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Part 11. of “Tho Diary of a
Public Man.”
Unpublished Passives of tho (Octet
History of Ihe American
Civil War,
Lincoln’s Nlcht.ltldo from Ilnrrlsbur?
to IVnalilnglon—-Tho lllull's ns
Lincoln’s Evil Genius.
Blanton's Estimate of Lincoln—Did Ployd
Order Anderson to Fort Bumtor ?
Lord Lyons on tho Situation.
Stmird’s Bc’alltns wilh llntoln—Hie Semnllle
IlgiUlltj to Chnse—Lincoln Hites
Ills Own Cabinet.
lie no.
Washington, Fob. 2L—Since 1 sat and list
ened to the surety hut truly satanlc speech of
Senator Benjamin, ou tils inking leave uf ttic
Senate three weeks ago. nothing has aileded
mo so raimnllv ns this moit nnfurtunoie night
trio of Mr. Lincoln's from Harrisburg here. It
is Id every imaginable way a moat distressing
and ill-advised thing, and I con scarcely trust
myself to think of 11. oven hero alone in rnv
room. Mr. Reward feels about It as I do, though
he affects, with hls usual an<) rather exasperat
ing assumption of levity, to laugh It off. But It
hos shaken my confidence, und It will shake tho
confidence of a good many more people
In ’ the reality of lifs Influence over
this strange new man from the West.
It gives a weight mid importance of the roost
dangerous sort, too, to tho stories which the
opponents of a peaceful and satisfactory ad
justment have been so sedulously putting about
tu regard to the disposition of tho border
States, and particularly Maryland; and It can
not fed to excite a roost mischievous feeling of
contempt for the personal character of Mr.
Lincoln dlmsolf throughout the country, es
pecially at the Fomh, where it Is most impor
tant Unit people should at this moment have
been made lo understand that tho new Admin
istration comes Into power in the ordinary
legitimate way, and will bo presided over bv a
man of law aud order, who hue continence
In himself, in the people of the coun
try, und iu the Innate loyalty of Americans
to thu law. I do nut believe on word of the
cock-and-bull story of the Italian assassins,
which Mr. Reward told mo to-day hnd been
communicated to Mr. Lincoln os coming from
Gen. Scott; and It was clear tu me that Mr.
Seward himself dfd not believe one word of it.
Lvcd With the brief glimse I gut in New York of
Mr. Lincoln, I am slow tu believe In his bc.ng so
weak und vulgar o man os tbl* performance Indi
cates. and 1 am sstlxflcd that some extraordinary
pressure must hove been cxerted-uoon him to
mnkohltn do a thing which, at any time, would
have been deplorable and scandalous, mid which
aoprsfs to me, happening nt this moment, tu be
nothing less than calamitou-*. I can tbink of
nothing else. It really throws Die whole ma
chinery of our system of it«cci)*rc. Aro wo
renilv drifting into the wake of Spanish Ameri
ca? This cannot be: and yet, when we Have
reached a point nt which an elected Pres dent of
the United Slates consents lo be smuggled
through by night to thu Capital of
the country; lest ho should bs mur
dered In one of the chief cities of the
Union, who can blame the rc*l of the world for
behoving ihut wo ore a failure, or quarrel with
dvsscradofts, like Wlgloll, for taking it for
granted? It is sickening.
Washington, Fob. 25.—A vl*it th.s morning
from Senator Douglas, nml whols os much con
cerned as lam at tlu* turn nlTalrs nre taking.
Hu fools exactly ns 1 do over tills wretched
smuggling business; nml bulb startles nnci
shocks me b> what lie tolls mo of Mr. Seword’s
share la It, asserting positively. as of his own
knowledge, Hint, at the urgent reoucst of Gen.
Ocolt, Mr. Howard scut his son to Mr. I.ln*
coin nt Philadelphia, to Impress tipoo him
and his friends the Imminent peri)
they would bo m at .Baltimore. I ex*
pressed mv utter surprise, and asked him if ho
had spoken with Mr. Seward ou the «üblect
since Saturday. He had not. “ But you must
remember,” he said, •* that In all this business
Ucn. Scott docs with Seward as he pleases; and
Gen. Scott Is an old woman In the hands of
those bom consolrators nml matters or mis*
cnlcf,—the Blairs.” He wont on from this to
glee me bis reasons for believing that the Btaira
were moving heaven nml earth to get control of
Mr. Lincoln’s Administration; and that they
have made more progress that way than is at oil
suspected, even by Mr. Seward. I do not I'ko
any of the Blairs, and, Indeed, I know’ nobody
wlio docs. Bat of them all 1 like Montgomery
least; nml I can Imagine nothing leas to bo de*
sired than his entrance into the Cabinet, which
Senator Dougins regards na Inevitable. He goes
further than I can In Ida vtrws us to the policy
which bo thinks Hie Blahs ore bent on cajoling
or compelling M*. Lincoln to adopt. They nro
comoerntlng now for the moment, ho thinks,
with the .extreme nntl-Scwnrd item both here
and In Now York. “ What they really wnnt,”
said Senator Douglas. “is a ctvtl war. Tlicv
nr dererndaed. tint, on seeing slavery abolished
bv force, ami ili'-n on expelling Die whole negro
race from the Continent. That was old Blair's
doctrine, sir, long u»o; and Dial Is Munlgom*
jr.’s doctrine, sir.” bo said, with oven more
lliflu bis usual emphasis; "and. If they can got
and keep their crip on Lincoln, this country
will never see peace or prosperity again, In your
:lmc, or to tcine. or In our cinldnVs children's
time. They will bo the evd genius, sir, of Dm
Republic. They, mid uobod . else, you may de*
pend upon it. will ha found at Die bottom of
this abominable smuggling scheme.” I anted
senator Douglas how it could have been possi
ble fur anvnodv to persuade Mr. Lincoln Into
tuch a suicidal act, unless ho Is a lamentably
weak mid tillable character. '* No, he is nob that,
sir,” was fats reply; ‘‘but he Ucmtinmtly nman
of the atmosphere which surrounds him. Helios
not yet got out of sir. He has
tipriot fluid nrople with him. Ho has his wife
With him. lie does not Know that he U Presi
dent-elect of the United tit ales, sir, lie does
not see that the shadow ho casts is anv bigger
now than It was last year. It wifi not take him
lone to tlnd It out when ho has got established
In tli)* White House. But he has not found It
out vet. Besides, ho knows Dim lie is a minority
President, mid that breaks him down." Mr.
Douglas then went on to vive me some palniul
details as to Mr. Lincoln’s domestic II e nud
habitual associations In Illinois, which were very
dkcournging. Ho wound up by saying that h»
had made up his mind to sou Mr. Lincoln at
osco and tell him the truth.
utt. htanton's estimate op i.ihcot.n.
I called at Willard’s Hotel, and left uty card
for Mr. Lincoln, Wuo hnd tope out. Hut. ns 1
was crossing Fourteenth slic'd, 1 met the At
torney-General, who .topoed mu lu u*K It 1 bad
seen the President-elect since be "erupt into
Washlncfmi.” )(Is Impossible to be more blt
teror malignant than lie Is; every word was a
very 111-suppressed sneer; Him it cost mu some
thing to keep my temper In tulkmg with him
even for a few moments. When lie found
that 1 had only met Mr. Lincoln once,
to mv recollection, bo Isutielied nut Into a down
right tirade about him, saving be "hud met biin
at the Bur, amt found him slow, cunuing clown.”
1 could nut resist telling him us we parted, Uml
1 hoped dm ['resident would take an ufjte it' ami
not a view of his successor In any rela
tions he might have with him. I mink befell
Urn trust, lor be bowed more civilly than hu Is
apt to do, when he felt me. JJut Mr. btawlou’s
liibulcucc show* how vervmUchlcvuus dm effect
of tins wretched blunder ha*already been; and.
while It appalls me even to suppose dial Mr.
Buwnrd can have had any hmd m it, it is not
much more satisfactory (o believe that be nadir
basso hide influence with Mr. Lincoln as would
bo Intuited In bla out having been consulted as
to such u step at such a juncture.
Wasoimjtov.Feb, IW.-rAt dinner to-dnv fiat
next to Mr. , who told me porilivel-.q us ol
his own knowledge, dm! Anderson’s nmveiucni
to Fort Fuinier was made directly In pursuance
of a discretion communicated to him us Irma
the I'resident himself, and he added au extraor
dinary I*4terllon- that he kueur it (u buVe
beeu recoiomeuded by Floyd, und us lie oehvvcd
for the purpose, which, of course, Floyd was
very careful not to helm to Mr. Buchanan, of
crcatog n Bihiutlon which chotihl make nn
armed explosion Inevitable, and should so force
Virginia-out Dm Border Slates Into jiccew'on.
