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Ji A, DerkThh of Tolldo, Is at tho Gardner.
John ri. Cawse, New York, Is at the Palmer.
WaJ, W.{vri-Lyan. D. 8. A., Is at the Palmer.
A*P. Cuniitaßhnrn, of Urbans, Is at the Oard
n.B. BsonovoCKalamazoo, it at the Oard
W. W.’Preabwy* Washington, la abUio Sher
man. -
Judge J. M. Sutler, Indianapolis, 1s at the
W. R. Swtnoford, Paris, Is roistered at the
Alien C. Fuller, Brfvldcre, Is a guest of tbo
J. Garrard, Fontcnac, Wls., Is registered at
tho Pacific.
J. U. Poole, Kentland. ImL, Is registered at
the Sherman.
William Parkinson, Detroit, Is-sojoumlng at
the Tremont.
B. R. Cowan, dndnnatl, I* one- of Ihc guests
of tho Pacific.
Stephen A. Tlnrthnt, Belrldcre, 111., la stop
ping at the Pacific.
.. LlouL-Col. R. E. A. Croflon, U. 8. A., is a
guest of the Pacific.
James Kay, St. Joseph, Mo., Is ono ortho
‘- guests of tho Palmer.
'’f'A.’D. Towksbory, West Randolph, Vt., la lo
cated at tbo Tremont.
Libby, Ottawa, 111., Is among tho
■ guests of the Sherman.
' C, M. Morse, Freight Superintendent of tho
Chicago & Alton Railroad, Jacksonville, is at
the Gardner.
George L. Smith, Manager, and tho members
of Uie Syracuse Baso-Ball Club, oro located at
the Tremont
• Jomos 11. Goodsoll, of the Daily
York, and John F. Cramer, of the Dirnlnjj Uis
comtn, Milwaukee, arc guests of the Pacific.
j. N. McCullough, President, and William
Stewart, General Manager, of the Pennsylvania
Company, and P. M. Myers, Vice-President of
the Minnesota Southern Railroad, are at the
Mr. H. Wicks, one of the funeral procession
which escorted tho late Daily Herald to Uio
grave of fond anticipations, has gone lo Aus
tralia to open a newspaper bureau In connection
with tho Exposition there.
Cant. O’Donnell reports to Supt. Dixon that,
notwithstanding the order prohibiting music In
saloons, Pottgicscr, of State street, and Dwyer,
of Clark street, entertained their patrons with
piano and other music Tuesday night.
The temperature vesterdav, as observed by
Manasso, optician, No. 88 Madison street (Turn-
UMBBuilding), was at 8 a. m., 08 degrees; 10 a.
m., 70; 13 m., 80; 30. in., SI; 0 p. m., 78.
Barometer a 8 a. m., 20.60; 8 p. m., 20.48.
•Coroner Mann yesterday held an Inquest noon
Laverr Dankowski, 13 rears of age, whoso
parents five at No. 58 Liberty street, and who
was drowned while bathing In a slip in the river
at the foot of Sixteenth street. A verdict of
accidental drowning was returbed.
’ The Letter-Carriers’ Association held a meet
ing In Uio Union Veteran rooms at the Grand
Pacific Hotel last evening, Joseph E. Smith in
the chair. The business done was confined to
the settlement of old assessments, mtscollanc
■ ous accounts, add routine matters.
' The members of Engine Company No. 0 wish
to rcturn inanhs to the following named gen
tlemen for cashing their scrip at par: Tobey
Booth, Llbbv, McNeill ft, Llbbv, Hannah. Lay
& Co., Boardman & Keep, Sheriff «fc Son, Will
hpn'E. Johnson, Lees, Hendricks & Co., Gard
ner & Spry.
The Woman’s Homeopathic Medical .Society
met at the Clifton Home last evening, Dr. Cald
well In the chair. Dr. Sue A. White read a sci
entific paper upon “The Causes of the Catame
nia." which was nblv discussed by the members
-present. Dr. Jennie Smith was appointed to
prepare tho next paper upon tho subject of
V Dysmonorrbccn."
A boy domed Mathews, 8 years of ago, living
at, No. 04 Perry street, ami another named
Graff. 5 years of nee. living at No. 03 Perrv
street, were severely bitten about the thpbs at
about 5 o’clock last evening by a dog supposed
to bo mad. The dog was chased to the corner
of Pecrv street and Bcldcn avenue, where It was
killed by Policeman Barry.
Peter Sullivan, 85 years of age, hailing from
Detroit, Mich., was found at 10 o’clock vcstcr
anv morning on the sidewalk at the corner of
Fifteenth and Slate streets sick and destitute.
Ho was taken to the Countv Hospital, ami by
the time bo reached there was near giving up
the gbost, Ho received immediate attention,
and at last accounts lb was thought ho would
' Thd North Chicago Street Railway Comoany
was lined s3Mnoaeh of several cases before
Justice Kaufmnnu yesterday. TUe charge was
neglect of a city ordinance requiring tin* Com
pany to sprlnKlo between Its tracks, nr.d Judg
ment went by default. An appeal will probably
bo taken to n higher court, ns the defendant de
ntes the validity of the ordinance, claiming that
there Is no such requirement In Its charter.
* Early last evening Eddie, the vonog boh of D.
11. Lamberson, agent for the Remington tiro
arms manufactory, while amusing hlmscll with
a bicycle on Die sidewalk on West Randolph
street, accidentally run down John Hull, 9 years
old, and, the wheels passing over the little fol
low’s loft Icgbolow the knee, broke bulb bones.
The injured boy was taken to the home of bis
parents, No. 15 Peoria street. It was their de
filro that young Lamberson be not arrested.
At 4:80 yesterday afternoon a man named
Daniel McCullcn. employed os a carpenter at
St. Ann's Catholic Church, on the corner of
Fifty-fifth street mid Wentworth avenue, but
formerly a sailor, fell from a ladder on the out
side of the building, and, striking the ground
thlrty-IWo feet below, was killed Instantly. It
< is.thought his nock was broken by the fall,
Thu body was taken to his late homo, No. 739
Emerald street. Deceased left a wife, but no
>At a regular meeting of Duane I.odge Ni ...
I. 0. 0. F., hold 7tli Inst., tlio following nlllccrs
■were dulv Installed: N. 0., K. R. Wilcox: V.
Joseph Solomon; See., 11. U, Hopkins;
Trcas., M. M. Qcrstlev.War., William (1. llrucc;
Coml., George E. Beckwith; 0. (1., Aaron
Abrahams:!. G.,Jolm Daley; 11. S. N. Cl., Morris
•fioloraan; L. 8. N. G., Max Oppcnhclmcr; 11. S.
V. u., Hcnrv S. Goldsmith; h. 8. V. 0., John
Brown; R.B. 8., Ambrose Dyalalu; L. S. 8.,
.Max Polnchck. Altar Installation Bro. 0. A.
Bronam was elected tyjprcseutallvetolhe Grand
Xmdge (or two years.
' A called meeting of Uio Soldiers’ & Sailors*
Memorial Association was held yesterday utter*
noon at the. Grand Pacific Hotel, Gen. A. L.
CheUaln In tjigchalr. The principal business was
the settlement of various claims mid routine
business cdilhected with the exercises of Deco*
ratlomDiy; Thu report o( thu Treasurer. John
fi. Drake, was read and adopted. The balance
bn-band at thu beginning of the year 187 b was
g|9l. The receipts for the tlmu slucu then were
9377, and the expenditures *283, leavlmj u bal*
anco on hand July *2 of fIKJ. Thu meeting then
adjourned subject to the cull of the President.
Yesterday morning about 10 o’ctocK, Charles
Earle, of lit? Clark street, found uu old man
named John Trainer, a resident of State struct,
clinging to the side of thu Government Pier,
having lost his balance while fishing. The old
fellow had been In the drink half an hour or so.
and was pretty nearly exhausted. Although ho
is reported to be quite wealthy, owning several
homes on State street, lie barely thanked his
deliverer, and made no motion towards reward*
fng him, probably holding his life ub about Us
true valuation, flaying lost hU hut ho lurnght
a handkerchief of Earle for a dime, but llndlng
another hut somewhere he returned thu hand*
kerchief and demanded his 10 cents hack. Next
tlmu bo takes a tumble when Earle Is around he
will stay till cooled off.
