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?*f!Lj bf th!ht lacing. It should rooolvo the favorable lodorsomou tof tho physicians who have the opportu-
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Life. |
The Patient Vomited Twice
During the Night of
No Particular Importance Attached to
This Occurrence by the
All Day Yesterday He Took and Re
tained the Usual Quantity
of Rood.
The Glandular Affection Reported as
Decreasing in Sisk at a
Rapid Rate.
A Trifle Here Tree Discharge of Fas
from the Main Wound than
Washington,D.C. Executive Mansion. Sept.
6—1:30 a. ra.—At this hour tio President Is rest*
log quietly, with no Indicates of any material
change since midnight. 3&ie physicians aro
asleep, and tbo members jof tho President's
household bavo retired for tllo night.
Special Disoatch to Tbs ufticaao Tribune.
Washington, D. C.,Bopt. 4.—lt is no taotldsy
trip that thp President is about to make. It is
nut tbo voyaging of a patient In tbo interesting
stages of convalescence. Tbo removal, If un
dertaken at all—and thorn aro doubts oven now
In tho minds of tbo doctors as to Its expediency
—will bo tho lost desperate resort touludotho
tightening grasp of death. Onthoovoof this
contemplated Journey tho following Is tbo con
dition ot tho patient: Thd President is suffer
ing, Bret, from an unhealed gunshot
whoso length Is estimated fct sixteen inches; sec
ond, from a compound fracture of tbo tontb
and a contusion of tbo clovpnth rib, mado by tho
bulletin its course; third'* by tbo presence In
tho body of a Jagged Icodlbullot not onoystod
and traveling slowly downward; fourth, from a
poisonous state of tho hloo), of which the In
humed parotid gland le.tv.\Mnptpm; fifth, tbo
gland itself, which la now a'causo as-well os a'
result of trouble. This burrowing abscess in tbo
ebook is now discharging In seven channels, four
of which woro opened by tbo surgeon’s knife,
and tbroo aro spontaneous openings Bowing
through tbo oar, mouth, and nostrils.
Is tbo weak nnd dyspeptic state of tbo stomach,
which bus at times rejected all proffered food,
and requires to bo always treated la tbo most
delicate manner. For nearly throe weeks tbo
President bos not swallowed a mouthful of solid
food. Tbo seventh Item of anxiety ami danger
Is tbo fearful debility brought on by tbo Injury
and its physical consequences; and the eighth is
tbo mental weakness resulting from the local
and constitutional troubles.
Tbo physicians begin to fear also tbo
presence of an intermittent malarial
fever la addition to tbo inevitable
traumatic fever occasioned by tbo effort
of nature to rdpalr tbo wound made by tbe mis
sile. It Is proposed to lift with bis bod, take
down a long Ulgbt of stairs, carry some distance
by stretcher or wagon, and finally convey £3O
miles by rail, a man so weak and sick that bo
can scarcely turn his bead from side to side,
cannot lift bis bead at all, and Is able to move
bis arms and legs with difficulty and weariness.
He is
of seeing the faces of bis most cborlsbed friends.
One made a Journey from Now Mexico specially
to see blm, but was not lot Into tbo sick-room.
No Cabinet officer, with one exception, Ims seen
blm since tbo time Immediately following tbo
shooting. It oxoltca tbo sufferer beyond bis
strength to have bis children sit quietly by bis
side. Tbo exertion of speaking pains blm nnd
Increases the speed of bis pulse. Food is nec
essary, and bo takes It as prescribed as a duty,
but has no healthy appetite or rellsb for what
ho swallows. Tbo wounds are not constantly
painful to an aouto degree, but tbo frequent
dressings are distressing and exhausting. Tbo
suffering caused by tbo Inllamed gland would
nlouo have brought a strong man low. Tbo
original Injury bos made little progress for ton
days. Wore tbo patient stronger, tbo Indolent
granulation would bo Irritated into better ac
tion by mild caustic injections, but this,
though an almost necessary step, is out of tb6
question in tbo present state of tbo patient. Ho
bus boon kept up in part, since the last relapse,
by tbo free use of nutritive and stimulating in
jections. Those are efficacious and often bridge
a crisis successfully, but tbolr limitations are
well known.
