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" i»n« T. ' V"ik Hlort K«ch« n ««.
j, T. LESTER & 0
Stocks, Bonds, «Sc.,
a *»fd on Now yorfc Stock Kiobi
W&SSSJB a».fe*W
N *^ i Y pßVoNSlllK®'BT., Boilon.
nfll.nM. n.nkon, CorpormUoni,
*llXaor.rnn.cn.. ... Bl.dd.rt H,...tm.ntS..
uiorl. Iwueht nnd .old on commliilon
' mi.MiVi i). ii. darling.
lino, .YVAviiiiaM. A. ». WEEKS.
Bankers and Brokers,’
Members N. Y. Slock Exchange. .
* L Hv.iw W. FIELD, Hew York, Special.
?V, A niniouira Haro declared aquartorjy
Trie Hoaid °J,!!., ner cent, peyaWo Augustl. at tho
Slittsnd t ofiwo lV) per cent Co., & Kxolinnio-
Mtocktiotdors 0 f record July A
''WiSww wiott win NI) R A?.IS. OOPea
juyuUA Assistant Kocretary._
'''' THE COURlfe.
. ms Hied yesterday by domes Smith
„mo toot his wife, Clara W. Smith, sloe.
fffSSrtmoln ISH, had shown herself to have
ilia imnmtrollowo temper. That she has
tS he hahlt of frequently getting angry
Swearing, and throwing nt nlra wbutovor she
«ld « her hands on. Finally aho lett hlm
iwo years ago, and ho feels soi ranch ro
gSS hy hJr atecneo that be asks to have It
roskod for a dlvorco from his wife
2hWa to Uvo without him, and now
2v<tobcnus«od to reaumo her maiden name
amiiaJ. Turner. ■
judges Harlan and Dyer were Intho city yes
i° conference with Judge Drum*
will bo tlm first day of tho August
ttra of the Superior Court.
Jetto Irvin commenced a suit In trespass yos
tertay against tbo Chicago Ss Northwestern
Railroad Company, laying damages at $5,000.
•Kcwcomb brothers brought suit to recover
began an action Intres
nn to recover 15,000 of tbo City of Chicago.
McCloStqy, administratrix of tbo es
tate of Hugh McClosky, deceased, sued tbo
KorthChicago City Hallway Company for $1,200.
Mayor Harrison died a complaint and oonfoa
itob el Judgment In forcible detainer against
Harry and Daniel O'Callagbao, for tho posses
lion of part of Block 0, in 8. J. Walker's Dock
Addition w Chicago, situated near tbo corner of
Blue blind and Ashland avenues. Tho deten
tion. it appears, have occupied the property In
qudilon under a lease which expired April 30,
louden April 12. H»l, they agreed in eon
iteration of |jo being paid* them to vacate tho
ttrmiiej on tho Ist of May, ana signed aeon
iHilonot judgment which should operate lu
foment of their falling to keep their agree
ment. Haring failed to vacate tho
Court onion'd Judgment for possession In
ftvorof tbo plaintiff, and ordered tbo Issuance
of a writ of restitution, which was Issued and
placed in the bands of tho Sheriff,
Jlri. hcribn Ikes moved to set aside the order
cl toon weeks ago compelling her to contribute
lotbsiuppurt of berluthor. Tbo motion was
denied, whereupon sbo prayed on appeal, and
vai riven tvu days to file o bond In the sum of
UA. Her father Is John A. Proas, who, up to a
mrntdate. was In tbo Poor-House.
James I'.McElroy, insolvent, was discharged,
It appearing that ho hud settled tbo claim against
Ad sttacbment was Issued by Judge Knicker
bocker yesterday for the arrest of Thomas P.
towers fur contempt, and bo was subsequently
trought in, accorded u bearing, and sent to Jail.
U aopcars that come years ago ho was ap
pointed administrator in tbo estate of Susan A.
koodbrldgc, ami some weeks ago was ordered
tnmske a final report and sottlogiont, which be
Hi not done. The estate Is Valued at about
IHUmluiorols in his bands, or ought to be,
ittwecn tup and stoo. Ho maintains, however,
ftit be is not guilty of contempt, and claims
ftitbo mod hl« report with bis attorney, John
C.llml,wbon ordered to, and supposed up to
leirrlny ttmi It imd been filed Wlln Iho Court.
)»wm »ock to Ik* released to-day, and thereaft
er m make gmtd hh shortage, but the prospects
wciL-u be will huva to burrow tbo money, for
having vary little on band.
county assessment.
Intense of $|,10»,U0(» a« Compared
with dial of fiUHt Year*
Tli# Awcsior of North Chicago returned bit
I'fsnnit.ppoiHjrty books yesterday to Ibo Coun*
'M’icrlt, which completed tho returns for tbo
imi below la given tho showing by towns
'■* He u*«>sud valuation, aggregating f 23.801, ~
Knowing mi itiLTosso of nearly ft,40),00U as
* wa l*u>d wiii) (bo valuation of a year ago. The
rrncoiumn or figures shows tho valuation for
]i *l.wiilUj«Mocjn]for 18b0; *
v T«rt«. *B3;, JBSO.
s?fc£Wcago 15.M1.1W1 14,783.583
femn. 5T,m
tr** . m’t*J 011.738
omut ai.aos
OT , 44,W 4WI»
6.<U3 78,010
■te::;::::;:::::;;: B i?;SS 1 »S
SV,;:;:;;;;:;;;:;;,;:; ggg* ;®S '
K!? TtftlUl ■ , 11,™
fe.;r.= S 3? 88?
S Itß • SB
g;;::::;;:::;;:::::: SB SB
fe::::::::::;;::::;:: SB SB
**• a\m
“ W >U bo neon, Is 91.8W.0M, ud
wortu itudyiuir. All of mo city
!*f»Nc»tfc oo««rvod, baro ipcroaMdw
•n,F b, u. af f°' *huTh La f Alton off about
” ffi.. I lo ' l very few people will t» able
Hut tbe most astonishing
tr i na lhQ 'i’own of Laxo, whore the
n * almost doubled. And whftt
strange la tbe fact that tbe
the assessment in IWO in both
>&du 11 *hi» year. Tbo champ* la
r b>MK aro easily explained.
West Fifth
UH ll, at lov a aeries of year** l ®
r»«e '\ltli rhomnatUui unlfl life be*
W;Wit ® bunion, Uo bod «*•
romedlus, ami had
fWhffi'Vbo i'Hloaoy of onychia* to
J*wSf(SV lo .t»» exhausted the pains
IM hh Jambs cm.
The Stock Market Strong and
Mono; Abundant Ifei#, and In Good
The, Produce Markets Unsettled) and Av
erage Lower—Hog Products Tame»
Except Heats.
Ingnsl Wheat Weak, hot Umgtr Futon IllslKr-
Corn and Call tower. lint Closed
Tho .took market bu been .Inking ns n nule
for week, pn.l* ihowlngn doollno from tho nlgu
wt prices InJuno to tho limc.t price, ronohml n
day or two ago (n some of tbo Hat of to«l
points* Tho average la about 16. Tho decline
was heavy, and a rally vr«» anticipated. At tbo
opening this morning thoro was covering uy
some strong houses; tho market boenmo active,
and an advance of KOHi point* on eorao of tho
Hat was roallwd. Tbla atlmulatod tho bears, and
thoymado a Oorco attack upon Wabash, 8U
Paul, Now York Central, and Michigan Central,
and forced prices down .for a tlmo about -
points. It was evident that their sellings wont
Into strong bands, and banco tho raid was of
abort duration. Tho market became fairly act
ive and showed a steady Improvement through
the day. t ,
Chicago & Alton gained M; Illinois Central,
94; Hock Island, Hi; Chicago. Burlington ic
Qulnoy, JU{ Now York Central, 74; Lake Shore,
74; Brio, 74; Northwestern, H; Wabaab Vii
Ohio & Mississippi, 1; Hannibal & St. Jo, 1,45
Missouri, Kansas & Texas, 74; Delaware & Hud
son common, Vi; Delaware, Lackawanna &
Western. 174? Now Jersey Control, lif; I hlladol*
phla ii Heading, H; Manhattan, 174; Metropoli
tan Elevated, Hit Union Pacific, 2J4; Morris is
Essex, IMS Western Union, 1H; Northern Pa
cine, S>i; Canada Southern, UCt Mobile & Ohio,
2; Nashville is Chattanooga, 3; Denver & Mio
Grande, 1U; Missouri Pacific, 3Vi: Control I'd*
cllle.lU. Homo of tho other etooks advanced,
nil of which, with tho variations of tho day, win
ho found In tho table given herewith.
