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Bankers and Brokers,
130 LaSalle-st.
Members N. Y. Stock Exchange.
' ,- s - ia hi,inii i;ii
K„q. lit nml U Union IliilliHug) Chicago.
CYKUS 11. MeCOK.MICK. .... „
(•ro-’t McCormick I tartest. Machine Co.
CVUUS 11. ADAMS. _ ,
l.lhorn! Cn*h Adtniiccs tnndo on C'tnsi«nninnt*.
(irnlti and Provision* lloniliu Sold, and Lurried on
Mur-ilns. . „ ~ .
Correspondence Solicited. .
Tlic Allegation of Costly fflnimaomoiu
Ably Uuputert by u iVelMSnown
Writer. # ll#
The Hcv. Stephen H.Tyng.Jr., treats of life
insurance hi n thorough and Interesting manner
in the April number of Harper's .l/ayaslac. Ills
bamllmgof the question of Expense of Man
ngemeut'' Is characteristic mid truthful. Ho
The question of cxitotiso Is relative. Uls cm*
phailcaliy to tho policy-holders Interest that
Such vigor ami skill In the management shall bo
employed us to produce a prolUublo result,
yucu a policy is oftentimes expensive at tho out
sol. A reduction nr expenses is trequoutly tho
prcc.ursur of depletion. Tho vital question Is
what the policy-holder Is to got In strength mid
prullt for his uiouoy. Unless tho percentage ol
cost bo bo grout us to endanger tho company a
nbilltv to meet Its part of tho contract turn Jo
with iilm, bo has naturally no desire to Intrude
cither his curiosity or his counsel, provided ho
Is sntlsffed that the company is skilltmly con
ducted. Details ho Is willing to leave to tho
wisdom of managers, who, by the suffrage* ul
noliev-Uolders.have assumed full responsibility.
Should be sometimes think that certain salar.es
tire ua> high, he recalls tho fact that in many
other cases small salaries have not saved a com
pany from insolvency. Tho skill mid earn ro
oulred for tho nmiuigoment of life-insurance
companies, the Judicious Investment of their
accumulating funds, the watchful oversight
over contractu covering protracted periods of
time.—nil these, and a multitude of minor mat
ters, call for talent of tho very highest order. A
man’s labor Is worth all Unit lie cun get forll.
Large responsibilities imply largo compensa
tions.‘The men are few hi any community who
can ‘Judiciously manage millions. \> hetlior
the fi/rtuue bo public or private, they
are entitled to n fair Income
for personal needs. In managing bis
own, a man has more license for expenditure
than in a trusteeship. Hut tho doctrine ol pro
portion holds gnou, after all. asninw. A man
who Is a fair seaman or a superior skipper may
eufcly ball hh snip over the Atlantic while sum
mer seas aud skies outline hit. course. But the
miles and hurricanes of winter fan only bo out
ridden by u stiuieh vessel, the skill uml courage
of whose commander tire commensurate.
Periods of peace In life-insurance may be and
have been followed by crises most momentous.
It Is the reserve force of tho man at tho bend of
11“ affairs which alone can- control the elements
In such an emergency. Ills services for one
such vuar of tlmmelal stress may be worth to
the assured tho grow amount of bis salary clur
lug bis entire connection with the company.
A llfo-luaunuico company Is an organization
which. In Its subdivision of responsibility mid
olllce, bus no parallel but Hint of the goveru
nientof a State. U employs a largo corps of
agents, scattered over n widely-extended tern
' torv; skillful medical examiners todlserimlnate
between good and bud r.sks, lest tho mortality
rote bo ruinously Increased; cashiers, book
keepers. and clerks to receive umi to account'
tor tbo premiums paid; aeientllle actuaries to
guard against insufficiency of reserve, umi to
determine the proportion of surplus that may
safely be returned; real-estate exports to
watch over Its loans; a claim bureau to udjust
without litigation tbo rightful demands made
upon It: luwvers of wise counsel to examine tho
titles of property on which loans are made, and
otherwise to represent the Interests ot us
poUoy-holderss and men of executive ability
in its chief olllees, capable of guiding
and conserving these manifold departments.
The total amount paid by all tho thirty-one com
panies reporting to Now York In Itf'.ti. for tho
salaries, cumuitssUms, advertising, ami all other
expenditures of the business, including divi
dends to stockholders, was SIO.SW.In", while tho
total ifmount of money managed was ovor four
hundred Milium* of dollar*. NVlmt n difference to
tbo policy-holders whether this vast sum was
skillfully or Juusklllfuny guarded! Thom in
sUtuUmtfteempwro more favorably, ns to econ
omy, with any other organlzathmsaetivrly wok
lug outside patronage. U Is almost impossible
to collate the reports of tbo banks to tbo Con
troller of the Currency so ns to discover thalr
ratio of expenses to income. A prominent offi
cer in nno of our largest corporations gives me
ns u guess 4U per cent. Hut tho lusurnneu lie
port. lor |H«i) gives us the statistics ot companies
dealing in other than life-lusunuiee. The com
parison In tho following table Is between lire
and murine on tbo one mind and life-insurance
companies on the other, as to assets and expend
itures, and tho percentage of the latter to tho
Kxixndl- Per
Of Xew Tori: State. Awetn, (me. Cent.
Flreuml Murlno $ W.ll-MWI ST.WU/M H.W
Llfo 6,7ftl,WS Ji.5H
In both cases tho expenses Include commis
sions, and every charge oAeept losses under
policies uml dividends. If thu expenses of life
insurance companies bore thu sumo ratio to
assets us those of lire, etc., companies, tho fV
761,1‘Jdeestof ndnilnlstniiion would be raised to
5-IU7AHT'"- Lest some one should take excep
lion to this ratio of assets, I add nnnthur table
showing tho ratlo.of expenses to income:
/Arprndl- Per
Of New York State, tuemne*. lure. Out.
PI re and Marine JbT.utU.b'PJ $7,(-U2,6*l
Life 41,1i5t,4W WM.VAJ V.bV7
Tho percentage of expense In relation to In
come In (Ire and murine inauranco Is nearly
Vuee flm« that of the life companies of this
Btute. included In these amounts art) thu taxes
throughout all the various State*.
To thu above statement 1 ndd that IRS Insur
ance companies (othnr than life) In lhaHtnto of
New York received, during IHTU, lor premiums.
5UJ.U70.7Ut1; for Interest, S7,IMU,IcM; niaklng the
gross Ineorno tjUH.'jiM.iwCl. Their expenses of
mumißument lit tho suurn year were tf-M.PCi.iTJt.
The ratio of expense to cross Income was there
fore-UKI per cent. Whilst this Is thu avoravo
presented, it is true that In many eases tho ex
penses of lire companies range between 60 and
and 00 per cent. Lot tho critics contrast these
numerals with 11.0 per cent, bclmr tho uvernco
pur cent of expenses to Income of all llfe-lnsur
ancu companies.
Hut tho answer inndo to all this Is that llfo-ln*
Burance agents me overpaid. Theynru made
tho scapegoats. What are the facts? Tho com
missions of life-insurance agents In all compa
nies were. In IbTU, fil,iwi,twi. Tint whole nimunit
of cash premium receipts was fcVJ.Wu'.tHl.bi.
This is collected iu average smsll amounts by
uguntsfroin tholr patrons all over tho United
Btutes. Tho average commission was, therefore,
U!j percent. Is this an outrageous charge for
tho business of persuading men to provide for
thomsolvesand those dependent upon them, and
the other duties that pertain to tins ollleeV Thu
agent who olieets Insurance on your clothes re
ceives 15 per cent year niter year, and the aver
age commission upon thu assurance of your life
is «Vi per cent. The wonder Is that tho payment
of commissions can. by life companies, be so
graded as to retain in tbeir employ men of high
capacity and character, and ut the same time
hold the average ratio sn low.
Uut thu llnul fact to be recognized In this con
nection Is that tho administration of existing
life companies has nut cost their policy-holders
n single dollar. Not only have the thlny-slx
companies whose aggregate premiums and pay
ments have heen tabulated met all maturing
claims, accumulated an adequate reserve, re
turned us dividends tho excess of premiums
paid, purchased many enncelied policies, and
paid all expenses, but they haw. over and nlmvo
all (bis, saved us surplus mom than sV»,uuu.uU,
which they held ou Jam I.lßsu, lit I rust for pot
ley-holders. Their Imeicst account shows this
net excess after meeting all tho cost of Urn busi
ness. liy tho use of money from which we
might have derived no Income had wo retained
it, theau companies have not only accumulated
a secure reserve for the payment of onr pollutes
when they lull tine, but have covered every con
ceivable item of administrative expenditure.
Let the fuult-llnder name any other business
making even approximately as good a return
for tho Investment of out thnuMintl mllhun dol
lars, being the amount of thu premiums received
•inco organization by all companies reporting to
tho State of New York.
Died While Luiitslilu^»
Vlehtbufi} lUmiil.
A elojpilar aim (uiul accident occurred nt
Jackson lust Saturday. Mr. William Hailey,
Chancery Clerk of Madison County, in company
trim Mr. Thomas Wnrton, Jr., of Jackson, win*
cntiug dinner at Miller's restaurant on I’oarl
Street. During tho meal, wbilu engaged in
friendly mid auclublu conversation, allusion wna
inudo tu tbe (strange und sad late that befell the
Into Hun. Walker Drooke, of. Vicksburg, who
was choked to death by eating un uysiur. Mr.
Wuarton mild something further, whleh Ola*
truetcUMr. Dailey'# intention und canned him to
laugh, and a few second# Inter It wu# noticed
that Hie latter gentleman appeared very sick,
and was grasping lor breath, ilr. Wharton
und other# immediately attempted to relievo
him by carrying him u> thudour and Mapping
hint un the buck, but without avail. Physician#
were sent for, but before they arrived Mr.
Dailey wu# dead, and It was beyond the power
of medical skill tu revive him. Hu hud mud*
vermuth’ swallowed u plccu-uf beef, which be
came lodged lu bin throat uud choked him to
UemembcrUmt a Hula Hop Hitters saves biff
docioi>l»Uls and cures pbea all else /ails.
Review of Finances in Chicago
Last Week.
Tin I'roJnr# Alnrkcts Fairly Arlrve hut InseltlcJ
—A Higher llnugt Fanrly In
llic Bar,
Followed by a Sharp Downward Movement
In Provisions, and a Decline in
nuslncss nt tho Chicago banks was qtilot.
