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1 r. D. Lowroy, of Hock Island, is at theQaM
her. .
. L. N. Keating, of Muskegon, is at the Gard
O. J. 8u John, Willoughby, 0., Is at tbo
Henry Root, Quincy, 111., Is stopping at the
George 8. Robinson, Sycamore, 111., Is ut the
Charles Baker, St. Louts, Is a gueit of the
. W, C. Craig, of Yazoo City, Miss., Is at the
J. Fltzwalter, of Little Rock, Ark., is at the
P. C. Hays, M. a, Morris, HI., is sojourning
,at the Pacific.
George Clark, Attornsy-Qcncral of Texas, Is
a guest of the Palmer.
E. A Carer, Food do Lao, Wls., Is one of the
guests of the Shormam
.J. J. Brinkerboff, Sprlnggcld, HI., is among
the guests of the Palmer.
R. W. Townshcnd, M. C M Bhawncclown, HI.,
Is registered ac the Palmer.
< F; Miles, member ot Congressl from Con
necticut, is stopping at the Pacific.
" W. D. Rogers, Secretary ot the Bt. Paul Cham
ber of Commerce, Is at the Pacific.
Cept. D. H. Gilman .and William A. Dinwid
dle, U, 8. A., are quartered at the Palmer.
E. G. Robinson, President of Brown College,
Providence, R. 1., Is a guest of the Palmer.
' E. Osgood Richards and M. F. Emilio, of
Salem, Mass., arc domiciled at the Tramoot.
Charles Rldgclvv, Milton Hay, and T. D. Lit
tler, Springfield, 111., are registered at the
:It was Miss Carrie Dodd, not Dodge, who
sang at the meeting of iho First Red-Ribbon
Club, Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Row, Mrs. Wads
worlb, R. G.- Row. and B. (ioldsborough, of
Melbourne, are domiciled at the Pacific.
. The personswho recently obtained permission
from tm- city authorities (a put up n guard-cate
on the Wells street Urldeu-approachcs have
commenced operations, mid will soou begin the
Dcoutv.-Supt. Dixon is after a man whom he
saw irom Clark street bridge yesterday after*
noon dump.m. mud irom a scow Into die river,
while, being towed out into the lake by the tuff
.George B. McClellan.
William O’Brien. loreman of the Booth Side
railway stables ac Tlilrly-ninth street, was pre
sented last week with a magnificent gold watch,
chain, and locket hy the conductors, drivers,
and other employes of tlie Company.
Mrs. John B. Drake and family left the city
yesterday for Old Orchard Beach. Sam Parker
uml his wile left the Pacific at the same timo
for Boston, wnllo Sam Turner and family
returned yesicraav from their Wisconsin trio.
The Rev. M. M. Porkhurst received via cable
yesterday irom his wife, now lu Europe, the
iiiouuDcemcat of the death of her mother on
ihelStb at ‘‘The Elms,” the family residence, in
Stirling, Scotland. Mrs. Parkhurst, the only
douchtur living, hastened to hcr’molher’s bed
side on hearing of hey sickness last .April,
Coroner Mann .yesterday held an Inquest upon
Joseph Maell'.v, of No. 113 .Clvhouru avenue, a
10-year-old boy drowned accidentally while bath
ing; utiOc'GAUlrifd Schneider. 23 years of age,
who dwd of sunstroke at No. -154 Canal street;
uroit William Zicuari, 10 years of age, who died
of convulsions ot his home, No. 04 Broad street.
’ An owner Is wanted at Central Station for
some sßo.cash-found on the street yesterday.
An owner Is also wanted for a pocketbook con
tololnV 10.43 In cash and some railroad tickets,
supposed to belong to a Mrs. Russell, It was
found upon a young pickpocket named Marlin
Panning, alias “Little Red,” who was arrested
yesterday. •
One D. M. Bennett, of New York, who was
convicted of violating the laws concerning the
sunorcssiao of obscene nubilcatlons and arti
cles of indecent ami immoral use through the
mails, was sentenced June 5 to thirteen months’
Imprisonment. An effort is now being made by
his friends to have him pardoned. A number of
citizens of tbis cltv bavo drawn up a petition to
present to the President to protest against any
pardon being grunted. It will bo sent to Wash
ington Saturday. Auy persons wishing to sign
It can do so by calling at the rooms ol the Young
Men’s Christian Association, No. 150 Madison
Monday evening the Right Wortbv Deputy
Grand Master. A. T. Hhorman, assisted by W,
A. Crocker, Most Worthy Grand Patriarch, In
stituted Lady Washington Rebckkah Decree
Lodge 103. There were about tlfty-four charter
members present,and after this the new olJicpra
clect wore lustulied In their offices: Samuel
Bteln, Noble Grand: Jeanette Kahnwellor, Vice
Grand; Bain Fclsontbal, Recording Secretary;
Beniamin FolsenUial, Permanent Secretary; V.
T. Urmsby. Treasurer. After this occasion Bro.
A. T. Sherman was presented with a handsome
combination collar by the Lodge, to which be re
sponded in a few brief remarks.
. There hos been a Gosncl tent erected, under
the auspices of the First Free Methodist Church,
on Ohio street, between Ada and Noble. The
Inauguration occurred on last evening, and the
tent was tilled with an audience composed of the
better class of working people. They were ad
dressed by the Rev. 0. B. Ebcy, pastor of the
church, the Rev. William Bird, and the Rev. P.
C. Hanna, an enthusiastic young divine of Bur
lington, la, Services will be held every alter
nooon and evening at 8 and 8, for some three
weens to come, and maov clergymen are ex
pected to bo In attendance.* The work la purely
missionary, and deserves to succeed In this part
of the city,
it Is said that there are In operation In Chi
cago several brace faro-banks, and that tin re
has .been complaint mode at police headquar
ters about tin m. but that no efforts have been
made to break them un. One Is reported to bo
located on Clark street, Immediately adjoining
Justice Meech’a ofllce, and it Is a fact, ouen to
anv eye, that the street-entrance leading
to the place Is illuminated at night
with a bright gaslight, while there
prominently Island in view the words
“Justice Office," on a slgu over the btairwav.
The men who run the place arc said to bo com
parative strangers to Chicago, who have been
induced to como hero because of the Immunity
afforded by the present city Administration.
Anouier brace game is reported to bo located
oo the West Side, and it la a fuel that bunko
ropers and atecrers ore quietly working the early
morning railroad trains far Victims.
A meeting of the Executive Committee of the
Irish National Society was held at Burke's Hotel
last evening, Mr. James Ghmore In the chair.
The Committee on Printing rejjorted that ibu
contract (or printing had been Let, and that
some circulars had been printed and circulated
announcing the celebration at Ogden's Grove
Aug. 15. The same Committee also reported
that the tickets were ready (or dis
tribution. A special committee was
appointed* to Invite the Sheridan
Guards, of Milwaukee, and other military
organizations to bo present. Messrs. Ryan,
Siorkev, and Fogarty wore appointed a special
committee to take charge of the preparation of
the circulars. It was resolved to hula the future
meetings of the Executive Committee oo
,Wfi3nesaa» and Saturday oven lugs, it was an
nounced that the lion. B. F. Butler, John Boyle
O'Reilly, of Uie Boston and other distin
guished citizens from abroad, would bo present
at the picnic. No other business of Importance
was transacted, and the Committee adjourned
to meet again Saturday evening at 8 o clock.