At 4:2U yesterday afternoon, Mr*. Yates and
her 7-vuur old sou Wllllu were out driving
on Dearborn aveuuc, ajid when near the inter*
section of North uvooue oou of the traces bo*
- came unhitched, scaring thu horses into running
qwny. At the corner of the two streets Uio rig
collided with a butcher wagon, and .Mrs.
Yates and- son were thrown violently
to the pavement. Tho former was severely
bruised and slightly cut about the face, besides
Iking slightly injured Internally. 'Hie Utile
boy was severely cut and injured about thu
forehead, and waa otherwise so seriously Injured
that Drs. Bartlett and Rutter, who attended
him, fear he will not recover. Roth were taken
in n carriage to their home, No. 04 Green struct.
'Hie vehicle was badly wrecked.
, Tb*i Executive Committee of the Societies In
charge of the demonstration of Irish National*
Its to be held at Ogden’s Grove Aug. 10 held a
meeting at Uurke’s Hotel last evening. James
Gilmore presided, a full rcnreseutatlon being
present. A Committee on Printing, consisting
of U. W. Ryan, William Foperty, uud William
Stark, was elected, and Messrs. Dennis O’Con*
nor* James Kinkade, and Timothy Caue were
appointed n Committee on Music. It nan de
(tilul i.. utViir several prominent men
front the East to deliver oration*, among
them belli" John Hoyle Q’Relllv, of the
Boston PilotJ Ben Bntler, I*. A. Collins, and J.
E. Fllwjerald, of Boston; Gen. Ilalpin, of Cin
cinnati; and Col. Koborls, of New York. The
Committee adjourned to meet with the general
convention of the organi«Uons Interested,
which 1$ to be Weld at Maskell flail Sunday at
8:80 p. m.
A case of somewhat peculiar Interest came up
vestcroav afternoon before Jndge Knicker
bocker In the Probate Court, A Jury was Im
paneled to decide upon the question of appoint
ing a conservator for Mre. Susan 8. Coats worth.
The motion was made at the Instance of her
brother, Dr. Flood, of Hyde Park. It Is alleged
jind was shown from the testimony taken that
Mrs. Conlsworlh has become gradually Incapa
ble of managing her property to such an extent
that she has lost her property on the v> est
Bhie through the .foreclosure ol a mortgage.
Mrs. Coatsworth le the widow of MaJ. Coats
worth, who was a Burgeon In the army, and
died In the service In 1874. She has considera
ble literary reputation, having written a book
called “Inc Loyal People of the Northwest," a
biography of her husband, and several volumes
of poems, besides contributing numerous arti
cles to various magaxines. Oncof tho peculiari
ties of her Infirmity seems to lie Unit, although
previously of undoubted Integrity, she has latter
ly become utterlv unreliable, ami • much given
to schemes In fraud of her creditors. A Jong
. list of witnesses were examined, and tho Jury
brought In a scaled verdict to (he evening.
The following circular was sent broadcast
yesterday. It explains Itself: ..
At tho regular meeting of the Board of Edaca
llon, held .lone 2fl. 187$, the Committee on
Finance and Auditing was oathortMd to receive
proposals for the porchsae of the verip Issued by
the city to teachers and other employes of tho
Hoard, so far na tho same Is offered for sale, and
to allow the person making the highest bid the ex
clusive privilege of tho rooms of the Board for
cashing the scrip on tho day It Is paid to the
The serto for the teachers for May. amounting to
$.”>,081.82, and forcnglneersrind Janitors, and for
office employes for Mav and .Tnnc, amounting to
in.P27.20, will bo ready for delivery on Saturday.
12th Inst. If you desire to make any offer for tak
ing up such of this scrip as may ho offered for sale
at the time of delivery, you will please submit n
scaled proposal, addressed to the Committee on
1-Mr.anco and Auditing, and leave tho same at the
office of the Board, on or before Friday, nth
Inst., at 12 tn. Probably from one-third to ono
half of the entire amount wilt be offered for sate.
The application to the Council for the right of
way for an elevated railroad on North Weils
street to Lincoln avenue, bos stirred up the
property-owners on the former, and they made
their first “kick” last night. The meeting,
held at No. 115 Wells street, was preliminary
only, and the attendance, therefore, was not
von* large—about a dozen. Fred Becker pre
Mr, Becker referred to the application for tho
right way, and said a “Mississippi bridge" In
front of the houses would bo a great injury to
tbo property,—would decrease Us value fully 50
per cent, if not more. He hoped a remonstrance
would bu gotten up at once and circulated for
Mr. Williams spoke of the great detrimonttho
railway would be to tne property, and moved
that u committee of three bo appointed to pre
pare and circulate the remonstrance, and to
make arrangements for a mass-meeting to pro
test against the emntlngof Urn privilege sought.
The motion was agreed to. and the Chair
named os tho Committee: Dr. V. A. Boyer, Ber
nard Bcllltzbclmcr, and Charles Spancenberg,
who were instructed to Invito the North-Side
Aldermen to attend the gathering.
The meeting then adjourned.
judou l. n. OTIS,
the Receiver of flic State Savings Bank, is slow
ly Katherine out of the wreck left by the de
limiter Spencer whatever he can for the benefit
of the victimized depositors. Ho bos lately
published a list of the real estate bclonKiuK to
the estate nnd now ready tor sale. It consists
of dwelling, stores, lots, mid farms lying In
the South, North, and West Divisions of the
cltv, and In Evanston, Jefferson. Cicero, Clyde,
Lake, Calumet, Hyde Park; also In the lown
shins of SlonlnKtou. Rosamond. Butler, Bowl
ing Green, Sharon, Bear Grove, Patoxa, Omega,
nnd Newton. Out of nil • this prop
erty from $200,000 to $250,000, It is
expected, ought to be realized. Ihe remainder
of the assets is In largo claims, which will proba
bly eventually bring $300,000. When this 8000,-
dl)j will ho gathered in nobody can tell, about
$200,000 of It being now In Urn courts. Among
the claims are 800,000 In the Chicago & Pacific
Railroad, a litigation In Will County with Henry
T. Miller, Involving $35,000, and there I? n claim
against the South Park Commissioners for
nearly $50,000. The liabilities ol the bank uro
$3,000,000. Already 10 per cent has been paid.
Jf the Receiver Is fortunate enough to convert
some of this property Into cash ere long, and ho
thinks he will succeed, a second dividend of 5
tfU. It I.- --
ir cent will tic paid about the Ist ot
Icr, mul within cluhteen months thereafter 10
ner ecul will bn allowed as the third dividend,—
making in nil 25 ncr cent. As things now look,
this is all that depositors con oossibly expect.
Mr. 8. C. Ward, the Receiver of the Beehive
Bank, will to-dav Rio his monthly statement in
the aupcrlor Court.
The receipts for licenses yesterday amounted
to $2,1100.
The Police Committee meets Friday, and the
Committee on Wharves and Public Grounds
The City Treasurer yesterday received $lO7
from the Comptroller, §3,500 from the Water
Department, and 83,000 from the City Col-
The Indications are that the mortality report
this week will bo more favorable, though chol
era infantum does not seem to have abated
Commissioner DeWolf proposes to be In ac
cord with Ids Honor’s policy, and to that end Is
Hearing. lie thinks a reduction of 5 per cent in
bis salary-list will make him solid.
The Mayor says positively that he will make
no change tit present In the Police Superin
tendent, but fleavey’s condition Is such that
there will doubtless bo a change within a
Inquiry was received by the Mayor yesterday
from the'United Slates Consul at. Saxony, (ler-
uanv. for Chrlstllcb Huaso.wno lived here prior
o 187 d with bis family. His friends desire to
hear irom him.
Prof. Slebel, to whom sain plea of meat from
thu eating of which o family on the West Biclu
was supposed to havn been poisoned were (riven
soma Mine ago to l>a analyzed, has comploUal
his work, and been unable to find any traces of
poisonous matter, ilo will submit his report In
a few days.
