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Owners of Sailing Vassals Refus
ing to Carry Com at Two
Cants to Buffalo.
Around tho Lakes—Arrivals and De
partures—Along tho Docks—
For tho past week the Goodrich Transporta
tion Company him been running the liinfc. do*
pant Bldowhecl steamers Chlcagoand Sheboygan
through from Chicago to Manitowoc m In past
yearn, while tho splendid steamer Coronn noted
In tho capacity of extra boat between Chicago
ond Mllwnnkcc. This schedule will Iwconllu
ucd only mull Thursday, when tho bier boats
will resume their places on the route between
Chicago and Milwaukee, and the Corona will
ply to Manitowoc. This change will no doubt
prove satlslaetory, especially to tho residents of
Phcboygan and Manitowoc, .who have boon nc
customcd to travel on tho Cornua this season,
mul receiving courtesies at tho hands of Mr.
Fred Hull, her gentleman y clerk, and Mr.Jop
Driscoll, tho steward, who Is noted for his hospi
j.AKn vnrtntrra.
Tim charters yesterday wore mostly for si earn,
owners of sail vessels generally rolualng to ne
accent tbo low rates now ruling. The rate on
corn to buffalo was 2 cents. Rngagements were
reported as follows: tor llulfalo—l ropeller
Georgia, PO.OOO bushels of oats? propeller Mi ward,
PtMum bushels of oats; propeller Michigan, ttMWO
bushels of oats: propeller Hutfalo, Hi.ikw Imshe a
of oats: propelior City of Homo, UJJWO bushels
of oats: propeller Avon,»M«» bushels of corn.
For Sarnia—Schooner .1. 11. Monde. bush
els of corn: sehoonor Halstead, bushels
of corn: schooner M. L. Hrcck. |l*,Uo(lof
c orn. For Rrln—Projiellor Junlaln, «,UXI bush
els of corn: propelior Alaska, 40,0b0 busholsof
corn. For Oswego—Schooner Lendvllln. JJ.twlt
bushels of corn. Lumber freights steady mid
linn at the prevailing rales of last week.
The schooner Wells Hurt shipped ft Union
crew yesterday.
The Bailors* Union hold Ita regular weekly
meeting last evening.
The schooners Maine nnd Stafford are In the
Chicago Dry-Docks having their bottoms
The big schooners Michigan and 11. WSngo
were lost evening towed lo the Central Llcvalors
to loud.
The steam-barge D. 11. Van Allen loft for
Klngston.Ont., yesterday with u cargo of black
walnut logs.
There was quite a Jnm lit r.rlostreet bridge be
fore 7 o’clock Inst evening, hut things wero
straightened out without damage.
Tho schooner Millard Fillmore, lying nt
Kiuineonth street, had her Jlbhoom taken out
by the schooner Hazard yesterday morning.
The schooner Maj. Ferry Is In Miller llmthors*
dock having a now Jlidmom put In, and tho
schooner Foster Is In tho sumo dock for a new
Monday evening tho Imrgo Mnry Illchnrds col
lided with tho schooner MaJ. Ferry, breaking six
<*r seven of tho Forty's stanchions uml carrying
away part of her rail.
Tho schooner George 11. Sloan, dismasted In
last Thursday’s storm, was yesterday lowed by
timing Hood to tbo Fulton Fluvator to ho un
loaded, preparatory to going Into dry-dock.
Tho schooner Sam Cook, lying nt tho Fort
Wayne Iluilroad bridge, was run into yesterday
afternoon by tbo propeller lluiraln, carrying
av/av her cathead mid both Jlbboom guys.
Shortly after tho sleam-bilrgo llnbo Ulehards
collided with her, mui shoved her cabin over
about nine Indies.
, The lino uteam-bnrgo William Edwards, Capt.
Fagln, It* loading grain for iho Lower Lakes, ami
will probably louvo port to-morrow. Tho Ed
wards Is anu of tho lluest steam-barges that
comes Into this port, and under command of
Cant. Fagln la gaining an enviable reputation
as one of tho speediest and übiust niujfagoaot
Iho vast licet of steam grain-carriers.
On tho trip before tho last of tho schooner
Edward Blake, from this port to Goderich, Out.,
with wheat, tho cargo ran twenty-six bushels
fhort, fur which tho Captain bad to pay at tho
rate of $1.1:1 per bushel. Un her last trip tho
cargo ran over llfty-slx bushels, which the con
signee refused to pay for, or oven pay tho
freight on. beside tho Canadian oHIcIuIh wanted
to chargo tho Captain with tho duty on tho over
run. Tho Captain of tho Blake, In order to avoid
duU'iUlon. had to stand tho loss lu both cases,
which tiu considers rather rough.
Milwaukee Sentinel: ” Thu local underwriters
bavo for some tltno past boon cognizant of tho
operations of tbo irrepressible Uoyal Canadian
Tool, of Montreal, In securing at reduced rates
considerable of tho business to Bulfalo and
Canadian ports, Iml tho majority of tbo insur
ance men, regarding tbo incipient efforts of tbo
audacious 'Canucks' with courtesy, did not
condeseond to notice thorn. Tho Canadian pool
Is clearly violating tbo laws of Wisconsin and till
.nolsby not paying tho required initiation foe for
carrying on business In a legitimate manner.
Their operations wero at llrst eonllned to
Canadian cargoes, but tbo American pools
quickly shut thorn oil by reducing tho rule to
Montreal from $1 to <lO cents per 8100. It
was then supposed that tho manor was finally
leiilcu so far as the Uoyal Canadian was con
cerned, neither Chicago or tho local pool sus
pecting that any attempt to got Buffalo busi
ness would bo mmlo by iho Canucks. But they
wore sadly mistaken In their rivals. Thu lattur
wore again unheard of until tholr operations of
writing llulfnlo cargoes nl 10 pur cent under tho
regular pool rates came to light. A meeting of
tho pool was hold yesterday with a view to
adopting measures, which will cause tho
'ltovnl' aspirants for American business to
puddcnly ceaso operations, but, so far as could
be learned from (bo members present, nothing
was d<me. It Is supposed that tho pool huro will
wait for Chicago to take tho hiitlatlvu In regard
to iho Canadian brethren, as tho greatest snip
ing is dune at that place, and tho transgressors
ha vo caused mure trouble to tho pool tboru than
Till: " I.RADF.U” PltOllAUl.V IlinilT.
Tho Cleveland Jlcmld and Lender arowldo
opart In tholr views regarding iho loading of
eoul on vessels at Cleveland. Thu Lrodir de
clares that tho process is a slow one. Thu llertM
Is quite uinphatiu in saying tbut vessels are
loaded with *• quick dispatch.” It Is dhllcuit to
tindorntanu by reading thu two papers which
ouo is perverting facts.
Propellent nrriviuir at Dutralo from Lake Hu*
fiei lor report Unit some passing craft hun col*
nlcil wills Uiu starboard ipmrter of thosunken
urupeller Aslu, and damaged her hurricane dock
to a cuusldenitilu extent.
The (,’lovolimd Hoard of Tnido ou Thursday
presumed “Pig-Iron" Jotm Miller wllli a gold
tueiliil In recognition ot hid clfuria to rescue
persons from drowning.
An attempt will bu nunlu noon to recover tho
niuohlnery ol tbo propeller llrooklyu, wblcliox*
plodud nuar Fijfluluir Island about uluo yearn
U is reported that to got tbo sebonnor David
Dows oil the rocks ul Bt. Clair Ulvcr cost tbo
owners £i,ooo.
XHxpatch to 77m Chteaao IVlbuns.