IndeUnitly, and will break down. This bag bap*
ponod lu a partial degree already, requiring tbo
doctors to suspend the uso or injections for
longer or shorter periods, and total prostration
of tbo bowels will soon come as a matter of
course It the Injections are continued much
longer. If the reader will look at tbo situation
thus reviewed In the tight of reason rather tban
sentiment It grill bo understood why tbo doctors
moan to remove tbo President.
If bo Is removed there is a chance, a baro possi
bility, that bo may recover. Yet bo may not
live to reach Long Branch: bo may expire after
ail at the depot, where, two months ago, It was
thought bis life was swiftly passing away. At
ovoryslxteoufoet, onoo started on the rails,
there will come a Jolt tor that poor body which
holds a Jogged ball. Can wo conceive of a more
desperate experiment! And yet the Journey nos
boon decided upon by the most Judicious and ex
perienced surgeons as the one remaining chance
for Ufo.
of the President are being made, but it Is
learned that i.tho surgeons were voryapathetlo
about the removal this morning, and did not
commence to. prepare for tbo Journey uutll
about noon. When they were urged to do this
by members of tbo family, the latter said In
substance: "It bas been dehultly decided by
tbs surgeons and tbc Cabinet that the President
must be removed, and that to remain bore Is
death. livery day's delay Involves greater risks,
us It ftUo Involves the danger of encounter
ing on equinoctial storm 'at Long Uruoub.
The surgeons, after this admonition proceeded
with their work. It Is learntst from authority
that cannot be questioned that they are very
reluctant to undertake the tourney. No reason
Is assigned for (bis except their
by taking him oo such a Journey and having
something happen to him. Tho only now symp
tom of which any delink information can ho
lonrtiod It that there are suspicions that the
President Is expectorating more pus than
came from .the abscess in tho neck
Into tho mouth, und that this may
Indicate tho beginning of possible complications
in tbo lungs. Thoio Is nothing dolinlt upon
which to base this report. It is simply one of
tho things that are talked about, and it would
of course bo denied by tho doctors. Dr. lioyn
ton tonight In unmeasured terms has de
nounced tho surgeons In attendance, botn for
their general treatment and for tbolr delay In
removing tho President after nil admit that It
was death for him to remain here. Ho particu
larly criticises thorn for hnvlmr permitted him
yesterday to swallow rabbit meat and squirrel
moat with milk porridge, and ho attributes his
vomiting to bad nursing of that sort.
Tho following are believed to bo tho details of
tho ofilclal program: The car that wilt take tho
President will bo boro tomorrow, and tbo Pres
ident will bo removed on Tuesday morning or
possibly Tuesday night. Tho car will bo run on
tbo brunch track from Maryland uvmiue to tho
monument Jut over tbo track used for carrying
marble to tho monument. Tho tracks bavo
been measured to-duy. and it bos boon found
that tho car can bo brought to tho mouumcnl
lot without dllllculty. Tbo only obstruction
is ono tclograpb-polo, which will.bo removed
tomorrow. A forco of sworkmon has been
ordered tube in readiness to adjust tbo car to
tho tracks and to better ballast tho branch track,
tomorrow. An onglno which has anthracite
coal will bo used, and an engineer from Philadel
phia accustomed to maintaining lire In anthra
cite engines will bo brought over to run tho
train. Tbo President will bo
cAnmnn on ms iied
through tho Whlto House lot to tbo monument,
ami then placed in bis car. Attorney-
Ucncral MaoVcogb bos charge of tbo work. Tbo
details bavo been arranged, and bo will
lettvo In advance for Long liraneb tomorrow
at 10 a. m. Tho distance to Long branch Is
'iWA miles. Tborc aro telegraph-stations near*
ly every four miles. Tbo poopto will bo obliged
to learn of tbo progross of tbo train from those
stations, ns no representatives of tbo press, not
even of the Associated Prose, aro to bo permit*
ted to accompany tbo train.
/ I 1:150 A. M.
A llttto boforo 1 a. m. n gang of forty mon,
with picks and lanterns, commenced work on
Sixth street preparing to lay a track from tho
curner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenuo
to tbo main track of tho Pennsylvania Uallroad.
They expect to bavo tho track laid by daylight.
This would Indicate that tbo plan baa been
changed, and that tbo President Is to bo taken
down tho nvonuo to Sixth street.
