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ul f^ium*J^f , ,. ,un l* “I detective i»ro*lKiu. ignore
osnoliir^ 1 *llon 1 lon ie*ui>rimi p, j,ii superior ability
Uwo .-Tm u . lll l'prrucliii-»<of bl« pit.,.,*can
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sufew,rS»i!fr.rass;vs i a
. Room 20 Tribune Bulletins* .
wans on Improved City Properly.
• l>or <eiiL No('«7miuil»hluil Tl
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W W 10 W ■ g A I* UO8 o IW il*Ul*uu-»t
uUn (Tribune.
Haiikiki.l) was removed gen
tly, tenderly, from thcnlck-room off tho White
House at U::U) yesterday morning to the rail*,
road car which was to hear him to Long
llrnncli. Ho boro tho removal well, and Ids
Journey over the rails to Long Ilraueh was ns
(inlet and easy us human Ingenuity and care
could make It. He bom tho fatigue of the
Journey quite well, ami his pulse, which was
11 1 at tho lime that he wiw removed, was re
duced to 10d, afterwards to 101. and still Inter
to to-i during 11)0 Jouritcy. Stops were made
at various points in order that tho
patient’s wounds might bo dressed nnd
that ho might ho Iglven sotnu fond.
He freely partook of liquid nourish
ment during tho journey, and seemed to
relish It. ThcHurgeonn'seemed lo'he very
much pleased at tho*. perfect arrange
ments made hy the ' railroad company
for the comfort of j Uio patient. Tho
train arrived at J.ong Uraneh at 1:10
p. m., and tho President was taken
from the railroad earrlago to the Francklyu
cottage. The fatigue Incident on the Jour
ney had tho effect nf Increasing the pulse
and temperature. At 0 o’clock thn pulse was
li-l'aml the temperature 10L.0. At 1 :JJO the
pulse had fallen to 118 and the temperature
was nearly norma). Tho surgeons say that
they are not greatly alarmed by the Increased
frequencyof thepulse or nt the lilglitened
temperature. It was only natural to export
lliesn disturbances. Tin) latest accounts
from the patient's bedside represent him as
sleeping soundly, ami tho physicians seemed
much more hopeful Hum they were at 0
o’clock. ■ •
Pauti.y cloudywoather,local rains, south
erly winds shifting to northerly, and cooler
winds for this region today.
(Jov, Bki.i,, of New Hampshire, bus deslg
inted Friday as a day; of fasting, humllia
lon, and prayer for tho recovery of tho Pres
dent. •
Pjiof. Cinrn:xi»r.Xßthled yesterday hi tlio
Jennie Cramer case That Jiodld not believe
tho unfortunate girl was drowned. He
would not swear that she died from the
effects of arsenic.
(Jov. £011x1:1.1,. of Now York, has ap
pointed tomorrow ns a dayof fasting and
prayer, ami requests that the prayers ot all
be milted for tho early and complete recov
ery of Uie President. •
Dimixn tho month of August 33.510 immi
grants arrived hi this country, and during
the eight months emllnpAug. 81, :us.47r» im
migrants arrived. During the eight months
ending Aug. 81, 1*30,228,000 arrived.
Ykuv serious nnll-Jewlsh riots occurred at
Stolp, Pomerania,' Inst Sunday. Tho mob
threatened to storm the Jewish houses, and
threw stones nt tho troops who charged the
rioters, woimdimr sixteen of them, some
very seriously. ,
Dantzicls being decorated In preparation
for tho arrival of Emperor William, who.
goes thereTo iheet Uie Cigrt. Admiral tiUnch
Ims gone to Kiel and embarked In tho Im
perial yacht, upon which it Is stated tho
royal meeting will take place.
At Providence,l., yesterday, the day
was very dark, and the weather was very
sultry. The gas had to bo lighted at noon,
but, owing to some disarrangement at Uio
gas-works, went out at 1! o’clock, compelling
olllccs and factories cither to close or depend
on caudles.
Tin: condition of the south of Ireland is
represented to be one of utter Inwlesncss.
