins
privilege of regaining Its freedom, It plumed
Its tlnv wings nml went awav, The eouan
mourned during the day as if he hud lost Wf
untie. In the evening the chipov came back
mid perched upon thu window. The sash*”
raised and It Hew fn mid nestled upon the cage,
the canary nt oneo'struck up Ids liveliest po«*
mid seemed gratified. This was repealed l»oor
three days, the ehtppv going each morning auu
returning in the evening. Oneday H went awav
mid did not come back. The earnin' droned,
nml the next dav fell dead from his perch mj »
sunshine Unit plnvud over the elided cage ju m
window. That night the chippy rciurutd,-mu
during tho evening it mourned over its ueaa
eompunlun. In the morning It elimg tome ia
uiitll It was turned out. For a few dal* 11 -“
empty eagnwas hung in Uie window', ami 0
each euaoj-Ungevening the chippy returned*'
chirped ns If it was gr.ef-Blrlekcii. Due *•'
brought a worm in its bill, dropped It hi me
cage, How away, ami came back no move.
... Thmai'g.
... Cluuoy.
.an ciuar.
.01 Kwairy.
... Cloudy.
... ClcHr.
.U Pair.
.41 l.t. ralu.
... l.t. ruin,
>ll Cloudy,
... Pair.
.01 Clear.
.... Clour.
.141 Clour.
... -Throat's,
... clear.
.11 cloudy.
... Clon.iy.
... Uotuy,
.03 Clear.
l.t. ralu.
•w Clear.
... cunidy.
.11 Pair,
no U. rain.
... l.i. ruin,
... Clear.
17 Clear.
... u. rain,
,ui cloudy.
,U 7 Ll. mla.
... Clear.
.In clear.
... U. rata.
.ut Clear.
A Memorial ObelMi.
Among tlift most noteworthy of the rcwn
mumonioes of tl*e War 1® the memorial ‘
crucU-<l ut Salisbury, N. lo mark th “ r„
place of ilu; Northern soldier® who perk w .
tliu adjacent prison-pen during the I' lßl,
liiu great conlHet. it luu been
Hits ultrlitocit tremiic® coiiiuln no uw
11,700 men, burtvd promiscuously. «*»
possibility of Identification, from wlikl .
Blanco this burial-ground I® Uwwu jn * »■ *£ t
•lury a( ilw “ Uukuuwu UonU." It
hulln mllu from Uiu 4 Towii of bal,sL . u v r /' t of
sloping ground, umi l»o* ,*?“ m-V mar
about seven acres, surrmiiukd W n r «u»*r
*ivu stone wail. Tin.- vomcU-ry
cover® two acre®, tlm other lliu bt V 7 1( ...i|oJtr®
us u lawn, uml blunted with trecs- ' . llVcf
has been urreteU at tUu main en ra » .j u
which I lio National color® arc dally Vi J r>laJa
lino weather. The nnn.mieut .7 col pj
oDclisk o! New Hampshire jiran l IU. . ,\a*
Indie* in hlglit, U fruit* a t rccic*l
ml.lu* V»1, Ol««C, ol »« a
ul n I'litt ul 310,1)1)0. 'Die P
iho iluail arc poetically synih'diziu * \’ U tiuuol
nWclil. A sword m.d Vlrai t ijr » >
Birusitlo, ami u pair ol l J rul ;; l 'ft l (J, cr all, «r
--ins ol tlie nrJ»mi*bond® bv .i,.. inscrm ll0 * 1 '
rounded bv a laurel-wreath, U | lu - 11 lll( i 1U ' uii
“Pro Pair la." 'ike niou«i«i»«t * Ti *iW«
the highest part hf the slope, is '^tpwl*
irom me railway, and forms onceJ‘“J “
mcaque Xeature* of the local p-mo_ r
... ciDiiily,
,11 oimmy,
... Clear.
LiMtipvitj, - paw
A Vienna atntlstlHun I,a Vmlio^Vre I
phiot in which hoitta® h J‘j * IU i u . war J s u, “l
p.-r, on® in Ki r *1 o IM year® ° 'J p f*oir U tt U rucu ua>l
tiuitot those over lUlihuw are-
Wl men h. Italy, H U U a^/*
UW, mid Wo ujcu aua W 1 n wmeu u*«

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