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IS -A.
Charming Luxury
for Tourists.
'lake navigation.
To Montreal
The Klegftnt I’uionitor Slaamor
will Iwto her dock. cor. Market and Jnckaon-rtfl..
FRIDAY, July 29, at 7 p. m.,
rusin«ii.-”i'« h ,i, 11 ” 7 h ?,° Ch “" 1 ot ''“ ko ‘ " nd lU,or
W,;.'S.W , a. U win le.TO wooklr »t ..mo
AKom.aiic.iio.iid ASSSI
For the trade. Only COM*
I*i»KTB lino* ot lioßineafl
and Pleasure Vehicles manu
factured tn the United State*.
, w _ Farmer*’ BprinK Wagons.
Outllir the bciU Catalogue, prteo*. and term* sent
" ,pp "°“'nsnKOSll. ~WIS..
Hereafter Mn M. J. Crecdon will not rep
resent ua In any manner at Chicago.
New York. July sth. ißir.
dusixdss cards.
Blank Books,
Photograph Albums,
arid Pocket Books.
15 Per Ct. Discount
On all Garments ordered of ua during Julfi 1881.
EDWARD ELY & CO., Tailors,
Wabaah-av., comer of Monroe-st.
The building occupied by Law
rence & Martin, m .Madison-at.
Lease two years to run, and fixt
ures for sale? Apply on the prem
New York-*London--Paris.
SUamert tall JSvery Saturday from New York
for Southampton and,J3remen*
Pswensers booked for l<ondon and Porta at
rates, liatea of paaaago from Now York to
mlhimptoD, London. Havre. and liromon, Aral
nbln.liui; leconrt-clnas cabin, (ins steerage, White
lorn tickets bc reduced rates. OELttHUIs X CO., i
uuaUnc Green. N. Y. The steerage rate by tno
north German Lloyd from Urnsnen to Chicago la 141,
sod Use only agent* autborlsnd to noil those ticket*
. 2 South Clwrk-st.. General Agents.
To Glijbow, Liverpool, Dublin, Delfaat, and London*
derty, Irora N. \every Thursday, Klr»tCabin, (00 to
according to accommodation. Pocond Cabin, (40.
L l ?.™*? 1 outward, Hi. Tlicao atcamon carry neither
tattle, aboop, nor plga, tt
jiJhm"?.? l W.SvT-’ an(l uunUolph'SL, Chicago.
JOHN HLBQBN. Western Manager.
cliwses between prloclpal polnW la
twopotnfl America alloweat rates.
>« n bi. «.,„ Accom “>«»*l»Uoo» Voexeelled.
i-l*i" lcklT each way.
uiiSinM®. 1 ? 1 ““*! ? leeri *K« PMiago through to
»?i .4,' At attcclnl rittei.
_ALLAN A CO., (ieii. Ants., n La Hullo-Bt— Chicago
■Atlantic City, IN’. J.
YKAU. Hot and Cold Boa Wft
iJfi Ilu bouse, and all modern conveniences.
kj orpcruuncnl Accommodations In Asbury Part.
ro J 0 ’ or Vort Cltr. Apply at either
adjoining’Park Rail. Asbury
OrtifinVi M West 'l’litrly-llfth'it., New Vort City,
rocto,jr ' eatatj llßhed IWU. A. DAILKV,
lift. Pllllrot. - CHICAGO, April 11. I*l.
Sim Alton .utTarlng many
niiefTrnm lanfoicrotal hernia. and ending no
Hill', Sff 1 * *"*'L r “l»} «oul«l One, until - - ‘
•tin .lid n^ll r tru ."i ll could One, until through your
i«mbn M K. w «W II «‘C« you nul only retained tbo
(and u>« h or ® b»d failed, but have completely
m Ue “ornle. MOUBTZ UUKM ANN.
wTh* principle »
„ law WMhlngton-it,
---j-.o a new one. No operation whatever*
elom,nf urT UV Manufacturer* of Inilrumenta
Stocking*. Trm.o. of all
- OtßcoM Btate-et. Chicago. IIL
Chicago, iianniual & bt. Josiph I
UAiLiioAu Company* {
li b# . he,d Moom Sl* No. M Lk
I*l tor on tho tilth d«r of August,
N*eg of c u Hr r £2*9i °! oioottng four Director* la
• *°a. >nd N, K. Velrbank. Jobn ii. Car*
•“j.UtMdi Ba * e ' who»* to mu of 00100 expire
T ort« r if u, B Board of DlMScU)rg lhti j uly Mk
nilfl'OH. Bee^. UOWUt ltfß,ldeOU
' , *P AU. KINDS.
'Nap ~~ «•* uu Bt. A Flu *m,Chln««.
smr SILT TUI SUtllß.
Wills UOV^Yn~^Vas?Sdo^
Agency tiUblulud 1901
AdTurtUer* Making the
Swift 01 *?•<«»« P»P««lo
tour eraie before uontfctlng
I \I II "nil *ud olhor ooiortoutly adul
| ll ||p II ■# ,or *lodfood# eoelrsed end
■ SUhirt-*, JtA,
<Hn' CMcnso rB
prompted us to-day to open
a package of Blackwell’s
Durham Long Cut put up
a year ago and the tobacco
was as fresh and sweet as if
put up yesterday, so you may
add that to the list of merits
if you choose.
