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ir? Stocks and Bonds Bought and
* Sold on -V. r. Mode ExcJuinge.
Member New York Stock Exchange.
** j 3 Broadway, and 13 Xew-st.
GRAIN and PROVISIONS bought and
or carried on margins.
also bought and sold In Boston, Fhlladel-
JftrTd Baltimore. •
CEO. (!. WALKER & CO.,
Stock Brokers
Commission Merchants,
124 La Salle-st.
Stocks and Bonds bought and sold on Now York
«£rl Exchange. ;
flankers and Brokers,
130 LaSaile-st.
Members N. Y. Stock Exchange.
msn m provisions
JSouaht, Sold, £ Carried on Margins.
128 La Salle-st., Chicago.
G. L. DUNLAP, Esu.
Correspondents in N. Y., Philadelphia, St. Louis,
Milwaukee. Toledo.
K.W. cor. Madison & La Salie-sts., Chicago.
Tfcw York Office, No. 13 Ncw-*t,
MemberN. V. Stock Exchange; M. S. NICHOLS, Spe
sos. 13 and 14 Union Building, Chicago,
ernes h. MccnnMicK.
-l*ro«-'l McCormick Harvest. Machine Co.
Liberal Cash Advances made on Conslcnment*.
Grain and Provisions Bought. Sold, and Carried Oh
Correspondence Solicited.
Bosom companions—Studs.
The battle him of the Republic— Gen. Grant.
A sheet and pillow-case party—The bed-bugs.
Hard money is not bard to get when one has
a soft job.
Boarding-house butter solves the question of
•‘rapid rancid.’*
. The letter D Is truly an old salt, having fol
lowed the C for years.
The fellow made a hod bull when he went to
Steal a squash and cot gourd.
Kerosene oil will fuddle as well as whisky.
Anyhow it makes a locomotive’s head light.
VThat is an island? A body surrounded by
water. Give an example: A boy m swimming.
“.Subscribers are coming in at the rate of
fifty per day,” said an editor; and the rival pa
per explained that they were coining in to order
Ihelr papers stopped.
“Wbat are you doing with that basin of
water? Don’t you know you’ll wot your clean
waist?” said bis mother. “That’s all right.”
said 6-year-old, as he threw a luclfer into
tte watei* *• l’m only watching a swimming
Another feather in the cap of America, and a
Proof of our superiority in seamanship. While
other nations, during the month of January, lost
hundreds of vessels, we, according to no Bcu
mu Veritas, did not loses solitary one. But
then we are bowed in sorrow when wo learn that
awe circumstances ar.se from the same reason
jhot white sheep eat more than black ones.
*herc are more of the in.— Puck.
-Joang Hayseed, a knowing young fellow
worn th© country, was in town the ocher day
and,**put up" at one the first-class hotels.
Afto* dinner he strolled out to the office, and
Pjcklngnp a toothpick from the box on the
<®ce counter, used it vigorously on a get of to
“*®o"Stalned grinders, and then replaced it
carefully in the box, saying as he did so, Some
ii l i er ?. woulcJ P al tbai air sliver in their pocket
■oa Kerry it away, but there buint nothing
me. I kin tell you.”—Boston Com
aercial Buuuin.
Far The Chicago TYiburw.
a glimpse, a fleeting trace.
And ypt I thought. How wondrous fait
Zhe modeled beauty of that face.
Bet off by wealth of golden hairl
Those eses of blue, wherein the light
#»«?. merT >’ fl «»hes seemed.to dancel
Wb. wo betide the luckless wight
»»ho fell a captive to that glaucel)
Those lips, like full-blown rose in hue
IButfcweeter far than ever rose),
Sllst’ninjr with a mystic dew
■QiaUa the sunlight sweetly glows:
guardians of the pearls
v?.V s ® wfc iteness vied with driven snow—
°r aIJ the treasured spoils
" Rich bounteous Nature did bestow.
Et jch checks: Full-round as ripened peach;
the peach, were firm, not mellow;
«beauty, *twould appear that each
” as but a rival of Us fellow.
d think of asking more than this
■Wirit : this world's treasure?
wk Q °* seeking further bliss
<sJr* n filled to such a measure?
GBICAGO. Feb. 17,1851. L. H. MANSBACH.
. A TuuUlati Saint.
from Tunis report that the sudden
gS?L® r greatest saint in that city, Sheik el
MtSSIJv . caused universal regret. Sheik el
fjeoseD belonged to a family sacred to Mussul
a direct descendant of the
During his lifetime he scarcely ever
theisWli a i? erjln w ' Dic& 60 iircd - stent on
01 bs house, and refused the gifts con-
IStinwlf. 01 N,? b - v tho neighboring Arabs, ron
toihSLtSnßelf witb tbe simplest tare. He wore
tod?S,n?r L He spoke rarely. His mania was
aemoush houses. Every now and then be
Wfetw?r. 50,116 house in his quarter, using a
the bouse he touched was im
cam« w! y aband °ned by its inhabitants, and be-
PrS«?t^ pr^R: *** Bey iDdemnlf.vlntrthe
ben he visited the Bey the latter
iftrnV.k 1 ®^ 1 faim ’ and kissed him on the face.—
M«tSL? e ccver bestowed even on bis own
hifILJJHJ* Directly he was dead the Arabs sent
dla nM i? shin to the sovereign, who, however.
it X or himself, but divided it, and
tW ?.£? e £ ,rst Minister, retaining a por
ittioDgnJll?66 f *., l l nd dividi ng the remainder
persons entitled to receive the precious
i ß^HonevofHr.Kh >llc speaJ5 pea Jm r 6 recommend
A. sin?sSx?.°* porehound and Tar.
e 8 Toothache Drops cure inoae minute.'
The International Bank With
draws from the Clearing-
Stocks Unusually' Dull but Firm
in Wall Street.
Chicago Shipping Currency to the
Country—Other Financial .
The Proto Markets Fairly iclere hat Unsetlli
—i higher Itange Eaarly in
the Day,
Followed by a Sharp Downward Movemenl
in Provisions, and a Decline in
The International Bank yesterday withdrew
from the Chicago Clearing-House, and will here
after make its clearances through the Commer
cial National Bunk.
Stocks were unusual!} quiet. Secretary ”Win
dom's decision had been discounted,and pro
duced no effect upon prices. Money was easy,
St. Paul showed some galvanic activity, ** a bob
tall pool,” whatever that may be, struggling
hard to put up the quotations. Gould -.was said
to bo buying Jersey Central. Leading operators
generally were doing little. It has been decided
by the Philadelphia Courts that all the stock
holders can vote in the election to-morrow.
Chesapeake & Ohio was an object of now inter
est, os was Manhattan. There was a good deal
of talk about the freight war between the
tnjnk lines, and the losses by the weather, but
the effect on prices was insignificant. Points to
buy Kansas & Texas were in circulation.
Comparing closing quotatlonswitb those of the.
day before there were the following changes:
Lake 5h0re.............. HlHan. A St, Joe pfd.~ H'
Erie. HtMo.. Kos. A Texas. H
Cbicaco A Nonhwest’n. H(C.. St. P., M. AO. pfd... \l
Hannibal A at. Joe HI Am. Disc. Tel. Co %
ChU B. I. * Pacific..... *ll
New York Central Hi
Michigan Central. >5
Chicago, MU- A St, Puul.lHl
Chi.. MU. A St, P. pfd. .XH
Wab., SL L. A Pac H
Wab.. Si. L. A Pac. ptd. H
Ohio A Miss. M
Pacific Mail... 4*
Delaware* Hudson....
Delaware, hack. * West h
Philadelphia* Bead....]**
Manhattan Elevated 1?*
Ttao following shows
Hons for the day:
Illinois Central
Chlcaco A Alton
New York Central
Michigan Cen nil
Louisville A Nashville....
Western Union
American Union
Pacitic Mall
Philadelphia A Ueadine...
Chesapeake A Ohio
Do preferred
Cleveland A Columbus....
a. c. & l a
Han IbalASuJo. .
Do preferred.
Missouri. Kansas & Texas.
Chicago A Northwestern..
Do preferred -
trie, second mortgage
Lake Shore.
Wabash, tit- L A Pac
Do preferred
Union Pacitic-
Central Pacitic
Northern Pacitic.
Do preferred.
Chicago. Mil. A St. Paul...
