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J. IT. lUbs. of Fort Wayne, Is at tho Pacino.
,1. W. Dunn, of Springfield, 111., Is at tho Fa*
F. Fosiur, of Beaver Falls, Wls* are at the
Mn. aki> Mns. n. Mills, ot Bt. Paul, «ro at tho
H. A. Colburn, of Boston, is registered ot tho
Sherman. ,
B. u. Williams, of Baolnc, Wls., Is at the
T. J. Potter and wife, of Sandusky, 0.» are at
tho Sherman.
Judos Aim Mrs. Allen, of Leavenworth,
Kns., are at tho Pacific.
Mn. Charles Liboenstbin, of St. Paul, Mloo.,
.'U at the Palmer House.
William Edwards and family, of Balt Lake
City, are at tho Trcmont,
PKor. W. W. Goodwin and son, of Cambridge,
Mass., are registered at.tho Paolfle.
J. T. Jones and wife, and B. C. Bradley and
Tn rally, of Bradford, Pa., are ot tho Palmer.
Oscar Smith ana William O. Wood, of tho
Burgess Corps, Albany, N» Y., are at tho Polmcr.
CHARLES Hong and Joy Chce, China registered
nt the Tromont yesterday cn route to tho Pacino
John. J. McQauran, of Dublin, Ireland, and
J. T. Rolffccr, of Paris, Franco are registered at
tho Palmer.
11. N. Cunningham, H. O. Corbett, Frederick
V. Ellis, and Edward lUobard, of England, are
geglstored at tho PaolQo.
■ The members of Silver Link Lodge No. 521,1.
O. O. F., have donated *23 to their suffering
brothers In Now Ultn, Minn.
The Confectioners' Agents* Union held Us
•weekly meeting lust night at No. 64 West Lake
Street. The business of tho evening consisted
In electing officers and revising the old price
The Jaeger-Voroln. a military organization ot
the Socialistic Labor Party, will attend the par
ly's picnic, to bo hold some time In August, and
will carry tbolr arms, notwithstanding tho Mili
tary law.
The Stationary Engineers’ Association hold
1U regular weekly meeting last night at No. lift*
■Washington street. Twenty now members wore
■admitted Into the Association, making a total
tuomborsbip of IDO.
Dn. Andrew Donah, of Scotland, will arrive
In this city on tho early train this, morning. If
not too much fatigued with bis Journey, he is
expected to oddresa tho people this evening at
tbo Chicago Avenue Church.
°Tre temperature yesterday, as observed by
Maoasso, optician, No. 88 Madison street, Tain*
unb Building, was as follows: 8 a. m., 73 do
■press; 10 a. m.. 74; 13 m., 74: 8 p. m., 76;8 p, m.,
V 3. Barometer, Ba. m., 20.73; Bp. m., 30.i1.
A woman calling herself Mrs. Louisa Schaefer,
and balling from Ottnwo. 111., sought shelter
Wednesday night nt tbo West Madison Street
Station. As she appears Insane on account of
domestic difficulties she Is being detained far
{info keeping until her relatives can bo heard
W.T. Dowdall, wife, and son. of the A'a!tonal
Democrat. Peoria; E. A. Hall, Springfield;
George Souther, Springfield; J. W, Turner end
•wife, Utica; Dr. Charles Palmer and wife, Ip
swich. Mass.: Mrs. H. a Rond and son, Denver;
tbo Hon. T. B. Hinkle, Maltoon, ore at the Lo
The Eleventh Ward Democratic Precinct Com
■mlttco mot at 508 West Madison street last even
ing and elected tbo following officers: President,
M. B. Bailey; Vice-President, M. Brennan; See
j-otarv, Moses Solomon: Members to tbo County
Central Committee, William Kirby and J. Cor
The Boilermakers’ ond Helpers Union hold
e special mooting lost evening at No. 54 West
Lake street, to arrange for a olcnlc to bo held at
Iltvor Grove, Dosplalncs, Aug. 15, and at which
tbo delegates to tho National Boilermakers'
Convention will bo present. Tbo matter was
finally loft to a committee for arrangement.
Tub employes of tbo Sheriff's office will bold
their annual excursion and picnic Saturday,
Aug. 6, at Homorloh’s Park,Washington Heights.
Trams will leave the Hock Island depot nt 8:30
a. m., and 12:05 and 4:05 D. and, and, returning,
leave tho Park at 5 and 10 p.m. A prominent
ffenturo of the day will bo tbo atblotlo sports lor
Judob J. K. Slack, a prominent citizen of
Huntington, Ind., was stricken down with
apoplexy at 11 o’clock yesterday forenoon on
the corner of Madison street and Fiftb avenue.
Ho was carried into Arond's drug store, and was
there attended by Dr. Tomboockcn. Subse
quently ho was removed to tbo Alozlan Broth
ers’ Hospital.
William IS. Loncley has made to Arnold
Heap a voluntary assignment for tbo bcnoQt of
tals creditors. Tbo liabilities pro placed at $2,-
073. Tbo assets consist of a stock of stationery,
picture frames, etc., now in tbo store at No. 310
West Madison street; also all ot tbo household
Roods, etc., at the promises No. 600 West Wash
ington street, all valued ot $1,026.
Mns. Esther A. White, of No. 102 West Lake
street, Is booked ot tbo West Madison Street
fetation to-day to appear before Justice Walsb
upon a charge of embezzlement. Tbo com
■plalnant Is Arthur Godfrey, son ot a Mrs. Emily
Godfrey, wltb whom Mrs. whlto fans been hav
ing considerate trouble recently about some
furniture. Tbo Roods were seized yesterday
■ upon a search-warrant sworn out before Justice
Tub following bavo-boen elected as the medi
cal stall of tbo new Michael Kcoso Hospital:
Acting staff—Dr. Ernst Schmidt, surgeon; Dr.
M. Mannbolroor, physician; Dr. Hunry Danya,
prynmcologlst; Ur. A. Orndlo, oculist and aurlst;
Dr. James T. Hyde, dermatologist. Consulting
staff—Prof. Edmund Andrews. Prof. Boswell
Park. Prof. A. A. Johnson, Prof. J. Adams
Alien, Prof. DoLnsklo Miller. Prof. W. Dyford,
Dr. Jacobson, Dr. Baxter, Dr. 11. Morklo.
The regular meeting of tbo*PlattdouUcbor
Veroin was bold at No. 45 North Clark street lust
evening, C. C. Dusso In tbo Chair. Two now
members, J. Kroltzmann and William Hako,
wore admitted. Twenty-four delegates wore
chosen to attend the Bavarian picnic next Sun
day. Anton linonont was selected as Marshal.
The Committee of Arrangements for tbo forth
coming Plattdoutscbor picnic at Ogdon's Grove
Aug. T also mot and completed tbolr plans.
Mayor Harrison will deliver a speech In City-
Hall Plattdoutscb on that occasion. Tboro are
now 300 members In tbo society, and 40,0U0 PJatt
Anna Boslek, 8 years old, whoso parents llvo
jit No. 204 North Ashland avenue, while on her
way homo at lUsIM yesterday, forenoon, was run
down on tho crossing of Ohio street and
Ashland avoauo by a horso and ouggy
containing a man and woman. Tbo wheels
'passed over tbo llttiu one's bead,
chest, and arras, causing severe injuries.
Tbo driver felt out of tbo buggy whuu tho
wheels struck tbo child, but bo hastily got buck
into tho sent and drovo away, leaving bor un
conscious In tbo roadway. Tbo poltco bavo
since ascertained that the reckless and Inhuman
follow was Patrick Bresuan, a plumber, living
at No. U llumsey street, .
Aram those many days It Is announoedln
Calico circles that tbo second man In tbo Mo
oney murder, whoso arrest was chronicled
some weeks ago, bus been discharged from cus
tody. His namo was John Foley. Tboro was
nothing against him beyond tho fact that bo was
Intimate with Elliott and others of tho Ilk,
and shortly after the murder protended to
bis mistress, a womau of tbo town, that tho po
lice were after him for Ibo murder. After
thoroughly sifting the mailer it was concluded
that tho charge against Foley could not bo well
substantiated, and that holding him weakened
tbo case against Elliott. Tho woman who put
.the polloo onto Foley was recently sent to tho
House of Correction la default of a S6O lino fur
A week ago last Wednesday evening the Bov. I
John Hemphill at tbo Church session presented
bis resignation as pastor of tho Calvary Presby- 1
turian Church, ban Francisco. Tbo resignation
was not accepted. Mr. Hemphill Is said to bo
desirous of accepting ono of tbreo calls which
bavo come from Eastern cities, thinking that a
change is necessary In order that bo may In
crease his usefulness. His labors In Ban Fran
cisco bavo Increased so much that ho has tlmo
TiuUbor for study nor recreation, and bo thinks
that better work could bußono If bo paid inoro
intention to recruiting bis mental powers. Tbo
churches from which Tie has received calls aro
as follows: Jefforsou Park Presbyterian Cbureb
of Chicago, the Lafayette Btroot Presbyterian
■Church of Buffalo,-'am) tbo Alexander Btroot
Presbyterian Cbureb of Philadelphia. Mr.