Clearings showed n very slight increase over
those of tho comjsiKJiiUlnir weeks of lint year,
bom# WS.OdJ.tXK), ngitlmt #J7.MI,(XX). Tho local
demand for loans was urgent in some quarters
on account of tho snow-blockades. which cut
olf now business ami remittances. Halos
woro Dor cent. Country orders for
currency Increased. Now York exchange
closed nt 2y?.30c per SI,OOO dis
count. Gold was received from New York nml
sentto the country. Tho local demand for mil
road bonds was small, mid prices showed a
weakenlmr tendency. Dealings in New York
Slock Kxclmn#osecurities woro loss active. Tho
#roat damaifu done to tho Western and North*
western roads by tho Into storms is bolter un
derstood hero than In tho Hast, and operators
are not buying. Hut It is not believed that thoso
losses will Impair mo dividend-paying capacity
oftho Grander road* unless followed by still
worse storms, or by Hoods, or by short crops:
Tho/’iibllßsava: While thoro Is every reason
to suppose that the money market will work
closely durbur the rest of tlio month, thurc docs
not seem to bo any cause for apprehension of
serious disturbance. In fact, there was nothing
else tn cause trouble when Congress wantonly
Interfered to make mischief. Tho ulfect of Its
war upon the banks has been to force tho mar
ket to cast olf purl of Its load of murolmndlsu
and stocks, which has been quickly nml eagerly
taken bv consumers, exporters, and Investors.
In payment ninny millions In money tiro to cornu
In, wbllu tkio Sll.i>,W.d.W taken out. if not at onco
replaced by a decision of tho Treasury or by
purchases of bonds, will In any case bo re
turned UiroUßh Issues of new circulation within
two c three weeks. These conditions certainly
do nut appear to foreshadow a ilnanclul col
it Is true that tbo stock market was frandu
„„y or blunderingly pushed upwnnJ by false
...itlclpailons of the results of u a per ct'irt bill.
As wo repeatedly showed, such a bill whs not
calculated to succeed or to call our from Us bid
lug-places tin* vast sum now held by tho work
ing people. Thu r«al reason for an advance In
prices was the fact that tho savings of tho peo
ple ate gradually getting invested In other se
curities, while (ho great prosperity of tho coun
try invites continued purchases from abroad.
As long as tills statu of fuels remains, specu
lators for a decline have the chances against
them, and It makes no dilferenee whether the
reasons given io>tlmulato nn advance arc sound
or nut. On the other hand, when orders to sell
from tho interior or froiuabroad begin to ex-
cowl orders to buy, tboro will come u real change
In tho ourrout. and whether reasons then Riven
for it decline are false and fraudulent or not, tho
Rpeculaturs for a decline will huvo tho chances
In tbolr favor. At present tho disposition to
purchase Is unmistakably in tho ascendancy, and
tho prospect that no cheap United States* bonds
arc to he offered this pear operates powerfully
to accelerate Investments In other securities.
New York, March 12.—Governments weak
fords and As, end strong and higher for 4s and
Money market easy nt [email protected] Prime mercantile
piipci 1 tit WJO. _
Sterling exchange—Sixty days, dull at4»9'/4;
demand, tblli.
.lir» Alton
.lilii Wub-
JKi>« 1)» •
, *T. 11. nfd 123
SU I* K (‘uclllu. 4-iJ4
iniforrcO. ....... W 74
Itock li*lnnct.
Hiinullml * tSLJoo... bi
Do protorred 10l
Iron .Mountain ittVj
M. l M a San Kntnetoco 4't
Do pniforrud iu
Du Unit iirofurroil IM
C„ St. L. * N.O
KiumiO) A Toxiui 4I«
L’nton I’itclllo slock.
Central Ductile I*s* 4
Niuiliorn I’nehlc 4>?t
Du preivrrmi
l.oiilivlllciNiislitlllo U.’4
Nnstiv..% Chntuiuuoitn W
U. N. A. >*t C 71
Ilotifftnna Tuznn IUJ
D. dt U. U IWiM
WoHtornUnlon....... Ili>;a
Atlantic A I'nulllc 44
I'nulllc Mull M
Adams..,.. ....1W
Panto... 117.4
American 71m,
United StatusKxprcfti f>74
xjulcltullvor IS
! ito preferred »ilsf
{Caribou 1!
iCuntral Arizona. ...
,'lUntuuatu in
Ktuiduni ‘ii
Kxcnlslor. 5
.ort'Vßjrna oJSv
Clove. A
liltnuiß Control HU'S
c„ ». * y )■;»
Cbiuoao & Alton IW
bn iirolorrod lit
.Ntnv Yor* Central MU
llurlom 1!0
l.ax« hlmro !*)}»
C’un, Huutliurn sum
Miclilimn Cun II I*4
Krlu 4TJh
Du uroforreil; K?
NurtiotOHtcrn ISIJJ
Uu itrofurroJ..... HUH
Mu I'.iwV UW
HI. I’uul (iroforreil ilWh
HU I’llnl A unmliu 4>'i
Do nruforrod lUl‘<s
Del.. U (i W V.-J’v
iMorrlH.t Kmox K'lty
•DolHHUril A illl<lsUll..]illCi
NowJomor Control...loll*,
Ueunixir il!w
UHn> A MU*lft»l)i{tl WA
Do orufurn-J lUW;
t.'liuKrtiipalii* ft 0hi0... I^4^!
Jlolillu A Ohio ID
Clove. A Columbus..,.
c..c. h J.c ww
Oliln Onirnl li-*
I.nku Krlo A \Vi‘»tuni. M. J
I,lttlit iMuiltunj!".'!!.! 'AMI
Ontario J«J>t
I.IIAU U.IU IV iri:n.uiui
Ontario & Wvutcrii....
n.. c. u. .v n
Alton \ Tern) Uauio.
to tho receipts nnd shipments
rticU‘3 of proiluoo In this city
•four hun hi ending at 7 o'clock
- uml for tbu corresponding
Tho followlngwei
of tho loading ml
during tho twenty*
PatuVday morning
Union year ago;
in .my
Flour, brlit
Outs, bu
Uj-e. bu
llnrlay, bu
lira»i sued. As ...
FluXHveil, its
lltimm-tHim, &*...
Cured meats, hi..
nuuf, un.,.,.
Hoot, brls
Pork, brls
laird. n#
Tallow, As
lluttvr. As
Dressed boss. No.
Live Imat, N 0.....
t'ntilu, No
Kln-up, Ni
Hides. As
Iltuiiwlnus, brls...
tVoul. n 5.,,.,.....,
Potatoes, bu
Coal, tuns
liny. ions..
i.uuibnr. m ft.
Miingles, at
Salt, brls
■ 3»»
11, 10
Millet. Tbu
100 lbs on
Haliroud frelghu
Now York are 4
ions ami ilta on grain. Through freights aru
ipioted nt on provisions to Liverpool and
724 e do to Antwerp. Flourfrelghla were tptntod
nl Win to Liverpool and tllo to Glasgow,
Tho aggregoto receipts of wheat reported for
Saturday ut Chicago, Milwaukee, Toledo, St.
Louis, and Detroit wnro 110.000 mi. Thu cor
responding shipments wuro 1:1.1,001) hit.
Thu produce movement reported from New
York Saturday Included tho following: lie
eelpts—Flour, 23,218 brls; wheat. U 2,800 hit: corn,
Utt.i.Vt Ini; oats, iiif.DUO buj corn-meal. 1,512 pkgs;
rye. >,UXI bu: barley, Mu bu; .malt, (1,400 bn;
perk, 7-1 brls; beef, 1,21.1 brls; ent meats, (TJ7
pkgs; lard, 1,002 tes; whisky, Wlbrls.
Exports fur twenty-four hours—Flour, 15.000
brls; wheat,Bo,ooo Im; corn, 40,000 bus oats, 2,000
Tho following wore tho shipments of provis
ions front (his city during tho times named. Tin
weights uro gross:
, I
IPferutiril Nine# Mure
March 10. AViAor. (
iw!nl«*7ui rußw*.
i.Ksurir .jjunvjw i »i,.y f i.7iy
utu*J ur.nu.uli 40.&u.utu
Tlio export of provisions from thosenboiml,
IncluUlnjr Now- Orlerms, tor - tbo week einUnjf
March A, Included 7,577 lids of pork. 'VJ7I brls of
beef, 11,7W,700 iba of lard,a).ASO,lAAlbaof bog
meat, 2,Ultf,lift! lbs of cheese, “,1117,010 lbs of tnl*
The following is o oomparatlvoßimunory oi
provision exports from Nov. 1 to Fob, $1:
lUcon, lbs.
laifd. ibi,.
Mr. Hubert 11. I.uwder, of Whitby, Ontario, os
tlmuteH Unit ibu wheat surplus of Canada bus
about all been shlpimd, barely enough being left
In Canada at the New Vour ;o inuut Hie homo
consumption for sued and bread up to next
harvest. The crop, both of winter und spring
wheat, wu# much smaller than estimated.
3*llo VISIONS.
1100 IMtoniJCTH—Were fairly active, and very
much unsettled. ranging higher early under the wide
spread bullet that Uioro was going to bo a further ad
vance, mid tumbling buok sharply whoa It was found
that tboro were lew buyer# ut the enhanced (pioui
.U«n«? At the resulting decline buyers wore wore
willing tu tuko hold, and the oousegueucu was more
doing, with im»io steadlue##. tUvurpool repotted the
unusual udrancu of is lid In lard nud Is in meats,
wbilu lliu local hog market was hrmvr. but therv woi
too much stutf otfurod hero by praailiieat ptrlles who
were Buiuaod to take Inaguudruuud ytottiandrua
the chance of being able logoi In again at lower
Ugurus, Thu packing of this city tu date since the close
of February Is usthusUd at oulrtbouiftiUJUbugs
ncnlnst KH.CM for tho same lime In tft*V nnd &VCCO for
StKHH Point—Advanced nor brl. dccUnort :*V,
nmt closed ftc below the InlcM price* c»f Krldny, Hn••«
wore rrpurlod of 7» brl* old on private lorm-i J7.1M1
bvU April at V 1 nt
fl.V.v*.. l.VC><s mid An) brl* sidb'r.bine nt. lUft.'*,. I'.'*
ml, 1M..U.1 lirlH. Tlio market r’o*' il steady. at
tor round loi* spot nr seller (lie nionih. flo.b'il
c l.V.'.u seller April, nml fU*?.»*w lft.u> seller Mur.
I,Aim--AiUi\i*eed 7L, V per W lUs.deo'locU
and closed *V lii'lmr tin 1 lutesl prlee* VX *
Hole* worn reported of 9,6.<Mc* !»i««t sit $
IKI.UH tc* seller April at I'tijh IM.A*i •! '
Moral flO.UiMlO.S'.i T.;:0 les seller.lnm>' nt•
pi.t&ip 11.1*11 ics seller .Inly oi m}*i >**)
lc* seller (ho your nt »lli.iV,tltiUV jloinl. .iVu» t«*.
Tho niitrkol closed steady. ai * lO "I for ntnnit
Inin imot or seller Hu* month. >lo.Uftlo.6i}4 ncMlor
April, it ml M').n.V.«lil.i>7fe roller Mur. ,
MEATS-boclincd about Ido »»or WUb* on mid
dles. whllo mid Pieces wore easier. Hales wore ro
ported of 7((i.(*i) lbs shoulder* nl H.s» spot and seller
April and tt.UJ seller .Mnyt I*l Pose* dp nt fOOspot:
l.<Vupc« croon uams (Ullbs) at net Ift.milb* short rib*
m ♦*.{*)» H.'.*l».U*J Ihs do nt seller April, and
t;.m«tt.C»srllpr.Mny. l'rlce«of lending cut* of meat*
were n* follow* nt 9 o’clock for full-cared, unless
otherwise specified!