Have you discovered those
two features we mentioned
yesterday? If not it must be
because you forgot to get a
package. Somebody is try
ing this Long Cut, just who
we can’t tell, but we know
some people are investigating
our claims by the way the
orders are coming in. .
This is exactly the same
tobacco that we use in Black
* well’s Durham Cigar-
ettes, and is prepared in ex
actly the same way and you
know that means that the
Long Cut is made from the
best leaf tobacco in - the
world and is absolutely
The writer overheard two
gentlemen talking about this
Long Cut last evening.
Said one “it has the finest
flavor of any tobacco I ever
smoked and I am satisfied it
is perfectly pure.” So there
is one man at. least who
agrees with us.
Honestly now, is’nt it a
comfort when enjoying a
pleasant, restful smoke to feel
that you are not absorbing
any injurious drugs, and are
smoking the same quality of
tobacco that a famous Em
peror has- pronounced un
When we came to Chicago
to introduce our cigarettes
some people asked if we were
not afraid they would’nt sell.
We never had any doubt of
success, for we believed that
our cigarettes were purer and
better than any others and
we thought we had only to
tell you the honest truth to
secure your patronage and
now we are just as confident
of grand success on ; this
Long Cut.
You see we think your in
terests demand the purest
and best goods and our in
terests demand thfit we shall
furnish them to you, so af
ter all we are only managers
of the business for you. This
is why we have taken you
into our confidence. . ..
We were going to tell you
to-day just how many of
Blackwell’s Durham Cig
arettes we have sold in
Chicago in the last ten days
but our census mans, is out
now and we’ll leave' that till
later. The way they are
.going makes us wonder if
somebody is'nt using them
in place of coal, but after all
it is’nt strange for merit will
always win., “ " **
®fj» (Ml mm.
fznhrton* leaving the city /or the tnnvner
teatonenn hare Thk TnrnUNK tnntfetllo tfir.fr nil
ifrtsn at the foKuwfny ntU*, jtosUijn prepaid:
Daily TuinuNE, per tnonWi, I/; iuclmfliitf Sim*
WAfiMKii fair weather ami variable winds
for this region to-day.
Axotmkti violent shock of earthquake was
experienced at Agrani, Austria, yesterday.
It Is said that twelve rafts of square tim
ber, valued at about .5250,000, will be stuck In
ttie Ottawa Jllvor, Canada, mid its tributaries
this season owing to low water.
Tim borne nml birthplace of President
Madison at Montpelier, Vn., was sold yester
day at public auction to James L. Carring
ton, of the Exchange Hotel, Illclimoiul, Vo.
Tho price paid was 920,000.
Uamijktta is expected to bo a candidate
for each of the Belleville districts at tlto ap
proaching election on a platform favoring a
reduction of taxes on articles used by the
working classes and gradual measures of
reform. '
Daniel Leonard, Secretary ot tho Ship
Laborers’ Society of Montreal, was yester
day sentenced to twelve monthsMmprlson
ment for carrying loaded cartridges con
cealed on his person! Tho case has been
appealed. ■
Mrs. McKikrnan, the wife of n horse
trader at Montreal, has established her claim
to 8000,000 worth of property In California,
bequeathed her by her brother, Peter Dono
hoc, who died in that State In 1878, leaving
81,000,000 worth or property.
Sm William Uarcourt, tho English
Homo Secretary, had an Interview with Min
ister Lowell yesterday concerning Uio recent
shipments of Infernal machines from this
country to Liverpool. Tho result of tho con
ference has not been made public.
William O. Dk Turn:, ot Kcmling, Pn.,
was thrown from his carriage yesterday aft
ernoon by a runaway team and was instantly
kilted. Ills wlfo and son, who were in the
carriage with him, were seriously Injured,
and Ids sister, Mrs. il. n. Hall, received some
'severe bruises. . ■
Eighteen buildings In the middle of the
town of Cattaraugus, N. Y., were destroyed
by tire yesterday morning. Tho loss Is esti
mated at 875,000. Wold & Petre’s sawmill
and 400,000 feet of lumber atDulntli,Mlnu. t
were burned. Tho loss Is estimated ot 810,-
Cor.. John C. Burch, Secretary of tho
United States Senate, died at his residence
lu Washington yesterday, lie wasaGcorglau
by birth, graduated at Yale College in 1851,
practiced law at Memphis, Tenn., served In
tho Confederate army, and edited tho Nash
ville American.
• Two,freight trains came Into collision
on tho Now York & New Haven Division of
the Now York, Now Haven & Hartford Hall
road at Hye, N. Y., yesterday afternoon,
Killing Ell Laton and Henry Hallock, two
bmkomen, and injuring James Middy and
Edward Elliot, engineers.
Tub steam-bargo - Gcorgo I. Burroughs,
owned byCnpt. Bichard Davis, who com
manded her, and Louis Brcudngo, took firo
yesterday about fifteen miles from this port,
and before the flames were extinguished
burned to the water's edge. The damage to
the bnrgo was about SII,OOO. No Insurance#
It appears that the older and more expe
rienced Tories are somewhat displeased at
Lord Bandolph Churchill's proposed motion
on the third reading of the Irish Land bill.