Borne little excitement was caused on Clark
street yesterday afternoon by the domestic
quarrels of Mr. and Mrs. Terence McDermott,
who until yesterday occupied a suite of rooms
at No. lU7 Clark street. Mrs. McDermott Is a
respectable-appearing little woman. McDermott
Is a lawyer associated with C. 0. Ureeley. ilia
wile states that she met him in April, 1878, and
was married two months later, iler parents
were pour, and at the present date there
are six motherless children at home,
owing to the recent death of thu
mother. McDermott, she said, represented
that in September he was to gam possession of
$30,000 left him bv a relative, aud that his
course as u lawyer was a clear and sure one.
Feuding this they occupied roomsat the number
aliuvemeotloned. September came, but in
stead ot netting a fortune bo trot a misfortune,
ami fell Into trouble, tu March, 187 U, a baby
was burn. Then the true character of her
spouse appeared, for he wanted her to go out
wet-uursuig In order to add cash to the de
pleted family exchequer. In compliance,
she endeavored to get a situation, but being
iu poor condition no one would employ ber.
Then be sent her buck to ber falbcr’a roof,
where she remained as best she could until a
few days ago, when she heard that he was
faithless to her. floe came down town
and taxed bun with his infidelity, whereupon
as she says, be, to spite her, void and moved all
the household good* they bad accumnlajed
since the marriage. It was 100 lato yesterday
afternoon to procure a writ of replevin, but one
will bo taken out to-day before Justice Prlndl
TlfiC. • • . ■
Benjamin Carver, an old cltlxcn of Chicago,
died at his residence In this city last evening in
the filth year of fils age. Mr. Carver was .born
at Winfield. N. Y., and was for many years en
gaged In extensive business at Mohawk. N. Y.
Uo always took an active part tu politics and
public ’ affairs, and held several responsible
offices In bis native titato. At an early period
he was Interested In business at the West mid
In Chicago, and was a large stockholder and
Director of the old Marine Bank of Chicago.
He made his residence in Chicago about 1800,
and until the past three or four Tears his Him
and striking presence was familiar on our
streets. Infirm health has since kept him
mostly confined to the hdhsc, but his
mind and Judgment remained clear up
to nenrlv the hour ot his death.
Mr. Carver was a man of strong will and posi
tive convictions, of remarkably good Judgment,
ol great business capacity, aml’of stnctlntcirrlty.
lie was houest aiid upright In all his deal hub,
mid he was a useful mid valuable citjzcn.
Ho leaves two sons, B. F. Carver, of New inrk,
and Walls 8. Carver, of ibis city, nml four
daughters,.Mrs. £l. Doolittle and Mrs. Samuel
Remington, of New York, and Mrs. L. Z. Loiter
and Mrs. J. H. Thompson, of this city.
Yesterday morning Mrs. A. 1L who
bus resided In this city since 1803, died suddenly
at the breakfast table at her residence. 839 IVcst
Taylor street. Her husband, Mr. A. D. Taylor,
who was, In bis prime, a prominent man, sur
vives her. Mrs. Tavlor was 03 years old.
Edward Smith, 23 years of age, fell In an
epileptic fit ot 3:40 yesterday afternoon on thu
corner of Cmrk uml Washington streets, slight
ly injuring himself. He was taken to his home,
No. 97 Washington street.
John Bolincr, 10 years of ago, living with his
parents at No. 118 West Lake street, was acel
ilentnllv drowned while bath mr off the North
l* t cr nt 3 o’clock vesterday ntternoun. The body
was recovered bv Olllcer Patrick Gavin, and was
taken io the home of the parents.
Tucsdov evening ol 7 o'clock Hcnrv Wcsllng,
18 years of age, living with Ids parents on Con
trol Park uveuuc, near Twenty-sixth street, was
accidentally drowned while bathing lu Mud
Luke. Just'south of me Town of Lawndale. The
body was recovered some two hours later and
was taken home. Thu Coroucr’s jury returned
a verdict of accidental death.
A team of blind horses attached to a sprink
ling-wagon left standing on Twclilh street, near
Centre hveuue, while the driver went Into a
saloon to get a drink, took tnebt and ran away.
Nut being able to see tfiu roadway, ihcy dashed
Into Ueorce Glazier's saloon, at No. *ho West
Twclltnstrcct, breaking the front windows mid.a
Cortlon of the store front. T|iu team is owned
y A. Arnold, mid escaped with a few slight
cuts from mu broken mass.
At 0 o’clock yesterday forenoon John Lund*
quist, a Swedish laborer, while at work on the
new building In process of crertlun at the corner
ot Ranuolph uml State streets, accidentally fell
from a hignt of fonr feet Into the basement
below. Ido struck on hu forehead, but for*
tuuately escaped w.th a severe cut over the
right eye. A doctor who attended him said he
would recover, uml had him removed to |its
home, No. 151 Wesson street.
Anton Preschke, of No. 07 Fremont street,
was found drowned at noon yesterday In the
river at the foot of Waubansla avenue, near the
North Chicago Rolling-Mill. He was employed
as a laborer at the mill, and, after having been
paid oft Tuesday, Prcscbke went home to his
wife with the tnonev. He utterwards returned to
his work, and remained until 10 o'clock to
the evening, whenjio complained of being 111,
uml Knocked olt work. lie bad been drinking
some, und It Is supposed that under the influ
ence of liquor lie missed bis tooting on the dock
near the mill und fell into the water. Thu ac
cessed was a Polunder, S 3 years of age, and left
a wife and three children in pour circumstances.
After the body was recovered yesterday it was
token home by OQlccr A. C. Keller.
The July Grand Jury has bccn«ummoocd for
Monday, with the usual amount of business to
attcud to.
George Curran was tried for the robbery of
Maurice J. Dooley, some time ago. The case
was given to tho jury at a fate hour, and they
were instructed to return a scaled verdict.
John Colllus, the police ofllccr charged with
the homicide of young Leigh, was admitted to
bail in tup sum of $5,000. Michael Coonley and
Daniel O’Sullivan were accepted as sureties.
Pat Cavanaugh was tried for rone committed
upon the person of Lurratta Douglas some
three months ago. He was found guilty, and
his term of Imprisonment was llxed at three
years in the I’enltcntlary. Daniel Scully und
Cornelius O’Leary pleaded guilty to larceny,
und were sentenced to one year each in the
House of Correction.
The City Collector gleaned about $3,500 yes
terday for licenses.
Two cases of measles and three of scarlet
fever wore reported yesterday.
The City Treasurer received vesterdoy $2,040
from the Collector; $3,143 from the Water De
partment; and $570 from the Comptroller.
The Committee on Schools Is called for 3
o’clock to-morrow, and the Committee on Mar
kets for 4 o’clock.
A report was current on the street yesterday
that Comptroller Gurney had resigned, lie was
called upon and denied the report.
Ex-Comptroller Parnell yesterday learned by
telcgrapii of the sudden death of his mother at
Fitchburg, Moss. She was in her 70th year.
The Health Commissioner Is urging upon his
Honor to appoint a Milk Inspector, and It* is
highly probable tbat the name of some one will
be sent to thu Council at Us uext meeting.
The “ experts ” were again at work yesterday
scaling thu walls of the new Cltv-Hsli, ami are
nut yet through. Certainly if their examination
is not thorough it will not be for want of time.
Building permits were yesterday issued to
George Bulllu & Co. to erect a two-story brick
elevator, Illinois street, near Pine, to cost
$20,000, and to erect a two-storv barn, Bt. Clair
street, near Kinzle. to cost $2,200; and to M.
Dunne to erect a two-storv dwelling and barn
at No. 1783 Wabash avenue, to cost $5,000.
