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OoTernment Bonds Strone—Eoroien
Exchange Demoralized.
Finances lu Chicago—-liocali: and
Now York Stocks.
Xbo Prodnco Markets Moderately Active—
Provisions Easier, with Mors
Business Doing,
IretJsM, *«ras« Stronger—The Deal is Jane
! tllie#t~0»l! Excited.
Government 4 per cents opened nt 103 bid in
New York, and 102% bid In Chicago. That was
the quotation for most of the day’s bnnlness.
In the afternoon the asking price of 4s In New
York odTanced to 103%, and In Chicago 103 was
bid. The local sdppiy of bonds Is not large,
and brokers .yesterday paid 103 fords. To the
scarcity of bonds is dno the firmness o! refnnd*
tag certificates, which sold boro only I*lo below
the price of 4-per cents. The Os .of 1881; were
107% bid, the jnew 5s 103%, and the 4%s 100.
Foreign exchange was demoralized, and bank*
•rs were selling for what they could get. Quota
tions hare boon .ruling unusually high, higher
than lu tho corresponding months of last year.
The supply Is light, and the market feels the
Weight of sales of Ciiture exchange. In Chicago
sterling grain-bills vnsro 483% for sixty-day bills,
and 485% for sight: and French were 531% for
sixty-day bills, and 519 for sight. The actual
Chicago rates for atcrllng woro 485% and 437%
@488%. In New York the actual rales were
485%@456 and 489. The posted rates for ster
ling were [email protected]£9. . French bankers* bills wore
[email protected]%.
Consols opened with an advance of 1-10, nt
97 6-10, and gained %, to 07 7*lo. Tho bullion In
tho Bank of England has bccu steadily Increas
es till now it is larger than it has over been
before, $175,717,025. This enormous mass of
metal is a dead weight on tho London money
market. Tills accumulation tn tho Bank of
England proves that the financial condition of
Great Britain is bad, and that; affairs are not
much bettor on the Continent. Any Improve
ment abroad would at once cauAC this gold to
flow out. Silver ot London was 1,1-0 pence per
ounce better.
Chicago remittance* of cnrrcncy to the coun
try. are decreasing, and the balance >of the move
ment Is still In favor of kite interior. New York
exchange between banks is above t) 10 point for
shipment In' this direction.' Thera* is not a
strong demand for loans, Rales ore 403 and 0
. per cent on coll, and 708 and 0010 pe r cent on
time. Bank clearings were $9,400,000.
Chicago South Side City Railway s tock, 250
shares, sold at 170%, an advance .of ' 00 pre
vious quotations. Ten shares of Trailers’ In
surance sold at 110. The Traders’ has 'declared
o quarterly dividend of 2 nor cent, prvyat do duly
10.* ■ Tlicre was a sale of Cook Comity lon 7 7s at
118 and 118% and Interest, between dralci *B.
It was adayof grcatdullncss In stocks. .Prices
were steady, but transactions woro Ha lted.
There were indications of higher prices Is the
Granger stoilci and the coal roads. Mficb, 'can
Central made %, to 76%; Lake Short- % .to
75%; Northwest common %, to 65%; thspre
ferred was unchanged at 02%. St. Paul w
mon mode %, to 51, and the preferred J. f,
to 03. Rock ‘island opened and rcmalitt d
% higher, at 180%. Illinois Central at 87% ,
Burlington & Quincy at 115, Union Pacific xi
70%, and Erie common at 27%, were unchanged!.
, Erie preferred went down %, to 50%. Allan
. was not quoted. Wabash mado %, to 30. Ohfo
ds Mississippi was more active than usual. Tlui
opening was at li%, and tho price was pushed,
down by frequent sales to 18%: It recovered at;
the close to 14%. St. Joo common made %. to*
20%. Delaware A Hudson was Immovable at
-47%. Imnrovcd %, to 58. The re- 1
cunt dcpre&flJojTM attributable hi part to a rumor
that the Lackawana bad sold 8600,000 Morris &
Esset bonds at 05 to make good the dlflclt caused
by losses (u Us busmess. The President of tho
Company states the facts to bo that the Dela
ware, Lackawanna & Western Company lost
week sold $1,103,000 Morris «& Essex first con
solidated bonds at par less a commission,'tho
net results being close to tho market price. The
proceeds aro'lnvcstcd In other securities of the
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad sys
tem, thus reducing the annual Interest charge.
These bonds paid their coupon on the Ist of
this month, and ore quoted' oooloo in market
to-day. On tho Ist of January tho Delaware,
' Lackawanna *k Western Company reported sl,-
877,000 of these bonds on hand. Last .week’s
sale closed, out the total amount. Kansas City
& Nortiicrn opened at 15%, tbo closing price of
the day before, ami mado %, to 15%; tbo pre
ferred went up from 43% to 43%. No more
potato were vouchsafed as to what Mr. Gould
.cud bU brokers woro doing In this stock. The
telegraph stocks were weak. Western Union
’lostto 02%, and Atlantic & Pacific was 00%'.
St, Louis & Sou Francisco was % higher, at 0%,
and preferred % higher, at 11%.
Erie second Os, gold, opened % weaker, at 75,
and maa’° Ki to Jloldersof tho stock aro
complaint. -1 !* about tho delay of tbo Company In
Issuing its .Income bonds. Under tho recon
struction scheme stockholders, upon tho pay
ment of 8(1 per s.barc, become entitled to these
bonds. Many holders made tho required pay
ment and bad a receipt for tbo same stamped
upon their certificates, but uow find t beso shares
Impossible of delivery, from the fact that tho
stock dealt In upon this and tho Loudon mar
ket Is such only as bears tho stamp of M assess
ment paid. Tho payment referred to was* made
some eight months ago, hut the promised .bonds
have not been delivered.
Northwest gold bonds were St. Ptoul
sinking funds 109, Burlington, Cedar Rapids JS
Northern 78Jtf, and Alton gold 0» 100^.
Railroad bonds, in New York on Wednesday,
were moderately active. Brio consolidated sec
onds continued tbo feature of tbo market, and
round amounts of tbo bonds wero taken at 7i){
tho closing (mutation being 75; Kansas
City incomes No. 10 recorded a further advance
of 4K per cent, selling up to 70*4*; Denver &
Ido Grande firsts rose from U 3 to OJ; Kansas* *t
Texas consolidated assented fell oil to 07, and*
recovered to 07K{ Romo, Watertown & Ogdon*-
burg consolidated firsts were weak, and do
(.lined from 58)$ to 57; Chesapeake it Ohio firsts
foil oil to 12%, while do currency 6s advanced to
21; liannlbil it tit. Joseph convertible fell of }$
percent, to 100; New JereoyTCentral issues
wero firm.
Northern Pacific sold ycstordoy at 44. Hold
era of Uio 7-80 bonds have only till Juno «J 0 to
exchanco them for atock; alter that date the
bond* are worthies!,
At tho New York Mining Exchange on
Wednesday a tolerahly fair business was done.
Priceswerpffonerolly tower, Thopresentcloomy
auto of tho Son Francisco market has had the
ulicet of depressing not onlv the prices of (ho
California shares, but those of nearly tho entire
list. This leads those who are not compelled to
sell out to hold on for a better market, uml this
furnishes an exolonatlon of the decreased activ
ity ou tho Exchange. Consolidated Virginia
sold before tho first call at *[email protected], but ot
thp call only tS.B7>4, but at the call only
ss,Bß>f was realized on twenty-five shares. Im
perial Consolidated sold at*L6lKa>L9o and Levi
athan at 75. Notwithstanding the almost daily
good reports from the Consolidated Pacific
Mine, that stock was weak Unlay, opening at an
advance over yesterday of 25 cents, but declin
ing to $7.50. Navajo sold ut 40 and Tioga at
*4.50; forty shares California brought
tho same price oa obtained Tuesday at tbe close.
In local stocks Findley was active at [email protected] uml
Dahlouega at [email protected] Lcadvlllo sold at $3.80®
B-75 und Lucerne at 28.
'lliestateiueutof the business of all tlio lines
of tbe Pennsylvania Railroad Company east of
Pittsburg and Erie (or May, 187% as compared
with same month In 1878, shows
An Increase in sross earnings of
An increase In expenses of.
. l-U,CW3
AD lattcMf U) p9t etrolop* o/. ,\l , fM f 00 t SOJ
The live months of 1870, os compared with
ilio some period Id 1878. show
An Increase In proas oarnlnge of.
An increase in expenses 0f..., «
An Increase in net earnings of-... ..,.1805,000
All lines west of Pittsburg nnd Kris for the
Avo months of 1870 show « surplus over all
liabilities of $03,430, beings gain over the same
pcrlcji In 1878 of $41,»»•
The earnings of die Missouri. Kansas A Texas
Railway for the to/nl week in June were:
Sr. Louts A Iron Mountain earnings Increased
139,301.90 in the second week of Juno.