The wufidrawnl of B-.aTi'tary Oa«s, ho said to
tnc (mil h*g personal minions at Die White
House corlnlnly ought to make him nn author*
it , cdtit'dnllv when speaking conlhlcntinilv ns
he knew he was to-day). mused the President
to n some of the dangerous poMMon In which
he Is placed hr reason of his well-known politi
cal mul pcru'tinf gouct-wIH toward the Mouth
mid lend ou Smrhcm men. ‘‘lie has never
been nn same tnnn that ho was. since that dav,"
said —. He was positive about the In
smicthmssoot lo Anderson; mid roltcrntcd Ins
ncscr.’lou two or three tunes with nn emnlmiH
which I.thought well to moderate, though, ns
Mr. Fljirvs. n Hrolv llulo South American Min
ister, sat next him on the inner hunt, there Is
nocrcat danger. I think, of his having been un
derstood by nnvhodv but ms self.
tub contusion ovan sm. t.incoun’b caiiinf.t.
Later on in the evening entno over and
sat hv mo to urge me to go with him to-mor
row to see Mr. Lincoln In regard to the Cabi
net appointment*. He was much ngllnted ami
concerned about them, having gotten Into hls
head, for reasons which lie cava me, that Mr.
Lincoln. In his despair of harmoniz ng the Sew
ard men with ihe Chase mm, Inn concocte 1, or
hnd concoetud for hlm.u plan of milling Corwai
Into the State Depailmcnt, send.ng Seward to
Kngl md, ami giv.ng tin* Treasure to New \ ork.
I llatc’inal to him pallcnllv, ami I own f was
siarllcd hv some of the facts he cold mo; hill I
have pointed out to him that, however close
might be Mm ties between Mr. c'orwtn and Mr.
Lincoln, Mr. Chase could not he counted out tn
this war unless with Ids own consent, which I
did not believe could bo cot, and that i am be
ginning to think Mint Mr. Cnne holds ihe new
President a coo l dpfl mon* tlghtlv In his hand
than Mr. toward docs. 1 declined peremptorily
to call upon Mr. Lincoln In Dm business; though
I said I should certain!) call mum him an a mat
ter of respect, and that, If he gave me anv rea
son nr opportunity to «peak of hls Cnhmel, I
should tell him IranlM.v wh.it I thought. I
iomul quliti ns strongly impressed as Mr.
Douglas bv Mic uia lmmilmiß ot the Blairs. nml
quite ns fearful of tlx IrMtcccss. He showed me
a letter lie hnd retc.veii a lortnluht ago from
Mr. Draper, in Now York, expressing
great mixlctv ns to Mr. Seward's position In
me Cabinet m ease of the nomination of Mr.
Chase, mul Intimating nn Intention of visiting
Wash ncton with several o her gentleman for
Die purpose of making Mr. Lincoln undersund
tlmt lie must absolutely drop the Idenof putting
Mr. Clinic into Die Treasure. 1 loin him Dial
Mr. Weed had to-dav expressed Die same Ideas
to me. .uni I asked him if lie did not know that
n conmrr-DresMii'ft was putting on Mr. Lincoln
to exclude Mr. Seward. "Mu-mosc," I said,
‘•they should both be excluded I"
We were very late, and while the whist was
rro'ng on I had a very Interesting talk wuh
about Mr. Benjamin. In the course of which he
told me a storv so characteristic of all the per
sons concerned in it that I must Jot It down.
We happened to speak of Soule and the curious
letter which he published the o:her riav. “I
dined with Benjamin," said , “fn January,
n dav or two after Dial letter appeared, mid cull
ing h's attention to wlmt seemed to mo Ihe nut
of it. being tne passage In which Soule eloquent
ly calls upon Louisiana. If she must leave Die
Union, not. to lollow the leadcrshljof men who.
with Dm Federal power at. Du-lr buck, had nut
l,c-n able to protect her rights within the
Union, I said to him, ‘C*cst do voub
ct de Slidell qu’M a vonln parerP" Ben
jamin luugned, qj df I St. Martin mul HoemcJle.
of Die French Legation, who were also of Die
company, and replied: "Of course ftio was
apeak uc of ui], that Is the ruin of pour Soule,
Dial ho cannot conceal hls morbid hatred ofbo’h
of us— but. and hi*congenital Ini-ecaLiiyofteU
log Du* truth; lie loves Ivour, loves It morn than
anything .ftlsokt loves UjMwyn’rt *».fV «/" TTu.-n
Benjamin went onto tell a story of an encounter
between Idmself nml Soule, on the wav to Mex
ico. whl her Smile was gomg to prevent, if pas-
Mole, the carrying out of the Tehuawicuec
scheme. Waen he found Benjamin on hoard
the boat, which he hid not rsrccicd. he volun
teered Die absurd s'ntcment to Benjamin that
lipwaionlv G'l.ng to Vorn Cruz roale/xntr
'Jnmpieo/ Of course ho did not go to Tampico,
but to the capital; mid. when begot lo Die capi
tal, ho opened hls batteries nn Tehuantepec, hv
tnform’ng the Mexican President that, he hail
been specially deputed br President Buchanan
toadvise with him on the International relnMons
of Die two countries; though he might have ns
certo'ncd, with tact mid n very Urtlc trouble,
that Mr. Forsyth had already eauMnned the
Mexican Government, bv three lon of President
Buchanan, against buying any dealings wltn
Sonic at nil! I did not snv to ,
though 1 was on Dm point of saving
It. that 1 was not ol all sure whobtr
this curious storv best illustrated tin* innate
mcndocliv of Soule, or the Innate duplicity of n
more exalted personage. ls ven* bitter
now against Beniamin, though still under Dm
glamour, ns 1 inu«t confess mvsulf to be In a
measure, of hU charm'ug pcraoual wa s. nml
his rara and lucid'lntelligence. At thin very
dinner to which he rderred early In January.
——tells me Beniamin spoke of the arrange
menu mi'l projects of Dm Confederate organ
izers, wilh an nnpareut knowledge of Diem nil;
saving tlmt Dm Confederate Cungrens would as
semble nt Montgomery before Feb. I", -md
choose n President, so that L'ncoln should find
himself confronted, when ho took Die oath In
March, nv a complete Government, cxtcmlhig
nt least over clgnt States, rind oiler ng pence or
war to Ida choice. docs nut bclievo the
storv about Vaneev from Montuomer> to-dav.
He thinks Benjamin wilt pp sent ns Coidcdcrato
Commissioner to Kuronu. to .seek recognUlon;
and certainly n more dangerous one emi d not
be selected. Ho would hurt u« abroad ns much
an Yam oy would help us. On reach ng home, 1
found n note from —, full ol hopes for to
morrow, which I can see no'reason for sharing,
nml uno'hcr from Mr. Weed to the same ef
fect, telling mo that Mr. Douclas would see
Mr. Lincoln to-night. I do not see that
the Peace Conferences have advanced us one
step from the point where we were In January,
when Mr. Ledvard came lo see me. tolling me
that Gen, Cass hud boon electrified into bo#‘r
spirits, 111 ns lift il"'ii was, tty Dm absolute ccr
minty tlmt Mr. Seward und Mr. CriDmulvn hid
so got their bonds togchcr ns to Insure a satis
factory settlement “ Die very next day." How
many days have since gone bv with no such re
sult; and what Is bciore us now but Imbecility,
If not worse, in thu Government wo have, nmi
utter distraction In the councils of a Govern
ment wo tiro to have f Poor Gon. Casul I oado
him good-bv yo. terday, and 1 suspect, forever.
I should not bb surprised If the journey brings
him to the end, ami I hope he has not been al
lowed to cnrrv out bis purpose of seeking nn in
terview with Mr. Lincoln, ilo Is not sirotig
enough to bear thu cxcitcmeut, und It can do no
good, I tear.
Washington, Feb. S3.—Half an hour with
Mr. Lincoln to-dav, which eonllrms all my worst
fears, I should say he Is at hi* wits’ ends.
If he did not seem to mo to bo so thor
oughly nwaio of the lact that sumo o her
people are in that condition. I told
him frankly,on hlsown provoeai lon to the subject,
what I thought would be the advantages to his
Administration, mid to the country, of putting
lnto the Cabbie', and gave him to under
stand, as plainly ns I thought beemn ng, that Its
must not look an me as acting hi concert with
any set of men to urge that nomination, or anv
oilier nomination, upon him. 1 think be saw
that I was In tinniest; mid, ut all events, ho ad
vised me to imte to —— in the terms in welch
i wished to write to him.
