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Increasing Activity In Govern
ments—Foreign Ex
Chicago Bank Notes—Tho Stock
The Produce Markets Irregular—Provisions
More Active, and Eaolor—Hogs
BreadstnOs Firmer, ivlth a Fair Volume of Dnsl
did—Uktal Strong, and KiclUd In tto
An Improved business in 4-per-ccnle Is noted
by Chicago dealers. Prices remained tho same
as on the day before, although closing attota
tlona In Now York Indicated a llttlo weakness.
The 4s wore 101% bid and 102% asked In Chi
cago, as In New York. Refunding certificates
were 103%, but transaction* were few. The 0«
were 101% bid In Chicago, tho 6s 11)3%, tho 4%s
105%, nml the 4s 101%. The market iu Now
York is reported to show activity, mid the for
eign demand Is growing, on account of the ex
traordinary plethora of capital, Illustrated in
tho low rates lor monov and the high price of
Foreign exchange was alcady. Tlic auoply
of bills was tmall. In Chicago sterling
gmln-bllls wore 483% tor elxty-dny bills, and
485% for sight; nml French were 521% for sixty
day bills, and 510% for sight. The actual Chi
cago rates for sterling were 435% and 487%.
Iu New York the actual rales were 485%(»24bd
nml 457%. The posted rales for sterling were
450%@483%. French bankers' bills were 517%
Consols were 03 MO. The Rank of England
lost $500,000 In bullion. London financial cir
cles are already speculating on an expected
deficiency In the European harvests. The Lon
don Times ot yesterday said:
The thinness of the French exchange la said to
ho duo to ilia prospect of u demand for uoid for
the United titnics in consenuunce of a doflclent
harvest. Accounts from tho French wheat-prow*
Inir districts are cerlatnlv unfavorable, hut.' look-
Inc at (he enormous accumulation at cold, both
here and on the Continent, it seems rather prema
ture to speculate upon the probable effects of tho
drain thereof lo America. Tbo contingency of
Americans prcierrinif to tube their own bonds, ns
was the case lost year, must bo considered, and
tho protiaollltlss are m favor of some Improve
mcnihi our general mislncss with America. It is
iilhh too early to assume as a certainty that Eu
ropean harvests will be seriously deficient.
At tbo Chicago banks business grows lighter.
Tills Is Indicated by tbo reduced clearings,
$11,000,000. Discounts are only moderate. Kates
remain at 4,5, and 0 per cent on call, and 7(53
per cent on time. Currency orders from the
country arc not heavy, but arc Ut excess of tho
receipts here.
Cook County 7s of 1803 were sold qt 113%
mid interest. The 5s wore sold at 103%, less
Slocks were not active, or strong. Ouo of
tbo surprises of the day was the almost com
plete cessation of business In the coal slocks.
Delaware & Iludton uud Jersey Central were
nut ((noted, and the very few transactions In
Lackawanna resulted in a decline of %. Tho
Orancer stocks fluctuated widely, and at ono
time looked very weak, tit. Paul especially so,
but tho: close was more favorable. North
western common sold down from 64%
to 63%, m:d dosed at 03%; the preferred
made %, to 95. tit. Paul opooed at 51%, de
clined to 50%, and closed at 53%; the preferred
opened nt 01%, wont down to 00%, and sold
finally At 01%. These severe changes in thu
Grangers were due to rumors oi damage to the
crops, and fours that tbn disaster of lanl July
may bo repeated In some shape. Michigan Cen
tral advanced 1, to 75%, while Luke Shore
opened and dosed at 73. The utory of thu con*
euiidatlon of Wabash uud Kansas City & North
ern was Industriously worked, hut without tho
gratifying results of the day before. Wabash
fell from 88 to 80%. Kansas City tk Northern
advanced from 18% to 10, broke to 18,
mid closed at 18%; Hm preferred de
clined from 40% to 48%; Western Union was
weal:, and lost %, to 01%. Erin Is not buoyant,
the purchase of thu True it Boston hy Vumlor
btlb foreshadowing n * o ere struggle fur the
New England trallle, Irom which President
Jewett expects so much. The opening was at
27%, and there w-us u decline of %, to 27%.
Union Padflc gained %. to 70,%; tit. Joe %, to
10%; Louisville 6s Nashville %, to 01. Tho
losses, besides those already uoted, were St. Joe
preferred %, to 40%: Kansas & Texas %, to
lo3u'; Chicago, St. Paul & Minneapolis %, to 83.
Erie second gold 6s opened at 76%, declined
to 76%, mid closed at 76%.
Northwestern gold bonds were 114 bid, uud
fit. Foul Sinking Funds 7s 105% and 105%.
In the Boston market last week, Atchison 6c
Nebraska declined from 85 to 83)1, and rights
from SO to 5. Atchison & Topeka fell at first
from 100% to 108, then turned, and as rapidly
roso to 100%, with a sale of two shares at 110,
closing 100 bid, 110 asked. Burlington & Mis*
foarl, 110% to 118, with 117% bid; rights, 7% to
0%. This carries up the price of the now 11c
publican Valley stock to 50%, which is still too
low for it. Chicago & Dubuque appears to be
neglected, and lias declined from 40%, Juno 21,
to 40, which is asked, 88 best bio. Chicago,
lowa & Nebraska receded from 130%, Juno 14,
to 127%, ex-dividend $5.00. Detroit & Lansing
preferred touched par for the first time. A year
ago, the Boston IJerald says, this stock stood at
85. Tim common slock Is now worth fully half
that figure, and why It Is not publicly sold at
the Board Is a mystery, it would seem quite os
worthy a place on the roll as Kansas City, Fort
Scott & Gulf preferred, selling under SO; com*
cion do about 10; Kansas City, St. Joseph it
' Councti Bluffs at 18; Chicago & West Michi
gan. SO, or others which might be cited. Kansas
City A Fort Scott preferred declined from BA%,
Juno 18, to 27 for a small lot of live shares; no
sales of the coroinou. Kansas City & Lawrence
advanced from 80 to 82.
From the Bodie district, between June 1 and
June 24. the Standard Mine shipped seven bars
bullion to San Francisco, the Bodie four, the
Noonday two, anil the Butwcr one. The value
of these shipments is os follows
Uualo., ,
Total $230,024.08
The total for thu month of June is expected
to reach $300,000, against $101,200 In May.
The Ban Francisco JJutltUn reviews, under the
(illsof “A MtulugDtsappolntmcnt,” the history
of the Union Consolidated stock during tlm post
year. It wm selling a year ago at $5 per share,
lu July the range was from $0 to SB. The best
quotation on the 31st of July was |7.87X per
ebare, or at the rale of $787,500 for tlm whole
mine. This was double Uic value it sold for In
the previous May, and attention begun to bo
diitvn toward the stock. Starting at $0
on the Ist of August, the price
steadily rose to SSO in about four
weeks, though in forty-night hours thereafter it
fell to S3O. Opening on the lit day of Septem
ber at s4l, it rose sl4 on a single call, and be
fore the end of the month It was dose up to S2OO
per share, or at the rate of $20,000,000 for tlm
mine. From that point Urn price descended in
irregular gyrations to $37 per share lu less thau
three months. Blnco then Um stock has been
attempting the feat of getting back to the point
from which it fell. It was up lu Um sixties last
December, bat fell back Into the fifties, lu
January, 1870, it again rose to the sixties, and
lit Febt nary to the eighties. In March it was
bock ogito in Urn fifties, but rose to the seveu
tlcs in April ami to the nineties in May. A
desperate effort was mode to reach 100 ut the
opening of June, which culminated on the 3d
*t SUB per share, blnco then the stock has been
on the clown grade, and on June 25. it sold os
low os S4O per shore, ami July T at SO4.
11»! following shows the fincluaUons of tho
active stocks:
stock-*. Ootnina. Riahttt. Lowit, Cfsifa?.
N. Y. C0n1ra1....11H«4 118 4
IMclilL’ftt. Central, 74)5 .... .... <>*Vi
Lake Shore 73 73)4 «?■ 73
c. AN.Westorn.. 04)4 04)* 0394 OJX
Do preferred 04*4 3;»U D«»
M. JbSt. Paul.... At» 6J»* BOS 62)4
Do preferred 01)i 8154 00*4 01*4
C. B. A (1 11»7. tlO?*
UnlonPaclne Trt'i .... .... 70)4
Brie 87*| ... ... 87Ji
Wabash Ratlwav.. 38 38)4 30H 30*
Ohio A Miss 14 .... . . 14
ll.Aßt.ifo H*S .... .... W«
Do preferred. ... 40)4 40*£ 40)4 40*4
D. Lack. A Wes:. BHU 6874 68 68
Mo.. Kaa. A Tex. WS .10Ji 10 I«*4
Kans*§ (Jltv ,V N.. IR’A 10 1R 1814
Do preferred 40*4 4014 48*4 4S*j
W, Union TeS !W»* 02*4 Ol*i Oltf
Bt, L. A Son Fran.
preferred.. 1194 .... «...
