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CAPITA!, $400,000
SUUPIiUS $400,000
Account* of Unnbs, Danker*, nnd Mcrcnn.
<|)e Firm* coUcUrd.
3>cnler* In United Slnlet llnnd**
Foreign Kxchnnge nnd Cubic Trnn*ftr«.
Jtexv Bngiond Collection* made*
Draft* received for ncceptnnce, nnd nn(l*ntc<
lory name* dl«eotinted nt current rate*.
Correspondence Invited.
AB/V I*. rOTTRK, President.
J. J. KUDV. Cashier.
J. W. WOltlC. Am»‘t Cashier.
130 LaSalle-st.
AH securities dealt In at the New York
Stock Exchange bought and sold on com
mission and carried on n fair margin.
Interest allowed on credit balances*
Direct wire from our office to Now \ ork. _
Boody, Saltonstall & Co.,
Stocks and Bonds,
1128 LA SALLI3-SX.
BOOUV, McCI.KM.AN * CO., M llronclirajr. N. V.,
Member* S. I*. Block Ksctians**.
11 A IIOOnV. C. W. MrCI.KM.AN. JU..
"• it. i.BiUm V. a. WAi;mNWTAi.»..
Korthnut Corner JlaJiwn nn>l DfarWn-tU,
receives savlnas deposits and allows Interest on same
subject to tho rules ortho hank. wn.sON.
George ,7. Qumprlcht filed n bill for divorce In
tho Circuit Court Saturday n#raln«t his wife,
llorttm Gumprlcht, on tho ground of desertion
nnd mTaltory. Tho parties were married on
April G, 187 ft. nt Toronto, Canada.' Complßlnant
states that In June. 1878. bis wife deserted him
nnd wont to Texas. After endeavoring for some
lime to find her, on Sept. 1.1881, ho discovered
her In Chicago living Inanopon state of adultery
with one C. Wnlso, nnd chums that fortno past
three months sho bas.bcen living with Wolao.
Ho therefore asks tno court for a decree.
UNixr.n stXtks couuts.
A libel In admiralty whs filed on Saturday by
■William Walsh against tho lug John Gregory
for $1,231.1)1 damages growing out of a collision
and damage consequent thereto. On .Inly £7
last tho schooner Hares, tbo property of Walsh,
left Harbor Tier, Wisconsin, with a cargo of
posts and tan bark bound lor Chicago. About
midnight she was run Into by tho Gregory,
which suddenly crossed her bows contrary to nil
rules of navigation.
Tho Mohr & Mohr Company sued Hurry C.
Lawrence and Mortis T. Martin lu tho Superior
Court on Saturday to recover 510,000 In an action
of assumpsit. ..
Albert J. Maher and others commenced suit
in assumpsit la tho same court Saturday against
D. Hamilton to recover fil.ooo,
► A trespass suit was also begun In tho same
court on Saturday by Auguste Schneider against
• John Knhl. claiming IWWO.
Charles Kern filed n rcolnvln suit In tho Cir
cuit Court on Friday last against Henry Dennis,
John Forth James Magner, S. O. Circle, and
William If. Morris to recover household goods
valued nt 51,000.
Chtulcs E. Jncgcr va. W. F. Wilkinson;
TUI? CA Tjtj.
Judge Ducmmond—ln chambers.
Judge Gauv— Motions.
judge Smith—Motions.
jciMir. Antiiosv—'Motions.
Judge Hawks—Motions.
Jm>uß Jameson—Contested motions.
Kcorgaulzntion of tin iminonao Und
Afl has already been stated In Tub Tarnu.vE,
tbo Calumet 4: Chicago Canal & Dock Company
bus boon reorganized. No details, however,
ivero nlven, since the Chicagoans Interested
were Fust negotiating with capitalists. Two of
them, Mr. A. It. Sleeker and ficorgo 1.. Otis, re
turned homo yesterday morning, and tho latter
was noon by a TiunuNi: reporter. , w „ ,
••Tho history of tho company, ' Bald Mr. Otis,
“U well known to tho public. It was born of
tho Uowcns, but, like u great many other good
things, It died, and Mr. Meeker and nthora nave
put new life into it. Tbo reorganization Is on
this basis: Tbo debts of the company are
close on to
raise that amount und pay tbo Indebtedness.
When that Is done, wo will Issue j:.’,OJD,OOU of
preferred stock, paid for in full: and every one
subscribing will receive an equal amount of.
common stock. Wo are able to do this because
we are saiisllud that wo have value onougn
there to justify lu There are about 4,WU acres,
which, on that basis, Is leas than $l5O an acre,
while In onr valuation and that of conservative
men boro tbo property Is worth $5,500,000.”
•• Wimt docs tbo company intend to do? M
“Tho principal thing In view is tho selling of
tho laud. As a company wo shall '
liut moroor less docking, «to„ will bo done on
tho Calumet. Thom Is talk of getting tho four
coal companies—Delaware. Luokawunna &
Wudcrn, Dehlgh Valley, Kno, ami Delaware U
Hudson—located tbero, and wo huvo tumrly per
fected arrangements to sell tbom about ttOU.WW
worth of property. And some other parties want
to buy ground forn shipyard-parties who build
Iron ships. The Idea Is to sell this property, not
at once, but gradually, so as to pay up tbo pre
ferred stock. When that Is done tho remainder
will belong to iqo common stock, and wo believe
there Is enough In It to make that stock worth
•• Who aro backing tho thing up?"
“Capitalists in Now York. Ilosutn, and Chicago,
• and tho t -*,UOU,UOO is already subscribed. 1 am
'trustee, and have already collected fd.jO.UUO, and
will gather la us much mote this week."
“What does the Indebtedness of tho old com
pany consist of?"
“Honda for t1.2U0.00U. past-due Interest
amounting to fduu.ouo. and somu Hunting debt."
Who bold the bonds?"
“Tbo Unit'd estate of Now York, tboOrcnno
i estate ot Novr Hertford, Muss., the Slate Havings
•• Institution, ttud Uov. Tabor, of Colorado."
“ lluvo tbo present stockholders the right to
Uaubserlboj"' , . .
1 •• Wo have releases from many of thorn, but
stock will bo reserved lor those who wish to
subscribe. Tbo roumluder will bo taken by
• others."
** Who aro tbo present ofllccra? "
“I’rjalduut, A. U. Meekers Vice-President,
George X* Otis; .Secretary, W. H. Downs; lU*
.rectors, A. 11. Meeker, Georgo D. Otis, F. H.
Nutrias, H.T. Chase, Hubert A. ChUrts, and J.
W. Hoimor. Uut tbo organization is In sued
shape that now parties comlug in can choose
i'theirowu Directors."
Bptiial JiliixtUS la Th» CMeae* UWi'Cn*.
Oshkosh, Soul 4.—’Tbo attorneys of Mr. T.
Hauls, Frank Soboomer, and others, owners of
the Oshkosh steam wagon, uro about to prepare
the puiwrs la a suit to be commenced by them
ugulnatibo Slate to recover f 5,000. the balance
> or a SIO,QUO bonus offered by tbo Legislature two
>or three yours mm tor a machine or the char*
actor named, wbicb should fulfill certain ro*
uulrementa proscribed In u bill which passed both
Houses, The trial of spued was made between
Green Uny and Madison, ana the bonus was sue*
cessfully competed for by the Oshkosh wagon.
Thu Legislature, however, refused to pay more
than f.'i.uw, and tbo owners of tuo wagon ue»
copied the amount In full of all claims. Having
sought legal udvloo on tbo mutter, they learned
that, notwUhstaudlng their ucuoptunuo of the
JS.CIU), they can still recover the balance, and
they propose to do so through tbo channel of tbo
courts. ■
Bpteial DUvateh to TFu Vkleaoo TYtburu.
exhibition of tbo Tlppccauoo Fair Association
closed lust uvoulojf. All la ail. it was tUo most
successful over bold. Tbo exhibit* were uot us
numerous lu all departments us lu some previ
ous years. but wbut was wauling lu quantity
‘was luoro tbun mudo up in quality. Tbo cattle
show far surpassed any county exhibit made,
tttock men wore present from Ohio, Illinois,
Kentucky, and Indiana, ami pronounced tbo
show on tbo Tippecanoe irnmnus equal to that
«t tbo Stale Fair. In tbo IsiitfUHifo of unu of tbo
competitors, It was no disgrace to bo teuton by
aucb slock as was in tbo ring.
Mr. A. B. Taylor, of tliu *• Uay & Taylor
"Manufacturing C 0.,” Spiiimlluhl, Muss., U
S leased to say: My aunt, Mrs. IMllnbury, of
louut Clair, N. J., walle visiting at our
house, tried St. Jacobs OH for rheumatism
and neuralgia and found Immediate relief
every time. She pronounced It the beet thing
aha had ever tried lor the trouble.
Review of Finances in Chicago
Last Week.
Iht rrodme Barltli I.csa .Itlito In Hit Aggrrgalc—
Provisions Very Strong, with a Hood lltmand.
Wheal and Corn Unsettled, but Closed Nearly
the Same as the Previous Day—
Barley Weak.
Tbo heavy speculation on the Chicago Board
ol Trade showed Itself In tbo Inmk cleaning
which wore swelled by tho monthly settlements
to attains! safl»7BT.loo In the corre
sponding week Inst year. Apart from tho Hoard
of Trnilo business tho banks had a (rood deal to
do. Trade and mnmilnctnres of all kinds aro
active and prosperous, and tho supply of busi
ness paper is greater than nt this ttmo Inst
year. Hates nrofi®7 percent. Countryorderafor
gold have boon heavy, and Mow York exchange
has been heavy nt WktfMI.OO per $1,00(1 discount.
Toward tho end of tbo week thoro was a better
demand for local securities. Operations In Now
York stocks huvo boon limited on account of
the uncertain outlook of tho market.
Foreign oxclmngo was stronger oh Saturday
for sterling. Hunkers’ sterling was 46014 ami
<m. sterling actual rates wore 460 and 4KIUS
commercial sterling was nominally 47"H®-I~?i*
Hunkers’ francs wore fi2o»< for sixty days ami
for demand; French commercial bills wore
and IWTH 5 Belgian commercial. a.*7si: bank*
ora’ marks, M and 04-U. and commercial. 10&KI14.
Chicago bank clearings for tho week were re*
ported ns follows by Manager D. 11. Halo, of tbo
Ch Icngo Clearing* House.
tftnrtW. BnUntft.
,» 8.;cJ7.*.“ t ftAa*
:«..vkW7 i.iw.tai
Corruspomliotf nook last roar.
.. oo.TdUuu u.mout
uv TKLKOllAl’lt*
Nbw Youk. Sept, a.—Money easy nt BHQS per
cent, closing nt ITlmo mercantile paper, ft
Sterling exchange, oo days, quiet at47OH for
demand nnd4SU4 for Sight.
Governments wore quiet but firm.
....lillUlNow U 118 M
....tin Il'ttßiWuOsotisa .tu
Now 'is..
