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. g ev ero Conflict In Dublin
A Between Police and
fifteen of the Latter Wounded,
Some of Them Se-
Sflsral ol ltl ° “ Suspects " Imprisoned
in KHmalnham Jail In Poor
Conclaslon of tho Investigation into
v the Recent Mexican Railroad
Mend Success of llio Republicans In
(he Second llnllots In
France. ’
Eupaor Francis Joseph and King Hum
bert—Ohnroh and State is
T nn "niwuirvua" ox i’iiutkctiiut.
thimoN. Boot* 4.—Tho (Jlmm-cr, commenting
tpoo the result In tho North Durham and North
Lincolnshire elections, says: "Until tho Gov
ernment have succeeded In preserving our ex-
Mrttnnlo with France and In breaking down
tho hostile tariffs of Spain end Portugal, they
tare no chance of stommtng tho current which
h setting so strongly toward tho old nnddlsucd
cMoncls of prolocllon."
nißi.nunur. caxiudatiwk of tub icak
qins or m.ANUroim
has collapsed. Ho Informed
t meeting yesterday Hint ho hml discovered a
hek of unanimity In tho Liberal party In iho
county. Inn public address ho also states that
kl) retirement Is duo to uncertainty ns to tho
ultimate cost of tao contest. Herbert
Foroham, who withdrew In favor of tho Marquis.
Us again como forward.
Tbc Minuter or War has ordered another
brlg«Jo lo Africa. Five arc already there. The
Be* brigade will bo 4,000 men strong.
Tho Union Mnil Steamship Company estimates
the total loss of life by the foundering of tbo
Teuton at the Capo of Good Hope ut 238.
»nd tho lllsbop of Boss, who nro la London, aro
shout to visit Davitt.
of Meath, httswrlttou Parnell, staling tbat.nl
though tho Land bill Is Incomplete, It ought to
havesfolrtrla). Tho Dlshop advises tho dem
on of Tyrone County to reject Dickson, the
Whig candidate for member of Parliament.
IniHkon place bore between the police and
public, caused by some soldiers making Insult*
tngremarksabout tho Pope.. Tho police fired
bponsomo persons throwing atones, and fifteen
were wounded, some dangerously.
Demur, Sept. 4.—Sexton, M. P., visited John
Rcddtoglon, P. .7. Sherldnn, and J. 11. Wnlsho,
‘•iuipectn” confined in KllinalnhntnJnll, today.
All three are In tbo infirmary. Sheridan Is suf
fering from on affection of tbo eyes. Walsho,
who Is recovering from acute dyspepsia, is in
precarious health. It is stated that Minister
Lowell has asked Lord OranvUlo for a special
medical examination in tho enso of Walsbo, who
his been Imprisoned six months.
Bonfires were lighted over a largo portion of
North Ireland Saturday night os a mark of
iratlvudo to Gladstone for tbo Land act.
Patrick Egan has declined to become a Parlia
mentary candidate for tho present.
Deiu.ik, Sept. 4.—The Ultramontane journal
Germanta calls upon tbo Centro not to trust tbo
present peace between Cburcb and State, but to
oppose tbo omnipotence ot tbo State In oconom
leal as rigorously os they bavo opposed It in
ecclesiastical affairs.
was suspended yesterday afternoon. Tbo com
petitors dined at tbolr garlon. Bo far Ulaok
bum, of London, has won two games and lost
one, with one game a draw; Mason, ot Now
»ork, has won throe, lost none, two drawn;
Zuckcntort boa won two, lost one, and ono
r/Ltl?r(3 VACANT BRES.
>on dossier has gone to Cohlontxto confer
Jnih tho President of the Uhlno Provlucoupon
Uie Church atrugglo and tho filling of vacant
Paris, Sept. 4.—Second ballots were taken to
ny for members of tho Chamber of Deputing In
taose districts where there was no choice at tho
tenoral election two weeks ago. In tho
trondlssomonts of Paris Passy defeated Godollo
lUonaparUßt) and Tony Uovlllon defeated Slok
Wamhottlst). La Saint (Republican) has been
returned for Nantes, Poytral, Uanquler, and
bu VerdlerilrreconclJablos; have boon returned
kli Matsoillee, Dosancon, and Lyons, respect
m. Camosoasso bos been returned for
nwonty-ono second ballots taken today show
.JJv Dopubiicans and ono Conservative
*yd. Tho Monorchlata lose two scats and the
“OMpartlsta ono.
,2' »>«ico, Sopt t.-TUe Department of
having investigated tho Morelos
J disaster, finds tho company, its chief
•n£, n . r ’ M(I tho Qovornmont Engineer ro
■mhli ?* wore sent to tbo Judicial
mni ortt . os *° Drw -‘ t -‘od civilly agalust tbo com
and criminally against tho engineers.
»rnin£s rEuauuna ’ Be Pt. 4.-*Tho Qaxetu am
of a faot 111111 Kmporor Francis Joseph
S oSJJJ“ a Kln » u U“Portof Italy will moot
ita!! 1 * m l * lllo3l T 0 801:111 PATAGONIA.
*•*”k* 011 ** Wove, tbo Arctic ox-
V * tarted for Buenos Ayres on anex-
to South Patagonia.
opidal Dtipahh to Tfi* Chtcaoe lYttun#.
Neb., Sept 1-TUo train, or Iod«r
... arß ° number or oi-.oldlor. mid
•tkh ,0 ‘ ,UcnJ tho coldlora' rduolon
fcluHul tho Blh, Oiid clooe.
w l^o l S‘l. lO il l t^ r it l l , ffT ,ll •■ A .“ 11 llto * nil
n ty * w y. ch . !uatlo oatonslvo
«>aniwrn. l I?iJ OB . ccomtao * ,tttw tboorpwd. Qoo.
but other^nli 1 * 111 . 1 * 145 *^ 0 * Qr hltaio bo bore,
Bh ««dan. wSI Snsl,«i ol ?» JGon. Phil
pot h 0 »rewnt. There will
ion tbo rS»ni5J “W"* l ««Dgor» lu the city due
Xwomvf 80 ? AND CAPITAL.
1 ‘“" "■-' Tl ' O "riko of the
- Urayrauo are at
"“he. N °f., l , h 0 pf tho mounted
».y i,' I1 |„S’! C , UoU .'? l Shorted, but little hood
•* iaSte'SSf.ft" Btr ! k “«- Bom. Üborot.
¥ olnl * teturuud homo.
*«««. tejlimi or k fi,°" >■« Httlo of tho
S“fh. tkTfS“ of them, do not iiucomplkh
p H«hl.whii.»T.. , V , V « fow hundred men areeim
*w.anuein a strikers numberlO^JUuL
. HfcSlX 1 ?* orlol ‘ , » lOfleenth Wife.
jjfreiu, thopJivJ^? l ; L—Another malm fo
*‘vco. Thtau?hli«r. orM E ,Jr * wa » today re-
"Sfy ano cxidMii* ®received hero
Bont mo a Journal of Auk. 20, remaining ft
Bkotch of Marvin. Tho consummate scoundrel
presented hint self before mo In ft parish or an
other Stale ns Lkut.-dov. Miller, of Minnesota,
and wn«flO mnrrioij 6y uiyiolf to a very osllma
hlo lady. a niece ,if mi lu-dovcrnor of adiordor
Mtnto. Hilo had met him la Humpy mid Now York
Lily, and lio hail persuaded her to become a gov
erness fur his two children at hi* whlmvcii Min
nesota home. l-.a roam Mm was married. Afior
Uvluir with bt.T two week*, ho deserted hop at
Now » ork Lily, and she could loam nothin# of
him. It was ftsoortnlnod that he never hml n
residence In Minnesota, Many will rejoice that
tho scoundrel baa been caught."
nmuß oc tub Chuck Ski.vai. Okkicku, Wash
t.vfjTo.v, l>. a. Hop t. 15—1 a. m.— rtio Chief .signal
Olllcorof tho Army furnishes the following apo
dal bulletin to tbo press:
Tho barometer In highest In Canadian mari
time provinces. Tbo depression which at yes
terday afternoon's report was central near
Moorhead has moved northeastward, and is now
central near Duluth. Tho temperature has
risen from il to Ift degrees In too Upper
Lake region, nod from 2 to 10 degrees
m tho northwest. Elsewhere It has remained
stationary. Local rains aro reported from the
St. Lawrence Valley and tbo Lake region. Pro*
vailing winds arc southerly.