1 was sorry to lliul lilm anxious about the
safely of Washington. ami bo asked me some
question dDuiu Capl. atone, which snrorised mo
a little, uml annoyed mu mure. I told him wlnt
1 know of Stone personally, ami what bad boon
said to mu about bbn, bv the moil competent
ini'll in tin* army, at the time when hu tln>t dime
here, by Gen, Biolf’a wish, to reorganize the
military of the District. Hu seemed very clad
to hear of tills, and was verv much taken wit It
a story whirl) I told him, and for Hit l accuracy of
which 1 could vouch, that when Capt. Stone,
ui>ou an ururentrecommendation ol tujii. Scott,
was a|i|ujinluil to the cmnmind of the District
mtliini tnJunuury.Uov. Floyd was cxictdroly
enraged and tried to put his own nephew,
“ Charley Jones,*’ who hud licen nrc
tluuhlv nominated fur (he post, and who
is u desperate lellow, to Insult Stone, pick a
quarrel with him, and shout him. Mr. Lincoln's
melancholy rmiiiteminco lighted un with a
twinkle m his we. “ That was not buch a ii.nl
Idea of Floyd’s," he said, m u slow, mcdltativu
sort of way. “Of course, Viu triad Stone wasn't
shot, and that there wasn’t unv lireuch of dm
peace; but—if dm custom could lie generally
introduced, it mltrhl lubricate mutters m die
way of making oolldcul nppomtmentsl " After
a little, be recurred to die dangerous condition
of Washington. 1 (lien spoke very earnestly,
for It wa* clear to mu that be must lie attll un
der die pressure of 'lie same evil compels
which bad led bun into dial itreaolul business
of dm nlghl-rlde I rum Harrisburg; and I urged
him to pul abboluUmmihleucu In die assurances
of C'upi. Hlone. I told him, wtut 1 believe to
be perfectly true, diut the wor-a Kories about
dm Intended incursions Into Wuihmmon, and
the like, sit originate with men like George
Saunders, of New York, and Arnold Uarri*. of
Tcnuus.eu, once a particular follower ot I’resi
(icm duciiuiiuu, hut now a loud uml noise Kecv*-
sloulst,—men wito came into my mind because
I hud passed diem in die bill of me
very bmel In ulih-h wo were talking,
and lu vrnlcfi they nave been telling wonder
ful stprius ol cunsoiruey and assassination, Irom
dm hotel porches, to anybody who will lisien lu
them lor weeks past. lie listened lu mo Very
Bttvntlvelv, and, suddenly stic'ch'i-g out Ins
h md. picked up and handed me n no’e to look
at. I recognized Senator Sumner’s handwriting
os I took It. mid was not, itu reiorc, uirDi-ulnriv
surprised to find it slnrmMh -md mysterious hi
tone, hl.ld ntr Mr. I.in.oln, for i articular rea
sons, to he very careful how he went nut ttlnuo
ntnnrht. I saw that Mr. Lincoln watched me
while I rend the note, mid I perhaps mn.-Jmve
expressed In nn* countenance mi opinion of the
communication with-it I did not think It f civilto
put Into words, merely reiterating, ns I laid It
hack on the table, me own convle'lon tlmt there
was notlfim to lour In Wash mrnn, and no oc
casion for in ensures llkidv to influence the pub
-11- tin’avorablv to o her parrs of Die country.
As I arose to iro, Mr. Lincoln pulled himself to
ire her no out of Hie rock og-chalr, In wnlch ho
had packed himself, and, scanning mo good
nvuredtv for n moment, ssnt, very nhruptlc,
'• Vou never put hades with Sumner, did vnu?”
f suppoo* I looked ns much surprised a« I felt;
hut I InncrlKMl mid stud (tint I did not think I
ever had tiono so. “ Well, I supposed not,” ho
slid; mul then, hesitating a moment,
went on: “When ho was In here I
asked him to m entire with me, and do
von know tie made a little speech about
it." 1 tried to look civilly curious, and Mr.
Lincoln, with nn Indescribable glimmer nil over
Ills face, continue Is " Yes," he saM, "he told
mo he thought Mhls was n time fur unit ng our
IronLi mul not nur books before the enemies of
the country.’ or something like Hint. !t was
very line. But I reckon me truth was,"— md
nt lids point 1 was compelled ngnhist my will to
laugh iitmuL—'“ 1 reckon ihe truth was, ho wns
—alrald to measure!'* And with nils he looked
down with sumo complacency on tils own ronllv
Imicscrttmhlb length of limb. “He Is n good
piece ot a man, though—Sumner." ho added,
half quizzically, half noolugcticallr, "and a
roadman. I have never had much to do with
Bishops down where wo live: but, do von know,
Sumner is just my Idea of a BtMtopP’ At ilnit
moment a door opened, mul a Indv came In, in
not u i cry ceremonious wav, I thought, dressed
ns II either Just about to go into the street, or
having Just como In. Mr. Lincoln presented
her to mo ns Ida wife, and 1 exchanged a few
words with her. Perhaps 1 looked at her
through the mist of wlmt Senator Dougins had
Intimated to me; hut certainly she made a disa
greeable impression ou me. Hue is not
111-looking, and though her manners
are not those of a well-bred Wom
an of the world, them wim'd bo nothing
particularly repulsive about them were It not
for tho him), Almost coarse tone of her voice, *
and for something like cunn ng In Hie exores*
slon oi her face. With the recollection of Mr.
Douglas’ account of her relations with her hits
bind, dm thought Involuntarily occurred to mo
of the contrast between his own beautiful and
most graceful wife and this certainly dowdy and
m im most urnireoos'csanig JHtlo woiimm 1
think If me wives hid been voted tor, cyan bv
the women, Mr. Douglas would bo President
elect to-dav.
The passages were thronged as t came out.
On Die sta'r* I met Mr. Bell, who stepped aside
with me fur a moment lo tell me how much be
was impressed- with Die conservative tone of
Mr. Lincoln’s mind, and lo go over Die storv I
had vesderdav heard of the Interview of Tuesday
night. I did not think it worth wh.lc to dnimien
bis feelings hv hinting what judgments 1 nad
formed of It nil from Senator Dougins’ account
of it, nor to ask him what liuoc Micro could bo
/rum these propositions of tuo Pence Congress
after what took nl.icc yesterday in Die New
York delegation. But Du: truth is. lam losing
nil heart und hope; there has been more Cab
inet-making tinni peace-making in Die Peace
Congress: null om beginning to be afraid Dmt
Die Virgirrn »ecessiun'atß arc trill ng designedly
with Air. Seward and all our friends.
Mr. DAuglns came to ccr mo Into this even
ing. He uusbceu some time with Mr. Lincoln,
it seems—lost night again, not of course ut thu
Jam i “rucep.iun," but in n private earnest
talk about Die Pome Congress und the cffozis
of Die e.vtr-MiU' men in Congress to make it
abortive, tic was more agitated and distressed
than 1 have ever scon turn: und it is Impossible
nut to feel tlmt tie rcallvuml trulv loves hls
I'O'.intr.* in a wu.- not 100 common, I (car now,
In Washington: but I really cannot iiiuko out
what lie expected Mr. Lincoln to do. Hu told
me he had urged Mr. Llncolu lo recommend the
instant calling of o National ConvciKion, upon
wblt-ii point Mr. Seward agrees with him, as
his motion In Dm .Senate shows to-dav. But he
admitted thut tie had no success in getting Mr.
Lincoln lo a point on'he subject, niid tins led
us tu a question of what Mr. Lincoln really
means to suv in hls inaugural. 1 found tlmt
Senator Dougins knew just ns well ns I knew
Dmt Mr. Liiiculn-lnis not confided this yet, even
to .Mr. Seward; hut I could not get him to led
ns I do how Hiringdv compromidng tuts Is to
all our hopes of a settlement tbrougn
Die Inllucnca of .Mr. Seward. How
Is It possible that Mr. Ltn-oln can
intend to put Mr. Sewaru at the head of
hli Administration, If he leaves him thus tn Die
dark as fu Die purport uf (he first great net uf
hm official life, now ualv lour dnvs off! 1 can
not even reconcile Mr. Seward’s acqulen cncc In
sui'li n course with the reseed I would like to
feel for him us a man; and it seems to mo abso
lutely as tu the outlook for the
Senator Dougins could not or would nut see
tilts, even though lie admitted Unit lie Know the
inaugural address to have been procured by
Mr. Lincoln himself, without vonsuttinir any*
body, so far ns It appear j, at Sprmglleld; nml
though he could gvo mo no good reason for bo*
lloy.ng mat Mr. Lincoln Inis so much us shown
It to Mr. Seward or anybody else since ho reach
ed Wash union. Kvcmh ng seems to mo to bo
ut sixes uml sepna among tho very men wao
ought to be consult ng and act nu together with
united efforts to force the conservative will of
the country on all the Ucanernte intriguers of
both sections. Senator Douglas tells me to
night that on effort is making now Io get, not
Corwin, but sunnier,into thuStalc Department,
but Umt .Mr. Adams has refused to have
mmhing to do with it. It Is ontv
wimt was to have been expected of
a man oi Mr. Adams' good sense; u onlr llfna
trales the desperation of the rule or ruin faction
In the Republican parte; mid that, Icuuuot help
but feeling, Is n verv formidable force to deal
with, especially whim brought to bear upon atn h
o ninn na Mr. Lincoln, witn his executive inex
perience, mid in the presence of the unprece
dented difficulties with which lie Is to deal.
