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The Four For Cents Higher in
Chicago than Now
Business of the Banks—
The Fluctuations of
Tbo Products Ilhrkrts Active nrad LnvUled—-A
Pnrlber Decline in Pmislons and
But ft ‘ Decided Reaction later—Ooolor
Weather Brings More Firmness.
Government bonds were weaker in New York,
but the market In Chicago was firmer.. Until
within a week or two (he Chicago dealers have
been able for a month or iwo to supply them
selves with bomld from‘wiles by holders who
were realizing. But within the last ten days
the demand In Chicago has Improved so touch
that some of our largest dealers Imre had to
order bonds every day torn New York. The
Chicago quotations were consequently bard.
The price of 4s went down in New York to 101%
bid and 103-asked; In Chicago bankers were
paying the New York price, mid for round lota
%more. There were purehosisby dealers of
some largo Annuals at 103. The rest of the list
was unchanged. Refunding certificates were
102% bid.
In Uie foreign-exchange market rales were tbc
same. The market was barely steady, with n
liberal supply of bids. In Chicago sterling
grain-bills were 483%(n>18i for sixty-day bills,
and 48d for .sight; ami French were 522% for
sixty-day. bills, and 520 for sight. Thu actual
.Chicago rates for sterling were 465% and 487%.
In New York-the actual rates were 4SO ami
437%. The posted rates lor sterling were 4.%%
(<5486%. French bankers’ bills Were 517%@513.
Consols \vcre 0713-10 all day. The London
Time;, In commenting on the remarkable In
crease In the Bank of England's reserve In tho
last week of dune, says tho bank’s unemployed
resources have not yet reached the high total
touched, In September, IS7O, within about one
million and a half, but the total of bullion is
the largest on record, amounting to i&V
14H,835. At present there Is no reason
to think that this Immense sum will not
be, perhaps, considerably exceeded. The Now
York exchange has declined recently about 1 per
coot, which lessens the probability of shipments
from that quarter, bub In other respects what
indications there arc of the movements of tho
metal point to a lurthcr accumulation ut tills
centre. It should bo noted, however, that now
tlmfthe value of money lias sunk back In the
London market, the disposition revives among
International banks and bill-brokers to enter
Into larger operations which will tend to draw
money away. Money on the Continent is gen
erally dourer now than in London, especially In
Berlin and Vienna, where it seems to ho hard
ening. The exist ing difference In (he rates can
not, however, ul present produce any effect no
on the movements of gold.
Chtaigo bank clearings were slightly heavier
than the day before,—s3,B3o,o3o, Tho move
ment of currency to I tie country has become
moderate, but the orders from tho Interior for
the shipment of remittances to New York arc
heavy. Discounts arc only moderately active.
Rates remain ut 4,6, mid 0 per ccut oil call.
Tlmo.loans are [email protected] per cent.
A salu of $100,003 Cook County 5 per cents to
Boston parties was reported. The price paid
was 102# and Interest, less 4 per cent broker
age. Cooks uMS92 soldat 113# and Interest.
There was a much stronger feeline In the
Granger stocks. Ifeavy mirehascs were reported
of fit. Paul nnd Northwestern. Thu Now fork
operutora are now watebunr tho West and North
west with tho vigilance of cats looking for
mice. -The crops are at the critical period.
Millions of dollars in stock values are dependent
on the weather of the next few weeks. North
west, under the Impetus of New York purchases,
went up 1, to 05#; and the preferred #, to 90.
St. Paul receded at first from 63 to 61#, but
afterwards made that decline good, and gained
# more, to fl2#- The short intercut In this
stock Is almost wholly Western. The sales
'made in New* York hare not been on Eastern
account. Now York Central opened .# lower,
' at 118#. Michigan Central opened at 70, and
advanced to 71%. Lake fihoro opened #
higher, at 74#, - end advanced #, to T4><j.
Hock Island was % lower, and remained there.
Illinois Central showed the effects of the
yellow-lover scare, which did such havoc on tho
- Board of Trade, and receded from 88#—the
closing price on Thursday—to 80#. There was
a subsequent recovery to 87#. This . stock has
been a£ low this year as ?J# and aa high os 90.
Tho range last year was 71% and 87. Alton was
1 lower, at 84. Erie opened at 33, but closed ut
Tho hostile testimony given against Urn
Company in the New York Railroad Investiga
tion has not apparently hart tiic stock or the
bonds. But the stuck has failed to respond to
tho election ot Mr. Kecuo to a place in thu Ex
ecutive Committee of thu road, ur to the recov
ery of $2,000,000 trum McHenry in London. Thu
warfare between Vanderbilt and Erie for the
Boston traffic Is regarded as most Important.
Wabash advanced #, to 30, while Its worscr
half, Kansas City & Northern, declined #, ,0
17#, for tho common, the preferred making <#,
to 47#. The proposed consolidation Is criticised
as a line thing for Wabash, but the Kansas City
preferred stock Is entitled to 10 per cent divi
dends before the common gets anything, and to
an equal division afterwards, and it seems un
likely that these advantages will ha surrendered
without better compensation than thu present
scheme affords.
St. Joo advanced %, to 10%; the preferred
to BU%; Delaware «b iluilson % t to 47;
Lackawanna 3*, to 57%; Joreoy Central to
51%; and Western Union %, to 01%.
Krlo second i;old lis opened at 77%, declined
to 70%, oad closed at 77.
Northwestern (told bonds were 113% bid, ami
*Bt. I’uul Sinking Fund 7a 105%.
Id railroad bonds, In New York on Wednes
day, the leading features were Hie Erie uml To
ledo Si Wabash Issues, which wero stromter and
liigher. Erie consolidated seconds advanced
from 76% to 77)4 under purchases of $418,000,
while do funded Grroso to 70%, and reacted to
*6%, on a buslncas of $150,000. The Toledo St
Wabash Issues advanced %(#!% per cent, con
solidated convertibles selling up to 77)4;
seconds, ex coupon, to SB%; fit. Louis Division,
ex coupon, to M%; firsts, ex coupon, to 10i»%.
CJrcal Westcrus were strong, and rose to lUU
und 68 (or firsts and seconds respect
ively, both ex coupon. Kansas I'adllc,
Denver Division, trust-receipts assented
rose to 10$; Ohio ds Mississippi
cousoUdatod to 112%; do, seconds to Wi%; Bu
Louis «t Iron Mountain Grets to 110; i’udtio of
Missouri seconds to lU7; Uniuu Pacific ilrsts to
110;. fit, I’anl consolidated sinking-funds to
105%; and Winona d: fit. I'ctcr seconds to 100.
Tho last uamed afterward reacted to 105%.
Hannibal & Bt. Joseph convertibles wero notice
ably weak, declining 1% per cent, to 101%.
Hume, Watertown & Ot'deusburg consolidated
firsts fell off from 50% to 55%, and Canada
Bomhcro flrsla from bS to 87%. Lehigh Sc
Wdkesbarre consolidated assented declined I
per cent, to CB. Kansas & Texas consolidated
assented fell olt to 70%, and do seconds to 31%.
Tho contest between the Erie and Vanderbilt
for the New England trade is alluded to as fol
lows by the New York Indicator:
The purchase of a controlling Interest in the
Troy It Kuatun Itutroad by Mr. Vamlerbllt will
incresw the intensity of the railroad wur that has
prevailed during the pusiyeur between the Erie
lluilwuy. tho helawaro ic Hudson Cuual Company,
find t;UJ,UUO.OOU or liosiun capital on one aide,
sud tho New York Ceuirsi, the Poston & .Mluny,
and tho Troy &. Boston Company on the other.
The former managers have Leon com.lnu.Uiii/ u
route (rota Troy to the Uwiuac Tumid, talk'd
the Boston, lloosac Tunnel * Western Railway.
'Dlls U Intended to Rite the Erie a direct termi
nus at Boston,, by twin* mo Albany ft Sus
qnebanna rmitt from Btnaharaton to whence
uOy. then tbs now route to the tunnel. and
the Fitchburg Road t - Boeton. This would brltuf
the Erie Into direct compeUUon with the
New York Central from Buffalo and the lakca
to (he Boat. The Boston caplUUftJi litvo also he
gun bonding a rood from Boston to Greenfield,
msm., whore the Stale road I* mat, and have snr
voj ed a route west from Schenectady U> the Black
River, a parallel opposition to tlio New York Cen
tral. Hence the extent of Uio warfare has become
yerv marked and vigorous.