There seems to ho a general fooling that tho
lowest points have boon reached. Hensons for
this are expressed ns follows: Tho condition of
tho President continue* favorable. Iho trunk
Unowor still rages, but Itmaycomoto an end
at any moment. Tbo crop reports are more
cheering, nnd general business continues good,
with hopeful prospects abend. Prom alt of
wblch each operator must draw his own con
clusions and act accordingly. •
* Tbo following table shows tbo range of prices;
|:« 1
l/n i
Union Tel. Co.
c. 11. AO.
Chicago, "it l.*A I’flOlHO ..
Illinois Control..
Manhattan ..
Now Vork C0ntr01.......
New Vork Klovulfltl.,...
Metropolitan Kje*au.-d,
• Milwaukee. L. 8. A W..
U.. 0„ 0.
U 1
41 H\
MU&Utan Neutral
Luke Mbore,
Chicago * Northwestern..
Du preferred. .............
HU Pout
Do preferred.....
l.ttko Erie i Western....
Union J'ncldo.....
Ohio A Mississippi
Du preferred.
Uaunlbal & HU J0e.......
Do preferred
Northern rnclno..
Do preferred
Kan. A Texa5..............
Delaware, Loclu A Weal.
M 7
: iff*
' mo
. n
iicwniHvi w ii».«i
Del. A Hud50n.......
Now Jersey Central......
I'acltJo Mall.
Ht. Louts A Han P
Du preferred..............
Morris A Uasox.
ont. A We5tern............
Krlu 5ec0nd*............ ,
Houston A Tux. Centra).
Central 1’a0180..,
Chesapeake AOhlo
Do drst preferred.........
Do second preferred....
Mobile A Ohio 1...
Tone 11a0t0..............
Denver A Ulo (Jrando...
I'oorla. D. A*3 ..........
Missouri Pacino
Xozu t'aciac.
hto Centra1.............
Oregon .. ....
Meu Elevated bonds,...
Manitoba .................
atorlelta'A cmclunuU*"
Foreign exchange Is still weak. A further do*
dine of Vio would bring prices to the point
whore com Importations would begin, Bates
are as follows: Bankers* sterling was ASM
and 485V4; actual rates wcro4«2Vi and 484 ft;
commercial sterling was 480®480V4. Dank
ors’ francs wore Wlft for sixty days and
610 K for demand: French commercial bills wore
620 ft and ASBU: Belgian commercial, 63714 and
62tift; bankers' marks, Wft and Wft; and com
mercial, 93ft®83ft. *
The quotations for Government bonds hi this
market are: District of Columbia 8.05 s wore
103 bid and 100 asked; 3Vis, 103 H and 102 ft; is,
116 Vi and 110; 4Vi a, USft and 114V*. The 4a closed
at 115V4 bid and 110 asked.
At the Chicago Stock Board tho following are
among the prices ruling;'
Chicago City bund*. 7s. MWp
Chicago CUT beads, 7a, utfT
cllbllo bSt ituc: .v.v..
Chfuago Cut bend*. <*, }*U
Chicago CUT bond*. 7s,UMJ
Chicago CUT hone*, To, I«S.
Chicago CUT bonds.7a, M 1)....
Uhlnago CUT bonds, Us, Wjt..
CUloagu Cltr bonds, 4Ks, IUU V
Mnlcf' ,, "UTh*‘*"" J -
CKlcmu City ..^ioV>
Coofc Count* |Kind*,T«, KV
SS«at|L w te:;;^
\V»«lCll|cailcl'«..lMl )Eh
Lincoln Psrh TfrlMtt ...» IHW
North cLlenub KwV.V.’.V.. 1 lfl4 UjMf
Wen l)tTl»Jon«iy lUllwejfJji «g
\N on Division cur luflway *•., w
At {bn Cblcogo bunks money continues abund
ant and tbe demand for It active*; much more so
than bus boon usual tor several years post at
tbls season. All dosses of customers call for
moro' or loss accommodation, showing that bust*
noss generally is (food. Call loans are still made
at 4 and 5 par cent, but tbe tendency Is towards
tbo upper figure, which It is likely to roach by tho
oioseof tbo month. Customersmutco somolosns
at 0 and T Per cent. Orders for currency wore
moderate. Now York exchange .Is weak, selling
between banks gt about Mo dlsoount per 9100.
TUe range given by some of tbe banks whs Tfia
per 9100. Tbe bank clearings wore 90.100,000.
. For the first time in tbo history of the Domln
ton of Canada the exports of that country have
exceeded tbe Imports. Tbo experts were valued
at 987.0 UAW, Import* 9M,4M,T47. showing a bal
ance in favor of tbo Dominion of 91,491,711. Tbo
trade with Great Britain showed an Increase
over tbe previous years of 9)0.018,000} while
wiUt the United Buttes It fell off fy,M7, M 3, Of
course this is due 'ip tbe want of a proper reci
procity treaty. There ought to be Intelligent
statesmanship enough in tbo two countries to
form such * treaty for the mutual Jjgnellt of
Tb. foreign Import, at Baa Francium for tbo
Ural lUo monlb. of ttto current jrcnr compare na
follow, t iwra
jtenuarr„ . <
“toiaii,.tiSw iS« .iir.is.no
Among tbo rauaot Import, from Auatr.ll. aro
largo qu»n«UM of qtuUvover «WW» too. being
Tbe.price.iUbclr to rule for Iron-ore Jojt
now.li.'matterof muob .peculation, Tbono*
yortfiComiMfcW pulWln IlilulnßoglUblrrm
mailer. are bolding back aupplloa 1» quiet to
ad.kneo prtoaa eutbia ildo. aod «■*»
upon.our market qt Improved Bguraa* Into*
gardtoilookattuumi •, ' : ...
To giro a fair Woa of Urn altuatton aa regard,
■took, abroad, we have compiled lb* I allowing
etatutlc. from the latut autbaolloretqtn.)
tfcyUk, . CUwtaod,
Tg,,! TJWHI ObUl
Prinliirlioti atx imnuln.
Hmiplr for live in/m11i*....
Consumption ntiil nxporl*.
KloettJulr 1....... ••• lY.'vil uiV*«i
jncrettio since -Inn. 1... I.m.wi
Amsirdlmrlothls, thru. then; has limn nn In*
rrrmio of stmiHMn ibrso two illMrletft nlimrt of
15.V..71W tons during Iho Mx months. 'I Ills ropro-
Roots Uio production to Imvo hmn ni nor mnl n
f*xeo«B of tho requirements lor tlm period In
mipstlon. or nn mmlvnlcntof iho nvurmn* tmtiwl
of thlrteon furnaces; nil of which show* that
makers abroad hiivn calculated on nn e»|Mirt
tmdo which Ihoy have not hy any racims real*
Uc«l. nn iho Ist of .inly thornwnsq total of aw
furnaces In blast—ll« m tho Cleveland district
and MO In Heollnml. If this number wcro re
duced « or In pur mini It lit probable tho markets
could bo well sustained on both shits of Iho
oeoiint hut ns It Is, ono fulls, upon any rational
view of tho position, to discern iho basis for
higher prims before tho closo of tho year, which
soino of iho more saiurutno of tho trade would
seem to ha luslstltut upon ns a certainty beyond
sptelat Dlipateh to Tht CMeaoo THimnr.
New Vouk, July 27.—0 n the Htook Exchoneo
the speculation opened Irregular, but In the |
main firm, and K to 1>( per cent higher, Uio lat
ter Tor Toxns Pacific. An exception, however,
to tbo general strength wore Louisville, New
Albany St Chicago, Imllntm. Bloomington &
Western, Ht. Louis St San Francisco preferred,
Hock Island, .Moffipbls fc Charleston, Houston St
Texas, Lake Erie & Webern, Heading. add Man
hattan Elevated, which were per cent lower.
In tho early dealings tho entire list record
ed an advance of K to IK por cent,
but before tho First Hoard tho spec
ulation became weak, and under a sharp
pressure to sell a decline of !* to JIU per cent
took place, In which Uonvor & Uio Urondc.nl.
