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Fanny Dav-.npoiit Is nt the Palmer.
K. C. Macdkn. of New York. Is at the rnclflc.
Edouard Humcnyl. tho violinist. Is nt tho Pa*
Oconnr B. nunen. of Dubuque, Is nt tho Ta
N, W, Kittson,of St. Paul, Is nt the. She
Okouoe D. Doons, of Denver, Is at tho Sher
11. P. Jennings, of Boston, Is at tho Sher
Walker Adams, of Davenport, In., Is at tho
n. Wknstock, Of Sacramento. Cal., Is nt tho
Gu,hurt Parker, of Philadelphia, is nt tho
Jl. 13. W. Campbell, nr Cincinnati, l« a guest
of the Palmer.
Mu. and Mus. T. F. Kino, of Washington, are
nt tho Tremont.
Statu Senator N. D. Kelly, of Warsaw, Wls.,
Is at tho Tremont.
Mu. AND Mus. 11. E. Stedman, of Fort Collins.
Colo., arc nt the Pacific. *
Du. Lytton FontiKS. of London, England, Is
registered at tho Palmer.
Josbf Phillips and wife, C. Hanson Murrlnn,
«nd A. Hahn, of Mexico, are at tho Palmer.
“ Morals, Politics, and Law" Islho tuple of
Mr. Cavt'rno'a lecture nt Hershcy Hall nt 1 p. in.
Jl. 11. Hammond and family nnd S.P. Worth
ington. of London, England, arc registered at
die Tremont.
J. Tracy, of Cedar Rapids, President of the
Burlington, Cedar Rapids A; Northern Railroad,
ts nt thu Pacific.
Tde bend of nn unknown man was found yes
terday morning by Ollieer MelClnty lying be
tween the rail* of rito Illinois Central Railroad.
It appears to bo that of an old man. and was so
binllv mutilated ns to convey the Impression
that It had been on the dissecting table.
Tub Rev. Frederick Courtney, Rector of Ht.
James' Episcopal Church, delivered tho second
of Ills second series of lectures on “The Ton
Uommanomunts" yesterday afternoon In par
well Hull before n large audience. Tho subject
was ••The Sanctity of Human Life.' ami tho
reveremt gentleman succeeded In holding his
Saturday. Dr. Dotinars, who for tho past two
or three years has been Investigating the dis
eases of live stock In tho M eat under Instruc
tions irom tho Agricultural Department at
Washington, received Instructions to proceed
with his labors In reference to prophylactics
against bog cholera, and after June 1 to take tho
Held for experimental purposes. Tho letter of
instructions Implied tlmt 1.0 Una would continue
nt tho head of tho Department.
ConoNKti Matson yesterday held an Inquest nt
Undertaker Ellon’s, on Van Jiurcn street, upon
tho remains of George Harness Ulorco, 1W
wars of ngc, who committed suicide
Saturday evening by taking strychnine,
the particulars . of ‘which were given
In Sunday’s paper. Tho Jury, after listening to
nil tho evidence obtainable from Mr. Frank
Bierce anil others, brought in a verdict of death
bv suicide while suffering from a disease of the
brain. Tho remains are to bo sent to Cleveland
to-day lor Interment.
A ndw feature of tho Young Men's Christian
Association work Is tho organization of a class
in vocal music, with Frof. F. L. Ilohertshnw as
teacher. Tho class was organized last Friday
evening, ninety-live pupils Joining utthnt time.
No charge Is made for tuition, and tho class Is
open to ladles and gentlemen, whether members
of tho Association or not. Thu list will he
closed one week from next Friday, so that all
who wish to avail themselves of this splendid
opportunity should ho present next Friday even
ing. The rrofossor needs no Introduction to tbo
musical public of Chicago.
Con. H. M. v Agramontk, the old commander
of tho cavalry company which distinguished It
self during tho riots of 187 T, received his old
comrades yesterday In FarlnrU, Fulmer House.
Tho gallant Colonel left Chicago about three
years ago. and since that time ho has been in
Utah, controlling tho mining machinery In that
district. Hols here on a visit, and expects to
leave to-duv for tho Territories. A large num
ber of tho members of his old company called on
IPm yesterday, among them Messrs. E. A. Helm.
A. T. 8. Addison, A. W. Urlnkwood, Edward
Bell, Henry Barnard, and Lieut. W. H. Allen.
They found tbo Colonel as talkative ns over, and
be regaled them with tales of Im thrilling expe
riences in tbo land of tho Mormons. Ho expects
to return to this city soon to take up IPs resi
dence aud spend tho fortune bo has made lu tho
Lb Nation 11. Cof.T, who bna been nominated
by President Gnrlleld fur the United Suites Dls*
trice Judgeship of ilhodo Island in the place or
Judge John P. Knowles, resigned, practiced law
In this city for some years after the great
lire In 16T1, and was well known In social
circles. The New Haven /’itlMdlmn says bo
comes from n Connecticut family, bis father
having been Christopher Colt, of Hartford, a
brother of Col. Samuel Colt, of revolver fume. Ho
graduated at Vale lu tbo class of ’«8. His ago
Is 115 years, and. although holms been button
years at tbo liar, bis professional reputation la
of tbo best. Ho Is u member of tbo Kbodo
island General Assembly, being elected from
tbo Town of Bristol.'and Is now serving a second
term. The Journal says of the appointment:
»• Mr. Coll lias an excellent standing profession*
ally, socially, and personally, and bis friends
autleiputu fur him an eminently satisfactory
career on tbo Uenen ol the District Court.'’
The Nineteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry
Veteran Club held their regular meeting yester
day aitemuon nt tholr club-room. No. HW Ran
dolph street. President .1. F. H. Smith in (ho
chair. The Club decided to decorate tbo graves
of deceased comrades on Decoration-Day, ami a
committee was oppointed to make llto necessary
arrangements. Comrade Joseph Hkipnoy pre
sented the Club with a printed roster of. tbo
regiment, noatlv framed, which was received
with thanks, end ordered hung hi tho club-room.
Comrade Novans made a donation towards tho
library which thu Club have started. Capt. D.
F. Ilremner said he would purchase tbe eight
volumes of tho reports of tbo Adjutant-General
of Illinois and present (bom to tbo library of tho
Club. A committee was appointed to tiecuro
larger aud more appropriate quarters for tbo
V. M. C. A.
The announcement through the press last
week that the lluv. James Scott, of Glasgow,
Scotland, would mldrosa a union meeting of the
Y. M. C. A. uud W. C.T, U. at Farwcll Hall uti
Sunday evening culled out an nudlcuceof nearly
800 people to listen to this able co-worker with
tbe Moody uud Sankey meetings now m success
ful progress at San Francisco: billowing, doubt
less, to thu snow blockade lu lowa, the gentle*
nmu had not. up to tho hour of service, reported
for duty. As he Is on his way to the city uud
must arrive shortly, It wilt bo an
nounced through tho press on what
evenings ho will ho heard in
behalf of tho great religious revival on tho I’u
elllu Slope. If possible nls services will be se
cured for next Sunday evening at Farwel) Hall,
buvlnovouiof failure lo do so Vbn Bov. Mr.
Tope, of ibis city, will speak. .The mooting last
evening was ably addressed by Mr. A. Baxter,
Secretary of tho Citizens' Temperance League,
and also brlctly and tersely by Mrs. (.'arse; and
a short arter-imietrng which followed was one
of Interest and protlv to those who nUcmlcd It.
HtXTU WAltn.
The Sixth Ward Land-League met In tho base
ment of St. Bins’ Church, on I’millim street, near
Eighteenth, yesterday afternoon, J. W, Garvey
In tho chair. ,
After the reading of tbo minute* a warm dis
cussion took place as to whether that portion re
ferring to “Boycotting’' tbo Times should be
expunged or remain In tho minutes. Those who
took tbo side of allowing the mhiutos in remain
as read referred In no complimentary terms tu
tbo editor of tbut paper, stylug him an enemy
of tbo Irish race and people, and also us one
who, hi the darkest days of this llepublh\irled
IBs bust to old tho Babuls. One indignant
speaker said bo would never touch thu papur
save with a tongs, and It was a duty all Irishmen
owed to “ Boycott ” It.
It was claimed ihutn largo number of poli
ticians Joined tbu League yesterday for tho pur
pose of expunging from tbe minutes the pro
posed ostracism of tbo paper referred to, ami
several of these said they did not want tu an
‘ uiuunlzu tho paper, because Untight someday
tidtu tho right side of the Irish question.
The motion to expunge was llnully curried by
a close vote, and the subject was dropped.