Tim people seem determined to treat the
authorities with contempt where they do
not treat Uicm to worse. The presence of a
large force of soldiers and policemen seems
to have little effect In preserving order in the
A Finn which broke out hi a tinmens and
saddlery factory at Areola, HI., yesterday
afternoon destroyed properly valued at
SIOO,OOO. The lire is supposed to have been
Uio work of tramps, whose object was rob
bery. The promptitude of the citizens pre
vented the scoundrels from carrying out
their purpose.
Tin: heat at Now York yesterday was in
tense. The Uiormomcter marked 01 in the
shade. In Chlcago.the thermometer ranged
from 87 to 00, mid the hot, dry south wind
made life very uncomfortable in this region.
From various parts of Uio country come re
ports of equally warm and equally distress
ing weather,
Tin: German Journals think Unit the ap
pearance of tho Nihilist Journal the Will of
the People In St. Petersburg foreshadows
tho revival of Nihilist plots and panics In
llussla jlnrlng tho coming winter. The fail
ure of the authorities to pdzo tho press on
which tho IFIIt of the People Is printed Is
much commented on.
Tin: strike of tho switchmen, trackmen,
and brukemen of Uie New York, Lake Krle
& Western Unllroad at Glean, llornells
vllle, and other points continues. Some of
the new men put on by the company have
proved unequal to the task of doing tho
duties which they were assigned, and Urn
company’s Interests have snlfered.
At tlio opening of a now dock at llonllour,
Franco, yesterday, M, Timed, the French
Minister. i)f Agriculture, said ho hoped the
negotiations for a treaty of commerce be
tween England ami Franco would ho Him*
ccssful, but declared that Franco should bo
prepared to depend on herself, mid bo no
longer dependent on foreign imuoiia.
Jack Khkn.vn was convicted in the Cook
County Criminal Court yesterday of thu
murder of I’lorro Hensley, nud llie Jury
recommended the death penally. Tim evi
dence on which the verdict was based was
purely circumstantial. Keenan's counsel
mo veil fur a now trial, ond it Is prubahtolhat
uu appeal will bu taken to tho Supremo
Court. •
Gov. Hiackiuhin, of Kentucky, is still of
opinion that President Uurlleld tvlll not sur*
vivo tho elfocts of lib* wound. He thinks tho.
ball struck the spine, and that it ha* “gone
down, carrying with it considerably pus,
which In the absence of tin outlet will form
another pim-cavlty.” Gov. bluckburn thinks
(ho nutriment the patient receives is nut
sufficient to carry on tbe work of repairing
the broken rlbl ||e thinks the death of thu
President will bo u great calamity, but it
will have to \bu met. Congressman J. C.
blackburn givam It us bis opinion that the
putiuut U being “butchered by tbe doctors,”,
nnd Hint In* will din. Ho also thinks that his
Heath would “ turn tho Soullmni Stales over
to this devilI’—that 1 ’—that matters could not bo
worse If Gorllold dies.
Am. Canada Is torn up in consequence of
tho announcement that llantnii, tho oars
man, will not take part In the forthcoming
regatta, hut Is going to retire on his Inurels.
11tinlati Is licensed of base Ingratitude, niid
it Is hinted that unless he reconsiders tils de
termination to retire some unpleasant fuels
will be printed which have hitherto been
smothered In admiration nnd hero-worship.
AKrr.u Gmnbutla's speech at Neuhonrg, In
which ho'referred to tho necessity of wiping
out the Sedan disaster, ho was greeted by
thousands of enthusiastic sympathisers at
nil tho railway stations between Neubourg
and J’nri*. The people assembled along tho
line of railway over which ho traveled de
spite a heavy ruin. There am some French
men who believe with (lambetta that Franco
should get even with Germany.
Tm: reunion of the veterans of the late
War «t Jllnomlngton yesterday was a very
successful affair. The attendance of dis
tinguished war-scarred veterans was quite
large, and the greetings of long
separated companions In arms were kindly
In the extreme. The 'presence ot a goodly
number of companies of the State militia
added to the Interest of the occasion, (ien.