Alton 84«4 84)J
Louisville A Naib. 0l)«4 0ls» 0074 U 1
Erie preferred... 6'ljA .... .... «2‘4
Minn. ABL Paul. 32)4 ... «...
/Kd. Aitert.
U. 8. Os of ’Bl IdHi 30174
If. S. new 6s of ’HI, ex tnt . 103»« 104
U. 8. n«w4l4s. cxlnt 106*4 103)4
U. s. 4 pur cent coupons HUH 103)4
U. S. currency Us 133 ...
.. o. vuiiurei . ...... i •
lefnnulng certificates 102*4
Germany ...
Holland... .
/fid. Atltd.
Chicago Municipal 7s. 1802 •113)4 *113«4
Chicago Municipal 7s. 1808 •110 *116)4
Ciilcauo Water loan 7n *114(4 *llt)4
Chicago Municipal Os *IO7U *IOB
Chicago Water loan Os *ltiH *IOB
Chlc.tco Lincoln Park 7a '...,.*106(4 *loo*l4
Chicago south Park 75... *lO6 *IOO
ciiicagn South Park Os *lO3 *H*4
Ciilcauo Went Park 7h.J *lO3 *lOd)J
Chicago Treasury Wat rants (scrim. 08)4 U£»!i
Chicago Treasury Warrants (new
scrip) 04 ....
CookComdyT niRU *llO4
Cook County (short) 75.... *lUl?i *lo3'i
Coni: County 5s •101A4 *162*4
City Hallway (Smith Side) 170}* ....
City Hallway -.West Sioo) 175
City Huihvar do 7percent cents., # 10(J *IOO%
Cltv Itatltvny (North Side). ICO 135
City iialhvoy(NorthSidc)7 p. c. bnds*lod *£ *lO7
Cham bur of Commerce. 01 OC.kt
•And interest.
Following arc Chicago Quotations for coins:
Trndodollars..... S 074
Mexican (lull weight) 85
Sovereigns 4.80
Napoleons ft.Bo
Twenty marks -4.70
Austrian florins (paper) RO
Five francs 85
Prussian thalers 05
Holland uuulders .'W’.i'ih 01)
KronOM (Swedish) 20 (ffl 254
Mexican amis. American doubloons 15.50
Spanish doubloons 15.00
104 Washlngton-st.
For sale in sums to suit.
0 percent leniPonnual interest. and
Now ready and for sale in denomination* of SI,OOO,
9.VXI. tuuldU’O. at tbo office, of
KO East Wmlilnutou-st.
Il.n for SaK
Southwell corner LaSalle ami Randolph'Sts..
la Ituylmt and lelllnir
And docs a General Hankins Hualaeu.
BO Washington's!., corner Dearborn.
city sump you is?h taxes
f, U. fUI.TONbTALL. 4. U. KIhOKR A CO.,
Chicago. New York.
t‘J» I.aSnllU'Ot., Chicago.
Stocks bought and sold on margin by telegraph at
V. rate* of Commission. Mock I.lit* on die and all In*
formation furnished on apidlcatlotb
Mron. SalionstaU, Kidder ft Trask. of our firm, aro
members of tbu New York stock Exchange.
N. B. cor. Madison and Desrborn-its.,'
No notice required to draw tnoner.
N. W. cor. Clark and Sladlaon-ats., Chicago.
Stocka, Rends, Local Securities, and Land Warrants.
Member of New York Slock Exchange,
Safe Deposit Department In the basement, entrance
from Waahlnstoa-n.
Buy and sell Governments, City and County Bonds.
Day and sell Exchange on Great Britain and Europe.
iw Washington-it.
TATE, IMPROVED, fur five years, at the lowest rates.
Railway Bonds and other good securities ncKuttutcd.
V. 7 LaSalle-sU.
ul f
Wo offer for aster
*70,000 Fulton County. 111., s per cent Roods.
lSO.au Illinois end Iowa? por evut School llouds
Allow the Current Market Prices for U. s.
B-cm and 10*408 for caab or lu exchange for the
Now 4 per cents
100 WashlngtoQ-st.
uv '■•vt.umtAPti.
. 70,747.1 K
. 17,203.30
. 0.121.27
Nsw York, July B.—Government bouds were
Railroad securities were firm. Cleveland,
Columbus. Ciuclouatl £ Indianapolis firsts, 70;
no sales of seconds.
State bouds were dull.
The stock market was fairly active to-dav,
with the bulk of transactions in St. Paul, Wa
bash; and tih Louis, Kansas City £ Northern.
Tlm general market opened weak and declined
sharply, but subsequently recovered a portion
of the decline. Toward the dose Wabash be
came weak, and fell oft IX on the day’s trans
actions. Granger iQurea were much depressed
on unfavorable advices from the West regard
ing Mm crops, Northwestern common showlmr a
decline of 1. Trunk Hue shares were strong,
especially Michigan Central, which advanced
1. The market closed Irregular, but lu
tlm main weak, the general list show
ing a decline of X to as
compared with yesterday’s closing prices. Tlm
consolidation of the Wabash and the bt. Louis,
Kansas City £ Northern Rullrosas will hu ef
fected under the name of thu Wabash, 81. Louis
£ Fodflc Railway, Shares of thu Wabash Rail
road will be rxchangablo for the new stock on
a (mats of fifty snares of common nml fifty
shares of preferred for 100 shares of Wabash,
while shares of ihe Bf. Louis, Kansas Clly *k
Northern will he exchanged for Ihe same num
ber of shares In the now Company, the common
stock holders receiving common nml the pre
forred-stock holders preferred stock. The trans
actions aggregated lld,oooJsharcs, of which 2,300
were Erie,'lloo Lake Shore, 31,000 Wabash. 13,-
000 Northwestern, 28,000 Bt. Paul, 1,000 Dela
ware, Lackawanna ds Western, 6,000 Western
Union, 1,303 Pacific Mall, 31,000 St. Louis. Kan
sas Clly A Northern, 1,800 Kansas A Texas,
l,t)00 Hannibal A St. Joseph, 3,800 Michigan
Central, 5,300 Chesapeake A -Ohio, 5,300 Sutro
Tunnel. . „
Moticv market easy at 3%@4, closing
Prime mercantile paper, 8%t'?4%.
aiefllmr exchange, sixty days, steady at 480;
light, 45.%. „ _
Produce exports for the week, $3,(110,000.
liar silver, here, 118, mid subsidiary sliver coin
at %@l per cent discount.
Couponsof 1ft81...104*»;N0w4 pcrcenls....lol?4
New6s lo3fc. Currency U 5........ 123
Now 4)4* mu |
w. IT. I’d mu st, rani, pfd OU4
Quicksilver ... ... I-IH,Wabash 30)*
Quicksilver, pfd... 36 'ft.Wayne 101)
Poclilc Mall inii'T. ITsiile 10
Mariposa lot .Terre Haute, pfd.. ID
Mariposa, pfd HUJ!4. Chicago A Alton... H 4
Adams Express.,..]oH*4 C. A Alton. pfd....116
Wells, F.itCo.ex.d. l>d IDhln A Mississippi. 14
American Express. 4*1.D«1., L. A Western. 68
V. S. Express 47*4 A. & P. Tcloyrapb. 3(1
N. Y. Central 11H C„ 11. A Q 110
Erie IttfKiHo A St. Joo 1094
Erie, pfd 6-’»«!II. A 81. Joe, nfd.. 40)4
Harlem lf»6 '.Canada Southern... 60
Mich. Central Tfitf'L. A Nashville 81
Panama 160 'Kansas Pacific. ..d *»o
11. P. stock 7U IKmisus ATexas.,.. 10
Lake Shorn.; 7294 8L L. A San Fr«n.. o*4
Illinois Central 88*4 bt.L.Aß.F.lilnfd. ll‘*
Clev. A Pittsburg.. »7‘* SU L. A S. F. pfd. 21
Northwestern (33?4,Pt.L..K.C. AVh n 18*4
Northwestern, pfd. I>s Bt.L.,K.C.AN.pfd 4S>»
C.. C., C. &l 63 jCcnt. Pac. bonds..loo*4
Now Jersey Cent... 61*4 t’ulon Pnc. bonds..loo7#
nock Island 13H ILL I*. Laml-Grania.ltfi*'*
81. Paul 62!4|U. P. Sinklng-F'ds. 114)4
Sixty rial/*, fttoht.
... 617-4 616
.... 617)i 615
.... 40 M)\i
.Sixty day*. 'Slt/fif.
TfinnesseoCs, old.. 34 iVlrglnlaOs, new... 30
Tennessee Os. now. 3Ui4iMls*oitrl 101)|
Virginia Us, 01d.... 20!»i
New Orleans, July B.— Sight exchange on
Now York If premium.
Sterling exchange, 187.