There is now a conflict In progress ht the cowrie
over the matter, with the advantages Him fdr in
favor of trie and the Boston people.. The latter
seem to have plenty of money, Thoy have ex
pended upward of 31,000,000 ‘for construction,
ami hare their rottlu all completed to the lloosac
Tunnel, except two miles, having paid all bills in
cash, and issued no stock." The new concern have
also procured $1,000,000 Worth of the uto»l Im
proved rolling stock, and arc now operating six
teen miles of their road for local traffic, between
Trov and Enale Bridge. There Is plenty of bust
ness for tut Iwo existing routes from Schenectady
to Bunion, out Ulo admission of the Erie to the
tunnul forms the heals of opposition.
In Boston on Tuesday Atchlnson firsts ad
vanced %, to 114; land grants were quiet at
113% bid; Atchison seconds were offered at
113%; Income eights wore quoted at 116(3108%.
Kansas City, til. Joseph & Council Bluff sevens
sold 1 per cent lower, at 16. In railroad stocks,;
Pueblo was firm at 57057%. Burlington & Mis
souri Itailroad was steady at
rights sold % lower, at 8%. Clndnnall A San
dusky dropped %, to7>;. closing at 7%(y)7%.
The earnings of the Kansas FaotiJe Hafiroad
for the fourth week in June were as follows:
Making a total increase for tho month of June
of $149,651.
The Union Pacific Railroad earnings Increased
$42,000 during tho first week In July.
Thu Northwestern earnings during the first
week in July increased $37,700.
At the New York Mining Exchange on Tues
day almost the only stock In which anything was
done was Ooedehaw, which ooonod at .00 buyer
110 and declined to .75, LOW shares changing
hands. Imperial Consolidated was lower, sell-
ing at [email protected]|l.OU, which is somewlial below yes
terday’s price. Independence declined to
The pipes to connect with tbeSutroTunnel have
been laid, und the process of extracting low
grade ore wilt soon begin. Caledonia (Black
Hills) sold at $3.80, Leeds at $1.05, and.Tnsca
rora at .150.14. A Boston dispatch to Klcrmm’s
News Agency says:
A poo) lias been formed hero to get control of th«
Coneolldateil Pacific, and large purchases nro being
made on behalf of its members. It Is also slated
that the pool Is quietly buying op tbo stock In Now
York ami ban Francisco.
The latest bullion shipments reported are:
Martin White. June 26 4 5,895
Bello Isle. .InnePO SB.UOO
Independence, -Juno 30
Oniiir. dune 2U
Northern Belle, .lime 25.... ,
The following shows the fluctuations of the
active stocks:
.Viocfcs. Opmtna. /Jlfffieet. LotrttU Clmina.
N. Y. Central....HUM Jlß'4
Michigan Central. 7U TUlf TU 70U
Lake Shore 74K 741( 74*i 74H
U. ft N.Western.. OIK (I.IT. Ul» 05^
Ho preferred. .... Us’i PUK( D<s)< IK)
M. «St. Fan),... 62
Do preferred..... 01% D 2 01J4 02
, U. I. *l* . 188%
HI. Central 87 87Kf 80'i 87«4
Union Pacific 75% .... .... 75%
Erie 28 28 27% 27%
\£abuh Railway.. Jl6sf .3U 36 3(1
(W. Cm C. As Iml.. siu 014
ii. a at. Jo ion
Do preferred 30« 394 ailJi 3»4.
l)o). & UuiUon. .. 4(JJ» 47 4(J‘i 47
I).. LacK.A West. T. 7 67 N 67 K
N. J. Uontral 61 3 ,{ 65«4 61 If 61*
Mo., Kn*. & Tex. 14?.f 142 X 14>» 14*f
KunsMUltv&N.. 174 174 • l»*f 17U
Do proferml 47 47?.f 4U4 471 f
W. Union Tel... l>l?d Dili 01 «»I>.
Kaneas Pacific.... fiOJi 60
Ht.Loul»itSan F, 1>
Alton ... 4 .. &IJ*
.oniirvilfo* Nash. r.O
Irlo preferred... At*;J
DUtf 54 60!,
Hid. Asked.
S. Qa of *Bl 1«MV( 101«
S. now 5s of 'HI. ex Int KWH 10*
S. ncw4H». ex Int 10«*H 100’S
8, 4 per cent coupon# .. .. ... 101 H KWH
S. currency tin U'fl ...
ifunulnir certificates lOUJi
o'/x/y days. Klaht.
•IHti'i 4hs\i
,Vi7* fiir>
ni7K Dir»
GlTtf Gift
Ws*i pa«
40 ‘lo',j
StcrUnc «.
H011and...... ...
Norway .
Hijly days. Slqtd.
.483y«4H4 480
622}J 320
Sterling .'.V.
PUI. Aslfd.
Chicago Municipal 7b, 1802 *U3J4 *ll**ll
Chicago Municipal 7a, 1898 *11.7 *ll3',*
Chicago Water loan 7b *114*4 *ll4l*
Chicago Sltinlclpal Hit .....*U)7** *IOB
Chicago Water loan Ob ...*1U8 *IOB
Chicago Lincoln Park 7a *10.714 *loo*4
Chicago South Park 7b *10.7 *lOOl%
Chicago South Parle 0# ...,.*lO3 *IO4V»
Chicago West Park 7<« *IOO *IOU
Chicago Treasury Wmnow (acrlo). 0814 00
Chicago Treasury Warrants (now
scrip) O4 ....
Cook County 7a *113*4 *II3VJ
Cook Comity (short) 7a...~~.—*103*4
Cook Courtly Aa .....—..*loUi *10214
Cuy Railway (South Side) 1(1.7
City Railway (West Smo) 17.7 ....
city Railway ilo 7r«rrcnt cents..*loii *lOlll4
City Rail uray (North 8lcl«) 120 123
City lUllway(NorthSldc)7p.c. bnds*U)oJ4 *lO7
Chamberol C0mmerce............. 01 U2U
•Ami interest.
Kollowhn; arc Chicago quotations for coins:
Trade dollars 8 07'4
Mexican (full weight) 8.7
Sovereigns 4.H0
Napoleons 3.80
Twenty marks 4.70
Anairinnllurlna (paper). 30
Fire (nines 85
Prussian thalers 03
Holland nucldcrs 3flVi<Q) 30
Kronors (Swedish) 23 4ft 2.714
Mexican amis. American doubloons IS. .70
Spanish Oonhlooim 10.00
101 WaablnffPiU’Vt.
for Mia In aumatoauU.
The Recent laaneaof
npercent aemPannual tutored, and
Now ready ami for uln In drnomlnationaef 11.000,
SMO. umtsioo, at Mia idle* of
100 Bait Wa*bhnrion*at
Ilu for Sale.
WaiiU „
•oWuhtsstmi*a(., corner Dearborn.
v, a. «aLTONrrsi.t, s. m.kipdrbaco.,
Chicauu. New York.
ISH l.aHalle-su. Chicago,
Blocks boushi and sold uo mar«lu by telegraph at N.
T. islet of Cuminlttlun. Block l.ista on Bio aud all In
formation (unilthed on application.
situn. Rsiionsisil. klddci a irssk, of our firm, are
members of ihe New York block Uacbauae.
N. £. cer. Madison and Deirkani-tU.,
SAVING# pwosna AND allows
Ko notice required to drew rawer.
K. W. cor. Clark and NailUoa-iU., Cblcijo.
Stock*, Hood*, Local BccuiUlea. and Land Warra&U.
Member ul Nevr York Stuck txctuaao.
'laearijh Mi.VKRMAN, Banker,
Ko.TO I.aSiilo it,. near Randolph,
Pays (tie Idstirrt price far
GOVEONMKNT BONDS bonght and sold.
IST LaSalte-at.
btoces ror. salis
Safe Deposit Department In the basement, entrance
from Washlnjrion-si.
Buy and sell Governments. City and County Benda.
Buy and soil Exchange on Great Britain and Europe.
Wo offer for sale:
$70,000 Fulton County. 111., n per cent Bonds.
s3o,(*«lllinois audio*#? ]>er cent School Utuida
Allow Uio Current Market Prices fur U. 8.
b-i'osoml 10-4 CM fur cash or hr exchange lor the
•scw-l per mils
100 WuhlngtoQ-at.
. UP. POO. ill
.8 43,101.35
New York, July I).—Governments wore
active and firmer.
Railroad bonds were generally firm*
Slate securities were dull.