The brick contractor on the Cltv-Hnll work
has at lasi succumbed to the demands of die
Bricklayers' Union, lie (s now paying Union
prices, and has inure applicants for places than
he knows what to do with. Thu unpleasant
part of iln? whole slfuir is that ho discharged the
men ho had hruugnt here from Canada and else
where without giving them notice.
The old crowd are beginning to gather around
the Mayor’s office. 'Hie developments of the
last lew ds»s have encouraged thu bummer ele
ment to hope for something at his Honor’s
hands, and they ore snaring no pains to press
Uiclr claims. They made very little headway
yesterday, but, since the Mayor merely receives
them and lUteus to their stories oguln, they are
full of hope.
The Comptroller llnds that a general loose
ness prevails in the matter of making out bills
In the various departments, and Is doing his
utmost to remedy the evil bv refusing to ap
prove any of them. Thu bills, (or thu must
part, are Indefinite, falling to state wbat they
are for, etc., and hereallor ho will require them
to be explicit, stating by whom incurred and
fur what purpose.
It was noted some days ago that the City At
torney was on the eve of commencing proceed
ings In the courts to test the question ot whether
a pawnbroker's business could be done on a
second-hand dealer’s license. Thu new law af
fecting pawnbrokers throws around them cer
tain restrictions which they object to. uml
the consequence has been they have
taken out second-hand dealers' licenses,
which cost less than thu pawnbroker's
license, hence the trouble, Yesterday
Mr. Urlunell bad an extended ‘lnterview with
the attorney bf the pawnbrokers on the subject,
aud he made up his mind iliat the best tiling he
could do would be to draft and secure- the
passage of a now ordinance on the subject,
from the fact that a test cose would probably
drag through thu courts tor soma! years, 'and
in me meamimo the city would bo robbed of
cousideranle revenue. lie was at work on the
new ordinance in the afternoon, nut did not
complete tt. Some of Us features will be, how
ever, the Increasing of thuprlce of second-band
dealer's licenses irora $37 to SIOO or more,
aud requiring them to make reports, etc.,
as the pawnbrokers ire required to do,
which he hopes will hsvu the effect
to bring considerable money into thu Treasury
that cannot now be gotten. He says bu has no
faith In the constitutionality ot thu new Pawn
brokers* law; but, waiving this point, he wants
to put them lu position so that tber cannot
dodge thu law to thu extent of robbing the city,
aa me; are now doing under the second-hand
dealers' ordinance. In other words, with thu
co-operaUou of the Council, bs proposes to see
Mint persons m the pawnbroking business pnT fIJ
much Into IheCltvTrcasurvtlus ycaras they did
last and have done heretofore. 'I he ordinance
will bo laid before the Council Monday evening,
and. since the pawnbroker* are understood not
to bo opposed to its general provisions, tliero
ought to be very little opposition to Ha passage.
It turns out that the street laborers them
selves, notwithstanding (he Council resolution
fixing Hitlr per diem at $3, never demanded
that sum, mid It Is doubtful if a single one of
them ever asked an Alderman to have such an
order passed. They receive $1.75 a day for
ten hours* work, amt ore perfectly satisfied.
Nor have they had a hand In digging up thu
cicht-hour resolution. That was solely the
workol two of flic Socialist Aldermen, who. It
would seem, acted on their own responsibility.
Tim opinion of the Corporation Counsel *lias
burled It again, • and Commissioner Waller Is
going ahead as usual.
The Sub-Treasury disbursements yesterday
were $30,000.
Yesterday was pay-day with the employes on
the now Custom-House.
Assistant Postmaster Squlers and party have
been heard from at Pctoskey, Mich., all being
well and happy.
Marshal illldrup has taken a run down to
Bclvlderc, Io sco bis family, and Judge Bangs Is
supposed to have gone to sweet Locon, loveliest
village, etc.
The Internal-revenue receipts yesterday at
Collector Hnrvo.’s office amounted to $3-1,184.
Of tills, slti,P43 represented the tux on distilled
spirits, SJ,S2d that cm tobacco and cigars, and
$1,331 that on beer.
John Hitt, Deputy Collector of Customs, who
has been confined tu his room several days on
account bf sickness, was at fits desk awhile yes
tcraav, and was moling very much better. Ho
will probably be down again to-day, and as usual
One of the Ananlas-aml-Sapphlra style of
niternoon papers published in this city camo
out yesterday with a paragraph to the died
time ‘'the Chicago Secrei-Scrvleo Agents,”
whoever they arc, were expecting the advent
hereof some new counterfeit $5 notes on the
National Mohawk River Bank, of Mohawk, N.
Y., mid the Niagara Couutv National Bank, of
Lockport, N. Y. Some of the latter, according
to tms post-meridian Jim Anderson, were even
now being placed in circulation. It Is sutllclcnt
to say that the Bub-Treasury people know
nothing about thu alleged counterfeits,
and that ther would be the very first
to know of them if they were
In existence, or if there was any prospect of
their being '‘shoved” on the country. The
same paper, with Us penchant for giving alleged
news, actually caught up with Hit- morning pa
pers of about a month ago, when, in another
column, It solemnly states t nut Capt. Burac. of
the sebuooer Andrew Jackson, had received a
modal from John Sherman for rescuing thu
crow of me schooner Jo Vilas, Oct. 9,187(1, and
ihatCnot. Hendricks, of Ludmgton, Mich., has
been similarly honored. Jictwicn wild state
ments of something alleged to bu on the tapis
and the warming over of old news on which lu
feed Its readers, thu twilight-dip in question
leads all Us evening contemporaries.
Daniel McClerney, who so-hrntolly assaulted
his wife ot No. 459 Clark street Tuesday even
ing, was yesterday uned SIOO by Justice Kuuf
maim and held in SSOO to keep the peace. Ho
went to the House of Correction In default of
the floe. The injured woman was In a greatly
improved condition last evening.
A fraud glviug the name U. A. Warncrls about
soliciting subscriptions for the Lady's JJasar, a
magazine which has no existence. Neither docs
Mr. Warner live at No. 008 Dcorborn street.
Uo has been doing a thriving business In get
ting money subscrlotlons, and Is greatly aided
la swindling people by bis genteel appearance
und honest-looking face.
Charles Gaylord, M. D„ charged with obtain
ing $135 cash und a gold watch und chain valued
at slls upon false pretenses in a real estate
transaction with W. M. Util, was yesterday dis
charged fur lack of prosecution In the Armory
Police Court, but was almost immediately
thereafter arrested upon a charge of receiving
money under false pretenses.
Daniel Nolan, employed os a brakeman, was
paid off yesterday, mu], wanting to become n
“bad” man, went around to a Clark street
pawnbroker's to'purchase a razor. The pawn
broker advised him to buy a revolver; that a
razor was only a weapon with negroes, lie
bought the revolver, and at the corner of Clark
and Harrison streets flred it off several times by
way of trying It. A policeman look him in.
As a young lady was passing Washington
Park, on the North Side, shortly after dark
Tucedav evening, sue was grossly Insulted by a
colored'iuan. Superintendent Drctmao was im
mediately Informed of the occurrence; and from
the description of the fellow given by the girl,
It was susocctcd that the African was the one
employed lu Newberry’s stable, close by.
Druauan attempted to arrest him, when tiic
fellow drew a razor, which was summarily
knocked out of bis hand. Ho then broke into
a run und escaped in a neighboring alley. There
Is altogether too much of the “ hoodlum” ele
ment around Washington Park, and It Capt.
Guud experienced anv ambition to earn his sal
ary there would bo much less of It.