Tbo following temperatures are reported on
tho northern frontier: Ensiporl, fit; Quebec,
f>'l: Montreal, 07: Alpena, 7ft: Marquette, 71.
The Indications am that fair weather will pre
vail in (be South Atlantic and Oulf States today
and tomorrow.
lor the Ohio Valley and Tennessee, fair
weather, southerly, stationary or lower barom
eter, higher temperature.
For the Lower Lake region, fair weather, fol
lowed by Increasing uloudlnosa and luent ruins,
southerly winds, |r>wor barometer, stationary or
higher temperature.
For tho upper Lako region, partly cloudy
weather and local rains, somberly veering to
westerly winds, falling, followed In tbo northern
gortlon by rising barometer, stationary or
lirher tompernturo.
>por Mississippi and Lower Mis
fair weather, except posslblv local
oithorn portion, southerly vcorihg
mat winds, rising barometer, sta
ler temucraluro.
Fur tho Dpi
sourl Valley, r
rath* In the no
to north or wi
tlonary or low
Cautionary nignals continue at Duluth, Mar
quette. Kscunnlm, Milwaukee, Section I, Section
is, Chicago, Grand Haven, Section ;i. Mackinaw,
Alpena. Fort Huron, Detroit, Section 4, Toledo,
Sandusky, Cleveland. Section r>, Erie.
j>t. 4 -IQilB p, m.
Tlrnf. liar •
i7i«r. Uu ir.ruJ. I'fl
B:W». Hi. 21.0-M
10:19ft. tti.
2:IHp. In. 2S.VUS
HilHp. in. 2i.pl)
10:lip. ui. 2I.HT
ftl.O M N 10 .30 J,L ralu.
79.1 7B » w Fair.
83.4 AS H W { .Ml L’lonr.
si.o t>i a s Clear.
81.0 us a u .uu Clear.
•Barometer ooi
and Utstruinunti
Meta bnrouiott
Mean taormnn
Menu humlilltj
HUhoat tempo
Lowest tcmpei
rrectod for tomponiuro, clovaUon,
tnl error,
tar. 2«.«U
meter. td.U *
tr, «i.u.
leruture. M. 4. ‘^' ! **«SwsP
erature. ttf.o. ~^*v
iCAOQ, 10:18p. m.
H. M..
Dus Molnus.
Dodiro City....
Grand llnvun.
a Croiao
North Pintle..
Port Huron.
St, Louis.,..
HU Pau1......
s ...
H ....
Port tends
Him Antonio...
bl Vincunu....
Huron, Dak..,.
•Too small to mcosi
The Chfeapo Tritune,
.—During last night a
(led hero, which lantod
nit. and had Iho effect of
mtb which baa prevailed
Bptetal Dupateh to
Clinton, ill., Hopt. 4.
heavy rain-storm prevail
about ono hour and a bn)
brcuklmr tbo sovoro drou
boro for tbo last sixty dn:
Tii Chitata Tribune,
jmpcruturc: U:ttOp. m.,
3; IS m., 03; uveruffo
tmffo temperature for
rear, TB2£.
Svteial DUvatch to T
New YonK,Bopt. l.—To
TO; 6p. ra., 68; on. m.« 68;
temperature. 07H; over
correapotKHojr date last y
clean, n. y.
B&tiaX DUpateh to The Chitaoo Tribune.
Clean, N. V., Bopt. 4.—Tbo (Trout and de
structive forest fires continue, and at tb/s writ*
Ing there la but little prospect of achange in the
BitunUoo. The weather la hot and dry, with no
Indications of rain. Tho potroloum producers
and others whoso properties avo threatened
with dostruoUon aro either fighting tbo liauics
or taking necessary precautions to prevent tbo
domolltionVoC tbolr works and buildings. In*
sursuoamohnowsny that tho value of oil and
indlvlduhiproporty will nut fell short of fj.OUO.-
000. TbQVVuihfCst proportion of tbo loss
fulls on producers and fanners. There are
report* of damage to valuable lumber lands
mid loss of life near Port Allegheny, MclCetm
County, but they have nut been continued.
Clinton, Klk, Forest, and Cumcrou Counties, In
Northwestern Pennsylvania, Imvo boon tbo
scene of extensive übd disastrous fires, Several
sawmills and private lumber*manufacturing es
tablishments along tho lino of SunnomabouUig
Creek have been destroyed. Tbo loss Is placed
at s7fi.ooo, with Partial Insurance. Tho destine
tlon of sawed and unsnwed logs baa boon simply
(mmensu. This being Sunday* ft is dlUlcult to
obtain particulars. _
tfprrtal Dlteafch (0 Tha CAieass TYihuns.
Omaha, Neb., Sept. 4.—Alustow's frame tone
mebt building was destroyed by tiro early this
morning, together with Stevenson's carpenter
shop, also the branch shop of tho Western
Cornice Works, fend so vend adjoining buildings,
tbo loss amounting to übout 110,000. Another
fire broke out In tho same locality this after
noon by a high wfml stirring up tbo fire In tho
ruins and blowing it north against throe first
class dwellings owned by James O. Chapman,
add which wore quickly destroyed. Tbo lire was
so sudden that hardly any furniture was saved.
Tbo wind was very strung, and /threatened a
serious conflagration. Chapman’s loss on build
ings is (lI.UUU. and on furniture About SI,OOO. ills
tenants also lost boAvily. lie bad about s>l,ooo
Insurance. Mm. Allen, wbo Is charged with
setting the lira this morning to revenge herself
on Ainslow, with whom sue usd quarreled übout
rent, bos been arrested.
gpictal DUpatcA to The CUkajo Triimu.
Davrni’OHt, la.. Bcpt. 4.—About 11 o'clock
last night lightning struck and fired tho carriage
factory of Oalt 9c Blaltdoll, In tbo lower part of
llook Island. Everythin)? was destroyed. Loss,
910,000: Insurance, 90.800. Aoout tho same Hmo
the lightning nlsn struck tho bouse pf John
Perry, a few mites south of Motlno. and soon
destroyed It, with tho barn. Loss, 92,UW: insdrod.
Tbo bouso and barn of John Meager, In tbo same
neighborhood, woro also badly managed by tho
Tbo alarm from Box 157 at 8:80 yesterday
afternoon was caused by tbo discovery of Uro In
tboouo-story fntrao cottago No. 2702 Farrell
street, owned and occupied by WlUluin Smith.
Tho flro started from causes unknown in sotuo
shavings (n a shod in tbo roar. Uiilnngo, $10).
Tho alarm from Box 820 at 0:15 yesterday
morning was false, and was turned In by aotuo
mischievous boys. _
Special Dispatch to Iks OJUccso IVttun*.
CI.XVBLANO, 0.. fiopL 4.—J. D. Cupporflold,
Imlldlng oontraotor, who disappeared about a
year ago, leaving his accounts unsettled and
owing several creditors, has at last boon hoard
from, intolllganoe of his auddeif death by being
thrown from a bono at Dallas. Tex., reached
this city today.
Regulate the Secretions.
■ In our endeavors to preserve health It Is of tho
utmost Importance that wo keep the secretory
system In perfect condition. Too well-known
remedy, KidueytWort, bos sprelttu aotion on the
kiduoys. llvur, ami bowels, llso It Instead of
dosing with vile bitters olr drastic pills, it Is
purely vcgnlablc, and Is prompt but mild In ao«
lion. It Vs prepared In both dry ouu Ihiuld
form, and sold by druggists every where.—JWad
log Mug Is.
Kolloy, tho Supposed Murderer of
Officer Orowloy, Arrested in
St, Louis.
The Tax Collector at Houston, Tex., a
Defaulter lor One Hundred
Thousand Dollars.
Convicts in the Ohio Penitentiary Die'
covered Manufacturing Conn*
torfelt Nickels.
A Men of Respectable and Wealthy Con
nections Armlet In Dnjlon, 0.,
for Forgery.
A Hard Customer In Nllwood, HI,,
Attacks a Han and Is
Shot Head.
Sptelal litipatch to The VMtago 3Vt(mn«.