He will not bo supported by any largo num
ber of tlio members of his own party. Qorst,
■Wolff, and the “Fcatherheads” will proba
bly veto with him. *
Tub ocean steamship companies have
taken measures to guard against tho ship
ment of dynamite and Infernal machines In
their Vessels. Captains and masters are re
quested to use tho utmost precaution In this
matter. The Allan Lino, of which O’Bono
yan-ltossa has boon one of the agents, has
concluded to dispense with that gentleman's
Tub funeral of Justice Nathan Clifford
took place at Portland, Mo., yesterday. The
patl-bearors wore Chief-Justice Waite, Judges
Miller and Pox, Chief-Justice Appleton of
Maine, Judge Walton of Maine, Blon Brad
bury, and John Band of Portland. The Bov.
Dr. Ulll.ex-Prcsldoutof Harvard University,
conducted the funeral services.
Maud S. failed to boat her record at Pitts
bnrg yesterday. Sho trotted tho first heat lu
3:12, the second heat (in which she broke) in
9:13& and the third heat in 9:l-K. These
three consecutive heats are the best trotted
by any horse in the world. Vanderbilt
watched the wonderful feat of his mare*
Heavy rains, lasting for about forty*
eight hours, fell In New Brunswick this
week. The harvest has boon very seriously
Interrupted thereby, and crops have been
much damaged* The rains have caused
freshets in the streams, and some of the
booms have given way, sending several
million feet of lumber adrift.
Tub Protestant clergymen of Davenport
imve boon invited to attend the services at
St. Marguerite’s Homan Catholic Church In
that city next Saturday on the occasion of
the installation of tho Most Rev. Dr. MoMul*
lon as Bishop of that diocese. Dr, McMahon
will bo banqueted by the business men of
Davenport at the Kimball House Saturday
evening. . _ ii—m
Tub Ministers yesterday assented to an
amendment to one of the clauses of the Land
bill proposed by Mr, Parnell, providing that
a tenant’s interest In his holding shall not be
sold for debt pending an application to the
Land Court for fixing a judicial rent The
amendment was adopted by a vote of 900 to
70. Tho bill will go to a third reading in the
Commons to-day.
Bookwaltbb’s letter accepting the Demo
cratic nomination for Governor of Ohio Is
3tiadopubllo this morning; and is a father
curious document “ After the usual plati
tudes about 41 the high honor” conferred
and the "glorious principles of the Demo
cratic party,” Mr., Bookwalter takes up
various points made in the Democratic plat
form, and succeeds In making the meaning
of the • portions referring to temperance and
Uu» tgrjfl sUU more hwy. and unmeaning
tluin Uio mot) convention made them. As a
matter ot course, bo Inveighs against
“powerful corporations” mul "grinding
monopolies,” condemnstho “spoils system,”
and Ih in favor of Civil Sdrvlcn reform.
Mil. Van Mauteh, city editor of the
National JJcmucrat of I’oorln, 111,, stated to
on Associated Press reporter yesterday that
the Infernal machines recently seized at
Liverpool were manufactured In Peoria.
Tho machines, he said, were shipped to New
York, whom they were loaded with dyna
mite, after which they wore shipped to Liv
Tim IJorlln National Xeltung says that all
nations having commercial Intercourse with
America are concerned :tliat a band of con
spirators shall not use transatlantic vessels
for criminal Enterprises; and anotlior journal
says that tho American Government should
prevent tho Irish revolutionists from plan
ning tnclr hellish schemes In America.
O’JJonovan-Ilossa Is doubtless quite proud of
nil tho noise ho Is causing.
Secretary Window has nd dressed a note
to tho Collectors of tho Ports of New York
and Poston instructing them to uso great
dillgcnco to provout the. exportation from
thoso norts of combustible articles and
destructive machines, lie also Instructs
them to ascertain, if possible, who aro tho
persons who sent tho Infernal machines re
cently seized at Liverpool or some clew
which will lead to their dqtection.
A IUTTUJ took place ' Wednesday near
Cnmlahar between the troops of the Ameer
Abdurrahman and the force of Ayoob Khan.
Early In the light a regiment of the Ameer's
troops deserted and went over to the ciiemy t
whereupon the remainder of the troops lied,
leaving guns, ammunition, wagons, etc., on
the field. The British officials In India are
greatly concerned over the nows. Tho tri
umph of Ayoob Khan means to them tho
triumph of Jtnssia, and Ayoob at Canuahar
means Kussid at tho gate of India.
Ahotti.k containing a paper was picked
tip at Hunting, on the coast of Xova Scotia,
yesterday. On the paper*, was written In
pencil a statement to the effect that tho ship
Edgar, which sailed - from I’arlsboro last
month, sprang a leak on the fifteenth day
out; that Die crew became mutinous, and,
after having fired on the Captain twice, es
caped In the boats. The bottle purports to
have been dropped at a point about 40 west
longitude, and 47 north latitude by S. and
B. Dotty. •
Qamdrtta has fallen foul of tlio present
French Ministry. His organ, the liepnbWiHG
Francaltic, is sarcastic on tho Ministers be
cause they have os yet put forward no polit
ical program, and La Paris, another organ,
fiercely attacks Barth6lemy St Hilaire, the
Foreign Minister, for havtpg conferred on
Blulchroder, tho Prussian Financial Agent
during tho Franco-Prusslan war, and who
urged Germany to extort as'much money as
possible-.from France, the? dignity of Com
mander of tho Leglon^of^ojior.,
Tun Paris corrospoudonV.Of *U«r London-
Tltncs says that the time of the French elec-,
tlons was changed from October to August
because Gen. Sausslenr, the French Com-*
mandor In Algeria, had confidentially In
formed the Government that an insurrection
was likely to break out In Algeria In Sep
tember which it would take a very largo
force to suppress. It would bo Inconvenient
for the Government that an antt-electlon agi
tation should bo going on at the same time
that a formidable insurrection was being
combated. Hence the change.