Building permits were Issued yesterday to
James Turner to erect a two-storv meat-canning
fuctorv, rear of 512 and 514 Archer avenue, to
cost $.'1,001; to Tobin & Homier, to erect a one
story bailer-shop, (o cost $2,800; to Lambert
Tree, to erect a two-story store at No. 1131 Clark
street, to cost $4,500; to Fred Hue. to erect a
two-story dwelling ut No. 144 Ruble street, to
cost $1,00(1; and to Jurrett «fc Sherman, to erect
a two-sturv wurlugo factory, corner of Jackson
and Franklin streets, to cost $5,000.
Thu Commissioner of Public Works made
some appointments yesterday. John McCarthy
was appointed llsrbor-Mosler, vice Thomas
jirown; Louis Spiegel, Water inspector, wlcc
A. J. Jinx; 11. K. Mcrrett. Assistant Water
Assessor, vice K, Coates: Thomas Dwyer, Col
lector* of Water Rents, vice D. O'Brien; P. D.
Toonov, Sidewalk Inspector, vice John P. Bean
lan; Mathew Culfcr, tender Klnzlo street
bridge, vice J. Dawson*, and Patrick Mcanoy,
leader North avenue bridge, vice F. Albrecht.
The exports in thu CUv-Hell Investigation
were at work again yesterday, mid the further
titer went thu less they saw to Justify the
charges interested parties have made. Various
individuals were on hand to point out pinholes
in the stone, and they come very near disgust
ing everybody concerned. They exhibited
nothing hut ‘ prejudice and bias, and
might have been bu’ler employed, or,
ut least, more profitably, for since
they were not Invited (hey cannot
reasonably put in a bill against thu city fur
their volunteer services. Thu Committee found
very few defects comparatively.—at least no
more than uru to be found In buildings of thu
kind,—and, although Uio work Is fur from com
plex, it is believed they will report that, while
(here ore some defects in the atoms and work
manship. there are none to make any noise
uhout. They uniformly concede the superiority
of thu cutting of tha stone, notwithstanding it
was cut out of Chicago, and souiu of them
said that the defects lu the city’s hu)( were un
worthy consideration as compared with those
in thu county’s half. Thu charges originally
were preferred by a set of mulcumuuts, and
tint result will snow that thu Council made a
mistake in paying any attention to them.
Tiic Superintendent of Police has agreed not
to reduce his orders to writing in the matter of
reducing thu pay of the force 8 per cent. It Is
claimed, as a reason, that thu men have volunta
rily asked that thu reduction lu their pay be
made, lu the absence of any proof this state
ment may be taken for what It U worth; but,
osido from this, the Superintendent's Secretary
has submitted tho result of his fletir*
lug on the question, which shows Hint
tho cool of tho Department to July
1 was #417,000, while for tho next, sis months It
will bo $217,000. In other words, ihc patrol
men. for Instance, are to be cut olt $3.75 per
month, aud thereby SOO,OOO which has been ap
propriated to pav tliem (a to bo saved and taken
over to next year,-*-ln other words, tho 5 per
cent ther give up U to bo allowed to accumulate
In the Cltv Treasurer’s hands few him to draw
Interest on, ami a year from now Is to be added
to the appropriation.
The Mayor stales his reasons for retrenching
as follows: , .. ..
The total valuation of the property In the city
last year was $181,000,000, ou which an assess
ment of 2 80-100 i>cr cenUee was levied, giving
the amount of the levy as $3,111,(51.23, which
Includes $075,000 paid out for interest. Exclu
sive of the interest tne percentage of the total
valuation would bo 2.83, or a levy of $3,102,-
757.28. Now, hosald, as there will be only 2 per
cent lory ou Uie total valuation next year, they
will have to save .83 porjeent on the amounts ex
pended this vear on the same valuation ns the
year tho levy for general purposes would
amount to $2,020,000. and, Including Interest,
$8,203,000, which would be about $480,000 lees
than they have control of this year. Hus -> per
cent will go lu next year to save the Issuing of
next year’s scrip. So the Mayor says while he
will have to be economical now, b* will have to
bo more so next vear.
Certificates for Judges and clerks of tho lato
Judical election are now being prepared, and
well be Issued about Aug. 1.
Insane cases, of which there are ten on the
docket, will bo taken uo lo the County Court
this morning. In the afternoon Judge Loomis
will hear motions.
The Coroner yesterday rcplovincd on about
30.000 ctgara, part of tho stock of 8. Bookman,
of No. 178 Randolph street, now In charge of
Deputy-Shcrlll Shocnlngcr.
Tho Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific Railroad
vesterday paid the County Treasurer Its taxes
for 1878, amounting to 828,108. Of this amount
84.000 was for county tax, and $7,000 of the
total was In city scrip.
In the County Court yesterday, Mary A.
Fields, os administrator of Michael W. 1* lelds,
began suit for trespass, damages SI,OUO, against
William U. and Lewis A. Clark. Charles M.
ilanlv began a similar suit against F. i'. Cole,
also for $1,003.
“Dr.” 11. 11. Palmer was arrested yestenlay
on the indictments found by the Grand Jury
last week against him for larceny, swindling,
mid practicing medicine without a license. Ho
was arraigned, oloadcd “not guilty,” and went
to Jail, the trial being set for to-morrow.
’■eslcrday the jury brought In n sealed verdict
In the appeal case token by Frank Humphreys
from the decision of a South Evanston Justice
who fined him two separate sums of S3OO for
selling liquor without license. The jury fired
tho penalty at $54.10 and $25 In the two eases.
In the same Court Moses ladbenstcin was ad
judged tho father of Rosa Steiger’s Infant, and
tho usual order was made.
Albert Wortell pleaded “ guilty ’’ to a charge
of burglary and was remanded for sentence.
Frank Clark was tried for larceny; jury out.
The ease of John Crow and William Young,
charged with burglary, is on trial.
Tbo esses against Lundqvlst, the Cottage
Grove avenue tailor, and his alleged confeder
ates, have been passed to tho September term.
Judge Tuloy. silting in the Criminal Court,
fined Do Witt C. McLain, a Constable, SSO for
withholding money received by him in virtue of
his office, and in compliance with tbo statute
entered an order declaring tho delinquent for
ever ineligible to bold any office of trust or
jroflt in the State of Illinois. Mr. McLalu bad
jotter go West.
Tlic members of the County Hoard appear to
be almost unanimous in their determination to
have the Sinning fund of lU.OOO Invested In the
5 per cent Court-House bonds. The Countv
Attorney has already (riven his opinion t hut such
investment would be in accordance with law.
nnd nothin); stands In the way of snch an Invest
ment of the surplus funds except the County
Treasurer's fear that Ids successor may possibly
call upon him for the cash and refuse to accept
bonds in lieu thereof. To meet this objection, it
is contemplated to submit an ocrccd
case to the courts, and the County Attorney has
been directed to make a formal demand upon
the Treasurer to so invest the money, nnd to
confer with Mr. McCrca’s attorneys with a view
to the preparation of such agreed case.
Mr. Senne, President of the County Board,
informal a reporter of The Tiuuunb yesterday
that tie was strongly In favor of the proposed
method of Invcstini! the Sinking Fund. By so
doiii)! over 900,000 will be saved to the county
between this and the year 1891. when the
Sinking Fund will be required for the
extinction of the debt which it was
created to meet. As It stands, the money lies
idle in bank, or, Jlf used, the county demos
no bcncllt from it. Mr. Senno also looks favor
atdv noon the proposition to issue the remain-
Inj! - Court-House bonds in small lots to cult
homo investors. Since July 1 it has been al
lowable to issue the bonds In ns tow denomina
tions as $95, the minimum prior to that date
having been SIOO. There are yet $150,000 worth
of the bonds to place, nnd alter investing the
Sinking Fund this would leave about SIO,OOO for
issuance. No doubt ten times this amount
could be readily placed at i moderate premium
If proper facilities were offered the public for
obtaining them.