Bt. Lnuw, Mo., Bent. 4.-KUword Kelley, tho
young man wanted In Chicago for tbo murdoruf
Police OlHeor Crowley, was arrested hero today.
Detective Lmtglilln, of tho Chicago force, had
received word that Kelley was hero and receiv
ing letters at tho post-olllce. Lnuglilin came to
St. Louis today, stationed himself at tho post
ollicc, and waited for aomcthlng to turn up.
While ho wafted Kelley appourod. At tho sight
of Luughlm ho turned and ran down tho sumo
stops of the po!»l-olllco. litiughlln followed urn)
caught Kelley by tho nape of the neck. Kelley
Is In Jail hero now. He is rf young fellow of 23,
and of slight build. Your correspondent at
tempted to Interview him, but ho would say
You will," said yout correspondent, •* at lcu*t
deny that you killed Crowley?" .
" Yes, I'll do that," said Kelley, smiling.
“ V ou will not deny that you lived In Cwlnngo."
"No. I lived them for years, but i'll toll you
Iknow nothing about the killing ot Crowley.”
ir«, »vut/wp
Special DUpaieft to Tho ChUaoc Trihunt,
Caulinvilu:, 111., tiopt. L—NliwoOd, a small
town n few miles north of this city, wus iho
scone today of a tcrriblo tragedy, which resulted
lu tho Instunt death of David hue's. Last night
bo participated in a general row and was nr*
rested after a bard struggle. ' This morning,
After being released, hu arrtod himself, and,
coming down tho street, ho mii Albert flutes, a
peaceable citizen who bad aldtd , tho olHours lu
elfcctlng Lllo's arrest last nlgU, and throntoned
to kill him on sight. Gates Hied to avoid him.
hut bo persisted in foll64lfcg him with n
largo club in his Land. At last
Liles struck nt Gatos, when bo draw bis pistol
and shot Liles twice, unco through tho brain and
then through tho luugs. The wounds proved
fatal, and ho foil hack an! 1 expired in a few
minutes without spunking u word. Oulcs sur
rendered blrasolf to the ottUbta, and will await
tbn result of tho Coroner’s Inquest, which Is be*
Ing held. The evidence bffuro it shown that
Oates noted la solf-doreuso. ana bo will bo dis
charged from custodv. Liles bus given tho
town oHloors a great deal er trouble. Thomas
Woods was arrested and placed lu Jail, charged
with being an accomplice of Liles.
Special DUpateh to Tht Chieauo TV-tbunc.
Dayton, 0., Sept. 3.—The police arrested in
this city today a hum giving bis mono ns 11.
Llebel on n charge or forgery, Llebel bos been
In tho city several days for tbo purpose, bo
claims, of buying tobacco. Ho obtained un In
dorsement of a check tor $75 of tbo hotelkeeper,
ana after tbo money bad been drawn tho chock
was found to bo a forgery, nod Llobol was ar
rested as he was about taking a train to leave
tbo city. In his possession were found a num
ber of checks for various amounts un firms in
Chlungo,Cleveland, and Pittsburg. Prom what can
bo obtained respecting him, Llobol was formerly
n resident of Pittsburg, where his fatuity now
live, ami Is of respectable ami wealthy emtnuo*
lion. Lolbcl was n few yours ago u candidate
for Mayor of that city, quo has been fur u num
ber of yours a member of tho Common Council.
Ho was at one time quite wealthy, hut has lost all
bis moans Ibrougn dissipation.
Tins nook>isti muudeu.
Bpteial DUpateh |a I*he tVilcaoo Tribunt*
L.U'Avettb, Ind., Bopt. 4.— No now dovolop
jnoms'bavo been mode In tbo assnslnaUon of
John Hooper aaldo from tbojo already tele
graphed. Tbo brother, now In jail boro, persists
In tils Innocence of alt oomtooClon with tbo
bloody deoil, obd baa no doubt that bo will bo
able to show beyond all dispute that bo was lu
company with a Indy friend, aomo tbreo miles
from tbo BConoof the mdrdur, at .the tlmo It oc
curred. That bo was there until a lato hour that
evening is established beyond doubt. Ho spent
tbo evening lu singing and social Kamos, and or
rotiKod with the {lady to neenmpany him to tbo
fair in this city, Wednesday morning, tbo
day following tbo shooting. ft does nut soem
possible that « loan who bod committed tbo
crime of coolly kllllnK bis brbthcr, could pass oti
evening In this way, and return borne and sleep
soundly until late tbo following morning.
fljKrial DitoaUh to Tbs CMrago ZVlfrune.
Champaign, 111., Sept. 4.— The post-011100 la
this city was robbdd of $760 in uosh, stamps, and
bonds some time Friday night. Postmaster Me*
AlUslor kept only a small portion of his valua
bles In bis safe, bonco thosmill loss is accounted
for. Tbo rubbers aro no doubt profcsslouals,
ana gained an entrance to tho office by prying
up a window. They then 'drilled n hole into tbo
eomidnnllon of tho Vuult-door and blow It open
with powder. A small snfo in the vault con
tained tbo money and valuables, and this 100
was blown open, with iho exception of ono
registered Ictterwbosu contents were stolen, tbo
mull mailer was not tamperpd with. There Is
no olow to tbo robbers.
Lab Vegas, N. hi., Sent. 3.—Hugh Pritchard, a
prominent busluoss-man, was shot and danger
ously wounded today by a negro named Murk
Daniels. Tbo parties bad some words, when
Pritchard leveled n revolver at tbo negro, and
tbo latter fired.
Thursday last at Now Dillon, Patrick 'OUrlcn,
a saloonkeeper, shut aud ‘probably family
wounded John U. McLellnu ana L. L. Lanhorn.
O'Urlen was today examined aud discharged ea
tho ground of solr-dufonso.
Columuus, 0., Sept. 4.—Tbo olllcluls at tho
Ohio Penitentiary have discovered that throe
oonvlois. In order to purchase additional tobac
co and similar luxuries, have commenced tho
manufacture of counterfeit nickels. Tho bogus
coins wore circulated by a convict who was sup-
Soscd to bo trusty, and bunco was allowed to
rlvo a team outside tho walls. Due low eolus
wore found.
Spreiat Dirpaim to Shi Chicago Trliun*.
Oshkosh, BopU Bcpt. 4.—Application has been
made to Judge Pulling, of tbo Circuit Court, for
tho release of Malocbl Grace, who was arrested
boro some two weeks ago and lodged In Jail fur
alloyed burglary. Loiters have ueen received
from Prluoo Edward's Island and Minnesota
convincing the authorities boro that tbo man Is
ouo Frank Macatlro, and not Grace.
Cincinnati, Bcpt. o.—This evening about 0
o’clock William Bolobam met Pat liugbus on
Front street, knocked him down, and out bis
throat. Hughes was about to outer bis own
dwelling at the time. This is tbo wlod-unot a
protracted quarrel, ilolebam was orrusted.
gptrial Blipalth to Ths CAtcapo TVttun*.
Eujin, 111., Sept. 4.—Burglars broke Into a
frolgbt»uar at tno Chicago, Milwaukee & Bt.
Paul Depot last night and stole four kegs of
beer. They also entered L. B. Eaton’s lumber
oftlco, but found little to steal.
gputol Dispatch to IDs Vhteaoo TVlfems.
OuHUWQTOir, la.. Sept a.—Burglars early this
morning entered the residence of Fred Enibiuk,
and succeeded lu getting away with a watch and
a small amount of money. Mr. Eublek awoke
lu umo to see ouo of the burglars make bis exit
through a window.
a defaulter Bon SIOO,OOO.
Bt. Louts, Bopt. 4.—Nelson k\ Davli. late Tax
Collector bf Houston, T*x n has becq found to
be a defaulter forever 910U,000 V and suits bavo
bo&n brougbt against big bootUmeu, ouo of whom
is william lUUaaor, Mayor of Houston.
gpMUI DupeUft 10 ths CMcaru ttVtUns.
Jackson, Miob.t Sept, U.—Montgomery Nielson
has been for a loog tlmo head clerk at Thunio's
tea-store here. Last week bee signed anti gave
notice that ho would open ft tm-sloro, and com
menced proonrntlons for buinnu. Last night
ho Hinhlenly departed for CSlada Jun in time
to avoid the ollleer who HftVla warrant for bis
arrest lorcmbiw.lHimuit.
