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Fiendish Attempt to Wreck a
passenger Train Near
Warren, 111.
true Enfflno nnd Several Cars
Derailed, but No Ono
, NflW and Novel Phase In the
Hunt for the Wisconsin
fluted Indian Senate and Thirty Blood
hounds to Join in tho
Dot. Crlltondon Offers Howards for Iho
Arrest of the Missouri
rtanotors Attack and Bob a Man In
Lo Oiairo, la., of a Lareo-
gpttlal Dttpaleh la me CMeaoo TYttune.
n . ir>A in., July 23.—Tho puMouoor-lrnln
.Sch left tin. city ot 11:55 Inst evening mot
.lib ira ncclilont just thissideot Wnrrcn, caused
w tho mlsplaclnK of a switch by sumo unknown
mesons. Tho cnelno, louder, mall-oar, bnitnaito-
Eich and amoslnit-cnr ran olt tho track, and
b |jt tho Inst nomad oar worn completely
turned over. Slrnairo to relate, no ono wna In
jured ollhouah tho train was runnhw nt a high
nlo of speed nt tho tlmo. The onglnoornnd
SSmnn escaped hr Jumping from tho eah. Tho
iiMsmia Central and tbo Mineral Point
tracks* wero torn for a .consldoroblo dis
tance. Passengers and Doggago on tho oast
ud west bound trains wero transferred at War
frnthls morning, causing considerable delay.
The wreck has boon cleared and tho track re
iKtmd trains will hereafter run ns usua .
X short tlmo ago an attempt was made to wreck
an Illinois Central passenger-train by tho tin
follclng of a switch tbls side of Council 11111. An
•wfiilnccldout was averted by tho timely dls
covory of tho plot by n trflek watchman, who ro-
Saced the switch Just in tlmo for tho train,
which came thundering along on a dowu-gntdo
itthorateof thirty mhos an hour* Elfortsaro
being made to ferret out tho guilty parties.
Special DitpaUh to The Chicago TVdm ru.
Bt.Paul, Minn., July 28,—A sonsatlonat dis
patch was published boro this afternoon that ox-
Ebcrlff Doolittle and two companions had boon
killed by tbo Williams brothers la tho Eau Gallo
woods. It came from Lake City. Mian., anoint
remote from the econo, and was not credited.
Dispatches this evening to tho Plonecr-Preu
from Mcnomonlo say Sheriff Doolittle sends
word that tbo Williams brothers wore
seen yesterday, and says tbo report
of Doolittle's death is a falsehood.
Tbo hunt continues with Intensified interest.
Ibo Ludiogton Guards, light cavalry, sixty-four
strong, and a posse of some 200 In tbo field, have
been reinforced by Uuffalo Charlie, a noted
Indian scout under Custer and Miles, who re
ports that Yellowstone Kelley Is coming to Join
blm, with six or seven other scouts oncT a pock
of bloodhounds. Those will probably arrive to
morrow. and will bo forwarded to the front at
once. Tbo murderers wore soon again yester
day by Col. Doolittle, and the scouts and bounds
will tako tbo trail whore they were last soon as
soon os they are all armed at tho front.
6t. Louis. Mo., July 38.—Gov, Crittenden issued
too following proclamation, which will ho pub
llsbcd throughout tbo State and 15,000 copies
printed for general distribution:
State or Missouri, Executive Dkpart-
Next— Whereas, It has been mndo known to mo,
as Governor of tho State of Missouri, that cer
tain parties, whoso names are to me
unknown, confederated and banded them
selves together for tbo purpose of
committing robberies and other depreda
tions within this State: and whereas, said
pirtiesdld, onornboutthoHtbday of October,
■ 1878. stop n train near Glendale, In tho County ot
Jsckson, la said State, and with force and vio
lence look, stole, and carried away tbo money
and other express; and whereas, on the 15th
day of July, 1881, said parties and their confed
erates did stop a train upon tbo lino of tbo
Chicago, llock Island & Pacific Bnllrond
Company, near Winston, In tho County
of Da«-lcs, in this Stole, and witn
,force and violence take, steal, and carry away
the money and other express matter being car
ried thereon; and whereas, perpetrating tho rob
bery Inst aforesaid, tbo parties engaged tnoroln
did kill and murder one William Westfall, con
ductor of tho train aforesaid, together with one
John McCullough, who was at tbo time
in the employ of said Company,
then on sold train; and whereas, Frank James
and Jcmo James stand Indicted In tho Circuit
Court of Davies County, In tho State aforesaid,
for tho murder of John W. Sheets: and whcrc
•as.too parties engaged In tho robberies and
■mufflers aforesaid, and each of them, have lied
urom Justice, and bavo tfbseomlod and secreted
themselves; now, therefore, in consideration of
the premises, and In lieu of nil other rewards
mcretoioro offered for tho arrest or conviction
or the parties aforesaid, or either ot them, by
f n J , .t )Cr or corporations, I, Thomas T. Crit
tenden, Governor of tho State of Missouri, do
hereby offer a reward ot $5,000 for tbo arrest
isnn conviction ot each person participating la
either robberies or murders aforesaid, except
[tng tho said !■ nink and Jesse W. James, and for
\i°. y u? 1 ? ntl delivery of said Frank James and
•,i fimea * and each or either of them, to
iff fehcr,ff of B| dd Daviess County. I hereby
’”*s, ■ reward of $5,000, and for the
cither parties lost aforesaid
or participating In either of tbo murders or rob
i?£ le *°tavo mentioned, 1 hereby offer nfurtbor
rewarn or 15,000.
h.nV c t t l lliniiy whereof, I have hereunto sot my
tt , el^o^™ , sn«„i;i! ,o “ lniod ' ho BreatB0 “ l ot
Jofforaon » thla SBth day of
Tiiosus T. Crittenden, Governor.
Michael K. McGrath, Secretary of State.
Spwlal DUpalch to 7U Chicago Tribuno.
Topeka, Has., July 28.—Gov. St. John was to
“‘vised of a serious disturbance in lukn,
, county.scat of Pratt Couuty. Borne tlmo
. «iS?. CoUaty votcd In bonds in aid of
nctuious railroad enterprise, and tbo bonds
vero j n Escrow with tbo fiscal agent of
JS b if t o to Now York City, and, fearing that
of Counl F Commissioners would
llcntesand take such other stops as
«aate 0 f nthod ? orfortho BnlooC tho bonds,
IwrtM &®° of B °vcnty to 100 settlors arc re
!Md *rl?..n.V c .l! , “ r^ Uod u ,p°, n tbo Town of luka
0 Commissioners and several
!Pri»onS?lf?i y oillcers, who are now being bold ns
ibli n r ® v °nt burdening tbo county with
«oboiSto d (?. btuutdlUo VftUdlty of tbo oouds
icJL.m?* ,T * lly Sheriff of Laolodo
i MOUrt ’ WBB horo to *doy, bnvlnsr lo
wiifhmf 4 * °J? a loUor ,rora 0 gentleman, whoso
■Mrtv l» y h 0 VoUcho3 tor, stating that a
•&en w!„ ®° von well armed and mounted
CwntrMn Bo ,° n . *J* ttilloa from Plato, Texas
l »Diwor’iL o,, i uat . Ihursday night, w no fully
Thnv ßor,p ’ Jor I tfa o Winston train
'hountnin w^ re ‘WWoUnir toward tho Iron
•ffim y ! Sffe d 2J lud too writer of tho letter
#«no .Ww 8 tooy, will bo Heard from at
Uca SviiS? lbut roa(l * ilfl llroad officials have
hivS 1 to TJn CMtago Tritons
* u nin!*°! tT ' Julyßß.— l The garrolor'sgomo
ii P ? successfully at Lo Olalro, twelve
too .river, between 3 and 8 o’clock this
<ef , A ! JOrt 8n °w, night watchman in ono
w?Jf®® opi,d tor coaling two
■th« bom. *l , h 00n th e way to bla offioo after
'^wanip,i?o.fi o s ol 2. owaß met by a stranger,
.this set shako hones with him. While In
trora behimi “ I>, hp. a confederate sneaked up
slwUdbim .Sti I !®* Bdow by too throat, and
bockou no was unconscious. Bnow’S
wore then rilled of their contents.
I u n ‘ ra “ cw w*™*
Jul >' a-Tb«ro l> talk
Hike ci7£if cto Ctt,( fwcU (colored), who stabbed
B,a tanctan ii«- b .^. olnan 00 too Bt. Louts ft
day, and is being tried to-night.
“mcm J * Tu oucm mimu.
104 , J V l)r sB -—W. J. Clark, who .bot
S*‘»ur trill 1>ro “» bt “P tQr P>—
to4n l^ lr ,0 him on a charge of
• nior , bla counsel waived examination.
fob triad.
to n. CUM* Traiuu.