San Fiuncisco, Julv B.—Following were tbo
closing <|Uotaltona ut the Stock Board:
Alta 10 iNorthern Belle 0
Belcher B'/j Ophir flO?i
Beet A Belcher IflHOverman »!•
Bullion o?i:l(aymoud & E1y.... 4
California 4 Jl .Savage ll?«
cnolliir A: I’otoHl .. O-UjSicrra Nevada..... . . JIH
Consol. Virginia... 4vrnlonC'otisnildaid. :Pls{
Crown Point ...... r»‘»'Vcllow.Jacket 141*
Eureka Con. 10 jllodio 21
Exchequer OH'l’olosl 4S
Gould It Curry 11*4 Imperial I**
Grand Prize........ IP* Martin White s?j
11, * N I.*.'* Mono Hl*
.1 ullri coniollduted. Independence 2%
justice 4S Consolidat’d Paeiflo 7 ii
Mexican 24 1 Leviathan if
London, July B.—Consols, money, 03 1-10;
account, 98%.
American Securities—Reading, 20%; Erie,
28%; preferred, 51.
unltcJ States Bonds—Now Gs, 100; 4%0,110;
4s. 101%.
Kate of discount In open market for three
months’ blits is %.
Below the Dank of England rate, 1%.
Tbo bullion withdrawn from the Bunk of En
gland on balance to*dav was 1:100,000.
Paris, July B.— Rentes, 117 f.
Tlic following Instruments wero filed for
record Tuesday, July 8:
South Ilalsled at, 27 1 * ft nof Eighteenth
bt, wf, -(P-jxlOO ft.daird Juno :i (,Mu«*
ter In Chancery to Theodore Ilaecdorm.S 3,820
Vuslmull at, 2a') ft tv of Wentworth uv, h
f. 23x123 ft. Improved, dated July U
(Alexander llurll to James Whalen).... 050
North uv, 121 ft e of Ilalsled Bt, n f, 21x
114 ft, Improved, dated July 7 (11. F,
Htcchofl to Uselto UlsctiolT)
Michigan nv, U 7 ft n of Tldrlyjiccond at,
tv r,'.‘ioxltlo!i ft. Improved, oatcu July
H(K. I-’. & J. 11. Frentiss to Albert
lluydei.l 10,000
Lake av, H."» ft a of Kgan nv. a f. 10x120
ft, dniet! July 6 (LouieC. P. LolatoC. ' '**
1., ifibhen \ ; 1,000
Shohcrst. 871 ft nof North uv, w f. 23r u .
124 3 ., ft, dated July 7 (Cathoiiuu Upper
to Frederick I.eupuld.... 000
Unyncri court, 13d ft n of l.ymun .it. w f,
20x112 ft, duted July 4 (Adolph (johler
to Elizabeth Kunnu)
llurmon court. 110 ft oof Wnloah av. u
f, 21H12U ft. dated July? (Joseph N.
Barker la Scnnelder)
Wisconsin et, bit ft tv of North Park uv, n
f. 21x100 ft. Improved, dated July 0
(Carlson & Uetrum to Catharine W.
Hansen) 0,000
Lyman at, n tv cor of Arch fit, s f, 48x102
ft, dated June 2(1 (Susan McCJrady to
Adolph Outlier) 000
Weat Ttvuntloth flt,2Hß‘i It wof Woou at,
«f, 21x1251 it. dated Juno 24 (W. Y,
Osborne to Charles Wcchsel) 323
Eighteenth fit, 30 ft c of Ftelc at, h f. SMx
121', ft. dated July 3 (M. & I*. Shields
to Joseph Vochola) • poo
mi.ca or tub cotnix-nousK.
Stale at, 78 ft n of Forth seventh fit, tv f.
30x101 fl, with other property, dated ''
May 24 (C. C. As O, A. Springer to
Freeman Trotti $ 4,230
Michigan nv, 30 ft b of I'orty-nlnlh su w
f, 30x100 ft, dated iJiily 2 (Manloy
Drake to Union Mutual Llfe-lusurauco
Company) 1,000
Latest quotations for July delivery on ttao
leading articles for the last two business davs:
J fonilay. Tttettiav,
Mesa pork $ % u.HO
Lurd U.OTJi 0.0754
Shoulder*, hoxud.. U.lir> 3.f1/»
Short ribs, boxed.. 4.1)0
Wlilnky 1.0(1 I.UU
Wheat I.OOVi J.OIU
Corn.. 311 *i .’Hi?,
Oats U3R :t:i>4
Ryo 31 01)4
Ilnrloy 70 70
Live hoys 0.00A4.1U
Cutllo 2.25U3.10 2.25®."i. JO
Tim following wore tlm receipts and ship
monts of Mm leading articles of produce in Ibis
city during the tweuty-four hours ending at 7
o’clock on Tuesday morning,with comparisons:
lri7li. I IH7S. Itf7u. 1878.
Flour, brU.... 10. IM 0,17« (i.OU O.Krt
Wheat, bu .. PsuTis Im,ik7 50,72«
Curn.hu....... UTD.TTi »<UMH lOi.ain
data, hu 47.n0? CH.tHH |M,i)4i <«.:ta.%
Eye, bu i),;ioi u.m.l li.uci
Barmy, im 1,0.7 l.ovr, i,<Ku kso
urmieeil, Pts IH.iou o.nin) 4.KJ-* 4,:U7
K. sued, In 0.870 11,400
B. 1ui.... 10.uk) lo,am' 17.V1H
C. nivats. Ibi.. :i11,4m 01.0-u; U.SUa.KtXI 3.072, all
licet, brin 242. ins
Purk. tins mat rwu
l.sto, 1b5........ 0a,7r0 soxinki i,a43.r.irj
Tallyw, IP* 7.HSO •. H..VIV -JM7J lE).7H)
muter. lbs .. sao.rJi 2a2.lr.nv sht,.iui ssa.vn
Llvubugs, No. 7.012 H,P7ic 3.UIU U, Uni
cmie. no c,:no t,i’4B 51,2 m mu
Hticup, No 222 MM
Hides, lbs 118,001 81,001, IfigOTU 070,4(10
lllytiwlni's.b’li 1 1 130 01
Woo), halos. .. 034,331 720,2«7 2M,0!>2 471,028
Potatoes, bu... G'kj IK) > ui
Coal, tuns ll,na 4,7" l I,coo u.vt
Ray. Unit 3) 7H 1)1
I,umber, m ft.. 7.771 ft.:nn 2,:c« |,7:u
bhlngles, 8)..., • 4,41*1 U,k'i7 :<U) 31)
bull, brli i,*o» 4 ui I,iv■() y.i«7
Kuks, pkus 7W) U7oi Ilia 070
Cheese, b*».... 4, HU S.IKU; 8,3-7 4,ti11!)
(1. apple«.tirla.. 141 id 31
Deans, bu 4XJ 8-»>i 084 27
Withdrawn from store during Monday for
city consumption t 017 bu outs, 4SO bu rye.
Tim following groin was Inspected Into store
lu this city yesterday morning: SO ears No.
2winter wheat, 7 ears Xu. lido, 4 cars mixed, i
cur No. 1 spring, 12 ears No. 3 do, 41 curs No. 2
d 0,21 ears rejected, 4 oars no grade (111) wheat);
(VI ears and 10,100 bu high mixed corn, 1 cur
new do, I car new mixed, ISO cars and 15,000
bu No. 2 corn, 11) cars rejected, Hears no crude
(2T4 corn); 14 curs whltu oats, 10 cars and 10,000
bu No. 2 mixed, 1 10 cars'rcjected (13 outs); 0
curs No. 2 rye, 1 cur rejected; 5 curs feed barley.
Total (451 cars), 330,000 bu* Inspected out:
23,003 bu wheat, 103,1)77 bu corn, 01,002 bu outs,
817 bu rye. Thu above receipts include 28 car
loads of new winter wneat.
Thu leading produce markets were rstber Ir
regular yesterday. Provision# were again (lull,
but steady, and generally quoted linn, though
hogs were lower. Wheat was again stronger,
and oilier grain tended upward In sympathy,
though the early advance was not sustained.
There was quite a bull feeling lu breadstulfa st
the outside, partly due to continued strength (u
England, ■ and partly to the report that the
storm of the previous dsy was very extensive,
uml had done great damage to thu outstanding
grain. Wheat was particularly strung on the
longer deliveries,' which have hitherto been
Mesa pork
SlioiilrtorH, boxed.
Short ribs, boxed,
Live lion's
Cutllo. ..
heavily discounted. The arrivals ot new winter
wheat did not seem to operate benrishly, espe
cially os the total receipts were small. Wo note
that there was llttlo change In the volume of
grain In store In this clly during last week.
Lake freights wore rather quiet and unchanged
at l%e for corn and 3c fur wheat by anil to
RulTalo. Through to Now York by lake and
canal was quoted at 7%@7%0 for corn, nml
[email protected]%c for wheat. Through to Doston nomi
nal at lie on corn. Rail Heights were steady
at 20c per 100 lbs on grata to Now York, but
little doing at those figures. Through rates on
meats to Liverpool were quoted at43%@45e per
100 lbs, and 58%c to Antwerp.