TU the Western Associated Press.
Washington, D. C„ Sept. 4.—Attorncy-Oea
cral MneVoagb, who bus conducted tbo cor
respondence with the Pennsylvania Uallroad
ofßclols for tho removal of tbo President to
Long branch, says tho route over which tbo
special train would proceed will bo direct from
Washington to West Philadelphia, tboncc to
Monmouth Junction, N.J. At this latter point
tho special train will leave tbo main lino of tho
Pennsylvania Hoad and proceed to.Tamusburg,
N. J., where It will take the regular Lung Uninch
road. The traln, bo thought, would run aouut
forty miles per hour, and bo did not think tbo
President would experience any disturbance
whatever from this high rate of speed, owing to
tho fact that a contrivance bad been adopted
which would prevent any Jostling to tho patient’s
Washington, D. c., tfepu 4.—Tho morning
bulletin, which mentioned that tbo President
bad vomited twice during tbo night, created
considerable npprobunsiun throughout tbo city,
and many Inquiries woro mado at tbo Executive
Mansion as to tho cause. Tbo attendinggor
geous explained that the* vomftltfg Vos Joocfi
sloucd by tho collection of phlogm in tbo throat,
and that no serious consequences were expected
to follow. Tho first disturbance of tho stomach
took place about 10 o’clock last night, but it was
not noticed as being of any Importance; but,
when it occurred a second time about 2a. m., it
was then considered to be very unfavorable.
Soon after tho second, however, tbo patient
asked for and was given a quantity of milk-por
ridge, which bo retained without dllUculty, Not
long after taking this bo partook of some squir
rel-broth, which bo appeared to relish very
much. Onoof'“tho attendants upon tbo Presi
dent reported In too morning that
and that tbo wound was discharging a trlllo
more freely tbau it bad been recently. An at
tendant said:
“As the discharge from tbo gland ceases the
How of pus from tbo wound Increases. No
noticeable change in tbe cbaractorof tbo wound
has yet taken place."
Hr. Boynton expressed the opinion that tbe
President, notwithstanding tbo gastric disturb
ance which bo experienced during tbo night,
was somewhat better than yesterday. Spooking
of accommodations ot Long Branch, tbe Doctor
said It would probably be necessary to bare two
or three cottages to accommodate the
patient and those who would have to
accompany blm. It is understood to bo
tbq Intention to have a guard around
tbe patient's quarters at Long Branch similar to
that which bos been kept about tbo Executive
Mansion, and admittance to tbo neighborhood
of tbo President's family will only bo allowed by
pass. Dr. Boynton does not attribute any par
ticular Importance to tbe fact of tbo President's
having vomited last night, Inasmuch as bo bus
been taking nourishment over since without
difficulty. Tbo Doclor says that, as it was duo
solely to tbo secretion of phlegm, It will pot
materially change tbo President's general con
dition. Ho has boon
It Is said by those Intimate with the family, that
Mrs. Qarffold is much pleased with tbe idea of
tbe President's being convoyed from tbo Inilu
onoosof tbo malarious atmosphere which sur
rounds tbo White House to a more healthful lo
cality. It Is generally conceded by those ac
quainted with tbo facts, that tbo President will
bo removed between tomorrow and Wednesday,
provided bo remains In as good condition os at
present, and tbo weather is favorable.
Attorney-General MaoVoagb said bo did not
consider tbo gastric trouble of last nlgbt would
interfere in any manner with tbo President s re
Dr. lleyburn said the patient was as well as
could reasonably bo expected. Tbo vomiting
which occurred last night had entailed no unfa
vorable results. There bad boon more or loss
trouble at different times recently from secre
tion of phlegm in the throat, bo said, but no
particular Importance bod been attached there
to,because tbo occurrence did not in any serious
way affect tbo stom'oeh. In reply to a question
os to when the President would be moved, Dr.
Hcyburnsald be thought not before Wednesday,
but tbo earliest opportunity would bo takdu ad
vantage of. It entirely depends on the patient's
condition and surrounding circumstances, such
as weather.
ffptdal Vitpateh to TM Chicago Trtfrun*.
Washington, D. 0., Bopt. 4.—The President,
according to the evening bulletin, found « com
fortable day, but It probably was dlQloultfur
the poor sufferer to see much comfort In it.
