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Violent Speech of Redpath
Before the Land League
Last Night.
Anger in Catholic Countries
Over the Indignities Put
on tho Pope.
Continued Comment Upon
the Plot of the lulcriml
Tho Land Bill, the Kilmain
ham “ Cooler," and Other
Irish Matters.
Westward Progress of tho Torriblo
‘ Siberian Oattlo Plague—
The Jews.
Healed Debates in Hid French Par
liament Over Certain Electoral
Spnhit CohU,
Ooomvoon, July 2d.—To-day commenced
Uioplorloiis Goodwood, but under eircum
stamps fat* from glorious, (►wine to tbo dry
ilateof the truck. Coughing has affected so
many first-class horses Unit the racing will
only bo of slight Interest compared with for
mer years. One Immlred and llfly horses
hnvo arrived on tho scene, Includ
ing eight American. Passaic Ims been
tent In place of Iroquois, and Is
expected to carry of? ono or two races before
thoemtof the meotlmr. Ho had been doing
gqodwork, and arrived looking well. Tho
Americans compete In four events on tho
first day. six on tho second, fouron tho third,
unit live on tho fourth. On Friday
Don Kulano, handicapped at ninety-four
pounds, Is considered as having a
pood chance. Tho Prince and I'rlncess of
Wales, with a large and aristocratic compa
ny, arc guests of tho Uuko of Klchmond and
' tip: hack rou Tin: goodwood rtakrs
was won by Mr. A. Briggs’ Brown Bess, with
Vrttdhommo second, and Blackthorn third.
Tim tollowing Is tho summary:
Tho Goodwood Stokes, hmiutcnp of 2.1 sor
crcign? each, i.l forfeit, nmi only 5 forfeit if
dcclnrutl (>y noon 'on Tnmtay, .luly 2U, with ISO)
novcrclgiirt mliiud winners of any huudicap after
JunoiW. nt in a. m., seven pnumis extra weights
ircmniitutlvo: nccuml to receive 100 sovereigns
out of tho statics; ten to remain in after the
drclnrutlotiof forfeit or no race; two miles and
i half; twenty-seven suhseribers.
M. A. Primes'b. m. Brown . Bobs, by Muakot,
out of Curiae 1
lloyclicry'fl eh. e. I’niclhomme, by Cym
bal, out of Preude 2
Jlr. lt-Jnnilnn'fl !». h. Illncktlioriic, byMaccn
-mnl.otitof lilnckltoso ;j
-The Sweepstakes was won by Maraschino,
beating Knnisbnry.
loxnox, July 20.— I Two hours before Uio
Cunnrd boat .Malta, carrying tho infernal
machines, arrived at Liverpool from Boston,
the Home Ollleo received information from a
well known patriot who makes Hurls
Ms headquarters, that explosives had
been dispatched . on tho Malta.
Government detectives wore on hand
to Inspect tho cargo, and the “cement bar
ids” were seized before any damage was
done. The American authorities are much
more Interested in this matter than would at
first bight appear. The “skirmishers”
anJ Feidan.s mi your side of tho
*ator have •no sooner rcsolvea
on a plan of action than the news roadies
.*onu* of the spies upon tho Irish cause, who
promptly lu accordance with the terms on
which he Ims long served the British Gov
fmineid, telegraph it to tho Homo Of
firc. amt the rest is easy work. Thu
i'jibltc building* of Liverpool and other En
cash centres are thus sub?, while tho Ameri
can passengers on board tho vessels on
which (he machines are smuggled and tho
"turves nt Boston, Now York, or other
Wdsyfshipment,are exposed to
in ms sjH'ceh Monday night on tho seizure
of the tvu machines at Liverpool, Sir Will
ten llnrcmirl did not stale this view of tlio
taw 1,1 many wonla (tlio . Govern
nmd, lor obvious reasons, never hints
« relations with informers), but
we louse thoroughly understood him
Mica in- sulii that “ the American Govcrn
hud reason to be quite as much con
tfnad over this Infamous trallle us
Wo Homo Olllce.” Every year tho ex-
KndUuro under the head of the Secret
MMiti is audited by a secret com
iuipu composed of members‘of both
HHicid parties, and the lluimsOlllce nr
butnmml.s with lending patriots are so coin-
S'l , lt !ls ‘» || »iumvof tho contents of the
, ,* ril ! lsllil, r>” weeklies are often perused
f il e Hume Secretary before the papers nto
Wnteil, an,j u lt . ji mnu OUI( , U
I'iunu-n.v aovjsko or* uvkiiv siovk
jm by the leaders of tho Fenian party, of
•fi.o UUW un, val. and of oycry item of In-
TiiPri 'vitli the organization.'
ihst ii conclusive ‘ovtclenco.
imi iH w . JnlL 'nml machines, were
steim. 1, .‘ l . t 0 cx I ,lmlo • tho
S‘ a r any.. llouiaMlule.
vieill' ,u.° r . have exchanged
test.. 'l? to l . lu l ,r, *in , ioly of Issuing a nmnk
Itnl/iM* Km l ll l)y * lm "hole of the Ilome
teni-Arn 1 ' t‘* LJshmon in nil
MtPiiu. 110 'X ur, ‘*' against secret
inil . ‘ ll "ti'ih Jives and properly, SoV-.
po>o Mir. UIU Lomc-Uulers, however, op
inam, (1 “ ,, I ro|loj,ft, » 0,1 dm ground that the
tttir u- 'tVb l,miecL ‘ B;i, ‘o'. Li .t|m face of
tenuib' \ . ~ l i nvn disapproval of sucli nt
ii “• 1 ai,, cU will decide -tlio question
i... iu ~w HVitrm AitotfaUd
Ju,y -'’•—ln Um debate lii tho
iteiii’,,, • o,l | l,, mis yesterday bn the Govern*
\L h,mu. n ’ lriU,a VH«l. Gladstone showed
Casti.!iV n n rlu i? ,s MVr *’ ’before tho
»*ilulr«t,/.f ho 'U‘Nl«h'«ctnmcd.' To have
~ l hV ‘‘r ms of peaco which woro
Wqiljf , m u t,lu Masters ocehrred, ou i\
certain,,, , u !iry Ilonur * «*ul 10 Inslst.m; a
to e»i!la m ! mV 1 v , letlms slaughtered
'•lekvd 11 y\ Uh avoHlit- halo been
ft, kU‘iui...t r u H \ umt niUlln * therefore,
tTwythn,,,. lt „ | llo Government. had done
Wood. ' ueiMl by shedding mure
Ur,i |. x “ s, ”| tK hansom moxkv.
i! !!JI VII y ' foreign Secretary, Ims nil
“•‘tlcnmi ..«’ u ; l r t 0 ,IL ‘ r ' iMnJesty’s diplo
•“llheiii ~in ,su i,r “Wbts abroad, inform
iiiiii7 ~n l l,ry^ mlvanew in fiilnro to
. ! 4,l^uctt * w, * uu aolluis Ui im
Wlii Ka ;:; u ,Um event of their, captiiro
tyt L h „ 1,1 1 u, ltey or other
' Tliellrhlai COi *MKNT.
uxSr!p? r i° > * li **! rro ? vect| v® : : poTlilcs,
~IK? h 0 NM Umt
in 0 tr,)oJ of America jn eu<
.. l,ro I Vt ‘ 1,l u renewal of overt at
against' tho' JirUlsh
i tließt 9 r .9uartf(«it,«ayi,Aiwrlca
will dmihlhsH nmlt m> olHut tyllhln ILs ca
|m<‘lLy hi ilii.-lnnga Its obligations, not
"lily lovvanls Iniernnilonat fellowship, hut.
to tlm common liiluitslh rtf linmnnlly.