Do proieired
New Jersey Central
Delaware. Lack. A West...
Delaware A Hudson
Oh»o A Mississippi-.. ....
CbL, tit. Paul A Omaha...
Do preferred-..
Iron Mountain
Chicago. 1L I. A P
Canada tiouthern
Manhattan Elevated
New.Vork Elevated
Metropolitan Elevated....
Met. Eleriued b0nd5......
Central Aruoim.
Ontario A Western
Nashville A Chattanooga.
C-. tit. L.tX.O
tit. L. A San Fran, pref ...
Denver A Klo Grande....
Ohio Central
Morris A Essex.
Terre Haute pref.
Houston A Texas
American DlscTel. Co
•Western Union new stock—Opened, 80k5: hi
SI; lowest. 80if; closed. SL.
Government bonds were steady. In Ch:
the District of Columbia 3.65 s wen? 1025* bi
1035* asked; the 4s were 113 and 113?$:
4V5s, 111?* and 111**: thess. 300;* and 101*4; and
the 6s, 102*$ and 102'$. At the close the 4s and
4*ss were ** higher, and the ss-and 6s a shade
Foreign exchange was weak. Sterling posted
rates, 4?0@482H. For sixty-day commercial bills
forprompt delivery, 475&4T71-. For three weeks*
delivery. 477®478J~. Sixty-day commercial bills,
prompt delivery on Havre, 5317a(&531H* Bor
deaux, 5317»<&531&. Sixty-day commercial bills
on Antwerp, deliverable prompt, were 533H®
53175. flankers’bills on Germany were 937« for
sixty days and 94fi for demand: ninety-day
prompt commercial bills, 92H@93. Sixty-day
commercial, delivered pr0mpt.93(3,93 3-16; same,
delivered In three weeks, U3H«3.93?j. Bankers’
guilders on Holland were 39H for sixty days and
3DU for demand; sixty-day commercial was 39.
Shippers’exchange on New York was 40c 'dis
Chicago bankers reported business light
Country orders for currency were moderate.
Xew York exchange sold between bunks at 25©
50c per 51,000 discount. Loans were In moderate
demand at 6©7 per cent
Clearings of .the Chicago banks for the week
were reported as follows by Manager D. R. Hale:
.Date. . Clearings, Balance*.
Monday $ 4.&H.317 $ SKMUs
Tucj-day.: 4.57. MM . 61;VAJT
Wednesday 4,:--S»,S6 n23.:ittl
Thursday 4,rtfi,la2 OS,'.'*)
Friday 4.7;>5,«17 40.1(17
Saturday 4,L05.«M t&MCT-
Total f2S.OHJ.2TS SUitf.PTS
Corresponding week last year.... 37,6&1.51(J 2,353.413
. Wabash 5s sold at 95. On the Chicago Stock
Board thorc were sales of Chicago City 4s, 55,000
at 102‘i; Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 4s, 55.000
at 92: 55,000at91-U; 55,000 at9l»i; 55,000 at 91‘S.
The following quotations were made:
North Chlcaso City It. R. Co.
West Division City U, It. Co..
Chicago City Railway
Gaslight and Coke Company.
Chamber o? Commerce..
Traders Insurance Company
Inier-biale Industrial axDoslUon 40
United States 4a, I'AJT U2-K
United States 4%5..~ IIU4
Chicago Water bonds. 18.0 117
Chicago Water bonds. 7s, 15W2. 120%
Chicago Water bond#. 7s. 1«U 122
Chicago Water bonds, Ts. 18U5 123#
Chicago Citv bonds. 7s, 18*4 107
Cnlcago Cl»y bonds, 7s. 110
Chicago City bonds, 7s. ISS7, ........ 112%
Chicago City bonds. 7s. 15!W..... 110 s
Chicago City bonds, 7s, ISO 1 117
Chicago City bonds. 7s. lay.’. r.D%
Chicago Cl.y bonds, Ts. I*K 121
Chicago City bonds. 7s. ISCM 122
Chicago City bonds, 7s. It'.o 12dV{
Chicago City bonds, 7s, li« 124%
Chicago City bonds, 7s, I*6 ]27jJ
Chicago City bonds, 7s, I*o 127?%
Chicago City bonds. 4%», IUOU IttAj
Chicago City recelpUs 4s 102 k "IttOi
Cook County 7s, istf ltlS>2
Cook County 7s. ISO 115%
Cook County 7s. tsaa. ..lliAt
Cook County 7s, ISC i£l
Cook County ss. ISW. 107%
Cook County 4%5. 1900. 100% 307 H
West Chicago ss, ISM UM%
J.locolu Park 7s, I*6 I(K% 100%
West Park 7s, I4»l m
South Park *»s. 105
South Park 7s ius>a
Chicago, M. A St P. It it Ts. J. a D. ex....I SM 13«*
Chicago. M. &StP.lt It 7a. Hast. & 1)ak..1102 115
Chicago. M. A St I*. It It. 6s. Chic. A Pac lUS
Chicago, 2d. AStP.it It to, Dub. Dir , 107*4
Chicago. M. &StP.lt it sa. Mineral Pt. .. 93
Chicago A Northwestern 6a. sinking fund.lo7 111
Chicago. 3. A O. ft H. -is, Wia
Chicago. B, AQ.it K. os, lUIB. 103*4 Ifti
Chicago. B. AQ. it. It -K 11. AM. in Neb.. S 7 W
Jacksonville A Southeastern Gs r. lUO
Wabash. St. L i P. Ist mor.ss. Chi. Dlv 057$
North Cnicaco City Hailway 6s 1U 112J4
West Division Cltr ft It 75....... ~.IUS 307
West Division City Railway Ss 106
The value of the sales of local and mfscelia~
neous securities on the Chicago Stock Board for
the week ending March 12 were limited to $lO,-
498.75. For the previous week, $261,098.
New York, March BL—Governments weak
for 6s and ss, and strong and higher for 4s and
i%s. j
'Railroad bonds were dull but firm.
State securities were dull.
The stock market was duIL At the opening
prices generally showed a decline, and specula
tion was unsettled in tone. At the First Board
tho market became firmer, and an advance of M
to 414 was recorded, Nashville & Chattanooga,
Reading, and Chesapeake & Ohio leading the up
ward’ movement. Subsequently Nashville &
Chattanooga reacted t and tho general list U to
I:U, the latter Reading. During the afternoon
the market again became firm, and prices sold
upktobi, Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans
and St. Paul being most prominent in the ad-*
vance. In the last hour- there was a little more
activity, purchases of stock having been made
uu a report ■ that the Treasury will next
week buy $10,000,000 in bonds. That there will
be a Treasury purchase or bonds is not unlikely,
but it is doubted whether any such amount will
be taken. The action of Secretary Wlndora in
deciding against tho return of greenbacks to
the National-banks is cordially indorsed by
hankers and brokers.
The Mexican National Railroad (Palmer Sulli
van Company) to-day contracted with two Penn
sylvania firms for 200 locomotives and 5,000
freight-cars, to equip tho mad from Laredo to
the City of Mexico and Manzanillo, on the Pa
cific Coast. This is said to bo the largest single
contract ever made for rolling stock in this
country. Tho Company also.contracted for suf
ficient forty-pound steel rails to lay 1,000 miles
of track, with the necessary sidings.
Transactions 203,000 shares:
C., C. I. C 6.000 Now York Central.... 1,300
Canada Southern.. .. 8.400 Northern Pacific... .. 1.3»i0
Delaware, Lack. ft W.W.OJO Ohio ft Mississippi;.. DUO
Delaware & Hudson.. 4,400 Onrarlo ft Western... 2.4 VJ
Denver ft illo Grande 2.UXI Ohio Central 11.UU0
Erie 5,000 Pacific Mall 4.403
Hannibal St St. Jo 2.0J1) Reading &,4uo
Iron Mountain ...... 5,4'J0 Su Paul ......30.00U
Kansas it Texas 2.UW St, Paul ft Omaha ZUXI
Lake Shore.. Texas Pacific 9,(LQ
Louisville&Nashv*lc. 11,000 Union Pacific.... 7.000
Mlcburan Central..... *4,001 Wabash Pacific. 3,300
Northwestern .11,(00 Western Union. (J,3jo
Nashville & Chat I‘J.oou Chesapeake & 0hi0... B,UUU
New Jersey Genual. .43.000
Tho following is the usual weekly bank state
ment; Loans, decrease, $2,242,500; specie, in
crease, $973.1)00: legal-tender, decrease, $822,000;
deposits, decrease, $2,773,800; circulation, in
crease, $17,600; reserve, increase, $844,750. The
bunks now bold $417,400 in excess of their legal
Money market easy at 4®5. Prime mercantile
paper at 5@6. *
Sterling exchange—Sixty days, dull at 479 K;
demand, 481*4.