“'"‘‘t July nB.-D«onre McCoy,
Eackjoy, WU brougbt below
Justice Jamieson to-dnyond sent to Jail to await
trial nt Iho Circuit Court, lie appears to ropont
nltf crime. HacKiojr in improving raaldly.
Bt. Louis, Mo., July 29.—Emmet Jones, tho
negro who shot and killed Anlolno Valle, a deck
hand on tho steamer Lady Loo on tho loth Inst.,
was captured nt Ilraldwood, til., yesterday, and
brought hero to-day and lodged in jail.
Memphis, Tcnn., July 28.—A rosplt of thirty
days has been granted by Gov. Hawkins to
Andrew Banders, who was to bang to-morrow nt
Covington, Toon.
Spiunopirld, Mass., July 29.—Bonbon It. Cad
wolt, a town pnupor of Wllbrnhnm, was killed
by Morris Monahan. Tbo tnurdoror was ar
Orncß or tub Cmur Signal Officer,
Washington, D.C., July 20—1 n. ra.—Tho Chief
Blgna) Olficor furnishes tbo following special
Tho barometer is highest In tbo Mississippi
Valley and lowest in tbo extremo Northwest.
Tbo temperature remained nearly rflnllonnry
during tho past twenty-four hours In tho West
Gulf States, and all districts cast of tbo Missis
sippi. Tho following temperatures were re
ported from stations on tbo Northern frontier:
Knstport, 65; Burlington, Cl; Quebec, fill; Mon
treal, 61; Alpono, U 5; Duluth, 75. Local rains
wero reported from tbo eastern portion of tho
.Obln Valley and from Florida. Northerly winds
continue in tbo Ohio Valley, Tennessee,
and tbo East Gulf States, and east
erly winds In tho South Atlantic
States. Tho winds In tbo Lower Lako region
have shifted to northerly, and hi New England
to easterly. Indications aro that slightly warmer
woatbor will prevail In tho Upper Lake region,
Tennessee, tbo oast Gulf Slates, tbo Upper Mis
sissippi, ana tbo western portion of tbo Ohio
Valley to-day and to-morrow.
For Tennessee and tbo Ohio Valley and Lower
Lako region fair woatbor, winds mostly norther
ly, stationary barometer, and stationary or
higher temperature.
For tbo Upper Lako region and Upper Missis
sippi Valley warmer, fair went her, variable
winds, stationary or lower barometer.
For tho Lower Missouri Valloy warmer, fair
woatbor, southerly winds, and lowor barometer.
CDIOAOO. July 28-10:19 p. m.
Timr. liar 9 Thtr, llu tftml. Vtl It’n. Wtnthrr
C:lSa.nL 91).(K3 07.0 «T N.W.! ”5 iw Clear. "
10:18 a. m. 50.100 ru.S n> N 8 ...Clear.
3:18p. m. i«).OSI 71.0 93 N. K... 0 .00 Clear.
OsWn, ra. 90.1153 71.1 44 N. K... 7 ... Iliuo.
10:18|>. m. JO.OM BM <a N.W... a .00 Clour.
•Barometer corrected for temperature, olqtqUoq.
and Instrumental error.
Moan l)»romotor.!i'.o7l.'!i
Moan thermometer. Cis.
Mean humidity. 61.7. _ _
Highest tompomturo.m2.
Lowesttemporaturo. (U. 4.
"• CiiiQAOO. July 28—10:18 p. m.
Stations. Vlms' wmi IFlnd. fl'n irtAr.
p. m. p.m. '
Albany.... 78 tn W... Light.. 0 Clear.
Alpena. 81 (15 N.W. Fresh.. 0 Clear.
Uuffalo 71 05 N.K. Gentle. 0 Clear.
Cairo w 70 R.. Light.. u Clear.
Cheyenne. at IB H.W. bread.. U Clear.
Chicag0......... 71 (l) N.W. Light.. o Clear.
Cincinnati 81 74 N.... Gentle. 0 Clear.
Cleveland 71 70 N.... treat!.. U Clear.
Davenport Rl 71 N.... Light.. i Clear.
Denver.......... at 74 Calm... 0 Clear.
DeeMolnoe.... Ki 7U N.W. Light . 0 Clear.
Detr0it......... TU (H N.... Uriah... 0 Clear.
Uod«e City..... 74 70 S.K.. Kreah.. 0 Clear.
Dubuque.. 81 ...... ......
Dumtn 84 75 W... Kreah.. u Clear.
Kno 73 03 N.... Fresh.. U Clear.
Escanabo. 75 01 Clear... 0 Clear.
Kortllerry 80 70 8.... Froth.. 0 Kmoko
KortGlbaon.... 80 74 K.... Kreah.. 0 Clear.
Grand Haven., on at N.W. Gentle, o C ear.
Indiannpoila.... at 0J N.... Gentle, o C ear.
Keokuk Kl 74 N.rt. Light . 0 C oar.
La Crease 70 70 H.W. Gentle. U C ear.
Leavenworth.. Kl 73 K..„ Light.. 0 C ear.
Louisville Kl 74 N,... Light.. U C ear.
Marquette 71 09 W... Kreah.. 0 C oar.
Memphis........ HI 75 Calm... I) C car.
Milwaukee 74 07 B.W. Light... 0 C oar.
Noabvlllo 87 75 N.W. Light.. U C ear.
North Platte... 70 IU 8.8.. Brisk... a C oar.
0maha.......... 83 75 b.E.. Gentle. 0 C'dy.
IU 07 Calm... U C ear.
Plttaourg....... UJ ill N.K.. Gentle. .34 C 'dy.
Port Huron.... (U lit) N.W. Fresh.. u C ear.
Rochester...... 71 01 N.... Light.. 0 C ear.
bonausky....... 70 71 N.,.. Urlsk... 0 C oar.
bhrovooort.,.. .09 83 K.... Fresh;. 0 C oar.
bprlngheid...... Hi 73 N,... Fresh.. U C ear.
HtLoms.. 84 75 N.... Fresh.. 0 C our.
BtPaul HJ (M ...... Calm... U C oar.
Toledo... tv 70 N.K.. Gentle. 0 C ear,
Vicksburg 1C ?j ...... Calm... 0 C oar.
Yankton 73 70 H. E. Fresh.. 0 C pur.
Bismarck....... 69 73 b. K.. Fresh.. 0 C oar.
Goodwood. bo nr ».w. Light.. o c oar.
Ku Uufonl UO 80 8.... Fresh.. 0 Fair.
Ft Custer. Ui 89 9.R.. Frosh.. 0 C ear.
Galveston...... 110 85 Calm... 0 C oar.
Moorhead 81 70 8... Fresh.. 0 Fair.
Port Ends 85 83 N.... Gentle. 0 C oar.
ban Antonio... W Rl N.K.. Gentle. 0 C oar.
HL Vincent.... 80 m b.H.. Brisk... 0 C ear.
Huron.Dak.... 78 00 b.K.. Fresh.. 0 Fair.
ST. jr"
N. D..
rains nro seriously Inter*
of tho fnrmor*
,/omr, n. b.
St. Join?, . B.i July 28.—Heavy and Ions?
contlnuod rains aro seriously Interfering with
the work of tbo farmers. Groat dam
age is threatened. Tbo crop, much of
which Is already out, is waiting to ho cured. The
rains made considerable of a freshet in tbo
Mlrnmicbl. and tbo northwest boom gave away,
sending adrift some 5,000,000 feet of lumber. It
Is expected all will bo scoured. Tbo weather
cleared off boro this afternoon, after an almost
steady rain for forty-eight hours.
Special DUpatth to Tht Chicago 3MAUM.
New Yomt, July 28.—Toraporaturo at 8:1)0 p.
in.; 80; 6 p.m., 75; op.m*7l; 12 m., 70. Aver
age temperature, 71S; average temperature for
corresponding dote lost year, 67fi. .
Uninteresting Testimony Taken Yes
terday ISoforo the Investigating Com
Ban Francisco, July 28.—1 n tbo mint Investi
gation to-day O. p. Munson, Assayor at tbo
Mint, testified as to tbo manner affairs In bis
department wero conducted, and tbo codo of
operating upon precious metals. He stated that
gold and silver bad to bo DUO One to ronko
good coins, and that alloys bad to bo rollnod be
fore they could bo advantageously used. Ho
acknowledged that bullion bad boon received
from the Northern Bello mine loss than TOO
flno, but ho bad not received It himself, tho
meltor or roflnor having charge of tbo re
ceiving department. Had bo boon in tho place
of tbo moltor and rollncr bo would have
received such bullion, but would bavo rellnod It.
Tbo prosecution tailed to find anything showing
irrogularlcs In tbo witness* department.
Edward F. Oaves, Abstract Clerk, testified
that bo bad to record transactions botwoon de
positors and tbo Superintendent of tbo Mint.
Tho Government made into coin only tbo bull
ion bought for that purpose. AU other bullion
was rodnod for private parties.