The oAlclnl report of the earnings of the Bur*
lincton & Cedar Rapids Railroad Company for
.May is given os follows:
A 1870. 1878.
.$110,040 $130,480
•Gross earnings,
■Operating 0ipeniC8.i..,...”.' r ’7r» i d(io
Net earnings 41,280
Total jttobb since Jnlr 1, 1878 $1.277,7«3
Not carnlnca same time •100,‘ , ,’01
period last year 1,513,747
Net earnings name time M 3,100
Tlic following elves tho fluctuations of tlio
loading stocks:
Stock*. Owning. Wokett. Lotetst. Clititna.
Michigan Central. 70ft ... ... 704
bake Shore 764 .... .. 76ft
C, AN.Weitem.. 064 .... .... 06ft
Do preferred. .... 064 .... .... 064
M. A St. Paul.... 634 54 53ft 6-1
Do preferred 02ft 03
C., R. I. & P..,.1304 1304
Illinois Central... H7ft ... .... H7ft
C. D. AQ 116 116
UnionPacTdo 7(l*i .... .... 70U
Erie..... 27ft 27ft
Erie preferred.... 61 .... .... fill?
Wabash Railway., 364 .. .... no
Ohio .t .Miss 144 144 13ft 14ft
H. A St. J 0....... 204 20‘J 20% 20ft
Do preferred. ... 42ft .... .... 42U
Del. A Hudson... 474 .... .... 474
D., L.ICK. A West. 67ft ... .... 68
N. J. Central 61ft 62ft 61ft 524
Morris A Essex... 00 ... ... |>oft
Mo.. Kas. A Tor. 13ft 14 13ft 13ft
Knnsts City Jb N. 15}* .... ... 16ft
Do preferred.. .. 424 4iift 424 42ft
\V. IlnlonTci 03 .... .... 02ft
Louisville A Nosh. 01ft 014 • Ul 014
Jiansos Pacific.... 60 ... .... 60
Atlantic ,t Pacino SOM .... .... oom
SUXi.A San Fran. S& ... .... nu
preferred 10U ll? 4 lOjf in*
M.&SUPauI... . S3K 33 32# 32(4
„_ „ . atd. Atted.
tl. 8. Os of *Bl 107 U 107 S
V. S. new 6s of *Bl, ox Jnt 103J> 104
V. 8. now4l4s. exlnt 106 10I»U
V. 8. 4 per cent coupons 103 103 U
U. 8. currency he . ly.ijj ~,
Tlcfnndlne certificates ... 10215*10 ...
.. Sixty dayt. Stahl.
•Sterling 487 480
Belclnm ; 5174 515
Franco..... 5174 515
Switzerland 5174 515
Clormany Ps!i Hsv
Holland 40 404
Austria 40
Norway..,, .... .... oyw
Sweden 27*4
Denmark.. 27*1
Sixty dnyt. Sight .
Sterling 4S3?x 483*{
Francs 521?4 610
Did. Atltd.
Chicago Municipal 7b, 1803 *113*4 *ll4
Chicago Municipal 7b, 1808 *lir* *llO
Chlcatro Water loan 7a .*ll4 »H 5
Chicago Municipal (1b *107*4 *IOB
Chicago Water loan 0a *IOB *IOB
Chicago Lincoln Park 7s *105*4 *ioo*4
Chicago .South Park 7b... ... *10314 *10414
Chicago West Park 7h *IOO *iofl‘l
Chicago Treasury Wairants (scrlo). 08H 00'4
CookCoimtyTfl *113*4
OookCuuuty.lsUort) 7fl *101)i *lo2ii
Cook County Os ......*lolv *lo3*i
City Railway (South Side) 170*4 ....
City Hallway (West Stde) 175 ....
City Hallway do 7norccnt cents..*loo *iooif
City Railway (North Side) 120 125
OitrHßllway(Northßide)7p.c.bndfl*looii *lO7
Clmmbcrot Commerce..... 01 03*4
•And Interest.
Following oro Chicago Quotations for coins:
Trades $ 0714
Mexican (fall weight) H 5
iSovcralcus 4.80'
• Jfnpoloons a 80
Twenty marks 4.70
Austrian florins (paper) flo
Five francs b."»
Prussian thalers 05
Holland gueldcrs ; ... 38M® :t0
Kronors (Swedish) 2B wi 25t4
Mexican nndH. American donbloona 10.50
Spanish doubloons 15.00
. 101 WnMilngton-it
For sale in sums to suit.
also, •
cook county h run cent bonds.
Southwest comer LaSalle and Randoiph-sta.,
Is buying and selling
And docs a General Ranking Business.
So Washington's!., corner Dcsrbora.
'.F. 0. IMI.TOKBTALI., 4. «. MDDKR * CO.,
Chicago. New York.
liW I.OHallO'M,. Chicago.
Stocks bputrht and sold on margin hy telegraph at N.
V. rat(-sof (.omnilwlon. stock I.Utson flic and all lu*
formation iiirnlshvd on application.
Meurs. fnltonitoll. Kldurr ATraik. of our Arm. aro
mcmltcßt of tho New York Stock Exchange.
’10(1 East Wsihiagtoiflt.
And Inveitmcnt Securities of nil kind*.
N. E. cor. Madison sad Dcorborn*iti.,
No notice required to draw money.
O. M. WILSON. Cssbler.
N. TV. cor.' Clirk sod Madl»ou«»u., Chicago.
.Stocks, Rond*. Local Securities, sad Laud Warrants.
Member ot New York Stock Exchange.
•• Wants lo Dili
Hm fur Sale, ■
Safe Deposit Department in tho Iwsemeot, entrance
front WuhlDßton.it.
Boy ind idlOOTcrnmcnU, City »nd County pond*.
Huy anil lell Kichingg op (lre«t Ortuln and Europe.
137 \
wkst Division railway certificates.
l«M Washlngton-at.
TATE. IMPROVED. for At# year*, at the Inweal ratei.
Hallway lioada and other good SccurlUea negotiated.
Wohuyandacll U. 8. IIONDB. The NEW 4
THU CENTS conalanlty on hand. Tho Called
B-iwa and UMOa purchased or exchanged at beat
current rate*.
AUo buy and tell choice County, City, and
ferwt llolld, ' dr#wlD | •* 7. and«per cent in*
FOREIGN KXCHAN(IE.-We draw bill! on
l«odou, Full. Uerlln, and other point*.
100 Waihlngton-at.
Niw Yobk, June 37.*—GoreromeoU were
UiilroAd bood* were generally strong.
Columbus, Chicago A Indiana Contra! flr»U
were dull.
. 148,415
State bonds were dull, except Louisiana con*
sots, which were strong and higher.
Stock speculation was dull throughout, but a
Arm tone prevailed, and the market closed
strong at an advance of except for Kansas
Pacific, which declined 1. Transactions were
77.000 shares: 0,000 Erie, 7,000 Lake Shore, 3.0T0
Northwestern, 11,000 St. Paul common, IMKX)
Lackawanna, 8,600 Now Jersey Central, 5,000
Chios, 8,000 Western Union, 9,500 PaclAc Mall,
10.000 Kansas Citv ds Northern, and 9,000 £t.
Louis A San Francisco.
.s•■>B,oo4. do
. 51,804.14
.$ 1,730.80
Money market easy at [email protected] Prime mer
cantile paper, B>tf(34H*
Sterling exchange weak: 00 days,4B% I sight,
Dry-goods Imports for the week, $1,025,000.
Bar silver at London Is Cl 11-10 pence. Sub
sidise silver coin Is %(£1 per cent discount.