\ 'N’USNTS. ...
1881 s. ....
Louisiana 151*4
Missouri. iiwVfi
■fe’i, Joo 10S
Tennessee, old
Tennessee, new IPU
Virginia, old ft)
Virginia, now 30
Virginia, c0n5015......115
Hock Island. i:B
Fort \V ay n e 1 XIH
Clove. A t*Utsbunt....l£*
Illinois Central IXJH
C.. fl. A Q BK
Chicago & A1t0n.......LRl
Do preferred .. IS!
Kew Vor«k Central I4i»
Harlem UO
Lake Shore IfflW
Cun. Southern KJH
Mlchlpiu Con IHH
Kilo 47>*
Do preferred 87 I
Do preferred l.'WJ®!
Su Paul IHHI
St. Paul preferred 122 H
St. Paul A Omaha 4.VJO
Do preferred JOIJ4. 1
Del., 1«. & W HIM
Morris A Essex 131 WI
Delaware A Hudson..llß4!
New Jersey Central...KUH
KeuQlMa 6f'2i
Ohio A Mississippi.... 44121
Do preferred lUW| (
Chesapeake A Obio...li'4H:
Mobile & Onio Xti |i
Clove. A Columbus.... 85H 1
O. C. A I. C. 25j|
Ohio Central -... :tt (!
Lake Erie A Western. W '
Ontario A Western-.. SKW':
8.C.K.&N.. 75 U
Alton A Terra Haute. 4.1.H1
i Union Pacific $$
[lron Mountain J<
[West, Union Tel. C 0....
1 Louisville & Nashville., Hi
[N. Y„ Out, & Western... M
Northern Pacific w
i Canada Southern W
Vashvllle & Chu
'besnpeabo A: 0hi0....- l|
U & JvVO li*
Jhlo Central fl
the extremes of quota*
Boston, March 13,—The local money mar
ket is easier. One bank to-day received $150,000
from Now York, and a hour $300,090 will come to
band Monday. Business discount is about 514
per cent. At the Clearing-House the rates were
band 9 per cent. The gross exchanges wore
*513,431,330, and tho gross balance $1,238,810.
Exchanges tor tho week, $7,011,777; balances,
Tho stock market was dull and generally
weak. Ogdonsburg was the chief point of In
terest among the railroads, and, on large buying,
chiefly in anticipation of tho annual mooting,
sold up to 45, and was very strong at an advance
of 3. Atchison advanced from 1352$ to 137; San
dusky from to37*i; Philadelphia, Washing
ton A Baltimore H, to 7734; Little Rock Vt. to
6414; New York & New England 1, to 67; Union
Pacific 1, to 133&; Sumolit Branch 14, to 283*.
Flint preferred declined 1, to 91; Pullman *£, to
150; Rutland preferred }*, lo30jl£; Boston A Al
uany 4, *o 16U.
H 34
In bonds, Hartford A Erie 7s wore largely
dealt, in at gradual advances from 5S to 59*4.
Pueblo A Arkansas Valley 7s advanced *4, to
117; Little Rock tlrst 7s to U3J£; Burlington
A Missouri 4s dccllucd from 90to 8834. Others as
Boston, March U. —Stocks closed as follows:
Water-Power. X 1& Cln., Ran. A Cleve 27*£
Boston Land 11 Eastern llallroud 3S
BostonLundGrantTs. 101 Flint &P. .Marquette.. 31J./
Boston H. & E. 7s Little tt. & Ft. Smith.. (Vi
Atchison A Topeka K. X. V. & S, E sTtf
Boston & Albany 1»*8 O. H. l*. C. common .... 43
Boston & Maine 1411 o>u Colony I?j
Chic., Bur. AQ IWVi Rutland preferred....
Id and
; cbe
London, March 12 —11:30 a. m.—Consols, money.
99 13-16; account, 9915-16.
London,* March 12.— Bur silver is quoted at
S24d per ounce.
London, March 12.—Consols, 9013-16; account,
99 15-16.
American securities—New us, 1037*; 4Hs, U 4&;
4s. 116 S.
Railroad securities—lllinois Central, 137 H;
Pennsylvania Central, 6S; New York Central,
152; Erie. 407*; do seconds, 103 H; Reading, 337».
Paris, March 12.—Routes, Sot 40c.
Boston, March 12.—1 n mining shares Calumet
& Hecla declined from 238 to 235; Brunswick
Antimony $4, to 18; Duncan to 3H; National,
H, to 1?X; Quincy Hi to 33; Silver Islet-1, to 30.
Atlantic advanced H« to 14H; Copper Falls Hi
to 13.
Boston, March IS.—Miniugr stocks closed ns
Alloucz :;>£
Culumct&U 23-i 1
Catalpa 3V£‘
Duncan Silver 3%|
San Francisco. Cal.. March 12.—Following are
the closing quotations of stocks:
Alin Noonday it*
BcM. & Belcher. tjjri Op.ilr Xfs
B.)d.e Ore 11-lB
Bullion 9-U» Overman. JU-33
California.... 23-33 Potosi 2
Chollar 196 Savage IU
Consolidated Virginia IJjbSlcmi Nevada......... ttVi
Crown Point I Silver King 21M
KureknCon 2i» Union Con 7
CouldACurry IHd l Yellow Jacket 21*
Hale & Noreross
Manhattan Tuscarora. 11-32
Mexican 4 Jupiter 13-ltj
Mono IHI
The followingwero the receipts and shipments
of the leading articles of produce 4n this city
during the twenty-four hours ending ntTo’clock
Saturday morning and for the corresponding
time a year ago;
ttUl. Asktd.
.215 230
,jyo a*o
. W)i ....
Flour, br15........
Wheat, bu
Corn, bu
Oa>a. bu
Jlyc, bu
barley, bu
Crass seed. &a
Flaxseed. a.s
Broom-corn. n»j.,
Cured meats, its,
tsoet, tea
Beef, bns
Pork, br15..v.;....
l.ard, o>s..
Bimer. as
Dressed hogs. No
Lire horns N 0.....
CJiuJe.-No i.»,
Sheep, No
Hides. Its
Hlghwlnes, brls.
vVool. bs
Potatoes, bu
Coal, tons
Hay. tons
Dumber, m ft....
Shingles, m
Salt, brls
Withdrawn from store during Friday for city
consumption; o,0?J bu wheat, 0,234 bu com, 496
bu rye, 509 bu barley.
The following grain was inspected Into store
In this city Saturday morning: 1 car No. 3
winter wheat. 40 curs No. 2 spring, 34 cars No.
3 do, 7 cars rejected (02 wheat); 7 cars No. 2 corn,
30 cars high mixed, 92-cars rejected (315 corn);
17 cars white cats, 9 cars No. 2 mixed, 35 cars
low grade (41 oats); 5 curs No. 2 rye, 1 car re
jected; 2 cars No. 3 barley, 4 cars No. 4 do.
Total, 230 cars, or 114,000 bu. Inspected out:
10,574 bu wheat, 63,051 bu corn, 5,000 bu oats.
406 bu rye, 2,075 bu barley.
The following were tho receipts of breadstuffs
in this city during the past week:
March A March 5, March A
i&t. p*u tsan.
... SU.GC9 SVK3
Flour, brls.
Wheat, bu.
Corn, bu..,
Oats, bu
Hyc, bu
Barley, bu..,..
Dressed ho 2».
Tho corresponding shipments wero;
iSJarcho, 3fanA U,
mu jshu mo?
. 7*556 . 105.106 £0257
. 65.295 SS.K3G • 170,482
,351/XH 337*279 |OliS23
Flour, brig..
Wheat, bu.
Com, bu....
