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marine news.
Ihe Union Bhip-Carponlora and Calk
ers Rosolvo to Work for the
Old Wages.
Joirorlniit Corresponilcocc In nolallon to
(he Most Kei'.blsh lluphls, Snnlt
Sto Mario.
pull Ratos, Ico and Navigation Prospects,
and Prospective Lako
Action of Vosaol-Ownora and Boa
mon’o Unions—Floot Captains
—Gonoral Kotos.
riNUHBAR ending of the strike.
Saturday morning found a mimher of tho
nrliniig Hulun ship-carpenters at 'lho head
duaricrsnf tho Chicago Dry-Dock Company.
nnJy ("go in work. In response to questions
out to them, thoy slated that nt tho meeting of
,ho I'nloti. he'd tho previous evening, It was do
,MoJ by resolution (hat Inasmuch os tho move
'ni*,o secure uu advance of wages to $U per
l*m had lulled, therefore all Union men should
return to work at tho old rato, 92.30 pur diem,
•rneiitraef compromising on 92.73 per day, ns
bu.l been done by Miller Brothers employes, was
icontcd. As many of tho strikers as could be
_o|kcd conveniently were sunt Into tho hold of
iho schooner 1.. M. Mason to make re-
Mlrs: the rest returned homo, because tho
nmnilllug storm rendered mit-door operations
nimost impossible. During tho forenoon sev-
SSi of ibo strikers called at tho Company's
hmakainricrs and expressed a willingness to go
tn work at jiVi per day, lint tho management
informed them that they Intended to follow tho
udinlstuof tho Union and pay only 92.50 to
members of the organization. Tho Company
Stoect to haven full force at work tills morii
,'T in conversation with tho reporter of Tim
'nunuNE. Saturday forenoon, u loading member
*1 ,h 0 Union staled that overtures for tho strike
wcrctlrsi made by men employed In Miller
mothers'shipyard, who promised to Join tho
ruinate the number of seventy-live. Ttio strike
was ordered, and I hose men wore tho Unit to re
turn to work. Tho resolution adopted iTlday
niffhl intends that members shall engage upon
«id work for £-.75 per duun, and upon now work
at*such reduced wages ns may bo agreed
uuoti with the employers. “There will not
be another strike of Union men for a year, you
can depend upon It,” said Iho speaker. “ and
even at the end of that time nut mum new
work. Wo court all tho now work Chicago can
itcarc, and do not propose to place ourselves iu
~, a ttitudo calculated to drive ttnwav.”
If mo action of tho Union was intended to
cduio further trouble nl Miller Brothers' ship
van! It will fail of Its mark, as the Messrs.,Mil
ler propose to keep faith employes
and pay them tho $2.73 per diem agreed upon,
Tho chances are very decidedly that tho resolu
tion will provo a boomerang, and Inlliet greater
Injury anon tho Union organization than upon
the enemy at whom it has been burled. A tiny
or two will servo to disclose tho olTcot of tho
,lobular action.
The Cleveland papers of Saturday print an In
terfiling correspondence between George 11.
Ely, tho State Department, British Minister
Thornton, and Gen. Weltzol, upon tho subject
of tbo Improvement of tho EastNcoblsh Rapids,
HaultSte. Marie Itlvor. In bis letter to tbo State
Department, Mr. Ely presented tho following
•‘The'new lock and canal nt tboSnnUSlo.
Mario will bo ready for use about July 1. IBHI,
with a depth of water at tbo present stage of
sixteen feet. Tho river bits been drudged to six
teen feet of water, also, for forty miles
southward from Its bead. Incase (be llnnl ap
propriations requlslt—slso,ooo—for ttio comple
iloa of these Improvements Is made during the
present session of Congress, onr shipping will
nave tho use of tbo increased depth of water
-sixteen loot—throughout tho entire chimnul
between Lttko Erie amt Lake Huron, In IHSI, ex
cepting nt two points,—at Lake Ucorgo and 'tho
East Nccbtsh Rapids.
“Thework In I.ako George 13 under contract
(or completion In IbJfil.
“The improvement of tho channel at tho East
Kceblsh Itaplds has boon In tho hands of tbo
Government of tbo Dominion of Canada. It has
up to tho present tlmcsecured thirteen mid ono
bulflcet of water, available for navigation,
through a channel 150 feet wldo,
"There is a most pressing necessity for tho com
pletion, hy tho Dominion Government, of Its
work nttnis point to sixteen feet of water at
least by the time (hat depth of water Is obtained'
la Lake George In IWB. , . Al ,
"Urcat apprehension Isexprossed that this will
Dotbouecouipllshed. It Is obvious, however,
that, in tho event of failure, fajftullan Intnrcats
will bo Directed Injuriously, tf common with
ours, though In less degree.
"The Immense expenditures during tbo lastfow
Icars by our Government upon tbo Haull Bio,
larlo Lock, Canal, and Hlver will bo entirely
avallablo to tbo advantage of our lako murine
and to tbo vast Interests of tho Northwest that
now await upon the completion of this Improve
ment only wnen therein free navigation, wltn
sixteen feet of water, throughout tho entire
channel between these lakes."
In conclusion, Mr. Ely miucstod tbolnllnenco
of tho United Btutes Government with tho Gov
ernment of tho Dominion of Canada for tbo
earliest completion possible of Uiu work now In
Its bands nt tbo East Neobish Itaplds.
To this communication John. Hay, noting
Secretory of Hlatc, replied that bo bad submit
ted tbo matter to. Sir Edward Thornton, tho
Drltish Minister at Washington. Tbo latter re
sponds, submitting n copy of tbo report of a
committee or tbo Privy Council for Canada
upon this subject, from which It would appear
that tho best channel is nut Uiot which tbo
Canadian authorities have been engaged In Im
proving, but Is ono which Is nearer to tbo shoro
of tbo United Btatcs. This report proceeds to
“That during tbo past summer a careful ex
amination was made of tbo locality In question
fur tbo purpose of determining the nature and
extent of tbo operations which bavo been ear*
Hod on for tbo improvement nf tbo channel,
sad to ascertain tbo amount of work remaining
tube executed to oomploto tbo same, and its
probable cost.
“That tbo linos of sounding taken were ex
tended across tbo channel from the Canadian
to too American shore, and that tbo results ob
tained show tbut the natural channel Is not that
*blcb the Department of Public Works has been
engaged In Improving during tbo past four
Jean, but Is one nearer to tbo American sboro.
“Tbut It Is known that In funner years this
channel (nearer the American shore) was tbut
forked out by tbo shore ranges for and fol
lowed by vessels, but that of late yours it bas
wen übandnned fur a more crooked and sbuulur
one on tbo Canadian side.
Thai from Information obtained from tbo olH
ferln charge of tbo Improvements being made
efthe Government of the United Suites In this
Hvertt would appear that the portion'of tbo
over lu which the Dominion bus been engaged
jnluierovlngbas been omitted in the oxumlim
uon made on tbo part of tbo United States Gov
‘That the existence of this bettor channel
Warcr to the American shore Is a serious mat
w.-uno which demands Investigation before
•py further expenditure bo made, to determine
absolutely tbo accuracy of the soundings taken
(anyear; because, if correct, n belter channel
uu bo hud at a leas expense by fallowing a
teurso nearer to tbo American shore than by
tonqilctlng tbo work undertaken by tbo Depart
ment of Public Works.
„ that tbo estimated cost of completing a aban
peiiUj feet In width and sixteen and a naif feet
maouibon tbo Canadian side Is $208,120, and to
Huaplbte one of the same width and depth near
,r to the American shore, $118,250.*'
jOpoa receipt ot tbo above information Mr.
laddressed a letter to Gen. WulUel, saying:
Bis obvious tbut we are under u pressing
“Wcfsity of taking hold of tbo work at this
juaii. and pushing it to completion ut tbo ourll-
St day possibio. with the appropriation of
DNMW) in tbo Blvor and Ilarlmr bill Just, passed,
"jaro near tlio consummation,—sixteen toot ot
in o' r between Lake Superior and Lake Hurpn.
i?'the present attitude of the Dominion Govern
~*ntrespecting the East Neubish Improvement,
u» ®:J ,r » , aumpUou that It would, In any ovont,
us In the work ut Luke George (to bo
tumpleteo, as 1 understand, In 1882), we are
it seems to mo, m view of tbo lm-
S.n.l e,lllur 9 Bl * affected by tho Increase in tbo
“nab of mis channel, to do this work, Irre
spective of what may bo Intended by tbo Do
““'on Uurcniiuunt,
cr ih u uru Probably fumlllarwith tbo character
i me work to be done In making a now channel
wi l . Uu American shore, and possibly can
eih . 11,10 work could bo completed in 1882
"huaLuku George will be finished), provided
KrM’UrmiHiiUon Is made next winter. 1 should
sanguine of our success la obtaining
, I ““°Hppr«prlatlon.”