I,none, part salted 17.7 ft ft.H) |7.'.*l fs.li!
Do. boxed MU »■«) « l
March 7.7 ft 4.sft i.U) H.IH
April, loose 7.M1 4.1*1 7.1 U ».!•'
May, loose ft-UI H.IU H.^ft
"Short rli»*. seller May. closed at |77h74®7.u». bona
clenrsqiiotodnt 17.711 loose and I*.’.*) laixedi Cumber
limits. N.»s!fo boxed: lona cut sweet
pickled ham* quoted nt H?paW(c tor IStfW avemao:
green hum*, sumo nvnrane. 7|fi)tFC.
for shoulrtor*.MSMo for
short ribs'. for short clears, lOjtlUKio fur iinm*.
&II ennvusod nnd packed.
Uj.jji;p_\V Ufl ,,nletatls.7.v«'i.no fop moss, |9.o»<aio.w
for extra mess, nnd fcI.iMWI.W for hams.
FI.OIMI—Wm nnlPt with little chantto In priced) bat
tbo market was firm. IhouuU thorn was not mnchdc
tunml. Sales worn IlmUeil to •173 brN winters, mostly
nIf.VIM3.MSj nnd MWM»ck«dmiblosj»rUiije*lm*. partly
■AIHtO.. Total equal to 1,2*1 brls, Kipnrt flourtwero
quoted at fI.OOGiVSS for «ood to cholcu, ami rrotlo at
tmir.it Mll.l.ttTurrs—Woto »trnntt and quiet, with
ilplit utTurliurn. Pules wen* reported of 6 car* bran ut
lIILVJi 5 cun mliMllnps ntIIXSU.vt.VIU; nnd ‘i ears whom
ncrucnlnus ut (IS.UI per Inn free on board. Course,
corn-monl was nominal at 11t.fWi11.75 per ton on
SI’UIN'O WIIRAT—Was moderately active, nnd
RT«rnjKJ«t highers It advanced about He. declined
Me. uml closed W&Ho below tbo latest prices of Krl
any. Liverpool was reported Inactive. but about II ■
o'clock some cables reported a bettor domuiid In En
khmd. with a little sllffenltik In prices. Our receipts
were again smaller. wltb nnutlior storm threaten-
Inc to keep them at u very low point for
some time in the future. Uut our slocks
seemed to liato Increased over 36.000 bit
durinir tho woek.und a local operator was actively sell*
Ink « ratbor long lino, which induced otners to follow
tils exnuiplo hi n smaller way. and th" result wus
loworprlces. at which there wus an improved do
mnnd. Cush wheat was In fair request. rtosimt at
Si.lOH fur kilt edited receipts of N 0.3. undtttMe for
rukulnrdo. Spot sales worn reported of ASM bn No.
regular, at tP.%%fQfoi
I.2UMm No. a gill-edged receipts, in good houses, nt
UPtwitfcssjUbndu. In Central, at Jfcc: 4rt) bu rejected,
klit-edked receipts. In pood houses, at MiMo; HCU bn do.
m Central, at Woj and (UMI bu by sample nt
Touit.4U.Vll bu. Also MX) bu No. 2 Minnesota, kilt
oilkeil receipts, at fI.UJW. Seller Apr)) opened nt
(<U*ru. dcoilned hi «).Ui>ft>iUUS(. mid closet! at H.tfM.
Seller tho imintli wns nearly iiumliml iillMMcMflM
ctostnk at the Inside. Seller .May rouged at
.itWi,. and June was (inlet nlnbont (l.u>ol.u>H|. . .
I u'l.vrvu Wheat—Sale was UinUod to bn No. 2
red In Central, tint storako, «t <l.01«: other bouses
I nominally somewhat less. Alio 4LU bu No. 3 mixed
I soldutlfto. . , ,
CoKN-Was more active early, nnd tamo later, av
erukhik llrmur. The market for futures advanced Me.
fell buck Me. and closed nt about the latest prices of
Friday. The Urltlsh nmrkets were quiet, una our re
ceipts were smaller, decreasing tho volume of spot
oirerhiks. for which there was an Improved demand.
There was some heavy selhnk early on orders front
the Kass. which caused n recession from
the early strength duo to sympathy with
wheat, Tho lower grade# were stronger,
nnd about all tho samples offered
were picked up by shippers boforo noon, cash Nft. i
closed at ;fco for regular to unVJo for kllt-edaod re
ceipts. Mpot sales were reported of 2.0 X) bu No. 2at
ici'ifi-t'Hic! 2,(XU bu new hi«h-nilxed at .l'c; b.UUI tm
new mixed at IWMSWfui -MM' »» rejected at Wm
;uUjc: 2.iui lm do, winter receipts. at.Wic: IT.OUU bu by
sample 01:11*1(120011 trnek.-ibe outside for white:
2.1,041 bu do nt lUAVAfc free on board cars: nndHXJbu
enrsuiVK-jtlc. Total. Of.u«)bu. Heller May opened at
42Mc, sold nt 42Me.decllncd to 42Me. and closed nt t2Uo :
bhf. Holler the month was about nominal ntiflltoobo.
April niilot utWM&dWSo. June In modenitn request HI
July nt T-Mpittlc. mid Anuust sold at 43Mt£
iiCkc.-all closing with the inside bid.
OATH—Wore In /air demand and steady nt about
Friday's quotations. No. 2 re«utnr was quotable nt
‘.">><-.’.‘>£o, and ullt-edkcd sold at ’.UMc. Futures wore
fairly active and stronger. March selllnk at JWHic:
April solllnk early at fc'Me. declining to 2uwc. and
closing at 2‘Hc. Mar closed nt about :«Ho nnd Juno
ni;tl>{c. Hnmplos sold fairly. Cosh sales were made
of l,:subti ntaiMcfor klit-edked No. 2 in store: U.7UU
bu by sample nt MHe for rejected mixed. for
rejected winter. ‘uMi&UMc for No. 2, and UlMcdllMe
for No. 2 white on truck! lU.SW bu at .’ttMc Mr rejected
mixed, KlMHid've for rejected white. 30V«:i6c for No.
2 white, and ®o fur barley oats free on board. Total,
JIVI3—Was firm throughout the day, wltb n moder
ate cash business, and u considerable trade In fut
ure*. Uegulnr wus quotable ul '.«o and itiu-cdtted sold
at <1,0(1. April was traded In to n fair extent at UTo
mid May ruled nt ll.udt bid nnd fl.ul asked, (-ash
sales were made of 6,400 bu ntlwc for regular and •I.IU
for fresh; 2.W) bu by sample ul Wo for rejected! II.U)
MI.U2 for No.2i and ttatldc fop ungraded on track: 48
bairn ncltki free on board. Total. M.IU) bu.
lIAULISY—Was iirm but quiet tnroukhout tho day.
most of the trndlnk being confined to the
grades. No.3cash was nominally fl.ait No.'
irugi), WoVurW*S«/’5 (’whuor # MoraKoj. H,lc,
April wu* nbuul SUl'n nnd No. Ufor i
uth union noru mailo of a.S(XJ bti at H 7« for ho. a ro«*
,lnr hi Rliiros H.6CW bu by rumple nl for No. 4
(wart to nrrlviM. ttiftWo for not lOMttc for
No. a (part to arrive) on truck; flu) im ateSc (in botfaj
for No. 4 frue on bonn). Total, 11,0X1 bu.
nuoOM'COltN-Thcro was an notlvo trade at ow
Choice hurl and caruol 7 08
(Jrcon, self* working SMJHU
lio(l-tl|ipDil,U<> 4lt®s
Inferior and coimnon .>w<t4
HCTTKlt—Prices again ruled firm, flue goods. m
Heretofore. shewing special strength «m account of
tliulr comparative scarcity, r i'he duuiaiid Is quite suf
llcleul to nhsurb the current receipts, and holders
show n disposition to adrnncu prices. Wo quote:
Creamery &11l [lacking stock 11l 015
Dairy, choice 85 ov'JO Hull butter .......15 rial
Dairy .IntMogomVU U-t lUruasu... V (*U)
l.iullu-|mcU(>a 1U WAI 1
JlAlDilNU—There mis a light demand and a steady
set nf prices. We quote:
Hlnrk I£l IBurlaps. 4ft 5 bu... 13 OH!*
Otter Creek UJ l(Jimiilen. single....l3H(hU
J.uwlslon ‘/J (Sunnios. double..Bß i»M
American 8U |Woul sucks 113 u-U
IIUIDDIN'tI MATKUIALH—Aro in active demand at
the following quotations:
Coimnon brick, per 1.UU0,.... . t8.01X3t1.00
Milwaukee ami i.oulsvlllo cement, per brl In
sacks.. 75®
Portland ceiueiit, per brl Him
iloporbrl In brls 1.0001.1 D
I.lino, per brl. In bulk .Hi
Hair (bn papers), per bu .15
Michigan stucco, iwrhrl... I.WSV.H)
CIIKKHK—Prime full cream choose Is In reduced
supply and Is held at The hotter class of
skims also Is tlriu from the sumo cause. Full skims
selllrrugularly. We quote:
Full cream 13 f?U
Part skim, choice IWftellW
Part skim, lair to good It^tUUH.
Part skim, hunt hi*
l*uwgrades..,,. 4 dll
COAD—Trade was quiet at unchanged prices. Hurd
coal is lu very small supply, and slocks of softuro
lighter than usual. We repeal ouranuiatlous;
Anthracite,..,....) tkltU'lMusshuru...
Krlo B.UI Cannel..., auo
Italtlnmrit & Ohio 7.UU Indiana block 5.50
Piedmont 7.w|llllliols 4.50
COOP KIIA UH—Was quiet at 75a fur pork barrel)
and 11.05 for lard tierces.
DHKKHID) HOUH-Were quiet at W. 60 per 100 l>B fo
choice lots.
KUUH—Werotnfalr supply, ami the market wa.
m-liveutßßuß4c per do*.
FlKll—There wus a firm market for all description
of Hull, tho demand continuing active. Prices rung:
as follows:
Whlietlsh, No. I. port**brl....
WliltcltHli. family. |>er h*brl..
Tioul. pur ft*brl
Mackerel—Kxlm bloaters....
.Mackerel—lSgtra muss
Mackerel—No. I shore, >*-brl.
Mackerel—No. 8 hay. Vu-tirl..,
Mackerel—No. 8 shore. H-brl.
Muckerol-ljirvu family
Mackerel—Fat family, js-brl..
llloaiurs, smoked, per 1w..,..
Halibut, smoked, pur s*
Codlhdi-lieorge’s. per UU Its.,.