Owkk Hounk, Out., July aft— Tho steamer
llunituulln, which arrived to-day from tiniilt
Hie. Mario, Mackinaw Island, and Bt. Igniteo,
brought down most of tho crow of tho 111-fated
steamer City of Winnipeg, consisting of tho
Drat and scuond mules, lint uml seuond
onglneen, two wheelsmen, und tliroo deck
•bauds. Mr. Alex, brown, Second Mato of tho
Winnipeg, gives Uio following partlunlars of
the disaster: Wo arrived at Dublin at 1:110 a.
in. Tuesday, tho Ittlh fust. 1 was <m watch. My
vraieb ends at 1 a. tin, but as wo wero only half
nn hour from making port dl<l not cull tho First
Mute. 1 turned in about 0 o'clock, and tho First
Unto went on wateh. About 1 o’clock tho Mato
called me, saying tho bout was on lire. Ho thou
vokonp tho purser, and ran upon deck and
blew the whistle to give tho alarm nnd wake
tho passengers. 1 ran Into tho Captain's room.
'.The dames wero then half way between tho
■mukeatueK and wheel-house. 1 soloed hU little
boy und curried him forward and' handed him
over the siae of tho boat to tho men on
tbo dock. Purser Crawford by this time
was rapidly breaking upon tbo state
room doors und helping tho passengers. I
hclpud remove the women ashore. Most of
thorn were bunded down over the side of tho
vessel to tbo people on the ducks, whllu others
on tho starboard side Jum|>ed overboard. Thu
lest woman ashore was tho Captain's wife. 1
helped her out. At this time tho boat's Hues wero
burned and she wss swinging out from dock.
Blx of the crow. Including Ihu waiters, were on
the main dock In tholrruom opposlt tbo kitchen.
They wero all up. buteould not get uuton account
of the flames uud smoke. They broke u small
window, and three of them Jumped in tbo lake
aud wore saved. They tried to persuade the rest
to follow, but they said they would us soon burn
us diown. and refused Income. Thu tiro orig
inated on tho port side, iilungsido of the
boiler. It was llrst noticed by Wilson
Palmer, second engineer. We wero nut racing
wnu any vossul, us appears to have been report
ed. The Winnipeg and Manitoba left Prince
Arthur’s banding together, or nearly so. Tbo
course of tbu Winnipeg shows she made less
speed than her usual iltno between Prince Ar
thur's LittiiUug itud Victoria island. 0 then of
tho crew describe tho occurronro In a similar
manner. An bleu n( tbo rapidity of thoillumes
cun bo gleamed from tho fact Hint tho two
dromon had Just started to go down tbo hatch
Into tho hold to do some work. When tho first
lin.l i•filched tho hold, which wns gained oy
descending n ladder, tho second bund
ed him n wrench nud Marled
to follow, when Wilson, tho second
engineer. dl»cnvorod u smell issuing from
the hold. Mo at once called In James
Hmlth, tho bronmn, hut ho hnd not
tlmo to surmount tho few slops ho
hnd Just descended until ho was overtaken
by ihn full destroyer. Tho crow npouar to
tinvo worked marvelously, nnd tholr herolo ef
forts In successfully saving tho passengers enn
only ho nttrlbuted to tho great calmness that
nroVnilcd. Tho passengers when first aroused
from Iholr quiet slumber hoenmo fmntlubnt
when they not nwnko in n full realization of tho
situation they were more cnlm, and tho work
of successful rescue wns rendered more
easy. Tho passengers and crow lost everything
’ln tho way of clothing. Home throw iholr valises
ashore. Considerable UkjSo clothing was also
thrown on tho dock, hut everything thus dis
posed of was stolen bysnmo miserable characters
that were lounging around fur plunder. ,
Special mtiuiUh to The Chicago Trlbvnr,
Mti.WAUKKd, Wls., .Inly 2(l.—Peter Crowley,
tho submarine diver, who committed tho brutal
assault upon Citpl. Klrtlaud at Hseanaba, lias
enmmnneed suit against that gentleman mm
Wolf * Davidson to recover S2OO for services mi
tho schooner Two Friends. Tho claim will bo
stubbornly eontestud, us It In charged Crowley
misled tbo wreckers, and. Instead of patching
tho holes In tho hull of tbo schooner, nailed
boards an her sides where no breaks existed.
Evidences of bis deception wora discovered upon
placing the vessel In dry-dock.
Sprdnl UUtxUch to The Chicago Trltumr.
Milwaukee, Wls., July 28.—Tho sebnonor
Two Friends, which stranded In North Day last
fall, was placed in dry-dock to-day, ami Is a
hard-looking wrook. Sho requires almost an
entire now bottom and keol, rudder, rudder
post, stern-post, doadwood docks, dook-frames,
eahln, bulwarks, now mil, windlass, timber
heads, tow-posts, steering-gear. oto. Tho esti
mated cost of tho repairs (s f Ul.tWO.
mjsKßOos i.UMtmn huii’Mf.nts.
Spwlal Dispatch to The Chicago JYlbiinr.
MtiSKLOON, Mich., .Inly 2d.—Tho clearances
to-day were twelve. Lumbar shipments, 2,(W0.-
Odd fool. Tho Dooming Company have rafted
12)1.21 «vvt*» pieces to dale, leaving yet to bo rafted
'4iM t r»74,lU'.*leel, which will make tho log crop for
tho season 710,211,1:17 foot.
Sprctal Diipntch to The Chicago Trthunt.
Mit.WAUKKn. Wls.. July 2d.—Tbo lion. R. 11.
Simpson, of this city, bus purchased ,1. Ilrown's
milling and lumber Interest ut Manistee, und tbo
firm will bo hereafter styled Davis, Simpson Si
Co. Simpson wilt continue to make Milwaukee
his headquarters.
Sprefat Vltpalch to The Chicago Tribun*.
Milwaukee, Wls., July 2d.—Tho sohooners
Monitor, Prldo of America, Savelunu, and C. 11.
Hurt on have been placed In ordinary uutll tboro
is uu Improvomout lit freights.
Stair OrncoOrunimoml. Smith Huron, sundries.
rdmrCofmm. Milwaukee, sundries,
attar Maaltmruc, sundries.
ProiK'tiaumlnln, Cheboygan, sundries.
I’ruit S. C. liuirtwin. Ksenuuliu, Iron ore.
*rnii Ti'L-umsoii, Mimltuulla Inland. ikwU.
>|i (iuoru'O Diinhiu*, MiiAfccguii, lumber,
ip lluffiitu, liuilitlu. numlmn.,
ipMury (trod. s*miui llavon. imnilrlos.
many lurk. llimum Harbor. mimlrluft.
ip ,i. H. tfoavonif. t'nmmiuot:. sumlrlCJ.
ipSt, l.ouii«. Ilutrnln. t>umlrlt!i*.
ipO. Ild‘k(ix, MnnkuKoii, Inmbor.
uiMnhi*!. .Munkcbmn. himuor.
ip Hwallinv, Munuuui!. UintlH'f,
>p hi. K. Ttimii|wmi, Muskegon, sundries.
ii> Avon. HuHalo. Hiindrlu*.
Jtijopd. MiisKoifin. lunibnr.
)]> lliukuye. .Mii'kt’fori, lumliur.
ip iloruobol. I'uhluUo. lowing.
»p diaries Ulglx, Miuilotoo. lumber.
,o)» Albert Miller. .Manistee. lumber.
,‘riin Missouri, liny City, lumber.
Mohr MclHlvnrr. liny t.'uy, lumber.
Hciir Uronte*. liny Lily. lumber.
Hciir It. .N. nice, liny i.lty, lumbur.
HelirC.O. TruimiU. ICftwnaba. Iron-ore.
HcbrCttyoriJreuu ll»y. Konnaba, Iron-ore.
Hciir A. Brunson. Heaver Island. cedar im.tu.