NRw nAVh.v, Sept. si,—' Tho Wat of the Malloys
for tho murder of Jennie Cromer begins Mon
day morning.
Hprcfnl fXiiMßft in TOr CM«oo TVlbua*.
Df.a Mo»*»v..», la., Sept. Si.—From reliable au
tliorityontho following railways I have gathered
tho loliuwlng estimates of torn on bond f, n
Aug. £1:
Chicago, Milwaukee & Bt. iVtul, total mileage
51,8(r.1-Aboui 3.000, W) bushels old corn. New crop
estimated at oo to 70 per wat of au average
Chicago* Northwestern, toul mileage over
2,ooo—Three and one-btllf hHHon bushels old
corn. New crop cstiroßCdfttWporcontof an
average crop. f
Chicago * Rock fovtnd, total mileage I,JV»3 —
Old. corn, 11,000,000 babuls. Now crop estimated
at rAtoOO per cent of un average crop.
Chicago, Uurllngiun * Qnlncy. total mileage
over 4,urjQ —old <orh, 0.00U.U00 bushels. New
crop estimated rtW to CO per cent of nn aver-
nraouitol old corn« 14,000,000 bushels, as
against u imich larger tunount ut the same date
list year, while tha now crop w!U not exceed tu
vu'a} percent of no nvorrtgc yield on n mileage
if irllos through tbo greatest corn bell of
the West, Beuthwcst, and Northwest. It Is
mown tlmf a vast ntuotitti of old corn on those
.mads is controlled by pontons able in hold It, Im
ildc n large amount is required by farmers tu
Iced. The recent local rains arc too Into to help
«urn, andarn liable todu much damage by grow
ing Into frost with the half crop In Kansas, Mis
lourl. Houlhcrn Illinois, Hnutbern and Central
Indiana, and Ohio; und, with Increased demand
fur corn for homo manufacture and an average
foreign demand, corn Is likely to sell high every
Bpteial Wurnleh (c* Th« ChUajo TVlban*.
Cincinnati, 0., Sopt, 4.—Deports from the in*
torloror the state Indicate that tho drouth has
been the most damaging experienced in twenty
years. TOO shower* or the past two or three
days have cotoo too Into to hoof much benellt
oxncpttotho pastures. Coro will not ha more
than half a crop. A further who has I,:iw acres
of corn In Iho Miami bottom said today that ho
did not expect more than half sump, and be
thought his Holds would average better than
those of the largo growers. lit many loculi*
lies ho believes tbe crop will not
bo more than onc-fourlh os largo ns usual. Many
arc predicting that corn Will he worth SI.OO per
bushel before another crop is harvested. Late
com will bo cut for fodder only. There are no
ours on the stalks. The potato crop will nut
yield one bushel this year to llttuon last year,
and many will not ho dug nt nil, as between the
hugs and dry weather they have been totally
used up. They are now commanding $1 per
bushel, and uono In tbd market. The crop
will hardly be sufficient to supply the
producers. It Is predicted that *2 per bushel will
bo reached by Christmas. All kinds of garden
vegetables will be n failure compared with last
year. Grapes will bo a small crop and Inferior
In quality. The ground Is so bard that It Inal*
most Impossible to plow It, and consequently
tbo wheat sowing will be late unless rain comes.
Grass and forest tires have been frequent, and
have dune much damage. Hundreds of miles
of fences have been burned. Passengers on
railway trains state that they constantly noticed
long line* of burning fence* while passing
through the lutcrlor of tbo State.
Special DUpafeh (o 77u CAlcapo THfcnn*.
I’ruNtT.TON, 111., Sept. 3 —ln Unrcou* and ad
joining cmiutloa corn planted early and that on
low ground Is not seriously Injured by tho
drouth. On Into com the shortage Is fully one
hull ; on many places more than half. In gen
eral tbo crop is shortened at least one-third.
SpttUU DUooUh to Thi fThieaoo TrUniru.
Oshkosh, Sept. 4.—Wheat In tbls section Is
averaging from sixteen to twenty bushels to tho
Sp/rial Dtipatch to Tht dhuitoo TVUmn*.'
Atlanta, Ua.. Bopt. 4.—Lai/t evening a thrill
ing accident occurred on the short railroad
track running from the quarry Of tbo Blonu
Mountain Qrsnlt Company, located nt the foot
and cost aide of tbo mountain of that name
near the tine of the Georgia Itallroad, sixteen
miles from Atlanta, resulting In tho instant kill
ing of uu empluyi of that company and tho
fatal wounding of another employe, whose term
of life will end sumo time during tho night, as
tho body Is so badly mutilated that In tbo opin
ion of tbo physlolmis he cannot live much
longer. Tbo particulars appear to be that four
men were riding on tbo front part of
an engine which was without pilot
on tho short track coming from the quarry
to tbo main linouf the Georgia Uallroad, and
that tho engine ran into two Hut cars loaded
wlthgrunlt, A moment or two before the col
lision (woof tbe men Jumped off, (tut before their
friends could save themselves hi this way the
locomotive and car In front came together. The
two men who remained were badly crushed and
mangled by Iho collision. One n( them was
buried today, and tbe other will bo probably
similarly disposed of tomorrow, ns all hope of
recovery has vanished front tho minds of tbo
attending pbyuicfans.
Sjvefdt DhpStch lo The Chicago Tribune.
NABimu.B, Tcnn., BcpU 4.—During u riot bo*
tween negroes In North Nashville this afternoon
Bovoml woro severely out ami shot. Morton
Muitlsou was shot three times In the broust and
shoulders this evening by Con O’Donnell, whom
Mnrrlmnn atiuokoo and cm twice hi the foro
hoail because ho objected to admitting Mnrrl
man Into ftgamo of curds. Uorrltuun’s wounds
are serious.
Social Dispatch to The Chicago TX&unr.
Ckntuai.ia, 111., Bopt. Sl—Several young ladles
out] gentlemen woro poisoned yesterday by cat
lug boiled tongue nt a Sunday-school plonlo.
TUo microscope reveals a fungus growth on
plceosof the tongue, which was bought at a
market aero. It Is supposed that the meat was
Improperly smoked and bud decayed. Tfauru
wore lively times tor the physicians tost night,
but tbo sick ones have nil recovered.
Special PUpaUh to Tin Chicago TVUiuns.
Bthkatou, Ill.« Kept, a,— A farmer living about
six miles west of bore, by tbo name of Koontz,
was run over and killed Inst night on tbo Alton
track Just west of town. Koontz bad boon lu
town during tho day. and had got pretty full.
Ho probably got tired and lay down oh tho
truck. Itwasipilto dark, and tbo onglneordld
not eco him until within fifty feet of him, and
could nut stop bis (ruin in time to savo him.
Spictai XXijmlcA (a TRi CJilrajo jViinms.
UunciK' Iml., Bopt. U.— I Tills aftornoou about 3
o'clock, while Horatio Gutbrioand bis Utile 7-
yosrSon worodrlvlngn team tot laud-roller, tbo
team beenmo frightened amt rad away, throw*
mg the boy off and in front of the roller, which
Imuod over him, causing instant death. Mr.
lulbrlu Is a prominent farmer, living throe
miles east of tbls city.
ffptetat BhMUfi to Tht ChiciH lYiSttnr.
Four Wav«k, Iml., Bopt. 3.—Floss Elliott, a
young roan of 17, while lathing In Ht. Mary’s
Ulvor at WllllumspoW, this county, last evening,
was seized with urumps and drowned. Tbo body
was recovered shortiyi'nttcrward. fils father,
11. H. EUiutt, is proprietor of a traveling show
called the “Groat Booth American Combina
tion," which Was exhibiting at that place at tbo
time. , .