C»l. McL'lanahan then made an excellent ml
dies* un tbu Irish question, lull of sound advice,
sud warning his hearers against dissensions hi
tho cause they had so much at heart. Hu be
lieved tbo remedy tor Ireland's wrong* »whh to
bo attained through I’arllumontary muuaures,
and nut by physical force.
After some routine business, tbu League ad
A meeting of the Seventh Want Load I.engno
was held In tUo basement of the Italy Family
school, on Morgan street, nuar Twelfth.
In emiscuuenec of tho coallntimi abseneu of
the President, Joseph Dully, from thu meetings
of (hu League, the ollleu was declared vacant,
and Mr. J. J. Curran was elected President.
A eotmimnie.iUaii was received from tho
Tenth Ward League calling attention to the
failure of tho Uutfam Lund-Leugnu Convention
in do any goad fur the cause, and suggusttng
that the delegates tc the Central League bo in
structed tu canvass thu matter at balding an*
other Can venlion of broader scopu, which would
embrace delegations from all over tho country.
After dUeusstun, thu mutter was postponed
for one week, to enable the members and dele*
gates to thu Central Club to post themselves as
to the ndvlsabillty of holding such a Convent'
Mr. .Tame* Huffy resigned ns a delegate to tho
Central Chib bccanso of want of time to attend
tho mootings. ami Mr. ,1. 11. Hyan was elected to
flit the vacancy.
Tho Secretary reported collections to the
amount of fW, niter which tho Club adjourned.
Tho Ladles' Land League Club of tho Tenth
Ward mot yesterday afternoon at PH West iCln
/In street. Mrs. W, I). Rlgticy was President,
and Mrs. H. A. Illshop Secretary. Tho mooting
was very fully attended. tblrty-llvo members
being present out of tho whole number—thirty
seven. Several Joined yesterday. “ Why thn
Irish Should Pay No More Kent " Is tho subject
of a paper that was read ami discussed. Mrs.
Illshop stated that the Club was succeeding be
yond their expectation*, much interest In It hav
ing boon exhibited by the Irish ladles, and a re
spectable sum of money Is already In tho treas
The Michael Dnvltt Club of tho Twelfth Hard
met Inst evening In Temperance Hall mi West
Lake near Seymour street. Mr. M. O'Sullivan
presided. The meeting was fairly attended.
Tito Chairman of the delegation to tho Central
League reported that ihoy bad reorganised and
fleeted now oltlccrs, who were to serve three
The Chairman then Introduced A. D. Morrison,
who made a telling speech on the Irish question,
saying the present crisis would put the people
to tho test, and if they stopped now the.' had
bettor not have commenced nt all. Tho his
tory of Ireland, tho land confiscations,
etc., wero related at length. Gladstone bad not
fulllllcd his promise, and Victoria was no belter
than her predecessors. Thu Irish should hold
onto their land, ami not enlist In tho English
service, nnd tho Irish people here should not
patronize ilrltish manufactures. Mr. Parnell
was eulogized.
MaJ. McCann made a brief address.
A communication was received from tho
Tenth Ward League asking tho ,Club to favor n
National Convention.
New delegates were elected to tho Central
League. '
Tub Seventh New York cleared tW.fRO by Its
fair, which was turned aver to Its armory fund.
Col. C. M. lluazke'b resignation has been re
turned to him. and ho again assumes command
of tho Third Regiment.
Charles Ronnkv. for n long time a member
of Company H. First Regiment, has been ap
pointed Commissary Hergcnnt of tho regiment.
Company H. First Regiment, will have n full
dress Inspection nt thu armory noxt Wednesday
evening. It will bo conducted by Lleut.-Col.
Capt. Charm:* 8. Dir.nr. has requested that nn
election for Second-(lieutenant In Company M,
First lleglmenl, bo ordered for March IW. Tho
request was made front tho ** Far West” over n
month airo. but for some reason It never reached
its destination.
Tub Thirteenth Now York has Issued In
pamphlet form n roll of honor, containing the
names of all members who have attended drills
regularly for six mouths. This would be a good
scheme for soma of our Illinois regiments and
companies u> adopt.
Lackry’s ZotMvr.s, an Independent organlza
tlon, nru oontemplatlng a **starring” tour
through tho principal E tstern cities during tho
coming summer. The First Ucglinont is agitat
ing the question of organizing n battalion for
tho same sort of an expedition.
At an election hold by Company D, Sixth Bat
talion, Friday evening, March •). to choose a Cap
tain, vice Balter, resigned, Flrst-Sorgt. Edward
F. Maher was elected to till tho position. Sergt.
Maher has been connected with tho company
for nearly three years, and has,proved nn
cllici out and competent officer.
According to a verbal order by Adjutant-
General Hilliard to tho Assistant Inspector-
General of tho First Brigade, Companies K of
tho Second Regiment, H or tho Sixth, and E of
tho First Cavalry,—recent organizations.—will
not bo mustered ut tho coining annual Inspec
tion unless each has its full quota or fifty men.
TiißWenona company. B of tho Tenth Bat
talion, turned out a goodly number of men at
Inspection and muster Friday evening, despite
tho troubled state of tho wunthor. mid many of
the young lady admirers of tho troops were
present. Capt. Patch thought ho could easily
have had twenty more hud tho wcathor been
Tub Legislature at Springfield should lose no
timo la granting permission to Adjntant-Oen
oral Hilliard to exchange some of tbo old retnso
artillery for hrccch-loadlng Springfield muskets,
or grant n sufficient appropriation to effect tho
same purpose. There are u number of good
companies In tbo Btute who cannot drill tho
manual of arms because the tactics do not pre
scribe tor tbo EtPleld muzzle-loaders. If these
troops weru to bo called Into action, they would
nut bo able to discharge their pieces more than
twice a day, and then at great risk to themselves.
In tho military notes of last week complimen
tary mention was made of tho Champaign com
pany, and the opinion was ventured that tho
esprit uo corps was such “that with competent
management ” tho company might he made (o
master anything within tho lids of the ” blue
book." It would be hard In construe this nsser-
Hon Into nn uncomplimentary allusion to tbo
commander, unless there was a determination
to llnd fault: built was done, ami therefore it
tuny bo well to explain that nothing of the sort
was thought of. The company having been ad*
vurtlsod to this extent, It ought to bo able to go
” starring” throughout tbo season without cost*
ing it a cout hi this direction.
Capt. Ciiaki.ks 8. Dikiit., of Company 11,
First Bcglment lulnntry. has Just returned from
un all-winter’s tour among tho Indians lu thu
vicinity of Fort Buford. According to his ac
count, the weather was rather cool In that lull*
tude. tbo Ihermometar sometimes going to fit)
degrees below zero, and yot ho was obliged
often to travel in snow knee-deep. Ho Joined
Col. llgos* command ns u ” volunteer citizen.”
and ns such participated In (ho tight with a band
of Sioux Indians at Poplar Creek on the 2d of
January, whuro eighteen warriors bit tbo dust.
Col. llges, lu his olllelal report to AdJt.-Qen.
Drum, honorably mentions Capt. Diehl’s nftme,
together with that of Joseph S. Culbertson, a
young matt of Bu Paul, ns rendering him aid at
tholmtile. Thu only Injury sustained by Capt.
Diehl was a frozen nose, which, however, Ims
not marred bis good looks.
MnJ. Durand will Inspect tho Twelfth Bat
talion this Week, ns ioliows: . Company 11,
Joliet, and also Battery C, Monday evening:
Company (1, Philnilold, Tuesday at 7 p. m.;
Company A. Marseilles, Wednesday at (1:20 p. in.:
Company D, Ottawa. Wednesday nt « p. m.;
Company C, Stnmtor, Thursday ut H p. m.: Com
pany 13, l.a Salle, Friday at Bp. tu.; and Com
pany F, Sublette, Saturday nt 7p. in. Tho Chi
cago commands will bo Inspected next week, ns
follows: First Bcglment Infantry, Monday ut
8:710 1>. m.; Second Regiment. Tuesday at 8:1)0 p.
m.; Sixth Ileglmeut, Wednesday at 8:!Wp. m.{
Buttery I). Thursday nt 7 p. tn.: Sixteen Bat
talion, Thursday ut 8 p. in.: First Cavalry,
Friday nt 8:1M p. ro. Tho Third Bcglment
will lie Inspected during tho week commencing
Monday, March 28. ns follows: Company G,
Woodstock, Monday evening: Company B, liock
ford, Tuesday evening: Company C, Freeport,
Wednesday evening; Company 11, Lena. Thurs
day evening; Company I. Galena, Friday even
ing: Company F, \ltoehuile, Saturday evening:
Company A, Sycamore. Monday evening. April
4: Company K, Naperville, Tuesday. April 5, at
)U a. m.: Company 1). Aurora. Tuesday evening:
Company K, Bight, Wednesday evening, April il.