Hciir A. liradluy, Kewaunee, railroad ties.
M-Urcireun Itjy.Oaunu liny, pules and tic*
Hclir.l. V. .linu'ti, Mmikeitun, lumber.
Hciir 1.. M. Dnvbi. Muskemm, lumbur.
t'clir Klltn. HU Joseph. wood.
Hciir 11. C. Albrecht, MusKekon. lumbar*
Hthri'apo Korn. Muskr«on. lumber.
Hciir Driver, Carlton. railroad tied.
Hciir l.co.iinuid Haven, lumber.
Hciir l.liii Kllonnood. Munkt'kon, lumbar.
Hilir Itecubitur. MnsKuaon, lumbur.
Hciir Advance, .Muskegon. lumber.
Mclir Adirondack. ilnvnd Huron. lumbar.
Hchr Minerva, Mnskekon. lumbur.
Hchr Australia. Murkekon, lumber.
Hciir Kvallne. Mu«keaon. lumber.
Hciir York Suite, lllufTiown, lumtiur.
Sclir I’resto, (ir.iud Haven, lumber.
Hctir A.. 1. Covell. Wlilio l.nko. lumber.
Hciir iiidult, Krultporu bark.
hciir White Clmnt. Uraml Haron. lumber,
Hciir Transfer, Mnskmion, lumber.
Hciir H. A. if lull. Uraiid Unveil. Uimltor.
Hohr Monsoon, (Irani! Haven, mood.
Hciir it. F. Allen. (Jnmd Haven, lumber.
Hctir <l. Hlmmund. Mnskoiton. lumber.
Hctir T. H, Skinner, .MiHkojon, lumber.
Hctir H. A. Ittcliimuid. Muskucun.
HchrMnnionoe. IVhliUhh. lumbur.
Hciir Advance. I'cshtluo. lumbur.
Hciir otsor, Mu»*cc(iii. lumber.
Hciir Kiwle Wind. Muikuifon, lumber.
Hctir Acuiin 1.. Fnttor. Manistee, lumbor.
Hctir Mkhruubeo lltdie. linkers City, lien.
Hciir Itlnliiif Slur, Ucimlo, lumber.
Hciir Fruuk Crawford, Muskeduu, lumber.
ACTUAt. H.Ul.tMld.
Prop C.incknx.Mu«ltotmu.llKliU
'nip MhUiu, Miiskoion. lluliU
Prop llllloii. Miiakuuon.lUbU a , ,
Prup Animi Vmim.’. I'rle, corn, 500 brla of
Ilnur, uml Muulrlu.t.
'rupHkylurk. llunmu Mnrbor, sumlrlos.
•rnp Alehin. (Junhoe. 11*1 wulnui loss.
VopMlelmulUrnU. .Mimtiuuo, light.
'rou (luurgu Dunbar. Muskegon. Hinidrins.
Prop Foiimiilu city, Buffalo, WUJ bu corn and sun*
Prop.lmiialn.Kriw, ffl,UWIm corn.
Prop Northern (jneun. C'ulllogwoud, li.ttW bu com
mid aimrtrle*.
•rop Vuu Allen, ynohco, -MS walnut loon.
•rup.l. K. Heavem*. H'.immtnck, Huinlrms.
■rop Clmuipluiii, ClicSioyunn, ■umJrleii.
'rop Mary (iMli, Houtli Huven. sundries.
'ropSU.lusi'jiti, Mnxkegoii, IlsdiU
Hclir Parana. Ihmuiu (.’iiy, l.iUlbu c0rn,3,007 bd Oftta.
Hclir Ollvrr Culver, Pennaukeit, light.
Hclir Peoria. Hmrgrun liny. Unlit.
Hclir lluk'ii Pnitu Aliukegon. Unlit.
Hclir Knight 'ivuiplar. itinek lilvur. sundries,
a.'iir kuiiiii aiiuii. ucoiito, iinnt
Hchr linn Newhnli. Mu*kcgoii. light.
Hclir \VUnl«or, ilarx lilvur. light.,
Hclir MiiieUc, Marinette, light,
hohr KoUiho, l.ixlliiuioii. llulit ■
Hchr A. h'.Mornv. Muskegon, light.
Hohr Knto l.youn, Muskegon, light. ,
Hour W. 11. Oniilmm. MuiUstoe. IlgbL
Helir D'ncolii Hall, Mii*kegon. limit
Hclir Ivor laiwium. Muskegon. llulit
Hclir Truman Moss, Munlstee. light.
Hohr Aimlw o. Hanson. Manistee. light.
HchrMiccoss. WiittuUsli liar, light. .
Hclir City ot Krle. (irand linvuu, Unlit.
Hclir Ktmillnu. Manistee. Unlit
. Huhr U.. 1. UlblM, Cecil llitv, sundries.
Helir I.oim .Johnson, ClHiboynnn. Unlit
HciirtSlittiord. Muskegon. Unlit
Hclir (lumen llnrvuit (iruiu) llnvuii. liaht.
Hour Wells Hart Clioboygiui, Unlit
Hclir Wlltluin Aldrich. Munlstee. Unlit
Hour J. M. Hill, Charlevoix. Unlit
Hclir A. M. Potonuiu, AslitatiillH. Unlit
Hclir 11. W. Huiic, Kscnimlnt, Unlit
Hclir Hollo Drown, Ogmitr Day, Unlit
HclirTopsy. .Mnnlstoe, Unlit.
Hclir Winnie Winn, .Muskegon. Unlit
Hclir l.ovl (iinnt Muskegon. Unbt
Hclir Koiclimn, Manistee, Unlit
Hclir .1 nils 11. Merrill. WtiUo take, Unlit.
Hour llocknwny, Muskegon. Unlit
Hclir House Hlniuioils. Musßoaiiii, light.
Hclir snrdUUn. Kuwainiuv, Unlit
Hclir.Mary K.Cook, Ituiulln. Unbt.
Hclir ItcniUutnr, Muskegon, Unlit
Hear i-'npo Horn. Mnskugon. Unbt
Hclir 1.00, liruml llavon. Unlit.
Hclir It t. Alliroclil. Muskegon, light.
Hclir Ailiroiiiliiek. (Irund lluvuii. IlnbU
Hear HiiD i. Miinliteo. Uuht , ,
Hclir l.uiiilicriiinn. (Hack Crock. Unbt
Hclir Acllvo. Pavliuno, Unlit
Hclir Ni»iuc liny. Pciiitlno. Unlit
Hclir 1.0 iloCoupor, Alpwim, Unlit
Hclir (ioliluu Klocco, Port Huron, .11,000 bn corn.
Hclir Arctic, (jnobuc, 4iU walnut lons.
Htiiirl'orona, Mllwnnkun. nunarlos.
'ropiluorvu llnriilinm. I»aiiinlin. Unlit
'rop.i..t. Tmumloll. I.mllnutmi, liubi.
•roji I!. K. Tlmmimiii, lirmU Haven, Unbt.
'rop Alaska. Krto. 4MMIbn corn.
'rop llosciliol. I'OBlitlipi, luwmn.
'rop Hwnilow. WUUo Uikv, Unlit
'rop City of llnliiiti. luilntli. imiulrios.
'rop llnckuyu, MusUon"it. Unlit
Hchr.l. V.Tnylor.iirmid Hnvon, Uuht
HclirCitr or Krlw, Uniml llavon. Unlit
Hclir (loorno Htuul. iinnlon liny. Unlit.
Hclir Onn Hiiyc*. lirmid Hnvon. Unlit.
Hruun llay,aninlrlu*.
btUr Yunkou liluUv, Jucksoiiport. Unbt.
