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8. HOBRHTB. U. 8. A., is at tho Palmer.
dTRi’iiKN Dull, of Uaolno, Is at tho Hbcrraan.
A. M. Koiin, of Philadelphia, Is at tbo fiber-
M. Zr.rn.iNnp.it, of Paris, Franco, Is registered
•V tho Palmer.
Du. and Mns. n. A. PAGE, of Philadelphia, ore
U tbo Palmer.
Mn. and Mns. P. Uoyd, of Louisville, Ky., nro
at tbo Trcmont.
Ex-Sknatoh W. U. Hatinum, of Connecticut,
Is nt the Pacific.
Joseph Hanpield nnd wife, of Now Zealand,
are nt the Pacific.
j. d. kueppkup end wife, of Louisville, Ky.,
ire nt tbo Sherman.
Pn»K. Geokgf. F. Mills, of Wllltomslowo,
tins*.. Is at tho Pacific.
A cotuiKsroNPi'.NT Is Informed that tbo Ist of
Tanunry, 1810, came on Monday.
CiiAitLEH H. Ajimouv and family, and William
K. Gwyn. of Now Orleans, nro nt tho Palmer.
John O. Evan*, President of tbo Mutual
Union Telegraph Company, Is nt tho Palmer.
Miu and Mn*. U. E. Maiitin, mid Mr. and Mrs.
William Watson, of Ban Francisco, nro nt tbo
U. F. Mills, General Ticket Agent ot tbo
'Burlington, Cedar llupids& Northern Uallroad,
to at tbo Trcmont.
F. P. Habtinos, United States Consul nt
Honolulu. Sandwich Islands, accompanied by
Buy Comly, bis secretary, is nt tho Pacific.
Dn. J. I ton Kits mid family, of No. 3 South Ada
i tract, will start this afternoon for Newnort.
’hey contemplate reiurulng lute in August.
Crumpton, of Australia, and Haniuel 8. Camp
bell. of Liverpool, uro registered at tho'Tro
The first summer night festival of tbo Oor
fmnlii Miinnerebor will inko plnco this evening
t Fischer’s Garden. Avery entertaining pro
gram has been prepared lor the occasion.
Tnc Itov. Dr. Harney, of Dallas Coutro, la.,
sod tho Uev. Mr. Foley, ot Stuart, la., wore In
tho city yesterday visiting old friends. Doth
tbo reverend gentlemen nro in excellent health.
C. H. Olkf.dk, General Passenger Agent of tho
Atchison, Topeka &Bunta F 6 Uallroad. Topoka.
tmd F. It- Kinney, General Hupcrlntemlcntot
|:bo Wisconsin Central Railroad, nro nt tbo
The temperature yesterday, ns observed by
Manassc. optician, No. 88 Mnulson street, Tutu
tr»E Building, wns as rollows: 8 n. in., 07 de
gross; 10 a. in., 70; 12 m., 73; 2 p. in., 70; 3
p. in., 78; 8 p. m., CO. Barometer, Ba. m., 20.03; 8
p. m., 20.07.
fcs Chicago Democratic Club mot at the
Palmer House last evening, but owing to (ho
small attendance, adjourned without transact
log any business until tho lumiml tnecling,
which will be held at tho same placo tho lust
Tuesday in September.
E. Kiuscm.Kit, n morning papcr-enrrlor, living
at No. :CU North May struct, while gutting otr
his wagon at tho corner of Hurlbiit street and
Lincoln avenue at C:!W yesterday morning, had
his right lug broken above tho miklo between
tho spokes of tho wheel.
Gait. aIAMKK Wii.kv and wife. United States
Murine Corps; .1. Itich and wife, Washington, I).
C.: Dr. .1. M. Dunlap, Indianapolis; J. Watson
and wife, Kansas: A. E. Llpplncott and wife,
Cincinnati; B. E. Montgomery. Fort Worth,
Tex.: MaJ. A. OrcndorQ, Springfield, aro at tho
Tun Policeman's Benevolent Association hav
ing disbursed of Into more funds than tho state
o£ tho exchequer will admit of has decided to
give u picnic next Saturday nt Ogden's (Jreive.
Amplo preparations for n thoroughly enjoyable
Umu have been made, and It Is hoped that tho
attendance will be practically Immeasurable.
Tm: murderer of James Williams has not yet
been arrested, and, so far ns a reporter was aide
to ascertain, there is no immediate prospect
of his capture. Tho inquest upon tho dead man
was not, for some unexplained reason, held yes
terday, but was postponed until Tuesday, Aim.
nt 2 o'clock p. m., at tho Central Police Sta
Fuank Di:ni)A, a 4-ycnr-n!d boy, whoso pa
rt?ntH live at tho northwest corner ot lirown und
Twentieth stroute, wits nm down at tho crossing
jf those strceis nt fi o’clock yesterday nl ternoon
oy cnglno No. IKJ of tho I'lttsburgJc Port Way no
Uallmad. Ononfttto little follow's lews was
crushed, and Ho was otherwise so badly Injured
dial Dr. Devuny says ho cannot live.
Tin: Itev. Andrew Jlouar. D. D., wilt arrive (n
this city next Friday in time to preside nt tho
Saturday noon prayer-mooting. Tho Scotch
Kvangellst will preach In tho Second Prosby
mrhm Church next Sunday morning. At 4 p. in.
De will lecture in Farwoll Hall on “City IJvim-
Kcll/.ntlon,” und In tho evening ho will conduct
tho services In tho Chicago Avenue Church.
A mrrtino of tho Directors of tha Flromon’s
Benevolent Association was held last night at
Engine House No. Id. Clolms by disabled mom*
bees. amounting in nil to S4OO, were passed
upon and allowed. Tho Treasurer's report was
read, showing about $14,()U() In tho treasury.
Thu matter of a 81,000 Government bond owned
oy tho organization was brought up. and tho
Treasurer instructed to secure u draft for tho
Tm: Very Kev, Vlcnr-Qoneml llruflsll, of
lowa, has been In this city during tho past two
days. Ho Is probably tho most learned und do
ijuent dlvlno of tho Buckeye State, mid was tlio
■prateholco of tho priests ot tho Davenport dlo-
ccbv for Bishop. but, of course, cheerfully nc
lulcsccs In the choice of the Must Ilnv. Dr. Me
. Mullen. The Hev. Dr. llrassli Isoneof the ablest
and most eloquent advocates of tbo Land League
iu lowa.
Joskph Bum, 15 years old, living at No. 10ft)
I'ultou street, mado himself a huh out of nsec-
Don of ttas-pfpe. As a reward for his Ingenuity
be will go through life with a broken nose, one
eye. mul a badly scarred head and face. The
pun exploded yesterday afternoon at thu corner
of Albany avenuo and Klnziu street, Ho was
taken home by Al| Furman, who was with blmat
the time. Dr. Tagort, who attended him, says
bis injuries will not prove dangerous,
A monthly meeting of tbo Cbleng6 Yacht
Club was hold at the baertimn llouso last night,
Commodore 11. 11. (Iriswold in the clmlr.
Messrs. H. W. Kalkttur. Stanley Sexton. and
Georuo W, Uugcre wore elected to membership
In tbo Club. It was ordered that warrants bo
drawn on the Treasurer for the money prizes—
s7o In nil—won In Saturday's regatta. On motion
ft was deckled to let a cruise take tho ptacu of a
regatta next month, the start to ho made Aug.
JJU, oud tho objective point to bo Michigan City.
Du. O. A. Maiunkh. tbo woll-kiiown eucmlst,
who recently went to Florida with ll.tt/ib on his
person, and who, from thu faui that his friends
uud not heart! from him for four weeks, was
-supposed to have been killed, is In good health,
ills headquarters arc at Micunopy, Alachua Co.,
l-'lu., and be makes excursions Into the country
looking for land, holug out of civilization for a
week or moro at a tlmo. His clerk, Mr. Dus
.kins, got a letter from him yesterday. In which
bo said ho had not full llko writing before.
Tiik Seventeenth Ward Land League met last
evening at tbo corner of Market and Pearson
Mrcvts, with President Sweeney in tho chair.
Hiovuu now members weru taken into the
.League, and there woro u number of addresses
of a hopeful nature made by gcntlumuu pres*
suit. This branch, which was only organized last
Thursday, Is doing well, and, by their next
mooting, they hopo to have their membership
still turthor Increased. Tho next meeting will
bo held Thursday, Aug. 11. witch there will ho
£eod speakers in attendance from tho Statu
Mil. K. G, Apav Is Just now ctnleavorlug to so*
euro tbo services of Tbeoduro Thomas mu) his
orchestra of thirty-two performers, Including
also us soloists Levy, the cornet-player, ond
Llbor»tt. tbu MulhiUt, to renmlit hero iimi play
during thu full Exposition. Mr. Asay Uilnlis (hut
first-class imislu and line urt, cheaply furnished
to tbo nubile, brings Us reward In u higher state
of civilisation ami law-abiding eoinmnnltlus.
am), uslilu from that, the enieroriso will easily
l«iy the mlilltloiml expense, which would mnmmt
in about ?j(JO pur week. which ho would almost
guarantee will bo repaid by the public If Thomas
uml his orvhestru remain.
