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liuUdii »t/J.
Stye jfemw.
At this writing nil things arc lit readiness
for tho removal of tho President from the
While House to Look Branch, where It
Is hoped tho bracing air will have tho
elfect of restoring tho much .suffering,
much loved patient to health and
strength. . lie will he moved from the
While House (o tho railway station hi
a Treasury wagon, and nothing that pa
tience, ingenuity, or thoughtful solicitude
can suggest has been left undone to make
the removal as easy and little hurlful to the
patient’s condlllonas possible. He will be
conveyed from the depot at {Washington to
l.ong llranch In a car specially prepared,
over a track covered with sawdust, ami
drawn hy an anthracite engine, so that
there shall Im the least possible amount
of noise. The patient himself ex
hibits great anxiety to be removed, amt the
physicians hope for the best results oil ac
count thereof. That their hopes may he
realized, will be tho earnest prayer of the
Cloudy weather, occasional rains, vari
able winds, and stationary or lower tempera
ture for this region today.
Duuixo tho year 1870, the total value of the
llsh caught In tho great lakes, together with
the caviare, isinglass, niul oil made therefrom,
is estimated at 81,731,059.
YkrtkudAY WO Mormons sailed from Liv
erpool for Utah. Most of them eomo from
tJermany and Switzerland. During the pies
out season not less than 2,000 persons left
Liverpool for Utati.
M». .Ikfkuiison Davis, ox-Presldent of
the “Lost Cause.” arrived at Liverpool yes-'
terday, and proceeded to London. lie re
fused to he Interviewed, lie is reported to
bo in very poor health.
lIKNJAMtx Siionocn, wlilie playing base
ball yesterday afternoon at Paterson, X.
was struck In the stomach by ahalt from tho
lint, lie died from the clients n few minutes
after. Base-ball players please tako notice.
Tin: British harks David Taylor. Capt.
Wallace, and th£‘ Violet, Capt. Hemline,
botti from New York, have been in collision
off Bordeaux, France. The amount of dam
age sustained by either has not been ascer
tained. •
Skvkiiat. of tho Republican associations
of Now York City passed resolutions last
evening denouncing the attempt to nssasinate
tho President, expressing 'sympathy for his
family and the Nation, and prayerful hope
for his recovery.
Nineteen persons were Pilled end twonty-
Jivo Injured by n railroad accident In Franco
Sunday, caused by tiro tatlnru of tho llairintiii
to close a switch. Sonic ot the unfortunate
victims ware so horribly mutilated that iden
tification Is Impossible.
Tin: Western Union Telegraph Company
has gobbled up-tbfetelegraph lines and other
property of tho Bankers' & Brokers’ Tele
graph Company octwcen Now York and
Washington. Tim price paid is 8120,000.
The deed of conveyance was made by John
11. Wells midwife.
Tin: SAxon Minister of Justice Ims issued
a decree declaring that In the future the pub
lic olllces throughout Urn Kingdom of .Saxo
ny will not be closed on tlio anniversary of
Uio capitulation at Sedan. The decree nat
urally enough attracts considerable atten
tion in France and Germany.
Tiik North Qmmn Gazette, Bismarck’s
organ, stated a few days ago. that “those
who supported tho Emperor supported the
Government.” The statement Ims produced
a rather unanimous protest from tho German
Liberal press. It is regarded us questioning
tho loyalty and patriotism of tho Liberals.
Trn men have been arrested at Mlllstrect,
Cork, In connection with the recent “Fenhm
raid ” for arms In that vicinity. In Limerick
City tlio police and military have been eon
lined to their barracks. A stratagem by the
“rioters” to decoy them therefrom failed;
otherwise there would ho some bloodshed.
Pat Qoikx, a brutal wlfe-bcator, was sent
to jail yesterday by Justice Morrison because
lie could not pay a fine of SBS. Justice Mor
rison scums to have a more manly detesta
tion of scoundrels of Quinn’s stripe than
have tlio other Chicago Justices. Justice
Morrison’s head Is obviously level, and his
heart is evidently In tlio right place.
(lAJinKTTA, in a speech delivered at Xcu
bourg, Prance, Sunday night, said that, “ if
France had more steadfast hearts, ami if
virtue, patriotism, independence, and dis
dain for more material enjoyments had more
largely prevailed,”• Urn disaster of Sedan
would have been wiped out. The speech will
bo interesting reading for the Germans.