Hemphill bos not decided which cull to accept,
. The G erman Ladles' Belief and Aldßooloty gave
its third entertainment of tbo season yesterday
afternoon In Braudel's Garden, corner of Ada
•and Bandolph streets. Hand’s orchestra fur
jilsbed tho music, and several vocal selections
were rendered by Mrs. Bcheruberg and pupils
and Mrs. Endcr. The Intervals between tbo
numbers wore cnjoyably spent by the 30U peo
ple present In attacking tbo refreshments. An
admission too of 26 cents was charged, and tbo
entertainment netted not leas tbau SIW protlt to
the Society. The organization Is u brunch of tbo
German Emigration Booloty, and has fur Its
apodal object tno relief of poor aged people
who aro pot poor enough to claim public charity,
but who. In the winter months, must. If unaided,
■do without many ot the necessaries ot life. Last
winter tbo organization expended about S7OO in
the'good work, and the number of Impecunious
families on the list is steadily Increasing, and
mow numbers twenty. Ono-balt of the pro
ceeds of yesterday's entertainment will go to
the Now Ulm sufferers.
Tasua were forty-eight burial permits Issued
Yesterday, and forty-live deaths.
Tun paving of Lb Balle atreot, between Adams
and Quincy, la el tbe CUy-Uali, bu been
completed. It Is Medina stone, and apparently
a good job.
Fomt cases of small-pox wercrooortcd yester
day. They were from No. 1 Thomas street, a
case on Emma street, and one at No. 100. and
another at No. li« Jane street. Scarlet-fever
wss reported from No. SMS Iglcbart avonuo and
No. 409 dark street.
Tins following bulMlng permits wore granted
yesterdays One-story cottage on sills.2l br42
f dbt. No, 2917 Uuttorflold street, to cost *1,200t
John Hook, three-story and basement store and
dwelling, 6! by 111 feet, Nos. 447 and 449 Dcs
plainos street, William Wesson, two
story and basement dwelling, 2! by 04 feet. No.
areil Look street, tlnOO; Charles Lnu, two-story
dwelling, 81 by 46 feet, No. 670 West Chicago
avenue, *2,100.
O?0An Smith, William O. Weed, end Jacob O.
Clnglc, three gentlemen from Albany, N. i.«
representing tho Albany Burgess Corps, waited
on the Mayor yesterday. Tho Corps will oomo
hero on tho 4th of October to celebrate Its forty
eighth anniversary, ond tho Slayer and Con
troller are authorized to receive them. The
Committee remarked that a wrong Impression
bad gone abroad ns to the'expectations of tho
members of tho Corps, who were able to pay
tbolr way and came hero wholly for pleasure.
They will stop at the Palmer House and remain
three days, after which they will visit 8U Louis.
The Stayer Is a botanist, as well ns talker,
etc., but this time bo Is off his base. Tho police
sent In a report yesterday on the subject ot
Canada thistles, and there wore so many patches
reported that the city oan't possibly grapolo
with the wood.. .. , ■ , „
•*I tell you how you could do some good,"
said Aid. Burley, "and that Is by killing tho
rng-wccd. which Is said to be tho producer of
Btl jj ifc o Mayor; "rag-weed don't
amount to anything. I've boon a farmer all
my life, and down In Kentucky blue grass runs
There is a painful Impression abroad that the
Mayor doesn't know anything about rag-wccd,
and is unable to cope even with tho Canada
The Financial Committee mot
afternoon and decided to recommend air
ordinance abolishing tho oßlco of Fish Inspector.
Subsequently, upon looking into the matter,
Aid. Burley discovered that the Mayor bad no
authority to appoint such an officer, the oral
nance creating the once having been repealed
Bent. 11, 1876. so that (here was no need or put
ting "Fish" Miller on deck again. Besides,
under See. 1728, of the Municipal Code, all the
power for tho Inspection of flab, meat, and
poultry, ns to quality and wholosomcnoss, Is
vested In tho Commissioner or Health, woo
thus becomes tho Inspector.
correcting old deeds.
The McCullough heirs were before tbo Finance
Committee yesterday inn rather peculiar mat'
tor. The city owns a school-house at the corner
of La Bade and Bridge streets. It stands on
Lots 8,0,10,11.12,10 of the Canal Trustees’ new
subdivision. The McCullough heirs own Lot 14.
Lot 10 Is on one corner and 14 on the other. Tbo
city received a deed In 1867, but by mistake got
a deed to Lot 14, and tbo McCullough heirs bavo
tbo deed to 10. Tbo school-house yard covers
, ,nt 10. so that it Is not a desirable property.
\ mt is wanted Is a correction of deeds, which
wl t be accomplished at tbo next meeting of tbo
Council. In this case, which is exceptional, tho
city has tbo bulge, it has possession of Lot 13,
and has tbo deed to 14, while tho other parties
own Lot 14. but bavo got nothing to show for it,
and they don’t want anything to dowlth Lot ID.
Tire oalclmlncrs expect to got oat of the
building la a week.
The Committee on Jail and Jail Accounts was
over yesterday looking after certain improve
ments going on in tho Jail. The colling of tbo
debtors’ department Is being Hood with shoot
iron, and iron grates are being putinsomoof
tho windows.
'The County Clerk Is ready to move into tbo
now Court-House, but it now transpires that tbo
Commissioners have failed to lot the contract
lor tho vault-fittings, consequently bo must
await their motion. All of tho offices ought lo
bavo been moved weeks ago.
Julius Saiilingbr yesterday gave ball In tho
sum of (1,000, and was released. Ho Is under
conviction for.burglary, but was granted a now
trial. Ills bondsmen are Edward Burke,' of
Lcydon, and Col. Thomas Shirley, ills sons,
who wore convicted along with him, aro now at
Toe Committee on Hospitals (mot and passed
on some small bills. They will not award tbo
contracts for groceries and drugs until Satur
day. Tbo Printing and Stationery Committee
D asset] some bills, and tho Jail and Jail Accounts
ommlttou approved tho pay-rolls of tho Sheriff
and tho Clork of tbo Criminal Court.
Huiibkt Sadder, of Loraont, trill bo a oondl
(Into boforo tho Republican Convention for
Commissioner Miller's place In tbo County
Hoard this foil; He is said to bo a good man,
but It is not charged that ho is making any
special effort for ifao otlice, nnr yet that bo vrill
>o greatly disappointed if ho does not gee It. 110
8, no doubt, in too bands of bis friends.
The Joint Committee on Charities and Public
iuildlnirs spent a pare of tbo afternoon exam*
nioff tho plans for a now Poor-House submitted
jy Architect J. C. Cochrane. Tho drawings sub
mitted covered simply an outline sketch of tbo
Sosod now structure, which, If carried out
ir this system, wilt cost from SIOO,OOO to
$160,000. Tbo buildings contemplated are to ho
of brick with slate roofs, and tho arrangement
will bo unique. No notion was taken, for there
arc half a dozen more architects to bo board
Jacob Qoitzow, a jail prisoner, who has had
considerable trouble oaaccountof tbo multitude
of bis attorneys,growing out of the fact that It bas
been noised about that bo bas In tbo last few
days received some money from abroad, Is now
worse off than over. Yesterday an old indict
ment was reinstated against him at the Instance
<>f some of bis covetous advisors, it Is said, and
bo probabilities aro that bis troubles have been
doubled thereby, lie bos boon In Jail aomo
months, and bo got along well enough until tbo
cgal parasites learned of bis coming into pos
session of monoy. Ho Is to bo pitied, rather
than condemned, at tbls stago of tbo gamo.
At the Sub-Treasury yesterday SIO,OOO In gold
and SI,OOO In silver was disbursed, the receipts la
coin amounting to SO,OOO Ip silver.
Tub receipts from internal revenue yesterday
amounted to $30,801, of which $28,775 was for
spirits, sl,Oll for tobacco and cigars, and $3,U23
for boor.
Tub duties collected at tbls port yesterday
amounted to $7,763. Tbo dutiable goods re
ceived formed a large consignment, as will bo
scon by tbo following list; T. M. Sinclair A# Co.,
600 sacks salt: Cbaplu St Gore, 3 pipes wine, «l
octaves wine, (1 hogsheads wine, 5 bulls wine. 20
casks brandy; E, Atulnon. 1014 casks wine. Oil
tierces wluh; Laporto Sc Bitch, *IOJ4 casks wine,
20 octavos wine; W. 11. Bchlmpforman Sc Sou. 1
butt wine, 1 hogshead wine, 1 pipe wluo.lH casks
wine; Hinsdale St Yoo, 100 drums caustiu soda,
&r> casks soda ash, 06 casks baking powder: J. A.