. I'uoK. Jajiksßtkvkmson, of tbo Bmitbsouinn
Institute, Washington, arrived in the city yes
terday and Is stopping at tho Grand I'aciUo
Hotel. Prof. Htovuiisuu is on route to New
Mexico and ArUona for thu purpose of taking
pan In the ethnological and geological explor
ations aud surveys of those Territories. Tho
beudiiuartors or thu party will bo established ut
1 urt Wingate, N. M., wbero l*rol. Guru will lay
out the huse-Uuo for thu' Inangulution of tho
topographical survey. Prof. Powell, tbo United
bmtes Geologist, will have charge of tbo party.
They will keep ut work in (bo held os loug ns
thu weather will permit.
Tun already well-ventilated replevin suit
ugu ust Constable Charles Uul and It. (I. Good
wlllle, tbo “bail debt collector," came up again
tor trial huiore Justice Meccb yesterday, and
was again continued, this Hum tuHept.2s. Thu
rase was continued by consent In await tbo de
cision of the bupromo Court on thu present test
<:u»o before It regarding thu validity of thn new
law limiting tho Jurisdiction of Justices and Con
stables, Thu replevin suit hinges on that law,
the defendants having levied on some furniture
on un execution issued according to tho old
form, but contrary to thu provisions of tbo new
A joint ÜBBTiNd of the Executive Commltteu
of thu United Irish Societies, the Irish National
Laud League of lllluuis, and the Irlsh-Amer*
lean Club, was hehl lust evening at Gurko's
Hotel for the purpose of completing arrange
immts for hoMtiig their Ilfih annual dunmnsira-
Hon aud picnic ut all Ibo uulted Irish socJelles
mGgdous Grovo Aug. 15. Huskiest of a run
tine character only was transacted. Kx-Gov.
Palmer of Illinois, Col. Huberts of New Vurk,
Daniel Daugherty of Philadelphia, J. W. Flu
guratd of Cincinnati, and a number of other
prouilncut speakers have been Invited, and will
probably utlcud. Mrs. and Miss Parnell, wife
and daughter of tho famous Irish agitator, nro
also expected to bo present. Another meeting
ol tlio Exoeutlvo Commltteo will bo held next
Tuesday evening.
Tub Cumberland Gun Chib mot Inst evening
nt tbo Hhcrmnu House, AM. John M. Smyth In
tho chnlr. Thu attendance wns umiaunllr large.
Tho object of Iho meeting was t« ralso money
to defray tho expenses of furnishing nnd im
proving rhclreluli-houso. To this unit, it wns
decided to raise tho membership from fifty to
seventy-live. Tim following delegate* were
elected lo attend the Illinois Sportsmen’s Asso
ciations* Convention to bo held nt tbo Palmer
House Amr, tit Dr. Hutchison. James A. Berfton,
C. I). Gammon, Mr. McFarland, not! John llel
tnml. Messrs. Holland, Loveday, Oammon,
Ilynnl, Sexton, North, Watson, nnd Farmer were
upuointod to shoot nt tbo State Tournament.
von tub nkw ulm sumutKii*.
Tho delegates trom the several German and
singing societies of tbo city which were Inter
ested In tho Silngcrfost met Inst evenlug
at the corner of Handotph find I.ti Hallo streets,
with Krnnz Ambergln tho chair. Thu following
societies wore represented: Germania. Or?
pheus, Kintrocht, Harmonic, Concordia, Allemn
nltt, I'reir Hflognrbund, South Side Llcdorkmnz,
nnd Schiller Lleder Tnfcl. It wns resolved to
hold a concert for the benefit of tbo sufferers of
in tho late disaster bv tornado nt New Ulm,
Minn., nnd tbo following committee were em
powered to arrange tho program nnd dnlo nnd
place for tho concert: .1. P. Hand. Philip
Mans. Herman I'omy. A. F. Nussbaumur,
A. Hitcher. E. Helnzo, nnd K. 0.
Mlhleln. Hans Itnlntkn wns selected
n musical director, nnd he, together with Tbeo
Gcstefeld, were requested to udvlso with tho
Committee on Arrangements. Too dale for tho
entertainment will bo fixed for sumo evening
during tbo latter part of next week. Each of
the above societies will take part, nnd, In addi
tion, some of tbo best solo talent in tho city will
tie secured. A special feature will be a number
of German glees, so popular with tho public.
The meeting adjourned until Friday nt G p. in.
Tho street-dusting machine Is fast becoming n
public nuisanco Instead of n benefactor. In
placoof having these machines perform tholr
work after 13 o'clock, thoy nro permitted to go
on tho slroirts a llitlo after dark, when tho
sidewalks nro swarming with people, nnd the
stores me tunny ot them open. Early Inst night
one of thosu ponderous street-sweepers was
driven south on Dearborn street, taking up (bo
dust In Its course am) filling tbo air so full of It
Hint one could scarcely sco a length abend.
Along ihu edge of tho curbstones tbo dust was
left,—often a consldcrnblo’qunntity of It,—to bo
scattered again by tho first breath of tbo wind.
Tho sidewalks were half covered, and tho goods
exposed in tbo open stores must have been
more or loss Injured. Thu machine perhaps
dues Ms work ns well as any In uno.but why such
nn intolcmblo nuisance should bu Indicted ou
tbo public long before bedtime Is n question
which tbo Mayor Is probably hotter qualified lo
answer than anybody else.
Tho Plasterers* Benevolent Protective Union
held n special meeting Inst evening at No. 11W
Washington street to consider tho question of
whether or not the constitutional lino should bo
remitted in tho admission to membership of
persons In Iho city working at tho trade who
worn not members. Tho discussion was quite
animated, ami. upon adjournment, those who
bad participated wero closo-mouthod, hut from
tho best information that could be gleaned
It was understood that It had been determined
to enforce tho fine against nil non-unionists.
Tho line Is $5 and tho initiation feu the same
amount, so It will hereafter cost those who have
been wonting outside tho Union tho sum of $lO
to Join. There is no question ns to wages among
tho members, tho facts being that most of tbom
are now receiving an advance on tho regulation
or Union price.
a pKtrr-nAiRiNO kppoiit.
Olivet Baptist Church, of this city* Is nt pres
ent (n serious ilimucinl trouble. It has banging
over it a mortgage debt of sl-1,000.—a largo pare
of which became duo tho Ist of January. Tho
congregation, though largo, is not u wealthy
one,—there not being u rich man among Uh
members. It has had hard times of lato years.
Tho church was burnt up In 1874 and tho In
surance was lost; and, in addition to all this,
there wero heavy assessments for street
openings and improvements. Tho prop
erty Is valued at $30,000, and tho
congregation arc naturally unwilling
to have their edifice saorlllccd without
in effort. They nro therefore making a strong
llnrt to rniao money to meet tticTr January
uyment. ami, for that purpose have soul to
Jmrland the Uov. Thomas 1). Johnson, a gentle
nnu well ami favorably kuuwa In Chicago, who
rus fur some time minister of the Providence
ntifit Church on (bo West Side, ami who after*
wants wont as a missionary to Africa, whoru ho
served lon# and acceptably, but was compelled
to relinquish his labors by severe Illness. Uo
now goes to England with tbo Indorsement of
the Church and of lending Chicagoans, for tbo
purpose of seeing wlmt enu bo done therein
tbo way of raising money to meet tbo Incnm
tmincu. Having boon educated at tbo Mission
College In Condon, and boiag wclbknown In that
country, bo wilt probably moot with success lu
his venture.
tub ••nuE-uca
Tho Now York Insurance Department has Just
Issued a chart, showing tho liabilities, Income,
mid expenditures ot all tho tiro Insurance com
panies doing business In that State, from state
ments made for tho si* months ending .ItinodO,
IfWI. From this It appears that the total income
of the New York companies proper for tho tlrst
hall of Issi was sht.nil),(m, and the total expendi
tures sl3,'liri,tM:i. Thu total Ineumo of companies
organized In other States and doing business in
New Varlt was si:),4!iUi~). and tho total expendi
tures, $1:1,733,413: while fur foreign companies
doing business In tho State, tho figures were
f B,UUS.ICt*i and $T«ot*3,HI7, respectively. Tho mar
gin ol profit, except in tho case ot fbo foreign
companies, was, ns will ho scon, exceeding
ly small. This of llsolfr would ho sutilefent
imlucomont to tho companies to Increase timlr
rates. and it would bo moro Umn folly for tbo
City Connell of Chicago to furnish them n»
extra Inducement to that course by tbo passage
of tlio ordinance whlub proposes to restrict tbo
lire limits. Either of those two Inducements Is
of Itself an encouragement to put up tbo rates,
which bodes little good to tho property-owner
who Is compelled to insure against tiro. Doth
together, however, would present such a com
bination oMndueemouts as would be perfectly
Irresistible, and rates would good up in less
that) no time.