Central I’nclllc mjijU. I’. Mrstsprfd lIJIH
fcrlo Mucoids.. U, I land Kraut.......11i
l.oh*ali.kWllko*biirru.llli>4 U> I • simclntf fund...,144
l.uuiriana consols.... m Njru'uia
AUmoupl Os nil Virgin a consols. .7
at. ~„1M (Virginia deferred tli
Hu I*. A 8. C. 11r5w....n3>4 Tox. Pac. lund «n«u..*7
Tunncssoo ti-* as Dinltlo Grande ut
Tonucssuo n0w....... m I
Adams IM iNcwJortor Central.. WM
Alum ft T. U -W (Norfolk kW...
Du iiroforroil «j NoriUcrn I'ftdtlc
Amurluuti W., IX' pr0f.....
D..C. U.AN M)H'l'tonhwoMorii }34H
Canada lUjii D" |»rur.... ; ;.. v .
C. A l. C 'MI4 Sow y«irk
Cumrai I'ndiif w>* oJjJo Cuniral .0
CHOU. .1 onto I « Ol»*o A JIIB9 .nM
Du Ist nr01..... *W Do im>{ • WW.
Doidiirof.... »K Unlurlo A WMturn...
ChlcsntuA Allan 123- j'auldo Mali
Do uref. till Danmna
u.?d. .v u.a b.
O..HU 0 13. I’llUbUW ...
cm..«»». A CUiV...... VS,; Uuttrtmu......
Clov. A Col llouk Inland..
Dul.A Hudson Mu |si. I*. A San. t.
!>»»..IAU. A W IDK'.llu l>VUf...
D. Hi!« Diilnt prof
Khj..;...;: :::: *m «*. imui
Do i,rof KiU ii prof
11. A Su Jou ItUst I’nut A Omubu.
Dowruf twiipo pr0f......
HarMni »W Tcxoa I'uclllo
lluUxtun .t Toxuh h 7 Union l ucldc
IDInoU CVtural UinUwl Staiu*.......
1.. H.& W 43 IW.. tit- I*. A I’uclllo.
Kansas A Texas 40 Do prof -
li. K. A W. M IFitruo
IjiUo Hhnrn.... VS.H Western Union...
l.oul*vlllu A Nasi (Caribou.....
(„. s» A. A C SU (Central ArUona..
M. A C. tIrMH. pm. im Excelsior. -
M. C. seconds 8 Honiastnko
Mom. A cimrlesion.... 77 Utile ritwbum.
>llohlimn Cumrai UW ontnrU*.
Mlumuirl Dacltle luijjloalck^lror...
Molillu A Ohio SM.
Morris A Kssex 13D4 Silver CHIT,
Nash. ACbaUon’jfu... &* lauunlard..
.I.—Sight oxobnneo on
,000 premium. Sterling,
New OittEANH, Sept.
Now York SI.OO per $J
London, Sept. B.—Con
03 v.Mo.
American securities—
Krlo,4!Jii; do seconds, 101
pAitta, Sept. *l.—ltontcs.
London, Scot. 3 U :iw
money, 08 i:no account:
Paiuo, Sept. 8—0:00 p.
200. „ _
isols, 08 o*li); account,
Now York Central, 147;
IH; Heading JWJ£.
~ 86 f no.
a. ra.—Consols, 08 o*lß
2 p. m„ unchanged.
. m.—French rentes, 85f
3 statement of tho Im<
iy shows a decrease hi
IlmiMN. Sept. 3.—Tho
porlnt Dank of Qormnnj
specie of 080,000 marks.
The following wore tho receipts and shipments
of loading articles of produce in tbo city during
the twenty-four hours ending at 7 o'clock Sat
urday morning, and for tho corresponding time
a year ago:
67. U!?
27(1. Hi
1,U17, HU
Flour, brls
Wheat, bu
Corn, bit
(Jut*, bu
Uye. bu
Hurley, bu
(irtuuaeod, lbs.
Flux need, lbs...
Itronta-corn, IPs..
Cured taunts. IPs.
Moor, tvs
Muof. itrls
Pork. Pris
l.ard, lbs
Tallow, IPs.
llultur. IPs
Uvo lions, N 0...,
Catllo, No
Hlioini, N 0...
Hides. IPs
lUgUwlcuss, bcU..
Wool, lbs
Potatoes, pu
Coal, ions
•U.-A I
ay. tour.
liUmbor. foul
HblriHlos, f0u1...,
Hniu br1*.,.,. ....
Hio», J11H.... ....
t’hoono. bin
Oruuu miiilo*. bu.
or whwit report'
ikco. Ht. Louis,
m. Tho oorrcap
Tbo sblpmoul
Tlio affirreirato rot
unlay at Cblcairo, J
63.000 bl
5.000 bu.
,000 bu.
and Detroit wore JK
shipment# woro tttf,
New York were 5U,t
sport tbo total stocks
tales Aug. til us
i year ago* They call
-1 Blutoa deliverable on
itcam" as IBB.TU tes,
last year, and 150,000
N. K. Fulrbunk & Co. ro
of lard in Uio United tit
tea, against 170,013 tes a
muto lard In the United
contracts for "prime si
against UK,(XL* sumo time
tea last month.
Tlio estimates Include 113,'335 tea contract ot
Chicago, 07,110 tes do nt Now York, 2.500 tes, ut
Cluulmmtl, 4,000 tes at Huston, and 4,000 ic» ut
Kansas City. They give the stocks In Europo
and an ocean passuao ns 00,000 tes.
In answer to the question, How Is tbe run of
bogs fur the winter season likely to compare In
itumborwith that of 1880, Til points in Ibo North*
west suy more, lit? say sumo as lust your, and 031
say loss. Also 470 out of 070 report Unit tboro
era fewer young bogs now tbua u your ago.
Tbe following wore the shipments of provis
ions from Chicago for the periods stated. Tbo
weights are gross t
UVrfc .sin ci ihlfo
frnidia AW. 7, v«*r
OtiiU /, 7w». prrrl«<H«
a.sil.ots ssuiuu a53.24a.ka
l.'nkiUMtl UP.IUWh
u,alios ißuu.ru
1,674.011 UUiT.ULU SH.aPJW
Fork, brli,
Tboox|>ortfl of provisions from tbo seaboard
for tbo weekending Aug.*7 Included U.HIU brls
pork, 2,(55 brls beef, IMiKVSJTIbs lard, o,ttS.S«3
lbs bog meat, U,OlU,rJd lbs ebocse. and 01,073 lbs
TUo following vu tbo distribution of tlio
exports of Hour, wbuut, and coru fur tbo week
ending Aug. 27, from Montreal* Uosiun, Now
York, Pbiladolpblu, liultlmorc, ondNowOrlonnsi
Hour, H’fcMf, ti/rn,
hrl». hii. 1»m.
bj,WJ 3.OUUQ ttll.SU
.AllS “T! «
U.K7J ....
l4 *a aCfii tfiw
Unllod Kingd0m,.,.........
tiuutli mid Cuutrftl Auiurlou
Wo»i (mi1e5......
11 N. A. Colonies,
uibor vuunUioa..
.UU.UW B.UJMUI tau.’ru
The Import! of ioquo Into Oonmiuy Uuriim
tbeslx muoib! uudid July i> hall, wore L3HMIJO
l*u. Thu Import! furUio lust half of iso year
uru expected to bo larger. Tbu (iorumo duties
on tiisixo, buckwheat, and burloy nro Vo iwr 100
lbs, and on wlicul, rye, and oats 12u per 100 lbs,
and on Uourl&o per too lbs.
The Portland (Oro.) Journal of Commerce eat!•
mates the exportable surplus of Ut« wbeut crop
of Oregon for Ibifl at :i76,uuo to &S.UX) tons, ocjuul
to 9,ltkM«w bu, or 10.KU.UC1 Lm. Tbu exports du
ring uio last season bavu been from Aug. so,
isso, to An*, u, issi, tin. or Umir, «mi
I.ON.NW contain of wheat, equal In wheat ami
Hunt lo 4,U7,WM du wheat, *
1100 riumUCTst-Woro mom active and decided*
If Mronuor. Idvorpooi reported imndmnveof ]<■ In
lord. audit boiler demand hard wnt Induced by the
belief ofaarortl ahnrhuo in hu-ts nml Iho field of
butter. Tharowut n doiniud fur aides mid ham*,
which lorvod (o bo In oxc<m of Iho nupplf, and bold*
cn<Mated Hint they could havo mild n Rrenl don) of
both for shipment If thor had had It to spare. I.atil
was also more wanted for consumption in addition to
a mote nctlro demand for futures, and (ho October
t>TGtnluni shrunk to about liK) |ior ini lbs, as It was
undetslood that about all the September lard bad
been tdneed. The summer packing of this city to
data Is reported nt I.IWMU) hors, nimlnst 2.SS.WI to
same time lust year, mid J.tfcMJW to do In IsTfl.
Special reports to the Cincinnati Prief C’urrmt show
the number or boss packed from March I to dale and
latest mall dates at tbo undermentioned places, with
comparisons, as follows!
Kansas city .W.OIU
Codnr Hiuiuls. llt./TS .UV/iii
Cleveland HV'IJH
Ottumwa, 1n.... MAW
Itntmlt .... ..... !W*t>M aWM
l. lrt:::.: MM
Indianapolis Ittf.lM)
Atchison ...... I'M'
m. Joseph AgM u,IUJ
Omaha W'M , ••••
Atlantic, la IS.UW . uJ.'iu
.Mksh I’ouk—Advanced lOWiie per brl from tiio
latest prices of Krlday, «"d dosed linn Rt ilio aub»
Joined prices. Hates were returned of l.aW brla seller
r*eptonilH?r at * mawnwui n,ioJ brls seller octalicr at
I.io brls seller the year nt |it.itKi|l7.iu{
K,of» brls seller January at Mo brls
seller February n»lin.6o. lotal, KJw; brls. the f«l*
lowtmt gives thoramio of llio day, Inoludlu® tho Call
Clottd /fringe W«wil.
.Vmi ror*. Frt.l.il/, 6U.
September. IWU«I »»»
October ... IH.W ]H.ii J.'.'.vH
Vear UiU IMM wIMiJ
January HMS W»«W OhJs. );!•?}
i''lllltllHrT lit, tO lltftl IHJ)
I.aui>—Advanced lihSWOcimr 1W lbs. *nd closed
firm »l WMWWc above tho laloal tirico* of Jrldjiy.
Sales wore reported of Kali ten spot at ill.foail.ODt (MMI
lc« seller September at iTTJM* ion seller
Octohorntlll.«Jli<ll.n«j AftW lea sollorNorombor
at ftl.ift4lt.Wi 1,.W Vos seller tho roar at fUAWII.'H i
)S,UU tea aollor January at #l - i.u*itii>i o,uu tea seller
February at »lil»4li.;R'4t nndiun lea aollor M a roll
atlli.KWW.ftj. Total. (iI.IUJ lea. The ftillowlna allows
tho rstiKO of tho tiny, fnciuiiloif tho tall Hoard trims-
Vlm/it lUnft ClOj.r.l.
