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Chirr freely, nml Uncovered that Urn ob«trnet!on
runMsted nl'a ple.*e of the fractured rib. Him
or tlio suoreoiH UHiTli'il ill < timrer. ami t>v tltr»
mo of fom-pt iui'l mixers fcvcnil fragments of
bom* were removed. Tito President experienced
Immediate relief, and ban been feeling belter
ever suite."
••Did the wound discharge more freely this
morning than It did Inst night?”
“ Vcs, there was n very comfortable discharge
of pus this morning. Tho fragments of bnno
(lint wore removed this morning prevented it
free out How from Iho wound, ami they probably
caused tho recurrence of tho fever from which
the President suffered during last night. That
cause of Irritation Is now removed.”
“ Was the laid fever last night preceded by
‘‘No; tt appeared to lie simply the surgical
fever. There was'no rigor or symptoms of
“Js the President Inking more nourishment
•‘‘Vcs, and ho appears to have a belter appe
tite than ho did yesterday, of course ho takes
no solid food, bulho appears to enjoy what ho
receives, and his stomach readily assimilates It.
Hu Is going to get well. lie will have strength
enough to endure It. He wont through'the
operation to-day bravely and successfully, nml
1 think tho wriest is over.” '
Tills was the statement made by Oon. Bwalm,
tho President's Intimate •friend, ns he left Iho
Withe House Hus afternoon nt U o'clock, when
the President was resting, comfortably after the
ordeal of tho morning, the poise nod temper
ature having been reduced. The hopes of Den.
Bwalm were shared by all who heard him, nod
bis opportunities for Information were ns good
as those possessed by any one except the
doctors. It Is the opinion of tho mem
ber* of the President's household, to
Whom tho physician* converse freely, that
tho Irritating causes have now been removed,
nml that there Is reasonable ground to think
lhat the President may now enter upon a course
of steady Improvement, lbs has taken nunc
nourishment, mai he endured tho painful opera
tion of this morning without n murmur, and
with only the customary Indication of rise In
pulso and temperature which wore Inevitable
from tho long mid rigorous examination and the
painful operation afterwards, Tho surgeons
say that (ho operation was not n so
veto one in a surgical seime.
of thorn even deny that It was an oper
ation, bat prplmbly the suffering President
would not agree with them. Vet tho surgeons
themselves admit that It wan probably more
painful than tho operation connected with tho
Incision of Sunday. Tlui President was under
an ulninsi continued examination for two hours.
The Incision of Sunday was enlarged, tho eur
j.eou’it linger was introduced to iif-corlaln tho
course of tho obstruction, ami, when found, tho
pieces of bone worn taken out by menus of for
ceps, There was a further
or tissues, mu) nl' tho course of tho. wound, and
linn 11 y, what remains of tho shatleml rib was
pulled back into place. The surgeons may nut
i lioiiso in call n proceeding of thin mot im **oii
cration," but to llio layman mind ami to dm
nudet-er, It would ho considered very much of an.
operation Indeed. Aider tlio removal of tbo
obstruction the pus, which laid partly ceased to
Ilmv, Ilowcd inure freely, and resumed what Is
called n healthy character. Pymylohixof cliitl
yesterday, and tho high fever nml symptoms of
chill hud night, were tlio warning.) wlileh (bo
surgeons recognized us indicating that (hare
was miotltcr obstruction to tbo dlr.ehnrgc of
pm*, and Dr, Agucw raid that tho olwtnictiou,
whatever it niiirbt be,-must be immediately
removed. It If said that the .further and more
•'complete operation of to-day'showed clearly
that the ball certainly did not perforate the
liver, but, beimr stopped In Irs com*e by tlturib,
which It fractured, took a downward course In
side the ribhelow Itdo dm place of It 1) pt-rc-cui
dcsthmtihu, and that ou Its .way lUno mum than
grazed the liver. However, that lb did graze it,
at .least, there seems to bo no doubt,
'i'hero also Is. no doubt that thy ball
did enter, tlicj" atidomiriril • -«nv!ty,i and it
It not (earned..that llio opinions of tbo
physicians as to fin* location of II in the anterior
wall of tbo abdomen have yet been changed.
n.\t; op Tin: sntfjiio.vs,
prefacing Ida statement with tho remark that lit*!
did not desire to be quoted any l«tig.*’r, m ttmro J
was some fouling upon the subjeot,.said: " Von *
can say upon authority that wo consider llio!
President's condition much more favorable (hat, i
It has been for noino lime.. Wu may abao>t say
that ho is once mure on (ho road to-recovery. •
His symptoms to-night nrii all very favorable. I
The removal of the pieces of bone to-day bad a
good result." ,
•* >V-; I think there lint*. Tho presumption
.reeumo Irum eertiun Imllciuionsi, Umt tho
liiili iI.M in i);c riiilit llinc rossiu"
*• Mow crtiin* you to asomlniii that tlio ploct'H' If cuter *lio poiitiinetim V
oftiono wore there, Diu.lm-r • •• It iH.r.iitulul whether It
•* We beemno convinced yesterday that there
wan another Irrltallmfoaimo In iho wound, and •
that iho Inclnloti should bo dilated. We dt-elded !
to Uo that tUIH mornlnjf. Accordingly. after iho I
wound wyr* dreHseil, everythin# ludn/r In mull* j
ucsrt, wo proceeded, The opinilnK mode on Sim
day was enlarged and diluted with iho Hinton." •
*• Wore not instruments iHcd/’’ !
•• I should not Pay that no Instrument:! worn ■
used. Ouo shmir lancet was used Urdotnelt
uomo or tho facta-, buttho main work wits doun \
with tho finger. Wo removed tho limit* anti
eintlHlitmid Hio rlli, substantially ns yon huvo'
been Informed. There was immediately a good :
tlow of jmn, nml the President felt Instantly re*
llevud. Wo did not consider It an operation, and
for that reason did not mention it In onr .bulle
tins. You,can say Mint we fool very hopeful to
ulght ortho President's ease." *
jioiji: roiipi.r.vj; ihh.u:tins.
Ineonsctiuonconf tho dissemination of tho
pulse statements nbovu-deserltied, ns well as tho
fuel that so-called Interviews are almost dally
published In certain newspapers, tho attending
uigeoni have determined to say ifoHilngabonl
tho President’s case except what Is anld by thorn
In tho daily bulletins. In order that thu publfu
muv bo fully and. reliably Informeil touching (he
progress of tho President t|m surgepns ttro’oot)-
blderlngu proposition to Issue a bulletin every
day at noon, in which a|l changes will be accu
rately described, and In which such opinions as
tire proper to be expressed will bo Riven. Ills
probable that iho lirst bulletin of this class will
be issued to-morrow.
in* spin: or am. thu pai.sk ukpohth,
ho President Inn passed a favorable day, and
mere has been a very hopeful feeling umoujr ull
wlio have any Immediate connection with tbn
case. Thu. murage., upon t|»o epnntrv through
these exaggerated reports Is dully beeumhur
greater.. A large number of. thorn do not Hud
their way Into print,, but are sent In tho form of
privatediuputehes to tho’prominent commer
cial centres, mid used for speculative purposes,
btdl, In this term, the fatso information winch
ihoy convey gains a very considerable circula
tion, us Is shown by the countless private du
patches of Inquiry wh|ch reach Imre from al) iho
principal cities.' tful a day lias passed since iho
President was idiot that a well-known set of
speculators In New York have not been pro
vided with a continued flerlCH of dispatches de
claring thu Presidciit’u condition to bo much
woroo than thu bulletins represented. Oumldu
of this doss of speculators established In Now
York there are operators boro who constant
ly moke themselves busy In. cirmilatlpg re*
ports that . Hie. President is growing
worse; that the physicians uro deceiving
the public; that the bulletins nro useless; ami
rbesu at times are. varied by the assertion that
tho President Is really sinking, urn) H not ex
pected by tho surgeon* to live.