At tbo mooting of the Uoiml of Commis
sioners for Cook County yesterday Messrs.
Frank Edwards of Xorthfleld, John X. Hills
of Lnko View, and Jacob Antes of North-
Held were elected Toll-ltoml Inspectors, and
Mr. F. M. Webster of Hyde Fork and Jus
tice Sumiuorfield of Chicago were elected
members of the County Hoard of Education.
At tho regular weekly meeting of Uio
Presbyterian pastors of this city held yes
terday It was resolved that tho members of
thu Presbyterian Church In this city be re
quested to meet In tho Union Park Congre
gational Church today to unite In prayer for
tho restoration of the President to health.
Members of other evangelical churches have
also resolved to attend.
Tiik Governors of Maine, Now Jersey, and
Massachusetts have set apart Thursday next
as a day of public prayer for the recovery of
the President. 'The Governors of Illinois,
Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Now York,
and Ohio have set today apart for such' pray*
era. Gov. Churchill, of Arkansas, has nunuid
the Hth Inst, and other Chief Magistrates
have named other days.
Tiik result of stxty-fonr second ballots for
members of the French Chamber s hows that
flfty-six llepubllcuDs, three Bourbons, and
flvo Bonupartlsts were elected. Thu Ilepub
tlcans galnetl ton seats, seven from the Bona
purtlsts and three from the Bourbons. The
Jlepubllcan los? Is two, Tho complexion
of tire next Chamber Is now detlnitly known.
It will consist of 450 Kepublluans of vari
ous shades, forty-seven Bonuporllsts,
and forty-ono Bourbons, The 450 Be
publicans will consist of forty-six Irrec
oncilable* 108 iiadlcals of the Cl®-
mcnceaii type, !iO(J (luinbcMlsts, ami
:;n Moderates of tho Jules .Simon type. It Is
noticeable (hat among those elected on the
second ballot is Tuny Uovlllon, tho Unche
furl candidate for the Chnronno district, the
one in which (Jarnbcltu was. defeated.
TwocAn-i.oAPHof ginssblowcrs, with their
families, arrived nt ha Salle, HI., from tier
many last night. Two car-loads more are on
the way. Home months ago the employes of
the He Steiger (Buss Company, of ha Salle,
struck work.' The company immediately
dispatched a represcntnllfu to (lonimny.
The ftrrivftts yesterday and those expected
are tho results of his labors.
Since 'Tuesday of last weak,tho weather In
Oreal Britain has been cfetnly, cold, mid
rainy, with intermittent sunjdilne. The cold
has had thcetfeetof preventing the sprouting
of grain, hut It has also retarded Hie ripen
ing of grain In late districts. In Scotland
there have been frosts which have caused
considerable damage. The crop reports from
Ireland.have been by no niediw favorable.
Avoon Khan declare* that he ha* aban
doned hi*-intention of lighting the Ameer
Abdurrahman, ami that ho Intend* to light
the Ktiffllsh. The British jpunmls say that
this i* n clumsy plan to gai ns many rllles ns
possible, and Intimnlu UmtAyooh does not
menu what lie says. Tho interpretation put
upon Ayoob’s aetimi shows, however, that
the Afghans are nut greatly in love with the
bit K. Li.ovu Hou'AiiD, physician at the
Quarantine Hospital at Ihdtimoie, was ac
cidentally drowned Sunday. Jlo was on a
steam tup, ami as the tug neared tho wharf
ho triad to Jump on the pier, but made a
misstep, fell into tho water, striking his head
against tno pier. When taken out of the
water he was dead. Tho deceased gentle
man was one of tho best-known physicians
of Maryland. '
Two nitmukih of tho Nihilist Journal, tho
UTH of the People, havo been Issued at Si.
Petersburg. They contain notices warning
sides of tiio terrible fate which awaits them,
a list of donations to tho Nihilist fund
amounting to 4,000 rubles, also the names
of 400 Nihilists arrested since November.
The inif. of the People also contains an ar
ticle threatening tho C/.nr and condemning
ids policy. ■
Ykstehday was Uie hottest day of the
season In Washington, and the Intense heat
told on the President, as might have
been expected. His pulse and temperature
were higher than for several days past.
