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All Stocks and JSomls nought and
Sold on N. I'. Stock Exchange.
ration futures on the New York Coi
v ton Exchange.
Member New York Stock Exchange.
Hew York House—SGRAHTON & V/ILL&RD,
72 Broadway, and Li Xeiv-st.
nIRKCT WIUE from onr office to the office of
Fcrantou A Wilhml. o; ;>os.itc Stuck Exchange. No
thanre made for tefesrama.
clocks also bought and sold in Boston, Phlludel
nbia, and Baltimore.
GRAIN and PROVISIONS bought and
gold in the Chicago market.
STOCK broicers
(30 LaSalle-st.
AH securities dealt in at the New York
Stock Exchange bought and sold on com
jnission and carried on a fair margin.
Interest allowed on credit balances.
Direct wire trom our office to New York.
10-1 Washiiifrtoii-st
Member N.Y. Stock Exchange.
Bonds and Stocks bought and sold on
commission at New York, Boston and other
Exchanges, and carried on margin.
Local securities handled on commission.
Stocks and llonds bought and sold on commission,
and carried on margin.
Interest allowed on deposits. Special attention
yiven to investments. . -
My, Saltoastnll & Co.,
Stocks and Bonds,
128 IjA SAlililS-ST.
lOODY. McCLELLAN & CO., 5S Broadway, N. T.,
Mcmbcra X. V. Stock Exchange.
c. w. McClellan, jil,
r. G. s?A LTUNbTAI*L. _
Korlhcasi Comer Madison and Dearborn-sk,
rooclrcs savings deposits and allows interest on same
mbjcci to the rules of the bant. wiL«ON
A. J. HOWELL. M - 11. CIU’ASEIt.
Commission Merchants,
12l> AVashinffton-st., Chicago.
Grain and Provision bought and sold on commls
il*m and carried on margins. Consignments and Co.-
fe s ,.o.,^nce= u l:ciUML i;uENCi;S;
Preston, Kean. 5: Co., Bankers. Chicago.
Mr. James W. Sheldon. Banker. Albion. Mich.
Mr. J. P. i.viuan, Prest. Ist Nat- Bank. Gnunell. la.
National L.vcbange Dank. Albion. Mich. .. ..
Mr. 1). G. Phillips Cashier National Brunch Bank,
Mndi*on. Ind. ,^ r
The Duin‘nmiu‘*rcial Agency, t hiengo.
The BfaJstrout C>»mmer«’ial Agency. Chicago.
Stock and Wta Brokers,
Jlomlwrs of the New York Stork A Colton Exchanges.
N.E.cor. La Lalle & Wladison-sts.,
NTcw York Office*. No. 13 Nexv-st.
Cotton Commission
E-b-.c as in New York, naircly. Hi for b jylns anil sell
ing Hundred Bales.
Private wires to «>ur offices In New x ork. Nocnarg
lor wMm or u. r> i:.
Cl,eu * K. H. PARKS.
Member Of Ncw^'ork^Couoi^Kxchange.
Member of Now York Stuck Exchange.
M. s. NICHOLS, Special.
N. E. cor. I.a Salle and Muaisoi , -sls-,Cblc;v-0
!837 PARKER, MAM 8; CO, 186!
Buy uml Sell
Crain and Provisions
Tor luture delivery, uud carry Cash Property on
MMott solicited, and all information
promptly extended. ~I N
S.S. jMKKEU, G. 11. jIAItILo.
12S Wasliingtpn-st., R00m.55.
l.fC Wm>hlngto»»*»tM Kootua.
For The Chicago Tribune.
If I go forth upon tho Held
The warrior** purt to play,
Arid there tho gleaming falchion wield
>!v brother-man to slay.
And* thus I reinforcements-send
The mourners’ ranks to till,
Will God be rav approving- Incnd
And scud me bicssmgs still?
Or if F at some altar stand
To breathe a faithless prayer,
And claim that by Divine command
1 take my station there.
And fun the Uible with my breath
To prove my utterance true.
What earnings should I lind at death
For work 1 thus might do/
'What tho* I stand in lordly stato
Professor of Uio laws, •
Ami lift mv voice in debate
To iraln the world's applause. 4
Then would the world supply my need
Kor ail the life to be: ,
When I should pass beyond us meed,
What would there be for me?
Or with the proud physician's part
I ijonsi of matchless skill.
Professing some mysterious art
Or wondrous power of will:
In all the depths of such a charm
To make the wounded whole,
O could 1 Imd a healing balm
For wounds upon the soul?
Though claims I have to widespread lands
And mines of golden ore.
And grasp in my unworthy hands
The earnings of the poor.
And thus my name should go abroad
O’er all the land and sea.
Bow could 1 carry that to God?
Huw would it answer me/
O lot me have some mission true
.As Jesus had on earth.
Although my friends may be but few,
And goods ol little worth;
Ten, let me tread as Jesus trod
The pathway of tho just—
Then will I carry that to God
With linn and holy mist:
Dn. D. AinmosE Davis.
Catting Stone xvilh Stono.
It has been held by some arcbiL'olojrists that
these sculptunngs could not ha '£ ‘
without the use of iron tools; but other* eof
late years succeeded in reproducing ar
markings on pranit slabs, using s^ < ?, ) J ni i bl r V.of
Implements; ana in doing so they
lioritc und other such tough stones cut_tuo
{runic better than Hint. This corresponds with
the practice of the stonecutters of the present
time, whoso steel tools for cutting
a much softer temper than those they u>oior
cutting sandstone. The great sculptured stone
of Montezuma, in Mexico, is u striking Proof oi
the extent to which pranit can ,bc sculpairta
with stone implements.* Gama, lu his worje ue
scribing this stone, states that 10,000.1ndian» w ere
employed In transporting It to the City of Mexico,
where it was sculptured by thirty workmen with
■tone axes.—fJxcaiMtfun* in Canuxcr^dnm.
Nothing purifies and enriches tbo blood and
destroys all poisons in the system like Hop Bit
Stocks Very Dull, Without Im
portant Fluctuations. .
Money Market Easy—Little De-
mand for Stocks.
Pullman Earning 20 Per Cent Net—
Finances in “Chicago.
The Produce Markets Less Active in the Aggregate—
Previsions Very Strong, with a AM Demand.
Wheal and Cam Unsettled, but Closed Nearly
Hie Same as the Previous Day-
Barley Weak.
Stocks were very dull. Money was easy, but
tho demand fer stocks was conspicuously light.
There were no important chanaes in price.
A more conlldcnt feeling was observed among
.Wall street traders. This whs duo to the im
proved condition ot President Gurficld, easier
money, and the belief that Secretary Windom
would buy bonds enough to throw millions of
money into the street.
Bears have not ceased to attack tho stock
market. Among other disquieting statements
put atloat yesterday was that foreign ad
vices were diseouragimr, free sales of American
securities being expected in London this week.
Gould and Wocrishoelfer were said to be stimu
lating tho market, and tho demand for stocks
was purely artificial.
Ppliman was 139 bid for a block of 500 shares.
Its earnings have been $00,003 larger m August,
3SSI, ibuu in August. 1889, It is now earning 29
per cent uet.
Tno Controller of tho Currency furnishes tho
following statement dated Sept. 1,1881, showing
tno amounts of National-bank notes and of
legal-tender notes outstanding at the dates of
tho passage of the acts of June A), 1874, Jan. 11,
1575. and May 31,1878, together with tho amounts
outstanding at date, and the increase or de
Amount outstanding June 2d, 1374.
Amount outstanding Jan. 11, IsT’j..
Amount outstanding May 31,1373..
Amount ou;siiim3Lng at date*
Increase during the last month....
Increase since Sept. 1, la*)—
lecal-tenpku notes.