UNnit.rr.Mtv cuiTtcisn.
Tbo military critlo of tbe C7miiipaf(m Countu
Oirsillr would do well to send another man tho
next lime (hero Is un inspection lu that delight
ful tmrg. or the line company located (hero will
become discouraged. Ills remarks concerning
thu discipline of the members could not certain
ly bo taken aa complimentary, for ho
speaks of thorn as “passing opinions”
upon (be Impeding nnd other oillcers while
standing at a “parade rest." It Is to bo Imped
that the writer was mistaken upon this point,
but Ilia atrocity Is Inexcusable when he exposes
ihoellalcnessof someof (ho soldiers, mention
ing them by mime, who failed In catch their
muskets property when they were returned by
thu Inspecting olllccr, Thu aforesaid erlllu fur
thermore expresses a desire to learn where tho
Inspector got his training In returning muskets,
uud adds: “From a personal experience, wo can
assure him that he hres thorn back like a plloher
Bi a base-ball club.” This is adding insult to in
jury, that uti experienced ball-tossor should go
forth to criticise a military Inspection, and imss
upon tho sumo from such a stuud-pulnt. This
was not u Imso-bull game, us it few who
received the gun with both bands might
have thought: uud ns lor tho (raining, for tho
Information of tho Champaign critic, tho writer
of this Is authorized lu slate that tho Inspector
received It while uillulaUng as high private In tho
Federal army In IWSI and istit. Had (ho critic
been there at Dm time he would not need tu ask
tho question, for ho would have remembered his
having been nearly knocked elf his base by tho
returning weapon, lu those days no soldier
ever admitted that ho was wounded hi such u
manner, for It woutd have been a confession of
bungling weakness. Union provides that tho
gun shall bu “handed back,” but tho
movement Is su (Inleal and unbecoming
lu a soldier that It Is not regarded
by half tho Inspecting otllecrs of
tho service to-day, any more than Is tbo gently
lowering of tbo piece to tbe ground in tho
“ order urtuH.” Tbo swift return of Iho musket
In tho former ease Insures thu uttoutluii and
wakefulness of tbo recruits, ■ while n little
motive-power attached tu tbo latter movement
Insures a perfect “order,” sucb ns cannot bo
obtained by nllowlug tbo plooo to slide gently to
tbo ground. Hut tbo luspnuihig ollleur should
adhere rigidly to Upton uud forego all tradi
tions, and tboro is no doubt that ho will do so hi
thu future.
Sprcfat PiipattS t<» 'Hi* Vhitaoa TributU,
Kmjin, 111., March 13.—Tho Itov. Father Car
roll, of Chicago, has been sent to this parish by
Archbishop Fcchan to tako charge during thu
Hev. Father Mackln's Illness. Tbo latter.parish*
priest for two years past, has Iweu very ill for
several weeks, so that his life Is despaired of.
Hu will be taken to Mercy Hospital, Chicago, to*
day lor
Try thu blinkers' Sarsaparilla.
A Confidence Man’s Game Broken
Up by the Police of Hart
ford, Conn.
Tho Great Majority of Ills Vic
tims Uushlcnts of tho
Rather Unpleasant Termination of
a Lawyer's Wool-Gathering
Saturday’s Proceedings in the Allen
Murder Trial at Ge
neva, 111.
An Alleged Manufacturer of Rogtift Nick
els Arrested in Grundy County,
A Contractor’s Paymaster in Alabama
Robbed of a Largo Sum
of Money.
SpfCtal Diipalth to The Vhiou.<t 7'rUmnr.
Geneva, 111., March Id.—'Phis morning tho
Court opened a little after li o'clock, and pro
ceeded at unco In receiving rebuttal testimony
In the Allen murder trial. Tho first witness put
on tho eland was J. Ivor Montgomery. Ho said
ho was present when tho deposition of Mrs.
Thomas was taken for tho Coroner's Inquest.
Hhc said Will Thomas came home on too night of
Feb. It, 1880. nt 11:10 o'clock. Hewnsnt tho in
quest when Will Thomas was sworn, and his
testimony was reduced to writing and signed br
him. Farts of the evidence taken before the In-
quest wore them put In ns evidence which do nut
correspond with tho statements Hindu by thorn
on the stand during this trial.
Miss Nettle Tbrawll said Thomas said to her,
after being before tho Coroner’s Jury, that, on
tho night of the murder, ho was nut until hfter
II! o’clock, and that ho bad boon taken before
tho Jury because on tho night of tho murder ho
wore an Ulster overcoat and a cup, and kept
wild company, and was out Into that night.
While tho witness was undergoing tho cross
examination she became tangled on dates and
fainted away, and had to be carried from tho
court-room, which caused quite a commotion
among people present In tho court.
By consent, tho surrobuttnl was commenced
while tho former witness was under treatment.
Charles Chambers said bo lived in Sandwich
Inst year, aud was there on tho night of tho
murder of Allen, Fob. It. between 0 and 10
o'clock, and took a glass of beer with Buhlman.
tho mun under arrest for perjury, and that
Woodruff was not In tho saloon on Umt night, ns
stated by Buhlman yesterday.
Henry Ucnnls lived In Sandwich nt tho timo
of tho murder of Mr. Allen. Tho night of tho
murder be saw Chris Buhlman in his saloon be
tween 6 aud 0 o’clock. Woodruff was not In tho
saloon on that night, to tho best of his know
ledge. Why tho witness know Woodruff was not
In tho saloon was because ho bad boon for
bidden to enter, ns be was a minor.
N. Scotleld was in Ilonnls’ saloon on tho night
of tho murder, but did not seo Woodruff tboro
on that night.
Hubert M. Allen, when put on tbo stand, said
ho was in Hemps’ saloon on tho night tho mur
der occurred, but did not see Woodruff there.
.1. Uiiyond also said ho was in this saloon on
tho night of tho murder, and Woodruff was not
C. Woodruff was on tho stand for a moment,
and said ho had bud two difficulties with Until-
Th'ls closed tho evidence for tbo defense, and
they rested thoir ease.
The Court adjourned until Monday.
Tho lady that fainted will bo put on tho stand
that day to tluish tho cross-examination of tho
rebuttal, and a young nmn named Stinson, from
Sandwich, will bo put on tho stand by tuo
Chris Buhlman. tho man arrested last night
for perjury in this case, was released this after
Sp«lol Dlsoatrh to Tht CMeapo TVtbunt.
DirrnoiT, Mloh., March IJ.—Tbo arrest of ox-
Asslstunt Prosecuting-Attorney Miller last
night at Now Baltimore has been (ba subject of
much discussion here to-day. Miller wusbrought
back hero this morning, and was Immediately
surrounded by friends, who greeted him warmly,
but were highly indignant that bo should bo
suspected of conspiracy to defraud. Miller snys
that ho went to Now Baltimore as agent for a
party, whom ho declined to name, to ascertain
tbo public sentiment lu regard to n case which
ho was nut nt liberty to explain,
and also In regard to u burglary
euso In which a sailor was concerned,
on reaching New Baltimore, ho learned that tho
only hotel was kept by a man named John Jobr,
who knew him by name. Wishing to proservo
bis incognito bu assumed tbo name of George D.
HolTmau. In working up bis cusu at Now Haiti*
moru Miller said he had to come lu oonlant with
a low class of people, ami, lu order to “ make
blniHolf solid/’ he professed to have been con
nected with the Burch swindle, that being tbo
subject of conversation. In fact, ho said be
bud drawn up tbo papers. It so bap
ricucd that Johr’s wife was a cousin of
lurch mid Jobr. Sho at ouco telegraphed to
Detroit to procure Miller’s arrest. As mi evi
dence that he did not intond changing his name
when bu left Detroit, Mr. Miller stated that u
letter was sent to him at Now Baltimore lu his
own name. Hu declares that tho tlrst ho knew
of the swindle of t2.KOQim Burch was last Sat
urday. three days utter It occurred. Public
sentiment exonerates Miller, but he la still in
Jail, In default of (LB3O ball. Ills examination
bus boon set for Tuesday afternoon.
Bpteiat DUpnteh to The CVdcooo 'iVlfiune.
Ifautpoui), Conn., March I!).—Tho Hartford
Chief of Police, acting Jointly with United
States local ollleluls, on Saturday last sum
marily chocked a swindle upon which u fellow
giving tho name of W. 11. Hull was realizing
handsomely. 110 advertised In tho newspapers
throughout tho country, aud quite largely in
tho Western States, offering to biro mon nt flO
pur mouth ami expenses lu distribute samples
of soap. It was requested that stamps bo sent
(or furibor Information, nnd, lu addition to
pocketing these, Hall replied tu applicants, re
questing them to forward fl for outfit.