Otherwise there was no spe.ciul change In ids
condition. It is expected that ho will today
ho removed to Long branch, where It is
iiopcd the sea air will have a good clTcct on
him. Such is the substance of Secretary
blalno’s dispatch to Minister Lowell last
evening. mmm '
Tm: London the organ of the
educated and thoughtful ’fortes, says that
no greater calamity could happen to the
Conservatives than to take olllco on such a
platform as that on which Mr. .lames
JjOWther and Sir Hcorge Elliot were elected
lust week. It goes on to suf that unless tho
Tories uro prepared to advocate protection,
neither election can bo regarded us an un
qualified victory. At tho same time it says
tho Liberals cannot afford to disregard the
double defeat.
The attorneys for tno school-book publish*
in}; lirm of Sherwood & Co. tiled a bill in
Judge Jameson’s court yesterday to re
strain the Englewood School Hoard from
changing the text books used in tho
schools of. tho district over which
they have charge. The injunction Is asked
for on the ground that the books cannot hu
changed under tho Statu law, a snfllcient
number of years not having elapsed since
their adoption. Tho charges made against
Mr. Kimmuy, a member of tho board, by Mr.
Woodard are also set forth in detail.
Bishop Xui.ty, of Meath, next to Arch
bishop Cruise perhaps tho ablest member of
the Irish Homan Catholic hierarchy, says
that tho Liberal Government passed tho Lund
bill only when It could not witli regard to its
own safely and dignity bo withheld, 110
says that the true spirit of tho (iovornmunt
in its dealings witli Ireland is best shown "in
its persistent persecution of tho men who
nuulo tho passing of tho Land bill necessary. 1 *
Tho rejection of Dickson, tho (ihulstonlan
candidate for Tyrone, Dr. Nnlty says, will
show Gladstone that "lie cannot witli im
punity trifle witli tho wishes of tho Irish
Übuaui.e reports from Port Apache and
Fort Thomas leave no doubt that the reports
of tho Indian massacre in the vicinity of the
former plain had no foundation In fact.
Gen. Carr amt tho greater portion of Ids com
mand are yet alive, and cun hold their own
until reinforcements arrive. Thu casualties
number seven—one attlcer, Cnpt, Iluntig, and
six men. It appears that on tho morning of
Uie ’-Will nit. Gen. Carr witli a force of 105
men, Including Indian scouts, and six ofll
eers, left Fort Apfiche with tho Intention of
arresting an Apache who had
been endeavoring to stir up the tribe to revolt.
The command' reached Clbicn, forty-live
miles west of Fort Apache, on the :knh iilt. t
and found 000 Indians there. Tho medicine
man was arrested without resistance, and the
command began to retrace Us steps. Some
Indian scouts who had left their own camp
and came into Gen. Carr’s camp wero ordered
to leave, They refused to do so, but turned
aiidtireHl killlngCnpt. Ilentig. The right thou
became general. Our troops formed a skir
mish line, auddofondod themselves until dark,
after which they retreated to Fort Apache,
where they wore defending themselves at
last accounts against tho assaults of
Uie redskins, and anxiously awaiting rein
forcements. The casualties among our troops
number only seven—Capt. Ilentig ami six
men—Privates Baurdaggur, Sullivan, Living
ston, Miller, Farrar, and Bird.
Sptttal DUtsitch to Th* Chicago TV.’Sur:*,
Duncquivlo., Sept. s.—Christopher Kell,
a well-to-do farmer residing near Bellevue,
Jackson County, committed suicide yester
day morning by shooting nduiself through
tho heart with a shotgun. He Ims been suf
fering with dropsy for some time, and he
was nodded by physicians that lie could not
live three days.
Dutiioit, Mich., Sept- A—A young drug
clerk at Charlotte, this State, named Ben W.
Bouts, son of Allen L. Bours, of Lansing,
shot himself three times In Uie head tlds
afternoon. Hu lived but a short time. He
had been suffering from ill-health some time.
Sirs. Peter It Johnson, of Uie same place,
who (lit her throat with suicidal Intent lost
Friday, again attempted suicide today by
poison. ’ This attempt will also probably
prove u nsuccessful, us doctors promptly
pumped her out.
Gnrllcli) Asks Anxiously: “Is
This llio Lust Day nt the
While House!”
The Surgeons Answer Une
quivocally that It Is the
Last Day.