Tub license receipts yesterday woro S-V-DS.
Judob JL U. Toni), of the Louisiana Bupromo
Court, called on tho Mayor yesterday at tho
Two noas and a carcass of boot woro con
dumnedat tho Block-Yards yesterday by tbo
Mont Inspectors.
Tub Twelfth street bridge Is swung for tho
purpose of repairing thudanmgudone tbo struct
ure by an oustreporous craft.
Da. CIi.r.ASON, tho Ueglstrnrof Vital Statistics,
and Dr. Falun, tho chemist of thu Health De
partment, will soon tuku a trip to Uurlln. The
liorllu to which they are going Is In Ohio.
Bomß of tho Aldermen propose, at tho next
meeting of tho Council, to introduce mi ordi
nance for tho repeal of tho ordinance granting
thu South Bidu Hallway Company permission to
lay a uabio-road.
Piiok. J. it. Dahiiktt. Buporlntondont of tbo
Pollco and Flro Alarm Telegraph, has had nil
tho now wires for thu pollou stations strung, and
ho Is only awaiting tho muuhaulenl appliances
In order to put thorn iu working order.
TiiKitu wero forty-two burial permits issued
ycHtorday, mid thirty-eight deaths In the city,
which shows a very fair rate of mortality con
sidering the season. Thu deaths among chil
dren, however, eontlnuu by far too great.
Thomas Buknan, tho Treasurer of tho Ma
honey Fund, has In his bauds which is
awaiting tho decision of thu Executive Commit
too us to tho mode of Investment fur tbo benullt
of tho widow and üblld of thu murdered olllccr.
Tm: contractor fur the superstructure ot tbo
Polk street viaduct Is UHkmg that “bis contract
hu extended to March I, ]NU. As It expires
Duo. 15 next, thu Commissioner of Public Works
says that hu will not extend U further than lif
ted) days,
lit k following building-permits wore Issued
yesterday: annum Jacobs, one-story aud base
meat storehouse, ftix'O fuel. I'aullim and Moor
man street, to cost ♦.'i.UXJ; Union Iron uml bteel
Mill Company, two-story Iron mill bunding, Nix
lit* feel, Ashland and Archer avenues, to cost
jplil.uhi; LUzlu lame, two-story, basement, and
mile dwelling, yjxilO foot, No. Indiana ave
nue, to cost 51,000,
Tiiriik have been four deaths from small-mix
oudslx discharges from tho hospital since Hun
day. There was a fatal casual hemorrhugio small
]H)x reported, yesterday from No. Chapin
street,—a child i months old. A ease of small
pox was also reported from No. UU Cleaver
street. Diphtheria was reported from No. hi
llremor street, and scarlet-lever from No. Ist
Prank sired and No. Huriark street.
At present our Water-Works aro pumping at
ueriula hours of tbo day at (be rale of bi.Oou.iXX)
to H7,uue,uix) gallons, and tbo average puuiplug
is equal tuTLUMMui la each twenty-four hours.
This Is almost up to tbu extreme power of tbu
works, mid loaves only tbo smallest North Hale
engine ut rest. Bbimld anything happen one ut
the large unglues, (be city would nu put upon a
comparatively scant supply of water.
CtTV-ArrouNKY Giunnki.i, mid Mayor Har
rison have bud a talk on tbo amusement license
question. Mr. Grinned Insists Umt tbu ordi
nance should be enforced ui far us it goes, mid
that bo would prepare an ameiidmunt to cover
all places of amusement. doUnlug their char
autur mid amount of llcoasu to bo colluded
from them. Tho theatres will now bo forced to
pa> up iholr licenses or shut up shop,
Tim Mayor bus been ndllled that naughty
Cunudimi thistles bavu abldlug places at tbo
nuriheust comer of Cuss and Ohio streets,
Ashland avenue between West Monroe ami
West Adams street, on a vacant lot utNo.UOU
West San lluren street. This mornlug, tho
Mayor.LontrollurUuruuy, Commissioner Wal
ler, Cbluf-of-Polloo McGurlgle. and tbo tiro de
partment will go in furee to domullslt the
A uuuaiATioN of bakers waited on tbo 31ayur
yesterday afternoon and stated to bua that they
prenosua to raise thu price of bread, but that
somo other bakers, In violation of tho ordi
nances, proposed to leave tholr prices as thoy
wore, but lo reduce tho weight of the loaf.
Wllh tholr squabbles (ho Mayor would Imvn
nothing to do. Put he told tho delegation that if
thoy emild produce evidence that linkers woru
violating the ordinance he would sco that they
were prosecuted by tho police.
Tint city has entered a suit for violation of tho
boiler Inspection ordinance against tbo Chicago
Stove Works Company boforu Justice Wallace,
which Prosecuting Attorney Cameron in push
lug under See. 831 ot tbo City Code, which re
quires all owners of steam boilers to make writ
ten application once each year to tho City
Unitor Itupcclor tor nn Inspection of their
boilers. Tbo Company claim exemption under
the amendment of February, 1877. which placed
tho Insurance Inspection on n par with that of
tbo city.
Tub City Council Ims before it nn ordinance
for tho opening of California avenue, between
Warren uvonuo and Madison street, Tho an
nouncement of this fact has created some stir-
Crtso In tho vicinity, sinen California avenue,
otwoen tbo streets named, bns been open nnd
In use from twenty-llvo to;thlrty years, upon in
vestigation It Is learned that the street is only
to bo widened. When tho property on tho west
side was subdivided the owners gratuitously
gave thirty-three teet for half of tho street, but
tho land on tho oast side has never bcou sub
divided, nnd tho owners claim that they must
bo paid for tbo tblrty-tbrco feet necessary for
tholr half of tbo street.
Skvkual months ago tho property-owners
along Luka street, between Michigan avenue
andHtuto street, urged upon tbo Mayor tho ne
cessity of having tbo street paved, nnd they
promised to pay in tholr assessments nt once If
the work was done. A. .1. Mellcati, tbo con
tractor, rushed tho Job nnd completed It about u
month ago. Ho has only seen SI,OOO of bis
numoy to date, and thoro is SO,OOO still due him.
Inasmuch us be hastened tbo work, advanced
tho cash, nnd did tbo Job well ami at a low
figure, bo bollovos that ho ought to bu paid, and
ho Is anxious that those who promised so faith
fully should como In and pay tholr share assessed
against them.
TttKitß were some rumors yesterday around
the City-Hull that an unpleasantness had arisen
between Commissioner Waller nml Col. Ellers,
Superintendent of Sewers. On Investigation, n
TiuauNß reporter ascertained that there were
no ground* for tho rumor, which grow out of tho
fact that Mr. Waller land written a letter to Mr.
Ellers desiring to know tbo amount of stock on
hand, nnd how far work on existing
contracts bad advanced. No extras bud ever
been allowed to any contractor, but a bill of ex
penses bmt been before tho .Judiciary Commit
tee to allow Thomas MuNlchuls some $l5O.
money by hln» paid out, which Mr. Waller bad
requested Mr. Ellers to explain to tbo Commit
too In writing, so that them could be no misun
derstanding. Ho far ns Col. Ellers and Mr. Wal
ler are concerned, thoy are laboring in har
mony. No extras could ho allowed except with
Mr. Waller’s or tbo Mayor’s sanction, and none
have been, os tbo books show.
Mayor Harrison stated yesterday that tho
moro ho pave it thought tho more ho favored tho
idea of lilgh-prussuro water-power. Ho be
lieved In nu auxiliary water-works, and, If tho
city couldn’t build thorn, ho wanted to sco pri
vate parties do It. His Idea was that the oily
ought to bavo an additional works, which it
could buy at some future lime. Those works
would give additional tiro protection ond bo
used In Hushing our paved streets every
night, which was tho only correct way
to clean tbom, mid would save largo mnuunts of
money each year for street sweeping. If a tun
nel should break or cave in, or tho urlb be dam
aged, tho citizens might be without lire protec
tion, whereas if there were auxiliary works that
protection would bo furnished, audit was a
comparatively easy thing to haul water for
culinary mid domestic purposes. Hu would
have extra works, If he could, and extra males
Bide by sldo with tho regular on all tho streets.