The movement Iu staple mid fancy dry goods
was light. The mails brought a fair number of
orders, but there was a very slim attendance of
buyers, and tho distribution was small. Prices
remain firm all arouud. Groceries wore attain
reported active, with prices firm throughout the
list. Sugars were tn large demand, nml refined
grades were quoted up on %c. Coffers also
were nominally higher, the Eastern market bar
ing advanced %e. There was only n light de
mand for bouts and shoes, this being the
dull season In that branch ot trade.
Dried fruits were quoted (inlet, with no material
variation In prices. Tho prevalent feeling whs
firm, mid In some lines Urn tendency is to higher
prices. Fish continues active, ami both lake
nml saltwater descriptions arc firmly held. No.
1 whtlctlih were advanced to s4.fiOvjs4.oU. Tho
butter and chccso markets were without Im
portant new features. Oils, paints, and colors
were quoted as twfuro. Tobacco was In good
demand at full prices. Leather remains Arm.
There was a dull market for coal and wood.
Bagging was In fair request at llrm rates.
Lumber was dull mid easy at the cargo sale
mew om.BAjJa.
2, 000
docks. The offerings were fair, and two-inch
brought former figures, white common Inch was
dull mid Irregular. The yard dealers report a
continued active trade with all parts of the
West. The wool market was rather quiet, and
the receipts liberal. The sales arc also fair on
the whole, but trade Is light as compared with
the activity at the opening of the season, and the
market Is settling down to a steady basis.
Hides were steady and salable, the receipts bo-
Ing small. Seeds, broom-corn, nnd huy wore
unchanged, except Unit flux seed was (Inner,
owing probably to fears that the storm had in
jured the crop in some sections. Green fruits
were in fair request, berries and copies being
easier. Potatoes were dull.
Thu following wero among the direct exports
from this city during last week on through bills
of lading: 5,100 brs Hour, *ll,OlO bu wheat, 410,-
840 bu corn, 400 pktrs pork, 0,002 boxes meats,
10,004 eases canned do, 050 tea lard, 735 oUicr
pkgs du, 100 pkgs beef, 3,018 pkgs butter nnd
cheese, 302 brls alcohol, 53,070 lbs seeds, 5,873
brls oat-meal, 1,000 hrls corn-meal.
The following aro Uic footings of the o(Tidal
report of grain in sturc in this city uu the even
ing of Saturday laot and corresponding dates:
July 5, Jun* 28, July fj,
1870. 1870. 1878.
1 1,130
Ko. 1 red.
10.858 15.703 8,810
154 154
2,051 2,051 3,e12
100 , 453 307
No. 2red....
No. 1 amber.
No. 'dumber.
No. 3 winter
Itcjected winter. *1(10 , (JOO
No. 1 spring .... 2,45 4 2,020 12,222
No. 2 spring ....3,271,100 .3,700,481 0(1,102
No. 3 spring .... 328.835 3V1.020 12,011
Uejeetod 47,103 50,452 4. (.07
No. 1 hard spr’g 1 741,100
No. 2 hard spr’g, 144.210 210,180 70. P 53
Mixed 8,105 : 13,004
Total 3,822,035 4,301,000 230. USO
•», 325, -103 1,802,824 84,301
00,003 35,500 137,075
■ ’ 840
705.480 050,200 277,210
2,223 i - 1,382 4,405
30,035 22,571 10,850
0,837 3,120 0,000
3.100,022 2,581,012 531,010
301,704 350.408 10.200
, 17,230 10,1132 1,020
720 i: 720
40,501 - 24.854 40,070
No. 1
No grade...
High mixed
New mixed.
New high mixed.
No. 2....
No grade....
No. 2 while
300,281 ■ 308,074 01,802
245 , 213 5.700
. Total
No. 1....
00,052 ' 70.571 1,422
1,003 ' 2,173 2.3211
02,800 r. 81,1102
in,n4» 10,0(10 SSS,M4
No. 2
l.», sui
No. 3.
Kslra’xo'.y.'!!!.* 01,OHS 50,587' 17.W)0
Feud |j.OH2 1,088 5.557
Total. ....... 78,'303 •* 7«.san dm,aim
Total of all eradcs
These llguros show au Incrqase during lust week
of 018,310 bu corn, XO.bilS bu rye, am! a decrease
at 500.(155 bu wheat, 53,303 bu outs, 030 bu bar*
Icy. Total increase, 20,534 bu.
The following arc the total rccelots of the or*
tides named tram Jun, 110 July 5; 1,014,531
brls flour, ll,?21,!i03 bu wheat, 27,118,311 bu
corn, 8,070,318 bu oats, 000,001 bu rye, 013,029
bu barley, 30.400,003 tbs better. 3,303,453 hoes,
572,031 cattle, 30,700,043 lbs wool, 1,034,013 tons
coal, 501,010 in It lumber. :
The following wore thd stocks of wheat la
1870. 1878.
1,804 14.857
No. 1 soring hard.
No. 1 sprluir regular 0:1,1)81
No. 2 spring regular..... ....1,307,18S l. r »(l, -m;i
No. 8 spring regu1ar......... 7f*,14-t 18,210
No. 4 spring tegular 81.420
Hejcclctl 7,407 1,480
Special bin j. 0,748 60,1)00
Winter......... ............. 2M5
, Total 1.408,085 88U, 208
Also, 18,448 bn corn, 0, 882 buuats, 80,500 bu
barley, anil 11,20-4 bu rye. f
Tlio following allows the receipts and ship
ment* of wheat at points named.yesterday:
1 J,Weired. Shipped,
Chicago ! .... Oiijur. 15.1R7
Mllwiiiihos 17.800 5.0H8
NmvYmU 07.1)00 324.000
Italtlmoru... .................. 75,200 01. non
I’hiiaUolplila ..,,, 20,800 47.208
.253,885 450,078
July B.—Heceiots—Flour, 20,11)1 hrls; wheat,
07,030 bu; corn, 87,000 bn; oats, 12,825 bu; corn
mcnl, 400 ukgs; rye, 5,400 bu*. mult, 8,125 bu;
pork, 4 brls; l»ccf, 2,880 tea: cut meats, 4,008
pkirs; lard, 1.003 tes; whisky, 815 brls.
Exports—For twenty-four hours—Flour, 7,500
brls; wheat, 801,000 bu;’coni, 203,000 bu; oats,
1,000 bu; rye, 20,000 bu.'
IIOQ PRODUCTS—Were more active and easier,
lloks were nuoled fiCflldc per 100 Hw lower, ami
Liverpool noted a decline of 0d perils lbs in lord,
which made holders of product here more willing
to soil, and a few shipping orders were Oiled h
conieoucnce, Otherwise the trading was chleflj
In local transfers from one month to another.
The feeling was tamo hot steady after the early do
.Mbsh Pour—'Declined Be per brl, ami closed 2 l {c
below (he latest prices of Monday. Kales were re
ported of H.flOO hrls seller August at BO.Hk’Ji®
0.00; B, .100 Iris seller ficptcoihes at SU.tiUliQ
ll.n'ili and y,'»o hrls seller (ha year at SI).S. r >.
Total, H,'-V.O hrls. The' market closed lama at
Sh.KOCtU.Ho (or cash. SO. BOtoU. SUV* for duly,
HP. K7V« for August, and BU.i>.ViMt.U7tt lor
September, I‘rlmo mess was nominal atSU.OOQ
U.f>o, and extra prlmu at |B.UOftH,yB,
Lapp—Declined .T(fa7ttc per 100 lbs, but closed
only 2|«c below the latest prices of Monday, bales
were ruporten of 100 les spot at 90,07* i: H, r»0(> res
seller August at sd.lO(ttU.lS!tti 10.000 (cm seller
September at feU.lTttfciii.yo; 800 tes seller Octo
ber at Bd.-y.ij amldßO tes seller the year at 8.T.08.
Total, lll,:g»u tes. Thu market etu*ed Arm at
80.0TVIH0.1U fur spot, Id.OJ'iCIO.U) for seller
Julv, Bd. Ilf ifad. IB for seller Angus', and iQ.yOft
Q.ySV'i for September.
Mbats—Wore muduratcly active, chiefly In local
futures, and u shade easier, ribs declining yttHoc
fer lUOlhs. Exporters were doing little, most of
liom being out of (he market. Sales were report
ed 101,7,00 pcs green shoulders ul
buses salted no at 81.00; 10 boxes Cumberlumts ul
|B.B0; -|.j uuxes long clears ut 81. KB; too, out) lbs
short ribs ut 81. TB seller July, 81.78H4,50 seller
August, uud 8-1.(t.w1.10 seller September; 4,000
pesgreem nnins fid lbs), partly at T! boxes
lung cut hams ut he: and of* les sweet pickled do
(10 Hit) ul M*c. ' Tito closing prices of tno leading
cals of meats weresbuut us follows;
ti/ioul’\ Short cM. Short
Utn. i ribi. chart, chart.