Pout Hukos, Mlcb., July JM.—Passed down—
Propellers Bluniecj, Cbleago, Wlssablukon,
Nuwburg; steamer Keweenaw; tugs Torrent
and ralt, Allegheny and burses; icboouors
Jamaica, J. 11. Merrill, Fcrrlt.
Hp—Propellers Conestoga, Vanderbilt No. 11,
Lowell and barges; schooners T. J. King, David
Wind west, light. Woalhor cloudy.
Pout Jluito.v, Mich., July sid-lkao p. im
pawn—Propolleni John Prldgcon, Jr.,Chnuaeey
llnrlbnt and consort, Oneida, Bi. Paul with
schooners Curdlogford nnd Jura, V.Bwaln and
consort and schooner Wabash, Potnnmo and
eonsurl, Bnperlur and consort, Kimball, It.
Prltidlvlllo und barges, lb b. Wuribinglnn,
Dxllo, George Bhcrmun, und George Davis;
schooners Joseph Paige, James C. King, Col,
Cook, Thomas Pursuits. Canton, and Owuseo.
Up—Profilers Arcadia unu City of Concord;
schooners Danltd H. Dailey, M. J. Cummings, L.
B. Miiinmmid, Minnie Blossun, and HaraU Juno.
Wind west, light. Woalhor cloudy.
Sprrtal Dtraafeh in Tht VMeaoo Tribuni,
Esoanaua, Mich., July i!U.—Arrived—Propel
lors Forest Oitv, Mltmesotn, lluJalgb, and W, I*
Drown; schooners Mnrunau, lb 11. Drown, Jessie
blnn. buelou, Ganges, Mineral Statu, and M. K.
Departed—Propellers 11. 0. Ackley, Inter-
Ocean, ForestClty.Mluucsota, and W.L.Drown;
schooners M. U. Tremble, Mineral State, Jesslo
blnn, 11.11. Drown, Mystlo Blur. b. C. Dulls,Col.
DlUworth, P. D. Loeko, Guido Ptlstor, und
tivtciai DitrtUh to TOs Ckteaqo TVttun*.
DuvrALo. N. V., July B&—Arrived—Prujtollors
Portage and Nyack and 'sehooaur West Side,
gram, Chicago.
Cleared—Propellers Jay llottld and Cuba, to
Chicago. . . „ _ ,
Charters—Schooner Pcnsaukee. coal. Iluunlo
to Kenosha, $1.2.): schooner .1. It. Noyes, coal,
llultnlo to Marquette, n» cents: schooner Nelllo
lleddlngton. coal, Cleveland to Chicago. $1.23.
Canat freights unchanged at -Pi cents on
wheat and I cents on corn. Nothing doing.
gprrlut nitpalr.t to The inte-io THbunt.
MAitqinsTTß, Mich.. July £(!.—Passed np-Pro
pcllcm Arizona nnd Winslow. , ....
Passed down—Propellers Northern and Arctic.
Arrived—Propellers It, J. Duckett mul Hava
na: schooners William McGregor, Helena,
Lnum Hell, nnd Clayton Iloilo.
Cleared—Propeller 8. H. Phnldnn nnd schoon
ers B.l*. Ely, John Hurt, nnd James Platt.
rjwtitl nitrate!i to The Chicago Tribune.
Mii.waukkr. Wls., July 2d.—Arrived from be
low—Steam-barges V. H. Koiolmm mul Nuhant,
Cleared—schooners llalloran mul S. 11. l uster,
for Esciumha.
Spfdrtl DliMlfh to The Chicago Trlfcimr. ,
Rain, l'a.« .Inly 20.—Rntcrcd—Propeller Le
high, grain, Chicago. ■ . „
Cleared—Propeller Gordon Campbell, mer
chandise, Chicago.
Sprelal DUpafrh to T7m CMMCo THbtmt.
Bahsia, Out., July 2d.—The propeller Ocean
arrived from Chicago mid cleared Tor Montreal
with passengers uml freight.
sprrfal Dtiprtfrh to The Chicago Tribune.
Dextiui, Dallas Co., la., July 2d.-Whratln
this vicinity will yield poorly. Not over one
fourth of tbo crop will bo harvested, and tbo ro
ntalndor will bo light. Ouo piece thrashed,'
which was considered above an average, went
less than four bushels per aero. Ilyc yields
about ten bushels where fanners conlldcntly
looked for twenty before thrashing. Oats look
well. Corn will make about three-fourths of u
crop with favorable weather.
,S’p«(.il DUtmlfA to The Chicago TVifticne.
Maiwiiam.town. la., July :.U—Thu ravages by
tbo army-worm reported by the Associated
Press as Imvlmr occurred hi this county have
dwindled Into Inslgnlllcanno. Hut one Held of
oats bus been touched and the pests have dis
appeared from tbit section altogether. Harvest
is progressing rapidly. A fair but less than the
average yield ul both wheat and oats is re
Special inionte/i Ij Tht Chicago Tribune.
Laiwyhttk, hid., .July A drlvo through ft
porllomof Tippecanoe County to-duy leads to
tho very gratifying announcement that tho
farmers of this suction never bud n more prom
ising outlook for corn thnn they have this yunr.
Tho dry spring enabled thorn to keep tho Holds
freed from weeds, and tho stand Is excellent.
Thu curs are heading out nicely, many stalks
having two ours oucu.
BpteM nupnteh to The CMcnjM Tribune.
Or.NKVA, 111., July 2B.—Tho farmers hereabouts
are apprehending a visit from tho talcfnl army
worm, which nindo so much havoc in this sec
tion a year ago. It Is again devastating tho
orchards, and much fear Is felt that tho grains
will bo attacked.
Special i7ltpu(eA to Ttie Chicago Tribune.
OcoNonowoc, Wls.. July SO.—Chinch-bugs
have commenced tbolr ravages among the
spring wheat here this week, and nro making
sad havoc. Several Helds lire completely de
Tho Congregation or tho Colored ITllti
iHtor Who llvllovea “Tho Nun Do
Ulovo** Excited Over tho Ulya
lerloiiN Tolling of Their Church-
Richmond, Va., July 2fl.—Last night nbout
midnight tho llov. John Jaspers church was (bo
acunu of tho wildest excitement ou tho part of
tho inemours of tho congregation. Tho church
1h situated In that part of tho city known ns Af
rlca, which la tho homo of a large portion of tno
negro population of Illcbmoud. The Rev. John
Jasper, tbo famous preacher who cumu before
the country so proininculy lost year by bis sor
mun on tho toxt “tho Sun Do Move,"
lives about a stone's throw from the church. Ho
was stricken down by an attack of sickness Just
about tho time of tho appearance of tho comet,
ana a largo number of his congregation attrib
uted hlslllncssto tho sudden appearance ol tho
orb. For some time he Honored almost on tho
verge of death. Jasper has an almost Incredi
ble hold upon their ulfeotlous, and rough, un
pretending, and almost unlettered as ho Is, ho
is regarded by largo numbers of Iho negroes
as a prophet, who, being specially favored by
Providence, has made un unrelenttug enemy of
tho Devil, whoso messenger- and Iho engine of
whoso machinations tho/ deem tho comet to bo.
Yesterday morning the city papers had tho
statement about tho coming appearance of
Prof. Swift's cornel, and among tbo moru In
credulous of the followers id Jasper this was
looked upon an an evil omen, preaaghig trouble
to their pastor, bast night persons living In tho
neighborhood of Mount Zion Church, of which
Jasper is pastor, wore startled by hearing three
taps struck slowly and distinctly from tho
bell In tho stouplo of tho ohurch.