The stock market was weak in early dealings,
and prices declined %@% In the general list,
2% In Louisville & Nashville, and 8% lu Illinois
Central. During Uic afternoon, however, un
der favorable advices from tbo West m regard
to crons, and from the South ns to yellow lever,
a buoyant tone was manifested, and Louisville
«fc Nashville sold up 2%) and Northwest
ern 1%@2. Thu rest of the market ad
vanced M'&t, with closing quotations
generally the highest of the day. It is stated
from an official source that the Erie Company
basvo not only entirely overcome thcloos In gross
earnings entailed by last winter’s snow block
ade, but are ahead of last year’s gross earnings
up to this time over $150,000. Jewett Is quite
confident the New England connections will bo
opened the 15th of August.
TTansactlons’wcro 117,000 shares, 8,200 Erie,
12.000 Lake Shore, 4,000 Wabash, 25,003 North
western common, 32100 preferred, 21,000 St.
Paul common, 1,000 preferred, 9.800 Lacknwan
ua, LSOO Hannibal & St. Joe. common, 1,400
preferred, 3,300 Western Union, 5,000 Kansas
Citv & Northern common, 5.800 preferred, 8,000
Louisville & Nashville, 1,800 Michigan Central,
1.000 Illinois Central, 1,800 iron Mountain.
Money market easier at 3®4. rrituo mer
cantile paper, 804%.
isterllng exchange, sixty days, in fair demand
at 480; sight, 487%.
Dry goods Imports for the week, SLSWjMO*
Coapons of lßßl...lo4H’Nawr4 per cent5....301%
New 10V‘i]Curreucy Ga -132
New -l*4s 104!.il
W u Tel Ol‘i:Ncw Jersey Cent... sl*f
Onlekillrer MS l.tock latalM l|)7il
OulCKsllvor. pfd... 3tf (81. 1»a ........ ... 624
Pacific Mall IS ■ ’« l >h pM » s
Murlpow 10.»*f. M abash 311
Mariposa, pld 108 Kt.NUvno 30'H
Adam* Krprc«B....lo’l4 1. Ilanlo 10
Wttllri.F.Ah’o.cs.d. s>7 jTorro Haute, pfd.. 184
American Express. 47. , f,thle«ci» & Alton... 84
U. «. Express 48 iC. A Alton, pfd....116
N. Y. Central 118?* Ohio A Mississippi. 144
Krlo S7H Del. 4*. A Western. 67U
Erie, pfd r»VS;A. *P-.Telegraph. 30
llnrlcm. . 168 JC., !}}{..
Mich. Central *ol* j • &ht. ... IJJ.4
Panama 160 111. &81. Joe. pfd.. JO4
ir p «tock 7, r »v X’onadn Southern. .. 664
?.tjt «t. m
Illinois Central 87 St.L.,K.C.AN.nfd 444
Clcv. ft I'ttwbarg.. OH iCent. I’uc. bonds..lo|S
Northwestern a ! »* 4 'll;nl»»n Pnc. bonds..lo "n
Nortbwflslein, pfd. l«l |U. P. UwDOnints.ll.lM
C., 0., C, &1 61 U. P. Slnklng-Fds.lU?*
•TATE imxud,
Tonnw«eeOß, old.. *l3
'Vtnmwaecfla. now, JU)!»
Virginia da, 01d.... 21) I
haw ni
Saw Francisco, July
cloaing quotations ut tb<
Alphla 27 |
Alla £!•!
Ilclchur » I
Dost A Belcher I<‘*
11 ii It lon «7i
California *• ,
Cliollur A Pouwl-.. *} ,f i
Consol. Virginia... 4*»
Crown Point
KureUaCon l“?t
Could A Curry l\
Orniid Prize
ii. ti i................
Julia Corwoll
... •» ‘ilconnoildal' j I’acid o 7
London, July 11.—Cousola, money, 9715-10;
account, 9a. „ ~
American SccuriUca— Heading, 20# i Jirlc,
llonda—Now ss, 100;
4a. 104»tf,
Funs, July 11.— IlcntcB, 117£ 27>tfc.
Tim following Instruments wero filed for
record Friday, July lit
Colatno at, 428 ft w of Main at, n f, COx
IHI ft, dMed Joly 0 (CourudStwckari to
William Ward) 3
West Cultures* at, near Washtenaw uv, n
f. 20x102'i It. date* Attu. 20. IH7S
(Wllllom I.ocbto Hit 11. Williams) ....
Wi'stroiifrrcsast, adjoining the above, n
f. 20x102‘4 ft, dated Aim. 20, 18<H
(William Loeluo Eli 11. Williams).....
nmtcrtiold m. IKii ft u ot 'lliirtv-niiith
Bt, o r, 73x07 ft. dated .1 uly 10 (ThomnJ
Itrnun to Catherine Japp).
West Superior »t. 88 ft e of ttaahtanaw
av. a f. 28*124 ft. dated .May 20 (Surah
L. Wright to Marram W00d)...
Wallace IU 11)8 ft a of Twcnty-ilxlh at, o
f, Clxtao ft, dated July .» (Theodore
Duckermunn to John Harry).... .. ....
Weal Jackson at. WJV* ft w of Wood at, •
f, 24x128 ft. dated July 10 (James Uv-
Imrslon to itallkaur Koehler).,..
West Jackson at, 72)i Itwof Wood it. a
f, 24x125 ft,dated.July 10 (Uolwrtl.lv*
incston to UaUhasar Koehler)
South lUUtml at, DA it n of Thirty-fourth
at. e f, 28x120 ft, datcd.lnly 11 (Tlmo.
thy Tierney to M. J. tdCoimon
Rltton av, 171 ft n of North nv, w f, 25x
140 11. dated Mur 20 (George Engel
hnrdt to l.ouiuSant)
Klatuii av, antno as the above. dated May
;tO il.mils Saurto Hll/u Kogel)... .....
North lloyuo av. between .North av ana
Ewing-place, 72x180 ft, dated July 10
(Simeon Strum to W. N. Elaeodratu)..
North lioyue uv, botwuun North av ami
Ewing-place, 00x180 (t, dated July 7
(German National Dink to Simeon
Weal Van Itnreu at, 120 ft a of Aberdeen
at, n f, 25x80 2-10 ft. dated July H (Kd
ward I). Mason to Catherine H. Hunt).
South I’trk ur. 10114-10 ft n of Thirty
flflli et. sf. 28x12454 ft, improved,
dated July 10 (N. 1,. and A. M. Dean
to Dixon Ueaul
Shnrtlelfav, near Thlrty-a-cuuil at, of.
80x128 ft, dated June 18 |K. 11. and E.
L. Chapman to Charles W. Smith) 1,500
booth ovi irvumTs, wrrm.v a lumcsorixyt:*
«ii.rh nr run rimiiT-iimisß.
Asblond sv, 180 ft a of Forty-third at. •
f. 25x124 ft. dated .lime 7 (W. !<•
tiampaim to .Patrick O'Toole) $ COO
W tbaabav, between Sixty and Sixty-Unit
ate, u f. 4P5»*170 ft, dated July 10
(benjamin E. Gallup to James F
Duncan I'ark, a w cur of
6(1 ft to alley, dated .
Hhlpmun el at. to Henn
Forty-third at: 24 4-10 :
av. af, 24 4-10illH ft.
(Suian Uulhulton to C.
Latest quotations for July delivery on the
letullutf article* for ihe last two business da vs i
'J'huriday, Friday.
9 U.OO $ H.tK)
n.i.u n.ifJii
Ucm pork.
Lard ....
Shoulder*. Imjsuil,
Short rib*, boxed.
l.tvu Coir*
CatUu . ..
Thu following were tiiu receipts ami ehlu*
ments of the leadin'; articles of produce In (his
cliy during tho twenty-four hour* ending at 7
o’clock on Friday morning, wllli comparisons;
Flour, bill.
Wheat. Du
Com. bu,,,.
Bye. bn
Barley, Du
CrnMioprt, Ibi
Flat teed, lbs.
H.coru, itH....
c. menu; lbs..
Beer, lirlt
Forte, lirlt
l.Md, lb*
T allow, pit...,.
Puller, lot ..
Live hugs. No.
CAlllC. mi
Hirup. No
Hides, 11ia.....
Hlgliwttieii, b’ls
Wool. Pit.
rutHtun*. bn...
Coil, tont.i....
Mar, luut
Mimluu. in ft..
Shlngli-i, m....
Hilt, bria
Poultry. uoupn.
Https pkua....
Cuni-ini. hxa,...
Brunt, btt
city consumpt
400 bu barley.
Thu following grain was Inspected Into* store
(a this city yesterday morning: 12 cars ■ No.