JAQ. weluel replies us followsi
wn..M U .‘ luvo( tjceocded,Juai us I thought you
ti>). i* l u uu ntioiiiolal munucr In obtaining posl
•iM. llfl,rillul l°n upon a subject which 1 hud
«i ol m u v “ u ‘ to obtain olllclally.
th» t RB, 'd your letter to Mr. Noble, who is at
him i * ur ,l *s Infonmillon, and will direct
\Vo o° l,llßll tbo mailer of a channel an our side,
thl ,“ 11 undoubtedly make tbo channel through
Uui m 11 , ‘NvebUh, near mirshoru, by the time
iunf. Uo ‘-akeUeoige out Is made, and certainly
there is a change) long before there will
mieeu lout all over Lime Kilns Crossing."
■aiifalo papers Insist that the modified tariff
null rates published In Tut: Tkipunb a few
Unco Is entirely Incorrect. They claim
■v/ no tariff has been prepared ut*all. Tub
iscgc made no such claim either, but It did
kit. tllo tariff would,prguticuliy.be us
'u. «ovf. u is a fair preauuipOeu that buffalo
Insurance agents know no more nbout thin hull
tariff business than do tho Chicago agents who
arc* In constant correspondence with lliolr head
nlllces. Constantly ilia denials of tho dallies of
llml city an* mere Tho suggestion nl’
imothcr meeting of underwriters to settle this
Ini'.lt' quesilnn Is ridiculed by i-imin of (lid
ctiirmiH agents, imd, Judging from thoirCor
respondence, with good reason.
Capt. Calvin <’«rr reports having taken (for
Iho .I.tnn, itls itiomrhli. a risk of flO.Ote) mi tho
steam-barge Teeumseh for tho your nl fi',4 pur
cunt. Tho Teeumseh Is In tho A 2 class.
A private loiter from Chchdygmi, Mich., dated
March i», announces ns good tho prospect of a
reasonably early opening of navigation through
the .Straits of Maeklnae.
At Hai.-hett’s Harbor Inst week tho lee was
still solid, ami teams were engaged In drawing
wood over It from Hinny Inland to Bucket t's.
The hu> in tno American channel opposlt
Kingston Is beeiuning unsafe. One day last
week several teams broke through. A new
ronlo has been selected two miles above,
A letter from Owen Kontid.dated March 10,
says: “A party Just returned from Tober
mory states that Bin Ice mi Buko Huron Is fust
leaving, only Boat and drift lee being visible.
On (he slumls uml In small bays tho 100 Is null
solid. On inn flenrglan Bay, between Homo and
Cove Inlands, tho lee broke and drifted out lust
Friday. A much larger quantity than usual of
ties. square timber, telegraph pules, and posts
hnvo been got mil this winter, and Is strewn all
along tho snore and In every littlo harbor.”
Tho Cloveland lirmhl says: “Everything
points to a lute openlngof navigation tills spring.
The leo in tho lake Is still thick opposlt here,
nml from most othor points on the lake comes
tho same report.”
(.'apt. John Baltes.of Oswego, who lately bought
tho lug George Wright, of Port Hope, out., has
n letter from Cnpt. Wright In which ho says he
thinks Capt. Dalles ought to be there by the Ifith
of March or (hereabouts, as there Is a largo
quantity of pressed hay thoru awnitlug shipment
lo Charlotte uml Oswego.
According to tho Cleveland //<mfd “Vessel
owners are paying considerable attention to
charters, although thorn are not many of them
made Just now*. A number of coal charters hnvo
boon made at sl, mid tboro are loads which are
wnltingfor vessels at that price. It may be that
freights will go higher, hut there Is nothing cer
tain in regard to It. Vessel-brokers arc gene
rally reserved, and do not Ilko to prognosticate
or give charters at present.”
Tho schooners 1. N. Foster and Ella Murton
have boon chartered by tho llnltlinoro & Ohio
Railroad Company to carry coat from Sandusky
to upper lake ports.
Tho Toronto Globe says: “There Is no move
ment yet among vessel men In Toronto Harbor
in tho way of making engagements. It Is u cer
tainly that shippers have tillered (1.23 pm* 1,1)00
on lumber from hero to Oswego, but wo have not
heard of any vessel men having accepted a
charter at that rate. On tho contrary, (hoy aro
asking (I.3'j. Doth parties are lying ntf easily so
far. as there Is no hurry yet for two weeks or
more. About grain rates there Isaii uncertainly.
Shippers say they havo been tlgurlng and llml
that railway rales will leave them about oven If
they should pay tho vessels two cents from hero
to Kingston. This will bo no better than thu
rato Inst year. Nothing can be done with vessel
men on such a basis us that with lumber offering
at 91.23.”
Tbo old Hoard of Vessel-Owner* and Agents
(nut tbo newly* formed Vessel-Owners* Aosocin-
Hon. ns some might ho led to suppose) met in
annual session on Saturday afternoon and
elected tbo following olllcora for tbo ensuing
President—ll. S. Hoisted.
Vice-President—John M. Long.
Secretary—J. B. IlnlL
Treasurer—Wiley M. Egan.
No otuor business of importance was trans
Tho bull of tbo old schooner Kate Hlnehiumi,
which passed Into tho hands of Mr. Huuson, tbo
dealer In fuel, during tbo winter, Is under
going partial reconstruction below Chlcago-avo
into bridge. Tbo vessel will receive now quar
ters, one or two strokes of outside plank, new
deck-beams, deck, covering board, plunkshlre,
stanchions, rail, cabin, mid new spurs, with
partly new outfit. Tho Hlnchmun will re
enter tho service us a conrso-frelgbtor. Her rig
will bo that of n throe-unU-after.
A meeting of tbo Chicago Boaracn’a Benevo
lent Union Is to bo bold nt Us bull on West
Randolph street to-morrow evening for tbo pur
pose of nominating candidates for olllcors for
tbo ensuing year. Tbo clocUoti will occur n
week tutor. • .
Tbo Oswego Branch of tbo Chicago Union has
chosen tbo following officers: President, A.
Bklllon: Vice-President, Patrick McDonald;
Bccrctnrv, Martin Cummings. Patrick McDon
ald, Patrick Meagher, John Longhwuy, Charles
Bough, Samuel Wilson, David McAuluy, Martin
Cummings. John Smith, William Box, John eas
ier, David Flynn, Charles Verso, and Alexander
Bklllon were appointed Trustees.
ThoClovelnnd Branch of tbo Chicago Seamen's
Union held » meeting Thursday evening and
elected tho following olllcora; President, J. A.
Haukot: Vico-President, Charles Talgroens Sec
ond Vice-President. Harry Phillips: Beerotary,
James McGrath; Treasurer, James MoDonooll.
Norman Best, owner of onu-lmlf of tbo
schooner D. 0. Fort, has sold a onu-clghth In
terest In tbo vessel to Cnpt. Richard Daniels
and Charles M. Coe, of Oswego, for SI,OOO.
Toronto parties have purchased tbo schooner
Jessie McDonald. Price not stated.
The purchasers of tho schooner John Mageo
oro Cnpt. Charles H. lllpson, onc-lmlf.uud James
H. McCarthy und William 11. Marsh, one-fourth
each. Price 811,000.
Cnpt. .1. G. Cheyno and W. A. Nowell have sold
tho old schooner Arcturus to J. M. Jones, of De
troit, for SI,OOO.
Tbo following appointments of Captains for
tbo season of 1881 bavo boon nnnounced by tbo
Western Transportation Company:
Propeller Arabia—Cupt. Ktcbnrd Qardnor.
Propeller Uoston—Capt. Valentino Jones.
Propeller Bulfalo—Capt. James Drake.
Propeller Badger State—Capt. Alex. Clark.
Propeller Commodore—Cupt. William Dickson.