Conpons of 1881... 107ftlNow 4 per cent 103
New 6* 103 ft Currency Oa ISO
Now 44
W.U; Tel DS.VBt. Paul, pfd 02ft
Quicksilver.. 14y Wabash 36ft
Quicksilver, pfd... IP) rt. Wayne (olTd).. 1084
I'aclrto Mall 10)4 T. Haulo (01Td)... 10
Mariposa 4 Terro Haute, pfd.. 10
Mariposa, pfd 44 Chicago * Alton... 834
Adams Express....loo IC. .t Alton, pfd....11l
Wclla.Fargo&Co.. UUft.Ohio A Mississippi. 14ft
American Express. 404'De1.,U * Western. fi7ft
U. 8. Express 471i1A. .t P. Telegraph, nil
N. Y. Central 118 |C., I). *Q 114 ft
Erie 27ft H. A St. Joe 204
Erie, pfd Rib'll. * Bt. Joe, pfd.. 42}*
Harlem 16U (Canada Southern... 60
Mich. Central 7d4 ! L. & Nashville Ol
Panama 140 (Kansas Pacific,... 66
U. P. 5t0ck........ 7dft l Konsas <fc Texas..., 13ft
LnkeShore..... ... 7n7»,8L L. ABan Fran.. 0Q
Illinois Contra) B7?i St, L. A S. F. pfd. lift
Clev, A Pittsburg.. 07 ,Bt.L.AS.F.lstnfd. 224
Northwestern 06ft fi(.L.,K.C, AN’h'n 15ft
Northwestern, pfd. 06ft Bt.L.,K.C. AN.pfd 42ft
C.. C., C. AI SOU'Cont. Pac. bonds .112%
New Jersey Cent... 624Hfnton Pac. bonds..ll2)l
Rock island IHOftiU. P. Land-Grants. 1134
Si. Paal 63 ft IU. P. Sinking* F’ds. 1144
Tennessee Os, old.. SOU'Vtrglnla Os, now... 314
Tennessee Os. now. OOftlMlssoarl ,108%
Virginia Os, 01d.... 8041
London, June 27—Couaols, 07 7-10; account,
07%. •
American securities—lllinois Central, 90%;
Pennsylvania Central,B9%; Heading,SO; Eric,
23%; preferred, 53.
United States Bonds—New 6s, 100%; 4%5,
103%; 4s, 101%.
T he amount of bullion gone Into tho Bank of
England to-day is £IO,OOO.
Thu amount of bullion in the Bank of En
gland, £33,143.523. Is tho largest on record.
Paris, Juno 97.—Rentes, UOt 47%c.
The following-instruments were filed lor
record Friday,'Juno 87:
citt rnorauTT.
Fig st, 380 3-10 ft wof Milwaukee or.
n f, SB*4xlß4‘i ft; also Ernnmet, wof
Milwaukee nv, a f. 84 ft to alley, dated
Fell. 80 (heirs of Stephen Ocliman to
Mary Ilotcrniund) 9 1,800
West Fourteenth at, 78 ft w of Tliroop st,
ef. 84x184 ft, dated .time 80 (Goorgo
Klstnor (o Edward Qucnscl) 000
West Huron st, 018 ft o of Noblo ef, u f,
84x110 ft, dated Nov. 87, 1878 (Enoch
Howard to Abner Taylor) 1,000
Fu’ton st, 1)0 ft wof Union st, a t, 80x170
ft, dated June 81 (Edward Iloruemunot
nl. to Arthur llyerson) 1,000
Same premises, dated Juno 85 (Arthur
llyerson to David It. Fraser ct al 1,000
Walnut st. 801 10-100 ft w of Oakley av,
n f, 20x187 ft, dated Juno 81 (Samuel
•T. Avery and wlfo to Samuel A. Jones
and wlfo) 3,800
Unisled st, 108 o*lo ft aof Thirty-third
st, o f. 86x130.1t. dated Doc. 0. 1«77.
(Jeremiah Maliony to GeorgeD.Glvnoy) 1,200
Wabash nv, 781*10 ft n of Fonrtceiithst,
of, 82x170 0-10 ft,dated liny.'ll (Ben
jamin E. Gallup, Trustee, to Benjamin
F. Stevens).. 0,000
Laughton st. SO ft wof Ttockwell st, sf,
84x184 ft. dated June 80 (l’cter E.Uos
llor to Carl .T, Swanson)
Ellen at, 70 ft w of Lincoln si, a f, 100 ft
triangular lor, dated Jann S 3 (Edwin
Maynard to Charles E. Anderson)' 450
Centro st, -18 ft r of Fnbius st, a f, 84x
185 ft, with buildings, dated June 81
(William Cook to James Morgan) 8,500
Lnnclovnv, 42 ft n of Forty-fnprlh st,
o f, 2tt‘(xlßS ft, dated Juno 85 (Henry
W. Sliopard, Trustee, to llufns E.
Holmes) $ 1,500
Michigan av, 181) 4-10 fen of Forty-third
st, w f, 50x101 ft, elated Juno 8(1 (John.
U, Rogers, Trustee, to Estate uf Mary
Akcrly)..,. ' 2,000
Mlchl&an av, 830 4*lo ft n of Forty-third
st, w f, tiOxlOl ft, dated Juno 8(1 (John
Q. Rogers, Trustee, to estate of Mary
Akcrly) 0.000
Jefferson st, 100 ft s of Fifty-fifth st, x/
f, 100x150 ft; also Hyde Parkav, s w
cor of Fifly-tifjh st. o f. 800x175 ft,
dated Juno 81 (Adolph Locb, Trustee,
toJomos Dolton) 7.600
Hyde Pork ar, 100 ft e of Fifty-Hflh st, o
f. HJOxIHO ft, dated Juno 87 (Juntos
Bolton to Jason H. Shepard).... ...... 3,085
Hyde Park nv, a w cor of Fifty-fifth «t. o
f, 100x187 ft: also, Jefferson st. 100 ft
a of Fifty-fifth st. w f. 100x150 ft, doled
Juno 87 (James Holton to Joseph Don
nersberger) 5,543
Barry Point road, n xr cor of West Fortv
fourth st, 10 acres, dated Aug. 87, 1878
(Mary W. Arms cl ul. to Henry A.Tow
Latest quotations for Juno delivery on tbo
leading articles for tho last two business days:
„ ThunUay, Friday.
Mess pork 8 o.H.*, ft n h->u
Lard o.io o*in
Shoulder*, hoxuiL, R.otp-j i\\y*v l
Kliort ribs, boxed,. 4.K7U
.Whisky 1.04 • l!o'»' J
S bra * i.iw
Com :ir»*£ g-.v
Oats... ai ;ioi.
f m wik
Iturloy 70 70^
Live hogs n. 70514.00 0.0051.1.05
Cattle 5t.20Q3.00 2.25(35.00
Tbo following wort tbo receipts and ship
menu of the leading articles of produce In this
city during tbo twonty-lour hours ending at 7
o’clock on Friday morning, and for tbo cor
responding date twelve months ago:
nionrra. i stnMtsifril
_______ >S7». 1878. 1871). 187 b.
Flour, br1».... 6,607. 0.417(“«.P85 MU
Wheat, bu .. 12.|,071l aa,il«7 17.4KJ
Cora, bu 310.301 so\trjo; 173,3 m 343,1100
OiU.hU 88,03:1 74,1*58 4lt,7ft:i 43.8 h«
Kn‘t btt 0.873 4,1711 (1,!U14 3,40)
Rarley.hu I.UO l.uihi! 1.1170 Vvi
(irOHSCfid. Ibl 64,800 3,4*7 37,018
Kseni, a, mo ’mo 60 uo7
n.cora. 10i.... jhj.o»o 14.000 0 :nk
C. IllVAla. Ibl., 630.U25 183,00* ,9.403,080 1.840, UTII
Reef, tea 05 |
Reef, brU., ....I on V
Pork, brU t»| 4u| n<«
lbs... ~ 40,05**1 lIO.IKIO fiOI.XW, 50.1,4711
I allow. It) 117,HIS] 54,n1u 23,42.); JS.liO
Rimer. 11** .. 433.345 34**,335 913, 100 2C0.57:)
I.IVOIIOK*. NO. 35.Hi1l 37.15 U 7.H7H 8 138
Rbici*. No 1,117 1.41*1 478
lie*. 1t**..... 183,340 87,14(1 08,008 173,5*7
Jil«hwincs.brl oo • w no ri
Wt*o , 1D5...... 680.405 330,404 680.010 311,0 A
Potato*)*, bu.. 3.31)0 0,700 131
cos), urn u,nu 3,705 1,040 aeo
liar, tom hh 48 . 13
Lumber. 8,010 n,H3 3,6711. I.iMB
hitlnKes, 1.140 a.u77 301 ’£7
PaU.brl* 17.701 7,483 3.431 J, no
Pouliry.cooi*. h n*'
Kura, 1,341 m 3 1&1 a-i
CliccM, bxs.„ 4.317 to, IHS 1,074 o.g>u
.apples, brU 71 3>...“
Dealt*, bu I,ms 07U Vli
city consumpl
from store during Tliursdar for
tlon: 3.H0 bu wheat, 1,043 bu ryo,
710 bu barley.
The fallowing grain was inspected into store
In this city yesterday morning: 0 cars No. 0 reel
winter wheat, 1 car No. 0 do, 9 care mixed, 9
cars No. 9 hard, 9 cars No. 9 spring, 70 corsaml
21.000 bu No. 2 do, 70 cars No. 8 do, 10 cars ro
leeicd, 3 cars no grade (214 wheat); 337 cars and
4.000 bu high-mixed corn, Sears new do, Sears
now mixed, 403 cars ond 17,250 bu No. 3 corn, SO
cars mid 0,100 bu rejected, 8 cars no grade (700
corn); SO cars white oata, 93 cars and 5,000 bu
No. 9 mixed, 16 cars rejected, U cars no grade
(07 oats); 4 cars No. 9 rye, 8 cars rejected do; 1
tar No. 8 barley. Total (1,010 cars), 405,000 bn.
