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Governments Dull—For
eign Exchange Steady.
Chicago Monoy Mnrkot—Break in
Northwest and Bt. Paul.
The Prsdnre Harkeln Imgalar—Wheat KxclUi
' and Tain a Decided llrante—Corn
Tiune.-Hpgk Dull—Crop
Note*, Poreign aid J^omestio.
Business In Governments was
tntlon on tvblcli must of tlio tint)
made was 101% bid for 4 per cents,
noon Uio usual decline of % took pl\
4 per cents wore quoted at 101% bid
liefunding certificates were 102%. bid.,
We demand for 4 per cents that was ex;
follow the liaavj disbursements of Jil
cot yet made Us appearance. For one ti
amount payable in New York In July for 1
ost nnd dividends has been overestimated,
general figure of 9110,000,000 is an «xsggeral
A more correct calculation puts it im foliar
interest on Government stocks, $15,000,C
book dividends, $1,500,000; railroad dividend
$10*000,000; interest on railroad bonds, $5,000,'
MOi.loUI, $31,500,000.
iiitre was a fair business done in foreign ox*
chance. Sterling was steady nnd French •
shade*wcako»., In Chicago sterling grain-bills
were 483% for sixty-day bills, ami 485% for
Blght;roud French wore 623% for eittv-day bills,
4 and 520 fop sight, Tho actual Chicago rates for
* sterling were 485% anu 487%; In Now York
the actual rates were 485% nod 457%. The
posted rates tor sterling were 4SC%@4SB%.
French bookers’ bills were 517%d?f115.
" The most important Item In (ho foreign finan
cial advices was the rise of silver to 53% pence
per ounce In London. It Is evident that the sil
ver market is passing from under the control of
the abnormally depressing influences that boro
been, at work on it. There is one peculiarity
■bout the silver market that makes It especially
responsive to now demands—the dealers carry
virtually no stock on band. The Bank of i
England gained $715,000 in- bullion during the
past week, nnd Uio proportion of Us reserve to
liabilities is now 53%-nor cent. Consols opened
. at 0715-10 and advanced to 031*10.
•Chicago bank clearings were s£',ooo,ooo.
X Apart from the double business which precedes
,ft holiday, everything was quiet In Urumchi
f drclca, The country is taking away a little
\ more cnrrency than It sends In. and Is ordering
, largo amounts of exchange to New York. Dls*
, counts were moderate. Rates wore 4, ft, and 0
percept on call, and [email protected] per cent on time.
, With the advent, July 1, of the now Interest
law, the old 10 per cent rate disappeared.
Cook County 5 per cents were sold at 302#
and Interest, and Cook 7s at 113# and interest.
Brokers arc-paying IH for the now scrip.
Something than on ordinary re
action was at the boUom oflho break in St. Paul
and Northwest common stocks. It was some*
thine even worse than grasshoppers, alarming
reports about which have been Ju circulathin.
The late heavy rains In Minnesota and lowa
have started rust In Die wheat, and considerable
damage Is threatened. Some well-informed
operators on the Chicago Board of Trade,’ who
spend considerable money ami trouble In keep
ing themselves posted, opened the break by sell-
Ing St. Paul In largo lota. The effect wua to
run the price down Xroms3% to 50%. There
was toward the end a slight recovery, and the
closing price was 51%. The preferred ran down
from 0Q& to 00%, ami sold finally at 01%.
Northwest common lost 1% to- ill, closing at
Thu preferred opened at U»%, nolddown
to„OI%, and cloecij at Otl, a net gain of %.
.The developments with regard to rust am not
unexpected. As couflrraotory of the advices on
which those acted who sold St. Paul and North'-
vresl, wyj llnd that, as long ago as June 27,
the very accarato Chicago correspondent of the
Now York Daily Jiulletin Informed Jh read
ers that “ The fact la now beyond question
that Minnesota is getting more rs/a than It
needs, during the past three weeks rains Imvo
fallen almost constantly, and will) .a degree of
heat which, in some localities, has developed
rust. Should this state of things continue, it Is
not at all unlikely that the wheat will lodge
badly. One wiseacre at St. Paul, who has
the ,ropUthu6ti of bis State more at stake
fthn his own, tcltgraphs to otic of
our city papers that ‘estimates ore be
ing made novr of the probable yield of
wheat’ under favorable circumstances, as he
puts It, at *60,000,000 bushels,’. Hut ho adds
that a repetition of lot year’s disasters ‘might
cut this down ono-hilf.’ This Is an admission
that the somebody u considerably worried just
how lest somethin/ serious is going to befall
Ibis ' crop In this ftntc. Our fear about this
season Is that thoseoson has boon so backward
that the great trouble would bo that the crop
would ripen movenly and Oil poorly. \Ve
think Uiat the. growing wheat will have more ;
,seriona dlfllcultes to encounter in the month of
*Joly than heretofore.” The rest of llm market
wae dull, nnl offered no special features.
•Michigan Ccttral made#, to74^; Wabash
to 30; Ohlc & Mississippi to 14*4'; fit.
doe )*, to 20; the preferred %, to 41)*;
Delaware £ Hudson )*, to 47; Lackawanna
to 53; Karsas City 6c Northern %, to 17)*; the
preferred X)*, to 40)*; Kansas Pacific >*, to
60«*; Mtaneapolls s*. to 33. The losses, besides
those hr the Granger stocks, were Lake Shore
Ht to7JKt Burlington* Quincy )*, to 110;
Erie Vi to 2T>*; Jersey Central)*, to 51)*; Kan
sas £ Texas )*, to 15)*; San Francisco )*, to
9s*?tho preferred )*, to 11)*; and Erie pro
fetved to 51;**.
'iric second os, gold, opened at 70)*, and
riosed at 70)*. Tlio highest point was 7\Y\s.
Northwest gold bonds were 114; Si. Paul sink
ing funds were not quoted; Burlington, Cedar
Rapids & Northern 78)*; and Alton gold 0s
Hallroad bonds, {a New York on Tuesday
wore active and buoyant for the Erin am] Kail
aas & Texas Issues. The transactions In Erin
consolidated seconds amounted to $500,000, and
In do funded 6s to SIOO,OOO. The former ad
vanced to 77, and the latter to 70*. closing at
the • highest Dolnta reached. Erie consoli
dated 7b rose from to l!3J<; Kansas &
Texas consolidated assented advanced to 09*,
and do seconds to 31*,—5101,000 mid 100,000
chancing hands respectively. St. Louis & Jn m
Mountain seconds advanced l'i»er cent, to 03*-
Toledo & Wabash, St. Louis Division,
ex-muturoa coupon, *, to W*; Delaware
& Hudson registered of ]b«l *, to
10l>v, a ”d do Pennsylvania Division
rcgtslered*, »o 107*; Albany Jc Susquchana
firsts sold at ni*(<jill3{ Canada Southern firsts
at 85*@60*, ajid New York Elevated first* at
113*(&U2*, all ex-lutercat} Pacific of Missouri
firsts fell oil to 107*; Home, Watertown &
Ogdensburc consolldatod firsts to 57*: and
Denver &. Hlo Grande firsts to 91*.
Atchison shares declined on Monday from
IWK to KB*(£108*; Pueblo Ac Arkansas
Valley from 00* to 69*; Atchison & No
braska advanced from 84 at auction. to'SR; Bur
lington & Missouri in Nebraska from 110* to
U7X, and the rights from 7* to «*, Bunds
were firm; Atchison laud grants advanced from
113 to 118*I Kansas City, Kt. Joseph & Coun
cil Binds from*93* to U 7; Kansas City, Law.
& Southern from 71* to 71*; Missouri
Kansas, A Texas first mortgage from 08* to
OOjfc; do second mortgage from 39 to 30; Alchl
.sou second (mortgage declined Irom 113* to
118*. *
Holders of nearly 3,000,000 second consolidat
ed mortgage bonds of the Columbus, Chicago
& Indiana Central Hallway Company have de
posited their bonds with tbe Gallatin National
Bank as a trust depository, under and subject
to the *• bondholders 1 agreement,’ 1 dated ,\lay
17, ISTOfJTor the purpose named thu-tiu. Thu
bank wilt Issue tlielr engraved certificates, cncb
for one bond of SI,OOO, with coupon duo Aug.
1,187-1, nnd oil subsequent. The (lorcniing
CommiUce of the Stuck Exchange bare ordered
that when Urn engraved certificates nro ready
for u«o Hie jr be olnced on the regular list.
Atchison, Topeka it Santa Fc earnings are re
ported ns follows:
Third week In Juno, I«7D (leroniUysj. ..$102,500
Corresponding week Iftetjcsr(slxtlars).. 55,000
Land aalea third week bi June. IH7O.
Land sales third week tn June, 1878.