Tho Mayor and Dr. Do .Wolf had a talk yester
day on the subject of the enforcement of tho
smoko ordinance. Tbo Mayor believes (but be
sees mi Improvement in tho atmosphere of tho
city. His vision must bo peculiar. The samo
chimneys which belched forth tho black smoko
In all parts of tho uity belch It forth stronger
than over. Tbo tugs and locomotives show no
Improvement, but continue to darken and con
tulmlua'u tho atmosphere with tholr soot and
smoko. Tho Mayor may sco an improvement,
but nobody else docs. Tbe fact Is the ordinance
is laughed nt, because people believe it is
Hko tho barbed-wire fence, the concealed
weapon, tho small fruits, tho dog. tbo beggar,
organ-grinders, sign-obstruction, ban ana-peel,
ami oilier useful ordinances, supposed to beue
llttho public, but which arc a dead letter, and
no ulfori Is tnaiio to enforce them. Chicago has
lots of good laws, but they aro nil apparently
dead letters. Canada thistles are tho only ene
mies of Chicago people.
Commissioner Waller stated yestunlny that
hut Ilttlu could bo donu to rcllovo tho people cm
State streot. Tho complications wore added to
when tho street was wldodod. which left tho
water-mains la tho middle of tho street, and tho
ordinances provide that tho street-car tracks
shall bo laid there, with the mains to one side.
Those mains the city Is romnvlmr and relaying ns
rapidly as possible. Tho Hewer Department la
dotuu nil it cun to expedite mailers, und so Is tho
Gas Company. Tho grade was being raised in a
portion of tho streets, mid nil the linprovotuonls
were being pushed ns rapidly as possible. Mr.
Waller Is anxious to complete tho work, and will
help tho people all ho can, but ho believes that
they will have to endure the Inuonvoulonco fur
tho remainder of the season. The sympathy of
tho Mayor and Mr. Waller 1s with tho sufferers,
To-Momtow will bo Insane day in tho County
Tint Committee on Equalization of Taxes will
meet Imho County Treasurer's olllco at d o'clock
this artornoon and take up the personal proper
ty assessments.
Tim Joint Committee on Buildings and Chari
ty, will meet at 11 o'clock this nfturnoon, and
confer with Architect Egan mid County-Attor
ney Willett übout the section of the now Poor-
Max Wkiiurh. In Jnllon tbo charge of mtirdor
and rubbery, asked to be released yesterday on
a writ of habeas corpus, mid will bo accorded a
hearing Monday, lie Is charged with tho mur
der of thu old'man Ultimo, which occurred on
Clark street sumo mouths ago under rather pe
culiar circumstances.
It was slated yesterday that tbo Assessors of
the Bouth and West Towns returned iholr per
sonal property books to tbo County Clerk Mon
day. As far as this applies to Professor Drake,
of tbo South Town, It Is Incorrect, Inasmuch as
his books, both real-estate and personal, woro
ruiunicd on tbo morning of July in.
William Hall was brought to tbo Jnll yester
day after a long search, tie is charged with be
ing thu nephew who concocted tho robbery of u
Mrs. Magnus some tlmo ago, for which a mutt
named Woods Is now doing time. His arrost
llxos up tho trinity, Farrington, tho third party,
having been arrested sumo days ago.
Tiik Committee on Charities woro In session
yesterday afternoon, hills footing up
were audited, us were also tho July pay-rolls of
tho Insane Asylum uud Foor-llouse, amounting
to After some talk it was decided to rec
ommended an appropriation of *SOO for tbo
Humnuo Society, la place of tho $:!,G00 asked
Mahv Ann Smith, Jmnes Davis, and William
Puuliuuy weru brought to tbo Jail yesterday as
Insane. Thu last immud is hi anything elsu than
un encouraging condition, which suggests tbo
propriety of all such cases being hula by their
friends until the Court Is ruadyto puss upon
them. Thorn is no accommodation at tbo Jail
for them, and tbo County Commissioners rufuso
to provide uuy, so It would not bo amiss fur thu
County Physician to refuse to accept such casus
until the Court Is ready to try thorn, which Is
Thursday morulugof cadi week.
TiicCmnmUtco on .lull am) Jail Accounts, who
have charge of tbo improvements gulag on, uro
making no provision for tho Bherilt Inking
charge of and tending tbo Crlminul Court Juries.
It Is a great oversight ou their purl, for ho van
feed and lodge them lor about unu-iourth what
is now being paid, and at (ho sniuu time hotter
protect them than they now aro. Tho feeding
of Junes now costs s;j a day for each one. and
they sleep two in a bed amt six In a room. They
cun be given butturauumnmodatlons for ft) emus
u day If thu Cunimlsshmurs would only tukohold
of iuo matter as they should.
Wiikn tho County Court Is removed to tbo
South Hide a dbJleully will occur Jn tho bounug
of Insane eases, from tbo fuel that the accused
ore generally brought to Jail to await trial, and
(ho Jail Is on one side of tbu river aud tho Court
will be on the other. Judge Loomis, however, Is
trying to get around thu trouble, aud proposes
to try them as at present If Uu nun arrange to
f etlho iiHuur his present room. It win he mi
aeouveuieuee all around, so fur as tho Judge
and the general business of his Court U con
eurued, but he Is willing to stand It nil, in butter
oeuommodatu tbo imfuriuimiu mid their friouds.
cnuMTtr ammssioNtniH htbwaiit,
>Vood, Honue, and O Neill yesterday paid a visit
to tbu Mlelmul Heeso Ituspftiil.mi Cottage Grovu
avenue and Twenty-ninth street, for tbo pur
pose of examining tbo arrangements of that In
stitution. Tho Commissioners are seeking light
on thu question of hospital construction mid
management, with particular ruieruneu to thu
building of a new County Poor-House at Jeffer
son. Tho visitors were favorably impressed
yesterday with tbo arrangements fur lluhl and
ventilation noticeable ut thu House Hospital,
and may adopt some of tbu points brought out
when thoy actually got to work ou tbu new poor
u. s. a.
Tub Pension Agent disbursed 9)5,000 yester
Tkn thousand dollars In gold and 95,000 In sil
ver wore disbursed at tbo Bub-Treasury yester
day. The receipts amounted to f#,ouu la silver,'
Tux receipts of interim! reveimo yesterday
tooted up 9JJ.U57, of which s2l,bin wore for spir
its, 95,570 (or tobacco and cigars, and 9J.HT for
The customs receipts yesterday amounted to
|h.’,boi. Following U thu Ust of dutiable goods
received: 11. A. Hurlbut & Co., I case brushes;
Marshall Field & Co., :k) packages dry goods; .1.
V. Furwell & Co., .V, package* dry goods; Lyon <fc
Ilcnly, it cases musical instruments; Metzler,
Rothschild ,V Co., 14 casus merchandise: Carson,
I’lrio, Hcolt ,V Co., I caso dry goods: Hurley .V
Tyrrell. Id packages earthenware; I’holps, Dodge
ft Co.. (HO boxes tin plate; Hitchcock k Foster,
8,325 cedar tics, &Ml 7» cedar paving posts.
>f. I*. Lkist, tbo rogistcrod-pnuch rohtier, has
como to Uio end of bis promises to pay his lino of
SSOO, nnd now proposes to calmly schedule out
of Jail under tbo Poor Convicts* act, tho thirty
days having expired. It Is understood that the
Government will oppose his release nml en
deavor to secure tho rail amount of tlio lino, ho
having been lot o(T from Imprisonment on tbo
distinct understanding that he wns to pay tho
fine. Tho application will como up before Com
missioner Uoyno to-day.
Tlio wheat market wns excited but lower
yesterday, with moderate trading. Tho reports
concerning tbo condition of tho President nat
urally created mi uncertain feeling on tjio
Hoard. There appeared to ba less anxiety
about tbo onicomoof tbo August dent, though
tbo air wns full of gossip about 11, and many
were of tbo opinion Hut tbo longs were ready to
sell out and retire from the pit. This Idea was
started by the free otferlngsjfor August deliv
ery early In tho day, which were supposed lo
have been made by tho clique's brokers. Tho
shorts seemed Indilidhinl about taking tbo stulf
so generously ottered, and August, winch opened
nt $1.33 per bushel, dropped olf to $1.30. recover
ing Inter to $1.31, ami closing at about $1,304.
Considering tho ’ surroundings. August prices
wore fairly sustained, and sellers allured the
property rather gingerly toward* tho Inst.