Still 1 cannot think he will lot go bis bold on
Mr. Seward and the great body of strong, sound
opinion which Mr. Seward now undoubtedly
represents. My chief fear, and as to this Sena
tor Dougins agrees with me, is from Mr. Sew
nrd’B own friends mid representatives here.
These New' Yorkers are the most singular com
binations of urrogonee and timidity In polities I
have ever heard or read of. Ido not wonder
Unit the Western mun dislike them; they are
almost ns much ot n mystery to ihclrnennist
neighbors. IMuro eolng, Senator Douglas bid
a word to savabuui President Ducbnnuii mid ihe
South Carolina Commissioner), lie tells mu
Unit It has now been ascertained that, the PreM
dent nominated bis Pennsylvania Collector ut
Charleston on the very da , almost ot Uiu very
moment, when he was assuring Col.
Orr, through one of hla retainers, that
he was disposed to accede to the
demands of Soutu Carolina if they were cour
teously mid witli proper respect presented lo
him. They rewrote their ietiur accordingly,
submitted It to the President's agents, who un
proved it und sent It to the W’hllo llousi*. This,
Senator Douglas says, woi on Omi.lt, In the
morning. The Commissioners spent the after
noon In various places, mid dined out early. On
coming In. they found ilielr letter to tho Presi
dent awaiting them, it hail Occn returned to
iliiun by* a incsttumcr leuin tho Wniie-ilouse.
about U o'clock p. m.; and on the back was an
Indorsement, not signed by any one, mid In a
clerkly h mdwritlng. to the effect that the Presi
dent declined to receive the eommuiiiialloiil
They ordered lln-lr trunks packed at once, mid
|ejt. for home by wav of Hlehnioiid on the I
o'clock train, luelmg, not uuißusonably, Umt
they had been both duned and Insulted.
Wamusotok, 1). C„ Frldnr, March I.—l bad
a most inieruMlng but gloomy conversation
with Lord Ltoiis tula morning, huv-iig to cull on
him In relation to —’a husmess with those
vexatious people In llsrhadoes and Antigua.
Wo fell Into conversation alter -cel
ling through with this; and, though
be is dm most discreet of men, lie
Pretty plainly Intimated to mu dmt be was more
concerned us to die outlook than most of our
own people here seemed to he. Hu has old
American tdood In Ins veins, which does not
perhaps count tor much; hot his lamlly have
had tr-mhlu enough with die emnnelimduu busi
ness to make him (grave, hu says, wiu-n he con
templates die possible complications of the
ncuro question to arisu out of the eanlllcl here,
uml lie put die prospect ns to dmi in quite a
new light lu me, i am ashamed to suv, when he
said that, to him, die question of peace or war
did not appear to bo in the least contingent
upon unvtn ng that might or might not be said
or enacted here In Washington. »• How arc you
going to dispose of dm actual occupation, un
lawfully, or by larcu, of United States premises
lu tbese seceded Hiaiesl" bo said. "How con
die new Fresld'dil acquiesce in dial
And, if bo does not acquiesce In It, bow will hu
put an end lo it)” J really could make no
answer to these questions, -end they bauui mu
now as ihi-y have not before. How cun ant
negotiation# with Virginia ailed dm situation
actually created for us lu South Carolina, and
Georgia, and Texas, and Florida! Can
Mr. Lmcoiu pass over this oilllculty lu
(na inaugural) And yet how can be
deal with it as tilings now stmd with
out bringing Urn shadow of war over the land!
Another thing that Lord Lynns said struck me.
which was that, while Kngl md could not po<sl
bly’l'Wu anything lo gn.n by n real rnntum of
Diu Union, the cimo wan clearly different with
France, under her present policy and engage
ments on this slda of Die walcr.
I left the British Minister, feeling ns If I hnd
Ju«t I nidcd nt Washington, mid come In cidi
tact with the seething peril of the flay for the
first lime. I cannot hut think that hls opinion
of ihcsttuatinn Is affected hv hls Knroavnn
training and Ideas, and Mint lie underestimates
the force hero of tlmt sober second thought of
Die people which has saved un so often, and I
must nope wilt save us again now.
Washington, D. C„ March 3.—The distress
at home grows hourly worse mid worse. Ami
this nrcuo«tcrous inrllt which Diet have assum
ed to establish nt Montgomery points to a still
worse state of things. If there are many at
Montgomery hunt. Mho some of Die worst men
wu hate here, on ronllv drlvmg the two sections
Into war, liter arc lakmg the direct wnv to their
horribJo purpose* i can get no positive light ns
to Die actual stole of th.ngs In regard
to Fort Sumter; though "■ wrlt’-s tu mo
Irom Now York Dmt ha Is positive: Mr. Holt
has taken measures to secure rsinfmecmeiits
for Dm fort, und Dial If will put bo cviiciiaJed
certainly before Mr. Buchanan retires. The
news that Dm Cnnlcderalus have u.tulo Mr.
Toombs their Scciuturv of State Is very omin
ous, There is no wilder nr more misafo m«»
alive; and his Inst speech in the Senate was ns
detestable in point of nolrlt ns ihe maiden
speech, on the other side, of that noisy nml
vulgar cockney Orator Fuff, Senator Baker,
who camu hero heralded ns such n wonder of
eloquence, and who went to pieces so com
pletely In hls first effort under thu close and
withering lire of Benjamin. I met Die man
again today ns I passed Into Die National, nml
I rcallv cimhl hardlv speak to hJm rlvillv. ft fs
such men no he who pinv into the h mils of the
worst enemies of the country and of common
sunse nt the South.
sm. Li.vgor.r waken jhs own caulvet.
There can be no doubt about It anv longer.
This man from Illinois Is not In Die hands of
Mr. Seward. Heaven grunt Dial he may not be
in o'hcr hands—nut to bo thought of with
{•alienee! These New York men have
dune Just what they hnvu been saving
I Ik-v would do, and with Just the result which I
have from the first expected; though I own
there are points tn thu upshot which mizzle me.
1 cinmit feel oven sure now that Air. Seward
will ho nomiimlcd at all on Tuesday; and cer
tainly ho neither is, nor after this can be. thu
real head of the Administration, even if hls
name is on the list of thu Cabinet. Such follv
on <ne part of thosu who assume to ho Die
especial lr.etuis ot the one man In whoio ability
nml moderation the conservative pooolo nt thu
North have most confidence; ami such follv nt
this moment might almost, indeed, make ono
despair of Die Kcpnhllc!
has just left me. He was one of the
party who called on Mr. Lincoln to-dav to bring
matters tn a head, and prevent Die tumdna’.lon
oi Chase at all hazard?. A nice mess Du v have
made of ill Mr. Lincoln received them civilly
enough, and listened to all they had tosav.
Speaking one after another, they urged the pit
solute essential importance of the presence of
Mr. Seward in tho Cabinet, to secure for It
cldicr Die support of Dm North or any bearing
nt the South: and thuv nil sot forth the down
right danger to tho cause of Die Union of put
ting Into'.lie Cabinet a man Bite Mr. Chase,
Identified with ami supported by men who did
not desire to eeo ■Dm Union maintained
on its existing and original basis at ail,
nml who would rather take their chances with
a Nor hern republic, extend ng Uselt to Cana
da, than seo Die Union of our fa tiers kept u i
ou thu principles of our fa iters. After they
had all said their soy hi Aids vein. Mr. Lincoln,
who had sat watching Diem one alter ano her,
mid Just dropping in a .word here end there,
waited a moment, aml tlicii asked wlmt they
wanted him tu do, or to forbear. Thecal! re
plied that they wished him to forbear from
nominating Mr. Chase os a member of Ids Cab
inet, because It would nut be possible for Mr.
Seward tn sit In the • *ntnc Admiidotration
with Mr. Chase, ilcwon'dn’t wish It, mid his
friends and ids Btato would not tuloratu It—
couldn’t tolerate It—lt .must not be.
Then Mr. Lincoln ant leaking very nmch dis
tressed for a few momenta, niter which lie bc
tmn sp-nklug In a low voice, tiuo n man quite
Depressed nml worn down, say.ng It was very
hard to reconcile conllict mr claims mid In
terests; that ho onlv .desired to form an Ad
ministration that would conun iml the confl
dunce of the country add the party; that lie had
the deepest respect fbr'Mr. Reward, Ids aery
tecs, Ills genius, midi all that Hurt of thing;
Unit Mr. Cnase lina,, groat claims also,
which no one could contest—perhaps not
so great as Mr.(toward; hut what
the party and enunfv wanted was
tlio hcnrtv co-operation of all good men and of
nil sections, and so on. and so on. for some
time. They nil thought ho wns weakening,
ami they were sure of lt,‘wbcu, after a pause,he
opened a table-drawer ~01111 tuulc out o paper,
saving: “1 had written put my choice hero of
Secretaries in the Cabinet after a great deal of
ualns mid trouble, mid now von tell mu 1 must
break Uieslntu mid begin till ovr!”