Hurllngion, Cedar Kaolda A Northern groat
earnings for the tilled week of Juno increased
The following shows tho fluctuations of tho
aettro stocks:
Flock*. Owning. tnahtiU town. Cloting.
N. Y. central....llß*4 . . 118%
Mlchlem* Central. 7-I*l 74% 74 74%
Lake Shore 71M 75% 72% 72%
C. A 7*. Western.. (15% 05% 04 (14>4
Do preferred 05% ltd M 1 *4 00
M. *BU Panl.... 55% r>:t*4 50% 51;%
Do preferred*.... t)2‘i H2*i I)o’*' 01%
C.. 11. *Q.......110*, 11(1
Union Pacific 76% 7U!i 70*4 Td>4
Krie , !>7*i •••■ ... 27%
Wabash llallwav., 55% 50 .15% 55
Ohio ft Mies...' .. i;r, mu
11. ft 8U Jo 10% 20
[Sot. The quo
ictlmift were
fo tlic after*
•e, anti tho
y The act
ipeted to
1 Sms
Do preferred >ioi£ ... .... -it>.
Dol.Jb Iladann... 4il!i 47U 40‘j 47
D..-140R.A West. 57*« . .... fifl
,N.J. Central 51 U 51*4 5 Hi
Mo.. Kna. ib Tex. 154 .... .... 15*4
Kutiaai City «t 10'fi 174 10H 37U
1)o nrnferred 45 411*5 4."» 404
W, Union Tel w* 03 o? 4 Oi\
C'., C. *I. (!,.... U>fi n*i
KanaaaVncl(lc. :1 . fiO .... .... 504
■Bt7Lr.VVfln Fran. ' '. '.l', "6s
Boprcfcrrcil...... 1131 .... .... 1I«!
Alton ... 84 .... .... 84
Lontsvillcc Xnsh. 02!{ 01 02>:
, FHe itrofctretl... s'i'i .... ....
\SlUin. A StAi’aul. Jill}* .... .... ay' 4
i \ \OOVBnNMBNT DO!U)fl,
- . „ , A Md. A»kfd.
P.Lflaof’M .301*4 10IX
U. S.new-s«.bf >Bl. ox lot ioav| 104
r. s.new4Ki cxlnt ior»s louu
u. s, y percent coupon#. 1013£ 102'4
U. 9. oimncyM . ma '
roußiuN sxcnx>;ac.
Sterling.. ), ...
Holland.... •
Norway ~
Sweden „
■ coMiisaaAii sills. ' "* *
u Stotifiav*. anht,
4NI4 48T»4
fiaiS sio
Chicago llanlclpsl 7e. 1K02,.'.. •naif 4n|uf
Chicago Municipal 7s. 3808.. *lir»
Chlcaeo Water loan 7a... *11414 *llu!
Chicago Jlunlclnal Os *IO7U *iOb“
Chicago Water loan (i 5........ *toß -
Chlcaeo Lincoln Park 7s. *106>4 •lOOJi
Chicago South Park 7r *lo.*i *lod
Chlcaeo Weal Park 7a... *IM *IOO4
ChlcncofTfcaaarjr Wairanta (scrip). 08)4 OoU
Chicago Treasury Warrants (new *•
scrip). -..■on
CookCoitnly ie .•.*ll3»f . *118«4
Cook County (tbort) -*101'; 'Vio3'l
Cook Couniy f>* i..i*;;.*lol>» »io*l
City Railway (South Bide) 170 U \
City Hallway (West Side).. l7.-,
City Hallway do 7 nerbent cents.,*«Sou aVonv
City Hallway (North Aide).;... ... Is)..
City Hail ir9y(N'orlhßUlo)7p;c. bndn*lori*f-
Chumherot Commerce.ot ojMf
♦Ami interest.'
Following nre Chicago quotations for coins:
Mexican (full weight): 9 gf,
Sovercitr* 4,g0
Napoleons a, go
Twenty tnnrks 4.70
AuHlrlnc.itorln* (paper).... jiy
Five francs , g.-,
Prunslsw Dialers tgi
Holland, gadders RStfifV-ilO
Kronor* (Swedish) 25 la !?OVi
Mexican nndS.Amerlcnndoobloons ' 15.50
Spanish doubloons 15.Q0
roWAsw I*. HREwsrsn,
lot Washlngton-st,
For sale ln-"ams to suit.
AL*<\., .
cook comm* a i*kr cent ponds.
CUiCAGO CITY 7 rim CENT ponds.
Theßcretu iMiiesof
« percent semi-annual Imprest, ami
Now ready sod for sale In denominations of gl.ooa
and SJix>, at the office of
tod f.u»i tVa»hlngUin-»t.
Eouthwest turner LaSAlle tad R&ndolph-iU.,
Is buying ami selling
Ami does a General Uank/ng Business.
ROW<uhlnstun-*t., corner Dearborn.
r * rhi.'l?,^ TALL ’ , «• riiman *r. 0.,
'KIDDER ft^CO?’ 0^
12H UKailn-M.. rniraifo.
, . bTOOK UIIOKMW? ...
Blocks np’jghdnd Mild un margin by telegraph at N.
\. rntesof l.uinnilMioii, Block LlrUoti ale and all In*
formation ltirni*hcd on apjdlrutlnn.
.Mi'mik. fißltonilttll. Kldilcrft Tmk, of our Arm. are
member* of the New York stock ExrfiaV. B e.
K. E. cor. MailUoit and Dearborn-ils,,
No notice required to draw money.
n. M. WILSON. Caihler.
WiuiU to Buy*
lint fur sale.
hanker and hrokkr,
N. W. car. Clark and Madluon-Hi., Cldcago.
Stocks, Bondi, Local SeCnrllln, and Land Warrant!.
Jleinbcr of New York Stock Exchange.
Safe Ocpoitt Department In thu ba«jtnenl, entraice
from WiudilngtiHi-it. ▼
Hujr and »cll Govermiumii, City amt County Bonda,
Buy and aetl Excliaugii ou Great llritalu and Europe.
• 1:7 LaEsUo-nl.,
blliOlt TAL I. ft ifELMBIC
H 7 Wwlilnciun n.
TATE, IMJ’UOVED, for five years, «t (he lowest rain.
Ballwsy UumU and other guotl-bvcurllles uccullutcil.
ICO WB»tilnKt )icst,
Allow the Illaliuit Msrkul Price for CALLED
&-20« and 10-sos In cash or lu exchange (or the
New i Ik-t cents, ami
STo,ux> Pulton County, 111., Hpcrcvnt Deads.
92Si,nri Illinois 7 per cunt School Ruuds.
iowa 7perwutbclw.il HumU.
lUIIEIUN EXCHANGE buusht sail sold.
Naw York, July 3.—Bar silver here, 113*.
Subsidiary silver coin, *(«ji discount.
Uovcrumeuts were steady.
Kallroad securities' were quiet. Sales of
Columbus, Chicago & Indiana Central firsts
ut 70; no sales of seconds.
Statu butftli were dulL
The stork market was characterized by weak
ness until shortly before the close, when o firm
tone set In, and there was n general advance iu
prices, The early decline ramrod from
M to 1,% Tim Granger shares showed the must
depression. Louisville it Naahvillo was also
conspicuously weak, and fell off from 01 to 61,
but recovered to In flfial dealings prices
advanced —the latter St. Paul common.
Transactions, 115,000 shares: 4,700 Erie, 0,000
Lake Shorn, 2,000 Wabash, IS,(XX) Northwestern
common, 8,100 Northwestern preferred, 88,000
St. Paul common, .4,800 St. Paul preferred, 2,700
Delaware, Lackawanna it Western, 1,000 Michl
nan Central, 1.800 Union Pacific, 1,000 Pacific
Midi, 8,400 St. Louts, Kansas ’City it Northern
common. 11.000 St. Laid*. Kansas Ulty it North
ern preferred, 1,800 iron Mountain, 1,800 Louis
ville Ac Noahvilie, I,(XX) Kansas «fe Texas, 1,700
St. Louis & San Francisco, and 1,500 Delaware,
«t Hudson,
in, 000
1.1. OKI
.8 2.507
Money market active at
cantile naper,
Sterling excliamte, 00 days', 480; sight, 483.
Conponi of 1881... 101'.'New4 percenta...,lolȣ
Now !>• moycurroucr Oa/.. 122
Ke\r 4'/,*.... lod 1
W. IT. Tel St. Paul, pM niH
Onlcksllvor (offered 14*i WalnwU
Onlcktllver, pfcl... ».** H.Wnrne 10!)