Propeller Chicago—Cupt, Edward Condon,
Propeller Empire Slate—Cunt. Delos Wnlto.
Propeller Fountain City—Capt. James Gibson.
Propeller Idaho—Capt. Burton Penny, .
Propeller Montana—Capt. J. H. Dlssott.
ProbollorMllwaukco—Cant. W. 11. Bounds.
Propeller Oneida—Cant, Hubert Jones.
Propeller Potomac—Cupt. J. Carlisle.
Propeller Vanderbilt—Cupt. J. Wilburns.
flweiai DiswilrA to Tht VhUaoo IVlPuna,
Cleveland, 0,, March 13.—A lurgoly-nttendod
meeting of tbo Cleveland Vcssfil-Owaurs* Asso
ciation was bold yesterday, President Bradley
presiding. Tbo action taken at tbo QonoralCon
veution In Chicago was approved, and an assess
ment of $5,00J ordered, to bo apportioned ac
cording to tbo tonnage reglstorod uttbo Custom-
Cunt. George Judson was appointed substitute
for 11. M. Haunu to nttoad tbo meeting nf tbo
General Executive Committee In Chicago March
hi. __
The sharp westerly wind yesterday drove the
Ice off this shore at Lake Michigan.
The smalt tug Frank Crane, belonging to the
Chicago Dredging St Dock Company, went Into
commission on Saturday.
Yesterday Ibo tug Flossie Tbloioko made a
reconnaissance up to Mud Lake, In the South
ilrnnch, for the purpose of ascertaining the
condition of the Ice in the slips and the possi
bility of reaching the schooner H. G. Andrews,
moored In A Slip, so us to transfer her to the
Chicago Company's West Hide dry-dock. The
Ice was found altogether too Arm to bo pene
trated by anything except an Ironclad tug.
With the exception of cue or two small Helds,
the Ice bus all disappeared from the Illinois Si
Michigan Canal between Chicago and Lcmont.
The lugs Mary MoLano, F. S. Uutler, Diamond,
aud brothers will occupy one of Miller brothers*
dry-docks to-day for calking and other repairs.
Thu MuLuno Is to be provided with anew driving
bearing. . ...
Un Saturday parties woro engaged In cutting
the small canal tug Albatross out of the 100 In
Empire Blip, near Twelfth street bridge. The
tug Is to be titled out fur active service at once.
Friday afternoon the schooner draco Murray
finished loading at the book Island b Elevator
(Flint St Thompson'si. The schooner 11. J. Webb
took the Murray's place umlur the spouts.
To-duy or to-murrow the steam-barge Lclond,
moored In Umpire Blip, will be transferred by
the tug Flossie Thloloko to Messrs, liruwur it
Curnovau's yard, near Edo struct bridge, for re
*UtSo schooner 11. F. Wade will bo lowed to the.
Chicago Company’s West Bide dry-dock to-day
for repairs. The tug American Eagle is booked
for docking at Miller brothers' yard.
The uuxt March storm, according to Vennor,
will occur on iho blih or nth.
The upper gorge lib the Maumee, above role
do, gave way on Friday. Tbs Ice went crushing
against the temporary span erected at the Penn
sylvuula bridge, and then formed a temporary
gorge against the piles supporting It. and
swerved the truck some twelve or fourteen
Inches out of position, so that It Is impossible
fur trains to cross over. At and below the
bridge the lee is still gorged aud piled up, but it
Is thought that it will get away without any seri
ous result. 1
The kuei of a new lumber barge for the Oral
wlek, tiiaUh & Fryer Lumber Company, of Do-
trnlt. Is bolng laid at tho shipyard of Iho Bailey
Brothers, Toledo. Her dimensions will bo 173
foot length of keel, ill foot beam, and 12 foot
depth of hold. Mho will bo furbished with three
musts, and Is to bu nno of tho best lumber
barges on tho Ink* *:. Thor' l h.i« b*'*m emisideru
bio delay In gening om timber on noroimt of
(helloed, and tho seasniMVlll bo well tidvanoud
before tho nuw barge will be ready to launch.
Fannie W. Davis, widow of tho Into It. U.
Dhvlb, tiled a bill In tho Circuit Court Kiitnrdny
against Knrvoy H. Bedell and tho Connecticut
Mutual Mfo-lnsiiriincu Company to compel thorn
to pay over to hur tho amount due on a paid-up
policy on her husband's life. Mho says that im
tho flth of February. IK7I. her husband beunmo
indebted to Harvey H. Ilodelt In the sum of f.VI,
and to seenro tho same gavo tho latter a note for
tho amount. Complainant also, ns further so*
eurlty, assigned to llodcdt n llfo-lnsiiranro pol
icy far 92,VJ.). w*hlch sho held on her husband's
life In tho Connecticut Mutual Llfe-lnsuranco
Company, tho expross understanding bclmr tlait
Iho policy should be surrendered on
paymentof tho note. In April, 1171. Davispald
923 on tho note, luuvhuf only ?.H uml Interest
still due. No premium wua liftcrwurd paid on
the policy, but in February, lM7if, liedcll snrrcn
dered It up to (ho Company and received u paid
up policy for payable to tho legal repre
ncmatlvoorit.lt. Davis. At that time llcdell
Imdnoothar title to tho nolluv than us umuro.
pledgee or mortgagee, and ho subsequently ad
mitted siieh fact. After Mr. Davis* death In
November last, .Mrs. Davis made due proofs of
loss. and ashed for payment of the amount duo
on (ho policy. Ilcdell, however, thou began In
make a claim that ho owned tho whole policy
absolutely, uml refused to give It up
even on payment of nil that wits
duo him with interest. elalmimr that
Davis assigned It to him In December, lt)7’». Com
plainant denies that such is tho fact, and she
contends Hint Dedcll can have no othor right
than she, tho owner of It, gave him by tho as
signment of lull, which Is a mere right to hold
tho pulley as security for his dobt. Tho Com
pany Is willing to pay tho money to whoever Is
entitled In It. and shemks that Bedell's Impu
dent claim may bo declared fraudulent, and that
tho money muy be paid over to her.
Among tho dlvurcu eases heard Saturday by
Judge Tnley was that of Sarah 13. liromwoll
against Henry 11. Drmnwell, In which charges
of Adultery wore madu against tho hus
band. One of tho witnesses called
to provo tho ehargo was Jenulo
(loodrleh, a keeper of A house of 111-fame on
Fourth avenue, who instilled liromwoll had re
peatedly visited her place. The Judgo’, on hear
ing her statement, ordered her, with many
apologies for his harshness. to he hound over to
the Criminal Court to await the action of tho
next UrnndJnryonhermvn admission that sho
kept a home of prostitution, tho bond being
llxed at f.VJJ. Tuts, and tho recent action of
.Judge Banmiu In Committing to Jail a witness
who confessed ho Imd been a irequontor of such
a place, wIH pretty etfoetualiy put a stop to this
method of proving charges of marital unfaith
Frances L. Forsyth Hind a bill Saturday against
James 11. Forsyth. asking for a dUorco uti tbo
irrmind of cruelly ami drunkenness.
F.lmhm Nllson asked font like decree against
Elof Nllson on similar grounds.
And Adolf F. Hullstrom from Mathilda J.
Ilullslrom on account of bur desertion.
Tbo following bills for divorce weto Hied
Thursday and I’Vlday, but suppressed for sorvlcos
Samuel». lllosonfeld from Josephine Illosenfold
on thnground of adultery: Georg*) E. Humphrey
from Emma L. Humphrey on (ho ground of
drunkenness and adultery: and Emma Class
from Christian F. Class for cruelty.
Mario Summer also wants a decree against her
husband, Lndlslaus Sommer, for tbo samorea
Jinlgo Jameson Saturday granted a divorce to
Amanda Weeks from Albion Weeks on tbo
ground of cruelty.
A. J. Snell commenced a suit in trespass Satur
day against Frank Holcomb, It. V. Splkons,
Frank Wullf, Joseph Tilley, Michael Moran,
Walter llicdonbnrg, and tbo Village of Jefferson,
to recover §B,OOO damages.
Caleb W. Webster sued William C. Dow for
Emil Dlotzscb, for tho uso of Nathan Hubbard
and others.brought suit hi debt fur 83,000 against
Nathan S. Pock und John Phillips.