Amount outstanding J une *29, ISM «:;S2,fXX).OO)
Amount outstanding Jan. 14. 1.>75 hS.’.wW.WU
Amount retired under act of Jan. 14,1375, to
M si v 31. IST* *>, Jb.lw
Amount outstanding on and since May SI,
AmoniVl on deposit with the 'treasurer of
the United States to redeem note* •»: in
solvent and liquidating banka and banks
retiring circulation under act of Junes).
the last month.. LKu.iWT
Increase in deposit since Sopu 1, ls*J L.,«>tG,«m
• Circulation of National gold bants not Included in
the above, $1,U37.G75.
Government bonds were stronger. In Chi
cago, District of Columbia &Gss were 30G?i
bid and lu7?i asked: 3} is were 101 }.i bid and 101? i;
•Is, Jls*s and HG?*; and 4‘is, 1122£ aud 113}«.
Chicago bank clearings were $19,311,000 for
Saturday, and $90,020,800 for tho week. Loans
were fairly active at 5®7 per cent. New I ork
exchange was weak at 80c®$1.00 per SI,OOO dis
count. Country orders for gold were large.
North Chicago City Railway 0s sold lor 112
West Town 5s for 307}-, and Lincoln Park 7s lor
109*6. A better demand has come up for local
NEW vork.
New York, Sept. 3.—Money easy at 2}g®s per
cent, closing at 2‘-. Prime mercantile paper, 5
Sterling exchange, GO days, quiet at 470? i for
demand and 453?» for sight.
Governments were quiet but linn.
In the railroad bond market Borne, SVatcrtown
A* Ogdensburg firsts advanced to DG from
Iron Mountain 5s to 88 from SG. and Boston,
Hartford & Erie firsts to 70 from 63. while Texas
6c Pacific land-grant incomes declined to 7G*<
from 78*4, Central lowa firsts to 114 from lISJL
and Kansas & Texas general mortgage Gs to 88
from 89.
The stock market opened linn and higher, but,
in early dealings, speculation was somewhat un
settled'. At the first bound, however, tho eutiro
list took au upward turn, and before noon an
advance of J* to l?a was recorded. Pacific Mail
leading tho improvement. This was followed
bv a decline of U to 1, but during tiio afternoon
the market again became strong, and another
advance of u to IH took place, which was most
marked in Dtmver&llioGraiidc. In tho Into deal
ings Hannibal A St. Joseph common rose \}i. but
the remainder of tho list fell oil U to L The
volume of business was light, aud tho market
without importuut feature. TransncUons i88,OX).
1) !>. A W ,2S,OU(),New Ym-k Central.... 1.2 W)
t/V ii **** l.lSfijNorlhcrn Pucllic I,hU)
l/cn. iVtio Grande...l9.oW»|uhio X .Mississippi.... L»A{
".•WU'Uiitarlo \N estorn... 1..1U
Hannibal X St. Joe.. 2,otibj Pacific Mai!
Kansas Jc Texas 3.410 Keafiing 7;^®
1 -.k.* -Imre H.pjO.St- Paul
Louisville & Nash.... LllWiSu Paul X omuhu.... I.HJj
Central ;Ltiy»jTexiis Pacific ,*,AO
Slomnlil’* A C 1.910) Union Pacific ll*,tXAl
‘Missouri Pacific. k.MI! Wabash Pacific IMWU
Northwestern fi,oUjj\N caterc Luton 10,UW
New Jersey Central..ll.UW*
.lOPPNew Is 119^
. Itu Pacific Gs of 1395 UJ
New 5?..
Control Pncltic I\ flEsMprfd.......D?sX
j;rU* heoomii lW*fijU. 1* uvf;d ar0nt.......117
l.ctilsluNiWilkGsbstrre.lluUUJ. t*. MnUiic A und....l-4
J.oui.-mrja consols.... <<•» ' l r - : | n * a **..... 22
Missouri C< 110 l N irolru.l consols. .7
to.. Jlil {Virginiadeterred 11»
i. Vi'e Ursts Tex. I’uc. luml
'i’oiincssce •<>. Do (Kto Grande Div.j. iU
Tennessee new I
Adams ,107 .New Jersey Central.. TO
A?itn A*T. it” ........'4O NorfolK* W..
Do preferred •*>» | Northern Dacilic
rUmrai iWiiic S^iJi! 1 . 10 [ C i'm ? 1
dies, i Ouio jOWu .Jt*
li<i Ist iDo jirtf.*.. *****' ,vti/
I, •*;».,ref £yi Ontario ic Western... -J?3
Chicajo .V Alien 1-“ J I'neille Mai 1..... WSe
1)0 ii-ef laO Panama -?;»
c“iil .i «:;;; iaw i;-. i>-« «
C.. SU A: X. O •- Pittsburg
i;jn., rfuiL x Cluv 40’ KuaUiiu..... J.jM*
riev. Jc tol
Del. vV Hud50n........1it* D. A; San. h 4-. Mt
Del.. I.JIC. & W tJ456‘ >o prof...
D »v It, G : Du Ist urel If-* ,
Krics Paul
lionrof .. St‘i Do prer *.l-W
Kurt \VayltV‘..... IS! :su l-aul.M. .VJ1........M*.
Jc!J "“Mlu:;::: *•* rua* o™u»_...:gj
DMj.ref Il>:* Do prof U^n
lianen.; ™ Texas Caeitic sa„
Houston e Texas '■ Union I’aeiee IJt's
lllinuia Central lij >;. nlt V; ! ? I3 J c .o,;.Vtv'"' a"«
I *5 W .... 4- \\ *i M. la. \ 1 ittii.C.... 4. *t.
Kansas At Texas f| Mo pref . *
1 K x W {»’ l*ant<> * '*l_,
litU -Shore B3i Western Union feri
J. Nash.... to ( ariU iu.. -4
I A. A C TO Central Arizona *?■:>
M.' A C. firsts, old 11‘y HxceLsim.. ’
Si. C. * {ilomostuko *;!..
Mom. Clisirloston.... TT ji.Utlo 1 Surfljurs
Michtism Central WKlonuino.
I'aciUc layiigiHckstlvor !-«?
Mobile XOiiio ** .Uo ,>ru £w’.r '*'**
MurrU Jt Ks*ex K4Js silver C iff. .*>•*
iiCfcaUauVa... b.» jstnmlard
S\n Francisco, Sept. J>. —The Daily Stock
Ilxchiwuc savg; “At a meeting of the Directors
of the Nevada Bank Thursday Louis McLane
was retired from the Presidency, and .lames (~
Flood chosen in his place.” Both Flood and Me-
Lane were absent from the bunk at this hour,
owing to the noon closing Saturday. A subor
dinate ollicinl says he has no knowledge of any
such chance having taken place, and, in fact,
denied llutly Uio truth of the report.
London, Sept. 3.—Consols, 03 9-10; account,
OS 13-10.
.American securities—New\ork Central, Hi,
Erie, 13 3 ': do second?. 104*-; Heading 301 t»
Paris, sept. 3.—ltontos, bof Sc. •
London, Sept.:}—ll :;?J it. m.—Consols, 9o 9-10
money, 9S 13-10 account; - p. m., unchanged.
Paris, Sept. 3—3:30 p. ru.—French rentes. Sot
" lIKRLTN, Sept. 3.—The statement of tho Im
perial Hank ot Germany shows u decrease in
specie of oto,ooo marks.
San Francisco, Sept, o.—Miulngstocks closed
as follows:
ail-1 **** -Martin While ..
UcclucV. 1 Mexican
Jle.t A Uelchcr I-* 1 - N0uudaj........
liodiu •''< Northern Behc.
Bullion jji (|j»h:r
Cahtorma 1 On)
Chollur. overman
Con. Virginia st.
Crown i'olut.. -,* l 'tu-c.. • • -t
vurokn Consolidated. 2T Merru Nevada lo>k
rSSieiuer......... IH Union Consolidated..
rrnild *-Currv 7>- Vcllow JacSoi a-a
r r ;inii prize/.r-ic s«uu» rocuc,,... m
Hale & Norcross *•» Mount Blablo Ojsi
The following were the receipts and shipments
of leading articles of produce in the city during
the twenty-four hours eadimr at : o’clock Sat
urday morning’, and for the corresponding time
a year ago: •
Flour, brls
Wheat. bu
Corn, bu .