He went on then to admit, which still more
encouraged mem, (imt he find sometimes feared
Hint It would be ns they,, said it was,—dint he
might be forced to reconsider his matured mid,
he thought. Just Judicious conclusions, in view
of that Dosoluiliiv, ho said he had constructed
nn alternative list of his ■, Cabinet. Hu did not
hue it half ns well ns the, quo of hi" own delib
erate preference, in which he would franUlv »ay
bo had hoped to see .Mr. Seward sitting ns Sec
retary ol State, and Mr. Chase Rili ng as Sucre*
tnrv of the Treasury.—upt half as welt; but ha
could not exovet lb have things exactly ns ho
lUed I hem; and much more to the same effect,
which set the listeners quite agog witlt sup
pressed expectations ol currying their great
•* This being the ca«c, gentlemen, ll hu said
finally, alter ulv.ng the company time to drink
In nil be bad suld.—“this being the case,
gentlemen, how wutild it do fur us to agree
upon a change like this?” Evervnotly, of coarse,
was all attention. “ Mow Would tt do to mile
Mr. Chase to take Ihe .Treasury, mid to offer
the Stale Department to Mr. William l\ Day
ton, of New Jersey <•’
told me you could hare knocked him or
any man in the room down with a fen tier. Nut
one of them could spent;,, Mr. Lincoln went on
in a moment, expatiating bn his thoughtfulness
about Mr. Seward, Mr. Dayton, ha said, wns
an old Whig, like himself and like Mr. Seward,
do was from New Jersey, which “Is next floor
to Now VorK.'*. Ho had he*»n tlm Vtce-I’rest
duutfal euidtdaio with Oca. Frccmnnt, mid was
a most conservative, able, mid scumble man.
Mr. 8e card could go as Minister to England,
where his genius »ould And groat scope in
keeping Eunice straight ns to Hie troubles here,
mid ho on, and so forth, fpr twenty minutes.
Wmm he got through, .one of the company
spoke, nml said Im thought they had better
thank him for his kindness in listening to them,
nod retire for consultation, which they did.
But I fear from itx- louo mid language of —-
Hint Ilu re Is more cursing than consultation
going on Just now. 1 must own that I heard
him with something like consternation. Whom
or this prclUurea an exclusion of Air. Seward
from the Cah.net, who can Icllf Nnr docs time
possibility nlono make it alarming. It dues uut
prefigure—lt prove* Hint Hie new Admluiura
lion will bo pitched ou 0 dangerous mid not on
a sate key. It makes what was dark enough
Indore, midnight black. What is to come of it
Has Anoeln forgo ttcn 1 Ah >no t nil nin t
l.uvu Is m fruit a lliiir.', mill vet so sweet,
Tno sweet Juno roue# scarce have drooped tbetr
They scented ell iho air when you knelt at my
Knoll (hare, and sighed that, Ilka the roses'
My milieu shonid nil your llfo-111l death.
And yet you have forgotten, Angelo. Ah me I
Aii mu I Tim inter truth has aswnud ul lust.
Ami i have only left the memory oi June,
U ho*o roue* scarcely fade ore love hi* pant.
Well, woman'll heart I* true, though man's 1* not;
Hut uUt Tins sad, and truth makes hard her lot.
Andyot, to tell tho (ruth, my Angelo,
1 inul grown sick of living thus (or tneo;
My heart no mure would milvor at your touch,
I-or Jwm ju»t os jock of von an you of me;
And when you wlnsiiorej, Wo must part,
U found sweet echo In my heart.
OIUKTI'AIIK, 111, Mill, 0. 11. IICWCTT.
Mississippi Ulvrr Improvement Heliemo.
,\hd JVC Sun,
The Bchenio for Mm improvement of the Mis
sissippi survives. Hut how shall the Miislssipul
lie Improved I Ills desired to preservo iho chan
nel, to hoop lb clear, to deepen the outlets, ami
to prevent overflow. The plans lor accomplish
ing Mu-su objects uru n<* numerous at tho emn
peers who Imvu examined Uiu subject. Cap;.
Eads i* drawing great sums from me Treasury
fur deepening the chuunol at tho mouth b, u.e
device id jetties, but o.hcr equally competent
engineers uml practical river meu insist Uml
while ho gets or pretends to gob Uiu rcuulred
depth of water ut one place, quo her bur, equally
luriuulable, ts form.ng lunher out in tho Gull,
and thut, following his plan, this process must
go on indetlnlloly,
• We see It alleged on all sides that Iho Mis
sissippi Commission, authorized by Congress
mid appointed by Haves, Is packed In (be
intercut oi jobbers, and w, 11 favor iho most ex
pensive system of improvement prooosed.
Everywhere In uiu Southwest U is said that tho
creation of tho C'omumsioo has comniit’cd the
Government Irrevoenbly tn ihft leveft system;
ami this Is sbml only because It Is believed that
Dio GiimmisMoii was organized lo report In Dmt
wav. Wont It would cost to carry tills gigantic
nt'linnc Into execution no human he pg Is nblo
lo tell; but It would probably run far no Into
Die hundreds of millions, und afford unlimited
patronage aud plunder. •
On Die odierlnud, Capt. John Cowdon, who
has followed the river from childhood mid
given tils life tu thu study of It. proposes a
plan of his own. instead of building hundreds
of miles of wall to coniine a stream which*
already " runs ou a ridge." Cowdnu would In
cmiMS Die number of outlets, thus neu.iou.iig
the chnuuel br Increased velocili of current, and
nt the same time scour out Dm mouths by this
un'ural force, so ns to give the proper depth of
water, and nceoiiipllsh for nearly miihtug
all Dmt Eads claims lo be accomplishing nt
enormous expense. This plan, Cowdon save,
cm be tlmrou,rhly tested for #3TtO,OOO, nml the
tit' ciise of the whole work would not exceed
SIO.COO.OJJ. But this, it appears, Is too clicn-s
If Cowdon had proposed to expend
he might huvo had a icspoctlul hearing. But.
us It is, every effort is made to keep him and Ids
olnti lu the background. Haves refused to put
him ah the Commission— although every honest
river man dusked ins appointment—buenusa his
nrc».*mo might have been inconvenient lo Die
luxurious dreamers who are form ug clans lo
divert to Du'ir own paruones Die golden ttdo
winch is Domi lo p<mr from thu Treasury.
It is a grave error to suppose tlmt Die appoint
ment uf n Commission to report on Die relative
merits of n dozen schemes Is a committal of thu
Government lo any uuu scheme, though tho
Cnmmission ho ever go well packed with the
friends and agents uf johberc. ' It Is quite ns
grave nn error to assume Unit thn country Is In
any way hound tu honor the draft which this
Co'niinUsimi is preparing lu make upon thu
National Treasury.
Fair Time—Something to Un Learned—'Tito
I'oultry Trudo—A Useful Article.. Wasteful
Extravagance—Po Itiud Points—-Saving
Wheat—lltioslnti lly—Too Hitnr Horses.
fYn-n Our Oti’ii Corrffpnntiint,
Champaign, HI.. Aug. 23.—Tho season of
fairs Is upon us. It is perfectly safe to sav Dmt,
of Die number to be held, n great many will be
failures us exhibition* of agricultural products.
As horse-races, cattle-shows, and nicotines for
Die promotion of vice, some ot them wilt bo
su‘ccs->ful. O hers will come near filling one’s
Ideas of what a fair should be. There nro so
many taitos to bo suited that It is pretty dlfi’c ill
to tell Ju<t whore to leave off. If a fair Is
tun without any gomes, shows, or races,
ono class—und a pretty largo class too—
denounce It as a “ Presbyterian affair.’
If there are “ paddle-wheels," hojl-sclllng,
dancing-floors, foot-races, uic., tlds same crowd
call ihe fair n success, no matter whether there
Is anything to be seen or not. The more digni
fied am) respectable portion of a community
keep nwny from such fairs; but they make
money, and arc considered successful.
There Is
at a fair. If cue goco for that purpose; but It
cannot be learned from q casual look ng-ovor of
thenrlleleson exhibition. A conversation with tho
owner of fine fruD, grain, or Vfgciableß, or the
keeper of fine stock, mav give one now Ideas.
The names of all articles should h$ plainly
marked on the m, and aim the owner’s name.