Clinton Chamberlin, a bookkeeper for the New
Haven Clock Company, 110 btato, has been com
pelled to temporarily postpone his summer va
cation. Uo had packed up his trunk Tuesday
with the express .purpose of taking his de
parture yesterday morning, and in thu evening
went down to the stare to iiost up his books,
und take a trial balance. Wlillo so engaged, a
sol-disuiit expressman called at his lourdlng
house, 243 Michigan avenue, and stated that ho
tad been scut by Mr. Chamberlin for the trunk.
The unsuspecting landlady turned It over to
him, and with it be drove owov. Mr. Chamber
lin has ordered a lot of nice new clothes, and
hopes to take his trio in the course of a week or
tcu days.
Fred Roienberger, a former clerk at the
Transit House on Clark street, and the associ
ate of well-known thieves, is the latest candi
date lor the Penitentiary. A few days ago ho
was arrested upoa a ctiurgo of having robbed
Tbomas itategnn, a saloon-keeper at,No. 255
Clack street, of 8180 cash while he was asleep
in bis saloon. At thu time of his
arrest Ilosenbergcr was In the employ of Ed
Grace, saloon-keeper at the corner of Clark and
Jackson streets, and yesterday Mr. Grace, lu
rummaging about amongst some rubbish In the
basement, found S3O cash wrapped up in a the
atre bill and stowed away lu an old stove. One
of the $lO notes was readily Identified by cer
tain Ink-marks by both Mr. Kategan and bis
Borne of the employes of the West Side Pump
ing Works are not as happy as they might be.
Tuesday atteruoon was pay-day, and the
money for the night-watch was loft with
the Cnlef Engineer, and by him turn
ed over to nls assistant. it was
put lu a drawer, and supposed to be safe, but
wnen It was looked for tes’.crday It was lound
that a thief had gotten away With It. The
amount taken was $316, of a hlch slls belonged
to the custodian of die fund when it was stolen.
The Chief Engineer says hoswlll make the
amount good, feeling a certain responsibility fu
Um metier, and while ho dues not know any
thing about who the thief or (he thieves wore, Ims
a suspicion that some one about tuo premises
did tbu work.
Minor arrests: Mary Nickerson, charged with
the lurccuv os bailee of two cuuta from James
Martin, who rents a room of her; Jacob Rascal,
a little rascal who ran away tram homo; Will*
lam O'Connor, a young pickpocket caiicht
at the street-crossings, Mauriro Cuslck.
making threats to kill Mary
E. Cruvert William Bweeuey ami
Andrew timllu, two young thieves broughtlu
bv Detectives Wiley ami Murnaoe: Charles
Clarence and J. W. Story, running a pawn shop
without a license; J, C. Thompson, L. J. Mir*
tin, Charles Bpoocor. and I*. A. iludsou, alias
O'llrleu, vagrancy, which, by the way, is thu
alias lor confidence-men J Ellsworth Pay.
larceoi of a set ot pool bulls from Mrs. Lesser,
o! No. 158 Halsted street.
At fi:80 last evening a quarrel in front of No.
014 West Twenty-second street, between
Thomas Vincent, a Swede, uml Michael Moran,
lumber-shover. resulted lu Vincent's drawing a
large pocket-knife, aud stabbing his antag
onist lu thu left shoulder. lie theu
ran away, thinking no doubt that bu
had killed his man. Moran was taken to hla
home, No. SI Leslie street, whore he was at
tended by Dr. F. W, Btebalts. The wound,
though deep and of a serious character, wa« not
considered fatal. While dressing thu wound,
the Doctor found two other severe stabs on
thu leH arm. Later iu the evening thu
police arrested Vincent upon a charge of assault
with intent to commit murder, and also his
chum, another lumber-shover named Luna, who
was charged with no assault with intent to do
bodily injury. The quarrel was an unprovoked
ouu. Vincent and Lund are members of the
Laborers' Union, and work at union prices;
while Moran Is nut a member of the Union, and
works wherever bu cau get work. About a
week ago he had a Job at lurnbar-ahAtimr, and
Vincent and Lund were So,vexed nt his getting
it In nlacc of them that they made thu vicious
assault upon him, after only a few
angry word?. Indeed, It will bo proven
that Vincent opened (he knife mid concealed
in ids slrovo when fie saw Huron somu disto ge
away from him. Luml aldpd mid abetted the
attempted murder by striking Moran heavily on
lliu fiend with a mono utter they had knocked
him down, mid while Vinccrit was cutting him.
tiir justices.
Justice Walsh, having recovered from his re
cent Illness, preside.) In thu West Division Folleo
Court vesterday afternoon, nml held thu follow
ing: Derililna Anderson, an erring young
woman, scat to the House of the Good Shep
herd: Mary Hardy amt Annie McQuaid,
drunk ami disorderly, SSO flue; Denis F. Quinn,
disorderly mid making threats, on complaint of
some grain-trimmers whom ho recently had ar
rested, s3Uoto the 18th: Mnrv Willis, drunk uml
disorderly, $35.f1D0: Michael Kollcv. vagrant. S3O
fine*, Larry Deccan, vagrant. SIOO fine: Charles
Harris, James Patrick, ami M. Williams, S3O lino
each for indecent exposure In bathing in the
ponds about the artesian well. Justice Lugsu
I>. Wallace: James Conllsk and Fred Wells,
keeping a common gaming house, on complaint
of It. E. Smith, who savs they
swindled him out of s<l3, to the 17th;
Alary Jane npd Winnie Korwloj disorderly,
on complaint ol Mrs. Eva Morion, ot No. fill)
Stale street, to thu 18th; Frank Tyler, a noto
rious vagrant, to the 18th, as the Justice did not
believe that ho had a permit from the Law De
partment of the city to remain In town: Agnes
Vousc. an erring young woman, discharged
upon promises 'to return to her hume:
Louise Farwcll. 15 years of age, mid steeped Id
crime, $.5 line: U. P. Huberts, drunk nml dis
orderly, sls tine; Carrie Nugent, vagrancy, $33
line; William Cavanaugh, drunk and dis
orderly, SSO fine; Thomas Smith, va
grancy, S3O flue; Mary Hayes, an un
lununato young woman, whoso story
was published hi these columns some few
weeks ago, was fiued $35, which she will serve
out by scrubbing at thu Armory. Her inUfor
t mo is upmm und morphine, but the police say
whiskv la the third uf her greatest vices. Will
iam Riley was hold in S3OO to the Criminal
Court lor attempting to steal a pair
ot pants from Nicoll's tailor-shop, at ’lie corner
of Clark and Adams streets. JusticeKmtfraaon:
*• Tip ” Farrell uml Peter Olson, confidence men
charged with vagrancy, SIOO fine, suspended on
promises to leave town.
' Tnis TitfouNS a few days ago showed to what
an alarming extent the water-supply of the city
Is permitted to go to wosto, owing, mainly, to
the extravagant habits of the people, and with
what certainty the fact was staring us In tne
face that, unless something was doflo to put a
stop to It, thu tlrau was not far off when new
pumping engines would bo a necessity. Even
then, with the constantly growing city, and the
wastage Increasing In proportion to the Increase
of population, It would bo a question whether
one or two engines would bo able to keep up
the supple demanded unless there could ben
curtailment, in some manner, of the amount
that is permitted to run waste, it was, how
ever, pointed out that this might bo done in
various wavs.