Oat*. bu
Uyo. bu
Harley, bu
Grass seed. lbs
Flax seed, lbs,
Broom-corn, Ibs
Cured meats. lbs
TO. no
’ Vssi'jjo
145*5, «W
** 75*250
Lard, lbs
Tallow, lbs
Butter, lbs
Lire boas. No
Cuttle, No....
Sheep, No
Hides, lbs
Ulcbwtues, brls
Wool, lbs
1*.Haloes, bu
Coal, tons
Hay. tous
Lumber, feci...
Shinnies, feet
Salt, brls
KcilS, pits
Cheese, bxs
Green tipples, bu
'• an
The following grain was inspected into store
in this city Saturday morning: 8 cars No. 2 red
winter wheat, 8 cars other grades, 125 cars No. 2
spring, 50 cars No. o do, 0 curs rejected, 1 car no
spring, 50 cars No. 3 do, 0 curs rejected, 1 car no
grade (19S wheat); 571 cars and 50.000 bu No. 2
corn, 1 car yellow, ItU cars high mixed, 27G cars
rejected, 2 curs no grade (1,014 corn); 29 cars
white oats, 14 cars No. 2 mixed, 153 cars rejected
(70 oats); 19 cars No. 2 rye, 1 car rejected; 2 cars
No. 2 barley, 24 cars No. 3 do, 10 cars low grade
(42 barley). Total (1,350 cars), 710,000 bu. In
spected out: 128.914 bu wheat, 3Cc,TOS bu corn,
19,134 bu oats, 2,307 bu rye.
The following were the receipts ot breasdtuffs
In this city during last week; _ .
&OL3, AUQ.27, Sfpt.4,
jv»;. J>SI.
Flour, brls SilW3 97.813 51,31 •
Wheat, bu i.(ru,'.ca
Corn, bn 3.. k >3,U*0
Oats, bu 424.Uw
’ Uye. bu n'J,}VA 4«,JJ7
Hurley, bu... 110,GW 31,723 13-,wi4
The corresponding shipments were:
3, Avj -T - ., Sf/*t. 4,
Flour, brls. ' “•■!>} A'jJ!
IW afeii »
M::::::::::..... .**%
Tho leading produce markets wore less active
Saturday, and irregular. Provisions wore strong*
er, under a very good demand for meals and
lara, which caused pork to advance in sym
pathy. Wheat and corn wero linn, but fell back
towards noon when adverse news was received
about the President’s condition. Oats and rye
were steadier than usual, and barley weak.
Mess pork closed 20c higher, at $15.33<3,18.40 for
October and $19.35®1!».37JS for January. Lard
closed 10® 15c per 100 lbs higher, at $11.72 1 /-®
11.75 for October and $12.20®22.22& for January.
Short ribs closed 15c higher, at $9.75®9.7T , /i for
October. Wheat closed easier, at $1.21i£®1.217i
for September and $1.25?a®L25?4 for October.
Corn closed steady, at for September
and for October. Oats closed steadier,
at 3»J£c for September and 3814’c for October.
Bye closed steady,at $1.03} s for September. Har
ley closed 1c lower.rit SLOO® 1.01 for N 0.2 seller Oc
tober. Hogs were dull and easy, at sG.3s®C.7ofor
light and at SG.OO®G.IK) for heavy. Cattle were
quiet and firm at 53.00&G.50. The receipts for
tho week were 20,000 cattle, 00,500 hogs, and 0.800
Tho dry-goods market was destitute of Inter
esting now features. A steadily improving de
mand is reported, and within the next tea days
tho fall trade of ISSI will be fairly under way.
Prices both for cotton aud woolen goods remain
firm. The demand for boots and shoos
is fairly active, uud u liberal movement
in bats and caps, clothing, and mllincry
is also reported. Jobbers of groceries were
busy, both/tho city and country trade ordering
freciv. Prices, without an important exception,
were Ilrm. Sugars just now show special
strength. They were advanced Tho con
tinued warm weather militates against an act
ive movement in coffees, but they are regarded
as good property, and values show no signs of
weakening. In dried and canned fruits there
is a continued free movement at firm prices,
pish remain steady. The demand for butter
exceeds tho supply and the market is strong.
Cheese also is Arm, though trade is ft little
slack, exporters being practically out of tho
market. Oils were firm, and, excepting an ad
vance to 50c In turpentine, values wero un
changed. Coal and pig-iron were quoted as
before. There was a belter supply of cargoes
on tho lumber market, some twelve vessels ar
riving before noon; but there was no softening
of prices. Dealers in hides report a continued
good inquiry with prices firmly maintained.
Hay mot with a good demand at fully former
quotations. Timothy is in scant supply. There
was a fair demand for green fruits at generally
easier prices, tho receipts being more liberal.
Eggs were steady at 14® 15c.
Lake freights were easier at 3V4c on corn and
4c on wheat, to Buffalo. Boom was taken for
about 33,000 bu wheat and 405,000 bu corn.
Ball freights to Now York about 12‘tc per 100
lbs on grain. Carriers arc quite willing to take
that Ilguro when they have cars; but the latter
are quoted scarce.
It is thought by some members of tho Board
of Trade that the bank clearances on Friday
would have been $150,000,000 instead of $30,500,000,
if tbo cheeks had all been made out for property
delivered on September contracts. Tho wait
ing for checks till several hours after the prop
erty has been delivered, and the party receiving it
can get bis pav from some one else, is a very
loose way of doing business. It is simply a re
proach to Hie trade that Saturdays notification
should be required. It is in effect as follows:
All parlies who have delivered stuff to they
don’t know who, and all those who have re
ceived stuff from they don’t know who, should
report the fact to tho olficc of tho Board of
. X'il.SGM’*:)
. 354.913,911
. *176,073
. H.151.y.3
A petition has been circulated, and obtained
the required number of signatures, asking tho
Directors to appoint a committee to devise
some plan for avoiding in tho future such a
ruck of confusion as has attended deliveries
during tha past week.
DrtuUtixet's report of the condition of cotton
shows a falling olf of about 27 per cent as com
pared with tho yield of last year. Tho belief in
short crop has caused a sharp advance under a
buying pressure. It Is estimated that fully 150,-
000 bales have been bought in New York on or
ders from Chicago within a short time past.
Tho rain is and will be welcome. Fall plowing
has been delayed for want of rain, and much
apprehension is expressed in regard to tho crops
of next year, owing to the drouth of the recent
*'a Chicago operator remarked Saturday that
wheat can bo shipped from Toledo to St. Louis
at a protlt. This fact argues that St. Louis
prices are too high, rather than that Chicago
prices are too low.
HOG more uctlvo and decided
ly stronger. Liverpool reported an advance of la in
lard, and u better demand here was induced by the
belief of a great shortage in hogs and the yield of
butler. There v,-as a demand for sides and hums,
to be la cxeiss of the supply, and hold
ers stated that they could have sold a great deal of
both for shipment if they had had itu* spare. Lard
was also more wanted for consumption in addition to
a more active demand lor futures, and the October
premium shrunk to about I'Jc per UW lbs, us it was
understood that about ull the September lard had
been placed. The summer jmcktug of this _clty to
date is reported at I.IW.UW hosts, against to
same time last vetir, aud 1,430110 to do in lain.
special reports to the Cincinnati Price Current show
the number or hogs packed from March 1 to date and
latest mall dates at the undermentioned places, with
comparisons, as follows:
l.fil. I'M.
Ctaicaoo I.'Jtt.UUO 2.‘-’»a.'XXJ
CiuKatJ WJttl
St. Louis.... ■S’sim
Milwaukee frl
Uanstis City ’,*7?*^-
Cedar Kapids .Vft.Vn
Cleveland %vj4
Ottumwa, la :>VC£*
Detroit -{•!•£ •«•£**
Des Moines, la
Indianapolis Jtn.UA) • 2SJ*u*j
Atchison jr.vjA
St. Joseph
(Invitm *“j,WW ...»