Coutish-tiraud lluuk 4.W 0 4.75
Codtish-Dlussud ... 7Hu . 8
Herring—Labrador, split, brls *.50
Herring—i.ahrudor, round, brls 5.(0 dU
Herring—Holland, |>cr keg I.U) is I.Ui
Herring—Pealed. per box O) U,DS
California salmon. W'brl *,50
FHIUTH AMi NU’l’n—A very fair business was In
progress, and both douicstlu mid foreign dcscrfpi
were llrmly held. The lomleucy In sinuoufthoi
stuplu lines Is to advance. We quota:
i d.H’JU
i rtuu
I 14M«W
! tu’.iin
ntes to
W«», layers
Tui kiaii I'ruiiea. old
I><>, now
Kami)*, layers
KaUln*, I.iiikliiii, luyuix.
ItuliKi*. Valencia. iiod.i
lialuliiK. imiKu Muscatel.
Zoom currants.....
s a »i(
4 W> -if j
•9(W T
JR a 28
8 ih B'<
18 W llȣ
Filbert* .‘’.‘.tT. U A 10
Almond*. Torn»UUH« 1(1 M H/g
Null)CM wuliml* 14 e* la.
Ilmill* (\ u* m
IVruni , , 7 W U
KUUH—'Tim reculpimiru now llhonil, uml a domain!
ocjnul iliorutu t-xlou. Tlio Irfiminn fur •uli’u uiutnnmc*
Inn m>xi nook oro InoLid forward to wUU ooiuider*
üblu tmuru»t, in* they i>«t»lilUli tlio prices to u great
uxtuntturtlioyuar. We quo.os
Nurthtenltr u. llVilmt.
..8 7UMI.U) | 4^4
mt ui m
7W H 7 8
10x0 II Id W
Apple*, evopomteri
Apple*, Knaiurl). now
Apple*. HimtUurn. new
IV'lti'iivni mumruil, Imlvo*, now.
lllucktiorrlv*. now
iswv’M, fxaj-W.
. 2t.WI.SU) W.OiI.'AXJ
.iu-uvuiu anuiU'iii
Slink, No. 1...
Stink, Nos.V. it, and 4.
lUcooii, No. 1...., 7.x* H)
Kuocuon. Nos. 5,;i,uni14.... 103 0) , lu« &A
Hiiink, black «5 75
hbmik. airluoil IDfcl bi Ufc» W
Hoar, black <UU*)O.U>
Hour. cub......... slum* tuy
Ki-ur.KrUdy 4.U-M CUI
Ilobvvr. i>rlmi'. vur B> :f.ui S.CO3 l.'w *
licit |u*. Nu. J l.il) 1.75
limy Imk.Nu, 1 5U W
<'rn»H tux, Nu. 1.,.,,, 3.OEXiM.U)- I.KOT S.UJ
Wlld-cul 154 Tu 154 Ai
I'tulrltt wolf. No. I U) 1a)
Mountain wolf, No. 1 125 _ 3.U1
Deer, ucrtt 900 U 003 9ihi
tutor, .Vo. 1..
I.TH.T, Nil. 1.
l-'lshor. Nn. 1...,.
Wolrorlno. No. 1
hid fox. No. I
Miii-lon. No, I
Unduor. No. I ... . -
(HIKKN I-’IUIITH—Am linn. with n fair trmlo for
(In* hotter 'iiinlltlrK. Wo ipmto
Apples per Orl
t'nmhorrltH. per tirl
l,rnion*, por box
Viilonrlu onirnjes
Monnti)iM>or .
Klorldnontmios, tier box...
I’ooonnuiN nor
California bnU wears, nor In'* ~
••MnCKltlKrt-'l’hb inarHnt mm ilnll. There was a
lunvomcnt on nmiiinl of hook order*. hut the
InwUtQM rvnotwd only u small mwruuato. fftijmr*
• iiimtii strum:. with an upward tendency. t ofToos
» llrni at nn mlrrm-o for tin) week of
ir hues ruled about stendyt
" Kr - ..»»
Ill'), rant l *.....
Illii. |irlmn to clmlco,
IMo, fair i0jj00i1,.,..
Itlo, common....
.sVifirt .Vhoiif* /,. .V S. Shirt
ril'H. litm. ftfir*. rlciirr.
Urmmlutmt standard
((mutilated. not standard.
A standard
A No.
No. 1
Allspice <320
l'n!>iOu <*».U
i;eppor !• cfW
UKKAyK-Tho liiarkutlsnulotat Urn fotlowliitf
iy white
ily brown •••••#&?«
.‘tty yellow
Country whltu “A”
Country while “
Country yellow W**. 1 ,,
Country brown 44
HAY—Wnsmilel, mid with a light supply the prices
of thu past week wore fully sustained. W o tiume:
Nm 1 timothy. * ton
No. 3 timothy. V um on truck UUKisUf;
Mixed IUU
Upland prulrlu IFtWHiIaW
No. 1 prulrlu . IWM
IIIDKS-A fairly active Undo exists, thoreceipt*
for the lime being qnlio mrjto. Wo quota: „ _ .
Urceii-cnrcd, light. F ft WiM
tlreen*ciired, heavy BH(<ft »4
I’art-ciirod ?t& g
Damaged hides ..... ‘ft
Cult, ft M 9\Jk
UryimUed. V ft... };)
Dry Mint. No. 1 hi
Damaged dry..... IJ
tdieeu pelts, wool estimated..... ...<« ®<Vi
llotM—Trade Is regular und liberal for the senimn.
C hulco grades lire becoming scarce from un exhaust*
ive export demand conllmilrig since harvest, amt
prices ter that grade Imvu advanced fully 2c during
tho Inn week. Wo qttotu:
New York choice to liincy. per lb 31 ftw
New York lulr to choice I'- 1 (-‘33
New York low (trades n (.418
ruclllc Coast choice 33 w ‘3l
i’ncltlu Coast mediums ...hi (*4l
i Wisconsin* 8 told
I I.LI.MiI Kit—ls active nt the following yard niton
Firm nnd second elenr. it Inch $ WM*|
i First nnd second clear, 1 und 11 inch 4.>.U|
Klim nnd second clear, !•(« 1)4 inch W Jl
Third clear do SM.W
First nnd second clear, roiutli, 1 Inch 4.UU
Third clunr. do tb.hJ
First nnd second clear dressed aiding .UW
Common dressed Biding IS.‘*{
Flooring, second romtnon dressed . • 513. W
llnx-bonnls, FI inch Vf.tWtl.UU
A slock boards. 11*413 Inch, rough 1».U>437,W
11 ntock boards. 10C413 Inch, .lauugiLMU
C stock hoards, lix-oU Inch ID.UKa3B.iU
Fencing, tint quality . Ug|
Fencing. No. 3 IM>
Common boards, lU&3U ft H.IU
Common boards, No. 3, 13(318 ft IMU
Common stiilf. 11UA3IIAI
Dimension stuff. 3UWU ft MMkitauu
Timber, (xt to sxß. Inclusive. IS ft under.... lUWdtliJAd
Pickets, Hut, rough, und good 15.1 U
Shingles, standard-and choice...,
shingles, extra
Hhlugles. clear ~ ,
OH,H— I There was n slack movement In this branch
of trade, thu weather being unfavorable. Prices wore
generally linn. Tho exception was carbon. In which
there was a decline of from l-lfMlc. iSxtrn lard oil
was held 3c higher. We rerlso our list us follows:
Cartion, Klalno... I 20
Carbon, HU test IF
Carbon, F'd test 1-3{
Carbon, IT-I tost I".,
Carbon. snow-whlto and W. W lan
Carbon, Wls. and Mich. test. I*. W Id
Carbon, Wls. nud Mich, test, W. W
I.ard, wlnlor-siralned
I.nnl, No. 1
hard, No. 3
l.lnsood, raw
Mnseed, bulled
Whale, wlnter*btenclicd.....
Nentsfout oil, strictly pure.
Ncatsfoot oil, extra
Nentsfout ell, No. 1..-
Hunk nil I M
BUnU» Id
Turpentine 47
.'liners'oil 829 U>
Naphtha, deodorized. U 3 gravity It}}*
(Insultne, deodorized,,74 degrees ll'i
Utisnlino. W'rtegrccs .. SR*
POTATOKa-Aro linn for the hotter .qualities,
poaehhlows Bulling readily at Wc per bu by the car-tut,
und early rose at su&Mc.
POULTRY AND (JAMK—Wore in light supply, tur
keys selling at 114M.V. and chickens ntlikiAlDo. (Jeeso
were hold at (telle fur pour to good, Rabbits sold at
HALT—A steady trade Is noted ntquolntlons:*
Flno salt. Nuglnaw and Now Yurx » , l.j»
Conroe salt, perbrl l.li®l.<»l
Dairy, with bugs 3.4f1ft3.i0
Dairy, without sneks LJM
Ashton dairy, pur suck.... >LU«
Ground plum, in bugs LIU
Liverpool line, brown sneks I.J)
BUKDR—Wore steady for ttmiithy and weak for clo
ver. Flaxseed ruled steady, wttn nmiteii transac
tions. Timothy sold at t3.iw.i2.U» for iirlmo to high
prime, clover fl.Mi for prime, and flaxseed at ILK
Ollier descriptions were In limited demand and steady.
Hales worn made of l« bags eluvur-seed at fl/.O for
ordinary and fS.6O for manimoih: 3 cum and oil bags
timothy-seed at ft 1.54 fur poor mixed and S.MUSt3.M fur
prime to choice! 4 van flaxseed nt ILK for good; 123
bags Hungarian seed atiDoi 60 bags millet at Die.
TALLOW—Prime city Is salable at U4£o! No. t coun
try at No. Vat The market Is slow
for all grades.
WHISKY—Was quoted In fair demand at Thurs
day’s dncltuo. The base price was IUW per gallon fur
wool*—Botuo little Improvement la noted In the
trade, our price list remains unchanged:
(loud to choice medium tub 4.VSMS
Coarse and dingy tub
Fine and unwashed fleece 4IW.U
Coarse and unwashed fleece tJtWJI
Medium unwashed fleece V.U.CI
Medium washed fleece 4to«-W
Fine washed fleece WH-J
Course washed fleece., JjttJf
! \i (wint
Hnmploj» t «uld rojulUy ni fljll i"irlc<
.1 7.n0
. 3.UJ a 4.00
. 6.tJU 4* 6.2>t
, 14. U) t016.6U
. mi wiaui
7.10 (rv 7.25
, 6.241 tt 6.76
. 4.76 w 6.111
. 11.76 tt 4.JJU
.»> 6!4« 6*
. IB M Al
. *H<* A*<
. UlgM
. 2.14 «7.aj
. IUI ut2.4U
U>(M U>s
SJU *qi2.25
12 a loft
1 ->* 1.75
tl.Uk( «.U»
, 3.UV* ;».»» aOOci 3.M1
:« «o
I.WU 2.5(1 I..VMi 1.75
75 75
,9) €177
,w «a
ii r«m
m wwh
.11 (UiH
.10 aiuu
.to rtuoj
. \w* »*?