Many did so, and got no reply fron
Hall, who had no business, no goods,
and no capital other than that used lu advertis
ing. Attention was called to his operations by
thu extent of his mall, and Investigation re
sulted lu showing tho fraudulent nature of his
operations. Nearly 200 letters on hand, aud all
others coming, wld bo forwarded (o the Dead
l.etterOHleo tu lie returned (o tho writers. Hall
was permitted to leave town without prosecu
Dkthoit, Mich., March 1-*.— Tho following ox*
planutlonof the strange shooting affair which
occurred at Wllllamaton, iu ibis State. on
Wednesday night, has Just cmno to band: It
scents that Dr. Lcmda, who was shot at and nar*
rowly escaped death by a man named Fairbanks,
who went to Wltllamston for tho express pur*
i«w, several years ago amputated an arm lor
Fairbanks, who now claims that thu operation
was unnecessary, lletook this strange course
ns a matturof revenge. 110 Is now In Jail.
Dks Moinbh, la.. March 13.—William White
was brought hero yesterday from Orundy Coun
ty. charged with making and passing counter*
felt nickel coin. A large quantity was found In
his possession, and also the dies for making It.
Tho coin Is made of lead andalno, and is a poor
Imitation, lie was bound over to (ho United
Hates (irand Jury by Commissioner Park.
Other parties aro shoving bogus nickels in tho
Hate, tilled with leather, but tho shovera cannot
he traced out.
Mcut’ins, Tenn., March IS.—Tho Paymaster of
the Musclg Hhonls Improvements of Alabama,
was rubbed yesterday afternoon of |6,uotl by
three men. A telegram to tbo police oiiloluta
Klves a description ol tho men, who aro mounted,
ut no uarttenlurs of thu rubbery.
Special Dispatch to Th* Chicago 7rlbun».
Duuugue, la., March Pi.—Tbo man Smith, who
was accidentally Killed at Kpwurth Saturday by
tbu cars, turns out to bo onu of the gang who
robbed tho Wurrou flunk a short lime ago.
Cincinnati, U., March IS.—ln Midway, Wood
ford County, Ky., Dun Dugan received three
shots from n pistol held l*y John Connors yw*
trrdny, and Is probably mortnlly wounded.
Dormers escaped. They wore breaking hemp
together, nnd renewed tin old quarrel.
Uouusmmo, Miss.. March Id.—Kd Turney (col
mall, who grossly assaulted Mrs. Michael Mein
osh March fl, was taken from Mississippi City
hill last night by a mob and hanged.
Aptctal DlfMtrh The Vhtengo Trtbanf.
Dnnuqm:, In., March 12.—Samuel Harkor,
nmicrly of this oltv, was shot and killed ul
tutulvUlo to-day.
Sp«MI Diipateh to The Chicago TVtbunc.
Piiii.Amu.miA, I’a., March 12.—President
Oowen's announced Intention to stay away
from tho meeting of tho Philadelphia ,V Bead-
Ins Hullroad Company to-morrow will most
effectually prevent tho possibility of his dis
placement without an order of tho Court. 110
admits that tho opposition Is stronger
than himself, but he. proposes to hold
over until such time ns tho proxies which ho
holds wilt ho valid for voting purposes. No
shares can bo voted upon unless they have been
registered' In, tho names of tho holders
for three months prior to tho time
of holding tho minimi election. Mr, Gowen
holds proxies of 1.1*21 stockholders, owning
!V’,n..W) shares, tho total amount being about
OW.OOO. Of this total, however, aiu.fton cannot bo
voted, having been transferred within three
mouths, leaving only about 420,000 shares
which can be voted. Mr. John C. Bul
litt us attorney for Kidder, Peabody &
Co., the agents of tho McCobnout
Brothers & Co., holds proxies for SIO.IXXI, a clear
majority of tho whole number entitled to vote,
so that there Is no question of the success of tbu
JlcCalmniU ticket headed by Mr. Bond. Presi
dent (lowen, claiming that this Is a special moot
ing nt which no action eon bo taken without tho
representation of one-half (hecapital stuck, will
decline to recognize tho proceedings ns valid,
and will therefore hold on until tho courts pass
upon the title of the iicwly-elcuted managers.
He Is In possession and cannot be put out In any
event as long ns there Is any legal delay to
which he can have recourse.
Sprctat Dispatch to 37ie Chicago Tribune*
Sr. Paui.. Minn., March 12.—Articles of Incor
poration of the Chicago & Dakota Hull way Com*
pany were tiled hi the olJlco of the Secretary of
State yesterday. The. proposed line, as set down
In the articles of incorporation, Is to start from
n point on tho Winona i St. Peter Itallroml at or
near Tracey Station, Lyon County, thence In u
westerly direction to thoSiatc line In the Comity
of Lincoln. Tho general olllcus of the company
arc to bo located In Wlnotm. The capital stock
is fixed aunoo.uoo.dlvlded Into IMWOshnreset
each. Five per com is to bo paid In at the time of
subscription, and the remainder hi installments
ns ordered by the Hoard of Directors, not ex*
ecedlng2’i per cant ut anyone time. Exclusive
of mortgages, tho hlirhest Indebtedness allowed
to bo Incurred shall be s2oo.t>K). A Hoard nt llvo
Directors Is to be elected annually on tbeltrst
Thursday In Juno, the first Hoard being Marvin
IlmrhUt of Chhsngo. Thomas Wilson and 9. San*
born of Wlnotm, and M. M, KlrKmnn and .1. H.
Itudllo.d of Chicago. Until their successors shall
bo elected Marvin Mughltt shall be President, .1.
11. Ilcdlluld Vice-President and Secretary, 9.
Sunburn Assistant Secretary, and M. M. Kirk
man Treasurer.
Special Diipaich (a Th< Chicago Tribune.
COLUJtnus, 6., March 12.—Mr. William P.
Black, for n number of years the private secre
tary to General-Manager D. W. Caldwell, of tho
Pittsburg,Cincinnati & Ht. Louis Hallway, In this
city, has been appointed Superintendent of tho
Cincinnati Sc Muskingum Valley Hnllrond. with
headtpmrtcrs nt Zanesville. Mr. Hlnck succeeds
.Mr. C. C. Waite, who has been appointed Super
intendent of the Little Miami Hoad, under tho
sumo management,
.Social Dhputrh la Tin Chicago Tribune.
Tot.v.no, 0., March I!J.—Tho report telegraphed
from hero yesterday that General-Manager
Woodford, of tho Fort Wayne & Jackson Hoad,
had been tendered tbo position of General Man
ager of tho Canada Southern, Is positively de
nied by n personal and close friend of that gen
tloumiL Tho correspondent of Tint Tiuimsß
was culled upon this waning and ferpiested to
make this denial, byonu who speaks by author
ity. What Gen. Woodford said on this subject
seems to have been misunderstood.
Sr. Loui&, Mtlrch 12.—A Dallas, Tnx., spe
cial says: Advices received here from I), if.
Mule, President, say that ho has lot tbo contract
for tho construction of tho first twenty-live
miles of tho Chicago, Texas & Mexican Central
Hnllrond to n syndicate known as the Chicago &
Texas Construction Company, who will complete
tho road ready for tbo ears. The second section
of twenty-live miles is to bo lot immediately.
This llfty miles of work will bo completed und
the care running by tho Ist of next January.
Tho Chicago Construction Company will build
tho road through to Mexico on the south, and to
tho lino of tho Choctaw Nation on tbo north,
where connection will be made with the tit,
Louis fe 9an Francisco line, which Is now being
extended southward.
Sptclat Dltpalch to Tlte Chicago Tribune,
Lakavlttb, Iml., March I,l.— Thoio in position
to know now express the belief that the much
talked-of extension of tho Luke Erin Sc Western
Railroad to St. Louis will not materialize this
year, although it was understood some months
nfco that eonlrnuls bail been made by which tho
truck was to bo lulii to Ht. Louis by October noxt.
General-Manager WuUlron, of tho Luko Erie 5c
Westurn, slated to yobr correspomleiit that tho
pi ejected road from Chicago to Dutlalg might
neemndtato tho postponement of tho extension
for another year. Surveying parties arc still at
work “ blazing " a route, and the people ulomr
the lino, particularly In Indlaim, have voted lib
eral local aid toward tho project.
Special UUpalcb to The Chicago Wbunt.