Atl‘iiui&la 15. WW • 10. WW
I*okk— Advanced Ufejyc per brl from the
latest prices of Friday, and closed llrm ut the sub
joined prices. Safes were reported of UjOU brls seller
September at fls.U’)®lS.2u; brls seller October ut
}h -\v 3 isi;jso brls seller the year at sU.SW<*l*.lb;
brls seller Junuarj* at fW.-'US-lJ.;o: ana -»i brls
seller February a*-?!ti.3U. Total, brls. the lol
lowlnu gives the range of the day, including the Cull
Hoard: cl/wfd naiw Closed.
Mess pork, FriiUin , bid.
September IISJM ?IS.U« Is-JI
October UJ3 **}*£ £•;{•*
Yi*jip . 17.SU D.IXI (•ili.'.b 1«..b
January.*.*’.' 11U5 b».a)
t-'.>tiri!-irv TJ4O U'.aO I'J-rJ
* 1, l-'teS=oo per 103 lus. and closed
Mrm al IWtlCJiic above llio latest prices ot Jndav.
•{•iiid were reported of fiSJ les spot ut sll.siDj)li.w f ii.WJ
October at tes seller Novo,nPcr
at f ILTj&IL'AI; 1.7fi0 tes seller the year ut J l.t<s;
15.W0 les seller January nt —a; tMWJ tes seder
February at and J.UU tes seller March
at aSSSI Total. CLStfl tcs. The following shows
the range of the day, including the Cull Loard trans
. T-1U
Closed Jlanpe
Lard. Frtdau . .Sutuniav. do,Wti.
September SUM
October - ll.li-’W lLu- , >fc'!sll.n>s Uw-Hi
Year lIS lI.W GIUiS H.di&
}a c oa r ;rv";;::;;:;»» w-i* m
Vcbruarx.l2-W liiJ. teWfTH
Ml?ATS—Advanced 17?£@20cper 100 lbs, and closed
15c higher than on Friday afternoon- Sales were re
ported of 75.000 lbs shoulders at n.*[email protected]; 75 tes
swoet'Dlcklud do at Tftc: SU.UUO lbs lona clears at $9,459
IM boxes do at $9.75: 3.401 UM) lbs short ribs at Jit am
8.70 snot; S)[email protected]'AfiO seller October; and f.i.75'iy.85 sell
er November; tab tes swcet-picklod hams (lit lbs) at
Us£c. Prices Of leading cuts wero as follows at 2:30
Short Should L. J; N.
rib*. tiers, clears.
. f.Vri 57.20 $9.53
y.tU 7.45 U.jO
».«5 7.-J0 U. 55
; 9.75 7.30 9.G5
Loose, part salted.
Do. boxed
September, loose.
Short ribs, seller October, closed at [email protected]>*.
Lon" dears quoted at FJ.4o loose and $9.70 boxed;
CiimberlHnds,yM®loc boxed: long-cut hams, IBfctelSc;
swect-plckled hams quoted at llfcffiUSc forlSSlG
average: green hams, same averago, jj!4w9J£c.
D'icoii quoted at [email protected] for shoulders.
for short ribs. Hfttfailc for short dears, HJ£®l2Kc for
hams, all canvased and packed. _
BEEF—Was quiet at Jor mow, slo.*[email protected]
ILUO for extra mess, and fJl.wV&ia/J for hams.
FLOUIt Was In rather belter demand and strong
er, buyers having grown tired of waiting for the
break thor expected to sec after tho September de
liveries of wheat hud been made. Sales were ro-9
ported of 1,025 brls and GUO bags wluters, partly at 37.;'/)
SS.SO; U 25 brls springs at $7.0033.00 for patents; 100
brls and 290 sacks low grades, mid 175 brls rye hour, all
on private terms. Total, equal to 2,950 brls. Winter
flours wore quoted at *»[email protected]; shipping springs, $5.00
@6.25; the low grade springs, [email protected] Bye Hour
at about SG.U9S-0.10.
Other Millstijkfs—Were in good demand and
strong, with n moderate supply. Sales were reported
of 13 cars bran at lIS.UO® W.<W: 4 cars middlings at $33.00
©25.00; • I car shorts ut #31.03; and 1 cur coarse corn
meal at $33.01) free on board.
SPRING WUKAT—Was less active, and lower;
October declined then reacted und closed
He below the latest quotatlonpf Friday; but the mar
ket for this month was firmer. It being understood
that all the spot wheat had been taken up for carry
ing into October. The British reports showed little
change In prices, and our .receipts were again less
than 300 car-loads of all grades of wheat. There were,
however, fewer buying orders here, and the local
bears hammered Iteuriy. out found few willing to sell
at the reduced prices, led to u reaction, and me mar
ket weakened later ou the receipt of unfavorable
news from Washington, aided, perhaps, by threaten
ing skies. Some of the recent buying has been done
under fears that tbe drouth will not - per
mit plowing for .our next winter
wheat crop: and widespread mins would
Induce some of these holders to sell. We note that
another cargo of “not graded” wheat was shfpped
out Saturday, which nearly exhausts the lots com
plained of. und cooler weather Is expected to pre
vent trouble with the rest. Cash wheat was In fair
demand, closing at *l.3Di for regular and $1 SiM for
fresh receipts. Spot sales were reported ol in cars
No:3. all gilt-edged receipts. at51.32(«c1.33; il cars No.
3. in good houses, at sUfi; 1 cur rejected, A. D. & Co.,
at &c* and l‘J cars by sample at sl.oU©l.r.i. Total about
;«.UW bu. Also 4 cars No. 3 Minnesota at ?!.33H©1.3-J;
und 3 cars do (St. Paul) at sl.33Jf- Seller October
opened at $1.2<H®1.25. sold at advanced to
*f.3ii. improved to s!.£>>£, and closed at $1.3.«H©1-3.->?4-
Seller the month sold at $1.21) early, and $1.33H later,
the October premiums narrowing down in the latter
part of the session. November ranged 3®2Hc above
October December sold und closed at
$1 3frV. Seller the vear was about tho same as Sep
tember. The following gives the range for the Uav,
including Call Board transactions:
Chuui Itatvje Closed
No. Ssorlna. Friday. .Saturday. d«. hid.
5n0t.’.......: $1.33 $1.33 ©1.33 fI.EH-f
Seller September 1.31 M }-20 i'^
Seller October * V& 9
Seller November 1.38 l-.-J'^©l-38
Seller the year 1.386 I.J) ©I.3LH l-l?l
Winter Wheat—Sales wore limited to two cars
No. ‘3 rod at $1.31 and six airs by sample at 5L30&1.33.
No. 3 was quoted nominal ut $13£1©1.33.
CORN—Was In moderate demand ana averaged
firmer. Tho market for October advanced »$e and
closed He above the decline established Friday after
noon. 'Liverpool was quoted firm, while our receipts
again exceeded I.UW car-loads besides arrivals by
canal, and our stocks in store seem to have Increased
fully MOU.IUU bu during the week. But there was a
fair demand for futures on outside account, and
rather less offering ut the decline, while lake freights
were dull and casv, helping shippers to operate..
The market was quite firm till near noon,
and thou fell off because of the news from Washing
ton. Rejected closed at There was at limes a
slight premium for high mixed ns compared with No.
•• Spot sales were reported of 35.0 U) bu and 171 cars
No. 3 und high mixed at filHwUKc; 4 cars white at
U7'-3t'4K'rg: aWH) bu and DU cars rejected atrtfeMaPc; a
cars by sample at o>£o3)-ic on track; and 33u cars do at
tW©*Uc free on board. Total about Ita.iUl bu. seller
October qVencd at advanced to tftec, de
clined to U-tc, reacted to tßHjo* a °d closed at Mf&c bid.