Paul. Colorado Coni & Iron, Louisville it Nash
ville, Now Jersey Central, Texas Pndlllc, Lako
Shore, and Cleveland, Columbus St Indiana Celt
tral wero most prominent, Toword midday tho |
market bocaioo somewhat llmior, and u number
of short contracts wero covered, which resulted
In a sharp advance. Tho upward movement
continued throughout tho afternoon and up to
tho close of business. Tho llnnl sales wero gen
erally at the best flirurcs of tho day, and
showed an Improvement from tho lowest
point of tho morning ranging from M to
V.i per cent, tbo latter In Toxa* Pacific. Tho
other shares which wero most conspicuous In
tho advance wero Loulsvllio Ss Nashville,
Missouri Pacific, Mobile & Ohio, Denver & Uio
Orondo, Cincinnati, Boadusky Sc Cleveland,
Colorado Coal it Iron, Nashville Sc Cbnltanooßa.
Bt. Louis Sc San Francisco common, Union
Pacific. Northern Pacific, Now Jersey Central,
Ohio Central, and Milwaukee, Loko Shore &
Western preferred.
Tho money market worked quite smoothly
throughout fho'day, tho supply of capital offer
ing being more than equal to the requirements
of borrowers. Cull loans on pledge of accept
able stock collateral ranged between 2# and a
per cent, and closed at tbo latter ilguro. Tho
Govcrnmont bond dealers supplied their re
quirements at about 2 pur cent. Time loans
wore quoted at 1 per cent. In tbo Govern
ment bond market a fair degree of activity pre
vailed and tbo dealings wero tlrm In tone.
Uailrond mortgages were fairly active, nod
wore somewhat firmer In tone. Boston, Hart
-1 ford& Erlo firsts receded frftm 77K to 70 and
rose to TD4. Chesapeake & Ohio Us lOloss U)
Coll off from 87 to HO, and rallied to 805{; do our-
I roncy Os declined from 60 to 58}j, and closed at
| 58K* Columbus, Chicago St Indiana Central In
comes sold down from 76»< to 75, and returned to
7514. - Frio consolidated seconds rose from 101 to
1 101K* receded to ICON, and rallied to JOIK- Kan
f sas it Texas general Us 101 l off fromlfitottiand
6 recovered to 10s do firsts declined fromllOy to
■ 310. Lehigh St WUkcsbarro consols assented
i sold down from 110 Kto 110 and returned to UOtf.
To Ms irttUrft AtioeUtei Prttt.
New Yohk, July 27.—Governments were strong
on n moderate volume of business.
Railroad bouds wore generally firm.
State securities wero firm.
Tbo stock market oponod Irregular, Louis
ville & New Albany being 3 lower, Indianapolis,
Bloomington Sc Western 2K. Eon Francisco pre
ferred 2, and Hook Island IK* while the rest of
the list was generally Kto IK higher. In corly
dealings prices advanced K to IK, but at tbo
First Hoard speculation became weak, and u de
cline of K to SK was recorded, which was most
marked In Denver Sc Uio Grande, St. Paul, Colo
rado Coal. Louisville Sc Nashville, and Now 1 oric
Central. Toward noon tho market assumed a
firmer tone. and. under tho covering of short
contracts, prices advanced steadily during the
rest of tho day. tbo closing quotations showing
an advance irom the lowest point of the
morning of IS to 4K, tbo lattor rcx
as Pacific. Missouri Pacific, Loulsvllio Ss
Nashville, Mobile U Ohio, Hoover & Hlo Orondo.
Now Jersey Central, and Nashville & Chatta
nooga wore also prominent In the Improvement.
Among tho low-priced stocks Cincinnati, San
duskyfc Cleveland early, in the day dropped 10
from tbo Inst reported sale, to 44}j. In lute deal
ings this stock sold ot 48. .. . .
From the Commercial Oulletin: “ -The stock
market was irregular, and, at Intervals, rather
depressed. The weakness, however, was more
apparent than real, reactions Invariably result
ing In largo purchase*, and leading to a higher
rango of prices. In the afternoon, when ad
vices from Washington concerning the condi
tion of tho President continued favorable, tho
buying movement became general, andl there
was an advance ranging from 1 to4M. South
western shares, Vanderbilt stocks. Union I 001-.
Uo, and Western Union wore taken freely, and
closed at the highest figures of tlm day. Borne
of the fancy stocks exporionood sharpohaagos.
Transactions, 467,000.
Canada Boutnorn a.Hn|NprlhorDPocia«...,,.*t,OW
Central 1’ac1U0........ OJWiOhioft MtoaUalppt.... Wjjl
L* ,o. * I. 0,., luo Ontario ft Western... Ww
liiuliek,. k We.l'DW;>iolilul..ritr»l JJ"
Jtel.ft Hudson 4.ooll‘ftclßo Mall .y
{2sf«Hi°. r i'Hawt , hl» is
hSkekrte ft West.. aSSS Watoash I'aciao taw
BSS«£M::Wl C0 ’-
Money market easy at
tile paper, 3®L
Sterling exchange, GO
ra .od.«t«. , „„„„
,1m |
S’ 4
B 1
A 7
V 7
IW. At**U
if - i'
\m Hitt*
m* .....
.iai .....
,aa ui
. .... m
*107« joS#
' Q $ VAU
4*». ■
Cent. Pacific. Utpfih.Jl'i
Krto awjonda ..lUIM
J.ahlUh A \VHUmWtt«IW*
Tonnowoe M.......... i«
m* Nash. * Cbsitsnowts. Tt
Alton A *i ! orfo Haute.l47 N.J. Centra1.......... W?<
l>o preferred........ .. W Northern I qcit10...... «n, y
©A te™::;;;; i»« !JSr^% r ?o:;tv.v.::;;l«g
Cunlrali'aclllo......... Wi Oslo Central...«...•••• SH
«::: B
ciuvo. & Columbus... vj itoca
lninlloulU.fi! “ It 1 .ft*
It temuv.;::;;',::
BOSTON. ... . ,
amial DKMtek to TM CUtww lYlbuns* ,
Boston. July
very dull lo*day. Tbo übaoaes, with a few ox
oepuanot bavo 7 been illßbt. lu tbo afternoon,
ulibouffb more wore Tow transactions, there
wax a firmer feat Inn and an advance lo wpii{
cttMto Tbo most notable decline was Ip Hell
Telephone, which fell off froa»;lM yesterday to
IW. in lb» RUernooi* there wm a recovery of 8
uolots. It selllntr up to IW» wblob was
bid -at the close, with no stock
offered. In railroad ibares, Atchison opened at
ictTa decline of U.but lu tbo afternoon ad
vunoedto Itaif, which was bid at tbo close, 1W
bolniK asked. Colcaao, ilurllnkion & Ouluoy ad*
vancedfroot UA to lUM. which was bid at, tbo
close, no stock offeruur. Hsnopsky opened at
85. an advance of M, but receded to MH, as bo*
liro. Vu 0» fort . call MB ™ bid*
asked. little Hock declined 1.
rcooved to 17, and then sold down to T#«,
and at (be close 1814 was bid, with no stock of*
(urloV l<ouUlsna « Missouri Ulvor declined |J,
to alt Toledo, Delpbos illurlliurtou K, to lii«,
aUerwardsaollinaatiavt Wisconsin CfrutPM?»*
i to »Ki Bumnilt Hranoh was steady attt:
sUrauette, HoOtfbtou & Ontonagon at it; Pilot
* lo HUtt: Itutland preferred, sold >at SB, new
* York A new Kogliutd declined Jl, to 15. .
I iubuuda Hartford & Kilo “s advanced ?i, to
77* 1 ( 111 1 nn>l6sl, to M; Portsmouth, (irent Falls
AlNmwny IU, t" «1»4; Maswlinsoiij. I on
iral 151 *i, to 100*4: New York A Now Knglantl t,s
wi-rostcVlviil lia«f. Pueblo It Arkansas Valley
?. S«slnW. l'i li!l!,I Fort Broil I. >4, to HMI
Nnrthevn Paoltlaftssold at Ufl’L .
In Land stuck*. Huston Land advanced !L to
H*t. Water-Power closed at HJ* im sales, and Mf
Was hid on tho last call. Bonon street sold at I.
Lowell Mm-lifni.-sbon rights sold ni m.