Inspected out: 1,638 bu winter wheat, 111,473
bu corn, 13,912 bu oata, 891 bu rro.
The inspection lists do not indicate the move
ment Irom store of a bushel of any grade of
spring wheat during Thursday.
The latest sensation In connection with the
wheat deal is a rumor that certain parties are to
bo presented to the Urami Jury for Indictment,
the offense alleged being the running of a cor
ner. It miaht bo difficult to prove that such
an ollcnso has been committed. Wo note
that the New York quotation is “away up,”
some 7Jsc above Chicago, and the question of
shipping value would possibly be made to turn
on that fact. Dy the way, the advance of 2u
per day in Now York, with o daily advauw of
only %c hero, may bo accepted by some ns a
proof that this city responds very slowly to a
rise on the seaboard.
Wo noto that the advices from St. Louis Indi
cated a firmer feeling In wheat there yesterday,
and some other points were stronger besides
New York. The result was on advance In wheat
hero outside the market for June, which was %o
higher, probably without reference to other
places. There wore no new features In the Juno
deal. The shorts settled along rather slowly,
hut steadily, and the parties controlling paid
81.00% for all the spot No. 9 altered, whether
from Milwaukee or elsewhere. No one seemed
to have any well-defined Idea of tho extent of
the yet unfinished part of tho Juno deal; but
some thought there aro not far from 1,000,000
hu out yet, with only two business days re
maining In which to got oven. The market for
other months was slow.
Tho loading.,excitement outside was In oats,
which were stronger on futures owing to an In
creased demand from parties who sold short n
few doys oco. They thought (he market was
going a great deal lower, and put out u lino of
shorts for July and August, but thought yester
day It was good policy to All. Corn was steady
and Arm, cash Jots being relatively strong,
though shipments were discouraged
hy higher asking rales on tho Erie Canal. Tho
receipts for No. 3, which were dated since Wed
nesday, may bo delivered on July contracts
without additional storage charges, and these
wero freely bought at very nearly July prices,
leaving practically nothing to pay for tho other
cost of carrying Into next month. Other grain
was steady, Aonr quiet; and provisions dull and
easier In sympathy with lower quotations on
hogs at tho Stock-Yards.
Strength In breodstuOs was favored yesterday
by tho weather. It was bad hi England,
threatened another storm here, and there woru
probabilities that a cold wave Is moving down
upon us from tho northwest. There was some
disposition to be afraid that tho unusually dry
spring is to bo followed by a wet summer, which
would Interfere with harvest work.
Lake freights wore quiet and unchanged at
for com to Buffalo, and Sc for wheat to do.
Activity was discouraged by a firmer tone in
Erie Canal rates, which were quoted at 5c for
com, Including Buffalo charges. Through
llguros by lake and canai to New York, were 7c
on wheat and on corn. Through to Boston
nominal at He on coru. Bail freights were
steady at 20c per 100 lbs of grain to Now York,
but little dolug at those figures. Through rates
on meats to Liverpool were quoted at 45c per
100 lbs to Liverpool and CSJ£c to Antwerp.
Domestic and foreign dry-goods were quiet,
with prices rullngflrmwlthon upward tendency.
The partial suspension of work at Fall Hirer,
consequent upon the strike, will operate to
further strengthen values of cottons. The boot
and shoo trade remains quiet,—-Its usual condi
tion at this stage of the season. Prices, how
ever, were firm and advancing, the enhanced
cost of production rooking necessary
an advance In manufactured goods.
There was continued activity in the grocery
market, and prices again nilcd,firro, with coffees,
sugars, and teas showing an upward -tendency.
In the fish market nothing new was developed.
Dried fruits were quiet, but prices of the leodlug
fruits wore working firmer, that being notably
the case with apples, peaches, and prunes.
Dealers In butter and cheese report a continued
slack movement, with prices weak and variable.
There was a firm market for leather, bagging,
and tobacco. Oils, paints, and colors were un
changed. Coal was quoted dull at [email protected]
lor anthracite.
Lumber was active at tho yards at recent
prices. Dry stuff is quoted steady, while green
Is rather Irregular. The offerings wore small,
and there was little call for anything except
Dlccc-stuff and medium Inch lumnor, tho limited
offerings of which were closed out.
Thu wool market showed slims of weak
ness. Buyers appear to have retired
from tho field, and tho offerings are gutting
larger every day. Hides and seeds were unal
tered. liny was Quoted-at former figures, the
sales being mostly to local dealers, and the
meagre offerings prevent a fall In prices to off
set the Into advance in freights. Broom-corn
was steady. Potatoes sold at various nrlces, ac
cording to the quality of tho receipts, which
wore more numerous. Green fruits declined
under largo arrivals. Strawberries were on ex
ception, being firmer, nnd Mediterranean fruits
were steady. The heaviest break was in native
The New York Produce JCxchanfjn Weekly gives
the following ns the visible supply of grain on
the dates named:
I twm, I Oolf, /tarttv,
j bu. | ou. bu.
II M7.oooi2.oiri.ono 4lTfm
1 11,0117,000:1, tH I, (M) ft.II.WXJ
ft, JSMXM) 1,K€7,U0:l ),()|ft,o)K)
10.4KM7H 2.401,M0 4(11.(Hi)
7,Km.Oft7(a.47l» t SUfl 6t7.i1.11
0,U!0.!i7a;a.2(i:(.2m avTui
I 7.1118..-mil HI3.WJ 02, HOP
•lime ai.IBTO. ia,H<vj.oro -
Juno 14. l«7l>. JH.o3u.uoo :
.1 unu as. I *7B. .I.VJ, 00* I
Juno v';t, 1R77. n. 242, mi
.(lino 24.1874. 0,122,78<
Jimo IMI, 1*7.1. l>.rwi.£M7
Juno 27.1874. 7.120.0021
Also. 43!,ouoburye, against 458.000 bu a week pro*
Tho following shows the receipts and ship
ments of wheat at points named yesterday:
Now York...
Juno 2T.—Receipts—Flour, 13,431 brls; wheat,
01,750 bti; corn, 203,803 bn; outs, 31,800 bu;
coru-mca!, 103 pKus; rye, 430 bu; mult, 23,025
bu; porlr, 180brls; beef, 1,201 tea; cut meats,
1,334 pkeu; lard, 3,131 tes: whisky, 187 brls.
Exporta—For twenty-four hours —Flour,
4,000 brls; wheat, 205,000 bu; corn, 105,000 bu;
rye, 17,000 bu. .
The foUttwing table shows the receipts of flour
and frralu at Cldcajjo, Milwaukee, Toledo, De
troit, Cleeclnud, and Duluth, from Jan. 1 to
Juno 31, foir the past three years:
Arttdei. 18711.* 187.4. 1877.
Flour, brls- .1.140.223 3.HHH, 175 2.114,101
Wheat, bJ!
Corn, im...-.
Oats, bn.....
Harley, bu...
liye, bu......
,2(vm.a:to 2s.uift.iH3 n,.152.cm
.ui.ioi.uu2 u:t,iiM,a;to 23
. *»,609.442 O.MI UUS
. 3.4*1,412 I.OWMim
urn, -.1)7 a*4i,;ii.) 4h0,4w)
Total rob'd. bn..7n.007.«7d 7:i,a», 140 40,873,31(1
The follou-hu; shows the crop movement at
tho lake ponis, including Uic roeclotß of Hour
and grain at Chicago. WDwaukno, Toledo, De
troit, Clcvoluml, amt Dulutn, from Aug. i to
Juno 21, fur the pant three years:
IS7H-’TO. 1877-’7B. ISTU-’T?.
Flour, brls ft.7w7,«37 fi.ll7n.ooi ft.oon.Ho7
~ 74.700. ITS OT.VAt.nifl fiO.HftU.Ksn
((.ft. Hid, OH m.ftAX.DJ'J BS.HBft.HHfi
.. 4i.7ti.im 17.747.naft i&.ioCui?
.. H,7;t1,4ft0 H.U.M1.H15
.. !1,000.r.‘» 2.477.U4J T^.TIU
‘Wheat, bu.....
Com, bu
Oats, bu,
Harley, bu ....
Hye, bu
Total grain, Im. 174,aM,*JW 107,378.300 108,078,787
The receipt) and exports ot butter (exclusive
ot Imttorlno) Hlnco Mar 1 (the beginning of tbo
trade ycar)cor.nparoaa follows:
Jitctlplt, Export*.
„ . V k, t*- /As.