... llljfil
Now 4s lI3H
il‘acl«Ctoof ISA HU
(.Virginia* deferred....llsM
s U. i». bonds. 11 M
U. I*. brats IWK
l U. I*. lund-crant U 5
\ U. I*. Sinking Fund.;.l2o
Leblcb* W 13S
s, I'.iic tints 112
Erie seconds IWX
Alton &T. Hi pfd 122
Wab„ St U & Pacific. 4SU
i Do preferred
Hannibal & St Joe... s*»
• Do preferred 101
Iron Mountain Cfft
St. L. &■ San Francisco 42
Do preferred 63
Do first preferred.,... tM
C. SU L. & N. O KOj
; Kansas & Texas 4U|
, Union Pacino stock..,l22ft
, Central Pacidc jwft
i Northern Pacific 4354
IDo preferred <.... 73
iLouisville & Nashville itift
I Nashv. A Chattanooga It!
IK, N. A, X C 71
Houston X Texas MM
D. Alt-G W 3«
Western Union 11056
A tiantic Ac Pacific 4S
Pacino Mali 53
I Adams ...12S
Fargo ....117ft
{American 71ft
United Hxatos Express 57ft
{(JuicksUver 15
i Uo preferred. ........ 6154
I Caribou 2
Central Arizona. .. 5*4
Htmesfake 27
(SttJJdard 25
iKxcelsior. 5
Little Pittsburg. 3ft
Ontario 36ft
Sprrial Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune.
7o (he Western Associated Press.
Special Dispatch to The Chicaqn Tribune.
To the Western Associated Press.
'Pcwablc 17
(Oulncj* SJM
Ishver Islet 2a
IFlint & P. Mar. prof... 91%
72.* 49
302,77 b
497, ITU
281.55 U
J 29.856
30,• 6
Subs srub
.3ii_u;« i^c.iss
.M7.:Ud a>>,79»
£i« life
23,658 oUoo - 4U6U2
1,558 1,7U5 2,013
Gate, bu 2«Wjg S2jj,opl 274.5T9
RyeTbu W.JW 30.718 19.872
Barley, ty}# «.•» 72,118
Dressed boss . 3,131 *,lOl 1,516
The loading produce markets were moderately
active Saturday, and Irregular. All were higher
at about the opening of business, and all fell off
later, then rnled steady. Grain simply lost the
advance of the previous afternoon, while pro
visions did not stop till they had gone past that
point. The weather was bad, with news of an
other severe storm raging in the Northwest.
But It was thought a good time to sell, and sell
ers preponderated, though it was scarcely true
(asonce remarked) that “more was sold than
was. bought.” Mess pork closed 6c lower, at
$15.4714®15.50 for April and $15.G214®15.C5 for
May. Lard closed 714 - lower, at [email protected]>7‘4
for April and $10.56®10.C7)4 for May. Short ribs
closed 10c lower, at $7.6T)[email protected] for May. Wheat
closed )b@}£c lower, at Sl.ooH®l.oo}£ for April
and 1.047* for May. Corn closed steady,
atSSHcbid for April and 42J£c bid for May.
Oats closed steady at about 207*0 for regular,
31Xc for gilt-ecigca;-April, 2DXc; May, 3354 c: and
Juno. 33Jic. Uye closed Ann at 9Sc for gilt
edged No. 2,9 Tc for April, and §1.0014 bid for
May, Barley closed firm at $1.03 for No, 2 cash.
87c for No. .3, arid SOc for No. 4: No. 3. for April
sold at 87c. Hogs were active and stronger «c
$5.50®5.80 for light and- at [email protected]}0 for heavy.
Cattlo were steady at $2.75@6,00 for poor to
Dry goods was reported In fair demand, with
no important fluctuation In values. Buyers are
not very numerous as yet, but the number now
shows a dally increase, and the next few anys
are expected to see a quite marked increase in
the volume of sales. Boots and shoes were quot
ed quiet and steady. Rubber goods continue to
meet with a liberal demand, and, as the market
Is bare of stock, fully laio prices are being real
ized. No important change in values of staple
and fancy groceries were noted, though there
was a very Ann feeling both In sugars and cof
fees. Trade was quiet so far as new business
was concerned, though considerable was doing
in tho way of lllhmr back orders. Butter and
cheese were in good request at sustained prices.
Dried fruits and flsh were reasonably active and
Arm. There was a dull market for oils, and
prices of carbon look a big tumble, declining
l?4@ic. Elaine is now quoted at 20c, snow whito
at loffe, 150 test at 13?ic, and 110 test at 11c.
Lard-oil was firmer, and extra was advanced 2c,
now quoted at 83c.
The Klnzio street markets for broom-corn,
hides, and wool were fairly active and steady.
Tho receipts of hides aro still very large. Build
ing materials are in active demand without
change in quotations. Eggs were lu light sup
ply and Arm at22<&24c per doz. Grease 4ind tal
low were steady, with little business doing in
cither department. A steady trade exists in
green fruits, tho better qualities still com
manding higher figures.* In hogs there is
a liberal trade, with a small advance' in
the choice descriptions. There is no change to
note in the condition of the lumber trade. Po
tatoes continue Arm at quotations. In salt there
is no change to note. The market for timothy
seed was steady, that for clover weak, and Uax
was barely steady. Clover sold slightly under
Friday's prices. Dressed hogs were quiet at
$0.50 per 100 lbs for choice. Cooperage was un
During 1880 tho manufacture of bog meats in
Ibis country for shipment aggregated about
925.000 tons, and of lard 225,000 tons. The for
eign exports during tbo same lime were about
450.000 tons of meats and 21)5.000 Cons of lard.
A telegram from Nashua, lu.: " Storm sad as
any this winter. Railroads doing nothing .till
next week.” This seems to bo pretty generally
the coso over a very large part of the North
HOG PRODUCTS—Wero fairly active, and very
much unsettled, ranging higher early under the wide
spread belief tbut there was going to be n further ad
vance, and tumbling back sharply when it was found
that there were few buyers at tho enhanced quota
tions. At the resulting decline buyers were more
willing to take bold, und the consequence was more
doing, with more steadiness.' Liverpool reported the
unusual advance of Is 6d In lard und Is in meats,
while tho local hog market was tinner, but there was
too much stuff offered here by prominent parties who
were satisfied to take in a good round profit and run
the chance of being able -to get in again at lowor
figures. Tho packing of this city to date since the close
of February Is estimated at only about 51,uu0 bogs,
against IW.UOJ for the same time in 1330, andB3.UX) for
Mess Pork—Advanced IJHc per brl. declined 30c,
and closed . r »o below the latest prices of Friday. Sales
werp reported of 75 brla oUt-on private terms; 27.UXJ
brla April ut *U»iU brls seller May at
$15.55<U5.:57H: uud3sJ brla seller June nt $15.57H. To
tal. JW.JIS brla. The market closed steady, at $15.50
asked for round lots spot or seller the month, $15.47}$
tt>ls.st) seller April, and s!s.C3H(3ls.(iißorer Mar.
Laud—Advanced “He per iu) lbs, declined :JoS.23*sc.
and closed "He below the latest prices of Friday.
Sales were reported of 3,550 tea spot at
35.1*10 tes seller April ut $10.50*111.7(1; 33,350-tes seller
May at SIO.UK3>IO.&.i; 7,750 tes seller. June nt slU.7iH(£
10.VJH: 3,000 tes- seller July at andaOtT
tes seller tbo year at SU)[email protected]. 76,030 tea.
The market closed steady, at $10.50310.55 for round
lots spot or seller the month, $10.65(310.57}$ seller
April, and fl» 6j.jilO.G7H seller ilav.
Meats—Declined about 10c per 100 lbs on mid
dles, while end pieces, wore easier. Sales were re
ported of 700.000 lbs shoulders uts4.Ss spot and seller
April and $5.00 seller May; 5> boxes-do at $5.10 spot;
1,000 pcs green hams (1G lbs; nt Sc; 15.000 lbs short ribs
At $7.00: •iliOO.UXJ'lbs do at $7.8W»7.!>7h seller April, and
s7.3l>£S.ooßollorMay. Prices of leading cuts of meats
were as follows at 2 o'clock for full-cured, unless
otherwise apeclllod:
Loose, part salted.
Do. boxed
April, loose
May, 1005 e,..
Short ribs, seller May, closed at Lon?
clears quoted at $7.70 loose and $7.90 boxed: Cumber
lands, boxed: Ion? cut hams. sweet
pickled bums quoted at SJfGiUVfc for 13(|dti average;
green Hams, mime average, 7H aSc.
