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„rrict>BA.c«”» CI,nA
B.lernal Application In Ilm World.
u hfs aver Seen known to the roost Intelligent phy
rthM.weot e host of poisonous remedies
diseases of the Skin and Scalp.
«,,r. CoMcdbT
V Tovtun—Oenttemmi Please
-ocS mV moJt irate fit 1 Ibnnk. (or Ihb «rc.U Terr
Smfort 1 boro rrettrod (tom Ibe u.o o( jour
Cl Fof?hoDOot olshl or ulno jran I hno born
• troubled wlih.tbat dreadful disease, Saltßheam.
For months I would be helpless,—tny very life a
toth external and Internal, but with no effect. •
•My hands wore In a terrible condition, the backs
; of ihem being all raw, and I thought I would try
C HHed'lu and lo 1 It was as If a miracle had been
performed? for 1 will lake my oain that In tbree
applications my hands were as smoothes a new
born babe’s, .... ... -
■ I presume there ore hundreds, if not thousands,
who know of my esse, among whom there may be
some one similarly affected, and. if so. I would
♦arnestly advise him to give Cuticoiu a trial.
Yours, very respectfully,
A. D. BAKER. Ticket Agent C. 8, R. R.
Detroit Junution, Detroit,Allch., Jan,00,18(0.
On the linnets Oared. A Grateful Letter,
Messrs. Weeks A Vorrm-OentUm/n .• Having
been troubled for many years with tbo Tetter or
fall Rnenro. and spent many a bnrd-earnert dollar,
3 was riven a trial of your CortcirnA, and. thank
God, my bands arc well. I never bad anything do
me coon like that. . , ,
You mar out this In the paper and welcome, and
msv it do some other poor sufferer tbe same good
U bun done mol I am well known here, baring
lived hern almost fifteen years, ana kept boarders
for a living, mid sometimes my heart was sore,
thinking 1 would have to give up altogether with
roraore hands, ann having a small family to take
rare of; but oh I thank God, my hands are well, so
X again return thanks. '
Vnur. «'f"ffI bETnDDCKLEY .
Littleton, N. IL, May liO, 187 S.
The OtmcunA Hemkdibs are prepared by Weeks
A Potter, ChemlstaandDruwrtsts.MO Waablnclou
st., Boston, and are for sale by all Druggists.
Price of' Cutlcura, small boxes, • r>o cents; large
boxes, 1 - containing two and one-balf-times tbo
quantity of smalt. sl. Resolvent, SI per bottle.
Cutlcura Boat), 25 cents per cake; by mail, SO cents;
three cakes,' 75 cents.' 1
* -jai i Placed over the centred?
the nervous forces, the pit
VOLTAIC ,l ”ib; l °ffi! , bciu 7 iuh
• pLas ret® agency, Kloc
trlcliy. united,with the curative properties of our
fragrant Balsams and. Pine. For \S cat and Sore
Lungs. Pul Dilation of the Heart. Painful Kidneys.
Liver Comulalot, Unions Colic, Weak Biomachand
Dowels, Rheumatism. Neuralgia, and Sciatica,
they are the beat remedy in Jhejrorld.
Two very desirable Fire-
Proof Offices on second
floor, and one on third
floor. Apply to
8 Tribune Building.
Will leave Clirk-il. Hrldgo errry flay. at »s3O rv m.
Tor Booth ami Hyde f'ark Fishing amt Flcolo Grounds,
leaving you there uuilMiaon, ni. Hound trln. 2ft eta.
■ For WaUr-Work* Crib. booth I'arlc, Hyde Pare, and
Clovernnjfnt I'lerat at:wp. in. everyday. Round trip.
AUnta. Grand Moonlight Kxcurslun every evening at
H o'clock. Faro atily ul) rla. Hand on board.
• . IIKXUV HAHV. Manager.
Ml. Vrrnon Place, HaUlmorc. Md. English,
all. and German Hoarding and Day School for
Young Ladles, A large corpaof Professors. Thei'Oth
annua] w-aslon will commence Beat. |A. For circular*
rdiiiew the Principals, ilKb. MARY J. JUNKS and
OrnoK or PunciustNu *at> Urpot)
C. 6., No. 3 Kt*l Washington sU« >
CinoAiio, 111., July 16, 1370. ),
Sealed proposals. In duplicate. wlui a copy or this
sdvertlaomcnt attached, wilt he received at this ofllee,
until uoVUu-k p. in.. Monday, July Cl, IS7». for fur
nlshlug the fallowing supplies to the Bubslsience He*
Itrtmenl. United Butes Army, delivered at such places
n tills city as may bo required.
Tnu stores arc required fur Immediate delivery.
• m-.mo {ioiiuiu iiacor, clear sides, to bo packed in
twilled cotton sad gunnies.
hi.;oo pounds Bacon. dear sides, to be packed In
tierces, nut exceeding USO pounds, net weight.
O'.Vui pounds Bacon. clear slues, each piece sewed
up lo coltou, wished and dried, and then packed In
crates, wltn rope handles at each end, welghlug, grots,
not muie than Uoo pounds.
ThoUaum mint he short clear aides, lightweight,
carefully selected, thoroughly cured, and well dried out
pilar smoking and Ix-foro iwlng packed.
«*Vaw pounds Corn Meal, white, kiln-dried,
i ti,niipitunds P*a», split.
KIM) pounds Hominy. fcllu-drled.
To be packed in tomllnson'i patent barrels, or la
ioubte sacks-inside twilled cotton and ouialde gunny—
same as sample to be ae«u at tbla oßlce.
7,'JOu puumta Candles, alearlo acid, sixes, 40-pound
woac). full weight, strapped.
canT 30 C4DI Ucef ' corned ' cans, or 314-pound
pouwi&ici* CriocoUU} ’ D»ker*« premium, In is
l.aoo cam Currant Jelly, new peck.
*.*• bMI quality leaf, la 5* pound net
tine. CO round* to a cau.