Tin: - oiukct ot 1 this <.'i,ah.h op cpkcpi.v
Is to secure publication fur , tbolr stories, ond It
must be conlusied that tboir success lu somu
quariuij bus been such as ought to aiford them
great tutlaiuctlon. They are probably tbu payl
tics who deserve tbo must severe denunciation
of any of those who, from selllsU motives, uru
misrepresenting. tbu casu to tno imldle,
Those who uro engaged In tbo duliboratu
and persistent nttempflo discredit tbu medical
and surgical - treatment of tbo President come
ne«t. If, Indeed, they ought not to lako pro*
codeueo in bud eminence of tbo speculating
class. The following facts In regard lu tbu gun*
oral satisfaction with tjjq treatment of tbo
President, and ip regard to tbu accuracy tujd
bouesty.of uiu bulletins, are made upuu'tbu au
thority of a friend of dm President who has
beya uonstautly at baud, and eoniieutud with tbo
cqw qf blui from tbo moment bu was rooiuvod
froiq tbo depot. Those among tbo President's
friends who have wptebod tbu' treatment
T/llb tbo most critical eyes buvb been lira. Übyu*
too and 1-Msou, both lumicoimlbs, Uuu. Bwaltn,
and Col. Itoekwell.' Tho llrut twowoulil natural
ly bo Inllupnced by the Mens which belong to
their own sebool of medicine, utid would bo
alii u to anything which could fairly bo erltlscd
in tbo course adopted. JbUh have also been
employed ju the family lor a series of years,
ibitb Ucu. Swplm and Cel. Uockwell are medical
graduates, and liotli lm\o seen much of gnu
t>hot wounds In tho War.
them: rout:
Imvo wntehcd tho treatment. also, from ilio
position of moM Intimate friends, nml, of com so,
most deeply Interested hi overs’ feature of tho
case. In tliolr eolations of Irlends they Imvo
bntl full nml free conversations with Mrs. (Jnr
llcld In regard to evory-step token by tho sur
geons In charge. Those being tho facts nt tho
sthmtlon, Ills easily seen that they give great
force in iho further tlcclarnllon of this gentle*
man that, from first to Inst, nil those, named
above have given hearty support to the physi*
elans In wlmt they have none, and thcra hnvo
been no disagreements mining them ns to tho
tmuimmt, mid no expressions of dissatisfaction.
Of course, there hnvo boon same features of tho
medication which neither Dr. Iloynton or Dr.
IMsim would have prescribed, Inti these points
hnvo been recognized by them ns belonging to
another school o( medicine. .Aside from tho
moderate use of quinine and morphine there
have been few points of tho treatment to which
both schools do not proscribe. Next to tho per*
foot satisfaction with which those friends, each
with much experience mid professional know!*
edge, have regarded tho treatment of tho stir*
geonsln charge Is
Tin: entire accord
with which Iho-four surgeons In attendance
Imvo labored together In tbo ease, and mam this
branch of tho subject thh fact is Important that
both tho eminent consulting surgeons Imvo
fully approved tbo courao of treatment pursued
front the flrsL
from one Intimately commuted with tho Presi
dent and In attendance upon him. and one
wholly Independent of any of tho surgeons who
had to do with tho' case, olToelually
dispose of tho reports so Industriously cir
culated, that tho physicians did not ngreo
among themselves, and that (ho near friends of
tho President were dla-mlUitcd with tho treat
ment. Tho rumors In regard to (inferences and
this alleged dissatisfaction have been a matter
of frequent conversation among those In at
tendance upon tho President. There Is only ono
slop hi the ease from tho moment of tho shoot
ing which Is looked upon as , ;
and that is carrying the President after he was
shot up thu narrow aUd.windlugstalrs to tho
second Poor of Iho depot. This was (tone while
Cols.. Corbin and.Jtockwell were arranging tho
ciishiohs of the President's carriage, no ns to
take him nt oneo to the White House. When
their hurried preparations were completed and
they icUtiiered tho depot to carry him out. ho
had .been taken .up-stalra. As soon ns they
reached him he asked to be taken atonco to Iho
White House. The wrenching consentient to
taking him up-stairs and bringing .him down
again 'doubtless contributed to his exhaustion.'
Xnw Vdtnci duly rid.—l>r, Frank Hamilton
arrived iron) Wualtiitglou this nionilmr. A
relionor found him at his house, whurn ttie
followin': conversation took place, which Hr.
Hamilton requested should he reported ver
“How was if,” ttskutl lito reporter, “ that
the deposit of pus, wliloit Ims caused nil .litis
rm-nt tmuldo in Urn President's ease, was
nolUi'jfovoft’d stumer
“U w«s discovered,answered the Doctor,
"by th« geudemmi In iuumdnttcp, ami tluic
was tho reason Hint they sent fur Dr. Affitmvr
and tm*. 'They would. have opened Ihu ab
scess UiiMitselyi's had they not thoughttho
duly a very responsible one, and ihat.lt
would require hut a few hours for uslo leach
"I low does litis complication nll'ecl Urn
President's chance of recovery
".Not very nmtoVlally. tlf course It pro
duces im Impresslon imt
other similar obstructions and' complications
may cieme. and still not cause serious alarm."
, “It has-beeu -suggested, Doctor, that usuries
of these abees?cs or lateral pus-pnuchns might
buuprebunded,allnlouj: the track of the wound,
Is tliat lobe feared'/"
; "They are not likely to occur, bccnu«o thlsono
has occurred, and tbo ('bailees'are moro than
equal that similar pmiches will not he formed at
all. Thlsono'had special cause,—Hid Irregular
projelahm of tho'fractured rib." '
" lias anything (urttior been discovered ns to
tho ehur.m of the ball, and Us present poiltlonV"
C'mtlnucd thy reporter, *
“ T»|d It c!U(;r the liver ?’*
" 1 do n*u iifft;!*' it did, AUhonyh' tho evidence
id lint, tn jnc-ientod to thoyomlothen In attend*
uikp, was very comduidvo that It had entered
't!id nvpr,nnJ they are very hfjairnte.cTjiPrlpnccd,
andotiflrrvnin nii’U. Thofluppurntlon will now bo
watched with trreat enro, and every expedient,
■mechanical and olhorwlflo, will hu adopted to
rojtvey diidnrcethitr tlnld to 1 tub bottom o( tho
Van and tho wound, - ahd ttillin' reader Innocuous
Iho jhh whloh may inrm."
•• What do you think, Dpetor, about tho chances;
of the President's roeoverj’?''
“ 1 still think limy are muro tlmn cqtjnl, moro
especially since 1 huvo had tho opportunity of
seeing hlrh."
" I<V the President changed .much since you
‘Haw him last '( (look ho hp’pbar lb Ifo weak V”
' “tiels not much changed 1 In appearance, not
<m mneh as many patients wmHd'bC tinder slid’
liar circumstances. Instead ' of being weak
when ho saw me Ur tho room'yesterday niornlnir
(I was standing at the heifd of tba nod, tho bet- 1
'tor to observe v/lmt wan going on), tho President
put his ham! back over bis bud to take mine nml
said, cheerfully, * How • are you; Doctor, - this
mornings’* The stories'uf weakness uro, there
fore, groundless.”
‘•Could tho President' hear a second opuni
tlon?" ■ ’ ‘ • >
•• 1 think ho eotild boar six operations or moro
'of the character of the one Just performed.
That was only'llko removing a boll."
■ '* What evhlcnco has thoro lieon of pyiemla?"
“None nt nil.” .
this moiir. ii.iAc fosha,*** : *
mqiitlpned, by Dr, Hamilton, is tho cavjty be
tween tho front ot thu hip bbno and tho' ribs,:
and contains thoi»imill Intestines.' ■
W.ikiunotun, p. C., July aJ.—“ Do yoi| ifoliqvo
dim President wpl recover* 1 ’ naked tho reporter
of a surgeon. * . ' ,
„“I do," replied ~thb doctor. l‘ don’t 1
think he Is going, to gut up In. fiity days,
mind you, .but unless south complication
entirely unlocked for midimupprehendud arises,
Xam sallslle.l hu will got well. |Io |s really
mmitllug now. • 110 has not had any fever during
tho day, When his pulsu registered HU, It was
Ju*t after hu had boon handled, and In hid enso
the Ullort was nbmii tho sumo asa strong lumt.
His pulse was then Increased by our movjng and
handling him In dressing the wound. Tfto Presi
ded t> ensu has progressed uuusuaMy well, with
put any drawback occurring that wusout of tho
question. Tltg very character.of. his woiptd.
taught ns that we would mtvo some trouble with
Jt, and, as soon as tho troublo arose, If tmtda It
*elf apparent lu tho,natural constitutional
symptoms. ,
and tbo wound la now doing so wall that 1 do not
bedevu any further dlJllcuMy Will occur. If it
p)iould, |t,wlj| not alarm us.., Wp. Imvo tbo ease
sowell lu baud, we know tbu patjeut mid (bo
clmraetcrof tbo wound so thoroughly, that wo
pro ready, ru .meet and subdua .promptly any
new complication wbiob may .appear.