A Track Has Been Laid Out
Toward Hie Executive
Another Temporary, Tramway Con
nects with the Long Branch
The Train Stands Ready, as the
Train Did the 2d of
A Comfortable Wagon Walts at
the Door of the Stricken
The Patient’s Condition Is, as a Matter
of Pact* and of Course, Posi
tively Critical.
Sptclal DUpulth to The Chitaoo Tribune.
Washington, I). C„ Sept. r»—l a. in.—
There ure as yet no indications that the Pres
ident will be removed before morning.
Probably tho lime will be between ft and 0 a.
in. Tlie surgeons had dlllloulty In putting
him to sleep, and have recently been giving
him considerable infections of morphia. lie
is restless, and has more fever. He Is con
stantly talking of Long branch ami the re
1 : A. M.
Knbcutivk Mansion, Washington, J).
C., Sept. G—l :45 a. m.—At this hour tho Pres
ident is reported resting quietly. No unfa
vorable symptoms or material change in Uie
patient’s condition have been observed since
Sfvelul DUoateh (t The t’liieutjo Tribune.
Washington, 1). C., Sept, ft.— lt Ims been
a day of feverish anxiety ami of active prep
aration nt the While House. Unless Uie
statements of tho physicians were tmtlrely
false, within twenty-four hours the hazard
ons experiment of removing the suffering
President was to bo made. Vet last night
he passed a bad night There were great
liuelnaKons In his pulse and lie was restless.
The talk about his removal had excited
him, and during the night, at intervals,
despite tho protestations of Ids attend
ants, he • was anxious to talk about
the arrangements. He wanted to know
when he wits to be moved; how it
was to be dune; how ho was to bo taken
down the stairs and from the White House
grounds to thu ears; how he was to he
placed in tlie car. and how the car was to be
equipped, and it was not until after
thk HUitur.uNs had hives vehy positivj:
that they would not change their minds, and
that huwusto be removed, that ho could
rest. Even then his rest was lltful and fever
ish. This morning he was very weak, so
weak that no one would ever think of
lifting him off that eot and carrying
him over 200 miles on a railroad, if a council
of eminent .surgeons hud nut said that to re
main was death. What is it, then, to go?
Is it life? That is tho hone, but not the cer
tainty. Still, lie was no worse tills morning
than yesterday. He was surely weaker, but
Increasing weakness too long continued
must mean collapse, lie breakfasted upon
beefsteak and chicken broth, and retained
the food. Besides, tho stimulating enomata
are continued, and contain
laiiobh (juastitiks op whisky.
All tho stimulants tho President could bear
have been forced upon Ills stomach for tho
last week In tho hope of strengthening him
sufliclently to enter, upon this dreaded and
fateful journey. As the day proceeded the
President did not grow better. In fact, ho
was much more restless, and the fever in
creased until—at noon—the temperature had
gono to ono degree above normal, and ids
pulso had run up, the doctors said, to 114—
we know not Itow much more. Besides,
ovary moment of tho morning, when tho
doctors did nut succeed hi restraining him
from asking, lie was
qoinu ovi;n tub ktoiiv op iiih iibmovai.
mid of the means provided to effect It. 110
was particularly anxious tills morning,
among other tilings, to know how ho was to
bo taken from the curs at Long Branch to
the cottage, where lie is to stay, and lie
seemed pleased to learn that a track was be
ing built so that lie could ho taken on tho
cars to the very doors of tho Franklin cot
tage. All eirovts to (iniut tho President dur
ing the morning seemed unavailing. Tho
first tiling hu usked Dr. Bliss, when the hit
ter entered Ids room this morning, was:
a question which, to those who read it, can
scarcely seem other than pathetic. Dr. Bliss
vainly sought to quiet him by saying that
there was no necessity for Immediate re
moval, as lie was doing so well, but the Pres
ident was not la be put olf, and said: “No,
no. 1 do not want any more delay." A
group of notaolo surgeons chanced to he to
gether when the story of the President’s in
tense longing to leave tho city was told.
and said that they feared that that desire was
similar to Uio symptoms which occur with
consumptives and others as Urey are nearing
their end, and wish to reach their homes.