9PM lal Jflspuuh to Hu crusoea 7V»un*
Cr.tNTOW, ill/, Bopt. 3.—Andrew Bcoggia, a lad
It years old, with some other boys, gut Into a
burao-rooe neat' Wapclla. when his saddlo-glrth
broke, (browing bint over 1 bis bones bead,
which fell upon him, causing l his dodlb soon
BPftial iHntutk to 7*i Oncaro TVthunc.
iNDtABAPOUB, ind., Hopt. t.—Tbo orders of
tbo Police Board for a strict observance of tbo
Buoday law Wore not mot w)tbany open oppo
sition on the part of the sajuunkeepors or any
other branches of business Intruded to bo In
cluded. Witbonpor two exceptions, all of tho
saloons and hotel-bars In row city were strictly
closed throughout (be entire uay, and the polluo
found no need (a exorcise ibqlr authority to en
force tbo law. Tbo Justices' Constables, how
ever. availed themselves of Uio chance to make
fccsbyllllng complaints a/aipst engineers of
freight and switching locomotives, drivers of
street-railroad care, and milk! and Ice wagons,
and confectioners. Tost cases will bo made lu
case these prosecutions are persisted lu.
Tho Construction Companies*
Christmas in Colorado and
lowa Seeking Close Connection
with the Northern Pacific
wilw iia.tuuoa.i> coxstiiuction*.
I» a Idiot* to the Now Vurk-LVcuhn/Pmii Cupt.
Ciiitimm sends timely warning regarding the In*
discriminate amount of railroad construction
now being carried on in tho Territories and
Mexico by n lot of wily speculator*. Tho fol
lowing portions of tho Interesting letter arc well
worth reading:
Jbnv' bjtoly had Bomotblng to «ay concerning
rnllHwds In Mexico, and, nutwmiMoudmg the
criticism that has been passed upon that lulier,
I nhr more tlnm ever continued not only In tho
t»ollyl that railroads at present nit) not needed In
that country, hut that 11101*0 mo budding hi our
own bind than can bo utilized. To tho umu*
dialed It rooms strange that, if this ho true, rail
road companies cun bu Induced to make such
unprollluulo Investments, but the Interview of
your reporter with the oillcutu of •• Mexican Na
tional Hallway,’* as he ipintcs tholr own words,
otlords a sulliulout oxpiansllon. As admitted by
them, “Wo—tho name men who built tho lieu
ver it Hlo Qrande Itnilroml are buildlua both
roads, ami building them both on ibo same prin
ciple-tor nil thoyeun gel, In Mexluoand the
United Htute.4. .The future business of the
roads has nothing to do with ehelr calculations.
Tho whole scheme is u construction account
compared with which the Credit Moblller was
Insignificant. As to the .Mexican lloud. “The
Qnvcrmnnnt binds itself to pay, in tho serin al
ready described, a subsidy of <||.vm for each
nille of road eonslructed <m (bo hoe from Mex
ico to the I’aciilo, and of siu,pw for each mile of
the lino to (ho non hern frontier.*'
U must be remembered that they Import tholr
steel rads duly free, thus saving about tUyO
per mile. Kven without that privilege this sub*
sidy nr they gut It) would pay tor the whole cost
of cimstnietbm.
Then “the Mexican National Hallway Com
pany bonds Us lines to the extent of ?W,UUO ner
mile, with the right to lihtousc the amount, for
improvements anti betterments. 4fA.ot« mom—
making uloinl of *2s,bixi per mile. The capital
stock will bo Issued to alike amount with thn
bonds, and the full capital stock til the Company
will of course be determined by the mileage.’'
it they get the subsidy, therefore, there Isa
clear profit oh the bonds nt par of ?2A,i*rl per
tulle, and If they fall to gel It a profit of tlt.ni>)
per mile, to say nothing of the stock!
Hut here Is tho excess of oitrontery: “The
capital of this company Is t.I.UM.'RAi. all of which
Is subscribed for, and :vi pcrcontum of which N
paid up. Thn company Is responsible for uud
practically takes the risk of tho enterprise—m
tuts wav protecting tho bondholders. The Con
struction Company derive* no prolli from the
building or tbo sale of bunds, but will get Its re
turn for the risk It runs hi tho future prosperity
of the cutcrurlso. by retaining purl of tho stock.”
Xho hook In bulled with Jit) pcrccutum, so that
the gudgeon may be buuled hi ami the halt like
wise saved, uud that is the way tho company
“takes the risk”—”in this way protecting tbh
bondholders." Of course. If :n porccnium is
paid In, tho slock goes upon tho market at u
higher figure. If It can bo placed at par us well
us tho bonds, and tho subsidy is really obtained,
there will bo TO per centum profit upon that, and
tho wholo construction prolu will bo something
to be figured upon a larger slate than 1 have at
command. Bo much for tbo Mexican scheme.
Coming neuter home we llml tho gentlemen
who are engaged in that enterprise building
roads all over Colorado and Utah, without the
slightest regard to prospective busbies*. In tho
latter Territory they ore paralleling the branches
of the Union Pacific that have nn assured trade
through their connections with tho main line,
when there is an absolute certainty of nUlmato
failure. Until matters not. ItallmuU on such
principles can be prodwbly built to nm uruuml
in a circle, and never to carry n pmwo'jgcr or a
pound of freight. I say prolltably built, not
proiltably run.
These American narrow-gage roads may crxl
nt tho outside SHMUJ per mile fully equipped.
They nro bonded at and both their bonds
and stock are selling ab.ivo par. C'unfcqiicutiv
there U n not nrotltor over st«,UWon every mile
that)» built!
, Will the lutoicst on the bonds and dividends
In tho stock be paid)’ Certainly. mull mo bonds
and stock nru sold, and then cmat emirior!
It Is no difficult mutter to show large ilctitiuus
earnings when In accounts displayed to tbo pub
lic tho passages of employ!** and (ho carriage of
every rail and tlo lor the me of the road Itself
uvo made to appear an receipts.
1 buvo selected these companies for illustra
tion of the manner In which railroads''may be
built at a certain prollt to tho builders and an
equally certain loss to Investors, merely because
they buvo come boldly forward In your columns
with tho statements that 1 have quoted. l.ot
railroad men be the Judges. They all know tbo
uverogo coal of h tinrrow-gngu road.per mile
luu given country. Tho mind of any man of
collection must be convinced that mo present
railroad craze must result In dlaastri* to some
body. There bus been no development In tho
Inst Iwo years that warrants such a sudden ex
tension. A few paying mines have been exploit
ed. A great many mure that do tint pay nro be
ing worked, it Is true that the men em
ployed need facilities of transportation to
u certain extent. Tho cuttle nro In
creasing on tbe plain*. A low cars more
tiro needed to carry thorn to market,
lint agriculture, (ho groat wealth of the Notion,
makes slow progress Here. Tho jnntcti of which
I Lave spukuii nag not been spaded. Thu arte
sian wells have nut been dug. Men cumn hero
solely for mlnlug and cattle-raising, and for
these occupations they have all the conven
iences they require. As lur men themselves. It
maybe heresy tossy that wo have all that we
need. There Is a deal of truth In this extract
from a late number of Uiu;liOuduu •Sjx'clafor;
“Our’great past history,' of which Jingmx
are always talking, was transacted by Hvo or six
millions of people. Wo were not Hvo when we
held down franco for h 'lf a cnniurv, and not
ten when wo founded the marvelous group of
colonics, who. with omyJkWtMkiO.defeated ns, and
now, as the United Stares, bid duHanco to tho
world. That, wo shall bo told, Is because of
their increasing numbers; but tbo facts would
not be altered now that tbeyhavu reached the
level Imperatively required for tbo development
of their possessions, If they never hieronsed a
man. A groat licet would make tho Union mure
potent tu the world than another 2i),oJ3,wa of
wheat producers."
Wo no not require any .morn Immigration.
The natural Increase from fltMJUd.Oou people
would bo enough for nil time to come, and would
be stronger lit Its homogeneity tauu in its num
bers. This would soon give us the 2d.UJO.uOO
wheat producers If they could Hud nuihlug uUu
to do. Dm our present policy will never permit
us to have a groat Ueot lor peaceful commerce
or fur National defease.
Spretat Ccrrtipondence of 7Tie CWfupo THtninr.
Ceoau ItArius, la., Sept, fl.—Tho lion. 8, h.