The Sub-Treasury disbursements yesterday
amounted to SIOI,OOO.
John Hitt, Deputy Collector of Customs, has
been 111 for two or three days and confined to his
Speclol-Aeent J. A. Rowman, of the St. Louis
cilice, is on n visit to this cllr, und Is being hos
pitably entertained by (be Special Agents In Ibis
The Internal-revenue receipts yesterday at
Collector Harvuv’s alike tooted up $35,834. Of
the amount, $31,000 was for lux-paid spirits,
$3,807 from tobacco and cigars, and $330 (or
Commencing with the coming Sunday, the re
tail stamp department at Hie Post-Office will bo
open regularly every Sunday from 10 a. m. un
til 4p. in. The oilier hours will remain as at
present, the box delivery from 10 to 13, and the
carrier delivery from 11 to 12 a. m.
Senator John A, Logno spent n goodly portion
of yesterday afternoon In Collector Harvey’s,
private audience, counseling with the Collector
or the preservation of the nation’s Integrity
nml the welfare of the State. At least that’s
what the consultation was given out to he, ami
locked and impenetrable doors stand In the wav
of a more specific and partleularaccouutof what
was said und done.
The local and visiting whisky men came to
gether again yesterday at me Palmer House
mid labored on the composition of Unit petition
or statement of their grievances on the “ leak
age ” question. It Is understood Hint this docu
ment Is about ready, with the exception of tlm
finishing touches, and that Dr. Hush and Mr.
Woollier will bo deputfd to carry It to Wash
ington, tied around their waists in sections, to
the end that no reporter shall gut bold of It un
til Us presentation at headquarters.
There wore no further arrests yesterday In tho
match-bond ease, although, if rumors count
for anything, there will bo something more hi
Unit Hue before long. Tim Mr. Phlncus Aver,
who was at first supposed to bo an InUnglblu
invih, but who now turns out to be a man In the
llesb, with a portion ot tlm swag presumably In
his koeutng or under his control, has been run
down somewhere or other, and his “pinching”
and arrival (n this city, where ho is rather
wanted at present, may come about In a few
weeks. If not a few days, if another rumor Is
to be believed, lightning may strike somewhat
nearer homo before that time.
Tim umouTßiiuits.
The attempt to secure a redaction of Urn
hours of daily labor to debt has been started
by tho furniture workers, ami the experiment U
progressing, though slowly. At a meeting of
ope of tho Unions the other night resolutions
were udooted binding the members to push the
attempt to secure the desired reduction. From
all pint could be learned yesterday lu
conversation with some of Urn furul
tore dealers und maoufaeturers and some
of the workingmen, It appears that the
latter arc determined to go at the thing in a
peaceable, decent manner, without resort to a
strike, If It con be avoided. To this end, they
have made agreements with several of the man
ufacturers. including BucgCis BelersdorlT, Henry
Calm Co., Bastelmau & Co., Mutuahs, Craig
& Co., F. Moyer & Co., and others, to work hut
eight hours day, and they hope to win over the
other manufacturers before long. There are
about Huy,* of them lu the city, and
Ilf a majority can be persuaded to
mske the agreement, the experiment will
prove a success, the others being expected to
follow suit, voluntarily or through compulsion.
This U tho only condition under which a strike
may bo expected—tins holdlmroutot a few of the
smaller concerns. If only.a lew firms, and not a
majority, can be Induced to come Into the agree
ment, the effort will probably no allowed to
drop.. It appears that the .manufacturers who
have entered Into the agreement thus far hnvq
done so with tho feeling that it will be of mutual
benefit lo themselves and to the workingmen,
because, under the loss-hours system, they will
tie able to hire those at present out of work
and keep tip the production, or even Increase U.
Tho thing Isn't as clearly explained to an out
alder ns It might be, but the manufacturers
probably Know what is for their Interest, and
uqo of them yesterday assured a reporter that
there was no “right hours’ work for ton hours
pay" about It, but that It waif an equitable mm
mutually satisfactory arrangement winch
would enable the manufacturers to produce
ns much as they arc now producing, u not
more, give their present employes more time
for themselves, and niton! employment to those
now out of work. It is sold that several more
manufacturers will come Into the arrangement.
met at Maskell Hall last evening, lo consider
the proposition of striking for higher wages, Im
pelled by tho fact that they had learned through
the papers that the plasterers of St. Louis
were on a strike. The plasterers hero nave
been nmt are receiving $3.50 per day, while In
the Tillage across the bridge they are receiving
only $2, Imt they think that if 9t. Lonls plaster
ers strike for $2.50 Hint they are justified In de
manding on advance over them. These were
the Ideas animating the meeting, and
they were carried out. Thera were about
300 persons prevent, mid they were very
naturally all of one mind. They wanted mow
money, which Is a universal complaint, ami In
the consideration of their Interests the eieht
hour question cut no figure whatever. It had
some friends, and It was discussed whether a
reduction of hours or Increase of pay should
Pa the desideratum, but amounted to nothing,
for the cry waa for more money. The
meeting lasted until midnight, mid
the result, brielly slated, was that it was
agreed with .great unanimity to strike
Monday for on Increase of wages from $2.50
to $3. There was some feeling against the
move because some regarded It as Impracticable,
but the details cannot bo given for the reason
that Uic proceedings woro supposed to bostrict-
Iv private. There Is scarcely a doubt, however,
but ther wilt demand the increase, and rcfusalo
work unless they get It.
F. Ilsnlcsstle.N. Y. n.M.Parmenlor,B.Kran.
W.H.Dodee, Mishawaka. T.Y.McCnlloh.Kanka'c.
II.T. Harris. Si. Louis. James Taylor, Detroit,
J.Teller, Philadelphia. B.M.Johnson.N.Orle n*
11. J.Caaßady,Omaha. J.Joscphs, Cincinnati.
palmer house.
W.n.Smttb. Ansttn,Tex. (Chas.P.Barr. flLLoa s,
T. n. Mnben, Washington. W.T. Slant. Los Ancelcs.
W.V. Harrison, Toronto. F. Patterson, fit. Pan..
W. J. Pettigrew, S. Fran. J. Doolittle. Lincoln. Neb
J, n. Ford, Cheyenne, [Dc. A. 11. Thompson, I’rl’n
n. Rldgely, Springfield. ]L. U.Wfullolch.Cllnt’n.Ta
F, E. Dav, New York. W.K.Raymond, N.Can’n
W. tl. Stacy. Ilrock’n, MasAV. I*. Dustin, Boston.
I. L. Bobbins, Rochester. W. It .Dawson, Cincinnati
J. IL Olney, Clinton.
J.P.O.Foster, NcwYorkJA. F.. UnnHntr. Boston.
W. P. Stewart, London.'C. L. Frost, Now lork.
W. Flanklnton, Mlhv’kc M. 8. Patrick, Oinabn.
C.lt.Uiackader, Montr'al J.S. Lloyd. Philadelphia.
J.C.Osgood, Dnrllnßton.lW.McDonald, Kan. City.
1 Frank Darker, Rochelle.
F.. Sheldon, Now York,
ill. Milner. Arkansas.
J. 0. Perkins, Toledo.
{Henry Carr,Bt. Louis.
A.B. Lynch. Milwaukee.!
P, Cas«fdy, Prescott, Ark. I
A.Milner, Prescott, Ark. I
K.C.Manning, Louisville.
W. P. Blacks tone, Gen's’o! I
Over the Democracy of the State stands tho
uncertain shadow of 1880. At present the ques
tion Is not so much whether Tlldcn, Thurman,
Bayard, or Davis shall bo the national standard
bearer. Tho conundrum is, What shall bo donh
to neutralize tho baleful cfleets of tho extra
Congressional session 'which closed a few dava
ago, and what steps must be taken In tho coun-
ties this fall to wold again the discordant ele
ments and give the party tho “ boom,” which It
so much requires! Each county In the
State will elect the coming November
a Treasurer and Surveyor, and in this
county there are to bo chosen, in
addition, .ono Superior Court Judge, Clerk of
the Superior Court ami five County Commis
sioners. There Is on urgent need for numerous
Democratic victories in 1 the State,—not so much
on account of the spoils, which ore compara
tively trivial, but to give the party confluence
for the (all of next year. To tho Legislature of
1830-’Bl will he delegated tho dulv of making a
now rcdlstrlcilng of the State for Congressional
apportionment. Of the flfty-onc members of the
Senate, twenty-six hold over. Of these Ihcro
are lUtocn Republicans, ten Democrats, and ono
Socialist. To glvo the Democracy the control
of Doth Houses, they must elect sixteen Sena
tors and soventv-soven Representatives. In the
last Legislature’they had twenty-four of tho
former and sixty of the latter, though tho ten
Greonbackcrs more frequently voted with them
than with the Republicans.