■fv» ifv* trrstem AuoeMtd Preti,
llostox, July 37.—Blocks closcil ns follows;
Water Power * uleT ® , “ na •• Su
iii>*u»n i.iimi. .......... jjk Pjvsi2 r il;,«6 , jt‘ vl'jl*’"
I® Hv * 55! \f
auuiTatlukn.n...V m
lluntmt tc Albany .jJH ‘iiK* ’ii'nfA' irri
jtosum K rltntkJ*r#M«pfd...lW
Chle, Burl. AUuin.... WK
ClVlij) i,:u*.hb,
,l.:t;i.un i.o*i,!i7.i
. u.vmu;
London, July 27.—Consols. 10016-10. ,
Atncrlcnn railroad securities—lllinois Central,
inu; Pennsylvania Central, Now \ork l.on
trni.Wi! Eric, 4.*1; do seconds, 10(; Heading, JHJi.
Bur silver is quoted nt 61Md pop ounce.
PAitis, July Si,,—Hon ton, wf I® o *
New Om.KAxa. July 27.—Sight exchange on
New York[|l.W per SI,OOO premiums ilorllug.lSJ.
sax ph.
ns follows: •
Alpha sw.Mono.. A.
\Vm 4ill}1»)0ml*T
Icciili'l IjJlNurtharn U«llo I'<M
li'li-her.... afllOpWr M*
lum Jt Uclchur Jifl oro »:B
im1tn............ tfi m
liillloit IM" Potoal 2}
(■(Hlfnrnl* JJ.|« guTWt0........ gj
('hollar *ft Mifr» ««**«• Jfli
«•»». Virulnla *I}J
WH Union tqVilolVrfilVci*. W*
(in, nil I'rlxn... i\ SobrbUMi..... WrH
I Into & •wW ,ot ".H?. dl Au I*
Mexican.... thlMuuiii UJtUlo S
Spretal Diipatth to Tht CM wo TriMmi.
Boston, Jui.v, 27.—1 n mining shares, Har
ahmv declined 1, to IBS i Ann Pedro was itcaoy at
JUS jSywimoro Spring at Hi Bonanza Develop
ment *»Ji; Calumet and Hcola, advanced 0. to
220; Qninuy'/», to 30H; Crcicont advanced OU, to
fftxf; Pownlde H. to UN: Catalpa H* to
Brunswick Antimony H, to 13VS.
i To (?w IVeittm AwoclaUd Pnn.
Boston, Jily 27.—Mining slocks closed as fol
lows?, *
Allouns Minina C 0.... S« INmablo BH
CnluinotA llecla. *3O Qiilncy •••••2
Ciilnlim IN tlidaa.... W
Copper Kalla * SUTur U10t............. <QH
Franklin 10
The following Instrument* wore fllod for reo
owl Wednesday, July 27:
F S;'KSi;.Ki*iSJ t S O &SSS , «!K«^
I»I rl»I u n rt *tT Wl* VI *o *W r * t”1
li, improved, dated July A (John 0. lioont to
Joseph t’15nr)......... ... ».*»»
Hiutu »u seal ft » of Fourteenth, w f.ajxi.o ft.
datctTJuly at (John Koch to rorlno Sharp ot
Dew&Vt.s'w c«r ttuhfeu &v, 413-Wxiii fU
. dated .luir »« (Caroline I*. Ward to
DhcrlicclO l.ffw
Wnlmslt nv. IW*ft nuC l '»‘V.llm'
xtuxium«, dutod.luyaJilfcF.and A- »am
boivor l» Samuel OiiW
Went Division st,s w cor Wood, n WO
ft, improved, dated J*oUB (U. >V. llaßoruiau
toKllxn A. Cowell) y
Wont Monroe st, IUU ft o of California av. n f.
ttixriiw ft, dated July 2 (John C. Hammond to
James McUresor)......
Church t>t. n e cor of Monomonoa. w f. <«xl£l
ft, improved. dated July I (Usher s Olßorvl to
John u. Iluaubarlh) ..............y.......
Dickson »u at ft n of Utack Uawk. w f, TtxlAtW
ft. dated July «(James Pleasants to JncoU
NortlinvHmV w
mu ft, improved. dated Juno «(AnarCas Zola
toiieoruu Kohlntann) ...» *****
N Wmm'AISS I ,™
niail. r K».MS¥ffiw
dated July 14 (William U Tumor to Alien A
It P11t1tht........ .......... ...a.................... tW.
Ahhiond 0T.W4.1u ft n of Woshlimton st, a f. ,
■ auxiau ft. with buimina No 4itdoted J»lyl(e»* '
. into of MluluC. Htrnns to Wlia M. Duller).. 11,W
llnnilhMtvl W4*W fin* o¥ ‘WoVt t/wi
1 1W It. tinted July 2rt (Adoluldo L. MtlhpatfKh
to Fred. N. Ilrunson... *J*m
Thirty-fourth court. 1U ft o of I.ourel su a f.
ilfift. da toil July 20 (estate of r. 11. Xlrlalon
to iv. It. 1*Arkeri............>.................... Wl
Jlcacher st. IT7M ft o of Unton. a f, fOxlUft, im
proved,.duiouJuly 27 (C*M« Lynch to Urldaet
sub# sKi’ISM
it. dated July HUH. and ID Opponhelmor to
' it, improved, dated July 3T (Master In Chan
cery to Uu! Connecticut Mutual Mlo-lnsur-
B Vlaiod July iW (Daniel U.«htpman to the D. U.
Shipman White Load W 0 rt5)..................
Cornell st.Wfloof Hoi*, nf. iWJWOxIO) ( ft. dat
ed July T, ill. 1., and J. I', yearn to Chariot
D ft. dated July ft (B.andF.M.ilal<ertoJolm
i.inlet. .... ............................m*i*hw
lllnmnn 'at. |.N H o of Loomis, n f.Swxlft ft.
dated July W (David I*. .Leo to Henry
2M<xlttl ft, dated Julr 8 (Aitns l.lfo-Inaur
lined Company to Mary A. t'Jto).
s ljm
MJMfMUiod July 21 (William u. Wolla to •
Mncglo B. Harnett) »•«»
Nortfi Wells »U Ko ft ti of Division, e r, Jlxiyil
W fu dated July ai (Krank Monlngor to Borman
f" dated July a (Loula Keller to *amo
DfdonVtVSVta of^ourVeenffil’e
dated July ft (Maator In Chancery to Urtdpct Jig 3
.Inlv *n a->ederlcltNorth.(ConaorTalor) to
Hrlduel Murphy) B,w
Warren ar. n o cor of Weaiern.a f WamiWOft,
"dated July tt (John V. Harwell to James K.
Lake].. •
»°“ I “ or BSV "
5«X' ® arwss.
FuUerlin avVisi ii*wot <fem]nary, • f". 84 ft.lo
alloy.datoil July W(lsll*a It. Marvin to Win ’
C. cauipbeil). *<3u
Mti.Bs or rn* coimr-nooBK.
joillne at. 34 ft a of Fortr-nlnth, wf.Mxm ft,
J anted July 7f (l*etor Plscher to tbeUrand V
a’TunkJunction llallwar C0mpn0yD.......Y..1 ■»
Forty-ninth sU swop r o ftV all f. U«J
ft,dated June 18 (Kno« Ayres to Frederick A. Ifttm
SKQ3. Prime morefta-
days, weak at 483Xt
145.............. AI&M
uaoitiotss or uuo uu
The following were the receipt# and shipment!
of loading article! of produce lu this oltf during
tho twenty*foupshoura i ending at 7 o'clock
Wednesday rooming and for the corresponding
llmo a year ftgot ■
Tennessee, now ,73.
uv I*., 1 W
U, l». lund>Bnnt..,....|l<K
ft. I». »lnhln«-fmiU....|s;
Vlrßlnts, (lof^rred.....UT
taut. •

JntM MeJ.lba.......
Klaxatfcd. 1dm.........
>rooni-corn, lb*.....
Live ltdn, No,.......
Cuttle. No,,..
' jiilisiri
liubwlnot. bni
I'ouiuea, pu.. ......I
* ns
I.umuor. ntt........
■ m
o m
1 ftS ?
CtltfWe. 1)0X01...,...