Pmi.ADPLi'iiiA, Pa., March W.—John Dougher
ty, fortwenty years connected with tho Ponnsyl
vania Hallroad, and fur soveral years past
Treasurer of the coal companies of tho road,
has resigned, and leaves for New York to-day to
assume tho position of Treasurer ol tho Denver
& Itio Granuo Itadrond. Mr. William H. Pack
man, also of tho Pennsylvania Daiiroad. will at
the same nmo assume tho otheo of Assistant
Cincinnati, 0., March 11.—D. W. Cnldwoll,
General Manager of tho Plitslmrg. Cincinnati i*
Hi. Louis Daiiroad, says aver his own signature,
dated yesterday, that tho transfer ut 13. A. Ford
to tho Pittsburg oilloo of tho Pennsylvania
Kallrmnl was a business necessity, and that no
other changes will bo made except transfers of
the clerical force, and idling vacancies Incases
of resignation, and that there is no Intention to
displace or discredit ollleers.
Denvkii, Colo,, March 12.—Several hundred
teams and men tiro working on the grade of tho
Denver, Western & Louguumt, Coulructa for
bridges have been let. mid work is being vigor*'
oiisly pushed. The report that work mi Iho Dun*
ver, Ulull Si Western him been commenced wus
premature, there having been nothing dune yet,
Ihiii.AnßM'iiu. March 12.—'The railroad man*
ngnrs have Issued u circular nnuounelnir that
they will nut attend the meeting called for Mon
day. They have tho opinion of their lawyer# ml*
vising muf sustaining this position. Thu utter*
noy# claim that the meeting euunut be legal uu*
Uer tho charter, _
Tho hearing of tho application of tho Texas
Express Company for an order restraining tho
(lould Express Company from operating on tho
International and Texas & I'aelllo Itnllroads will
come up before United Hiatus Judge McCormick
on tho )Uth.
Hlr Edward Watkln, tho English railway man
ager, believes that tho llrltish traveling public
will Insist mi Iho adoption of tho American
style of passenger-ears, which he calls •* houses
on wheels.’* Thu suvuru winter ImnUo shown
them bow much Iho comfort of traveling Is In
creased by (bo hot water pipe system of heating.
Mr. Jay Gould proposed to Iho people of (In 1*
veston that if (hey would subscribe flOO.uOdho
would duplicate the sum from his own means,
uml they would at once establish a dally line of
steamers to ply between Galveston and Vera
Crux, and to be operated lit conjunction with
the system of southwestern railroads owned by
him. Thu proposition wus accepted, uud tho
line will be put In operation us soon as the
steamers can be procured.
Col. J. W. Paramore, President of the Texas &
Hi. Louis Nurrow-duugo Hoad, telegraphed tho
uillcfuls of tho load in Ht. Louis lust Friday Hull
the bill bud passed the Arkansas Legislature
amending the railroad laws or tuo Htate so that
a company operating a road hi another Hutto
can pass through Arkansas without being re
quired to obtain u separate Arkansas charter
with another set of Directors. Had tho law re
mained us it wus before amended It would have
upset all the plaus fur the eastern extension of
the Texas Si Ht. Louis Narrow-Gauge. Other
companies that have Arkansas extensions uro
also much pleased that the Arkansas Lcglsld*
Into passed the hill. Being so near thn dost} nf
the legislative session It wns generally fenred
that the bill wnuH not be renehed.
A Portland dispatch says: “The Oregon Ball
way A: Navigation Company are pushing work
along tiiolr fine beyond The Dulles. An Inmionsc
transfer bout Is being bttllt nt Celllo for the pur
pose of transferring carsof the Northern Pnclllc
Italh'ond across tho snake Blver nt Ainsworth.
Thu boat will l»o 200 feel long. U»l feet beam, mid
7 feel deptti of hold. Tlicrewlll be Iwo trucks
capable of holding six ears each. ami Its carry-
Imr capacity will be twelve freight-ears oneh
trip. Material for thn boat Ison tho ground, mid
work Is under headway, thorn being some llfty
men employed. Thoboat will bn readvfor sorv
lee bv tho Ist of May. Two large bonis are also
In course of construction ut Tho Dalles,—one
large scow, to bo used by tho mutineers In work
ing drills nt tho tunnels between Tho Dalles ami
tho Cascades, mid nhiuro wlmrMiont to bn nut In
usual tho Company's laiidlmr. Tho latter Is tho
largest boat of iUIko untnro over known, and
will, upon completion. Inivo cost tho Company
over $12,000. Thorn will bo room for sorting 0,000
tons of freight nnd bold capacity for 12,000 tons.
The Oregon Hallway & Navigation Company nro
going to erect a large warehouse and inuronsud
dock facilities nt Astoria, to cost from SO,OOO to
slo.o*lo. which work will ho commenced soon.
Vlcn-ProsbUmt Oakes having heard various
Btntemeutslu regard to tho condition of the road
from Celllo to lllnlncks, has made a trip to de
termine tho condition from personal knowledge,
lie expressed himself entirely sallsllud. and re
marked that ho found it hotter than hn ox
f ooted. Tho washouts have all been repaired.
Ir. Oakes has made a requisition for thirty
more locomotives from tho East. Trains will bo
running clour through to Walla Walla by tho
middle of May."
Ilooloy’s Theatre was Inst night crowded to Its
mmo«t capacity, the occasion being tho reap
pcant .if Willie Edouln’s company In
“ Dreams; or, Putt In a Photograph Gallery,"
certainly one of tho cleverest and most mirth
provoking musical conceits yet written. Us
lease of popularity will be much longer than
the general run of such pieces if some of tho
members of the company do not spoil tho
drollery of their noting by over-elnhoriUlon.
There Is it tendency In this direction, particu
larly In tho ease of Mr. Kruger, (ho Phottmnt
pher. nnd In sumo of Mr. Edoulu's business In
tho early part of tho second act. Tho piece
needs no extended description now. It is
a mixture of opera, comedy, burlesque, panto
mime, and tho wildest extravaganza. With tho
exception of Miss Alice Atherton, whoso placu Is
fairly well tilled by Miss IJiltan Lancaster, tho
cast remains tho same as formerly, Including, of
cmirse, Mr. Kdouln, whoso oxqttlslt bit of char
acter acting lit thr tlrst net emuiot bo too highly
commended; Mr. Kruger. In his. all things con
sidered, capital burlesque nt ibo photographic
artist: Miss I.otta Belton, who Is phenomenally
gifted vocally—sho sings with a well-trained
tenor voice: Miss Annuito Du Muroas a French
timid acts with vivacity; Mr. CharlesT. Powers,
an Irish comedian, with a keen sense of humor
not only In Ids head hut. wo may add, m his legs:
Miss Julia Edouln, a rollicking soubrqt, and Miss
Ida Himpolv, who, with her sweet soprano voice,
charms tho audience. " Dreams " will bo given
overy night during tho week.
Tho most Important event this evening will bo
tho reappearance of .Miss bunny Davenport at
Havurly’s Theatre. She will begin horengugo*
montasCnmidc, a rOlo which she will play hero
for tho first time. “My Partner " was repre
sented at this house yesterday evening for tho
lust time before tin audience fair In size. Thu
engagement of “ Tho Voyagers ” at the Grand
also terminated last night, and this evening tho
Harrisons wilt reintroduce their “ Photos. ’ It
Is said that this musical absurdity has been Im
proved since Its representation here.' Little
Lottaus Hie J/orchhmwa in “Tho Old Curiosity
Shop " will begin tho second week of her en
gagement. Sprague's Georgia Minstrels will bo
seen ut tho Olympic. “ A Terrible Tost,” n
melodrama and variety, at the Academy ot
Music, and “ Tbo Convict's Daughter " will re
open the Desplalncs Street Theatre to-night.
Declination of Aid* Su m.
Tho following correspondence explains Itself:
Cinc'Aao.Mureha. IWl.— Ucnrtic D.Swift, Esq.—
DuakSiu: The undersigned taxpayers and legal
voters of tho Eleventh Ward, being satlstled
with the manner In which you have represented
us in the Common Council during tho past two
years, respectfully and earnestly roipiust that
you permit tho uso of your name us a candi
date for relHoetlon.
Leonard 9wutt, C. H. McArthur,
H. X. Wilcox, Grannie Stewart,
A. J. Snell, P. W. Parker,
A. H. Cook, James A. Hair,
A N. Ueece, O. it. George,
John Mailman, Samuel Parker,
C. H. Barton, S. C. Hlorer,
J.J. Brown, D. Hrobston,
Dr. E. Ingals, U. W. Davey,
1). J. Avery, E. E. Lee,
11. 11. Chandler, J. H. Clapp.
Dr. IL Webster Jones, W. 9, Minkler,
A. J. Stone, C. L. Currier,
O. L. Munn, Samuel Kerr.
T. G. Peters, Andrew Stark,
N.S. McKinnon, TlmamsClmlmors,
P. W, Palmer, It Smnlc,
George 11. Mendson, D. W. Munn.