Lust night tbo President bad two—probably
thico— Qts of vomiting, which caused very con
siderable Irritability of the stomach. There
was on this account a great deal of alarm, as we'
have boon told for the last two weeks that the
slightest now complication might prove fatal,
and that particularly anything which Injurious
ly affected the stomach would be a symp
tom to cause alarm; but the attendants at
tbo White House this ■ morning wore
very much loss alarmed tban 'the persons who
read the bulletins outside the. gate. Tbo first
attack of vomiting, It was paid, was a more
slight gagging, caused by phlegm and the accu
mulation of pus la the throat, which entered
from the burrowing abscess In the nook.
occurred alter midnight, about an hour and a
half after the President bad taken some milk
porridge—almost tho only nourishment that bo
at all relishes, yot a nourishment which often
disagrees with him. Ho had quite a seri
ous attack of retching then. Shortly before 2
o'clock bo said to Col. Itockwell, who was with
him, *• I begin to fool sick." Rockwell hastened
to call Dr. Dllss, who was sleeping, and soon Mio
President nauseated. Tho President, however,
reassured his attendants by a remark that ho •
was not weaker for it, ahd soon took more food.
During tho morning, too, bo took additional
food by tbo mouth without nausea and retained
it, but tho result of this gastric disturbance was
to Increase tbo pulso and to give tbo public
groat uneasiness. All that was learned at noon
was that there bad been
and tbo other conditions were about tbo same.
Tonight tho pulse and temperature wore both
higher, tbo pulse having reached 110 and tbo
temperature W, but there bad boon no return of
tho Irritability of tho stomach. Tho abscess In
tbo nock continued to Improve, and Is now so
frtr reduced, It Is stated, that tho contour of tho
face Is restored—something which tbo surgeons
at least intimated was accomplished more than
a week ago. Hut tborc was a tone about
tho evening bulletin that was not satisfactory.
It appears that tbo stomach had
been Irritated, and that it doubtless still Is Ir
ritated, although not enough to reject food.
There has been no change In tho terrible wound,
and tho surgeons, who wore very reluctant to
slate any unfavorable circumstances, say that
throughout today and yesterday than It was
tbo day before, and that tbo President shows
more fatigue oftcr tho dressings. This can only
moan, of course, that be Is weaker, and he Is In
a condition which makes it possible for him to
bo much weaker. There Is, however, some ap
prehension that bo Is bo weak that tbo surgeons
may not venture to tuko him to Long nranch.
As to that question, thoro Is a great variety of
conflicting rumors, and there are many Indica
tions that it Is tbo purpose of those having him
In charge to remove him without giving publici
ty to it, and, while announcing that ho maybe
removed on Tuesday or Wednesday, do really
Intend to remove him tomorrow rooming. It Is
known that Mrs. Garfield during tbo day has in
sisted very strenuously that tbo President must
go. It is also known that tho surgeons
and hesitate to assume tbo responsibility of re
moval. Of course tboy fool that if anything
should happen while in transit they might bo
held responsible for it, and it Is a responsibility
which they shrink from assuming. Tbo ques
tion probably will bo decided between this hour
<0 p. m.) and midnight. There Is n possibility
that ho may bo removed tomorrow. If not to
morrow morning, possibly tomorrow night, (or
apprehension is Increasing, and tbo fear of a
now complication from malaria grows stronger
every hour. Tho officials of tho Pennsylvania
Hoad will arrive here this evening, and
nrc to have a conference at tho White
House on this subject. Car No. 130
arrived hero this afternoon. It will bo assigned
to Mrs. Garfield and her family. Tho combina
tion car which is being specially titled for tho
President, with doors which open In tbo side,
wlilarrlvu hero during tbo ulght, probably by
3 o’clock In tbo morning.
wont this afternoon to tbo depot upon arrival of
car 120, and inquired bow soon it would bo pos
sible to mako up tbo train If It was needed.
This Inquiry, tbo fuel of which became known,
confirms tbo belief tbat tbo President nmy bo
removed tomorrow forenoon, notwithstanding
tbo denials of most of thodoctors. Or. XHiss, for
instance, said:
'* Thu President certainly will not bo removed
tomorrow. You will soo preparations enough
for tbat long before be is moved.”