W* IS*SII:s s il:sfc
Jnmmrr- W» »W» 1*»»
Fcbru&rr.... ... ii.'iJ liJJ (■iM.JTK li.-'o _
MKATai—Advanced ITWWOcper IWlbi.and closed
ir>v blither than on Friday afternoon. Sales were re
ported of 75,0 H lbs shoulders at fi.l»*7.i»i i.i t«*
MMwt-nlcia«d 110 at 71<0160.0UU lbs lomr 0 ears at W. 4/»
1(10 boxes do at *'.7si WWfH lb* rlb-s titIIMVW
H.TU spott f.t.ava:i.HU seller October! and f.i.7i4'J.H\ sell
er Norombori aU ten sweet-pickled hams (Id lbs) at
I me. Prices of loading cuts wore as follows at J:JU
p. 111.:
l.oosc. part salted.
no. boxed
Hontmubur, looso.
Short ribs, fteUor October, closed nt W.iteW.rtV*.
l.onir clour* quoted at looso und FJ.,I) boxods
C’umberlunds, waiUCboxedi lo|iK.cutlmm»,
Bwout-plokloil (iiimi quoted »t .for IS®lO
nvorauui green bain)*. iwmio arortwo. UmwJhc.
Ilueori quoted at «(4-s«o for alioulrlurs, lU««lW{c
Mr abort ribs, IWflllto for short dears, n>&»UJ4o fur
ham*, all ennvused und packed. _ . «,«.»»-
linKK—Was qulot nt I'J.U'tIO.UQ for mow,
ILUJ lor extra mess, and fll.O*£iiuQ for hams.
Kl.Oini—Woj In ritthor better demand and stromr
or, buyers having grown lire) of waiting for tho
brook thor oxpuetod to boo after tho September do*
ricn of wheal hud boon mndo. Sales were ro*
,'jrtcd of 1,(U5 brls nnd UW ban winters, partly at IT.M
GAiO; 1.123 brls springs at 17.0VJ5.00 for patontai W)
brls und 200 Kicks low grades, und 175brls 170 flour, all
on pnfnlo terms. Total, equal to 2,930 brls. Winter
Hours woru quoted at 10.iwa7.30i shipping springs, *s.tO
•“£ | at nbont W-UViH-IH. ,
M mniut ch««»ihi» ■
otjiku Mii.wtitfw*— Woro In (food demand and
strong. with a moderate supply. Sale* wore reported
of hi cars bran at f KUUaiO.iUf 4 curs middling* at *W.IW
<533.01; 1 cur ahorU at If J.OJj and 1 car course corn*
uioal ntCELOO free on board.
S ‘
SPUING WIIL'AT-Wa* loss active. and loner;
October declined We. then reacted IhjCi and closed
*4O below the latest quotation or Friday; but tho mar
ket for this month was firmer, It being understood
that all tho spot wheat bad boon taken up for carry-
leg Into October. Tho llrltbli report* showed llttlo
change to prices. and our receipts wore again leas
tnan JU) car-loads of all tirades of wheat* Thoro wore,
however, fewer buying orders hero, and tho local
hoars hammered It cany. out found few willing to soil
at tho reduced prices, fed to n reaction, and tho mar
ket weuaonud later mi tho receipt of unfavorable
nows from Washington, aided, pci Imps, by threaten
ing sides. Bonieof tho recent buying has boon done
under fears that tho drouth will not, per
mit plowing for , our next wmier
whcal crops and widespread rains would
Induce some of these holders to soil. Wo note that
anothorcaroo of "not graded" wheat wu shipped
out Saturday, which nearly exhausts tho lots com
plained of. and,cooler weather Is expected to pro-
Vent trouble with the rest. Cash wheat was In fair
demand, closlnii hi 11.-'WI for regular and tiMH for i
/rush rocolpta. than sales wore reported of j 7 cars
No. 2, all glll-udgoci receipts, at ll.awi.Sli 11 ears No.
,1. in goodlioiises, alll.Uli 1 cur rejected, A. P. &Lo.,
at «toi und Ul cars by nuiuplu at ll.uu'dl.iu. '1 otal about
bn. Alsu 4 curs No. 'i Minnesota at, Slgfftftl.Jls
and 2 cars do <*t. Pauli at »l.l£i«. Seller October
oiHinod at |l.2l«ffU.S». sold at iHIIW, advanced to
ll.a; improved to tiO-'H, and closed at
Sailor tho month sold at tI.3U early, and tI.SM later,
tho October premiums narrowing down in Uto latter
Bart of Uio session. .November ranged W-WUe above
iclobor. December sold atll.i7£{(9(>£*, and closed ul
fl.gwr. Seller tho year way about tho same ns Sep
lumber. Tho following wives tho range fur Uio dur,
including Call Hoard transactions;
CUH'il Itiinof- Cbitni
. A'o.lfmtno. S-iennl.it/. ‘l''}*"'/*.
1 Hoot II.ISI fl.lK ti.^U
; HeUorHontumbor I.SIK
1 tieilerOciobur l.lWs 1.3»4*51.W \.2A]*
heller Novombor I.IW
holier tho year 1.31 M 1.-U <tfl—!4 1.-l?4
WtSTKIt Wit BAT—Bales wore limited to twocars
No. 2 ml at »UI and six cars br sample al*l.JX>l.dJ.
No. a was quoted nominal at fl.'i.’ui.isi.
COHN—Was In iiiodurotu demand and averaged
firmer. Tlio umrkot for Uclobor advanced sic and
closed Ho above tho ducllno osinbllshod Friday after
noon. Liverpool was quoted llrm. while our rocolpta
ouuln exceeded I.UW car-loads besides arrivals by
canal, and our stocks In store scorn to havu Increased
fully I.4UU.UH nurturing the week. Uut thoro was iv
fair demand fur futures on imtsblo account. und
rather less offering hi tho decline, whilo laku freights
weru dull and easy, helping shippers to uuurntu.
Tho market was quhu llrm till near noun,
and then fell off because of tho nows from Washing
ton. Ilcjectod closed at ttdie. Thoru was at times a
slight premium fur high mixed us compared with No.
2. Hoot wiles wore reported of l&nUlf bu and IU cars
No. gaud high mixed at iilVfQfliillcs 4 ears white at
UTh&Niiftui :rn.UOU bo and 110 cars rejected at iils&fciUci 8
cars by sample nt (UvitUoon track; und W 1 curs do at
UKtTbo free on (ward. 'cotal about .tti.COO bu. Hollar,
OctotmroponudatlDjfftttfbjc, advanced to itWc, de
clined to tslc. reacted to i:ifcic, and closed at «lho bid.
Haplumber und tho year weru quiet at olMwnlr"
May sold at «W*4*7ue, and December ranged ul ti
tilltA closing ut liOte. Tho following table shows l
range fur tho day. Including tho Call Hoard trunsi
' Ji&fio
Clcaed Jtniioa dotal
Xo.'Jconu Friilnu. Sufunnii/. Uo,W't-
mi, iiUmiUM DIM
tiullur September.............hi** uju
HellorUclober .. «3t, ihjfup.ttu u»i
Hollar November m>s M/i
Heller tho your UlJ< ulli
OATH—Wuro quiet. Thoro wat, hi fuel, a Blow
market, with not much dltpotltion shewn to trudo.
CtiHli tnlet of No. 3 wore made nl<£U{£ffo on tho in
side figures nf Frlduy. Futures declined U'rt He. but
Jnio In tho session toller HepwmUer and fcollur tUu
yuurudvunuud und eluted ahoutlHc hotter ihun Frt
ilny. but Bulltir October and Buhur November ro
matnod a shade ouster. Trade In tlio sunuilo market
w»a fair und prices wore atoiuly. Cush tolet wero of
0 cum No. 3 nCUWttdro. Hale* by tumplo fool up M
ran, running In pMeu. ;«V4.vV)c fur roleotod mixed,
4U»43He rejected white. IWjtUo No. 2. und hi 41)t044Hu
fur No. 3 white to fancy burloy-ouit. Total bulou
equal 4'J.OtU bu. , „ .
Clotfd linnet dotal
Jfo.SotiU. Friday. yftttnUiu, do, 6/d.
8„ot .. .;r \mnt'n
Boiler September b'-M blj*
Holier October us* »M <a3«i SH«
Holler November a»w it)M«ii*Vi iovi
Boiler tho year ..U9( «Wilw.lW , Afti
lIVK-Wu quiet, t’oaii war (toady, but future*
wore inclined to weakness. There was mulling of
especial Iniuruat develoued in tlio market. No. 3
caah aeld at H.UUM, Boiler Hoptumliur Bold ut II.IUH,
und toller October sold »nd closed ut
ll.Uibiaunaii.um tollom. Cun talc* wore made of
4 cure No, 3in aiopo at fl.U3U.iuid sales bv tumplo
foot mid cum at fl.bl for rejected and fUftthU) for
No. 3. Tuial taint ooual &.UU du- . , .
UAItl.hV-Wu d'udu lower for No. 3. At the do-
Sllnu thoro wkb a good deiuuud but hot many toiler*,
[o, Bln atoro wnt wanted und there wiw nlsuadu
tmuid for futures, but tiiuru were no oDuringt.
Bumplo lota told fairly. Cosh No. 3 told ut lI.UL
Boiler September told at WUc. but closed atll.UJ,
Heller October told at fl.uuai.Ul, und aullcr |
November told at II.Ul! No.Ucuh ond toller October
tuiublu at »:ic, and fur toller November <4o bid. Catb
talct wore 3 curt No. 3 In store at#UU,ttnd talcs br i
sample aggregated M can. ranging at ll.Ufgl.Ul for
No. x (SteWo for Ne. 3, (XrfTlJtu ter No. 4. und aUdu
fur No. a. Totul tulot amount to about 3UUU bu.
BHKDH—There wua a firm market und trade was
active. Timothy in good demand und MalUu higher.
Future* wore wamou. and there wot so little cuh
teed eltorod that thoro wua a lively competition for lu
Flax alto ruled about lu per bu higher, and about
everything offered found lu way into
tho hunds of local trothert . und
dealer*. Fair tales uf clover woro alto made, und
there were dovelopmenu of a llnnor market. I’rlnio
timothy cuh opened at fihWit.iC, und Improved to
& 576,3.01, and choke lots told within thu range of
iUa3.tU. Common to goodjxrudot told at |3.1i*3.61.
Holler September advanced from Id.athi U*f£6lH, und
Boiler October told at SM>h«. Flax told at IIJJ on
truck und at lUi UeUvortHl for cutli. while toller Beic
tornber. toller October, und teller November ull told
nIIUW. Clover told tlfi.hUcid.UUforsmall lota of fair
lu geud, uriaiu in tuiall lota wu quoted ut fiLlDtiUfi.
und round Inta Inthlpplntf order about Kl.3e. lull
buJim ol timothy foot no 3,iiUi bagt, mnsnm
there were alto wteauf l> t|u bn mid Avar*
of tullurnepteiubnratl3.UW3.e.li( und I car tellur
October ulgl.ini*. Flaxteod sold tniho extent or 37
car* ca»h at tl.i>U4l.'4>. 1 car teller beplembur utll.il*.
tt).UW bu tellur October ut 11.3), and j.u»)bu tellur
November at ll.no. Helot of clover teed were 177 bunt
i-uhuttt.lttatl.inaiidlcarßDllur ovumbor at fI.UJ.