Grant and oilier distinguished soldiers will
bo present at tho reunion today.
Jr turns out that Thomas A. Marvin, the
much-marrying nmn wlio has so mauy
aliases, and who Is now In Jail nt Hlchinnnd,
Vn., Is none other than T. A. Merritt, who
spent three years hi the Auburn (N. Vo
Penitentiary for forgery committed on the
National Hank of I.ockport, X. V. So fur,
no less than llfteen wives have turned uplo
testify against Marvin on the chance of
bigamy. it Is probable that he will spend
the remainder of his life in tho penitentiary.
In* compliance with tho proclamation of
(Jov. Cullom, prayers were offered up yes
terday morning in tho various evangelical
churches of this city for the recovery of the
President. There was n general suspen
sion of business la order that Christian
men might have an opportunity to appeal to
the Almighty that tho Nation he spared
the services of Its great-hearted, much-suf
fering, ami much-beloved ruler. Prayers
were also offered up throughout the State,
and In Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and
many other places.
Tiikiie was a more than sharp advance hi
Hannibal & St. Joseph Kailroad common
slock on the New York Stock Exchange
yesterday. Opening at it advanced
rapidly lo 101 K, then rose to 12ltf,
then to 134, advanced again to 130. then
fell to 120. hut rose again to 131, and
closed at 135 to 150. It is reported that 135 was
offered after 'Change. Tho advance Is said
to bu duo to the manipulation of a poo!
formed by New York, Baltimore, and Boston
men who are said to be interested in DO,OOO
Tin: trial.of tbo llov. Dr. Thoinaaon Uio
charge of heresy was resumed yesterday In
the Methodist Church Block. The llov. Dr.
Hatfield withdrew from Uio prosecution
of the case altogether, owl the llcv.
Dr. ParUhuvst was selected In his stead.
The defense put In a demurrerto the charges
amlspedlleuUoiis. which were adniltleil by
Dr. I’urklmrst to be open to objection, and
In order to allow time for so amending the
charges as to overcome the objections Uio
court adjourned until this morning, when
Its sltllugs will take place in Centenary
Tin: London Mornlmj Pont, which asserts
that It derives its Information from ‘quite
trustworthy sources, says that lloustau, the
French Consul at Tunis, ims arrived In Paris,
and has Informed his Government that the
Boy of Tunis Is undoubtedly supporting the
Algerian rebels, that ho Ims received orders
from Constantinople to encourage ami aid
with all means In his power u general insur
rection In Tunis, and, furthermore, that un
less the Bey Is deposed It will bo utterly Im
possible lor Uio French to hold Tunis.
Tin; situation In the Apache country Is re
garded by Gen. McDowell as very serious.
At last accounts Gen. Carr and Ids command
were bottled up In Fort Apache, maintain
ing a gallant defense against heavy
odds, and reinforcements were being
forwarded with nil pojylblo dispatch.
There Is , not the slightest doubt
that Uio United States Government has u big
job on hand to clean up the Indian muss In
the Southwest In good 'shape. It is very
evident that a big Indian war will have to be
fought heforo the murderous Apaches are
whipped so (hat they will slay whipped.
Katiis McGowan, an Irish washerwoman
who brought suit against the Uev. Patrick
Gnilfoyle, of All-Saints’ Church, Chicago,
but formerly of Newport, Ky.» got judgment
by default against Uie reverend gentleman
for Uio sum of Father Gull
foyte bo oblivious of tho fuel, it is highly
probable that Archbishop Feehnn wilt direct
Ids attention thereto, and Unit Katie Mc-
Gowan will he paid the Cull amount of the
judgment. The Homan Culhollo Church an
tumbles have never had mneh sympathy
with gentlemen—oven of the doth—who
would swindle poor washerwomen out of
their hard earnings.