Thomas McCuloy swore that bullion under 700
flno was run Into ingots to save charges,'and
when loss occurred bo supposed the Govern
ment would bavo to stand It. Tbo mint bad
boon working Northern Bella bullion aoout four
years, a considerable portion of which bad to
bo worked over In tbo mint, as It ran better boon
700 and 800 now, and was too brittle for coinage.
There is wasting over)* tlmo bullion la welted,
wblcb affects the expenses of the mint*
Adjourned till Monday next. «
Strange Players,
Charles Mathews, tho older, though ho did not
Incur the loss of a limb, was thrown from his
carriage and lamed, for life. When ho was
enabled to return to tho stage, bo reappeared
leaning upon a crutch stick and personating a
lame harlequin In a oomlo extravaganza, en
titled, “Hocus Focus, or-Harlequin Washed
White," designed especially' for ale ro-Intro
duction to the public. Borne few year*
since Signor Donato, a ono-logged dancer, ap
peared m the ooursa of a Covont Garden panto
mime, and surprised the audience by thograoo
and agility no displayed, bis mutilated state not
withstanding. He wore tho dress of a Bpanlsh
bull-lighter, and to the stump uf bla log a
tassel was affixed, so that it resembled some
what an old-fashioned sofa cushion. In bla
“ liotrospeotlons of the Btage" Mr. Dornartl
describes a veteran manager, who, though bent
with ago and atUlotod with gout In all bis mem- •
bora, boligbted to represent tho heroes of light
oomody. He was unable to walk or even stand,
and throughout the performance had to remain
seated In bla easy chair, bis \luwer limns
swathed In flannels, and to bo wheeled
on and off the stage as tbs circum
stance of the play required. Ho endeav
ored to ouropensnle for those drawbacks by tak
ing largo pinches of snuff very frequently, and
by energetically waving In the air a largo and
dingy pooket-nandkerobtot. In this way be
would represent such characters as Flume, the
vivacious boro of Farqubar’s “Recruiting Offi
cer." to audiences that were certainly Indulgent
and tolerant If they wore not enthusiastic.
■ Oneof Ur. GeorgeVaadenhotTs “Dramatic
Reminiscences” relates teaooo-armod trage
dian bo encountered In 1840 on the stage of the
Leicester Theatre. The poor man’s loft arm, It
seems, “ had been accidentally shot off," never
theless bo appeared as iciltua, as Ftrorro, and as
Hanouo, concealing bis deHeleooy now with his
toga, now wltn bis mantle, and now with bis
plaid. Mr. Vandeuhoff writes: ’*l had really
. not noticed the poor fellow’s mutilation, though
I hud observed that ho seemed rather
ono-sidod In his action, till I played
Othello to his logo; and then what was my hor
ror, on seizing him In tho third sot, toll ndtbst
1 bad got hold of an armless sleeve stuffed out
In mockery of flesh, for be did not wear a oork
arml 1 wax almost struck dumb, and U was only
J>3 astrongolost-that l recovered mvanlf aut
flclontly to go on with tho text. Poor follow!
ho was n remarkably sensible mnn mul (rood
reader: Imtof course ho could never rise in his
profession with only onn arm." Art might
imva helped him. however, mi It helped
Iho Into M. linger, tho admired French tenor,
to a mechanical hand when by tho occidental
bursting of hli gun his own natural right hand
was so ahntterod that Immediate amputation
nbovo tho wrist became absolutely necessary.
By touching certain springs with tho left lingers
the artificial right hand performed several use
ful functions, opened nnd closed, help n pen or
paper, grasped nnnovun drew a sword from Its
sheath. Those uninformed on tho subject
might hnvn witnessed tho performances of
tho original John n/ lirinlm in .Meyerbeer's
"Prophcto” nnd novor have suspected tbo loss
he hud sustained.
In Anthony Pnsnuin'a Llfo of Edwin, tho
comedian, there Is an account of a "barn-door
actor,” boasting tbo sirnngo mitno of Gemca,
who having lost nn eye wore a glass aubstltule.
nnd was further troubled In that bo had boon
deprived of tho use of his left arm, which, par
alyzed and withered, hung down uselessly nt his
side. Nevertheless ho contrived to play
Itlcbant the Thtnl occasionally, when
ho endeavored to keep his hunn
limb out of tho way tucked under
his cloak behind him. Bur ns ho
stulkod about and spoke his speeches, tho pend
ant arm shifted Its position, enmo Into sight,
swung forward nnd Incommoded him greatly, to
ho "instantly nnd unkindly slapped buck Into
its hlneo by tho right hand.” Throughout tho
performance, indeed, his right band was round
to ho constantly engaged in keeping his left hi
order,—tbo spectators, meantime, greeting with
laughter and applause this curious comluet on
tho part of tho strangest /{fr/mnitbai could over
have been soon upon tho stage.
Tho alarm from Box 67 nt 8:05 last evening was
caused by tho discovery of lire ou tho lirst lloor
of a three-story brick building nt No. 455 Slate
street, occupied by Alexander Wolnburg us a
millinery store.* Cause, tbo accidental breaking
of <i kerosene lamp which Mrs. Wolnburg was
about to place in u bracket. Damage, nominal.
Thu alarm from Box 417 nt 9:20 lust evening
was caused by a lire iu a ono-story frame cot
tage nt No. 479 West Kln/.le street, owned by
Mr. Shlrkoy, nnd occupletl by Cornelius Keofo
on a dwelling. Cause, a defective chimney.
Damage trilling.
A still alarm to Engine Company N0.13nt12:40
yesterday afternoon was caused by the burning
of eotno meat which bad uceii curolcsly left on
tho stove In tbo Janitor's room, No. Ml Ashland
Block. Tho alarm was given by some citizen
who saw tbo smoko but did uot wait to see tho
cause of It.
Mrs. Webster, of No. 485 West Madison street,
was awakened suddenly at 1:45 yesterday morn
ing by tbo explosion of a kerosene lamp which
had been loft burning Inw on a-tablo in tbo par
lor. Tbo furniture and carpets wero fired, but
tho blazo was cosily extinguished by Olllecr
Dudley and some citizens, without necessitating
an alarm. Dntnntro, SSO. -
Thu alarm from Box 774 ot 8:35 Inst evening
was false.
Thu alarm from Ilox 473 at 2:25 yesterday aft*
omoon was caused by a flro In Homo straw under
a stairway In front of Mr. Station]'* house, No.
U 52 Milwaukee uvouuo. Damage trilling.
Special DltpaUh to The Chicago Trilmn*.
DUT.DTti.MIua., July 38.—Allro broke out In
Wold St Potro's sawmill to-day, consuming It
together with about 400,000 foot of lumber, In
volving a loss of from $15,000 to SIO,OOO.
Duluth, Mian., July 28.—Wold & Potro’s mill,
situated near tho extremity of Unco's Point,
caught flro about li o'clock a. m.,and was burned
to tho ground before tbo firemen could get to
tbo scone. Tho men attached to tho mill, who
woro sleeping In thq boarding-house near, nwolto
nt the first nlorm, and, rushing out, formed an
ofllclont bucket brigade. By their efforts about
100,000 feet of lumber were saved, but they could
do nothing to stop tho progress of tho flames In
tho mill. Within nu hour It was a smoldering
ruin. -In tbo meantime tbo flro had com
municated to other parts of tho yard,
and between 1100,000 and 400,000 feet of
lumber ware destroyed. Tho mill was owned
by Messrs. Wold Sc Petra. and tbo
lumber by A. M. Mlllor. The former had a con
tract to saw for tho latter. Tbo loss on tbo mill
Is estimated at SB,OOO, and on the lumber SO,OOO.
There was no insurance on either. There woro
besides some SBOO worth of now saws In tho mill,
which, with tbo rest of tho machinery, was de
stroyed. Tbo mill will not bo rebuilt.
fineeiat DitpaUh to The Chiatoo Tribune
Lebanon, Toon., July 28.— I Tho most destruct
ive Ore that over visited Lebanon broke out in
Neal's livery stable nt 10:20 to-night, Tho sta
ble and all the frame buildings In tho rear wore
soon Ignited. Tbo following bouses wore
burned: American Hotel, Druwa's now build
ing, Juat completed: Ligon Brothers' family
grocery and saloon: John W. Price, hardware;
Hill St Waters, grocery; Post-OlIIco; W.T. Cart
wright, dry goods; J. I. McClain, dry goods;
Ooodbar St McClain, shoo store; A. P. Thomp
son, drugs; O. W« Hillings, saloon; C. L. Johns,
dry goods; J. L. Sooggan, grocery; A.
11. Davis, drygoods; Foster & Co., family gro
ceries: A. U. ForvUlo, produce merchant; E. O.
Sowell's residence. Tbo main business portion
of tbo city was destroyed. Tbo origin of tbo
flro Is unknown.
Cattaraugus, N. Y„ July 28.—Eighteen build
ings In tbo business centre of tbo town were
burned tbls morning. Loss, $75,000.