Oou. Swulm said: ”11 is not possible to bo
ready to movo him tomorrow." '
YotDr. lloynton sold: •• It bus not been set
tled. It is possible that bo may bo moved to
morrow, which wilt depend upon tbo completion
’of tbo preparations and upon th 6 weather.”' ‘
Tbo doctors think, In nddltioo.'tbat before bo
starts a truck should bo built from the station
to tbo cottage at Klbortion, to which tbo Presi
dent is to bo taken. It is not understood tbat
tbo truck bos yet been built, but, as tbo distance
is but a fow yartls, it Is thought that it might be
decided to bo necessary to build tbo track.
Tbo President could not sleep until be was as
surod by bis surgeons Unit tbolr promise to take
him to Long Branch should bo fulilllod. Tho
signal olllcer, however, has advices that a storm
Is approaching across tho ocean, which may de
lay tbls Long Uruneb trip.
Tbo President is sleeping. Ho has been some
what restless because of tho excitement over
bis trip, lie has talked with Mrs. Garfield a
great deal about It Ho has again Indicated tbat
bo thinks that Drs. llllss and Agnow will bo all
tbo surgeons that bo needs to accompany btm.
It Is now expected that bo will be taken from
tboWblto House on bis bed and carried to tbo
caron his bed by tbo trained soldiers. He will
be taken out of tbo Wbito House
from tho south front and carried
toward tho monument. then through
tbo agricultural aud Smithsonian grounds to
tbo track ot tho Pennsylvania Hoad wunre it
crosses the mall. This mute is entirely on tho
Government reservation, to which no access can
be bad when tho gates are closet). No crowd
can possibly gather there. The roadway is good,
and tbo President would not be exposed loony
excitement except that incident to being cur
ried. Tbo exciting associations connected with
Gnltcau'aaot will ho avoided by hoarding tho
car from tho mall.
8::io a. m.
Exkcutivb Mansion.Wasiijnoton, D.C-|Sopt.'
M::HJ u. in.—Tho President vomited onco lam
evening, and oneo about mi hour after mlduluht.'
Notwithstanding this disturbance bo slept well
most of tho night, and this morning lids taken
food by tho mouth, without nausea, and bus re
tained It. Ills jnilso Is somewhat moro frequent,
but In other respects bis condition is about tho
samonsnt this hour yesterday. Pulse 108, tern
poroluru 08.1, respiration 18.
D. W. m.iss,
J, K. llAltNEri,
J.J. WoomvAiin,
ItounuT IlKrnuuN,
13:30 P. M.
Exbcutttb Mansion, Washington, D. C.,
Bept.4— p. m.—Tbo Prosidout's condition
has not changed materially sluco tho last bulle
tin was Issued, and there has been no further
gastric disturbance. Pulse 100, tomporaturo
1H.4, respiration its. D. w. buss,
J. K. Uaunes,
J.J. WoonwAim,
0:30 P. M.
Executive Mansion, Washington, D. 0„
SopL 4—8:30 p. ro.—Tho President has passed a
oomlortable day. Ho bus taken bis food with
some relish, and bad no return of tbo Irritabil
ity of tbo stomach reported in tho morning's
bulletin. Tbo parotid swelling continues to Im
prove, and Is now so far reduced that tbo eon
'tour of bis face Is restored. The wound shows
no material change. Tho rise of tomporaturo
this afternoon bos boon very slight, but tho
pulso was more frequent throughout tho day
than yesterday, and ho showe d moro futlguo
after dressing.' PuUo 110, temperature W, respi
ration 10. ..< ! U. W, Uuss,
, " J. K. lUIiNBS,
RXBOtmVM MAHBIOJI, Wajhujcoton, I). o.|
Sept; 4.—Secretary Ulaldo Boat tbo following
Lowell, MiuitUr, London: List night the Free-
Idem did not root well, tnd twice during tbo
night bia atymacb )ru bo disturbed that be vein-
Uod. During the day be baa been bolter, and
baa Bwaliowed the uaual quantity of food, and
retained It. Hi* pulac, however, baa boon higher
tban for tpo two preceding days. Ilia aurguotia
do not thing bo baa loat around, but bo oorulnir
Jo j? ( ,
has not gained since lost night's dispatch. At
this hour (halt-post 10) bo is quietly sleeping.