Dows, the organiser of the Cedar lluplds, luwu
Fulls St Northwestern Hallway Company, and tbo
builder of tbo mud. was Interviewed by Tin:
Tanm.NK corrcsiKmdent today In regard to tbo
various linos be bus under war, and tbo conver
sation naturally led to tbo future of tbo line,
Which, by tbo way, is loosed to the Burlington,
Cedar Ituplds St Northern Hallway and forms an
Important motor in that system. Tbo Cedar
lluplds, lowa Falls & Northwestern Hoad ex
tends from Holland, In Grundy County, to Clar
ion, Wright County, to which point (ho line was
completed last your, a distance of tifty-seven
miles. The lino is now lu progress ot
construction to Spirit latko, in Dickinson
County, it distance of ninety-eight miles. Tbo
grading will all bo completed this season, umi
wltb favorable weather about olgbly miles of
the road will bo llnlsbed. ready tor rolling stock.
Kudv next year tbo entire lino to Bnim l,ako
'will be completed, u distance from Cedar Ituplds
of miles, BenatorDows, In response to the
auvstlim" what point do you pmposo to much,
imlly,” replied: “Home point on tbo Nortbern
Faellla Hallway. I shall bo content only when I
see that vast country brought into a nearer
relationship wltb the‘Chicago ol lowa/ also to
Urn great metropolis Itself, by having a direct
through lino." lie anticipated reaching some
point in Dakota next year, leaving Hplnt Lake
and going lu a northwesterly direction. The
Milwaukee & Bt. Haul and Iftdar Uuptds, lowa
Falls & Northwestern Hoads run twenty-two
miles together, being but KM feet apart,
each eager for tho business of the
country. Tbo (lues run pumllel from
Ummetlsburg northward, separating at
or near Hstuorvillo. in Hmmeit Couniy, the
Cedar Ituplds, lowa Fulls & Nurtbwesiern going
west to Spirit Lake; the Milwaukee .V Ht. Haul
continuing northward. A oloso study of tho
map will snow some probably iteeullar and un
expected (acts. One Is (bat the route to Chi
cago from Hmmottslmrg over the Burlington,
Cedar Huidds A Northern, Including, of course,
tbo leased line above mentioned, is liny miles
shorter than any other, and when the linn Is ex
tended Into Dakota it will afford unequalod
facilities for the exchange of commerce and
trade between Chicago and tbo great North
west. Grout credit Is duo Senator Dows
for tbo business foresight and pluck displayed
|u opening up that rich portion of the State, nut
only giving tbo people already there great ad
vantages, but making Inducements lor a rapid
settlement of tbo country which Is being dime.
Thbro Is no richer nor more Inviting laud In tho
world than Northwestern lowa and uurtaln por
tions of Dakota, audit a great through lino of
rullway (rum the lending eoiumvrulur city and
business centre of the continent will nut aid (bo
whole country through which tbo lino pusses,
then It cannot bo helped. But a rapid develop
ment must certainly await tho section men
tioned. There are millions of acres of rich tail
cheap lauds all over tho country reached by tho
lines now built, and to no built. Thu laud
ranges (rum W ta|7, and lid per uoro."
None but tbo llnest steel rails and cedar ties
are used In tbo construction of this Hue of rail
way, aud tbo bridges over tbo main streams uro
“combination Iron." tho best possible to build.
The branch from Clinton to lowa City Is pro
gressing Uuoly. That will also bo an Important
factor of Iho Burlington, Collar Bnplds Sc North*
cm lino when completed, Them has been a
good-slzcd railroad war among extending lines
for am*!’or tiro, in which nearly all the mads
In the Northwest Imvo boon cmmgod. They
fought fortho best routes, tho best country,
imd tne best of everything. But itio result
has been very beinMicla! to tho Interests of
tho State nmi its Inhabitant*, ami -It (s
greatly to bo hoped mat they will continue to
contest for tho suprumney. Tho Burlington,
todnr tinplds it Northern Lino is getting to bo
nn oust nmi west mud. ns well ns north and
south, and under tho o.tceDant management of
President J'rncny and niuicrul-ttupcrlntcndont
0. J, Ives, It will bn doubt continue to grow In
prosperity and popularity, Tie.
ittruynn on stolen tickets.
Mr. K. Ht. John. General Tick
Aj/cui of the Chicago, Hook
Unilmnd, bm Issued n olrctili
and General Passenger obd '
connecting romls Informing tl
tlso ticket omco of bis road nt'
bunted, and (bo follotfJtn
(Slromborg patent) oro aitpp
destroyed, but to Insure safot
to keep n sharp lookout forth
lug forms and numbers, and si
bit presented to lake them up
referring (bo holder to tbo ’
Department of tbo Hock lair
cot and iMssomrcr
Island & Vaoilio
inr to Conductors
Ticket Audits of
hem that Auff. 27
. Trenton, Mo., was
iff contrail tickets
posed to Imre been
tty he request them
ieki'Mor the folfoar.
should nor of thorn
(> and collect faro,
ueoeral Passenger
td for adjustment;
(t NCI.
Com. No,
It. LAP. Ity
1., U. A\V. ft/.,..
I.C. Art,. It. ft....
0. 11. AD. It. It.,
C.. M.&SI. P
C. A N. W
C. AN. W
Cm M. A 81. P
W. C. It. It
M., L.S. & W
K. N. Line P. Co,
Cm M. A St. P ...
1. a h. it
M. A»i.
C.. St. P. >l. AO.
11., C. It. AN....
C.. M. A HU P....
M. A St. L
U. & S.W
M.ftMl. 1*...
<i. p.&h. city,
'J. h H. H
i.c. u. it,
v'.,M.&HI. I*.
ii. & q
Also tho following tourist liekots: Korin U.
I*.. :i. Denver and return, communelng No. tan,
oloMmrNo. JWt, via Kansas City or Leavenworth:
for;n U. I'., H. Colorado HnnngH and return. com*
tiiendnsf No. It'M. closing N’o. tJJ.I, via Kansas City
or Leavenworth: form A.. 'l'. & rt. F., I. I’uohlo
uml roiurn, oomtmmelug No, aiX). closing No.
:>/.!. via KurnatClly or Atchison; form A., T. A
S. F.. U, I), k H. Ct. it. H. and return, commenc
ing No. :w, closing No. JW», via Kansas City or
Spretdt DUpaleh to IKt Chiciyi Jrfliune.
Cincinnati, u., Sept. I.— Mr. Fred Wolffo, who
Ib tho representative of (bo Rriangers, wbowns
tho successful bidder on Saturday for (ho Icubo
of tbc Cincinnati bmuhorn Hallway for n period
or twenty-live years. Is still in (bo city, uml
•Pont today socially. To tbu remark that Col.
Cole, of tho Fast Tennessee, Virginia A* (Jeor
gin Hallway system, and a bidder for tho Cin
cinnati Southern, would miw yet into Cincinnati
by extending on tho Kentucky Central, Mr.
Woino said hcniontlonsly: "The Kentucky
Central Is not yet extended." The talk Is Utut
Col, Cole will now form an alllnnco with
C. I’. Huntington, of the Chesapeake &
Ohio, and then get control of the Kentneky
Central, wbieb lie will extend south to t&o Kinie
line, where aconncetlnn could bo made wlih tno
new extension ol tho Southern system. It this
Is done the Cincinnati Southern would have an
active rival fur tho hunthorn business, and
It Is claimed by some could never
be taadu to pay Its rental, Mr. Wollfe,
however, does mu bullavq that Col. Cole will
build a rival line at (treat cxpenic for the sake
of emraglmr hi n ruinous compel It Jem tor the
business of Cincinnati ami tho North. "Jlteru
bus been same talk of n eomprosnlpc between
the Com syndicate and Fred Wnide. huiCnl.
t.ule uml Mr. WoilTo both doellue to say any
thin? on that point.
Sj’tthtt Dhontch to Tki Vhleuixi Trilunf,
Lincoln, Neb., Sept. 4,—Work on the Missouri
Pacific llNllruud In SarpyCouuty is being pushed
with vigor. Tho grading from whore tho road
intersects the Union Pacific main line, two
miles west of I’aplUUm to (ho Platte Itlver, will
bu llnlslu.nl by the ‘jatb Inst. Tho bridge across
tho Plat to is rapidly being construeted, and will
be HtUflttod by Nov. I. H mid work Is buhinr ilmio
In Otoe. U-ehardson. and Nemaha Counties, and
trains wdl undoubtedly he rimuimr over tho
entire line from Atehiscm to Omaha by Jan. 1.