Buadfouu, Pa., July 28.—Plro broke out In
Mra. Wilcox’s pharmacy, on Washington street/
Cattaraugus, N. Y., yesterday morning at an
early hour, and swept both sides of tbo
principal streets, destroying seventeen of tbo
main business bouses of tbo place, Including
two drug stores, two hardware, grocery, dry
goods, uto. Tbo Salamanca Fire Department
wont to tbolr assistance, but arrived too late to
do much good, the flames having destroyed
everything in roach. Tbo loss Is estimated at
$75,000, with probably not over SOO,OOO insui>
Special VUpatch to Tho Chicago Tribune. '
Bast Saginaw, Mich., July 28.—A special from
Ludlngton soys a Are broke out at 10:10 o'clock
this evening la tbo shoe shop of J. Uousln, con
suming It and contents, and communicating to
tbo saloon building of QoorgoFonnor, burning,
it, with entire contents. Loss, $2,000 on build
ing and sl,oooon stock. Jt thou spread to tbo storo
building owned by J. Btallln, and occupied by
tbo American Express Company and J. Young,
grocer, burning tno building and stock. It Is
thought most of the express goods wore re
moved. Lues on building $2,000, and $2,010 on
stock. An unfinished building belonging to
Btotlln, valued at SBOO, and a small dwelling,
loss SSOO. Tho Insurance could not bo ascer
tained to-night. _
BpKtat DUpaUh to 37M Chicago IVtftiin*.
Battub Greek, Mlob., July 28.—This forenoon,
on tbo farm of Mrs. P. Gould, in Loroytown,
a flro destroyed a bam and contents, consisting
of two horses, a largo quantity of bay. wheat,
010. No Insurance. Loss about $1,600. The tiro
was caused by a steam engine used lu threshing,
Gao man was fatally bunied.
Special DUpatch to Tht Chicago Tri&uns.
Mii.waukkb, July 10.—Tho cigar-box fnolory
of L. Sobmnn, at the corner of Second and Lop
bnm streets, burned tuts afternoon. Loss on
building $2,000, on tbo stock $4,000. Tbo Insur
ance, lu several companies, amounts to some
thing upwards of $2,000,
Utica, N, V„ July 28.—A. D. Morton’s furnl
turo store ond A. A. Booth’s wagon shop, at
Eaton, Madison County, wore destroyed by flrp
on Tuesday, Loss about $5,000; partly Insured.
■ Ban Francisco, July 88,—Tho British ship
Oiitiammo was burned at sea in latitude 18 min
utes 13 seconds south, longitude 10 minutes 43
seconds west. The crow arrived at Wilmington
on the Italian bark Bt, Andrea. No particulars.
Los Anobmss, July S 3.— I Tho Orltlummo, with
an assorted cargo of coal and merchandise,
In company with tho Italian bork Bolnt An
drea,' off tho const of Peru, took lire,
presumed to bo spontaneous combustion
from coal In the lower bold. Tho orow had only
time to soouro a few clothes, and loft the ship
fur the Saint Andrea. After boarding the bark
an explosion took place, and tbe ship sunk Im
mediately, Tho Captain and crow are la good
ffNriol Dtssote. U TA * CkUago TWhviu,
Lkavsmwortu, KoSn July 88.—Specials from
Columbus, Kas., say Dr. U. Coryall Hallowoll
was trlod to-day for malpractlve In childbirth of
Mrs. M. Stewart three weeks ago and was dis
charged. Tbe woman Is dead.
A Daby That Itlvals Tom Tliumli,
. New YOiik, July 31.—0 n Sunday, July 10, Mr*.
Bllzubetb Wbltmoro, of Paterson. N. J., gave
birth to a boy. who on the day ho was born
weighed exactly two pounds. Tho body was
just flfteen Inches long, and bis bead and
shoulders will fit Into an ordinary sized bowl,
and a medium sized soup loureen would mako a
snug cradle (or biro, lie bat beautiful blonde
bait, which falls to bis shoulders, and la, so all
tbe women say, a very pretty child. Mrs.
Whitmore's other children wore of an ordluary
also when born. Dr. O'G rady aaja that the Ultio
one is strong and healthy, and that there seems
to bo ho no reason why bo shouldn't Uvo to man-
The Chicago Champions Still Vig
orously Engaged in Los
ing Games*
Cleveland, UuffUlo, IJoston, nnd
X*rovldenco the Winners
Maud S. at Belmont Park Trots tlio Three
Tostest Oooseoutive Heats on
Tliobnd streak struck by Chicago two weeks
ago still remains a bad streak. Tho champions
bavo had It Just at a tlmo when It would do tbo
toast harm, for they could stand a Actbnek when
they wore seven games ahead In tho champion
ship race; hut it Is to bo hoped tho period of do
feat and |Kior play will not lost much longer, on
account of Bs oiloct us well on tho club's
chances In tho raco ns on, tbo enjoyment of tbo
spectators. A game like that of ycstordriV Is
liable to decrease (bo patronage, for people like
to sco tbo homo team, oven when hcatcu, fur
nish something llko a contest, which the game
of yesterday was not, tho Clovelnnds having It
safely won nt tho end of tbo fifth inning. About
1,500 people wero present, and by liberal ap
plause showed tlioir admiration of tbo strong
play of tho visitors. Tbo latter wero in (luo fet
tle, and gavon good exhibition both at . tho bat
ana In the Hold. Tboy punished Corcoran se
verely, tho nature of tbolr bitting causing many
holding errors on (ho part nf their ooponents.
McCormick, on tho otbor band, was at bis best,
aud was supported strongly.
In tbo third inning abuse hit by Dunlap nnd
two errors by Kelly gnvo two runs; In tbo fifth
doubles by Bradley and Dunlap and singles by
Kennedy, McCormick. Phillips, and Shaffer
brought In four, three earned: in tho sixth
Bradley's triple and Dunlap’s sloeto produced a
tally: fu (bo seventh doubles by McCormick and
Phillips nnd errors by Williamson oud Gore
gave three, ono earned; and In tbo eighth
singles by McCormick ono Glasscock, with mis
plays by Williamson and Ooro, lot In a run.
bringing Cleveland's score to 11. Chicngoearnod
n run in tbo fourth on Anson's doublo and
singles by Flint and Corcoran; and on a furablo
by Dunlap and singles by Dalrymplo and Onto n
run was obtained In tno seventh. Tbo sumo
teams play to-day and to-morrow.
Dalrymple, 1, f.
Gore, c. f......
Kelly, r. f
Anson, lb
Williamson, Rb..
Hums, s. s
Corcoran, p
Flint, o
Quest, 15b
4082 2 Q 0
2 0 114 0 2
4000 0 1 2
4182 0 0 I
4000 1 2 2
4000 2 0 0
4 0 1 10 2 0
4 1112 10
4000 4 4 1
. ClevcUitvl.
Dunlap. 2b .
Nolan, 1. f ..
Clapp, c. r
Konuedy, ..
McCormick, p..
Phillips, lb
Glasscock. s.s
Shaffer,r. f .
Dradlcy, Rb.
itmfnps— t 2 .3 4 a 0
Chicago 0 0 0 1 0 0
Cleveland.... 0 0 2 0 4 1
Darned runs—Chicago, 1; Cleveland.
Two*baßO hits—Anson, Dunlap, >1
Phillips, Drodloy.
Thrcc-bnso hit—Drodloy.
Pint base on balls—Coro, Notan.
First base on errors—Chicago, 3: Cleveland, 0.
Loft on bases—Chicago, 0; Cleveland, 0.
Struck out—Quest, Dalrympto,Corcoran,Clapp,
Dalis culled-McCormick, 83; Corcoran, 00.
Strikes called—McCormick, 19: Corcoran, lt«
Double play—Hhutlor-MoCormlck-Phillips.
Passed balls—Flint, 1.
Time—Two boors and ton minutes,
Umpl ro—Doesebor.
Special Dispatch te The Chicago TVlbun*.
Boston, July 28.—Tbo Boston's defeated tbo
Troys to-day in a close gsmo, taking tbo load at'
tbo outset, but nearly loslngjtbo game In tbo
seventh inning by Wbltnoy giving two men bases
on balls, both of wbom scored. In tbo last inning
Burdock bit to loft-bold and scored tbo winning
run on a steal, and muffed thrown balls by
Haaklnson and llolbort. Tbo batting was boavy
on both sides, but tho magnificent Holding pro
vented largo scores. Sutton, Burdock, and Gas
trins excelled In tbo field, and Lewis, Ilornung,
and Gillespie at tbo bat.
iimfnos— 1234GG789
Troy 0 0 0 0 1 0 a 0 0-3
Boston 1 1 1 0 (I 0 O U H
Karncd runs—Boston, 2: Troy, 1.
Bast* hits—Boston, 7: Troy, 0.
Two-bnso hits—Bowls, Hornung, Glllcsplo,
Fielding errors—Boston, 2; Troy, 3.