To toko a blrd’s-cvo view of the situation, as
it were, n conference of prominent Democrats
from various parts of the State was held Tues
day evening in n secluded room in the Sherman
House. There were present Washington Arm
strong of LaSalle, James Herrington of Kane,
Luther Dearborn of Macon, George C. Har
rington of Iroquois, A. L. Knapp ot Sangamon,
D. C. Taylor of Kankakee, H. R. Enoch of
Winnebago. Ilcnrv Ricigcly and Thomas H.
Campbell, both of Sangamon. A number of
local lights, including the evor-falthtul John
Forsyth, weru also In attendance.
It is needless to say that the situation was
thoroughly discussed from every possible stand-
K-„ and' in the course ot the discussion some
attention was paid to the condition of thu
Democracy In this county. Harrison’s would-be
leadership was unauhnouslv pronounced n fail
ure, and thu necessity for throwing him
orerboard was made so apparent that,
when tho caucus came to a close,
not one of tho politicians present
felt thu slightest Inclination to admit him ns a
factor In nnv movement or combination lhu»
might bo ma'uo towards tho unlilcatlon ot thu
P Along discussion was held on the Issues to bo
presented before thu people, and, after several
readings of thu bill of rights and other scelluns
of the Constitution, both National and Slate, It
was unanimously concurred lu that the ques
tions of the right to bear onus—a aop to the So
cialists—and (he freedom of the ballot—a howl
In favor of tho useful, but not, ornamental,
“ stuffer,” should bo presented as Hie vital Is
sues of the campaign. Un these the leaders pro
pose to slake tlielr lives, their fortunes, and
their sacred honor. ...
Another caucus of representatives from all
parts of (he Stulo will ho bold in the course of a
few weeks.
of Lumbermen was held In the ladles’ ordinary
.of thcTrcmout [louse yesterday, commencing
at 10 o’clock a. in.
The meeting was called to order by Mr. W. H.
Judsnn. of lowa City, la., the President of the
Among the delegates present were J. T.
Dates, Danbury, Coun.: P. Disbop, Sheldon,
III.; W. A. Bryant, Grundy Centro, la.; Ellas
Uoruy, Dixon, 11).; J. W. Booth, Ghana. HI.;
H. Cadlc, Princeton, Mo.; M. Crura, Former
City, ID.; H. N. Dickson, Areola, 111,; N. F.
Dalton, Vincennes, Ind.; William Doakon,
Sbahbonle, 111.} W, P. Dolor, Bradford, JU.;
J. K. Eagle, Momencc, III.; It. 8.
Kakln, Manlto, III.; Mr. Ford, Watertown,
Wu. W. A. Holder. Sterling. HI.; F. M. Clif
ford, Medina, Mo.; Thomas Gilmore, Macomb,
HU; H. C. Gorrletis, Greenville, 111.; 0. IU Ir
win, Peru, Ind.; S. W. King. Marshall, Wls.;
A. B. Kipp, Minonk, HU*. Silos Mnun, Oregon,
HU; F. 8. Muuson, State Centre, la.; William
Moure. Waterman. HU; McKinney A Co., U
Faso, HU; W. McDonald, Carrolloir, Mo.: U.
O’Connor, Batavia, Hi.: John W. Porter, lowa
City; Henry lUdgcly, Sprjngflohl, HU; W.O.
Kavmoud, Peru, Ind.: D. 8. Stanley, Dixon, HU;
S.D. Saxo, Bird's Bridge, HU; P. T. Snreeker.
Mt. Morris, Hi.; A.TI. Trego, lloopstown. 111.:
(i. H. Tyler, Newton, Kan.; J. Teople, Maren
go. HU; >l!Truby, bird’s Bridge, HU; 8. B.
Walton, Clifton, nl.} T. W. Wllmarllu Crown
1 The annual reports of the President and Sec
retary were read and adopted. These reports
embraced topics of general Interest to the
traftc, and show a snllafudorv condition of the
lumber Interests. The membership of the As
sociation, according to the report of the Secre
tary, foots ud 718. . , , . ,
The rest of the morning session was devoted
to the consideration of various proposed amend
ments to the constitution, ami their reference
to appropriate coraiqliteee.
At the afternoon session the work of revising
the by-laws w as resumed. 4 .
It was made the duty of theSccretanr to pub
lish weekly lists of new members la addition to
a full list every moptb. , . . .
fa the case of wuolesaler* shipping Into terri
tory occupied by dealers, it i* required that
sucu wholesaler shall osy Hie required compen
sation ou notice, and, la case of refusal, that
member# of the Association sbslt ho bound not
to deni with such Arms. Lumber sold to
manufacturers and railroad or transportation
companies Is excepted from Ihli rule.
Thu ycorlv dues were advanced from fJ to fR,
and an article added defining the qualifications
lor membership. _ .
A resolution was adopted to the effect that
the Association will demand compensation for
lumber sold by wholesale dealers within five
miles of the Court-House, and not consumed.
Tim article m relation to the election or Di
rectors was changed so ns to make them eligible
for terms of one, two, and three years.
A provision was also made recognizing sloe
tracks within six miles of the yard of auv mem
ber ns within bis jurisdiction.
The election of olllcers was Uten taken up,
resulting as follows: President, Henry Ladle,
Princeton, Mo.; Vice-President, ,T. K. Engle,
Momcnce, 111.5 Secretary, IV. B. Judson;
Directors, H. N. Dixon, Areola, 111., and A. 11.,
Trego, Uonpstown, Ml., otic year:/. W. Porter,
lowa City, la., and 8. W. King. Marshall, VWs.,
two years; F. 8. Munson, State Centre, la., oud
W. A. Ooldcr. Slerllne, 111., throe years.
The newlv-ciccied President deuvored an ad
, dress, and 'the Convention adjourned sine die
alter passing a vole o! thanks to Col. .John A.
nice, of the Tremont House, ami to the retiring
At Iho conchislon of this meeting the Board
of Directors held a session and considered a
number of eases referred to them for settle-
The Convention will meet again in this city
the second Wednesday In July, 1»0.
The Lake Bluff Sunday-School Assembly will
commence Its fourth anaaal meeting July 15 at
Lake Bluff continuing until Jnlv 25. The Her.
John Williamson la Superintendent; the Her.
A. W. Patten, Secretary. Tho exercises will
begin Tuesday evening, July 15, with addresses
by the members of the Sunday-School Commit
tee and others, with vocal nnd Instrumental
music. Tho children's meeting and Sunday
school teachers’ conference will follow tho
next morning. Prof. Sarah Hackott ’Stevenson,
>l. I)., will lecture on “Tho Physiological Basis
of Kducntlon.’’ Leonard Swelt will lecture on
“Abraham Lincoln,” and tho Rev. H. W.
Thomas will speak on “Sociology.”
Thursday will bo opened with a children's
meeting, and the Rev. W. F. Crafts will lect
ure on “Bible l Illustration.” Dr. Charles
A. C. Gnrusoy will offer a popular lecture on
“Chemistry.” On Friday, July 18, Judge E.
R. Paige will favor the meeting with Ida able
lecture on tho “Origin and Growth of Worlds."
The Rev. Arthur Little will speak on “1 he Re
lation of the Sunday-School to Church Life." In
the morning Judge Paige will lecture on the
“Origin and Development of Life." Prof. J.
8. Jewell, M. D., will lecture July 19, on the
“Bralu and How to Caro for It." Prof. D.