’ MO can* Fean. California. new crop.
I.afObotUra, auwii, anatSOboltW. plaU. Croiso *
BUckwtU • Pickle*. *'(JUerklat.” Cbow-ctiow and at
wrii-d, to be waked, 13 quart-bottlea lo a cue, and 34
plut*batt]c* to a ct*e.
ao iO-u*Uon keg* Plcklra, assorted.
TOT c«u». d'Puuud. salmon, new catch.
*>* tax** table edu packed In cuts.
4,300 paunda table bait, in 10-pcuud baga, packed la
boxe* containing too pound* aevcaco.
• Set iiiqt bottle* and mu balf.plnt botllea Worcester
etilra baure. Lea * Perrin**; 13 plot bottle* to a
pound*>ui Loaf tiugar. 13,000 poand* Oranu-
Uledaugar. aud3,ttou pouml* Powdercdbuxar. In ino*
luunduct boxu*. bosc* to be one'lncn stuff. leagued
knd grooved, lined wuh paper, and mapped.
ftTfliam, 3-ponad. Tuuaut. beef.
•rdcr CWC * tU 1)4 iu,ppwl tAd la tberoogb shipping
.* *Ol b* rceelred for the wbale or ear portion of
tha above amount*, widen are to I* Increaied or de*
cr »^ 4 «“'•» *i° «oulred at Hie time of upeolng.
Actual tare at the tluioof delivery la required, and
wlll bo allowed. 4 *
Pro petal* will be received vubject to the naual csodl
ttoo*. and muat U accompanied bp aampß*
Blank propouU or further Information will bo far*
•tobad on application loihUofflS. 1
■ Ibo right to reject any or all blda la reaerved.
M. P. hUaLL, Upjer and C. &
— —“
The Fears of All thought
ful People Too Well
Spread of the Pestilence from
the Ray Residence in
Five Genuine Cases, ■with a
Death Shortly After
■ Noon.
Doubly Disastrous Effect ol
This Mournful In
A Brig from Port nil Pnlx Floats
Up tho Delaware Klvor,
Sovon Oasoa of Fever on Board-Horrible
Condition of tbo Ship.
’ BBKtnl Plepateh to The Trtbftue.
Msurnis, Tcdd.i July IT.—The town Uln an
other fever of excitement, which suddenly pos
sessed nearly every men, woman, sod child yet
remaining In the city from the effects of the
last panic, on the announcement, through the
Board of Health, that live moro “aporadlca"
hod been discovered, it makes no difference
with the masses whether the coses boclassllled
Sporadic, endemic, epidemic, symotlc, or oUier
technicality,-all they hear Is “ yellow fever,”
which la sufficient to moke them forget
all they know, especially the little bllla
they owe to .servants, washerwomen,
dressmakers, tailors, boarding-houses, etc.,
and -In lien thereof will arise bright
visions of festivities to bo enjoyed at watering
places and country places, In many Instances at
the expense of others. The absorbing desire to
“spend summer away” la the great augmenting
power of these panics, which ore hooked on aa
superb capital and a sympathetic awakooor In
moro healthy communities. On Tuesday it was
announced that -
had occurred In Mr. Hester’s family* at No. 80
Clay street, In tho Boutlicrn part of tbe city.
Yesterday they began to bo talked about aa
suspicious cases. Tbo Board of Health was
notified, and Dr. Sanders, Acting-President,
went last nlgbt to personally diagnose the
cases, and, at a late hour, ho reported that
nothing definite could be said, but by noon to
day developments would enable him to make
official definite roporte. The result Is the fire
eases arc • pronounced genuine yellow forer.
Dr; Sandora Is still confident that these cases, os
was the case with tbe llav family, will not go
beyond the limits of Urn residence. Upon the
announcement'cf these as suspicious cases yes
terday afternoon, by last night twenty or more
were rumored. Prompt visits by tbo Health
authorities have been made to every one. In
many Instances tho “case” was at homo In tho
enjoyment of the beat of health, or “up-town
attending to business.” As a consequence of
the “ first outbreak " to-ooy, many wero pre
paring to “ vamose the ranche,” and steamers
and trains will reap a rich harvest In the next
forty-eight hours. A crave question arises In
the minds of the thinkers about this wholesale
evacuation of the city. What la to become—
lo'caso the disease should develop In epidemic
Tms roon, (
whose ImpecnnlosUy and ccneral helpless
ness prevents them from taking grip-sack leave I
No ssrie man expects such a spontaneous Influx
of the world's charities os was flooded on the
poor of the South Ust year. Repeated appeals
wore male to the rich ct this community for
contributions to the general relief fund, without
the response of a peony's worth. Yet stores
stuffed with goods, groceries, end household ef
fects aro hero at the mercy of the Iboosandt
that may be driven to most terrible extremes by
wont and hunger. The Police, Fire, and Mili
tary Departments of
and not a hand loft to even warn away the rob
bers. A few cool heads and bravo hearts wont
through the ordeal last year, but few of them
survived the plague, and,that few have profited
by that experience to the extent that self-pres
ervation Is the first law, and no power on earth
could Induce them to undergo the terrible
scenes and privations again. But few of those
whose faces were familiar to your correspond
ent last year will remain during another epi
MBMPUIB, Tent)., July 17.—Tlio present sick
ones are members of the .families of Robert and
James Hester, two brothers, whose residences
are in the same neighborhood as Judge Hay’s
house. The followin'; persons are prostrated
trltn the disease: Robert Hester and wife, Mrs.
James Hester and tiro of her children. Mrs.
James Hester bis been sick for (oar days.
Her children were taken down Tuesday, os
wore also Robert Hester and his wife.
The yellow forcr symutoms wore not
fully developed until this morning, when
Mrs. James Hester was taken with the
black vomit, and at noon was dying. Thu twu
brothers ore river men, James Hester being
nluht watchman on the R. ji. Lee wharf-boat.
Robert Hester is a shin-carpenter.