But Uio President's physicians took no such
mournful view of Uio President's interest in
Ids removal, and certainly no one could from
their manner Infer that they thought that
this may, in fan, be the President’s lust day
In Uio White House. To them it scorned us
If lie was entering upon *u Journey for recu
peration, Uie routeof which was llxed and Uie
time of which was known, and that it was a
question of but a few months or weeks when
he weald return again to be oueo more Uio
President of Uio United Slates.
the President grew u little better, his pulse
fluctuated less, although it remained still
iiigii. The evening bulletin while not ex
actly Uie kind of bulletin fbat one would
look fur as to a person about to enter upon a
considerable Journey, still showed some Im
provement over the morning bulletin, and.
whatever the bulletin might say or not say,
ttie work of preparation about tho White
House and at tho depot dearly showed that
tho President was to bo removed within tho
next twenty-four hours. Tho work of prep
for the President’s removal commenced Inst
night at midnight. Thu laborers then, with
picks, khovets, and lanterns, began to prepare
to lay a track from below the Baltimore it
Potomac depot, on Sixth street, to Pennsyl
vania avenue. Nogrndlne wustobedonc. Tho
sleepers were laid directly upon tlie cobble
stones. amt tho track then was most care
fully ballasted. The object of this Is to avoid
the extremely rough pavement between
Pennsylvania avenue and tho Sixth street
depot, which, to tho disgrace of the city and
Congress, Is one of tho worst pieces of pave
ment in Washington. It was 'over that
terrible, rough road that tho President's
Wounded body was llercoiy driven more than
nine weeks ago, when every turn of tho
wheel gave to the wounded President mortal
pain. Another reason for building tho track
Is that the President need not be carried
through the doors and gates of tho depot and
have forced upon him tho terrlblu memories
of the tragedy of July g.
did not curd to run tin* risk of taking tho
President through the very door which ho
wus about to pass when he fell wounded by
(lulleau’s bullet. The track was laid with
the greatest care. The colored laborers, os
they tilled In the ballast, did not have the
usual air with which they jTVe accustomed
to perlonn their dally labor. There was a
solemnity about them. They seemed to feel
that every stroke they gave to the yielding
gravel might make it more possible for the
wounded President to pass without pain,
ami they rammed the gravel down with a
ns he stopped fur a minute to wipe the river
of perspiration from Ids forehead If hu
thought they could get thd truck smooth
enough over that rough place, lie answered:
“’Pore (!od, salt, but we will try.” Nino weeks
ago and a little more, almost upon the same
spot. In the terrible tumult which followed
upon the .shooting. 1 asked a colored police*
man, a few mlmitesuftcr Urn shot was tired,
whether the assasiu was white or black,
lie said, us If au indignity hud been put up
on ids race: “Great (lodl
would shoot Mr. Garfield Their faithful
labor, guided hy skilled engineers, bus made
a solid road-bed, and many times to
day the President's ear, its tender mid an
engine, were run over the new roadway to
make it certain that tho bed was solid and
the Joints were smooth. The truck was
completed lids afternoon. Workmen yerc
similarly engaged at the same lime at the
other end of the road, at Long Branch, and
early this afternoon word came to the While
House over the railroad company’s private
wire that tho track there woutil be finished
before daylight.
tih: niAiN.
Meanwhile the Pennsylvania Company had
completed Its train, ami about 3 o'clock this
inonilng tho engine ami cars constituting
the special train to convey tho President to
Long Branch entered the yard at tho Poto
mac depot. The train consists of a baggage
car, and two curs of the kind known as
“combination cars,” and the private cur
which was formerly used hy Cul. Scott when
President of tho road. The' combination
cars are numbered ww and #l, and
the Scott cur W), It is the ■ experience of
the most accomplished railroad engineers
that the greatest speed and thp least motion
can no secured with safely mid certainty by
a train of that length. Kach component part
of this train Is unique. Thu engine itself.
No. WJU, is au anthracite-coal burner, one of
Hiothicst locomotives on the Pennsylvania
Bond. Car No. SCI is to he used as
It originally was designed for both baggage
and passenger business, being divided by a
bulkhead about one-third of tho way from the
front door. This bulkhead has now been
removed, and a slight partition with u door
put in. Tho ear Is In two divisions, tho
'smaller one to be used for carrying such
sick-room appliances as are necessary. Two
largo boxes have been built into the sides of
this room for reception of lee, and, ns ttiu ice
has already been put Into them, the Infer
ence Is that tho car is
This part of tho ear is plainly furnished, and
will not be seen by the President. In tho
middle of the car two boards of hickory
have been placed across the full
width of tho cur, mid securely fastened to tho
seats. This makes n springboard on which
to place the hod. These have been thorough
ly tested. The bed itself is placed across
these in the line of tho cur. It is a lino
spring mattress, and will make
It will bu unite Jaw, Die springboards on
which It rests being only u few inches from
Uio Hoar of tho car on either side of tho bed.
