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tlio result of Hint* Thoro Is no pain Ifl
llio lungs. The murmur in the lungs is
perfect, except in asmall region Immediately
above tho linear in tlie light lobe.” Tho
3’resldont, In hlslnlcrvlcws with Postmaster-
General James ami Secretary limit today,
was cheerful, and manifested a very clear
view of public affairs. From l*oßtmastcr*
General James ho learned for tho first tlmo
the amount of the savings front star-route
reUucllmis, Postmaster-General James him
self dictated the Tollwing ncconnt*of tlielr
interview*. As tho Postmaster-General en
tered the room, he sold: "I enmc to wish
you good-morning, to tell you that every
thing is going on well In tho department;
that nothing needs your attention, and hid
goodly, for lam oil to the White -Mount
ains for four or live days, to look after my
“ Don’t go,” tho President said, as lie took
Mr. James’ hand. “Sit down. How are
things going in tho.depnrtnient ”
“ Excellently,” reniled the Postmaster-
Gcncral? "we are getting on nicely, and arc
civil-service reformers of necessity. Few
changes are being made, and none except for
cause. We have been saving money.”
" How much ?” asked mo President.
“About $1,500,000,” replied tho Postmas
“ From star-routes ?” Inquired tho Presi
dent, with a smile.
“Yes,” said Mr. James, “and Attorney.
General Mac Veagh and myself are going along
in that mailer.”
" 1 am glad to hear that,” added tho Presi
im. nuss,
tale tonight, returns to his orlghjnl theory of
the cause of tho trouble In the lungs. He
gays that It Is not due to an abscess that has
formed or Is forming; that it does not come
from bronchial Inflammation or from tho pa
rotid gland, but that it comes from the wound
made by the ball through the diaphragm,
near the lower part of the liver.
is a type of the most pronounced of the op
timists. He said tonight: “lam sure that
the President will IlvtJ.” But he could as
sign no better reason than the touching
saying of the early days of’the President's
illness, “ The great heart of the Nation will
nut let Uio old soldier die.”
to the President's heart was illustrated in a
very touching manner nt Elberon Cottage
today. The President hnd been raised on his
air-pillows jmj that he lay looking out upon
the lawn beneath Ids window, nnd beyond
that to the sen. A soldier, nn duty as a
guard, was patrolling his beat at the edge of
the bluff. Thu soldier chanced to look to
wards the window of the sick chamber, nnd
the sulfcrlng President feebly waved ids
Tim President of tho United States never
received a more heartfelt salute than tho old
soldier gave him in return for this gracious
salute, and about tho camp all day tho sol
dier, ’with tears in Ids eyes, lias
been telling how tho great sufferer
honored Idm. lint the Incident is
of more than sentimental value. It shows
that tho President takes an Interest in Ids
surroundings, and has vitality enough to
tender a salute. There have have been many
hours since ho has been at Klboron Unit the
listless eyes would imvo looked out upon tho
sea and not have recognized tho soldier.
Everything is quiet at Elboron. Tho doc
tors am sleeping. Tho nurses alone are in
nttemlan cc. Not n person is soon except the
sentinels upon their beats. Shortly before
midnight It was learned that tho President
had been resting quietly during tho evening,
Bint his pulse and temperature hnd not in
creased, and thot It seemed certain that ho
would have a (inlet night and a good day to
Attorney-General MacYcagh, wlio vlfiilctl
tbo West Eml n short time slime, said:
“There are a great maiiy*encouraging feat
ures In the President's case, hut It must not
be forgotten that his condition Is still crit
stated that, notwithstanding all tho favorable
symptoms, tho complications In tho right
lungaroof such a character ns to cause se
rious apprehensions yet for several days.
lAC Aguow will authorize this statement to
bo made in tho bulletin which he will send
to Minister Lowell tonight, on behalf of Sec
retary Blaine. Tho surgeons’ bulletins do
not mention a lung complication, but Ur.