1 M
The following grain vw inspected Into storo
tn this city yesterday .morning: • 4 can No. 9
rod winter wheat, a can No. 8 do, 8 can rejected,
00 ban No. 8 spring, 84 can No. 8 do, 18 can fp-
Jeotod, 18 can uo grade (183 wheat); 820 can No.
scorn, M can and 19,800 bu high-mixed, 8 can
now mixed, S4B can rejected, W am no-grade
iTO7 oornj; 88 ban and Ott) bu white oats, fit can
No. s mixed, 89 can rejected, fi can up grade
(UB oata, of which 40 ard new); 8 oan No. 1 rye,
ttoan Ho. ado, 4 can rejected (89 rye); Vear •
Ho. 9 barley, Span No. r 8 d 6,8 can No. 4 do,
Total (1,053 oanh fiaMOOrbu, Inspected out;
bu wheat, 808,111 lu corn, 104,473 bu oata,
8,578 bu rye, v;*.* /
■ The loading produce markets wero again Ir
regular yesterday, . They averaged loss sollvo.
Wheat was active for Af gust, but stronger fur
succeeding months, -There waa a good deal of
selling for nest mooth*,bo;h by longs on the
deal and by parties whwpoeW to be able to
fIU contracts with nawjeheat, the bear feeling
being aided bythoww that about 800,000 bu
ha been ordered hern front Milwaukee, and
more ready to oome. Opm weakened badly, in
sympathy with wheat, but reacted, with a good
demand for shipment, Oats ware lower on
future*, but cash )ot| won steadily, hew.
Uyo was demoralised* by tha fact of un
usually large nooljis, and barley was
stronger. Provisions were rather quiet, with a
tame feeling, riba belqg the strongest feature of
the doau though several lota or meat* bought
for export wen reported to have beeu resold,
on canceled order*, at about VioporlbdUoouol.
Mrs* pork closed 10c lower, at flfilSflUAS) ta&
0 mows.
1 S7.~Mlnlng stocks closed
firy puoi'ißtr.
August and about IlfW, for September. bard
Ho««l mnlcm'pr.nt fII.wMiM.W4 seller August
and f11.«.V5M1.87)i «'UorH<*|>l«rnbtT, Hhorl riba
closed a shade higher, nl |U.O-VfyU.O7JJ for August
nn«l sn.2nffjf».£JH for Pentember. Wheat closed
Irregular ot sl.ll*2il.in‘i for August
ami lI.UWM.I4tt for September. Corn
closed 415.40 higher, at Wi&WH o ror
August and 47»®480 for September.
Outs closed sternly for cash and July, a shade
lower for August at $DMtf« sod HOMo lower on
September at mHQ&Ho, llyo closed fie lower
on cash and seller July, l*4e lower on Augusta!
Ki'ic, and 1'.40 lower on September at 825i824c.
Barley closed [email protected] higher nl OSHGWo seller
September. Hog* wore active and stronger at
$f1,5050.80 for light and at |fl,2«J7.lofor heavy.
Cattle sold nt easier price*. Bale* were at 13.60
Jobbers of drygoods were not very actively
employed, little being dono beyond tbo oxocu
tlon of mall ordor*, which os n rulo were for
small quantum*. Just to •* freshen up** stock*,
Tho tone of tbo market Is healthy and linn.
Groceries worn moving In it liberal way, and
ruled steady. Sugar* were not particularly
firm, hut former prices were generally realised.
Coffees remain dull at unchanged prlecs. In
dairy products there was a fair movement nt
sustained prices. Dried fruits continue very
firm. Apples wore again higher, and some
other lines show an advancing tendency. Fish
were quiet and unchanged. Nothing now was
noted In the coal, plg-lron, bagging, and leather
markets. Oils wero steady.
Hay wa* steady, the bettor grades selling
readily, while tho poor classes wore slow.
Broom-corn was fairly active and unchanged,
lit green fruits berries were plenty and easier
for all kinds* lemons also showing a alight de
cline, Grease and tallow wore dull, with hardly
trade enough to establish quotations. There
was uo chaugu to uoto In tbo hide and woolmnr
hots, tbo trade In both continuing very slow.
Potatoes were more plenty, but retail dealers
wore Inclined to bold off rutbor than pay present
prices. Seeds#wero quiet, flaxseed selling at
51.17 cash and $ for August and Sep
tember. timothy at $2.00 for September and
$8.1003.8114 for August.
Lake freights were dull with corn still nt -c,
oots being token at IJio for Buffalo. Tbo aggre
gate engagements wore for 132,000 bu corn and
70.000 bu oats. w-
Hall freights wero quoted steady at 15c per too
lbs on grain to Now Fork, Wo to Philadelphia,
and 120 to Baltimore. Through to Liverpool
was quoted nt 300 per 100 lbs on grain and 350 on
provisions. Thoro Is some reason to tnlnk that
these figures aro extensively shaded.
The- ngaregato receipts of wheat reported
yesterday ot Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis,
Toledo, and Detroit were 272,000 bu. Tho cor
responding shipments wore 04,000 bu. Tbo ship
ments from New York, Philadelphia, and
Baltimore aggregated JW,Ooobu.
Tbo following table shows the quantities of
flour, wheat, and corn Imported Into the United
Kingdom for tbo periods named:
irtrfrendine trv«k rtuffao HW* rndfriff
Floor, uu^%V*u
Tho statement that oats bavo sold on this mar
ket for shipment at a long discount from July
prices Is authoritatively denied. About ton
days ago n sale was mode for shipment at a con
siderable discount, but none alneo then.
Tbo Lumberman's Exchange hold Its regular
monthly price-list mooting yesterday, at which
prices on select lumber and fencing wore ad
vanced ei.OOdW-OO per 1,000 ft.
J. T. Thomas Sc Co., of St. Louis, estimate from
reports thus far received that tho crop of flax
seed, notwithstanding tho greater acreage sown
over last year, will exceed but llttlolf any tho
crop of 1880, and predict that prices durirfgtho
coming year will rulo high.
The current of trade In flaxseed has notably
turned slnco 1875. In that year tboro was Im
ported into tho United States, principally from
Calcutta, 0,783,000 bu. In 1880 tho Importation of
Calcutta flaxseed bad fallen to 1,(04,106 bu, end
this year the quantity imported will bo much
lew. American producers are now not only
supplying tho domestic markets, but bare sold
for European consumption nearly 1,000,000 bu
within tbo past few weeks.
Tbo following nro tbo exports of wheat and
flour reduced to wheat, also corn, tor the week
ending July 20, from Montreal, Boston, Now
York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and' New Or
leans, as por Now York Produce IT«Wm;
nn _ Whml, bu. Oom.hu.
It” land and iVcUdutn.. f JJJ-Hft
£otol* ........... tffIUDT
ROQ PHODOCTS-Wore qulot, and averaged
oulvr. .There wa* b moderate speculative demand
for ribs, and hogs wore quoted Arm. Those thing*
helped to sustain pork and lard, bat they ruled low*
or, with little demand, though Urorpool retried
InrdW higher. It w»* stated that several lot* of long
and abort clear* had been retold hero the previous
day at 18.00 boxed, being about 850 below the market
for abort riba. Thor had been bought for export, but
oidcrs wore oonntormaudod before shipment, More
of those moat* were offered yesterday, to * quietway.
which loudod to depress other product*. t
MEBH I’oiiK-Docllnod 3tf*so per brl from the latest
! prices of Tuesday, and closed steady. Sale* wore re*
ported of USObrls spot at 118.55; AMUbrls seller Au
eustat»iASK«lfl.saWj MOibris seller yeptomber at,
undTMbrUaollorJanaary at #U£**
in brls. The market closed at abont
118.5 U for round lota spot orsellor July. IW.VSMUor
August, and II8.«»1!.S& Kwr Jfe|«miMr. On the
afternoon call August closed at 118.14 bid nndtfw.a)
m £ako—Declined WJldo period lb. from tauil
prices of Tuesday. Hales were reported of i,ttu tea
■oiler Jmr at Ili.lwfcU. IIWi MUtos seller August at
it HiUalitiii iiSj ics sellor Seotnoberat 111.(154*
1 1 tea S rOCTo bar at Wyait.sM; and
jn «es seller the year at lUMffWislC.f*. Total.
ca. The market closed ataboutlw.os for round lots
snot or solter July, lIIJfTW sellor August, and 811.071*
sill.TO seller September. l On the afternoon call Au*
except dullness out
8a .swssts sss
Short Shouh L. A 3. Short
rtha. dm. cUars. eitart.