Bacon quoted at £3?(c for shoulders, S®S3fc for
short ribs, 83433*60 for short clears, 10@l0HjC for hams,
all ennvased and packed.
BEEF—Was quiet at $3.75(59.00 for mess, |9.75©10.M
for extra mess, and $2UX>321.00 for bams.
FLOUR—Was quiet, with little change in prices; but
the market was firm, though there was not much de
mand. Sales were limited to 475 brls winters, mostly
at55.U0&5.15; and l.lSOsacks double spring extras, partly
at $4.10. Total equal to 1,230 brls. Export flours were
quoted at S4.ou@s£s for good to choice, and rye do at
OTtiuit Millstuffs—Were strong and quiet with
light offerings. Sales were reported of 5 cars bran at
$13.50; 5 cars’mlddlings atsl3.s(*ails.lW; and 2 ears wheat
screenings at SIB.OO per ton free on board. Coarse
corn-meal was nominal at $14.50314.75 per ton on
SPUING WHEAT—Was moderately active, and
averaged higher; It advanced about %a, declined
?*c, and closed below the latest prices of Fri
day. Liverpool was reported Inactive, but about II
o’clock some cables reported a better demand in En
gland, with a little tlffening in prices. Our receipts
were again smt'.er, with another storm threaten-
ing to keep them at a very low 'point for
some time in the future. But our- stocks
seemed to have increased over 33,000 bu
during the weekand a local operator was actively sell
ing a rather long line, which induced others to follow
his example In a smaller way, and the result was
lower prices, at which there was an Improved de
mand. Cash wheal was in fair request, closing at
»LU>K for gilt edged receipts of No. 2, and tfiiyc for
regaardo. Spot sales were reported of S.M) bu So.
2nt sUW?s3l.wJti;2S.4*dbu do. regu.ar, at W.Wfa.iiWc;
l.JU)bu ,'o.3gilt-edged receipts, in good houses, at
9i3fc(stf2c; HD bu do. In Central, atßSc; 491 bu rejected,
gilt-edged receipts, in good houses, aißU l £c; 800 bu do,
in Contra:, at 76c; und u,uuu bu by sample at 87<s95c.
louil, 46,400 bu. Also SOU bu No. 3 Minnesota, gilt
edged receipts, at $1,023*. Seller April opened at sUffl?{
(•41.00& declined to sl.Uu,Mj’<t!.W&. and closed at $1.00*4,.
Seller the month was nearly nominal
closing at the inside. Seller May ranged at sLo£(®
• IbjW. and June was quiet at about $1 US^Uri!*.
\\ lNrn»t Wheai*—Sale was limited to SCO bu No. 3
red in Central, first storage, at $1.0144: other houses
nominally somewhat less. Also 4UU bu No. 2 mixed
sold at U c.
4.2 J0
62.11 M
aw. iais
IU 1,226
K 5
COHN—Was more active early, and tame later, av
eraging firmer. The market for futures advanced
fell buck We, and closed at about the latest prices of
rrlday. The British markets were quiet, and our re
ceipts were smaller, decreasing the volume of spot
offerings, for which thcfe was an Improved demand.
1 here was some heavy selling early «n orders from
the East, which caused a recession from
the early strength due to sympathy with
wheat. The lower grades wore stronger,
and about all the samples offered
were picked up by shippers before noon. Cash No. 2
closed at ;tc for regular to 3,osc for gilt-edged re
ceipts. Spot sales were reported of 2,'Ui) hu No. 2at
2JUJ bu new high-mixed atltJc: B.IUJ bu
new ndxed at 2,oju ou rejected at ;11W®
2,<JW bu do. winter receipts, at JVrtfc; 17.UW bu by
sample ut:U.s42c«n track.—the outside for white:
bu do u$ free on board cars; and SOU bu
curs ut 40®tic. Total. CI.«VU bu. Seller May opened at
f’-'Wc, sold at 42>tc,decilued 10 42*4c. and closed at I2h{c
bid. Seller the month was about nominal nt3T%@3»c,
April quiet at Juno in moderate request at
42V6342WC, July at and August sold at
4J3ke.—all closing with the Inside bid.
OATS-rWere In fair demand and steadyatabout
Quotations. No. 2 regular was quotable at
.‘Kb, uud ullt-cdgcd sold ut Futures were
fairly active and stronger, March selling at 29>£c;
April selling early at 2UWc, declining to 39Hlc.’tind
at 29&C, May closed at about 33?£c and Juno
ntifiiHc. Samples sold fairly. Cash sales were made
of IJWOhuataiWcfor gilt-edged No. 2in store: 9.7UU
bu by sample aiMWc for rejected mixed. ;»£>l«c for
rejected winter, for No. 2. ond3lU*J£(c'
. 2 w hlUi on track; 19.5UU bu at ;cjt£c for rejected
mixed. J33&3&WC for rejected white. for No.
and 33c for badoy oats free on board. Total,
7 ,JtfM
54.13 J
L 362
RVE—Was firm throughout the day, with n moder
ate cash business,, and a considerable trade in fut
ures. Regular was quotable atuSo und glli-edgcd sold"
at (LOO. April was traded in to a fair extentat 97c
and May ru.ed at fl.uOS bid and fUJI asked. Cash
sales were made of 5,403 du ut asc for regular and SI.Oj
for rrwh! lluu bu by sarnie atlWc for rejected;
Q61.U2 for No. 2; ana for ungraded on track; 4S
hoes at 9So free on board. Total, B.IJJ bu.
BARLEY—Was nrru but quiet throughout the day,
most - of the trading being confined to the*lower
grades. No. 2 cash was nominally $1.05; No. 0 fwinter
storage), STc: and No. 4 (winter storage). 81c. Infnt
urcsNo. 2 tor April was about 11.05; and No. 3 for the
same month, 97c. Samples sold readily at full prices.
Cash sales were made of 2,0U0 bu at 67c for No. 3 reg
ular la store; &5W bu br*amoleatS6o£riscforNQ.4
Stunt Shout- L. <fc S. Short
riba, tiers, clears, ciears.
$7.75 $4.85 |7.10 f8.1l)
T.!15 o.U» 8.10 8.:i0
7.75 4.65 7.90 8.10
7.80 4.90 7.5*5 8,15
710 5.1 W 8.05 8.35
(part to arrive). S3@9oc for not graded. 90393 c for
No. 3 (port to arrive) on track; SOO bu at SSc (in bags)
for No. 4 free on board. Total, ILSOU bu.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Liverpool, March 12—11:30 a. m.—Flouu—No. 1.
Us: No. 2,8 s lid.
Grain—Wheat—Winter, No, 1* 9s 8d; No, 2,9 s;
spring, No. 1,9 s 3d; N0.2.8«5d; white. No. 1. Us 3d: No.
£ Us; club, No. 3, Us KW; No. 2,9 s sd. Com—Now, 3s
sJ*d: old. 5s CJfid.
Provisions—Porb.£Bs. Lard, 555.
Liverpool, March 11—1:30 p. m.—Provisions—
Bacon—C. C. dull at 42s Cd; long clear steady at 41s;
short clear firmer at 43a 6d. Lard—Prime Western
firmer atflSs.
London, March DL-Petroleum—Refined, 7H&
Linseed Oil —25s ild.
Tallow—Fine American. 29s 2d. .
Antwerp, March 12.—Petroleum, 21%f.
Liverpool, March.l2.—Cotton—lrregular and flat
at C2-ir,3«Md; sales C.OUU bales; soeculation and ex
port. LOU); American, 4.900.
Provisions—American lard, 555. feacon—Long
clear, 425; short clear, 42a fid.
The following wore received by the Chicago Board
of Trade:
Liverpool, March 12.—Wheat, not much doing;
red winter. Us Td; N 0.2 spring. Us fid; No. 2,8 s lid.
torn—Not much doing; American mixed. 5s SJfidi
Cargoes off const—Wheat quiet and steady. Corn—
'None ollered. To arrive—Wheat and corn quiet.
Pork, Gas. Lard firmer, and Is Cd higher, at oss. Ba
con—L. C. firmer and Is higher, at 425; S. C. firm and
Is higher, at 4os Cd. Tallow, 255. Cheese, CSs Cd. Beef.