Huston was excited yesterday over the
strange atmospheric phenomenon which
manifested Itself there, and which In some
Instances created alarm. It exulted universal
cimmienl, The sun was totally obscured,
although the nlr was free from fog or mist;
the atmosphere was pervaded with u strong
yellowish light which made every object
present a strange appearance. The grass
iipiienrcd to bo of a livid green, gun Jots
burned with a brilliancy which made them
look llku oloctvlo lights, mid liirongli thu
windows at various distances appeared star*
IjUu point* of while light resembling elec*
trie lumps. The phenomenon was also
noticeable In Now Hampshire and in portions
of Maine. Prof. Emerson, of Dartmouth
College, says that thu phenomenon must be
owing to something In the atmosphere—
probably pollen from tho tlr tree or smoko
from tho fores Wires of Canada—which üb*
sorh* the shorter amt longer rays, leaving
only those which give thu color of yellow and
green to objects, boston Is philosophically
and phenomenally excited over the matter,
and wo may expect any number of theories
in connection with It. Every “cultured”
man In boston has u theory of his own, and
every woman that wear# spectacles lias one
The President’s Pulse 118 upon
< Starting for long
Excessive Heat the lending
feature of the long
Tlie Pulse Beaches 124 in the
Evening Bulletin, Tem
perature 101.6.
A Private Dispatch to Wash
ington Puts the Pulse at
Z 2& at g O’Clock.
The Patient Complains of a
Bruised feeling In Ills
Closing of the Cottage at 10:30
P. M,, with the Sick Kan
Minute Details of (he Hide In tlio
Wagon anil on tlio lliiliroad
Striking Evidences of Popular Love—The
Day of Prayer—Complete Rec
ords of the Case.
“Xo, no. Ido not want any more delay.”
Tills impatient ly uml imperatively from the
stricken President to the anxious surgeons,
still halting between two opinions. On the
one hand the unknown dangers of a lonpand
perilous jotirney ot an Invalid who for
weeks has been struggling simply to breathe
In the very valley of the shadow of death;
on the other the torrid heat of Washington,
its malarial nlr, and the depressing Influences
of the habit and locale of snllering.
Wasted almost to a skeleton, prostrated by
disease and pain, encompassed by a poisoned,
fever-breeding atmosphere, the President
hosforweckspleaded to be removed. These
prayers were pathetic when, under Uie dis
tracting intlnenco of blood-poison, the pa
tient’s mind wandered, when his reason al
most succumbed, when ho appeared to bo
sinking Into the arms of death under
a cloud of delirium, lint there was
a louclt of majesty In the Impatient,
peremptory tone of the President’s om
phalic “Xo, no I I do not want any
more delay!” It was tho last word, and it
was an order which could not be disobeyed.
The President summed up Ids own case.
Willi clear intellect and accurate Judgment
lie decided that to remain was to dlivaml
tliat to travel, to leave the quiet ami repose of
the slck-chambcr and oiicfbuntcr ‘ tbo noise
and Jar of an cxpfcaa-train Hying over Uie
Iron roadway rnigfi't be to speed toward rcr
covory, life, and health,' “With me the un
expected always happens”—haw tills dedne-
tlou of hope, this soluco of the courageous hi
u despairing situation must huvu llhted
through the I’rcshlcnt’sinlndushowasborne
out of the Executive Mansion, and along the
path matte smooth nml swift by science nmt
art, to the ocean’s brink, whose salt waves
and breezes should bring back to Ids wasted
frame the llood-thlo of life. What an uucx
anipled journey! Thousands of men,women,
and children out on the streets of the Capital
City, silent, with heads reverently hared,
gazing wistfully for one glimpse of IhoNa*
lion’s treat Invalid, nndpruying fervently for
the preservation of Ills life. Other thousands
gathered at tbo stations on thu rand to catch
a view of the Hying tndu and eagerly seizing
tbo surgeons' bulletins of the illustrious
traveler’s condition scattered along the way.