September and the year were quiet at
May sold at and December ranged at 01©
clusliig ut 04Hc. The following table shows the
range for shc day, Including the Call Board transac
tions. ; cto*ed Hanoi Clonal
Vo. 2 cortu Friday. Saturday. do T hid-
Spot f.lLc(se;i?4 CIH
Seller September ol4a |iAH
Seller October
Seller November <‘4K («■ W H,
Seller iliiyear oIJ-X
OATS—.Wore quiet. There was. In fact, a slow
market, mth not much disposition shown to trade.
Cash sales of No. 3 wore made ni :W>4©;J7c on the in
side figures of Friday. Futures declined but
late in thfc session seller September und seller the
year advanced and closed about JitC better than tri
day. but seller October and seller November re
mained a shade easier. Trade in the sample market
was fair and prices were steady. Cash sales were of
Dears No. 3 nt&s{&ffc. Sales by sample foot up td
cars, ranging in price, 3?Hj<!»4Uc for rejected mixed,
40©43Hc rejected white, 33©43c No. 3, and at 41K©»H:c
for No. 3 white to fancy barley-oats. Total sales
equal 40.000 bu. , „ .
Closed Range Closed
. JVo. 2 oafs. Friday, yf.-hnhiy. do, bid.
S|K>t . 37 ;W;l*©37
Seller September W-f .fcsfct*.*Pis .Mh
SellcpOctober 3S
Seller November 3W,Cf|ȣ4
Selier the year 3t?i 3bK.*©‘*>& , .
RVF.— Was quiet. Cash was stead}', but futures
were Inclined to weakness. There was nothing of
especial Interest developed in the market. No. ~
cash sold r.i s!.(#&. seller September sold at sl.«3h*.
and seller October sold at sl.UbH©l.ii»}«. and closed at
fl.Ob bid and tI.Wi.H sellers. Cash sales were made o*
4 cars No. 3in store at $1.(13!-... and sales hj sample
foot up b cars at SI.U! for rejected auU SI.US®I.UI for
No. 3. Total sales eaual 5.00 D bu. . .
BAHLSiV—Was 3©3c lower for No. 2. At tlic de
cline there was a good demand but not many sellers.
No. 3in store was wauled and there was also u de
mand for futures, but there were no offerings.
Sample lots sold fairly. Cash No. 2 sold at sl.u),
seller September sold at Wi.Hc. but closed at *I.(W,
seller October sold at SI.(JUSI.UI, and seller
November sold at SI.U); No.3cash ami seller October
salable at 73c. and for seller November 74c bid. Cash
sales were 3 cars No. 2 In store at lI.UO, und sales by
sample aggregated 5S cars, ranging ut tI.UO&I.UI for
No. 3. liWpuSc for No. 3, (N©73,Hc lor No. 4, and at 0.0
for No. 3. Total sales amount to about 3UX)i bu.
SKKDS—There was a firm market and trade was
active. Timothy in good demand and iilj'c higher.
Futures were warned, and there was so little cash
seed oflered that there was a lively competition for it.
Flax also ruled about 1c i*-T ba higher, and about
everything offered found its way into
£he hands of local crushers and
dealers. Fair sales of closer were also made, and
there were developments of a firmer market. Prime
limothv cash opened at S3.iksi2.sf. und Improved to
s3gV7‘si.'i!o, and choice lots sohl within the range pt
J3.l?i/?3.‘X;. Common to good grades sold utjT3.4a©2.;>l.
Seller September advanced I rout $2.03h» to and
seller October sold at Max sold at Sl-d ou
track and at $1.35 delivered for cash, while seller Sep
tember. seller October, and seller November all sold
nt sl.3*. Clover sold atssAOgj..J.tXlfor small loLs ot fair
to g »od. prime in small lots was quoted at s>Uo&»i.ia.
and round lots In shipping order about so.3j. Cash
sales of timothy loot r.p 33?>J bags, ranging
$3.45©3.(3!: there were also fates of T.UW bu and 1 cars
of selloi Sei»iemherats3.s3!v<c3.sl,H ;md 1 car seller
October at Flaxseed sold to the extent of iff
curs cash at $1.3131.35,1 car seller September at s!..►».
ataxi bu seller October at $1.35, and n.IAJU bu seder
Novctuhor at 11..13. Sales of clover seed wero4. .bags
cash at $3.i0©t3.27 and I car seller ovember at ?7.UJ.
Twenty-five bags of Hungarian seed were sold at SUc
lor prime. '
Special Diswtch to The Chicago Tribune,
Liverpool, Sept. 3—ll:3oiu ni.—Flouu—No. 1.135:
No. 2.10 s Cd.
Ouain—Wheat—Winter, No. I.lls 2d; No. 2.10 s 9d;
TTbltc, No. 1, Us Id; No. 2,10 sM; sprlnp, No. I.los 0*1;
No. 2, ids 3d; clu£. No. 1. Ils Cd; No. 2,11 s. Corn—Cs
IMiovisions—Pork, 745. Lara, 5Ss.
Liverpool, Sept. 3.—Bacon—Lonx clear steady at
40s; abort clear steady at 455. Beef—Extra India
mess dull at lOto. Laril-I'rime Western tinner at iSs
Cd. Cheese—American choice steady at C 0». Tallow
—Prime oitv steady at £?s. Turpentine—Spirits, Lon
don steady at :Ws M. Corn—Mixed tinner at te.
London, Sept. 3.—Petroleum—llctined, oJ|d.
Turpentine—Spirits. :Ws.
Liverpool, Sept. 3—Cotton—Firm; uplands.
71-lCd; Orleans, 7 1-hid; sales, B.OUJ bales; speculation
and export, LOW; American, 5.55 J.
Provisions —Bocl’ —Kxtra India me??. Ittts; Ameri
can lard; 58s Ctl. Bacon-Lone clear, 4fis; short do, 4Ss.
Cheese—Fine American, iJJs.
The following wore received by the Chicago Board
of Trade:
Liverpool, Sept, 3—11:43 a. a.—Lard, 33s Cd.
l.ivimnool.. Sept. 3.-Wlmat quiet uinl stt-iuly: rod
whiter. Its Id: -No. Z sprint!, lllslkl: .Nii. ido. Ws-lil.
Cornllrm. Curnoes oIT const—\\ Pent und curn quiet
and steady. Tu urriTO-Wlicnt and coni nuiet :i d
steady. IMrk, via. hard llniicr and ad tiudicr atais.
Ilacun-L. C.. iis Cd; S. C.. 4.; M. Ta low miner and
Cd liidher at :»s Cd. Uliccae. Aa Ih. lleof, lITTs
I.OMIOV. Pout. 3.—l.lvKKnonl.—U limit qnlet and
sleadv; white Mlchhian. Us; Western rod whiter. 11s
Id. horn linnly held. Mauk l.AM.—Cardoes o.r
coast —Wheat quiet and steady. Cnrnoes on piissade
—W heat quiet and steady. I’aria—\\ heat and Hoar
NEW YORK. Sent. 3.— cotton—stcadv; 12?5(5125*c;
futures tlrtu; September. H.S*c; October, ll.tllc: No
vember, ILfuc: December, ll.tltc; January. 11.77 c;
February. ILSlte; March, little: April, 1*2.13c; May,
lisle; J une, T2.33C.
Flour—Dull; receipts, 14.000 brls; exports. ■W»;
super State and Western. SS.S%A(W; common to good
extra, fo.OlXi’itj.CU; good to choice, s<j.TlKs-S.isJ: white
wheat, extra, ST.OD&S.IU; fancy do. *3.!U&S.<S: extra
Ohio. 50.10ji.7ai0:. Su Douls. fo-lOw-S.CO; Minnesota
patent process. [email protected]
GUAiN-\Vhcat2(*3c higher; moderately ucutc; re
jected spring, 51.05: ungraded do, HJW*s*L3l; >'o* 2
do. SL3JW: No. 2 Chicago. 51.53U(i1.54; No. I Duluth.