LONDON. March 12.—Liverpool—Wheat Inactive:
Mark Lane—Cargoes .off coast—Wheat quiet and
steady. Corn none offered. Cargoes on passage—
Wheat and corn quiet.
New York, March 12.—cotton—Qnlet and an
changed; futures barely steady; March. 10.59 c; April,
10A9e;A!ay, 10.7Uc: June. July , 13.88 c; August,
10.92 c; Saeotcmbor. 19.52 c; October. 1023 c; November,
UUSo; December, 10.18 c.
FLOUR—Heavy; receipts. 23,000 brls; exports, 15,000
brls; super State Western. S3.«O®UX); common to good
extra, [email protected]; good to choice, f5.006fi.75; white
wheat extra, &OOS&OJ: extra Ohio, [email protected]; Bc.
Louis, K2i»oi.fi.7s; Minnesota patent process, [email protected].
Grain—Wheat—Strong; receipts.B34JOObu; oxpoit*.
o'LUW bu; No. 2spring, 4!.15; ungraded red. [email protected]{;
No. 2 do. fl.'JUftdtUlH in store; $1.22X61J2X afloat;
No. I reil,lt.3iHjCti.2fi*D mixed winter. $1.19: ungraded
white, fl.lGsfiSl.l9X: No. 2 do. LlDfi; No. 1 do. #USh.«
LWf; No. 2 red, .March. sl-21(51.22; April, sl-21X<3L22; .
May, [email protected]. Com—Fairly active and a shade
humor; receipts, 9.MU) bu; exports. 40,000 bu; un
graded. -sfiu:&soc: No. :i. ofiXc: steamer, sTX6sߣfc;
oUido.&sltc in store; No. 2, March. 58>i@6bc; April.
o7?f,fiw"Uc: May. 65!(c; June. 55c. Oats—Easier; re
ceipts. :r2.uuo bu; Western mixed. 43644XC; white do,
LlAV—Ouiet but firm.
Hops— Firm: moderate trade: yearlings, 12®18c;
Eastern and Western, IG&Zic; Sow York State, 13®
Groceries—Coffee quiet but firm; RJo cargoes,
job lots, 10>&®14>fic. Sugar—Demand fair
and market firm;-fair to good refining,7X®*9sc.
Molasses quiet and unchanged. Kicc steady, with a
fair demand.
Petroleum—Dull; United, Ssc; crude, 7®BXc; re
fined. tJJfiC-
Tallow—Steady, with a fair demand; 6X®C?fic,
Resin—Quiet and unchanged.
Turpentine—Steady at 4U>fic.
Leather—Sternly, with a good demand: hemlock
sole. Buenos Ayres, and Bio Grand light, middle, and
heavy weight, 22®25c.
Wool—Steady, with afalrdemand: domestic fleece.
88@50c; pulled, 21645 c; unwashed, 14@3fic; Texas, 14®
Provisions—Pork easier; old mess, [email protected];
new do, $16.25. Beef quiet but steady. Cut meats
firm: long clear middles. fS-fil); short clear, $9.00.
Lard weak; lu firir demand; prime steam, IUX'JO.
Butter—Quiet; iKsCDc.
CIiKKSE-Ouiet butdrm; 10@12ftc.
Mktals—Manufactured copper, new sheathing,
quiet nt26o. Jngoc Lake. Pig-iron dull and
weak: Scotch. 2l?4(c24ftc; American. 2U£23ftc; Russia
sheeting, JtaJSc. Nails, cut. SiaAiriUU; clinch, *4.509
For llu Chicago Tribune,
Milwaukee Sbnitzer bad some drafts dot vos
peculiar und oxcetidrick.
Vhich by his bead in shwollen bumps did brom
luilv outshdick:
Dor befroutest one vas raise a shwell more big
ger as der rest,
Vhich Plainly loid aotShnitzcr had atigbtness of
der chest.
Old Shnitz vas rich mit bonds and sbdocks,
scckuridlcs und gold,
Vhich efry nidc, hy his pillow under, dhoy care
fully vas rolled;
Dhert he'd lay avake- der whole nlde out—-not a
nioutfull would he sbleep,
For ho vas lofo to hear der bonds draw inderesi
dot vos shtcep.
it don*d vas argument dot Shnltz, mit meat
dreo boondert pound.
;h bung übon bis befy sides, behind, befront,
Couia efer experience a tightened chest of dot
mean, bontirious kind
Tat sbffweezes ub der heart so shraall, leaflpg
nottimr but der rind:
I doll you pooty near der troot yoost now
bis bumps vas sbpeak all rljhi—
rankee Shnitzee van der meanest man dot
eferdrew darifte:
radder sbtarf for a loat of wood dhen
shpeod a cent for bread
:ecb bis family from freezln üb—dot’s vat his
oit f row said.
To k<
Now Shnitzer bud dwo shmall cbilds, one bigger
as der odder.
Und dbey bote did look so close togedder you
couldn’t told one from todder;
But der .eblzoodick coined dot vay, und
sbnatchcd ub der infant shlid,
Yhlcb made der olt man frandick vonce, uad bis
frow mit sorrow vlld.
You didn’t! vas heard some vagon-dracks, nor
see some horses’ feet,
As mooted along in front your door a brocessfon
uh der shlrcct:
’Dwas Shnltzer und his veepin* frow, m!t der
solidary dwin, -
Shlowfully valkin’ der grafeyard out to bury
dheir dead one in.
But soon der dead one vas forgot, und der ox
beases vas rcckerraemncred too.
Und all chalked down on Shnitzer’s mind, vlch
dully bigger grew:
He reckomernpered pooty veil how high ub vas
der cose
To make dot funeral for dot boy, der one he
ladely lost;
Und for many days h!s vanderin mind vas
dinkm of some Intentions
Dot would safe expenses In all tings, from loose
ness to conshtipation;
But bow. dinks he. deni expenses safe In dis
posin’ of der dead:
Vas vaster pent to bury ’em in, or fire der ting
inshtcud? • *
Und so on Shnitzer soliloquized, mit vaasep uud
niit lire,
Dili be vns more übhill in mud as ho vas In der
But vben der oldest, odder dwin vas dookin’ sick
und died,
Olt Shultz determined iu dig case dot fire should
first been tried.
• olt voomans got some jeckubtioi
id dightly shoueezed dec dwin.
* olt man bolnts to der flre-bla
wore It must j:o In;*
But der
.Vile dor
h °Uertirettfiotee d ° r kWchen-shtofe, uod S l * 3
Und, vben bo makes dor griddles on, dcr dwin
turns into shmokc.
01t S hPmfmimFt7oV d mlt ‘ ,ot und fllJed
TO “dQUwdTe'boy: Tas work iQ
ond he vus hahby like dor deuce Then he dinks
of der expense,
For, vhen he counted out der cost, he finds dot
sefen cents.
I would rudder bate a tousnud toilers in mine
pocket-book yoost now
ZJhco oxberience such a feelln* once like Mil
* vraukee Shnltzer's frow;
Most efry my her fcadures told dot she vas sret
tin’ dhin, b
soon must add some fuel more to der fire
dpt burned der dwjn.
gweer dot vas—sbdill it vas true—der fead
ures sometimes shpeak,
told us all about somedmgs dotcfcader
heart don'd leak.
Dwas of der outside, yoost by her heart, most
efry one did said.
Vas vnt s der matter raft Shnitzer’s frow. und
der reason she pro aead.
Veil, Shnftzer again brebared tier sbdofe as he
vas do before.
So he could safe some expenses of a funeral by
bis door;
But vhlle he vatched der burnln’ flame, a sbplrlt
dbere appeared
From out der ebmokc,—dwas his dead frow,—
Moly Hoses, he vas shkecred!
Undtodis man’s dot shpirit sbpoke, and der
Inngwage vat she said
Vas fall übon bis hardened heart like coals so
hot mitred:
u Milwaukee Sbultzer, dor tay vill corned Then
you must pay der due
Vat you vas owe dor tuyfels all vhen dhey vill
kreemate j*ou.
For many tays you shurc vas been a mean, be
nurlousman, 1
Undtosafeacoubletollars, too, you vas loose
yoost half a shpan
Of habblncss rait a lottngfrow, und kinder dot
would grow,
Und make not life more rich by you dhen all dot
gait you show,"
PoorShnlizer got oxcltod now, und great big
trops of shweat
Vosshdart all out his face und hands, like a
fever vat he get.