There Is a serious row among tbo Directors of
tbo Chicago Furniture Workers’ Association,
and Saturday William S. Hart, William Fors
borg, anil J. L. Swenson, claiming to bu tbo law
ful Directors and stockholders of tho Associa
tion, tiled n Idll ngnlnst W. M. Thom, 11, W. Itn
laml, F. Baubor, William Just,,). VanUuissellng,
Jens 11. Ibsen, and tho Association itself, to
compel them to pormlc complainants to exercise
tho rights of Directors, amt to see and examine
tho books of tbo Association. Complainants
also ask fob leave to Hlo tin - Information to in
qnlro by what right tho defendants attempt to
not us Directors.
Judge Drummond—General.
Judge Ut.oua btt— Set case 411, Johnson v.
Hamlll. No case on trial.
Ai’i’KM.ATB Court—ls. 40, 47, 48, 49. No caso
on bearing.
Judge Gary—79 to 81, 85, 151. 100. £lO, 255 to
859. No. 1,159, Wlnir vs. KlrcholT, on trial.
Junou Smith—lTeilminary cull Nos. 500 toMO,
Inclusive. Trial mill 2,170, 2.4K2. 2.483,2,401.2.502.
2,500, 2,80 H. No. 2,450, Culver vs. buy, on trial.
Judge Wim.iamson—Assists Judge Gary. No.
4,(M1. Isaacson ve. Hotschlld, on trial.
Judge Jameson—Contested motions.
Judge (Jaudnku—Contested motions.
Judge Booeiih—3l3, JBS, Bt7, Bio. No. 339,
Hedges vs. Hurst, on trial.
Judge Antiidsv— No prollmlnnry call. Trial
call 91.177, JOT, 809, 810,1113, 810,817,018,319,825.
No enso on trial.
Judge Tudey—Contested motions.
Judge Haiinum—Contested motions.
Judge Loomir—Sot case No. 920, and Nos. 8,
11,47, 9), Ml, 125, 143. 200. and 222.
Judge Mohan-Nos. 210,217,218, 673, 033, 915.
900.902,905. 90J, and 991.
Judge Hawes—Nos, UOB, COS, 805, and 752.
United States Ciucuit Couiit— Blod
gett—A. F. Hatch vs. John E. Burton. $841.03.
Elkhart Starch Company vs. George A. Hyors,
*BS. /
United States District Couht Judge
Bmhioett—United Stales vs. Joseph O. Barker
and Lynn 1). Herrick, $1,900.
vs. Samuel IC. Martin. $412.05.—T. Y. England ot
ai. vs. William Q. Kerrigan, $510.00.
Ottawa, Hi., Murob 12.—The following wore
tbo Supreme Court proceedings:
16. Hay ot ai. vs. Muokln: error to First Dis
trict; motion allowed and time extended live
days to tllu reply briefs.
M. McCall, administratrix, vs. Moss; error to
Second District; motion allowed and time ox
tended to fifteen days from last Thursday to tile
48. Buranor, administratrix, et ul. vs. Bisson ot
al., appeal from Second District; motion to re
lax ousts allowed.
15. Fuller vs. Bates; appeal from Second Dis
trict; motion allowed; procedendo will Issue In
40. Clifford, etc., vs. Hester et al., error to
Second District; motion allowed; writ will be
98. Town of CMwogo vs. Kellogg; motion will
bo reserved until final bearing or the caso.
20. Burgctt et al. vs. Paxton et al,; petition
for rehearing granted.
9. Fisher vh. Tbo People: motion for super
sedeas allowed: plaintiff will bo admitted to bull
In the sum of SI,OOO.
18, o. D. Motion by defendant in error for
extension of time to file briefs.
72. Hutchinson vs. Howo; appeal from Su
perior Court, Cook County; motion by appellant
for live days' extension of lime to Ula reply
101. Alston St Wheeling Gravel Head Company
vs. People ox rol. Pierce; motion for leave to
withdraw tbo record.
4. Kuril vs.Tbo People; error tnCrlmlnal Court,
Cook County; motion by defendants for exten
sion of time to tile briefs.
10. Holbrook, dev., ete. vs. Forsythe; motion
by appellees to vacate order granting a bearing.
. 11. Holbrook,dev.,etc. vs. Kirk at al; same
03. Union Bulling Mill Company vs. Olllon; ap
peal from First District; taken on call.
80. Union Mutual Life-Insurance Company vs.
Spaidsetab; appeal from Superior Court, Cook
County; taken on call.
99. Tbo Village of Hyde Park vs. Fifth Nation
al Bank of Chicago; argued orally by Fuller.
Trumbull, and Thompson, and taken: live hours'
lime was given by the Court fur parties to argue
the cusu.
HM. Humphrey etui. vs. Alien, Ileoelvor, etc.;
argued orally by Wiley and Null, and taken.
103. Humphrey vs. Mortou et ah; taken.
Cmntok, U., March Lb—An association of
Odd-Fellows belonging to ledges In Eastern
luwa, for the purpose of observing the anni
versaries of the Order, was formed at Lyons
yesterday, and stops weep taken for a grand
celebration there April tw. J. C. Hopkins, of
Lyons, was elected President: G. A. Gray, of
Marion, Vice-President: P. I*. Kettoning. of Ue
Witt, BeereUry: aud blohard Price, of Cltulen,
No one can bo slok If the stomach, blood, bver,
and kidneys aro well., Uup bitters keeps them
Another Carrier Brought to Grief for
Stealing Money-Letters.
T.jsnmlcr Tiffany, Ono of the Oldest Km
[ilnycs In tho Ofllce, (lie Culprit.
He Was Sent to Jail in Default of
$3,000 Ball.
Auolhor long-time nml systematic robber of
tho United Hiutes malls has come to grief hi the
person of LysimderTlirnny, a limn uver.V) years
of age. who has been thirteen years employed
hi this city ns a letter-carrier, uml who was al
wnyslooked upon aa a trustworthy man. There
arc many persons lit Chicago who know him, he
having mam at one Unto proprietor of tho old
Tremnnt House stables. Hols particularly well*
known In sporting circles, and his large circle «if
ncaualntunccs, and cspcciullythoHOon the South
Side mute, where he served tho mall, will be as
tonished to learn of his arrest. Tiffany's tie
toetlon was tbu result of long and
patient watching and clover detective work on
tho part of .Special* Agent Stuart, who has charge
of the Chicago Division, and l*o»M)iHcc Inspcct
urs Seyholt and llcaslutw. Those olllcers will
testily that they saw Tlirany stealthily secure
lour letters at the I’ust-OJllco yesterday noon,
conceal them In a coat pdeitet, ami when arrest
ed at tils Imine. near the corner of Wen Van
Ihircn hired uml Marshfield avenue. In an hour
afterward. the same letters were found con
cealed in the pocket of a pair of paiitiilooiis In n
elo*et, where theyweru placed by the prisoner
and uckuowledgi.'ii by him to have been taken
from the I'om-UIHco but an hour previously.
Thueusu of Tiffany Is Hlmlhir to that of Koos,
dross. L’oey. and others, ull of whom were de
tected In tho act
OK nonni.vo THE .MAILS
and were sent to the Penitentiary. Cocvwns but
lately pardoned out by ox-President Hayes,
upon wnom tho litliueiieeof prumlnunt men was
brought to bear In his bolmll.
l-or a long Dm,; past complaints of missing
letters containing money have been made nt tbo
Fost-Oillcu by merchants mid others, and Special-
Agent Smart was quite ofum Informed of mem,
but among tho many employes in tho I'ost-Uilleu
It was a difficult matter to fasten the guilt upon
any one, much less upon u man like TllTuny,
who hud so long tmd the conlMcnce of his su
periors uml, in fact, of all with whom he came in
contact. Du was believed to bo in good circum
stances, nml, therefore, such a thing us his re
sorting to tho opening of letters and
stealing tho money they might contain was nut
entertained. Hut tho Special Agent' uml his
assistants pursued mo search vigorously at all
times, and sometimes under tho most trying cir
cumstances. mull they saw Tiffany abstract tho
lour loiters above mentioned from a box at bis
desk la tho Carriers' Department, and carry
thorn home. Tllfmiy was employed yesterday
noon at his de*k In Dio I’ost-Olllee, tho same us
other carriers Immediately about him. Tho
three officers above named saw him take out tbu
four letters from a box. put a couple uf rubber
bands around ihotii, and then doxtrously place
them behind him on a chair or stool.