Mrs. James Hester died just after 15 o’clock
and was burled at Bp. m. No new cases bare
been reported since this morning, although
there are one or two people sick In Hie city
whoso esses ore considered suspicious.
The onnouncment of five new cases tills morn
ing did not creatu a panic. Many Memphians
will leave the vlty to-night end to morrow
night. Business is severely Injured by tbo de
velopment of now cases, and several Arms will
Immediately remove ihclr stocks, go to Sr.
Lonls, LouUyil)*, ami Cincinnati. Gustcn’s
Hotel closes to-niahl, Tliu I’eabody Hotel will
nrooln open.
A thunder-storm is threatened, which will be
gladly welcomed.
Is all ready for active work, but does not coa
aider the situation saflldcutly alarming to begin
operations. .
A steady rain began falling at 9 o’clock.
Sptelal DUsalch lo 17l* Trtbtme.
AißUpms, Tcdom July 17-10 p. m.—Notblug
of luierent since my first dispatch except the
death of Mrs. lleeicr, the lirstof the tire cases
seized with the fmr. The other four cases up
to the presout time have exhibited do very un
favorable symptoms, and since the character of
the disease has been dctormlued it is hoped the
physicians wilt pull them through safely.
gptetal Divtch to Tko Tnbunt.
PfIiLADiLTfIU, July 17.—Caps. Smith, id old
calOsberauD, sitting In tala boat at the Lozaretto
sear Chester at sunrise tbla morning, knew
somethin* was wrong when the brhrßbasU
sane up the river la tow ot the tog Qeorge \V.
Childs. Her sails wore hanging loose and un
furled, a dlrty-looklng fellow with a haggard
face stood at Hie wheel, while four or five men
Jay huddled together on the forecastle.
The Tcsscl ton within fifty feet of the
pier. She was towed up tho river
as lar as tho quarantine pier, when tho quar
antine tug met her, and Dr. Robinson wont
aboard, ile found her
nnsKino with tbllow fbvbil
Out of the nine men on board seven were suf
fering from the dread disease. Tho ves
sel (was In a terrible condition, tho stench
arising from all parts of her was something
terrible. Tho vessel was leaking, requiring tho
services of several of the men to keep bar
free. Six of the men were taken ashore at
once, and given a thorough washing, In o por
tion of the hospital arronged for that purpose.
Two of tho sufferers are very 111, and It
Is thought that they will die before to-morrow
noon. The Captain of the brig and two of tho
crew died, and were burled at tea. One of the
men, whom the Doctor thought proper to leave
is In danger of the dlseoso. In fact, he has
shown undoubted signs of the malady. Your
correspondent jumped into a skiff at Chester
this evculng anil rowed lo.LozaroUo. The
summer boarders at tho hotel aud the resi
dents in that vicinity, to say tho least,
oro scared nearly to death. They
were found gathered together In knots,
talking over, tho matter. They were
loud in their complaints against Uio quarantine
officers; ami, If what they say is true, they have
every reason to be so. They say the quarantine,
at its present place, is no more protection to
rhlladclohia than it would bo If It were In the
heart of tho city.
are that when the officers enter It for the season
they must stay there until it closes. The peo
ple at the I.ozaretlo say they go to Philadelphia
whenever they please, drive out through tho
country, and altogether have a very pleasant
time of It. The news of fever at
the Lazaretto spread through Chester City like
wlld-flre, end everybody there is more or less
1 alarmed, for, os one of the men at tho Lozaretto
soy#, whoso family all had the disease some
years ago, “Yellow-fever is nothing to olar
with." The peoplo ol Chester have for some
years past talked of petitioning the Legislature
to move the quarantine further down the river,
say to Port Delaware. The Shasta, the brlgnow
in quarantine, was bound for Chester from
nnd had on board a cargo of logwood. As these
vessels arrive here almost dally, there Is con
siderable fear felt that the disease) mil find Us
way Into the city la spite of quarantine.
fptetal Ditmlch to The Trtlmna.
Washington, July 17.—Tbo National Board
of Health, in connection with its oilier duties,
Is undertaking the publication of n sort of news-,
paper called tbo BuUdinof the National Board
of Health. It docs not oppear what tbo real ob
ject of the newspaper Is. Everything which It
contains of any consequence Is anticipated' by
the dally newspapers. That It Isa Journal which
docs not come under the head of the .public
press Is shown by tbe fact that, uoon startlngjlt,
It was not found necessary to resclndnhc fol
lowlntr, which appears on the private minutes of
the Board April 2, IdTfl:.
; Ordered . That tbe discussions and deliberations
of the Board shall be considered confidential so
far an regards the public prmn or. any source through
which they mar bo likely to reach tho public preen,
except when authorised by,the Board ami com
municated through the proper officers.
Chattanooga, July 17.—Al a mealing to
day the City Council refused to raise the quar
antine against Memphis. Through passengers
from Memphis are transferred at Wnuhatchle,
six miles from the clfy. and trains pass through
at the rate of ten miles an hour.
The Confederate Onslaught—Revenue Stamp
Allowances— ItosignttUou of Auditor Tabor
—Arrears of Pensions.,
Sptclnf Dltpateh to The Trtftuns.
Washington, D. C., July 17.— Wilson, the
Union soldier who has lost both legs, who bos
recently been removed from the employ of the
Senate, was removed by
Bright, and nob b/ Durcb, Secretary of the
Senate. Wilson was not within the jurisdiction
of the latter officer. Wilson’s friends hero
say that the excuse which Bright telctrrapQcd
from Indiana yesterday, ns to his removal, is a
)muo one. They assert that Wilson has always
proved himself an efficient and obliging officer,
mid'the fact that he Is legless added to his
efficiency as the Doorkeeper, because his phys
ical disability made It painfully Inconvenient for
him to move about, and In consequence he was
alvravs found at his post of duty. Those who
* have seen Mr. Wilson on duty at the Capitol lor
the past ton years regard the explanation of
Mr. Bright as a mean subterfuge.