Ah . 1-have said, 1 do pot apprehend'
any, , Tbo President Is much better
lu-nigbt. Ho looks bettor ana Icojs botior. Hu
told mu to-nigbl tlmt bo full very much butler.
Wo ail fuel imimful mid cheerful nliout him.
Mrs. Uanleld notices tbo Improvement Ip him,
uud feels wry cheerful.
of the surgeons to-day nut tuintiku known tbo
fact, time they bad dune; anything with tbu
Prcsldgnt’s ..wquml .beyond .(be ordinary
dressing,' and they vexed „ut
a member of ,(bo household. fur
telling' of - it. Tbu mulntnlu
that it U not nucoiMiry for tljom'to make known
nil their (booties itr pmolleo hi'regard to tbu
wojjndj tb'ttttounnouncd typii iris doing pell
Is sitiHolont. At all events tbo surgeons aro en
tirely satlsilud with the result of to-day's o|>om*
lion. TUo President Is rusting quietly.to-nlgbt,
having taken only tbo usual -i|uaniliy of mor*
pblau hypodermically. Uvurybody at tbu Wblto
House uwiigbt feels moru ebourful, apparently,
than at any previous (line. The feeling la that
the President has .
and Is now ouoo moru on Dm rosd tommvuiau.
eonc l . Tho President's temperature began to
recede early to-night. At M o'clock to-night
Dr. Woodward ns«nred Secretaries Kirkwood and
I.fncoln that tho President’s condition will more
favorable than nt any tlm» since last Thursday.
Tho members of tho Cabinet loft tho While
House with these assurances, feeling that every
thing was well.
- Washington, D.C.,.fitlytJtJ,—Tho President
«Utl not have a good rest last night. lie was
feverish, nml the fever continued this morn*
ing. Tho surgeons held u long consultation,
lasting from about half-past S o’clock until
about 10, and Ur. Agucw, who returned Inst
night, said that the fever was the result of
Irritation in tho wound, and that these irri
tating causes must lie removed.
anotheh Operation.
After discussing tho situation, another op
eration was determined upon. I)r. Agncw
sent for Instruments, and an enlarged Incis
ion was made through tho integument of tho
brink where tho opening was nindo Sunday,
sb that ho colild insert Ids linger, lib then
fell splinters of tlio fractured rib Instdu
of the wound, and impinging upon tho
(rack of tlio wound. lie then be
gan to rontovo these . splinters of
bone, mul took out altogether fifteen or twen
ty fragments, one of them about mi Inch
long, lie.then,- with his linger, raised tho
fractured rib. and restored it to its proper
and natural position. Following this opera
tion tho How of pits was much better. When
tho surgeons dressed the wound this morn
ing they discovered thUt Iho discharge had
partially stopped; that, in fuel, It
far Iho condition of Uto wound, nml litis was
one tiling Hint determined tho surgeons to
perform another operation, or, rather, to en
large tho Incision of Sunday, nml to remove
nlltho splinter* of bone that could bo found.
After IlilS morning's operntlontho discharge was
very satisfactory,nml tho President experienced
prompt relief. Dr. Agnuw then said that lie
considered the President's condition us favor
able, mid ho hoped for continued beuoQcT'rom
tho Operation, mid later on, at about noun, Dr.
Arrow said tbo President was doing well. He
ate a raw egg and took some milk 1 and rum for
nourishment this morning, lid slept about half
mi hour after the operation, and expressed him
self to Col. Iloekwell ns fueling better.
'The surgeonatook oultlie semi-circular drain
age-tube this morning, and Inserted a straight
one into tho new Incision.' They Intend to
allow the mouth of the wound to heal up and to
drain tho wound through tho incision made
At l o’clock Mrs. (Jurtleld told Treasurer Dll
miun that tho President was decidedly hotter
since this morning's operation, and sbo felt very
cheerful about him.
• Mrs. jOnrlleld'B debility continues and- oc
casions uneasiness,-which would doubtless bo
(matter wtiro It not .overshadowed by tbo more
pressing anxiety in regard to tho President. Dr.
Iloynlon and Mrs. Kdsmi look carefully a I ter her
welfare. They know*, however, that her hus
band's recovery mid elmiutu of uir mid fioono
must precede any radical Improvement In Mrs.
Oarlleld'B condition.
manifested throughout tho KxoeuMvo Depart
inontto-ihiy regarding dm President's eomlllion,
and (ho morning bulletin was mil ut nil gratify
ing. A prominent 'Treasury olllelal expressed
(ho Opinion that it would bo far morn satisfac
tory indue general public If tho attending • sur
geons would be more explicit umb explain Uto
patient's condition moro in detail In tho olllehd
bullerins.- -Thu arrangement made-providing
fur (ho constant attendance of one of tbo con
sulting surgeons is received with great satisfac
tion, although there is unmistakable evidence
of tho prevalence of a more uneasy feeling
throughout tho city limn Ims been bmulfcmiod
since the first few duvs after the shooting. It Is
exhibited In a moro (pilot manner, and only ob
served through conversation. Tor about un
hour during the curly afternoon a rumor was
'circulated on tbu streets that Dr, Agnow bud de
cided upon and was perlormlug *
!u a short tlnm the slop's* was greatly oxnggbr
idl'd,.some saying tho bullet hud been foumi and
taken out, leaving (ho patient extremely weak,
and it wiw'lhought ho was not to rally. Uls be
lieved tho story was deliberately started for the
purpo-u oCaffcetlngtiuj stuck market, inasmuch
as iiwlts telegraphed frian the el tr by persons who
bud every facility for obtaining' the facta In tho
case. Tho excitement occasioned by the rumor
subsided us suddenly us It 'started,' being
promptly denied by those nOar.tho President.
For Instance, fob Uuekwell, who is In tbo Presi
dent's chamber almost constantly, said there
was no'mllli In thq report, and 'another opera
tion had mu been spoken of. A gentleman who
visited tho mansion this afternoon, and who is
nn Iniimuto Irlend at tho family, said Mrs. tiur-
Jlold tu|d him her husband's condition .was ijulto
encouraging; that ho was certainly bolter than
yesterday, and: ho was resting comfortably.
About tho tlmu
Tina i;jccm.N(j lU’Mbii was cmcui.ATiNu
‘Advices from Now York woro roeolvml by a
nninbrn* of (lovormmmc nlllelals mat others that
tho oxeltomuni hi that city was imenso, and re
questing tho latest news. Treasurer Uililllun
received a telegram front -Assistant United
Hiatus Treasurer minimise staling Umt there
was great excitement on tho streets, and all sorts
of rumors were allmit, some of which Indicated ■
that the President would live Imt a short time.
' Tho Treasurer had Just returned to his olhcu
from thu White iluuao when ho received'tho
telegram, and at unco replied, stating that tho
President’s condition' to-day was’ moro favor
■able, mid, generally speaking, he was hotter.:
,Tho Information obtained from tho. surgeons,
vrbu; by the way, huvo bccumo noticeably roll
cent, docs not appear to warrant any Immediate
•anxiety-regarding tho patient, Inasmuch as (hey
all. Including Dr. Agnuw. agree Unit-, his condl
:Uon Is as fuvornblo as could bo expected.
Tinnm has uhi:n »ouk hnout.mknt and
throughout thu city in regard tolljo.condition;
,t>f tho President’to-day Umn at any time sincei
'Saturday. Thu removal of a low small splinters
'of hone from tho wound at tho meriting dross
'tug was exaggerated Into a serious, painful, and
‘weakening operation, ‘ Thu. rutleoituu of tho at
teuding surgeons regarding tho.details of tho
putiunt'H ensu was taken us a licit, admission
that something wits wrong,’.A,', pbrsqnnl ’noto
which onb of tho surgeons happened to scud
Prof. Kell was Interpreted ns an Indication that
'the bull wits to ho ut'oneo located by tho
.Professor's.inductive balance, and thou cutout
us a last resort, mid n general Impression pre
vailed at tho DupartimmlH, in the streets, and
throughout tho oily, (hut tho President's condi
tion was hi .tho highest degree critical and
alarming. Pur all those .wild rumors mid exag
gerated statements, howovor, there was little:
•ur no foundation, and tho fact that they gainedi
, eroduneo at till only shows how much the /ultbof
■the publlu in tho President's ultimate recovery!
bus been :
.of tbo last lopr days. Ju realliy tbo i*rcAltlunti
Ims Iwon moro cumformldo: to-day than many!