Thu rlllliiMilty Is to sun what more America
ran do lo |ii**v«‘ill Infernal nmchlncsfrom
being >lti|tpcit thsui England let prevent thol
landing. Tin* same Journal donhhi the wis
dom «»f nslclnir (hcFedcnd or Elate authori
ties lo pul a «:li«'ck on the ««f*:ty-yalvo sup
plied hy llio vaporlngs of the Fenian press.
Tin* Simulant - tlilnk» lltu A met loan pollen
could, hy (his time, Imvo discovered some
thing us lo wlio Hliipitcd the infernal ma
chines. “ Piddles opinion,” IL says, •* will
demand full huiiilry, mid we are soro the
American Government will, consistently
with Us own nmidclpid law, show every do*
she lo lielp us. Wo hope due dlllgenen will
now hear (he same interpretation as In (ho
Ahdmnni ease. Wu demand no damages—
we only ask friendly aid In checking an In
fiiinhtiK conspiracy.”
The Murnltm Post thinks the (line tins
come when America should adopt a similar
altitude towards O’Donovan llossa and
others who abuse her hospitality, as England
did towards .lolmnn Most. As regards tlm at
templed repetitions of outrage, It says: “Wo
will not do America the Injustice of sup
posing limt only a sense of personal risk to
her own citizens will Induce her lo lake
strong measures.”
a dispatch piiom i.iveiipooi,
says that after the explosives ana mechanism
had been removed from the cement bar
rets the barrels were made up so as to appear
as If undisturbed, ami wore left on the ipiay;
but nobody claimed (hem. One thing Is
clear, either the consignors sent the ma
chines with a prearranged purpose of Imv
tliein seized or Uluru Is litter disloyalty
among the Irish people in America.
THE TUltb*.
Tim Goodwood Stakes were won by Grown
Russ, Prndhommu second, and Lllaekthonm
third: Exeter, Urn favorlt, did not get a
Tlm Richmond Stakes Were won hy Dutch
Oven. Kermessu and St. Marguerite ran a
dead heat for urn second place. Eight ran,
including Keene’s Golden Gate. .
In the Bow .Street Pollcu Court to-day
Patrick Talfmml Hickey, Uio young Irish
man charged with threatening to kill tho
81.-llon. William K. Forster unless lie re
leased the Irish prisoners and resigned tho
Chief Secretaryship for Ireland, was commit
ted for trial.
lu Uio ilou.so of Commons to-day Sir
diaries DUke. Under Foreign Secretary, said
tho Government had reason to believe that
tile reported Busshni annexation of Koochan
was unfounded.
THK 110K1W.
A dispatch front Pretoria says: “Tho
hitch In tho negotiations, continues. Tho
Boers have not met tho itoyal Commissioners
since the 20lh iiisl.”
Owing to Uio unsettled state of Ireland It
has been decided to maintain the military
establishments at their present strength fur
some time longer.
Capt. Boycott and wife have relumed to
Uiolr residence at Lough Mask. :
Tito doctor attending Boyton, one of tho
prisoners arrested under the Coercion act,
says Uio patient Is In a dangerous state of
health, and Ids eyesight has greatly failed.
Thu prison doctor will report on tho case.
ix tub iiousr: of commons
tills evening, on consideration of Uio Com
mittee's report on Uio Lund bid, the clause
proposed by tho Attorney-General for Ireland
providing that no Land Commissioner shall
be capable of sitting lu the House of Com
mons during his tenure of office, was agreed
London, July 2d.— I Tho Times says: Pri
vate telegrams dated yesterday afternoon
gavp unfavorable reports concerning Presi
dent Garfield, and express anxiety lu regard
to the result of his wound.
Tho News says; “Wo understand that no
answer Ims yet been received from tho
United States to Lord Granville’s dispatch In
regard to Uic attempted nssasinationof Pres
ident Gurliuld.”
Dgiilin, July j 2d.—At tho weekly meeting
or the Land League to-night It was an
nounced that S*J,-100 were received from
America . (hiring tho week. James
Jledpalh delivered a violent speech,
in . which ho characterized Sir
William Ilarcourt’s statement tlmt John
Devoy was an agent of tho League ns a de
liberate lie, and alluded to John llright ns a
renegade. Ho said he had only opposed
Fenian schemes In America because he did
not see how It was possible to conquer En
gland by‘revolution at present. Itedputh
concluded by culling Sir William llarcourt a
liar, slanderer, and coward, and William E.
Forster an infamous Quaker,
DKBnnmtJ tub iiby’s standard.
■ Social C.iWr.
Pairs, July 2d.—According to a Tnnls’dls
pntcli published In La FiOjliunc Fmnwf/sg
this morning, ulmosl alt (he Ley’s troops
have deserted. Six hundred loft In n body
on Sunday, and barely-100 remain to watch
over.Molminmcd Elsodok’s precious person.
It has boon found necessary to Intrust tho
delicate and.disagreeable task of collecting
tho Tunisian tuxes to a special corps of
French and native soldiers, commanded.by
Indignant at Urn disrespect shown Ids coun
try in a recent .cartoon of tho well-known
caricaturist, Alfred Lu,l\Ut. has sent Urn
latter a challenge. Tlio deadly struggle is
to come, oil to-day In Switzerland.
ffonUiio Oran correspondent of tho (hinlofn,
M. Guy,Do Maupassant, to-day ttirows new
lighten tho so-called defection of Uezanlun
tribes. It is stated that the .Jleznla wero
driven oIT their territory by tho French au
thorities, and that if they wore not literally
in dangcf; of,.starvation under'tho'French
rule Liey would return to Choir homos.
'>n><)w U'cidru aiiof/ul.ii,Pr«i.
Pauih, July’Jo.--A dispatch from Tunis
says: Tim Hoy's troops havo k deserted uu
masse. There nro litmlly enough left to
guard lln; palace. No ollleor is willing to
lalvo Urn responsibility-of lending ilio few
who rt'iimliMigulnst the Insurgents.’ ' •
• • 1 . • 11V •TIIM" > I'IIKNCH,
Paiiis, July tX—The commander of Urn
Froiigli fiiiundron telegraph.* 'ns follows;
“ThO llvi't arrived 6ft Gabes Sunday morii
lug, surprised Urn town, ami Imuloil a foreo
without opposition. Itesfstanco was conllned
lo (wo adjacent villages, which the sailors
had, .to lako .liy. assault,- durhig whloli tho
Froueli hist seven wounded, Tho villages,
being, too far froia tho coast, were subset
({Uently oVrtcunUd. Two hundred Sailors pjy
eupy .(lubes. Troops ■ will shortly relievo
them.”. - . ‘
• a mn.«MATpj nupt.v. * : \
; lUm^July’idi—Dminl' hiiniplyto tho In*;
Qulry ul thu/Duo ile iu.lho Hi’iiVlo 1
yesterday iis to wlmthor iiio (luvurinjtupt in-;
jendo|d to advaimu,on *Tuuls,
llUolru declared Umt ho hud replied sincerely,
to Um Uritish Government. Ho regarded good
imdundmullug.wltli England as.essentiul fur
Um Interest'bC twa tUajiutiuns upil of miru
luuuiif, Interest to clvllkntlmi and Innuaiilty,
Ho euneluucd: »* Wo liuvo made every effort
with dhut object l imd*' trust we Jmve sue
reeded.”f :’
’ • TJIj: BE.VATd TO-IIAV 1 .