Tim Prcsldentcontlnues to Improve stead
ily. lie has passed another favorable day.
'About ft o'clock last evening there was a
slight rise In the pulse and In the tempera
ture, caused by a stoppage of tbo drainage
tubes, which prevented the regular ilow of
tbo pus. When the tubes wore cleared tbe
flow resumed and the fever subsided. It
had passed away a little after 7 o'clock.
From that time the President has rested
quietly, and the favorable symptoms of'tho
day have returned. The physicians were
very hopeful last night. They regard the
crisis as successfully passed, and think that
there remains scarcely a doubt of the pa
tient's ultimate recovery.
Each day brines forth fresh particulars
tending to prove Quiteau one of the meanest
ruffians of this or any other country. Ills
wife procured a divorce from him lu the fall
of 18TJ, and the base rufllau was one of the
witnesses against himself, and Induced the
woman with whom he was guilty to take the
stand also to testify that the charges of in
fidelity against lilmwere true. At the time of
the divorce Quiteau frequented the rooms of
the New York Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation, and was a member of Calvary Baptist
Church and attended religious services
there. It is duo to the church, however, to
say that Quiteau was expelled, notwith
standing that he whined and pretended peni
tence for his Immoralities.
This correspondence between Englandand
Franco with regard to the Tripoli difficulty,
has been published. Lord Granville told
Lord Lyons, tho British Ambassador at
Paris, that England considered Tripoli a part
of the Ottoman Empire, and for that reason,
as well os because Tripoli was so near
£gypt> England would object- to Franco’s
acting in Tripoli as It has-dono In Tunis.
When this message was communicated to
tbe French Foreign Minister he assured
Lord Lyons that nothing was fur
ther from the thoughts of France
than- to occupy Tripoli, or to Inter
fere with the integrity of the Turkish Em
pire; and, further, that it would be "a great
and real §orrow”l£ anything should occur
to mar the cordial relations existing between
England and Franco. The -French Minister
urged that tbe Porte was to blame for all tbe
trouble. Lord Granville, on bearing this, In
structed Lord Dufferln to in turn Instruct
tbe Porte to bo prudent and to give no
plausible pretext for complaint to France.
The correspondence serves to show that the
race of French diplomats Is not extinct*
J. P, TRUE, v
Ipsclsl Dtipefsa tO IV CMMP9 IWhUM. :
Adrian. Mlcb., July 88,—JJP. True, a banker
at Foncba Springs, N. M., reported la, today*
telegrams m having ibot UhJ. Carpenter, U a
nephew of ©x*Congrcssman P. 0. Doamau, and
baa many rotatlvea and friends boro. He U a
oouain to Hoaooo JJeaman,»whose' tad death
while a proof*reader of (baCbleaao Tima will
bore mom be red. and baa a brother Jiving lo Chi*
cage. He 1* much eateemed whore known. -■ ■
Bp«tUt DirpattK to TM Ckittpo *
QpiNor, 111. July 88.—The warehouse and
leasehold of the Keokuk Northern Line Packet
Company here were sold today at Sheriff's sale,
and bid In for the Chlcago,OlUwaukee k St.
Paul liailrood Company, the latter having at*
tubed the property on account et money due.
The. President Temporarily
♦ Put into Another
After a Purification of His Old
. Quarters Ho Is Moved
His Pulse Promptly Re
sponds to the Attend
ing Excitement.
At 7 Last Night: Pulse, 104;
Temperature, 100; Res
piration, 20.
Tills Fovor Rapidly Abates, How
ever, and Ho Goes to
Sleep Karly.
Another Chapter in the History of the
Assasin—Oetting His Di
8 A. M.
ExECtmvß Mansion, July 23—S n. m.—
The President rested well during the night,
and no rigor or febrile disturbance has oc
curred since the bulletin of yesterday even
ing. This morning the Improvement of his
general condition Is distinctly perceptible,
lie appears refreshed by his night’s rest, and
expresses himself cheerfully as to bis condition,
Pulse, 03; temperature, P 9.1: respiration, 18.
I). W. Blips,
J. J. Woodward,
UouniT Urviil'ii.v,
Frank 11. Hamilton.
12:00 p. m.
Executive Mansion, JuIySS—J2:.TO p. m.—Tho
President boro tho dressing of his wound this
morning with less fatigue than hitherto. It ap
pears well, and Is discharging suillcluntly. Short
ly afterwards bis bed was rolled Into an adjoin
ing room, while that occupied till now Is being
thoroughly ctoansod and put In order. His
pulse Is now ill, temperature 08.5, respiration 19.
. I). W. Blips.
J. K. Bausrs,
FuankU. Hamilton.