Hnio sincu lUn formation or tbo pus-cavlly, and:
bus nearly regained Uiu ground bu lost Batur
day lam, TUo taking, out ol tbo, splinters of
bone from tbu wound at (bo morning dressing
wna a very blmplu matter, mid, Instead of weak
ening tbo patient, it removed one more source
of Irritation, gave a truer egress lu tbu dis
charge, and, us ti imuiral consequents, im|>ruved
hi# general condition. TUo npuruiluii, If opera*
tlon It cun be culled, was nothing moru limn ns*
curtaining by tbo lnserttoi( of the linger lino tbo
wound wburu (bo silvers of tbu bone vverelo*
cated, and t|iun sibling npalr of bullct*ruruops
along tbu linger us it truldu, getting bold of tbo
spUmer. ami. withdrawing Ibo linger, forceps,
mid splinter logutbor. Tlmra-was. nutblntr lu
,tbooperiUluu to weaken iboputlont orcauso
unusual pain," Thu President shortly, aftgr*
ward ‘
, Flil.l. UAI» A ( .NAP
of liai^|(uhour, from, which Ijoawotyi refreshed
.consisting of beef uxtrtmli milk, and llmo-wator
uud toast at I'requout ,lu(ervols, uuU us bo was
not made rentier by fever Imputed a ijulm and
uomfortalduday, There was u slight febrile
b(to lu tbu afternoon, and at tbu uvemug exam
ination bis teuipuruturo was JW.7. U soon sub
sided, however, and at this boor, U:iW p. m«, bis
temperature and rosplnitfou uru nenual; bis
pulse. |s below luo, aud bois sleeplag qulutly
uud soundly. Ills oaudlPou ,1s tbouglit by. tbu
«ui«xuim» lutruraiuim t«i itu moro favorablo now
than at any t
morning last.
A’jvfldt DHputch Li Vie ChU Mja Tribnnr,
New York, July ad.— The condition of thu
President again became Uto general topic of
public dismission throughout tho city to
day, itnd crowds gathered rmmndTho news
paper bulletins tb Itcnr the latest news from
Washington. Tim contradictory reports re
ceived in tho afternoon and bulletined by
some newspapers were of an alarming tenor,
and tended to reawaken Uto apprehension
nml painful suspense prevalent during tlio
earlier days, of* the ITosldenl’s snlferlngs.
In (lie morning an olllclul dispatch was
bulletined reporting that fragments of
bone had been taken out of Uto
wound, and, Inter, under the caption
of “ Washington, I siH) p. in.,” a dispatch
was bulletined to the elTeet that the Presi
dent's physlclahs were very reticent about
thb condition of the patient, but enough had
been learned to,\varmnt the statement that
they were ot tho opinion that tho patient
could not live while tho bullet was stilt in
his body, and that they had resolved
The language of the dispatch was calculated
to reuse the worflt fears, and It had tills im
mediate effect hi tlio minds ot.
many ot those Who read It.
Tlio more ' thoughtful hi tho crowds,
however, wore'rolucimil to give credence to an
startling a report, seeing that It had nut the
stamp of olllcinl authority. Hill It mtvmhoicss
aroused n tooling of groat uneasiness. Tills
news was not received or credited hi tbo Times
oltlce. It was posted, however, oh tbo lUorld
bulletin, together with other contradictory In
formation; evidently tho work of Bumo-syndi
cate ot liars, each ns iho latter Journal has rn
uuully nllndod to In denunciatory terms. It was
u cruel hoax, and seemingly designed to convoy
the Impression that tho President had reached so
grove n crisis Unit It tmd become necessary
to take tho last desperate chance of u danger
ous operation, which might result In his death.
This piece of-nows was but part ot a aeries of
Biiuli reports. ,
and false telegrams purporting to come from
prominent persons fit Washington wore circu
lated during tho day.ln Wall street by somo
heartless person for stock-jobbing purposes,
mid which represented thu President ns being in
n hopeless condition. Thu untrustworthy news
gave rise to
at one time, ami unions others one to (ho olToct
Unit Vico-President Arthur hml been summoned
to Washington.' This report tho Vice-President
this evening pronounced to bo utterly untrue.
Ho hud nut .only . ’
tint thuro had, further, been nothing In tho dis
patches ho had received widen appeared to him
«o grave ns toenll for his presence In that city
In the immediate future. 110 was still of tho
opinion, ns lie had been all along Hfneo tho llrst
dangerous crisis hud been passed, that tho Presi
dent would ultimately recover, lie had no rea
son ns yet to niter that hopeful view of the
situation. Thorn was a considerable crowd of
peoploat tho Filth Avenue Hotel tills evening
anxious to learn tho latest news. Conllttencu
was restored when, at H o'clock, a message was
received stating that tho patient was doing well.
After reading this welcome nows, tho crowd
began to disperse, with general expressions of
Omen of tub Cm in* Signal opticeii, Wash
ington, I). C„ .Inly -I-I u. m.—For tho Ohio
.Valley ami Tennessee, lair weather, northerly
winds, stationary barometer, and stationary or
lower temperature.
For the Lower' Lake region; fair weather,
preceded In (ho eastern portion by local'rains,
northwest 1 winds, and stationary or higher
barometer and temperature. '
For, tho. Upper Lake region, fair weather,
winds mostly .northerly, stationary barometer,
and stationary \u; higher temporal are. '
For the Uppcrftf/sslsslppl and Lower Missouri
Valleys, fair ~w^^qr l .iiorthorty ,winds, bccom
lug variable hr the former ana shilling to east
or south in tho latter district, lower barometer,
mid stationary or higher temperature.
Tho Chful Signal Oillccr furnishes tho follow
ing Kpoeial tmlietlnP'
The burumulurls hlghesUnthoLowerMlsenurl
Viulej' and lowest' In the St. Lawrence Valley.
The temperature bus risen eligtitly on tho South
Atlantic coast, mid ■ • fallen three to
eight degrees In ‘ tho Lower Lnko region
and Ohio Valley, elsewhere it has remained
nearly stationary.. The following temperatures
uru ret*oried from stuUonsun the Northern front
iers linstport, lid; ilnrllnglon, ltd; Quebec. <U:
•Montreal, Ui; 'Alpena,' Wj, Uuluth, till. Local
rains arc reported from New Lngland, the Mid
dle and Smith Atlantia Stales, and tho Lower
Lake region. Westerly winds prevail tu tho Lower
Lake region, Now England, tan Middle and South
Atlantic States, and northerly winds In
the Ohio Valley, Tennessee, and tho Northwest.
Tho Indications are that lair weather will pre
vail In tho Ohio Valley and Tennessee and Lake
region to-day and to-morrow, preceded in tho
eastern portion of tho latter district by local
tnncAUo. July BV-VhHp.in,B
. 'Jllllf. '
• *0i'
J(l;Ha. m.
2tlS|». til.
o:W|i. m.
10:It|i, in.
. ill.*.
s. i;...
V. U...
i. W..
Minrumutur oirrcoiotl fur totnporaturo, olovatloo,
and Inairunumiulorrur, . ..
Mt’iin Iwromoiur. tfu.Uli. , .
Alunn therninmutar. UI.J. •
Atuuit limnUJIly. 77.U. •
LoiTUbUomnunuuro. tll.O.
CUICAUO, July w-ioas t). ra.
If {11
I*. M.
Dim Mnim
.l-'ort Uiirr
run lillHl
Ur.md k(a
Minn I'm
Don min
hi. Iaiuiu.,
HI. 1‘iUll...
' lUanmrct.
rl. Cijeiur
Don Kail*
Man Amu
Hi. Vincut
rm. t
*;i *
uu 1
7.1 -
• Kl
: <>i
Til *
1 A
ill .
I.li/lm .
main. .
- u
• <i/
■ HI
• 11
■ u
l.l min
h. it..
,'M .