Other thousands, nuy, millions—lUty-two
million men,- women, und children—their
hearts throbbing with anxiety, their whole
being absorbed hi thought of the momentous
journey, their curs strained to catch the
click, click of the telegraph that shall tell
thorn. Clod helping, that the ITesldenl has
arrived safely, and that the breezes of thu
ocean piny about his fevered brow, wooing
him back to life.
What u weird Journey; begun in tho
gloom of Urn uncurtain morning light; be
gun almost in despair, and continued umiur
tho weight of anxiety and heavy responsi
bility; thu surgeons bend over tho ghastly
face and wasted form of the traveler with
tho deepest solicitude, counting Ids pulse
beat, watching every hmith! And the
noble wife guards her husband, her pale
face flushed with tho beetle glow of excite
ment, her heart heating <iulck, but tier .soul
buoyed with the courage of a. martyr mid
the faith of u saint!
before tho rushing train tho pilot-engine
clears tho road. Tim tratllc of tho iron
highway lias caused. Thu hush of silence
has fallen upon a great artery of commerce.
All mean passions uiulumbUlonsaro stilled
lu tho presence of tho supremo deslic lot* tno
salvation of the Nation’s wounded Chief.
Whltu tho journey is hi progress Christians
nssembtu in ilicli' virions tcuipies of worship
unit kneel in prayor; tho grout uxclmiiges
are closed, tho marts of trndo uru silent. It
is u splendid spectacle of patriotism, friend
ship, lUTuctlon. No King ever made such a
progress. No, Kmpetor was over so solic
itously watched, so guarded hytlio lovo of
Ids subjects. What a beautiful illustration
of thfl devotion of a great pcupln to u siiuido
form of (iovcnmmnt! It was but yesterday
that (inrllold was a iitoru representative of u
district In Congress—one of three humlred.
Had Ids life then trembled in the balance,
lout ho fallen, how comparatively narrow
would have been the circle of his mourners I
flat ho Is now the head of the Nation!
Deemed most worthy pf the highest station,
Ids life becomes a thousandfold inoru
precious. The whole country hangs upon
his every bryuth; tho whole country rejoices
at hla removal from the malarial ulmospheru
of Washington and his safe arrival ou tiie
shore of the healthful ocean. ,
A hemcatt: task siciu.m.i.v it.iifuuweh.
SpkUl VUoatth.lft 71if Chicago Wlhunr.
WasutNurON. J). L’., Hopl. d.—Tho President
slnriedlor ]<ong brunch ut «:iW thla morning.
Ho wn* removed from tho While Hoiiimtothu
depot and the arrange
tuonis which had Won made In sdub grout de
tail were completely carried out. Just before d
tho horses wore attached to tbo largo express
wugmi which was before tho door of tbo While
House, and, a few moments after, Ibo President
was placed In It. Tbo lg?d bud been placed in n
stretcher specially made for it. While tho
President . was, , sleeping soundly under
tho lullueuct} ,1 of hypodermic Injections,
tbo bed was lifted. Hr. IlllSi, Hr.
tteylniru, 'Hr. 'lloynton, Col. Ilockwell,
Cul.CcihlaiuaHJfin.tfwftijn bu«i-l»eU. Tbi-v«
through Iho cnn/fijpljwn Ibo front stairs *
cosily and qutouCSj tbo President was no
iNTstiirlwd nt oil jf g § >ngo« was liiickpU no am
Hu was placed iS 84 tbo stretcher resting ui
tbo knees of caff ** S Jo ala gentlemen. At tea
minutes to 0
nn. m.isH n.vvi: the wonn,
and tbo horses were started. Tbuy went down
tho drlvo to (bo nvenuo nt u slow walk. Just at
tho gate was renubed tboro was n slight Jolt.
'bo President turned bis bond, tint did uot open
bis eyes. It'.* was unconscious of wbnt was
going on. Dr. Illlsshuld his uuisoull tbo time,
while Col. Ilockwellnnd lieu.Swalm tanned him.
tub nisßsnmxT’.i pack wah visuu.n
to those In tbo street. It was not pale, but very
greatly emaciated. Otherwise bo looked per
fectly natural. Wot cloths were placed on tbo
forehead. Tho pillow was a low one, and the
President lay on tbo bed upon bis back. Tbo
coverlet only touched tho breupt. Tbo wagon
.was driven down Pennsylvania avenue, tbo
hones walking. Xo Jolting was perceptible.