He sat down on them for a moment,
and In a few moments afterwards, looked
cautiously about to sue that no one
observed. He (hen adroitly thrust his bund be
hind him and placed tho loiters In an outside
pocket of his overcoat. To cover his manipula
tion of the package ail tho more he took out of
another pocket hm handkerchief mid placed It in
that where tho letters wore. Ouo of tho letters
was addressed to tho Western Nows Company,
another to John It. Anderson & Co., No. 40 Kun
dolph street, and came from Demurest A; Coe, at
Muscatine, la. A third was loU. Becker, No. tkl
Wuliash avenue, from D. W. Mull, of Cannons
burg. 0.. and the fourth to John Kninz, confec
tioner at Nob. 78 mid HO Statu street. Noun of
them wero opened when found at Tiffany's
house, mid all wore received in tho malls yes
Tltfimy was appointed a letter-carrier by
Frank snormaii when that gentleman was I'on
master, and was at one time, before he entered
tbo Government employ, reputed tube worth
SitJ.IM), which Is mild to have been lost by Dio
payment of a note given by a brother, and which
be Indorsed. Ho has three married daughters,
and resided In tho name house with one of them.
'l'lirany became dissolute and Intemperate In his
habits, and wits reformed nt tho Washingtonian
Home. Du was committed to Jail last evening
In default of Hff.ooo ball on the mittimus of
United Slates Commissioner Iloyne, uml will bo
examined before tho Itittor this morning at 10
The amount of Tiffany's peculations from let
ters cannot be arrived at, nor. Is It known over
how long a period of time they have extended.
Aroportorof Tm: TitniUNE called ut lho Jail
last evening and »uw Tilfany, who’.declined to
give any statement concerning the matter. Hu
merely said that he wan innocent ol-
ntion tu steal tho letters and breaktheac open.
Appearances, ho confessed, wero against hint,
but nn innocent man was Kimolltncs arrested
for crlmo ho had not uommlttcd. Ho did not do
slro to say anything further about tho matter
until ho hud consulted an attorney, lie said
his Hiuldcii and unexpected arrest ami thrown
him into a framoof mind that would not Just
then permit of his making an Intelligent state
ment of tho nlfulr. Tito reporter asked him If It
was customary for tho carriers tu (alee letters
from tho I’ost-Oillcu and carry thorn about in
their pockets und to their homos, and Tilfany
said It was done moro or loss In eases wlipro they
have misdelivered letters and roturmyf to the
places and taken them up. That was about all
the Information that tho prisoner would give.
Tilfany Is a man of about medium bight, sharp
features, intelligent in speech and manner, and
seemingly cool and collected. He Is u widower.
HU FrlondM Indulge In a Jollification
There wiiti tm outpouring of Aid. Stuuber's
Communistic friend* fu ilia Fourteenth Ward at
Aurora Turnor-Hull yesterday nttornoou to
jollify over his victory In tbo contest witbJ.J.
McUnitbfora scat in tbo City Couuull. The
main door of tbo ball wua aboutllUod.andamong
tbo audience were a few Indies.
Thoassomhlago was called to order by Peter
Peterson, who lias been a conspicuous friend of
Staubor, mid who now wants a seat beside him
lu tbo Connell, and Air. lilulun wua called to
preside. In taking tbo chair Mr. Itlnhm an
nounced tbo object of tbo meeting, and Intro
duced Mr. Pendenmat, Stuuber's attorney lu tbo
contest, us tno speeuntmiker of tbo occasion.
Uosuokoatßomo length, repealing nil that ho
bad over before said on tho sumo subject,
dwelling upon tbo purity of tbo ballot-box mid
the grandeur and majesty of tho law. adding
that tbo victory of Humber would only bo half u
victory unless those who bad tampered with tbo
ballot-box In tho ward at tho Aluornmnlcclce
tlon lust spring woro punished.
Tho Secretary tbon announced that tbo seat
ing of Staubur bud uost about £WO, mid that less
thiiii half of that amount hud boon contributed,
and introduced a series of resolutions providing
for tho taking up of a collection to muko up tbo
detlclunoy. Tbo resolutions were adopted. Tbo
bat was passed mid £l7 wua realized.
Thu Secretary next read tho following, wblcb
was also adopted:
WfiKitßAS. Tho Circuit Court mid the Appel
late Court, by tliolr decision, have said that tbo
manipulation by tbo Judges of election In tho
Seventh Precinct of tbo Fourteenth Ward in (be
last spring election was u fraud and forgery: and
Wiikuiuh. Nearly a year baa passed since
Qlbosand Walsh, tbo criminal election Judges,
were buhl over to tho Criminal Court, mid our
Stuto's-Attornoy bus taken no step to pnnlsb
those criminals: butt
/frxo'ivd, lly tbo ullixcns of the Fourteenth
Ward assembled In muss* mooting, that we de
mand of our Hlato's-Attorney—one servant—
that ho speedily do tils duty and bring tbo In
dicted criminals to a trial.
was tho next speaker, and spoke In Gorman. It
was the sumo old ■ pooch, and tho applause eamu
lu at the usual places. He was ipilte bitter
against Gibbs and Walsh, maintaining that they
wore guilty of high treason, and that they should
Biitfor tho extrema penalty of tho law, und
thought tho city owed those who bad stood by
Htauber u lasting uebt of gratitude.
Itesuluiions were introduced returning thanks
to Mr. Btuubor's attorney for whnt ho hud done
in getting him his seat, nud to Judges Moran anil
W. K. MuAUIbUt for their Imlopundencu und
impurtiaiUv lu passing upon the questions laid
before thorn. The resolutions spoke of Judge
MoAUlstui- as “That heroic, fearless, Immune
Judge, who is the servant of no party, tho echo
of no uitnuns, tho tool of uu faction.—the Judge
to whom the people hud to by for the preserva
tion of their right of public assemblage, train
whom they bud to seek protection in tho right
of trial by Jury, when it was sought by an lu
famousso-ealUid ‘tramp’ law lu make poverty
a crime," aud wuro adopted with a hurrah.
tho boro of tho hour, was next called for. and
spoku brlolly. Hu ruturnud thanks to those who
hud stood by blm lu ibo contest hu hud gone
through, uud reminded bis boururs that many
who had boon lighting him wuro again asking
for olllce, und tout they had a duty to perform.
Hpcuklngof the majority of (ho Council, ho
culled thorn “unscrupulous. Infernal, untiring,
miserable scoundrels." whom hu denominated
Runtlcmen. hu said, when hi his seat in that
ody, “simply ns a matter of cilquet,” believing
(burn to bd anything else. His speech was very
tamo uud a disappointment to ibo audience, and
at Its oouoluilou tho meotlug adjourned.
2b Pis Editor 0/ 1M VUUugo TrUmrw.
OuiCAflo, March Id.—Mr. Sidney Thomas al
leges mUinuuagomontut ihoUld People's Homo,
-probably he Is right; such institutions aro al
ways more or loss badly controlled. Uut there
Is one odd feature of bis pathetic story about
tho old lady who was dismissed trom further
participation iu t|io Homo's discomforts by th«
receipt of n curt lollor wbllo she was nwnv on a
vl«it. Hays sympathetic and rhetorical Mr.
"Through this cold March storm. while f am
writing this article, thin ot<l Imlv is jm^tilmr her
foolMeps to the door of tho Dome. thorn to ho
spurned .ok} “pit upon. mid driven out into tho
storm nnl sleet tvlili it broken heart."
That's 100 hnO. Hut why hi thunder didn't
Mr. Thomas go himself. rnvo Dio poor woman
the trip, uml write hie letter afterwards? W.
111. Nnn.Appotntlilptlt to n Cnhlnnt
Position—No 111 mii p point me nt on lli«
Part— The Oeslro for lll** Giiberiialo
rlnl Ueiioinlimtloii.
Sjvetui Dopjtffv to 77i« CTife/iflo lYibunc.