First huso on balls—Boston, 2: Troy, 3.
First huso on errors—Troy, 1.
Htruok out—Burdock, Barnes, Snyder, Cos*
sidy (2), Holbort. _
Balls called—Whllnoy, 09: ICoofo, 100.
Strikes called—'VWhltnoy, 45; Keefe, 30.
Double plays—Boston. 1; Troy, 1.
Passed balls—Snyder, 2.
Time— I Two hours and fifteen minutes.
Uptciai DifpaUh to Tfit Chicago Tribune.
WonoKSTßtt, Mass., July 78.—Providence won
to-day by batting Richmond for five earned runs
in one inning, while tbo Worcesters were un
able to bit Ward with any effect. Tbo homo
oluboolygofc one man beyond first base in the
entire game. OlUlgon, who.was playing short
stop for tbo visitors In place of McClellan, who
was hurt yesterday In Albany, opened tbo fun
In the fifth loologwltb a safe hit, Gross fallow
ing with a two-bagger. After that Badbourne,
Denny, York, Start, Farrell, and Ward followed
with safe bits. It was no credit to Richmond
that more runs wore not scored, as two of tbo
three outs la tbo Inning wore of men caught off
tbolr bases by sharp work of tbo outfielders.
innings— 12348G78D
W0rce5ter...,.,,......,0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o—o
Providence ....0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 *—s
Kamud runs—Providence, 6. .
Fielding errors—Providence, 3; Worcester, 4.
Base hits—Providence. 13; Worcester, 4.
Two base bits—Gross, Hines.
First base on balls—Providence, 1.
First base on errors—Providence, 3; Worces
ter, 3.
Loft on bases—Providence, 10; Worcester, 4.
Struck out—Howling, Irwla.
Balls culled—Ward, 51; Richmond, 61.
Strikes called—Ward,?; Richmond, 8.
Passed balls—Busboog, 1.
Time—One hour and forty-flvo minutes.
Bpttiat Dixpadb (o The Chicago Tribune,
DBTttorr, Mlob., July 88.—Derby was called
homo by a sick wife, and Mountpln enduavord to
fill bis place. Bo was bit very bard, but not
more so than Galvin. Torrlfio batting and poor
fielding abounded throughout tbo game. Ben
nett covered first base admirably, and Reilly
filled bis plaoo behind the',bat well. Powell
eaugbt a hot fiy from Foley’s bnt In tbo sixth
Inning with one band. Richardson and Foley
made some fine catches for Buffalo. Over 1,000
spectators. ,
innings- I 2 3. 4 8 6 7 0 8
Detroit ..0 0 0-0 0 0 3 0 1-4
Buffalo 6 1 0 0 0 0 4 6 «-16
Fielding errors—Buffalo, 6; Detroit, 0..
Earned runs—Buffalo, 6; Detroit, 3.
Two-base bits—llouok, Qorbardt, Richardson.
Throe-base bits—liaulou. >
Homo runs—Rroutbers. Bennett.
First base on bolls—Buffalo, 1.
First base on errors—Buffalo. 6; Detroit, 8.
Htruok out—Force. Knight, Powell. Mountain.
Lofton bases—Buffalo, 7; Detroit, 11.
Double plays Houok-Gerbardt-PoweU <S);
O'Beurke-Foroe-Wblte. *
Passed balls-Rowo. 8; Reilly, 1.
Wild pitches—Galvin,!; Mountain, 8,
Time—Two boura and thirty minutes.
gprelal DiipoUJi to nt Chicago iWbtiM.
Cmveoand, o.,'Jnly 88.—T|io program for the
third day of the trotting woetmgdrow out about
5,000 persons. Doubtless the attondauoe would
bavo been much larger bad not tbe sky been
cloudy and threatening raloj Tho track was
In excellent order, Purses,for three races
were on tbe card, the first being
the Bsl closet tho second, tsfo-mtlo beats for
8;8t pacers and trotters; and‘the third for the
8:31 class. The first two were flnlsbed, and tho
third was postponed,'after four beats bad
failed to - decide It. ‘She •• two-mile
beau race was an extraordinary exhibition of
speed and staying qualities, and bos no parallel
la tbe annals of the trotting turf. Four beats
were trotted, - the fastest' In ttftStf, and
the slowest In 4:MJ4, and Use finishes
wore close and latepsoly exciting.
There were only three starters (n the Bi*i race,
Edwin Thorne, Voltaire, and Lucy. Lucy, wbo
sold over the field, only got third place, Ed-
win Thorno winning In straight heats,
while Voltaire accu rrj»! second place In
tho second nnd third. Thu winner and
Huey had a ncck-and-ncck finish In Ihol first
bent. Voltaire being a |>oor third. In tbo othor
bout* there was not over n length between first
nnd lust ns they passed under tbo wire. Tho
time was 2:2o*f, 2:121.2:22.
Tho two-mile heat race hod seven starters,
with positions In tho following order: Calmar,
Grantor. Pete (pacer), Una, Mistletoe, lllpmp
(pacer). Amber, and Post Huy. In tbn pools Post
Hoy had tbo call over tbo Hold at SBO to }7U.
Tho first heat was won by Colmar, Post Hoy sec*
nnd. Unn third. Mistletoe and Ulprap distanced;
tlmo2:2sSM:ri2U. Post Hoy won (be second bent,
Amber second. Colmar third; time, 2:20, 4:3214.
Post Hoy finishetl first In tho third boat, btitwns
set back for running, tbo heat being given to
Amber. Time, 2;2H«*. zififlM. Tbo fnnrtb bent
and rare wore won by Post Hoy, Amber second,
Colmar third. Time, 2:2714, A :M.
In answer to tbo summons for tho 2:24 class
Joyce, Katie Wood. Hurt Hheldun. Mcrcntlo,
Htirckn, Cincinnati H0y..1. B. Morris, Itcdwood,
and Mambrino Cloy appeared, and wore ns*
signed positions as named. Tbo Ht. I«ouis
horse, .1. 8. Morris, was backed oven against
tho field. Kureka placed tho first two heuta to
his crodltln 2:2G>{, and 2:23, assuming a com*
mandlng lend at tbo start, and holding it to tho
end. Receiving bad storts and acting
badly, tbo favorlt had no chance, nun
finished seventh and eighth. Helorn tho third
hcatUus Wilson re<|tioflted Dustin to take his
scat behind Morris. At tho first turn Hnrckn
broke, and Morris shot to the front and won
bands down In 2:28U. The judges took
out McCall from behind Hurt Bboldon. and
put tip Whitney for tbo fourth heat. Morris
led. with Bboldon second, and Mtunhrlnu Clay
third, to tbo distance stand. Then both Morns
and Clay broke and ran to tho wire first and sec
ond. Tho heat was given to BbcUlon without a
record, and tbo race postponed until to-morrow.
DEf.MONT Paiik, Pa., July 28.—Over 10.000 peo
ple visited this track to-day to witness the at
tentat of Maud 8. to beat her record of2:lOM,
made at Pittsburg. The crowd was tbo largest
over congregated at this track, and was good
natured and wcll-bobavod, tbo only trouble be
ing a great desire to overrun tbo course and
thus Impede tbo trotters. Tho day’s sport
opened with a race for tbo 2:23 class, us follows:
HollcOaklcy 1 1 1
Gray Chief :i a 2
Kurly Koso V. 2 2 a
. Tims—2:2B; 2520V4; 2:27.
Maud S. was tbe,n brought out, and after Jog
ging around the track was sont off on tbo first
heat. She reached tho quarter In tCltf, tho half
In 1:05&, tbo three-quarters In 1:30)4, and com
pleted tbo tnllo In 2:12 without tbo slightest In
dication of a Break.
In tbo second boat she reached the quarter In
R2H, tbo bnlf In 1:0RK, and tbo three-quarters In
I:R<>4. Hero sho hesitated, swerved. and Ilnully
made n bad break, but, recovering, cumo under
tbo wlro In 2sl3}<.
Tbo third bent was almost n repetition of tho
first, being trotted clearly and squarely, without
even a skip. Tbo first quarter was made In URV4.,,
tbo bulf In 1:0ft, tbo three-quarters la 1:IBH, and
tbo mllo In Those three consecutive
boats nro tbo best over trotted by any horse In
tbo world. Vanderbilt was present and watched
tbo rnco from tho Judges' stand.
As It was Retting late wbon Maud S. finished
tho last best, tbo running race for gentlemen
riders was postponed.
New York, July 2s.—Brighton Dench: Tbo
mllo and a quarter race was won by Gouvornour,
Alock Amont second, Kitty Clark third. Tlmo,
Tho mllo and on eighth race was won by Una,
Topscy second, Delloaa third. Time, l:f*7!<.
Another mile and an eighth rnco was won by
Dosallo, Owyanlwa second, Dob llfddlo third.
Tlmo, 1:W.