Uiaeuwed elt(umtca <gr Preiuler
Ferry, replying (<» l)e .Salute Croix, staled
that lion Amelia hail retreated In the di-snl,
that alfnlrs on llta frontier were In a mo.-t
satisfactory condition, and It was llio duly of
Parliament to aid In suppressing a panic hy
Informing the connlry that it might have
perfect conlidence In (he future.
i.v Tin: rnAMnnn or t»m;rn:s,
M. Ferry, replying-lo t’lcmnnceao. staled
that llm Goverumenl, deslioas In thelnler
estof llio Itepuhlle of restraining electoral
notation ns iimcli as posslhle, Intended
lo convoke the Electoral Colleges about
Aug. 21.
.M. Glemenceaii moved tho order of tho
day, blaming the Government for hastening
tho dale, ami denouncing their conduct as
an electoral maneuver. •
Premier Ferry demanded llio passage of
tho order of tho day pine and simple, which
was ndopled hy a vole of til I lolWl.
an exoi:moi:s I'oimtNi;
. I’aiiim, .inly ‘JO.—Thu widow of Rhine, pro
prietor of tho Monaco gambling-rooms, Is
dead. Mho leaves an enormous fortune.
to Minister Noyes was indclinltly postponed
at his request, owing to tho anxiety about
President Gatlield.
Nj'tCiill (hthlt.
St. FKTEnsimiui, .Inly 20.—Arrests con
tinue. The German Government quite re
cently Informed tlm Russian Government
that another plot to nssasinntc the Emperor
was known to ho on foot among the olileers
of his household, and reminds Russia that
Germany had vainly given a similar warning
just before tlm explosion in Urn Winter
'Palace. The Emperor will pass the winter
at GiUschhm.
To the ttVAfcm ABxoclatrd Preen,
Vienna, duly 20.—Telegrams report fresh
persecutions and pillaging of tlm .lews in Urn
Government of Pultava. Seventeen villages
have been entirely deserted..
St, PiiTKiisnuno, July 2d.—The epidemic
among tho cuttle has extended to Uvonla.
Tho ravages have caused such alarm that
medical aid has been sent In all haste
fromDorpat. It Is bcllnvcd to bo tho {Sibe
rian plague, as In one case n peasant took Uio
diseasu and died.
'Sr. PKTRitsmnm, July 20.—Tho Nome
Vremm says it is expected Hint tho budget
for ISS2 will bo 100,000,000 roubles less than
for ISBI, tho War Office oxpondltnro being
diminished 00,000,000 roubles* and other de
partment expenditures 10,000,000 roubles.
Virxna, July 20.—Tlie Duke Augustus, of
Saxe-Coburg-Gothn, Is dead.
Briu.ix, July 20. —Charles Christian
Bmlins, an eminent German astronomer, Is
iiimnlmously approved a resolution atlopted
by the English shareholders, who possess
about 10,000 shares, or by far the greater part
of the capital, in regard to the laying of a
cable from Emdeu to Valentla. The enter
prise will bo vigorously undertaken by a
well known English linn of telegraph-con
structors, and,with throe steamers, It Is hoped
the laying of tho enblo will bo completed
within a year.
Bomb, July 20.—At a meeting of tho Be
pnbllcnn Association it was resolved to or
ganize legal agitation throughout tho King
dom for tho repeal of the law of Papal guar
Bomb; July 20,—'Tho dsscmiforc Tfommio
publishes telegrams to the Pope from priests,
chiefly Spanish and belonging to religions
societies, protesting against tho Insults of
fered to tho remains of Plus IX.
Mkxico, July2o.—Dllllcultlos havingtonnl
nated between the Central Bullroad and the
City Council and tho inhabitants of Pass del
Norte; tho Mexican Government gave orders
to continue work on tho bridge nttho Bio
Bravo. The President denies that lie author
ized an agent at London to make arrange
ments with the English bondholders. The
Government will nut make, for Uio present,
any arrangements.
London, Jnlyitd.—The Viceroy of India
telegraphs ns follows: “News from Cumin*
liar tho£!il announces tlmt AyooblClmn, hav
ing arrived-with his army within two
marches of JJelmnnd Jtiver, is negotiating
for peace.”
sormv Kbit t.i:o.
Madrid, July 2d.--The Spanish Ambassa
dor at tliU'Ynticun will bo instructed to con
vey to the Pope tlio deep regret of the Span
ish Governmental tho disturbances during
tho removal of tho remains of Pius IX..
. Tho alarm from Mox 1RJ 1 at 10:55 yesterday
forenoon was caused by u lire la Uio one-Elory
fnuno barn at No. liynVabnsh nvunue.ocouiiled
br Dr. liny. Cause, children playing with
matches. iiumaKO trilling.
Tlio alarm from liux iftl at (I o’clock yesterday
nftornoonwns caused by tho fulling out of tho
bottom of tlio kottlo usod for boiling tar by
men employed in paving Harrison street In tbo
vicinity of Morgan street;
SviiAOPSK, N. V., .Inly‘X—Tho Vnlo block ond
tboBL, Liiwronoo. Houbo In Afton, Chenango
County, have boon burned. Tlio furniture of tho
lintel was for Iho must part saved. Tho Ins* Is
*7,iwo, mid tho iiiMimneu un what whs destroyed
less than 91,000. ■
. JiAl.TiMonis, Md.,.liily^].—Tliooxlenslvopork
packing and lard-rutlnlug establishment of Cas-
Burd Urns. A Cu.« tho tln-ean factory of George
L. Krebs, ami several adjacent residencies
burned this morning. Loss, JJUW.MO; insured.
at BA?fD>vrcir,. im*
Sjoetol liltpalch to The Chicago Tritain*,
HANDwjcii, 111., July IW.—Tho house owned Uy
Mrs. Hinmti Vimco. In thl* place, was entirely
destroyed by lire to-day. I.oiwovor 61,OOi), par
tially fnsured. Tho cause of the tire Is unknown.
Coutmuus, 0., July ft).—Fire this morning de
stroyed a portion of uio'Kxolumgo Hotel, at lids
city. Tho building was owned by WUlliim Pow
ell, and Is fully insured. •
foarr-ANO. Mo., Jul^fn.—Tho funeral of Jus
tice Katlmn ClUTurtl times plaou Thursday at :i
o’clock from Iho I*l rat Parish Uhtireh. Thu
ecrvlco wlll.hu hold nt iho Into resilience, before
Ilio removal of Iho body, 1 ’’ ’
Bt. l.puw.'Mo., July So.MJ6V.Crittenden, In
convocation' with a roppribr hist night rog.ud
ln« thqdeath of Judge Cllirord, of (be Buproiau
Ucmui, muled that some UiaO ago when he
iCriilandoio was. >ln Washington, Judge Uitlford
tpld him that he had prepaud a complete and
detailed history.ol >thu Hlcetm-al Cmmnltslmi,
ol which he was a member, and that it would bo
published nftce his ili/aili, unless bis wife, who
was tbo uost'julno' of /gun niunuiurlnt, Hhmild
uttuwwUo decide.., Tho .Jiidgo said jls. public*-
ihm . would urpu|o it scusutiou .throughout tbo
.UpSTON, July IW.-To|OKmms from various
parts of Now Havlsud inoniloa heavy thunder
norms. The lightning did grout damngo trt
Imras and buildings. Jlevsos aiid oaulo were
kll(cd. .