There were some who were inclined to believe
Tub TmnUNß’a statements regarding the ne
cessity lor now engines in tbu near future as
unwarranted by thu present conditions. But
the fact remains that the engines on the West
Side arc now almost worked to Ihotr utmost
available capacity, and the demand upon them
is being constantly augmented. When these
engines were erected, it was found Hint ouo
could be worked at a time and enough water
pumped to supply the West Division. Soon
after It was' necessary to work both of them,
and since last (all and up to a few weeks ago
with the exception of very brief stoppages
now amt then for repairs. As for thorough
overhauling, neither e.igine has had it since
pumping was begun there. Thev did stop once
fur the purpose, but the work necessarily was
hurriedly mid Imperfectly done. • While thu
North bide engine wag being repaired the past
winter, the West Side machinery has been In
almost constant use. Now they run the two
engines from S a. in. until 10 p. m., when one is
stopped, oltornalpg them from day to day.
During the seven hours’ rest every night the
engineers look over the engine nut in use. The
otner is able to keep uothe requisite pressure
on the mains, for, during these hours, the con
sumption of water is comparatively email.
Bhould a large (Ire break out uiu idle engine Is
at once placed in motion.
Tho West Side engines bare an available ca
nacUy of about 30.000,(W0 gallons dally. Bv in
creasing tho speed of the.machinery, 84,(X)0,000
gallons may be pumped* but It would nut bo
considcrcu safe to keep* them at work at tbis
rate constantly, for the bolts would loosen and
o.her things occur tondihg to weaken the en
gines, until at last both might slmultoneously
break down, and, consequently, the western
portion of the city be |cut off from a water-sup
ply. The engines are now ruu at au average
capacity of 5t,000,000 gallons dally.
“ Do'you flud that
on the West Side!” asked a Tuidunb rcportcrof
ouo of the engineers ut tho West hide Water-
Works yesterday.
" Yes; it constantly grows larger and larger.”
"Don’t you tbluk a good deal of this water
Is wasted!”
"No doubt of U.”
"Do you rccclvu nay complaints ot failure to
get water from lar-awuy districts!”
"Yes. Occasionally thcru are complaints
from Milwaukee avenue and other points over
there.” .
"Do you work tho engines to their full
"Wo work them both all tho time except
between 10 p. in. and 00. m., wnen onu is idle
for examination, and repairs If necessary. It
wouldn't bo sate to keep them both going all
tho lime.”
" Don’t you work them too much now I”
"No doubt of It. Onu of them ought to
bavo a tong rest for overhauling.”
"But you couldn't nump enough water then!”
"No. Time was, though, when one working
contlnuouily could do it.”
" You’ll want new engines, won't you. ero
"Yes; thero ought to be two now ones to
meet tho exigencies of the case.” f
The custodian of Mr. Harrison's code, John
Ljockel, who lives ot No. 77 West Kln?lc street,
has attended to tho bird and fed him for three
months without pay, and, as neither the Mayor
nor Ollly, Whalen will settle tho bill, (03,
Ljockel will begin a suit before Justice Matson
to-day to recover the amount. Ljockel, who
runs a circulating library of Scandinavian
books, originally owned tho eagle. During the
campaign Harvey Weeks hired it and paid $lO
for me privilege of having it carried In Demo
cratic processions nud putting it In halls where
Mr. Hoirison made speeches. After tho votes
were counted the bird was returned.
Subsequently Billy Whalen, purporting to
represent the Major, called m LJocuul, and told
him to keep the eagle; uot to let It go out of
his hands lor any amount of money; to feed It
well, and a good price would bo paid for U, and
Ljockel would be well paid for hit trouble; that
when " wo ” were ready the bird would be pro
seined to one of the parks In the name of Cur
ler Harrison. Ljockel obeyed Instructions, uud,
though ut one time offered (30 fur Hie eagle, re
fused to sell, because a sale had In effect been
raado to the Mavor. As Wualcu's promises
were not lived up to, Ljockel says be visited Mr.
Harrison about a mouth ago, and was told " it
would be all right in a few days”; to go and
see* Whalen. Ljockel did so, and Whalen
advised him to go to tho Mayor,—that
bis Honor would give him an ©nice, Ljuvkol
didn't want a position, but did want some
money fur Hie trouble bo bad been to lu looking
alter the eagle. He let the matter rest for
awhile, but us there were no evidences of edits
position to nay ho went to Whalen again yester
day, but gut no latiifactloii; Whalen said he
knew nothing about It. Hence Llockel's resort
to the courts to get what is due him. lie values
the bird at (36, iiu? cost of thu iced was (JO,
and ho adds (10 for olhereznenscs uud services.
One of the moit daring robberies of the year
was accomplished Tuesday noon ot the south*
west corner of Cliuton and Jackson streets,
iu front of tbe works occupied by
the Garden City Lead-Pipe Works,
Samuel SebuU General Manager.
At about 12:80 tWo young men appeared on Uio
sidewalk m fron} of tbe ofllcc, and alter a few
ouury words began fighting. Pocket-knives
weredraauby each, sod they fought back and
forth. In an alarmingly murderous manner.
Finally ofte forced *lhe other backwards Into
the ofllcc, malting vicious stabs with his knife,
untiltbey reached an Inner room, where they
clinched and fought with amazing equality.
Mr. Scbutz, alarmed that tbe scrimmage would
result in a murder, ran after the combatants
and separated them after .some litllo trouble.
Both went off threatening each other* and
promising to settle the deadly feud the next
time they met. It was not unlit some minutes
elapsed that Mr. Schutz noticed that SSO cash
ami a gold watch nml chain were missing
from thu cash drawer. A moment's
search convinced him Ibal ho had
been robbed, ami then the truth of the preced
ing quarrel appeared to him In Its true light.
The fight was only n shorn, for lie remembered
that though they used their knives desperately,
neither was cut. The thief was then
siinplv the tool of these two mock
fighters. Ho at onco reported Ids
loss to Iho West Madison street police. Ho fur
nished so good a description of the men thatthe
olllccrs concluded that Billie Connors and Jo
seph Slater, the two most notorious thieves In
the city, were the perpetrators. Mr. Sebutx,
upon being shown tneir photographs In the
Hogues' Album, at ouco identified them as the
two men wanted.
The next step In the matter was to capture
those men, which Is by no means an ensv mat
ter, especially Just .after they have com
mitted any depredation. However, De
tectives Holey and Hoffman ascertained
that the gang were In the habit ot
meeting at or near the corner of Beach uml Polk
streets. Arrangements were mode In the office
of Iho oil works at that corner to telephone the
Information to the West Madison Street Station
should they meet at that corner as usual during
the day. At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon
the Information that they were there was re
ceived, and Detectives Shun ami Keating, Holey
and Huffman, and Smith mid Jcnulngs went
husttlv to tlie place. Connors, Slater, uml the
notorious Albert Boeder, alius Enuncll. were
sighted, mid as they attempted to
cfccopo the police fired sundry shots alter them
until thu trio had been safely placed under ar
rest. At the station the two former weru posi
tively Identified bv Mr. Schulz, mid at last there '
Is a strung probability that they will bo sent to
the Penitentiary.
Slater uml Connors ore the two most noto
rious thieves mid desperadoes within thu cltv
limits, ami though they nave been arrested
for almost every robbery committed within
the cltv for the past year, mid there
was ever a strong probaoilltv that they wero the
culltv ones, the evidence Has never been suf
ficiently strong to cuuvict.
liuedcr is their lit companion, and Is (be thief
who was shot some days ago in an encounter
with Policeman Haines.
The Board of Trustees hold an adjourned
meeting Tuesday afternoon at the Town-Hall.
All members present.