It Is a foolish idea that ignorance of owners
tends to make the committees more careful lu
making awards. The owners of stock are always
known; and It is ridiculous to suppose that the
committees In o:hcr departments are more lia
ble to give way to pcisoiml feelings than the
commit tees on stock. The additions of balloons,
tiglit-ropo walking, baby-shows, ami oilier clap
(ran to gather lu tho people. Is all wrong, nml
adds nothing to the Information ot the l abile,
nor docs It promote the art of Acrlculturo in
any respect. We hone to see Die dav when peo
ple will delight to attend n fair for the sake of
the fair I'Uelf, ami not fur DiemmsaMoiisDmt are
mixed up In it. If Jeff Davis, President Huyes,
or otln r notable meu must bo advertised as nn
nt traction, me same as n celebrated prize bull
might he. to draw Die crowd, wbv not let tiie
fair iifsociatloub have the prlvileco of hinging a
murderer curing Die fair, und make that one of
UiugnmU attractions?
of this onuntrv Is enormous. Tens of Hinttfiimls
of coons arc shipped to me large cities every
week, nmi one wonders where Die chicks all
came Irom. The price paid In most of Hit*
country towns nml villager is from 01.3.'> to 33
per dozen. Nearly cv»*rv farmer who comes lo
Champn'gn br.iics tn some poultry. This did
not use to bo so: «mi we can only account for
Die chnneo bv attributing it to Die interest
anni'Cl bv Dio fine exhibitions or uouitrv at
Die lairs, in this respect the fa rs have been of
benefit; nml wlmt we brv of poultry applies
cqitnllv well to almost all odo r stock. Tho
birds that appear to bo most common an the
light nml dark Brahmas, Cu-hins. Dorkhics.
and Dominiques, or their crosses. These chicks
nil msturn carle, nml thrive with little cure.
A couple of hundred chicken* mav do raised an
any tnrm, and at no great expense. Late
ctd'-kons nro not profitable; hutllimm that make
“lncra”ai sixty days, ami sell for 35cents
apiece, do bring the money. While attending
Die fair ono can select some good breeding
stock; nr.d a little extra money paid in thU
direction will bo well Invested.
to have about Dip house Is n mn/rnlfylmr-class.
It furnishes amusement for the voung members
of Dm family, mul teaches them to become more
uDservnat. in«ect*, sores on the skin, bark of
trees, and hundreds ol other tilings mav be more
satisfactorily examined bv means of such o
uln«s. Mlcroscnncs possessing htgner power nro
more cxnensivo and more complicated. A glass
costing $3 is good enough for ordinary u*c, mid
may bo carried in thu vest pocket handy fur use.
It Ims bcroino a common saving thniAtitorl
con fanners waste vtioutrli to supnort u tnmilv
to Europe. This Is to n certain extent true, hut,
thanks to a fertile suit, the must of them man*
aao to llvu tolerably well. They do nut deny
themselves tobacco, elirars, beer, or other luxu
ries, oven if the children tmvo to star at homo
from school or else go barefoot oj. This euro*
lesmiesa in farming Is rliuvvu by allowing Brain
to st unt in shock for (wo mouths after ll Das
been cut, heemiHU the funner is too lazy to stack
it. Last week we saw thousands of acres of
oats milt wheat still out. Homo of the lucent
thrashed untin was shown us by a urnin buyer,
wno berated thu farmers roundly fur
leaving standing lu the Held, exposed to thu
weu Iter, a crop that had cost so much trouble
to raise. “ Vex,” said he. “ they’ll do the sane
with their corn next full, mid half of It will bo
lost.” The samolo of oats tu nuesllon lie odor*
ctl 111 cents lor, because they would uo rejected.
Twonty tents was the nrleeof good, bright white
oats; amt the farmer actually pretended to be
lieve Unit the uraln-huyer was Irving to cheat
him on (lie trade. No argument could convince
him that I lie bright oats were any belter. They
may not havn been bettor for fuelling purposes,
hut the htsuuelor judged them hv their upuear
atien mid cunuiuoii. SVhv men will toil to r.u*u
a emp, ami t hen luau a quarter of their pruilt bv
such wastefulness. is more than wu nro able
in answer. Knclisn or German farmers
lake no ehanets on such titling, but
uo on ami eompluto their work, and
do not atop until it i* hilly completed. Tin ir
stacks are well pul no, ami may stmul for
months without Injury. The example of for
eigners in tins respect is one to bu Imitated.
i*GMfn.-.a point*.
“ThoFimn and (iimlcn” Is nob Iho proper
placo to discuss- poiftta, voi, as a former, wo
may, perhaps, bo allowed to say n few words on
tins Mit'Jeet, without regard to partisan feeling.
It Is presumed that were fanner belongs to
soma political partr. If ha does not. liu ought
to. Inu man who holds himsoif aloof from pol
ities becautu It is too dlrtv a pool to dabblo in,
or because ho liaa mi opinion, is either blind to
Ids own Intercut or a demagogue. Kvery tax
payer is hueroated In good government, and It
is (us duty to attend ibu immtmg* of ids
tmrtv ami help to ahapu u policy of good
government and economy. 11 v staying uwuy
innii primary meetings uml elections, tiiu rc
speelab’u portion of tho community do them
iclvus amt iheir country a wrung. If Urn good
mid substantial men of tho countr? do ibeiruutv
In tlds respect, bummers uml wire-workers, ni>
inntlcrto which party they belong, will bo role
gated (o iludr proper places, uml a change bu
ma le. As primary meetings ore now bomu hold,
wo urifo uu.m our lurmcr-frlciuls to go out amt
lake u h ind In clearing up tho builness. Out
•uiu towns in a county, as a rule, hold iho noni
motions for county ulitccra m their own fund*,
ami no one is to blame but themselves If bad
mon get ii>c nominations. These remarks apply
to all parties alike, and are In no sensu partisan.
Tho time for seeding whe n for next season’s
crop Uat luud. Where urn Hessian 11 y has been
■ resent in any numbers durmg ihe past twusea
sons, lb is muro mun prouablo ihut uiu early
sown gram will 101 l a pro. to Us ravages. A
great deal of wheat will bo seen In iho sluudmu
coni; and, us the corn In Ceuiral Illinois, with
low exceptions, stands u > well, It will bo no
great task. Ouo-horeo drills are the favorite.,
Jjr this work, aud umuy of them are being soi l.
In fill* locality wheat should bo drilled in from
the 10th lo 20th of September.
iu order that the wnent-post known as
tub ursbian n.r
mav be easily recognized, we nppond the follow*
lug brief historical a count from Ifnrrfa' In
seets,” which innr bo Interesting, Tin re oro
two broods brought to perfection each venr,—
In fall utnl spring, The transformations of some
snnenr to bo often retarded bovond tho tnuu
time, go that tho life of Individuals (h ■omctlmus
morn thin a year In leurtli, so that Mm con*
Mmtnilon of the species In after years Is mads
sure. The maMire insect deposits‘her cfpos cn
Mm voting nlaiits soon after Mmv anooar atiovo
theerouml. They tiro several weeks in domic
tills, so (hat Ihc recommendation of some to
sow wheat Into will not in everv Benson prerent
the larr.o of this fir from InJiiMitc too plant.
Tho eggs are about five dnrs In hatching,—the
toung worms going directly to a joint of the
stalk, where flier ullhc themselves nod become
staUunnry, never tnovhig again till their trims
formations arc completed. They no not go to
the centre of Hie stalk, nor bore Into It, as some
suppose, but tie upon its surfae-*, protected by
the leaves. One maggot, seldom destroys a
plant, but three or lour deplete it of Its Juices
uml It dies. It takes (Ire or six weeks for the
larva to attain its full size. At this lime the
skin burdens, becomes brown, and to (lie naked
eve the insert assumes the appearance of a
diminutive flaxseed, lo this condition it rn»
mains until spr'ng, when the fly cornea fonti.
nod goes through tlieftamn operation* n< oulorc.
When this llv becomes numerous enough to
destroy the wheal-crop, tho onlv practical way
la to stop raining wheat for a vein* or two, when,
from lack of nnvtli ng to breed in, It will become
exterminated. It I* more than Jlkelv that the
Immunity from wheat-insects In many sections
of the West for two or three years oast has
been because of Mm almost universal neglect of
this crop. As whent-aikui'u liueorimu again a
fixed Indimlry, its enemies wifi dimhtleai multi*
jilv to BiiHi mi txieni ilmi. In n few years, Its
culture wifi have to be nhuidoned fur a time.
Now that harvest Is over, a groat tnativ farm
ers 11ml themselves with two inanv burses on
hand. The expense of keeping a horse Is thus
elated bv a correspondent of ihu New York
TrVtuut , who writes from Monroe County, In
Unit Stnfp. as follow*:
The horro In an expensive animal to keep. Thrcu
feeds of o:itn ror day. of four r|iturtd each, nmount
to 1 :t7 Uusliclu jut year, worth. suy, $lB. I v«ll
mnto iho nay no will cuiisium* at for ilic same
time: shnclnz. S*V, care s!.’• at iho lowest; Inter
cn on tils coat may Sl'iO) slo.r*;is lo*h by wear. In*
cream! am*. nnn imuilltv to accident ami dlrca-f,
sr.-slvhu ns the yearly coitof keeping
ono horm from widen I nlm.ila dednef 310 nn tUo
value of the manure ho could make. Manv farm
hornet* are kcut at nntf this expense, but even Ihhn
the cost of keeping Mx will irnuc a trap In tho
profits. Tnrcu good. proinot-stepylmr norscs. well
fed ami eared fur. will do tim wont of five that are
nyeri, crippled, and debilitated.