Tbo President tossed bis head a good deal from
ono side to tbo other, but be did not open his
eyes until Tcuth street Imd been reached. Then
a slight Jolt caused him lo do so fur a moment,
butthoga/.o was tbut of a man very
ampetlcil. Hypodermic Injections were aitmio-
Istoreii so that tho stupor was nut overcouw by
tbo time t lie depot was reached.
fiprelni PUpalch to The Vhleaao Tribunt.
WAPlllNinos. U. C., Sept. o.—'There were some
Ode people standing in fruitier (ho gules as tbo ;
carriages containing the attache* who were to i
attend tbo President in bis hazardous Journey
drove out. They wero closely followed by tbo 1
heavy express wagon. Tho President was eurrivd ;
out of tin* mansion mi tlio hot! mi wblub bo bus ■
spent so many days ami nights. Six men were
on each side ami two at Itio ends. Down lUu
mam stairway hi tbo private pari of the bouse
lulu tbo blue parlor, uml tbruuuh the glass doors
out of thomalu ooor und a temporary
plutfonu Into tbo wagon, them brawny men
carried tbotr precious biintcii us tenderly us if
uu tholr gentleness depended bis life.
•rim sToiiM c.'t'UTAiNs or tin: wagon
wore up. With the President wore Dm. HUss,
ileyburu, and Ituyntou, Tot. Uocltwell, lien.
Uwulm, Col. Corbin, and other attendants at tils
slcK-bcd. They sat round tbo wagon, and the
stretcher was supported by tboir bauds mi ihe-r
knees. The patient bail passed a moderately
good night, lie woke rather tee frequently,
turbans, and always spoke of bis approach*
fbg departure with seme anxiety lur it
to take place, but always hopeful
of tbo Improvement be expected to result. He
was feet with bccMca, and eneniiita were ail*
ministered at :i o’cluok tbls morning, and Just
before the start was made at
tbo depot tbo wagon was backed up to tbo
car by soldiers, the burses being taken out. Tbls
was tbo ouiy mistake of tbo removal. The
driver could have backed bis horses up in one
attempt, but ibis method took three. At lust
tbu patient was raised In bis bed from tbo beard
supported by spiral springs on which it bml
partly rested. Tbo same loving hands that had
tended blm se faithfully tbou carried him miu
tbu ear.
Tin: Fi.oon of this was too high,
and the rolled-up storm curtain at tbo back ot •
tbo wagon nearly scraped tbo President’* lace.
Onuu lusldo bo was lifted upon tbo stout sheet on
which ho lay and placed upon tbo spring bed
fixed In tbo ear. On tbo Journey down tho .
avenue tbo face of tho President was plainly i
visible to tbo people who lined tbo sidewalk two j
or three deep. Many also walked wltb the :
wagon and gazed with absorbing interest at the '
face, about tbo appearance of which so many
speculations bad been hazarded.
‘ it noun a sallow hub, 1 ;
and tbo nuso appeared somewhat pinched, but ■
tbu general exclutnaUon was: "How well be
lucks.” His mustuubo was cut even with tbb
line of bis upper" Ifp.'and 'tbaf.'gavc him a
ghastly look Pi’ 111/ byci woi*o open’tnoator ibb'"
way down;but bo gazed either at the roof of tbb
wagon or into tho faces of bis atteudants, never
.glancing to rltrbt or loft tbo whole way.
hi Just twenty minutes from tbo thnu of leav
ing tbo While House. Tbo burses were un
bltcbuillrom tbc wagon, und tea artillerymen
took tbclr places at tbo pole. Dr. Doyntou nut
In front, where bo gave directions, und tbo sol
diers, w|th tbo utmost caution, placed tbo wagon
la |M)sltlun before tbo train, so that tbo cut could
bo placed lu tbo combination car. Mrs. (lurtleld
and tbo family bud gone before, and were In tbo
car awaiting tbo arrival. Without any deluy tbo
bud was lifted, taken Into tbo car, und placed
upon tbo couch prepared fur It.
and Engineer Huge was given the signal to stmt
by Col. ItocUwcll, who bus charge of tbu train.