I a. till I
1*4.75 $4,774
4.75 4.77>i 4.UJ*4
4. HD 4.N-JV4 4.U74
4,1*0 4.1W1 fi.UTli
j I* 00 J.
{4,7U loutfu, md +1, 871i
boxed: ioug cm
l»o. Auuml...
Do. Scutumnor.
July. Wxu<l. ...
Unuu clvnra quc
bojvd; (,’muburiui
Idled at i
tiuU, OKti
hams, R'iCTOc: swoet-plrkledhams, tu;fffc߻4cfor
HI In 16 nrersge; green (Uimildom, 3'((i}3So.
liscnn.qnotril st4'4o4’ l o for shoulders. 6*j*7B
6>ie for short ribs, 67i<ft6*(C fur short clears, 8K
QPc for hams, all canvssed and packed.
OitßASK—'Was quiet at $6.()U<f6:26 for No. 1
while, 4GMKC for good yellow, and 4®4J4C for
DEEP—Was quiet at $0.0057.0.26 for mess,
$10.00ft10.35 for extra mess, and 118,60010.00
for hams.
Tallow—'Was nominal stC»4®57»C for city and
6*40614c for country.
FLOUR— Was in rather bolter demand, more be*
in? wanted than was on ante, at least In what nro
known a» shipping grades. Springs wore generally
hold more firmly, white winters were steady. Bates
were reported of 1,200 brta winters, partly at
54.80: l.fiOJ brls spring extras, partly at $4.00
223 brls suporflnes at 52.n3J4CJ2.73.
Total, 2,023hr15. The following was the nominal
range of prices at the close
Choice winters
Onml lo choice winters
Fair to uoud winters ....
Choice Minnesota*
Fair in Rood Minnesota*
Falrto (mod springs ...
Low springs
hoppleextras, tn sacks 4.00 4*4.75
Export extras. In sacks . SI.LO 6(4.00
Bran—Was m good demand and Armor. Kales
trees 110 tons at S7.7uQK.OU per ton free on
board cars.
ConK-MKAL—Sales were made of 10 tons coarse
at Sin. 50 per ton on track, and 500 brls ut 81.H5.
Minnuxiis—Sales wore 00 tons at
per ton.
Shouts—Sale was made of 10 tons at 88.50.
ShlilNO WHBAT-Waa fairly acllvo and :apnln
stronger. Thu market for next month advanced
and doped l!»c hiaher than the previous
nflotnoon. while this month's delivery advanced
I?4C. The telegraphic advices from tircut Britain
noted a strong feeling, with an advancing tendon*
cy. and New York was held’ higher, with an ad*
vanco in flour, while our receipts were small.
Thu European news caused a nervous feeling
among the shorts, and they Piled (roelv, chiefly on
the longer futures, thu discount on which was
reduced In cunscrinencv. A good many parties
who have titttierlo,Jiolil aloof were anxious In All,
thinking tho situation stronger than it had
previously appeared to be. Llitlo of thu wheat Is
moving forward, Imuome regarded this ns an ele
ment nr strength, showing that tho holders are
not disposed to sell till buyers on
the otnur side of tho Atlantic como to thetr
terms. European purchasers have contented
themselves with taking our lower grades almost
exclusively slncu last harvest, and tt ts u mooted
question whether or no they will now bo willing to
pay thu higher prices dumundud fur our No. 15 so
near to the advent of the new crop. They are evi
dently wakening up, however, their had weather on
a reduced acreage giving but a poor prospect of
their being able to dictate In the matter of prices.
Tbcro was a good demand yesterday for shipment,
and No. U advanced anotner Ic, closing nt 97c, In
ordinary houses, wnllu spot No. a closed at SI.OOJf.
Seller .Inly opened nt sold ot
$1.1)1, receded lu Sl.OOti, advanced to 81.OHi.
nml closed at sl.oo*l, Seller August sold utltf&c
curly to liPiic Inter, closing at Seller
September sold ot lin?*(ffl>7Uc. closing fiUTic. and
tho vearsold nt nt®H.’»‘jc. Spot sales were 17,0U0
bn No. 11 ntsl,()lri/I.OUi; 051,000 bu No. 51 at 801*
C'.KDe,chiefly ntß7c; 1,000 Im rejected at 7-’®7llc;
ll.UhO 1m by sample at 70fi5P. r »con Iracks and
1.200 ou do at tiUt&hPc f/oa on Board cars. Total,
Oil, 800 hu.
WiNTEii Wheat—Was in good demand and
stronger. Sales were 5,200 bu No. 2 red nt $1.02
(cl.Ul in store, clilclly n 151.03 for new; 40.000
bu do seller August el OO'kc&Sl.OO: 7,000 bu bv
sample ul OHc-USI. 05 on track: ami 1,200 bu do at
Sl.O-J'.iftl.nr* delivered,
OTiiKit Wheat—Sales wero 400 bn old No. 1 Min
nesota nt SI.OO on track, and 120 (one screenings
ut $12.00 if120.5U per (on.
COUN—Wus active and stronger, advancing ?ic.
nnd closing i u (V.jc shove tho latest prices or Mon
day. The llrlllsu markers were quoted strong and
advancing, ami Now York was higher, while qur
rccvlpis were but with only moderate slilu
meuts. There was onlv n modernlo Inquiry Gy
shippers yesterday, and the slock In store at this
point Increased some 018,000 bu last week. The
market was really stiffened early by the advent of
a fuw buyers who usually confine their attention to
wheat, luit left that deal In despair of being uldo
to profit by it under existing conditions. Thu feel
ing was rattier tame and easier, after they had Hu
lulted. -Seller August opened ul 37‘4C. advanced to
37*i®37qe,nnd fell hack to 3714 c, closlngat 3714®
37; a c. Seiler September sold elo*-
lug nt 38'iibnIuC. Seller the month ranged nt 3d!',
closing with tho Inside bid. Cosh No,
2 closed at JlOjio for fresh receipts iu store,
and 37c free on hoard cars. Spot sales wero
reported of 110, ono bu No. 2 and high mixed nt
30'4®30’ic; 3.000 ha (white) nt 37.ODD in
new mixed nnd rejected nt 31®34!4, tho outside
for rouud lots; s,not) bu by sample ut
on track: 32.000 bu do at 37Ci3flc free au board
cars; mid 400 bu ears at 380 delivered. Total,
104,400 bu.
OATS—Wore fairly active nnd stronger, closing
MCDSc higher, tho most marked advance being on
the longer futures. 1 Now York was quoted hlaher,
ami tho local market followed, the other homo
grain markets also being stronger. Fears mat tho
storm had hurt tho crop also prompted shorts to
buy in. upd considerable business was dime, espe
cially In August, the country sellers sending in
orders to buy back. The muruot weakened Inter,
August opened nt 2H'{c, rose to CO’.c nnd per
haps 30c, und closed easier nl Sll'jc. .Sep
tember sold at 27;i‘d28 /l ic, and closed at 28'ic.
seller July Holdlni 33’[email protected]:i'ic, one! closed at 3:i',i
Seller the year sold at 27ft(ft28c. aim
closed with seders at 27UC. No. 2 closed nt
Samples were slow except u moderate local do
demuud. (.’nub sales were reported of 112,200 bu
No. 2 nt 331*(Q33!4c; 7,SCObu (mixed) by sample
nt 31®35c; nnd 0.000 bu (white) ut ;i3?ifif3sc, all
on truck; and 3,tnio bu (mixed) nt
and 10,800 bu (whiio) nt Uls-j®3sc, u)l free on
board. Tola), 40,800 hit.
UYK—Was in fair demand and Utfllc higher.
The market sympathized with other urnln, nnd
■orno of the August sharia wore anxious lo cover,
owing to reports that the storm Imddoue consider
able damage. July nnd cash sold nt 6111 c, mid
August nt 51 , /,®52c 1 the outside In settlement.
September was quoted at 51!«cold. (,’asli sales
Included 2,000 hu No. 2 at 51'/,c; 2,000 bu by
sample at 7>2f(Ds2 l /4c on track: und I,OUO bu at 54
®sse free on board. Total, 5,000 bu.
liAltl.KY—Was nomhmt nt 70c fur No. 2 and
53Q550 for uxim 3, September was quoted at
80c, and sellers asked more.
K, OK)
Wheat—Sales 710,000 bn ntSI.OOVRI.OI for
.Inly, fur August, for Sep
tember. and UU’ifrfiHc fur the year. Whiter
wheat—Bs,ooo ou seller Soptombur at
Corn—2lo,ooo'bn at 809i(ffc8il',4c for July, !J7)»'so
H7\c for August, and U7ji' s iß7?*c for Hepteruuur.