Cm.itMhtrs. 0., March Ll.—Tho Demoerallo
pairors In Ohio have expressed no little grief
that dm*. Foster was not selected by President
darlleld to fill a Cabinet portion. Their efforts
to make It appear that the Governor is sadly
disappointed, and that tho new Administration
has made a great mistake, find but few In
dorsers among tbo Republicans, and those. It
might he stated, arc only vexed at (holr own
misfortune, for bo It known that tho chances of
tholrnwn advancement in political life largely
depended upon tho Governor's entering tho
Cabinet, Then) bo a few who are sadly disap
pointed; but that their Interest wont no further
than thoir personal aspirations, Is now quite
Gov. Foster, nationally, had no aspirations
whatever lo vacate tho office ho now holds fur n
Unbind oillcc, While ho would have accepted
had (he President desired, he lung ago Informed
Prenldcnt Gnrlinld that he had no vanity to
gratify by being tho recipient of such an tumor,
Another reason which might—and very probably
did—make tho Governor lukewarm about going
Into tho Cabinet was that It would give rise to a
story that it was a bargain made at tbo time ho
withdrew from (ho Senatorial contest. That
Gov. Foster has been greatly annoyed by tho In
discreet utterances of bis political friends, has
long been apparent.
There has always been one agreeable feature
noticeable to nil newspaper writers who have
called upon Gov. Foster for Information of a
political nature, and that is Ids open
and frank manner of expressing himself.
If he could answer tho question asked,
ho would say so frankly. If engaged at
tho lime, he would name an hour when ho would
oo at leisure. There has never heen that eva
sive and mysterious air assumed by him which
would lead one to suspect that there was a hid
den moaning In bis replies; and It Is generally
admitted that Gov. Foster is iho most easily ap
proached of any public man In the Htnte.
A few days prior to going to Washington,
there were ten correspondents in bis ofllce at
otm time. Thu Governor, looking up from Ins
desk, surveyed tho crowd, mid laughed out
right. •• Well, what have I done now?''
Inquiry was made us lo tho Cabinet, when ho
replied: “I do not know a thing about it inure
than any of you. I have no particular aspira
tions In that direction."
nun of tbo number Dion spoke up and said:
•Ttuvornop, If you go Into tho Post-Ollloe De
partment, you can give iih an oillue. can’t you?”
•* Vos." tut replied, •• every one of yim shall go
to Washington If Igo. It will be a mutter of
self-protection oil my part to have you oil along.
Vou represent about nil the bit? papers there
ore. mid It will save me being annoyed with (tut*
ting ueipuilnled with a now crowd. Hut.” bind
he, “ 1 wouldn't thako auy very elaborate nr*
rangcMnetm about going."
Charlie Foster stands high, very high, In Ohio
to-day,—much stronger than before he wan
elected (inventor of the .State: and, when it was
settled that ho not gu into (Jarlield's Cab
inet. there was a reeling of relief nmomr He
publicans. there being nmny who regarded the
ideiitctiimt-Uoveriior as a weak successor
to Foster: and then there is a universal senti
ment demanding that the (iovernor accent a re--
iioinlimnun this year. It Is tlio off year in Ohio
politics, and many fear (hat the Democrats
might he successful, ns they were the year fol
lowing Mr. Hayes' election. With Foster there
would bousenseofeecurityfrom the start; this
the Democrats acknowledge. The present Ad
ministration has lieon a clean one, though the
presonl General Assembly has done the party
no good, but. on the other hand, has furnished
a good supply of ammunition for the Demo
crats to use next summer. If (Sov. Foster will
accent a ruaomlmulon, ho will go In with a
whirl; hut, should he decline, and a new man be
nominated, the Democrats may again bo able to
repeat the story of 1H77.
Tlic Duulhli West India Island* Again
for Sale—Project o( Their Purehtmo by
the United State* Attain Agitated.
Wasiiisuton, U. C., March 11!.—Last August It
was telegraphed from Havana that tho French
were In treaty with Denmark for tho purchase
of tho Islands of St. Thomas and St. John. Tho
report was not credited then at tho State De
partment, fur the reason that President Hayes
had reiterated wtmt his predecessor found It
necessary to say,—that any attempt to transfer
the colonial possessions of Denmark on this
continent to another European nation would be
regarded as an unfriendly out, and treated ns
such. In making this announcement in tho
Now York Herald last August there was also
added upon tho same authority that It wan olll
dally known that the Islands wore tor sale, and
tnoro was a nope that sooner or later they would
bo bought by tho United States. Tho subject Is
again revived by tho publication In thof/rmidof
to-day of a communication from St. Thomas to
tho effect that the United States is anxious to
buy, and that Denmark Is ready to sell. Mr.
mile, tho Danish Charge d'Alflros, says tho
islands or St. Thomas and St. John tiro fur sale,
but If the United Slates desires to purchase
them thoro must not boa repetition of tho net
of IM7. by which the treaty entered Into by Den
mark was ignored by tho Senate, though nearly
three yean* were allowed In which to cousum
nmlo negotiations. Of course lie knew nothing
of tho source of tho writer’s Information, ami
oven If such negotiations wero pending and pro
gressing under tho last Administration, tho
present one would not bo bound, according to
American precedent, to curry out tho agree
Ilogardlng Mr. Illllo's diplomatic position, it
might ho inferred that If the United States really
wishes to buy tho Danish West India Islands
tho way to proceed Is fur Congress to place tho
necessary amount at tho disposal of the Statu
Department, and with such assurances of
earnestness and fair dealing negotiations
broken nil in 1870 can now bo
renewed. Uis evident that tho Danish Govern
ment sUllreseiils tho humiliation pat upon hor
by the failure of ourSeimto to ratify tho treaty
negotiated In tho days of Secretary Seward, and
cares only to proceed to business hereafter in u
buslitess-liko way.*
At tho State Department the only Information
that could ho obtained was, that during Presi
dent Hayes' Administration no such negotia
tions wero thought of, and since President Gar
hold hud been Inaugurated (hero had not been
time to think of so important a matter. Never
theless thoro la a reasonable certainty that tho
development of tho hitoroccaulo ennui subject
has renewed tho Importance of possessing (ho
harbor of St. Thomas us a naval station, and that
tho wholu question may bo reopened In a short
time In a direct and practical way. The basis of
auch negotiations will bo furtbur strengthened
by concessions hearing upon another outlying
post In tho Paclilo, through which tho merits of
tho Moitroo doctrine. It is said, tiro tu bo main
tained una no longer proclaimed.
A Hl}'ilorloiii7litb Appear* at Itlldiitglu
mid llnui* Her Nuppo«od Murderer*
on a Tree*
Lrrrt.u Kook, Ark., March 11,— I Tho sequel to
the tragic murder of Miss Ishmuoi, uuur Jones
boro, Craighead Comity, was learned to-duy.
Tho negroes arrested on suspicion of tho murder
woro Green Harris, John Woods, Giles Deck, aud
Hurt Harkins. Tho wero examined at New
Haven Church, seven miles north of Jonesboro,
before Justices of tho Peace Akers and Jackson,
and by them committed and ordered to Jail to
await the notion of the Grand Jury at tho up*
preaching Circuit Court. Pending their removal
to prison tho prisoners were placed hi thochuroh
under a strong guard, the Intention being to
lodge thorn In the Jonesboro Jail early the next
morning. The examination drew together
hundreds of people, aud the excited crowd
swarmed Into the church during the
examination or tho accused or gathered on tho
grounds without thu edition discussing the
tragedy in low, significant tones. Thocxamlna-
Hon occupied some lime, and night had fallen
mo it was concluded, when tho prisoners bud
been disposed of us before slated, and tho people
begun lu withdraw.
Threats had been made of lynching, but many
Intineniiul planters dlscuimuniunuud such pro
ceeding, urging that (bo law, If allowed to take
Its course, would avenge the crime. H was sup
posed that their counsel hud effect, ami that tho
prisoners would be dispatched by legal means.
Thu guards uroiiml thu church wore doubled
however, in anticipation of mob violence. This
anticipation was unhappily realized. About (he
hour of midnight, when (ho guards were be
ginning to (eel drowsy, they wero aroused by tiio
sound of approaching footsteps, which came
from thu vicinity of the adjacent woods.
Tho next Instant, us if by magic, a
crowd of masked uien, variously estimated at
from SWO to hud, •prang out from thu shadows
of the trees nud, surrounding thu church,
dumauuod thu prisoners. Tho request not being
compiled with, tho guards wero ovorimwored in
a twinkling, the doors aud windows of tue roue
/rumu building smashed In. and the terrlUvd
negroes drugged out aud liustlci to tho nearest
tree. Tho prisoners begged niuiously for inclr
Ives, but tbolr captors wore deaf to uil entreaty,
aud in loss than tlfteoii minutes after their
capture thu (our negroes wero dangling la thu
nlr in tho agonies of death. nil having boon sus
pended on ono and tho same tree.