1 winter wheat,. 87 cars No. 2do, 0 cars No. 8
do. 5 cars rejected, 2 cars mixed, 2 cars No. 3
hard, 44 cars No. 3 spring, 45 oars No. 8 do, 17
cars rejected, 4 cars no grade (17-1 wheat, of
which (JO arc winter); CO cars high-mixed corn,
3 cars new do, 8 cars new mixed, 153 curs and
11,300 bu^o.B corn, 18 cars rejected, 8 cars no
grade (349 corn); 10 cars white oats, 80 cars
ami 10,600 bu No. 3 mixed, U cars rejected
(CO oats); 5 cars’ No. 2 rye, 2 cars rejected do; 1
car No. 8 barley. Toyil (-197 cars), 3145,000 bu.
Inspected out: 40,189 ba wheat, 190,589 bu corn,
700 bu oats. »
Tlio decline of Thursday took about $1,800,-
000 but ot the “ value 'I of thu provisions actu
ally In store here, to say nothing of the vast
quantity ot stuff sold for future. Yesterday’s
drop Increased the size of the shrinkage.
One of the cynics on the Board was heard
yesterday soliloquizing between heats as fol
lows: “ They ought to let trading alone this
hot weather. See what a mess they ore making
of it, anyway.”
The movement In winter wheat In this city Is
already active enough to foreshadow a fullness
In the market at least equal to that witnessed
last year. Tho demand (s good enough to keep
the market relatively steady, notwithstanding
tiro weakness elsewhere and the drop in spring
grades. Yesterday SI.OB was freely paid here
for ftot No. 3 red, whllo St. Louts declined
from OSo to For August sl.Ol was paid
here. The wheat is wanted by Interior millers,
who are running short of supplies and there Is
also comidcDco in it ns an export article.
European buyers will undoubtedly want all the
winter wheat and lloui* made from it that wo
can supply to them.
The leading produce markets were active yes
terday and excited, with a lower range of prices
on the average. Provisions wore again wcaK,
very weak at the outset, hut partially recovered
afterwards. Packers were reported as lotting
hogs severely clone at the Stoek-Yords, and
holders of product were.very noxious to sell, In
fear of a still further drop on account of the
yellow fever in the South. Tim weakness of the
previous day induced soiling orders from the
outside, and made It necessary for others to sell
who held for people who did not find 11 con
venient to deposit additional margins. Those
who were operating for Southern holders fared
worst, thecxpcricncbsof nearly a year ago being
repeated. Southern men ileolng tor their lives
from tho dread plnmio could not bo found by
the ordinary processes of telegraphy, or did nut
care to protect trades which they regarded as
hopeless losses. Of course the number of such was
small, but sufficient to ciuuc some demoralization
Here; and thu fear, of such things was worse
than the fact. Pork declined another 50c per
brl, touching $8.50 for August delivery, mul
August snort ribs dwindled down to $8.03, mak
ing a total drop of 85c ter 100 lbs In the two
days. Lard felt thu pinch even more severely
than on Thursday. Wheat was unsettled, ami
dcblined ‘Jo for August, thu discount on winch
receded to thu market closed about 1c
above tho lowest price of the session. The
British markets were easier, possibly as u conse
quence ot Thursday’s weakness here, and the
receipts of winter wheat hero are on the In
crease, while Bt. Louis was reported weak,
lienee all tho reports of weevil mul rust In thu
Northwest, ami the belief that July wheat is
cornered, were Insufficient to prevent a further
break. Corn and oats followed the lead of
wheat in weakening early, mid closed steadier.
There was quite a reaction all round lute in
IVlrclnlrt ite, new... 2D
[ihsHOurl -. .1UU!«
U.—Following were the
io Slock Board:
{Mexican 21 ?i
.{Northern He 110..«. 4?#
jOplur 3‘>
Ovorlnnn .. ...... 0!4
Kuymoml tfc E1y.... 4
Savage id
■ Sierra Nevada IJHtt
; Union L'oußuiWui’il. :U>l4
Vullow Jacket ir>hi
llmiio SO
, I'otoal F
; Martin White
, Mono
, Independence..
tho tiny, which led tunny to believe Hint Hie
panic has passed over mid finished Its course.
The decline lias been a terrible one for holders.
From Wednesday’s closings to the lowest point
yesterday there was u decline of til. pur hrl
In pork, 60c per 100 lbs In lord, B.VrfH7>£c per
100 lbs on mrntß, 4%y per bu on wheat,
in corn, and l»ur bn in oats. These uver-
npid uh6ut 14 per cent, in provisions (nearly 20
per cent on moats), nnd 4 per rent in the lead
ing cereals. With such a drop it is a wonder
Hint bo few cases are reported in which the
luntrs were nimble to stand by Hieir contracts.
About three eases are all that are largo enough
to ciidt more than a passing comment.
l.nko (mights were in fair demand at the re
cent advance, at 2c (or corn and 2J4c for wheut
by sail to Buffalo, mid 4).fcfor corn to Kingston.
Through to Now York by lake nnd canal
wan quoted at 7j«(T, lor corn, and 8c for
wheat. Through to Boston nominal at lie on
corn. Rail freights were stoutly nt SOc per 100
lbs on grain to New York, bnt little doing at
those figures. Through rates uu meats tuJJv-
eruool went quoted ut per 100 lbs, und
5854 e to Antwerp.
The Jims wheat car# was argued before tlm
Committee of Appeals yesterday, and they made
$1.07 Lint settling price. Tho Arbitration Cum
mlttuu, it will be remembered, decided lu favor
of til.OTi.
Tin: demand for domestic dry goods was of
rather restricted proportions, though for tho
time of year the movement was as liberal as
could reasonably be expected. In valnes there
was continued firmness, the tendency both
la coltou and woolen textiles still being
upward. J.lttlo or no change was observable in
the boot and ahoo market, trade remaining dull
at firmly sustained prices, Groceries met with
a generous demand and were firm all around,
sugars, coffees, and rice showing special
strength. There was no change in the butter
and cheese markets; owing to the extreme heat
the movement was of restricted proportions and
Tallies remained weak. Dried fruits were firm,
though fu light request. Fish remained steady
undor a continued liberal coll from the tuterior.
ITici’B of leather, bagging, tobacco, coal, and
wood were unchanged. Oils, points, and colors
were quoted us before.
Lumber was fnoro active at (he cargo market
and steady, and ut the yards trade keeps up to
its recent average. The receipts are failing off,
thUbuiug the dull mouth, and the bettor kinds of
inch and dimension stuff are salable at the pres
ent prices. Wool wus quiet and steady. The
stock is well assorted, and dealers aro receiving
a good many small orders from manufacturers
of woolen goods. The broom-corn and hide
markets were unchanged. Seeds were quint and
nncortaiu, though sellers generally asked for
mer figures for cash or futures. Huy was In
good request for shipment, und steady. Tim
street market wus well stocked with greeu
(rultu, which sold freely at u lower range of
prices. I'otatqes wore slow and weak. The offer
ings were fair, and thu farmers arc underselling
receivers and taking away much of thu trade,
f DUnoll uv. n f,
Juno 23 (W, |),
•mitt Uccaer)... 825
ft u of tilmrllotl
. dated July 10
>. tlrcaberg).,,,« 500
n.tio :t.uo
•i.lkJ 4.40
i.oo i.oo
i.yo‘i »h^
The New York Product focluviya Wttidy elves
the (oUovrlue aa the vUible supply of grulu cm
Uiu dates uaiuod:
hi’ «S'*
inn tmj
3.&0a5.u0 3.40a3.«r >
a.assi.-».oo a.4oar». la
July 8.1878...
June an, IM7U.
July 7. 1«T7...
July K. In7n,.
.Inly Hi, l».&.
Jttifll. 1374.
a. wry
IH. 670
3*l, SO!
27, ill i
45.3. V)
3.1« U
au. arm
13,4 m
ui, i in
a i, 7,ha
120. H7O
4TO. ftftl
from store durln
lion: 2,16 U bu whet
ng Thursday for
cat, 1,02-1 bu oats,
Wheat, I Oim, \ Onli, \
bu. I bu. uu. I
7.U71.U0 I.UOJ.IUU.
•J.Min.KOI)' lUd‘,4UVJ,U.ll,(*r7l
iu.1tw.717l 7,891. U» a.tMU.W4a
Also •1*38,000 bu rye, acalnet 480,000 bu ft week
Tlic following shows the receipts and ship*
ments of wheat at points named yesterday:
litrrti*<L Shipped.
... 4I),W»1 hi).801
... SKhTTO 71),000
... 47.000 1 in,ooo
... (10.800 3(1,700
A, 44.000 38,000
New York...