On motion of President Blester, the Treasurer
nas instructed to attend the ouuunl sale by the.
County Treasurer of liinds and lots delinquent
(or taxes and special assessments of 1378, and to
protect Urn interests of the Town of Lake by
payments of all specials of the Town of Lake
where the town has cerllllcntcs of purchase for
former years, and by purenase for the town of
all specials levied by the Town u! Lake not paid
or purchased by oilier ourtlcs.
Mr. W. M. Berry. Superintendent of Uic South
Parks, presented a petition asking permission to
erect n Hue of telegraph poles on Forty-seventh
street from Htale street to Ualsted street, and
on Ilulsted street (rum Fortv-suvcntlt street to
the Union Block-Yards, for the purpose of con
necting the South Park with the city by tele
phone. Iteforrcd.
The following resolution, olTcrcd by Mr. Red
field, was adopted:
WnicnßAft, Complaints have been made by vari
ous persons residing in the Town of Lake nlongtbo
line of the Union Stock-Yards track that tho con
veying of dead animats and offal in cars along said
track from Ilulsted street lo Stale street is an In
tolerable nutssneo; therefore, bait *
Itemized , That Committee No. 7, In connection
with the town Attorney Is instructed to Investi
gate the cause of such complaint and report to this
board, by ordinance or otherwise, such measure os
may be necessary to prevent jmd abuts tuck nui
Adjourned to Friday.
The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees
was held in the Village cilice Tuesday night.
A cuimnuolcatlon was received from Mr. 11. M.
Kidder, from which it appeared that a serious
error had beeo made in thu construction of the
hrancti sewer from Davis street to University
place. By making the connection with
the main sewer . too near. the
surface the head of thu branch sewer Is so high
as to seriously impair Its olllcloncy os a drain.
The Communication was referred to Bcwcrogo
Committee. The bathing ordinance was re
vised so that bathing is now pronibited from tho
(Jymuasiutu building to Dempster street be
tween'tho hours of 5 a.m. aim ou. m. • After
passing some sidewalk permits, the Board ad
Spedat Dlipate A to The TWbuno.
Ottawa, 111., July 10.—Decisions la tho fol
lowing cases were tills day rendered (a the Ap
pellate Court, Second District:
53. Hlckok vs. Preston el al.; decree affirmed.
00. Hlckok, Assignee, etc., vs. Preston ct al.;
decree affirmed.
103. HatUa cl al. vs. Hatton ct al.; decree af
HIT. Hornes vs. Jacobs ct al,; reversed end re
manded. ..
173. Bole vs. Sheppard; decree affirmed,
178. Cotney et al. vs. Town of Uartlaod; af
303. Blair vs. Reading cl al.; decree affirmed.
300. Carpenter ot at. vs. Calvert; decree reversed
and hill dismissed, *
381. Brooke vs. Hotchkiss; decree reversed and
bill dismissed.
363. Cincinnati. Lafayette 4 Chicago Railroad
Company vs. Bucbarme; affirmed.
237. Telit vs. Hurd: aillrmcd.
330. McMouflavs. McHouoiub et al.; reverted
and remanded,
3UI. Lewis, administrator, etc., vs. County of
Winnebago ot al. ;• aifirmcd.
30-1. Fnrrallvj. Bbeliyetal.; affirmed.
303. Reynolds vs. Patterson; reversed and re
308. Simpson vs. Hlmpson; decree affirmed.
371. UatDy vsv Olxun; decree reversed sud ro
373. Lown vs. Kilgonr 5 decree affirmed.
373. UollunbcCk. administratrix, etc.,vs. Coun
ty of WimieonßO etal.; aiUrmed.
378. Cassidy etal. vs. People, for use, etc.; af
370. Staggvs. Small etal.; decree reversed and
383. City of Monmonth vs. Reed: otllrmcd.
38.'|. Crosby vs. Itavntt ot al.; affirmed.
300. Harvey, executor, etc., vs. Plant; af
301. Marks vs. Loomer; reversed and remanded.
300. Uindcrl vs. Schneider; reversed and to
303. Green ot at. vs. People, for nsc, etc.; af
300. Mitchell etal. vs. Keomgct ol.; affirmed.
308. Brudloy vs. Simpson et al.; decree af
000. Reinhart, Impleaded, etc., vs. Blaudell;
003. Mix eta*, vs. People; affirmed.
003. Carr vs. Miner; affirmed.
Oil. Moss vs. Lamer; affirmed.
013. Watkins vs. bauds: reversed and remanded.
013. Merritt etal. vs. Merritt; decree affirmed.
018. Lane vs. Rational City Bank; affirmed.
010. Hermann vs. Cilr of sterling: affirmed.
033. Kinsman etal. vs. Bnrout; affirmed.
035. Freeman etal. vs. Window et al.; decree
037. slropklnsvs. Beaver; affirmed.
038. Panton vs. Manley otai.; decree reversed
ana remanded.
030. Leu, administrator, va. Rowley et al.; de
cree reversed in part, affirmed In part.
000. Bwiteer. impleaded, etc., vs. Lotlonvlllo et
al.; reversed nod remanded.
003. German Fire-Insurance Company vs. Ger
ber; affirmed.
Axdol Dltvate* le The Trtbuae.
Ottawa, Hi., July IB.—Tho lollowlng were
the proceedings Id the Appellate Court, Second
District, to-day: v
131. The Ottawa, Oswcco 4 Fox River Valley
Railroad Company vt. Hall; motion for leave to
prosecute writ of error to tne Supreme Court de
77. Garrett vs. Rides; defendant permitted to
file addition to transcript.
100. Hupp vs. Mciuturf; motion for time to file
record, abstract, and briefs denied.
103 The Ottawa. Oswego 4 Fox River Valley
Railroad Company vs. Simon McMalb; motion by
appellee for ten days to pie Uriels allowed.
Hi. The Peoria 4 Springfield Railroad Company
vs. Ilryanctal.; motion by defendant for Uuu to
file briefs. •
38. Turner et al. vs. Tuo Peoria 4 Springfield
Railroad Company; motion by appellee for time to
file oriels.
111. Marbald ot al. vs. Peoria 4 Springfield
Railroad company etal.: same.
UU. Smith vs. Hood; motion by appellants for
time io file replies.
ITU. Watkins vs. James et a).; motion byap-
Eeilant for Iravo to file record, abstracts, and
rluU as o( proper date denied.
7U. Merritt et al. vs, Merritt; appellants pray
appeal to tbe Supreme Court.
125. Burrall vs. Hull; taken.
ItiO. Uupuvs. Molutunf; taken.
Court adjourned Mil Tuesday next at 10
aottial Dltpateh to Tk* TVibuns.
LiPobti, Ind., July 10.--The great Temper
ance Jubilee was formally ooeued to-day.
There was an Immense crowd In the Tabernacle
to listen to the address of the Uon. \V. W.
Curry. Crowds are coming In on every train.
It will continue furtive days, and many noted
speakers are down on the list. Mr. Carry was
frequently applauded, and the audience was
veil pleased. , .
Another Indignation Mteotinpfof Wo)!s
Street Property-Owners.
The Scheme Denounced ns an Attempt
to Extort Money.
Another meeting of oropertv-holder* on
Korih Welts street was held last evening at
No. 605 on that thoroughfare, to protest and In*
tllgnaio against the proposed Chicago & Evans
ton Elevated Railway. The attendance was
even larger than that at the preceding meeting.
The assembled taxpayers were called to order
by Mr. Charles Williams, and Mr. Fred Becker
was chosen to prcsLc. lie staled that Uic
Committee appointed at the first meeting had
obtained signatures to the protest against tho
road representing nearly 15,000 feet of property
on tho street.