The Interview with Mr.T. H. Handy, of Cin
cinnati, which was published In yesterday's
Tin hunk, seemed to have been generally rend
by Hoard of Trade men. and thoy were ns full of
criticisms uud gabble as a good lemon Is of add.
"Thoro never wns a time," said one operator,
"when there wns a shortage of IW.OUU.OOO bushels
for one month out In this market. There Is not
n big line out for August now, and tbo ring
leaders will got tholr (ill. Wheat will bu shipped
hero from Milwaukee and other points till this
market is Hooded with it."
Apropos of Milwaukee, tboro was about six
cents' dllTorenco yesturdny on August wheat
between that market mid Chicago, if tho two
markets kcop about three cents apart, there is
n profit, at present lake freight rates, of about
one-(|imrtcr cunt a bushel on wheat shinned fynm
Milwaukee to this city. Nobody cares to ship
now and pay storage here, but In n few days
tho wheat can bo carried Into next month with
out extra storage, mid if August keeps up In
this market tho shorts may eoiieludo to buy in
Milwaukee, and have tho wheat brought hero
and delivered. Tho stock tboro Is considerable.
Tbo New York market was ouo cent above Chi
cago Monday, with no quoted change yesterday.
" The parties running tho deal," said a broker
yesterday, "nmdo a blunder In
in next month on tbo llSth of July, it Is too
early to spring tho trap. Tho clique wore sell
ing yesterday as fast as thoy could get anybody
to buy, mid Imvo been striving to unload for tbo
past two days. Thoy Imvo held tho price up
Well. The snorts appear to bo less anxious to
settle because they nro margined up so high,
many of them being up to $1.25 per bushel."
It was reported during tho day that somo
houses had refused to put up any more money
on margins, and Intended to apply to tho Hoard
of Directors to enforce tho rule which provides
that tho margins shall he regulated by tho ship
ping value of iho grain.
Thu longer futures wore traded In to some ex-
tent, but operators seemed Inclined to bo a little
shy of whoatou general principles. 'September
was uttered ratbor freely, mid it was thought u
fair Hue of shorts -was put out, with tbo
"clique" on tho buying side. Homo argued that
tbo tdg discount on Heptombor was Just what
tho bulls wauled, as they hoped It would Induce
tho boars to sell extensively, so that thoy might
squeeze thorn again ns they tmvo In August.
Heptember wheat sold at (1.15 U down to $1.1!1t4,
and was quoted at fl.Hifc and 81.HJ4 at tho
Mr. Handy was nskod If ho could throw any
additional light on tho. wheat question yester
day, but shook his hem! and remarked that ho
bud said too much already.
Tbo F.nglowootl Union Veteran Club held thole
Cecil in tho chain Mr. Jay ingorsoll was elected
Hoerotary of tho Chib to lilt tbo unexplrcd term
for which C. E. Hustod was elected. Mr. Hasted
goes to Ohio on account of ill health. A sot of
resolutions expressing tbo woll wishes of tho
olub was tendered to Mr. Hasted.
A communication'' from Qon. Wilder at
Chattanooga was rend stating Hint a corner*
stono for tho Uoldlors’ Memorial Uuildlng had
been shipped. •
ThoCommltto who-had charge of tbo laying
of tbo Gettysburg corner-stone was continued
with Instructions to make arrangements for tho
laying of tho Lookout Mountain stono. Tho
Secretary of tho HolUlors' Memorial llulldlug
Association stated that tho certificates of stock
wore ready for delivery.
Tho Hoard of Trustees of Hyde Park bold a
mooting nt tho Village-Hull Inst evening. A
largo number of petitions, asking for various
iinjirovoraenta In die village wore ruclvcd and
referred. Tho Village Treasurer reported tho
amount on hand to no fIW.UCI. Oumotlon.it
was duolded to Join tho Town of Lake Trustous
In advertising for bids to furnish coal for tho
Tho probable cost of wntor-plpo on Oglesby
avenue, from tho Water-Works to South Chica
go, was estimated at sittt,Bol; that on Cottage
Grove avenue, from Sixty-seventh to Flfty-Orat
streets, at $31,7«5; and that ou Cottage Urovo
avenue, fmm Sixty-seventh to Ono-hundrcd
nnd-elovonth street (Pullman), at $117,011.
I'ofor Stolnburger was reduced from tho rank
ofHergeuntoC Police to patrolman, ou account
of Intemperance and neglect ol duty.
Tho attorney of tho Hoard presented tho con
tract with U. A. Chappell for faying Iron water
pipes and specials. It was approved by tho
Hoard, and tho contractor guvo n bund for
Tho Hoard then adjourned to next Friday
night, when tho matter of machinery lor tho
new Water-Works will bosottled.
There will bun meeting at Lynch's Hall, cor
ner Firiy-tlfth street and Hyde Park avenue, to
morrow night for tho purpose of forming a
Laud League. .
Tho Now lllvnl to llio Existing Tele*
graph monopoly to Hu lu Kumiliig
Order In October.
A reporter called nt tbo Palmer House last
evening on Mr. Jelm O. Evans,.the President of
tbo new Mutual Union Telegraph Company,
which Is expected to begin Its operations in op
position to tho Western Union some time this
fall. Tbo reporter found Mr. Evans In company
with Mr. Charles F. Peek, tho Secretary of tbo
Company, and a combination Interview was at
once Instituted, lu reply to a general question
ns to tbo progress of tbo work Mr. Peek, with an
occasional help from Mr. Evans, replied: “Wo
completed WO miles Inst month and wo aro pro
pared to push tbo work until winter sets in. Wo
have thirty-six gangs of men working between
Ht. Paul and Now York, Tho lino to Ht. Louis is
ttudor contract and fully completed for one
half the distance. Our objective points will ho
Kansas City mid Ht. Paul for the summer. Ear
ing tho winter wo shall pushdown to Now Or
“ How long a Mao Is now In working order;"
“Wo Imvuullnu from Huston to Washington
by way or Provldnnco, Hartturd, Now \ork,
Philadelphia, nml UuUlmoru. it 19 in working
order ami eomo linos hnvo boon long'd, imt Uiu
linu Is not yot upon to tbo imlillc. Wo prefer to
wait until wo buvo more olllccs running."
“How far woat have you completed your
“Well, you must understand (but wo have
gangs working at Intervals. Tho work in all
undur way. and can and will bu completed to tit.
Paul and Kansas city by October."
“Von will oncountor tbo opposition of tho
Western Union, of oimrioV”
“ Vos, wo expect that. Von know ihoy worked
tho Atlanllo & Paclllu l.lno In opposition to tbo
American Union. They threaten ns with tbo
Continental,—a llttlo lino used cblelly for
brokers' messages between rblludulpblu and
Now York,—winch • they have recently
absorbed. Now if wo opened with
only llfty olllccs they could afford
to luso money at ouchplaco. If we open with
WO olllccs, including tho principal places in tbo
country, they will Imru a much harder time of
it. We do not proposu to run under any ruinous
rates. We only want to uarry on a lugitimaiu
business.and wo do not proposu-to sellout to
any <me.
“ What tlmo do you oxpeet to llnally open for
business;" 1 . .. ,
“As it now looks wo will commuucu business
In October,—that Is to soy, in time fur tbo regu
lar full business,"
"How do you expect to enter this city, and
bow will tbo new ordinances on tbo subject of
telegraph companies alfeot your plans';"
“We arc only bore looklutr over the ground,
and wo are nnabio to say yet how wo shall at
tempt to come in." .
“Have you considered tbo underground ques
tion; 1 ’
" Indeed wo have," replied Mr. Kvuas. "Our
experts buvo been giving tho thing a groat deal
of study, As yet wo have not hit ou anything
which Is absolutely sum of success. There aru
several excellent systems, but wo do not yet
know wbethor they will prove successful when
placed in practical operation anu subjected to
the great test of constant use. (Irout struts Is
laid uy thu udvocalesof the underground system
on (ho fact that the wires uro thus laid fu Bu
rope. Tburoare, however, tunny dllfcronccs in
bo considered. In Paris most if not all of the
wires aro laid lit tho great sovrers, in which a
man could live. In Uermany thu wlrus aru laid
underground, but there arc not as many In all
tiermuuy as wo would buvo to lay In
Chicago. There Is a vast difference In the
soils and tholr minora! snd chemical Ingredients,
which must bu uktm Into account, Wo aro pro
pared. however, If we must, to nmuo tho experi
ment here It wo nut secure mi oasy fruncliMe.
If wo. tlm youngest company, have to make this
experiment, by which thonthor companies ernihl
pnillt, wo ought to have every advantage afford
etl u«."