July 11.—Receipts—Flour, 11,147 brls; wheat,
47,250 liu; com, 71,852 bu; oata, 10,010 bu; corn
moal, UOoUffs; rye, 10,510 bu; malt, 5,075 bu;
pork, 115 iHa; beef, 1,410 tea; cut menu, 1,523
phes; lard, 1,024 tea; whisky, 252 brla.
Exports—For twenty-four hours—Flour, 6,000
brla; wheat, 113,000 bu; com, 108,000 bu;
1100 PRODUCTS—Were Main very active, and
Irregularly weak. Ths market was very heavy In
the early pari of tbs day under big offerings from
parties who wsro unable to carry tbo etulT any
longer, aided to soiiio extent by short tellers who
looked for a farther decline; hut reacted later,ami
cloaed with a much steadier feeling at nearly the
latcituuoiaUous of Tauraday. The greatest ox*
cUcmonl was In meals, a good many short ribs be*
liiir carried on Southern account, ond were sold be*
cmißo the decline was too rapid to permit of mar*
gins being called In fast enough to meet It. Hogs
wore reported lifeless on packing account, and
Liverpool quoted a decline of 3d per 112 lbs on
lard and middles.
Mass Pome—Declined about 55c *or brl. bnt
closed at nearly the same prices as the previous
evening. Sales wore reported 0(43,250 brls seller
August at sß.4f>fto. 12*4; UP. 500 hrin rcller Sep
tember lit $H.55H11,201 1,000 brls idlerOdouer
at $0.32*4; ami 250 brls nullui the year at $8.50.
Total, 84,(100 brls. The market closed (Inner at
sH.o.*)®f>.oo for cash or seller,Tnly, in. (Win, 02*4
fer August, and SP. 1 Oft 0.12 *4 for September.
Prime mess wns nominal ut $8.76®0.00, nnd extra
prime at $7.75f,18.00.
Laud—Declined 30c per 300 lb», but closed at
the same price! as the previous evening. Sales
were reported of 10,000 tea seller August at $5.35
($5.07*4, nnd 12,250 lea seller September at $5.70
($0.05. Total. 28.250 Ics. Thu market dosed
linn at ss.U2J4®s.P6spotor seller .Inly. $5.064®
5.07*4 for Boiler August, and $0.02V4£t0.05 for
II bats— Declined COc per 100 tbs, but reacted 30c,
and dosed about 10c better than on Thursday aft*
ernooa. Sales wuoro reported of 250 boxes lung
and short clears at $4.50: 250 boxes short clears at
$1.55; 12,350,000 lbs short ribs nt $4. lOtfiM. 17*4
spot, at $5.05<ff4.25 seller August, nnd $4.05®
4.35 seller September. The closing prices of the
leading cuts of moats were about as follows;
Short L. Short
ribs. clforr. clears.
Loose - *3.4254 H.2G *4.32*4 *4.4254
Bo,July 8.42*4 4.2 G 4.3254 4.42*4
Do, August 3.45 4.3754 4.85 4.45
80. September... 0.55 4,0754 4,45 4.G0
July, boxed 0.00 4.42*4 4.GU 4.00
Long clears quoted,al $4.22*4 loose, and $4.40
boxed; Cumberland*, G©s>4c boxed; long cut
hams. B'4©«yc; sweet-nlcklcd hums, for
10 to 15 average; green mini*, same averages, 7*i
©7**c; green shoulders. o*4c,
Bacon quoted at4*4<B)4hc for shoulders. G?«f&
5V4e for short ribs, s{4©sf,c forshnr,*. clears, B*4
©be fur hams, all canvascd nod packed.
I.GnKAsn—Was quiet nt4if©sc for white, 4Q4J4C
for good yellow, and o?i®4c for brown.
BKliK—Was quiet at.50.00(?t0.25 for mess,
$10.00®10.25 for extra mess, and $18.60010.00
for hams.
'l’ALt.nw— Wos nominal at GiX®s7«c for city and
6?i©Giic for country.
FLOUR—Was leas active, with little change In
prices. Beater* reported some Inquiry from ex
porters, but not so much wanted ns when wheat
was stronger, und there was not much offered, a
good many millers being bare. The lower grades
of wheat ore scarce in tho country, and millers
hnvo to buy No. 2 or lie Idle, hence they have
little Hoar to sell at the recent range, and export
qualities are scarce. Local dealers were rather
slow yesterday. Sales were reported of 7G brls
winters on private terms; DUO brls double extras,
chictly at 54.G0&U.00; and 100 brls rye flour on
private terms. Total, 1,075 brls. The following
wns the nominal rnngo of prices at tho close:
Choice winters
Good to choice winters.
Pair to good winters
Choice Minnesotas..
•'air to good Minnesotas
■'ulr to good springs ...
.ow spring*
l uiuiua... .... .... ... ii.ini' .... •/.»<». ~v>'.ww
Double extras, In seek*. < 4.00 ©4.75
Bsoortrxinis, In sucks ....... . 8.60 ©4.00
Diian— Was leas active, and Arm nt former
prices, with u good demand in proportion to thu
supply, bales were reported of 120 tons uts7.lJU
©5.25 per ton free on board curs and 57.87*4®
MtiiUMNUfr—Sales were 40 tons at $0.00(212.00
per ton.
Shouts—Hale was made of 10 tons at 58.37',i,
Contf-MRAL—Coarse was nominal at $13.50 per
ton on track.
SPUING WHEAT—Wm active ami lower, with a
vory unsettled feeling darlni; tho greater part of
the Rcislon. The market for next month declined
gc, mid closed Jicbolow the latest quotation of
Thursday, whllu July was uvou weaker; thu great
er number of cnr-lots *old at u decline of
The foreign markets were generally easier, thougu
lleorhohm quoted Murk Lnne us strong, and thu
demand on thu other hide foil off, while thoi'h was
an absence of the wealth of huyimr orders for ship*
muni that were tilled here tin; provloim day. The
receipts tn this city wore ruther light, huvthoso
of winter showed anfjncreusu. Thu early feeling
here was steadier, but Boilers (nr future became
mimormrs, and under their offers the market
rapidly gave way. Indeed, there were same algim
of ••pounding, ns wheat was offered more than
once nt some lie below what had Just
boon paid to others. Thu weakness seemed
to bo chiefly local, thu lone of advices
from other points boimr probably based
on our decline of Thursday, mid it was surmised
that the drop In tit. Louis wus largely due to the
mine fact. The depression In provisions weakened
the bunds of wheat holders, and the. break of
Thursday was eagerly accepted as a suiting Indica
tion by many who bad long regarded our market
as an artlllcfnl one, and waited for the ilret tdens of
u reaction am thu signal to sell short. Seller Au
gust opened nt 08!4«.' rose to IPiyr, declined to
tlUTi’c, advanced to tlß>4c, and cloiud nl OKc, Holler
September sold nt iMHiin.UTWc, dosing nl 07c.
tidier the ycomolrt ai IH-Sf'ftl».V / {c. and the month
wus relatively dull atUHfccCttil.OO, the latter clos
ing at HhjjC, after ranging most of the time only
lie abovo August, the shipping Inquiry was
tame. No. II cash closed nt bOlienml No. 2 ut
1)8 qc asked. Spot sales were reported of 11.000
bn No. iiatm)?iii.dfMic; K.HOObu No. II atHPtfc;
400 bu rejectea m 73JJc; 12,000 bti l>V sample ul
Ofitl'Tcon truck: mm HOO bu do nt Bb©oso free on
board curs. Total, 33,01)0 bn.
Winteu Whbat— Wm leas nctive. aml rather
weak, In sympathy with spring. The market was
steady till near X o'clock, nmluru fmr miliiuu do
maud, at sl,Oll, but dosed at $1.02 for No. 2 red
instore. Sabs were reported of 10. guo bu No. g
red si 51.02® 1.03; 20,000 bu do seller August at
til.00; 11,000 nu by sample ui tiiv ( tsl.ol on track;
and 3,200 bu do at Otlcfttii.tM free on board curs.
Total spot sales, 5X7,400 bn.
Otiikii \Vhbat— Sties were 1,200 bu No.' 2 Min
nesois ai sl.oo.and 1.000 bu mixed ut P4c®s).oi).