Bcpretarv Schurz will probably make one
apccdi In Ohio during the campaign.
The Interior Department will probably lease
the building recently occupied by the Aatwna
JUjiubUcan (or the purposes of the now Census
Comnitsiloncr Rautn has Issued the following
order, explanatory of the act of March 1 last,
which embraces limitations upon the redemp
tion of or allowances for Internal-Revenue
stamps. 'llm order will be of Interest to every
one who has occasion to use revenue-stamps s
Kec. 17 of the act of ComrrofS approved March 1,
IH7U. provides: , . ,
* Thu claims for altowam c onjaccoiml of stamps
nrhliiL’ cinder ■isc. !J,-I’.’Uof the Hertscd Statutes,
us restricted by *An act reiatlvo to the rcoempllon.
of unused stamps.’ approved July i«, I»7H, may
lie allowed If presented witblu tbreo years after
the nurchuu of said stamps from the Government,
or a Government agent for tlio aalo of stamps, am)
not otherwise: J'rovideil, That no existing claim'
for tne redemption of or allowance for anv In
ternal Revenue stamps other than the two-cent
documentary lUiimi shall bo allowed, unless pre
sented within one year trom the date of the passage
’of this act: ProriatJ jurlhtr* That from and after
June 111, IHTd, no allowance shall be made, in any
manner, for documentary stamps other than tboao
of tlio denomination of two cents "
Thu First Comptroller of the Treasury boa de
cided that, In all claims arising under hcc. :(,4- > U,
ItovUril Statutes, evidence must be furnished as to
thu dato on which the stamps fur which an allow
ance is asked were purchased from the Govern
ment, or a Uevcnimcnt agent fur the sale of
stamps; and. if It shall appear that the same were
nut purchased within throe years from (he date of
their presentation to tne Commissioner of Internal
llevcmu’, the claim cannot be allowed.
It wilt slso be observed that llm otllce la prohibit
ed by tbe torini of the act from maxing aur allow
mice, from and after June III), 1871), for docu
mentary stamps except those of tho denomination
of two cents. It wilt, therefore, be useless to
forward such stamps to thu ofllce.
Judge Tabor, of lona, whose resignation os
Foitriu Auditor of thu Treasury was received
ti.-day, ranked only second lu point of seniority
of thu Bureau ulllcrrs of thu Treasury, Auditor
French holding thu oldest commission. Judge
, Tabor was one of Abraham Jdncolu’a early up
polntoca, unit has tilled the Important otlico of
Fourth Auditor wUU aleunl abllltr uud un
questioned integrity, ills resignation is said
to have been made lor tlte purpose of entering
upon private business, and to Imre been portly
induced by ill health. There are Intimations,
however, that Ida ofllce is wanted by some
politician, unci that tite Deputy Auditor, Moore,
may not succeed him.
tbths tr(JUm_Aiioda(«4 Prws,
Wasuinoton. D. C., Julr 17.—California
cart lea have accepted the figures offered for
sliver bullion by the Directors of the Mtut, ami
purchases by the Government have been made.
During the post week 500,000 ounces have been
The Treasury Department to-oav Issued war*
rauls on Uie last batch of requisitions from the
Secretary of the Interior for arrears of pen*
slons, amounting to $1,605,000. to which add
amount heretofore paid 83,035,000, making the
total to dsle since July 1, *7O, of Bt.tMU.OOO. Of
the total amount appropriated (25,000,000) there
has bceu already paid $10,210,000.
The Secretary of War,' upon the recommenda*
tlou of Geo. Schofield, commanding at West
I’olftt, has disnjUscd six cadets lor hazing*
The South African Chief
Makes Fresh Overtures
for Peace.
Which Are Met Half Way by
the British Military
France, Imitating Germany, Will
Buy Tip ' All Her
Chambord Ones More Calls Upon
His Sympathizers to
Rally. ,
Prospect of Another Bad Break
In the Turkish Cabinet.
Incidents of Grant's Becsption in China
and Japan,
London, Julv 17.— Advices received from
Cape Town to July/1, by way of Madeira, an
nounce that an envoy from Cetewayo reached
Fort Napoleon on the 20th of June, bearing
peace proposals aad a fine,,’, tusk of' Ivory as a
present. lie wished to stop the advance of the
Second Dlvlsloe, but was Informed that the
peace proposal! must be made to lord Chelms
ford, am! that the advancowould only be post
poned on condition that'tic former demands
were acceded to.
Ucn. Sir Garnet Wolscley has arrived at
Pietermaritzburg, where''•he was sworu In
as High Commissioner .'and Commaudcr-ln-
Cblof. He expected to leave Durban for Port
Durnlord the 15ih of July. •
Lord Chelmsford has joined a flying column,
and •arrived at Maenlbonluro. lie will probably
rcaoh.Ujundl the July.
OoCWood’s spies report, that Cotcwayo Is
dissatisfied with bis -.people's disinclination to
He was personally desirous of suing for
peace, but was dlssasded by bis Ministers.
Fort Chelmsford and Port Crcalock have been
One thousand Zulus crossed the Tugcla River
on the 25th of Junfe, killed two men and sir
women, burned several kraals, and captured a
quantity of cattle.
Gen. Nowdigalo Is within three days’ march
of Ulandl.
' London, July 17.—A Timt* correspondent
writes from Pietermaritzburg, Juno 80, as fol
lows: “Gen. Wolseloy will unite Crealock’s
command to that of Lord Chelmsford's. Fort
Durnford will bo the base of supplies.
Cotcwayo Is reported to be north of Ulundl
with 10,000 mem Messengers from Cctewajo
have come to Fort I’caijon, and Gen. Wolscley
has scut them-back with the names of the
Chiefs whom Cclewayo must send to Qou.
A dispatch dated Marltzburg, July 15, says:
Complying with the requirements of Lord
Chelmsford, Celcwayo sent to the British camp
the cattle demanded, and also the ivory tusk.