IV. Qj IV.OO W. 15
*D,2J U.M V.A) VJS
' SjS a. 3 v.uo ais
Sutt fl.au aoq JJ.IB
aai ttai tuo «■»
part salted.
1)0. b0xed.........
July, 1005 e........
r * iESaSSaM'"
. FLOUU-Was quiet at the recant advance. Thar*
Jttl *as less demand, tome tonyow holding off twcauio of
the weakness In wheat, but tiUtrtiie* arm In their
views.' Sales wore reported of tin brls winters on
iTO3 private tomtit 435 brls and 1.2U0 sacks springs par.ly
lit? StIWSaMOI tW brls low grades at Kt»i ondiabrls
•®| rre flour at 15.60. ‘foul oqual to WW brU. Winter
|S- flours worn quoted at |M5*d.T4« shipping springs,
iS .{SSoSTtha lew-grada spring, at SUOWJO. Itye
•itt flour at about HOflAjO, ,
•*" ocuiu ilibiatcift'S-Wera 1n moderate supply,
Ctß and strong. Salas wero reported of 0 car» bntn at
tilifhar ( rlie Urltisli markets were quoted dull and
«^^uTtrtijiporwiloß anJ.um.uoi ,H“d
Wlesud that the ■train
could not be kept up a 0 long a time, and thi*
mftilA holdsra and bears want lu sail, while
Rmui* burin ta hold mom uawtlousir.
VhorS mi. however, more uuiitldeni'o In tue lunaur
O f crun ylo'd bolng gonerally
&i Mffi&raby mwyle .Total about
(acted lit tic:'ll cam hy sample nt uri trark
rind'.n<*ni«'l.nit a/t-Ji.? free 'in hcmid. Jotnl about
«.k»,'lllbu, Mcllcr Amm-l opened *' dn
iU«w»U*<nt«;. wUancoil t« t"V: •»'•? R •*, l£J
hid. Holler Hoptmnhnr rnnandnt ol»*w
n'ki’il. Suitor llio mouth sold *1 -liJv-tMMe. dosing at
October rnnjrrd at nml *1 1C J'* 1 ? 1 ! "V
on the afternoon aul August dosed »t
<I OA , fslrly active mid slcndr.for eajh
roller the tunntlu trading in the Inner ■hc»wlni»
whnt heavier than >m Tuesday, tlio figure tioina
throughout the day. 1-nrtVcnrs of nrwoni» wero m
pelted, oaufur future rtitllvery imuiiod
anon hecimte ciwiicr. a«d, nllor selling down
August eioswlaiabuutTuosdaf » latest tttfur«*»»hMo
K«j)lßmt>orandOctwt«>f»liuweon decline ornbuulH^
and junior the rear wm.Mo "tr iroin tho cloMna t rice*
nf im.w previous. ((ejected were not salable at
There wit# no apporoni oinirtMi irtronco
the price of July outs-' The heaviest trading was Id
mivteinber delivery. though quite n >*nso huilnein
wm done In seller thd year. B«her Ai^iruaa npaned
aiKc. declined to sue. and closed at JiHC, heptornbor
opened at Wfc. sold d<iwn
October sold early at AsHc. and dosed at .Bnc.
Keller the jour , r*mte>l at
ptoMiut nt the .latter , price. In the
sntuuie market a fair business was done at
lower rater. Wish sales went made of PI car* uml
udit htt nt «'<c for ,N». 3 nnd 'io. tiwitlio In tiowi h
Mra ws»mjp" »i w i«r n» ttradot SM»s for■««*
roj«w**dLKJv»:»ieforolrt.rejMied nl **JT
tiuw rcjctiod whltoi and
nntnicßt 17cen nt-Ue fur new rejoclon rowed i*M
Mntomirt icioctod niliudi 8»4"Vo for now rejected
whited and Jw#*7e for old rejected white. 1 otnl equal
ton unit *tMW hit. .. . . „ . _»h
KVK-Was active end 4e lower fo f cssh, w Ith sol er
the month at NiebMettd wo eakHt Aturoa'*Mo tad
utid Vm asked i and. Hoinotober ■QiU2* l -J-. L l *.*!
with K3e me Pen hid atthoclostv The receipts were
imam ntetrai. consisting "L* 1 , aI S "IffiJ;*«
salon wore made <u l« curs at Wo fur No..
«in» or snmi.ic nt tf*?pcWo for new rejected on tmrk
i<-ar»iM<i.!or newrcjccutd free on board, lotel
equal to about IdUMbii. . . L .,i„
iiAltl.KV—Wnaieiriyactive and K»lo higher. with
■ales of No. 3 seller September at
was nominally #l. (I. fash sales were made ot W»n
Atcftofor new and 1-oturoid. Itusl equal to about
Wheat doted 5/c lower on August nndWcWjthoron
fioptombor,ailUsk|«MM< for Jnty. tUMl.lm lor
diitfiist. 11. l IH fur yiqitemliftr,ll.llJiWUli» fJT-
Ueiolter, end for the year. Sales
nmtla of T,U»/nl lm. at luiv- 11M feller
Auirust. <l.l llWfel. MW seller HeiHowber.fl.lll6hJl.llW
seller October, and #LUH seller, the jour. Lorn closed
ttrtniil«wi*kJfof.lulr, lot Au«u»l.til#*
<*c for Hepietiibor, 4HVyi-WMo lor October. and I'foM
♦mo for tne year. Halos were mado of M).wn im at
seller Hepteiuner. ASHttMMo *dloP<)cW>bef. nnd
♦W'rfWicsollcr tho year. One closed steady at dK]M
WHo fop Auuutt. 'JdhvMiifi for HeplemPcrj^,y^f*L
tor aoptQiNber.isw'^etorOciui^r.
tne year; sales wore made of IJi.WU uu lit .WHe *ello r |
Amtu«t,fe*»(o»dler September, 3s>e«»d»<c seller tie
trilier. and 3<c seller mo rear. Ilyo dosed steady at
tfiilteseller Auuust. andtCUPfiMo J . ,,r
sales of htuwCuni s»Mc toller Auaun wtd w*d.Ue
wdler (‘eutember. Mess pork dosed likt lower, at
MiiJSfor Julj 4 »1115«i15. , -W lor AutfusUlKWW».W for
Mopiombur. (lJ.t».jlaiM for the s ““f*,?/. 1 i
for January. Hales were made of 3.W) brts.nl fli-w
icllor Julyi seller Auen«u fISdU seller
Hoptember.ll.un seller ttto
narr. closed ‘k lower, at •U.lWtlUflJd for dn'T*
fuXiftllA34 fur Aiiifttst, |ll.r.'rtll.WMi for JHh«
t11.4-Vall.-HH for October, nnd for the
year, with ssies of 2.1 V) tea at lll.us.tU.ijlH sdler-lmy.
fit hi seller AUirusU and 111.4. H seller October. Short
ribs**closed Hiieltanaetr.
fj M16U.33H fur Hoptember. fur October, wllli
sales of »3tf» lbs. at W/Atetf.’-aj* seller rfeetomber.
Alter iho call nothin# was dona In Auausi wheal.
Boptembcrtoillnß lrpc»culariyatil.HM*l.w.
lIROO.M-CoU.V—Trade U aotlrd, principally in me*
mom grtdes. SVo quote;
Choice burl ana carpet ftgio
nroon,.scif*workliig • -tf**
Uod-tlhpcd.du ..... •tQ'S il2
inferioruna common...,
Cr00ked........................ x 7* "
RAGGING—No changewas apparent. A good busi
ness was In progress at the following quotations!
oiler Creek.... tlunine*. single...l.WtU
American.....l Wool sacks........AiM-tl
iILTTKB-*Tho market allows hut slight change.
There nre buyers for about nil the hotter srrirlng.
nnd holders find no difficulty lo obtaining the follow
cnwmtrl cboico rain i Dairy. r.irto Kuod...li<aifl
Creamery,fair to goodaMtfl I Packing slock
Dairy, cljlloo iwai1t1Viinac................ M a
increment continues a little slug
gish, but. as the offerings continue wodoralo, the
market maintain* a reasonably steady tone, sales
making at the following prices; , a , a . nLt
, Bull cream
Part skim Cheddar, choice * g 5>
part skim,Bat. • 5 Si”
Low grade 5............. t***
COAR-Consumers are still holding off with the ox-
•* M
Amhrncite. nut.. SMUtaubmr WS
i'S"'™!!''.*:: VfliSSr jffl
"SWStSiSw. ZlSfi I '!?‘ftSiHisis- (or piS
WnffinlSrauUt «... ft
The drm.md continues good end most descriptions
are steadily hold. Wo quote: £ ..