•' There Is one feature about this underground
business,' said Mr. Peek, "which seems to have
been overlooked. That Is, tho fact that tho tele
phone companies nro responsible for the greater
part of this wire and polo nuisance. They have
vastly more wires, and If tho telegraph com
panies wore alnno tho trouble would bo Might,
Now, tho telephone wires cannot bo put under
ground. and I believe that when the two
years am up, tho telephone companies wilt not
bo disturbed. It Is almost Impossible for them
to put their wires underground. They radiate
to every house, and to put a single wire under
ground would cost ns much ns to place ton wires
on poles. If tho telephone companies had to
put tholrratosup to to doa paying busi
ness, they will tmvo to again double tbom If tho
wires are put underground. I don't argue for
tho telephone companies, for 1 don't care about
them, but tho}* will llnd it almost an Impossibil
ity to comply with the new orders. Ho far ns tho
telegraph companies nro concerned, they nro
willing to put their wires underground If they
can bo assured of proper protection and Insula
tion, and under certain circumstances they
might oven prefer this system."
Tho Interview dosed with thoassurnneonn tho
part of tho gentlemen that tho company would bo
In tho Held ready for tho public by October, and
that thoy would make a determined oilort to
miter Chicago underground it given a proper
Mr. Thomas has given many Iloothovcn nights
In Chicago, hut not ono with n more excellent
program lltmrtbat of Inst evening, which was
listened to by a largo atidiouco. ft opened with
tbo music to tbo bcrolco-allogorlcnl ballot,
" Tho Cruntlons of Prometheus," which was first
produced In Vienna In IKOI, and Ibon disap
peared from the singe for many years, reap
pearing In ItMH In tho same city, when It was
rearranged. Tbo work consists of sixteen short
numbers, and of ihuao Mr. Thomas ohoso three,
—tho Overture, tbo majestic Ailouiu, and tho
Finnic, Mr. Michael Ilrand taking tho cello obli
gato in masterly stylo. Tho second number was
tho overture to Hlmkspcaro's " Corlolauus," tho
moaning of which occupied tho attention of so
many critics until Wagnor pointed nut that It
represented tho scone between Corlolmuis, his
mother, mid bis wlfo on tho biittic-tlQld be
fore tho gates of his native ally. Hays Wag
ners "Tho opening phrasesnf the overture bring
before us at ouco tho llguro of tho man, his
prodigious power, indomitable solf-eotiUdcneo,
eager deUniice, and restless heart. Hoon tho
wonmuly element Is muuil'cstod In the grneo,
tenderness, mid gentle dignity of the theme.
One might be tempted to follow tho music stop
by stop till Iho conclusion is reached In which tho
hero, meeting his death-blow at his own hands,
falls to tbo ground. The third number was tho
bountiful Heptet, written In 1800 and dedicated
to tho Gmpress Marla Theresa. Ttio Septet, ns
written, contains an AiUtulo, Allegro cun brio,
ylfhit/io-cmtinhite, Minuet, Themoand Variations,
Scherzo Andante non tnnlo, and /Vcafo, and of
those Mr. Thomas selected the fifth, sixth, and
last parts. Tho Hoptet brought out in magnifi
cent stylo tbo strength and richness of
tho strings In this orchestra, Tho
Ilcctbovon nmslo closed with tho always
fresh and welcmno Symphony In F major. No. (I
(tho "Pastoral"), which Ims never before boon
played in ibis city with tnoro delicacy of tone nr
roilnumontof execution, or with more descrip
tlveness In what may bo called Its "program"
parts.—namely, tho "Heono at tho Ilrook" and
tho "Htorm," In nil Us four movements, tho
Alkitro irni non Iroww, which expresses tho
awakening of cheerful feelings on arriving In
too country; tho Andante, or "Heono at tbo
llroolc," which concludes with the well-known
bird songs; tho AUeyro, representing the merry
mectlug of tho peasants, which Is Interrupted by
the ilimider-stonn, whoro llcotliovun shows his
genius liy producing powerful effects in tho
most simple manner; and tho finale, which tho
composer himself entitled "Shepherds' Hong?
Cllad and Qrutofnl Feelings After tbo Htorm,
In Its every part this gout la, delicate, mid beau
tiful pastoral poem was Interpreted and per
formed in an artistic way. Tbo concert closed
with a miscellaneous third part, which It is not
necessary to notice, us It was mudo up of pieces
already several times played.
A glance at forthcoming programs wilt bo of
Interest. This evening tho program will be mis
cellaneous, includingotrmiHS’ "Persian March,”
" Devil's Daruuig-Noodlo I’olkn-MiuurUn," and
" Forovor " Polka Helmed, tho overture to Ilos
nlni's "Humiramldo," Hnl.U-SoCns' "Danso Ma
cabre," Liszt's Second Hhapsody, overture to
"Taiudiflusor," llrahama' "Allegretto Oraziu
so," llublnstolii's " Valso Caprice," tho music for
Jlerlloz's "Dumimilon of Faust," Ouiraud'a
" Diuiso Porsnno," Hohubort's "Avo Marla,"
'Strauss' " illustratlouen Waltz." and Dietrich’s
" 1/Adlan (Jalap." On Thursday evening, tho
symphony night, llrabams* Second Symphony
will bo played, and around it will bo grouped
such numbers us Liszt’s "Victory March," tho
" Leonora Overture " No. a, tho Introduction to
tho third act of Wngnor's "MulstorsHngor," mid
tho ballet music for itubinstoln's " Nora." Tbo
Friday, Saturday, and next Monday programs
will bo popular, and on next Tuesday, Mozart
will Imvo u bearing in tbo following numbers:.
Overture to "Mnglu Kioto," "Masonic Funeral
Music,” the H Hat concerto (piano parts by Miss
Mamie Itourdmun am) Mr. lluscovilz), "Turkish
March," and "Jupiter Symphony."
Mr. Ous Rothnor, for many seasons con
nected with tho operatic enterprises of Max
Utrakoscb, Is In tho city preparing for tho ad
vent of C. D. Hess' AmnoOpern company, whloli.
will appear at tho Grand next Monday. Tho
Acmes will produce " Tho Mascot." tho latest
craze In eomlo opera. It will be presented with
all tho necessary necessaries and with u Duo
To the Editor af The Chicago 3W6unr.
CniCAno, July 27.—1 n common with all
lovers of truo art In music, I am watch
ing with the greatest satisfaction, tho un
quallllod success of Mr. Theodore Thomas'
series of magnificent concerts, now in
progress nt tho Exposition Building. In this
success wo havu tho best proof of tho rapid
growth of public appreciation of tbo best music
when adequately presented; Would It not bo
well, 1 suggest, for us to secure tho services of
.Mr. Thomas for a series of Philharmonic con
certs during tho mining winter. There can bo
no question that any musical enterprise led by
Mr. Thomas must succeed In Chicago after this
summer's scries closes. Arrangements could
bo made while-sir. Thomas Is hero bettor than
later, and I suggest that tho necessary stops bo
taken to secure him fora grand mid-winter se
ries ol entertainments of 'tho same high stan
dard ns those now so greatly enjoyed by ourcll-
Izons, If properly managed, there can bo no
trouble In securing a subscription list that wilt
put tbo venture on a aafo financial basis. Tho
groat number of our ultlzens who nro out of
town, and who am regretting their Inability to
share our present enjoyment of tbo Thomas or
chestra will gladly .avail themselves of tho op
portunity tbo series proposed will afford.
Hoping Immediate attention will bo given to
this hint, 1 am, sir. yours truly,
To (iu Editor of Ike Chicago Tribune,
Chicago, July 20.— Homo of our Aldermen and
people apiHiar to bo attempting to boat tho
passage of the incendiary flro ordinance. 1 was
through tbo Uro of 1471 and sutforod n groat
loss, and know of hundreds who were rendered
homeless; and 1 am sutisUud that had It not
been for Urn wooden shanties wo would have
hail no largo Are. Ho that, Instead of objecting
to this ordinance, I would bo In favor of extend
ing tho city limits two miles further, and of
never hiving another wooden building con
structed Inside of tho limits. Our earth In and
around Chicago la well adapted for hrlekmak-
Ing, and with the machinery wo have nt tho
K resent time the brink can be made and tho
ulldlug erected us cheap-as a frame building.
1 own some frame buildings, and would place
brick or stonu In tholr stead were It nut for tho
Niirronmllng tiro-traps. l think tbo failure to
keep this ordinance would bo detrimental to tbo
growth of our city. Yours truly,
John W. Fans*
Swdal Diivatca to Tut Chicago Tribunr.