Heavy green curtains uro hung to pro
tect ttie President from any drafts. Fine
wire netting is also tacked on the
outside of the windows, to keep out dust and
cinders. This precaution Is taken in tho
ventilating windows on tho top of Uio car.
To make Uio euach ride still caster, tho ordi
nary trucks wore removed last night, and u
set of six-wheeled paper trucks put In their
stead. Thu car is ready, and, so far us the
railroad facilities uro concerned, the Presi
dent might bo removed any time. Tho Presi
dent’s bed, in short, Is built after
Tim bud ami tho train In general were In*
spooled this afternoon by Surgeon-General
Dantes, Dm. Bliss and Agnow, Tho tmin
was oven out to Denning’s bridge, five miles
from Washington, and tho surgeons Dior*
oughly tested tho eoueii. They said that it
was iterfect, nml that no moro complete ar
rangement could have been mudu for the
President's comfort. In the test of speed,
tho doctors weru surprised to (Iml that there
was notably less motion and Jar at forty miles
an hour than at twenty.
Is a remarkable piece of mechanism. It
seems perfect. The engineer, Mr. William
Page, Is one of the oldest and most experi
enced engineers In tho service of the Penn
sylvania Company. He has been a locomo
tive engineer since J&V), having thus had
twenty-eight years' experience. Ho was
selected for this responsible duty on account
of his ability and trustworthiness. Hu for
many years has driven the engine on the
limited express between this city and Now
York. Hu will conduct Dio engine to Long
Drauch without change. Ila has been under
walling orders all day, ready to start at any
time on two hours' notice, but he has not
needed tliat notice. Ho took u short time to
look about the sights of Washington with
ids tlromun, but most of tho day he has been
about his engine. Hu has examined every
Joint, looked at every bolt and mix, oiled
every bearing, and examined Uie Hues and
smoke-stack, inspected tho coal to seo that
there are no stones in It, and carefully seen
to it that the water contains no sticks or
bilge. He has conducted himself all day us
If ho felt
that Is on him. It will be no fault of Engineer
Page If the great anthracite coal engine does
not (In Us duty. Everything nt the railroad
station was complete nt sundown. The en
gineer and trnln-hands were to go to bed
early, to be ready for any call. Tho me*
chnnlcs of tho yard examined tho boxes over
mid over again, to see that no journal should
get hot. There never was a train prepared
with greater care. All along tho lino of the
road tho telegraph operators had received
orders tabu continuously at their post, ready
to assist In clearing tho track at any time.
So all Is ready, waiting for a signal from the
doctors, and, after twenty minutes, the re- -
markable train with its burden will be ready
to start.
the preparations have proceeded with like
activity. Kurly In the morning curious
looking boxes In considerable numbers were
sent to tho urlveto part of Die house. It
wits soon learned that they were designed to
carry the surgical Instruments and tho other
necessary apparatus of tho slck*rootu.
Trunks and valises were brought lu from
the storerooms, and the servants were en
gaged in making hasty preparations for the
trip. There was to ho a double departure,
for tonight young James and Harry
Onrlield left to enter Williams College,
the ultna mater of their father. The
lads seemed to feel their situation. Their
countenances were grave, and the passers-by
as they respectfully made way for them
could not but feel that the two young men
. were just about to start upon a career as
possibly their distinguished father was about
to end one. For.hopefully as all endeavored*
to look upon tho situation, there are mare
who fear the results of this journey, or, at
least, a fatal Issue In the President's case,
than there are who are conlident of his re
the two young men, aecompr.uied by their
tutor, took leave of their mother, who Is stilt
hopeful and courageous, and who confident*
ly thinks that the Journey to be entered upon
at tomorrow's dawn will save her husband’s
life. Albert, tbo giant colored coachman
who for twelve years Ims held the relnsnpon
the Presidential carriage, drovo the boys to
the depot with a very sail look upon lilssablo
face, and there was not one In all that crowd
that was assembled to hear the last word
from the distinguished sufferer who did not
wish the boys success In their life career.
thk schni: at 11 o’clock last nkiiit.