11. A. Eeklmrt, O. C. Do Wolf,
9. P. Dewey, and over 500 others.
CmoAcio, Mnroh 13.— T0 the Hon. Leonard
Snr/L.S. A'. I Vilcox, A. J. Snell, A. li, Cook, John
Ho]) man, and other*— Gbntmsmbns While 1
hlgnly appreciate your approbation and esteem,
us expressed In your communication. 1 respect*
fully decline to bo n cumlUlutu for redaction.
Very truly yours, 000. D. Swift.
KimrrKKNTir waiid.
The followinglsu list of tho llopublloao Judges
of the elty and town election fur tho Eighteenth
Ward, mid tho polllng-plnuo In ouch product, as
authorized by tho City Council:
FUstPrcelnct—Judges, Henry T, Thompson,
Peter Almomllnger. Poll at 3(10 Hush street.
Heeoad—.Judges, Charles llnrpel, John Scbus
tor, Jr. Poll at Tumor Hull, North Clark
Third—Jndgs. P. P< Iloywood, .1. N. Maynard.
Poll, corner of Wells street and Chleatro avenue.
Fourth—Judges, John Hauko, Watson Urllllih.
Poll at No. fll Welts street.
Fifth—Judges, William ,1. Kroger, Frederick
Docker. Poll at No. 1(0 North Clark street.
Sixth—Judges. Freeman Conner, Deed W,
Williams. Poll at No. !£> North Clark strooL
Seventh—Judges, Andrew Nelson,George Cas
tor. Pull at HU North Clark street.
Eighth—George Webster, Charles Cloycs. Poll
at corner of Pine ami Leggett streets.
Nlnih—Ju Jia's, L. L, Wadsworth, Walter O.
Goodrich. Poll at Nos. It aim fl Hush street.
All tho Judges above named should get tholr
papers io-day from tho City Clerk, so as to bo
prepared to register to-morrow morning.
OeorgoDrown.au accomplice of Henry, alias'
u Nlgger" Jordan, in tho recent burglary ol a
eoulullleeut No. lOQWoat Ohio street, was yes
terday captured by OHlcer Thomas Duddcti.
.lordainsln tho County Jail, on his way to the
Penitentiary, and Drown ta to follow suit. In
attempting to escape from tho police on thu
night of tho burglary, tho thieves dropped a box
of tools belonging to ti. E. Chase.
Early yesterday morning Olllcor O'Drlon. of
tho West Twelfth Street Station, struck n trail
of Hour loading from some freight-cars on tho
Darlington lc Quincy Daiiroad, which caused
him to bciluvo that burglars during tho night
had gotten away with a quantity of Hour from
tho ears. Jly following up tho trull ho found a
sack of Hour, bunded open nt one end of it, and
two barrels of lilghwlnes In a shed in thu rear of
No. UIU West Fifteenth street. Tho sack was
evidently burst while being used as a cushion
for dumping thu barrels from tho curs. James
jlynn and James .Sullivan, young men of SI
years, are locked up at thu station charged with
tho burglary.
James MoMnbon. while intoxicated at 3:30 yes*
terdav morning, ncoldentally foil over a railing
Into a basement ut iho southwest corner of Hluto
and Madison streets. Ho was picked up In an
unconscious oondltlon. and Dr. J. E. Htubhs was
summoned to attend him. lie thought Honor
more than anytlilngelso allml the man, and by
bis illroctlons McMahon was accommodated with
a cell at the A rmory, Innteml of being sent to
the County Hospital, lie grew gradually wurso
during Hie day, and dually died at 0:13
last evening. Ills friends and relatives had
been unrldod during tho day. and they were
about blm preparing for his removal to his home
at No. lilt Thlrty-tirat street, when it was dls*
covered that he vai dead. The deceased was
ahoot 30 years of age. and left a wife and three
children. Hu was uniployed as a cook at the
Merchants* Exchange, No. 11 Michigan avenue,
and was on his way homo at the lime of tho uc*
The search which tho police are making for
Nick llouch, the burglar who was shot early
buturdny morning by a clerk in Mr. Poole's dry
goods storo on West Madison street, does notap
pear to meet with any sueuesa. It Is thought
that he was removed yesterday from tho placo
ho was at llrst taken after leaving home, and It
I# quite possible that ho has been taken out of
thuuliy. There will bo but few regrets if he Is
not captured, for the city would bo very well
rid of blm mid Ids Ilk. lie Is marked for life,
and will nut be nut to return while the charge of
burglary Is pending against him.
Charles Nagle, of No. 3tci Walnut street, wus
awakened at 2 o'clock yesterday mornlug by
burglars prowling about uutsldu bis house, and,
hastily arising, caught sight of two young men
surveying the premises from tho bnek-yurd.
They became alarmed and rati otf.aud Mr. Nagle
Urea two shots ut them without effect.
George Mcßride Instantly Killed
by Harry Cilmore.
The Victim an Hostler; the Murderer
a Confidence Man,
An All-Night Spree Results In n Dreadful
Mcßride's Devotion to His Employer tho
Cause of the Murder.
A murder, nppnrcutly after tho most approved
cold-blooded and deliberate fashion, was com*
Ittcd yesterday morning between 8 and U
clock nt No. iVW Wabash avenue, just south of
Harmon court. Tho character of Iho men con
cerned, tho reputation of tlio house, and the
general surro (Hidings wero fiiily In accord with
the awful tleed, for they were exactly such as
suggest themselves to one's mind when It Is
heard that a man has been murdered,—a sa
loon, men Imlf-ernzcd with drink, n few hut
words, a eenlllc, a stiot, and tho crime com
mitted. All of those wore to bo had yesterday
morning nt No. Bid. Bo far ns Is known,{tho
murderer and his victim had never
soon each olhor until within a few minutes bo
ron* tho fatal shot was fin'd, but thorn had boon
whisky enough swallowed to nmko up for tho
absence of uuy old feud or grudge. Cieorgo Mo-
Ilrldc, a hostler employed by William Simpson,
tho horse "dealer'' nt I£H Michigan uvenuo,
was the man killed, and tho man who did tho
shooting was Hurry Ollmore, a notorious con
lldonce-nmit and general swindler.
No. IHS Wabash avenue Is " A. Snell s Summer
and Winter Harden and Pavilion." It Is a one
story brick affair, with tho front half divided
into two apartments, ono a regular barroom
and tho other a " parlor" where " no gentle
man Is admitted without n lady." In tho
rear Is a kitchen, sitting-room, and bed-room,
which answers as a homo for tlio proprietor, Ids
wile. and non. Yesterday morning the Pavilion
was opened about 7 o'clock by Ignatius Crooks,
tho barkeeper, who says ho lound Simpson and
(Jllmoro waiting at the door for him. Simpson,
it seems, had been sprucing it all night, and,
having run across (Jilmoro la bis rounds, tho
two turned up at Buell's place, which they wero
both in tho habit of frequenting for n morulug
"bracer." Shortly after tholr entering Mho
place Mr. Snell came oat from his bed-room and
joined them. Simpson "set-up" wine and
whiskyfor tho crowd, amt so ihlugs wont along
for an hour or more, when
Uo had been sent thoro by Mrs. Simpson, who
evidently hud boon pimug over tho long ab
sence of her llcgo lord, ami had earnestly stir
mlsed that he could bo round at ibo Pavilion
closing up n Saturday night *• toot." Meßrldo
called Simpson to ana side and whispered some
thing In his oar. but Simpson was too drunk to
heed what was being said to him further than to
understand that ho was asked to leave tho
saloon. something which ho emphatically do*
dined doing. Mellndo coaxed and grew angry;
Simpson refused, and, being very drunk, grew
even more angry, while Ullmoro, anxious to
have Simpson remain and spend money, began
abusing Mcßride for Interfering. Tho hostler's
blood boiled more furiously than ever
uc th<°. and he launched out into
a * .ado against Gilmore, calling
him a thief and a d—a son of a , and declar
ing that ho wanted to rob Simpson. Finally,
Mcßride threw olf his coat. and. rushing to tho
front door, dared GUuuiro to follow him and
••light It out.” Gilmore was too cowardly to
accept the invitation. Instead, ho took a re
volver, of which mure Is said further on. and,
hurrying to the side of Mcßride, who stood In
tho open doorway, grabbed bold of Ills coat
oollar with one hand, and with the other placed
tbo weapon against his head and tired, it all be
ing done so quickly that tho hostler Imd not
time to defend himself. Tho bullet entered bis
head Just above tbo left oar, crushed through
the brain, and as It made Its exit, chipped olf a
frightfully largo piece of tho skull. Tho cal
ibre of tbo weapon must have been of tho
his body stretching Itself face downward on the
wot pavement, the blood oozing from Tim horri
ble wound and staining tho snow and slush to a
bright crimson. Those stains were there all day
yesterday, and were n curious study lor pass
(Hluioro escaped. After tho shooting ho ran
to tho roar nl' tho saloon, kicked out a wlndnw
snsh, and Jumped Into tho alley. Then ho was
seen to crust Harman court, but from that tlmo
the trull was lost.