Pittshuiio, Pa„ Julv'JO.—'Thoru isconaldorable
apccnlatiun In iron circles hero as to what will
bo done nt tbo mooting of tlio Western Nall As
sociation to-morrow. Tbo mooting wilt bo in
tbo naturo of n conference for tbo Interchange
of ideas on prices and tho oolloctlouof infor
mation to tbo trade In thu several districts
represented in tbcAssoolallon. At present tbo
top prleu of nails In tbo market is on a 12.7 ft
basis, with thu usual cash discount oiT, though
sales are probably nudo as ofton liuldo
that lignro us ut It. Tho market is
not ni brisk as that for bars.
Tbo stock* after the summer shut-down are
a apposed to bo short, but Just whether thoy.aro
shun enough to Justify a change In price Is not
known. A comparison of notes at tho meeting
to-morrow will possibly demonstrate tbo truth
or falsity of this assumption. Tho card In this
city has been praotivaliv a dead letter for
months. It is understood that Wheeling will
favor a risu to £>, which will bu resisted by Pitts
burg monufaeturors, who think the present
card is high enough.
. MANCtiKSTKit, N. H., July ad.—Maud BovoJoy.O
years old, daugntor of CnpU John Ci. Luvojoy,
died of hydrophobia on Sunday night and was
burled yesterday. She was blttun by a rabid dog
several weeks ago, •
is tho latest improved Maoklunon pen. It can bo
closed into a small compass for tho pocket, and
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made, Mackiasoa Pea Co., 9i Uadlson.
The Body of John Beidler Found
in the Lake.
Last Soon Alive by His Relatives an
Friday Evening.
[is Gold IVMcIi and Clmtn Missing—
Was Ho Murdered 1
The Initial developments In n mostmratc
rlouscnso wore made yesterday Vfhuu n couple
of young lißbormon towed In to tho pier nt tho
foot of Twenty-seventh street tbo liotiy of John
llotillor, son of ox-Ald. Debitor, who formerly
represented tbo Ninth Ward In tbo City Connell.
Tbo corpse was scon llontloir n little northeast
of tbo pier shortly boforo 11 n. m., and Thomas
Daly and Tbomus Doran got 11 boat and brought
It in. They Immediately notiiled tho police nt
tbo Cottage drove Avenue Station, and Officer
Chrlß Hiorth took chnrgonf tho remains. Pa
pore found unon tbo bony fully cslobllßhod tbo
Identity of tho deceased, and his friends were
advised of tbo discovery, Tho body was re*
moved to nn undertaker's, and to-day an In*
quest svlll bo hold.
It Is no unusual tlilnir fora “llonlor” to ho
cast up by tbo waves of Lake Michigan, but
this case Is surrounded with so much of mys
tery and so many apparently unexplainable
circumstances as to Justify tho most thorough
investigation. Whether John Doldinr. was tbo
victim of murder, suiuldo, or accident Is tbo
question which is now agitating tho minds, not
only of Ids Immediate family, who nro among'
the best-known and most wlduly-rospcotod res
idents of tbo West Division, but uUo of tbo Po
lice Department and many others.
Mr. John Duldler, a youth of 111, was employed
ns bookkeeper with tho llrm of J. Doldlor &
lira., tbo extensive lumber-dealers doing busi
ness on tho comer of Twenty-second and Loomis
streets. Tho head of this llrm Is Jacob Deldlur,
nn old, rospculod, and wealthy citizen, who In
IKTi-Td served in Iho Connell as one of tbo
Aldermen from tho Ninth Ward.
between 7 and 7:30 o'clock, young Doldlor loft
bis homo mi tbo curnor of Sangamon mid Jack
son streets.- Ho bad Just partaken of supper
with his family, mu) was cheerful and pleasant
ns usual, showing no signs of mental disturb
ance or trouble. Homo letters from tho office
had to bo mailed, and of these bo took olmrgu
mid started down-town to got thorn in tho Post-
Office by 8 o'clock. Tbls was the last soon of Ibo
unfortunate young man by any of bis family.
It Is not yet absolutely established whom
young Deldler wont immediately after leaving
his homo, but at about a quarter past 8 o'clock
he culled at tho retddoueo of Felix C. Dixon, No.
UUS West Van Duron street. Ho bud some busi
ness to transact with Mr. Dixon relative to enter
ing upon tuo coni trade on Ids own account, but,
owing to tho sickness of Mrs. Dixon, nothing was
done nboullho matter at ihlslntcrvlow. Doldlor
talked with Dlxuu nt tho door for a few minutes,
and then walked away In company with a man
who had apparently been waiting for him on the
sidewalk u few foot away. Thu most mysterious
thing about tbo whole case is ns to tho identity
of this companion, tbo Inst man scon with Mr.
Tho family nud friends of tho deceased unite
n saving that ho was quiet ami retiring la ills
outside his own Immediate circle. All bis
known associates and acquaintance's have boon
questioned. but It scorns that no ono of them
saw him on Friday evening. Mr. fiddler did not
drink, mid bad no bad habits. Hu Boldom enmo
down-town except lor tbo purpose of mailing
letters, and whs never known to go upon tbo
lake yachting or rowing. Those who know him
best entirely repudiate the idea that ho emMd
have been led away by bud company,
and express thole entire inability to oven
theorize as to whut led tbo 111-futod young man
to tbo Lake-Front. His Recounts wore all
straight, bo bad no money with him' moro than
a few dollars, and ho was not known to bavo un
enemy In tbo world.
A reporter of Tub TiunuNß viewed tbo body
ns it lay on tbo pier nt Twenty-seventh street a
few minutes after it had been drawn from (ho
water. Ollicor HlortU bad Just arrived and
bad begun bis search for evidences ot
Identification. Tbeso wore soon found
In ntnplo number. Tbo deceased had
In bis pockets a • number of private letters ad
dressed to John lloldler nt bis residence and
place of business, as well ns letters addressed to
and cards of tbo llrm of J. lloldler & ilro. There
was n wallet containing In small change,
and In tbo pockets woro some pencils, pens, n
screwdriver, and other smalt articles. Tho
clothes woro buttoned tightly around tho body
when It was found. The head was terribly
swollen and discolored, so much so that tbo
brothers of tbo deceased were unable to identify
tbo features.
to tbo Cottage On)vo Avonuo Station ami was
tboro viewed by Uio rolntlvcs, who fully satis
fied themselves of tbo Identity, tho loiters,
clothing, etc., affording uncontrovertible evi
dence on this bead. Bovcralof tbo brothers of
tho deceased and otbor gentlemen who had'
known him or bna been associated with him In
business stated tbo facts ns tobls disappearance.
Tbo family did not become alarmed until Satur
day morning, having supposed that ho had gone
to sloop with bis cousin, Herbert Hold
lor, at No. 41) South Saiuraraon street.
That day a search was inaugurated,
and one of the brothers looked through tho books
of tbo lumber firm to soo If tboro wore any
discrepancies or shortages there. Everything
was found In tbo best of order, tho cash, of
which tbo deceased had charge, was correct to
tho Inst cent, and by reference to bis private ac
count It was found that he had a balance to his
credit, and bad drawn no money since July IS.
Tho only valuables which ho was known to hnvo
with him when ho loft homo wore a handsomu
gold watch nnd chain, and these, It sbonld bo
stated, vrero not on tbo body wbou found.
Tbo sourcb mudo upon tbo pier was necessari
ly a busty one, and It was not until after tbo
body had boon removed to the undertaker's es
tablishment that u further exploration brought
toiightapockoibook containing, among other
papers, tho letters which Mr. lioidlur look to
mall an Friday night. It was suited that bo
Journeyed down-towu that evening with a
friend, who loft him on tho corner of Btnto
and Madison or Clark and Madison streets,
but of ibis there was no posi
tive evidence. If ho did so it would
-scarcely have been possible tor him to have re
turned to Dixon's place on West Vim Uumi
street byß:lf> n. in. The body was found to bo
in such condition that It was Impossible to de
termine, without examination by a medical man,
whether a wound bud been Indicted or not.-
There wore marks, apparently of blood, on tbo
shirt, but tbolr origin could nut bo trncod.
will be made and tbo inquest held to-day, when
sumo light may possibly bo sbed ou tbo mystery
of John IJoldlor sdealti,
Tho father and mother of the deceased tiro at
present sojourning la tbo Adirondack Mount
tains, tbolr exact wbcreulmuts being unknown.