The commanding ofliccr detained the cattle,
but refused to accent the tusk, which was an
emblem of peace. Sir Garnet Wolsoloy Imme
diately disowned this act, sent messengers to
Cclcwayo oxolalnlug that the refusal of the
tusk was a blunder, and asKed that three load
ing chiefs be sent to the frontier.
riIANCE. 1
Paris, July 17.—The great majority of tho
Parliamentary Committee nbintnatcd yesterday
to consider tho policy to he adopted for railways
connected at Orleans, arc favorable to tho buy
ing up of the Hoes by the State. This disposi
tion appears to be due to Bismarck’s recent
declarations relative to railway tariffs. Tho
Chambers think the French Government should
have absolute control of tho french railway
tariffs, so as to be able to neutralize aoyattempt
of Bismarck to establish a protectionist railway
Tho value of food supplies Imported Into
Franco tho lirst half year of 1870 shows on in
crease of 10,810,000 pounds as compared with
the same period of 1876.
Count Ue Cbambonl, head of the elder brooch
of the Bourbons, replying to an oddress of his
followers congratulating him on his fete-day,
writes, “Let your ranks be opened to every
man of good will.” It Is remarked that this
looks like an Invitation to the clerical Bona
partlsts to join tho Legitimists.
Versailles, July 17— Tho Chamber of
Deputies to-day discussed Jules Ferry’s second
bill for excluding the religious clement from
tho Superior Council of Education. Urgency
was declared for the bill.
The Paris fhfafttte slates It Is said the Minis
ter of the Interior will Issue an order for tho
dismissal of all oflklali In his department who
attended the I’rlnce Imperial’s obsequies. The
report Is regarded as sensational.
JJU OiW* to i.'mclunitll Enquirer,
Paius, July 17.—Owing to the rot which has
attacked the potato crop throughout Franco Ills
estimated that the deficiency in the same will
amount to 15,000,000 sacks.
Berlin, June 17.—Bismarck uml family hayo
gone to Klsslngcn.
By Cable la Cfiefnnall Enquirer.
Berlin. July 16.— The National Zeiuug says
that ills extremely probable that the recent
changes in the home policy of Germany will
have an unfavorable effect upon her relations
with Austria, and parilcuisrly with Russia.
Prince Bismarck himself Ims openly expressed
hts Irritation at the tone adopted by the Russian
press, aud the countenance given to it at BU
la consequence of (he great probability of a
speedy termination of the conflict betweeu Bis*
march and the Vatican and (be establishment
of a practical harmony In their relations, the
Pone has ordered Cardinal Jlergenrolhe to pro*
pare fresh instructions to be Issued as guides
for the conduct of German priests.
Nbw York, July 17.—The Purser of tho
steamer Hina, arrived to day from Port au
Prince, reports as follows: At Portau Prince
Monday, June 50, Petit Canal, brother of the
President, shot DeLormo, a member of tho
Legislative Chamber. A general shooting affray
ensued, lu which forty other members aud some
of Canal’s adherents were killed. Tbo shooting
commenced Monday, aud was kept up until our
departure, 4:80 p. m. July 8. Business was bus*
pended In the meantime. There was a report lu
clrcnl.tlon Unit IW rclml. would bate to submit
to the Oovernmcjl's demand.
N»w Tour, jflty 17fluff's .Yews-letter, pub
lished at Klngfiqn, Jamaica, lo Its Issue of July
3 saraJ “W« learn *»T steamer Jamaican,
which r arrivejl hern yesterday from Tort an
Prlncd/Uiat inconsequence ol a dispute lo the
Douse of Representatives the brother of the
President tin shot by another member, who
looic'bffoo* at language which had been used.
Mohs. Canal, though wounded In tha arm, re-
Ore snd shot ills opponent. There
waVtlWa general llrlngla the Douse, and tho
populaci and oollce outside fired Into the build
ing. TAc President of tlw Senate, with others,
were stot down, and when the Jamaican left
for thfe port the Government troont were rak
ing the streets with a mctrtllcuse.”
rrna and sword.
The same paper, In its bine of Julyß,saysi
« Rr tlic arrival of the steamer Etna from Port
au Prim* on Sunday, we learn that a serious
firo occurred at that place on Monday, the 80th
ulu The Are originated from the discharge of
ahelh In the town. Several block* o£ bul Idlngi
were burned, a number of live* lost, mid many
persons were wounded, the Inhabitants haying
to take refuge in the hills. A widespread revo
lution was considered Imminent. Several Depu
ties of the Chamber belonging to tlic Liberal
party, wbo arrived In tbo steamer from Oow
naives, flodlng a revolution in the Town of Port
au Prince, returned at once to Gownalvee by
the German steamer Saxonla to lake up arms
against the National party."
When the Etna left Port au Prince the Cos-
tom-Uonae was closed, and all busineas sus
pended, and Uie place was still burning.
London, July 17.—The strlks of the colliers
atTamworth against a reduction of wages has
been compromised.
tub o'rosser-kdrpdrst wreck.
The contractors who have undertaken to raise
the German Ironclad Grosser-Kurfurst have
placed clghty-sevcn pontoons inside of the ves
sel and a shield over the breach. Tbo attempt
will be made to raise the wreck on the 34th Inst
London, July 10.—french residents of En
gland will erect a memorial to the Prince 1m-
nigglos ofters to row Boyd on the Thames on
the 13th of September for £2OO a side.
London. July 17.—'The entries for the great
B-year-old races of 1881, just published, show
numerous American nominations. P. Lorillard
has nominated six horses, J- It. Keene five, and
M. 11. Sanford two for the Derby. The entries
for the St. Lcgcr are almost Identical with those
for the Derby. Seven American fillies have
been nominated for the Oaks.