(,'UltN—\Vfts active and easier. The market de
clined but dosed only a aliude below the
latest prices of Thursday. The llntuh tnurkots
were percental lower, nud New York was
dull, while the weather hero was hut and favorable
to the crowing crop. Our receipts were ruther
light, with relatively large shipments; but the
weakness prevailing in wheat und pork products
tnlluenccd corn downwards in sympathy, though
there wus so good a demand mat the decline
wus subseiiuently recovered. There was little now
in the market yesterday, the shipping demand
being fair; but wc note a growing scarcity of tht
lower grades fur a few days past, all the available
lota having been picked up by shippers. They
were relatively strung yesterday, rejected closing
alible. Spat No. 2 closed at 37c m store, and
about IITSC free on board cars. Holier August
sold at Sl7jbc, full off to 371ir, advanced tuUTVic,
and closed at I17?»c, Seller September sold at Hi *
and closed at 11714 c. Heller the month was
steady at 3(1)40 17c, closing ut the outside. Snot
sales were reported of 175,000 bn No. g and high
mixed at 311q037«5 800 bu while si 371« c: 800 lilt
new high mixed at IT>Kc; 0.400 hit new mixed and
rejected at 345(035c; 8,400 bu by sample at 3514
®U7!;c. on track and U.OOO bn do at 35K®3Uc,
tree on board cars. Total, 200,400 bu.
OATH—Wore dust active, being dull early and
lower, but the market recovered lartir, closing a
siiudu below the Ulcst figures of the preceding
evening. The receipts were fair, with small ship
ments. nnd New York wav reported lower. Tho
decline in the local market was childly lu conse
quence of the fall In wheal, and there was also
bin* demand for futures, the bulk of ih« trading
being In July and August. Heller tbo month sold
maOi®hg'iv. and closed at about 32c. which was
also tbo closing of cash. Keller August sold at
ami closed and September at
27?iGoy7?»c, closing at Q7IJC. Heller the year sold
at 27c. Uojetlcd oala wore quoted at SHHc,
tiam]iles were rather more active. Cash sales were
reported of 0,000 bu No. 2 while ai 32frc; It), goo
uu No. 2 ui 3lJi(i432J»c; 3.000 bu oy sample
(mixed) at 20i«U0’ ,c; anil 4.2Uobit (white) ut 32®
35c, all uu track; aim 2,-UH) bu (mixed) at 31®
U3*ic; nnd 12,004 bu (while) at 32®34ftC, all free
onboard. Total. 31), 000 bu.
ItYK—Was In fair demand and Arm, with light
trading lu consequence of thu meagre offerings.
No, g sold tit 62c, which was quoted fur July, aqd
r>2h'(s2Uc for August. September was quiet ut
sl>tc. The receipts wore small. Tho dealers re
port that the crop of rye it light, and the quality
superb, Tho yield was small in consequence of
the drought. Cash sales included ), 200 bu|Nu. 2
•t 52c; 3,200 bu by sample ot [email protected] on track.
Tula). 4.400 bu.,
HAltl^KY—Was hardly mentioned. No one
seems ready to trade In new JuturwSard there is
little demand for old barley. A tew cars of extra
3 were sold at 53c. No. 2 was nominal at U&Q,'Uc,
and extra 3at 630650. Seoicmbor was quoted st
Hfic. Cnnli nalen worn reported of 1,200 bn extra 0
(UOlo: 400 bn ny sbbiulo m 40c on track; and 400
bu at 48c delivered. Total, 2,000 hu.
Mere Pork- Palos 23,230 brls ut $0,1000.1." for
August; $0.13ft0.23‘4 for September. Lard—
-7,330 (ex ni53.06C15.0714 for Angnst. and $0,031*
®0.03 for Sepicmbur. Short ribs—sl,B3l), 000 lbs
nt $4.100(.17(4 for August: 81.27401.51214 for
September. wheat—(lo,ooo bn atnoUflOOljc for
July. PHOUHJic for August, 07W®07*c for Bop
tcnibor and li3HQJ)3!4e for the year. Cnrrt—
”73,ooo bu at for August, anil 071*0
07%c for September. data—ll3.ooo Im nt38&19
SB*4c for August, ami 27;*ic for September.
Wheat closed firmer at IfflMfflP&Ke for July, Q 8«
(fcOS-tc for August. 07Kt®07Wc for September,
ami 03* WM for the year. Sates37o,ool)bunt
for July, 98*4G.981ic for August, am)
H7!tfi6»7J»c forbeptember. WI me rw h cat—3o. Oi 10
Im at $1.0014 for July, 001ic(ff$1.00 fur August,
and SI.OO for September. Corn was steady, with
sales of 310,000 bunt :(7c for July, 37ft<93?14c
for August, and :(7?ii%.’lße for September. Oats
closed stronger, sales being muds of OS,OOO bu at
JtS'ic for July. 28?»c for August. ami
37140 for September. Mess pork won
easier, closing at BK.H7WAB,HO for August and
$8.8714*18.00 for August. and $8.0714(30.00 lor
September. Lard—Sales 3.730 tes, at $3.0314(9
3.03 for August sort $0.0000.0314 for Septem*
ber. Short ribs—l,3oo.ooo lbs, at $4.30 for
August and *4.:uy4®4.»7V4 for September.
Wheat was stronger, advancing to OftKc for
August, and closing at OMHCHWic. September
sold at and closed at Hi 14C. %
Corn was quiet at ;l7*,©o7Hc (or August nod
377»CW8c for September.
Oats were nulct ut 28Jjc for next month and
27'*c for September.
Moss nark closed steadier than on tho call, Bales
won* reported of 730 brls at $0.003.0,0314 for
September, closing ut the outside. Laid cloned ut
$0.0314 for September, and short ribs at $4.05 for
September. ■
BROOM-CORN—Was tu small rcuuvsl. The
properly Is firmly held, and dealers expect a good
trade in Suplcmbsr. This month is almost always
a dull ouo:
Fine green carpet brash,
Orcen hurl
lled-tlppcd burl
Fine irrcun, with hurl to work It.
Itcd-tipped do
UUTTKR—SaIes to a moderate segregate were
effected ut about previous quotations. The hot
weather tended to weaken llio market, though
holders were not disponed to grant any material
concessions, and wo quote values unchanged:
(loot! to choice dairy,
nfcrior tocommon..* 4® 7
IlAtiQlNO—Thera was (air activity In tbo do*
maml for |paln*baga, but other line* woro quiet.
Prlcea wore steady and Arm all around. Wo repeat
our list:
Stark 24 Burlaps. 4 bu.... 135913
Brighton A... 23 tS Do, shu 125914
Otterl'rcok .. 20 Gunn®, single.DlfitH
Lewiston..... 21V4 Do. daaulo 23025
American .... 20ft $*»ol kicks 335.940
CHEESE~Was ogam dull and 'heavy.
There was only a .restricted Inquiry from any
quarter, and sales dragged at the recent decline.
We quote:
Full cream.
Kart skim. ...
Full skim..
Low crudes
COAL—A light demand existed at unchanged
S rices. Anthracite sold nt £4.23764.30, Erie nt
4.73. find Wilmington nt SI.OO. nil delivered..
EGOS—Were in request and easy nt Bl4®oV4c j
pordoz. The rerclnla were fair. Tub aUovo quo
tations arc (or candled lota.
PISH— Lake flsh continue In scanty snpply and
rcnmlii Arm. There was n fair Interior demand at
tho quotations oivou below: .
No. 1 whllcttsh, 9 !i*brl S 4.50® 4.00
FamilywfiltcHsh. ‘4-brl 2.2 m 2.30
Trout. It-lirl M. Oil® H. 73
iluckcrcl, extra-mess,J-i-brl 12.23Cia12.30
No. 1 shore. 54-brl 10.25®10.3U
No. 1 bay, !4-hrl 7.00® 7.23
No. 2 shore, U-brl 3.30® 3.73
No. 2 buy. tj-ur1..., 4.30® 4.73
Large fonilly -1.30
Pat family, now, t4*bri a,oo® .*1.25
No. limy. kIU I.oo® 1.23
Family kiln 73® 1.00
George's codfish, $ 100 Ilia 4.30® 4.73
Snmmor-cnrcd cod, V 100 lbs * 4 c 73C
Compressed end 0
Dressed cod 014® 7
Labrador herring, split, brls 0.23
Lubruodor herrlntf, round, ur1a..... 6.73® II.(IU
Labrador herring, round, lt*hr!s.... 3,30
Holland herring... • ,1.23® 1.00
Smoked linlltml II
Scaled berrim'
, 5.50
C,j C. 25
OCI. 75
Ck. 8.25
:alcil hnrflnu, V box 30® !i'i
nil forma imlmoti, hrl* 12.r>1)
nllforiiin milmoii, ‘4 •brln 11.75
FRUITS AND NIJTS-Tlio mnrkot was wttbonl
Mpeclally new features, Them wan n lti;hl Inquiry
irom tbu country, but ilttlu or nothing wu« ilolm,'
on lucdl account. I'rlccit ruled Dm, an given bo*
Flex, layers
Turulsli prunes
Fmicli prunes. Ijeurf..