In an instant largo crowds, mainly colored,
began to gather around tho church, attracted
by tho unusual occurrence. Thu night being
unusually cloudy added to tbo mystery, and, us
tho crowd stood awestricken at tho strange oc
currunco, tho faint rovertiaUous of the boll
were again heard. Tho crowd now umuborod
several hundred, and was coustantly being aug
mented by those who came up breathless, and
many of them In disheveled apparel, to see tho
meaning of this assemblage. For a longtime
they stood In horror, but finally some holder
than tbo rest volunteered to enter tbo
saurod edlhco. They did so, but no
clew could bo found clearing up the
mystery. Homebody then suggested that Iho
riuglug was Iho death-knell of the pastor, who
hun been In bad health fursomo time. Thlssug
gestlon run through tho crowd like wlldtlru, and
immediately a rush was made fur tbo minister's
homo, and he was compelled to make his up
oearanco and assure them that he was still in
ho llesh. Thu crowd dually dispersed, hut many
of them assorted that sumo supernatural agency
hud huuu at work. Thu sexton of tho church
gives tho must probable solution of tbo mysteri
ous sounds, which Is, that, whon iho bell was
lust tolled, tho clapper must have somehow
(icon caught In tho machinery and failed to as
sume Its usual perpendicular position, In whluh
condition It was. according to his theory, when
released by the wind Saturday night, causing It
to strike tho bull as it vibrated lu settling to its
proper place. ■ •
Tito llttllrona utul Wareliouuo Com*
mlHkltmeni—ldeomied to Organize—
TotvtlNlilp Honda Itvutftturud.
b'v«r(d( UUiHtUft lo T hi Clueaoo TrUrtme.
Ht'aiNUHiittii. HI.. July TUo Itnllroud and
WnrunuuHu (.'ontmlsHlonura wore (u flusulon all
dnydUuussiDtr tbo ruvision of thoacbcilulea. Tbo
Bcbedulen of tbo ntandard roads will Unit bu pub*
llHbcd, uud the Unit one—probably that of tbo
Chicane, llultlmoru & Ohio—will bu published
Wilblit two weeks. Ainutitf tbo uoxt ou iba list
will bu ton CUlcoko & Altou, uad tbo olbors will
follow iu qulek biiccessloit Tho Commliuiluuoni
duollim mt yet to make any nouurnl statement of
tho olmnn«s decided upon in tho present sobud*
nluH, because tholr work has nut yet been fully
ThuKeurulnryof Btnto to-day Issued llcomoa
to iiruunl/.o ns follows: Houihurn dllulnn Com
pany, Jauksunvlllu: capital, KO.UU); corpora
tors, U. 8. Orueiileuf, Charles Hustings, Charles
ll.Ctulln. Iniku (las Cmnpuny, ornnnlzod to
furnish gas to the Town of I,like: capital, fktiO,*
UUU: corporators, J. O. Wilson, Irus Coy.U. r,
MoKnlgut. ilrush Hluuiriu i.lvht and power
Company, Aurora; capital, fu.iMJ; corporators,
L. (I. Hill, J. U. Pease, M. C. Ilulluek.
Tho Ottawa Dottle Company has changed Us
name to tbo Ottawa Duttio mid PUnt-Ulass
Company, and Increased Us capital slock from
: fiU.ouo iu
Thu Auditor to-day registered JW.OOO of bonds
of SVyommg Township. Leo Comity, nnd Hii,Uod
of bonds of Mount Zion Township, Maooa
County. ■
Bp*tM DiipalcA fa TJu CMeaeo TVifcuni.
Ottawa, lIU, July SO.—County Clerk Stock
sieger, of La Ballo County, bus decided that be
will nut cull mi election this full to lIU tbo sov
oral o(Uo“S uuluss compelled to do so by tho man
dates of tho Supremo Court of tho Stale. Ho
bus arrived at this conclusion after carefully
reading tbo Statu laws, Cunsiltntlunal amend
ments, and tho oplnlonsof prominent attorneys.
It Is probable that a test case will bo made by
some interested parlies to compel him to lesuo
tho call for on election, in which case tbp Su
premo Court will bu called upou for lu decision.
Sjxctui DUpatcA (e Tits CMcaao Trtbutw,
• limn Dock, Ark., July 80.—‘Tbo Committee
on Druneh Normal College of tho Hoard of
Trustees of tho Arkansas Industrial University
—Guv. Churchill, Gen. U. U. itoyston, of Hemp
stead County, and Prof. W. K. Thompson, of
Drew Countv—met this furouoou and opened
bids fur tho erection of tho branch at Pine Dluff.
Thu proposal of Horton St Dailey, of this city,
fu.tm was the lowest, and the contract was
awarded to them. Tbo school Is designed for
the education of colored teachers, and Is almost
tbo tlrstbtcp In that lino taken by any Southern
iHimtM lo Tilt Chicago Trllamfc
Ottawa, July 2d.—Tim land surveys being
conducted In the Northwest cover an area
approximating !JO,OXI sipmro miles lying duo west
of Manitoba. Tim are Is nearly In (ho form of a
square, with its southern base resting on the In
ternational lummlHry, and lies between KUnml
lort degrees west longitude. This Includes the
Valley of Qu'Appctle and that portion of the
Valley of the Souris alMivc whore It crosses the
boundary. The whole area Is prairie land.
Hume slxty-llvo surveyors are engaged, each
with a small party. Twenty-live of the
surveyors are engaged on Govern
ment account, and paid by Dm day.
Those are at work laying olf tbo
township blocks six miles square. ‘lhe work of
subdividing townships into sections Is In the
hands of forty surveyors, who have taken the
work by contract at so much per township. A
majority of the surveying parlies have been at
work about only three weeks as yet, and of the
first reports of progress lit surveys only two
have reached Iho departments hero. Them
have been groat delays owing lo the territory
being covered by water. Many of the contract
ing surveyors will lose heavily, amt the surveys
on Government account are costing largely In
proportion to the work accomplished.
Special Vbwtch to The Chinm Tribune.
Ottawa, July 20.—The census enumeration
was completed weeks mm, mid yet the public
am not permitted to know how many people
there are In Canada. The revenue for Iho ilscal
your past was ail collected a mouth since, and
the amount collected and expended has not
been made public. The people of Canada are
reading nod discussing now much the postal
revenue of the United states Is, how their money
orders have laoreascd in aniuiiiit by .f Il),uoo,uuil
over last year, and have It on ollleml authority
from Washington (hut the lncreasu;ln mouey
onlers with Canada Is largely owing to (ho In
creased unmoor of Canadians In iho .States, and
complaint Is made that too postal revenue of
Canada is not yet made known.
Sjgdat /JUpatffi (a The ChUaga Trihunt .
Toronto, July 20.—There Is every prospect of
Mellolmc, tho man who was scut from Toronto
to England umlor tbo Extnidlotlon lows, having
to pay this city another visit. It aiiponrs that
when the prisoner arrived In England the charge
of larceny upon which ho was extradited was
abandoned, and ho la now to he put on trial on
the original charge of conspiring to defraud, for
which ho was not extradited. In accordance
with tho Extradlotlon act. Mellolme should first
be returned to this country and now extradi
tion proceedings Instituted before ho can bo
tried tor that otfonsa in England. The matter
Is now awaiting further developments, tho Min*
Ister of Justice nt Ottawa having beou uoillloU.
gprcfnl Dtevatch to The Chicago Tribune,
Montukai., July 20.—Tho crops between Mon
treal and Quebec will fall much shorter what
(hoy have yielded In ordinary years. Hay has
been so badly burnt up by tho drought that (ho
total crop between this elty and Qucbco will nut
amount to moro than iW pur cent of tho average.
ambit XHtpoteb to Thi Chicago Tribune.