Tho ticcrotary, Mr. Williams, read a draft of
some reasons to bo attached to tho petition
when it should ho submitted to tho Council.
They were, In substance, asfollows: That, under
the General Incorporation act, the Council was
prohibited from granting tho use of or right to
lav down any railroad tracks in any street of tho
city to any steam or horse railroad company ex
cept upon a petition of the owners of tho land
representing more than onc-half the frontage* of
the street, or so much thereof as Is sought to bo
used for railroad nurposes; tlml, In this case,
no such petition had boon asked for or obtained;
tlml it was contrary to justice, und tho interests
of all classes, for tlio city to divest Itself of the
control of its streets, or conlcr any rights or
casements therein contrary to tho rights of
Urn public; that there were at present
sufficient accommodations and means of
travel furnished bv the Northwestern
Railroad und the street-car lines; that,
In tho opinion of the petitioners, tho incorpora
tors had no bona flUe intention to construct the
proposed elevated railroad, os It would cost a
very largo amount of money, while It would not
yield the slightest profit; that they further be
lieved it to be a scheme to moko monev, cither
by selling the worthless stock, or by obtaining
money from t he railroad add hone-railway com
panies, for which reason the Council should not
aid this dlshoucst scheme. The reasons further
set forth tho Irreparable damage which the
building of such a road would inflict on the prop
erty of the street, und the objectionable feature,,
alrcadv apparent In New York, of passengers
in the elevated railway cars gazing into the sec
ond and third stories of tho houses along the
route, ami destroying any such thing as domes
tic privacy. • Thu granting of this franchise,
even if I lie road were never built, would be
destructive of property values (or the boneflt of
a few speculators. In New York, rapid transit
and more facilities for moving tuc human
throng were necessary, bat oven there property
interests along the lino
and (rood tenants nad been succeeded by a class
who would cot pay 25 per cent of the former
rciual. The stores had become dark, and
the tradespeople and lodgers were com*
palled to leave mid seek other locali
ties where the unbearable noise and
dirt of fost-movlng trains could bo escaped, and
where daylight was not completely shut out
The soot and dust could not bo gotten rid of,
and to keep clean was on Impossibility, while
the screeching whistle and the noise and roar of
the passing trains sickened the strong and
killed (he sick and the weak. Chicago had
plenty of room inside the limits for Its popula
tion, without seeking suburban homes, and the
common Interest required me build ng up of
the city within the limits. When this
was done, it might bo advisable to
look up means for more room ‘ and
facilities to reach It, but at no time ought cltl
zcn-taxDiiycra on one street to bo asked or ex
pected to saenheo their right ami property for
the benefit of others, without at least (if invol
untary) a fair and Just Indemnity.
Ala. McCormick, who was present, was in
vited to address the meeting, lie considered
thu reasons Just adduced as very forcible.
There was no need here, as in New York, where
the streets were very narrow, and often blocked
bv passing vehicles, for an elevated railroad,
and unless some reasons were adduced to show
the necessity of such a road, ho should vole
against craning the Company a franchise.
[Applause.! Furthermore, ho did not believe
such a road would pav anything.
Aid. Wettercr said that, while be hod Intro
duced thu ordinance out of courtesy to the in
corporators, ho had no Idea It would ever pass
the Council, and he tbouch(ho could assure the
propcrtt-bohlora that incvwbuld never see an
elevated railroad on Nortb Wells street. [Ap
plause.) ’
Valentino Huh said ho had circulated one of
the petitions, and fouud ail the property-holders
he had appealed to unanimous in their oppo
sition to the scheme. All that was necessary to
do now was to goon and secure the signatures
of all, and then present their petition to the
Kx-Ald. Schwelsthal was Invited to speak,
and Insisted particularly ou tbo destruction of
property value which the building of an elevated
railway would brim; about ( and on the neces
sity of the Incorporators first gaining the con
sent ot tbo property-holders before any serious
attempt was made to
I‘USJI such a ecnsMS.
Tlic following Committee was then appointed
to draw up a remonstrance, embodying the rea
sons above sot forth, and to present the same
to the Council next Monday evening: Ex-Aid.
Scbwelstoal, B. Uerllzbvtmcr, Val Huh, Charles
Williams, Charles Spnngenberg.
Further remarks were ipado by Mr. Williams
and the Chairman, the former insisting on the
law points already brought dut> uud die appar
ent defiance of the law on the part- of these in
corporators In not securing the consent of the
property-holders. Their purpose evidently was,
he said, lo act rccardlcss ol the wishes ol the
property-holders, provided tney knew the law
(and they probably did), and they would, ol
course, bring every influence to bear upon the
members 'Ot the Council In Irving to push
through tlielr speculative scheme, in this con
nection ho suggested that it would bo well to
watch tbo Aldermen and see bow they voted
on so questionable a measure. v
The Committee was Instructed to draw up
tbo petition and remonstrance between this and
Monday afternoon, so that the papers rosy bo
presented to the Council that evening. The
meeting then adjourned.
One of the “incorporators” was present at
tbo meeting,—an oldish, dark-complexioned
gentleman, with little of the capitalistic appear
ance lu bis make-up. Though It must have
been galling to bear Die project alluded to as a
mere speculative, money-making, and dishonest
scheme, be was dumb, lie sat, listened, and
took iioios near the reporters 1 table, but. like a
lamb before his shearers, he opened uot his
mouth. When the meeting broke up ho silent
ly folded his tent and dusted with an air of dis
gust plainly visible on bis physiognomy. And
bis name was Uorue.
Sptdal Dluxilchja Tht Tribune.
•Oshkosh, Wls., jjuly 10.— lo the United States
Court to-dav live suit o( James D. Goodman, of
Chicago, ogaluat the City of Oshkosh, to recover
principal ami loterest of three bonds of said city
issued to the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad
lo 1850, was decided In favor pt the plaintiff, and
Judgment rendered for about SIB,OOO. Thu
bonds were puruhusad two years since by Phlle*
lus Bawvcr, and payment was refused by the
City Council for political reasons, out the city
wilt now pay lu lull.
While Dr. Price’s Extract Vanilla has thb fine
flavor of the fruit, others will be found to have the
bitter, rank taste of the snuff bean.
Many of onr leading citizens are baying their
cigars by the box at Dawson’s, ~11 Bute struct.
Indigestion, nervous nrostratlon.'and
all forme of general debility relieved by taking
Alonemaa's Puptonued Ueuf Tunic, ttnw only
preoursllon of buef containing Its umlre nutrlttuua
properties. It is nut a mere atimulant like toe ex*
tract* of beef, but contain* blood-maklmr. force*
generating, and life**u«UlDluir propertiea; U in
valuable la all enfeebled condition*, whether the
c«*ult of exhaustion, nervous prostration, aver*
work, or acute disease: particularly if teauUlng
from pulmonary complaint*. Caaweil, Hazard &
Co., Proprietor*, New York. For sale by drug*
WILLIAMS—JuIy 1% Jane Hughe* William*, wife of
William T. and mother ot W.il. Williams. aged ttt
*Vuneral at residence. 443 Weal Lake-il., to-day at 11
and Utica (N. V.),
and PnlUdelpula (Pa.) taper* plea*e copy.
IIARUINUTON—Of coDiumptloo, July is, Henry P.
Harrington, aged aa year* and 7 month*, aon of the late
Prank ana B. B. Harrington. ....