Lomax, 4 hogsheads ale, 70 barrels ale, 12
kilderkin ale; Chicago At PnclOo Hallway,
U oases show curds, 100 Insulators:
Bmplro Warehouse Company, 1 box of fuse; tho
Uuv. C. McCall, 1 trunk; John Garrick, 2,707
cedar ties. 0.601 cedar posts; Chicago & North
Western Ilallroad Company, 80014 tons railroad
iron: Hitchcock «t Foster, 3,120 cedar tics; 0.0.
Wallin & tion, 1 casks b-stoncs: J. H. AeO.W.
Ho(llo,s)aj)ii>cs brandy; Cavuuagb Ac Co., fin pipes
brondy; 0. Cuvaroo & Bon. 1 cases champagne;
Harnum Bros., 2 oases brushes: Fish, Fox & Co.,
1 case cigars; Aloxlan Hospital. 1 package man
ufactured wool; J. Nntbauson, 1 case manufact
ured wool and cotton; Vorgho, Uubllng A: Co.,
DO casus toys, etc.; H. Cbauuon & Co., lOoolls
wire rope: J. McConvlllo Ac Co., 2 eases dry goods;
Canon, Pirlo, Bcott At Co., 12 oases drygoods; A.
Bblro, 1 cases cigars; Host, Uutsoll it Co., fi coses
cigars; Kalman At Lllloufold, 3 oases olgara;
Henry Donoohy At Boas, 225 sacks salt; Fowler
Bros., S sucks salt.
Only two cases of Insanity wore brought be
fore Judvo Loomis In the County Court yester
day morulug. Tbo lint one disposed of was
that of James Davis, an Irishman of 11, living
at No. 81 Bmoruld street, who bad previously
been confined, hut was subsequently released
upon nn Improvement occurring In bis condi
tion. Thu evidence of bis wife and daughter,
showed that seven yean ago bo received a sun
stroke, since which occurrence bo bad been
more or loss Insane, ills balluol nations wore to
tbo ctfoot tbat'somo uooton bad given him
“Insane salt," wblob bad caused bis tint re
moval to tbo Hospital; • also, that tbo
Freemasons wore combined against him, and
were continually following him up. Ho bad
often written to the I’opo on tbo subject, and,
lately, ooaooouut of bavlng received no answer
from bis Holiness,-bad expressed ■ himself as
muob Incensed against him.
Hr. Hlutburdt stated that tbo roan was Insane,
and that bo was very sbruwd, and, upon all
points save the hallucinations mentioned, able
to docolvo persons as to bis condition.
The unfortunate man was permitted to talk
for a few minutes, and when the weak spot of
bis Imsglnlugs wua reached, bo launched forth
Into u long tirade, in wblob Queen Victoria, tbo
Pope, Freemasons, insane salt, and the doctors
Tbls settled whatever doubt may bavo existed
tu the minds of the Jury, who returned tbo
usual verdict of ** insane and a pauper."
Mrs. Catherine lioldy, of No.-US South Hal
. sled street, bu Irish woman of fid, provided a very
clear ease of acute melancholia. As she sat. n
tbe chair allotted to those undergoing examina
tion, she rooked bor body to and fro, and la*
dulgod la a series of. most mournful moons.
Tbe evidence of bor husband, 'William Ueldy,
who keeps a saloon at Ibe number mentioned,
and of her daughter, Johanna, showed that
about four months ago sbo bad suddenly devel
oped this peculiar phase of lusaulty. liver slnco
that time, wllbouly an oocaslonal Intoruisilon
when sbo slept for an hour or two, ibe moamug
bad been kept up, and of late In so loud a tone
Uutl It drove ino aeJgbbsna dbitxaoted, Ibe
Jury agreed with the witnesses as wHboqitestton
ot the woman's insanity, but declined to accept
tho husband's statement that ho was not able to
pay his wife's expenses during her Inonreera
tlon. and adjudged her Insane, but not a
patient was In tho Jail who bad been
taken there a few days ago whilo suffering from
smite mania, but be had so greatly improved
since his arrest that Dr. Uluthardt had decided
that ho could bo returned to bis family with
safety. ■
centenary methodist ontmoii.
A very enjoyable lawn party was given last
evening at tho residence of Mr. and Mrs. D. 11.
Lamborson, corner of West Van Huron and
Leavitt streets, the occasion being a farewell
and bon voyage to the Itov. Dr. A. 0. Qoorgo,
pastor of tho Centenary Methodist Episcopal
Church, and bis estimable wife, who sail Aug. 6
from Now York for England, where they will
spend some weeks. The largo grounds wore
handsomely Illuminated with Chinese lanterns
and large redactor lamps, and, although tho
weather was a Utile to cool to render a lawn
party enjoyable, all ot those present wore In high
spirits and appeared to have a very good time.
The choir of tho church furnished some excel
lent music, and ox-Mnyor L. L. Bond made a
neat little speech, bldd log tho pastor and bis
wlib farewell on behalf of tho congregation,
wishing them a pleasant voyage and safe re
turn. Tho Doctor made an appropriate re
sponse. Mrs. Or. Danforth was then Introduced,
aud In a very happy speech presented Mrs.
George with a draft on London for *IOO, from
tho ladles ot tho congregation. Itefrcsbments
were thou served and wore heartily enjoyed by
the guests. Miss Dunlap, of Elgin, favored tho
company with several songs .and tho choir sang
some selections. Tho party broke up about 11
o’clock, and tho guests expressed tho hope that
Mr. Lamborson would call them together again
on tho Doctor's return. .. , ,
Among those present were ex-Mayor L. L.
Bond and wife. Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Dean, Sir. and
Sirs. M. E. Colo, Mr. and Sirs. U. Uoasnor, Sir.
A. Q. Lane, Miss Lane, Sir. and Sirs. J. E. Wood
bead. Mr. and Sirs. Banks, Sir. James MoMillon,
of Peterborough, England: Sir. J.W. Lewis, of
Bangor, Slot Dr. and Mrs. Orlflln, Mr. Stanford,
Miss Ostrander, Miss Mincer, Mr. and Sirs. Myers,
Sir. and Sirs. 8. A. Kean ot Evans
lou, Sirs. Walker, Sir. Bowen, Sites Libby
Bowen, Miss Maggie James of Galena,
tbollev. J. SI. CnldwelL Dr. and Sirs. Danforth,
Sir. and Sirs. Holbrook, Mrs. Gilbert, Sint. But
ters,Mrs. Llpbardl, Mr. and Mrs. White, Sir. and
Sirs. Ziegler, Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain, Sir. and
Sirs. Slonson, Miss Nellie Lane, Mr. Lester, Mr.
Buchanan, Mr. Peake, Dr. Duncan. Dr. Leonard,
Sirs. Wilson, Sirs. Bishop, Sir. and Mrs.Hnyman.
Mr. George Wilson, Miss Kate Wilson, Sir. and
Mrs. Thayer. Sirs. Leonard, the Misses Mamlo
and Kate Leonard. Mr. Milton Leonard, Mr.
Lcoob, Miss Mattie Smith, and Sites Morrison.
Tbo boss bakers held a woll-attoudod meeting
in Quiuoy Club room last evening, Mr. Uolslor
in tbo chair.
Mr. Schaeffer, of tho committee appointed to
see tbo Mayor in regard to baving tbo broad
ordinance enforced, reported that tbo Mayor
said there was no Inspector, hut If tbo bakers or
grocers would report to tho police those who
were making ana selling short-weight loaves,
tbo violators would be prosecuted under tho
law, the complainants to ho assured their names
would not be'made public. Tbo report was
Mr: Volta reported for tbo northwest part of.
tho city that tho bakers generally were ready to
adopt tbo now schedule of prices, and those who
bung back sold they would follow if tbo move
ment was successful. , . . , .
A list of South Side bakers who had raised
prices Inst Tuesday was road. . . • ,
Aid. Brady thought there might bo soldo de
lay about advancing tho price of cukes, ami
wanted to know if tbo bakers in tbo city had all
agreed to abide by tbo now rates for bread. .
/L’bo President said tbo canvass showed that
with a few exceptions tbo bakers bad consented
to tho raise. . .... . . ,
A list of tho bakers who were willing to adopt
tho scnlo of prices opproved at tho last meeting
was then road. Tbo list bad about 180 names.