51.34; ungraded red. 5U351.4U; No. 2,
steamer, No. 2 do, 51.3t‘; ungraded white. «L2I«WU;
No. 1 do. 5L4([email protected]?6» steamer do. >°-
2 red. September. 51.43Ue1.4J. closing at 51.4.1 K: Oc
tober. 5L4dfc1.47, closing at November, .I.*v.*h
closing at 51.455; December, SLaIKSUBW.
closing at 1L52& Corn tlrm; receipts, ISWMO bos ex
ports. 15,003 bu: ungraded. (S&TOkic: No. 3» ;
steamer. oifc®Cfc; No. 2, No. 2 white.
T*u«c- vclluw ?2 1 *1&73c; No. 2,- September,
cluainit* at 705ac:‘ October. r2»«Wc;Jju,mWi •;
&75?4c, closing at 75*ic. Oats .lull and Isacr.
cclpts.TU.ltu bu: exports, none: Wcs.crn mixed. ««
42c: white do. 44iiX!c.
lK^fflX? n 2SSSf? l r«Iln» BBSOCS
»"d uncbancod -Sugar
stronger and quiet: tulr to good retinlngW""*-
Molasscs quiet but tlrm. Itlcc quiet but stwutr- .
Fetuolkum—Dull and weak, United, Ss?fac, crune,
retlncd, tyiu.
• Tallow—Firm; o-
Kesin— Strong and higher: .
TURPENTINE— Higher and iirni; a.H(S»<c.
EGGS—Western fresh stoutly at, .
f.vATtiKit—in good doauudi drm: uemlpcx sole*
Buenos Ayres, and Rio Grande light, middle and
heavy weights, 23®3&«c.
Wool—Finn; good inquiry; domestic fleece, 31®
43c; pulled, [email protected];!unwaahed, m3sc; Texas, 14®31c.
Provisions*—Pork higher, closing tira; old moss,
slß.7s©l'.U>o. Beef steady and in fair demand. Cut
meats quiet but linn; long, clear middles,
short do,.lU>s®lU#c. Lard strong; prime steam. iILTo.
BrTTEtt—Demand fair and market Arm; 13®31c.
Cheese—Quiet but nrm at .(allHc.
Metals —Manufactured cooper quiet and un
changed. Ingot. laikc. 17c, Pig-iron, Scotch, dull,
$3U.50©21.00. American, quiet but firm at slUjy©23.so.
Russia sheeting, 13313 c. Nalls, out, $3.15; clinch,
clears .
$ 9.55
A Batch of ludictiuouts, Including
Tho*o Asaiuat tUo Cahills, Stunners*
Ca.pt, Eysfer, the Stern ITlurderers,
and Ed K.olly—Elliott, the Suspected
Murderer of Oflleer Ulahoiicy, Slips
Out on u “No Kill’’-Some Criticisms
of Police Nlethorts Which Superin
tendent ItCcGarlglo Declares Unwar
ranted—Alter Deploring the Con
cealed-Weapon Evil, the Inquisitors
Solemnly Itelcr It to the City Author
The Grand Jury yesterday completed its
work and was discharged by Judge Gardner.
They returned thirty-two indictments into
court and tound no bills in a great many
cases, including those o£ John Elliott,
charged with the murder of Ollieer Moloney,
and it. L. Monroe, charged with committing
abortion. The indictments were care
fully filed away by the Clerk, and some
of the parties named have not yet
been arrested. Capt. Hen Eyster was in
dicted for me murder of Schumacher, and
Ed Kelly (who is still at large) for man
slaughter in killing Officer Daniel Crowley.
Indictments for murder, burglary, and rob
berv were returned against Austin liyrncs,
Griffith Deuton, Max Weber, Itudolph Von
ilesslen, and Charles Grilfith, who arc
charged with the killing and robbery of
Lazarus Stern on South Clark street. James
Cunningham was indicted for the mni'der of
Ids wife out in the Deering street police dis
trict. Thomas, J nines, and Ellen Cahill were
Wang Lee was indicted for the murder of
Charles Manslield, and John Stanners for the
murder of his mistress. Lizzie Cleveland, both
these beimr South Clark street tragedies.
Asa Gridin was indicted for bigamy.
The Grand Jury reported that they had ex
amined into a number of cases of homicide,
and in most cases indictments hud been
found. Some of these cases were not sup
ported by sufficient legal evidence to convict
the accused, and the indictments were found,
as the report states, “ more because of the
apparent expectation that a Grand Jury will
indict wherever a human lifehas been taken,
than because legal evidence was presented
fixing a crime upon anybody.”
The Grand Jury directed the attention of
the Court to an
with regard to obtaining evidence in murder
cases, and cited various instances. Bernard
Murphy and John Keron. for instance, are
charged witli stabbing John Hans. The act
occurred June I, and Haus died June 25.
Benjamin Eyster shot John Schumacher
June 29, and the man died July 3. Wang Lee
stabbed Charles Mansfield June 11, andMaus
lielddied iii the County Hospital Aug. 1.
John Stanners murdered Eliza Cleveland.m
a ranch on South Clark street. Edward
Kelly is charged with shoot
ing Officer- Ban Crowley July
and Crowley lived until Aug. 4.
in four of these cases there were no eye-wit
nesses but the murderer and the victim, and
the Grand Jury claim that greater pains
should have been taken to secure the dying
declarations. This was done in one case
only (that of Schumacher), and then in such
a manner as to bo worse than useless. In
the Lizzie Stanners ease, which the jury say
“shows every indication of being a most
atrocious and cold-blooded murder,” the wit
nesses were not forthcoming, and the whole
case depends on the evidence of a single wit
ness, who since the night of the murder has
shown every inclination to conceal his knowl
The Grand Jury reported that the habit of
carrying concealed weapons had attained
dangerous proportions. But they could lind
no remedy for the evil within their statutory
powers. They thought that possibly thosale
of pistols, revolvers, and knives might be
regulated bv license, and that men currying
them should be reiiuired to wear badges. In
conclusion, the jury referred the matter to
the Mayor and City Council, to give u that
attention which its importance demands.
The County Jail was pronounced to be m
good condition as to cleanliness.
V reporter of The Tiiibu.ve questioned
rolice-Snperimcndent McGarigle about the
alleged negligence of the police in hunting
up evidence in cases of homicide, niq&u
perintendent said the complaint was entirely
without foundation. The police not only ar
rested murders and lodged them in jail, hut
followed up and kept an eye on witnesses,
although after the accused passed into the
hands-of the'Sheriff this matter properly
-came under the care of that officer and his
bailiffs. The police had no authority to de
tain witnesses, they moved awaj, as
sometimes oee-r- I ,ollce " -ere V°'li e - r '
less. As to the c“ jSffiaints about neglect in
getting ante-n'.orlrvjfjtalenieiU-S, Mr. Mc-
Uariglc said they wetJ
Such statements, to be of value as evidence,
must be made by Uie victim when lie be
lieves lie is about to die. In the case ot
Officer Crowley, for instance, nobody
thought lie was near death. the Superin
tendent telephoned for information about
him only ah hour or two before lie died, and
was informed that lie was getting along all
rigid, lie could not believe that the police
had been derelict in this or similar cases, and
said that, considering the present strain
unon the force, which lie holds to he entire
ly inadequate to the needs of the city, every
tiilng that could be asked of them was
being done, lie fully approved the dec
laration of the Grand Jury in regard to the
carrying of concealed weapons, and wanted
to see anything done which would put a
check to the dangerous practice.
X Frank Correspondence—AVliat Tal
leyrand’* Friend Thought of the
Americans—A (»uccr Campaign Story
—A Prophecy.
Mine, la Comtesse tie Mirabeau lias just
contributed to FUjnro some entertaining let
ters written forty-one years ago in America
ny her nnele, M. he Eacourt, Talleyrand’s
friend, secretary, and literary executor. Al
though interesting for many reasons, these
letters are far from flattering to the Ameri
can people and American ways. Underdate
of June ili, IS4O, lie writes from New York:
“ 1 have just returned from New Jersey,
where 1 have been visiting Mr. K. at bis
country place. The park, which is quite
large, is in the English lonn, but the grass
plats are replaced by potatoes. Everyivlieie
one sees the stamp of Americanism, though
in a luxurious form. America and the
American give no idea of an England and
an Englishman of the second or third class.