Twenty-tlvu bag* ol Uungarlan toed wero aeld at aju
for jtriino. .
an. no
it'rt Sal-
its from
UltOOMd-’OUN—Trade is lalrly ocllru At quota*
CUotco burl and carpet...
(Jreon, ■c)f«wurbtng
Hc<MllH*ca. do..
Interior and coiuimm...,.
UAtltJlNU—llumulusibout steady. There (l» fair
uumimuui at tbu prices following!
biarlu. £% Uurlap*,gSi bu..li
utter Cruuk Wit Uumiles. sh»a»u..UVs.U
J.uwUloii ~W Uluimlu*, double.«
American IUHI Wool sacks 3 All
llUTTHU—Creumurjf and Hue dairy butter continues
scuive, and a lurthur siuaU odvancubas boon
luuea. The less desirable grades aru timer loiyw
Htockn jurulrntmll. About OTOrytblnn being
i* fnulAß received. Woquotoi
.ttorr, clioloa.., ..aw.lll Dnlry. fair to kochl..'AWV.l
atnory.falptoftodil.'.'WW lacking stock JMI4
.iirr. «:hoico;.....,;...JWJm>roA-io (*•
I’HKKSK—Thistulrket ctlsplnys decided UrmnoM.
* far ns prlmo! nra concerned, tho rtomsnd
intituling About oqunl to iho current receipt*. There
hill nttlo Inquiry' At ••otT" gmdos. mid prices slum
lull Irregularity., Wo quotes
II ...... JOHfcUJj
rt skjin
(Akim n*
.rt.'ktin.tlnt, clmlcu
.’nrtßklm.funiiiioii to tfimil oJfrjjJhi
»<nw * **°
COAh-Mot with a Ilk lit ilumnnd ynljr. onion bolus
principally contlne.l in »uppljlo« current wants.
J’rlcrfa ranged nafoliimat .
Anlhntdu*. numc.l7.fiW.f3; Piedmont 9 «■£{
Anthracite, 1 nut... 111055miw........
Anthracite.-oau... 7.'iv.t7.fioindiana block...
Krlo 7.*>MT.W Illinois 4 0001.
ilalllmmo A Ohio. «.IMI . .
•COOI’KIIAtIK-Wai active «t 11.10a1.tt.4 for pork
barrel# und»l.a«l.:mit for lard tierces. . ......
unQS-Wuro steady »t U!*al3o pop do* lor strictly
FIBI W/pho market was linn for most description*.
Knt ninck'rol are searvu. und slock# of tnnil itnd cod
mo IlHht. wo nitoto;
WhlUitlsh, mr w-br1..... S 6.0) (4 5.1'
Trt.ut.perTOK... 430 «!».«
Mackerel—ru».-un0rc.W*br1............ I'-W mWI
Mnekorol—No. I Iq*, iu*brl. WO W 7.1 J!
Muukcrol—No, 3 shore, )t-hr1............. MU 6f ft-J)
Mackerel—l.arpo family,.,.. l.fiU Mlo
Mackerel— Fat familr/5t^Wi,............ 3»*3 Q* -LIU
Halibut. smoked. pop lots,. _ W
I'oOHoli-deurHo's.tioPlUjitra UR) (*iW5
Codllsh-Sumnicr-cunJd..,..; 4.73 (it3.UU,,
Codllsli-Dresscd....; • •>«
ilurrimt-l.iibrailor, spilt, Ur 15..,,. 7.00 61.7.2}
llorrlmr-llollmid, porkoK.. 1.00 (4 Mi!
HorrlUK-llotinnd. porkeK. nsw I.JD
Jlorrlntt-bcaleil. per h0x........... ffl Ck
California minion. 4-brl. n0w...... 7-.fi w 9.03
KIUHTd AND NUTH-AII arllolss lii this lino wore
nnuquivoenllywirm. Trade continues aatlsfuctonly
active, avtho tollowlna prices: .... , ~
FiKs. layers
Turkish iiruuus.otd.
Daisies, layurs
Halslns, l.mnlnn layers.
Knlslns, Valonela
Ilalalns, loose Muscatel.
Knnto currant 5..........
Apples. Aldon
Apples, evaporated, boxes.
Apples, eastern.....,,
Apples. HniiUiom
Poaches, unpared. hulvus..
Pitted cherries
lOW9 10!f
tow* w
H <* is
0 M 111 i
vcn'lis W»4# W
UUUOKUtKS—*i'hon» was a much stronger who to
tho sugar market. und wo advance quotations Mo.
Blocks tioro nro light, iuid tliu demand active. Coffees
aro rot yet moving ns froalr in. could bo desired. but
tho demand Is Increasing and llio market innlntnlns it
tlrut tono. Ulco, sulcus. non|is. starch, sirups, und
nonrly everything In llio list are Dru. wo quukoi
Almonds. Tiirrntfunn.
Niiploi* waluuts
Short Shout* U. AN. Sh”rt
ribi, itert. cUnr*. tUnrt .
Java, cliolco Mnndallmi.
Itlu, inner.....
Uln, prime to choice.....
Itto, talr to good
Itlu. common .
Hlo, roasting
*OO 17.30 fcl.M < 11.H5
IUU 7.4-1 ti.NI lam
y.nri 7;>i w.M »A»
y. 75 7.w u.oj ti.tij
Patent cut-loaf.
(Jromilntoil, stuudnnl
tfrnnulntod, not standard,
A standard ,
A No. 2
No. 1
N.O. molasses.
Allspice W.
Nuunoirs... ..W
UUttUS FIIUVW-’Vho market Is overstocked In
nearly ovory direction. and low prices rule, Grapes
uto very uliunpt selling ut pur lb for Concords,
uiul nt 76tHo for lioluwuros. Wo quote: . tnn _..im
Apples, now, nor IMJ®*®
I*OfICHOS.POP It)* iirfKaM
I,croons, por box g-Jww^
Mesidnus. pur box.. rSK.,7J,
California llartlolt pears
UUlhirnla p1um.,,.. JMffl
California poaches
California unities,‘iiMb crates H*s£*n?«
Other kinds pours 3.«)wa.»»
IIA V-Tho market mis Mrm. the best unities of both
now and old buy bolus In active local and shipping
demand ut quotations: tn'
No. 1 llnmtby. |«r ton... ..lIASOOJf-W
No. ‘i timothy, per ton on track.. ii’li&ii'ui
Mlioil. ID-UV-sltu*)
Upland I «nnS[ , *Si
No. I . <l.lo# B.l*l
HMIKH-A healthy trade exists, with n fairly active
demand for most descriptions. Wo quote:
Ureon-enred. lluht, per 1b...
(Jroen-ciirod, heavy 8K« 5$
Part-cured 7W*
Damaged hides «
<Sroon>snlt bulls’...
Cnir. per lb
Dry-suited. per 1b.....
liry-tltni. No. I
Fallen hides
Dnmnuod. dry
bhcup-pelU. wool estimate
UILH—An advance In tur
i chsnuu noted. lauiW. |ln
sironif A uood business wi
quotations: ....
I Carbon, K1u1n0....* " JrtVl
UarlKin, 176 1u5t..... Mh
Carbon. 1U11u51..... VJH
Carbon, Jill test..... • III*
Carbon, snowwhlto 1>(
C'arbonr'Vis.’Vv!\V. ll*
Carbon, \VU. P. W. . JU
Carbon.MlcluW.W. I-I
Carbon. Mich. P.W, it*
l.nnl.furrqniiuako. W
laird, No. 1 ft
lj»rd. No. W
Linseed.raw 6»«AH .
po’l’ATOKb-Woro In fai
HALT—There was n steady tmdo at quotations:
Kmo «i»U,«miUiaw uud Now ’korU, tiorbrl....* }.-»
Coarsu sail. i»or
Dairy, with ban 5....... ... -4061-.S}
Dairy, wltliimt nacka. >• V
Album dairy, nep sack. .......... ■‘•l*
Ground alum, in biux*.....••« L*}j
Llvoruool nuo. brown sacks .. wu
TALLOW—Wan quotod firm at (rJ-ffcUMe for city nm)
for No. I country tendered, with No. 2 country
a *wIiUSKV—The market wm aloady. tlnlshod itooda
soiling on Uio basin off MB for lilubwlnoa.
WOOL—Iam» iirlcoß •till rule, and alow trade exists.
Wo quote: ....
Gnodto choice medium tub...
'.'nano and dingy uib..
■'luo and unwashed tlooco
.’oarsoand unwashed 1100ce...
dpiilunt and iinwashed lloeco,
iludtiiui and washed tloocu
i'liiu washed t100c0...
Course waabod doocu.
rpotal 3i,tifiß lW.4ia MW
In addition tu the above between!),oo3 and 4.000 calves
roru received.
CATTUE—A bolter general demand on stronger
prices nit around can bo noted for thoweek Just
dosed. The Improvement was nttrlbutnbla In part to
tbo uniformly raoro favorable report* from tho mar
kets bolow, and partly to ilia marked diminution In
tho receipt* and tho bettor quality of the Same. Tho
supply amounted to only about IW.UUJ (nearly IWUO
leu than fur Uio vruvlou* week), and for that num
ber ready outlets wore found nt an advance In price*
mositnu from Wm2so por HW lbs. Of tlio arrival* con
•ldorably more limn one-half wo* taken by tbo local
trade, thero bavlmt boon a ihnrp canning demand
from the start. Choice and extra hoevo*, though
comprising n larger pcrcontogo of tho supply
than tor soiuo weeks past, were nut
plentiful enough to meet tho demand, and for thosu
descriptions the highest prices of tho year wore
reached. There were nnulidiurof satesalULtOrttlfO.
and In twu «ir throe instunues 10.(4 was übtuliuid.
While n good many well-matured woll-latted cattle
wore offered, tho supply consisted for the must part
of common and medium grass unlives and Texas and
Western cuttle. The tailor wont largely Into dinners'
hands at CUdWIW for grass'lexans and at
tor Westerns. The best of tho raimp cstllo wore
tukou by tho Kastorii trade, at »UU«J.2S. Miocker*
have remained under neglect. The shortage of
iHtsiunigo In many parts «»f the stock-raising
sections of tho West accounts for the dullness of the
market for that twrlloular cU»s. Calves continue to
arrive In liberal numbers. between .Luu and 4.1 W
huvUig coma mdunug tho week. Tho bulk of these
came from the Kasl-somoot them from a* fur away
us New fork and Pennsylvania. Thuso from that
section wru regarded with suspicion by Western
feeders, and Justly so In view of litu no longer ques
tioned tact that plouro-pnsumoiila exists la certain
counties of thuso Hiatus, mid through thuso dairy
calves Is liable to bo spread among, the herds of the
Western prairies. Stock calvoa sell all,.liKtclAllU |>or
head, and veals at fI.UMfIW tier Wilhs. Thero was a
uindurutely active and steady market on MuiunJny.