Having completed tholr ghastly work flic
lynchers silently dispersed. leaving tho bodies of
tliotr vi<?llnin ntll) banging, and presenting n
horrid spectacle in ihg pale moonlight. im (ha
night wind*) swayed thorn to and fro. It Is said
Unit nil tho negroes confessed tholr frit lit beforu
thoy were hanged, Tho excitement in tho vicin
ity of the scene has subsided. Tho hotter class
of planters deprecate tho means employed tor
tho punishment of tho crime, though thoy hold
Ihnt tho murderers of Miss Ishinnel deserved
swift Justice.
•fjwddl lltspaffh la Y7i< (7ft| tngo Tribune.
Inkianaj'oms, Ind., March 12.—Dispatches
hnvo boon received here to-night front different
hurts of tho Stnlo calling attention to im error
in tho printing of tickets for Monday's election
on tho Constitutional amendments. Tho errors
Imvo been mndo by tho electrotypes, and opiumra
Inaboutilpcrcontof J..V»,0000i tho tiukots Is
sued hy tho Hecrutnry of State, It consists In u
mixing of Amendments Band U, part of ono be
ing included In tho editor. It has boon didlnltly
ascertained that tho number of Incorrect tick
-els Issued is not largo enough to affect tho elec
tion, and there need bo no ground of apprehen
7b (A< irritrm Aimiatrd Prtn,
I-.vaksviu.k, ind., March 12.—1 t Inis been dis
covered that Serious errors hnvo been made in
printing the ballots for tho election to bo held
on tho 14th upon tho proposed amendments to
tho Ktate Constitution. Tho law Imposed tho
management of this business upon tho Secretary
of State, who was to'huve primed tho h-illots for
all tho counties In tho State. Thrsu ballots were
to be uniform, nnd were to have on them the
text ol tho amendments, with tlio words. "Yes "
and "No" under each of thorn. A ticket has
been received from Spencer County, said to bo
exactly dike the ones sent Micro for use. which
hus several of tho intendments transposed:
some portions being ttpsfdo down, and tho sense
being entirely destroyed.
Hr*cM lllipalth fo 7Tie iVUrago 7VUiunt,
Ti.iNsiMi, March 12.—The Amllior-donornl has
complied a table from the reports of Comity
Treasurer* snowing tho number of liquor-deal
ers lit tho State In ISTII and IKBO and the tax col
lect ml fur ciioh year. Tho total number uf
dealers in 18TU was 4.2551. and the total amount of
lux collected was SWI,H|». For I RSI tho number
of dealers, with reports from all but tho Counties
of Delta nuti (Jiadwlii. was :i.Tn:i. with SIRT..VU of
tax collected. These llgnres show a decrease of
P.M In the Stale in IR4) as com
pared with Ih*». while tho lax colleeted
was SW,T4O greater In 18*) than in tho previous
year. This decrease In dottier* nnd Increase In
tax colleeted Is tho result of tho tax law of IR7i>,
which took effect In IQR). Deiuio L’onntv reports
"Nary a saloon I" and Wayne County ulono
shown a decrease of saloons. Theso figures
aro held to bo an eloquent argument la favor ot
retaining tho present olllcicnt law.
Spfttal Dltpateh to 7V Chlatw Tribune
Madison, WU., Mnroli ie.—Nearly Dll tlio
b-jrlshitoni hnvo irono homo to have n rest lifter
the HeimtorlftltlKhl. There Is some talk of ail*
JournltiK to (liolTiUi. but thoro nvo bllU of Im
portant cborncler cnoutrb to Keep (hum boro till
April, If they uro oarolulh* vntisideml.
Hutcui IHtvdteh Jo The cuta uro TVfbunr.
Madison, Wk, March IX—There bus boon In
troduced In iho yeimto li'il bills. Of these,
eluliteeu have been JmlollnlUy postponed uml
ninety-two passed, leaving HI In tbo hand*of
the Semite to bo noted upon, which Includes
nenrly nil tbo Important bills, ineludtmr the Ap
propriation bills for tbo State institutions. Tlio
Assembly has sent to tho Semite 116 bills. Tbo
Senate has acted on seventy-one of those, lonv
liik 1-1 Assembly bills on Us bonds, nmkinjr
u total of 1103 bills in (bu Senate to be acted
upon. There will probably be-MO more Assem
bly tdlls to come from tbo Assembly, which
makes a total ol PU bills to receive action on by
tho Somite. There Is In tho Assembly over SMI
bills which have not been acted upon. It will
require close and constant work to clear tho
calendars and adjourn by tho Ist of April.
Nonotuek Silk Co/s uneijualcd “Florence
KiiUUuk Silk." for ladles* and ironts' hose, wrist
lers. etc., IM State street. Uuy Florenco and
none other.
1 1 A. VKUL i' ’ S TII EAT II U.
J. 11. TIAVKIIbV.. Mainu.’i'r nnd Pronrlctor
(Doors open at Imlf-iniwt T!_curuln risen ntiij
For 7 Nights ana £ Matluei-s only.
Thin Monday and /-* * Ml l I C
Friday KvonUius VMIWIL.L.ta.
ln**c.March H. 19. for the ilrsi time hurt-,
and iw, as Slnraiu-rlto Qnutlcr
Tuin*Uar Hronlntt Pint IP
Bill! VVcdni'Mlnr riyUC*
Matlnci*. Alurcll FAJCSV »AVhM*OUT
liinrid lil, a* aiubol Hontrow
I I. i'liY OF I.lOXil.
[Fanny Unrunport im Fautlnn
Weanu'dar Kreu>
IllH, Mucli 10.
Thursday evening,) IKOV-FitO IT.
March 17. [Funny l)i>rnn|iort in UUbcrto
haturday Nlubt, I.ONUU.V ANML’It AN'Ott
Double mil aml OUV£U TWIST.
Jiouoimult and Fanny Imvonjiorlna
Dickens. J.ndy liny nnd Nuncy Hykes
Sunday l-rmiliiß. I I.KAII,
March ift). I Fanny Dnvemiort ns.
C'lurk-sU ommslto Court-House.
This Monday Nlaht. every nlahl this wnokAVcduca
day and Saturday Mutinous. tlio favorite Arlsts,
In tboir now, successful, nnd excruciatingly funny
Happortoil br their aupnrb Mu'lcnl Comedr Company.
Monday, Murcli 21—Duljr'n "Amblnn Night,” with
Upland Hood mid n|iluiullu Company.
Mondar.Tueedny,Wednesday, mid Thursday NlgtitM,
Or. Tbr Old I'urlnilty
Friday and Saturday Mulitu nml Saturday Matinee,
IRll't Or, I'oliU Lynilr l.lulit.
Wen Hide, lluls|ml-»(.. near Madison.
WM. EMMt.’IT Sole Proprlolnr.
Krcry Ktaiiliiii »»d Matinee* tbtft week.
In Specialties.
MISS RFFIT3 JOHN'S, tn bur now drams.
Sunporlml by GKO. I.KAUOCK uml lliu Stock Co.
Aumlaidnii— Evening* und Sunday Mullnru, If*. 3V,
and Qtc. Wed. snd HaU Matlnooa, IS. ID, und 10c, Seals
cun bo auuured by bntb Kdlaon und Hell telephones.
Fuu lieulna und continues tn
MQ.NDAV. March 14.
STANUING-llOllM OM.V. Tim “Grunt Hit" re
peated. I.AST NIGHT AN OVATION greeting tbu
return of WII.MH UlMllJl.Vrt •Si'AltKH“ In tbu
Uiialnt und (incur imulcul conceit,
DREAMS; Or, Fun In a Photograph Caller/.
With Ha KxipiUltn Music, I'lomnil Co.Umio*. Mlrlblul
n nnvol mechanical effect.
•• Dream*” every avoiiliitf and Mulinuua Wudneaduy
und Saturday. .
r undny, March Ml—Mr. uud Mr*. McKuu llunklu'a
2 “Ull, HOW,” *1
Every Evening ntd, Mntlneua Wodnoaday, Saturday,
und Sunday,
Sprague's Georgia Minstrels.