Past week..... 40.807 877,013
Kama week 18VK 32,301 1.080.000
Since May 1, 1870 270,70.7 (iGd7,()T>4
Same tlmu last year 011,438 3,703,144
The receipts and exports of ebeeso since May
1 compare os follows:
Past week
t'Aino waoic 1878.... 130,010 ft.IH7.mHJ
HincoMayl. 1870 011,047 17,023.303
tiamo tlmo laUyear 003,883 27,440,640
1100 ?nonUCTB-Wero more orllro In tho ng*
pregato, lord being unusually so, but tho trading
was mostly In changes from one month to another,
u good many July deliveries being provided for.
The market ruled easier all round, In sympathy
with lower prices ou bogs reported from tho block
Yards and a decline of Ud per lit! lbs on lard In
Liverpool. There were some deliveries on June
contract*, which were again placed on tha market.
Special reports to the Cincinnati trie* Vurnnl
show the number of bogs packed at tho uudormeu*
Honed places aince March 1, compared with some
time last year, as follows:
June M.V—
Si. Louis
.. 81,000
.1,0:15.000 J,
~ 133,000
. 130,000 .
Cedar itaplds,
Kanins City.
Snlmla, la.
Omaha, Nob
Other olnccs, nimroxl
matcljr 3(10,000
Total 1,039,003 1, (ICO, 441
Minin I'onK—Declined fie per brl from the Intent
price* of Thursday. Sales wore reported of 19, 750
hrl* Roller Jnly atßo. 800H.894t 10,750 brlaaellor
August at sn.f»Oou OB; and 5,600 brls irllerMop
torn bo r at 510.00© 10.05. Total. 90,000 brls.
The market closed steady at 89. 8000. B.» for cash
or seller Jane, $0.8000.824 for July. 19.024©
U.no f or August, and $10.094010.05 forSeptem-
MJ, °l‘J pork was entirely nominal at go. 00©
l \ U JI : at «o®o. 30; «nk extra prime
a 158.0008.50.
• ),aui>~ Declined 940 per 100 Iha from the latest
prices of Thursday. Saleswero reported of 10,260
les roller July aigd.07400.124 Sll-750 tea seller
Annual at B<J. 17408.90; and 8.250 tes roller Bcp*
tcmbor«lsil.27|4. Total,ol,9sotea. The market
steady at JO.IO for spot or Roller June,
5O*O»40O.lOfor Roller July, $0.17400.20 for
seller August, and about 80.274 for September.
MBATR-Uoro active In fulnroa, which declined
-4080 per 10i» lbs. while export ents were quiet
and easy, with Utile change In prices. Sales were
reported of 060 boxen Rlumldors on private terms;
JloO ten sweet plcklod
short rlbßntS4.ua spot, 84.07404.70 seller July.
$4. *504.824 seller August, Bi. 87404.0345e11er
September, and $5.00 RclicrUciohcr: llfiboxes do
at 81.85 apoi; 100 boxes lone clears at 84.85;
.iO,OQO lbs short rib bacon at 85.074. and 5,01 hi
pcs p-eon hams (Kllbs) at7Jfc. The following
were the closing prices on the leading cute:
I.oose M. 774 54.70 $4,774 $4.00
Do,.lnly JJ.774 4.70 4.774 4.00
Do. August 8.874 4.80 4.874 5.00
Do,September... 0.074 4.00 4.074 5.10
Juno, boxed .... J 1.024 4.874 4.024 5.05
Long clears quoted at $4.70 loose, and 84.85
boxed; Cumberlands. s!*os9sc boxed: long-cut
haras. 6401)c; sweet-picklfu hams, HOH4c for
1U to 15 lb average: green baniß,7£{oßo for same
averages; green shoulders, 040:14c.
Itncon qiiotod at 44044 c for shoulders, 540
54c for short ribs, s*ios*{c for short clears, 840
Oc for hams, all canrased and packed.
Oiibarr—Was quiet at $5.0005.95 for No. 1
white, 4403 c for good yellow, mid 44044 c for
lIKUP PRODUCTS-Were firm and quiet at
80.0000.26 for mess. $10.00010.516 for extra
mess, and 810.fi0017.00 for hams.
Tai.low—Was quiet at 6?j®ob for city and 6?i®
FbOim-Was quiet and steady. There wss lit
tle demand from any quarter, oron local dealers
operating bat sparingly. There was, Jfoworor, no
pressure to soil, as stocks ore llghtr Sales were
reported of 100 brls winters on private terms; S:io
brladoable extras, partly at 84.50; ana2oo brls
spring extras at 53.40. Total, 830 brls. The fol
lowing was tho nominal range of prices:
Choice winters
Good to choice winters.
Fair to nood winters...
Choice illnncsotas
Fair to good Minnesota!
Fair to good springs ... ,
Low springs
Patent .... 6.00 art.oo
Double oxime, tn sacks n. 85 04.00
Export extras In bocks 3.t0 04.00
Diian—Wns less acllro, nnd asaln easier. Sales
trero reported of ISO tons at 88.00 oertonon
track nnd 57.7508.12JJ free on board cars.
Cons-MEAL—Sale* was made of 10 tons coarse
at SIS. CO per ton free on board car; and 100 brls
on private terms.
Mi DDMNaa— Sale was made of SO tons at slo.oo®
Shouts—Sale was made of 10 tons at $0.23.
SPRING WHEAT—Was rather quiet, but firmer,
and steady, during the greater part of the session.
Juno was tic higher, and July advanced %c, clos
ing }«c above the latest quotation of Thursday.
Liverpool and the British and French country
markets wore quoted n shade dearer, while Lon
don was dull and cargoes on passage easier, New
York was again quoted no, at 31.14 ft!. 15 bid and
31.10 asked, while oar receipts by rail were some
what larger, with inspection out of store ntl. Bnt
the weather was “bod," and there was u belljf
that prominent operators were waiting to take all
the July wheat that was offered below C7c. This
made fow L scllcra for future, while there was not
much demand. *f he fact that so little July wheat
was offered tod some operators to think that the
tones for next month are preparing to carry a deal
through, and depending upon small receipts to help
them, as they say the country In nearly swept
bare. It certainly looks as If the high prices
ruling this month would have brought Id more
wheat if tho farmers hud it in hand. A difference
of (1c per bu Is a powerful inducement to send the
grain to market. The deal for this month was
rather clow, nud steady at 31.0014 through tho
day. Tho controlling party paid that figure fur oil
tno No. !i offered, and willingly settled at that
figure wlthoutatandlngehorts. seller Julr opened
at 07Jj(/IO7?iC, declined to 07V4C, improved to
87?sc, and closed easier ut 07?»c bid. Seller
August sold at 01ft01?*c. closing nt 0114 c, Septem
ber sold at closing at 88)Je. Cash No. 3
was in active demand and stronger, closing at 81
in ordinary houses. Snot sales were reported of
45,000 bu No. 3 at $1.0014: 32.000 bu No. 3 at
«0‘S081*.io; 800 bu do (special location) at 83ft
8314 c: 4(H) bu rejected at 05c; 12,000 bit by
sample at 05»/C)5o on track; and 1,300 bu do
at TOftOlc free ou board cars. (Total, 01.400 bu.
Also 5,000 bu No. 3. seller July, at 81?4c.
Othku Wiixat—Bale* wore 3,300 bit winter at
51,03 on track; 400 bu do at UUo; 0,800 bu do at
81.U3ft1.03!i frou on board cars; 1.000 bu No. 3
stimiu*utuatsi,OU!4, 800 bu No. 1 do at 31.08 on
track; 800 bu mixed at 882.00 c; 30 tons screen
ings at SIS.OOftSO.OO pur tun.
CORN—Was moderately active and firmer, ad
vancing laftlic from the latest prices of Thursday.
The British markets were minted dull ami easier,
New York dull, amt our receipts larger, with only
moderate shipments. Rut tho wheat market was
firmer and tho weather cool, with a cold wavs
supposed to bo sweeping down upon us, and there
was u good demand to fill July shorts, which took
nearly all tho current receipts, leaving shippers
to take corn already in store or on track.
This made spot corn firm, and there was a mod
erate volume of changes from next month Into
August, which kept futures steady at tho current
premium. Sollur July opened at 30ft30*«c, od
voncerUo and closed at OJJiQOdVfc.
Bolter August sold at 37(2.37*40, closing at 371*0,
September sold nt37?«o37tfc, and June at 35? i
(230 c, Hie latter closing ut 353 c. Receipts for
No. 3 dated since Wcditesdur lait closed at Uo*«c
Instore. Spot sates were reported of 330,000 bn
No. 3 and high-mixed at 36»fft30*So; 0,300 bn do
(short receipts) atOaJic; i.UuO bu newhlgh-mtxed
utU4lfc? 11,000 bu now mixed and rejected at
U4*i<£34?te; U.UOO bu by sample at 35(2370 on
track, the outside for white; and 15,000 bit do at
34taft37‘,4c free ou buant cars. Total, 335.800 hti.