The supply was disposed pf within the range of the
following g^ATIONS.
Extra lloovos-Btoor* weighing I.COIbs and
u p wards hvao®d.to
Choice llooves-Klne, tat, and well-formed
stuurs, weighing IA*Ho I.Ullbs .....&8&3&I0
Uuud Hooves— NV 011-fovtonod steers, weigh- , # .
lug 1.-XU to MiUlhs .....5.35*4.74
Medium ilrades-Mtoers In lino liesh, weigh-.
ingl.iaitoi.TVU lbs ..UttoAiß
Butchers' bloek-l'oor to wmiumii steers and
common to choice oow» fur city slaughter,
weighing UUU to to 1.U50 ibs.i ~A74®A75
Block Cutilo-Coiumon cattle, weighing «WJ
toI.QU) lbs 3.74*150
Inferior—l.laht and thin cows, hollers, slugs,
hulls, and seulwag steers ......IQOSIiO
r....„ii „X
Vcal»-l*ur Uw lbs 4.UkW.flO
HOUS-Woro In Mtlru dumand Uirouulmut tin*
nuuK, und thu inurkut (>ruwrvoil lUo sluiiUy tout) ciiur*
uctoriiliin It iturlnu tlto yruvluua wcuk. 'l'liurowtW
of »Uhjui toalnto, whim tha prices Uaro
rulttii lulrty Arm at KUJiUA.W for poor to boat Hulil,
ni<iUJU4*a&luruilxc(l packUW. uiid a(|ti.ajw<i.ii6tur
common to rliulkti li«4»y ‘uU. *1 lut proportion of
U"mi huit* wuo luner titan lor n immburutwuokii
urcvb uni (iwtirtitfuiu rucoliitswuruMimu
I.UjJ Icb* iliun Xur ifto vrboJt bofnru. ilwy uowuvor
uxcuuilixl tUo arrivals *or tlio cnmj*r»unaUi« week
ot |»*t year by m»m> tban lO.UW. ■> acker*n» uaual
vunnltug Hun* »ltat(). buruly bclrnx taken by
'I tturo was a frao duiuuna on Saturday,und
Uio Muiall anuulr was «lw«»l out c»Hy iu w.aiaitttfo*
lU(u*at fur houvy. and at w.im-jWW fur
■kina- ttnuyv»rjn(u lltfbl were seliliiualti.UK’&ll
KUc-Kl'-lliurtTWa u tiluutlful supply and uuol
voryacllvu demand ollbor on lout] nr ■hiuplnU ac*
k«l ruled HuaJt ut fij.ttM.d yet* iwibifur pour w
choice 'lotilltloiL. Tit#™ te a continued ecaniy supply
ol lambi, |tfl.lMl33per head. >
f jtT.
at. Lot Tin. a«ut x-tUTTi.r-iiocolpte, <roi ship*
monte, 1.300 j nupplr Tory U«IU| not onmiah done to
ro 3.500 j only n email
local (redontunetinnsod price*.
IhtfiH—Sioftdyi Vorkcra,
biilonctV (<i fancy, ■‘N'UUI l»lw» H-tM
L*a. Receipt*. 4;M}» shipments. ’WW.
flwctar nupalth to Tnt ChtUiiO 7W6UM,
KAXMARCrrv« Mo;, Bmn. n.-t'Arrt.K-Uio I*H«-
r?nrr«il report*! Itucolpt*. I.V&t
miukul tpAott fair nnttvo nWpper*. ft.tuw4.Tat URllvo
Mocker*nml fooilom. &MW.m naltyo wiw. jgi.tkXtf
JlMi ftm*« Totiw. ia.2ait.aj| hnlf*bruiHl», tt-jfc.WU.
lioim-'ltcculpu. I,&U| shipment*. «*b
Blmritlßhl choice, flt.av3fl.wl llitht ntilrplna and uil*o«l
packlutf, tt.WWiLUJ{ KtnMOrt, tj.lßMia.i3.
INDIANAPOLIS, «ont a.-ll«(IK-8loartjrt PPPOIpW,
2,*4M5 shipments, 2.unii packlnn, ftl.kyj*i..ui und com*
nmn Vorkors.fl.6oiaft.Bii sleeker*.
CArn.K-Hiondjfi receipts. snii shipments, awi chip
pins. M.f*W3.73i botchers', ftoS'At.'ii. _ _ . ~
1 HitKKp-ituiit (n-iOitfUft} iambs, w.oo6fcUO: receipts,
shipments, j,uu.
Cincinnati. 0.. Dept. 3.-1 toon-Slcndrl common
nnd Unlit, f MWW.7O: packing butchers,»u.WA7.lX)| ro*
cuiuts. t.UUi shipments. I.'SO.
Was in bettor supply, some 13 cargoes arrlrinff.
Prices remained nrm uml unchanged as follows:
Clroort piece-stuff...
(troon common Inch !Aop6W.«i
(Iroon nioiUuiU......
Kxlra uuod and select....
Uroon «mtd inch,......,....................... Jl-W®!* 1 !!!
Hoards and strips
mandard shingles 2.tu»3A»
Kxiru Hltlnttlos
lAia I.IU
Follosrlnc ore the yard prices of dry lumber as ilxod
by tho trade. Kroon lumber solllmi at 11.11) imp tn less:
First, second, and third dear.334-1nch.....
First and sucund clear, touab, 3-inch «UOU
Third dear, rouah.3*lnch 44. W
First and second clear, dressed siding
Common dressed sldlnii...,. <W.M)
FloorliiK. second common, dressed <UU>
Ho* hoards. HMitch; 4H-JW
A stuck boards, Vifitlft-lnch, rough W.tW
11 stock boards. IbcaWdnch
(1 stock boards, tuom-liich.. JOlJi
Fonclmr, Brat quality IMS
Fencing. No. 3 Udj
Cutmnmi huarda, lwt3J ft.... JJ-JJI
Ciiminonboarda, 11)330 1t.......... IMU
Dimension stuff.
Dimension stuff,alto W ft... £•••*>
Timber. 4x4 to HxHlncloslvo. 13 li-W
Pickets. Hat, roiiKh. and p00d... Ifi-WJ
■t Am' !4
* tSS
~ 3.1 A MASft
.. SUVA tny
.. 3.80 WWS
~ C!f« CM
.. 2) (it S 0»
13 Q ]3X
*.d t« %i
it a UH
34 & u
Shmirlc*. clonr.
Miihwlcs. oiira a..
tililnalcs, standard.
Lrvjs»i>«ol,BopU 3-Jis3o tt. ra.—FLOim—No. 1, ISsi
No. 3. IDs Cd'.
(JtiAl.v-Wlunt-Winter, No. 1, Its 2rtj No. 2.10 sMI
white, No. 1, lit Idt No. 3,10 sMi spring. No. 1. JOn Ml
No. 3, iUsM| dob. No. I. JUOdi No. 'i, lit. Corn-Ca
IMtovisioxg-Pork.Tls. lArfl, Ms. •
LiVKurooutioutrS.—UacoQ~lA>ns dear steady at
40si short clone steady at 485.. Hoof—Kxtra India
moss dull at l(Us.‘ Lard—Prime Western tlrmor at 58s
Cd. Choose—AnibVlcan choice stuody at IXW. Tallow
—Prime city steady at 39*. Turpentine—Spirits, Lon*
don steady at IWs Od. Corn-Mixed firmer at «s.
tuhpkntine—aririts, :tvs.
liIVKIU’OOU Hopt, a-11i45 5. m.—Lard, Jifis Ud.
.LrVßui’oui»Ben( t ,B,—Wheat quiet ana stonily: red
winter, Its Id: No. 3 spring, lustM: No.SOo. lin4d.
Com ilrm. Cargoes, off coast—Wheat and cum qntui
and steady. To arrive—Wheat and com quiet and
steady, cork, 71s, Lard llnnor and cd higher at 60s.
Jliicun—L. C., 4.« t Ddi S.C.,47*i>d. Tallow firmer and
ftl higher at *.ns lid. Cheese, Wa M. lloef, WJs.
London. Sept. B.—Livkupool—Wheal quiet and
steady: while Michigan, llsi Western rod winter. Its
Id. Corn firmly held. M AUK Lank—Cargoes off
coast—Wheat quiet and ilcaily. Cargoes on passage
—Wheat quiet and steady, Tarls—Wheat and hour
it ats
U 3W
"....I U 3W
ml I io
rpentlna of lu was thu only
nsued, and ttsU oils wore
ins doing nt the following
i Linseed, boiled....W®oV
i Wlinlo, w1nt0r...... CT
. Spann LUO
, NentaLiot, pure.... <5
Nenlsfool, extra.... IS
Nuaufoot, No. L... M
[ Hank........ ........ 48
Straits 40
Turpentine M
( Minors' (S3di
.Vuuhtha.(loo..dldog HI
llnst>)lno.doo.,7tdoa U
Gasoline, dou..B7deg ZS
i r supply and llnu at 753500
Cattle. llooi, Slitep.
. 4.41 V J«,olrt 6M
.. 4,HT>I 18,770 1.1V7
IV4VI Ib.UC 1,140
~ lll/ntf I.UM
. 4.71 U JW.iHW J.UIU
.. 9.&U1 I.UM
... m> 4.011 136
... I.SJI 4.1W1
... B,ilfJ 6,7.11 161
... *.i.u)» 6.7 W
... a.OW 6,194 ....
...U.WJ 94, UU 9ib
Spietal iNitxKcft to Thi Chicago THtnina,
ANTwritt*. SepL :i-i*i!Tnor.tL'Ji-10Hf.
LivtupooL. B«pc 3-Corro.N—Kirm; uplands.
iHlidt Urlonns,? MM) sales. 8,000 bales; spoculaUofl
tnd export, I,{XD| American, O,BSJ.
I'liovistONS-Udof— 15xtra India moss. IWSsi Ameri
can lard. Ms M. llft ortn—Long door,4d*i short do, 43*.
Ciiiuns-Klno American, UX
The following wot*, received by the Chicago Hoard
jfTrudo! *.
Nkw Yomt, sept. 3.—corroN-sieadri 12K3l2}£c;
tututos limit September, ILSlct October, ll.tllc: No*
▼ember, 11.650: December, U.rOot January, 11.77 c:
February, 11,80 c: March, 1102 c: April, 12.11cj May,
ll'llct Juno, Vi’.SJc.
Flouu—Dulli receipts, 14,000 brlsi exports. 4, axil
super Slate and Western, f5.853U.00j common to sued
extra. la.OU3U.COi good to choice, IU.7U3S.COt white
wheat, extra, 17.003a.Wt fancy do, 18.1Q35.t6t extra
Ohio. 10.1037.60 t Mu Louis, (U.IO3S.UOi Minnesota
patent process. 1H753U.00.