Kidney aijd urinary troubto is universal, sad
Internal Machines the Subject ol
Much Comment—Polities
—On to Richmond.
Tho Drivers of All tho Stage Lines
Proparing to Demand an
Increase of Pay.
Great Excitement in the Wheat
Market Oyer tins ISmik
in I'rlccH.
An Extensive Oohdagraiioh Near and
Among tho Hotois on Coney
A Now Hotel to Do Built at Oonoy Island
at a Dost of $500,000,
v.utiuus opinions.
Special DUvateh to Tht Chicago Trllunt,
Xkw Yoiik, duly 20.—Mr. ,1. IMerrepont
Kdwards, British Consul at tills port, said
to-day he had no doubt ns to the authenticity
of the cable reports of the discovery
of infernal machines in Hie cargo
of the steamships Malta and Bavarian,
it was in the line of policy, ho
thought, which O'Donovnn Bosssi hud chosen
to adopt, amt ho was willing Mr. Itossu
should have tho credit If there was any
credit attaching to 'tho performance. In
mentioning Mr. itossaln this connection Mr.
Kdwards did not deslro l» Impute
to him tlio actual preparation or
shipment of tlio cxploslvo material
concealed in cement barrels, but It was tho sort
of thing which Uossu had advocated. Jlossa bus
already hinted that be was responsible for tho
destruction of , tho Dolcrel lu South American
waters, said Mr. Kdwards, and this was appar
ently an attempt at a similar pleocol business.
As to
to discover tlto American consigners or tho con*
t’culocl explosives Mr. Edwards could not say,
as timt was wholly an International matter bu*
twcou (bu two Uovernmotirs, uud the Hrltlal:
Minister ut Washington would bo tlto person
authorized to act in ttio mutter in the United
Mr. Patrick Welsh, a prominent Irish Nation*
alist, when asked bla opinion coueurnlng Urn re*
ported discovery of Infernal machines, said:
** It s nil humbug. Tho men who are reputed
to have done this may have the will, hut they
haven’t tho money.”
••Who do you understand among the Nation*
nn«t« is reputed to have made tho shipment?"
“why,OTJunovan-ltossn, of course, ills trill
Is good enough lor that sort of work, hut a man
can't buy a burse and carriage without mouey."
Mr. Edward J. Uowc, ox-Scorolary of tho Ex
ecutive Council of tho Irish National Laud
League, said:
designed to keen up tho agitation over (bo Irish
uuostion. I don't think Uussa did this. If lie
had consigned those barrels of eeuient he would
certainly not have left anything In them that
would serve as a clew to bis uomioctlon with tho
conspiracy. Fve nodoubt bo would make such a
flhipmont If ho could,uud if hu thought ho could
accomplish anything by It. besides. there are
plenty of men m this city who would volunteer
to place the machines where thoy would do. (ho
must good. I don’t, think liossa has n largo
personal following In this city. 1 should
say u majority of tho Irish patriots are
opposed to his method of dniug things. I should
say It Is not Improbable that this step may bavu
been .
It.will certainly make tho cause of tho Irish
Nationalists unpopular In this country, and
emuo a strong prejudice about anything they
may do In the future.” •
Mr. Michael Uruslin, Vlco-l’resldent of (ho
Irish National Lund League, said: “My first
Impression on reading the cable reports of tho
discovery of those infernal machines was that
it was arranged in some way by the llrltlsh au
thorities, but, when ,1 oarno to think
of It, 1 decided , Unit It could
not have been planned by Sir Vernon
llarcnurt,because''tho tlndlog of such uncom
fortable things among the eargoes of llrltlsh
amps would throw discredit on themselves, uml
that would nuvor do.. Clockwork for those ma
chines Is said not to work, ami why in the world
should thoy scud thorn from America when thoy
oould make thorn at home ut half tho risk?”
The following is from
the (7n((al h-Mwuin: “Wo don’t expect the
I.ngllsh of America to sympathize wltu us, lint
Americans will let the Irish people tight out
their light with England. and If they can
Mow up every war ship England
has and raze every. English garrison
wo shall rejoice, lu every seaport town of the
.world where six men of Irish hlood cun be
Imind, these six men should organize mid boon
the lookout to burn down or blow tin whatever
properly la carried under the English Hug,
What It theyn«>peaceful ships? Let them du*
was put to Mr. Uoshii to-day: “ find you any In
formation of any plot to destroy llrltlsh vessels
running between New York mid England?" To
whluh ho replied:. “1 am not at liberty to
say. You see, , I must Uo very • cau
tious about wbnt' I Any, because I do
not want to got Into trouble. Ido not want to
come before the public) as belug engaged In any
thing contrary to my allegiance as an American
citizen, or to my responsibility before the
law ns finch. 1 will, however, nay that
1 mu for war with England. and would bo
glad to see her fihlpplng destroyed. 1 intend to
strike her la her pocket, but not to destroy life
if 1 cun help It.”
“Haveyou heard whether or not any Inter
ference with your plans against England Is con
tomplaled by the authorings?"
“ 1 have not, and lam not afraid of any pro
ceedings. Ihcro.la nothing In the laws or the
United States to reach
1 have good legal advice. .Indue John Ilremmn,
pi Sioux tlty, la., is the, counsel of the United
Irishmen, uud I hear from him about twice a
* llavo you any apprehension that the Kn
gllsh Government may take stops against you?"
“I have heard that there Is something going
on at the Itritlßh Consulate that menaces my
suluty. Ido not know |mw (rue It is. Heine of
my irlenrta think'that I am ip dangor of Whig
kidnaped or made away with In Romo manner,
bull am not afraid. I'de not* stay out talent
nights, mid they will have no chance to smuggle
mo Into llfltlsh Jurisdiction,".
fif'fclut Xhipulcfi UiThe ChlMoo 'JVlhuur.
XkW'Yoiik, July S»,—ltoulylutr to Tub
Chicago Tiiiuunp/h siatmuout of hint Sun*
day that the “On to Hlchmond” 'editorials
In the New York 7V//koiu during the War
were written by Edward M. Slnntou, Mr.Dnmt
will any 111 Uio 6’uit 10-morrows “Wo hasten
to inform our esteemed contemporary, uml In
tho mast poultice umimur, mat it Ih misinformed
nbmit ibo articles In thouNaw York V’W/mmMo
which It refers. Not one or those articles was
fffiUcu. «uwu«otL iip Inspired hy .Mr. titantou.
Mother boforo Uu became Hccreitiry of War nop
afterwards mis ho a contributor to tlio Tribune,
except Uiut niter tho capture of Fort Douehon
u private imtu of bln* wag mud, with his express
consent, as'part of a- lender concerning that
ovum, •; >V Uli ibis single exception. nothing over
apjwatod In th« loading iHilumns of iUo iVI/ams
m mm tlino.Arhltd» awocceded idthcr rrom Mr.
httmiuiiri ncn or from mind, Most nr me
•On to lllchmoiid’ articles wore written by tbo
lulu (leu. l iU*.Huiiry \\\vri'cii.“
' ,i?draTib;\ji.’