Executive Mansion, July SB—7 p. m.—Tho
President passed a pleasant day, and has taken
bis nourishment with apparent relish. His tem
perature continued normal until 6 o'clock, when
a moderate afternoon rise occurred, which,
however, gives the patient but slight discomfort,
and causes no anxiety. At present bis pulse is
101, temperature 100, respiration 20.
Frank H. Hamilton,
1). W. Blips,
, . .1. K. Baunrs. . .
J.J. Woodward,
, Uourrt KevnimN,
11:30 I*. M.
Executtvb Mansion, July2B,ll:-T0 p. m.—
Tlio slight febrile rise which first became no
ticeable aboutSo’clock this afternoon reached
its maximum at the evening examination,
when the President’s pulse stood at KM and
temperature at 100.5. Soon after that time
both pulse and temperature began to fall,
and at the present hour the patient's fever
has nearly disappeared, and he Is resting
quietly. No reasons are assigned by tbo
attending surgeons for the reappearance of the
febrile symptoms after an Interval of more than
thirty-six hours of normal temperature. Tbo
circumstance, however, causes no particular
uneasiness, since tbo fever has almost subsided,
and a slight fever In the evening has been n
feature of tbo President’s ease every day except
yesterday for two weeks. The patient was
moved back to his owa room about 5 this after
Tbo President Is resting well at 13 o’clock. Tbo
fever bas subsided, and bis symptoms are again
of tbo most favoraDlo character. Secretary
Blaine bas Just sent an encouraging dispatch to
Minister Lowell. Postmaster-General James
bas sent a dispatch to Now York stating that,
after consultation with tbe physicians, bo is of
tbo opinion that tbe President is In a very good
condition, and that everything is of tbo most
encouraging character. Despite the slight rise
In tbo fever this afternoon, tbo President 1» la a
bettor condition than for some days.
Bptcial DtipaUS io ITU CAkaot Trtturu,
Washington, D.C., July 23.—The day open
ed at the Wlilto'Xlouse with stronger hope
and cheerfulness than any precedlngono. The
President slept as quietly and soundly as tho
night before, and awoke lu good spirits.
There was no fever through the night, and
none showed Itself until toward evening,
making nearly two days without fever. The
rise In pulse and temperature announced in
the? o'clock bulletin were found to have
been caused by the partial clogging of tho
drainage-tube. The washing of this at
the evening dressing restored tho flow
from the wound and caused the fever
to begin to decrease. The Presi
dent enters upon the night with
every promise of Its proving restful ami satis
factory. To-day It was decided that tbo Presi
dent oould readily boar being removed tempo
rarily to another room. Tbo surgeons dorflrod
to thoroughly purify tbo room be has occupied.
It waa thought best to remove oarpots and
.bangings and everything which oould absorb
any of tbo odors of tbo sick-room. Tbo Presi
dent was, therefore, rolled on bis bod Into an
other room. Tbo first ono waa then cleaned
with great thoroughness, and tbe oarpota and
aome heavy bangings wore not returned. Tbo
President was moved back to bta purified
quarters toward evening. Tbo day’s obango to
a different room waa a pleasant relief. Tbo old
room is better arranged to control tbe temper
ature. Tbo attendant# agree that tbo Presi
dent's countenance is daily changing for tbe
bettor, and shews clearly a progress toward a
besltby appearance. He bas also gained some
strength yesterday and to-day, Tbo attending
surgopns speak with Increased confidence and
hope. There have boon do indications, oltbor
yesterday or to-day, which have given them tbo
least additional concern. On tbe contrary, alt
signs have been favorable. They continue, of
course, to speak of tbo case as
a serious one, and one yet besot
with dangers, but, at tbe samo
time, they all say that each day Is adding to
their confidence. Dr, Hamilton telegraphed to
friends to-dsy that ho found the President look
ing better than at any time since tho shooting,
and that his condition was regarded as satis
factory. Cl
The following cablegram vraa sent by Booro
tary Blaine tonight;
■ "LoweUt &Uni*Ur, Londoni This afternoon
the President baa shown some Inoreaao In pulao
and temperature, but not sufficient to orcato
uneasiness on the part of bis physicians. At U
o'clock bo la resting very quietly.
-Daims, Secretary.”
To tkt WuUm Auo(UU4 Prm,
Wjsbuqxon* H. C, July sa.-Xhe rrestdent la
doing splendidly 10-dny. Ho has no fover, and
the surgeons now consider his fever broken for
good. Tho wound continues to drain thorough
ly. Ho has a good appetite, and bis foodxllgcsts.
arrived from Now York this morning, and at
noon ho said tho .President was Improving as
fast as possible.
Secretary Kirkwood said, at half-past 1 o'clock
this afternoon, that bis Information was that tho
President was decidedly bolter than at anv time
since bo was shot. Tho Secretory said tho busi
ness of tho interior Department bad not been
Interfered with by tho Injury to tho President,
exocut In tho mutter of appointments, and that
there were few which required tho President's
approval. In a fow Instances the persons whom
tho Department thought ought to go out of
olllco bad to hold On to tholr positions, but none
ot those wero important, and, upon tho whole,
tho Injury to tho President ban not retarded or
disorganised tho working ot the Department.
there aro twelve appointments as Postmasters
waiting for tho President's action, and, except
this, the Injury to tho President has not Inter
fered with tho regular business of tho Post-
Ofllco Department.