Montiiral, July 2(l.—Tho steamer Corsican,
which went oshoro In tho Galops Hnplds, has
been repaired, nnd Is again In her accustomed
Tho Quebec Provincial Government is calling
tenders for tho construction of now Parlia
mentary buildings.
gmhil DOunlcA lo The Chicago Tribune.
Ottawa, July 2d.—Superintendents of Govern
ment telegraph linos In tbo Dominion hnvu been
directed by tho Government to take from om
ployfo oil thoso lines tho declarations as to se
crecy provided by act of Parliament.
ttmtal IXmitcft to The Chicago IVlfrutw.
London, July 20.—ClevJr frauds in tho shape
of ono-doiinr bills raised io tbo dunomlnathm of
$1 are now In circulation. Tho work Is neatly
uud carefully executed.
CINCINNATI t'UU.vri'UUlt- makers.
■ SpKhl Dtenateh to The Chicago Tribune.
Cincinnati, 0„ July 20.—Tbo Purnlturo
nmlcers’ Union of this city nt n meeting to-night
discussed nt somu length tbo advisability of
calling a congress of FurnlluremuKors* Unions
of tbu United States to consider matters of
great importance, to tbo craft. Opinion was
divided as to whether such a congress would
prove of tho greatest advantage if hold this
year or noxt. It was llnally decided by voto
that tho most favorable time for tbo gathering
would bo noxt spring. It wan thou agreed (but
a congress of all Furnllurotunkcra' Unions
should bo called by tbo Cincin
nati Union. to bo held in this
city next sprlug. It la proposed to accomplish
for tho furnituru-workurs much tho sumo re
sults as were recently otfociud by a congress of
Carpenters* Unions for tho momburs of too
trade. Tho expectation is tlmt a lively Interest
will bo developed in mo proposed meeting, and
tlmt tho Unions will all, or nearly all, bo repre
ftxelol Dfipdch to Tht Chicago Tribune.
Indianapolis, Hid., July SO.— Tho clgnrmnk
ors* strike, which has continued fur somo tlmo
past, was broken to-day by a compromise ar
rangement, Most of tho olgarmahors conceded
tbo compromise olforcd by tbo imuiufncturers.
but tbo men la tbreo factories still hung out, tbo
difference being tbo price of uecd-outllugs, for
which they think per 1,000 too little.
Fnt Onrrctt’s Norvy Feat—A Shot
Through tho Heart Which Wrought
Good for Now Mexico.
Nan la Ft Xiw Mexican.
Tho olty was thrown Into a state of oxclto
ment yesterday morning by tho announcement
that Hilly tbo Kid, tbo man who bus been tbo
terror of peaceable people In this Territory for
years; who kilted Hrudy, and illndmuu,' and
Huberts, nii\l Olllnger, and Hull, with a dozen
mure, mot tbo futo tbat bo bad meted
out to others with such llondlah pleas
ure, frequently without causo and gen
erally In tbo must brutal manner. No report
could have created a moro general luellng of
gratilloutlun than this, and when it was further
announced that tho faithful and bravo Fat Gar
rutt, bo who has been tho mainstay of law and
order In Lincoln County, tbo chief reliance of
tbo people la dark days when danger lurked
on every hand, bad accomplished the crowning
feat of his life by bringing down his fierce and
ImplucHblo foo single-banded, tho sense of sat
isfaction was blgbtunud to onu of delight. Tbo
first announcement of tho event was by moans
of a telegram received boro from Las Yogas
by Mr. Cblmuii, tho stock-owner, ond one of tho
Kid's greatest enemies, simply stating; "Fut
Garrett killed Hilly Kid near Humuer Fri
day night.” This dispatch was sunt by Mr. M.
llrnuswlck, a reliable man mid a friend
of Mr. Chlsura. Mr. Hruustvlok was in Bantu Fu
u few days ago, nnd stated to u gentleman (hut
lie hud learned accidentally that I lie Kid was ul
or near Fort Humiior; consequently, when tho
dispatch wgs received, people, notwithstanding
tbo news was almost too gaud to bo true, were
led to believe that tboro must bo truth In tbo
news. A abort llmo Inter tbo special eaino to
tbo Ncw Mext eon, detailing (bo particulars.
This is published on tho telegraph pago.midwlll
bo road with interest. From them it will appear
that tbo news was brought to Las Vegas by
Mall-Contractor Cosgrove, who arrived at that
place yesterday. A i\ew Mcjiain reporter was
enabled to secure tbe account from a man who
was at Sumner ut tho time, ami who helped to
put Hilly in his little bed the day after Garrett
got through bis task. This man Is George
Miller, u discharged soldier, on bis way to
Santa W.
Miller says that Onrrolt was Informed of tho
Kid’s whereabouts while in Lincoln County, mid
arrived nt Sumner In searcher ibu outlaw on
Friday night. At about midnight be went to tbs
bouse of Fate Maxwell, accompanied by two
men mimed John W, Foo and T, M. Melviuny,
whom ho had brought from homo with him.
Tbo two men were told to stand uu guard ut the
gate, while Garrett wont on and entered tbo
room of Mr. Maxwell. Tbo latter was In bodul
tho time, mid Garrett quickly Informed him of
the object of bis visit, lie bud scarcely dono so
when m walked "Hilly the Kid,” armed with
knifo and revolver. Onrrolt dropped behind
tbo head of tbe bud. and remained there in a
emmehmg position. Kid was In bis stocking
tool, ami was apparently alarmed ut having
seen tho two men outside, for he asked hurried
ly of Maxwell, "Who are they?" uud repeated
tho question quickly. Maxwell made uu reply,
and Kid then caught sight of -Garrett, lie did
not apparently recognize the man, but pointed
his revolver at him and asked, "Who Is UV Who
Is It?" Garrett hud uutlutd time to draw his
revolver, mid lludlug It bad reuobedu point ut
which caution er delay, would prove, fatal,
reached around and got It. Ivld started hack,
but fur some rousuu or other did not fire. For
baps this was because bo hud no idea that Gar
rett was lit that part of tbo country, and sus
pected no harm. ....
Whatever bis reason was, bis delay proved
fatal. With bis desperate enemy's woupen
aimed full at bis breast at a distance of a few
foot. Fat Garrett, with tho quickness and pre
cision for which bo Is famed, pulled down on tbo
Kia nod fired. That shot wm Uto lost thy jud
was to hour on this earth. Ho foil buck upon
I hi) Hour pierced throned tho heart. mid In a
moment win ns dead ns any of tho turn whom ho
hail scrrotl In tho came way, with loss JnMleo
nml simply to wreak petty spite nr satisfy his
Ihlrat lor blood. Garrett and Maxwell Jnmpnd
Into tho middle of tho room, which was lighted
only hy tho beams of tho mmm, and Garrett had
tho satisfaction of knowing that ho had fulfilled
a duty from which most man would have shrunk
in terror, mid nocomphshml tho tank which had
occupied hlsthmtirlitsmm ouergh* for mouths.
The above account counts from it man who so*
cured his liiformaHon nt tho nconoof tho kill*
lit)?. It Is correct in nil essential parts, us will
ho seen from Garrett's own niory, us dclnllcd In
accordance with his duly to tho Governor of tho
Fat Garrett's report to tho Chief Exorullvo of
few Mexico was received hy Aclhur*Gov. Hitch
am evening. ItlnconulHo ami nlmpiu In keett*
iuj? with tho diameter of the writer, nmi will ho
found of interest from (ho fact that It Is the nc*
count which Is absolutely correct ami heeminu
of tho characteristics It betrays. It Is us fol*
Four SfMNUit, N'. M.. .inly lli.—To III* hired
ciicf/, i/io (/./rcninr of AVto Mcrlco: i huvu tho
iimor to Inform your Excellency that I hud re*
cclveil several communications from persona in
amt about Fort Sumner Unit William llonny.
alias tho Kid, hud been thcru or hi that vicinity
for some time.