A’PMlal iUihdOA to Tht rhtttiT* TVlbun**
Nuw Voitif, ‘July «d.-Tlm‘ Uomoemtlo
CnmmUtcu ofUiiu Hundred has appointed
Aug. "i tut Uio time fur the nrgajil.’.iiUun of (he
Abiembly Dlstrlm Wisncla’llnii.s Tito men
who have “ reorgaulr.od ” the omicyht
the vlty under tliu imum of the Committee of
One Hundred' feel • eoulldeiit llmt it will
Kivu now lifo to tholr party In tho city. They
«ny that no rectaithm will be given to Tain
; many Hull,.which they profess, to ludlovnU
now ou “ its hut and as to the new
jhvluj; llall
: Joet of ihlluuJoiA Herbert Thompson
One Hundred,. yuloss, On) {liuitf
(JonveaUoo can devise sonic way:tq unity Uio
Democracy In iUjts city- on local Issues, them
sborns to bq a snropl-ospoct of two or three sep
arata DcinecrqUo tickets being placed' la Uio
Held this year. The probabilities uC uulou are
urn regarded .aaprowUmg. ..
There urpiipw.-v, - ./• .. "
Ih'tho cliy,' f Tho’’A(liTilulstratt(m Utfpublioaiis
aeittHhd u of iho pufty la tUa
'■tty In Duel) IX wny tint rill It'-pnlilm-ms
nm unit'? it| Miif mid tint
m mu- who I’lyiilly vnh-. tin lb-pub
h. tlc-k'f chilli t..- r.xHti<Mi l.nntu-j he
nmy pn.’Hiinirt tomc-d tin. wisdom c.f n rtnln
jnt iy l' iiilrr«. Many Ib-imbn-atH believe that
11 ihf? |i;triv mu In united uinh-r one strong or
i. mid go>«] nicn nom!nataicd fnr local
they can hi- elected without tho nn-'-i-
J'M.v of combination with; hciimrratfl. Tlio
•fli fllon la-i year Is pointed to ns
mi example of what could In done under differ
t-ni, iinsniees. Piilcm n spirit oi compromise
Is nhown In electing delegate* to
two llcpublican State Convention this year,
ibero is said to ho n probability of trouhlo. Ad
ministration l(epub)Jeim* declare tint tliny
»r.° tlml tlio dele*gau*i from thin
tlly "hall ho elected, as heretofore, from among
the njeniher}* t*r tlio mnehino organization and
tnider the sole nni<j.(fu.s„|' thy nien who were re-
M ejnlhle for thy ••Hieiriun liana ** which caused
such t rouble at Albany. The other ltepuldu-an
orir.ui /tiilnn (fomutMt n roprc-.ematloti in the
i. unlcM some compromise
Is mmle. there win tx;ihm> delegations homthls
rcneo° 110 blulc ’ Co,,vtiulon .“-at» unusual occur*
Hpeeiat /JUjufe/i Ip The Chtch&s Tnhpr.t,
Xkw VoitK, July SO.—Tim provision mnr
fcnLs went firmer iignln, but the excitement
lltl.s morning wax In lljcwhmU nmrlcet,wbldi
broke from Sl.sSj, - for Amrust nl tho open-
Inif in Chicago to although It siibse.
»inently rutiled to PJ.OI on tho covering of tho
shorts, who bad reltistd lo settle tip nl the
top yesterday. There Is still a large short
interest, It is said, for that month, and that
Uiero will oo another twin before this month la
over. To-dny Armour's brokers were said to
pe entirely mil of that market, but that other
largo nrokers woro soiling August freely, ami
some ntav Honor: wax rcAitcn.
Tlio "Cincinnati crowd ” ul«o oppoar to have
disappeared, and eomo usually good authorities
say that It was composed of n eliijno of Clncln
null bankers, utid that Armour was not hack of
It. yet tho latter Is still generally credited with
being tho power behind thorn, as It was necos
aarv lor him to conceal tils hand to run success
fully tho dual. I,ester Is said to bo bearish on
tho wheat market. Tho break in Chicago
carried down tho later options, with Au
gust ami September one cent, seller
Uio year one mid one-eighth cents.
I Ids market fell one coni on August md three
lourlhsor n cent cm riuptemhor. Tin* m-eat c-rv
of tho hulls for two inonthi has been lighter
stocks In Europe, and that exporters must l«ko
all our old crop hctnru
Tin: new woL’r.n iikcomi: avaji.aiilk,
U now turns out that stocks on the other side
tiro considerably larger than last year, and
luraer than fornix years. It is said. In Great
lirituin. It appears Umt some ot tho shorts on
August wheat have bought In tholr August mid
(mid .September. This Is a beautiful hedge, and
illustrates how tho average speculate! gets
over tho wall Just ns his bell-wether Is looming
hack, i his Is Just what Armour wauls, iw ho
mis August to sell and wants to buvyeptumber.
Iho imlrtvomble news from Washington -caused
general excitement at tho Kxclmngc, and busi
ness was partly suspended on tho lower Poor to
watch tho dispatches from tho Whim House.
As much concern and anxlclv was shown us on
tho day tho President was shot, but no effect on
tho market was visible.
Special Oil patch to n* Chicapo Triftunr.
Ni:\v Vuijk, July lid.—lt Is now some live
years since tlto stage-driver* of this city In
dulged in n strike, which was somewhat
protracted, and ended In favor of the men
getting an Increase of lis cents per day,
making their wages St.T.*i. .Since that time
the men have quietly gone on their way
without asking for more wages, hut now
they consider they are fairly entitled to $»,
an Increase of pay being allowed to almost
every other class of workingmen. For the
past two or three weeks meetings have
been held between the representatives of the
Jlroadway, Madison avenue,! Fifth nvonue,
Ninth avenue, und Twenty-third street lines
tor the purpose of coming to some united con
clusion us to tho amount of
for and what reduction should be made In tho
hours of labor. This was dune, so that when tho
proprietors were approached the sumo demand
should hu made on all tho linos. With tho ex
ecution of out* lino all are milled,
and It Is expected the outstanding
lino will Join in tho movemont, ibo
question lit issue being only as to tho pro
posed hours of reduction. At tho present
time there are clow upon oGU men engage 1 as
drivers and stable-men, tho latter getting very
bud pay. Tho monitor of horses - employed in
tho business in about UKW, and aw vehicles, ex
cluding tho Mnnhattanvlllo lino and several
•mull ones starling (rum up-towii points.
tbnt tlte companies are making just or much
money as when (ho litre was la cents, If not
more, while (ho price of hay and corn now Ik
very renMinnblH. Holes* the committee to ho
appointed to confer with (ho prom-lctors succeed
in getting til per day as the future pay they will
go on u strike uud try to force better wages.
•Ipctal UUaaWh ta The Chicago TWbunr.
Xuw Yoiik, .Inly -7.—A report was re
ceived here at this morning from the
telegraph, operator at Handy Hook, that a
lire was , raging <m Coney Island,
and It was believed that one of
the largo hotels at that seaside resort was
being destroyed. Thu light is plainly dis
cernible from .New York City, hut, at this
writing, no dulinit liilelllgcneo has been re
ceived from the seems of the conflagration.
A dispatch from Coney island received at
•i:SO a. in. says that the depot of
the Now York Jlrlghlon Dench
Railroad and thu I’lerpuni Hotel
are both burned to the ground, and elx
teon cars belonging to the railroad company.
Tim lire is within fifty feet of thu Pinafore
Hotel, and creeping toward Vaudoveer’s. It
Is believed that the Pinafore can bo
saved. Thu report docs not say that there
was any loss of life at the Plerponl Hotel. The
fire Is located on the west end of thu Island, and
at what Is known as Won llrlghton,
where Iron piers aro located, mid which
Is the most thickly-settled portion of iho Island.