GltAiN—WhoatUftlo higher: moderately actlvot re*
Joctod spring. 11.05: ungraded do, tL3o%a).o>: No. 3
do, lUDIi No.lChlcago, No. 1 Duluth,
11,11: ungraded rod, ‘ (1.1331.40) No. 3, 11.43%31.44:
steamer, No. 3 do, fUJU; ungraded white, 11.Ut31.4Ut
No. Ido, 1L40%31.41%: steamer do. (U831.38%l No.
3 red, September, H.43%31.44, closing at 11.43%*: Oc
tober. |1.4<Wa1.47, closing at 11.406: November, 11.48%
31.411%, closing at 11.49%: December. t1A1%31A3%,
closing at Corn Arm: receipts, 153,000 but ex-
ports. I.VBU but ungraded, ICt&TOHos No. 3, UTArtSo;
steamer, t»H®OUo; No. a,7oH®imfO! No. a white. ?J®
7U>so; yellow. TiH&TJct No. jfctfojrtombor, TUiftoTOJfc,
closing nt TUHc; October. wttoTllhici November, 7a
®7&Kc, closing nt *&Hu. Oats dull and lowers re
coluid.7U.uuj bus export*, nonet Western mixed. 41®
«!ttt white do. Kwiee.
Kay—Firm and unchanged.
llol'H—Quiet but steady; yearlings, 13®30c; Cast*
ern und \v o stern.
GUOCKMIXH —Colfou dull and unchanged. Sugar
stronger und quiets fair to pood running la-ltta.
Molasses quiet but llrnt. Mice quiet but stuudr.
I’lmtuhietui—Dull and weak; United. btfio; crude,
7®7Hic! rosined. 7J*c.
‘l'Ai.i.mv-Flrmt 7>#a7Kc. „
Urst.v—Strop* und higher: f2.17HG2.35.
Tuuhk.vtinb—Higher und brut; &l««Me.
Kuna—Western fresh steady ul I'AipluHu.
liKATltKlt—ln Rood demands llrro; hemlock solo.
Buenos Ayres, und Ulo Urando light, middle und
henry woluhlis 'UVt'XHc.
Wool.—Firm; good Inquiry; domostio fleece, 31®
■Co: pulled. aiwWoiJuawashod, HttßUo: Texas. HAMIc.
I'ltovisioNH— fork higher. cloilqr tlrcn; old moss.
fia.7UiilUAJ, lloef steady und In fair demand. Cut
meats quiet but Arm; long clour middles.
short do, lUM's»uJ<c. Bard strong; prime steam, 11L75.
Hlimstt-Domaml fair und market llrm; KAUIo.
ciikkmk—Quiet but nrmat7®il!<o.
Mktai.h aiunufuciurou copper quiet and un
changed. Ingot, 1-ake, 17a. I'lg-lron, Scotch, dull,
fAJ.fitW3l.ort. American, quiet but llrm at sU).W®3i.au.
Uuula shooting) likiiic. Nalls, out. 13.13; clinch,
Pnii.AnKti'iiiA, Hope 3,—Ftouit—Strong; in good
demand] nuporllno. (4.6(WM.00i Ohio extras, t6.609<L00)
Wisconsin atralaht, IT.OOi good Minnesota extras,
clear, 17.00] straight. (7.96; choice. 17.60; choice St.
|.ouls und Southern Illinois, 18.00; Ohm family, choice.
17.60] now procoaa;V.(BHt Minnesota patent process,
(8.00; choice, 18.95; high grade, WJO; winter patents,
$136. Ityo tlnur tlr/n at W.U).
GitAlx—Whoaittrni] No. 9 rod,lnelevator,H.4oK9
1.-CJi No. 9 rod. September. 11.410i.41K; October,
(1.44H31.41K; November. 11.45K9t.49. Corn opened
weak und Ho loner; closed atondy; mixed on truck,
grain depot, Tie; steamer do, T7o; rejected do. TOHot
sail mixed. Heptetaber. lUK‘3d>Huj October, 79H97:1c;
November. 7Mi9*iJo. Oats dull] N0.9m1x0a.610; No.
9while,Ale; No.lrte.BSH’AWc.
IMtuvimoxu—Active uud lair. .Ueof—Mo**, 116.00.
Mess pork. lltl7&l9.dQ> llams-Wmokod, lik*l4c, 1a rd
—City Kettle. UIMm du atonm, llJio.
Uuttku—Demand active; scarce, and firm; cream*
cry, extra IWo; deed to choice. 979*400; Now Vork Slate
oml llrndford County (Pennsylvania) extras, Jrfts'&o;
du tlratu, 9Ma*>iot dairy extra, 94996 c; do tfuud to
choice. 9)9930, _
KuaH—Wfjttorn fresh dull and easier at ISo.
UilKKdB-Hcitrce and tlm; full cream, lUtUHo; fair
to Bond, lUfelilHe.
I'KTMui.KUM—DuII; rollDOd, TMc.
WHISKY—DuII lit 11.90.
IlKcniiTU-Flour, wheat, 63.000 buj com,
J7,iwhut outs, 17,UU0, but ryo.euubu.
BT.I-ouis.Bopt. a-Ki.ouu-Unchanjjod,
Uiiain—Wheat oponcil lower and very unsettled,
fluctuated wildly, and closed lilftlier and llrmi No.'J
rod, fI.«H cash) 11.40HU1.48Hi Ootobort 11.43KU1.MH
November) ll.tbHUI-MH Uocorobon k 1.41% the yean
No. U do, tUMiI.:HH) No. 4 do, IL37H- Corn lower)
iSWSd2Uo cash) C&NKNHMo Oclobort OTW®O*Ko No*
vuiubort tWH(WBJ<o Uecembon Tfy/itTiXa year. Oats
lower at 4dj((a4o)io cash or October) 43?{(#«Kc No*
vumber) 4)H<344siia December) 4<%0 year, Ityo lower
at H.uriw.
l!w All-Firm at 15.00.
Kuoa-Unchaiinod- . .
WHWKY—bloody at ILIA. __
l'uovjHiON»~btron«und hlehort pork IIIUD. Dry
salt moats, IMU, HtSi. und mill. Hacon *£76,110.WK,
undlllM. Ward, IlLtO.
Ukckuth—Klour. 6,00) brlst wheat, 66.0 U) but com,
744U1 but onto, liUJUbui rye, l.UUUbui barley, 6.UW bu.
buu'JikNTit-Klour, U.IM) brlst wheat, !ll.uw but corn,
iW.UUDbu) outs, none) rye, nonet barley, lUUJbu.
UAi.Tiurmb, Sept. a.~Kt,ouit-Bioadri quiet,
OitAUf—Wheat—Western lower, closing about
steady) No. S winter red spat, lIMHOIJWt Hoptom*
bur, lI.JW asked) October, 11.41H3UW) November,
December, ♦1.50. Corn—Western lower)
netflecuid] nliod spot, IW«) Beptuiutwr, USHo asked)
October, TVHUrJHot November, 73j(ei steamer, «do
bid. Oats strunuert Western white, mixed.
CMsoot Pennsylvania, 6U»sic, Uyo dull at ILUxiUU.
i’uovisiuNs— Unchanged and am.
rnwruu-Klnui Western grass, )4U230.
KmiH-Duiiat inuife
Uhuckuikh—Codec quiet usd unebansed, Biutsr
,lr at |l.Xb
KHKionxa-UuH and unehatmed. __
UKc'Hii'ra-b'lotir. l.blt brlst wheat, TI.OTO bui corn,
81.15 U hut uais,s.3uj bu.
biilPWKNTa—Wheat, nonet corn, 11,08) bu.
bAUca—Wheat, fIW,'AW bui corn, IT&TObu.
ftuwunt.«ANß.Bopt.9,--?i,uUK-niuhori fuperflQo
N.ifc-MUt XX, ia.74fcfl.ooj XXX, K3.OKi7.ajj blgO grade*
CuitN«MVAt<-Quiet at f US,
(MTU-Urm ut W«W7o. .
lUv-l’rluo flout WWOQJUja.
I’novimuNti-'l’ork UUiborj WJ.J3. f*rd
llorco. |)lttarJ.&ot keu, 11174. Sulk nioata uuurco
mid Urui abouidon. SB-Ogu Itaoou airuufft abuuldura,
W.btiii clour rib, in.k4j3an.s7i cluar, iiLLa Uauu—
huuujvoufod dull andlowari canvuud. liyH4o.
WiituKv—Buwulrt Wetiaro recUflod. |LIUuI.2U.
tiuacimilie-Ctilnioatuadr, wltb a fair damuudi Ulo
cargoua. unlluarr t<» prime, IbWfciaWo. btuiar Onuj
oouimon to good common, flteTHoi /air to fully fair.
7Jte»>i«i prime to.cbvlw, tw3»io 1 yellow claimed, VM
aro<o. Moliwm* qulAl but Atoady | eommcm to prime.
avaltJo. Itlcotunireant flrnu Louisiana ordinary to
prlmo, ♦Hf'WHc. .
»UAN-ln«oort demand i <UCO.
MILWADKKK. Win.. Bopt, 3.-Fu»tm-Bteady and
drain—Wheatllrmt i N 0.3 Milwaukee hard nma
limit No. 3 Milwaukee, lUMaI Boptombor, fI.HWI
OcUibor. fI.3IHSt November, »1.25 Ki December.
No. 3 Milwaukee, nominal! No. 4 and rejected nom
inal. cent iiulott No. a. «lc. OwW uw i»nd hlßhori
No. 3 white, .Ho. Bye lownrj No.l fl.OKOl.tn. Bar*
lor aloadyt No. 3 spring, cash. BUci September. TDOAkv
October, rash, 81c. . .. _ . .
I'lmvtmoNH-lllahpr. Mosspork. fW.IS cash and
Poptemiujriiw.M October. Uttd-l’rlmoateam.fU.W
cash and HoptemborifU.7s Ocsober.
Hour—Steady. with a falrdomanrtt 13.0000.40.
KuKlUßTM—Wheat to Buffalo at 4e.
Umttpts-Fiour, 10,001 brisi wheat, 9i*«Qoo but corn.
Flour, 13,000 brlst wheat. 00,000 but corn.
10,000 bu. -
Cincinnati. 0.. Bopt. 3.—Cotton—Quiet t
Fi.otm—Htcady nnd unchanged.
Oit.liN—Wheat strongs No. 3 red winter, 11.. U Com
generally unchanged, but some sales rather liighon
No. 3mixed, (MttOtiTo. Oats unaoUlod: No. 3 mixed.
4‘Mplo. Uro In fair demand i.No. 3, 11.13. Ilarlor In
good demands No. 1 fnll.tl.w. . „ ,
Pimviaiosn— Pork qiiloti C.U.00. Lard stronannd
hlßhort IU.JIV Hulk meats strong and hlghorj shoul
ders, flHot clear rib. lotfo. Uacon strong and higher!
ahmildurs. BWoi clear rib, lo)*er clear, IlWc. .. „
WiitHKT—Active and rtrmi ll.Nt combinaUon sales
of nnishod Roods, t*w hrls on the basis ot II.M.