French prunes, hoses
Kuiidii*’, layers
London layers
Loose Muscatol
Valencias, new
F.Hiitu currants
Apples, Aiden 11 (fik 44
Abides, evaporated. 10
Apples, New York ami Michigan. 9?*Ca 414
Apples, Southern 9UC& JJlj
Apples, Ohio UHQA 9!*
Pouches. utipami, halves ‘<Hiw 4*4
Poaches. implied, quarters 9',iO 4
Uuspht-rrlee SO C 4 91
lllucliherrios 5 Gi ft)£
Pitted chortles 22 to 21
Almonds, Tcrragona IK ® IHJi
Houles wnluula I 12 <*A 12
llruzils . 414® ’ 4 A i
Teiua pemns '8 VO H'/S
Ulvcr pecans H @ UVi
Wllmluytou peanuts. new 0 Cft BJ%
Tennessee peanuts, new.... 5 (a 53i
Vin'iiilu ucamiln OUCft HJ*
GHtiICN b’HUITS—Wero lower, particularly na
tive varieties, which were very iilcntv, and the hot
weather muilo It uecossary to iiell quickly, (hill*
(ornla pluma were quoted at 94. UO per box.
LetnuiiH were In |{oud uemund and steady: .
KaipherrieH, red. case of 10 qU... 91.00® 1.25
Itaspbernus, black, ft cu*o of lu uU., 1.25
Ulucberrlos, ft bu 2.50
Apples, V bar.... 2o® 50
I'euchcs, nux .. .. 1.50® 2.00
i.'hmles, ft nu ... 1.50
Currants, Ifl-ql 0wn.... 75® 1.00
Tomatoes, ft b0x.... 40® 50
Lemons, ft box ... . .. 6.00® 0.00
OrmiL'c.'*, ftlmx 7.60® 8,00
Hummus, V bunch .* .... 2.00® 2.00
C'slifurula pears, per box.. 4.50® 5.00
(IIIOCKUIIiS—In ibis nmrkul there wascomln
ued activity, and fur ail llm londlnu articles lliu
fuellmr was ajpim txccedhiuly Unit Mnuara are
temporarily scarcc.nuii inaygo higher. \V« quote:
Carolina. .......
l.oillHiuuu... ...
Ilftiil'tiou, crime.
Jlaittfoou, [air...
Mandating, Java.....
(). (i. .luvu
Muchu .
data Itica
Hld, Inncy golden ..
Ulo, iniicy
itm, prime to choice.
Uln, gnud . ...
Hln, fair
Kin, common
Ulo, rousting .......
I'atcill cut loaf.
(J t utiixlntcd
t'mviiercit .. ..
A *tandam
A No. 2
ttxira C
C Nu. 1
C No. 2 „
California injraMoaf drips....
California KitvorUnpii
New Orleans molasses, choice,
Du prime
Common m01Rinca....... ....
HlacU strap
Nutmegs, No. 1.
Nutnifua, Ko. 2,
Calcutta iringer .
True 81ue.....*
Blue Illy
While lily .
Savon 1mperia1...,,., .
(lurmuii tiinlllcd ti'A
Pencil blutuom W
lIAV*-\Vu« lu pood •hippia* demand, scarce, ana
Arm. ll li reported that lUo new crop of prairie
will ho Unu, ami that of tlmolhr fair:
No. 1
No. 4 d 0... ..... 0.00
Hurd do B.OOCt 8.00
Upland prairie B.OOtfJ) H.CU
No. 1 7.01)i# 7.C0
No. y 0.00
llllilCS—W«re In fan demand al recent price.
Tlu» receipt* were email. We quutot
I.lulii cured hides, y lb B*-4Q 0
ilfavy do. |i n BUQ
Damutfcd do, ft lb OjJ® 7
Oulf. V#. 18!
Duteous, y lb .40 ®4ft
Dry Hint, Wlb, prime
Dry Him. \f Ui, danmuod..
Dry vailed, Wlb
Dry edited, y D, uuwased
Oroca city butchers', cow*, f11h... OUCI O'.i
(Ippmi city butchers’, steers. Vih 7**W 7'/,
Sheep polls, wool estimated, (TAftl
llOl’S—Were quiet, choice grades being flftnlv
liolii, Wells’ circular reports nn Improvement or
3c per U> In New York, although tlio receipts era
Isign, but trade ts nctlvo. anil adds; "Many of
our Inrtre brewers, who within the last few rear*
luivn, acquired the habit of using old hop*, have
bought qnitfi freely of Into. The crop In England,
ncronUnst to Inta mall advices, la not doing well;
on Hid Continent, however, a good yield la antic!-
IKJIWKS-Tha demand for heavy draught horses
continues, ami not a aufllcloni aupply. Much In*
nulry la made for good coach teaina. and they are
hard (n ecu Fine coupe horses arc In demand, ana
nrn scarce. Fine geldings are In great demand,
and. In fact, nil classes of horses are bringing all
they are worth. The following arc aomo of the
enics made by Fisher * Taylor tlio lost week: One
gray bone, if yearn old, 111 hands high, weight I,*
UOlbs. $A!5i one brown hone, 7 years old. 152£
hand# high, weight 1.050 lbs. $105; ono brown
horse, 8 years old, lOlmnds high, weightl.rJfl Die.
$125; one brown marc, H years old. 15H hands
hlah. weight 1,ur.0 lbs, SO3: one sorrel horse, 0
years old, hands high, weight 1.130 lbs, 81-0;
one coach (cam, 7 and 8 years old, 1»K hands
high, weights, OOfMhs, $550; one hoy coupe horse,
(I years old, 10‘i bands high, weight 1,018 ths,
one brown hone, 7 years old. 10 bands high,
weight 1,100 Iba, $107.50; ono gray gelding, U
years old. 15y handshlgh, weight 1,050 tbs. $1(5;
one liav guiding, 7 years old, 10 hands high, weight
1,105 ihs, $000; one sorrel horse. 0 year* old. 15K
hands high, weight 1,100 tbs. $110; one sorrel
hone, I) yours old. ISM hands high, weight I,US6
lbs, sllO.
OlLS—Were quoted as before, trade remaining
quiet at the quotations given below;
Carlton, 110 desires lest. «...
Carbon, Illinois legal, 150 deg. test..
Carbon, headlight, 175 degrees test,*
Carbon, Michigan legal tost
Kltlne, inOdegrucs test
Lard, extra...,
Lard, No. 1 .....
Lard, No. li
Linseed, raw..
Linseed, boiled..
Whale, winter bleached
Ncstsfont nil, strictly pure,
Neatsfoot oil, extra
NeabjfootolC No. 1.
Bank oil
Turpentine M
Miners' oil. extra yellow ,
Miners’ nil. while.,
Naphtha. 1 deodorized, 051 gravity.
....o Gt 4
.3 «A)4
.3 &4
Gasoline. deodorized, 74 negroes
Gasoline, B7decrees
West Virginia, natural, Off degrees.. dO
West Virginia, natural, HO degrees .. &>
West Virginia, reduced. 28 degrees JfWft IB
POTATOES—Were slnwand easy, tho best being >
82. W) per hr). Common stock was quoted at
81. 18. The offering* wore ample,
POULTUV—Wna In better request and steadier,
the offerings bent!' small, anil few Quo, fresh coons
were to be found. Prices were:
4® "
Chickens. live, Hdoz M .S2.Sr>®3.CIO
Sprint;chickens J.MJtyjy.OO
Turkeys, live. TP 0® 8
BKEDB—\Vorc quint, Former prices werojjener*
ally asked. wtlU no special inquiry. Timothy wus
ItcfdutSl.dO cosh and Animal, and Ha* al 8L 35
for next month nr September. Clover was quiet
ais3. H06&UI0 for medium, and 84.00 for prhuo
mammoth. The late seeds were Inactive.
SALT—Wns in goad demand, and Quo advanced
5c per brl, now being 81.10. Other grades were
Kino salt, tp hrl ....8 . 1.15
Course salt, W hrl 1.40
Dairy, hrl, without hag.*. I.Htf
Dairy, hrl. with hags . 2.20592.50
Ashton and Eureka cmiry, sack ..... 2.75593.00
TEAS—Were firm and unchanged. Tharo Is a
conttnuod good demand at lUo prices given below:
iivron. | japan usooi.onnn.
Common to fair...375J.25 Common to Mir. ..185930
Superior to fine ...285938 Superior to And... 355942
Extra due to finest.4()f(so Extra flue to finest 485953
Choicest 555905: nth* uncolouud.