Tbo soiling race, mllo and a quarter, was won
by Burge. Duke of Kent second, Susannah tblrd.
Time, 2:10.
Tbo steeplechase over a short course was won
by Iko Donbam, Llzzlo D second, Btrycbaluo
third. Timo,2:fio.
1,0. .
0 0- 2
1 *-11
Specie t Dispatch (o The Chicago Tribune*
La Bam,e, 111., July 28.—Tho races hero to-day
wore a financial success. Tho attendance was
more thou double that of yesterday. Grand
Sentinel easily won first money in tbo 2:35 class,
and tbo pacing race was won by Hilly Scott In
throe heats—2:22,2:2sfj, 2:25 if. Grand Sentinel's
bcsttlrao In tbo trotting men was 2:8:1. Tho
favorlts, Hilly Scott and Grand Sontlnol, bud
mutters their own way.
Saratoga, N. Y., July 28.—'Tho first race,
tbroo-uuortors of a mile, was won by Sir Hugh,
Victim second, and Qobrlcl tbtra. lime,
’ Tbo second race, for tbo Spinawoy Stakes,
fivc-clgtbthsof a mile, was won by Memento,
Nightcap second, and Tuscaloosa third. Tlmo,
The mllo dash was won by Gov. Hampton,
Knight Templar eccoud, Potomac third. Time,
Second Day or tlio Great Sales at Win*
Chester, Ky»—Good Prices and Quick
Sales, with a Largo Attendance of
Buyers. '
fljxctat DUtatth to The ChUago TVlbtinc.
PAnts, Ky., July 28.—Von Meter & Hamilton's
annual sale to-day was attended by an Immense
crowd of breeders from all tbo Western and sov
oral of tbo Eastern and Southern States. This
linn, as Is well known, owns, with the exception
of Abram Rcnlck's. the finest Itoscsof Sharon in
tbo world, and consequently, this family yielded
tbo-largcst prices to-day. Tbo demand Is strong
for all classes of pure-bred stock, and remains
ns yet but poorly satisfied, thus guaranteeing
good prices for tbo late fall sales. The auction
eers to*duy wore Cols. L. P. Muir sad .1. W. Judy,
and tboy rattled the stock off at a lively pace.
Tbo following prices wero obtained:
[The numbers refer to American short-born
No. 1. Bello Barrington 7th, roan, fi years, by
Duke of Noxubooß,4U2Hf dam Belle Barrington
by Karl of Barrington 5,118; Uoblnsou Bros.,
Winchester. Ky., S4OO.
2. Gentle Annie 10th, red and white.B yean,by
Airdrie *4th 0,407, dnra Gentle Annie 11th, by
Prince Abram 4,140; Thomas 8. Grundy, Spring
field. Ky., $375.
U. Bello It. 3d Bose, red, 5 years, by Bose Duke
0.V61, dam Belle It. 3d, by Bello Sharon 8,107; W.
T. Hoarno. Lexington, Ky., $340. <
4. Sharon Bello ikl lloso, roan. 8 years, by Hose
Buko 0,001, dam Sharon Bello ikl, by Bell Sharon
2d $107; John B. Hunter, Buffalo, 111., S3OO.
0. Uoscbud 18th, ml, fi years, by 4th Duke of
Geneva 1,750, dam Uosubud 7tb, by 13th Buko of
Alrdrlo 800; same, $2,000.
8. Poppy lath, red, 6 years, by 4tb Duke of
Genovs, 1,750, dam Poppy 7tb by Joe Johusoa,
048; O. H. Cbanault. Richmond, Ky., $1,350.
7. 4th Bello of Flat Crook, rod, 7 years, by
Duke of Noxubee, 3.4W5J. dam Bello of Fiat
Creek by 801 l Sharon, 4,707; B. A, Tracy, Win
chester, Ky., $250. _
8. Mary Best Ist, rod, 5/ears. by 4lh Duko of
Genova, 1,700, dam Bod Rose 4tb by Gum, 882;
Jeff Howion, Owlngsvlllo, Ky., SBOO.
0. Baronetto sth, rod*roan, 4 years, .by 14tb
Duke of Alrdrlo, «27, dam Buronottc oy Duko of
Noxubee, 3.402 H: J. 11. Huuter, $250.
10. Bose lied Belle 3d, rod, 0 years, by Boro
Duke, O.MI, dam Bod Bello by 801 l Saaroa 2d,
O, T. 8. Gruudy, $445.
11. Bello Bates :kl, red, yoarllog, by SOtb Puke
of Alrdrlo,BUl, dam Bose Bod Belle 3d by Bose
Duke, 0,001; Sol Wright, Ghent, Ky., S3OO.
12. Pbylllsla 12tb. red, 2 years, by Cordelia's
Duko, dam Gentle Annie 13th by Duke of
Airdrie, 800; James Chorn,Winchester, Ky.,s27U.
13. Poppv 18th, rod, 8 years, by4tbl)uko of
Geneva, 1.750, dam Poppy Blhby Joe Johusoa,
IBS; 8. White, Windsor, OnU. $1,525.
14. Poppy's sth Duoouss of Genova, rod, 0
years, by 4th Duko of Geneva,!,7so, dam Poppy's
Duchess Genova by 2d Duke of Genova, 814; T.
P. McGowan, Mount Sterling, Ky., $3,000.
15. Cordelia 15th, rod, 6 years, by4lhDukeof
Genova, 1,750, dam Cordelia 2d by Airdrie, 013; S.
White. $1,475.
'lO. Mary Best Btb, red, 3 years, by Double
Rose, 0,310. dam Majf Best Ist by ItbDukoof
Geneva, 1,750: Jeff Dawson, $520.
17. Sbaron Belle 3d Rose, roan. 8 years, by Bose
Duke, 0,001, dam Sbaron nolle 2d by 801 l Sburon
2d, 8,107; J. 1U Hughes, Bloomfield, Ky., SIOO.
18. Barrington Bute* 2d, rod, 3 years, by SOtb
Duko of Alrdrlo, 803, dam Bello Barrington 4th
by Duke of Noxubee, 3,4U2H; withdrawn.
10. Mlnulu'sDuko of Sycamore, rod, yearling,
by 20tb Duko of Alrdrlo, 803, dam Minnie 7tb by
4tb Duko of Geneva, 1,760; T.&Mably, Rich
mond, Ky., SBOO.
30. Lady Bates ctb, red, yearling, by4tbDuko
of Sbaron. 6.413, dam 3d Bose iioile It. by Ituso
Duko 3d, 8,004; James Cbom, $230.
21. Pbylllsla Btb, red, 4 years, by Alrdrlo Duko,
684, dam Gentle Aunlo 13tb by 13tb Duke of Aird
rie, 800; J. B. Wilder, Louisville, Ky„ S2OO.
82. Barrington Bates tub, red and white. 3
years, by 80tn Duke of Alrdrlo, 803, dum Ud Lillie
Barrington by Duko of Noxubee, 8,4U2K; with
drawn. •
33. Mlnnto IStb, red, 5 years, by 4tb Duke of
Geneva. 1,760, dam Minnie Ist by Airdrie, 643;
Olay it Winn, Plattsburg, Ma, $1,450.
34. Fifth Boee of Sycamore, roan, 8 years, by
SOtb Duke of Airdrie, 803, dam Nora 101 b b/4th
Duke of Genova, 1.766; Cuunlngbau k Watte,
Thompson Station, Ky., $1,340.
86: Mary llostetb, rod, 3 years, by Double Bose,
S BIV, dam Bed Bose 10th by Alrdrlo Duke, 646;
. O, Duuoau, Osborn. Ind., SSOO.
20, lied Boee 15tb, rod roan, 6 years, by Rosy
Man, 8.030 K, dam Bed Uose 6tb by Duko of
Argyle, 805; withdrawn.
87. Pbylllsla tub, rod and white, 4 years, by
Airdrie Duke, 648, dam Gentle Annlo ICth by
Airdrie 4tb. 647; J. B. Hunter, $306.
28. Bose Bosn Belle 3d, roau, 6 yean, by Hose
Duko 3d, 6,064, dam Boau Bello 3d oy Belle
Sbaron 3d, 6.167; J. B. Hunter, S2OO.
3». Mary Bales Ist, rod andwblte, 3 years, by
86tbDukeof Airdrie. M 3, dam Sbaron Bello 4th
by Uose Duke. 6,061; W. T. Hearne. $346. , .
80. Sbaron uatos, red, 3 rears, by SOtb Duko of
Airdrie, 303, dam Sbaron Bello 8a Boee by Rose
Duke, 6JUI; It. O. Duncan, S3OO.
3L Bono Boeing ton Bates, red, 8 yean, by
20th Dnko of Alrdrlo, Bin, dnm Hello Harrington
7th by Dukoof Noxnbco.il.Htl'A; T. Itoarno. filtfi.