Bumm—Demand fair, and prices higher. Cream*
err. Diet choice Western Deserve, 25ci choice Cen*
Boston, Bopt. a—Fi.otm-Stoody and flnm West*
orn suporflne, fS.OOCtS.7St enDiown extras. t<I.QOQ<Ui(U
Wisconsin extras, td.33oa7fti Minnesota extras, W. 35
®T.26( winter wheats, Ohio and Michigan.
f7.nuj7.75! Indiana. f7.W«5.00! BU Ixmls and IBlnols
patent spring wheats. |7A»«38.i5( patent winter. 57.&U9
UuAf.v-Corn stoadri No. 3 and high mixed. 749
7«ej steamer, 73»7»0i no grade, (W®7oo. «aw quloti
No. 1 and extra while. No. 3 white. M»o3r}
No. a white, 43cs No. 3 mixed. 4Rc. lire, 11.10.
BirtTKu—Choice creameries, 7Aft.l)es choice ladle
packed. 3U3310i common to good, 15011)0.
Konn-Wosiorn fresh, 17«18o, .
liKUKirm-Kionr. 7.IXJU brls. l.roo sacks| corn. 43.000
but wheal. o.ooo bit} outs.^
miiritß.vra-FJour, 635 brisi oats. 20,000 bui wheat.
25,000 bu.
Toi.Rno, 0.. Bopt. 3-6:45 p. m.-OnAiN'-Whoat
firm: No. 3 rod, spot, Boptomber. 11.X9H October.
fl.4IH< November. tt.4l; December. year,
Corn stondy: hlgh-mlxod, (bWc: No. 2. straU
October. 05|<tO] year, uihie. Oslsqulotj No. 3
'"jIKCKiiTS-WheaU 83,000 bat oats. 14.000 but corn,
Hiiii’mknts—Wheat,32,ooo but oats, 11,000 but corn.
4,1X1] im.
I'ROTIIA, UK, BoptS.—OltAlN—Com quiet fend easy;
high mixed. mixed, Oats steady:
No. 3 white. 41HGH2C- Uyo quiet at lI.WKai.W.
HiomviNSß-Unohangod at W.H.
Urcriptb—Wheat. 3,750 but corn, 70.400 bu: oats,
28.350 bu: rro.a.ii7Sbu: barter, none. .
biuphenth—Wheat, i,ouo but com, 49,500 but oats.
42,000 bm rye, barley, none.
RASSASOITV, Mo., SepUT.—QllAl.V—The Prtee Cur
rent reports: Wheat—Receipts, 4d,4lff but shipments
Sl&S&but active but lower; No.flcosb, tI.HHt Septem
ber, Sl.itki: No. 3 cash. 11.3414: September. Sl.34*<t
No. 1 cash. 11.31. Corn—ltocoipta, 3,300 bu: shipments,
1.11? hut market alow and lowort N 0.3 cash, Sit Octo
ber, OWc. _
BUFFALO, N. Y m Hopt. 3.-OUAiN-Wheat loworj
No. J hard Duluth. 11.40 bid: antes of 30,000 ycarund
September at»l.:tT«l..irK- Corn end oats neglected
and nominally unchanged. . ,
CAN At. Fttkiouxa-Woakt nothing doing.
nernoiT. Mich* Bopt. 3,-Ft.ouit—Dnchaoßcd.
GUAlN—Wheat very dulls No. 1 white. 11.34: Sep
tember, 11.31; October, tl.&9{; November. IL»Ws
No. 3 white. Sl.lUftt Ilocolpts, wheot, 44.000 bu; ship
niouts, 33,000 bu. ■
Indianapolib, Sept 2.—Obain—Wheat steady;
lUa. Com dull; K*Misc. Oats dull; 33}4®420.
Oswego, Soot. 3.—a it ain—Wheat higher. Corn
quiet; mixed, 08c. _
Nnw YoUK, Sopu 3.—Business only moderate with
package houses, but the Jobbing trade fairly active.
Cotton Roods firm, and some makes of canwt warps
advanced by orchis. Prints in steady demand, and
several loading makes are sold ahead. Ginghams
Jobbing freely. Flannels In fair demand and brm.
Men's wear woolous remain quiet and steady.
Mempbib, Tcnn.. Bopu 3.—Cotton—Flrmi re
ceipts, liu bales; shipments, 38; stock. 5.7D3; sales, 375:
middling. UV6c.
Bt. Lniriß, Hept. 3.—Cotton—Finn; middling, UMo;
aulos, 275 bales; receipts, 3UO; shipments, fl;j stuck,
CLICrfiLAKD, Kept. 3.—I’ETHULKOM—StOBiIf ftnd
QUlot: HUndard white, ilOtoaU nt"c.
I'ITTSIIUHO, I'a., aopt. JL-I*KTiu)i.RUM-Qulot and
acllvoi Unltad corUticattn.BiMc; rdUauiMJic*
OolpbU duUforjf.
Wir.mxnToN.Bopt. a.-armiTs ok tdiipentise-
Firm nt 4Uoj soft, fct.W; Virginia. 12.80.
Hopßlttor* stronjrtbous, builds up, and euros
coiitluuully from tbo llrat done.
Mothers, when Worn Ont
With the ceres of maternity, or the Household, or
whoii weak, nervous, mid hysterical. taKe a Uuso of
that '• delicious InTftforant.” BANKOUU'S OINQEU.
Nootlier remedy Is so wholesome, palatable. and safo
furdollcato women, young ohlldron, end the atfod,
llowere of worthless Imitations udd toll* ns
good. A«W for HANKOUD’H □I NO Bit. end take no
other. Bold everywhere. WKKKB&PO'PrKH. Uos«
For Grand Haven, via Milwaukee, twice dally at 8
a. ui. ami 8 p. iu., Bumlnjr morning excepted.
Furfebeboyinin. Manitowoc, l.uiUnkton, and Mania*
too, dally at Ba. n».. Sunday morning oxoepted.
to, uany a* o a. ni.rDuiiiiay momma u*u>i>hiu>
For Urouii llajr, MenoralßOO ana bay porta, Kowau
— no.. Tuo*day at 7 n. m.
KacanaUa, Fayette, Monomlneo, Sturgeon Bay,
II i<ako Superior towoa, via Bacnnaba, Baturuay
nuo. etc.,
Kor K*
nod all
Fur Frankfort, I'iorport, Arcadia, oka, Tueaday at!
, m. uml Butunlur at U a
DucVa foot MlcUlßao-a
CktrUr*4 by Ik* RUU *f llll*»lt,f*r U»»»*»l*l. **l*bHl***4
•>M4rwn*l Mmli. X»mai ul ilntlilllMiMi,
Dr« LL'l'iH li BgraJualvcf t«*a triulw (Allapatble tod KcWUr)
birHlcal Colt«£*i, It mil kmwa os u« l*tdlic cuil u f*uort«r Cl
lb* niamawlh IMlrrti* MtJUtl JoUluU. K»u Frwwiw*, and 11 Ub
*(ll ku«a hrt Ibtl for many < nn W im lilnotl In tli<
tied* asd malairatnf Actual a*3 CWmbl* IHicbc**, o>u>rl«l*y klm
B|lMU|>llbllVhllfilfl UCII IMlMilrf
butfowpOCW.C IUIfl« Ip ifltll ■»«, »b» AT* tßMt
' tvcUof youthful <Biil>cr*Ur*i| or tirntrt. Hcaata*'
. ' •'* - •— 1 ■■-'••••- • * *
IlfttHllrV ua
■at frnts Ui* affect* «f <
IlftlH.,, -- ... ...
Vitality. C*afH*l*a *1 U**s litnl** t« RotUlr, UMpaad.
•••/, Piapla* a« U<* Vtw, Utt tl Katrif) t*4 rr*o’B*y tl
•U«/aa* UlUii an ucirfly
M>||« iiuMi;, tad mb) by iimb. If fail Jnnlpab* •l»Nb l l,u,
kut*Mp*fMMll*lcrrl««lnallr»i*« i>t«lcn*d. Call «r add ran
Ur. UlCkft, in ft. Clark ftU Cklcara. ID.
Bend two3*c«nl sumut for circular.
<iulU Medal Awarded
Ay tlienullior. AiiawiuidjrruaiUed
a yj, K'Ai Work.wiirntuUiO Uio beat and
eboapovi'lDdUnetuabte to every
iiian.uruiUed “IhuSclunco of Ufo
U«\9Ev iiiio»i KroncJi iuubUii. oiubOMOii.
HbIMA luiiuiit, aui<o.coiiuiii*Ujamirul
VjKfll m-oV ontfrsvlutfi, I*s oruicrlp-
Uou«, nrluu only ll.'u »«uv uy
JXnHHAf/ tualli inustretoU Minplo.U cunUt
JBB3%SBKSmWJ!* eumJ hum-. AddreM I’oabody Mud*
*S Si-jSi IDR. KEAN,
173 South Clarls-st, Chicago.
CODiultuononallf or br wait, free of coanta, on ill
timmlo. Bwrvous. ur syeuat aiwaaea. Ur. J. Kean It
ibe utur pbytlcian Ui Uia cltr wUo warrant* curat gr
avl»r. flounu if e. in. w# y. w-i ttUQta/a,HwUfli
nAtLnoAu time,
iKH.-ttt«iurrtnr oiooptid. •
tMonrtyr oioopiod. IHaii?.
< hlc *F° JfnrU»vre,i* Pl
For Miipt.lfmo-L’trrt*. HlfioninaT:*
ni'Plrntffi OlHrk-st.. «r«na f'ad
mirt ilopol corner of Weih , UM j
-r4B t
nr ii>,
» RaUw
Marshalltown Repress
,'odar Uaplda Express
’acme Fast Line
Hlmix City A VankUjn I
Omaha Night Express,,,
Cedar Uaplda Night Kxpross!!‘*“
lea Mo nos Day Kinross
>o« Moines Night Express...
Hon* Lily ft Yankton......
r rooport, Rockford A Dubuqiie!”
Freeport, Uockford A Dubuque
-roeportand Rockford.'.
.akoDonova A Elgin.
illlwatikoo Express
Milwaukee KpocUl-Sundnxi
Milwaukee ft Uruott Bay?"
Illwnukow I’assonaor,,...,
dllwaukoe Passenger
MU., Droun liar ft Marquette.’..*.*'
Jrmjn liar. Tin JnunsxlUe
IU Pam A M nnoattnlH Ktnroi.
St. Paul A Minneapolis Kip™!!'
Pierre ft Dnadwond Express...
dlnnosota A Central Dakota
dlnnosota A Central Dakota ' "
tshkush.vla Janesville. ....
.nko (iennvn. *'•'
g»ke Denova....
F.laln Kxproaa-,.. ****
Elgin Express. * *'
Elgin Express...... "
Klßln Kxprou * “
Elgin Sunday Express.