Outs—Bs.ooo bn nt for August, ana 27»ic fur
September. Meni purU--4,500 hrls ul 5D.8714 fur
Aminat, and $0.25 for thuyear. Lard—l,soo tea
at $u.12‘,Gi0.15 seller August. Short riba—so, •
000 lbs at $-1.00 for September.
Wheat was active and higher.
ported of 270.000 bn at SI.OK&I.OUi fur July,
lor Animat, P7!.ift»7?io for Hoptcm
bur. unit ori’idfilMhic fur thu year. Nn. 8—5.000
bit fur Animat at h:»c. Winter wheat—Bs.ooo bu
alSt.OOr-Ol.OO'/, for August, SI.OO)4(iM-00tt for
Sentuinber. amt SI.OO fur the war.
Corn was very active and higher, sales helm? re
ported of 1.200.UUU bn ut for July,
87Vi/ 577*C lor August, and 38*iG88*iti for Sep
HUuts wore active and stronger. Sales 120,000
bn ni 20!»(??.20\c for August, -B?ist2Blic for Sep
tember, and 2Kc for lliu year. ■ ,
Mesa purlc closed at SO.KO®P. 82tJ for July,
sl).BsftU.K7'i for August, b'.1.0.V-tll.OTIi for hep
lumber, and 80.27‘4410.:i0 for thu year. Sales
50b hrls at $0.85 seller August.
Lard clused at ?U.Us®o.u7V4 for July. $0.12'/,ft
0.15 for August, and |U.20ii0.221» forbeptem
Short ribs—loo,ooo lbs at $1.77)4 fur August.
Tlio excitement In wheat continued after tlio call
ami the market rapidly advanced to ji.ooVt lor
August, under a miner heavy pressure (rum the
shorts lor next muiuli, while there were few noil*
era. There was uu special reason for the advance
except that the nvnra of the morning being tele*
graph Into the country had the effect of bringing
In a few buying orders from the outside, which
canard local ahorta to want to bur in company, it
was not thomrhi that the rain-storm of Monday,
Ihonuh reported to be very extensive, hud much to
do with ►timnletlnir country orders In this market,
August closed at tUMiftiPUKc. September sold at
tlS'.e, and closed at ti7^i‘.
Corn closed at 07?ic for August and tiajiSUSyo
fur September.
Cists closed ul 2BVic seller September,
imoOM-CUUS—Was steady and quiet. The
quotations broom-corn is held ut are given below: '
Flue green carpet brush, 1? 0* U ain't
(Irecn hurl 0 CtU}4
IteiMlpprd htirl ~B
Fine green, with hurl to work It . ..f»tt®o
Ited-lippod do ... .... ~4 l tf<r.B
Inferior HtfCM
Crooked 0
HL'IMHXn MATEltlAl.a—Were in fair ivqueic.
Common brick* arc quoted Arm, and dealer* nay
there I* very little pruilt in wanuiacturlmf, a* tin
coetof making them i* nljsher than la*t iea*oi.,
while telling price* are about the named* then,
Cement* ami lime wore iluady
Common brick, per m....
l’f«»*cd brick, ncr m
Lime, in bulk, pur url ..
Lime, in brie, beaded
Cement*, pcrhri
Portland cement, per brl
American do, per brl...
Plastering Ualr, per bn
Michigan ulucco, perbrl ..... l.a.Vrb 1.10
IJUTTEU—I’ncca raneed about the tame aa fora
number of day* previous, but the trading wait done
at o rather lower average than for lout week, out*
eido quotation* rarely being obtained* except fur a
•Inglo package, bhlppora are practically out of
tbe market, price* ut tbo xeaboard being lower
than hero. We quote!
tiuod lu choice dairy
ili'ihum .
inluriur to common
HAQOINO—CoIton seamless bags aro moating
with an Increasing demand, and orlcea continue to
■how ooaltive strength. There U alio a fair move*
nient In burlapi nnd gunnies at very full dgnrea.
Prlcei range a* follows:
Stark 24 ißurlaps, 4 bu.,..11015
llnghlon A... 9a‘4lDo. sbu. 12014
Otter Creek .. SOo|(iunnio», single.lffJolA
Lewiston..... 214 Do, double 2:1025
American..., SOltlWool sacks .*l5OlO
CIIKKBR—A light business was doing nt about
former quotations. Stocks hold hero are consider*
ably less than at this time last year, but (hey are
in excess of the trade requirements, and coueo*
qnently values remain wsolc and nussttlcd. Wo
Full cream........ •• s*f4l(Hi
Port aklra. ..
Full nklin ~:i
Lowsradca .... . .1 fiftil
COAL—llemnlna dull anil steady at $4.8.V7t4.r»0
fur anthracite, at $4.75 for Krlo, ami at $5.00®
5.25 for Illinois. From dan. 1 to June MI the
production of anthracite coal wo* 4;g82,52(l tom
more than for the eome period last year, the total
belutf 10,082.100 tom.
KUCIS—Were quoted atOft!H4c.,nuyini reoulro
a Kuarantce of comlitlon In moat Instancea.
Flßll—Lake tlatt cnnllmie acorco and tlrm. __ Mo.
1 wliiicflah are now quoted at s4.noGfl4.Uo. Ptiree
of saltwater rt«n also remain Arm. There la a con*
United good demand from the country trade, and
Mockn are kept down to a low point.;
Mo. 1 wnitcflßh, V 14-brl... 4.50® 4.00
Family wblfcflab, W-hrl ;. 2.25® 2.50
Trout. J4*brl 5.(500 .'1.75
Mackerel, oxira-tncM, W-hrl,. .12.25(1612.50
Mo. Inhere, 14-hr1.... 10.25010.50
Mo. 1 Imv, Vi*hrl.. T.pOtfb 7.25
Mo. Lahore, W-irl ..... 5.500 5.75
No. a hay. 4-brl 4.503 b 4.75
Inrjre family ’'4.50
Fat family, now, VJ*brl .... 5.003)5/1,1
Mo. ijiny, Klta .. 1.000 1.85
Family klta 75® 1.00
Summor*curcd cod, VlOOlbs 4.75
Compressed cud
pressed cod
.SO.OO CM. Bft
. r».r.o <&:>. 73
4.fi1l ffft.tl3
. 4.50 (ao.'iil
. 4/4.'i 4(4.50
. 4.00 6n4.50
a.no wi/ifi
5.00 fcH.OO
Lubnulor liorrintr, epIU, iirU 0.2"»
I.nbruodorliurriu?, round, oris .... C.72Q 0.00
I.obrndnr licrrlny, round, •• M. 50
Holland hermit? I.S/K& 1.00
Kmoki'd halibut _ 11
Scaled herring, box HO®' ,Ti
California salmon, brls. . 12.50
California salmon, >j*brln 0.70
FRUIT* AND NUTS—There was a fairly firm
market both for domestic ami foreign fruits. Prices
of most description* aro very low, and the general
tendency of the market Is to increased firmness.
Wo revue our lint as follows:
Pius, layer*
Turkish primes
French prunes, kegs..
French prunes, boxes
Raisins, layers
London layers
f.noso Mnscatol
Valencias, now
Zunto currants
Apple*, Aldcn 11 0 44
Appli-R, evaporated 0)40 10
Apples, New York and Michigan. 3&0 4V(
Apple*. Houtlwrn 3**o 3*4
Apple*, Ohio 3**o 3lf
Peaches, unpured. halves Uli'f'ft 4*4
Peaches. uupatod, quarters 3*40 4
Jtaspborrlca ... ' HO 0 HI
lllacuhcrrles 0 0 5*4
Pitted cherries 22 © 24
Almonds, Tarragona.
Naples walnut*
Texas pecans
Itlvor pecans (I 0 0)4
Wilmington peanuts, new 0 0 014
Tennessee peanuts, new 5 0 s**
Vlrintilu ponnuis o*4o (Ilf
GUliliN FIIUITB—Wore la rather small supp y,
except apples, Prices ruled about the same us on
Monday, and the demand was fair:
raspberries, ml, V case of 10 (its..,. 1.000 1.70
raspberries, black, y case of lu nls.. 1.400 1.00
llltieborrlus, b-i 2.74*0 0.00
Apples, box 200 50
Peaches, box 1.500 S.nO
Cherries, v on 2.000 2.25
Currants. ID-qt case. I.UU
Tomatoes, "S box 730 80
Lemons, w oox «... . 5.000 0.00
Oranges, Wbox 7.500 8.00
llnnanus. W bunch 2.000 3. UU
GUUCKICIEB Sugars were again reported active
and strong, with sums grades held nn 4c higher.
A verv Arm market fur entices was also noted, the
Lantern market being quoted up &c. Fur other
lines there was a steady feeling. Following are
thu prices current:
itaimooii, prime,
Mendallnff, Java.
0. O.Java
0 )atu Ulc.l.
Klo, fancy ttuhlou ..... ....IQ,V'<"U
Kin, fancy. ~iv...,.... .’.ITJI-fiJIT.V
Klo. prime to choice ..Hi
Klo. IrotHl
iilo, fair.
l!lo, common.... Hi OiiiHi
Jliu, roustlnif 11 YttoViH
Patent cut loaf,
Powdered .