:C. Noxubee Untie 12td. red. 4 years. by Duke
of Noxubee, 11,40215. diun Harrington Hollo 4th by
Knrl nf Harrington! Woddy & Hilliard,
Peytotm. Ky.,
Jtl. Cordelia Kith, red and white, years, by 4th
Duke of Geneva, I.T.Vi, dum (,’onlolla 41b by Air*
drin, act: A. H. Fry, Flattsbnrg, Mu., f I,m
:M, Norn Hth. red, fi yearn, by 4lh Dnko nf
Geneva, \,\M, dam Norn fith by Alrdrlo lid, OH*;
Thomas k Hmllh. North Middletown. Ky., *(.m
Ued I ((iso HUh, red roan. 0 years, by Uosy
Man,2,BWli,dam Kmrttoby lilth Dukoof Airdrie,
800; Jiunoa L’horn. pTHI.
in. Mary Heat 2d, red man, r, years, by Alrdrlo
Duke, 618, dam Uosetta by tilth Dnko of
Alrdrlo, 8U0: John Trncy, Winchester, Ky., sino.
i(7. Hollo lb 2d, ronn, if yours, by Hell Bhnron,
2d, 0.107, dam Hello U. by lioll Sharon, 4,707;
!W. jjaroiiottes Hates, red, S years, bv 90tb
Dnko of Alrdrlo, 80H, dam Unroncto 4th, by
Dnko of Noxubee, 11,49215, Ucubcn Harper,
Owmgsvlllo, Ky., Inin.
Hi). Harrington Hates ISth: red. n years, by
20th Dnko of Airdrie, 80S, dnm T.ncy Harrington
by Dnko of Noxubee, 0,41)21$; E. H. Emery, Coo*
travllle. Md., 9400.
40. I.n Hello 4th, rod, fi years, by Dnko of
Noxnlwe, 0.40315, dam La Hello by Dnko of
Noxubee, lUttiHs Jacob Graves, Cbllcsburg, Ky.,
41. Hose Itoan Hello 4th, red, 4 years, by Uoso
Dnko 2d, O,W», dum Huso Uoan Hello 4th by
Uoso Dnko, 0,001; It. E. Roberts, Georgetown,
Ky.. MW. .
42. Alary Hates 2d, red ami white, Jl years, by
Dunble Hose. O.illf*. dam Hose Hoao Hello ltd by
Hose Duke 2d, O.WH; withdrawn.
„ 4H. Hoso Hello 2d, red, 0 years, by Hose Duke,
n.OOI, dam Hed Hello 2d by Hell Sharon 2d, 0,W7;
John Mu Cord, Wlnchostor, Kv., taw,
44. Virginia Lewis, red, 0 years, by Jerry,
OXOO, dam ilattio I<ewls bv litth Dnko of Air*
drle, NX); C. Thompson, Winchester, Ky., fSfifl,
4fi, Duchess 2ltb, rod, ft years, by 4th Dnko of
Genova, 1.7 W), dnm Dnebess 12th by Joo John*
son, DIO; Thomas k Hmlth, t1,48U.
40. 2d Miss Itonlck nf Hath, roan, 0 years. I>v*
Duke of Noxubee, 3.192}5, dam Miss Honlck Ikl
by Hell Sharon, 4.»*r»; Columbus Thompson,
Thompson Station, $220.
47. Poppy Howls, ml, B years, by Poppy's
Duke, 4.121, datn Hettia Lewis by I3tb Duko of
Airdrie, 80U: P. L. Skinner, Winchester. s3tn.
48. Barrington Halos 101 h, rod am) white, 2
yours, by 2Uth Duke of Airdrie WH.dntn Harring
ton Belle 4th by Karl of Barrington, 0,118; Hob*
inson Brothers, S2W.
40. Mary Dates 7th, ml roan,3years, by Double
Hose, O.illo.dnm Delle Harrington 7th by Duke of
Noxubee, 3,492}5; John Tracy, $270.
80. Poppy Lewis Ikl, red roan, by Poppy's Duke
4.121. dum llcttlo Lewis by 13th Duke of Airdrie,
WJO: K. 11. Umery, fciJO.
81. Poppy Lewis 2d, ml roan, by Poppy’s Duke
4.124, dam Snllle Lewis by Jerry, 6,CW; William
llarrow. Winchester. Ky., S2UU.
62. Mary Dates 4th, red and white. It years, by
Double Dose. 0.319. dam May Delle 2d by Hose
Duke 2d, 0,1*04: W. 11. itash, Winchester, Ky.,
Bo.* Sharon Delle 2d Hose 2d, red and white, B
years, by Hose Duke 2d. 8.904. dam Sharon Uclio
2d by Dell Sharon 2d. (1,107; Dobluson Dm*., $m
84. Norn Delle 3d, red, 0 years, by 4th Duke of
Geneva, 1.750. dam Nora Delle 2d by Airdrie 3d,
(HO: C. M. Gifford, Manhattan, Kas., (1,080.
65. Hose of Genova, roan, 10 years,- by Bth
Dnko of Genova, 810, dam Poppy oth by Airdrie,
GUI; 8. White, $1,200.
W. Lucy Barrington 3d. rod and while. B years,
by Duke of Noxubee, 3,402}5, dam 3d Lillie Bar
rtmrtou by Duke of Noxubee, 3,40215; Waddy &
Dullard. W 43.
87, Josephine 3d, red<and white, 3 years, by
20th Duke of Airdrie, 803, dam Doga Uunlck by
DukcofNoxul>ce, 3,403}5: W. T. Hearnc, $255.
58. Barrington Dates 7th, red. 2 yean, by 4th
Duke of Sharon, 0,431, dam 4th Lillie Barrington
by Duke of Noxubee, 3,402}5: W.T, Hcnnio, $255,
80. Mary Dates Bth, red, 3 years, by 20th Duke
of Airdrie, 101, dam 2d Lillie Harrington by
Duke of Noxubee, 3,492}5: 11. C. Duncan, S2OO.
OU. Lady Dates 4lb, red. S years, by 20th Duke
of Airdrie, 803. dam 4tb nolle of Flat Creek, by
Duke of Noxubou, 3,402}5: John Tracy, $203.
01. Mary Dales, red. yearling, by 4th Duke of
Sharon, 0,413, dam 2d Lillie Harrington, by Duke
of Noxubee. 3,402}5; J. D. Hunter, $3lO.
02. Lady Dates Ist. ml. 2 years, by 20th Duke
of Airdrie, 803. dnra Doan Delle 3d, by Hello
Sharon 2d, 0,187; W. D. Watts, Chllcaourg, Ky.,
03. Mary Dates Clh, red, yearling, by Double
Hose. 0,310, dam 3d Bello of Data, by Karl of
Harrington, B.II8; withdrawn.
04. Mary Dates 3d, roan. 2 years, by Double
Doso, 0,310, dam Doan Delle Mb, by Dose Duke
2d. 0,004; Sol Wright, S3OO.
65. Pbyllcsla 13th. red and white, 2 years, by
Cordelia's Duke, fi.280, dam Gentle Annie 13th,
by Col. Dock, 3,323; J. C. Skinner. SIOO.
60. Josephine Bth, red. yearling, by 4th Duke
of Sharon, 0.413. dam Miss Donlok of Flat Crock,
by Duka of Noxubee, 3,472}5; J. D. Hunter,
07.11 th Duke of Sycamore, rod. yearling, by
20th Duke of Airdrie, 803. dam Norn lllh by 4lh
Duke of Geneva, 1,730; Nelson James, Lexing
ton, Ivy., $330.
08. Lady Dates 7lb, red and white, yearling,
by Cordelia's Duke, 0.280. dam Delle It. 3d. Dose
2d. by Done Duke 2d, 0,001; W. T. lloarne, f US.
00. UertDuU2d, red, 2 years, by Double Duse,
0,310, dam lied Doso 10th by Airdrie Duke, 048; J.
W. Ooten, Lexington, Ky,. $223.
70. Dosa Donlok 4th, rod. 4 years, by Kota
Duke 2d, O,OtH, dam Dosa Dcnlck by Duke of
Noxubee, 3,40215; Robinson Brothers, S2IB.
71. Sulllo Lewis, red, 8 years, by Jerry 0.009,
dam Hottio Lewis by 13th Duke of Airdrie, 800;
It. D. Voung, ML Sterling. S2OO.
82. Harrington Dates 11, red, 3 years, by2otb
Duke of Airdrie, 803, dam Hcd Bello 2d, by Belle
Sharon 2d, 0,107; Doubcn Harper, S3OO. *
71. Twelfth Duke of SyMmorc, red and white,
• 2 years, by 4th Duke of Soaron, 0,413, dam Car*
della 14tb by 4th Duke of Geneva, 1,750; Alex
ander Hush, Lexington, Ky., $315.