Jlcnelo will speak on “Solomon’s Temple and
Jerusalem." ... , ,
Bishop Andrews will deliver tho sermon Jnly
80. In the evening there will be a love-feast.
Monday. July 81, Judge Paige speaks on
“Other Worlds nnd Their Inhabitants.” Prof,
Jewell lecture on tho “Brain as the Instrument
of Thought ami Feeling.” In the evening Prof.
J. N. Danforth will lecture on “Microscopy,”
by oxy-brdrogon light.
Mrs. Jennie F. Wllllngwill lecture on “David
and Homer,” Tuesday, July 22, nnd Lleut-Gov.
William Dross will lecture on “Across the Con
tinent.” Prof. 11. 8. Corhsrt will deliver an
Illustrated lectnro on “Light” In Uie evening.
Wednesday, July SB, tho Rev. It L. Dnshlel,
D. D., will lecture on “Winter In Mexico,”
Prof. 11. 8. Carhnrt will speak on “Electricity."
nnd the Rev. A. EL. Gllloit on tho place of the
Sunday-school In the culture demanded by tho
Thursday, July 24. Prof. Edmund Andrews,
M. D., will lecture on “ Genesis and Geology,”
and the Hoy. R. D. Sheppard on “A Tour
Through Palestine by Calcium Light.”
Friday, July 25, the last day, the Rev. W. M.
Blackburn will lecture, and the Rev. It L.
Dinhlol will speak on “A Situation Wanted by
a Gentleman’s Son.” . . ...
The meeting will close with a vocal and In
strumental concert.
lake freights.
Grain freights were a Jlttlo stronger yester
day, hut no advance over previous rotes was ob
tained. It Ls expected that the rise In wheat
will enable carriers to obtain 3c on corn and 3J£c
on wheat to-day. Engagements yesterday wero
as follows: To Buffalo— Prop Vanderbilt, corn
through to Boston nt 11c. To Kingston—Schrs
J. Wade, wheat, and Nellie Wilder, corn; also
sehisK. Kolloy. J. R. Noyes, Jamaica, nndE.
Blake, corn nt -Me. To Montreal—Prop Scotia,
wheat at OJfc. Capacity, 81,000 bu wheat and
150,000 bu corn. , ,
At the Lurahep-Vcssel-Owncrs’ Association
ofllco yesterday the following charters were re
ported s Schr C. H. Hacklcy, cedar posts,from
Masonvlllo to Milwaukee, [email protected] each; schr
Moselle, wood and bark from Cross Village to
Chicago, $1.03)1 per cord; and tho schr Lucy J.
Clark, dry lumber from Point St. Ignaco to
Chicago, SI.OO per 1,000 foot.
Pont Huron, Mich., July o.—Up—Props Hen
ton, Sanilac, Missouri and barges, Cormorant
and consort, Ohio and barge*; etmr W. H* Clin
ton; schrs Otonabeo, Clara 11. Moore.
Down—Props Superior and consort, and
Charles Hlnckly, Annie Smith, with consort and
schr M. Stalker; schrs F. L. Danfortfa, Fleet
wlnir, O. 8. Warralngtoo, C. 11. Johnson, W. B.
Ogdon, Delaware, D.T. Dobbins, Cossack. Peno
kcc, J. Bigler, John M. Hutchinson, Elizabeth
Wind—Southwest, light; weather fine.
Port Huron, July o—lo p. m.—Up—Props
Arizona, City of Now York, Asia, Nombcrg,
Sntlra and barges, Sheldon and consort; schrs
New Hampshire, George Erwin, St. Clair, Aunt
Ruin. E. M. Carrington, Ncgnuuee.
Down—Props St. Joseph, K. W. Bconctt and
barges; sehrs Prince Edward. A. J. Dowoy,
New Dominion, 8. H. Foster, Wend the Wove,
■ plcrpont, Brooklyn, Edward Harmon.
Wind—Southwest, light; weather cloudy.
Buffalo, N. Y., July o.—Charters—Freight
was more freely offered to-day. The schr W,
H. Dakos was taken for Bloom Iron to Cleve
land nt 40c f. o. b.; F. M. Knapp, 700 tons coal
to Milwaukee, 50e; John Wesley, coal, do;
George Murray, Aona Vougbt, coal to Chicago
50c; Sea Gull, salt to Cleveland, 4c per brl;
Thomas P. Sheldon, coal to Chicago 45c free.
Cleared— Prop Milwaukee, mdse, Idaho,
mdse, Chicago: China, nidic, Duluth; schrs
tV. 11. Cades, 231 tons Iron oro, Cleveland;
David Vance, 1,100 tuns coal, Helvetia, 1.583
tom coal, F. M. Knapp, 700 tons coal, Milwau
kee; M. P. Barkalow, Ashtabula*. William
Home, 200 tons molding sand, Detroit; Gcorgo
Murray, 1,230 tous coal, Chicago; barges Supe
rior, Hattie, Marino City; R. J. Carney, T. 11.
Orton, Saginaw; Boscobel, Bay City.
McCarty cot there yesterday. The great pres,
sure that has been brought to bear on Commis
sioner Waller placed him In Capt. Drown 1 * posi
tion as Harbor-Master. Yesterday Aid. Smyth,
who wan electedbvthe Dopubllcans In the Ninth
Ward, was busying himself about the Mayor
and Commissioner in endeavors to force the ap
pointment of McCarty, Democrat. It is said
that Aid. Smyth is under certain political obli
gations to giro McCarty a boost, and he Is not
ulone Is his efforts. CspU Brown, who was a
very olllelcnt ofllcer, was nominated for the
place by Uodroond PrlndlTillc, a Democrat, who
was President of the old Board of Public
mxcfat puoateh in 7T>* Tribun*.
Ci.BVfii.AiiD, July o.—Vessels chartered to
day—scow J. W. Porter, coal, Cleveland to Am
herstburg; sclirs Acacia, coal, Black River to
St. Catherines at 40c; sebr Granger, ore, Mar
quette to Cleveland at 85c; sebr Crocker, cargo
old rails, Sarnia to Cleveland at 00c; sebr F. J.
King, canto of ore from Eseonaba on private
terms; sebr J. 11. Molllor, Iron ore from Mar
quette ou private terms.
Bridospout, July o.—Arrived—First Na
tional, Bird’s Bridge, 0.200 bu corn; prop Im
perial, Seneca, 4,000 bu corn; Harriet, Seneca,
0,500 bu com; Lily, Seneca, 0,500 bu oats;
Phmnlx, Lock port, 0,400 tm com.
Cleared—Monitor, Morris, 29.420 feet lumber;
Monte Christo, Ottawa, 79,078 foot of lumber.
[Special ZHmUch to 7*e IWftan*.
Mllwadkbb, July o.—No charters to-day.
Arrived ichrs Columbian, Myosotls.
Capto. Blackburn, Bates, and T. Miller held a
surrey on the partially-burned prop Scotia
(Canadian), and estimated that complete re-
palfN would cost from 12,000 to 03,000. Tempo
rnry repairs have been mode, and tho veßßc! is
fists to ro to Kingston and back to 81. Cfllna*
Special fiiipateh to The matins.
Port Comiornb, Onl., July o.—Passed up—
Bchr F. O. Leighton. Oswego to Chicago, coal.
Down—Nothing, wind—Southwest, fresh.
Dredging continued around tho stranded schr
Gardner at Lincoln Park yesterday.
The schrs J. V. Jones and Perry Hanna are la
Miller Bros.’ drydock haying leaks slopped.
The schrs Onoonta, J. W. Jones, and Co
manche arrived yesterday wtlh coal from bo-
l0 Cnpt. John Sellers, a well-known tugmon,
died night before lost at bis mother’s residence
on West Lake street. , . ,
The schr Oracle M. Filer had several stanch
lons broken yesterday by bumping Into the
abutment of Polk street bridge.
The schr J. H. Mead got aground in the South
Branch yesterday, and the tnc G. R. Green ran
into her and knocked a hole In her stern.