Tbo meeting voted to adopt tho now price-list,
to go into effect Aug. 1. Following Is tho new
ecalo of wholesale prices: Ityo brood, single
oaf, fl cents: double loaf, IS cents. No wblto
jrond weighing one pound under 5 conts per
oaf; Vienna broad, 7 conts per pound loaf.
Buns, rolls, cakes, and frlodcakcs, 12 cents per
dozen. Pics, 13 cents each. t
Tbo list was continued In circulation for od
ttional signatures. Adjourned to moot Satur
day at 8 p. m.
the board of trade.
transfer or the tracby property.
Tho heirs of tbo Tracey estate—owners of tho
property on wblob tbo now Board-of-Trado
Building Is to bu erected—yesterday gave a deed
to P. B. Armour, J. It Hensley, and Sydney A.
tent These gentlemen will transfer balf tbo
otto tbo Hoard,wblob,under Us charter can
bold property to tbo value of $200,000, tbo cost of
tbls particular piece of ground belngouly $30,000,
There Is nothing now In tbo way of tbo forma
tion of a building association, wblob of eourso
will bavo to bo an Independent body. Who tbo
corporators will be Is os yot unknown, as tbo de
tails have not been agreed upon. When< tho
structure Is ready for occupancy it will bo
cased to tbo Hoard.
Tho books of tbo Assessors, as returned to tho
County Clerk, show an Incrcasoot B}{'per cent
In tbo personal property of tho county. Tho
assessment of Evanston is |o4,U3,—an Increase
of U per cent over the assessment of last year.
Tho llov. VT. X. Nlndo, D.D., and daughter
Mary, Miss Helen Potter, of Evanston, and tbo
Rev. Mr. Potter, of lowa, will soon sail for Lon*
don. Dr. Nlndo and Mr. Potter will attend tho
Ecumenical Council.
Miss Anna Consol. 23 years of age, daughter
of Mr, UrunoCamsel, Esq., died very suddenly
yestordoy forenoon from un internal hemor
rhage. Bho hud boon oiling only since Monday
evening, and was uot regarded as seriously 111.
Her family are among tho oldest settlors of
Hyde Park, and are very well and favorably
cnown. They have the heartfelt sympathy of
tho entire community. Tbo funeral will tako
Glace un Buturday afternoon at 3 o cloak, to
akwoods, from tbo residence at tbo ooraor of
Fifty-fifth street and Cottage Grove avenue.
Tbo Misses Annie and Ella Hodden, of New
Albany, lad., are visiting atT. Maher’s, la Hyde
Mrs. Oswald A. Hogue returns to-day from
New Hampshire, whore she has boon visiting for
sumo lime.
Mr. John I. Bennett has returned from an ex-
tended trip in the East..
A mooting of tho Irish citizens of Hyde Park
was held lost night ut Lynch's Hall, corner of
VFlfty-fiftb street and Hyde Park avenue, lor tho
purpose of organizing a branch of tho Illinois
Laud League. An earliest address was de
livered by T, P, O'Connor, setting forth tbo
wrongs to which Ireland has been and is sub
jected to. .
Mr. P. W.Dunn also addressed tho meeting. .
Daniel and Michael Mahr, aged respectively 40
and 11 years (father and son), wore brought be
fore Justice Rogers oa a charge of maiming a
cow. They wore each fined |3 and costs.
A Comedy or Bliuidora—Trouble with
a Costly Writing Tablo That Was Ex
plained Too Late*
Jftw York Sun,
“Why, who has boon smashing your furni
ture? ” the reporter asked la aumzemout, as, ho
entered the sluing room of Mr. llrenton Ward’s
bouse, In Monroe street, Brooklyn, and noticed
that a handsome, bigbly-poUsbod rosewood
writing table, for which bo knew Mr. Ward had
bad paid *SO a few days previously, was
wrecked and ruined. Tbo back part of tbo
drawer was wrenched out, and splinters of wood
wore on tbo Uoor. A bummer, a child, and a
saw on tbo earpotsoomod to Indicate that tho
mischief was of recent occurrence, and a bag of
gold coin was on tbo sofa. . . ...
Mr. Ward looked foolishly at bis wife, opd Mrs.
Ward looked dejectedly at her husband as be
stood In his shirt sleeves before her.
•• Well. 1 suppose 1 may us well toll tho story,"
Mr. Ward said, as bo slowly resumed his coat,
and wiped the bouest beads from bis brow with
bis handkerchief. “ 1 did it, with Mary’s assist
ance, ton miuulos ago. You seo, 1 never was a
Vanderbilt In point of wealth, and when ray
poor old undo died tbo other day and loft. mo
fA,(KX) tt somewhat demoralized roe. 1 changed
ft all Into gold—tbo gold you see on tho sofa—
and placed It la the table drawer. 1 looked at It
pretty often, you may bo sure, and about half
an hour before you camo In 1 went to tho draw
er and tried to open lu The key would not turn,
and after i bud blown Into It until tbo whistle It
gave could bo hoard at the other uud of tho
block, and 1 was black la tho face, both Mary
and I oumoto tbo conclusion that souo one had
been tampering with the lock. • ' .
“Mary nearly, fainted at tho prospect of the
gold having been stolen, and suggested that In
formation of tho mutter bo seat to tbo police ut
once. 1 thought, however, that wo bad better
lint break Into (bo Urawor, and satisfy ;our
solvoa that tho money was really gone. Wo bor
rowed a chisel, a saw, and a hammer from (ho
old gentleman next door, tad I sot to work , with
a will. Tho result you see. Thetoolewasutter
ly destroyed lu five minutes, but it was a groat
relief to find the gold all right. We bad broken
In at tho back, and there Is nothing the tumor
with tbo look. Thu girl, after moving tho fable
out from tho wall to dust behind It, bad put it
back wrong side first! but both sides are |nsdo
exactly alike, the only dltfuronoo being, that
what looks like a keyhole la the back Is /also,
and, of course, 1 could not turn tbo key in It. it
was all owing to tbo greenhorn girl's stupidity,
you see," . <
Dreaming to dome Purpose* j
JlriOwori (Ctoaiu tttandard... \
An Bast Bridgeport gentleman loot papers
representing SO,OOO Monday wbllo at the Onl
versollst plonlo. That night be dreamed several
times over that bo saw tbe papers In a particular
place by tbe railroad track where tbe party
boarded tbe train, and at daylight bo wont and
found them precisely whore bo bad seen them
lu bis dream.
A History of Endless and Vcxa
tious Delays.
The Last Move on the Part of tho Bail
way .Companies.
Trying lo mile fin City Swap Homs While Cress-
tog (he Stream.
, The Tribune gave tho story, throe years ogo
how, of the passage by the Council of the ordi
nance imposing a license tax upon tho street
cars. Ab a somewhat later date it told how tho
three railway companies, while willing—nox
ious, ovon—to pay this tax, wore bulldozed by
wicked stockholders wboltvo down bast and
prevented from carrying, out tbolr desires: how
tboso stockholders tiled bills In tho United States
Court and prevented, for the time being ntlcast,
tho Treasurers of tho North, South, and West
Bide Street-Railway Companies from gladly pay
ing over to tho proper authorities tho sum of
*6O for every oar they operated. At a somewhat
later date, Tub Tribune mentioned tho de
cision of Judge Drummond sustaining this ordi
nance, and It has since then referred Incidentally
to tho innumerable and Intolerable delays which
were postponing tho final settlement of tho
question. The matter having now come up In
an Incidental way before a Committee of tho
Council, It Is not amiss, perhaps, for tho purpose
of explaining more fully tho importance of tho
matter and tho advisability of wise action on tho
part of tho Committee, to go back and summar
ize the history of this license ordinance and tho
proceedings which have been bad under It.
an order was Introduced into tbo Council calling
upon tbo Corporation Counsel for bis opinion os
to tho power of tho city to compel tbo street
railway companies to pay a license for tho priv
ilege of running their cars In tho streets. Mr.
Bonfiold, who was then Corporation Counsel,
gave nn elaborate written opinion, In which ho
took tbo view that tbo Council could not under
tho charter, pass such nn ordinance. And this
was tho opinion of lawyers generally at that
time. But Aid. Daly, tho father of tho
measure, wont to City-Attorney Tutblll
and asked him what bo thought about It. Mr.
Tutblll said ho was not familiar enough with
tho questions Involved toglvo nn opinion off
band. Mr. Dnly thou requested him to look
thorn up, and Mr. Tutblll said bo would. In do
tog so ho ran aorossn decision of Mr. Justice
Strong, of tho Supremo Court of Poonsylvunln,
sustaining such an ordinance passed by tbo
Councils of Philadelphia. Tbo reasoning was
very strong, all tho points involved were well
presented, and Mr. Tutblll told Aid. Dalythnt
ho felt very strongly Inclined to tbo
opinion that tho city bad tbo
.rcqulslt power, and in support of
this view, and as tho best decision bo could
give, turned over to him that of Justice Strong.