At the 800-rards raxi£p at Wimbledon yester
day, Frank Hyde, American, LleuL-Col. Fenton,
and another, made each seven consecutive
bull’s-eyes, the highest possible score, in tlfe
contest for the Armorer’s Company prize. In
the shootlng-oH of'the lies, each made three
bull's-evcs. In the pool-shooting, Morse,
American, made almost an unbroken Hoe of
London, July 17.—1 u regard to the Atlantic
A Groat Western reorganization project, the
Trustees have issued a statement declaring that
reorganization without foreclosure, os proposed
by CapU Tyler, Is Impracticable, and even If It
were practicable the money could not be raised.
The Trustees announce Uiat the line la expected'
to be sold within a very few months under the
recently-obtained decree. • ■
In the House of Commons to-day, Lord John
Manners said he was not aware that any ar
rangement was contemplated for appointing a
joint commission on copyright with the United
States. '
Wimbledon, July 18.—In the contest for the
Armorer’s prize, In which the American marks
men distinguished themselves, four others,
besides those previously mentioned, succeeded
in making the highest possible scores. Milton
Farrow, an American, made the highest score
for single-barreled sporting-rifles, Id a contest
for the Martin Smith prizes.
London, July 17.—A Vleanadlsoafch says tho
Powers and the Porte will probably agree uoon
tho Introduction of provisions In the Khedive’s
new Orman of investiture putting a atop to tho
costly attempts to extend the Egyptian domin
ion southward.
London, July 17.—A Constantinople dispatch
says Osman Pasha, Minister of War, opposes
tho proposed concessions of Greece. He has
postponed the disbandment of tho Turkish
militia until tho Greek question is solved.
Constantinople, July 17.—The Grand Vizier
has informed tho Sultan he will resign unless
his programme is adopted. His resignation will
probably be accepted and a new Ministry formed.
Ten Turkish battailous have been seat to
Two officers of the United States steamer
Quluncbaug, while going on Saturday in a small
boat aboard that vessel, were stopped opposite
thu palnco by Turkish soldiers, taken before the
police authorities, and detained two bours. On
Monday, on the energetic demand of tho United
States Minister, thu Turkish uayal commander,
In the presence of tho crow of the Quinnebauar,
madu formal excuses, when tho United States
Minister declared the amende complete.
Madrid, July 17.—1 n Congress to-day Gen.
Salamanca raised an animated discussion rela
tive to the restoration of peace in Cuba. Oen.
Martinez Campos, President of the Council,
having replied, Congress, by a yolo of 187 to JM,
rejected the proposal tor the further discussion
oi the Cuban question, thus apparently indors
ing the Government's Cuban policy.
Rome, July 17.—A telegram from Alesaao*
dtla, Piedmont, states that Capt. Dehodo,
quartered in that city, shot Gen. Fronzlnl dead.
Bomb. July 17.—tiignor Calroli, Italian Pre*
micr, lufornurl the Chamber of Deputies Umtiiio
Ministry would devote Uiemselves exclusively
to the Internal interests of Italy, which needed
a long period of peace and Industry. The
speech was coldly received.
Ban Francisco, July 17.—News per City of
llonq Kono. June 29.— Grant wa* greeted at
Tientsin by un address from foreign residents,
delivered by the Chalrmsn of the Municipal
Council, May 15, and u grand banquet by the
Chinese authorities at the principal native
temple. The Viceroy of Chill, Commanderdu*
Chief, ami Grand Secretary I*l Uung Chang
presided. No such attentions wore over before
bestowed upon any foreigner at Peking.
Grant occupied the American Legation.
Calls were exchanged between him aud
Prince Kunr. a long Interview taking
place at Taunts LI Yemen, In which many im
portant public questions were dlscuswd. Grant
was largely entertained by the highest native
officials and hr distinguished foreigners. 110
left Peking .Tune 10 for Tientsin, where a. sec
ond extended conference was had with 1.1 Hung
Chang, who Is unquestionably the foremost nnd
most powerful subject in the Empire,
LI Yung Choi, the insurgent Chief In Aunstn,
stilt holds his position without active Interference
from aar qosrtcr.
Energetic measures have been Instituted for
suppressing opium in the Province of Hupeh.
The smoking dens have been dosed, opium shops
abolished, nnd 1 poppies rooted up throughout
the farm districts. The provincial authorities
par the growers a small gratuity for every plant
'Hie Viceroy of Canton proposes to open the
Island Tallo, twenty-fivo miles southwest of
Macao, lo foreign settlement. This concession
is not considered Important.
Suggestions bare appeared In the Peking Oa
tcUe poiutlnc to tlie possible abduction of tbo
youthful Emperor, and the enthronement of
gome other member of the fatnflv. Tills Is ow-'
Injj to criticisms upon the unprecedented cir
cumstances that the present Emperor was
chosen from the same generation as his prede
cessor. Instead of from a later, so that be can
not follow the time-honored custom of worship
ing his ancestor. lie Is, in fact, a first cousin
and adopted brother of the late ruler, and the
ancient forms of state ceremonial will require
an entire chaotic if be continues to reign.
Trifling as this difficulty appears to foreign eyes,
it is considered a most difficult problem In
Yokohama, June 39.—Grant arrived In Naga
saki June In the Richmond, accoropanico by
Aahuelot, the latter bringing Judge Denny,
Consul at Tientsin, and other friends from
China. There was no formal demonstration br
foreign residents further than an address of wel
come by a committee of thirteen chosen to rep
resent all alien nationalities. Owing to the
prevalence of cholera at Ilioga and the neigh
borhood the original arrangemeota were chang
ed. The partv will come direct to Yokohama
mid Tokio. He Is expected at Yokohama July
4. Although he la the guest of the nation, sep
arate complimentary demonstrations are propos
ed byimVerial decree. The reception la to be in
all respects Identical with what would be accord
ed a reigning monarch of anv European country.