Nrw Yoiik, July 38.—The Brooklyn Eagle
prints to-day the story of the proceedings in
tho action brought in the Kings County Su
premo Court. In tho fall of 187JJ, by Annie J.
Guiteau against the now notorious Charles
J. Guiteau for absolute divorce 'on the
ground of infidelity. The case was referred
to Levi A. fuller as referee to take testi
mony, and the report and case came on for
hearing in January, 1874. Mrs. Guiteau pro
duced but three witnesses, and one of those
was her husband, who, it appears, volun
tarily attended, lie testified that he was tier
husband, and had resided in Now York Stale
for more than a year, which, ns the law then
stood, was all that lie could testify in a
divorce case to which lie was a party.
The third witness was the principal
one, and her appearance would Indicate that
Guiteau helped to prove tho ease against him
self." This witness was Clara Jennings, of Twcn
ty-flrat street. Bbo testified that sbo bad known
Ouitcuu since the previous August, and that tho
charges of infidelity against him were true. It
Is believed that
and It la said bo first informed his wife of bis In
fidelity, and gave her tho necessary information
to enable her to secure a divorce. Ho put in no
defense. Tho referee reported In favor of tho
plaintiff, and, on tho 4lb of April following, a
motion was made before Justice Print to confirm
the report of the referee, and between that date
and tho 11th of the same month the Jndgo
handed down a decision confirming tho report
and signing a dccrco of divorce. In the fall of
187 U, when tho divorce proceedings wore In prog
ress, and while Omtcau was carrying on bis
liaison with Clara Jennings, bo was frequenting
the rooms of
usd bl 9 name Is ou tbo books of that Institution
as u visitor. Ho was also a member of the Cal
vary Baptist Church, and attended the religious
sorviccsof that cburcb. After tbo divorce was
grunted Gultcau was cited to appear before tbo
Committee on Discipline of tbo Cburcb. and
when bo appeared bo confessed bis Immoralities
and professed penitence, but the Committee bad
•no fulth In bis professions, and expelled blm
from tbo cburcb.
7 r. m.
-A Balloon-Story with Names and Fig*
tires Which Aid lu Disproving Its
Special DUvatth to TIM PMeaeo TVieuiw,
Krokdk, la., July 23.—A farmer named
Bcbenck, living near Moropbls, Mo., found lu bis
curn-Qotd yesterday a bottle containing papers
• wblcb proved to have been dropped from tbo
balloon which left Milwaukee, Win., on tbe
evening of July2s. Tno letter was signed Itobcrt
L. Ulco, directed to bis father, G. 8. Uico, No. 240
State street, Chicago, and dated 11:15 p. m. July
20. Tbo letter stated that tbo balloon was la a
gale, uncontrollable, aud going In a northwest
erly direction; that it was partially destroyed;
that bo was In great distress, end did not expect
to sco them again. Tbo bottlo also contained a
letter lu short-hand and a lock of balr.
A reporter called during tbo evening upon Mr.
Oerrlt 8. Ulco, a Professor of Music having bis
office at tbe address mentioned, wbo Informed
blm that be bad received during tbo afternoon a
telegram containing substantially tbe state
ments given in tbo above dlspatcb. Tbe Pro
fessor staled that there must bo u mistake some
where, ns bo was nut acquainted with anybody
named Hubert L. Ulco, wbo certainly was not a
son of bis. Tbo Professor added that bis oldest
boy was 7 rears old. bad never developed any
taste lu the direction of aeronautics, aud
at tbo time tbo Interview occurred
was probably sleeping soundly at bis homo In
Englewood. Tbo Professor and tbo reporter be
tween them came to tbe conclusion that the
whole affair was a lame attempt at a practical
joke,—an opinion In wblob all who read tbe tele
gram and learn tbo subsequent local develop
ments will probably concur.
The Infernal machines Were made In
Peoria, and a Reporter Has a Bland>
ing Invitation to Nee Hotv they Work.
pEoniA, 111., July 28.—1. J. Van Marter, city
editor of tbe Auffonol Democrat , staled to on
Associated Press reporter to-day that be bad
discovered that tbe infernal machines recently
received In London were manufactured In this
city. A Director of tbo Association of United
Irishmen lives bura, and Is supposed to know all
about tbe mutter. There were ten of tbo ma
chines made hero and shipped to Now York,
wbero they wore loaded with dynamite and then
shipped to linden. Tbo manufactory is on
Bomb Washington street. Tbo reporter has
been invited by one of tbe interested parties to
witness an exhibition of tbo destructive powers
of tbo machine. Tbo trial will be made In Toze
yoll County, wltblu a mile of tbe city.
Special Dirpateh to Tht CMtepo Trituns,
Kansas City, July 28.—Tbo smelting-works
wore formally dedicated to-day, and will begin
active operations at once. Tbe works are very
extensive and complete In every particular for
refining as well as smelting gold and silver ore.
An underground tunnel 2,000 feet In longtb will
communicate with an Immense oblmneyon »
bill-top near tbe works, and will carry tbo smoke
and poisonous fumes of tbe works far above tbo
town,—a novel and most Important feature.'