Aid. Daly took It to tbo Council, and tbo ordi
nance was passed. When suits wore about to
bo instituted against tho companies for not pay
ing tho license fees, they
alleging, substantially, that tho city bad passed
an Illegal ordinance and was about to enforce
It; that tbo companies were about to Illegally
pay tbo Hoonso foes, and that, therefore,
tho Interest of tbese non-resident stock*
holders was liable td bo Injured by
tbo depletion of tbo common fund; and honco
they asked tbo United Stales Court to enjoin
tbo olty from collecting, and tbo companies
from paying, tbo foes. Judge Ulodgott granted
tbo lojuction. City-Attorney Tutbill moved to
dissolve it, and mado an argument, but Judge
Ulodgott was not moved, saying bo would leave
tbo matter as it was until the dual bearing. Tbo
dofonso of tho suit devolved upon Mr. Tutblil,
tho other members of tbo Law Department be
ing engaged, and on record as of tbo opinion
that the ordinance was not a valid one.
JIo recognized that tho ease was of very groat
importance to tbo city, involving some $30,000
or $40,000 n year, so bo associated with him Mr.
A. 8. liradloy, whom ho know to bo a good
lawyer. They fllod a demurrer to tbo bill, which
would bring up all tbo Questions involved. Tbo
ease was sot twlco for a bearing boforo Mr.
Justice Harlan, who was boro in tbo summer of
1870, but was continued on tbo application of
counsol for tbo companies,who represented that
they bad other engagements. Mr. Goudy ap
peared for tbo North Side Company, Judge Dock
with and Mr. Small for tbo West Bide one, and
liltobcook Sc Dupoo fpr tbo South Bide corpora
tion. These continuances prevented a bearing
boforo Mr. Justice Harlan.
Mr. Tutblil asked blm to hear tbo ease, but bo
was disinclined, owing to his relations with some
of tho gentlemen Interested in tbo stock of one
of tho companies. He hud no personal Interest,
yot as trustee bad Invested some funds In Its se
curities, and therefore bo preferred that some
other Judgo should decide tbo questions. Mr.
Tutblil ropllod that be appreciated tbo Judge's
position, but tbo Court was tbo plaintiff's own
choosing, and bo fait tbat If tbo city authorities
did not object to his hearing tho cuso tbo other
side ought not to. Tbo olty not only did not ob
ject, but was very anxious to bavo him bear and
decide tbo questions, which wore purely ques
tions,of law, 1c making no difference to (bo city
If tbo Court owned all tbo stock of all the com
panies. Judge Drummond said bo bollovod bo
could docldo tho ooso wllboutrogord to personal
fooling, and that bo would near It
and do so. An elaborate argument fol
lowed, covering two days,—printed arguments
being filed by all tbo counsel. Judgo Drum
mond took too coso under advisement, and
about a year ago rendered a decision in favor
of tbo olty, sustaining tbo ordinance. Tbo at
torneys for tbo companies asked leave to amend
tbo bill, and it was granted. Many motions and
cross-motions woro mado, but tho ease was
finally sot for hearing, and at tho conclusion of
further arguments Judgo Drummond bold tbo
ensa under advisement, wltb tho understanding
that bo was to decide It so tbat an appeal could
bo taken to tbo United States Supreme Court in
Mr. Adams and Mr. QrlnnclUook charge of tho
Law Department of tho city, and, as tho case
needed uttentlon. Mr. Tutblil und Mr. llradloy
wore directed by thorn to go on with it, and thoy
have hud It In hand over since. Hvury stop
taken with reference to it has boon by Mr. Tut
bill and Ur. Drudloy. Constitutional and stat
utory questions nro involved, requiring much
research among authorities, and It would take a
now lawyer u long while to familiarise him
self with tbo points, homo time before tbo
last election It was suggested that it would bo
bettor to have au- order passed by tbo Council
continuing thorn In tho uuso until a tlnul de
cision was rendered by tbo United States Su
premo Court, aud such an ardor was Introduced
and seat to tbo Judiciary Committee, who unan
imously recommended its adoption. Hut when
their report was presented to the Council sumo
Aldormun, In tbo Interest of tho railroad com
£anles. suggested: that tho city had a
aw Department capable of attending to Us
, legal business, and.thatitwus an unnecessary
expense to supply outside counsel; and on this
Alderman's motion tbo order was recommitted,
with Instructions to ’Und out what Messrs. Tut
bill aud Jlnulluy had done, what tbolr charges
wuroand would bo. . That Committee took no
action, but turned tho matter over to their sue
ccssors, at whoso lust mooting City-Attorney
(J rlniioll said it would, bo
to change lawyers In a onso of so much Impor
tance, over *200,000 being now nt stake; that
Messrs. Tutblll mid Uradley could churgo only a
reasonable fee, tho Court* protecting clients In
euob matters. Jlo could conceive of no one who
would bo opposed to.continuing thomuscoun
sol unless be was working for tbo railroad com*
panics. Aid. Wlokonbain stated that two of tbo
persons who bad spoken to him about discharg
ing Tutblll and Uradley woro stockholders In the
companies. A letter was read from Corporation-
Counsel Adams, who coincided with Mr.
Urlnuell that It would bo folly to nut anybody In
the place of Messrs. Tutblll and Uradley. As
tbo city would bo injured by thoir displacement,
he recommended their retention. And, us tbo
matter stands, Mr. Adams has none off for rec
reative purposes, and Mr. Urlnnull Is so busy
Uiat bo cannot tukd tbo steps necessary to an
appeal. Tbo effect of ibe dismissal of Tutblll
and Uradley will no delay and tbo depriving of
tbo city of wbat It Is Justly entitled to.
lu tbo meanwhile,, .
is being continually maintained by the counsel
for tbo street-railway companies, or, to speak
more correctly, by tbo counsel for those non
resident stockholder* who have not allowed tbo
street-railway companies to pay those license
foes and have also forced them to biro counsel
with wblob to tight tbo city. Tbo matter was up
not lung ago before Judge Drummond, was
argued for a day or two, and, It was hoped by
tbo counsel tor tbp,city, would bo pushed to u
conclusion. Hut one day tbo lawyers for these
non-resident stockholders came In and naked
for a llttln further delay, which the Judge
granted, and, in granting it. said that ho should
consider no more oases until fall, bo tbo thing
goes over till October, when It will betaken up
again, possibly only to bo postponed onco more.
Punishment of Dueling lu Prance*
M. Assclln, a wealthy landowner of Chalons*
•ur-SaOao, France, (was on July 7 sentenced to
pay a heavy One and to undergo a term of Im*
prisonment for klUlog an adversary In a duel.
Sl.Asaellnwos looked on os a parvenu by (be
•mall noblesse In his neighborhood, ho held (be
office of Lieutenant of the Wolfhounds.—a post
which gave bltnu sofiof free warren In the game
E reserves of his neighbors, and the war la which
e used this privilege was a cause of frequent
quarrels. A gamekeeper of tho Oho do
Talleyrand, I'orlgord, warned him off latorms
at which bo took offense, and be complained to
I the agent of tho XoUoytaad ost at cfc.il, do paint
Victor. An angry correspondence followed, In
which Insulting expressions worn used on both
sides. A meeting look place with enmity
entires, nnd nt tho first thrust M. Assclln killed
his adversary. Ho nnd the seconds woro brought
to trial, M.l.nchauil pleaded tbnt dueling wns
sanctioned by custom, and that tho fight was
perfectly fair, Tho lury acquitted tho seconds,
but found M. Assclln guilty of homicide, and tho
Court sentenced him to four months* Imprison*
mont, and to. pay $20,000 damages to tho widow
and her obllu.
Captured In Oanadn to Answer tlto
Charge of manalnnahtor*
Tho notorious “Dr." Thomas N. Cream is in
custody again, and this time, os once before, for
murder. Since August, 1880, ho has been prom*
Inont before tho public. In that month bo and
Hnttto Mack woro arrested for producing an
abortion on n young* woman who died. They
wore Indicted, but Cream was tried
separately and acquitted In November,
notwithstanding Miss Mack squealed on
him. lie then disappeared, but came to the sur
face again a month or so ago. when bo fell Into
tho bands of tho United Slates authorities for
sending obscene postal-cards through the malls.