The conduct of Brltlsh-Admlral Coates Is se
verely criticised. This officer left Hong Kong
immediately before Grant’s arrival there, the
same at Shanghai, and now suddenly starts on
a pleasure trip from Yokohama. It] Is under
stood to be In consequence o( an unwillingness
to give a salute of twenty-one guns. The Brit
ish Minister Indorses his action by accompany
ing him on the present, cruise. Gov. Hcnoessr,
of Hong Kong, now visiting "Japan, strongly
disapproves, and Is understood to have urgently
the American citizen superintending the great
Government sheep farm, seriously wounded bv
armed burglars last year, was relieved from
service with full salary for the remaining three
years of his engagement, and an additional
cratulty, It being found that his recovery would
be impossible if bis duties continued.
Dutch Minister and acting Envoy for Sweden,
Norway, and Denmark, arrived at Japan
June 18.
There is considerable interest over tbe action
of the Governor of Hone Kong reversing the op-
Sresslvo and arbitrary exactions of the Hrltish
Knitter in Japan hy Interfering with Ibc affairs
of English postal stations here, which ore prop
erly under the colonial Jurisdiction of Hong
Kong. Gov. flennessy, who is opposed in every
particular to the hlgb-namlcd system long pur
sued In Japan, has taken the business In Imnd
and ordered instant restoration of the ftist-
Office*, rejected the proposal of indemnity, and
for the first time Introduced an element of jus
tice in British relations with this country.
Berlin, July 17.—The latest Intelligence from
Central Asia Is to the effect Uml China Is pre
paring for war with Russia.
London, July 17.—A tire in Koslow, Russia,
burned eleven houses.
London, July 17.—A correspondent at 81.
Petersburg reports that representatives of the
Russian railways have becu negotiating with
Prussian and Austrian railway delegates, with a
view to renewing the reduced goods tariff for
long distances. It .appears, however, that the
Russian railway authorities are unwilling to «x
tend the favorable goods tariff to Koulgsbcrg
and the Baltic porta. This will seriously weigh
against the Russian corn trade.
Fall River, July 17.—T0-day begins the
fourth week of the strike, ami needy spinners
can now call upon the Unions for aid. Officers
of the Spinners’ Union were busy all day tilting
out orders for assistance. They state that no
regular sum is to be given, but orders will bo
issued to meet the wonts of individual cases.
No money will be given, nml all assistance will
be grocery orders. Several spinners arrived
yesterday, mid. as a result, the Robeson Mill I*
running full this morning. This makes the
fourth mill reported running full, and one or
two others more than two-thirds full, and which
are expected to fill up before the close of tho
rtpfelo/ filupaleh to The Tritmne.
Grand Rapids, Mich., July 17.—The four
Chicago apostles of the eight-hour movement
seal hero by the cabinet-makers have been try
ing for more than twenty-four hours to affect
the 2,900 employes of our furniture factories,
nut, so far, have accomplished nothing
except to announce the bolding of a
meeting to-morrow night, to which
tliev invite the craft. The cabinet
makers here look on the movement with no
favor, and there Is no prospect of thetr joining
In, which pleases Ihclr employers, who deserve
such results. lor their men are unusually well
paid and well treated.
fife'dal Dliaotch to The Tribune,
Indianapolis, July 17.— At I o’clock, In front
of the Post-Office, another Jbtmwf printer was
assaulted bv a striker, and struck In the bead
wilba sand-bag. He was at once arrested.
Tilts evening the police cleared the street la
front of Hie Jourmif building, mid, for the first
time during the trouble, things look quiet.
Youngstown, 0., July 17.—Thera is a strike
among the laborers of the Gnterpriso Mills for
an advance of 10 cents a dar in wages, it has
mulled in the stoppage of their works.
gpteial JNwalcVle Tht TVtams.
Gaumuuko, 111., July IT.— Moses Eppstelner,
a well-known Jobber In Jewelry, made a volun
tary assignment to Solwmon Spear, a prominent
merchant, this evening. HU debts amount to
about *B,OOO, duo mostly to Boston uml New
York houses. It is Impossible to learn the
value at tbc assets, as Die assignee will nut tile
bis inventory until to morrow. .
YounaaTows, 0., July 17.—The struggle for
the control of Brown, Uonncll & Co., which
commenced lost January between Chicago par
ties, represented by llurberl C, Ayer, and the
Uonnolls, of this dir, culminated to-dav m
election of two Boards of Directors. Ibis U
the largest corporation in tho cltv, having a
capital of $1,500,000. The dispute over the
management of the Company can only be sot*
tied by the courts. „ , .
St. I.ouw, July 17.—The Semple & Blrge
manufacturing Company, which BUMieiiJcaiaal
week, made an assignment to fc. C. Simmons
this evening. Negotiations wero In progress
with the creditors whercbv It was thought au
amicable adjustment would be reached without
going into tho court*. Au attachment suit for
|S,(MO was entered yesterday by on Ohio manu
facturing compatiy, and the Su LouU house de
elded 10-<lay that au assignment was ueceestry
to protect all interests.
Etakbviixi, Inch, July 17.—Dr. Charles
Laucnstelu, editor of the Evansville J)*mocrat,
the leading German dally Democratic paper of
Indiana, died verv suddenly lost night of
apoplexy at his rcaldeiuc in this city.
Loss of the Steamship State of
Virginia on Sable Island.
The. Scene of the Wreck' 125
Miles Out from Halifax.
A Boat Capsized in Trying to Land, and-
Hine Persona Drowned.
Tlio. Best of the rnMcnpcra and Crew
Safely Fnt Ashore.
Additional Details of Damage Done hjf
the Eastern Tornado.
Soeelat mnateh to The TriOuefc.
lUi.irAX, N. 8., July 17.—The Purser, fourth •
oniccr, and nine of the crow of the steamship I
State of Virginia arrived hero to-nlehtfrom
Port Pinkerton, where they arrived on Wednes
day morning in an open boat from Sable
They report that the State of Virginia, 250 tdba,
CtpU Moody, left New York for Glasgow on
Thursday, the 10th Inst. On Friday a dense fog ,
set In, ami on Saturday night at 8 o’clock the;
ship struck a sand-bank on the south Side ,4t
Sable Island. At the time she struck CapU
Moody calculated that she Wtla
twenty-lire miles east of the island.