Col. itockwell sulil. Just before start lug: "Tbu
President Ims bornu the removal splendidly.
much better than wo expected, and went to
sloop immediately upon bultnr placed In tbo car.
Hu awoke just a moment Just us wo wore inking
him In.” Tbo pilot-engine then started. The
train onlv waited for tbo Now York ulgbt ex-
press to cuter tbo yard. Then Engineer Pugu
started tbo opginu wltb tbn utmost skill and
Uollcucy, und, without a jolt or any uoUe,
moved awny at oxuctly list'd.
I’lirnxn noon old tiAuriKi.u on uoaud
fipKlat fUiwrc/i tu 27it CJltcaea SYttrcn*.
Wasiiinoton. D. C., Boot, o.—Tbo President
was remove'll to Long Itvanub tbis lunnuug
shortly utter dawn. Every preparation bad
bu«m mudo wltb tbo utmost care. Every derail
bud been prepared with grout prudence. The
urramroiuonta wore so period, tbo details sb
curofully arranged, that tbo President was re
moved without tbo slightest break lu tbo pro
gram, sad wltb iimuh less disturbance even
than bad bueu expected. It was aipilet night
at tbu White House. Alter tbo evening dress
ing tbo President went to sleep, but bis mind
Hint bo frequently awoke, und spoku about It.
lie was assured by tbo physicians that every ar
rangement bad buun made, that tbo train was at
tbo depot, that tbo track whs prouared. that the
wagon was at tbo dour, and that. It' bu would
only bo quiet and tnkoagood nlgbt’s sleop.be
would tm removed before tbo sun arose. Tbo
President summoned all Ids powers of will aud
been mo quiet, but it was noticed that bo was
under sumo excitement on account of tbo pro
posed removal. At tbo samo time tbo physi
cians did nut think that tbu cxdtemeut would
boat, all harmful, fluidly,
siumri.v uki-'oue miiiniout •
ho fell asleep und did not awake, excepting at
In let' Intervals.mull shortly boforo tbo removal.
Meanwblle.il was evident, to tbuso wfau were
wiiumnuribat the preparations were going on nil
through tbo ulgbt. While it was mdot at tbo
White House, at the depot there was great 1 au
llvlty. Word was sunt from tha White House
that they would like to niuvo tbu President
about fi o'clock or soon utter, it was suggested
(but It might be well to
so that a clour truck might ho prepared, sod the
physicians ul oucu consented that this ho Uoue.
At a o'clock in Uio mormuga gang of sotneawi
laborer* was put ut work upon thu trap which
hud been loft uncompleted of die track. This*
bud boon so lull bovtiuso it was mtuossaryi to ul«
low tbe street-curs 10 puss through uiduiernipi.
citly until past Mddolshl. Thu laborers mud*
very speedy work In lUlltig tho gup. Smi#
tlfteun or twenty car-load* of gravel- which
woro ’ln readiness were Immsht to
Ibo place uuu dumped. Tho lies woru. MiUi,
thu levels taken mid the tracks Joigu?d
with perfect accuracy, This made ’ a
comlnuon* truck from Pomuylvsnla uvenue tv
tho switch which Joined tho teiupurury truck to
the utulu line.' As soon us the track was com
pleted Hntfineurl'atfo .
packkh mi: mux wows. .• * •
This was almuM o'clock la the murnlDif. Ho
was in readiness to go msiuutly,us soouus tho
President ftttd tho parly were aboard of tho
train. • » *
At tho White House oiler midnight It wgs us
still mid us quiet as it bad been. me.’iMUf J\JgW
during tuo tuu.(itc»*. About «•’, .0 tU

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