The llrlghton lleaeh, Manhattan, and Oriental
Hotels are boiiiu distance eastward, and beyond
the reach of the Humes.
KTIIUKT i.Amunnw.
Xuw Youk, July*}.—.Mayor Oraeo had a
conference to-day with the city laborers who
petitioned him to use his elforts with the
heads of the Departments to have their
wages Increased. He said he was satisfied
of the Justness of their demand, ami would
recommend to thu heads of the several De
partments of the City Government that they
advance the wages of their employes tf tier cent
In nil eases where such advance would not be
precluded by the express provisions of law. Ho
warned (horn, however, (hat such an increase
Would decrease the number of persons em
ployed, as tho Departments could not exceed the
appropriations made for the present yOar.
Three fatal eases of tetanus wore reported
today, .Idliii llartulph, from a Unger crushed
byusiouo; IVior McMahon, from a lluxor out
by a knife used la taking otf Uio bide of a cow
which bad died irom some utiknmvadisease:
Augustus Dunn, Crum a ioy*pistol wound.
fatally uuuxld.
vi r Catherine Ihdilcr kindled a lire In Jlrook*
lyu ts.Ht evening wltn kminmio. Thu can ex,
plutln«!, and «iiu was burned so badly 11ml she
dbxh’daring Uio night. The bouse caught Uro
and wua damaged.
* Runs \Y» l.lltal, a bat tmmnfaoimor, of Dcla*
ware, 0.. died to*day in Uio utllee of l lie Uoflig
orating Company,- aged Vi).
Uule. tbe pedestrian, this attoranon loft his
oldipmrUTS ui UuPiiyeUbtU airwet and Mndi<
ana uei-auu uml came d-nvn to llui Novolly
'J’bvatro, In the llowvry, wm*ro bo will contlnuo
the ulf.irl rocompl(!lo<i.oUipmricr miles in ll.OK)
uunsceuilve tun minutos. lie came down In a
cab. and every tun mhintv-i ha would Jump from
the vehicle, resume UU tusU, uml then rednler
tho vetilulu.
Tbo OiPDFullinvs’Mall, corner of Cuntro and
Grand struma, libs been unld frir faS,UOJ.
I'Altr Of C«)NUV Isr.AND SOLD.
TboTnuiooi of the Commuit j.iinds of tbo
Townut Ui'UVCAead have utmiplmul ibu sutu of
the nesieni ouduf Ueuuy Island, known us Nor*
Km’s Point,inuiudmuabunUU(y>Uvuiiurus. Thu
puruJoticrLi tbq Umiu fieri Navigation Cuui*
puny, which runs dip iron steamers, The Com*
pnny Inis bound the bargain by paying s:fe),uu)
down. ' It I* expected tho Company will bulld a
largo hotel at» cost of nut less than feVAUOO, uud
q largo bathing pavilion.
lUbuihuuho, JulyiW.—lu the matter of tbo
wtW .ISW .WfflJWttMUou of uietuben of Ul9
L-gl-lature, .l(i«1uro I'ciinmi filed a law opinion
in whicsi a writ of mandamus in rom.-c'd, mm
tt*<» position maintained I>y tlic Atiorney-tien
end sustained.
Thirty-eighth Anniversary or tlio
<Jmnd United Order of Odd-UclIou»-
An Attractive Parade, Luke K.tctir
alotist and nil Knjoyalilo llaii'inal-
Orlgln mid Growth of Hie Order.
Yesterday marked tho thirty-eighth nnrtlvor
snry of the Grand Unllc<l Order of o<ld-Fcllows
(colored;, and the event was celebrated
by tho Chicago lodges ami tholr visit
ing brethren In a manner thoroughly
bellttlng the occasion. Tho American branch of
tho Order, now numbering some ai.ixw members,
and working under tho Jurisdiction of a grand
head, located at Manchester, ting., was founded
by tho Into •Tetcr Ogden, of New York, a rail
road man, u native of the United Status, who
went to England, nod was engaged for
some years In business between Liv
erpool it ml London. When ho returned
to his native country ho united hlnueli with a
lliiTMiysnelctylti New York, and along with
homo kindred spirits conceived tho idea of
1 (inning some kind of n benevolent association.
Thi* eventually look tho shape of an Order of
Odd-l-’Hiowa In tho United Hiatus, and Mr. Ogden
obtained n dispensation from tho Uotninluco of
Management at Leeds. Ungland. From this
nucleus the American branch rapidly grow to
mniiLv prosperous and useful noov.
Thu last uutmal report credits Illinois with
seventeen lodges, embodying a total member
ship et l.Mu; uml of those Chicago Ims four
lodges, wiui an enrollment of about raw mom
berf*. Iho Order potasses an Invested valneof
property and In fnnd.s of fjftH.onu. During tho
l' llst M|, 'ne U hii« paid out for tho care of
the sick, and lor tonerals. for widows, and
general charitable works no less than
J bo anniversaries of the tinier In America arc,
to the colored imputation. Hub? less than Na
tional events, marking, as they do. one of tho
prominent mlk-posts of progress p, elm
development of their history. Tno activity
of the local lodges for tho past few weeks cul
minated yesterday in unsuccessful oxcuutiun
«il the program which had been determined on.
.and which included an attractive parade and
pleasant Jake excursions in the afternoon, ami
a grand banouet In the evening. Ills needless
to say that all
of Chicago were out, nml that tlio admiration
they 101 l and expressed at thu very creditable
display by thu uniformed member* of thoir raco
was »* unstinted us tl was dcaurvud.
Iho procession started at hall-past 2 o'clock
from the corner of Clark and Van Huron streets,
and moved norm ou Clark struct to Mumm l ,
west mi .Monroe to Fifth avenue, north on Fifth
avomie.to Washington, east on Washington to
Dearborn, smith on Dearborn to Monroe, cast on
Monroe to Waluif'h.soutli on Wabash to Twelfth,
weston I tvcirui to State, north on Ktuto loTuy
lor, west on Taylor to Thlnl avenue, north on
Third avenue to Polk, west on Polk to
Uark, and thcnco north on Clark to
McCormick Hall, where It disbanded until even*
loir, i’ho marshals of tho day were John If.
Howard. John C. Buckner, .John Mayo,, ami
James Xpell, and tho turnout Included mmieHOd
members of tho Order in Chicago, St.
Louis, Cincinnati. and other places.