AUMerej-ftitra SMtS
i l§>
Mackerel—No. t shore. lt*l>rl J-r! gHV
Mackerel—t.uree turn Ur...... J* I*:’,
Meckorol-Wt family. Si-hrl ‘* 4A . l ]
Halibut.smoked.par ...
iwrliUlW. $T}
Codnsb—Hummer-cured 4 - ,a ® o,l V u
CndHsto—mossed a a rtf*
llerrlng-Mbnidor. split, hrlfl ;tS Slid
Herring—Holland,PorkCß 2 .v
llßrring-Scaled.pcrbox..... « 2 eft
c ffin*S“ l N s«u
adulbs moTfid up another notch, with which excop-
Uon« QUOUUon. wmsin as before* UioucnJiruoM,
peaches, nnd. pitted cherries had un upward tend
FU». Jnyor•....v••,^• ,
Turkish prune*. ola.
Do, now...
Uaislna. 1ayer*...........
Italsln*. l«ondon, layer*.
UiMni. Valencia
Katulns, louie. Muscatel,
/.ante currant*,
!i«2 li«
, n w
A oil □n* Tar'ri!;o i:a.... \{
BBSS ::::: • ’?«g 5*
wKVw faSt undo u quo.
UUon»j Kuaitai
cur white ! 38*40
cut brown ..SSSJfi
curr«i)o«;v.‘*uvM ' * ts*
Countrywt> ie"A’* q^u
CountrywnUo**H M 42
Country ye110w..... •••••••
KuWW^KaVrtM*wWo’Vwy., biuebenle*
Al)p"i. Sw. q ««MI 1 iMiMlau)
Lemon*. per box tffjßfflffl
CnllVurn ft l uo“iShi«V.'.’jV.V a ®
Or«naoiS«pie*.per b0K..... aw
dir *inJ country trade ordorin* freely. » nco» wure
KenentHy •temiy. Waquow
Apple*. Alden .....
Apple*, evaporated. boxes.
Aople*. Eastern
Apple*. 50uthern............
Poaches, unpared. balroi..
lilted cherries
Jam, ciiulcu Mandating.
mo. prltuu to choice
Hio. fair u> good.
Hlo. common,
1110, routing.
*»{(* Wi
vtnuvis > * P
I'owdored.. ......
tiranuiauxl. •undanl......
tJranulaied. uut muularflc
A No. £....
No. I
K. O. niulu>o>
Aiiipioa.. JB
ouriwdtt and /orAlppjn*. ><•»quot«« „ <nMlini
uudM \tio uaUiuykutf prlcva ul loading o|(jr doalurai
Ura«o*«ttruiUlimi, V ft * gua *3
l«WTjr»«.#♦.•••♦♦««•*••••»*♦.**••♦ ggg *ij
•an-coted. v ..M... ♦ ’*• i”
)amw»db}dM V
iroeu-aali bulla'
it If-* allc± V‘ *' *.. ■ • •«'
lbi*ew*p«ll#i wiKMoallttWU
*••“* * rail**
M UuiUK »t ftbout <M«Mr
ü ß «*u.bon«i »
silfs;=9BSs= '|
S»«;&S=F?iS3. I
lißh&o.’ U*»oH«S4w.i«3#* ' p
i%”v%hJs4-W;« ' Vw« *< w *H lor’
Cu*r«» mU. pur ’Utaia
wed tl^^or nou »U 7 Tor jwv»d,w»4
(U*fl ««dcln:ul»t of Jolr
,!L mjdlr aoulni fotßknl lloUH*timvn inwiinw
iiuaftla thucropwurgu.Uuaiurt her*rciu»u !«<»*«
Ute urtcui Tbn *aiuul«u uX uu*r «uncn
trefoil which have come to hand show good quality,
hot tho crop will. It In thonthl. prove snort.*
TAliWiW—Win quoted steadyntfuroily,
ana f.twAM for country rendered, with Nn.3 ojnntrr
B Vvßoi/--l < ow prices still nile, and awiow trade #x»
Ist*. Woquotni . ...«
' .nod to choice itiodlnm tab
.'onrse und dingy tub •••"gfcS
'lnn nnd nnwasnod fleece •{■**o
< Vmrse and nnwnabed fleece..
dodlumand unwashed Hence..............
Medium washed n*0c0..... • v “’ ; ’2fiK.
Kine washed fleece •‘'•S2S
Coarse washed fleoce ....aMWi
.» "A
.« il
. Bredpls-
Monday... .......
Total Stfß 6WOQ 2,091
Bnmo lime lost week,•••••• •<•••
Monday I-W 8»
Tuesday 3.141 jtffl ...
Total mi T^a'
UATTMS-Tho market was qalet all ft round and
Konerally weaker. Choice and extra prides, though
in better supply than on the preceding few tiara, were
not at all plentiful, end for such the market mein
tallied n Mead? lotto. Common nnd tnedhtm {trades
comprised the bulk of Uia supply.andprlcos Iparicd
pretty stronaly In Imrer*’favor. nujchera and wa
iters' stuff also was week, the anpply being larger and
the ilemand not particularly native. Bala* rnnted »U
thowsy from stafe&U fop Infortop grades to KU«J
rti'.for extra. thouitSi the bulk ur the tradlogwas done
within n range of uiwiAW for butchers* and etmitr*
■lock and nt H.owtA.ffi for shlppinß steers. Not all
■old. nnd iho market clAscd easy,
Extra Bowes—Steers woluhintt CCOlbi end
Choice llooves-Hne, fnt. and well-formed, ■
■teon. welshing 1.39) to 1,430 lbs.
Good iieoves—well-fattened steers, weigh- .
Incr IjUlto IJUulbs .....5.40**63
Medium OradM-Hlcors Inrtno Mesh, weigh
in* U(M to U’Oi lbs
Uuichers* Slock—l*oor lo common steers and
common to eholoe cows lor city slaughter,
weighing**) to lo 1.1*511 Ilia
Slock Cattle—Common cattle, waluhiug tt»
tn 1.001 lb« .3,oo l»xih
Infertor-l.lghtand thin cows, heifers, stags.
bulls, end scnlnrag ■toer*.
Texas—Through dr0ve5,........
Vcals-I'CMUO lbs
Vo. Ar. pritfAXo.' Av. Prlo.
;u i.tn» Kai i,wp ii.to
.i.ea tuo tu ijwi
as Md tun w tm m
hi i.m tui» in IJBR *-*.•
in....; .. ....i.tn r.ni in I.WJ g-o?
in....,........i.3« ft.«> heicows Vl«
j: unft ww aucowt «h . aw
;a... ;.K.'» a.VO WVVyo.T... 1M» 4<H
W :su ».'.») 310Wy0.T,..1.in» J-S
W ASWro.T... tWI. AW
it........ .... .rui &A. \b*Wyo.T...t,vn 4.24
4P *il 6.« i 37 Wyo. T..< KM . 4-lU
A. :m fr.lM Pi 1tii1.T.,... - tMI 4M
'.M ;«! 6>« 41 Texas «M 'AJ»
IH .341 6.13 SI Texas WI
17 ;at 6.70 WlTexas Wl Al»
61 :»u 6.W 1101’oxas '.«! WU
it 1,,........... .9XI 6.1»i 'i'exna tfh A l 6
HI 311 6.C11 IH Texas w» . Ais
in ad tat 23 Texas 3| Jtw
in...... ..I,ltd
U i.i»i 6.01 asi.Neb. Tex. v«
•« ....l/tfO 6.W ttXob.Tox. IWt Ail
60 l,at? 6.51 slXeb.Tex. R<4 SWJU
K IJtt? 6.33 M Teh. Ta*. UW 3.3»-
U l,mi AV- 11 lUickota.. »W A 33
HOGS—There wa« a further sllohl bardenlna of
prices. Only about Jl.Ul) hn« arrived, and as ihut
number fell a lomt way khnrt of tho tsnmblnwl de
nmnds of p ckersand sblpiiors iho stuff was picked
uit in a very lively manner at an nveraif* advance mi
'ruesdny's prices of 6c, or at an advance since Batur*
rtur of lOtoAic. root to common qualities show tu«
least chamre. the appredallon in that class bandy
renchln# IDu. An early clearance was mado at**v>«
(Ars) fur poor to best IhihUut 6t2.«cilUJ) Tor ralxnd
tnickers, and at JH.HVaI.IO for fair to extra heavy ship
ping lots. Hkipssoldatlo.6lMd.l4,
110(1 BAI.KS.