OATS—lnactive and excited, July and spot clos
ing about I’ic higher. and the longer futures ?£c
advance. Tho receipts wore larger, with less de
mand forshipment. New York was reported lower,
and the local market closed cany. The sharp Ad
vance was attributed by many to tho anxiety of tho
shorts to cover, some of whom It was supposed had
sold rather freely on the late decline; and it was
said that there was sumo prospect of a squeeze In
July. Olliers thought the longs were trying to
hold up the market, and some reported an Increased
demand from operators who bavo withdrawn from
whom. Seller July opened at 3IJ»C, sold to 3314 c,
then at 31*iC up to 33c, and closed with sellers at
tho outside. August -oats vy?re active at OHXft
3(U*c, closing at 31) Uc, and September sold at 38‘j
£t3H?*c, closing at 3Bfic. No. 3 or June closednl
33-*iC sellers. Samples wore quiet, and most of
tho oafs wont Into stow. Cash sales were re
ported of 1,300 buNu. 3 white at 33*40; 13.800 bn
No, 3 at ni?.(ft32*ic: 000 buiolsed by sample at 35
(233 c; and 8,400 on white at 31ft33?,£c. ail on
track; amt 3,000 bu No. 3 at33ft33s*c. and 11,100
hit white at SOtfftatc, all free ou board. Total,
43,800 bu.
Heeelrect, UMpped.
..118,883 03,307
(13,000 48,000
.. 05.000 305,000
. 35.000 10,000
.300,883 332,007
HVK—Woe quiet, Cnr-lota wore In request for
local coiiHiiniption and iiiininoni. Futures wore
steady. exeunt August, which closed weak under
frue ulTerinas by the country. July was quotud at
No. 2 sold at 53Uc, and August closed
at 3UO33UC. Cash sales Included I.OOu bu No. 2
nt filUic: 3,000 Im by sample at 4f»ft3oc on track,
nnd 800 bu at 30357 c free on board. Total, 0,000
11A1UJ5Y—A few cars were sold at recent quota
tions. The ofTortugs were small, ami foworuera 10
buy wero on tbo market, Hoptenibcr was not men
tioned. No one wants to trade in It at so early a
date. Cash sales included 400 bu No. 2 at 7Uc;
400 ba uxtra.'lat A3o; and 400 bu at Ale on track;
and 400 bu at 47c free on board. Total, 1,000 bu.
Mess pork—Sales 8.300 hrls at 50.8000,8214 for
July, $0,000'!.l)2*/i for August, and 810.03 for
September. i.nrd—BOOlcs 0t5»J.27H furSeptom
ber. Short rlbs-800,000 tbs ot M. 800-1.82
for Auuust, $1.02!', for September, and 83.00
for October. Wheat-235,000 bu at O7KOO7KC
for July. 01!rc for August. 80?iffl88!ic for Sep
tember, 87M087&C fur the year, and 80c fur new
for September. Winter wheat—3o,ooo buredat
iur/f.o4’vo for Aasust. Corn—32o,ooo buntJHJlifi
:W.o for .July, :i7OU7Hc fur August, ami 37Vi0
37?»o for September, Oats—73,ooo bu at 28,"40
20c for August aud 28>io for September.
Jttedplt, Export*,
plo*. Jht,
. 711.5.V1 4.840,400
In tho afternoon wheat wss stronger, selling at
for July anJ closing at the Inside.
Juno wan quoted at Corn was quiet at
H7‘»c fur Annual and JU!*c for July. Oats were
quoted at 3Jc fur July oodko}<c for August.
ZniOOM COHN—Was steady under a moderate
demand, Following la the price lilt:
Flue green carpet brush, tylb Q ftflW
Orocn liurl .. ifiiiu
lt«d-tlpoed burl '
Vine urcctu with burl to work it.
DAUGINQ—Tho market was firm at previous
quotations. Pollowhuris the list:
Stark 01 lUurlnps. Ibu ...11(113
JJrlchton A... 23141)0, 5 bu ISUI4
Otter Creek... 20ii Gunnies, single..U)©ll
I.uwistou ..... Ulli Do, double.... ..23&25
American 20i{|\Vool sacks 35Q40
UUTTKU—Was quoted as before, trade remain*
lu quiet. wllb prices ruling cbij. Aside from
.010, OIK)
28.1)00 17.000
I BhorC~L, tt-.S.
rlbs, eleart.
.05.50 (2.0.25
. 4.75 ®5.35
. 4.51) Cn 4,73
,4.60 ftn.36
4.35 ft 4.73
n. 73 (2.4.50
3.50 , (23,00
.5 eor.i
meeting the want* of local eonanraere, there wai
Tory little doing. We repeat our Matt
Good to choice dairy
Inferior to common .
CURESE-Prlcos were unsettled. Beyond a
moderate Southern nndWcilora demand the move*
moot was of very email dimensions, and the fol
lowing quotations were frequently shaded: •
Poll cream OUOOK
Part eklm 4WHO
Full skim 3 03 K
.Low grades .. ij(o3
COAL—Trade remains dull at 14.2504.50 for
hard cos), $4.5004.73 for Erie, and $3.0003.25
EGOS—Were dull aIOHOIOo per dor. The In*
mde Is probably the nveraira pcleo. The weather
Is having a had effect on ogee, and most lots have
to be candled nnd guaranteed to bo good.
FlSH—lfcmaln Arm. Trade continues acthre at
the following prices:
No. Iwhltellsh, $ iJOirl ... $»4.300 4.50
Family wnttofish, K-Dtl 2.250 2.50
Trout, W-brl 3.000 f 1.75
Mackerel, oxtr.viness, W-br1.... ... 12.85012.50
No. 1 shore, ii*brl 10.85010.50
No. 1 bay, K-brl 7.000 7.85
No. 8 shore, «,J*brl 5.500 5.75
No. 8 bay. VJ-brl 4.000 4.75
Lsrge family. ... 4.50
Fat family, now, Ji*brl 3.000 3.25
No. 1 bar, kits..... 1.000 1.85
Family kits 1 750 1.00
George’s codfish, SIOO lbs 4.500 4.75
Bank cod. $ 100 3.750 4.00
Compressed cod 0
Dressed cod OHO 7
Labrador hbrrlng, split, brls 0.25
Labrador herring. round, brls 5.750 0.00
Labrador herring, round, H*hrls.... n. 50
Hollnnd herring v. 1.250 1.30
Smoked halibut 11
Scaled herring. $ box, 300 32
Collfomla salmon, brls 12.50
Califonnnealmon, M-brls.. 0,76
FRUITS AND Nlil’B—Prunes were firm, In sym*
pnthy with tho late advance nt tho East. Apples
and peaches continue to show strength, and hold
ers look for a further advance. Below are tho
prices current:
Figs, 1ayer5...........
Turkish prunes
French prunes, kegs.
French prnnos. boxes.
Raisins, layers
London layers.
Loose Mnscatel
Valencias, new
Zanle currants.... ..
•$ 5 0 OK
14 0 15
5 0 5«4
OU© o£
r at 34
. 1.46 01.50
1.80 01. no
«... IV,
Applet Alden 11 © 14
Applee, evaporated ... , dm© 10
Apples, New York and Michigan.. tlft© 4<4
Apples, Southern ait© 314
ApnlM, 01110. 3h4 a«
Pcaclici, unpared, halve* 3i£(?6 4 L I
Peaches, nnpared, quarters 3',*© 4
Raspberries ....... 30 Vi SI
Blackberries 3 © 3U
Pitted cherries . ........ 23 © 21
Filberts 0 © 10
Almonds, Terraconn. IK © 181$
Naples walnuts 12K© 13V4
Brazils 4J4© 4i£
Texas pecans 8 © bH
llivcrpccans 0 © OH
Wilmington peanuts, now o © (Hi
Tennesßce peannls, now 5 © 3»£
Virginia peanuts OU© ojf
GREEN FRUITS—'Were dull and lower, except
strawberries, winch were In smaller supply, and
the choice fruit brought butter price*. Cherries
wero slow ana lower, and so woro raspberries. A
good deal of fruit has spoiled here or In transit,
and will net nothing to the shipper. Blueberries
were sold at $3.30 per bn:
Strawberries, H case of lOqts $ GO© 73
strawberries, fancy l.oo© 1,30
Raspberries, rrd, case of 34 nta..., 73© 1.00
Raspberries, black, $ case of 111 pts.. I.oo© 1.23
Apples. $ nor 23© 40
Peaches, ?Q box 1.30© 2.00
Cherries, bu. 80© i.oo
Chernos, sweet, tJeaso.. 75© 1.25
Tomatoes, V box 40© HO
Lemnns, Tlbox 4.30© 0.00
Orauges, ft box 0,60© 7.30
Banana*. bunch 2.00© 4.00
Pineapples, perdox..,, 3.30© S.OO
GROCERIES—Coffees were receiving a good deal
of attention, and were strong. Sngars continue
active and firm, and wore >*o higher. There was
nUoa folriv active movement in moat other linos,
and a firm fooling pervaded the market. We quote:
Car01ina....... ..