The complainant was Joseph Martin, of No. 130
West Thirteenth street, whoso family Cream bad
attended. The Doctor claimed that there was a
balancoof s2oduo biro. Martin denied owing
him anything, so Cream aontMartln some postal*
cards containing vllo slanders, and Martin bad
him arrested, lie failed to turn uo before
United States Commissioner Ifoyno for a bear*
lag, so bis bond of $1,300 was forfaited. Before
his arrest bo bad prescribed for Daniel Stall, of
Holvldore, HI. Stoll's wife wont to Duck &
Itnynor's, In this city, to got tho prescription
put up. Among otbor things. It called for one*
twonty*fourth of a grain of strychnine to tho
tahlcspoonful. She took tho medicine to
Cream's olllco, and bonded It to him for oznrai
nation. Ho remained in a back room a long
while by himself. On reaching bomo Mrs. Stall
gave her husband a dose of tho mixture, and In
a little while bo died. When Cream hoard of
this bo telegraphed to Bolvtdoro asking that tho
body bo oxbumod, as a clairvoyant bad told him
that Stall bad been poisoned. Prof.
Haines, who analyzed tbo contents of Stall s
stomach, found enough unobsorbod strychnine
to kill four men. Tbo Coroner's Jury reached
tbo coeoluslon that Cream was responsible for
Stull's dcatb. and nn officer came to Chicago to
arrest him, hut bo bad runaway. A dispatch
from Detroit, published In yesterday's Tiuuunb,
stated that ho bad boon caught at Belle Ulvor,
near Windsor, Canada, by Uhorlff Amos, of
Boone County, and Cbiof*of*PoUce Barnes, of
Windsor. Ho will have a bearing on tbo 3d
prox., when It Is to bo hoped bo will bo re*
mandod tu tbo custody of Sheriff Ames
for extradition. If brought to this State,
and tho murder enso doesn’t stick. Cream
will doubtless bo turned ovortotho UnttcdStntos
authorities for trial. The ease of tbo Govern
ment ognlnst him is a strong one. and bo can bo
souttojohotfor a year or so. His prospective
mother-in-law Is ms surety, but, as no has
turned out to bo such a bad man, sbo ought to
seo to It that, onco bore, ho doesn't skip again,
and thus put $1,9)0 la jeopardy.
Special DUpaUft lo Tht OMeaoo IVttufU*
Windsor, Ont., July 28.—Dr. Cream, the noto
rious Chicago abortionist, • arrested at Bello
illvcr, Ont., vostorday by Chlof-of-Pollco
Baines and Sheriff Ames, of Boone County, Illi
nois,for tbo murder of Daniel Scott In Juno lost
by poisoning, Is In Sandwich Jail awaiting ex
tradition. Cream was concerned in tho murder
of Mary Faulkner, a Canadian girl, about a
year ago, by abortion, In Chicago, In connection
with a colored woman with whom she was
boarding. Tbo murder of Scott, for which
Cream has been arrested, occurred while Cream
wns attending Scott for illness. Cream was In
terviewed In Jail to-day, and told tho following
story: "1 treated Scott lor epilepsy, and later
for rheumatism. 1 ordered strychnine as a
tonic in medicinal doses. Tho first notifica
tion I had of bis death was
from bis wife, who came to my
office in Chicago. Tho man died on a Sunday,
and was burled. Thursday I telegraphed to tbo
Coroner of Boono County To bold an inquest and
take charge of tbo medicine found, ns i did not
bollovu bo bad died a natural death. Tho Cor
oner wrote, saying ho had soon Mrs. Scott, and
she said ho bad died in a fit like bo bad before,
and that there wore not sufficient grounds for
disinterring tho body. Then 1 wrote to the
I’rosooutlng Attorney about tbo matter, who re
plied that bo did not see any reason for on In
vestigation. 1 wrote to tbo Coroner again,
asking him to give a dose of tbo medicine
to a clog or a oat. This was done, and tho dog
died In twenty minutes after it was adminis
tered. On Juno 2U, about ton days after Soott
died, I received a lottor from tbo Coroner stat
ing tbat a post-mortem bad boon bold, and tbo
stomach would bo sent to Chicago for analysis.
Tbo body was burlod wltbout a physician's cor
tltlooto. I don't see bow they can Implicate mo
In tbo affair. 1 was tbo first person to demand
an Investigation, and have letters from Scott
proving that my treatment was bene
ficial to bitn. Duck & Jloyner, of
Chicago, put up . tbo prescriptions,
and 1 know tboy ore all right. Mrs. Scott bad
boon in tbo habit of-getting medicine at a drug
store whore a mistake was made lose winter,
which I suspected bad caused the death of a
young girl, and I told Mrs. Scott not to go
tborc." ‘ .
Reporter— 1 * What made you skip out If you
arc so confident of being able to prove your in
Cream— '* I skipped out three weeks, ago, .bo
foro tbo Inquest was bold, and boforo 1 know I
was accused. I bad some trouble, and was not
doing vary well, and wont to looic for a new
place, I was nevermore surprised In my life
than when I was arrested."
"Tboy say yon bad a ladder'at your botol
window by which to escape." . ■ ,
“ That ladder was tborc when I oamo, and baa
boon for some time."
"You had some trouble about au abortion
case in Chicago, bad you not?" m . ,
"Yes; that was about a yoor ago. A girl bad
boon operated upon by a professional nurso.
and tbo nurso come to mo to treat her. 1 did
what 1 could, but tbo girl died and tbo nurso
throw tbo blamo on roe. Sbo was used os a
witness ogalnst me. I wos acquitted, and sbo
also was discharged."
" Where Is Mrs. Scott now?"
" Tbo Sborlff told mo last night tbat de
tectives wore watching bor in Garden Prairie.'
. "Have you made up your mind not to go
back wltbout being extradited?*'
" No. 1 will go book if lam assured they will
not make any'trouble for mo only on this
charge. If 1 prove my Innocence they ought to
discharge roo, but they might keep mo oontiuod
for a long time, bolding me as a witness against
any other party, and 1 don't want anything of
that kind. 1 have written a lottor to Sheriff
Amos to this effect, but bnvo not sent It yot."
It would appear that Philip Faulkner, brother
of tho nurso William Faulkner, whose death at
.tbo County Hospital last Monday was caused by
a doso of carbolic odd administered to him as
castor oil, was not at all satisfied with tho ver
dict of tho Coroner's Jury in tho case. As will
bo remembered, the fatal dose was administered
to Fnulkuor by another nurso nsmod Anton
Kulck,—an Inexperienced roan, who, according
to tho ovidonuo beard by tbo Coroner's jury, was
auttroly Innocent of any wrong intention,
hut bad only committed n stupid blunder. Ho
tbo Jury recommended that KalcK bo not bold
In custody. Tho brother of thodcad nurso. how
ever, yesterday had Kulok arrested on a charge
of manslaughter,—that is, bo swore out a war
rant against him for manslaughter before
Justice Hammer, and tho accused nurso oamo
into court of bis own accord and give hoods in
tbo sum of SI,OOO to appear for examination
next Tuesday afternoon at S o'clock.
. Dr. John Kean, of No, 178 Bouth Clark street,
whoso "specialty" Is tbo treatment of private
diseases, gave bond in the sum of S2OO yester
day before Justice Meooh to appear for
examination next Friday afternoon on the
charge of practicing medicine without
a license. Tho warrant was sworn out
by Horatio I*. Wright, who, Dr. Koan
believes, Is acting for tho State Hoard of Health.
Dr. Kean does not deny the allegation, but ho
does deny toe authority of the State Hoard of
Health to demand n license, declaring that the
law pruvldlog for tho license Is unconstitutional.
Ho says he possesses a Uonnett College diploma,
and thinks ft Is sulHolent. Ho avers, also, that
tue Stale Hoard of Health has frequently sent
him decoy letters in tho endeavor to got him to
compromise himself as to tho character of his
T. Noinn and Abraham I’oznor, two North
Bldo saloonkeepers, wore arraigned Iwloro Jus
tlco Kaufumtm yestordoy morning on complaint
of O. M. Albcuaon, agent of tbo North Side Citi
zens* Louguo, charged with selling intoxicating
liquor to drunkards. Booh of them wore flood
$3 and cost.
At Justloo Hudson's court, yesterday After
noon, X'eter Holm, It. Qundermun, John lluf
merer, Jacob ltaou,and OltoKapposeaue up
for trial, charged with selling inloxicatlugilquor
to a minor.. They all pleaded guilty of disorder
ly conduct, and wore each lined 91 and costs. A.
raxton and 0. U. Albunson acted In behalf of
the people, and 11. llubons and Justice George
W, Parker for the defendants.
Is the latest Improved Msoklunon pom It can be
closed into a small compass for tho pocket, and
lengthened for uso. The' moat popular pen
made* Uaoklnnoa l*en Co., W Uatysoa.