He know dot vords vas yoost der troot, as der
air vasgittin’bot;
He see der tuyfels vas ready dbere to kreemate
him on der ahpot;
Sburo dhey vas ready mit dbeir forks vheu be
ub gave der ghost,
Und almost vild of der brosbect goot for sucb a
hefy roast.
His body sbtlll vas not yet cold vhen dhey put
him on dbeir tongs,
Und kreemated him, yoost droo und droo, on
ackouud of bis many wrongs.
Carl Pretzel.
An Artist’s Doflnll Demand.
. London Punch.
Aunty—“And now, bow many sittings shall
you require of my niece, Mr. Sparks?” Our Art
ist (a model but roost intlanuxmlile youth)—“Oh,
not more than thirty, fortj% or perhaps fifty,—
we will say sixtj'if you like, or sevemj*—at all
events eighty or ninety at the utmost, or "
Aunty— 1 “Good heavens! why.you painted me
In four!” OurArtist—“No!—did I really though?
Ah, but lean see at u glance that your niece’s
expression will be particularly dilficult to catch,
you know!” '
* Dyspepsia, biliousness, nervousness, and mis
erableness, nil cured with llop Bitters.
Uauralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of the Chesf, Gouf,
Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swe flings and
Sprains, Burns and Scalds,
General Bodily Pains,
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted Feet
and Ears, and all other Pains
and Aches.
No Preparation on earth equals Sr. Jacora On. as
a safe, siirr. simple and eheap External Remedy
A trial entails but the comparatively trifling outlay
of 50 Cents, and every one suffering -\yith pain
can have cheap and positive proof of its claims.
Directions in Eleven Languages.
. 173 South Clark-st., Chicago.
Consult personally or by.mall, free of charge. ontU
chronic, nervous, or special diseases. Dr. J. Kean It
the only physician in the city who warrants caret or
no par. ;
188 South Clara-*t-
Chartered by the State of Illinois for the ** special,
scientific, and speedy cure” of private, nervous.chron-
Jc; and urinary diseases. Consultation free. Hours, 9
a. m. to 3, and 6toap. nu Sundays, XU to US a. m. only
i t und
Baltimore* 2f d*» V. 8. A*
DR. PEiRO, 3
Devotes, as for years past, exclusive attention to
the Homeopathic treatment of
Offices, Si Madlson-au (opp. McVtcker's Theatre),
HOUI-S, Htp 4. - ChlrwgQ.
arrival axd departure op
, A , Ko2i OP Repkrbxc#
XARKs-tsmurday excepted.*. ’Sunday excepted.
tUomhiy excepted. {Daily. '
it Xortb -Vfitera Kallvmy.
R le«P*n«-i*a. accommodation.
«SR!I atbiciark-su Grand PadUc. Brink’s Express
QlliOQ. 1 aimer House. 7j Lamu-su. ano Uie Ucpol
1 t..,,' m l.' r .7
uLeUar fciureas ...t?; am £ ? : f? P ®
a Pacific Fast Line IH« m !! ?P m
uSloux Citv* VjknVtAV**** pm;* 2;15 p m
aOauum BxpreM P® * 3;ljP ®
’ ’■'■nr Un..ids xiijat Bxurcss t . J . : J? * ®
apes Moines Kl«bt K«r«S ’* t ! : I- l> ” if: 7: h* 1 m
aDes Moines Day KxDmst* t.2 : .V? P® • 7sl*» w
aSioiixCity i vLifoT ™V-' P«- : 2:M P ■“
•tnreport, Kutsrunl DiiiiiijVn.V I, , ' P® i T:l.i ara
ofrreeport, Rockford i OabaouiL' " m *- : '- 1 P n *
Jt recporL.ll'kfonli litoSooovVi^. 1 - vm ,* :U * Ol
IMlSwautes Krpre,,. P“i•to:--» “
Special—SundkVi*'**; ttm !* »:*» P ®
Milwaukee & Green Bay£S'< pm
{-Milwaukee Paasencer..^... ** *-;« f® i,* ;{U p ®
IMU.. Lreen Bay * Maroneue’**is l ra b » m
{Green Bay. ria.lanetviau • J fi:t ’ » ®
{■St. Paul A Minneapolis Kxprwa*' , ioHi» •S s 6 ii2 pOl
bSt. Paul & Minneapolis ffxprSal's'yS nm *-im 0 m
{•Pierre a Demiwuot! Kxure-is Silim P®?*iooa m
bMinnesouA Central Datcola!*!** JnwS 5S I p m
{Minnesota A Central Dakota... |9S «5 HtS p “
bjoncldn Lac, via JanesnUe~ * jin H 2: t, 7 / 1 ?* 1 m
aLluin K.Tpres.*i,„ ** •.1 ,- um f Mslls m
«K!irin Kxpross *l** mo’U« ml*S : « P®
«KWn Kxorcss *** •*?:}*£ m
ahijjln Express *** * *‘r K ®
jluCnii-ln'^ I £
a-Depot comer of Well*
If—Depot corner of Canal and Klailo-aw.
ChTcneo. nuHlnztoa At Qnlncv Kallm*-*
For Slaps, Time-Tables, Slecplnjf-Car Accommorfi
i£!JS. I ! “ a
60tuiwa,StreatorA Galesburg Rx
/'Nebraska Express
ftDntmque * Sioux City Express
Amboy, (lock Falls ASterling Rx
Miuwner Grove Accorumoda’n
M aciflc Fast Express
DKansas, Colorado A Texas Fast
Aurora Sunday Passenger..*.*..!!
ftAuroru Passenger •
bMendoUv. Ottawa A Su Louts Ex
Wtockiord A Freeport Express..
oAurura Passenger......
tiAurora Paas-nger ...
ftAurora Passenger ’ ~
dies-Voines. Omnliu & Lincoln
Night Express
Night Express *******
{Kansas City & Su Joe Night Ex.
M-reeport A Dutmiue Express..
Theatre Tram—Wed. A Sat, onJv
except Sunday, e Dally, excaot
Saturday. dl/aily, except MomiaV. \
.M hl<! ?? ro L? tf .l !wa,,k ee **: fit. Paul knlltrar. i
r».w euot *-, corner Clinton and Carroll*- 5
°J? C " S ' & Clnrk-SE Palmer House "i
l>rand Pacific Hotel, and at Depot. ;•
Milwaukee Fast Ma 11...... j*7~ !■ V
MUwauKeo A Wuukcaha Express L {■£? a p a".
Milwaukee, SuPaul a Minne-} tJWS pra
spoils Express trains 1 ani I
Green liar, Menssoa, and Ap^»il,2 : ?s P m *
pieton Express trains \ fttn £ ; S Pt*
Milwaukee, Madison, Prairie‘ilui* 9:00 P m t * « ‘
Chlen, lowa, and Dakota Ex + p-OQ pm ♦ 7-m ain O
Stevens Point and Ashland tZx.A 9 : UJp
Milwaukee, Madison, and Prairie r 9 *
, auChlenEipreas... Wsm* T;«du
b ? n X Tlll ° Accommodation..... • fi-js om • £ - t
Elgin Passenger * U am* a-xs n m
vi®^^> teplds . £xprea * <lU:ty a ® * »:0I 3 U
Lhdn A Kirkland Pass, (da11y).... 4:00 pm 10:20 i| a
Elgin Special Fast Express • 5:13 pm * 8:45 am
r/LW nn ? sot *tra ,n * run via Milwaukee. Ticket?
forbt. Paul andMlnneapoli-t are either riaMad-
Ison and Prairie du Chlon. oTxi*L* Oroase & Winona,
Tltlnola Central Satlrnni.
Depot foot of J-ako-et. and foot of Twentr-second-*!.
TicketOfflcA U\ Kandolpfi-at, near cSt
Pacific Hotel* and Palmer Houa*. *■ Wran *
St. Eculs £ Texas Express
teu Eoim os Texas Pout J-ane..’_
Lmtox £i*t*r urt&uis -oppress..., •
hew Orleans os Texas fads !i
bprtngfleM Express..... _
hiusus Express . ,
Poona, Burlioffton a Kooknk , •
cPeorla, Burlington St Keokuk..,
Pontiac Jt t,T>au»wurib Express., i*
Cnauwortb Express.