Tlie mistress of the house is as
faded at 40 as a European would
he at SO, and her granddaughter
is already emaciated at 00, though
eighteen months ago she was the
arctest beauty in the United States. It am
pears that this" is generally the case with
American ladies, who are very pretty from
Hi to IS then lose their teeth, their complex
ion and their youth; the extreme variation
Of clSiiateisai-ul to, be the cause Master
ami quests arc also hnglislimeii ot the sec
ond rate, though in tins country they pass
for refilled gentlemen. One sees that tuey
would like to he so, but it is not their natur
al^manner, and the constraint troubles
Ul ™’ Do Bacourt went to Washington,
whence he wrote on July 4:
“ 1 went yesterday to see the President at
the'house which they call the Executive
Atausion, a pretty place built in good taste.
Tim apartments, which are of good propoi
tion are decorated witli an elegant snnplici
,v ' V few minutes after my arrival, a gen
tleman entered in whom I had some dimculty
in recognizing Mr. Van Enron, lie hau grown
so much stouter. lie wore a black coat,
trousers, and hoots, which consoled me
somewhat for not having my own umfoim,
which lias not yet arrived. In giving linn
mv credentials 1 addressed him in l-rench,
lie answered in English, and this ceremony
hein 1 ’ accomplished iie shoo,t hands heartuy
and said lie was charmed to see me again,
remembering our former acquaintance „i
England. Here they call Mr. Aan Enron
the ‘ American Talleyrand,’ and lie appears
to be much flattered by the title, for in talk
ing to me lie repeated no less than ten times
• Wonderful man! ’ Air. AanE. is generally
considered to he a clever man. though more
in regard to his personal affairs than those
o£ the Nation.” . - „ , . ■
A few days later De Baconrt dined with
the President., '
“As the dinner was given for me, I had
the place of honor, though all the diplomatic
corps was present—this is a courtesy which
they show to strangers. The President toolc
my arm and conducted me to the dining-room.
The table furniture was elegant The French
cook lias since told my valet a very curious
fact which I give you: Dunug the Presiden
tial campaign people come unceremoniously
to the candidate’s house for breakfast or din
ner, and threaten to vote against him if tney
are not satisfied! The. cook says that it is
extremely difficult to satisfy them, and that
they otten send back the things that are
served to them, saying that they are bad. My
servant says, gravely: ‘ It appears that being
a President is not always agreeable.’
“Mr. Van Buren is the son of a tavern
keeper; he lias good manners—and four sous.
“ The American of the Northern States is
of tiie English type, combined with the
finesse and cleverness of the Jew; Is this
mixture of pride, coldness, and British stiff
ness. with Hebrew cunning, which makes of
the Yankee a being apart. The \ ankces are
Englishmen in soul, notwithstanding the
contempt which is felt for them by the natives
of the mother country* It is to England that
they go for their manners, their tastes, their
fashions* their prejudices—even to their an
tipathy to France ami Frenchmen. .Tlie
Yankees, much more civilized than* their
compatriots of the South, would willingly
admit an aristocracy with all the decrees of
superiority one finds in England; and
in the New England States it would
take very little change to establish
the same government they have in
England. In the South, on the contrary,,
they incline rather toward the French, and—
I say it with pain—it is the worst things
about us which they adopt. They are vain
and jealous of tlie superior civilization of tlie
North, which they desire to crusli by the
principles of extreme democracy. There Is
inithe West a third race, which iscomuosedof
emigrants from tlie States of the North and
South. Ireland, and Germany. It is called, in
mv opinion, to play in the United States tlie
principal role, and to dominate in a few
years the two others.
“I consider the Anglo-American race as
charged with the providential mission of
peopling and civilizing this vast continent.
It is accomplishing that task without regard
ing any hindrance, and this is what explains
the notorious anomalies pointed out by all
who have written about America. It is not
just to criticise details when the
whole Is grand, majestic, impos
ing! Tlie fault of tlie Americans
is not in limiting their pretensions to the suc
cess they have attained, in persistently com
paring themselves to European nations and
claiming over them superiority of every sort.
This is their great fault, and one that often
renders them ridiculous.
“I have lately seen Mine. Jerome Bona
parte—MissPatterson. She is a large woman,
whose face preserves still the remains of
rare beauty, but without tlie least expression.
One would say that she was as good as she
was tiresome,”
Keenan’* Alibi Very Badly Shattered
on llebuttnl Testimony
The trial of John Keenan for the murder
of Mr. J. P. E. Hensley was resumed in the
Criminal Court yesterday morninff. The de
fense introduced three withesses who testi
fied that the freight car No. 5,014, in which,
according to Keenan’s testimony, he mid his
“uals” came In from Oak Park, did ar
rive on the morning of Nov. 13, ISTO. This
closed the case for the defense.
Mr. Kobert Birdsall, clerk of the North
western freight oflice, was recalled by the
prosecution and used as a witness in rebut
tal. He testified that the “delivery-book”
containing the records of cars received was
kept in the freight-house, accessible to al
most everybody. ' ,
diaries 11. Bodekcr, employed at the sup
ply house of the Chicago & Northwestern
Kaiiroad Company, testified that in Novem
ber, 1579, he acted: as switchman and night
watchman on the comer of Ada and Kinzie
streets. In that capacity it was Ids business
to examine the “ seal records ” or pieces of
tin with' which cars are sealed. He pro
duced Ids record-book, by which it appeared
that on the morning of Nov. 13, IST9,
car No. 5,014, in which Keenan swore
that he and his partners rode in from Oak
Park, "was locked and 'scaled. There were
tin tags on all the doors but one, and that
was securely fastened. It followed of course
that no one had stolen a ride in this particu
lar car on that particular occasion, and when
it is remembered that Keenan’s alibi rests
entirely on his allegation that he and his
associates rode in that car, the inference that
ids alleged night-trip to Oak Park and re
; turn was a figment of the brain will readily
suggest itself. „ , ,
Prank C. Waite, keeper of the seal records
for the Galena-Division of the Chicago A:
Northwestern Kaiiroad, Identified a book as
being in the handwriting of Mr. Black, his
predecessor at the State Street Station, who
is now in California. The book showed that
car No. 5.014 arrived at that station on the
morning of Nov. 13,15T9, with all its doors
and windows cither locked or sealed, and
some of them doubly secured.
Mr. BrinkerholTj Local freight Agent of
the Chicago & Northwestern Kaiiroad Com
pany, described the method of sealing cars,
and testified that cars could not be entered
without the violation of the seals.
The State’s-Attomey said that was his
case, and, the jury having retired, the law
yers and the Court discussed the Question ot
adjournment, finally-concluding that, as the
case could not possibly be concluded that
day, an adjournment should be taken until
10 o’clock Monday morning. '
nv ,& imiysicians.
Prepared fromH/*1 w tropical
fruit* *vy and plants.
A Delieieus
and Refreshing
Fruit Xjoseng© 9
Whioh Serves
the Purpose
©f Pills and
is the best preparation in the world for
Constipation, Biliousness, Headache, Biles
and all kindred Complaints. It acts
gently, effectively, and is delicious to
take. Cleansing the system thoroughly,
it imparts vigor to mind and body, and
dispels Melancholy, Hypochondria, etc.
One trial convinces. Packed in bronzed
tin boxes only.
Price 25 andeo Gts. Sold by all Druggists.
J|g«l|gggkFAlßßAHK3, MORSE & 00.
Cor, Latt.RL * nru* Air.. Clint®.
B* earrfol Id CCT 05LT TUB KKXCIXg.
IKaempfer’s EOfiH
For Mocking Birds. Wholesale and B ||S jn|
itctall. at his Bird store, g B-y
137 CIsAIaK-ST.
(President Cbicseo Academy of Sciences),
The fifteenth year of this School for Poplls of bothi
sexes will
Open Monday, Sept. 19 Next,
At 9 o’clock a. mu, at the new location.