Rangoon. prime
Rangoon, fair....
Mondnllng, Java
O. O. Java
CnatoUica... .......
Ido, fancy golden ...
Rio, fancy.
Rio, prime to choice.
Ido, good t..........
Ilto. fair.
Ido, c0mm0n.......
Rio, roasting
Patent cat loaf,
AatnndarU ...
A No. 2
'Extra 0
O No. 1
0 No. 2
California sugar-loaf drips....
California diver drips... ....
Now Orleans molasses, choice.
Do prime..
Common molasses
Black strap
Nutmegs. No. X.
Nutmegs. No. S.
Calcutta ginger.
Tme Bine
Bluu Illy
White Illy
Savon Imperial..
German mottled.
Peach blossom..
HAY—The receipts continue light, and sellers
ore getting late prices for good bar. The rlso
In freights has not been counterbalanced by
n drop in hay, owing to its scarcity,•' and the
sales recently have been to local buyers. Quota*
Wo. 1 timothy.
No, 2 do
Mixed d0.'... ..
Upland prairie,
Wo. 1
No. 2
HIDES—Wore quiet ana unchanged. There is
less urgency in the demand, and some dealers pro*
diet a weakening from the extreme position of the
market. Quotations: ,
Llghtcnred hides, y lb BJi® 0
Heavy do, yib 85T
Damaged do. ft lb 054® 7
Calf, y lb 12!{
Deacons, Sib 40 ®46
Dry flint, tytb, prime 1554
Dry flint, y Tt>, damaged.... 1254
Dry salted, y lb 11 ®I2U
Dry salted. yib, damaged 8
Green city butchers’, cows,.y lb ' o*4® o>i
Green city butchers', steers, y tb, 7}*® 'fu
Hhoeu pons, wool estimated. W ttw 30 ®3,'i
OlLS—Prices were without change. There was
it fair demand at the following quotations:
Carbon, 110 degrees test
Carbon, illinun legal. 160 dog. tost
Carbon, headlight, 175 degrees test
Carbon, Michigan legal te5t.........
Elaine. 160 degrees te5t......... ...
I.nnl. extra
bard. No. 1 ....
bard, No. 2
Linseed,- raw
Linseed, boliod
While, winter bleached.
Ncalsfoot oil, strictly pure.
Ncaufootoll, extra.. .....
Neatsfootoll, No. 1
Dank oil
Miners 1 oil, extra yellow,
Minors’oil, while
Naphtha,dot»donzed.o3 gravity..... id
Gasoline, deodorized, 74 degrees... 11
Gasoline, 87 degrees... .... 18
West Virginia, natural, 118 degrees. ai
Natural, 00 degrees. .. .... ...... 85
Reduced. 28 degrees IC® 18
POTATOES—'Were in fair Iocs) request. South*
ern potatoes wero quotedot $4.0005.00, and fancy.
Now Orleans stock was held higher. Small new
lots wero quoted nt $1.75®4.00 per brl.
POULTRY*—Was slow and Irregular. The local
demand was fair, butnoteqaaltothe supply. Sales
were reported at the range of prtcca annexed:
Chickens, live, |tdoz 9.’.50ft3.85
Sprlngcmckens 1.5008.76
Turkevs. live, $ Id 000 .08
SEEDS—Wero quiet, and iinmlnslly firm, ezcopc
the Isle varieties. Tlmothr was quoted at 11.450
1.00. clover at $0.750:1.83, and das at 81,00®
1,35 spot, and Si. 86 for August. Hungarian nod
millet were dull, aud buckwheat was slow si 60®
55c. ahuiv't London Circular says: "Rcdelovcr
shows no sign of any Increase of animation, but,
nevertheless, values of all qualities suitable for
holding over continue firm, but the browner do*
scrlptlone of English are now offering at extremely
low prices. M
TEAS—Remain firm under so active demand.
We quote t
iitson. I xmpiuial.
Common to fair. ..17tfV25!Comraon to filr. ..20(335
Superior to duo. ..880H8,Buper!or to due. ..40050
Extra One to finest 403150 Extra fine to dusst.oooos
Choicest 552,051 japan UNOOI.OUXP.
topno iirsoN. lOommon to fair. ..18dh35
Common to fair... 17028 Superior to duo. ...38® 15
Superior to due. ..H'Vtr.lOjExtra dno to finest. 502)55
Extra fine to finest 500001 colons.
Choicest 06070 Common to fair. ~18028
ounphwuziu Superior to fine. ..30® 10
Common to fair... 80(330 Extra duo to finest.46® 65
Superior to flue. ~36046 Choicest 60005
Extra fine to finest 60(300 soucuoso andconuo.
Choicest .7Oo76lßuoerior to f15e.,.88016
SALT—The demand continues rood anl the mar
ket steady!
Flno salt. W hri j.iq
Cosmo salt, flbrl i.iq
Dairy, *1 lirl, without bars i.wj
Dairy, flbrl, with baw B.2oft,s.rio
Ashton and Eureka ifnltr, ner sack... tJ.7oft.fl.oo
WHISKY—Was In (food demand and 3e higher
Bales wore reported of sir»o brls distillers 1 roods on
the hails of 81.(Vi per gallon for liluhwliies.
WOOL—Was reported to ho rslhor mjlet and
weak. Stock Is Increasing, the receipts being lib.
oral, and buyers seem to have filled up and left.
The country holders also appear more willing to
fell. >o change of Importance Is made In tho fob
lowing table of prices:
Warned fleece, medium
Washed flceco, fine, per 1b...
Medium unwashed ..
Fine do
Coarse do •
Tnb*wsshed, ch0ice.,..,...,..
Ttib'washod, common to good.
. m 7
Cat Of. Tloan. Shetp,
3, HUB v 10,530 l t 7*o
Monday ........
Wednosdny ...
Tothl 2
Same time last week.... 21
Monday !
Tuesday... 1
Wednesday ‘
Thursday J
Tola) 10,555 24,400 854
CATTI.E—In no respect was yeslordsy’s market
more favorable to sellers than were the two pro*
coding dnvs. For fat cattle the demand was of
restricted proportions, Eastern advices being of a
character to chock any tendency to activity in the
shipping movement, nnd, ns the supply of good to
cholco grades was largo, the advantage was again
with buyers. It was n dull nnd dragging trad*
throughout, and prices showed a good deal of lr*
regularity. Some salesmen were fortunate enough
to obtain Thursday’s prices, while others parted
with their stock at 10c off. Bales would Indicate a
decline from Tuesday of 15025 c. There was
somu Inquiry from exporters, hut they did not seek
the class of stock formerly taken fpr *the English
markets, a lighter class (steers weighing from
1.250 to 1,400 lbs) being in demand. The New
York Journal of Commerce of Monday last says:
“The export demand was largo, end mainly for
good nnd extra steers, of which upwards of 000
were taken at 0010 c per lb. Not counting the 885
fatcattla taken off from the disabled steamer
Canada yesterday, and now In tho cattle-yards
hero awaiting transportation, shipments for the
week wore 1,121 live cattle nnd 2,588 qrs of beef. 1 '
Common grades of natives and all qualities of
Texas through cntlte were In fair request on local
account, nnd for such the market maintained a
fairly steady tone, ttm supply not nclng excessive.