This estimate bcliur true, ami the'care of feed
ins ami Brooming being added, f lie cheapest. way
to do appears to bn to sell Hie onlmnl, nml buy
n£?nln next spring when needed. It Is true that
hornet will be tlour next spring, nml Umt Hu y
am cheap now; bat Hie cost of Iced, wo believe,
more tliun maKua up tile difference.
Rural Jn.
Alone I sit on tills wild, barren shore.
Tbu ocean creeping to my feel.
And llutcn to tnu brenkor?’ *mllcn roar—
The only mmdc that my heart ucctna sweet;
f wuich lliu ifinnl wave* mtrear llicir crests
Only l<> fall n m;i(*« xf Hcutbimr lomb;
I watch tbu Sun creep ulowlv down the West,
Ami ureum of home, and dream of hums.
Swift shadowy Twilight fills across the bill.
Trailing her gray nmt ini-iv roiic* behind.
Hanging suen pic'ti.'cs that my hoiil does thrill
And loue-loreiitiun meinorlc* dll inv nitiid:
A slndv wooil, a chtiicli Imv-nrmvud and wide,
A iow*t«ini tl hell that hwhuh in latticed dome,
Mh mellow mitf'lc flouting oVr the fide,
llepeuilnuever, softly, “Homo—home—borne."
I set* a c'dtntre nnstlluß 'mon'M the tre**s.
With runn ns vines tlmt trail it o’er and o’er;
I see n nuv bowed at Ids mother's knees—
A father slknl sits beside the door:
I heart* sontle volet*, so n*ect ami low,
Prompting tho lading thought, “Tuy Klncdom
Tho wind* fironthc softer, mid the boll tolls slow:
I dream of home—l dream of homo.
I see another face, most tmsslus fair.
With eves of brown tout seem the soul of Truth,
Sweet Inn that ever smile, soft nopling hair—
Shu won and held the Urn sri-nt love of youth.
Alas that pommous serpent* hide beneath tnu rose,
Au l steal its fragrance nut to hind tnetr am*.l!
Tho Joy of ono bright huur, the source of ull ray
Formed like an Angel, hut with a heart of Hell.
I saw liiohu lips h/ other ])»* embrace.):
Mv seiiHtis reeled, iik very nrulu urew on mb.
One murderous nimv! 1 stood a tiling disgraced.
Silence, ye clanging boil I there is no home.
I see a crowd of people on the sands;
I see a boat pull ijnie.tiv o'er tin l hty;
1 see a man wnh oemktl head, whine hands
Clinch tietuly In his llowlng hair of gray;
1 see n woman, bent with aeo and care.
Stretch out her trembling hands to ward tho sea,
Thou iling them wildlv iiowsrd lu the air.
Am shr elt almul In broken m's.rry,
I'no hell shrle ts harshly Irevn It* (iiilv(*r r nz dome;
"Dear him Irou home—year him irom borne."
O cruel Fate! to rend us farnnnrf,
Till oceans roll between and lands divide,
Yet draw us o*cr hamvnrd bv iho heart.
Ami Keep Aim hold upon our bleeding side.
0 u-arsl can ye not .Memory'sovo budlm?
O land of home 1 canst banish dreams of thee?
C'anst thou not refer thought ns wen as limb/
Then even 1, tlio exile, c«nld ho free.
Aiusl though forced fur life abroad to roam.
My heart cries ever out tint one word, Home I
lUVESfOUT, Aug. 17. 1870. 0. T. \V,
Extraordinary Chargo In tut Cngllth Court—
A Oroen Clorgynmu.
A'inrt'ja S'ouit'int,
floored TTookov, u bookmaker nml comml*-
BloiiaeiMir, of 81 Liverpool road, Islington, was
cnanred with stcnl ng £47 from the person of
Hie Kcv. Mr. Holliday. an American clergyman,
at Uie llolburn n-straurnut. bv ilu> “ confidence
trick," The defendant was represented bv Mr.
Atkinson. The story related by the complain
ant excited much amusement tn court. The
lley.J. C. Jlollldav. clergyman of the Preshvte
rlfln. Church. Untied States, of (15 Ctulllord
street, Russell square, deposed Hint ho first saw
Uie defendant on the cvcumg of July 7, at S;.
Paul’.*, when ho snld he uas mi Anier can, - nml
iiuy had a conversation about) heir native coun
try. On a subsequent day Hu y mot nml went
to (he Holhurn restaurant. The, sat at a table,
nml witness ordered a'cup of tea, and dolenduoi
a glass of beer. They bud not boon longihero
when a raw irishman colored Into conversation
with limn, and presently, on discovering
from one or them that’ they were Arncr-.
leans, ho said ihutbiMvas dollcrtitcd to hear h.
as ho UU-d them. In the course of their talk It
transpired Hint the Irishman nid come Into a
loriune of £80,003 and mure, mid Umt b,-a
codicil fn the will of his uncle fie was lo dfs
tribute £I.OOO iu (uur equal parts to four de
serving persons, flu said Ho Iml already dis
posed oi onc-fmiriii, nml ho explained how he
did It. The defendant told Hu* irishman Unit
iio mid witness wore responsible persons, and
know inaav deserving objects iu America, uivlng
him an opportunity of losing nls attachment
to tin; people it he eared to consider them, lie
felt disposed to favor iludr sugges'ffln. hat cald
lie must have necuritv of their tailh fn him ho
lorn ho could Must them. Tlio defendant
showed the irishman a £IOO uoto, and said he
could draw lor £7OO inure. Ho placed his
noekolbook and money In tin* hinds of Urn
irishman nml allowed him to walk out with It.
I In* irishman returned in a few minutes .md re
turned Un; pueketuook to the defendant, anying
•* lie was satisfied." Tlie defendant upou ded to
wllm'ort to show him a similar murk of
confidence, and witness replied Hint he
only had about £s‘). He produced
his' pocket lx jolc, stutng that it contained
nine £5 notes, nml he hmdcdll to defendant,
in answer to whom he said tie had also a purse
containing about £'i In cash, 'Hits he also
placed In (he h nuts of defendant, who then pat
noth die nockotbouk ami purse In Ufa breast
coat pocket of Urn Irishman, ns ho had dune
previously with Ids own money, and "iu irish
man 1011. lie did nut return so speedily as lie
did before, mid deiendaut went lolouk after
uim. Neither of Uicni came hack, mid iben his
suspicious were excited. LLauuht«r.| Resaw
nothing more of defendant till he met him ac
ddcutallv on Saturday utiernoon, when ne gave
him into custody. ’ Cartridge, Hie detective
ottlcer, proved Uie arrest of Hit- defendant, woo
said Uie prosecutor was mistaken, as tie was at
>he Winchester races un Die dtiv luques'lnn.
Tlie waiter at the roduuranl tailed to Identify
him ns Hie companion of un* prosecutor un Uiai
iluy. Edward Sherman, Hdwnrd I'rehiTuu, two
bookmakers, mid luur o:ner witnesses were
called, and all swuro to he.ng will! Uie defend
mil at Uie Winchester races on Uie lllih, at the
lime of the ul esed robbery. Tlio prosecutor
stilt said ho wu<* nut mistaken Iu the man or the
day. Uie defendant was discharged.
('urefo! of Her IlyUrupliolt’u Marlilno.
A bilv with a uonJoj uiiotrulo from New*
port to I' 4»l River, tuuo. her day, waaso
oulklioua lor Hu* welturu ot liur pel mat (In
Iri'ttU'U U to Ice-walcr Irom u tumbler, ami
ivfiw.(l lo rtacivit 11 io llr*t water liouioi to
iu-r by tbe tvalumoy bccutuo Umro \va* a tpcuk
:u it.
A Bflftiouolle uni Trmlv Family Remedy.—
Atonic cholera, c.ioloru monmj, uammer co.u-
I'Uilui. colic. nuiiratu.uuch. U«trr.ica.and all utfcc
ifoiKuftlie ujwch incident to oa mr c uitlrcn or
adult* at Uu« i>eu«on of me tonr arc turvil ut onci
or l)r. Jayne’* (.’unnluativo ilalr- uu. it allnv* tliu
irntutiuii kill ctlui* Mm ucoo.i of i>i» •. ouiunt auJ
oovu-H. alii. bfliM ulouiaui lo UV U>l". U Jit uC>
cuuuulu rJUU'Iy to Die yuuujvn to (no ia.,ulv.