About IDO men will be employed, and ore Is al
ready coming In In large quantities from Color
ado and Now Mexico. •
gptcial Dttpalth to TJM CMeaeo TYituns,
SpmNavißi.u, 111., July’2B.— The Secretary of
State to-day Issued license to orgsnlzo to tbe
Tolu, Hock, and Hyo Company, Chicago: capital,
*500,000; corporators, O. B. Busb, H. O. Law
rence, M,T, Martin, Albert Hankins, Fred B.
A certificate of organization was filed by tbe
Aoudomy of St. Teresa, of Decatur.
Tbe ifarnum & Hlcbardson Manufacturing
Company, Chicago, gives notice that itbss In
creased Its capital stock to *21X1,000. , „ ,
Tbo Auditor to-day registered 18,160 of Cairo
city bonds,
St. Louis, Mo., July 88,-Jobn T. Corbett, a
boater at ilolmbacber’s Forgo, wout home from
bis work at 8:00 o’clock tbls morning, and, after
uudrosswg for bed, took bis revolver, and in
spite of tbe pleadings and pbyslool effort* of pis
wife, blew bla brains out. Ho bad frequently
threatened to commit suicide, but no special
reason for bl» act U known at present*
Sr. Pauu July 28,—Mrs. George W. Turner, an
Insane woman, aged 48, suicided this morning la
a pond on Mayor liloe s premises.
TnoTi V.« July SB.—McLean, arretted In Al*
bany yesterday on a chart* of threatening to
shoot Gov. Cornell, left Wbltoball this week oa
ho told, M to took tbo sunken troasurea of t’apu
Kidd." UoLean, who Is insane, saysi" We have
too many Governors." He has several docu
ments from the Pension Oftloe, and claim* the
British Government owes him $15,000, tbo
United tttiuentinvernmwt flunk
5» r
. o* i
f ■
Leading Bourbons of Ohio Hold
a Love-Feast at To
Discussion of the Methods to Bo Em**
ployed in the Fall Cam
Letter of tho Committee Notifying
Bookwalter of His Nomina
A Long and Rambling Reply by the
Buckeye Democratic Money-
Illinois Prohibitionists Preparing for Tbeif*
State Convention in Sep
iiounnoNs ix council.
Special VUpateh to m Chicago Tribune,
Toi.edo,o.,'uly 28.—“ Well, tho boys gave,
themselves away badly to-day,” remarked s I
Democratic sago In front of tho Ooody House '
this evening. “HowsoV” asked Tits Tribune
representative, who was around about that timo
gleaning straws of Information from tho Hold.
“Why, in that morning mooting. If they >
did not think they could curry tho
State, they did not need to advertise tho foot so
thoroughly as they did up la that room.” Thb
above very well describes tho situation
this evening after the conference la over.
Tho chloftuloa came to tho city from
tho different sections of tho Btato with high
hopes of great results from their session, but In
that connection they board somo statements
which cast a damper over the spirits of tno pro
ceedings, and it is safe to say that they went
away with a fardlffcront feeling from wbutthoy
bad when they came boro. It was understood
among those most Interested that tho confer
ence held bore to-day was an adjourned moot
ing of the State Central and Executive Commit
tees from the State Convention of Juno 111,
However, the following call was circulated a few
••CoMTMnus, 0., July SO, 1881.—Dear Sin: Tho
Democratic State, Central, and Exccutlxe Com
mittees, the nominees on tho State ticket, and
prominent members of the party from various
portions of tho State meet at Toledo on tho 88th
of the present month for the purpose of con
sultation. You aro respectfully Invited to bo
present. The proposed meeting is not known to
the public, and Ills desirable that for tho pres
ent It shall be known to our friends only. Very
truly, Clark Civine, Chairman.
•‘George U. Oaket, Secretary.”
In response to tbo above tbo leaders from tbo
dilforcnt sections of tbo State began gathering ■>
last nlgbt and this morning, until tbo Boody
House register was found to contain tbo follow
ing unmus: Tbo Hon. Gcorgo H. Pendleton, J.
Kdwln Spear, formerly of tbo Cincinnati £n
qulrrr and Temporary Chairman of tbo Stato
Convention: Bruut Arnold, Cincinnati: Ed
Q. Howell. Cincinnati: Lewis G. Bernard, Cin
cinnati; 11. I'. Clougb, Middletown: W. S.
Forrest, Cincinnati: John W. Bookwalter, nomi
nee for Governor: Gcorgo Spoace. Springfield;
John G. Horen and D. Perrins, Dayton; F«.
Trump, D.T. West, and W. L.- O'Brien, Spring-
Held: tbo Hon. Silas -Wright, L'cvtttcri A,
Kramer, Oak Harbor: D. Nelby. I. T.
Moore and M. Kary. Cincinnati: 11. W, Olshoo'
.andC.O. Coucd, Middletown; .1. it Marshal and
J. L. Meek, Hillsboro: tbo Hon. K. F. Illug
bum and John 0. Thompson. Colum
bus; T. Q. McCreary, Mansfield; J.