Aiilumr tho lodge* represented were
Hutchison, L.VW: Western Star. l.m? Golden
1 leu?c. p. (5. M. Council, 20, All of Chicago;
!*• G. M. Connell, 20, Louisville; Lzeklel. 1,0 : J.»,
Chicago; Illinois Light of Liberty, l,Hu2. Chica
go; Li 1. 2,utu, St. Louis: H. G. M. Connell. .V‘, Chi
cago; Patriarchy* lb, Chicago. Tho procession
was headed by a platoon of police, followed by
Nevai.s’ Hand ami thu neatly but showily
dressed members of the Order, who, in suits of
sombre black, set oIT with bright regalias and
now nml then by handsome waving plumes, at*
traded no little
Ammnxo attention*
from tho crowds who thronged tho streets along
tho line of march. Thu rear of the procession
was brought nu by carriages, containing
Jho guests of tho occasion and tho
higher dignitaries of tho Order. Although
hot so strung, numerically, «s sumo processions
which have marched through Chicago’s street*
from time to time, tho gunorul appeanineu of
the pnraders, thulr well-timed marching, and
the general elfcct they created mure than mano
up for any deifelency—if snub it might bo called
—lu tho mutter of numbers.
was held In the evening at McCormick’s Hail,
and was largely attended by the local and visit
tog societies, and a goodly representation of
the colored population generally. Tho
spacious galleries woro nearly idled with
spectators, and tho parquet with the
brightly appareled Odd-Fellows. After
a bund had discoursed some choice music, tho
address ol welcome was given by K. H. Morris,
tin* Master of Ceremonies. Ho was followed in
a bass solo, v O’er Land and Sea," by Prof. Z. A.
tolemnn, formerly of the Tennesseans. Tho
oration of theovenlng was pronounced by James
L. Henderson, of Golden Fleece Lodge.
Mrs. !• ranee* Power sang •• When tho leaves be
gin U» Him." and W. T. Scott, District Grand
Muster of Illinois, offered u few remarks. Tho
closing address was by J. J. McKinley, of Louis
ville, tilter which tho brethren sang
tin «do to tho air of “America.”
Iho exercises were followed by u lianonot In tho
room* below, mid tho hall was speedllv cleared
tor dancing. The tables presented a tim-t Invit
ing appearance, mid were attended by the mem
bers ol tho Sisters of Ituth. tho lathes’ degree
ol tho (inter. Tho sisters, .In common
with tho brethren, were in full regalia of odd
l elltnvstdp. iho social features of the occasion
were pleasantly carried one under tho direction
or \\, Gram ns Muster of lloeeptlon, Tho
supper was followed by Uanomgln iho ttiiiln hall,
and tho festivities continued fur into tho night
An Ineffectual Appeal to Cor*
bury by Their Old Undo fora .tllll-u
--tluti oi Their rimi-limciit.
Jjwftar Dupjtch fa The c'/neauo TWbunt.
Hr. Mliiu.t July :W.—Littleton Voautfcr
undo or Colo, James, ami Itaticrt Venturer,
servtntr Ulo seniemvs In Stillwater, appeared
before tlio (Inventor 10-day seeking their par
don or a remission of part or their Hentcncc
liov. I'llltjlnny listened patiently, umi then
told him, with a {rankness which was (ho
best method under tho circumstances, (hat ho
had nothing of eneonragomont toolfer; that on
no account would he lor one minutu consider tho
propriety of pardoning tho prisoners or remit
ting uuy of tho sentence imposed upon thorn.
Thellovoraorbceamo really cltHinetii as he talked
umi rememliorcd tho circumstances of tho
crime. "Vour ngotutd manifest 'reeling,” said
In*, ** move gmy pity; hnl when I think of poor
lleywood, tliu cashier, refusing, with a heroism
that has no parallel, to iorsako his trust,
umi when 1 remember how your nephew
stmt tilin down in cold blood, Indignation takes
thontacoof pity, mid. Instead ol feeling Unit
they have been pnnlsiied sullioionlly, I am mure
and more inclined to ieei that death would havo
been a jnster mid more righteous peimll v,”
Tho old inieluireelyaeknowlomjd tlrnt hoconld
blame no one fur entertaining Fiieh feelings, and,
llmiiKing (ho (lovernor for tho kindness extend
ed him. ho biidly bade him udleu and loft thu
X I'mlllcs* Sanreli Tor tlio Pcreouw Who
Shipped Thom In ItoNiou.
Special Diipateh to Ttit Chicago Tribunt.
lloston. July J.U—Tho Adrcrtbar. believing
the recent shipment nr Infernal maehlaes iu
Ihigland a heliums crime against society mid In*
lenmunnnl laws, has been piishlnglts investiga
tions, ami to*day discovered tho ' following
lads concerning tbo shipment by tbo
Malms On tho uth of Juno a
stranger went to-tho Cumird ntllco on Statu
street and said ho wanted to send some goods
uu tlio steamer sailing on tbo Jltli. Tbo llatavlu
was at tho Uuuurd wharf hi tho time, but her
currying capacity was fully engaged, ami (ho
nmn was Informed that ho would - have
to wait for tbo next summer, tho Malta, iiu
thou) udutl if tho company wmild not assumo
(ho euro of tho barrels and slated that they had
come to one of tbo railroad stations horo and
ho could not spare tbo ilmu to look
alter and forward them. Hut a negnlivu
answer wan *|tlv«m to this also, as (ho company
docs 1101 give bills of -lading until tho steamer
on which tho goods are to bo carried has arrived
at her dock. After that' time It la willing to as*
sumo tho responsibility,. Tho next heard
of tho “cement" was that it hud
been placed on tho Canard wharf on Ilio follow*
Ingdaydho 101 b). Thu Malta did not arrive from
Liverpool until Wednesday or Thursday of tho
''■•ltowing week, and on Friday, tho 17th,
tbo bills of lading wuru madu out
ami delivered and. tbo. barrels were
pludcd mi tho steamer. Thu man gavu his u'amo
as Charles Mills, and tho consignee's iiumoas
Joseph llvaas. Thu barrels weru marked with a
circle la Ink surrounding tho lei lers J. IS. L., tbo
but lei ter stuudimr for Liverpool, which was tbo
purl of destination.
'ibo •iiimmml by ibo otuniiiur llavurlan, of tho
l.i'yluud blue, was nmnaiivd In much ibuaamu
way. Tbu urn barrel* ut •H'uauuitf wore taken
lo Omatitmlun wliurf Juue it), uud placed
<>it Utu alcuuior, widely .aaljod, tbrgo day*
later. It ha* been ascertained from ■ various
turn mu that naltUor eonslKument wan taken to
tbo wlmrvt'iby a iranlur teamster, or even by
one of tliosn wiui uru uucaiifouiilly eeen there.
TUo Hiivailuu'b lot wtu* shipped In tbo uamo
of tbo • I'Uamlx Company, u eonccrn
witleh It ,in now louml ban no
existence, and euualirnud to'Joint foiwaon, wbu
Is whamit doubt u (Iclltlouw person. Tbo Hist
lidiiimtion the C'mmrdxud boylaud uirviiU bad
that cvurytblMtf. war., not .an .represented
wan an olllelal inquiry* from tbo iirlt*
Jsb Conaul-Uonorol. A aourehlmf In*
vttilirAUoa wo4 m - yaw • JjuiUuied, Ja
which tho English officials Joined; but It Him*
drrstood that no progress was made toward dis
covery. Whether thn search for the oifondor is
ptlll In progress or has been -{riven up
for the present Is not known, bur
ft In certain that llio Consul
In Boston Is not moving In Ibo matter-at pros
iMit, having received no Instruction! to that »»r
--feet, ami believing It a (It subject for Investlga
tlon by tho United Slates Government:.' A
rumor, probably true, is that tho Hrltlstt Author
ities In Atnnricn, having reason to suspect
t.ioro shipments are hi contemplation, arc anx
ious to allow tho matter to drop for tho present
here, ami keep a stricter watch on UnglUh toll
for tho consignees. Tholr ronson for this IsSaul
to ho that they nro by no moans sanguine
of ns vigorous enforcement. of tho Maws
hero as In England,.and would prefer that the
matter should ho dealt with thoro rnthor than
here. This view of the case docs not meet with
tho approval of the steamship companies, who
nrcnaturally unwilling to tuko.tno slightest
risk to vessel, passengers, or crow.