Chicago. norltnaton At Qnlnev
rnrMapa, Time-Tables. SleotUnx-ra? * i
Uons, npiilr nlfiu Clark-su P Jlmnd r t»^2a ra ?w*«
loot or (mllana-BT.. Qrund Dmlln nJ. 61 ® 0 U»«L
House. nnd7&Cnnal»au nlon Ue » w k I’&imi, I
ft Stroator Kr
LNobrnska KxproM,
bUubuquo ft Sioux Cltr Kxpross*
ftAmbor. Book KnllsAßterUau Ux
liDowner'sUruvei Accommodat'o
bftlontanaft Paulflo Express,. .
bHLJosoph, Atchison ATuoqluv Ex
bKansnsCltrft Denser Express
Aurora Sunday Passenger
{.Aurora PMaonuor.
bMendota A Ottawa Express.. .
I at. Louis
Mtoektord A KroopurtExoress.
PAunira Passenger 1
fl-.ni s nj i
logjam i
j a pm
4..Tn p m
hAurora Passonger!!!!!!|!!|l!'**'
eDos Moines, umaha A Lincoln
Night Express
eßnutltem PsclUo Express......
c'l’oxas Express......
uKansas City A Bu Joe Nlulu k x
liKreopoit A Dubuque Express..
Wed. A Hau Theatre Train
b.tti p m
0:10 p m
0;(0 p rw
P *n
H :36 pm
a Dally. hTMIIy. except Sunda'
Saturday, d Dally, except Mondai
Dubuque trains leave and arrive
pot. tout of Lako*tU
W. dial l]
a from Cm
Chicago. Milwaukee dt Nt,
Union I)onoi: Comer Madison. Cm
Ticket Offices, (W Clatk-st., p&u
I*ftciflo I loiol, and at Depot.
Pnni Ita
ntl, and Ad
mor litftui
Milwaukee Fast Mall.
• a:U» p m
• fti'Upm
t I'm)pm
t U.-UJ p ra
ooonuumwuo 4 Wnukoslm Ex...
Wuukesba AOconoinownc Ex...,
Milwaukee, at. Paul 4 Mlnne-l
opens Express trains.,.. 1
Green Bay, Menashn. and Ap-i
nloum Express trains ... J
Milwaukee, Mudlsun. Prolrlo du
Chlon, lowa, and Dakota Ex....
Hlovons Point and Ashland Kx...
Milwaukee. .Madison, and Prairie
du Cblen Express
LlbenrrUlo Accommodation
Elgin Passenger
Dubuquo X Cedar llaplds Express
Dnbudp Night Express
Elgin 2k Kirkland I'ns'naor (dailr>
Elgin Special Fast Express...;.'.:
Itasca accommodation
* C:3O p nj
•9:30 am
MIWO & m
t ibflopra
* s:lft p m
* cull u.m
Trains for Humboldt and Norll
a.m. and O:3J p. m.t arrive 6;Aj
dally, SuodAjs excepted.
Chicago tears :ail
um.tmd7:» k, kl,
Chicago <i; Alt
Union DopoK West Side, corner;
Ms., between Madison and Ad:
Twenty-UUnl-st. Ticket Offices,
Clark-sL. Grand Pacltlo Motel, s
■Madison and Csnai.
mmhiU brtdße*. m(
i,m Dopeia, Kiicaih
and Palmer Dome.
Kansas City, Denver. Pueblo Ex.
Kansas City .Santa Fc, New Mox
lco.Arlioua4Callfnrnla Fast Ex
St. Louis, HprlCßllold 4 Texas....
HU Louis, H(irlnßllold A Texas...,
Mobile X New Orleans Express..
Peoria, Keokuk. X Bur- { via
llnifton Fast Express., j Chouoa
Pekin X Peoria Ex. via Juliet....
Stroator, Lucon.Washlngt'n Ex..
Joliet X Dwight Accommodation.
*13:115 pm
4 0:00pm
* 9:UJ*m
I o:lUpm
* s.-nj a ra
* o:U)am
1 0:111 a m
•12:35 p m
* fttillpm
initiate Central Ra
Depot foot of Lsko.st.and footoi
Ticket Ofllcos, 131 llandulph-sU.
Puclllo Hotel, tmd Palmer lloun
•. near Cla:
flKLools&Toxas Express
Ht. Louis x Texas Fast Lino...,
Cairo 4 Now Orleans Express...
New Orleans X Texas Fast Ex.
Hprlngllold Express
Bprlogdeld Nluht Express
bl’eorla, Burlington x Keokuk.
cPooria, Burlington X Keokuk.
PunUau X Chatswortb Express.
Chatswortb Express..
(•Itrann Poasengor
* B'4l)an)
i 8:AI p m
* B:4Uara
4 H:3opm
* fl:4oam
5 R:Jjpin
* 8:«om
I 8:30 pm
* B:«Jnn
* s:2ftpin
* 5:35 p m
* llitaa in
* 11:31 p ni
Dubuquo X Hloux cYty fUnreni!
Dubuque X Sioux City Express.
b—On Saturday night to oilman <
s-On tiaturday Qlßht runs to t'o:
Jon* only.
•Iflfl UlltqrtT,
Wabash' at. I>oul« A Pml
Union Depot. Htato and TijolfW
cars run to tno Depot, and Wen)
within 0.10 block. Ticket Omcei
ralmor lloubo, andQrnnd Tacit
BU Louis ft Gulf Express,..
HU Louis ft tlulf Fast Lino
Kansas City ft liouvor Fast Kx...
Peoria, Burlington ft Kookuk Ex
Peurtaft i'ckln Special
Hprlngtlold ft Hannibal Fast Line
• H:i>a tu * 7;3Jprn
} tl:(Up ro 17:.(ram
‘l'Dripm * Z:^)pia
* B:4sam • L'Jlpn
1 U'AUpm I V. 3) am
*17:30 pm * J-M pm
I Dally. ’Dally except Hundara
NOTB—Pullman HUsoplng-Cart f
Louis, Kansas City, ana I'oorhu 1
with revolving chain, Chicago to
cllnlng-Chalr Hteaplng-Csrs Chio
KansasClty. No change of Day
81. Louis or KansasClty.
ream Chlcsvp W9t
Parlor DsyCoacbH
HU Louis, sod K*.
ago to llaQDlba) sag
Coach os CbicaiuM
•nclfle Railroad.
Nhermari'Sis. Ticks
ouse. I’almor Hum.
ml, comor Madisoa
Chicago. Itoek Island ft Pi
Depot, comer of Von Huron and t
Olilcos. CO Clnrk'St, thormon llu
Clrund Pacific Hotel. and 75 Cain
Dorcnport ft Poorln Express
Council liluflk Fast Express.
Kansas City. Leavenworth ft At*
chlson Fust Kxpruos
Hu Paul ft Minneapolis Express.
Pom Accommodation
Council bluffs Night Express
Kansas City. Leavenworth ft At*
cliison Night Express
Mu I'aul ft Minneapolis Fast Kx..
llluo Island Accommodation......
Blue Island Accommodation
llluo Island AooommodaUon......
llluo Island Accommodation......
llluo Island Accommodation
Uluolsland Accommodation
Mouth Chicago Accommodation,.
Mouth Chicago Accommodation..
Thoutro Train
Church Train
•Dally except Mondays., tUsllr oxcoot
tDatly axcopt Mondays. (Thursdays and
ouly. IMuodayaonly.
Michigan Central Railroad.
Dopou font of I AXo-st. and foot of X
Ticket omco, CT Clark-sl., soullmasl con er
dolph. Uraod I’scitlo llotol. and st I simut
Mall (?lft Main and AlrLlno) • W»amJ
N«w Vork & Uonon Ex. * Ostfl* “Ij I:£ gS
WuuolalNow Vork Kxprvaa |
Kalatnatou Accommodation 1 f «P m j,*£- • "
Atlantic Eiproaa Wally) S
MflUtKxprosfl..... ....... . jlwdbi
Uroiid Uaplda 4it uikoKon .Mall.. * IS «i ; iiuta
Utand ItanUU A I'euiakr Expwjaa • ■
aorand Uaptda AMunkojian Kx - * u - 10t>toj 7 ~
«owiumM. tumir. tauuwirToSwS*’
aSalunl#T’« icave»t6:wp. ui.
L»ka «hor« Mlcbicnn SiJ'S I*
Tlck«t Office* at oopou, VUII
hollo, Twoniy-»ocund-at., *„j
ami ifruluhl office HUO or .«
office*in tlieUrand —
Mall (via Main Line)......«2 : i52m • j-wpS
Hwjclnl New York & IwaWuKx.. . IWKiJu 4 MVU
NVwYork KMlKxuruM/iUUr).. « ; ,utia
Atlantic N. Y. Kxprou (du11y).... j 4 ; PP{j J
uNlahtMxpwa. - --
u Saturday* toavo ut II iSU ji ni. t
“ E x r .,yi’r,ss^ f ir(.«
Morning Kxprou.
Kmi Kxprtmw
~|Uall*. • Sunday* eicopWd.
|»actßo lloioU and Palmar Huu*g.»
Clne»ni»itl,l«aiMi*poU**LOuU , • t-Sjg
Tlllo I>ar I t;W*5
U<> NWit
IMlUlnirir. FI. Wuyno A
«* 4
at Depot.
Mali lad Bxprou.,,-... ,
York B*pr««< IdBlly) |
l‘cwilloKxpr««Mi (dally;.. !
t'uii L.1u»..... L
iniUburgi ClocmnaU
KClauUmati and
Depot, comur ol Adame and ,rm «*“•
tteftb (MtsM at Uo>H)l and J" 4 {tfim..
ciata«aU Grand t > a* ,| » i 1 lltital< *** -
u»*v»-1 KXt ?L-.
Dog {^*Vtx^muiuJiUuri j j. : sp w) I:W*
HlSutlSpfU ..jl
. Cklp««o «*» JS««l«ru **
Depot, TwoirU)*b, uoftr
cuio, UrUtk’t txpmw
Dir 8ibnA..,,,,
NubrUui X >lo rid* ICiprw**-
t D«dlj, QXPBPI am»Ut». *
t'hleaco ib Grand
Do pot comor o t TwclDb *!
Miltind Krprm.
Mitfut tixpma....
»»Mpt ii
T, exempt
Uni U».
Jo, Uru|
* 7.0) p m
* 7:JH p n
* SiUprn
* 4:.Mpm
t 7:10a tn
* B:Utn
1 I:4lpm
• T:tSpm
4 IvSaS
* 3:31 pm
irk, Urul
‘ B:3opn
• B:3lpm
I ;:3Jam
• H:3lpa
* *;lsam
* :i:Q3pa
Sheave. Arrive.
* C.-OUpn
* J:iipa
* J:«Spa
*13:05 pin
*13:1)6 pm
t U;3U p u
► 9:30 pro
t o:3opm
• <>;s6b id
• 9 elO
• 4:«Jp na
• d;ldpu
• rti.WpO
• iilSpni
• >ls pm
• C:Ulpiu
• 9:30 pro
• 7:tl am
•4:30 pit)
I 1:15 pm
jrof lUB*
t limits^
• ! Si?!.*
[| n-mnmil
3£M» u> ll s:Si*
l, * ml l - tJ —3
ik K»»«
tad W*W:
fu*'* IJim
"wiDiw Sj}***
J s;iip®l e,w#

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