. \'lUs W*
, o. molasses,
L'nttlf. ShffP.
.. a.WE» H.tOI |,M')
.. ii,i<>< JII..VJ) i.r^i
... iuw it.rii i.tm
... &.£>> i.v«i *.m
... 6,&15 it,'.Ml 4,ttU
... I.ttt) 6.UUU KU
riH ttI,KU 11,701
.aum in.KCi w.4tf
.17.C.V1 GT.HtI H.--MI
.1U..U7 61,mil H.ftlU
,aa,o 4b,'.«J «,«Ht
.id,d,H (ii.iiuJ 4.7 W
Same week In Itfcd.,..,
Humuwuokln IKT'J...,.
Hume week In IH7H
Fame week In 1M7...,.
Week umllng March 6.
S.SOI 3,731 17ft
IkWl 4.0)1 l.tttl
:i.:i:7 i.icu
l,ai7 i).;no a.ui
4,228 6.610 I.AW
The following is from the Wichita (Kaa.) lleacon of
March 2:
Charles Parsons arrived In Wlchlla on Friday from
the Fait Fork eatlli) range. 145 miles southwest, on
wlmt Is known as the Drum cattle range. There nro
ID,(IX) head of cattle owned by Maj. Drum, J. C. Pryor,
htreater. and lien Miller, tho fennar owning between
n.uwimd7.uii head. Out of this large number but Hid
head have been found, after thorough search, that
mol their death by the storm. This Is bull per coni.
Mr. Pryor, with 1.7 U) baud, found but two old cows
dead, which makes his loss about nothing. Tho loss
seems to have liven sustained chiefly In the extrema
we,l. or In that portion of tint Hiute west of i.rrut
Hcml. Information from Mechanlu Lodge and from
tho territory east of Medicine Lodge 10 the Ponca
Agency, It that they weathered through remarkably
well. {.’apt. Walker, who has a large herd southeast
of Arkansas City, reports but a small |>cr coni of loss.
Thu Ftsbor Urothurs. who are holding lliolr herd
southwest of this city Ft) miles, lust none, und they
ssy their cattle are in very tine condition for tho
season of Uiu year, dame are fat enough for beef.
Thu grass ha* been abundant ana nutritious, and
walur plenty.
rATTLK-WUh ft supply nearly twice fts Unto a*
for the previous week und more tlmn XOU la excess
of Uio largest number reported fur tliu corresponding
week In any past year, vuluos. as might be supposed,
wore trunk mid iinauUlod. Muudny'a receipts being
small the advanced prices of tin) week bufuru wore
easily sustained, but Uio succeeding four days saw n
gradual shading off In favor of buyurs, und at Iho end
the week |irlcua shewed an average decline of lAMXV).
'l’hore wore sumo grades in which the shrinkage waa
teas marked. Choice export cattle, fur Instance, wore
scarce if more than 100 nif, na they were la good tie
nmnd ull the week and la light supply. Hlocsers uUo
sold woll up lu the previous week's prices, nut enough
of that ulus* being offered to ctuou nuy Important
shrinkage la values. The poorer class of hatchers'
and miiners' atulf und fair to good shipping trades
•uiterod the must, os of such the mujor part of the
supply consisted. Taking Into consideration the
fact that we ore now In the midst of
the i/onten season, and that the weather
during most ef the week was unfavorable to the dead*
meal trade, ll Is surprising that the heavy receipts
worn disposed of at so comparatively small a decline.
At the reduced rules an outlet was found lor about
all the offerings, and In antlciiuitlon of diminished ar*
rivals for the ensuing week the market closed up
steady. Although there wore low bunches ol cattle
timt would answer to the description of extra, there
were inaiiy that wimlrt da** ns uholuvi. and there »M
a good deal of trading at ♦525*5.(0. *1 hero were u/ow
sales m fi.tsUi.Vm.nd In two instances fetid was ob
tained. tiood butchers’ slock coullmios In very mod*
erntusupply end continues relatively dear. TUrlltv
slock steers also commend high ngnres. veals were
In good demand all the week, and ruled steady nt fI.6U
o*4).u) period lbs. A few extra sold at fei iwdriU. and
them were some scrubs for which sellers were both*
urud to Hud buyers at fUUgIIU. bulurday's market
was quiet and steady.
Kxlra lleeves-Stuers weighing I,WO lbs and, # .
upwards ••••v.’V . 15753X00
t’holce Itrovcs-Hno, fat. and well-formed
steers, weighing l,;wV) to l,Ux) lbs 525i5iD
Uood Ueove.-Wcli-fuiwned stuers. weigh
ing I,‘JUU to . 4.gfeA.tA
Medium grudos-bteers In fair t!e*h, weigh- ,
lug I.U'STio l.Xillbs 4.UM4..U
Buichors’ btock-l'oor to comtuoit steers and
common to choice cows for city slaughter, .
weighingaU to l.uVJlbs.... 3.003^40
block I sule-Commoii cnltlo, weighing uiUo
J.UJU lbs 8.0X3X85
Inferior-Light and thin c*iws. heifers, slags.
bulls, slid rcullawag stems
Veals—Per lui lbs AWaAU)
lIuQS-Notwl-bstaiieiag the fuel that the past week
saw all serious obilruoUuu to fre.ght truOle removed
(nil of the Western mmls were dellrerln* slork as
iihurli, therownsnn Inrrense In the nrrlrnla nf tin«
of tnii mtio more Hum •J,i>n. The, di-jippoiniinaiy
llahi supply. Inkcn In conjunction wild tin? improved
lono of the nmikct for hot: products, aavo prices a
decided liiin«l. .Mnmtn*’" market wns without qumn-
M<> I'linniM*. Iml since tluin tln-rn hn< been n
Imrdemriß. nml the do-e of the week fouml 1Ib)U
weluhls sellltia !M«m nml hciivv welahis UmiWo
liliflmr tlinn nc the opcnlnu. Of th« supply n
much Inracr perccninuo limit usuiil wn« taken
liv shippers. liter secnrfna nearly one-lmlf. 'llioro
was sumo Improvement In quality, hot the cluinao In
Umse particulars was ton sliahi in nHraot «euernl til*
lenllnn. Urn Ini Ik of the receipts, ns. for runic week*
previous. consisting of common imd medium <innll
lies, wlili n llhernl stulnkllntf of skliw.-droves nvcr
nuln« irom VII in pn Ihs. There ww* ti mmd Oemiuut
on r*aliiniay. nml the market was frcornl fm mlvnnco.
Common to prime Halil sold nt RVIiIwAHJ. poor to
choice tmnvy nt fMAAtUA). nnrt skip? "rtd Inferior
heavy nl |l.*,VKi.zV One ycurmro light hogs»«/}]
selling nl fI.VOMt.W, nnd heavy do nt All
union are mnOo subject to n shrinkage of -Wltis for
pinny sown oml a)ll»s for stags. Dead lions soil nir-UJ
p«rr III) Ihs for nvormiu* of-DO lbs nml over, mid nl
ll.ill for lighter weight*. ... ,
HIIKKP-Woro In Inrun supply. bul nmlor a more
limn ordinwrllr good dcrtmtul prices kept wpll mi.
Khlppors nml tlio local trade hoiiuht frs*«lr nt fl.liw
0.»l lor iHior to medium qualities. nnd ntfj.Jj«imw for
good lo extra.
Spertnt DUpateh to The CMta#* Tribune,
IUIBTON, March W.-CATTt.K-Kor tin* jmM wontc the
tra«t<> fur Wonturn canto him bnim Inactive. olthonch
them him been n fair ilenmint for ohlmilntf entile. Dio
miallirof tho Western ratlin was fully tm uondim
Unit of tho previous weak. Thorn worn but n low ex
tra Northern entile on the market, which sold quick,
but conimon ttrndo* sold dull. Tho amount of tiro
steck Ituutail nt Urluhlon und Watertown for tho week
omllntf to Onto has boon :t,G7il cuttle. H..IM sheep «ml
Inuihs. l.l.lOUtmlno, tin vonls. ntul tai nursc-ii number
of Western emtio, ItHOi Western ehuop and tombs.
AT. l.OftS.
BT. I.oms. March 12.-<*Arm:-llocolpts, I.OTh ship*
tnviitß, I.UU! cum) donium). but oru<rlnu 100 Unlit 10
nmko nmrkot values nominally steady and ontlouic
{ormmilmt week Burnt. ..
Nimii'-ltccolpts. :Mi{ shipment*, 200; steady and
"VfWcil*. ami stromi; Yorkers and Baltimore*,
IMi,Ms.'jo; mixed packtmr, <s.:«vys.Ho; choice to fancy
heavy, |iUu**Ui| receipts, I,£oo taundt shipments,
.an «:«
,27 Wit
.45 cw)
Special nitpatch to Tfte Chteato Tribune.
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. March 11—CATTt.K—’l'ho Price
Current reports: llcfialpts. iMis shlnnicntti. W>: market
nluwt imtfvo shippers. lAAV-VM:tmllvo snickers und
fopileni. f.uit6«;4.ous muUocows,
lions—ueculpts. 347 s shluinem*, 4um market weak*
nri choice. ri.W«5.55| lljihl sblpptua ana mixed pack*
lliiii Ki.aoOi.4i.
Indianapolis. March 13.-lluos-Stoadjr and un*
hoary packing, flKkiiUVUt light and mixed,
* OVTTl.K—Firms shippers. 14.5035.40 j butchers',W.OOO
4.7 M receipts. UHii sbfiniioiiUhCiW.
HUHKi'-atomJjs $4.4004.50: receipts, IBO: shipments.
Cincinnati. ' Mart'll 12.—tloo«—Scarce and flrim
cotmimii, H«>96.6Ut light, #6*W'adlU: packing.
C,yg; butchersMU.lUao.aj! receipts, Wh shlpmuuls, ,10.
Special Ditpateh to The CMeago Tribune.
iveupoo 1.. March 13— 11:30 a. m.— Flo till—No. 1,
No. 3, 8* lid.
CHAlN—Wheat—Winter, No. 1. W Bdt No. 2, Osj
sjirlHK.No, I, to 3d; No.2,Bifid| white, No. l.tofid; No.
2,m; club, No. 1, Us KWj No. 3, to 6d. Corn—Now, 6*
AK<l: old. to «l*d.
pitovisioNH-Pork. (38. J.nnl, 665.
Ll VKitPooi., March 11-1:30 j». ra.-IMtoviAlONS
lliicon-C. C. dull at 43s Dd; lona clear steady at 4lij
short clear timer at 43n Cd. l.ord—Prime Western
indun, March IZ.-PBTnoLEDM-UoOncd, 7H®
LtNftEF.D OIL-26* M<l.
TAI.I.OW—Kino American, 3to 3d.
Antwerp, March 12.—Petroleum, 213<f.
Liverpool, March 12.—Cotton—Irregular and flat
at UO-lfJsOKdl sales O.OGU bales; BDOCUlatlon and ox*
port. I.UUU; American. 4.IXX).