Fauerui service will bo held at the family residence,
144 uichlgaa-av., Friday, Juno in atap. m. by car
riage* to Ciiacelaud.
lirporimoutU (N. U.) papers please copy.
tluuuNEY—William iloroney. aced as year*. July
19 Funeralfrom blatate residence, 01 Uenryat.. to day
at 10 o'clock to the Holy Family Church, thence by
cm to Calvary Cemetery.
IjT New Albany paper* pleaae copy.
liUPFAT-JuU to. kt ITS Wlathc«ter*st.. blcholera
Infantum, Annie Isabella. youngest daughter of Robert
and tiusan Moffat, and granddaughter of Daria oil*
(citric. livrj.
fiCHUllEßT—Eddie,son of Frank and Mary Schubert,
aged a rears and o months. .
Funeral from their residence. SB* Want Twelfth-aL,
comer LoomK to msccland, Friday, July IS, I p, vn.
CARVJSR At n p. tn., Wednesday, the tmh, at th«
residence of bis daughter, Mr*. J. 11. Thompson, Urn*
jftmln carter. In nlv Hin year, father of Mrs. J. n,
fhompson, Mrs. L. 7.. Letter, aud w, 8. Conor, of ibis
C 'sinenl notice hereafter. Friend* arc kindly re*
quested not to rend flowers.
tv Herkimer County (New Fork) paper* plcaae copy.
CorigaN—Funeral of William Cortgan to-day at 10
o’clock from his lato residence. 88J autc-it., to bu
John’s church, thence to Calvary by carriages.
D. Taylor, at her.residence, 399
inly, of heart disease. .
am at the Church of the Holy
h-it., Friday, July 18, at 8:30
:es to Calvary.
West Taylor-*!., suddet
Polcmn Requiem Ma
Family, West Twelfth
o’clock a. di. Carriage
nmiilM-M. Dochm. in Ms Tad year.
Funeral from hla late icililunce, 1309 South Dear*
born-st., at lo o'clock ibis morning.
MANTONVA—EIIa, wife of L. D.Mantonya. of con*
■umptlon, at tho home of her parents, near Mount
Vernon. «. . . .„ . ,
ttr New Vork and Deaton papers please copy.
MoQUiGO-July is. Irene Florence, little daughter
of Fred and Ella Mctjulgg, aged 4 months and 11
Funeral to-day at 10 a. m.
MltLLor—July in, Alllco, beloved wife of Michael
Mniloy. aged :tJ years. _ .. .
Funeraffrom residence. IR3 West Twenllelh-lt, at
10 o’clock a. in. to-day to the Church of titered liosrt,
tlienco by cars to Calvary cemetery.
MULDOON—JuIy 10, of consumption, Arthur Mu\*
doon. eged 33 years, eldest sun of John and Mary
Funeral Friday, July 18. at 11 o’clock, from late rest
deuce. HQ North raulfna-it, to tit. Colombian's
Church, thence by cars to Calvary Cemetery. .
IlAtiTlE—The funeral service* of the late Thomas
ilastle will bo hold of the Scotch Church, corner Adams
and tiannamon-sta., to-dny at it a. rn., thence by cats
to lloschill. Friends Invited.
KABPEII—JuIy 10, Ktclka Della Kasper, aged 8
months and 10 days, daughter of Joseph and Della
Funeral at 4 o'clock to.dar from their residence, 183
WALKER—On tho morning of July is, tit John
Franc**, youngest son ot tinmuol .1. and Amanda Mote*
head WalKcr. aged 7 years I mouth aud to days.
Funeral (onlay at 4 i>. in., from residence, on Clark*
*(.. near Divcrsy. Lake view. Friends of the family
are Invited to attend.
ortlie main avenue for escape of refuse from tho
human system Is utterly subversive of regularity
among the other organs. Let comitfpailon become
chronic, and, leaving oat the imminent danger of
inflammation of tho bowels and their total obstruc
tion occurring. Jnandlco is almost certain to ensue,
the liver Is (table to become engorged, tbe blood
ond urlno arc noisoned by the bile, which also vi
tiates tbe juices of tbe stomach, and other unhap
py consequences follow. Hostetler's Stomach Hit
ters, a prime tonic alterative, prevents or remedies
these results and their cause, as tbe case may re
quire, ond Is also signally cfllcacloue In overcom
ing flatulence, heartburn, and variaolu oa well n»
constipated action of the bowels. It renews nerve
power, Improves tho appetite, stays the progress
1 of early decay, relieves the Inllrmiilca of age, and
is a pleasant appetizer.
will bo field at Mrs. Simon's, In
>7. July tH. at h o'clock p. m.,
t BAKU, Present.
of Lake View «
Oracclsnd, on Frida]
lay will bs lea ay tlio llov. E. U.
1 Farwell limit to*di
I the ’ST. c. T. IT., in Lower Ptrwell IUU, will l«
led to-day by Mr». I'rof.KaTfD.
1 Ward Itcpubllcnn Club to-nlebt ai 3.r>54 blue
lilaml-av, All members arc Invited to attend.
TempkkancP: mkktinu this kvkninu at
Tammany Hall, corner of Lincoln and Indlnna-su.
Absolutely puro-mado from Grape Oroam of Tartar.
Imported excltwlvely for thli powder from the Wins
dUirlct of Prance. Always uniform and wholesome.
Sold only la cons hy all Grocers. A pound can mailed
lo any address, nonage paid, on receipt of uo cents.
KOVALBAKING f’OWlfcu CO,. 171 Uuane'ft.. Now
Yurie. • Mon cheap Dowdcn contain slniut daascroui
toiiealths arold ttiem. especially when ottered loose or
in bnllc. ■ _
$3.30, S3.SO, .$3.50,
To bo hod only at AIjVOBD’B .«
125 So. Clark, and 42 North Clark-st.
vaiti) 111 IT
IvUll vLII
N.O.— Lfttilcs’iireMesbttcgues
LADIES AND GENTS. lAc., repaired and denned.
B | || I I Courts, Notaries, Lodges.
BU II B Is etc., etc. Wux Beals for
TfT U I T Packages.
■IB ni II S. J>. C/illda & Co..
UIbIIhV 70 Washington 9r.
iI M EUIHHui out lliu Uulon—expreued to
W.ll, A. UIJ ITBIM Ac CO.,
Auctioneer*. iTJKut Itandoloh-SL
t lotlilug, Furnishing (looda, Ac.,
THURSDAY.'JuIy 17. at n:3O o'clock a. in., at our
Salesrooms. 17a lisadolpn*it.
Wit. A. UUTTER3 ACO., Auctioneers.
Household Q oods, Carnots, Stoves,
aud General lUoreliaudiso,
SATURDAY, July 10, »t ITailapdolph-lt.
Fine Cigars and Tobacco,
A City Delivery Wagon,
The one formerly inch by (he stein Dollar Store, made
to order by cosu A Ten Uruuko, aud cost fsoo,
MONDAY, July 31. at to o'clock a. m., at 173 East
liy order of ROOT, E. JENKINS, Aaalgoee.
Wit. A. UUXt'KUs £ CO., Auctioneer*.
or DM* HUM M,
Between Tblrty-ieventh and Thlrty-eightb-iu..
At Auction, Monday, July 21,1870|
At 314 o'clock p. m., at ITS Rial Randolph*!!.
Plata aie now ready.
* WAt. A. UUTTKUB £ CO.. Auctioneer*.
BY 91. .11. NAKDIIKN & CO.,
island 133 Wabaah-av.
Boots, SloesUjjors
TUIB (THURSDAY) MORN ING at 0 o'clock.

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