Gtlmoa Pai'senger......... . . *|*
Dubuque «Ss clour City Express!’ *
Dubuque £ Sioux Ctt/ Express.. {•
M>n Saturday night to Gilman only
cOd Saturday night run* to Peoria only.
' Wahnah, *t. litmli &, Pacific Hailwnv.
Depot corner Stewart ana Archer-avs. (Twenty-third
-BC>. Archer-av. cars via State-st. rua to the depot.
Ticket umce, bo Clont-at.
St. Lonis & Gnif Express
St. Louis .St Gulf East Line.. . .
Kansas City x Denver Fust Ex..
Peoria, Burlington & Keokuk Ex
Peoria * I'ekln Special
Springfield xUanmbal Fast Line
{Daily. ’Daily except Sundays.
NOTE'-Puliman Sleeping Cura from Chicago to St.
Louis, Kansas City, and Peoria. Parlor Day Coaches
with revolving chairs Chicago to St. Louis, und Re
clining Chair Sleeping Cars Chicago to Hannibal intf
Kansas City. No change of Day Coaches Chicago to
hu Louis or Kansas City.
Chicago Je Altoi.
Colon Depot. West hide, corner Canal and Tan Bt
ren-SL, near Van Bareu-st. bridge, and Twenty
thlrd-sc, Ticket Oißces, at Depots, Si South Clarg
sc. Grand Pacific HoteL and Palmer House.
Kansas City. Denver A Fueblo *12:30 pm* 2:30 d®
Kansas Cny, Santa Fe * Denver tU:Jj pin t 7:25a a
cu Louis, Springrteid Jfc Texas.,., i* y;jj nm.*7;ioD a
mobile .x New Orleans Express .J* 9;jj am '* 7:45p a
feu Louis, Springfield oc Texas...,!} U:il pui's 7:25a a
Peoruk Burnng-( Fast Express.. |*9:JJ am.* 7:43n a
ton A Kcokua £ Ex. via ChenoalS U:J| pm 5 USaa
Pekin * Peoria Ex. via J01iet..... j* U:it) am * 7;ttp m
Fu-eator. Lacoa. Waan ugt*a Ex. *I2JO pm,* 2:3opm
JoLet & Dwight Accommoduuon.l* S:JJ pnii* 9:10 a m
Mlehlmn Central ftoUrosl.
Depot, foot of Lase-st, and foot of Tweaty-second-n
Ticket DOlce. tit Clarx-su, southeast corner of itaa
dolph, Grand Piscine Hotel, und as Palmer House.
Malum Mato and Air Line).... • 7.(0 nm • djq
New York A Boston &x • a*«U am • 7;*) nm
Special .Sew Yorkmx. (daily),.,.. 5 pm 4 3.tli o m
Kalamazoo Accommodation • a.-«) pm *10:35 a n
Atlantic Express (.daily) 6 5:15 pm $ 8:00* «
NUrbtExpress . t-Jjll pm n
Grand Itapids i Muskegon Mai].. ' y.-aj atfi ♦ 7:*J pax
Grand Itaylds & L'ctosky Express * 3:0 pm* 3:(U p in
aGrand Kaptdsdc Muskegon pmt*:3Jaa
tOn Sundays this train leaves ats:lsp m.
Wftr\ T**«in<l At*
Depot, corner of Van Buren and Sperman-sta. Tic cm
Offices,.V. Clark-at., Sherman House, Palmer House*
Grand Hacffic Hotel. and 75 Canal, corner Madison.
Davenport A Peoria Express..,
Council Dluifii Past Express
Kansas Cltjr, Leavenwortu £ At-.
cilisOD Past Express *12:05 pin ‘i-tf pa
Peru Accommodation ■ s#) pm •I0;2la a
Council Utuus Mrfti; Ezjncss. Ji-lnuO pm* Ci-’Ja a
Kansas City, Leavenworth & At- '
chuson Nuth; Express. IflO.-n pm . C:2) a 0
•IMJI7 except Sundays. IDaUr except Saturday*
tD&ilx cxceotMon Jars.
X.nbo Kboro tfe XUehlcna goqiaera JUllway
Ticket offices at ileptfA Vau Uureo-au, bead or >a
fcalle, and Forty-mlrd-st. Tluxet
and ireUbc office under Sherman House, oadUcxst
offices lutbeUrond Pacibc Hotel and Fulmer House.
Mall (Tin Main Line) • 7:35 am • T:43 p m
Special New York Express * l»:UJ a m * 7:4d o m
Llaiunlng Express (dally) } o:;Up m S 4:JJ pa
Atlantic N. V. Express (.dally; } 5:13 pm I daU an
Fast Express *
Baltimore Ohio.
Depots, Exposition Building and foot of Twenty
flecomT-sL TicketOfllces. *) CJark-sk. Palmer Hous*
(inuid Pacing Hotel, and Depot (.Exposition Build* x>
Morning Express.
Fast Express
(Daily. ‘Sunday excepted.
Ksnknkw X.ine-
Depo\ f ootor XAke-st. and oo:of Twca*nr-se»-vi- \
Ticket-offices at depots and Ul itandolph-su. Grand
Pacific Hotel, and palmer House.
Cincinnati, Indianapolis * Deals* . , ,
tUIo Day Express • 8;® am .I'-r* ° ®
- Nuht Express i 8:U pm } am
Plttfbnre, Ft. Wayas Ac Chlcat»
Depot, cor. Van Buren and Canal-a ts. picket 9,5*
UClarx-sL, Palmer House. Grand Bad do Hotel, ana
atDepou ' - _ -
M«n and Express.,.,,,.. * 8-JQ am *
New York Express (dally; i 3;3U pm }
Pacific Express (daily; 3 sda pm }
Fast Line t 9A» pm t
Flttaharc* Cincinnati «fc %U ZtOtiU H- Tt.
(Cincinnati md Kokomo _ '
S3 'iraipb^a
Pacific Hotel, and Palmer House.
j Leave, j Arrlva
} T:4I pml} 7:10 an
Day Express ‘
Night Express (dally)..
Chicago iK £a«ttrn Illinois Ballrox t.
(Danvilleßoute.) _ _ ~
Depot, Twelfth-st- near Saw. Cfflcw..:
Clark-su. Palmer House, Grand Faciao Hotel.
Day Ex press.
Nashville A Florida Express..
IDaUy except Sunday, 'Daily,
Leave. ‘ Arrive.
7:50 a m 6 7:»pia
10:10 am ft 2-&>pra
9:45 a ni ft 3;(b p m
ft.Wi am p tn
11-00 am ft! I:slpm
I—ol Pm ft 2:4J p n
12:01 p m ft 2-AO p in
Wlpn ,19:2.1 am
l*:15 p m ft ft:4s a m
4:25 p m fttll:43 a m
. 4:25 p m MU: 15 a. ns
4:35 p m 7:50 am
s:lfJ p m ft Suo a ot
6:20 pm ftlldDam
9:05 pm «< Tfflam
p m •( TrJD a m
9:05 p m a 7:00 a life
9:«»J pm ft 7:15a m;
11:15 pm 10:13 pnn
8:40 am
8:J0 pm
8:«J am
B£W pm
B:4J am
8:31 pm
8:40 am
SdJ pm
B:4U am
4:45 pm
4:4» pm
0:0J pm
i $ 7'JSJ am
i *BAI pm
t 5 7:3J a m
i * 8:30 p a
. { 7:*J i n
1 3 7:JO a a
i • 8:S) p tx
i * 8;X) p m
i '10:00 a m
i *10:00 a m
i • 6il» am
: * 3:45 pm
Leave. Arrive.
* 8:43 am* 7:30 p m
} Hun pm} 7:15 a ca
*12:15 pm* 2;3ti p m
* b:t> am* 7:OJ p at
5 fc:ss pn i 7:13 & tu
*12:13 pm* :i:3J p ai
Leave, j Arrive, j
iTeavc. , Arrive.
Deave.' I Arrive.
•10:00 am!* firfOp.a
*l2:us pm * 3:45 pm
Arrlva. i
I* 7:50 am * 8:00 pm
3 4:03 pmll BuW am
Leave. ; Arrive.
7:00 pm
9:41 am
BaJJ am
*4:15 pm
i 705 am
• 8:01 Pi

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