There were no olllccrs to bo scon In tho locali
ty. Tho usual curious crowd collected about
tho body of tho murdered man, mid
a eltlzou was thoughtful euuiigbt to tele
phone Capt. Iluckley, of tho Harrison
Mroot Station* Ho sent up all of his available
tuoit,—about half a dozen,—but they were 100
late to be of much service. They bud tho dead
man carried to tho Morgue, and arrested every
one commuted with tho house except Mrs. Buell,
who was only taken to tho station to bo ques
tlonoil. Those locked up were Snell, tils sou Ad
dison, who Is u lad of about 17; Barkueuor
Crooks, a negro porter named John Alexander,
unil Simpson, Snell was found to bo Just ou tbo
borders of dullrlutn tremens, uml bail to be dosed
with whisky occasionally to prevent him from
growing wild, Simpson was too drunk to talk.
Crooks was sober, but bo would not toll all ho
know. Both he amt Sued claimoil that thoy did
not know thu natnuof either tbo duad man or
tbo imiu who killed him. Snell told in it very
disconnected sort of away about tbo weapon
boln? accidentally discharged when It was belli?
used to pound “tbo othor man '* on Dio head,—
“tbo other innu" bavin? reached for ills •• pop"
first. But no “pop" was found on tho person
of tho dead tnnn.
and said to aTiuiiUNß reporters “I don’t know
thonuiaeof cllborof tbo men,— ouly that unu
of thorn U uallud • Hurry,’ Hu whs darod by tho
othor follow to ciiinu outside, but ho drow
a pistol from his pocket before starling to
follow. I took thu pistol from him and laid it
down under tbo bur, Intending to put It In tho
safe, but wbllu 1 was unlocking tbo safe •Harry ’
cuino around and got tho pistol, and tho next
thing I know tho man was killed. ’’
Alexander, thu negro, told tho sumo story. Tho
police, however, state, without telling how they
received their Information, that tho bar*
keeper or tiuull furnished Oilman with tho
weapon, and that Wood gave him some money
and told him to “light out," after tbo shouting
took place.
Mcllrldu was n single tnnn, about 30 yours old.
and was lately from South Bend, Ind., where It
Is thought ho has relatives living. Hu boarded
with Simpson nt No. KWJ Michigan avenue,
tub hi:st witnush op tiik apfu.vv
Is undoubtedly Daniel Dwyer, a young man em
ployed usa couohmun by Mr. James J. (Jure, No.
12-ltf Wabash uvemiu. He boards with u Mrs.
Baton, only a few doors away from tho pavilion,
it was ahont HiiK), ho says, when ho sat down to
breakfast, and very shortly thereafter, while on
his way back to tho stable, ho heard some sort
of a disturbance in tbo saloon, and stopped Just
south of tho door, mid pecked lu through tho
window. Ac u slnglo glance ho saw that Mc-
Bride, with whom ho was well acquainted, was
la somo sort of trouble, he tumid not
make out what. In a moment or two
Mollrldo came out at the door, mid his mur
derer, who was elosolyfollowlog. called him a
filthy nuiiio and said, “ I can lick you.’’ Mc-
Bride, seeing Dwyer, asked him not to go away,
and said, •• I B want you; come In," anil ihore
upon started to reibiter tho saloon. Dwyer
asked him to leave tho place and go home, mid
whoa Mcßride again appeared outside the door
Hiinusou followed him, and tried to dlssundo
him from raising any farther disturbance. Hu
continued to make noisy demonstrations, and,
taking otf his coat, began rolling up his sleeves
ns if for u Hallo encounter. During all this
Dwyer had a good view of Gilmore through
the open door, and be says no
euu swear positively that Qllmoro was
standing upon thu loot-rail talking to thu
bartemler, uml that ho distinctly saw the bar
tolidcr hand him tho revolver, which he had
lukeu away from him only a few minutes be
fore. Gilmore started lor tho door at
oneo, and Moßrlde, seeing tho revolver In his
hand, retreated a little and warned him otf, say
ing that ho did not want to bare anything to do
with him so long as he had a pistol. Gilmore
showed no inoroy whatsoever, and making tho
remark, •• Well, 1 guess I’ll do you
up and have your life," approached and seized
MoUrldo by tho collar, and. deliberately
Tho wounded man full almost instantly dead,
ami laid In (bo position In which bo foil, face
downwards, with his bead out upon tbo side* ■
walk, turd his feet resting on (be stops.
Mr. Simpson bad beenuio sober by II o'clock
last night, but was able to throw but little nddl
tlonulllght on tbo subject. Mollrldu delivered
to him tbo message from bU wife to cumo borne,
and was waiting lor him to comply. Gilmore,
noticing this, asked Hlmpson where ho was going,
and told him not to go away. Mellrldu took It
up. and culled him sumo Insulting names, and
told him It was nuiio of his business where they
went. Mr. Klmpsun says Mcllrhle was certainly
tbo aggressor; It was tils habit to bo testy and
quarrelsome on tho slightest provocation, and
be was always ready for u light. Ho thinks Mo-
Jlrldo ncodlesly picked a quarrel with tbo man.
with which tbo shooting was ilono Is In tho safo
at Central Klutiou. It was found during the day
by Detective IM lamdcrgau seerutod beneath
sumo old clothing upon a shelf In Apiy Willard's
bagnio at 41W Wabash avenue. It la a formidable
looking weapon of the British Hull-Dog pattern
and of forty calibre. Throe out of tho six car*
trldgcs In tho barrels aro exploded. It was to
this house that the murderer made his way di
rectly after leaving Knell's saloon by tho rear
window. Hu went to llnd his sweetheart, ana of
tho Inmates of tljo house, named Monte Hamil
ton. Me entered by tho rear door, and throwing
himself Into tho landlady's arms presented her
with the revolver and burst into tears, saying
ho bad just cumo from doing u terrible thing.
Hu wanted to hide In mohouso. but was seared
away by unu of tbo womvu tbreulculug
to jro nt onco and toll n,„ _
Men. Ollmoro wan greatly exited mui ?°*
so drunk (but ho could scarcely kroo mi f™ n , !
and frequently staggered against tho Jim-A
and other articles of furniture. Ho loftn.h 0
mine, hyilio rear door. ,o natho
Hurry (Übuuto halls originally from W om ..
tor. Mass. Mo Is a professional cnnildonciim
ntnl cmmferfelter, and it hby r n i" 1
queer that he* always manages to keen hu
I«mk well filled. In New York lie w,i" ?i U
elate of a bleb class of professuaiau. ,i Jd “wm
the c-hnin of I Liberty, who wan killed m.
Handed Mike. |n St. Louis his head.
were with Jack Looney, and, making t w" Lai
Ids homo. he Ims untried on a Nourishing im,i
ness In the "coney" hetwenn thorn ami n,. .I:,*’
Chicago was never n favorlt resort with hhi
ho has been how only three times la twohA
years, and only two weeks this Inst time m 2
Indglngs were at the Hotel Fnuikturl. iim
was nearly always to he found about sunrtinS
houses ami saloons, niuPfor nearly a wuWiV,i.»
ho might have l»eon seen drunk nnv nlirhV
Clark stroutln the company of "llail.ihiitiii<.>‘
and his companions. In appearance (llhmire t»
annul SI" yours of age, live feet nlno Inches flm
stout build, and would weigh about I.KI
full dark irray eyes, sharp features, simieivimr
primilncnt nose, thin Drown beard worn ciw,' „
tlio face, mid hair of tlio sumo slmue n»
dressed well, and would bo readily mistaken foil
a sharp mid successful merchant.
Cam. Huckloy, who was early upon iho scene
has In his possession a piece of lead wtiieh hn
dug out of tho Jamb of the saloon-dour, umi n
Is undoubtedly u portion of the bullet whieu
killed Mollrlde. The Captain mid Ids mean*
well ns the detectives nt Iho Central. warkpii
hard all day to effect Ullnioro's capture, and tn«t
night all the suburbs wore guarded tor fear unit
the fugUlvu might nmko bw way out of the eii v
In u close carriage unu then attempt toeaonnn
on tho railroad. p
oilmoiik’s itnconi).
Rprrlnl Dlsvnteh to The Cfdmpt TVlfctinr.