Paclila Ma 11....;... JsJiT.Jlaute 10
Mariposa 101 Torre Haute, nf«t.. 10
Mariposa, pfcl 10114 Chlcctpo A110t)... Slli
Adams Kxitress.... JO/iy C. .V Alton, p1d....11"i •
Wells, FnrjioACo,. OO'i Ohio & Mississippi. 144
American Kxpruss. 4(J* t J)d.,L. A Western. ’>7%
r. R. lixpmw...... 47 l »'A. .V I’. Telegraph. 304
N. Y. Central UK (?., IJ. AO 110
KMr ar-u n. *«. .foo ms
Krie, Pfd fil* 11. & SI. Joe. nfd.. 414
Harlem I**o Canada KoutlicrtiA. r>o
Midi. Central, ox. cl. 744 1,. A Nashville..... 02
Panama 148 Kansas Pacific.... .VI
11. P. stock 70 Kansas ATexas.... I."'*
Lake Shore, ex.dir. 724 81. L. * Ran Fran.. 04
Illinois Central u» si. 1.. AH. F. pfd. II
Clt'V, A Pittsburg.. 07 ,St.l,.AH.F.lstuld. 22
Northwestern (144 81.L..K.C. AVh’n 174
Northwestern, pfa, 1154 SI.L..K.C. AX.pfd 404
C., C. At 7)04 Cent. Pac. bonds. .100‘ t
New Jersey Cent... ol 4 a'l*olon I'nc. bonds.. 10!>4
Ilorklsinn<i«cx.divlo7‘« , l ! . P. Lsnd»(lmms. 1134
Si. Paul oH.iC. X*. Sinklntf-Fds.llCi
PTATK imxns.
Tennessee (Is. old.. 0.1 jVlri'inla Os, new... 81
Tennessee Os, new. JtOtyMlseourl 10,*»
Virginia Os. 01d.... UOUt
Sixty rinyt. fflaht.
... r.ir* r.i:>
r>i7i4 bio
.... C17!4 818
nr»H uou
The Stock ami Produce Exchange closed uni
San Francisco, Jaly3.—Suit was commenced
to-day In the Twenty-third District Court by
John 11. Burk. on behalf of himself ami all other
Consolidated Virginia stockholders, to recover
$1,000,000 from .lames C. Flood, the I’adllc Re
finery, mid (he Bullion Exchange, mid (ho ex
ecutors of the estate of W. S. O'Brien, deceased.
This suit has the ciTeut of tying up the estate of
O'Urlcn, which was about to be distributed, mid
Is similar in principle to those now pending,
making four suite now before the courts, aggre
gating $41,444,4X0.
London, JalyS.— Consols, OS t-10.
American securities—Reading, 20#; Erie,
28V; preferred, 64.
„ United States Bonds—New 6s, 100#; 4>tf»,
»*atm. July U—Rentes, HCf 76c.
Utus, July B.—Specie In the Bauk of France
mcrcthed 3,835,000 francs the past week.
kbae estate.
•■Fl*® following Ijjgtnmicnu wcro filed for
record Thursday, July 3:
'•ITT nuirERTT.
WcstMadl-on st. hot Wot* mid Panllna
»**•- nf. undivided S oUovxlO’J'j ft,
" (J ’ 1 ‘ towbuee to J\. (}.
Usher) $ 2,."00
. H '!‘.V? puf 4| 100x00
fUwlth hntldlnus, dated .Inly 1 (Charles
U. Sneer to UeoritoA.Heaveniw 05,000
Twoiiiy.u ne loti* in Picket'd 5?olou<1 Ad*
ditlon. dated July 1 (tJeorga A. «oav*
ctn to Charles \\. Hneor) 23,000
North Sangamon cf. 117 ft 11 of West lu*
rtlanast. c f, ‘10x111! It. tinted .Inly l
•(( Mhuplm- HadcllJTo | 0 oiu Androwson) 2,800
' »*• ■*'-• ft •• of Armour »t, 11
f. -oxHO It, doted ,)uly3 (George IJlck
erriketo Margaret Wa.sh)
, 17 ~ > l "■ of Throop st, n
«.Ti. U ~ 0 U ,' • aa * cd jM «® **W (Martha A.
uradley todoseuh G. I‘oters) 3.500
Dickson si. »ui ft hof North av. of. 251 ’
dated .nine 23 (SamUHurfurd
to C M I’fflicr) rnn
,V. b t ,r, ‘ 0 u roror ttiirton pi. w/ f ...
1-li ft, dated .Inly 3 iC'ntholic Itlshop to
Isabella .Maitland)...., n 750
J hlriy-rti.tjh st. no cor or Gat'o si, h r, 25 *
Xll. ft, dated duly 3 (William F.
Tucker to C. C. Cheney) 71,0
" 1150 ft w of Canal at, a r.
lOxlSltft, dated duly 2 (William 1- I.«o .
rolman tt hcelcn j .-500
MestMnetpnnlhst. 11l It e of .May st, ’
i| if. JoXIOO It, dated July 1 (Alvuli
1 erry to Ignnc Koxel) 1,300
wn.K» or tub coimT-itot’sK.
nioclc 1 and part ofLota 5 mm n tnllloch 5
of Knnku A: Gardner's pan of w l i nw
J»t Scc.UM, -10, 11. dated done 23 (Wlil*
lam Knoko to Carl (Homann). SIO,OOO
rm* limits, within* a iuum’b of seven
• -jiujih or tub rouiiT-iron.HE.
IlrltiTn.il) m, vn It a nl Thirl).ninth
I*’ u [, -'T-tlhl'i 11. Improved, dated
T‘,V,“ I!l .i'.\ 0 - nn ' 1 J - <Jo°drleh In 11.
r.KlOOllcit'U) *1 Finn
Kills BV. lOOfteof llrookst, of. 20x105. '
f . Improved. dated dune m
Goodrich toll. T. Goodrich) 1
Latest quotations for July delivery on the
leading articles lor the lust two business dnvs:
~ . fVtthunilav. Thurniau.
Mwwpork ....8 u.xo $ P.H.",
Lard 11,071,1 0 i,«
boxed.. ’1.07*! V,,-,.
Short riba, boxed.. 4.f»3' 4 *
Whisky 1 V /*
-i ‘'Si
l-’orn :m U„.
usi,... a-iij
si si"
Mm, 3.8.T05.W) ii.maa.Hs
The following wero the receipts miJ ship
ments of the leading articles of produce in this
city during the twenty-four hours ending at 7
o’clock on Thursday morning; the correspond-
Ing 4a*.e twelve montha ago was u holiday:
like): I its. 1
IH7li. I IH7W. |
7,505.'.. I
4H, 7<l) I
aai. tr.»., 1
4«,1)7:i ;
7,»m; 1
l.wio.- i
1 1
a. :
(»h, i«u ;
m/Wo "I!
Mo,7aii I
DJI,*;.! 1 1
io.2su ..., l
4.IUH '
ii7M!JH I
a, IS.*
A 570
4fl ,
7u1;::: r
Flour. 1ir1i.,..
Wheat. Ini ..
Cunt. Im
Omlis liu
Rye. bn
Harley, mi
GraMkced, Hu
r, aecd. 1i»..,,
ft. corn, 1f.*.,,,
C. meat*, ibi,.
Heel, lirtu
Fork, bru
I.nid, lb*
Tnllnw, lira..,,
IlntUT. Ilia ..
l.lvnitUK». No,
cattle. ,nu,,..,
sneeii. Nu
Hfdea. 11k
H'uui, Km:
l*oinl<irs bn..
Corl. lon
Hitv, tom
I.umoet, m (l.
Suit. brl.«
: 'oitllry.llM...,
. ’utiltry.i'inipt.
flaw, 1n«...
o. ni>i>le<«. lirl».
Hcajm, bu......
The following grain was Inspected Into store
in this city yesterday mornings 3 cars No. 3 ml
winter wheat, I cur No, 3 do, 3 curs mixed, I
ear No. 3 hard, 21 ears No. 3 spring, G 3 curs No.
3 do, 31 cars rejected, 3 cars no grade (118
wheat); 1?3 cars and 10,950 bu high mixed corn,'
1 car new do, 3 cars new mixed, 41(1 cars and
10,500 bn No. 3 com, 43 cars and 0,000 bn re
jected, 6 cars no grade (639 com); 35 cars white
oats, 33 ears Nq. 3 mixed, 31 cars rejected, 1
car no grade (09 oats); 8 cars No. 3 rye; 3 cars
barley. Total (SJ3 cars), 380,003 Ini. inspected
out: 110,781 bu wheat, 77,80 Sbu corn, 80,814 bu
osts, 419 bu rye, R3fi bu barley,
There will be no meeting of the Board of
Trade or of the Cgll Board In this city to-davor
{Saturday. The Fourth will bo celebrated by a
double holiday in commercial circles. Sidewalk
trading should also be vigorously let alo’io dur
ing Saturday. Much better nut to adjourn than
to move to the curbstone.