(0 ,
' I
. 0

' DouanKLiifSjK. N. V
, July tti
— Thoro tvero
lunliiu tlmnilor'bUiruiH ulomr (ho Hml*im |u*t
iili/ht. In tiumu plncua
ho ball
nm) Kuhtulittf
won* nupnllliur. Troon ami tollwmih doIch wore
turiMjmvn. 'iUrvu aru umiluur acnea ot
till* UVUIllUff.
y ’ ‘ •
- , . Bwtial OiiwHh to
’M C’AiMOO 'iVtlHINf.
Nkw Vouk,
July Sfl.-
t’oiupomiurg u,\ il:U0 1>.
m., W[ Up. in
I p. in., 70; .1:1 in., I-; uvurm/u
•fiAil MygrHKO
teuuicmturo: for
corruapomllug Unto lost, yunr,
At II o'clock hist evening somcvUitehs, Itidlg
hunt at thu treatment an oldaud. decrepit bone
wus receiving at Uio hands of two men near tho
curper.gr Madison gnd Leavitt stroma, turned'
Inn signal for tho,buiioopatrol. They found
one imor broken-wlnuod stood drawbar a wagon,
uitm-liuj ih.Hi,, rviir mianr. ivuiuii vw.iiiutil..
übted auluiul, whldijnpl fallen down |rum sheer
inability id support. Us own weight. Tho two
men. Joseph Case and John Carpenter by name.
, worn engaged In drugging the beast overtho
road by a rupu attached to Us nook. They weru
arrested ami bunked ui the West Madisup.Birvot
if Haturday
A Startling Piece of Nows Re
garding Frank James,
the Outlaw.
no Was lu Kiviihus Oily Itbforo
nml Ailur ilio Winston
A Posse loaves This Morning at
Daylight on a Mysterious
. Mission.
Attempted Murder of nu Old nml Prom.
Incut Citizen of Muskegon,
Shooting Affray at Atlanta, On., Between a
Hotel Olcrk and a Drummer.
A Member of Ilio Xolorlout Hush (tang of Outlaws
Arrested in Ttm
Special Ulijmlrii to The Vhieaao Tribune.
Kansas Citv, Mo„ July JM.—A startling ploeo
of nows regarding Entitle James and Dio Into
Winston robbery on (ho Hock Island Hallway be
came publiu Into this afternoon, to tho ollcot
that at tho thao of tho robbery tho wife and
uhlhl of tho noted bandit were Btopplugjit thu
Hl..lames Hotel here, and that be was at tho
ramo phico Immediately preceding nml follow
ing thu aifulr. on tho Kith of tho month a fam
ily arrived In tho elty and registered as, H, 1).
Wilson, wife, ami ehlhi, from Louisville,
Ivy. On tho h!tU tho man left tho
hotel tmd was absuul Until tlio 17th.
On tho Hull tho family loft for Denver, but. be
loro departing, tho head of It, 11. I). Wilson, was
neon In conversation with Mrs. Samuels, mother
of thu .lames boys, at the Onion Depot In this
eity. Mrs. Hamuelscumuoter to this city on tho
innrning of ibo ii'lh fnnn her homo In Clay
County, and was in town nil day, returning at
night, 'lhoro Is not tho slightest doubt that 11.
p. Ulhon was In font, I’runk .lames, ns
hU wllo was recognized by sovcral par
ties .who lormerly know her us Miss
Annlo Halaton at Indepundoneo, Mo., whom
•liiiiH-s mnrrlud her In is, I. Tho robbery was
committed mi tho night of the l.'uli, and tho
niiiuir that two of tho perpetrators were on tho
train that night, when It lull K'ansasClty Is about
eonhrnieil. Tho person uniting herself Mrs. 11.
>. WHson has been positively IdonllllednsMrs.
I-rank James, neo Annie Ualstoti, but no uxciiko
has been given by (huso who recognized her for
not aeuimtntlng thu olliulals with tho fact until
within tho past twenty-lour hours. Sheriff Tlm
burlnke, of Clay Connly, HUoria* Murphy, of
Jackson, and tlio I'ollee Coihialssinnefs of this
city held a secret meeting 10-iilght, and at day
light a posse of men leave on a mysterious mis
sion In connection with thu abovu.
fijxctat iJlfvatch to The CTUcuao Tribune.
Atlanta, (la., .Inly 91.—This afternoon At
lanta was thrown Into a fever of excitement by
n shooting ulfray wldeb occurred inu saloon at
tbo Kimball House between Hdward Callaway,
chief ollleu clerk, and A. L. Hunt, traveling
salesman for Church & Co., soda-manufacturers,
of Ulclimund. Hunt, It seems, applied at tho
ulllee at I o'clock tor dinner, stating that tho
dining-room was closed. Callaway told him that
dinner was over, and that ho could nut gutmiy,
ns the doors were closed. I let til, upon being told
this, said: "I know you, uml have. known
yon for (ho past eight years. You aro
only u ficcond-elasrt clerk of a second-class
hotel, and can’t get a job at nllrat-uluss hotel.”
Callaway replied, •• You nro.iKl—d liar.” Hunt
ihon walked oil', slating that ho would complain
to Seovllle, one of tho proprietors. This Hunt
did, hut could get no Batisluotlon. Hcovttte tell
log him that Callaway represented him In such
matters. An hoimhiier Hunt and Callaway met
by mere accident in u saloon, when Callaway,
upon walking in, found Hunt drinking n glass
ol beer. Tho quarrel was reopened hy Callaway
getting alter Hunt lor reporting the
matter to Hcovllle. Words - wore pasted be
tween them until Hunt opened up tho dllll
ettliy more seriously tUnu It had been
by breaking n tumbler over Callaway’s head,
euitlug a fearful gash. Hunt, ns soon as he lilt
Callaway, Jumped behind a pillar in the saloon
and drew a pistol. Callaway, upon recovering
'l'rnm (he blew,.also drew' one, and each tired.
Thu reports were so simultaneous that those
present thought that only one shot had been
tired. Upon an Investigation being held, how
ever, It was lountl (hut Callaway’s shot had hit
tho pillar behind wltluh Hunt was sheltered, and
that Hunt’s ball had entered Callaway’s face
under tho lower Up, and passed out .through the
side of the face, taking away (ho lower Jaw.
Hunt was at once arrested and bonds refused.
Np«lal Uiipatch to The Chicago Trihunt*
Muhkkuon, Mich., July tU—Tho ulty waaox
cltuil to-day over the attempted immlur of Pur
tcr IliicUloy, mi old resident of this city, and a
member of tho lumber linn of C. H, ilackley &
Co., which took plueo nl his residence early this
morning. Thu assasln Is n young man named
(Jennie McCoy, a nephew of a well-knbwu dls
reputable woman named llattlo Davis, with
whom Hackley Is living. McCoy wont to Hack
ley’s house durlnir tho night and asked for ad
mittance, and Hackley not out of his bed and
admitted him. McCoy Hied passed through tho
dlplng-room into tho parlor, where he saw on
the centre-table ilaukiuy’s revolver.. In tho
meantime, Ilaokley told him to wait until ho
could light a lamp, ami went Into tho dining
room lor that purpose. Heareuly had tho light
been struck when .McCoy exclaimed, "(j—d—
you, I’vogoi yon now I” mid proceeded to tiro
at llnckloy. Thu tlrst shot passed through (ho
shoulder and into tho wall. .Thu young villain
llrcd again, tho second shut entering at tito
heart, ami passing down Into the muselos at tho
haek. Thu lm)i struck a rib and glanced, which
prevented it mitering a vital point.- McCoy is
still at large, having jumped out or a window
and escaped, 'ilium is now.a probability that
ilaukloy will recover.
fprrtal Dltpalch tn Vie Chicago Tribune,
Galena, 111., July tkl, —Htiuritf Pool, of this
county, arrested a man this afternoon at tho Do
Hutu House who hud registered as ihlwurd F.
Kraudall, from Leavenworth, Kus., on snspl
clou of being one HU ward T,,Crandall, alias T. C.
Crawford, who Is wanted nl that elly for
burglary and bank-breaking,, mid who Is also
wanted in Missouri fur forgery,' Crandall ar
rived in this idly from tho Hast on tho half-past
(l o'clock train lust evening, and put up at tho
Du Koto Hume. Hu answers exactly to the de
scription sent to Hhcrlir Poole by K, It. Walto,
Sliorlir of Leavenworth County, Kansas, in u
letter dated July W, in which It was slated iliac
Crandall would imdunhiudly uomo this way.