Nature’s 81ulce«\Yay,
The kidneys oro nature's sluioo-way to wash
out the ddbrls of our constantly changing bod
ies. If they do not work properly the trouble is
felt everywhere. Then be wise, and as soon as
you see slims of disorder act a package of Kid
ney Wort and take It faithfully. It will clean
thesluioe-way of sand, gravel, or slime, ana
fiurlfy tna whole system. Druggists sell U, both
(quid and dry, and It Is equally olßcleot In either
form.—independent.. *
Ague, biliousness, drowsiness, jaundice, and
rftciUMUMB,, Hon DHtoo no9WS gtttUfi
Commissioner Sanders Denies that
the Disease Exists in
the West,
Lnd Says Dr. Taclio, Doesn’t. Know
Wlint lie’s Tnlktns About.
Tftu Tninoitß of yesterday contained tho fol
lowing extract from an Interview bbtwocn Us
correspondent at Ottawa, Canada, and Dr.
Taebo, Deputy Minister of Agrlcultoro, Inthat
“Notwithstanding tho reports from tho
United Stales, that pleuro-pneumonla exists In
Nova Scotia, lam In a position to stalo posi
tively that thoro is no cattlo dlacoso in tho
Dominion which la mentioned In tho British
order in council regarding cattlo Importations
into Great Britain. It will not bo of thn slight
est uso for tho newly-appointed Commisaon to
try and oonvlnoo tho English Government that
cattlo can bo brought from tho West without
danger of Infection, or that (hero is no Infection
In tho Western States, for pleuro-pneumonla
docs oxlst thoro, although It Is not so bad there
as In tho Bast. 1 have known cattlo from tho
Western Statos to be affected with the disease
on arriving In England after a voyage in which
26 per cent of tho cargo perished. The Ameri
cans bavo for flvo years past, Jn foot ever slnco
tho slaughtering clause was Introduced, been
trying to persuade tho British Government that
thoro Is no danger, but they havo not succeeded
yet, and they are not likely to."
of tho United States Treasury Cattlo Commis
sion, In tho course of an Interview during tbo
day, said that the Commission Bad board of a
caso thoro and bndntonoo sent Mr. Thayer to
investigate It, Hu reported that It was not a
contagious case. Ho hlmsolf bad no recent in
formation from that country other than what bo
bad soon In tbo puhllo press dispatches. Ho re
mark that “It will not bo of tho slightest uso,
for tbo nowiy-appointed Commission to try and
ooDVinco tbo English Government," etc. Commis
sioner Senders regarded it as u more assertion
of Mr. Taebo concerning a matter about which
ho wus wholly ignorant. Taebo was sold to bq
tho Deputy Minister of Agriculture, but beyond
that Commissioner Sanders know nothing about
him. Ho did know tho Veterinary Advisor of
tbo Dominion, and did not think that gentle
man would have committed himself
to such statements. Ho bad mot
him often, but bad never hoard him express an
opinion to tbo offoot that thoro was contagious
piouro-pncumonln In tbo West. Tho statement,
bo thought, probably grow out of tbo foot that
a groat many cattle that have been condemned
on landing In Liverpool as affected with con
tagious plouro-pnoumonla caino from tbo west
—Chicago, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and lowa.
Tho Votorlnory Advisor of tho Privy Council
bad pronounced tbo disease to bo contagious
plouro-pnoumonla, but Prof. Williams, of tho
now Veterinary College, Edinburg, and last
year President of tho Itoynl College of Veterin
ary Surgeons of Groat Britain, took tho ground
that it wus
but some Other disease. Dr. Charles F. Lyman,
a veterinary surgeon, was seat last year to Liv
erpool by Commissioner LoDuo to examine
with tbo British laspootors the cnttlo landed
thoro. Ho was so employed for several weeks.
Ho took seven of tho most pronounced cases to
Prof. Williams, who, after nn examination, un
hesitatingly pronounced six of them free from
tbo disease, and, after a more exhaustive exam
ination of tho seventh case, pronounced tho In
spectors to have been wrong In that Instance
also. Dr. Lyman preserved and brought homo
tho lungs of ono animal thm. bad boon con
demned and submitted them to tho nest micro
scoplst In tbo country, Prof. W. T. Whitney,
Curator of tbo Warren Anatomical Museum,
Boston, and Assistant In Pathological Anatomy
in the Medical Department of Harvard Uni
versity. After a most thorough examination of
tbo organs, Prof. Whitney embodied tbo results
of his Investigations in a report, in tho course of
which ho sola:
“ Looking at tho cases ns a whole. It wilt bosoon
that , they are tho results of Inllummatlons. of
different parts of tbo constituents of tbo lungs,
there also being Indications la all tbo specimens
that tuberculosis moy tako part In producing
somo of tbo changes. Tbo antocodonco of one
process over the other cannot bo exactly deter*
mined: but, Judging from tbo thickness of tbo
Interlobular connective tissue, and tbofact that
It can bo distinctly traced among tboapparontly
unaffected lobules. It Is probably Implicated
among tbo first; and from tbo fact of tbo thick
ness of this tissue, as compared with tbo small
amount of lung involved, the processes must bo
placed among tbo chronic ones, wblob require
weeks or months, ratbor than days, for their ac
complishment, and, as such, aro probably not
Dr. byman, wbllo first Inclined to tho vlow
<>mt tbo cattlo wore affected with plcuro-pnou
roonia, oaroo to n different conclusion after
tracing tbolr records In this country and from
tho examinations by tbo mlcroscoolsts. That
elusion, expressed In his own words, was os
•‘My own opinion, nrrlvod at after a most
thorough and caroful Investigation and oonsia
oration of tbo facta, Is, that the lungs which
woro condemned by tbo Inspector of the Privy
Council at Liverpool, during my stay there In
parts of July and August last, ns being affected
with contagious- pleuropneumonia, woro In.
reality not affected with that disease. And,
further, Ido not believe that n single case'of
contagious plouro-pneumonia has over existed
in tbo West or has been landed in England trom
our ports of Boston or Portland, unless. Indeed,
It may have been communicated to tbo animals
after they wore. placed on board the ocean
steamer, from previous contamination of tbo
vessel, by transportation in It of diseased nnl
mnls from Croat Britain to America,—on event
which, 1 must say. in tbo case of ploaro-pnou
moula, I think to bo very unlikely/*
Resolutions of Respect Fussed by a
meeting of Michigan Stale Olllcors
and tbo Governor.
flprdat DDpateVto Ths Oteaoo TWbuns.
Lansing, Mich,, July 28.—Tho receipt of the
nows of tbo‘death of ox-Oov. John J. Botrlby
boro, wbero bo was so well known and lovod,
shocked every one, and filled all hearts with
profound sorrow. Tbo Governor and State
officers, wboaroall boro attending tbo various
Board mootings, assembled and passed the fob
lowing resolutions: *
Whereas, Wo. tbo Governor and State officers,
have learned of tbo great bereavement of tbo
people of the State In tbo death of ox*Gov.
JobnJ, Barley: therefore,. . , „ .
Rtaolved, That In tbo death of John J. Bagloy.
twice Governor of Michigan, tbo State bos added
another to the long roll of her Illustrious dead,
and bos lost in blm ono of her foremost men, an
officer and a citizen of commanding inlluonco,
who, by bis Integrity of character, bis honesty
of purpose, bis ability displayed in every official
position, and bis great kindness of heart, won
tbo lovo and oumlruiioa of tbo people of this
groat Commonwealth.
lioolved. That wo hereby express our sadness
at the death of blm whom wo have so long and
so favorably known and respected, both In our
personal and official relations. and that wo, on
our own behalf and on bebalf of tbo people of
this State, extend to bis bereaved wife and fam
ily our united sympathy on this snd occasion,
trusting that Ho who ‘‘doetb all things well"
will lift up and heal tho hearts wounded by the
death of their husband, father, and friend. . ,
itaolved, That tbo Hag on the Capitol bo dally
displayed at half-mast until after tbo burial of
our honored dead. . „ ,
JtoolwJ, That the Secretary of State cause a
copy of these resolutions to bo engrossed and
presented to tbo family of tho deceased Gov
ernor. ’
Special J)tipalcA ta TTu Chicago Tritmns, ..
Btrbator, 111., July 28.—The Coal Iluo Coal
Company*! abaft, northeast of town, on which
they bavo expended 160,000 in tbo last twelve
months, baa at last boon planted on tbo aolld.
The water was practically shut out last Friday,
but tbo air pressure was not removed till yes*
terday. Tbo work has been done under tbo
superintendence of Engineer (1. B. Thomas,
ably assisted by John Langley, of Btroator. - Mr.