Provisions—American lard, Us. Dacon—hong
clear, 42a; short clear, 43s Ikl,
The following were received bp the Chicago Hoard
of Trade: . .
Liverpool. March 12.—Wheat, not much doing;
rod winter, to 7d; N 0.3 spring. to «d; No. 3,8 s lid.
Corn—Not much doing; American mixed, us otsd.
Cargoes off coast—Wheat qulot und slondr. Corn—
Nonu ollered. To arrive—Wheat and corn quiet.
Pork, IBs. I.anl llrmor, und l»«d higher, at Ms. Ha
con—l,. C. llrmor and Is higher, at 425; 8. C. tlnn and
Is higher, at 43s Cd. Tallow. Us. Choose, (Ns od. Hoof,
3.750 £wi
London, March 12.—Liverpool—Wheat tnacllvo:
Maiik Lani:—Cargoes off const—Wheal qulot and
steady. Com no no offered. Cargoes on passage—
Wheat and corn quiet.
NEW Yohk, March , iv.—Cotton—Qulot and nn*
changed; futures barolr steady; March. IO.SOos April.
laWcjMor, l0.7Uo; Juno, lauio: July, 10.8505 August,
laOio; Heptomber, l(U2a; October. KJ.29c: November,
lU. Ida 1 December. 10.ISc.
.. (SO «1
.. Mw fti
... {Wet CW
.. UlO 'W
... 13J01.W
Fl.utnt—lleavyt receipts, 23,08 J hrlt; exports, 13,000
rls; super Binto Western, (I.UU9LOU; common to good
extra. ft.3j&4.lKJ; good to choice, fA.IWiW.7S! white
wheat extra, liUKRUU; extra Ohio, U.3&K8.70: 8u
Louis, l-i.2V-iU.76! Minnesota patent process, |U.50a9.1».
GliAlN— Wheat-Strong; rocolptA.B3.oUU bu: expotts.
BU.UUU but No. 2 spring. *1.18; ungraded rod. II.IVil.21:
No. 2 do. fI.'JtRiWL’JIM In sture; 11.23tKfi1.32M afloat
No. 1 rud,ll,2lWti«l.'jyii mixed winter. II.IU: ungraded
while, f LIGWoLIUM; No. V do. LIJM; No. 1 do, I USMts
UHKI No. 3 rod, March, fl.Vlbtl&t April. fl.'ilßtai.ili
Slav, 1i.2D01.3L turn—Fairly active and a shade
higher; receipts, WMUJ bn: exports. 4D.IU) ha; un
graded. fcJKtfcihc: No. a, VWC! steamer, 67M<g63Ho;
old do. toMc In store; Nn. V, March. to%O6l>oi April.
67MWiAIWe: May, Wljc; Juno. 66c. Oals-Kaslur: re
ceipts. 83,000 but Western mixed, - ♦uilot white do,
»lAY—Qulot but firm. . „
llopii—Flrmi nmrtorato trade; yearlings, 12915 c;
Eastern und Wcsuirn, 10923 c; Now lork Slate. 159
OliocxHDCg—Coffee quiet hut Arm; 1110 cargoes,
WVrfDMe; Job lots, initttHHc. Sugar—Demand fair
and market Arm; fair to good running, ,J4’AT4fcc.
Molasses qulot and unchanged. Ktco steady, with n
United, 8So; crude. 7®BJ4c; ro-
Steady, with a fair demand; C
UKAIN—QuIot and nnchungutl.
'I'lmi'ENTiNK-Mtcady at4ehic.
HGOH-Flrmi IH&eIHHo. . , .
I.KATUKU—Htondjr, with ti aoocl demands hemlock
i|e, It notion Arms, and Itlo Grand light, middle, und
heavyweight, ‘£<js'l>c.
Wool,—Htendy, with a fair demand! domestic fleoco.
HfyiOoi pulled, il&ttot unwashed, 14®:Wcj Texas, 14(tf
I'uovisions—Pnrk castor! old moss, llft.2sGil6.7fti
new do. 1PJ.25. Heel quiet but steady. Cut moats
linn; long clear middles, WfOs short clour, tb.OU.
I,arcl weak; In tulrdoumnd; prime steam, SIU.UX
UirprsK-dJuloti UWUc.
ciikrsk—vulel ouihrms I0®l2>(o.
Mktai.B—Manufactured copper, now sheathing,
quiet utiWe. Ingot Luke, hh(®lb?<c. Plg-lren dull and
weak; Scotch. 21?#WU.;05 American. iW*gi;tiio! Uussltt
sheeting, Wfiplftc. Nalls, cut, IJ.UWXUI} clinch,
Sp«(al Dlipafeh to Th* Chicago TVf&urtfc
MII.WAtfKKR, Wls., March W.—OltAlx—ln tile local
wheattnarkolthe weekends with n showing of de
cided strength und a fooling of Brent cunlidonco
among tlio bulls. Tlioro are Indications that tho
Chamber of Commerce will see greater activity, a
lamer volume ortmnsnctlont lo Brain, und a higher
range of prices. Monday opened with tho depres
sion which chnractorlxed the time of the railway
bluekado, and Nu.il spring seller April was held at
Uncoil that day. This forenoon the same option
came within a single fraction ot ll.Otl. May delivery
has ruled jnsl 6o over all week, but wua shaded a little
to-day. t'ush wheat of all grades I* tinner, and the de
mand Is sharp. Tho upward movement this tuormugu
caused principally by tho prevalence of another
grunt storm throughout tlto Northwest. Il ls logical
lo hold that the bud weather peculiar to tho end of
March will enhance values materially. Innsmuou as
the hoars have been unable during the steady
weather of the pant few days to get quotations down
tu wnal they claim would be a legitimate basis. ‘1 hoy
have pounded the market incessantly since the agi
tation commenced in llnunclul circles, encouraged by
a professed reeling of insecurity among capitalists
und largo available supplies of breadstuff*. At this
juncture the bulls nru nominal by the strength in
other values, the degreased stocks at the seaboard
andln llrltlsn ports, the reduction of’over a million
and a oimrior bushels In tho visible supplr within u
single week, and tho prospector enormous damage to
the winter wneutcrop, all over tho West- [he buy
ing element would certainly seem to have tho bulge
on their opponents Just now. and It Is not surprising
that they look hold with cuntldenco to-day and es
tablished a higher range of prices. Hulunluy Is usu
ally a bud day lor bulling the market, inasmuch as
the scalper* generally lake whatever nruilis they cun
at tho und ora week, and often unload enough wheal
lo keep tho market easy, when all the outaldo condi
tions favor an advance. , ..
At the close of business quotations ware as follows:
No. a bard In store. •I.Ui*si No. a spring fresh, ll.UiUi
No. a April. U'HCsV'Aci No. a May. lUiMfei No. a win
in store here to-day 3,'jULOno bo wheat, against
6. lli'.Ott) same dsy last year. ikiia.lXW in IMP, nndftoT.tu)
The receipts for the past twenty-four hours were
ao.t)iu bu.
7b (As TTrifsm AttotiaUd Prut.
MII.H'AOKkK. Wls., March li-Ft-UL'll-Flrmer bu
*'UltAtN—'Wheat Herat opened 4(o higheri closed tlrmt
No. 1 nominal! No. 2. tMot March, w»o; April, vuHoi
Mayll.UlUi No.X tftKA'tioi No. 4nominal, t/urn quiet
but Urms No. 2. 4US**. Uata nominally unchanged,
live scarce and tlruii No. 1.11.Qi liartey quiet; No.'.
,P Men pork, 115.31 cash: 115.45
Atari), i.ard—Prime steam, IIUSU cash and Martin
IIP.&1 April. ....
Iluoa—Steady and llrrot iWKWJtt.
UKCbil’r*—Flour, 4.SUU brUt wheat, 21.000 bu; oats,
n.wn im.
Hiiii'MENT*—Wheat, 7,000 bu| corn, 400 bus oats.
7,(Mi bu.
New Ohleans, March 12,-b‘l.otm—Dulll super
fine, ELCOi XX, IX7AOUU; XXX, IUA48.00: high
grades, |5.25*d2X
(Jiuin—Corn excited and higher; C4M«do. Oats
tlrmar; slftsJo,
' Fouy-MgAL-lllgheri 1X253X40.
lIAV-<lulct und weak; prime. IM.00; choice, 121.039
I'ltovißioNs-Pork-Demsod fair and market Arm
old. 1Ui.24; now, IPLSJH4IIOTS. laird quiet but Drm;
llurou, lOWflllo; keg. UMUHo. Ury-snlt inuul market
Imre; would cumuiiuid, shoulders, loose.sHo: packed,
t/uvn clear rib, Pus clear. UHo. llaeon market bare;
would I'omuiand, shoulders. <Umc; clear rib. Wfct
clear, wic. Hams, sugar cured, scarce and llrm, lou
Steady; Western rectlood.ll.UV3l.Ui.
tiUtit'KtUKß—Coffee Ueuiand fair and market Print
Ule cargoes, ordinary to good, luHfeUkic. Sugar In
good demand; cuunuuii to good common,
lair to fully fair. prime to choice. i»Hcw7iiei
yellow clailtted, 75g*B'ic. Molasse» steadyi common.
ZluCLc*; coiilrl ugui. aVtTTUi fair. ifks.Ho; prime to
choice. Ale: fruslud. 2U4h»oi clsiern bottoms, :ts*4Se;
loruivnltng. Iffcailio. Ulco. Louisiana, ordinary to
choice. Oiwtilic. '
UltAN—liull and lower; >IA». \
ST. Loprm Mo., March IX-fc'LoUB-Unchan*ed.
Ouaih—Wheat—Uetterand slow; No. 2 red. H.lUii
C| l O2U cash and March; lI.IMMI.OIH April; •IJttHMI.KH
May; No.ddo. tbti«9lc! No. 4 do. Oka
UiHc. Corn talghori »W«XiHe cash; March;
April! miJKo Mnn Jun O; ‘ , 1 1, . , J
Arm and alow: SWo ciuln Kff(e bhlMnrchj W«o Wd
JJSIi """ “ * nurvAii a\d dki’autuuk
' limnffi 1 nrtmtwSl is.li!?r.li!; 5 omSiWJ."' •^l,,''"™'?
KuuH-lMm'r m iiilitae. lMomlny«*cepic(t {Dully. " #y
Witi?>KV -guMtnt■ ♦t.iM. ttr/ji
I’iiovjmii.vm—Dark -unruly nt
Mil .March unit April. Dry i>alt moat* llrm at
f7.ltV.eH.iai, f 4.VPCH*i. Uncoil Mow nt
iK.imbm uni*. IW.UIJbm rro. nnitflj bur oy. 13,0 W «>».
HtilP'iK.NTa-Klimr, ..m» brim wheat. 4,UW buj
corn. 20. WU bus oat*. I.IXJU bm ryo, nupot barley,
HAi.TlMon*. March 11—Kl.oust—Firm and un*
changed. _ „
OttAlN—Wheat—Western bWsen Vo* “ Western
winter red, spot and Mnrcli>mtHH.l9i April,H.lß)e
May, tU&fftUSHt dune. fl.mttU.lTl4. Lorn
—Western spot loworj futures higher and steady!