Cincinnati, 0., July 20.—'Tho lion, Charles
Thomas died last midnight at tho Houso of
Refuge, where ho was stricken with, apoplexy
.Sunday. Ho has boon President of the Uortrd of
this Institution ever slnco .it was. founded, and
has never missed: n mooting of tbd -Hoard,
lie held tho otlicn of County Treasurer several
terms, and served in the Ohio Legislature.
Special Dispatch to The C.Ueaco ... ;;nc.
Mrsiuita, 111.. July 2*l.—Miss Cora L. Karris,
daughter of D. L. and A. L. Harris, and slater of
the Hun. M. It. Harris member of the Legisla
ture from tbu First Legislative District, died at
her homo near this city yesterday. In heriMtli
year. Miss Harris was an amiable, kindly, and
cultivated lady. Her friends, who nrc hosts,
will long mourn her loss. Tim young lady was
well known In Medina County, Ohio.
apeetaf JHspatth to Vie VMeaga TVWune.
Ili.ooui.Naro.v, ill., duly SO.—Mrs. Aggie Riles,
formerly of (his city, died of stnull-pox Hatunhiy
night nt Kansas City, She was the granddaugh
ter of Judge John M. Rayburn, of this county.
.jam 1:3 m:sg. ■
Sprclat HUpafch to the CHmoo Tribune.
Mimvauukk. Win., July .sW.-Jaiui».-llcw, for
merly an extensive oamly numuractarerln Jluf
lulu, died In lUli city today* aged years. •
A very sari ease of drowning occurred at Ken
wood last evening, tho unfortunate victim of
tho accident being Mr. Lewis ,L Clawson, Jr., a
member of thu Hoard of Tnulc. At about «
o'clock Mr. Clawson propose! to n friend
that they should go In bathing. Tho lat*
ter readily assented, and had donned
his salt and was swimming about lu
tho water when .Mr. Clawson dove In. His com
panion koou noticed that all was not right, and
asked what was tho matter, to which Mr. Claw
son replied, *•! am drowning/’
His friend made a, desperate effort to pnvo
him. hut his ellorls. as well as those
of others, who readily responded to tho
cry tor help, were unavailing. When they hud
Nccured his body, about twenty minutes later,
ho was thoroughly dead, and all oifor:.* to rents
cltale him wore of no avail. Ur. Flood, wbi>
was riding by, was called In, uml used every pos
sible means to revive him. . -
Koine think he was taken with a cramp, and so
perished. Others think that he was taken with
11 ill of apoplexy when ho Hist Jumped Into tho
water. lie wiwsf> yours of age uml loavosa wlfu
and one little child. Mr*. Clawson was frantic
with grief, and it was only by force that
she was prevented from Jumping hue
thu water alter her husband. Mr. Claw
son was well known and highly respected,
lie was, physically speaking, a perfect typo of
nmnhnod. and was regarded on ordinary ouea-
Rlnns us an excellent swimmer. There are fears
that the terrible nows will have a fatal cifeut on
his father and mother, who are both old uml
Harmon Spninneu. his partner ns well ns his
hroihor-ln-law, arrived but a short time after
tho sad uveal, and was nearly overcome with
grief, i’ho Coroner ha* been notilled, and .will
hold the Inquest this morning.
PnovjDE.vcK, U. 1., July 2tJ.—Tho Hutlor syn
dicate having nmdo two or . three. unsatis
factory odors lor tho Sprague estate, the
Committee ot Creditors to-day Informed tho
representatives of tho syndicate that If a clear
olfer of JUMO.iUO should bo made for tho ontlro
property tuo Committee would recommend Its
acceptance. ~ . .
ArendVllcof, Iron, nml Wine,' with
Cinchona, tho standard medicinal tonic of this
progressive age. 1 1 enriches tho blood, prompt
ly invigorates iho brain and nervous system,
improves digestion, etc.’ Ilesults A round form,
bright eyes, happy state or mind. •Arond's drug
store, corner Madison street and Fifth uvonuo.
1.1(1 redge A* Woodbcldge* 102 Madison,
tine shirts mid furnishing goods. Shirts lu order
from flHlo£ri pur do/.eu., Slilrle ready made
from sl2 to *-.*o per dozen, uneijimlbd hi quality
and workmanship.- A p-rfeet lit guaranteed.
Notice.—<'nn at Plntt A: llnrlns’*« l‘ii
Duni-lmm Birout, ami boo ilio best portable Fire*
Hscapn over invented. (Jrahd ehanco fur in
vestment in tbo nr'lelo or territory.
Ilcddlntt’M IKiinftltt Salve Ivan genuliio
merit, ns nil who use It will testily. I'rlce, ZS
l’r»P«r*iJ (row Iht rhalmt Frolla, wlib»ii» aalaflar. 'iwlmb*
in* oIN. »rlj«. or irllflrlal I nprrf*. M.'lOh i:\IIOlllt IS
sriik.Mf in, minorr isrv Aiiii.Tk'K<TMi?:« ou lumu-
TlkS. !!»»• tslaail iKrlr r*pm»ll hi f*T»r» ik'lr prrfaat pßHif,
• uprrlop ktrrugih and <|ualll>. ■ iUailllisl U) all »tu libib iu*A
(lira* I 4« U»i*mail drlltalr, arai'lulaail mluril G*ior« forcain,
| |iud<llag', mini, ale., titr
.Vo Hufneimtl by STEELE I'liICE,
Jlnkm of l.ttrmllti Trust Cream' IloklUg
Cornier, etc., Chicago and SI. bouts.
ben team to draw tlio iiltuntlon of parties desiring to
■ccero n burial plain fur tbuiniuivus and family to
tliulr biulal nvmuK ' f.iicaiuil P* mlbis west of city
limit*, betwetin AbidUou end West Twolfth*«U tc at*
trmii* mineral iiiumtUm by u» iinsurpamnd twuuty of
until ml .i/mntry, mid U uccewlbte from ml part* of
Hie hmi Division by good intrriagu nmd«. Hpaislal
Hileiillua U culled to mu lohowlitg (uaturcs embraced
in the uianmxomcal of (tils Comaiuryt
I- ind—A Until, under tho control of alt luUownon,
has been iir«ylcK*d,,l|mmdod to secure tbp fimira
maintnlimnco and (niurovoanitiH uf tho I'cmoibry,
inulcd the •• lorusl ll<)me-liupn)yuiount Kami,’ 1 rru*
uicd mid steadily Increasing, by un ussusiuuat o( IQ
l<»r runt on. the tnuM Income of (ho Company, oo*
ipilrcd by the sale of lots. - • • s ”•
rucond-’l’iioliitriMliifttun of (be su-callod ."Jutws
system," nldcb e»j»oriom.u Ims- shown to be the musi
desirable system for beauty and ucoumiiy. ' r ■'
.Due nutfoo will be tdvuu In shortllmu of the com
pluUim of u dummy line going directly to.the burhe
ground*. Parlies desiring to Inspect our Oemutur)
will ilm| a oiiiiniiidlousoimilbiis leaving every,bun*
day morning ntin:» .hunufroin 7H Kiaionv. 7
si r kxmittiAN ,
cf (b« Vvr Uuk KurcptonVukf, tad oorirtied for
In itQ Ruiab«r», A cginplcl* etoiplg CoM, for
trial* by null oa mxipk of £3 ceuu,
jvisoNi Blakeman, Taylor & Co*
1,13 a m* I*o M™m im»M. at.w.v^k^^

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