A standard
A No. 2....
Kxtni G. .
C No. 1....
U No. 2 ...
Yellow. ...
California sugar-loaf drips ..35 (337
California stiver drips ~....‘12 011
Notv Orleans molasses, choice ...41 013
Ho prime Wl. 38 010
Fair .33 fiCltl
Common -0 0211
Common molasses,
Hlack strap
Nutmegs, No. 1,
Nutmeg*, No. 2,
Calcutta ginger .
True Blue „ 0
Blue lily 3 ft 6U
White lily 4 U
Snvou Imperial „ _ 4»i
fflcrman mottled CM® s}i
Peach blossom 0
HAY—Tlmothv wiis in request for shipment and
home use, and steady. Other hay was unchanged!
No. 1 timothy... 810.60011.00
No. 2 d 0... ..... .... 0.50
Mixed do 8.000 8,50
Ifplauit pralrlo 8.000 8.50
N 0.1.... 7.000 7.50
No. 3-00
Sales were re-
lUDKB—Wore Htenilyuudln fair request. Thu
receipts eiinlluue small: _
Light cured hides, V V) Bl,ft 0
Heavy do. N 1b.... *}Uft 8!J
Damaged do, $) Jt» Oi»0 7
CjlMim _ 12 Ji
Deacons, N tt) 40 Q*4fi
Dry lllul, \)lh. prime.... 1514
Dry Hint. V Ih. damaged..... 121*
Dry salted. 44 0> ..11 ®12!4
Dry sailed, *1 It, damaged K
Green city butchers', cows, yth o*4ft HIS
Green cily butchers, steers, pin....... f'ift 7li
Sheep pells, wool estimated, Nib...... 30 033
LKAD-Wns rtrrn at $4.00 in car-loads, and
St.l2'4 In small lots. Thn stock is light.
good request and steady:
Tin-plates, 10x14, IC., box $ 7.00
Tm-platc*. 10x14. (X.. (MU)
Tin-plates, 14x20, IC., rooting. 0,50
Tin-plates. 14x20, IK,, rooilug 8.50
Tin-plates, 20x28, IC., roqflng.... .. 13,50
Large pig tin. \4 0> 18
Small ids,’tin ... ' 10
liar tin.... ; 20
Solder 10 014
Pig lean. %nb ' ■ *U
liar lead ‘ „ CM
Lcodpluo ... 31403
Copper bottoms. W lb 20
Hhcathlng, eopuer-ilnned. 14 mid 10-o.x 24 ,
Planished,copper-tinned, 14 and 10-ns , 33
Planished, cuttu sue 33. •
Siiuelxtnc M lt> .... .. . •
Less tboncask ... ,‘7
Sheet-Iron. Nos. 10 10 31-10
Coinmoii bar Iron rate 5....... •• ,Jis?
Kusflairop. Nos. 8 to 13 121x014,
American planished Iron, "A”...»••( 10
Amoriean planished Iron, “11".t{
GttivauUed iron. Nos, 14 to 28..i.'j... 13 010
Wire, Nos. 0 to 5 ...1.g... 0
Wire, Nos, tl too v-V-v •• ~ 10
Wire, Nos. 10 to U ©J2VS
Wire, Nos. 15 to 10 ••*.**,*
Wire. Nos.lßio2o •••• 10020
Discount on wire. 50 and ID'irfr conti on galvan
ized Iron I3purcent. ■
NAlLß—Were quoted Arm at h 2.2 > rotes. Local
compulUioti prevents a rUe Ip offset tho lato od
vance at tho foctorles. ‘ • '
oli.B—Prices range tho same 4t for h number of
days previous, and the genera!) market may bo
quoted very steady. Linseed Xstruag, D.oryr
paal our list; . . • j
Carbon, 110 degrees lest B>{
Carbon, Illinois legal. 150 deg. tost.. 11U>
Curbun, headlight, 175 degravs test.. !•»)»
Carbon, Michigan legal test 12)4
Klslne, 150 degrees test 171*
Lard, extra . - 63
Lard, No. 1 40
Lard, No. 2 40
Linseed, raw. , H 5
Linseed, boiled.... ....V. »0
Whale, winter bleschcd ~ 60ft 6.1
Sperm.. ~.51.2001.26
Nustsfoot ml, strictly pare.... 70
KvaUfuol oil, uxua 03
Nvaisfuuloil. No, 1........... 40
Hunk oil *>B
Strolls 40
.$ 4,wa A.OO
. K'.OOGtXb.UO
. 'O4O 75
. 1 I.AO
, JJ.7.V-6 4.00
. SJ.fiUfcfl H. 7A
Turpentine 31
lllners'oll, extra yellow ,» .... 53
Miners' oil. White 53
Naphtha, deodorized, U 3 gravity... . 13
llttsoline. deodorised, 74 degrees ... 11
(iasulluo, HTdearues 18
West Virginia, natural, 30 degrtes „ 30
if& 7
Wen Virginia. natural. ffOdecrres .. 25
Weal Virginia, reduced. 28 dogrens .. 1M& 18
POT ATOKB—Were alow and ca*v. Tno offer*
Inga were Urge. I'rlcea ranged from 51.7u02.75
per brl. ...
POULTUyf-Woa in mull roqucitand easy: > ■ .
Chicken*. Uvr. tv Oo* ~ ...52.21Vft2.75
Fprlnff chickens ........... 1,5002.25
Turkeys, live. tb 00 H
SKKPSfJVero owlet. There was aom§ demand,
bnt at price* that sellers would not take. August
and spot timothy wore ntiout SI.OO. mid (Tax sold
at 81.37!J:f0r AmmM, nnd was quoted at 51.25
September. Clover wus owlet at Sil.Tt 0*1.86. •
Shan't London t'-m/ffirsays: “Our aiarkut con*
tlniiea Inn moat Inactive male, and traiinsetlons
are verv limited, both in number nnd extent.
There Ir no chance In the value of any kind of
clovcrKeod. nor la there at present any Inquiry
SALT—Was In fair request And steady:
Klnqsalt, v?brl ..........3 1.10
Coarsvaalt, y brl i... 1.40
Dairy, V hrl, without bag*... 1.80
Dairy. >» hrl. with bnn.... 2.20®*,*.A0
Ashton and Eureka dairy, V nack ..... 5.7.‘>(t//1.00
TEAS—A pood business was doing, and (lio mar*
kd remains firm. We add to our Hal quotatlonl
tor new Japan (coat
itrnoN. . I, ukcoloubd.
Common to fair... 17(115.1.Comoitm to fair...
Hnpcnnrloflno ...SPffilW.Suuorlurtudno...orj®l;j
Extra fine to flnesMOVfi.'VOlßztrii line to finest 48i’dkA.’)
Choicest 1 . fW.00.7i NEW UNCOI.OItP.D.
■ votota itVriuv; iFslr to (rood; ntw?.4o
Common t0,i5ir..,17®28 Superior to 1ine,..4 J6IIG
Bnperior 10.Qnu...:»V7A 10 Extra fine t»fluoat.7:i®r>B
Extra fine to lined. r.(Ksno,Gardon plated....6B®U3
Choicest,,;,.OftftTOl , oni.riso.
nUNrowrian. Common to fair... IH®2B
Common to falr...2o’7Mo,Pdperlorto lino...UO'-t lO
Superior to fine,..ft.WM.Vl!xiraflne(oflncst4Risr>n
Extra lino to llncßt..‘Offflbo Choicest (lOWfIA
Choicest 70-3,75 boucuoxu and vonuu.
nit'hitiAi,. Supcrlorto Qu0...58(3)45
Common to falr...oo®fls
fiaperlucto line.'..
Extra line to flutist.U.H2.os
WHISKY—'Was steady at Monday's advance, with
■ales of 000 brln .finished goods on thsbdSlsofdl.OO
per gallon.
WOOL—Was rolhcrqulot but Heady. Tlio Block
In n fair one, t}nd the receipts continue liberal.
Dealer* aro Retting a (food many orders, but the
rush to buy In over. In the country woo) is offered
far Teas than It was hold at when the fever was at
Us bight. The Jloston Shipping Lut given this:
* ‘During the past two weeks the receipts have
largely exceeded any previous two weeks In tbo
history of the trade, cnmnrlnlmr4s,Bss bales do*
mcetlc.orobont lOidOO.OUOIhs, ronslderabloofthls
wool win previously but theic is now
a splendid assortment for manufacturers to select
front, and with such sn assortment their wants op*
pear to be less pressing, dAltho same time wo i'im
Bcmcoly look for unv decided reaction. .Mtmufao*
lured goods are in a better position than fur several
years. Desirable uoods are sold np close and in
many Instances ahead of production at satisfactory
prices, and wool, In consequence, Is likely to keep
up at a good ranee of prices, oven with a compara
tively quid market for somo weexs to come. After
the active movements for soma time past a quiet
market Is likely to follow. . It should bo remem*
bored that wo are now receiving supplies of wool
to last fora year.-andll can scarcely be expected
that o»cry pouud will be taken Immediately on or
rival.” Wo quotes , ,
Washed fleece, medium
$ 5 ® 0!4
14 © 15
61,56 r.J£
OU® <l>i
H 50 14
i.r.o «ti.nr»
1.85 6*1.05
1.00 561.70
7Jifi6 7X
4 4S
14 © 16
Washed fleece, fine, pcr’lb.