WcMorn mixed spot, (W©M!(et March, CtiM&sftfct
April. May, WWMHci steumor, Me. Oat*
scarce and limn Western whllo. jMfiMMi mixed, 4J!cj
I’ennsylvanin. 4*i«. Hyo quiet at lURwUW.
I'uovitMO.va-tJulot and firm.
KocJH-yiiiotatine. .
i'KTiioi.KCM— Nominal.
imorEiiiiiH-Coflon dull. Rugarllmi.
WirißKV—Unlßtalll.l3. A .
Fukuuitk—i'o l.lvorponl per steamer steady! col*
•"fiiSSfSSiiUSK; WW. I ?W.S &*>•»< com.
tiAi.Ka—Wheat,su,;>dG bus corn, W7.uA) bu.
P m T.. Al> r. 7 iPII IA.
pmr.Atißt.pniA, Pit., March 11—Fioim—Firm and
unchanged. Hyo llotir Arm and unclinnßod.
UnAIN W heat higher t No. i rod. elevator. H.liAtw
U7i No. 3 rod, March. II.ICH bid, IU7 aakedi April.
(I.ITIi bid, 11.18 aakods May, ft.WK bid, IUBH asked.
Corn-Demand fairs stentn. on track. Met do. Brain
depot, WHiet call mixed, March, MJic bid. Me askedt
April. Mould. f‘V<n asked: Mar.MMJc.bid. CIMo
Hats In Bond demand i No, 1 white,.4ool No. 4 do. 44,4|
otUHc No.ildo. 4:tcC44.mc: mixed. 42c.
Puiivisionh—Firm. l.ard. prlnieslcani, Dos kottlo,
Steady ond unclinnßod.
Kouk—Klnsti IHHMV.W.
t'HßßßK—onlct and iinenanticd.
Pktiioi.kum—l.owprs 8«c. a , „
WUWKY—DuII and towers 11.08.
ItRCKIPTK—FIour, l.lUi brlss wlieoU22,l)oo bui com,
37,UU) bus oaw. 4.IHU bu.
Sptdal DUpateh to The Chicago Tribune.
KT.OIN. IU.. March 12.-.ThO Illinois Condensing
Company to-day fixed Us prlco for Its milk supply
«1 urlni? Iho spring und Bimimor months. It* offer was
Pc per gallon for tho month of May, ¥o for J uae. July,
and August, for September, and 10c for October,
on avorngo of a 7-I'Jc, or I l-120 higher limn paid Inn
summer. Some of the largo factories wore dissatisfied,
and refuso to sign contracts. Amona them nro Judge
Wilcox. K. 1.. Bishop, and R. O. Kolcham. Thoy want
Pc. Tho maiorlty, however. ovor forty In nil, hnvo nc.-
cuiitcd tho terms. Tho price paid by tho comleivsor
regulates factory dividends, and affects that paid by
Chicago dealers.
Cincinnati. 0., March H.—cotton—Dull : I03tfo»
KLOUH-Unchnnucd. •»
GRAlN—Wheat—Good demand; full prices; No. 3
red, 1.00. Corn quint; No. 3 mixed, 41c. Oats-De
mand fnlr and market limit 37<337)4c. Bye cosier and
lower; No. 3,11.12561.14. Barley strong; No.lfuU.H.IB
easier; *15.25. llrmor; Ilff-SO.
Hulk meats quiet: glitmiaora. Ij.UU; clear rib,
Bacon stronger; shoulders, fo.W; clear rlb» SwUi
WiitUKV—Steady; 11.05.
UutTKU— Firm aud unchanged.
TOT.V.tio. March 12.-auAiN-Whont steady;
No. 2 red Wabash ,*pot, SI.WM; April. 11.09; May.
II.IM; June, It.IWH? July, 11.04; No. » red Wabash,
•1.1BH; rejected. WWc. Corn steady; high mixed,
4mcs N 0.2, 44«cv rejected, AXi. Oats dull and nom
,n ccovrn Seed—Quiet; prime, 15.03; old do, J 4.80;
Wheat, 14,000 bui corn, 43,000 but oats,
n H»°tr»tBNTB—Wheat, 3.000 bu; corn, 43,000 bu: oats,
Boatok. March 12,-Fi.oim-Flrm and unchanged.
GRAIN—Corn Urm; mixed and yellow, (JlSltZfos no
grade, (80. Oats quiet nnd unchanged, llyo nomi
nally unchanged. ....
lUitteu—Nominally unchanged.
Kuos—Western fresh, 31®'.’. , , „
ItKCKIPTS—FIour. l>Jw brls, 1.800 Backs; corn, 27,000
bn; wheat, 4,(JU>bu: oats, I'l.lWJ bu.
Hiup-mkntb—Flour. 123hrls; corn, 37,000 bu; wheat,
19, UU) bu.
pEORfA, March 12.—OiutN-Corn steady; now high
mixed, 3DJ4®a9fo; now mixed, Oats steady;
No. 2 white. 34®31Hc. Bales for May at IMJfc. Ityo
oaslor; No.2.M.'kVai.OCW. ~t fr,
HiuifwiNEß— Unchanged ntll.m. •
Ukceiptb—Wheat, none; com, MJWO ou; oats,
Uluthui rye.2.:«o lint barley,6.«m bu.
SUM'MBNTH—Wheat, none; corn. 47,70) but oats,
12,230 bu; ry0.3,1Ul bu; barley, t.dOl bu.
Special IHipalrh to The Chicago TVfbunr.
KANSAS CITY. Mnrch 12.-OIUIN-Tho Price Current
reports: wheat—llocolpts. CUO bus shipments. S..VU
bu; market atfaln Armors No. 8 cash. MXo; March
o>:wos No. 2 coals. IWtfos March. No. I cash. 06Kc;
March, Cuns-llocolDta. hM., bus BhlpmoaU, IV
807 bus Arms No. 3cuib, March, J2J4O.
BtrPPAr.O. Mnrch li-GiiAiN-Corn in Rood demand
itCle oil track; supply Inadequate to requirements
if trado. Other araloa ncKicctod and quotations uo*
:hangod. _______
OfIWKOO, March 13.-GiiAix-Who»t steady; corn
sarco; Mrostora mixed, 67c.
CLJIVEI-ANt). 0.. March H.-I’KTUOI-EUM—Steady!
Standard white. 110 tost I*o.
PITTSUtma. Pa., March 13.-PRTlioi.EtlM-Folrly
active; United certificates Bloody at WJ6c; roAuod.
Philadelphia delivery.
New Youk. March 12.—The dry-goods market pi
sonted no now features, and showed the usual qul
at tho close of the weeks tho mtllook. however,
mure encouraging, and confidence Is expressed In
Rood trudu for the mmr tuturo.
New OHT.EANB, March 13.-COTTON—lrregular and
nay; middling, lOttfcs low middling, »Hcs good ordl
iary. «Jici net recolsus, 6.0111 bales: gross. 6JXWs ox*
KirU tu Great Urlialu. II.5C8; to tho Continent, 0,14X1;
ulus, 7,UUU;ssock, BI.UW.
Brown’s Bronchial Troches will stop n conph
bv ulrcctly rollovlmt tho Irritation of tho throat,
uiiU will not disorder tho stomach llku contfb
syrups? lift cents n box. ,
jieou Oil m a airt,
»mrn »UM v..—. .........i JUaitJy. A trial aatalla
but tU eowparaiir.)/ triAtax cutUy «f W C«o», »aA ar»ry
oat aufftriug with yaia can hart elitap aad peaitli* ptMfw
llnllliimiv. AM.. r.g.^
AdTerttien wokiutf thtt
mo»t fftVDrublu rote* 111 ttur Of tliu leading paipurslil
Uio If. d.. i4cu»o guiuult uur luriu* before cumrucilatf
<'lilci«sr> «V NnHliivesierr
ForMnps. HleosUng.t’n
apply ntflicrark-su, Orand I’ncltl
oluco. Palmer House, ;sfttnni‘ni
aCcilnr Itftplfls Express
nCednr Itnpids ExsiVuss. <
sFucIRo Fast Dine. i
aHloux City A Yatikto 1
aOmnnn Mxht Express
«M vnnr Uni>lom Nluht Express .
aDes Molnos Night Express .
aDos Molnos Day Express
aHlouxCtty A Yankton ,
AFrunport, IlockfordADubmitin.. 1
• Freoimrt, Itoekford * Dubumui,. .
hron|iort.lVkfonlAi l.ukoUonova
Milwaukee Express
Milwaukee Special—Sundays..,.!
Milwaukee A Dreon Hay
Milwaukee rnasumntr.. r
'Mtt.. ()r««n Hay * Marquette... l
Hrcnn liny, vla.lniiu«v)lln
FU I’Aiil A Minneapolis Express.
hLl’uul A .Minneapolis Express.
I’lerre A Dendwond Express....
IMlnnesotnA Central Dakota....,'
(Minnesota A Contra! Dakota
//Komiiln linn, viaJnnosHllo 1
iiEluln Express. i
nEluln Express . i
iiKlulii Express.....
alMslu Express
nKlKln Sunday Express
n— Depot corner of WelTTand KI
b—Depot corner of Canal and Kl
ritlrn*o, Tliirltnirlon A* (|n
For Maps, Tline*Tnblos, Slceuh
lions, apply at M Clurk-st., (I
Brink** Kxpress Oflloe, foot of
Central Depot, Canal and 8U
House, and 75 Cannl-st.
MJUswa,StroatorA Qalesburs Rx
('Nebraska Express
Mhibnquo A Hluux City Express
Amboy,ltock FitlbCA Sturlltiß Kx
. (iDowncr's Drove Accomtuoda'n
/'Pucllio Fast Express
bKnnans, Colorado A Texas Fast
Aurora Sunday Pnssenitor
bAurom Pa55en80r..,.,,..
(iMendotA. Ottawa A HLimuls Ex
bllockfonl A Freeport Express..
('Aurora PnssonKcr.
bAurora I’nssonnor.
bAurnrn Pnssenuer*.!!!!!!!!!!"!”
cDes Molnos, Omaha A J.lncoln
Night Express
c'l'cxns Nlnhl Express
rKnnsns City A Ht,.100 NltthtEx.
bFreoport A Dubuque Express..
Theatre Train—Wed.A tfut. only
n Dally, b Dally, except Hundsj
Saturday. <J Dally, except Monday,
Chicago, Milwaukee A «f.
Paii-Handlo*’ Depot, corner Cl
sis. Ticket Offices. Cl Clnrk*st
Grand Pacific Hotel, and at Dcp
Milwaukee Fait Ma 11......
Milwaukee A Waukesha Express.
Milwaukee, BUPuul a Mlnuo-i
npuha Express trains.... I
Green Bar, Menasba, and Ap-j
ploton Express train 5.....,.,,, <
Milwaukee, Madison, Prairie du
Chlen, lowa, and Dakota Ex....