A ‘‘Header” wants to know how tt Is that
corn lu Live-pool has been quoted at 3s lo*d
or thcrcuhmiia lor several days post, llcsujs
that price per cental is equal to 18- 7*d per
quarter,while theluwustquotatlon/ivenon corn
for prooipt shipment Is 19a H and corn is
quoted in London at 20a OdfgS/i. We do nut
know. It la possible that the vif price refers
to eorn out of condition and tie oilier to good
sound corn, without the fact lolng ludlcated.
It t» also possible that a letter'fill be received a
few weeks hence slating that his is the case,
but that the reporter was afriid to say so till ho
New Voik...
Reckiits—l'lour, 14,W3 brla;' wheat,
Ml, oT>u bu; corn, 201,01 H bn; onts,
Tl),r>r>o 1m; rye, 100,050 bu; corn meal,
BWlirls nml 255 sacks; limit, 10,530 bu; pork,
JWO brU; beef, 1,411 brla; cut meats, 0,401 pkgs;
lunl, 1,007 pkffs; whisky, 007 brla.
• Exports—flour. 15,000 brla; wheal, 59,000
bu; corn, 287,000 bu.
Tho Committee appointed by the Board of
Trade some tlmo nco to consider nnd suevest
Improvements in the rules for grading winter
wheat arriving In this city met yesterday and
recommended the following ns a aubatltuto for
Rule lof the present Inspection Rules, ft la
understood that tho chumie will be adopted by
the Railroad nnd Warehouse Commissioners:
No. 1 white winter wheat aboil be pore white
winter wheal, sound, plump, and well cleaned.
No. 2 do ehall bo pure white winter wheat, sound,
and reasonably clean.
No. 1 umber ahgll bo pute amber winter wheat,
sound, plump, aud well cleaned.
No. 2 amber ahull be of tho same color and va*
rlctv us No. I amber, sound, and reasonably clean.
No. 1 ions red winter wheat shall bo pnro red
winter, of ihe Jons berried varieties, sound, pluAin,
and ncll cleaned. ■
No. 2 long red shall bo of tbo samo varieties as
Nn. i, sound, nnd reasonably clean.
; I winter shall no pure red winter wheat
or both light and dark colors, of the shorter bor
rh*d varieties, aoiiml, plump, and wall Cleaned.
N«. 2 red winlur shall ba of th« same rarities os
No, i, sound, and reasonably dear.
No. 2 winter wheat ahull Include nil Northern*
grown w inter wheat and nil mixtures of the vnrlons
descriptions of winter wheat, Mid shall be sound,
reasonably clean, nml of pm# milling quality.
No. !l winter shall Inciimo winter wheat not
cieim uml plump enough for No. 2. and welching
not less tlian 54 lbs to the measured bu.
Rejected winter shall Include winter wheat,
damp, musty, or from asy cause -so badly dam*
aged as to render It unlit U r No. 2.
|a7U. 1 1871.
2. »*W7
7, M7j,
3’il.lLT. .
niit, :uoj!
a. 772
223.700 ~
I'fl.hU I .
1.101 .
I. I7H .
Tallmadeo «fc Llndnan, of Milwaukee, have
several letters from Michigan. Illinois, Wlscon
sin, lowa, ami Minnesota. Allot Diem report
the proaent outlook of growing wheat crop tu
most excellent corJltlon, Must of these titntes
report oo Increase In acreage ovcrlast year, ami,
should wo hav< favorable weather from now
out, the Northwest will harvest the largest ami
bust wheat crop ever produced.
Cum Is reported as much Improved, ami prom
ises a good yield. Oats backward, and not look
ing well w a gunoral thing, but some localities
report a fair crop. Hurley backward, caused by
the carp drought, (some report the crop a fail
ure, whlo lu sumo sections a fair yield and ouail
tv is UoUed for. • H
McCormick A: Hccbc. of this cltv, forward tho
folloving summary of late reports on wheat
mad-* by the asa-nu of the McCormick reapers:
Jmnesota-driushoppers hare done consider*
ai.w damage In tho extreme aouthwuat, otherwise
t o crop promises fully as well as evorut this time
•I iliuyuar, ami u lurue crop Is confidently anilct
paled. lowa—Uithtno exception of the North
wcMern counties, whore tfrusanoppvrs hsvo been
?m,\ Ork S» l L 0 . °'{ Uook •• u “>« favorable lor a full
crop. Dakota has suifered severely by crosshuo*
P'-nt. and they are still at work: it looks now as
tliuucii mil over half n crop would bo secured. Ne
braska— Urassboppent have dune much injury in
counties north of tho i*Bdflc Ilodroad. «IS
crops have been Injured Jn some cunutics bv
droughty but so fares we can Judge the yield will
eijuttlihjM. Illinois. Indiana, and Ohio will have
üboul sumo crop as 1-»7H. WUcouilu-l-rotwblyun
Increase of lu to 15 per cent over l«7«! KausM
will have two-thirds of crop of 1878. Utah will
have Ilirue-rounbs oi crop of I«7H. Colorado w
have 1)0 per cent of crop or 1870. Pennsylvania
.New Jersey, Delaware, and Molylaml will have
about im per cent of crop of IH7M. Michigan—
I'.yoryihiair promises well: yield say no percent
m crop of 18.8. Oar advices us to oats and bar
ley indicate short crops; on cbm a full crop
noo I’UOUUCTO— Wen* rather quiet, with molt
of the Uadiojz lu trauifer, but k hide mure dlapvai-
had waited to see that the com had actually
spoiled after being stored on the other lido of
the Atlantic.
JI. K. Jackson, In Dornhusch of the ißlh nil.,
aays that tiic season In Europe, up to that dato,
was a bad one, “and, from present prospects,
the crop deficiencies of Europe (Franco, Spain,
Italy, and England) trill be really serious.
Choked with Weeds, ewamped by water, a
month In appear of corn! seasons, nothing short
of a miracle ran Kite Europe this year abun
dance of seed corn. . , . Tho last fortnight
has furnished evidence well nlgb as strong ns
evidence can ho that tbe present prices of grain
are below what thcystinnld be, from tlio general
situation. Tito shipments of Southern Russia
still arc chlclly arrested by ports east of Gibral
tar. North Russia nor Germany export but very
moderately, the season has boon disastrously
unproplllous in Italy, France, mid Eughnul,
and the imports, liberal ns they nro, are all rap
idly absorbed, leaving tho granaries of wharfing
ers almost Imre.”
The leading produce markets wore rather
quiet yesterday, the approach of a double holi
day not nlfordlng any stimulus to extra trading.
Indeed, the great majority of operators seemed
glad to bo ablu to escape from tho cares of watch-
Ing the mnpkut, mid did not rare to Indulge In
anv new business to bo carried In mind till next
Monday. Some of (hem settled up previously
outstanding trades, and the* desire to do so
caused a firmer feeling In wheat and corn, while
provisions averaged a cliodo lower, In sympathy
with dullness In hogs at ihctitock-Yards. Oats
were firmer early, but afterward fell hack. The
greater firmness In wheat was attributed by
some to a demand from Eastern shorts, who
had sold largely here a few days ago In anticipa
tion of n big break after the close of the .Tnno
deal. The reports that rust had appeared !n the
Northwest caused quite a flurry among these
operators, and they sent In orders to till, the
competition to bar resulting In a decided ad
vance in prices.
Lake freights were In good demand and
Armor, on the basis of lj£c bid and 2c asked for
corn by sail to Buffalo, and SftSVfc for wheat
to do. Carriers were stronger In their views,
expecting an active demand from the holders of
Uiu wheat now In store here. The outside fig
ures were paid for steamer room, and later for
sail. Through to New York by lake and cannl
was quoted nt (if((if. "c for corn, and 7ȣ@7sfc
for wheat. Through to Boston nominal at lie
on cum. Balt freight* were steady at 20c per
100 lbs on grain to New York, bub little doing
at those figures. Through rotes on meats to
Liverpool were quoted at 403)12)^(315c per 100
lbs, und to Antwerp’.
Domestic dry goods were moving with fair
freedom, and were strong and advancing. Boots
mid shoes met with a tight demand. Prices
were firm, with an advancing tendency. There
was continued activity In the grocery market,
and continued firmness in prices. Sugars and
coffees were quoted higher at the East, and an
early advance hero Is looked for. No changes
calling for special mention were developed In
connection with the butter ant! cheese markets.
Trade remained dull at weak and Irregular
prices. Dried fruits were emoted quiet, but the
market is firmer than a fortnight ago, especially
for staple fruits. Prunes and currants were
quoted up a iTho fish market was active
and firm. No changes were noted In the
leather, hogging, tobacco, coal, and wood mar
kets. I
Lumber was active at the yards, and steady.
Tbo sates of cargoes were fair, and few were
left over. The wool market was steadier, the
Eastern markets being reported firm, ami there
wns some Inquiry here, though trade was not
brisk. The rcwlpts continue liberal, uml exceed
shipments. Seed* were Inactive, except flax,
which sold In a hmatl way for future delivery,
liny was quiet mil steady. Hides wore easy,
but notquolablyliwcr. The receipts continue
light. I’ohitoes were dull and weak, the offer
ings being cxecßSlvp. Green fruits were in fair
Kiquest, the softer varieties being as tbe
offerings wore liberal and tho weaiher hot.