The man under arrest elalids to lie a traveling
agent for a carpel house, mid that 'he stopped
over in (inlemi tor the purpose of recuperating,
having suffered of late from ill-health. i(o will
beheld until tho arrival of. the Leavenworth
Sheri it, who has been notlilod by telegram ot tho
• Dknton, Tox., .Inly s»l, — Deputy United Btntoa
Marshal (lirrln has brought In under arrest
James Tyler, charged with eompljdty la nmil
robberies committed by thp notorious Bam Musa
gangin l«'a. Mu was arrested at Aloka, Imlluti
Territory, Tills leuv«* butthivo of the ’ llass
gang at largo,—Davis, who was In. tho Union
I'amtlo llailnmd robbery at )Uir Hprlngv Nob.,
uml Is now in Now Orleans; Marry Underwood,
Uio most desperate of Uio band. who is running
u cattle rand) la Uiu I'lulhaudlo of Texas;
ami Frank Jackson, who Is now in Arkansas.
Thu whereabouts ol' theso-inon aru well known
to thu detectives ol' Mils Btato, but, In the ab
sence of a reward lor limit! oaiituro and tho
well known desperate character ul Miutnun, no
ollortsnru likely to bo mudo UMmysi lhvm»
lIOMICIDKS IX At I*Blßßll*l*l..-
Vtcksnuna, July x*»».—.V special from Hdwards,
Silas., reports thu killing of Henry Cute, by
Deputy-bheriH Cornelius, or Isainpiena County,
Cornelius wont to Udwarrts loiin'est Colo am!
sumo other negroes for violation of contract
wlih a plainer up thu Mississippi |(lvur. :
A special from Columbus. Miss., says Alfred
llonluniaml wllo were walking by tho liuusu
of Jeif Wooten, near Crawford, when tho woman
struck her husband with a stlok. Ju|f Wooten
followed with a heavy blow. The assailed umu
Coll, pud was thrown In a cistern. Tho murder
ers are iu Jail. _
Spttlal Dtipatth to CMpipa-IVibun?.
Maiwiim.i.town, lu.,Jui; aj.-rik'k lloiilimirlß,
n Uorsu-lbief, who slulo a valuable tyijiptaFfrom
C.JVluUts.m this county, lust wCok, mid who
bus since uvadod pursuit, was tfound this ovvii
lug in tho city. having rambled In wbllo badly
linoxioiited. Fruof uf his guilt is vouelustvu, as
many valuable animals have dhmppeured from
this vldntty of late. Ulieamuro is expected to
leiul to ocher discoveries.
tfjKCial OtisalcS (o Th» CAKaoo Tiibuiu,
' I,mi.u Mock, Ark., July 20.—Thomas m.
Uuyflcld, who killed Uls fatUor-lh.Jaw, Marshall
Ailuv. near Hiraylmru. .inly u, wnsenpl
ufi'il Imre to-day, and left thin morning for that
in elmrgo of a MHilsslppi milcer. May.
Hold murdered Aday with a barlow knife. which
lit* plunged ill his iMH-k after tint hitler hud
thrown him down anil wan holding him on tho
MTiimnl. Aday Is represmited ns having been a
leputabto mul .wealthy oitl/en of bake County,
IlAimiHiiunn, rn.,'.iiilr at—DoiiKiiroa from 1
Wnkeslmrro tilts tiv6nlliff nrrfstuil Ali-xsinlui-
Jackson, Annm Hill, ant] Albert Long.iiltuelies.
of Hbolbj*, I'nllnmn A llandllpa'a Clmis, an ac«
coMorli-.n to ft nuirdur emnnlltted at f'lllsloa
during tho light toil days uko*
iiomiKiiv or an om) d6.ui»r/R.
Special /ihpntch to The f.'Mc.ioo’iVuntnf. », 1
I.Nm.tsorot.tH, Iml.,. lnly'-U—llarglhW entered
the house of Mr, Minor, near Traders* Point
twenty miles from this city,nmlseeurod fft.U. Mr.
Materuud wife, aired pimple, wore hmmd'uml
gagged. Tlioro Is no etew to tho robbers.
A li , I3MAI,H KOUGKII. , j
PtNnr.AY, 0., duly sM,—Miss Kloroaco Ducat, ;
of Wood County, has been arrested for uegolln-'
ting a S.VW forged unto with i bo Farmers' Hank.l
Bhu aekiiowledires Iho erlme.
Dbnto.v, Tox., July "il.— rom Willlams who
shot mid killed two nleii at Orapoland two weeks
ago. was found dead In tho weeds yesterday
near this town.
Santa Fi:, N. M„ July -d,—J. S„ Jonnlugs,
who recently murdered nmuu mi tho Aiilums
Uiycr to secure tho latter's wife, was lynched
tuTlerra Amnrlllu, N. M., Hiniday.
Fo!tcc>OJll<*er Crowle >• by .Toneph iCol
■ ley, u I‘ctilicniinry Illni.
Thoßhootlng of Olllcer Daniel Crowley Mon
day night was otio of tho most villainous at
tacks ever made upon u policeman In this city,
ntnl that tho olllcer was mil killed ou tho spot is
till owing to a fortunate blow which ho minlo
with his ennu almost at tho Instant tho shot was
tired, and by which tho weapon was pointed
downwards so that (ho ballot entered (ho thigh
Instead bf the body, ns tho iiKsasln Intended It
should. As it was, tho wound is fur moru
serious than was at ilrsl thought, and
should hUlimimallon set in tho olllcer
may lose his life. Tlio bullet entered
the fnooof tbo thigh about three-tilths id tlio
way up from tlio knee to tho groin, and. barely
missing tbo bone, lodged in thu deep-seated
muscles and sinews of the inner side of the buck
of tbo leg. Uimn led with it into the wound u
pleeoof tbo pnntulucms, and n targe pleeo of tho
llannul drawers ho was wearing at tho time, and
tho danger wlll k bo from an abscess mm the at
tending Inllummatlon which these rags or tho
bullet may cause. Tho worst featuro of tho
case Is that tho bull. Instead o( going downward,
us might lie expected, appears to have
glanced upon sumo rigid muscle or
sluow, and to hnvo taken mi upwind ami
backward course. The doctors in iiUeodnueii
say that cutting Into It, or luio any abscess
which may form In tho wound, will bo attended
wit h coiisldimildo danger.
Joseph Kelley, the young lltng who is he*
liovcil to have bred the shot, wait arrested at his
home. No. liw Van Huron street, which Is dl
reetly south of and less than a block away rrom
the point on Jackson-street to which Crowley
chased him alter the shot was ilred. The pris
oner was partially Intoxicated, and hail not
been to tied, although the hour was past mid
night. When ho was leaving tho house ho put
<m tils brother’s hat Instead of the straw
one ho wore at tho llmu of tho
shooting, but It litted hint so
tmdly that tho pincers noticed u.
Hu claims to have been at least ten blocks away
front thoHucneof tho shooting, lint when 01-
llcors Deck and Mavis brought film boforoCrow
ley yesterday, tho latter Iduntillcd him at once,
and attempted to strlku him with a eanc. Kelley
bitterly denies It. but Is deeply annoyed at tho
Idcntillcntlim, and shys he is Knud lor another
term In tho -Penitentiary, Me Is a very desper
ate an<l bad-tempered young man, uud two
yours ago this month
named Ocorgo Hong by striking him on tho
head with a base-lmll hat. Tor this ho trot ulf
with one ynnr at Joliet, and he Is only Just re
turned from Micro about six weeks.
Olliecr Crowley is at his homo, Xu. til Miller
street, prepared torn long si eye. Ho says that
early In the evening, while in citizen's dress, ho
nrrested Xoll Hennessey mid Johannali Lynns
for the larceny of some coeds from Airs. Alary
McCormick, of No. UO IJnfon street. Later ho
arrested Allnnlo Haley, who was wanted upon a
charge of larceny preferred by I’. O’Alnra, of
No. 07-Weal Harrison street, and who was also
wanted In conjunction with Johannali Lyons.