Mcdliim unwashed
Fine d 0...
Coarse do,
Tub-washed, choice.*..
Tub-washed, common to good.
Tlie raorement lost wock ' aud since Jon. 1 with
comparisons Is given below: , '
o 0 ms
1H 0 18)4
12 0 18
4)JO 4if
8 0 814
Since Since
Week, Week, Jan. 1. Jan. 1,
1870. 1878. ,1870. 1878.
Lumber, m ft. .43,017 41.1(W 501,040 400.813
bhluglos, m.,.. 17,224 17,077 234.007 238,1)04
Lumber, m ft.. 14.825 10,410 314,30;) 257,020
Shingles, m.... 2.452 2,847 32,332 50.018
The wholesale market was again slow and easy.
Piece staff was quoted-steady, and a select lot
broH«litso.37)j. Common inch was dull, and It
was staled that sales had been made for less than
$7.00. Lath and shingles wore, unchanged. Fol
lowing arc tlic quota)ion* of cargoes:
Choice strips and h0ard5........511.50 013.00
Good mill-run inch, green...... 10.00 012.Q0
Medium inch, green b.hO 0 0,50
Common inch 7.00 H.f>o
l'lcce-»hi(T 0.00 ® 11.05
I’icce-nluff, dry 7.50
Lain ■...■....'i'.i.'.'i 1 .','.','..;. 1.10 G 1,15
BtitiiKlvfl ;.v:J„;.tVV;L u w'.':, 1.40 G 1.75
■ T>rv cttilC I* quoted di f BOC(fttI.OO above arcoit,
Thn v«ril marital was fairly active and Btentfy,
the shipment* IcAo at their usual dally quantity,
ami the homo trade in fairs
Third clear, 2 Inch...
Third clear. IH Inca
Third clear, Inch .. .
First ami dear drived staimt
First common drutsud ildiiur... ....
fecund common aidluir
Fluonm% Oral common. dressed....,
Flooring;. see and common, dressed.
i'Jiuirlufl.- third l com m<m,> d rossod...,
mix tmnrdivA’, Brin. 'tfrid iintrarda.
Box hoards, 11. 11l In, <md upwards,
|sox hoards, 0
-7 © 8
OJi® Vi
7 © 7*
o!i© t]£
.28 ©20 1
.24 ©2
la (^ujK
A stuck hoards, ioffeiy in., rough... 26.00028,00
Unlock boards, 10ftl2 1u..... 20.0UW.26.C.0
Cslock boards, 10012111, 3U.00017.00
Dor common slock boards..... IS.UOar.IO.UU
Fencing, N 0.1.... U. 00010.00
Fencing, No. 2 0.26 ft 8.60
Green. Inch, common K.OOm 0.00
Common hoards, dry ... 0.00010.00
OKft n«
m ( ft uU
fl4ft o*4
HHft’ H»(
H-.ft H\ t
HU® 8?*
HW 8
7J#O 711
7 ft 7*i
Coll hoards.... 8.00
DtmciißloiiHtutl..,,) 8.50 ft 0.00
Dimension nioiT, 20&/30 ft 10.005110,00
Joists mi'Ucantihlift .tfruon; H.OO
Pulls, Sin •. 0.500 7.50
Pickets, rough ami select H. 0(V-/.ll. 00
Pickets, select, dressed, and bonded 1U.00018.00
Lull), tlrv 1.59
l.alti, 1.35
iIUUI, mvt11.... .... ... .. .... .....
Hhlnglei), “A " standard loextra dry 2.00 ft 2.15
Nhlngles, standard..... 1.750 1.00
Shingles. No.l .... ~..V 76
The .if/s/Dsl/ipl Valtey Lumberman, July 4. says:
“Much Interest has* been mimfontod dnrlnij tin
week in (be effect of tho rainstorms of tho past
ten days on tho loaning streams as well as crop*,
hutaiißo both of tnosu matters ■ertuuily affect
Inmuer. They have bronchi out the St. Croix
Itlvcr drives entire, and they sro all safe in tho
bourns. A heavy Hood visited the Hum liiver
country and largo crews ora m work with good
prospects of securing a largo portion of the log
crop of that siream< Tho IJlnck and Ohinnewa
lUvers have nut been favored with a driving stage,
turn a largo part of ths logs on both theso streams
remain huug up. Tho total amount ratted out of
the Iliac* Itivcr is less than UO.OdO.ODO foot. Tho
fleet Slough booms have furnished sumo hundred
and twenty-live million feet of logs ihls year to (ho
river mlPs. The St. CrolX ‘furnishes 176,030,000
feet. 100,000,003 of >whlch.will he sawed at Still
water, and tho rest lor tho lower market. Making
a total supply for all (he mills holnw MlnncuiKlls
(except Ua Crosse) of less than 240,000.000 feet,
which amount may be Increased t>y Hoods on the
Chippewa and Black us well ns by locs from tho
I'pper Mississippi, through the new St* Paul
Nows has since reached hcroiby telegraph that
tho Isle rum had brought tho liiack and somo
otherstrcuini loadrlving'stugc-
.27 0110
,23 024
.18 010
,45 017
.24 025
,14 ft in
,02 01)5
,83 5-185
Total -....'...12.800 22,312 560
Bnmo llmo last week.,’.j 7,735 22,827 1,600
.svum/irnfa— < > •
; Indianapolis U .assuming ,coiisidflrablo Impor
tnneo as a llvu-sjock tho trade since the
eslublishinont of Union Btock-s'ards having shown
a vigorous growth. As a hog market Indianapolis
already ranks next 10 Chicago, and her trade lu
cattle and sheep bus also attained pretty fair pro
portions. The. receipts of live stuck fur the six
piuulhs ending with June 30 compare with tho re
ceipts for the lUtne period last year ua follows:
Horses aud mules,
Tho Uosion Commercial JJulltlin of Saturday
Uyn; “For thu past woek there has boon a Ur#)
number of beef cattle brought in from the West,
and the quality upon au average wore belter than
those brought In the previous week. On account
of (here being but two steamers to tall from Uob*
loa tills week will) live stuck, tbo demaud fur nice
beeves wui ilot so. active us It lias been of late, and
prices upon nil grades full oil from *4O to per
pound from tlioso of our last quotations.
"Thoprospect rum good demand forahlpplnsj
cattle look* cncouraglng.-as nearly all thu steam*
era that tnku live stuck fur (Itu London and Liver
pool markets ore ouguiud natural weeks ahead."
CATTLE—The position of tho market was even
worso than on Iho day. before. Tho arrivals weru
again heavy, amounting tosomeo,6oo bead, and
tusking a total since Hnturday of la,t>oo, ai/smst
7,735 head for lha same lime lust week. Under
tho overwhelming supply the feellmf woa much
depressed, and prices were Irregularly lower, aulua
showing a decline from lust'week's closing prices
*f m&yOc In shipping grades and IOQLIo In Tex*
s and native butchers' stock. That thu shrlukuge
was not moro suvetu waa duo to the fact that tho
Kasteru luarketsars looking rather bettor (ban
during last week, New York helm/ quoted }*o
higher, and other polpta being reported Urmer.
Tharo was a full attendance of local and Eastern
buyers, and it thu reduced prices the dlUcrvni
classes bouelil more, or less tieoerouslv,
but the combined -demand scarcely exceed*
ed a half of llie offerings, anil, should
Wednesday’s receipts prove as liberal a* expected,
a further softening of prices would not bo aurpns*
tug. T|tcro wero many flnu cattle among the offer*
lugs, and tho average quality was unusually good
for the lima of year. Tno highest price obtained,
however; was $5.1)0, aud that in only one or two
iustunces. There wero a number of sstceut St-75
i(.4.H5, ~}ju| Hits ruling prices for uood to really
eluded eUTrawuraSi.doiJt4.oU. Hales of Texet
thruufh’druvea wore at mostly at
S'.'. B,’UD. IK). Some Colorado*Tezas Bold at $3.35
j/.U.4u7«K4i1v0 butchers' stuff was in demand at
for poor to cholco cows and inferior
.800 33
1 liUMWfiR.
} no. oo
10. uO
an. oo
no. uo
Cat I'*, Horn. Sheep.
, 0.600 15,000 328
11*78, IH7D.
~..430.701 Cl) 7, Cl) I
.... 31.353 4VJM
... U, 71)1 4.850
C 17.820

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