693 ftSorth Clark-st.,
Fronting Lincoln Park.
North Clark-st, and North State-st. cars pass the
door. A thorough education guaranteed, and stu
dents fitted tor business or social life, or for any oC
tlie Eastern or Western Colleges. Kor particulars
as to course of study, terms, vacations, and all de
tails of the School pleaso sec circulars, which may bo
had upon application to the Principal at above ad
dress. either by mail or In person. .
The first session of the Mth collcelatc year will be
pin on the Ist Tuesday of September. Magnificent
new nuildlmis.—the healthy and beautiful location.—
increased facilities tor imparting a thorough educa
tion.—otter inducements that cannot bo surpassed la
the U. S. Catalogues, glvlmr lull particulars, wiU bo
sent free on application to
Very Kev. W. COKBY, C. S. C., Pres’t,
Notre Dame P. 0., Indiana.
2101 INDIANA-AV., Corner Twenty-Urst-st.
A school for boys, will reopen WEDNESDAY, SEPT.
14. Primary and higher department. Careful pre
paration for college, the scientific school, and busi
ness life. .Located in the best part of the city; easily
accessible by the street-cars. Tho buildlntf stands
free on all sides. Plenty of llcht and air. .tor In
formation apply to J. J. S*CLIOttINGKK, or JOHN t.
CHANT. 2101 indinna-av.. Chicago. '
Delishtfnlly situated in beat part of the city. For
boys and trirls of 6to 3) years. Fee pares for best col
leues. or craduates students bore. A few board Ime
pupils received into the family of the President, and
enjoy rare advantages. The nineteenth year begins
Scut. 12. Fifteen teachers, Paialoijuo free.
pea Chlmso.
For Vouns Ladies and Children, with Klndorjhtrten
Department, 5 M Sophla-st.. near Clark, reopens ?*epu
14. a school omnibus or Hurdle coach will bo char
tered to run daily south to Chlcaao-av. and north to
JatkeVlew. For course or study and general lufor
matlon apply for circular. ________
Hoarding ana Day School for Misses and Children.
Hoys under l» admitted. This Institution will open
Us full term Oct X The course of Instruction Is thor
ough and practical. Social attention glvon to
orphaned children. HWcr Forest Is situated l> miles
from the city on the N-W. U. It, between Oak I ark
and .May wood. Nmuberof boarders limited. Vlsltimr
day Tuesday of each week. For full particulars ad
dress Mrs. M. K. HOFFMAN*. Principal. Oak Hark IVO.
Will reopen sept. 5. This School offers unsurpassed
facilities for obtaining a thorough Englisheducation;
also aucleutaud modern longu agos, mua Ic, dru wtu u,
M. li* UAiwi u*3« t niiCipsi*
Fall Term opens SepuJJ. Applications received
laily from U to ti o’clock.
Heap Kindergarten Training School
Will reopen Tuesday. Oct. 4. Applr to Mrs. AJ.ICEJ
II. PUTMVM.gifr! South Park-av., Chicago.
Will reopen their Scnool and Kindergarten In the
Christian Church, corner Indlanu-av. and Twenty-
Hfth-su. Monday. Sept. 5, ISM. .
Todd Seminary for Boys
Reopens Sent. 5. Address the. REV. IL K. TODD,
Principal. Woodstock. 111.
Froebe! Kindergarten and School,
(from Madam Kraus-Uoclte a Normal Training School
for Kindcrgartners). Principal and Klndergartner.
Cor. Waliash-ar. am! Twentj-ninth-st.,
Will open for the admission of Boarding and Day
Send for catalogue.
Norwich Free Academy, Norwich, Conn.,
Prepares pnolls of both sexes for the best Colleges
and scientific School, or for business. I'upl.a havea
well established reputation for high scholarship and
nanly conduct in tale College. Special caro out of
M-hnol in eood homes, and boarding-houses,
bthooi, m i,oou WiL £ tUT ctUSON, Principal.
A Dnr and Hoarding School for (Jlrla and louds
Ladies. ttf! and lOi AnUltind-av., Chicago.
A thoroughly organized institution.
fine ndruiibuoD in Music* Art* and Modern Laiu>u<Hit>3*
ForcKmlOßUonddrc*. BATES, I'rlodlpal.
Morgan Park Military Academy.
The best Boys’Boarding School lu the West. I*ro
nares for College, Sclentillc school or Business.
enttun attractivo am! elevated. bcgla, seoa
IX isSl. Send for catalogue to Copt. tl). N. Kiltie
TALCOTT, Prlncipa IJilorcan Park, took Co., HI.
Snrlnetleld. 18. Tho Utn year will commence Sept.
1L First-class school for young ladles. Course full.
German free. Musical and Flue Arts Departments
unsurpasseil. Elocution, or rather good reading, a
marked feature. For catalogues apply to
marktu Mtbj M< mcKEE UuMEs. Principal.
MORGAN* I'AUK (near Chlcacol. A llparillnu School
forGirid »nd Vountr Ladles. tor
Ci.TUAYKU, L.L.U., Moru»n I’ark, llL.orH Maulsoa
st, Chicago
Forromte IjuHo* and Children. 4« North
('h!c>"ii roo:>cnH s?ept. 11. I’upils* prepared forth®
te>tVoile«cs. Excellent advantage* in the Modem
St, Agnes’ School
Will li.'tTn WEUNKSDAV, Sept. 7.
For particulars apply to the Principal. No. TIT West
Monroe-st. '
A Tlioroiiali ITeimratory :md Chdlmrtato School for
boardiui: and day pumhc ( ?»“d Jo Jr/j™“rin
. la aoVlfShc-Idon-su. Chicago.
French ami Knitllrih School fur Yonnst Ladles
Will reopen Sept. U. For partlcalars apply to ttio
.Principal. l. r >as Michigan-ar.
mi MP4 Green* .Icailemy nf Mndcal Hcl*r*«ce»
»»s tji (two doors north of Madison*. hy tlieir
new method ».f musical instruction, guarantee U>
lualtc voting «r old good performer* yn piano, orpn.
nr euilar in twenty lessons, Uay and evening. Send
lor prospectus. -
2T» Wmi Forty-slxtli-aL* New Vork. Hoarding nml
J)ar School lor Vounx Indies and Children. Ilcupeus
Scpt.iT. Thorough Knslish course. Dally lectures.
French and other sj*»k«n within stx
mouths. Drawiu* and musical advantages unsur
pav*e<i. -
For circular address Hev. (iKQUGB GANN Mi.
HOME SCHOOL fve.Vhoruuiili.' Safe. JtU*
Krama Ditto. i*rin.. Riverside. Cook County. HI.
Kor boys. rounded l-rtiS'wl.
igga Andress' Paior Folding Bsds, Jgpg*
I&ZfZJL Tj-irr Pat. Improved. -
Office Desks, Bank Counters, Etc.
Lawyer!' and Ladles* Dea’aa. Artlallo Hoanehold
ymlnca In Special Deaicnfc All wore (tuaranteed
of best Jciln-drlod lumber, and mado by ourselves.
A U. Andrew* A Co., 103 Wabash Are., ChleacO*
Bnlvenal. JSluo IHack OHlce,
Ceirnnereijl, VI" et
Chemical J-Inlil. Violet Itlaek topjinjr.
■Wholesale ami Itetall,
SO IJtarborn St-
Notice Is hereby Riven that the partnership hereto
fore existing between McCleaiy A -Smith. commUaiun
merchant dealing In crain itnd provisions. corner
Washington and I.s Salle-*LL, Chicago. IJL. has tlns
dar been dissolved. A new nrm. Byron .1. McCleary
& Co„ will cootinac the same business at the same
place, collect debts due McCleary & Smith, and
settle all debu due trout them. •
btfpt.l.U)L II V&ON J. JiCCLEAI.Y.

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