,Hu was on tho way to tho station, when, at tho
.corner of Quincy and Mcsplnlnes streets, one of
two men stopped up to tho girl, slapped her
.lamlllurly.on tho shoulder, and addressed her In
sontu obscene terms. Airs. Daiev, no matter
what tho daughter may be. Is u reputa
ble woman, -and she resented • tho insult
by striking tho fellow. Foul htngnngn eon
tinned, and Cvowiby, exposing his star, told tho
Intortercr to desist, and let them pass. Ho
snarled out.a-reply, and suddenly produced
from his hip-pocket aJW-oallbro revolver, which
hocoeked and leveled full at tho otllcerV breast.
The latter struck at him with a eanu ami
knocked tho weapon down. Thu assnsln ran,
ami Orowloy, notwithstanding his wound, pur
sued him south and west into Jackson street for
nearly a block, and until he disappeared, lie
turning, Crowley started agitln for tho station,
but fell from exhaustion at the corner or Adams
and Dosplalnes streets. Ho Is certain Mint his
assailant Intended to kill him, and would have
succeeded, too, but for tho blow from tho cane.
A Domo or Carbolic Avid Administered
l*or CuNtor-011.
Tho sudden death at tho County Hospital of
William I). Faulkner, Lieutenant of Company I,
Second Ucglmeiil, was brlclly announced lu yes
terday’s paper. It appeared yesterday at Ibo
Coroner’s impiest that tho young man was tho
victim of n tocrlblu blunder madu by ouu
of tho nurses, who gave him a doso of car
bolic acid, mistaking It for castor-oil.
Faulkner had been employed at tho Hospital
sliieo last January, curing ter tho rnalu bathing
house and looking after patients newly received
Into tho Hospital. A few days ago hu was taken
down with tunsllUls, and was assigned to one of
tho wards of which Anton Kulek, a Herman 16
years of age, Is nurse. Marly Monday evening
the physician In charge prescribed a dose of
three toaspoonfuls of castor-nil, ouu of furtlllud
oil. and a single drop of croton oil, Alongubont'
W o clock Kulek mixed Ibo dose from drugs lu
vials nu a (able beside tbu patient’s cot,
and imulkner swallowed tho doso at a single
gulp. A moment later he was seized with burn
ing pains in tho throat mid stomach. Tho truth
Unshod upon him on tho instant, nud ho
shouted tun Mrs. Ulco that Kulek had given
him a doso. of carbolic add. Antidotes and
emetics were speedily administered, and Hr. Me-
Arthnrdid all In h>s power to sate him. Hut
thu poison had already got Into tho blood, and
in less than an hour thu beating of thu hourt
was completely choked up mid death ensued.
Carbolic add poisoning is very painful, and tho
young man sulfuretl terribly up to thu very mo
ment of his death. Thu deceased was a vert*
promising young man of about k’l years. His
father is out West, mul Ids mother Is dead. Tlio
solo remaining relative la this city is a brother,
who is studying medicine in tbu uilieo of Hr. C.
H. Davis.
- Ivulek, tbo nurse, was Piled with remorse nt
his fatal blunder. Though Inexperienced In
bundling drugs or medicines, (lurittu ttiu bovou
months lie Ims been nt tbo hospital no has boon
very steady and consuicinloiN In bis duties. The
bolt leg wore properly labeled. mid oarbollo ncbl
bus no resemblance to castor-nil. There was,
therefore, no excuse for bis mistake. Tbu Jury,
after fully ennsideimg tbu ease yesterday, coo*
eluded that tboru was nothing to bu gained by
holding him lo tbotiraud Jury tor criminal euro*
felt ilohply Ibo result of bis act,and
the Jury, considering that bis punishment was
already severe enough, recommended that bo bu
net-taken Into custody.
Ilnllrontl OHleluls Conferring wills tlio
Governor of Missouri Us delation lo
Tru|u IJobburlvs—A Howard of sr»U,*
001) .10 lie Oll'urmt fur Clio Arrest of tho
James Hoys uml Their Hang,
Hr. Louis. Mo., July 4J.-J.,C.onult, General
Manager, and W. 11. Hlodgelt, Solicitor of tbo
Wubush Hallreudt C. 11. Cbupuma. Superintend*
egt, and J. J. Mitubel, of tbu Culuugo & Alton;
J. 11. Carson, of tbu Hannibal & St. Jeoi 0. W.
Hogors. General Manager of tbo Ht. Louis & Sup
Francisco: Mr. Kimball, General Superintend*
oat, and if, A, Lowe, attorney of tbo Chicago Si
Hock Island Hoad; and I). 8, Parker, of tbo
States HxppMs Company, bud a p6nfer*
eucu with Gov. Crittenden at tbo Southern Hotel
this morning regarding the lute trulrt robbery
at NVinston, on too Hock Island Head, but tbo
mooting was. held with elused »‘doors, and
nunc of these present will give any
information us • to wbat was duno.
Tbouliernnoneuiiforoiiue was held with closed’
doors, but Gov. Critteudeu staled to-uigbl that
there was u iroe lirtd full discussion of the sub*
Jeot. It was tbo unaulmeus opinion that
f rempt ana vigorous measures should bo taken
a bring the outlaws Injustice, and that within
forty-eight hours, perhaps twcmy.fuur hours,
be wlll, ‘Hs Governor of Missouri, Issue a
prooiumuiluu, to be scattered broadcast over
tbu State, ulTerlog u reward of ttuaJuu fur tbo
arrest of tbo men who robbed the Hook Island
train at Winston,—s4l,ooo of this sum to bu
given fur the capture of tbo two James boys,
supposed to have been tbo leaders of the rob*
bory, and |d,OJO each for tbo other live wen of
, tbo party. ;
Efforts of ,the Revenue Den™
ment to Capture tlic M ur , '
derer of Brayton.
Unlfflcntlon by tho Chinese n O .
(UJimunt «1‘ tho T\v» Xrca.'*
tics with America,
An Indian Oonforonoo to Bo Held at
Washington Aug, 15—Itayal,
kx!»outs or iiUKAnsrirm
Washington, 1). t?., .Inly tM.-Ti,.. ‘
tho exports of broadsiiufs f ( , P
pKdcdto-day by tho lluroau of Hiuiiei.'. m '
tains nl.no it statement or lhe-u iaiL,’. W , n '
tho enllro liscnl year of IWI. These uL‘* *
in soiitu respeets highly Intcrealla.f nnd -iSI 1
Ivo. Tho report embraces tho experts «rJ”*
Whont, wheat Hour, barley, euru-meai
rye, from sixteen of tbo principal ports t* B4
exports wero, In round number*,
IWO, ns compared to ts«,u«inxw ,i **
tho preceding year. All the , )r j2
ports, except Now Orleans mid 1
show ft falling olf. Now York ,iS
front SIWj(WO,OiW to sL , l,(k*ii.(X)J:
from to n,tlt phu
frAww.iwu to t la.ouo.uao; white .
from <II.A)U,WK) to ?17,1(W,ur0, ua.i N-Li"
Increased from ifH.Ouo.inw to l.uio.im I««
exports of.breadsttufs from NowoVlS?*'
,lunu or this year aro even nioroimtuwuriii&
tho entire exports of tho Usual year; |M?
those exports for Now York for Umi,*?.' 1
compared with tho exports fur tbo ror*®
Ing month of last year, dropped from tidinoft
to and exports Irma"iSS®
dropped from fiMWlMnw to ti u o,^
of luoadstuils Irma New Orlemu hiere, mvwt-
to #l,rMl,(XJo,—they won! , m? 1 ? a
doubled. Jloston Increased less tl nn SHi nl?
mul llnlthnoro lost over {iwu.uwi. 1 ,MW M
Turning to tho corresponding statement
Juno of last year, mm going limber intof?l
analysis, ymir Correspondent itmlmhnt tl onun!
bor of bushels of nmi shipped from Ne'r w
in Juno of Hus. year was, in round an,n il:
ikiKwAhO bushels eumpnred
lust year, Host on dcellned from i.uuiuim,,
twu; Philadelphia from iV-MMiri
(KW; llnlthnoro from l.iwo.iwti bushels i« i ytt
whllo Now Orleans on tlio other haad.har.*«!l
from 7IW.(KW bushels to I.UlU.iwjlnmtiels l
Turning to wheat one IlmUsuhstaatialh-a.,
sumo record. Tho wheat exports frimi sv.