In view uf those reports I deemed it my
duty to tro there ami uacurtuln whether there
was any truth In them nr net, all tho time doubt*
tuft their accuracy; but <m Mommy, .lulv 11. I
ell homo, taklmr with mo John W, I’opu nml T.
1,. MuKtuuy, men In whoso courage nml sagacity
I relied Implicitly, and arrived Just tiolowFort
Humueron WcUudsday, lUtlt* frouiulncd eon*
ended near the houses until night and then en
tered tho tort about midnight, and went to Mr,
F. Maxwell's room. I found him hi bud. and bad
Just commenced talking to him about tbu object
of my visit at such an unusual bmir.wben a man
entered the mom In tils stockinged feet, with a
pistol hi uni) luuid nml a knife hi tho other, llu
eittiio and plaued hts Immi on tho bed Just be
side mu. and In a low whisper, * Woo is It?' (and
repeated tho question) lie asked of Mr. Maxwell.
I at unco rceotftiUed tho man. mid know ho
waa tho Khl. and reached behind mo for my
ilstol, fueling almost certain of receiving a bait
ruin his at tho moment of dolnir so, as I felt
sure ho laid now recognized mo, but fortunate*
ly ho drew Imuk from tho bed at noticing my
imivcment, and. although ho had his pistol
pointed nt my hronat. ho delayed to lire, amt
asked In Spanish, "Quoin us? Quoin os?" This
gave mo time to bring mlno to bear on him, and
tho moment I did so I pulled the trigger, mid ho
received his death wound, for tho bull struck
him hi the left breast mid pierced his heart. Ho
never spoke, but died In A minute. It was my
deslro to havo boon able to take him alive, but
his coming upon mo so suddenly and utiexpuut
edly leads'mu to believe that ho had seen mo
ontor the room, or had boon Informed by some
one of tho fact: ahdtlmlhe eumu there armed
with pistol and kulfu expressly to kill mo if ho
could. Under that Impression I bad no niter
imtlvo but to kill him or to suffer death nt his
hands. .. ,
I herewith annex a cony of tho verdict ren
dered by tho Jury called lu by tho Justice of tho
Fence (cx-ollido Coroner/, tho original ot which
Is In the hands of tho Fruseuutlug-AUoruey of
tho First Judicial District.
(Tho verdict is given hi Spanish In Garretts
report, and upon holug translated is ns follows):
** Wo, tho Jury, unanimously say that William
Tlnnny came to his death from u wound In too
breast in tho region of tho heart, llred from A
pistol in the hand of Fat F. Garrett, and our
decision Is that tho action of tho said Garrott
was Justillablo homicide: nml aro milted in tho
opinion that the gratitude of all tho communi
ty Is duo to Bald Garrett for his action, mid that
ho deserves to bo compensated.
"M. KimoMUt, Foreman,
‘‘Antonio Saavkiuia,
"Finnic) Antonio Luceiio,
".lost: 811. VA,
I am, Governor, very respectfully, your Ex
cellency's obedient servant, „ „
HlicrifT of Macula County.'
Tho above Is a straightforward, unassuming
narrative, but It speaks, unintentionally per
haps, but forcibly, of tho OetennlimUou, tho
eounigo of Fat Garrett. The incident recorded
was the end ot a long and trying ordeal. Ever
since the early part of Slay, Garrett has been
oppressed by a sense of one of tho must dilllcult
and dangerous duties over imposed upon an
olllcor, tho duly of carrying on a war to tho
death with tho most desperate, dangerous, and
treacherous man that over Infested a country.
As soon as Hilly (he Kid committed his lust
crime, an offense of such magnitude mid au
dacity that tho public was stunned and stood
aghast at Its muiouneomciit, everybody ac
quainted with tho circumstances thought at
unco of Fst Ourrott as being tho mmi who
would kill tho Kid or lose his life lutbeattompt.
yuld they: "Not only has ho escaped from Gar
rett's guards, and killed the two men who woro
his stanchest ami bravest servants In enforcing
tho laws, but ho bus Imposed a duty upon tho
Sheriff of Lincoln County which Fat Garrett
will never shirk." ' . . . „
How rightly tho people plnco their trust is
shown by iho foregoing accounts. Garrett has
never ceased to dog the footsteps of tbo Kid.
He said soon after the escape of tho criminal
that he would " follow him to tho end,’ and ho
has dime sn with persistency, determination, and
bravery, through lung ami anxious' months,
ilnuliy to meet with a success which entitled
him to tho gratitude and respect of tho people
«t thlsJTurrltory. When trying to surprise Ids
prey ho was In turn surprised by him, con
fronted In a small room by a thoroughly despe
rate man, with a knlfo In one hand, while tbo
other held u revolver to his breast. Garrett
never lust his presence of mind or coolness, but
seized tho first opportunity offering Itself to
make use of his skill with tho pistol. Asccom
later would havo been too late,'and a second
smiiier to attack bo would Imvo boon too soou.
ilo billed bis lime, and accomplished bis cad,
nnd bo deserves to bo richly vowurdod. Hilly the
Kid's fuiiuml took place ut Purl Smnnor tbo duy
after tbo shooting, mid not one of those who
wnro present but rejoiced at bis death. Now
that ibu sod Is above bis grave, It Is lit order to
give him an oblturry, though time and space
will not allow a lengthy one.
There is no disposition to shirk the task. It
Isn't very often one hits to write anythin# In tbo
obituary lino except complimentary-ones: and
HIMv, exceptional in most things, bnro again af
fords an exception to the general rule.
.. Hilly was a New York boy, and bis right nnmo
Is supposed to Imvo been Antrim, flo wits once
a resident of Santa F 6, and an omployfiof tbo
Exchange Hotel, this city. Hu loft hero when
very young, and turned out during tbo Lincoln
County war. two years or more ago. Since then
tu has assisted in murdering ShorUT llrady and
Jcimiy-tiherllT Hindman, of Lincoln; killed
Hunisieln, clerk at tho MnseuUiroApaeho Agen
cy: hilled Hubert Houkwlth and Charles Craw
ford ut Lincoln, July, 1H“B; William Mor
ton, Frank linker, amt McCloskey at
Hlno Water, Capital! Mountains. March,
IH7H; n bulf-brood Indian, John Far-'
ids, and Grant at Fort Hmnnor; a blacksmith at
Camp Apache, and dually killed Hob Olllnger
undJ. W. Hell at Lincoln County Jail while os
cuplng last time. Ho was nursnod and made
frequent narrow escapes, to recount which Is
inineenssary: waa'capturod several times and es
caped. Hu was Just *JI yoars old when ho met
bis death, and (wasted that bo had killed a mini
tor every year of bis life. Tbo above list Is,
however, nil that can bo culled to mind. Tboro
nre doubtless several other victims, perhaps
half a dozen, that nobody knows of. Those
enumerated hero make up a goodly number for
a kid, and no excuses need bo mado for Mr.
Hoany on that score. Many a man In Now Mex
ico will brealbo muro freely since ho bus gone,
as tboro wuro numerous threats of death out
standing unredeemed, awaiting only the tlmo
when Hilly could, get a good shot. The Ivld Is
gone, aim tbo next question Is, "How much ru
wurd Is Fat Oarrolt to got for hilling him?'
Tito Sales lit Cincinnati Yesterday Were
tlio Largest and the Prices the High"
cst in the History of the Trade.