Trading was at 82.8502.60 for scrub lots, to 81.85
05.05 for extra, with most of tho sales nt $8.75a
3.73 for natlvo butchers’ stuffs nt $3.0003.20 for
Texans; and at 53.0004.05 for fair to choice ship*
plug steers. Tho market closed dull, wltnn good
deal of stock—mostly shipping grades—left over, ,
1.60 01.05
7KO 7 K
4 0 4*
14 0 15
Extra Beeves—Graded steers, weighing
1,400 Ibannd upwards 5-1.75®5.00
Choice Hooves—Fine, fat, well-formed
atccrs.wolehlng 1,250 to 1,150 ihs... 4.4504.05
Good Beeves—Well-fattened steers,
welching 1,100 to 1.350 lbs 4.10®4.40
Medium Grades—Steers in fnlr flesh, '
weighing 1,030 to 1{ 200 lbs 17504.00
Botchers’ Stock—Poor to common steers
nod common to choice cows, for city
slaughter, weighing 600 to 1,050 lbs 2.5003,75
Stock Cattle—Common cattle, weighing*
700 tol.OSOlbs 2.4003.40
Inferior—ughtnnd thin cows, heifers,
stags, bulls, and scalawag steers... 2.0002,25
Texas Cattle-Through droves 3.0003.50
Veals. oerlOOibs 3.2505.25
No. Av. Price. No. Av. iWee,
54 1,548 *5.05 51 1,20034.50
00.... ....1,560 4.D0 4(1 1,100 4.15
48 1.475 4.H7H 17 I,Bm 4.10
14 1.514 4.85 18... 1,274 4.00
4(t 1,410 4.H5 10 1,148 5.00
17 1.450 4.85 13 1,000 3.00
10 1,420 4.80 51 1,124 3.83*4
13 1.481 4.75 10 1,100 5.75
30 1,380.4.70 23 1,105 3.02 H
02 1,421 4.70 201 Texas. 030 3.40
32 1.512 4.70 22 Texas. 870 5.40
10 1,311 4.72*4 10stock's 1,014 3.25
17 1,373 4.05 Unlock'S 774 3.15
10 1.200 4.05 81 Texas. BUU 3.20
34 1,380 4.05 20 Texas. 051 3.20
35 1,374 4.05 22 Texas. 830 3.20
32 1,100 4.55 44 Texas. 881 5.10
33 ... ...1,100 4.55 42 Texas. 854 5.05
10 1,201 4.55 00 Tcx&s. 825 3.10
17 1,235 4.45 11 cows. .1,013 3.I2JS'
, 73 1,231 4.45 23 Texas. 780 2.00
23 1,450 4.40 12 C0W5..1,118 2.75
00 1,354 4.35 21 835 2.50
12 1,100 4.55 33calves. 147 4.50
18 1,1011 4.30 1(1 calves. 170 4.00
27 1,221 4.30 ocalves. -210 4.80
HOGS—The hog trade opened dull, with prices
weak and unsettled, and that was the condition of
affairs throughout the day. There waa a wcll-biu
mined Eastern demand, out local packers acted
badly, and In the grades of hogs usually tuken uy
that class the shrinkage was pretty severe. Choice
heavy shippers and bacon grades were off not more
than sc, out In packers* grades there wns n decline
of a good, plump 10c, and sales were slow at that.
The quality of the offerings was mneb the same as
on the earlier days of the week, fair to good,
smooth, oven lots comprising the bulk, and most
of the tranlng being done at a range of 20c per 100
lbs. Common to choice bacon hogs closed at 83.75
7 (ft 8
.28 (ft2o
.18 ®WK
.ITUftl 7ii
.10 (ftlOU
.U ®I4V4
n»(ft m;
«H® o
Ti ® n u
bk® 8»i
B»<® 8«
«H® BJi
7J»(ft 8
7K® 7 U
7 ® 7H
.35 (ft 07
.42 @44
.41 ®43
OB ®4O
.00 030
.20 (ft 211
.27 ®3O
.20 ®24
@3.00. heavy packers* a
shippers' ut 83.76®3.(K
skins and thin graseers al
ket closed dull, with not
pon *
.Vo, Av. Price.
85 177 5-1.00
100 1HI) 0.05
81 185 0,05
126 500 0.05
20 305 3.05
08 181 0.05
85 185 0.05
00 170 3.05
118 ISO 0.05
05 105 0.05
20 100 0.05
20 202 0.05
40 201 0.05
00 181 a. oo
07 27** 0.00
01 11)0 0.00
60 100 O.fH)
65 208 0.00
40 175 3.00
41. .. .. 007 3.00
103 100 3.00
76 177- 0.00
27 182 3.00
GO 181 3.00
oo iso n.oo
80 180 3.00
20 100 0.00
44 200, 3.00
52 2UB 0.80
100 107 0.85
40 172 3. HA
0(1 .......270 0.H5
00 262 0.85
27 300 0.85
02 lIMI 0.85
02 170 0.85
. 21 (ft2s
. ...14 ®ls
•• .00 (ftOo
... .80 (ftßs
• v ... 7 (ft 8
C @ 6tf
4 U
6)4® 6*
,810.50® 11.1)0
. f). 50
. B.oo® H, 30
. B.oo® 8.60
. 7.00® 7.50
. 0.00
SHEEP—Were dull and weak. Deports from
the East continue bad, and shippers would not pay
former prices. Wo quote inferior to choice grades
at 82,55®4.75 per 100 lbs:
A*o. Av. Price, \No, Av. Price*
20 123 84*25 31 08 83.00
12 108 3.50 30 110 3.25
DO 131 4.75 20 108 3.60
bast LinEimr, •
ttotdal Dta*ric.\ m Tht TYibune.
East Liiikuty, i'o., Juno 27.—Uattu:—Re
ceipts for tho week ending Juno 20. 5,3tf6 bead
through and 1.640 for sale hero, against 0,610
through and 1,022 local the week before: ilio sup*
]dy has boon good, but generally medium in qusi’
Sty, except for ilio last twenty*4our hours, whies
have been all good to prime; market slow; buyer*
holding off for a drop? 1,160 lbs pluctry fat wers
worth as much as good; 1,400 Im, $4-00, , tn
more looked after for tho season; moatlvulisrs
sold, however; prime, 1,400, H.OtoAO.OO; cow. .
3.J00 to 1,200, 51.(1004.00; fair, 000 to I.W
#3.8004.40; common, 000 to 1.000. #3.000.'.
stockcrs and feeders dull at 82.700J.W; f«t buri*
and cows, 82.6003.6 U; sales for the week, l,Jw
bead, against 013 laat week. . , .
lions—Receipts, 16,315 bead, acalnst U® }
tho week before} suoply only f°l>t with prices no
changed; nil sold, and market dosed firm: rxtn
I’hiladclpbias, 84.2004-30: fair PUlltdslphW.
84.1604.20; best Yorker*. $5.0.i®4.06; coimnou
Yorkers amj grosser*, #3.0603.85; iialiimoreSt.
84. 1004. 16; roughs, #2-7603.16. M
Sunil—Receipts. 22.000 head, 20.400
the week before; supply being in all shout at*
cars: those suitable for export trade sclllnisat 100
20c off list weeks othersi 30060 c; most of tno
sheep are sold, with *oi#*hlpjicd on in flrsl hanrti,
export. 106 to HBj 84.6wfc4.70; cooU.UO in lw.
83.6003.00; fair. 76 to 86. $3.2503.40; lambs, as
to quality, $4.3604.73; Veal calves, 84.0001-75.
600 63
APrtfal VUpateA to Ills Thbuno.
Albany, N. Y.. June 27.—Hisvas— Receipts,
705 cars? Inst week, 743: market does not vary
materially from last week, for, w th folr attendsnco
of river, town; Eastern, and local dealer*, sa lea ng
gregaio 8,300. slumlng business fully as good at
prlcrs current last week. „„
Subep and Lamou—Receipt*. Wears.
116; offerings of sheep mostly eslcrn, "f®®"®
«uite limited; decline of Kc since opening, cios
lug BKctosc for-common to choice,
trade dlmand for sheep; decline «c, with limited
■alc*at4HcoOJfc. .
TO (As trafrm jModalrd !*««. .
Albany. N. Y., Juno a7.-CATTi.K-RcceipM.
705 cars, against 743 last week; prices snow no
C1 Bm*ep and Lanbi—Receipt!, 83
against 115 lost weok; prices on jbeep snow s o
cilnoof lie; common'Kj.fair, SlWttlc; *ooa. -i •
choice, 4>4&6c. Lambs in good lappiy.■ ™ O J' }l
a moderate trade, at fully 14c decline. common w»
fair, 41405 c; good, fic; extra. 000U C *
NswTons, Jane 27.-UaßT*»-BeceipU,-.owt
market opened fairly; earl/sale* M about clwiof
,001 112.51'fl 5.284
,000 132,034 4,872
1.807 4,874 238
I, 185 4.833 018
MK33 0,800
1,000 7,878
it $0.05®3.76, and heavy
5. There wore sales of
The mar*
. all i ho heavy hogs sold.
A*o. Ap. Pr lea,
65 208 $3.85
60 007 3.85
53 270 0.80
80 271 0.80
60 200 0.80
302 207 3.80
07 207 3,76
01 241 0.75
02 270 0.75
07 208 3.75
00 210 -3.76
20 221 0.75
100 256 0.75
03 222 0.73
105 200 0.75
22 280 3.70
27 254 0.70
20 283 3.70
20 001 0.70
20 201 0.70
01 270 0.70
22 223 0.70
411 250 3.70
70 . .....254 3.70
80 211) 3.70
00 250 3.70
32 280 3.075 J
(15 284 3.70
20 260 3.70
21 270 3.70
22 134 0.00
20 210 0.05. |
20 274 0.03 *
08 0.00
00 107 0.30

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