UtAiKB, Secretary.
DiunronD, VU, SopL l.—Oov. Farnham haft
Issued tbo following proclamation: .
In this solemn hour, when tbo life of tbo
Chief Magistrate of this Itopubllo bangs trom->
bling between tlmo andotornltjr.it seems flt
ting that the people of every State should re-*
member in whose bands nro nations, end rulers*
and lives of men, and turn to God and ask for’
that help and comfort which’they cannot re-'
eolvoathuman bonds: therefore, and in com-;
plianco with tbo froqucntly-oxprossed wishes oC(
tbo puoplo and my own deep sense of propriety!
and necessity for so doing, I hereby appoints
Thursday, tbo Blh day of September, In-j
stant, Itctween 10 forenoon and 13 noon*
as a time for humiliation and , praycn
by tbo pcnplo of this State for tbo recovery. oCI
. President Garfield from tbo wound ho received}
at tbo band of an assosln, and from which he<
bos suffered so many weeks of agony of body,]
and tbo Nation bus been so long In painful sua- *
ponio during those hours. I earnestly recoin--
mend all people, refraining from their usual)
labor and business, to assemble in tbo bouse , oft
(Joa, and in humility and contrition of spirit,'
utmo in acknowledgment of their sins and tbosoi
of tbo Nation, and beseech tbo mercy of Al-'
mighty God In tbo hour of tbo Nation’s affllolloa.’
and threatened loss, and in sincere prayer ask’
that our beloved President bo restored to bis
stricken wife and children and to the perform-j
anceof his public duties with a measure oft
health and strength, aud that tbo country bo .
relieved from Its burden of anxiety and sorrow.
Sptttal DUvatch to The CMeaoo Tribune.
Madison, Wis., HcpL 4.—Gov. Smith todays
Issued tbo following proclamation:
State of Wisconsin. Executive
Madison. Wls.. Sept. 4, 1881.—Acting In con-'
Junction with tbo Executives of otbor Slates, 1,,
William E. Smith, Governor of tbo State of'
Wisconsin, do earnestly recommend that oa
Tuesday, Scot. 0 Inst., between tbo hours of
10 u. m. and noon, tho people of tbo State of*
Wisconsin lav aside tbolr usual avocations, and,
assembling tbomseivoa in tbolr accustomed
places of worship, make fervent petition to tbo
God of nations for tbo complete and speedy
recovery of tbo President of tbo United States
and for tbo continuance of tho Divine caro and
guidance which have boon conspicuous In all
our Nation's history. In witness wborcof, etc.
William E. Smith, Governor,
fly tbo Governor:
ILanb U. Waunkii, Secretary of State.
Columbus, 0., Sept. 4.—Tbo following State
paper was issued to-day by Gov. Foster:
Statu or Onto, Executive Department, Co
lumiius, Sept. 4,1881.—T0 the People of Ute Slate
of Ohio: In compliance with tbo general wish
and desire of our people, 1 hereby designate tbo
same day and hours—from 10 o'clock a. m. till
noon of Tuesday, Sept. 6—named la the procla
mation of tbo Governor of Pennsylvania for tho
people of tbo President's native State to unito
In prayer and supplication to Divine Providence
to spare bis life and restore him to bealtb. Let
us sot aside from tbo ordinary pursuits of 11 fo
two hours, and consecrate them to this high and
solemn purpose. I respectfully suggest to tbo
citizens of Ohio that at tbo hours designated
they assemble In tbo houses of public worship
nr about tbo family altar. Join in prayer to God
to nvort from this Nation tbo calamity that
threaten* us, and to grant that tbo hope that
new gladdens us may bo allowed to grow in wel
come certainty and rejoicing over tbo Presi
dent's restoration to bealtb and strength. •
Ciiaui.es Fostbh, Governor.
Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 4.—Gov. Porter has
issued tbo following proclamation: ,
Tbo Governor of tbo Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania having invited tbo* people of that Com
monwealth to assemble bn Tuesday,' 'tho oth
lust,, between 10 a. m. and'noon of that day, in
their respective bouses of worship, to unito in
public prayer to Almighty God for tbo restora
tion to health of tbo President of.tbo United
Suites, and having, expressed to tho Governors
of tbo several other States a bopo that thoy wilt
Invite the people of tbolr respective Suites to
unite at tbo sanio time with tho people of that
State In llko prayer, it Is deemed proper heart
ily to respond to tbo expression of the Governor
of Pennsylvania, wherefore 1, Albert U. Porter,
Governor, of tbo. State of Indiana, do recom
mend to tbo people of this State that they do as
semble on Tuesday, tbo Otb Inst., at tboir re
spective houses of worship, between tho bours
above named, and unito with tbo people of otbor
States In imploring Almighty God to sbow bis
must gracious furor to tbo Nation and to tbo
several Suites by respiring to health thb Prosi
dent of the United States.
Given under my band at Indianapolis, this pth
day of September, isd I. Alueut O. PoIUfKU.
Springfield, 111., Sept. 4.—Tbo folldfrlwwM
issued tonight:
State of Illinois, Executive Department,
Springfield, Sept. 4, ISrtl.—ln harmony with
tho action of the Governors of several States of
tbo Union, and in response to tbo feelings of tbo
people of this State, 1, Shelby M. Cullom, Gov
ernor of Illinois, do mako tbls proclamation, re
questing that special meetings bo held' in tbo
various places of public worship on Tuesday,
tbo fltb Inst., for prayer to Him who bolds in Ills
bands tbo destinies of men and of nations,
that our Nation's Impending calamity, tbo
thrnntonud loss of its Chief Magistrate through
violence, nmy bo averted, tbat President Our-
Held may be restored to health, and to imploro .
tbo Divine blessing upon our country and State.*
In testimony whereof 1 hereto set my baud i
and cause tbo great seal of' State to bo alllxcd.
Dane at Snriugflold tho day and your above '
written. B. M. Cullom,
lly tbo Governor:
llkniiv U. Dement, Secretary o( State.
Sprelal DlipuKA to Tht Chicago Tribunt.
I’muAPBMMiiA, I’ll., Sept,4.—“Thotrain on
which tbo President will bo carried to Long
brunch," remarked a prominent ofllolnl, “loft
tbo Altoona shops at 4 o'clock this afternoon and
will arrive at Washington at 11 o'clock tonight..
Tbo car which will bo occupied by
President Garllold Is what Is kuowu us a com
bination—that In, one portion of It Is used for
baggage, while tho other Is lu every respect llko
tbo ordinary passenger-coach. This character
of car was especially selected for the pur-,
peso, because It would requlft loss alteration
than nny other, and therefore could bo' la
readiness so much quicker. AC tho baggago
end of tho car Is a spacious door opening on the
side wide enough to admit the President's bed
without dllilculty. Tho only alterations re
quired, therefore, wore tbo removal of tho par
tition separating the two compartments; also,tbo
souls lu tno passenger end and tho laying of
tnick cushions like carpet upon tho Uuor. Tho
windows were also altered so that no sparks,
dust, or particles of any kind can possibly enter.
This car, together with a Pullman coach, wero
taken to Washington by '
where they wlllbc attached, to President
Heberts' coach, which loft for tbo Capital at 1:15
this morning and which Is intended for Mrs.
QarUold’s use. Immediately on reaching Wash
ington tbo train will bo turned over to tbo au
thorities, at wbosoulrocUon It will bo started. Tho
train will bo made up lutbo following order:
After the locomotive will come President bob
orU* oar, containing Sirs. QarQutd and tbo Presi
dent's household. This will bo followed by. tho
hospital-car containing the President and tho
Pullman coach with tho physicians. Ithas not yet
been olßololly decided whether or not tho train
will bo run fast or slow. Tho phyflcjans.waqt
to complete the trip as quickly us possible.
Therefore 1 can safely say (hat tbo train, will
average about forty-tlvo rollea an hour. 4* *****
rate tbo entire distance of nearly B*o mllea can bo
covered lu something over live hours. The
tracks each way will be kept clear os tar ahead
as tho limited notloo wo expect to have will pot-.
mlt, and for that purpose the operator on .'the’
train .wilt have bis Instrument In readiness
for Instant use. Up to tho ■ present
motqpnt I have hoard nothing offloially
rvgardlnglthe time of starting, but for obvious
reasons 1 feel assured that ths fiotice will ha

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