Sptcial VUpateh to Tht CMeaoo Tribune
Cincinnati, 0., July tU—Thu sales pf tobacco
In tbo Cincinnati market to-day were tbo largest
and tbo prices brought wuro the highest In tbo
history at tho trade. Thu average price paid
was SIB.BI per hundred. Ono hogshead sold at
(0.1 per hundred. Huyers were present from
nearly every olty in tho Union where tobacco is
manufactured. Tho lobuueo wus nearly nil of
flue quality, ami a considerable portion of it was
tbe bust over brought to this market. Tbo high
est price ovorbefore commanded by tho wnlio
Hurley, the tobacco most largely sold bore, was
f,U a hundred, mid occurred soon after mo War.
ho exceptional figures of to-day created great
enthusiasm on "tho Imeks.” Tboro Is more of
tho same kind to come, and It Is expected that
the sales to-morrow will Ik> still moro unusual.
The members of tbo trade are In excellent
spirits over tho prospects for a largo amount of
exceptionally good tobacco.
tfpfrtal /JlisaleA (0 Tht CMtago TYlbuiw,
liAiiTfoim, Conn., July 2d.—TUo Itov. Father
llyan, Uomun CatbolloprlostatCromwoll,Cyuu.|
who was recently removed from duties because
of intoxication aaa lufatuuuou for a young
girl, bus, uftur an obatluaio delay, turned over
to lllibop McMuhoii everything ho bold aa treat*
urur ami custodian of tboproperly of bit parish.
Wbutbor bo will submit to discipline by golug to
a ronmistery fur a term orrotlru from tbo priest*
hood la uucortuln, but It It believed bo will
adopt tbo latter course, at an undo in Ireland
rueoutly loft him a ouuiiderobiu turn.
tfMCtat uispauh to Tto VhUago ’iYitep*,
quinov, 111., July 90.—At a mooting of tbo
Qulnoy Quarts, Company I), Eighth Ucglwout,
bold tbit cveulug, It wua resolved practically, lit
ooutoaueuaoof tbo neglect of tbo company by
Its Captain, to petition mm to tub tbo disohargo
of the company uf tbo tilato military imtburl*
ties. Tbo mooting wot called by the Captain,
but, be being absent, accord big to precedent
was presided over by ibo Flrst*Llentcnant.
Lydia H. Plnfcbam's Vegetable Compound bas
done thousands of women uuro good than tbo
medicine of many doctors. It Is a positive euro
fur all female complaints, Send to Mrs. Lydia
B. Fiuktiau.
Public attention is called to a good, reliable, genuine,
and honest article. Absolutely f ree from any adulter.
ations or deleterious compounds used in many brands of
Cigarettes now in the Market.
Pioneer Cigarette Manufacturers of America,
Warranted Only Pare Tobacco and Pure Paper Used.
Manufactured from fine-selected, bright, mild, and sweet Virginia Leaf.
Hare old Virginia Lowland Tobacco. Nicotine and Nitrogenous -substances are ex.
traded. Fine, mild, and cool to the last puff. One trial will satisfy all using this brand
that it has no equal. No patented process nor artificial flavoring used. Smoke it, and it
will speak for itself.
Owing to the numerous humbug patented substitutes, used in preparing cheap paper,
we feel the importance of calling public attention to our Wrappers, which are made of
the finest Rice Paper, universally known to be the best, free from ahclUtc, amenk,
and other deleterious drugs, which are required to render saliva proof and toughen inferior
paper. A careful examination of our paper and Cigarettes will satisfy all of the great mu
lls claimed. Examine each Cigarette and see that every one bears KINNEY BROS. 1
Fac-simile Signature.
Brothers, 515 to 525 West Twenty-second-st., New York, Justly enjoy the highest reputa*
tlon of any similar manufactures in this country. In the first place only the finest natural
rice paper is used by them, thus assuring the smoker against the injuries that attend the
shellac, arsenic, and other health-sapping sophistications that are found in the inferior
papers used by other firms. The Kinney Tobacco Company make a great number of
brands, to suit every shade of taste among cigarette smokers, and the appreciation in which
these are held is amply attested by the fact that they are largely sold in every city in the
world, and wherever their merits are known, to the exclusion of all other makes.— JJoiton
Gazette .
Sold by Dealers throughout the World.
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of the Chest, Gout,
Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swellings and
Sprains, Burns and Scalds,
Genera! Bodily Pains,
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted Foot
and Ears, and all other Pahs
and Aches.
No Preparation on earth equals Rt. Jacom Oh. as
a anfe, ritrr. ttlmplr ami cheap External Hctncdy.
A trial entails but the comparatively trifllmr outlay
of 0» ContH, uml everr otto HijrcntiKwUh pom
can have cheap ami positive proof of iu claims.
Directions in Eleven Language*.
Baltimore, 31d., V. S.JL
WOVEN irutJS MATl'ltliSS,
Woven Wire
Superior to anp other lied Sprlnp*
Cheap imitations are offered. They are
coarsely woven and poorly finished. If you
wont a Bed that you can rely on, see that
it bears our brand.
For sale by Furnlturo Dealers.
T North tilark’il.. (.'bkain.
n ,N\ ,
I V ] > yFjSr -fFOR BALE+
/ TF* J stamoauu
\l£mKZ£2L «v AU. KINM,
C«r> tab* SC A Vlfth A**., nini*.
s*«rataiiA sw oil* tusuuxuiu.
St. James
[Lll Exposition
B Iris Bn \jP a wuihiuitf.
jnaawfc.T H O M AS
To-night—Popular Program. To-morrow Nlfhl-
Socoml Symphony Night. Friday—Uuituost rrozna
Saturday, ni , ,*;:w p. «i.—Popular Matlnuo. tJsturt*;
evening—" People’*" Program. . ' • _
Ticket*, !U mid I*l cent*. For salo at tho Kipailtm
Uulldlng. f j [jo. 11. dAUPISNTKU. UuM.
MIt.WAUI) ADAMS. Manaiiur.
Clark-st., opposite llio Court-lluiuo.
a rent Success of tho oicltlng melodrama,
The Octoroon!
With a splendid contund rich mounting.
Oliscrvu Ibe I'rico-liJic.QiiciiiudliUc. **
lilKhvr prices. Host Heourutl Meats only SO*
First Octoroon Matinee To-Huy at tl p* •>
Monday. Aug. 1-lloturn of tho ACME OPEHA <U
In tho MASCOTTK. _
Drninntlo Company. . . „ IM u
wealth of scenery, machinery, wardrobe, and p»rt
phernulla. uml un unoqunloU vast of character* _
Tho Now Sensational Itoallsllo llramfc wl|hAlfJ*
Seats now ready. -
Cheapest FlnU-Cla*s Theatre on earth. SlondsM'W
■JS, and until further notice, tho groat moral Urao*
Palmer St Co.’s Magnlflcent Hconory. Six
eel Siberian Hound*. Two Trick Donkey*. sb«*-»
Original Kentucky Slave Chanter* .
Twcnty-second-sb. Collage Groro aud ludlso* - *
Till* Evening and every evening dnriW iha**® 8
Sunday evening and Sunday Muitnoe.
lon, 330 j Hi
G o
Mothers, when Worn Out
With the care* of nioicriilty. or the lloU,c “ 4
wbeu weak.nerrou*. ond ,lU ® * lSfi nu
tbu; "Uolldoua liiTigoront,” BANKOitU *
No other rowed/ U *0 wholcaomo, iialataOlo.
furdoUcale women, young chJUlnm. uUI J. lo f*»
llowar* orwortUJeee lwM«noi»i ••»“* * &
■uotl. AekforHANKOWU’BGINUmi.
other. Sold over/waoro. WKEKSAt , ”‘
_ i NEW T6**3
yUI IUO sua-'-j
To cio.o ot 60 r« r c*-" 1
A On. MlocUon or J.p.n« ll™ l '' ~, .1
FDBUDSATEA IliP'B CO.. 88 SM’ 51, '
St, James I
if Matli

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