Hr. Loots, Mo.. Hopt. I.—Tho Texas Si Paciflu
Hail road Is completed HU miles west of Dallas,
and Is within ISB miles of HI Paso. Trank-laying
progresses ut tho rate or two miles per day.
A’p.v Irl Dh’vteh in The V/ticuya 'J'rib.uie.
Ann Anmm, Mieli., Bept, 4.—Prof. George I).
Williams, who has been connected with ihe Cut
vorslty of Michigan since died this morning,
ugedthyears. 110 was born hi Wm/dstovk, Vt.,
April lU, list/-', and fur several years wag Pro
fessor to Kenyon College, (Milo, mid Western
University of Pennsylvania. Ills term of aorvleo
in tlio University hero Is longer by several years
than that ot any uUior Professor. Hu held sue
eowlvely tbo choirs of anctcnl language.*,
matheniHtldS, and physics, uml was reitrod In
IS7.’» as an emeritus Professor. Kenyon College
conferred the degree nf LL.D. upon him In JMfl,
mid he was onlalncd as n minister in l«» 7. He
was u very successful teacher, and highly
esteemed by the University AUminl, who csiab
llshnd for his bcuullt tbo Williams Professorship
Hpeeutl IHtvaUh (a Ttu CMiaoo YVt’fiund.
Mpnpota. 111., HepL y.—Our uitUeiet wore
startled today by the news ut tbo mdden death
rtf Aid. Daulol Hnyder, in tho vicinity of
Denver, Colo., wueru ho went but a tew days
since In connection with mining Interests. Mr.
Snyder was in excellent health when ho left
here, and u letter to bis family, unnuunolmr his
K< to arrive!, bad scarcely reached here, when a
teiegmm that ho was dead followed. What ho
died of is not known yet. Thu City Connell bull)
a special meeting thin evening, and resolved to
meet amt take charge of the bony on Its arrival
In ibis city. Mr. K. P. Snyder, Oil v Attorney,
son of tbo deceased, went to meet tbo remains.
Tbs deceased gentleman was one of our hlguly*
esteemed citizens.
COL. AMUS 801*1511.
Dctiioit, Mich., Hopt. O.’—At tbo Lcimwco
County Soldiers' held Wednesday. Col.
AtitfwHoper, of Clayton, aged 81, was introduced
to tbo undtoneo ns the only Lenawee County
survivor of the Wbr Of l»li. Hu went homo tbo
next Ouy sick with dysentery, grow rapidly
worse, and died la twenty-four hours.
mils. Qinoa.
aptcul XllJpotcA to 77i< C9dc4ao Triburt*.
Cmnton, 111., BopL l.—Mrs. Qulgg, motbor of
Mrs. Leonard Swell, of Chicago, and mother ot
Mrs. 8. P. Lewis, of this city, died lust night in
this city after i\ brief Illness, tibo was uu aged
tudy und very highly rcspuutud.
tfjxclat Dispatch lo Th* t’Meago iHburw.
Musoik, liiil., Sept. U.—James Dodge, iho plo
near merchant of this city, tiled nt Son Diego,
Cal.. yesterday, lie was w years of ugo. ilu
WU* a BUtlO Bonator in IBbi.
Mr. NouooUorit, living at tbo corner of Dock
wollnvcnuo nod Sixteenth street, found in bis
eoruflotd Saturday night a quantity of clothing
of vnnuus Uuscrlptions, Thu matter was re
portotl to tbo policeot tbo Illnmau StrootSta
tloo, and two mllvors lay all night with tbo ox*
puotaUon of eutebing the thieves, but uonuo
appeared, and tbo goods were taken to the sta
non, wburu they await tin owner, Tbo property
consists of seven pairs diagonal-goods uunta
loons, three pairs tricot pantaloons, three coats,
sovontuen pairs of base, aud a red aud white
$350,000 FOR CHEESE.
Special i>uvti(e« tu The Chicago Tribune*
Bjibiiuvcian, Wls., Bopt. a.—Uurlutf tbo put
threw months tbotlermun Hank of this ctly has
paid out tf-W.WO for cbeeso ulone, and their
braeb hunk itt Btißboyipm Falls SIOO,OOO, waking
u total of $330,000.
Cincinnati, bupt. 4.—Tbo Uertuuu plonto nt
luwood Park today and touhrbt for tbo purpose
of ruining fund* to erect a monument In loom*
ury uf tbo German lover of liberty, Fred llcckor,
was successful. Tbo attendance was 5,000. An
admission fee or M cento waa ebanred.
Twenty societies participated, and tbo aaolotleo
ooutnbntwd. It Is believed that near £iooo will
bo raison. Tbo ceremonies consisted or n pro*
cession through tbo streets at noon, speeches 1u
tbo altoruouu, and tableaux, uod deelutnatloa,
and muatq nt night Oen. Btgel. whole presence
was promised, was prevented from coming by
pressure or business, Tho" grove at wiguiwoi
illumlnatod andtboro was a display of Dm works.
ftwefat DUpatth to Th« Chicago Triliun*.'
McQupuoii, la., Sept. 4.— I That dread dlsonso
among swine known as bog cholera has attend?
put in an appenrnneo. This disease baa seriously
Interfered with bog oultunln Clayton County,
so much so tbnt many oro going largely into
sheep Instead. This yenr this crop will bo sold
nt tho curliest dato possible after hog* nm In
condition. The sriotdthls year will nut no ni
largo as formerly. Tho yield of corn will be
inrgo nnrt of good uunllty. This crop Is practi
cally out of daugor of the frost.
Ilomford** Acid t*hoiiplinto In Nervous
Ilistbobost tonto I know of In debility and
nervous nrostrntlgn. with sleeplessness, caused
by mental overwork or prolonged Jactation, A.
E. CAnornEUS, M. U., San Antonio, Tox.
..A "lire euro for HHml, niecdlmr, Itching, end
Ulcerated Plica tins boon discovered by Dr. Will
}?/»»; A floplo lH»* of Dlt WILLIAMS’ INDIAN
I iLb OiMMbNr bus cured tho worst ohronlo
cases of twenty-Uvo years'standing. II gives
wUS! i'.'.Jdye iMiMutcannortiMMi*. WILL
IAMB (MMMRNT absorbs tho tumor*, soothes
imln. allays tho Ifitcmto Itcbfncr* especially after
vetting warm In bed, noting ns a Ixmll lee. It is
pro pared for Piles, Itching of tho parts, nnd
nomine clue. Sold by druggists, or mailed
on receipt of prlco—|l.
F. S. 1 1MNH \ Jc CO., Proprietors, Cleveland. 0.
, Sent by mail upon receipt of prlco by Van
fcfcbanok, Stevenson A Co., agents, fc abd 111 Lake
street, Chicago.
nvg NOS.
Clou. JVo.
Arond»s Hoor, trim, nnd Witte, with
Cinchona, tho standard medicinal tonlo of this
progressive ago. It enriches tho blood, prompt*
Jy Invigorates tho bruin and nervous system.
Improves digestion, etc. Ucault: A round form,
bright eyes, happy suite of mind. Amnd’s drug
store, corner Madison street and fifth nvonuo.
Buck A: Uaynnr’a Moth Powder I* the
smxMt limed-killer. It makes Hlim-t work ol
roaches, lions, Hies, and bedbugs. Also preserve)
valuable tur» ami woolens from tho ravages ol
umthfl. Uuck Si Ituyncr. makers of tho ".Mar*"
asHca co2sr , x’^3^.s r x i i
White other H«Hn<r I’mrdrm are JarecJr ADDI#
TtHATEU with ALU?I and olltar hurtful drug*, I
!n* hern kept YM’llAMn'.n In all of Its orlcfnal
purity amt irltol?*otnrnr'i*. Tho l«st o»lrt»nco of
i™ ftifTjrv. ni,tuinrf ( VM*-s\ nniry, end
KFrKmVEMSS, |» TUB I AIT op Id Mm? nini
tontar* from North lo South. Ironi tto*t to Wc*t, In
tor hemp* of Hip HcU and poor, nhcro It has been
nivd for the lent J.’» years,
Mmk hj STEELE ,0 I*ll ICE,
Mnnnfaftnrer* of leiptitln Yeast flrtnk, Special
KUrorto# Extract*, etc., Chicago and SU Louie.