Strons Testimony from Hon. (li-orim rihrr ns t»
the Tower of Ibilw.iy's Ileajy Ilclict In a
Cnso of ScU'.lo libcnmatism.
l*o. 3 Van Ncjs Pi.if.T, New York
bn. lUmrAr; WlMimoyAur ii-<ii
ilors. Kuntiulstt tnriM yean I lia.olm I fn.-uu...,tom
sovurestiAjKs or Relation,'mi notlm.n ft-, n
|ao imn.»npreaioHitomjr«:ialci, nmi at times U txjui
Orrlmr tho Mma I hara lieen thus sfTlli'irj. 11....,
trinil almost nil Dm ronoillis nvomrm.ud.iJ h/ W i,i
tnwis ami fools, nojd.u lo ilnd relief, bat all proved m
be failures. w
m! iimni'i,
I Imru tried ta-lous kinds of haili*. minlnnla’ion*.
outward apidlcatlnns or liniment* too numeruji t7>
iiiciitl'in. ami iin’Rorlntlnnßiif Hie tnostemlucjitDiini-
Clans, nil of which railed loclvo ni t relief. * nt
, l.a»t soptem'irr. at the nramt reiucii of n f r i en a
(win, luvl nin»n ofllli’ted as nysc'fl vas li'limM in »rJ
.vmirmu-ily. l was llmi pmhirii'f fearfully v.Uih di«
vf myol.l turns. Tomyimrpr'm aid dcili;lif Dm «►.?
nrpheathm «;ivo t.io cam*, nf.er hatlilmtaielr-l-iVii.-
tho inn* aftivicd, tearing Die limb la a WK.ranv*
created by the pellet. Ina sno’t ll ne t»m pa; i ran 'A
cnilrclr away, although i li.u n slight i crhi-lv uirtiwi
npprotelilnaachanvonf w>*nthrr. I kauw nor ti.w’m
miro nm'dr, and frnl onfH master of Dio sunnit'in
/lAt»\v\r» JDvAJ)Y Hn-I.IEK,Wm/frlcml. loerci
travel without a uotltoln my valise,
Yours truly, CEO. STAiIB,
Sore Throat,DllTiciilt Brcathins
. Fo-liesd.ieiie, whelherslckornervoiißi rheumatism.
himl>.i;M, pain* awl weaniosi In the hark. «nhn or In i.
noytt rains Aruimd tho liver, iilenrmy, nwetllmrsof iha
limits paln« In (ho howm, irimbnru. mill paint nf an
kin is rhUniniuß and frostbites. itsciwnr * Itoalv It.*,
lief will nlord inimeillaii* civv. an.l its cmthiu'd mj
for a few ilay» eaucc a |>uriiun.ai uuro. Price, acas.
7Eh. JEb. IKz.
In from Ono to Twenty Minutes.
After Heading this Advortisomont need
any ono Suffer with Pain.
It wui ilia tint and Is the
That Instantly ctops the men csmiclallnjt pains. sl>
U>u l,itluuiiiiaUo:i aud cum# Cim.-cHUum wnetner ut
me Lunai*. Moumch, iiowcis or other Clauds or organ*
by uuu iipplieuiiuu.
In from Ono to Twenty Minute?.
Ko matter how violent or excruciating Iho pain, tho
I’.lKitinniic ItedTiOOvo. lioirni. tmipluJ. .servour,
Xeuialgic. or prostrated with dmctuu may suffer,
Inflammation of the Kidneys,
Inflammation of the Plainer,
Inflammation of tho hoirela,
Congestion of tho LnnßS,
Boro Throat, Difficult breathing,'.
Palpitation of tho Heart
Hysterics, Croup, Diphtheria,
Catarrh, Influenza,
Headache, Toothache,
, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, ~
Cold Chills, Ague Chills.
Chilblains, and Frost Biles
Tim ntmllriulon of thn neddf Ttcllrf to iti* part 'i
pans v/nern iim |ialu or dlQlcuUy exist* will aUurd uft>3
kinl cumim-t.
'i Jilnj t<» sixty drops In linlf ft tumbler of xvn'cr will
fn alftw iiiluutci euro Crompi. 6|i>i*ins. Sour bmtnai ii,
Ilciinburn, blcU 11 ccilncim. iJlorrima. Dyt-enury,
Colic, Wind In tim Bowels fti.dftll internal Hftfna. _ >rt
‘1 rnvi-lersuliouM always carry aboltloof J.AuW AT 3
IU.vDY Kl'Mr.F with iiicin. A low drops In water
will iirevcut »lcKnen or i-ains Irani chnmto of t.iCcv.
UK Letter than Fruuclt Ihsudy or Hitler* u* a tiliuu*
7HVHR AND AGUE cared for Ally cent*. There h
not n remedial agouti.) tins winl.l that will cure, lever
and Aunu, find nil oilier Mniarloni, HUtouo. Scarlet,
Typhoid, Yellow, and other Fevers (aided hy llailwav i
I’llls), »o (|tilo*:iy us ItAUWAVd lltiAOV lIiiLIKJP-
Huy cent* i>et bottle.
CtiM t'AUIUUs.
nnirsEATiUJtN rm?
Lungs or Rtoiimch/Main or Dunes, Flesh nr
Chronic tlhcnmailini, Setnluia, GlandularFwolltn?,
IlnoKlna liry cuiieli. camnous Ane-tlim*. Kyphllhic
ComiauTm*. Uk-ctiingor Mm Lung*, l>>’»i.cmla. AVuur
llmali. Tlu Dolorvaux, Wlitto Mwidllnjo, a nmun Ul*
icti, bkm and Hip l)l»Cft»u», >Ufcur'ul Dliussu*. re*
inalU'Lomplutal*. Gout, brots/, bull lluuuui, Uruu
cblus, Co^aum.iUon.
Liver Complaint, &c.
Km only dors tho PariftiHirtlilau Resolvent excel n 3
noin dl.u uuvms fa Urn cure of Cliro .Jc. tcrmuMux
rmi>nuitl(iiinl. nud blila UNcaici. but it is li:eO.«y
)iMi>l«uburu fur
Urinary and Womb Dl-vato*. Gravel, Dlabrtp*, Pro-sv.
bluj'in uj of >* umr, liKoiiilneitvn of untie, Priyia •
Ijl-cjuu. Altamnaurlfi. nml Iu n>| v.-ue* where tiwru uia
lirlciMlu«t a.,lupin, or the water is llitcK, clomly,
mlxnl with kuoniauce* Uko thn while of ml ccrf. or
tiiroads IlUo white hIIR. or there I* a nutbhl. <urk.
|iilluinni)in;nr«iirif. sml whltn li ,uc tlnit iiviioslt*, u.: t
when tiu-re 1* n i-rlcWlnu. Lurnhig iuihmiioii when
limwntcr, and puln In Mia smtt.l of too imclc atnl it >ii{
tliolutii*. bold by UruiOpuß- I'lllt’E OM£ iJULLAK.
D«. KADWAV & CO., 32 Wnrrcn-st.,N.T.
I'rrfocily «n*frlcn, einri'Dily coairi with iwr«tf:jiro»
riurkii, rvoulutu, puray, clean**, l . it><U umiiaa.ud.
Ujih. ay’* fur ilio cute of all ,jl «-oru.u». «i
au.natli, lii>**r. IW.-K j-llir'ya, UU'iucr. J.er\*»i(
i>ik(!itu«. lii-mi-ioliu, CoitmncW. In«i*
■n.ilua. hymc.mt. UUioun.t i'ova. imiuuiinniwa
.1 i lio Iluwi’lv. 1 ion, cud rll (Lmtucii'.cn *l* * • ,l *
r ial Vn.i iii. Vtarra.ird lo uim*« u loiiilvi I >'« «.
!’'in;ly uuu.jl.iuiu nu mercury mlucrai w
Mclcrtuu* UniJ*.
: n.u fallowing aymiduin* rcmUlng i.otn
lii.uirtcrt of idu l*U;«.Uve Org ui.: . .
Coo tliuilon, litwunl I’llfi. I’uliniwt of HjiT. ooti lo
Urn imail. .uumyoi ilu r luuurli, Suuu.-a. *.
l Uunsmf Tihkl. rtillii.-iior WoUlit lit Hut klo-oum*
s jur I'TUL'tuiuiit, MaH.uror y luiieitima m tnc i »• «t
.liu K'o:m>.:h, liwlioiomu of Ilio Dca.l, Ituriij
imikuUiinmUimt. t inucrina at Dtu llm«.
or MiiioL-atuiK rcmatloii* wnc.i In ft Li
Hotter Wcin bfioio lujolsi-.t. Fever “.V 11 i. '?.},?
tins ln'BiL luviclcuey of roitoiniUun. Ac'.‘A
Hi" H.lu and l.yc*, Djla In lit" giile. utwi. l.ln*-**- * i,a
tuddi'ii Flume* of Heal, lluni'uif lu Ilia t .Vn
# Ai*rt««»M of lladwaya irei
from all of mo aime-uamt'a dUordcu. I raft*
ccuu |-vr lo*. bold 1/ Dru,*l»w.
“False and True.* 1
Bend a loM*r.»t*mp lo It AD WAT* CO., K* 83 VTcr
ißf'.V’utaJo.* i. urlu tbouoonJa will Iw (out V®*

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