I*oUt:*>f-niia eggs wore weak.
Tito following loblo shows the * quantities of
wheat and com on passage for tbe United King
dom,for ports of call nod for direct ports on the
dates named:
June 28. ’7I». JuneSl, ’7O. June 20. *7B.
Floor and *
wheat,qr*. .1,070.000 1,8.10,000
Corn, qrt,,, 070,000 750,000 No report
Tho following choirs tin* receipts oml ablp
menu of wheat ut points named yesterday:
£<re\Tt/i, . t s'hinprt,
. HO. 700 . JJW M 7
. 30,000 8,u«l
.141.(100 OP.OUO
. 2,'». 000 8Ti.01.10
. 52,000 51,C00
.274.200 307.108
winter wnie.iT mtAniNo.
onoi* MOTHS.
Uon to operate jn lard for the distant futures. Tlio
market wee easier earty, In sympathy with a dull
lone at the Rtock*Yardi, jiarliee not caring to buy
ro near a holiday, Imt there waa no special clinngo
In the lone of orders from other points, and tiio
market for product recovered tone in the latter
part of the day.
llasa I’onK—Was castor early, tint afterwards
improved to UMftAo above the latest prices of
Wednesday. Sales were reported of 500 brls seller
duly at 9(1. WM { 0, 500 brie seller Angnst at SO. H 714
©O. not and 8.000 tea seller September atso.o7!4C!>
10.02 M. Total, lß,ooo‘lcs. The market closed
steady at $0.85 for cash, fO.WMOO.SA for July,
$0.031430,05 for August, and 510.03!t6M0.05 for
September. I’rtmo mesa was m.mlnal at so.oo®
0.50, and extra primo at $8,0038.25.
Lahp— Was moderately active, and closed.a
•hade firmer than the previous day. Rales wore
reported of 1,250 tea spot nt $*1.0530.0741 3.250
iMMllcr Julyats(J.oyU; 7.7501 ca seller August
at 50.1214(010.17! 1 1 4,750 tils seller September at
Kl.Uotto.CßMt tea seller October at $0.20:
ondl.OOOtc* seller the year nt $5.07!}. Tola),
10.500 tea. The market closed firm at 40.0714x4
0.1354 for spot. srt.o7'[email protected] for seller duly,
$<1.17*4 for sailor August, and $0.331430 35 for
Mmats— Were quiet and averaged a shade easier,
wftn scarcely anything done outsldn of local
futures. Sales were reported of 0,050.000 It*
short ribs af 81.7354 spot and sellerdnly,sl.7s®
4.HU seller AmrosL, 8J.HT1404.00 for September,
and $4.03*4(254.05 for October;-10 boxes do nt
SI.OO spot; 40 boxes shoulder* nt $0.05; 50 boxes
Cnmbcrlmjds at s*4c; and 40 boxes abort clear
bacon at s’>.4o. The following were the closing
prices on the leading cuts:
si.no 4.w*i
•1.07441 4.00
1J.07V4 4.00
Loose ~
Do, July
Do. Auen«t....
Do, Bo|itemlier.
June, boxed ~
Long clear* quoto.l at Sl.n."» looho. nml ?4. HU!4
boxed; Cumberland?, n‘vsV*H« boxed:* lon>c*ciit
batns. 8*4fll)e; ■Mri , at»mcKli‘«( baron, 8»$8'4o for
1U tain lb averniroi Krren for aatno
overages; prcon sbunidors, JHifljWeC.
Dacon quoted at for shoulders,
r»!4c for abort riba. s?4<?M*(c for abort clears,
Uc for hams, nil canvnsed nud packed.
OmtAfir—Was qulot ut sr».oo'<>i.y*» for No. 1
white, dOiJUc for good yellow, atid 4©ilic for
URRP PRODUCTS-Were firm anil quiet nt
3-0.00&0.25 /or must, 310.00010.25 fur extra
mess, and $18.,'0(2,111.00 fur Innis.
Tau-ow—Was qnlu! nt for city and 15$
05£c for country, with sale of lUO brio city ot s»fc.
FLOOR—Was, dull ond nominally unchanged.
There was no visible demand for expert, except
forono round lot of 1,400 hogs, ami the local
trade was nearly Inactive, hut holders were
nominally firm In their views, In sympathy with
wheat. Sales were reported of 2,200 packages
spring at $8.6004.40; nndOOhrls rye Hour on
private terms. Total,’about 1.800 hrls. Tho fol
lowing was tho nominal range of prices:
Choice winters *.55.50 00.25
Oood to choice winters 4.70 ©.1.25
Fair to good winters 4.50 ($4.75
Choice Minnesota! 4.50 05.25
Fair to flood .Mimicaotas 4.25 (04,75
Fair to good springs 2.75 04.50
Lowaprinpa : 2.50 (00.00
Patents 0.00 08.00
Double extras, in sacks n. 85 04.50
Export extras In bucks 3, to 04.00
Dhah—Was active aud firmer. Sales wore 140
tons at $7.2007.50 per ton oa track, and $7.50®
7.75 free on board cars,
Coun-Meal—Coarse was nominal at $12.50 per
too on (rack. Sale was made of 2,000 brls at
MiPULUios-Salcs woreßo tons at $0.00010.50
per ton.
Simms—Salo was made of 20 tons st $3,600
Oat-Mbat.—Sale was made of 1,000 brls on
private terms.
SPUING VTHEAT-lVfls fairly aclhre, by com
parison with recent dullness, and somewhat unset
tled at a higher range of prices. Tho market for
this month advanced and closed lo above the
latest quotations of Wednesday, whllo tho tnoro
deferred futures were still stronger. Tho Urltlsh
markets-were quoted firm, with a fair inquiry, and
New York reported buyers and soJlore more nearly
together, at 81.00Q1J.07, whllo our receipts were
again small. The situation Incited a much better
demand from the short Interest, who had sold very
freely on the longer futures, expecting n big de
cline after tho clone of tho Juno deal. The news
of a poor crop outlook In Europe, Indicating a
largely-increased demand for our supplies, and a
widespread belief that our crop will not bo
equal In quantity to that of Inst year, with
reports that tuai hi.o appeared cxtrnslvetr lit
tlm vvhcnlrtclds of tho Northwest, made (he shorts
nervous, and their orders to buy were mot by
greater chntloh on.lbe part of sellers. There was
a much Improved demand for tho lower grades,
and No. *|» advanced about 3!4c, closing nt H-k.
Cash No. S opened lalo, but whs firm, closing at
09‘iq per car lots. Roller July opened at 07J»c,
sold at 07?<c. advanced to OH’»c. and closed at
OK*ic. Seller Angnsl Bold at WUQtH7<c, closing
utilise. Seller t'eotcmber sold at l)l l t'3.o2T«c,
closing at the uutsldo, and tlio year sum nt 00{o
OlVic. Spot Bales were reported of 14,000 bu
Mo. ymt)B3M»H'.ic;4H 1 000 bu No. 0 at fill lift 81c:
(22,000 bu Wednesday evenin'* nt H2c); 0,200
bu rejected nt tife; 15,200 bn by sample
at nufiblWo 'on track; and 2,000 bu uo.
at72QUOcfrooon board can. .Total. 101,4001 m.
Otiiku U'iii:at—tales wore reported of 4.000 bu
whiter nt OHKc®fcl.o2 by#nmp|ti: SOO bu mlxtdat
,ttO<j>.H7c; and 400 bu Mo. 2 Minnesota at SI.OJou
, CORN—Was In fair demand and stronger under
only ft moderate volume of offering. The market
-advanced about from the latest prices of
The British markets were mill, nnd
there was little change in Now York, while out
receipt* were moderately large. with relatively
email shipments. but the market sympathised
with wheat, and it wne etiitea - that
the current receipts were mostly aunt.
In to apply on duly contracts, leaving
IltUe to be oltercd for sale, and ahlppcrn'were hi
the mankot all day, notwithstanding tiie firmer
feeling In lake freight": it mm understood, how*
ever, that they were chiolly buying to III! out cur*
goes. heller duly opened at.’fCJ‘|C, was quoted at
20c. advanced to ;iu?iic. nml closed-at OtPjo nld.
BelterAugust noldnt.lo’»(fjrt7)ic, closlngat :i7‘«c
old. Bcllor September sold ata7Htfs27 7*c, and the
year at Cash No. 2 closed at Jhijic in store.