Thomas goes from Btreator to Now York to take
charge of work ou tbo Hudson lUvor tuuuol
under Con. William Booy Smith,
gpMtdi Diipatca to 'the CAisaeo ZHbuns*
Ooonomowoo, Wis., July. 28.—The body of
Fred H. Urowno, tbo young man wbo committed
suloldo in tbo Townsend House Fork Tuesday
night, was sent to Chicago on tbo midnight train
last night; There seems to bo little doubt that
ho did the deed because bis lady love lilted him,
but, Judging from the notes bo loft behind, bo
did not premeditate the deed until a fow mo.
mouts before It was done. This Is tbo third at*
tempt at atragedy at Townsend this year, but
tbo only ono which has culminated fatally,
Special OormpontUncc oj The Chicago Trthurw,
Livoour, Nob., July 27.— The political cal*
dron is rapidly approaching a boll. New embers
are dally being added to the Ore In the shape of
new aspirants for tbo various honors to bo dis
tributed this fall, and tbo campaign promises to
bo more interesting than over before. Up to
date there are about one hundred candidates
wbo bavo declared themselves os open to en
gagements ssCounty Clerk,Sheriff, or any other
00100 In the gift of the people. •
There Is considerable railroad building this
year In the North Platte country. Track-laying
on the Fort Niubrarn ox tension Is going on at
tborateoCamlleandabalf ads/. Tbo track is
juit dm la KwdiUwm.uid u UlUvndt
business. ONolll Cltf IB to bo reached la ■
The cattle round-up In Southwestern
brnska shows n loss of about is nor £ .
during tho past year. Dotwoon tho Pi«, n *
lllvora west or Norm Platto ibo law nppe*,**,"
bo from 40 to M per cent, while in tho North«; 2
territory tho loss Is presumed not to exceedw
Tho crops of Dawson County, heretofore
sldcrod by many people ns n part of tho ( jp,„2*
Mill bo among the very beat in tho State thisyai?
Bptctot Dispatch to The Chiean Tribune.
Decatur, 111., July 28.—Murk Simpson, «ty,
fans lived In Decatur for thirty years, and wbtM
ago i 8 60 years, Is In tho custody of tho ooiccnT
ills mind has gone wrong. Ho Is now withtfi
Sheriff. .
llorsford’a Acid Phosphate—A Nervs
Food* 9
I do certainly consider that it not only *et**>
atonlo to tho nervous system, butasafooA M
SmiNorißLD, 111. K. 8. Milleu, ji/D,
Indigestion, dyspepsia, nervous prostratin*
and all forma of general debility relieved h.
taking Monsman's Poptoulsod Beef Tonic. it£
only preparation of beef containing its entir!
nutritious properties. It Is not a mere itim,7
lant like tho extracts of beef, but contain*
blood-making, force-generating, and llfo.it,*.
taintng properties: Is invaluable in all cnfoS!.
bleed conditions, whether tho result of cxhint!
tlon, nervous prostration, overwork, or smu
diseases, particularly if resulting from puimZ
nary complaints. Caswell, Haxard A Ca. owC'
prlotors. Now York. For sale by druggists.
"me following marriage licenses woroiMaetj'jjz
torday. .
Nnmn. Act. _ ntHdcnei*
John Harvey Indiana.
Mr*. Margaret 155rr0i1.<5.,..1K1 Jnrtlaoa,
Joseph Krussgulskl....34....Chicago.
Frnncisska Bikman.... .30.. ..Chicago.
; F. B. Wright.......... v .3.*.*637 WestMadlsea,
Henrietta achoenfold..O....Chicago.
Thomas B. Capelin 39....Wlnnctka, 111,
Mlnnlo Alice Quan.....35....Cb1cag0.
Martin Kuhn.....SouthChicago.
lionrtotta Aachondorff^l....South Chlcagu.
O. W. Jeffer5............2J....Cerr0 Gordo, IU,
Florence M0nr0e...,.,.23....Chicag0,
Josef ttablara 99.... UK DeKoven.
Anna Clngrasch........ J0....UM UoKoven.
Joslab N1ch01.......,...W....Mu5catine, la*
Amanda Chllson A3....Chicago.
, Wilbert W. Wray AS....Chicago.
Mary A. Bovine 34,...Chicago.
Peter Hen50n...........37,...Pitt5burg. Pa,
Hannah Newman.... ..30..,.1’ltuburg, Pa.
Thomas Uutlcka.... ...31....441 Canal.
Theresa Cehlll... .34....451 Canal,
Johnl’acholakl 37 ...Chicago.
Katrina Urogoroutkl...h>.... Chicago.
John P.5temper...,..,.33....393 Korauer.
Utile M. We5tphai....21....7(n West Twentieth,
Adolph J0hn50n........3....Chicag0,
Julia A. Bird 33.... Chicago.
COI’BIdN—QUAN— JuIy 28, at tlio residence of th»
bride's father,™. J. Quan. Esq.. Thomas K. Cessna,
of Wlnnetka, 111., and Miss Minnie A. yuan.oium
DIXON—JuIy 27, Catherine, wife of F. a Olios, 1
aged IW year*.
Funeral from residence, 205 West, Van Burea-it,
to-day (Friday) at 10 o'clock. Services at 8b P«.
rick’s Cnnrch, thence by carriages to Calvary.
UTNew Haven (Conn.) papers please copy.
MOIIA—At eta West Jackson-sb, Walter Adam, la*
fantson of A. It. and M. IS. Mora.
Funeral to-day at 10:3).
MILLKU—Mary Tilly Miller, aged 1 year 11 mocha
and W days. „ _ _,
Funeral to-day at3p.m. from residence of fithsr,
121 Dayton-sb
SUBIIAN—On27th Init, Michael, youngest ion of
Cornellua and Mary Shohan, aged 1 year and I
Funeral from residence of parents, 3M West Polk
sb, Friday, July W, by can to Calvary Cemetery.
BCnAFFIIATII-Tuoßdßr.Op.ro., John Bchsffnrtt,
aged 18 yean old, bolovod son of Henry and Wlltsl
mlna Hchottraih. . _ ..
Funeral Friday. 1 p. m., from residence of his pa*
rente, SCO EastiSrooty-second-sb, to Bonifacio* Cem
PHILLIPS—At tho residence of her son, 11. It Pkll*
Ups, Ulghwood. lit. July 27, at 11 a. m., Mr*. Lydia
X’nllllps, aged 70 years 10 months. . „
Funeral on Saturday at U a. m., at Second Baptist
Church. Special can to Uusohlll. Friends InrUw.
AIILSTROM—JuIy 2d, at Pulma. Mich., Clayton W.
Ahlstrom, tnlantaou of Capu F. anu UatUo B.AU>
stroro. ol Chicago, aged 6 month# todays.
pr*Port Huron. Cleveland, and Port Way no dally
newspapers pleaaa copy.
DKIDLVU—Found drowned In Lake Jllchlyia
Johnson and Mary Ileldlor, aged 21 ycanT
in connection with the burlal.wlllbehtU
at tho houto ol hi# lather, lift South Sangsmonit, at
1 p. m. on Saturday, 3Ulh Inst. Carriage# to llOHblll.
The friend# of tho family are cordially Invited, aod
kindly requested to send no dowers.
lIALLABY—JuIy 2d, John Henry Hatlasr, son of
Cornelius and Kate UaUaay, aged 11 years la moo tin
from parents’ residence, 13d Oak-st. 6atur*
day morning atSilW, to Korthwostorn depot, tbennto
Woodstock. 111. .
the noon meeting to«day In Y. M. C. A. monu._
X will arrive m Chicago this mormtig. Revill
preach in the Second Presbyterian Churchl Suodir
morning and address a meeting In Korwolt Usllstt
116 and US Dearborn-sU
Fronting on linlsted-sl., KmeraW-ev., Union sm
liusplaloos'SU., between Klfty.lhird and
Klfty-fourlh-sla.. _ . _
For plat and full particulars call at
President, 'innw*-
WM. A. DUTTEUB, Manager and Auctioneer^
At NEWARK HOUSE. 23 and 25 West Klnxlp-at. »rt
day, July SU. rUlOa.ro.. will bo sold enUro luronuf*.
Carpel*, and Household Roods of J) room*. If**
u °°‘> '“{yW.SrtSlin.iou.B
Agent for Mortgage^.
■ Bii
Absolutely Pure.
Housekeeper’* fayorlt* In loading clilc* of im
No otlior preparation nukes such *Vi, Y» JfVr
broads, or Imurlou* paatry. Can bo 21 ini'
tlca without fear «f tha Ilia resulting I*°.®
goatlble food. «r Commanded for
•omuneis by the Government Chonm . l”; J ‘
■toyAl, C* N<nf 10
i||L,Tanks nml Cars,
CWmS 939 & 241 Ukgjk
is sto yjcs,
nvnwpn omCooum ...a
STOVES ISc’icarborii^,

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