TOhNU hyson. jFalrtogood 385940
Common to fair... 175128 Superior to tine... 425945
Superior to 1ine...30010 Extra lino to DnesuVKftOH
Extra lino to tinest-.50&6(i0 Garden picked.... 0252.05
Choicest 050701 oolonii.
ouni'O'vdbii. (Common in fair. ..185928
Common to fair... 205930 Superior to 11n0...30'rc4i)
Superior to tlnu.. ..‘isrrHs Extra tine to 1inea1455955
Extra tine to lineal. 5059(10 Choicest aoofffcos
Choicest 70h.75| hoi ciioNu amu cottno.
inl'uiuAL. {Superior to f1ue...285945
Commonlo fair...205935]
Sii|M*nor to 1in0...
Extra lino to lUiiift.lKKitlir*'
WHISKY—Wan In fair demand at Monday's ad*
vnncc. will) dales of :i(i(l oris ttnmlicd goods an the
bitHiu of (I.ini per gallon.
WOOL—Wnr In fair order mjucat nnd steady.
The market is sntd (n bo llocraliy stocked, andtno
receipts continue fair.
Washed fleece. medium.
Wished llecci* v Him. pur 11*,.,.
Medium unwashed
Fine do
Coarse do
Tub-washed, choice
Tub-washed, common to good
Tnuminy ....
3 5 O G</ t
14 go ir.
f.'.W 0
Ufcft 'J'4
8 Go 14
i.r.o Gii, co
i.ko fti.nr»
1.05 Cfcl.7o
T? 4 'CO B
•WM 4?i
14 GO 15
Total -....'JH.t1Ml 01), 7K7 H. Ift?
Same time last vvcck....1U,4 , ,’-l 07,000 0,915
■ S/thwientt
CATTI.B-There \ni mors life In the trade yel
terday, and fur fat catUc—nnvihlm: good enough
to »uml Bast—the market developed u firmer 10110;
Indeed, for pood to choice qualities sellers found
it possible to work op prices'to tho extent of About
10c per ICO lbs. For native butchers' muff and
Terns through droves the market was qnlcl, with
prices leaning a lllllu In buyers’ favor, the snpply
of thin cattle being in excess of the requirements
iif the local trade. Thors were two bunches of
rlmcy steers for, which S-’>. 2 > was obtained, and a
number of sales were reported ni $-!.br>({,A.Oo, hut
tho larger pnrt of tho supply rrnasetl the scales at
prices below 84.7 A, oral J.'t.WVjM.7O lor rommou
to choice shipping steers, At s2.7Atf&:l.iri for Tex
uns, anu at 82.f»U5fc:i.60 for native hutcticrs’ sitilT,
Bnt few good lots remained In the yarus «l the
dose, though of common and medium grades tbs
number loft over was liberal.
0 ©. OK
Extra Hooves—Ornrtcd etccra, weighing
1,400 Ibn ami nmvorda $4.0005.20
Choice Ucuvua—!• Inc. Inf, well-formed
jilecrH, writ'litlli: 1,250 to l. I.M) 11ia...
Clmiil noeV( i A--VV(!ll'faU<'iiMl Blrurn,
wclahimr 1,100 to 1.200 lh»
Atoiliiun tlradcH—Shier* lit fair dealt.
svi’lulilnp 1.000 Ui 1,200 lb 4 3.7004.00
nutchers’Slock -I’oor to common Bieura
and common to choice cow's. for city
flniiKhtcr. well'll! up 800 to 1.U50 Iha 2.0003.05
Stork OiMln- -Uoinmon CiitUc, weighing
700 lo 1.0.*>0 Iba 2.5000.40
Inferior—l.ik'hl and thin rows, heifers,
ulngi*. liiillh, and t>ralnu
Trim Cattle -Through ill
Vsalri t>or 100 Ilia
JVo. AP. Price,
10 1,(150 55.25
1111 Mon’al.MO 3.50
12 813 8. HO
1(12....,, .1,1111 3.50
22 1,202 4,33
OK Taxon 805 3.05
30 1.222 3.05
28 1.508 4.05
32 1.35 U 4.40
- .... 7 0 «
.... 7 0 7U
->••*••• 01*0 011
~2R 020
. 2414020
..24 025
. 18 01O!4
.. 10 «,10y
...13 01314
.. 1U4012V4
fil 1,017 4.C0 7 Citwn, W»U 2.00
•JO cows. »K 22. 80 00 ,1,080 5.25
17 1,177 0.70 IJI 4.Jlft
..1,102 :i. so 22 Texas iio'J 2.h0
17 i»ws. 1.0(10 2.70 48 1.280 4.10
20 r.0w5.1,110 2.70 17 1,203 4.10
20 COM*. HKU 2.75 ]S cowa. 1,070 a. L2tf
70 1.J120 4.00 21) 1,402 4.00
IK J. 211 4.20 21 1,«I7 4.10
II i.aim 4.70 lOoMon’al.aou a. 40
(Kl 1,212 4.00 0(1 1.04(1 4,:i0
i:iKli*Mir'al,2ll 2.50 1H 1.182 4.40
02 4.80 28 .. ... I.U2H 6.00
10 1.202 4.00 10...... 1.07 H 4.00
HU 1,4211 4.30 170Tc*a« 821 2.00
bOTnzm 820 a. 10 DO Texas 817 2.80
10 Tinas 801 2.70 04 Texas TOO 2.00 4
1101 j&—Thn demand wan tight and almost wholly
noniliisd to the Knsiern trade, puckers boing. to all
inlmila and purpose*, out of ttiu market. Thura
waa no Inquiry fur heavy packing hogs, and heavy
■hipping lots are only salable at lOftflSc o(I from
Thursday's opening rates. Kales were mustly ut
8’t.71.02. s»fur bacon grades, and at 90.00(0:1.83
fur nnuiuon lo choice heavy shippers. The market
closed far from 8,000 bead left IU
the oeoa.
01,0) |l«4
H? 49 H7i
lli,((0 01*
H? 4
Hl*& 8K
...... .. 7tf®
; 7 at 7i4
.........Oft «»7
y« 040
ft) ciati
ir» &c 17
oa imh
u:t 083
0 non a
,Vfl. A«. Trice. .
ill 247 Sa.7o
a? n, «r»
US 203 U.NO
22 :ui4 a. 7ft
no la-.) a. 7ft
2ft 201 a 80
28........207 a. DO
7ft... IDO U.Hft
44 2! 17 U. lift
UU 217 SI. 7ft
21 21 ft a. 7ft
21 170 a. 00
OH 100 a. HU
41 KiO a. 40
ft’i 2ui a.ftft
m 244 a.u>
a; a.hft
43 180 U.Hft
a? 2:>o a. Bft
U 4 208 U. 85
81IKBP— I There waa a In
supply, We i|iioie price
for inferior to common, uC
and at $3.70(2)1.76 fbr gt
lUOjba. .
8 ® r.»j
* SutrU U UUoatcH
Aiju*y, N. Y.« July
800 curt; Uit week, -|I)l
with t comioouJiiik 1 1'
t>uiy wua thu usrica suit
:,..u aw*:
... a
.. no® ta
«.. 81.30551. so
U * 4»
Z, ns
Coilif. Jinn*. Bhf*p.
t.jiiu t;i«
. ; Cl. 01K 15.02 H - 4ft I .
6.HH7 7cu
ri.ono ir.,ot>o non
n.soß a, win
i,mi! •«,!!; t 7
U.JIOI 7.21 W
ay, no
:ns mecra
jVo, Ac. Price,
11). M ...1,144 5:1.05
25 1.401 ,4.00
20 1,302 4.25
17 1,217* 4.25
O 1,310 4.40
15 1,108 4.00
18 1,381 4.05
32 1,200 4.45
10 1,384 4.55
So. At. Trice,
ao uh su.no
18 aid a. 7ft
82 288 a. 60
04 261 a.ftU
ftlt 180 a. 86
00 202 a.HU
61 318 o.7ft
2u auft a.7ft
ao ~2ao a. 7ft
28 2U7 a. 75
Bft .... 2fto 3.45
27 820 U.U3
VT IHU 0.86
28 .......228 51.60
60 200 0.46
48 267 o.4ft
50 -18 ft 0.76
47 2ftU 0.46
87 .185 o.Bft
ight demand and a small
l-« uluadjr ol
fur maaluio,
food tu extra gitdea, per
(• IT* THbUtU.
11. lJBCVKv—ilacalpta,
JH; taU lari:# aupply mut
mcrcued OtjuumJ, «ud uo(
lamed but iLu rullui pjico
4.2004. no

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