Snot sales wore reported of iID.OCO bu No. 2 and
high mixed at GOftihl ’ic: 800 bp now high mixed
at.lliic; 2,400 Du new mixed and rejected nt Ode:
12.400 bo by sample at on track; -ton
bn no smde nt 2Hcdo; and lO.oOObudo nt *J47>;j»c
free on board cun, the ontslde for white. Total.
Ifil.OiiO bn.
OAlS—Wore In moderate demand, averaging J*
higher. Tho market opened strong tinder a
fair Inquiry forthe month, and dropped suddenly,
the receipts being larger, hut rallied later, amt
closed steady in sympathy with Now York. Seller
duly opened at lihc, fell to a2*c, nntl closed at
,TJ*s<<jh2;!ic. August sold at 2H,'jc early down to
2.«4c, iind closed at 2H b®2HHc. September sold
at 2i>4Hh27?,c, and closed nt 27ljc. Belter tho
year bronchi 27c. No. S closed nt :i , i‘S«22'4c.
humpies wore nulot, nnd not plenty, the btilk'of
tbo receipts Doing inKoa into store. Cash sales
were reported of 12,000 bu No. 2 at :12!WA32-Vc;
and 0,400 bu No. 2 white at ,'l2Vc; 0,000 ba
mixed bysampln at axa-’ilc; nnd 0,000 bu white
by do at .TOUtftUhtJc. all on track; and I.SO'J bu
mlxml at:i2>Hfr;t3Afc; and 12.110 U bn white at UUi
O-Ilc, all free»u board. Total, tH.oootm.
RYK—' Wasm fair demand nnd steadier under
smaller offerings. Cask sold at file, onaAuguitnt
oOc.nnd mscttlemcnint.lO'ic. There wasconsiaor*
able inquiry for August, with fowersollors titan re
cento*. Cash sales wore reported of H.UoobnNo.
SatrOc; 1,800 1m bv sample at 4HQ5.ic on track:
and 2,000 uu nt f>2ou(Jc freo op hoard. Total!
12,400 bn.
DAHLIA —V\aa nominal. No. 2 wna nnotcd at
Wes extra No. ;iiit4Wsfic;nml No.
Future* were unnnotablo. Cash sales were re
noricd of 1,200 ou oy sample at :i.l<bs2!ic on
Mess pork—Sales fi. 7.10 brls at *9.87H«0D.00 for
Autmct, ana SIO.OO for Boptemlmr. l.nrd-1.500
™w. u . l .* tl, . l i : : i & u - lfi August Hhort riba-JiOO,-
OOOJbsatSl.T?!, for AUKUst, and 34.K7}{TM.IK)
for benlemncr. Wheal—4so, 000 Mm at U7\©U7Vc
for July, lU’»(rfcmc for •August. OOV''Pl‘;c for
buptoinlwr, and for the year. Winter
wheat—2s,ooo hit at IMV-Vhs'4c seller Ani’tnu.
orn-Cltumo hu at iHisittimtae for July.
f°f Aiiaust, unci. JI7K(i/Jl7«cf«r September.
Oais—UO, CMW bu at 28Hf»t2HSc for August, 275« c
forSoptuwuer, ami 2716 c lor the year.
Wheat was (Inner, m»ch being ronortod of IHO.-
O>M) bn at hrt’fc for July, for Aueusl. 6.'1
Wl>:m,c for September, and for the
year. Corn was atendy, with sales of 75.000 bu n i
,ldJ4c for J my and •iTlpiftttT’UQ for Aueuat. Oats—
J0.01X) ou'wt 28),C for August and 27 >«c for ben
tciubor. ■ Mesa pork—l,76o brls at s!i.U2u for
August, $10.0?!, for SeptemiHsr amt $15. 3.1 for thu
year. Lard-IJDuo tea at $(1.17H for August.
Shoulders—so,ooo lbs aisi. bO seller August
\\ heat woa firmer, selilu* at 00c for July and 050
fur August. September was quiet at Wc. Au
gust corn sold at U7l«c.
IJROOM-COUN—Wa* In rcqueit In a retail war.
I'rici-s am unchained, being etroug at tbo rauira
gln*n s
»(froen carpet brnrh, 0 lb
ru iiurl
l*UppcU hurl
4 iircoo, with hurl to work It.
jirTTEU— Tbo (aarkft «u dull and heavy.
There woe oaly a light demand from any source,
audt aa tbo receipts continue large, there woe
•ome uncaaincsa among holder*. The anxiety to
roalUe led to a mure or Ivae free shading of price*.
(Juotationa remain aa before:
Creamery ~
Good to choice dairy
lufcrior (ecomtaeu .
laal qnoted: *
SWf. 34 IBatlaoMba ...IMlia
Hrldilnn A... S3!f Do. 5 lm ujfaH
Otter Creek... 201* (lunnlcß,Blnßte..i:t®l4
licwlnion 81!| Do. donbte BrWVM
American 2«h|Wool «*cke 05040
CHKISBR—OnIy a limited rolnme of sale* waa
accomplished, and price* were Again weak and
variable. We, howorer, male no change In our
quotation?, as follow*:
fin <U"i :. .rgasf
Lowvradea I{4®S
COAL-Uemalns dull, with prices ranging as
before. There was ft small demand for current
consumption at $4. 85®4. 60 for anthraclU, and at
sd.oi>®.VJs for Illinois.
FISH—.Wore active land Arm at tbs ranee of nrloea
slren5 Iren below:
Fo. 1 whlteflsh. V Jj*brl S 4.r,n
Family wniicfiih, Ji-brl 2.2 Mb 2 no
Trmil, li-brl (I.dIKS ii.7r.
Mackerel, oxtra*mo«f, H*brl 12.96®12.60
No. 1 shore, K-brl 10.86010.60
No. 1 bay. >ft*brl 7.00® 7.35
No. Saboro. !4-brl 6.60® 6.76
No. 2 bay, U-brl 4.60® 4.75
Large family . 4.60
1* at family, now, !4*bri o.oo® a. 26
No. 1 bay. kite I.oo® 1.85
Family kttn 76® 1.00
(Icorße'scodflah, I) 10(1 Iha 4.60© 4.76
Hnmmer-oiircd cod, p 100 lbs 4,76
Compressed cod d
Dressed cod ~ „ ...... CU® 7
Labrador herring, split, brl* 0.05
Labrador herring, round, brls 6.76® 0.00
Labrador herring, round, H*brl«.... .1.60
llollnnd herring ; 1.250 1.3(1
Hmpkcd halibut... 11
\L, .C S.
Healed herrlnc. V box 00® 02
CoKfornin salmon, btls 13.fi0
Cahfonnasalmon. U-brla o,7fi
PUUJTB AND NuTH—Prunes and currants wore
linld hlgftor, quotations being advanced a *«c.
There wcio no otbor changes. Trade was quiet at
tUo following figures:
|1.75 $4.00
1 4.75 4.00
4.H3M 4.07*4
4.0354 5.0714
4.0314 6.05
Figs, layers....
Turkish prunes
Frencli prnnes, kegs.
French prunes, boxes,
Halslns, layers...*....
London layers
Loose Muscatel
Valencias, now..
Xante currants.
8 n a ok
14 (S 16
ok® r>'x
CJ*® OJ4
8 6ft 14
1.46 ®i.r.o
1.80 (SI.OO
i.oo ai.or.
7 HCI 7X
*MGh 4H
U,@ 15
. , ... UOMEBTIO.
App ca, Aldcn. n ® 14
Anp ca. evaporated.... • |)K® 10
Apples, NeirlorkandMlchlcan.. nv® 4V4
Applea, Southern 3u®
Apples, Ohio 3j?s 3S
reaches, uuparod, halves 4W
reaches, nnoored, quurtora OUffft 4
raspberries ~ 30 /» ni
Blackberries .... n 2? js U
Wiled cberric .. ......U 22 @ 24*
«, r»M<fh
9, BJ4O
Almonds, Tcrragona.
Naples walnuts
Hraxlls ..
Texas pecans... ....
Hlvcr pecans
Wlltuluitlou poaimtc, nor.
Tennessee peanuts, new
OIU.KN t’iiuiTS—Were plenty and irregular.
Cberrlss were firmer early, but weakened later,
ami other frnlt was lower. Oranges arc scarce and
firmer, ami lemons firm. The crop roporla indi
cate u abort yield of poaches In tlio West and
south, and an immense yield In tbo lower part of
Delaware. Quotation?:
Strawberries, fl case of lOqls $ 70© 1.80
Uaapberiiea. rrd. tfcaseof 10qt5..,. i.eo© 1.70
Hesphcrrlcs, black, V case of 111 qts.. 1.25© 1 60
Illneberrlee. per bn 2.7Wn a.OO
Apples. V box., 20© 60
reaches, M box 1.60© 2.00
Cherries, ty ba. .... l.ao® 1,60
Chornos, sweet. tJcaso l.OOfa 1 2fi
Tomatoes, box 7r>© ■«o
Demons, «box 6.00© 8.00
Oranges, vbox.... 7.60© 8.00
Umianas, $ bunch 3.00© d.QO
rineauplcs. pordoz 1.60© 2.00
OUOL’EKIEa—Tbo demand was active and prices
were again firm all nronnd, with coffees and sugars
tending upward. Dclow are tbo Quotations:
Kuncooii, prime
iiaugooa, fair....