Stevens Point and Ashland Mi,.
Milwaukee, Madison, ondpralrio
duCUlen 8ipr055...,,,,....
Llbortyvlllo Accommodation '
Elgin Passenger...
Dubuque A Cedar Itapids Kxpross
Klgln A Kirkland Pass, (da11y)..,, I
Elgin special Fast Express.......,
All Minnesota trains nm Tin Mllwaukne. Tlcksti
form. Paul andMlnnonpolls nro good nltlicr Tla Mod*
Ison und Pralrlo du Chloui or rial* Crosse & Winona.
Illinois Central Hallrnnil.
Depot foot of Lako-st* end motor Twenty-soeonii.it.
Tlckotofflco, 121 lUmdotph-sL, near Clark. Grid
PtclUo Hotel. and Palmer House. 04
Bt Louts * Texas Express.,,.....
bu Louts x Texas Fast Line
Cairo* Now Orleans Express,...
New Orleans * Texas Fast Ex,.,,
Upringfield Kxpross
BprlngdolU Night Express
Peoria. Burlington* Keokuk...
(Peoria, Burlington* Keokuk...
Pontlao A Chatsworih Express..
Cnaiawortb Express.
Gilman Passenger,
Dubuque ABloux Oily Kxpross.
Dubuque ABloux City Express..
fcOnßaturdar night to Oilman only.
(Outlaturday night runs to Peorlaonlf,
Wislmsb, fit. lionls * PnctDo Itnll
Depotcurner Btowartaud Archor-aTB. t't'wut
ru). Arohor-ur. cars Tin Btate-sU ruu to i
Ticket Office, 83 Clark-su
St, Louis* Gulf Express • 8:43 a m
SU Louis * Gulf Fast Lino 4 8:33 p in
Kansas city A Denver Fust Kx., *13:13 p m
Peoria. Burlington A Keokuk Ex * 9:43 n m
Peoria A Pekin Special 1 8:33 p ui
SprlngUohl AHnnnlbal Fast Line *13:16 p m
{Dally. ‘Dally except Sundays.^
Notb—Pullman Sleeping Cars from Chicago tost
Louis, Kansas City, and Peoria. Parlor Day Coscbes
with revolving chairs Chicago to Hl Louli, and lie
dining Chair Sleeping Cara Chicago to Hannibal m 4
Kansas City, No change ef Day- Coaches Chicago Is
Bu Louis or Kansas City.
dileaco A Alton.
Union Depot West Side, corner Canal and Van Hi
. ren-»u, near Von ltureu*au brides, and Iwsnif
Uilrd-at Ticket Onicoa, at Depots, if) South Clark
tu. Grand racltlo Hotel and Palmer Homo.
lioavu. | Arrlra.l
Kansas Cltr, Denver & Pueblo *i2Ti) pm * 2:30 pa
Kansu Car, tiauva Ye & Denver t y.Ai um t 7:iis a
bUDouls, UprlUKHold & Texas.... *u;jj bus!* 7:l'<o a
Mobile Jt New Orleans Express .. * U;W am;* 7:t'ipm
BU Louis, HprltnrOold* Texas.... pmll 7:2>»m
Peoria, Hurling* I Vast Kinross.. * l»;0J umi* 7;ispra
ton « Keokuk 1 Bx. via Chonon 4 9:0 pm I 7:21a o
Pekini Peoria Kx. via J01iet..... * 9:IH am * TttSpta
Htreator, Lacon. Washlngt’n ISx. *I2A) pnii* 2:;W;*bi
JolletA Dwight Accommodation. * 6:tM pmi* 9:lUata
Ulehtnn Central Jtallroad.
Depot foot of I.aKo-iU and foot of Twoniy-floconfl-*?
Ticket GAIco, 07 Clark*st., southeast corner of uaa*
doiph, Grand PaolUo ilolel, and ul Palmur lleuia
I Leave. ) Arrive.
Mall (via Main and Air Lino)....'• 7:00 am • ccd pa
New York A Uostoii iSx • u-iii am * 7;W P«
BueclulNaw York Kx. (daily) 4 Bs.'M pm} amlpa
Kalausosoo Acoummodatloo * :i;*i pm *iu:;ii*a
Atlantic Express (dally) 'S 6:(i pm
Nlghtßxpross .......;t*9:M pm
Gland Ilaplds A Mustogou Mali..l* 9:U) »m‘7!«P»
Grand Itsiplds it Polosky Kinross;* »;« p m • SpU pn
oUraudllnpldsAMuskoguti Kx...l*t9illl pm t 7:.t)on
(.Untiundoys this train leaves atftsUp m.
fMrsm, ItoaV Tslwnd Art
Depot, corner of Van Duron and bherman-sti. nows
Unices,6dClark-st, Bhorman House, I’nlmor llouia
Grand Poctflu Hotel, ond 76 Canal, corner Madison.
Davenport A rooiia Krprcis,
Council illuffi Kiwi Kaprons
Kansas City, Loavonworin & At-. . _
clileon Fast Kzprosi, ««:« pm *3:U P»
i’ornAccommodation, *\;Ui j»w •wviiaa
Council limits Pilabi Kxpi-ess. Hjmj pint U:Wa a
Kansas City, XiOUToiiwurlh & At*
ctilsun NtKlii Kxpr»J» UO.'Vl p m . • •
OIL . _
•Ilallr except Humlnyx. IDallr except KalunUr*
tballr MceutilotulaT*.
I.ake Mtaore it: Mlcblaait (tomurrn KcilU™*
Tlvkat otneet at depou. Vu«» lturoi»*«U 'rj
holla,Tweal y-locoud-iu nod kurtjr-«itril*»u t
ami /reUtlx olllca undor Hhormuu lluuau. «o«»°*V
oliicce lu ttieCiruod i*uutUu Ilouil mid I almuf Hiiu a
Mali (*l» Mala • mi l P“
b)ioolal New sontKx))r«4* • W:«» utUj* " “
l.ikUmlimlfixproM iduily) 5 a:Xi|* «* I J? a
AIUnUuN. V. Kixpro*4 Idiiliyj 5 gWi J
t'tutKxpruM * !U;aJlimit t>:«J *"
Rnllimnra «c Olil#.
Depot*. ItxpoilUoo Uullillii«BnH /oo o T«w
■«cond-sU l TlckoiOfllco»,KJtlark-«U, t'u wer
UntniU'ncmuUutul un<HJeput(K»poi»>Hon uj l . 1 —
Momlnß Rxpra*i.oMMM«
(Uul/. ‘HumUr uiceptaO.
Kouknkno /.in*. _ „ ,
Depot, font of I jUh-.u unU loot of Tiro
'llckot-oftlcci at ilttpota und Ut lUndolpu »t. «**"•
l*amuo llotol. and ftalmor lloueu. _—.
Cincinnati, Indianapolis* LouW* -ml* 7:3! o*
*»• MiCia::::::::::::: > 8S SSldk- 1 -^
Pllunnra. *>
Depot, cor. Van Huron and UotuU^
ifiCUra-at.. I'almor tlouso. Ur*»d i’acino
—- .-r^r
Mai! and Brprau,.
Now York KzurtiM (dailT)...,
Docldo Kxpiwie tUmiyj
I'lUihnPT. Ctnfllnnnlt A J*' ***
(Cincinnati and Kokomj Alr.L»n*M
OanoUcornur ul Cllnlou and L A rr ft':fAuliAi-«U *Jf“ n4
Tlckut*uiiuHi* at Ueiiotand lil »«* ,MW
l*acloc UotuKaml ISiimor lloiwa.
NlgiU hxi»rc»« (tlullyi
CUlcato <t) Caatarn llllnoH
(UuutUloUoaW.) , o mce«>
| ArrlT :L
t HJU tjiSU*
• »:U)
~mSVELLAyjCO tw. _
‘SffllDß. KEAW,
173 South Clack-stM ChlcaS 3 -
Consult i>er>tmal)r or t>f tunll. froo ,f ** •
chronic, norvuua, or otuivml itk*o«uo*< jr
(ho oulyi»hy*lcluu lu 0»o clir who warrant* to.*
no oar-
■ 104 tfwutU Clttrk-«»-
Chartered bribe 8i»loof llltnoU for * l J°u/£uroa*
Mluutltlo. endeiHiedr cure" of u /*^ u hy ur*> •
ic, uud urinary UUcaaea. CoueuluiUou free.
aTw. w tt. uudU tu Bp. ot buuOajfa. Ww U fc w “"
•n Railway.
l»on»e. | Arrirn.
' SiSI “"V M'i pra
1 ns' I-™ iwUS
•l»:ui UmiSfliJg
jtiiiiiif!: vsis
rajs i? s
• <>l‘, ■■ m 11 °>
>ln*lo-sti7 "
dnrr Ran
nsr-Cnr Aec
Jrtnd pacii
r imllnna.Qi
!Wc Uf,; a >
‘v.. tir.i.3
*•« * alrasr
I ArrlroT
o itipo
it.fl a ml
in:in H m
. i*:4l a tn
b i*:4‘> u ml
II:0U uni
12:01 pm]
12:01 p ml,
I:ll) p in
4:£i pm
J:.»» nm
r.:;»l p m
U:U) |itu
9:o> p m
OiOfi p m
0:16 *i nt
11:15 |> ml
b 3;Wprq
. litiUsm
ll> fj-.fittm
1. 7iM*ni
ib 8a q
d 7:ooam
Id 7:liiao
d “'.Ol its
t* 7:lsam
1 lO:bpta
ty. c Dally, except
Paul Railway,
llnton and Carroll,
t.. Palmer Homs,
Leave. I
* 7:3oam *7:43p»
*6:0) pm Mo;Hst
{10:10 am i 4:MpiJ
[.gsm pm t S'S
•10:10 nm • 4KTI pm
f 0:00p m }7:01 tat
f V:UUp Q j7;UJ an
*10:10 am * i-tjat
• 0:13 pm • tiiiUam
• V:!H nm * icoorn
*H):«P am • 3:Uitim
i-.un pmi 10:ji>|n
• 6:13 pm,* B:(3am
* B:4lam
| S:3U pm
* B:«) am
I H:U) pm
* 9:40 am
} H:;u pm
* 9:40 am
4 8:3) pm
* 8:40 am
* 4:43 pm
* 4:43 pm
* l*:6) nm
' v:&) pm
U:2O s*
:AI pm
47:20 a a
1 H3)pia
4 7:20 km
*8:3) pm
; * 8:30 pa
i *lo:U)sa
i *10:00 sa
i * 6:13 sa
i * 3:13 pa
tho depot
• 7;3)pu
f 7:13 am
1 2:3) pa
1 7:13s a
1 2:SJ pa
C:(l) pH
am *
•13.1 J jim *
• 7:60 »ui ’ •'*
j i-it'. mu \ b:.H **
iHU pui.l J
b-.U \>w “ H?S
• 8:40 •“»!? S'.fi »S
} 7-yf ;.«n» V.W

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