■ I'ropooai* fur Mlllbiry Nopalles.
itCAiiuVAunais in;uAur«n:sr or Dakota. i
ona Inner immmissaiiv or bciifnsirvrK, >
Four SNKM.i.sti. Minn . AU.-. at. I-Vd. \
Healed In duiatvuto. (•ultimo lo tlio nsiml
vunaiiluti*. *a lit lie revolt cl iu Uiu oTtioep ol tint Pur*
clmciiic iturt llcjotl of riuh-1-ioni'O nl
at. (non. Minn.. »»a cnu-.i-o. in..uuui n u’eim* n. m.
on l-nilar. llio »H»« day of jvjbtu'ohor. I'M.ut wti'ch
tone uml iiliicph they will Im> In urn'cm-c ui
Idthlcr*, lor furn.- iiiu lor lliu Milwt.uaifO |io|i*ri
mem C.M. Army, ntdivcrcl nt.ati<a nlac<M la rt. van I
or Cmen'.’ti mi may bo rcaulruo. on or liyfuio sunioiu-
Ucr /t. l-vd:
lll.(U>l|mmi't* hsc.iii, rhnri elent* side*.
■IAUW punml* beans, w hit", im-l'.um. in muii(l-hnop n d
liarroli*, t»r In ~' " patent half*
_ LnrieU. orln ihmbluriiuks.
:wnj|hMiml< pens. hiiiti. Id harrui*.
IS.tOJ pounds rll.-u, wlilte. mump. and clean. In barrel*,
or in ••Uoinitmxm's inauut hntf*bnrn»s, ut
In dmiblu nnuks.
ila.COlpumiiissimp, i.nunlry, Imnl und dry.
♦U.UA) pound* salt, dairy, lino und diy, in barrels, or In
f.hO pounds bnon. b?i*akfa%l. entered,
li.tuipmimls hiitn, KiiifDi 'inintil. uovuretl.
I'miMnals win bu rumdvi‘o (or Uio would orunr por*
Won o( (lie above nnmun*.
i»u» •*. miv nnuii'iiMiiiuir.,
flaj rljht unliin nl«!i Dus miioiiir.Hio PoiHmdnisoil
(•reserved hy the Uovtiniment, uiul. with the con*
sera of ilia editor* i» whom awards nrumudu. User
may be motcatmd,
M»mple* or nil urlldc* bid f«rr. OTcent tlio pork and
tuiiiii tuasiamninmny the iin>|H>H.als. and uolwac*
vepiubmi mast o«pi.«l the "l iioJiiO sample* to mi soon
nuliu oihcoM moinlotnal above. On Mppncailun at the
•:iiuo ottivo* full Infomm'.lon ns to the inutiocr of bid*
ding, conimlons to l>o observed tiy bidders, kinds o(
paeus-'e* required, blnnkMor proposal*. 0t0.,w11l lie
't he Uovurnmant reserve* tlio right to reject any or
all tiruims.ils.
inivuiniHMcontuinlngproimsa'.B tlionld ho nmrkod
“ rrojiofiils lor f> (imine the nrtietoi, imd
aiMrOMea os miluws: Kor deliveries in Cnunto, to
Major J. W. U'rrUor.C. 8., U. 8. Army: uml for de
liveries In Bt. Paul, to iliu Depot Coimubaury ut Sub
sistence, JJIB Unhurt strum. Pu Paul. Minn.
■ Al. H. MimuAN. ,
Major tuid 0. 8.. i/. s. Army, *
Chlul I‘oniiiilssnry ot Wuhsbtenco.
Phi|iasul* Ihr (Mvnlry Knrsftfc.
IDiAmjirAjmais HKiM.nTMb.vr nr Dakota, )
omtK Ciiij:r gvAnrKii.MAimni, V
, . KoitTNNKI.I.IMI, Mlllll.. AllU.Jtfd, V«l. i
Smiled proposal* In trlpl|r>aio, mibjoul to tlio usual
condition*, win he reuutvud nt the odlve ot the Chief
i'mmunmiKior, Dep.utiui'iit ot UiiUom, Port Snulllng,
linn., tiiitll is o'clock tn., on Mept. iri, t-«l,iiit .widen
lliutt and plneo llioy will ho opmietl In tlio presence of
balder*, for (undshlng and delivering nt isalnt Paul,
.Minn., one linmired nml any Oil) cavalry lionun.
rioposula for it less number than Uio wtiolu requlrud
will be received.
him uu icviiuj.
A boim in tlio pennl sain nf M/AIOQ mu»toccomnuny
oaub|iru|N>*Al. nnUuini|>y ot Uil* ndvorttreinunt. and
of uiu Ktwmncauon*. shuuia be attuolnnl tu tlio nru*
Tho (tovoriuiißni rueurvus the rkutu to reject nay or
nil pruiHiwils. Illnnk forms, und full InMriimtlon ua
hi ino immmsr of blildlna, connliioiH to be otisurved
by libblenuml turmsof «iii(nicl uu) imyrnoat «rdi bu
turalshud on sppiUiutna m this oiticu. hnvedopoa
CDiitßUdnaproiiDwn* should bu mnrkoil “ Woims.iU
lor tavulry llerso." uml uddruMmt to the undur*
slgneit. '
WM. AIVHUB. Deputy Q. M. (Jon.,U.S. A..
BqalOit pfofmsnts will be mmlrm) until Hopt.2A. 1381.
nt the office or tho Puobio lliilldlog und liivo«imont
I’uiupany. Pueblo, t'ulu., for constructing u Hmt*olm4
brick hotel building In Puublo. I»» (net by Ptl feet,
fuur stories In bight übevu thu basomonl und tu oon*
lulu I'Aj rooms.
Pinna Hint spocillcnitons may seen at tho omeo op•
the cumjrtiny In Puublo, Colo., or ot the <rtlleo ot W.
W. lloviNUl’O.N.arvbliuut. Itoaui3l, IU Adams*st.,
t’hlcmru, jli.
Hueli bid must bo nccuwtmiilod liy a written euaptn*
tee u( two resiKMislblu purlin* that such bidder wilt
enter Into n contna't fur the cunstruetlon of said
hotel, and Hint they will become sureties on u bond
to bu signed by tho Mdduras prtncliMl tor tbu fulth*
till iieriormnneo of said contract, should tbo contract,
bu awarded to such bhldar.
Tlio company reserve the right to reject any nud
all bids.
Ur order nf thn Kteeullvo Commltteo.'
KKUI) lIAAIUUI.UVU. Bocroiary.
To Glatgow. Liverpool. Dublin, llcUdsi, nn«j London,
perry. iromN. Y„ every Thursday, Kim Cabin, SOI to
i;U according to AvcotumuduUuii. Second CubinVlkJ.
bieenwiu. outward. t-w. These •tuamurs carry uefther
ivttle, aiieuis uopplgs.
lanroadwar.N. Y„ and till Itaudo eh-at., Chicago.
JUItN ULCUCN. Wwleru Manager.
U»oJo(Tera' Orltfnnl UronchlolClir
nrotio*, fur the roller mid ouro of
lutarrli, Huy Kuvur. lluumenoua,
• old*. Cottdh*. Asilnmi, lironcliUla,
Llleuduclio, Oilvimlve Uieuth, vie.
Itiuld l>y ull ltruKk r l»(«. !li oolite.
If'. UtHK H’i’Ul'llKNd ft CO.,
I'roM., CblvudO
tni(v«r«i»l ( Itlue lunch Oflloc,
Commercial. Violet Comolnvil,
Chemical rfuldt Violet lilank C«ii>)rlDf.
Wliuluaalo uml Itvtatl.
GEO. E. COUi & GO.,
SO Uearboro Hi.
Notlno Is hereby ytvsn that the partnership hereto*
fora exUUes between McCitwry * buiith. cuiuuiUsive
merchants dealiDic lu itruiu uud uravUluiu, comer ul
WMbliiutou and fat tjulle-et*., Chlowro, ill v bus tlili
day b«eu dissolved. AuuwUrm. Byron J. HuClsaty
* Qoi, will cooiluuft the Mine bosluaM St ihesaiue
plute, collect debts due AluOlesry A bodlb. sad
•uitiu ail ducts duo from them.
bset.l'iMl. 11VUON J. MCCLVAUY. j

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