Mandating, Java....,
O. (J. Java
UIo, /aacygolden....
](lo, fancy
Hlo, pnmo to choice.
Hlo, good
Hlo. Fair.
Hlo, common
Rio, r0uting........
Patent cut 10af,.,
Crushed ..
Granulated ,
A standard
A No. tf
Extra 0
0 No. I
C No. y
California sagaMoaf drips....
California silver drips
New Orleans molasses, choice.
Do prime
Fair .. ...'
Common molasses
Ulack strap
Nutmegs. No. I.
Nulmegs/No. 2
Calcutta ginger.
True Hina
Who Itly
■ White Illy
Huron Imperial
Herman mottled kua p,u
• Poach Newsom „ ' t tT
HAY—Wus in moderate request and steady.
Tho oiTerlncn nro small. .
No. 1 timothy 510.C00U.00
Mixed d 0.... R.OOO 8.50
Upland pralrlo 8.000 8.50
•*°* 1 i * 7.07.C0
No. 2 0.00
HIDES—Were In mudornto demand. The re*
culpie are light, and choice light stock la quoted at
Uc, but not very Ann at (hat figure.
Light cured hides. {Mb BUO U
Heavy do, ft lb HUQ HW
Damaged do, ft lb ($0 7*
Calf, ftlb
Deacons, ft lh ~..40 045
Dryfliut, Nib. prime lfu<
Dry flint, ft lb, damaged 1«lj
Dry salted, ft lb U ®ia«
Drysnltcd. ftp), datnnsoa H
(Jrcen city butchers’, cows, ft lb (Pio me
Orcen city hutchers’, steers, ft lb 7t*o 7'4
aheec pelts, wool esMmnted. ft lb no otto
inodema demand. Pig tin and sheet iron hitvo
advanced hern and Past. Onotatious:
Tln-platca, 10x14, IC., ft box 8 7,00
Tln-plotcs, 10x14, IX.. P.OO
Tin-plates, 14x20, It'., roortmr. .. ... o 50
Tin-plates. 14x20, IX'., roofing ttgO
Tln-ploteo, 20x28, 10., roofing la. 60
Laruoplgtln, ftlb i«
Small pig tin ... -
Bur tin..
Solder ... ...
Pig lean, ftlb...,
Bor 10ad...
Load pine
Copper bottoms, ft lb
Sheathing, coppcMlnned.Hand Ifl-or
Planished, copper-tinned, 14 and l(i-os
i Planished, cut to a 150...
ShoctTdnc Wtb .... ,
Less Uiniicask .. ,
Slici-l-iruu. .Nos. 10 to 24. .. .....
Common bar Iron rates
Kusslalron. Nos. Stoll)
American planished iron, "A".,
American planished Iron, “8"....
nalvanlaedlmn, Noa. 14 to 28.,
Wire, Nos. 0 t 05..,.
Wire, Nos, 0 to I) jq
Wire, Nun. 10 to 14 Jt (fcluu
Wire, Nos. 15 to Hi u*
Wire. Nos.lßto2o IQOCO
Discount on wire, r.O and 10 per cent: on gairan-
Ited ron 45 per runt.
NAILS—Ware firm at 12,25-ratos. Nalls have
been advanced at PUtabum and .Wheeling, but the
local market has not yet followed suit.
OILS—Tho market was wtthout new features.
There woiß good demand for lubricating oils and
jMlghunovomeufjn other Kinds at sternly
Carbon, llOdegreestcii gir
Carbon, Illinois legal, 150 dog. test lIW
CarlKiu, headlight. 175 degrees test ln'«
Carbon, Michigan legnl test j..i?
Elaine, 150 degrees tost, ... i-fii
Lard, extra
Lard, No. 1. .. . ?•
Imrd, No. 3
Linssod, row
Linseed, bolted
Whale, winter bleached..
Neatsfootoll, strictly pure;.,,
Neatafoutuil, extra
Neatsfootoll, No. 1
Bank oil
Straits *
Minors’oil, extra yellow
Itinera’oil, while *
Naphtha, deodorised, 03 gravity...«« is.
Qasollne, doodorltea, 74 degrees... 11
Gasoline, 87 degrees ... vg
West Virginia, uaturaL 20 degrees. 80
cst Virginia, natural, 80 degrees. S 5
«esiMrglilo, reduced, 2« degrees. IB® 18
ITITATuES—Were slow and weak; The market
is overstocked with small and fair stock, and the
farmers around the city are bringing in a few lots.
'ofatovM runue from 82.00ui8.ua per brj, and
.0 AQif
Quoted ti
I'UULYuV—Tiui Seuiand" wiiTl'ick tod prlcoi
««»y, the offerluc<bcluK fair.
Cblckeu*. live. Udo*
Ppriii« chicken*. l.flofcj 60
Tartar*, live. O B> i 00& .Otf
. I*. *lO
. 7
demand and waa firm aa
HR E I)B—Ware quiet and unchanged. Fie* aold
ntsl.sr> for August or September, and (Imothr
wftMjiiotcdnlSl.rtO, prime. Clover wde nominal
at 81.8*1,
SALr-Wao in fair request ami alcadv.
FloeanlLj V hrl..* * i in
Coarse salt, W hr) i..m
Dairy, Bbrl, without bag* j.ro
» . r . r * hrl ! with bags S.'SfKVJ.uO
Aahlon nncl Knreka dairy, flaaek . ... 2.75W),00
IRA9—Wero quoted active and firm, with no
change In prices. Following la thnllst:
ItTBON. | IHPRntAt,.
Common to fair. ..ITWJfi Common to Mir. ..SIMMS
Hnperlorto fine. ..jJSffMH Superior to fine. ~4(Xrft& )
K*tru lino to fincat dOiMOKxtrn fine tb flneal.no®o3
Cholccal . ....r»&aor» jaPan UNcoi.onßu.
YouNo nraoN. Common to fair, ..IHail.S
Common to fair. ..17&SH Superior to fine... .tmift lS
Cholccal OG&TO.Common to fair. ..IRO2S
oiTNPowtiBR. Superior t0f1n«...:m584()
Common tofnlr...BfVsMO Extra lino to finest.4ssMs
Superior lo fine. ..tUiQMR Choicest nO7&U3
KxtrafliielolljieitfiO'fiilO) aouciioNO anuconoo.
OI }?A»f,VAt , *;.v , * 7 .° r l® 7rt,Snncr,ap to 1in0,..28® 15
\MIISK\—Was la fair demand at the recent
prlcra. Hales were reported of JIOO hrla distillers’
wine 0,1 lhe 1,8010 81.05 per gallon for high*
" OOL—'\\ as In moderate request and steadier la
consequence of reports Hint tnu Boston market U
«f»i. Wool Is not idling In the country at recent
extreme prlcoi, and tlio following fluureq are ob
tained for graded lots here:
Hashed fleece, moillam...
Waahadiloece. flue, per 1b,..
Medium unwashed
Fine d 0...
C/oarsa do
Tub-washed/ olioka !..
Tub* washed, cotmnon Iq good.
CilltlS. Jlorjf. Bheep.
«, fitll 18,8(10, 014
3.874 14,401 (153
4,(101 10,28(1 1,003
4, MO 1.1,417 604
Total *. 10,073 0530 3,805
Samellraolastwcok....lo,6ol ‘00,308 4.288
UMpmtnU— •
Monday 330 2,783 ...«
Tncaday 1,037 3.001
Wednesday 2.700 3.773 103
Total 4,170 10,filfl 103
CATTLE—Boilers bad no reason to complain at
the course of yesterday's market. There was a
good doerco of activity In tho demand from the
local and Eastern trade, and prices were firm all
around,-while for desirable slipping and export
cattle there was a further slight appreciation In
values.' The Increased firmness was chiefly due to
the condoned moderate receipts, and the bollefthal
the ran for ttio remainder of tho week will ho
small. The offerings of chdlco cattle were com
paratively light, tho bulk of tho supply consisting
of common to good native steers, weighing front
100 to 1,350 I (is, and of Texas through droves.
The former sold at J3.75ai.G0 and the latter at
52.00®3.50. Thu extreme ranee of sates was
J2.2rx3i5.05. Tho market closed np firm, with
nearly everything sold.