Orleans during Juno of this year were m UP i
moro than duuiilo wlmt they were in .innQ ,i
last year, thonxaet IlKiires f*emj?7li;.h;ii,mVh
as ujfalnst UHU.UJU bushels. Now York irtl fn«
MUU.OOO Imsliuh to II.IWIMMK) buahela, imd trhn
over may be said about grain licatinir in ml,
tuor months, tbero does appear to he a lC
deal of grain swelling on the MlasisoppLnen.fL
lug to tbo Htatlfitlu tables, mid Unit eomiaiou*!.
pears to l>o more comfortable than ilio euid
traeUiig operathm going on at Urn urinviui
Allmulu ports.
It limy bo Interesting to add tlmt tlio min
shipments via tho Alissls.dppl lllver iluriox io«
hot monthsof May and June or Mils year vm
nearly equal (Uo total shipments during itaoiivii
yuarofißTU. ' .
Sptehtl IHtpatch to TlieVhlcaoo Tr/tu*4
Wawiiincitov, H. C,, July -I!.—Tliu .v,m
Hoard, appointed some time since by Smtt«r|
Hunt to Inquire into Mionecdsuf tho navy li
respect to now vessels am) the kind liestsultti
to the defense of this country mid tho tnalnta
tmiicu of Us dignity In other waters. Imaorrirs
at important eonciuslons. Thu Hoard buds
elded to recommend tho construction of tbra
classes of lighting cruisers, to liuvu n speevlaf
thirteen, fourteen, uud fifteen knots m
hour, respectively. Tho 'largest cits
Is to have a capacity of 6,ft) tout
They also recommend tho construction d
it nmnUor of gunboats for tho rivet
servleo, mul to have a capacity of TW ioum
speed of ion knots, and to earry'onuuiinncti
These are Ucslgnud-to servo on the Oilitcjotn|
other coasts having narrow mid shallow Inleti
fur which thoro are no sultablo boats now eiitt
lug In tbo navy. Thu gunboats will ho of wool,
but tho larffcr vessels of Iron. Tho imv&l con
structors on tho Hoard are to tmM n long
slltlnffat tho Portsmouth, N. 11., Navv-YarHo
decide on tho lines of tho various clm-w or v«*
sols. Wheu Mils has been done thuciminccruilicvq
of tho Hoard will deturminu as to the ctiuracioi
of tho unglues best adapted to tho illlTcrmi
ulnsses. It Is understood-that tho uilict-r* are
wlliuiff to fflvo up tholr prejudice for biivjr
rigging, so Micro will bo no diiileulty ia nttalniar
tho rcqntslt speed. There Is every prospect ct
hnrimmy in tho eonolnslons of the Hounl. Tbs
last thliiff to bodmio after tho emisinu-tlomm
am) etifflnuors yet I hrongh. is for thu line odloeti
iodceUlo Upon the onllil. Tho beerclsry trill
thou have the thilshcd report submitted to bi;a
uud will embody it in bis report to tho I'mlilcni,
who It Is known had tho intenilon to nuku au
urgent rocommonditMon to Congress to cltatf
take sumo radical action or withdrawal! support
from tho navy.
; . .Special Diivu{eH to The Chicago frlbunr.'
Washington, 1). C., July at—The Stale De
partment has. received no olliebd lufnrmnsios
relative to the report of tlio dynamite* infernal
machines Haiti to bo shipped fro a lids couuu;
to linglund, but witbotil ollielal luforuiotitt
stops Imvo boon taken to ascertain the train ul
those reports. An utlloiul of tlio Statu Depart*
uiuiit shiil to-day that, if It shall ins loiumi tut
tlio reports uro true. such action will lw tatyc
In tho matter ns is consistent with our Irlwiwl
relations with Croat llrualn.
Washington, I). C., July kU- Mupmy-Col*
lector Noah, at Columbia, H, C„ telegraphs (.'oat*
mlsslbtior Uaum that, a rovuime I'on.u timlft
Deputy Hyrou raided McDow’s lumso tho morn
mgor tho Slat, and found it descried. McDu*
and family bad lied to parts unknown. Tborrv
uauo party returned to Nourtaosbiirg. It*
Deputy reports that his oilleu has no Inform**
tioti to show that any elfort has been tnade on
.tho part of Ibo Marshals or Deputies to urrc«
MoDow, Coiiililissiouur Huilin. lu reply to tod
information,sent tho following telegram to my
uty-Colleotor Noah:
••OlfortlM) reward for tlio arrest unddulbefj
to United Slates Marshal Blythe of M
thu murdor of Deputy-Collector Hravuai.
• Tlio Supremo Court room, aid tho dmlr'-i
Justice Cllifurd were draped to-day, as was m**
tho Department of Justice. Tho Hag ujhuiiw
building was placed at Imif-umst. , ... .
Tho Commissioner of Indian Allairs. wtM
view of clloeihiga friendly umiimemeai iwi
lug to thu gradual consolidation of Um v«*n'» «
Indian ugunules, mid bringing nearer toguinu
tho various trlbos of Imllans now seaHereiim ,r
a widu urea, bus sunt out loiters mine Junuu.
Unmlnis, Wiimebogoes, mid the Lower Ajam/
Sioux, Instructing them to send three dnWf 1 ' 1
from each trlbo to Washington by Aug. U m
plies wcw received from each trlbo • eoliu nf »
willingness to do so. Tho Hpeelal object oi ibj
conforoneoUt this time Is to iinnnu<> b'f s ':,'
butler location for tho I’oneas In Nebraska, uw
refuse to go to Indian Torntory. . .
A telogrum was received at the Ham IM» r ‘
mont to-day from the United States* la J m
China, miummuiug tho lailileailon «>l t* l ' l ..,
treaties.helweou tho United Slates uadU
exchanged ntl’oklu July IP. . , . /
• Tho order making a special nssigima» .
nmil-sofvlco on tlio Mississippi ,t, '|; r * u r ( r u 4 2 T a
tho Missouri State Hoe, and upon all
«l tho Missouri and south of ino -
lino. Is rescinded, and the charge id
upon thusu rivers rovoris to the mm .
outs of tho respective dlvlsiuus to 1 *
belong., . .
Continuation of the Nesslon Ut
’ of Hie National Cuiiforeneu of i»»*
ties ami Corrections*
Vltpateh to Tht Chicago Ttilont.
Uu&TiiN, July 41.—Tbo Confercm 1 .; of •' f>
Charities to-day was devoted entirely 10 t
ganlzullon of oburltuldo work In eiiicH, » «
Is known In Huston, tbo ussuciaicd *' •■ .
T’bp übjgot brought together u largo mi ll
persons specially Interested InH, and“ w , ; ii
dltfoeoweru many, ladles and ,otucm
kuowu us workers in the city, and “' . , II | (II mu*
that tbo Conference looked for | l( '
lion during UlO lime allowed to* tbo m* (J
•Tboru whs a wul«ly-exi.n.--.M' ,il wl)fk .
hear something regarding tbo l' l Lll j alU ti
lugs of tbu various charities, aim • ‘ Jr m
TV Fields and Mr. Hubert *;! !,i <(un;
behalf of the Conference el t.m .. uu .i
tics, MnbJSauub Ik Cheney for tbo.Si w
Women's and Children's Hospital, •' • j i ul , !.
AbbottJamosfor the Provident " v„uuf
mid Mr, William 11. Hubhvln let.»'£ u „nW
Men's Christian Union, gave ir Ud
workings of tbu Insulations they ( J‘ I; 1 . 1 . j . MU in-ii
Mr, I'aluo arraigned tbo I oluo 1 »{“ (lcr Oi
of Huston for nut tullperatlng i» cm • (|] w „d
Vidoemoiit of the work of ebm U> *aj* |llt ut .
eiupuuilu language charged them «'
political luUuuueu lit bur city.
1 Thomas Flannery, 17 years of agt. l , ul iu
At tbo West Twelfth Street Htutloii * ~f
robbingLoqlf Golko and Herman h‘» )l . m
about $1 cash each. Tbo conip -dni ir H; iy
No. 31 Cramer street, and *wf *,'; v m.-ruu*
bomo butween I and d o dm-k hu a , , u ui
but were met ot the curuer «'t J l wU „ u i-
Ollriou streets by u gang of hnedhua ,u*
tsuked, awl beat them sba «, s tu r
sumo time wont through tbclr pets*,
and vsiuablos. '

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