.Vo, At*. Prtet.
42.. M. 75
3-i,...si‘i o*6
61.. G.'3fc
A'o. <4 p. Price,
,11.,,,276 |076
Jf7..,.W1 0.70
U5....2M 070
W....2U 065
tt»....2V| OS),
01.. OSH
70.. Ml 065
H0....'•.'78 OPO
.15....2>» 071)
72.. 076
75.. ..241 072}<
JJI....SU 6.70
24.. ..WJ
tO,. ~98
115.. ..70
74.. 244
W....5K1 aili , ~ ~
7.10 g-64
«i.„.£6 T.(U JUI....S*) 0.4(1 .
bllEKV—Thero was a lack of activity la this branch
ol the llvo Mock trade and price* were weak, hale*
are alow at per wu pound* for poor to choice.
HltfcVP HAI.M.
A’rt. Jr. | ‘rtf4. iVff.
11} ITT HU) 1W
Va.'.,.. w 3,k> larj ....
...m„ <-«j w
til lamb* per head, J.® .
BurrAi.o, JuJr r.-CATTix-lleeolpU w*dayiEOt
consUncit throinrh. cam demand foods pn«M a
JhaUehUhert extm aieors.Ml^fp!J&olce do,
«tioui load lWhtbutchom*.«JlWrtl.ai.wold. _
sukki* axn bAMHs—iioceiDW, 2.7 W; consigned
through. 4J cam market dulli' tondinß, downward!
fair to Rood Western ahoop. W choice lo ci
in» hold ut fiOOW-W. as to quality. l*mba rery dull,
nt iiccurdlntf toquiiUm. gfow loads of fair
to «ood Canada I»mtM brouahl U.7M<UD.
Dlloua-ltoculpt*. WWi conMuned tnronßh.W ears;
market actlvus prices a sbado hlirliert pood to choice
Vorkor*. W.*i>*oj6i Rood to medium bwry welubw,
K.iu: ono loud extra, |7.ajj coarse and common ends,
SBW Vouk. July SL-BMVM-Uocelpw for two
darM.SU> duili :w carload* cattle unaoldj extremes,
;wiv*o «or era** fed Toxan*l for Colorado Imlf
eliil-’cMroounu Wt SSEjUSSi
good oonrfod Tozof wi»ra •oW oUOHo: •»poit«r»
nm) tm fat »tw®r* and shipped ywtordaTiua Ur®cat
tle, i,uu quarters beef, lire sheep. and JMJ carcasses
“suKKi'-Ilocolpw, 8.1*5): poor sho«p wid lamb* of R l
doscflpUomlusuuiueir dulli stoeeix •tjtttitfcj
«m lambs. 4&w«cj Konoral buJdi ot Kentucky Uwnl>»,
none otTdred a 11..! dte-dd
bugs Orm At £l7as&JQ.
.1 fi ffl ft*
; 'SS «
. a.uo <*aio
W «»<
. a « au*
OT. W>UIB. \
Br.iiOtnfl. July r.-K;.\TTi.r-nocoipu. taco? ship-
DJODt*.6OJi supply fulri valun* sicadyt.falr to (rood
shipping *leor* «old ox tWrter* would
brimr IdOftelUis native Imiobcra’ steer*,
cows and nolfors mntfo «t R.'.5(«-UXI, 0““Wo f or
rtiuiw lieliom itnun Texan* In «oud *ni»p\y ana
flrrajfalr locholce. ftUfcMJßi common.
SHKKP**lloeulDt*» 1,2ut1! slilpmonu, nonet demand
llciitj values weak: outturn, SiUKoWW; fancy heavy,
Active and hlKhon Vorkera. WtWdlii;
packing, jy.awa.nii choice to fancy heavy, WJWdT.IO,
tucolpta,si«W; shipments, 01, .
east woeuTV. I’a-Juir ?7, = CArn.«-iuscoipu to
dar. US bead of {hruusb and 374 fur rani siockt total
for two day#, TUi) through and I.W jocaL {supply fair
and business itood. wltu prices a trifle off friiiMop*
dar All aoldTout. only a Jew loft of lino anritils.
and not for the market, balos. «U bond; total for
fipecta! DUvateh to TJie Chfeooo Tribuns.' ■
’ icavhas City. Mon July 77.-Oattmi—*l ha Wm
Cumnt reports} llocelpta. 1*873: shipments. MAjs
market iteady and Ittlri native shltmer*. NiwUi
native rtockora and uatlro ouw*.
iwntAVAPOUS. July 7T.-JHH3B—AcUtb demaodf
t»«klnv.'lii-*WU*it recoiiiUi JsluOs BhlpaienU» I«JU
»hlppln«, tmtooon, |3J»
ttA&Ut rec»lpti« <tOi ~ _ ~ ■
auu»n*-tiwaUy bi fdukdiuus recelpu, W)j mip
SBSs=S®=?'”” e
.90 «U
.. it snu
Tha lumber on tho market jwwnUy, *dme ten car
bom, »oU roodllr m lh« quotation* Holow:
(Jreon piece-fluff..- *JrS} SJjijJ
Uruuu common inch. !! Jyii
Uwi'ii UH'dlnni........ • It!S
Kxtru »uoii ijuil W-Jg JJgJJJ
Uretoi ooikl iiivn ••»••••
lUmnUam ftrlj*
(JuuulnnlMiiupic* • J t * tt
TUoVVrUraioa•* oxoit by lb# l.umbermao’als»r
change are n* foliowat .*« m
Kim ami focoii# clear, rou*h, l-mcn • •ggj
dpw»*Al *W4
fc™."'.S2Su »ii.viv«ia::;:::™:.::::; gg
Uuz board*. 1Wiicb.......
Citock imanlf. JUrfl^lncli.Ty ( v{
Fencimt, fl.mouafllf * wju
Fencing J»u
Common boards, if*** 4 *** • ijaj ‘ t :*Hu|
Common bo«rn«. l##« , ; uS
pimaiuiunaMtn.... »*v MM ffiJi £3#
Mefco# flat, ro««li. and «ood -ft *£2
EfelESi’st || «j
*pT«?irVV*j i* * uAJJ *rl:l^
(itkidnttnil aooond clear, IU» «.|nob.
SWXv;iv.rwa::;:::::::»::::::::n |ffl
SWIS *®»|a
; foubiox.
' SMtial PUptoto to Tto <Atow IVtottM, -
; uykiumol, Juiy»-Ut» “
m£ilX^\Vhb»l-W Jbl• r. Ktt. 1.
■nrluc. No# I. M M? Ko» i V.to 84j
fvp, % tout dull* .A’o* L W* Wt 84.-.
i'uuviiiuK*-l’ork. Tto. towtHk i- 1 ;! ■ ‘
1 LSSiliiou July TT.-port-Prtm# wu »toto»
««ady*n9*- U«rtW«»r». Pfc
Hruierai ii***!! ton*PtoarMaadTatto*.
u’uioni tttoiw |I Wk‘ J fit>W’*4n#rtctt dwW
Urmaraiito. Uw
tu, i*«r»>*nUa»r*l»Wto»Wnotfm to ,*to W»
ummi ******
«u4«*)M<V W»l
ltAHV~*n*ric«Ot ** . ■ • • ’ •
CunattMftaa 4«wrtn»n. to.
»r.-t*immuiCM-B*an*4, ftw-
t -
Avtvrsiu*. ■ .
Yfc* luUpwUi* van* r*etot*«>fcf,toa..<*Wcaw • Ito*™
■ «!
iY<i. ylr. Price.
au....«i o»
01.. 0,75
W....1VJ BJ«
111.. ..215 06j
W.... 201 OTU
lit -jaS am
66. ~WI OW
:u....«l 025
7T....1W O.UI
118....2M OJtt
41.. 076
lUJ.„.2ia 075

Jr. Prltt.
. « *l2*
. » 6.12*

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