0 ft 10
1H ft 18!i
12 Kft mi
o <a>
0 © G't
n ©
oitfa ujl
Extra Boercs—Graded atcers, ttroighlwr
1,400 lbs and upwards .94,80®5,10
Choice Beeves—Hno, fat. well-formed
•toon,weighing 1,260 to 1,430 lbs,.. „
Good Uoovns—WolMnttcncd uteom,
weighing 1,150 to l.yoolbs 4.15®4.40
Medium Grades—Steers hi fair Aceh,
weighing 1,050 to 1,200 lbs 3.76®4.00
ami common to choice coir*, for city
slaughter. welching 800 to 1,050 lUs 2.60®3.73
Stock Cattle—Common cattle, weighing
700 to 1,0301b*.... 5.C0®3,40
Inferior—tight and thin cr
slags. bulls, and scalaw
Texas Cattle -Through U>
Veals. oerlOOlba
JTo. Av. Price.
r>(i i.noo 85.26
7» 1,01(1 D.ISM
10:1 1,600 5.00
02 1,017 4.00
17 ..1,013 4.75
12.') 1,007 4.02',-J
101 1,004 4.ll'J^
b« i.noo 4.r»r>
in i,;wa 4.n0
in 4 no
7 <76 B
HUH 7‘l
7 it 7li
OK<i o*f
45 1,433 4.50
H 1... . ...1,378 4.45
28.* 1»:K;0 4.45
28 1,384 4.40
18 1,230 4.40
311 1,422 4.35
33 1,270 4.30
15 1,200 4.30
.28 (&20
.84- <fc!>3
.1H .fiMOtf
.10 ffiftlQJi
01 1,101 1.25
sn 1,185 4.25
25 ...... 1,202 4.20,
:« 1,257 4.15
—f»Hs> 0U
o a nu
»«i a«
o a n>i
mia R!t
17........ 1» 1:10 4,10 in cows ~1,1«0 2.75
57 1,208 4.10' 18 COWS .. 885 8.70
11 ...1,804 4.05 24 cows ~ 085 2.05
UOGS-Th# hoff market opened dull and weak,
but toward noon at a reduction in bacon and cbolco
heavy shipping grades of Be, and In heavy packers
of MMOc trade revived, and at tho cloao about
everything had boon weighed ort. -The supply wna
light, am) or not as cooa quality oq tho Average of
the past few days. Bales had an extreme tango of
$3, OOfltO. 00, though oampurattvely <llt(le trading
was done below 53.55 or Above $3. 80. Dacou
grades closed nt‘ $.X7053.85j heavy packers at
$8.60&3.05; and shippers at fn.UU<93.So.
...4a anr
...43 Qll
.... :w ®io
.«...nn <?cM
—. IfO feat
.. .37 aso
....23 024
.VO. At. PrlM.
40 188 3.87 H
or» ißi n.«7ii
2.H 210 3.H5
28 ‘JOS 0.65
HI 101 3.88
54 187 3.85
40 104 3.85
08 IT7 0.85
340 Ilia 0.85
130 378 3.85
24 204 3.80
30 2W 8.80
30 215 3.80
38 232 3.80
00.? 203- 3.80
30 171) 3.80
33 207 3.75.
33 220 3.75
301 ..>....214 3.75
40 280 V :I.7ft
28 285 3.75
48 280 0.75
32 22.1 3.70
00 220 3.70
72 185 3.70
x’4 nzr,
.. ...14 aw
. .. .I'.l CUM
ki Star*
g © gm
BIIEEP—Wore dull and
inferior lo commons At $3
and at fG. 75®-!. 70 for go<
Itles. There was some in
at fi. 2504.76.
n urr a 10, July 0.-Catti-b—Receipts to-day.
,770; through consignments, 2*6 cars; market
without decided change: supply equal (o demands
sales choice to extra steers. $4.7506.00: good do,
51.3504.06: medium, f 1.0001.23; light butch*
ern, 83.0003.76; 12 cars unsold.
Siikri* ami Lajihs—Receipts to-day, 3,4005
through consignments. 02 cats: limited .demand
both fur Eastern and local tradu; a few sales fair
to good clipped sheen, 83.2603.73; extra export
ers', 54.76iji5.UU5 la cars unsold.
Hous—HcceipU tu-day. 4,025: through consign*
ments, 0» cars; market moderately active; prices
unchanged 5 best grades disposed 01, ,
New York, July o. Uebvbs— Receipts to-day
all for shipment alive direct to London at |JU2At
no trade in beef cattle: dressed beef 'extremely
dull, with tho bulk of sales fair to good sides this
morning at UU©7c; exporters shipped 720 Quar
ters beef and 220 live cattle to-day. H
Subbp—Receipts, 5,000; a rather Arm feeling,
but no advance In prices; poor to prime sheen -
84.2504,75 per lUO lbs; selections, 85.0005.8:,•
and a car-load of shippers, 115 lbs average, fh. 45-
quotable range for Western and Southern, &®7o
per lb; shipments, 200 carcasses.
10 ei4
bwiNE—Receipts, ], 120; dressed ruled firmer at
none for sale alive.
-. ni-io
1, HO
.. X2HOU
.. 10
.. 0
.. 12 016
EASTLinxiiTT. x;*., July:i.-CATTT.B—Roceipto
to-day. 40H head through and 08. for this market;
total for three days, 510 through and 1,045 local:
everything Is sold out or slopped on; very little
business dime to-day, and that at a further decline
thau yesterday—say >«c: prices for fair lo good
from 83.0004.40, and for best. 84.00. h
Hoiis—Receipts to-day. 1,376 head; total for
three days, 4.300: Yorkers, 83.0503.80; Phila
delphia*, 81.0004.05. ' u,,a
Hiikki*—Receipts tu-day, fiOO bead; total for
ttwco days, 0,300; soiling at fy.0004.2G; rather
Sptdnl DUvatrA to Tht Tribun*.
Kansas Utrr, Mo.. July U.-C*TTL«-The Vrlc*
Currtnt reports receipts (bo past week, 3.7;wt
shipments, 3,oo7;stcady; native shippers/f;i.BOa
4.40; native stackers and feeders, 13.G003.60i
native cows, 81.7602.86. *
linos—Receipts the past week, 0,000; ship
menu, 6,700; weaker: good lo choice. 83.660
3.00; inferior to fair, $3.4003.60. .
fit. Louis. July 3.-CArn.B-Acllyo tod better:
Rood to choice native shipping steers, 81.7004 on’
gbtdo, 84.4004.06; native grass steers, 83.750
, n "oa c . h . o,M -
600 RJ
Cincinnati, July o,—llqus—Active and firm;
common, 83.00603,60;1ight, 83.5503.80; peck*
tun, ia.7OOJ.OU; butcher’*. *3.OOofi.6O;ro
ceipls, 1,077; shipments, 400. •
Tbo canto market waa modorajclj active at the
current prlijcs. Tltcre were about 16 cargoea at
the Jocka, and 0 or 10 were aoid earl/. The
market cluaed quiet. Piece eloH waa quoted at
audcoaraeatldOO. Other Umber
waa unchanged, Following are the quotation* ot
Cboloo atrip* and hoard* 111 .BO @13,00
Good mIU-rau Inch, green 10.00 M 12.00
Medium Inch, greau h.oU C4U. 50
Cunmimi luch 7.0(1 it (t.fiO
I’iecg-e1ui1.,... 0.00
... ..aotf&t
. 80®33
IjIVR stock.
iivb, bolters,
me moors... 2.0002.40
rovc« 2.7303.30
Ao. - At. Price,
ni 1,200 $4.00
uo 1,020 4.00
otl 1,01)7 a. 85
1)8 3.85
i5,,.,10a n.Bo
50 07J -3.(13
40 Texas. 050 0.50
147 Texas. OSS 0.45
10.1 Texas. 080 o.4ft
no Toxiis. 000 o,4ft
~'i flt'ck'r* oiw 3, ur,
lilnt'ck'ts doo
lOßt'ok'ra 888 a. 10
101» Tom*. 887 a. Ifl
14 Texas. 020 a. Via
13.1 Texas. 890 3.0.)
110 Texai. 807 0.05
30 cows ..1,014 3.00
48 Texas. 772 2.00
72 Texas. 777 2-.00
21 Texas. 8-111:2.110
20 caws.. 0(10 2.8.1
•dt*. Prie*,
■ 2 ItS J 1.70 ,
.287 3.70 .
ya« 3.70
:w 2in a.™
oa nix 3.05
Ofl 870 a. 05
1)3 270 3.00
ua 275 a. oo
82 270 a. 00
28 200 3.00
23 257 -3.00
23 .250 . a.OO
33 ...277 3.00
25 200 3.53
45 3JI 3.65
HU 27H 3.55
28 208 3.55
51 2011 3.53
23 230 0.33
23 OUS 3.50
22 277 3.50
27 .312 3.5(1
20 208 3,50
a? 24i a. do '
il weak at 83,5003.00 for
3.2503.60.f0r medium:
ind lo strictly choice qual
nquiry on export*acconal

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