74. Lady JlniesJkl, red and white, 8 years, by
SOtb Duke or Alrdrio, 803, dnra Dose lied Bella
by Dose Duke 2d, 0,904; Columbus Tbompsuu,
75. May Delia 2d, red, 5 years, by Rose Dnko
2d. 0,904, dam May Hollo by liulle Sharon 2d, 0,107;
C. Whitney, Lexington, $250.
70. Josephine oth, red and White, yearling, by
10th Duke of Sharon, dam Dosa Honlck 3d, by
Dnko of Noxubee, 3,492}5; withdrawn.
77. Josephine 4tb, red, 2 years, by 4th Duke of
Sharon, 0,413, dam Horn Henlck 3d by Duke of
Noxubee, 3,492}5; J. U. Hunter. $273.
78. Lady Bates Bib, rad, yearling, by 4tta Duke,
of Sharon 0,4)3, dam La Bello 4th by Duke of
Noxubee 3.492}5; U. C, Estlll. $245.
79. Lady Dates Btb, rod, yearling, by 4tb Duke
of Sharon 0,413, dam Dose Doan Bello, by Dose
Duko 2d 0,904: W. F. lloarne. $l4O.
89. Second Bello Harrington of Clark, rod and
white, 4 yean, by Sd Grand Duko of Clark, dam
Hello Harrington 4th, by Duko of Noxubee
3,492}5: J. D. Hunter, S2OO.
81. La Delle. red. 9 years, by Duke of Noxubee
3,492}5, dura 2d Hollo of Flat Creek, by Karl of
Barrington 5,118; Columbus Thompson, S32S.
• Stiu.watrii, July 23.—Tho strike has col
lapsed. Napoleon filvlgny, one of tbo leaders,
is now under arrest, has bad his .examination
postponed until Saturday at 0 a. m., and was re
quired to give bonds iu too sum of fJWO for bis
appearance at that tlmo. The mills started up
this morning with about the same force as were
engaged yesterday afternoon, viz.: Hobulcnberg
llocckoler Lumber Company and Isaac Staples
full crews; C. N. Nelson & Co. and
Ilersey, Dean & llrowu about oue-hulf
the usual number of men. Mayor Mathews has
issued a proclamation providing for tbo arrest
of all persons who aboil interfere with men ou
traged lu tbolr dully labors, and all who shall be
disorderly upon the streets. The penalty Is also
cited for the cdllloatiou of the strikers. Tbo
orders will bo strictly carried out by the police.
Thirty-one members of the Q. A. U. reported for
duty at 4 o’clock this morning, from which a
squad was detailed for duty, white tbo rest can
bo culled together at a moment’s notice. Tbo
boom Is working Its full force, but one ruftlug
crow—that of At Tozor—la at work. Tbo tempo
rary closing of the saloons yesterday afternoon
ha* been made permanent by the Mayor uutll
Ibis Hurry shall have blown over.
New Yoim, July S3.—Arrived, the Nevada,
tbo Frojo, from Uavre, and tbo Bolivia, from
Saratoga and UUtlugeu Compared,
A geutloronn who bat spent ranch time at
Saratoga and who baa visited nearly all tbo
springs and baths In tbo world writes front
Kisslngon to tbo editor of the h'aratoglan at fol
“If Saratoga's springs received one-half tbo
attention in the use of tbo waters that thoso re
ceive, 1 bellovo that they would become tbo
most renowned of any in tbo world as real cura
tive waters. Here no one drinks tbewaters ex*
cept under tbo advice of tbelr doctor, Tbe
contrast between tbe system of using tbe
waters boro Intelligently and our promiscuous
mode at Saratoga, every oue bis owa doctor.
Is very marked. 1 will give you tbo program
of tbo dayt Go to tbe spring at 0 a. m.,
take a glass of water, walk fifteen minutes, then
take another and again walk tlfteeu minutes, and
so ou up to four glasses (forme). Some take as
many as eight glasses. After this, at 8s!Uo clock,
a cup of coffee with bread, another walk till W
o'clock, then a oath of twenty to talny min
utes, after that a walk for half an hour; then
dinner at I o'clock, very simple. After
dinner walk an hour, /thou sleep an
hour: supper at V, consisting of two
boiled eggs with broad, no butter allowed, and it
bulf-boltio of light wlue; then another walk to
tbo casino, read tbo papers and'return, going to
bed at W o'clock. A good sleep is sure after the
day's exorcise under tbe regulations. 1 haven t
seen agios* of brandy, whisky, or any other spirits
drank since I have been here, now ten days.
Tbero is no snob thing as a drlnklng-saloon, as
they are positively prohibited when taking tbe
waters. People not taking tho waters can do us
they like,—l. oat and drink whatever
they like,—but must pay for tbo
waters tbo same as If • they used
them. The bathing Is a great feature here, and
tbeibatblog-bousesand natbsaro elegant. tbo<
waters saline and full of gas. All tbe drinking
is principally from one fprmg, the llakocxy, and
more than one-bait warm the water before
drinking. Groat pans of warm watcrare around
tbo springs, Into wblcb tbo guests can olaco
tbelr glass of water and warm It to suit tbelr
taste. Tbo doctors claim that tbe boat expels a
largo portion of tbe gases from tbe water, which
Is much better for a person drinking four or
five glosses, as tbo gas In that amount of water
creates too much pressure -and value
fujocresw. I mxcf.sn. f nvtictwn,
MAamytcßOT' puoduction ok tub guano
Tlio !Di*jmrlurc.
•'X’ho ICxplonton,
Xlm n«n.
UTlio Mtmler.
Tlio ICHcnno.
TUIT Exposition
I Uultuing.
h o. m a s
TO *N 101 IT-11 rfj um t Program.
BAI UltUAl —p. m.—Popnlnr Matluoo. Hat*
ttnlnr Evening-" Peopla'a" Program.
'l ltVeu. ii and So wnu. For aalo at tbo Exposition
. • Matinee Saturday at 3*
•'AgiJKH KHUUKiL ISMILH3 GAVX.V, and superb
IJmiiMtln Company.
Kxlm Performance Sunday Night.
Monday, Aug. I. will bo produced the most superb
plsyot modern times. TliK DANICIIKKKS. wltti Ita
wenlth nf scenery, machinery, wardrobe.'and para
phernalia. and an unoqualod cast of ebaraoters.
Clark-at-, opposite the Court-House.
25c. 35c. 50c.
The Octoroonl
lAMt nlßhta of the Ornnt Success. The torrttto strua-
Bio for lllu between McC'luskr nod the Indian.
Next week—TllK HIUUKN lIAXU.
lIEOUOTION IN PItICRS-Ue, 25c. Me. and Hie. The
CUeniK>«l Klm-Clsss Theatre on earth. Monday. July
Si. and until further notice, the (treat moral drams.
Palmer 4 Co.’s Magnificent Scenery. Six (olMilood*
ed Siberian Hounds. Two Trick lionkcys, und the
Ortßlnul Kentucky Slave Chanters.
Twenty-second-at, Cottage Grove and ladlana-avs.
This Brentng and every evening during the amnmoa
Sunday evening and Sunday Matinee,
Admission. 350; Sunday Matinee. 15c.
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of the Chest, Goal,
Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swellings and
Sprains, Burns and Scalds,
* General Bodily Pains,
Tooth, Can and Headache, Frosted Feat
and Ears, and all other Pains
and Aches .
No Preparation on earth equals Sr. Jacori On. as
a •«/»*, gurr t *lniplf and rhfajt External Itemcrty.
A trial entail* but the comparatively trifling outlay
of 00 Cents, ami everyone Buffering with pain
can have cheap ami positive proof of 1U claims.
Directions In Eleven Languages.
iiaUlmore t Sfd„ U. 8. JL
v Admirahort
* *• ’ OF TUB
. ' WORLD,
Mrs. S. A. Allen's
y -^WORLD'S-
Hair Restorer,
or FADED HAIR to its youthful
renews its life, strength and growth..
Dandruff quickly removed, A match-,
less Hair Dressing. Its perfume rich,
and rare. Sold by all Druggists, r N
Established over«rears. * i
*V* Enormous and iaoroosliur sales ,
Throughout Kuropo ana Am erica.
Zylo Balsamum (Mrs. Allen’s)
A lovely tonic and Hair Dressing. It
removes Dandruff, allays all itching,
stops Hilling Hair and promotes a
healthy growth with a rich, beautllhl
gloss, and Is delightfully fragrant. *
Price Seventy-five Cents in largo
glass stoppered Betti ***». BnW brail Downhlt.
For the Nervous, Sleepless,
And menially tod physically orerworked or wore
out, ttANVOUD* OINQHU. M lUo deUdoue," U a pur#
and safe tnrUorant. U eradicates a crarUtf (or In
toxicants, allays nervousness, promotes sleep. and
butlda up iboao reduced by disease, debility, or dissi
pation. Uewsro of worthless InUutleea a«ia
to be m *oo«i. Aik (or BANTOttiyfl aiWOKtt, and
uke no other. Bold evoryvrbere* VTJUSKiJ ♦
TBit, UoiWn.

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