Four Wavnb, Ind., March IL—Harry llnrrimr
ton. alius Oilinrire. who murdered tho man lit
Chicago to-day, Is well known In this city At
one thno ho made this place his headquarter*
and has been arrested several times on mmy
charges. It Is generally believed he murdered
o.v-Coroner Webb hero In 1878, mi iilTnir which
will long bo remembered by our people here
St. Lomu. March J3.—Tho steamer Jnmef
toward, belonging to tho Now Orleans Anchor
.inc, took tiro nt n quarter to l() to-nlglit while
lying nt the wlmrf*boat foot of Market struct,
.ami war reduced to a wreck In about half an
hour, tho entire upper works being burned off
and her guards aft of tho whcelliouso broken
down Und destroyed. She had arrived from New
Orleans only about an hour before with u lino
freight-list and tt number of passengers, and
was apparently In n safe condition. Tim Qro
seems to have caught In it pile of Jute forwarder
the furnaces, and tho flumes spread through tho
upper works with great rapidity ami UcrccncM,
defying tho efforts of the Fire Department until
nearly every particle of woodwork was burned
even with her deck. From present appearance!
her hull wMI bo saved, but tho machinery wilt ha
badly damaged. Tho Howard was purchased by
the Now Orleans Anchor Lino about two years
ago for {IO,OOO, but since limn various Improve.
incuts have been added, mid sho was probably
worth ffIOJXK) (o $75,000; nn Insurance. die
Anchor Liao taking Its own risks. Ho fur m
known nt this writing, nil tho passengers wore
safety landed, but several of thorn lost nil tliolr
baggage. The bent's cargo consisted of si urn r,
Jute, and general merchandise, ainmintlng to
about-too tons. A barge with n lot of Ash bars
and salt on board was taken hi law at Cairo.
I'hls barge also took lire and lloatod downstream
ovcrnl blocks, but was lowed ashore und the
lames extinguished without much damage.
Tho alarm from.lJox 227 at 7:15 yesterday
morning was caused by a lire In a two-story
frame block of buildings nt Nos. fi9. 111, and W
Tlilrty-sovcnth street, owned by tho National
Flrc>lnsurancc Company. Tho lire originated
on tho second • Hoor of No. ffil, occupied by 11. L.
Itothwell, oud was probably caused by a defect
ive due. Damage to furniture. 9100: Insured
for SHOO In the Mutual, of Milwaukee, Joseph
Harris, occupying No. (ft. loses bat tit
tle, ns also duos M. May. tho occupant of \(v
(It. Thu damage to tho building Is estimated at
Tho alarm from Hnx 120 at 4:05 yesterday nit
cruuuu was caused by tho explosion of a bottle
of alcohol In tho hands of C. H. Terry, No. SMI
Wabash avenue, while he was pouring It from
one boltlp to another near mi overheated stave.
Mr. Terry was quite budly burned about tho
forearms and hands.
Sjifflol Dtipafch (o The Chicago Tribune,
Kkokok, In.. March 111.—The Hllllng< property
on Fourth street, between Morgan and Fallon,
was entirely destroyed by Are early this morn*
lug. Tim house was occupied by Mrs. fluster us
a private boarding-house, and was Ailed with
dioardors nt the tlmo. Fortunately, all escaped.
How the tiro originated Ms not known. It was
, Mrst discovered by turn of tho boarders la a room
over the kitchen, and the alarm was iitoncj
given. Tim Are company responded promptly,
but. owing to n frozen hydrant, fulled tu ind
water on tho building until the Aiiukm hiid
gained torrlblo headway. Tim hmiso was In
sured tu tho amount of $1,000: also thohmm
hold goods for $2.000,-SI.OOJ lu the Lancashire
(England) Company and SI,OOO In the American
Central of Bt. Louis.
Serial Dispatch to The Chicago Trlbunr.
Boston, Mnruh 13.—Quo of tho largo paper*
mills of Tilcatnn & Hollingsworth, at Hyde
Park, was almost wholly destroyed by tiro early
this morning. Tho cause was spontaneous com*
Imstion, and tbo loss is fdo.tUOoa bulidmg.sioiM,
and machinery; insured for $15,009. In twenty
ollloes, of which tho Traders’, of Chicago Is JM
only Western ono, and tbolr loss only Ibe
llrrn manufacture a high grade of white pap'-’i
and will nt oneo rebuild. Fifty men and women
aro outof employment.
AT DllCATtm. Hit*.
spfdal Dispatch to The Chicago TVlbtnw,
Bv.c.vrou.lU., March 13.—John SkcUey'sfntnu
dwelling In this city caught llro from n smoke*
bouse at 3 o'clock this morning, ami. with nil of
tho household furniture, clothoi. mid had hug,
was totally destroyed. Tho family bud lurch*
tlmuto got out lu ulgbt-clothos before the row
fell In. Tho loss jsubout*sl,m No Insurance.
Nonotnck and Cortleclil Spool Silk, .Twist, etc.,
best In tho world for ilrmumitkors. wheeler*
Wilson Manufacturing Co., Ifts Stato street.
Drspppsln, biliousness, nervousness, and tnU*
oruulenesd, all cured with Hop Bitters.
OotoWhoolor& Wilson Manufacturing Co.,
155 Stale street, for Florence Knitting Bilk.
Wo recommend KhlrodgoaowliiK’imiclilnc^
rpim ciiicAfib uxiox 'vkte'iun
X Club will bold lis regular nieuthly nioetpignt ««f
clubToeiD. Grand I'ucltlu Hotel. Ibis evening «» •
WAliDKN—March Rat 3 ». m„ of ccrobro-M'h'al
■nunlnslils. Kdwairt C..onljr «on ‘>J 8. M.»«« t-
Walden. In the 10th year of flirt ago. .. .
Funurul from Uui luudly residence. JlwJ U en J■}»'
lion-nl., at 11 o’clock Tuoadur. starch I.V by earring
to (Irnco)uml. l''riumlJarolnvUuil to attend.
CI.AUK-Bunr.ur morning. March !«, |n
£cnr. Mamie, only daughter of Alson b. and burnh «•
Funeral from residence. IBS Worron-iiv., Tuesday,
ul 11 n. m.. by cur* to Uusuhtll.
HANCOCK—Suddenly, March R *i f , 1 n K c -“it inii
the lunus. Frank 1)., youngest wm of Charles u. a
llertruda I*. Hancock, agud 3 years. ,
Funeral Tuesday. at 3 p. in., from residence. i-»
Wnbath'AT. Friends of the family Invited.
MAUHII—On March R Col. Jason Marsh.. hbco.*
your*, futlior of Mr». William Hager and O. c. Mann.
“VunoraVat llockford. HI., dole of which will bo an
nounced hereafter. . .
Ul‘BoN—March R at the residence of ber si»ie *
Mia. A. il. Ulgelmr, 811 Weal Madl*oa-»c. Ml**
Upson. aged W year*. , ... ....
lloinalns taken to Bprlngvllle. «• »• . , f ,
(Itt.lil'A’l’lUCK—March IX alary A., beloved wiie
of M. I*. (JlHpatrluk, nuod !M years. , , riies .
Funeral from No.3*J Weal Wash ngum-st. iuv
day, at 3 o’clock |». m., to lirac-eland Cemetery.
Mll.J<AU—March R ul hi* b*le
Cottage Urove-nv., of imoumonla, Hubert M. mi
aged tft yuan and i immvhs.
Notice of funeral hereafter. eoef.
IJT.New Vork and Washington paper* I'lcnw co^
klt’lJlJUMOTT—Martdt 13, John Slclh'fiuolt, a^
tn yuan, a native of the I’arlah of Louglnyun. c >
Itosconnuon. Iruhuid. ~ ... u.hirnvintli*
Funeral from Id* late residence. IM ImUion
■dace, to the Jesuit Church. Tuesday. at , j 4
thencu by carriage* to Calvary Cemetery, r
are respectfully Invited. ....
mi.l.a-rtu«dny. Watch 18. at tUo rwtdonco ot
J. 11. Itmibam, Mm. ttllsha Hills.
Notice of funural hereafter. , , . ......
Ul.llltU’ll—March IX ul MslU mm., l.til A. Ww fa j
youngest son of Augmt Ulbrtch. atedlycsru
days, of iineumonhk
By i:USON. FLKUSlltffil &
MONDAY, Uurch 14, ttt lO «•
And continuing dally' at Id a. m. and 1p» “
incase stock .
Elegant French China, but
Glass, and Fancy Oomls,
At Kl Es»t Washington-si. Halo without ri‘wr y C;
iW) ■ sl. f*< or SJ'*t
tr st I !>■ «»■_

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