The cargo was thrown overboard, and'etorr
effort was made to lighten her, but without suc
cess, and she soon began to settle down/ la > the
sand with three and one-half fathoms of water
on her port side, and four and one-hail on tbs
starboard side.
On Sunday mornlngfurther effort
si, which failed,
to lighten the vessel, whlcL 1,7 t - -.10 Cap
tain then ordered ilfmal-cnnii to tp fired, which
soon attracted the attention of Oar. McDonald,
who put off with eighteen of/he passengers
and crew, eleven women, Uie purser, doctor, and
four officers, and landed then? safely, notwlth* ,
standing the heavy surf. He,then returned and*
took off a second boat fall, but .when flflr’
feet from the shore the bptt swamped, and all
hands were thrown Into,.the water struggling
far life. In a few mlnnt* the boat was righted,
but not before Hie following had met with *
watery grave: Mrs. .Walker, Mils Coleman,
Mrs. McGlure, John ,Wideatlnd, aged 18; Mrs.
Marv Peden and two children; Alice Wilson, a
child aged 4 years; Marie 0. Mouteo, aged-14. <
Two bodies were shortly afterwards recovered, \
those of Miss Coleman and Mrs. Walker, arid
At 2 o’clock In tbe afternoon another attempt
was made to land In the snip’s boat, Dot with
out aucccsa, and they remained on board until
Monday morning, when tbe lost boat-load left
the ship at 0 a. in., and all landed safely before
11 a. m. opposite Gov. McDonald’s residence,
about aoven miles around from where tbe ship
At this lime the sea was beating over the vea-
sel, and there were six feet of* water In the mala
hold, nine feet aft, and nine feet in the engine-
The passengers and crew received every at
tention at Gov. McDonald’s hands, and every
thing possible was done for their comfort and
safety. The only thlng.thcy ore likely to want
before help reaches Ultra Is water.-
After reaching Port Pinkerton on Wednesday,
thev posted to New Glasgow and sailed to Hall-
The Government steamer Glcndon will, sail
• to-morrow to brine up the passengers ami crew.
There la no nobs of saving the.vessel. Tho
small portion of the cargo saved is damaged.
The fact that only nine lives were lost Id such
a dangerous place as Sable Island! speaks vol
umes for the bravery of the Captain, crow, and
T« V\t Wnttni AitoeiaUH Ifae.
Halifax, N. 8., July 17.—' steamer Stato
of Virginia, from New York ‘for Glasgow, wont
asbureat gable Island at 7:45 p. m. Saturday.
Three women and five chlldren'were lost in tho •
surf while landing. Hie vessel had seventy- •
four passengers, 101 head of cuttle, and a gen
eral cargo. Blxty cattle wore saved.
The Purser mid boat’s crew of tho steamer* .
State of Virginia landed at Sberßrbok. They
loft Bable Island Sunday, when all tho passen
gers paved were well. The weather had been ,
line since leaving New York till they cot Into a
fog, in which the vessel wout ashore’ Saturday
night. Assistance will bo sent from here to tho
passengers on the Island. The vessel Is likely
to be a total wreck. Four wom?a ami,
five children were lost. Tho names.'
of the lost are Miss M. G. Martlu, a boy named
U. 8. Wilson, Mrs. Pendcn and two children, a
boy named Joba Wcdcstnmd, Mrs. M. Olcorc,
! Miss Cornua, aud Sirs. Walker. Tbo ship'bad
eleven feet of water In her bold when tho boat
left tho Island. Tho Purser complains of tho
Inhospitably of the people on tho road from .
where they lauded till they reached New
The purser Bays after the steamer struck guno
were tired, which brought the Governor of tho
island, McDonald, to our assistance iu a surf- 1
boat. Tills boat took ashore eleven women,
four men, and tho purser, four officer* and tbo 1
doctor, all of whom were safely landed, though \
the surf was very heavy. Two boats left the %
ship with eighteen persons. Tho second boat, :
when fifty icetlrom the shore, capsized. AH '
the occupants were thrown into Uio-J
water. Bome of those struggling in ,
tho water succeeded In dinging i
to the bottom of the boat, which presently woo I
righted and washed ashore; those clinging to<
her were badly bruised but thankful to havo
escaped with their lives. The other boat went
around to the other aide of the Island me next
day and all were safely lauded.
On Monday night the third officer, with a.
purser and uluo men, started In an open boat
for tho main land. The first night was raining
und foggy, and a roost uncomfortable night was
passed. Tuesday night they made the main
lm,a, but the sea was running too high to land.
Tltey wailed till morning, when they succeeded
Jo landing salely »l Fort Blckerton, and drove •
to New Glasgow, whence they camo by train to
flpsdat Di*patch to 17m THfttma.
NbwYoiik, July 17.—Mr. Austin Baldwin,
the New York agent of the State Line, said this
evening: M W« are doing nil we can for the
wrecked passengers. We .have telegraphed to
the Purser to sea that, they want for nothing
ihrttwn conduce to their comfort. We bays
also authorized him to send forward
all who desire to go by the Allan
Bine steamer for Glasgow, which atop* at Hali
fax os Saturday. Such of them aa prefer to
return to New York wo hate given orders to
(uruUb with transportation borne. > My Impres
sion la that the majority will goon.”
The drowning of Marie G. Moulin, 8 yean of
age, baa a story connected with it which Invests
it with peculiar Interest. Mrs. iloutlu waa an
Englishwoman who bad married a French hus
band. Some years ago her husband died*
and since then she haa maintained her
self and her child in New York by doing
needlework. A few months ago the wife of an
officer of the State Line advertised for a sewing
woman, and Mrs. Mdatln received toe place.
Finding that the husband of her patroness waa
eouuected with a Europeau steamship line, she
told him of her desire to go back to Leeds and
visit her slater, nut aaid that her means
were too small to allow her to
go unless reduction was
/were mado
ind the Cap

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