The following were the arrivals and octtial sail
ings at this port for the twentj-four hours end
ing at 10 o’clock last nlcht:
Prop 0. ITnrlbot, Buffalo. cool. N. 8. Gas-HonßOi
PropC. Helix. Manistee, lumber, Lake street.
Prop Lake Kile, Colhngwood, sundries, Wells
Prop Skj Lark. Ilcnton, sundries, State street.
Prop Messenger. Denton, sundries, Btnto street.
Prop Swallow, Muskegon, lumber. Stetson slln.
ProoM. Oroh, South Heron, sundries, State street.
Prop Favorite, Menominee, towing. Jtnsh street.
Prop «. Campbell. Krle, sundries, Clark street.
Prop Now Kra. Grand Haven, towing. Hush street.
PropT. W. Snook, While Lake, lumber, State
Prop St. Albans. Cleveland, sundries. Clark street.
Simr Alpena, Muskegon, sundries. Hush street.
Btmr Corona. St. .Too, sundries, posh street.
Htmr Chicago, Manitowoc, sundries. Bush street
Hchr Northerner, Buffalo, coal, North Halstcd
ScbrJohn Mark,Manistee, lumber,Twelfth street,
Hchr Watertown, Charlotte, coal. Adams street.
TngHagerman. Milwaukee, lowing, Clark street.
Bear 11. D. Moore, Muskegon, lumber. Market.
Bchr.l. W. I)oano, Buffalo, coal. Twelfth street.
Bchr Paulino, Muskegon, lumber, Market.
Bcbr Ida, Muskegon,lumber, Market.
Bchr Halo Lyons, Muskegon, lumber, Market.
Bcbr O. mater. Buffalo, cos , Ogden Canal.
Bchr Comanche. Buffalo, coal. Central Wharf.
BcbrG. M. Filer, Muskegon, lumber, Mason Slip.
SchrJ. H. Mead, Menominee, lumber, Stetson
Bchr Muskegon, Inmbor, Rush
street. , , ....
Bchr Ostrich, Baumlco, lumber, Market.
Bchr Oncontn. Buffalo, coal. Van Daren street.
Scbr 0. W. Wcscott, Frankfort, lumber, Twelfth
Menominee, Imaber, Stetson
Bchr T. Si Bronson, Menominee, lumber, Mason
Bchr BnTchcr Boy, Menominee, lumber, Mason
Schr American Union, Menominee, lumber, Rush
street. , ,
Schr C. 11. Weeks, Eric, coal, no order.
Bchr (4. L. Beaver. Muskegon, lumber, Market.
Bchr City Woodatock, Sturgeon Bay, lumber, Mar
SchrS. A. Irish, Grand Haven, lumber. Mud Lake.
SchrAtaunto, Grand Haven, lumber, Stetson B p.
Schr Montpelier, Grand Haven, lumber, Allen
ScbrC. Rortb, Muskegon, lumber, Market.
Schr Nellie Wieder, Cleveland, grain.
Schr Two Brothers. Manistee, light.
Bchr C. Harrison, White Lake, atone.
Schr Bardina, Muskegon, sundries.
SchrM.E. Cook. Manistee, light*
Hchr Four Brothers. Manistee, light.
Schr Minerva. Muskegon, light.
BchrE. M. Stanton. Manistee, light
Prop C. Blew, Manistee, light,
Schr Four Brothers, Manisioe, light.
Schr Eveline Bates, Muskegon, light
Schr House Simmons, Muskegon, light
Schr Ida, Muskegon, light.
Schr Ivor Lawson, Muskegon, light
Schr Levi Grant, Muskegon, light.
Prop Mike Ciroh, Muskegon, light
Schr Baemo. Manistee, light.
SchrMaJ. N. 11. Ferry. White Lake, light.
Prop Colorado, Buffalo, sundries.
Schr Mury Amanda. Grand Haven, light.
PropC. Illckox, Muskegon, sundries.
Schr \V. Loutlt. Manistee, light.
Prop Osweeatchle, Cleveland, sundries.
Schr J. P. Do Condres, Ventura, light.
Prop Swallow, Muskegon, sundries.
SchrH. P. Wilson. Packard’s, sundries.
Prop Beotia, Montreal, sundries.
PropT. W. Snook, White Lake, sundries.
Hchr K. M. Portch. Manistee, light.
Schr North Cane, Manistee, light
Prop Arabia, Buffalo, sundries.
Stmr Corona, St. Joe, sundries.
Stmr Alpena, Muskegon, sundries.
Stmr Chicago, Manitowoc, sundries,
Pron Skylark. Benton Harbor, sundries.
Prop Messenger, Benton Harbor, sundries.
ftxdat DltpaUA to Tht Tribune.
New York, July o.—The Tima bays that
when tho fact become known this afternoon
that Manton Marble had again become a married
man, his friends at tho clubs laughed and
groaned by turns. Mr. Marble had been a
widower for several years, and his most Intimate
acquaintances declared that ho never inti*
mated to them in tho slightest manner
that bo intended to wed again. His friends
thought it very strange that they never cron
heard of tho lady—Mrs. A. Williams Lombard
—to whom he gave his name, and say that they
have not the slightest knowledge that she Is
possessed of a fortune, but presume that
she Is so blessed. Mr. Marble has long
borne tho reputation of being very reticent
about his private affairs. On Tuesday
afternoon ho visited tho residence of the Ilcv.
Dr. W. F. Morgan, adjoining lit. Thomas’
Church, and made arrangements for a strictly
private marriage in the church at? o’clock this
morning. A few minutes before that hour Sex
ton Williams had opened the doors of tho edi
fice and was prepared for a crush of Invited
guests, but a coach bearing Mr. Marble
and Mrs. Lombord was the only one
that rattled into the street, and
the wending procession consisted merely of Mr.
Marble and Mrs. Lombard. Tho Rev. Mr. Mor
gan was promptly on time, and within a few
moments Mr. Marble and Mrs. Lombard wore
pronounced husband and wife. Then they re
entered their coach, ami, according to tho best
information that could bu obtained, tiie happy
couple sailed on (ho French steamship Pereira
for Havre at OsJJO.
Futcial Plsua'ch lb The Tribune,
Marietta, Go., July O.—A romantic mar
riage took place hero last ulght. Mr. Hantly,
of La Orange, uud Miss Richardson, of Marietta,
had been betrothed for a long time. Through
the opposition of her parents, it Is said, the Indy
broke her engagement ami engaged herself to
a Marietta gentleman. She was to have mar
ried him last night, the trousseau and all being
readv. Iluutly, bearing of tho approaching
wedding, went to Marietta Saturday mid plead
ed his old cause. She would not yield, und he
hsd gone to the depot to leave when a note was
handed him. This elated Llmtsbo had relented,
mid would murrv him. He remained over,
eloped with her to Atlanta, and was married
there. All tlm parties stand high la society.
The affair creates great excitement.
/Special Dispatch to Tht JVfftun*
Cleveland, 0., July o.—This evening a large*
1; attended meeting, Irrespective of party, wua
hold hero for the purpose of taking action look
ing towards the formation of a branch of the
Honest-Money League of the Northwest. The
gathering was attended by some of the most
prominent Republicans and Democrats of the
city, and was called to order by Col. John Hay,
who, in doing so, made a few stirring remarks
appropriate to 'the occasion. Jorvy ftl. Adams
was called upon to preside, and, In taking the
chair, also insde a short but able speech. Thom*
as 111. Nlchol, Secretary of the llonost*Munoy
League of the Northwest, followed »ltb one of
his instructive talks on the money question, after
which Vlrgle I*. Klein addressed tuu meeting.
M. L. Scuadcr, of Chicago, was present, and
made a few remarks. A committee was op*
pointed to make arrangements for a permanent
organization of a branch of the League, to meet
at the call uf the committee.
Picturesque Altitude of Carter.
U’mAinfffon (/). C.) utuuuuo m.