The preparations at the White House for
the removal of tho President arc, at this hour,
11 p. in., nearly completed, lie Is to be car*
t ied to tho junction of Sixth street and the
avenue in the large covered Treasury ex*
press-wagon which Is used for transporting
all the bonds and money from the Treasury
to tho depot, it Is a wagon of special make,
with particularly easy springs, and is do*
signed for passengers ns well us freight. A
double spring-hod has been placed In tho
bottom of the wagon, and upon this tho Pres*
Idcnt’s mattress is to he laid.
Is being built from the level of the flagging
under tho over tho road, so
that tho President's cot can he borne out
without compelling tho attendants to ronko
any stops downward to the wagon. The
President will then he lifted In from the rear
ami placed upon tho bed. It Is not certain
as yet whether the wagon will bo drawn'to
the ears hy horses or by hand. To secure'the
utmost freedom from noise, tho White-House
grounds wore cleared, oven of the Journal
ists, at U o’clock, and-Uie outer gates barred.
The Chief of Police lias* received orders to
have ii sunicleitt cscorfcreadyathoadquartera
to start ut a moment's notice, mid the twenty
soldiers who also are to accompany the train
to Long Branch will do police duty.
Thu night Is a singularly beautiful one.
Thu moon lights up the White House build*
Ing through tho trees and shines upon the
noxious vapor from the mohirial Hals, giving
itthoappenraucuof a brilliant silver sheen.
The lawns, which were green and beau*
tlful when the wounded President
was brought to tho house nine
weeks ago, are now dried and sere,
and look like upturned earth. Thu trees
have taken on tho appearance nt fall, not*
withstanding this has been, perhaps, the hot*
test day of tho year, for the lntun.su heat and
dry weather have withered tho foliage. About
the gates there are but fmv waiters, as the
evening bulletin of tho physicians hasenused
tho public to believe that tho President will
not be taken away until morning. Mean*
while, it Is known that lie
although some of the doctors are under
stood to Insist that it will not be safe to incur
the risk of his exposure to the early air. It
•is believed that, if ho shall sleep some and if
ho euu bu safely given sulllclent narcotics to
at least make Idm unconscious while being
transported to tho train, tho surgeons will
take tho risk whenever the President shall
bo In such a condition, and the fact that the
White House grounds have been cleared
thus curly helps to confirm the belief that
possibly tho President may bo removed be
fore Uie early morning.
on Uto Presidential train. When the subject
was first mentioned to Mrs. Garfield she ex
pressed her disapproval, and said that she
preferred that tho train should consist only
of the President, members of Ids family, sur
geons, and attendants. There was a persist
ent effort to secure a special car for tho news
papers; falling in Uiat, to obtain permission
to have the Associated Press reprcseutaUvo
accompany Uio train. This Is not to be al
lowed. Dr. Bliss says, however, he will send
bulletins, if possible, from every telegraph
station, and has secured a quanUty of en
velopes addressed to tho Associated Press,
which ho will cause to be thrown oft ns the
stations uro passed. Through Uiesc bulletins
Uio public may expect Uio ofllcial report of
tho journey.
I\> ths HYitmi AuocUUd Prtu.
Washington, D. C.,
It appears to bo dcllnltly settled now iliac
the President will not bo moved before U
o’clock in the morning.
Loxa Duancii, N. J., Sept, s.—'The - Cen
tral Uullroad began work late this afternoon,
on u temporary truck from near the depot to
Tnincklyn Cottage. The track is to be ready
fur the President by daylight.
at the laying of the temporary track Is a
plcturesiiueone. The workmen are laboring
by the aid of locomotive headlights, and the
track Is completed for some distance. At
torney-General HaoVeagh and family,ar
rived tills evening from Washington. MoJ.
Diehard Arnold, United Stales Army, also
reached hero tho same time. He will have
charge of thirty artillerymen from Gov
ernor’s Island, who will guard the cottages
occupied by tho Presidential party. The
troops will reach here tomorrow morning.
Thuwutkmen at Uie new track have beeu
surrounded by crowds of people the entire
. «;IJO A. H.
Kskcutiyk Mansion, Washington", D.
0., Sent. p. m.—The President wus
somewhat restless during tho ear.ly part ot
the night, but siept well after midnight. He
has tuKtm by mouth and retained the nutri
ment prescribed. This morning bis ini**

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