Hu I’alrlck’i Day, TliimOujr, MaruU 17—A liruud
Kztra UiUiuttt.
p p
H "TUe wdoiiit wimlt u( t’tiuiuiuoo. H
Art) word*, 1 **!«*»« »U Wain-"' Q
o o
iIOMUAV) lUrcbU.
Swallowing Poison.
Nwitllotvlnanml tnlmilns the noxious Impurities
generated liy catarrh. poison notaionu mo nns.il or
(mn*. mu tho 'toiruu'li nml Inna*. .\n merely tnent
remedy, IlU<- il'Michus.aiiil In-olnldo xnutTs. enn i»os*
rllily roai li or nrndlcalo IPO virulent siioruln* of
I'nlnrrli. This fact o\|>lnlns Um wonderful euros
eilvi'lHl lif J)r. \Vrl lie Meyer's now Inueiilntlvo
(ruiilment. Tim elements used hr Mm nru nhanrl>«it
l>y tlio iifncrms tm-mbmnn thrimcmnit (ho system and
form n con *t It 1111 n nit Ins well ns local nnildoto, as
certain to (■mm Catarrh, ns vncclno virus Is to pro
yuntMmniM’ox. its nnnreordemo'l ralo with unw
llclUml testimonials from many thousand* who, at nil
■ (mbps of Um disease, have linen cured by this
wonderful remedy, establish, beyond contradiction,
tho fact ihut Wei He Meyer’s Catarrh Cure Is
the most Important medical discovery since vnecln
ailnn. Knv. C. It. Taylor, lid Nehlc-su, llrooklyn.
writ os! "thicpnokmie proilucml n tadlcal euro.’* ‘lt
emlrely rnred a inciuhur of mr family who hnssilf-
Ivred fi-ottK amrrh for »« yrs.’’ .1. 11. McDonald,
■ Idilroailway, .N. Y.t "It cured tno aflor doctoring
fornenrlvJl« year*.’ Sirs, Bmma <!. Howes, iw
W. Wu-htnutori-pliiic, N. Y.i "I can speak for
Keren members "f my family who hnvo used It with
Brciilbenelll. 1 ’ llev. \V. IV. Humner, Frederick.
Md.; "Kvcrvhudr troubled with (,’niarrn as 1 was
should «se lu” Mary A. Hanker, 4'JI N. Clurk-st.,
ChUn'm. III.: •• For six years I did not brontb thruuih
my neurits until I used Wol Un Moyer's Catarrh
Cure." Mrs. .11. B. Hheney, :»r. v i rfnrth-st., Hi.
JioiiK Mo.: “It diivo mo Instant relief.” v, «I.
Crank, Atlantic Hotel, Chletwot “ U restored mo to
my ministerial labors.'' Her. Deo. A, Kies, Cob
blesktll, N. V.: “it ralleveil mo of n grout Polypus.”
W. 11, Truesdell. M. !>., Klein, 111.: Ac.. Ac.. Ac.,
Ac. I»r. Wei He Meyer's "Treatise” Is malted
Tree. Ills •• Care ”it delivered to any address by
l). It. IJKWKY A CO.. 4t>l)oy-sL. N. Y„ at 81.00cum
Invariably causes general de
rangement of the entire system
and begets many diseases that
arc gloomy in their aspect, and
often hazardous to health and
life. Persons of a costive habit
are subject to melancholy feel
ings, headache, low spirits, tim
idity, defective memory, gloomy
forebodings, nervousness, fev
ers, languor, drowsiness, irrita
ble temper, indisposition, and
other consequent symptoms
which often unfits the sufferer
for business or agreeable asso
Regular Habit of Body
alone can correct the evils enutfl
erated above, and nothing suc
ceeds so well in achieving and
maintaining this condition as
By its use not only is the system
renovated and cleansed of all impuri
ties, but in consequence of the hanno
itious changes thus created, tjiere per
vades the entire organism u feeling of
satiety; the mental faculties perform
their functions with renewed vivacity,
and there is an exhilaration of mind,
freedom of thought, and perfect heart’s
case, that bespeak the full enjoyment
of health.
prove of inestimable value to the weak
and debilitated of both sexes. In all
cases of nervous, mental, and physical
suffering, brought about by stoppages,
its use is especially valuable. The
cleansing and depurating properties of
the preparation create changes that are
both marvelous and gratifying; murky,
gloomy, and sallow complexions, with
blue and dark discolorations about the
eyes (conditions that are allied to bil
iousness, dissipation, and ill-health), are
by degrees normally corrected and
transformed into bright and clear com
plexions, in which the ruddy tints of
health arc bountifully depicted.
is put up in bronzed tin boxes only.
Price, 25 cents.
Large boxes, 60 cents.
w imh
Tho Manufacturers Imro Received
Centrunlnl, IHDb I'urU, 181#.
American lutlUnit*, IH7U, Ac., »Vc.
Karo recently tlguud n StaUunoni to tbu effect that
liennon'* Capclne I'tiioiH Plaster is
Superior to nil indent.
p no F ESS ION A L,
TPSv/itii* G U. R E S
I’ruvud irom uuipln uxtxirtuncu un outiru aucceaa.
Nlmple. k*i’oni|>(, und Kclluble, they
run tnu only iiiimliuuio* adnuimMn popular uao.
Noi. turua. •
1. Fevera, Cmm-alloii. liillKiimmtlODi..., *3
U. Wunua. Worm Fever, Worm Colic wS
il. Crylntr Ciilli 1 , nr TuolhmK of Infanta WA
4, IJturriieit of Children nr AditUa WS
A. Dyaenlory. Grlpbiu, Ullluus Colic WA
<i, 4'hnlera VlnHiu*. VnmUliiU ,W 3
7, f'utiifh*. Cold, llrnncblil* W.S
H. NuuruUlu, Tnottmciiu, Fucimclio .Wf*
It. Ilendiiehf*. Sick Headache*, Vurlluu..... ,WS
JO. Dyaprpalu. lilllmta Stminioti Wi
11. Niiiiiim.pd ur I'alnful l*i > rluila
IW, While*, 100 |irnlti*c I'orloOa W. 7
HI. I'niint. I’muili. IhtUcuU llmithlini U 5
14. HuU-Uheuni, Flr/idpulu*. Kruptluua. .Wo
10. UhetiiuulUin. Uhueinulic I’aliis Wo
HI. Fever iitul Avne, t'lilll. rover, Auuua flo
17. lllllid nr illeedinif 50
lU. t'ulurrh, ttcuin nrchrudm Inlluunru OO
WO. Wliuoiitiiir 4'ungli, violent Cnuuha .50
Wl. General Uebllliy. Physical Wuukuuaa.. .5-*
W 7. Kidney HUeitae SO
2*. Norton* Debility 1.00
110. I’rlnury WriiUiin*. Wetting the Uud.. .OO
UW. DUi'it.u nl'lliu Henri. I'iilieiniten I.UO
Uraentby tbu(>t.u, or Hinglu Vuil. true of ebatwe.
nn receipt i.l price. Addre** lluwpbrrya 1 Ho*
inrupreililc Med. 4'n., KID I’nlluifil., N. V.
i*r*|)r. Huumhrnva’ (look on lil.etuu und IU Cur*
(lilmi.i, ulan llln.truted Catalogue sent True.
Humphreys' llumuwnuthlu MaJKluat 0..,
IOU Fulton-*!.. .V V.
Dr. Laville’s (Remedies
Arc tbo moat curtain fur the cure of
Gout and Rheumatism.
Sold by DruggDl* generally. A dccrlptlvo pam
phlet aunt by tbu ngema, K. FOCUh'UA A CO., HI
North Wllllatn-al.. N. t.
T’AVI.OU'ri elegant ua.ortod
■■ *a> m |Mn« llimkut. of Fruit* turtuvulbla
Q laH QBB II und (iroonla. contulnlnucbulcu
q, ■HI H Graiiua, I'eura. Uruuuox. Uau-
IP DDI B iina*, Ac. Ao.. uxpruasud all
rnui b
■i Si mill Clark -tn.. Cnk-aun;
X umy. Cl>o»tur, I’il; dill ujwlue«rlurf, mUlrr,
ciuitlc*. UiikUbUj aujirucicuiuoxcwa OJITtUISUUi*
AiT. Vtvti,

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