Carter Harrison. well known iu Washington
as the friend (I) of our Marine Band. liusmadca
magnlQcent failure as Mayor of Chicago, lie
bad auventv offices to give out when no was
elected, unit there were at least two thousand
aopltcantn for them. Doing accustomed to
spread a paucity of brains over a large area of
pretended statesmanship, Carter did not heal*
tale to attempt to make these offices “go
around 11 among his friends. The end of it all
Is that when the blanket covers bis bead, bis
feel aud legs are uncovered, and vice verso.
Tho appearance of Carter with his feet and legs
bare is simply ami horrifyingly appalling, llcucs
tho verdict that bo Is a failure.'
Those who wish to mftKe their delicacies enjoya.
We. will make use of Dr. Price’* Special Flavoring
Extracts—Vsnllts, Orange, etc..
Pare Candy, and Poor Candy—For the former,
oto Dawson's; for tne latter, go elsewhere. '
TmlUestlon, dysnepsta, nervous prostration. and
all forms of general debility relieved by lakln*
Mensman’s PcplonUcd Hoof Tonic, toa-onlr
preparation of beef containing Us entire nutritious
wouortlcs. It la not a more stimulant like the ex
ract* of beef, but conUlns bloocl-makintf. force
generating, and llfo-«u«lalnlnv properties; Is In
valnnblc In oil enfeebled condition*, whether the
result of cxhansllon, nervous prostration, over
work. or nctuo diseases particularly If icsnltlng
from nulmonary complaints. Caswell, Ilaxarrt «
i;o.. Proprietors, New York. For sale by drug-
Cists. • -
OUKKII—«n Hie momlncof the Blh Inst,, after*
loiir and painful Illness, In tho communion of {he
Catholic Church, In the ronfldeneo of a certain faith.
In lliu comfort oi « reasonable holy
hope. Mrs. Sophia K. Greer, la the 7lst year of hersce.
mother of fl. A. drecr, J. F. Greer, nnd Mre. tharle*
L Vunend from her late resilience.
Thnraday. atap. m.. thonco to tho «t.
pal Church, comer of Cnis and 4J u 1 7 m /*Lu,J
and friends of the family respectfully Inrlted without
and New York paper* pleaac copy.
YEtiVEKTO V—Julyß, llalllo May YelTcrton, *bc4
I year, only child of Slomlckand Mary A. Volrcrton.
Funeral from her parent*’ residence. lo<i7 Ihiitorfleiy
*t.,by carrlßßM to Calvary Cemetery at U p. m.Ju'y to.
PKCK-'Wednpsday. nn. m., Willie Bertram I‘ctfk,
only child of Katie and W. r.Bucnel’cok.aßcd e month*.
Funeral Thunday. up. m., fiy carriages to Hoiuhlll.
nUUKIC-At hl» late residence, TOt Indlanamy., July
0. at« n. in., .lames I). tlurke. aged m»yc«r«. •
Funeral Friday, July it, at io a. m.. wSt. John ■
Churcli. thence hr cars to Calvary Cemetery. Friend*
of tho family are Inrltcd.
I.ASO-IlerraonLaiig, JnlyO,
at 11 a. m., aged 34
* Funeral to lake place from residence. Ko.SOfl Cly-
Iwurn-nvl. July to, at 3 p. ro. Frtenda of docoaied
are Invited to attend.
MITCMELL-ln this city. July 7. of beart-dlieaw,
Chsrte.i K.. son of Charles It. and Mary G. Mitchell,
aged IH year*,
ari'orttand (Me.) paper* please copy.
LIKBKNSTKIN-Oo the momlna of duly P, Regina,
belayed and youngest daughter of Henry and There*®
Llebcnstcln, aged a years and:» month». . _
Funeral from law lodlsna-ar. to-day (July 10) at 3
p. m.
GlLES—Chortle J>, youngest son of John and Ellaa-
July to, at 3 p. m., from his home,
101 Fremunt-st, Friend* are Invited.
JOTCR—Wednesday, ataa. m., MlohsolJoyce, aged
funeral from his late residence, No, 31 Nebraska-st.,
Friday, ntpa. in. to Church of the Holy tomtly.whcra
High Mass will bo celebrated, thence by can to Cal
vary Cemetery. '
SELLERS—The funeral of the late Cnpt. John Bellera
takes place at 1 o'clock this afternoon from the family
residence. No. 3TB West Lake street- Carriages to
Itoschlll Cemetery.
Which should bo given to nervous, Mender,’
and debilitated persona— lnviaoratef Sedatives,
opiates, appetizers, are comparative! r useless.
The Bfstom must bo built up with n genuine tonic
In ornor to the recovery of vigor and tranquillity hr
tne nerves. A course, systematically punned, of
tho leading Inrlgornnt, Hosteller's Stomach Hit
ters, should be resorted to by those who suffer
from weak nerves and general debility. The stom
ach, always more or less dyspeptic In ca sea of nerv
ousness and losa of vitality, is toned and regulated
by thla medicine nntll the organ acts with a pre
cision akin to that of a steady-going piece of me
chanism. Complete digestion and assimilation
arc, through tho Inllncncc of tho Hitlers, followed
by a gain of vigor and flesh, and the disappear
ance of biliousness and Irregularity of the bowels,
where such exist, aa they usually do. Appetite
and sleep are then regained. .
Want Republican Club will he held nt Loehner‘l
Hall, 03d Mtlwaokce-av.. this evening. .
i. C. T. U.. in lower Farwell Ball, will bo led to*day
by Mrs. C. 11. Alton* ’
I regular monthly badness meeting at the Tremont
House to-day at into i». m. : .
»i n f:~Yj^ 9
Absolutely nuro-mado tram i.mpo Cream of Tartar,
Imported exclusively for this Powder from Mio Wlno
district of Franco. Always uniform and wholeaotno.
Sold only In cans by all Grocers. A pound can mailed
to nuy nddrcM, iioHatr* paid, on receipt of oo cents.
York. Most cheap powder* contain nlumi dnutroruus
tolioiUhi avoid them, especially whoa offered loose or
In hulk. _
ELL*iiO>, PONUStOY «fc CO.,
Auctioneers, 78 A 80 Haudolph-n.
my 11, at 0:30 «’CI«€K,
AnoUier large ulo Now and Second-hand
Parlor Suits. Chamber Beta. Diningroom Furniture,
Marblo'top Table*, n full lino of UrumdsondWooiCar*
pets, I.oudkcs, Hufas, Crockery, Glassware, Plated
ware, Pods ami Redding. and General Merchandise.
Also Furniture from private residence removed to
our store for sale.
FLIBON, POMEROY & CO.. Auctioneers,
• 7gandK)Haudolph»st.
Bv «a:o. a*, gokii & co.,
60 and tu Wabaah-av.
THURSDAY, JULY 10. at 0:30 o’clock,
boo lots oeiorted W, 0., C. c,, and Yellow Ware, 100
brltOlAMwero. 60 Decorated Toilet Beta.
Goods packed for country merchant*.
UKO. I*. GORE U CO.. Auctioneer.
Wm. a. iHnnrmis & c«..
Auctioneers, iTUKsst Uaodolph*»U
TRDRBPAY. July 10, ut man o’clock a. m.
Furniture & General Merchandise,
SATURDAY. July itt. at Qtaoo’clock a. ni.
By iu. 3i. sa:>«u:us a co.,
iso and 13d Wabaamov. t
Tbla (THURSDAY) morning. July to, at o o’clock.
JA9. I*. MnNAMAHA. AuctT.
XT jr>*| *| Can be beautifully 11VED and
V /%Xl*|% I 11 rj CLEANED and REPAIRED.
I 1111 I 1 1111 at irlilliiavxi>fni4-. gxprewud
X wUI VlUc. O. 1). COOK Ai life-
IS .II.—LuJ lea' il reue«. Baca u«l
LADIES AND UENTS.IAu.. repaired oml cleaned.
I*l I H Courts, Notaries, Lodges,
W L R «•!<•,, etc. Wax Houla for
ll I f If 1 ChifrlM £ Co.,
%| kaR bsW 7i)WashimutomSt.
If ■ IH fit | ■ H riff out (ho Union—«xprea«a to
I ■ u nil B ¥ si 1 . I wwisdr/s
UnHIU I stetSSK'**

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