M. Pattlson, Cincinnati; Allen O. Myers,
Columbus: Chester W. Constantine. Springfield;
G. P. Tyler, Columbus; Clark Irvine, Mt. Ver
non; Gcorgo U. Okcy, Columbus: F. J. Godfrey,
and A. P. J. Snyder. Colimi; Isaiah Pllllarls.Llua:
F. J. Dougherty, Kenton: J. F. McKinley, and
,0. T. Eloy, Plquu: D.,W. 11. J.Owens, Columbus;
F. D. Lotson, Kenton; Elmer White; Capt.*Joba
Crowe, aud Ocn. Hill, DoUauco. A general meet
ing was arranged fur, to take place la
tbo morning, and at It):UU o'clock the members
of tbo Committee ond visitors assembled In a
reception room of tbe Uoody, There were also
a number of local politicians present, although
the absence of Frank Hurd and several other
local statesmen was quite conspicuous. Tho
meeting was culled to order by JbhuU. Thomp
son, who stated that tbo object of this gathering
was u free and full consultation ou matters of
pulley for tbe coming campaign, and that every
one present should foul free to express bis
views, it was noticeable that tho candi
dates were all present except Johnson for
Lieutenant-Governor, and the calling of tho
roll showed that tbo districts wore nil repre
sented on tbo Central Committee either In per
son or by proxy. Tbe meeting, It should bo
stated, was a sort of somi-prlvuto one, but tbo
members of tbo press present, Including Tub
Tut hunk’s representative, were allowed to re
main,—a piece of courtesy tbo Democracy could
111-nuord. considering tbe shocking statements
made during tho progress of tbe meeting. _
Tbo llrst speaker called on was Senator Q. 11.
Pendleton, of Cincinnati, who said that bo bad
no especial views to submit us to tbe oouduet of
tbe campaign. Ho generally was content to
belp tho lighting rather tbuu the planning. Ho
was very glad to see such a large attendance,
and all At snub good spirits. It certainly wits mi
omen of success. Tbo speaker said that be bud
boon out of the Btntuu great deal of late, but
bad generally found much enthusiasm In tho
Democratic cause. One great danger now was
lu ovcrcanUdeuco In success, but a service of
great strength would be In tbo character
and wisdom of our local organizations, and in
nominating good, true, and bouorublo men
for tbo local olllccs.
Judge Bingham, candidate for tbe Supremo
Bench, was then called out, and said that bo
might add ouu other point, and that was tho
necessity of a thorough organization and tbo
Importance of bringing all Democrats out to
tbo mills. This Is an o(f year, and
It Is not likely that there will be so much en
thusiasm ana excitement In tbo Hepubllcaa
ranks as there was last year, which was then
largely aided by tbo use of money, etc. Then
there are the disaffection! lu tbe party of tbo
State ou account of tbo prohibition question,
and outside by reason of the National schism at
Washington. Tho Democratic plan undoubted
ly was a (inlet campaign, and to get lu solid
work without any excitement which would tend
to force tbo Hcpubllcan forces. There will
probably bo some meetings necessary, but they
eau generally bo arranged for by tbo local com
mittees. ,
Mr. Bpeer, tho Temporary, Choirman of the
Columbus Convention, was culled to bis foot, and
said that tbe campolgnwas la tbo bands of a
youthful and vigorous committee, and be
thought nil question of policy should bo loft
to tourn. Mr, Bpeor' alluded to tbo - three
strong planks of tbo plntform.-vlx.: Olvll
service reform, prison labor, and also tbe In
timidation of voters by employers and moneyed
men generally. Tbo Hopubllean party seems to
bold the money-bugs, and • the growth
of corporate power meanwhile hna
been Immense and . prominently , danger
ous. “ Lot not tbe . inttoenoo brought
to boar on tbo workingmen last year, on the
theory that tbo factories would all be closed If
tho workingmen did not veto tbe Uepublioan
ticket, etc., bo repeated this year, We must not
allow tbe Hepuullcans to* select the battle
ground. Wo must force tbo lighting right from
tt Mr. > Bpear’s remarks were warmly applauded,
and Gen. Andrews, of Auglaize, was then called
fur. Oou. Andrews said that be did not believe
that tbe party should bo Incumbered by
national questions, but there should bo an act
ive guerrilla warfare la all the coun
ties. The speaker said that It must
nut be concealed that tbe Democratic party
would have a very serious element to contend
with In tbe movement of sympathy and support
that would bo extended to President GarUoldia
ibla; attempt made to take bis life*
Ttto “iiV W»> *ll n«trt aooiwv
Sut to ass tbo people of tbo
to TbJ r Uon. John L. Vanco, of OalUpolis. was
next Introduced as representing tbe mining
region, and proceeded to '.ton the meet- »
Ing tbo great - trouble • . which they
bud to contend with la . bis section
ol tbe State, and that was tbe importation of \
negro voters by tbo hundreds and thousands •
from West Virginia by half a dozen or more
steamers, which - landed tnetn but year
ut Galllpolls and other point*. Tbo spook
or told tbo Committee plainly that,
unless there; was a thorough organ
isation In every county and township, •
tboyoould not hope to carry tbe State. With
tbls organisation there might bo some hope.
Mr, Frank O. Dougherty, of Canton, candi
date for Attorney-General, was called ;
out, and made a . few remarks for j
the good of the Order, in • which j
be called tho attention of the mooting to th*-»
senous dissensions in tbo UepobUoan party 00/
tho PreiUbiaoDgunUoa* Uwvweri Kimhooves./

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