Hath aro advanced in years mid of feeble health,
and tbo gravest fears are entertained of tho ef
fect of the nows mraii thorn. Thu family ox
£rcss tbolr Intention of probing tbo case to tbo
attorn, and, If any evidences of tout play tiro
brought to light, they will spare neither
trouble nor expense to ferret out tbo
facts. A gentleman connected wllb u
lumber Una stated to a Tiuuunb reporter
that lie believed the melancholy atfulr was tbo
result of accident, nnd repudiated alike tho
theories of murder or suir-sfaiiglitor. Dot three
points roinnin undetermined; What took Mr.
ifeldler to tbo Mike-Front. who was bis tin
known and mysterious companion, mid was bo
shot, out. ur slugged before bo reached tlio
water/ Possibly those points may bu rosulvud
at tbo Inquest.
hprclal iMrpaleh to 37k Chlcavo Tribune.
Aduian, Mich., July SU.—Official notice is to
day given that tbo now State Reform School fur
Girls In this city will bu open for tbo reception
of olleudurs after Aug. I.
Duck St Ravnor’s Motb Powder Is a harvester
that reaps roaches by tbo mnuun.
Cummins does not advertise teeth for 97 and
cbarge more, 71) State.
The foUowlsf marriage licenses wore Issued yes*
A'nmr. A of, JluUUntf,
IT. V. Moyds.. 'i4.,. ( ltosetand, ill.
I Anna Vonharmtfeospurlii...,Howland, 111.
(Harman llasjen,..,,,..BUClark.
(KrutMilus lUdoa .tct.M.rUJeifurseii'
(Vatrlliircn Wright.....‘^....Chicago,
t M. I), Duvl ...Chicago.
(IT. A. 11aud0n1na.....,..5U ~.Chicago.
I Nllllu F.Huughtun .....lu....Chicago.
i V, H. Arnold .'.'7....or|*nd, 111,
If. W. Witten..., .H....Uri«ud. 111.
I A. P. Uoenhntor aj.,„6d Wells.
t Mary D0ug1a55..........V1.,..UCi Michigan.
}o. 8. Mud eft... .mu West Chicane or,
ludw, KrumUnska... ltd.. ..Chicago.
(Mlchaul Mica West Twentieth.
(Mory Praiguer. .Chicago.
J Charles Khthma. .H.,M‘hlcagui
1 latum Plggott,, ...)7«...ChlcaguC
(diaries KlrchQsr.......as. M .u7S West Van Boren*
(Anna Wuu5t............X1,...Hi West Make.
(James BnrUbt VJ....lWßiewart av.
(Hose Campbell ~..U....I3UMH«manaT.
t Paler 11af1... .V 1... 8M Milwaukee av,
(Martha Uuiiaon... Al ...171 West Huron.
j w. N. Davis..... ..Beloit. Wls.
(Miucrta Morris. 'JJ,,..Chicago.
J Henry UWelluano....W....Chicago.
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}.lames H. (Jetty 23... Ouk Dark. Ill'
I Mercy o. Hopkins 31....0ak I'nrk; lit
} W..). Harter £l....L'hlcnv<i,
I (‘aUicrln*! Flynn,. 3l....i:hicn«„.
I Krtlor A. NHs... W....au,* w .
( Affinrllne Vogel ~lH....Chlpagu.
} Adam Hnuaonnan......3P...,Chh , n«n.
(ImulHi llnuur... ...,20....Chicago,
UidlusMackroat Salle. 111,
(.Mrs. IL I*. Anderson....;*)..,.Chicago.
I Vaclav Zsch 3l....Chlcagu.
\ Antonia Dvorak lS....Chlcmu.
I llntis tlnhseu 3J....2U1 litnlann an
< Augusta Johnson 31....4W pmu nr ,
J {’odor latrson MlUon uv,
IK.C. M. MndSQn.,.. 33.... Chicago,
(J. A.'.l. HulUcjr ..37....Chicago,
} Mary Ambus ..,,31....Chicago.
j Samuel Wiggins.. !H„.,iW| Clark.
} Isabella 5aTiut0.........33 ...Chicago.
(IMUST—IiKTE—JuIy 21, nt tho rcwUtDncoTiTTTl
bride's fallior. Mr. Fred l«oU, To Wuit CtinßrnuJ?*
by tho llev.J. llnrtiimii. MrTClmrles cjorsL Jr T.&
gliony CUy, I’iu. and Miss Uotia l.ou. H 1 A,, s.
IIKIDI.KII-Fnund drowned .In IsiknMlebwT
John, non of .Incub und Mary HoliDor, ugod3l
monttinnnii 10 darn. /®»f» 1
Notice of funeralhoroaflor.
HTKVMMB—On ,1111/34, of cbolem Infantum, |<nu
fhiilC|]dAi)HhtOPof If. It. and 1.. W. (Huvoni, Bt fed 1|
Taken to Ituolno. Win., for burial.
.MKlllUl'r—On the 3lih lout, nt the residence nt*,u
dna.lilor, Mr., WUHam Ululi.ll, In Wln™TJ,'»{
Do wilt Morrill, aged 10 years. ,w *
j’E ATI K-At (la; m, yesterday. at her residence. No .
191 IJiicola-«v.# Mrs. John 0. t'uotlo. ,^,0 •1
to-dayut 3p. m.. by carriages te Qttee*'
Cl.AWSON—Drowned, while Imthlng on Tuetd.* .
evening, July 30, nttl o’clock, nt Konwuud, L. J, t-TuK■ ■
non. Jr., aged *v, yours. •
Notice «r funeral hereafter.
_IIHVKII—Mary Gertrude, only child of U. p. and jl
E. Unver.ngedJmontha. iaA *
Funeral will lake place from tho residence bt »
Spalding, lUI West Adams-su. to-day. at Wo. m. *
(If~ Now York city papers please copy.
NItHKINK—JuIy 35. from Injuries received froa
being run liter by train nt Unlun block-Yards, Ken.
nedy Ersklnu. aged W years.
. Kunoniltrom ronldunroof Mrs. Uuntor, 111
Ingn-st.. nt 1 ;:»> p. 111. to-day. ■ w
AJVjVO uncements.
TV/Tlt. a. mTwilson wiTl conduct
J.TX tho noonday iirayor-uiootlng to-day. Allyouni
or uf the Y. M. C. A. vocal music class, h«j m.
turned, from Indiana, mid will moot bis pupils u
liy UUO. I’. UOIIE A CO..
314 and 31<l Madlson-au
Wednesday, July 27,
And ask tho especial attention of all Itauiten d
Bbucs, as wo shall closu out
288 Cases Stasiiie Goods.
!IU and Hit! Almllsop.it.
Thursday, July 28, at 9:30,
Crockery and Glassware.
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Seventy-One Lots*
Fronting on llnlsted-sl.. Kmoralrt-av., Unlun id
Uoiplalnoß-M*.. between Kllty-tmrd uua
For full particulars call at
lid and lis PKAiimmy-ft
Ileal Kstnto, Morltmtto llanner*.
President. Treasurers nnd TrmteU,
WM. A. UUTTBIta, Manager and Auctioneer^
For Our Regular Sale, 9:30 This Morning,
A Doolor’s Stock of Cigars,
Canes nnd Blum-Cascs, Uencrai Merchant! Ue,
35 pieces Reps, 10 pieces Damask
iron I'uiiNiTUUK covers.
M nnd Bl KinidnlpMt
At NKWAIIK HOUSE, 21 and 2T. Woat Klnilfau M*
day, July XI. at ID n. in., will bo sold cnUtu turuf.uw-
Cnrpola. and Jlmuohold (loads of a) roumj. irn
sale. Ueod chance fordonlors and nil.
Ancnt for Mottinu'o*--
Any mi* cun (nke
, Tarrant’s Seltzer Aperient.
It Is mo»t aurouablo to tho Unto. Home medicine*
really offonslvo, and tho ulonmrli reject" them,
cun be taken by children. It will purse KVJ 1 ' 1 * • fK!
cousUtullonnl cobUvoiicmi orudlcaiu n(Tui'U ,,n, ?' l r J !j
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bruco up tho nervous lyaloiu, without t-roatm*
BOuorvomlUna-lnuwonl. this Hjiwrlcni l» >“‘. U £L
remodr. prepared In tlio alembic of the uurUi ter
euro of man.
801.1) lIY Al.l. DUUGOIbTS.
Have you oiomlned the “BVA IHA J
.ltia snd Healing aiorus) They.nra tlio » Tl '*y, iD 4
plotu bloves lu tbo world. Ovor.'h tlWor" 1 ‘ xiis
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ho roasted as befuru an open tiro.
constructed especially to mowtlho
Domestic Kconowy. Wo cbnUengo ‘ Ui®*
any other Btuves mode. Unity nihlbltlout lu a
Unit and sou the wonderful work done.
126 Dearborn^
4b | Mod K $k or ,£'' c jVV* w*
IKRANZ’S, SoState^
TItUNHS, <Vc. „
11A lit GOODS.
WWboiowlo & ItoUU.
tiuoda miii U o. U.mjrwbffft- **

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