Agnew, speaking for Uio Secretary of State,
says tbo complications exist, and are still seri
ous. Mr. Blninedld not request that Dr. Bliss,
surgeon In charge, should seud tho bulletins
for him, hut asked the consulting surgeons
to do this. Attorney-General MuoVeagh
undertook Uio preparation Of tho bulletin fur
Dr. Agnew, but
The persons in attendance upon the Presi
dent say tliat If ho continues to Improve, and
the conditions are the most favorable possi
ble, he will bo kept hero at least three weeks
more. After that, should he ne strong
enough, ho may bo taken to Mentor, but he
is entirely satisfied with Long Brunch, and
says that be thinks tliat bo Is greatly bene
tiled by the sea air. ■ .
0 A. M.
Ei.nF.nox, Sept. 12—0 a. m.—The President
passed an unusually good night, his sleep
being uninterrupted, except occasionally to
enable him to take nourishment. Thu sup
puration from tho parotid gland has almost*
entirely ceased, and Uio opening from which
the pus was' discharged Is rapidly healing.
The cough Is less and expectoration material
ly diminished. Temperature 05.4; pulse lUU;
respiration 18. D. Hayes Agnew,
1). W. Bliss. .
0 p. M.
EuiKitoN, Sept 12—d p. nu—Tho President
has experienced since Uie Issue ul the morn
ing bulletin a further amelioration of symp
toms. Hu has been üblo to take an amplo
amount of food without discomfort, and has
had several refreshing imps. ,
At the noon examination his temperature
wusW.2; respiration 20. At 5:00
p. m. Uie temperature was tw.d; pulse 100;
resplraUun 18. D. W. Buss,
, Ij. Hayes Aunkw.
* Losa Branch, Sept, 12.—Secretary Blaluo
sent Uio following at half-past 2:
LouuM, JUlatstsi', London; Tbo President slept
wall lost night, and bis condition Is today mure
comfortable and more favorable. During my
absence for a short lime l)r 4 Aimow and Dr.
Uauillton will seud you a dally report.
lILAIKC, Secretary.
10 P. M.
The following cable was sent tonight
J.owctf, MJ/ihtrr, London; In the absence of
Ulaloc tho attending physicians have requested
mo to inform you of tho President's condition,
lie has during tbo day eaten sutUotont food with
a relish, and has enjoyed at intervals refreshing
sleep. His wound and the Incisions made by tho
surgeons are looking bettor. The parotid gland
bus cut»*l suppuration, and may be considered
substantially welt. He has exhibited mure than
his usual cheerfulness of spirits. Ills tempera
ture and respiration are pow normal, and bis
pulso less frequent and firmer than ut tbo sumo
hour lust evening. Notwithstanding these la
vorable symptoms, the condition of the lower
part of the right lung will continue to be a
source of auxlety for some days to uuine.
Hftcuu liufMtn ta Tits C'Jtuaw YVlbuiM.
Wahiiinoton, D. C.Sepl. UU —In response
tu an inquiry today Assistant Adjutant llen-
that Mason would be turned
over to the civil authorities of the District of
Columbia, and that ho would douhtfcss ho
tried on n charge of Intent to kill. If lie
should he scut to the penitentiary for any
length of Him*. he would probably be dis
missed from the army, hut If helm sentenced
for only a few mouths by tho civil author
ities he would, after serving out Ids sen
tence. In all probability he tried by court
martial. be subjected to military punishment
for a month or so for a violation of military
discipline, and would thou bo released.
okn. (;iior.-Ki:n,
Warden of tho District Jail, made a careful
examination, this,'pluming, of the window*
through which Sergt. Mason shot at Gulteau
last night. lie gives •Ute following as a re
sult of tils examination: The bullet entered
tho outer window, passing through the centre
pane of glass, making a small round hole
about half an Inch In diameter. Crossing tiie
corridor, of perhaps about ten feet, It en
tered Gultcuu’seelli which is on the ground
'(lour. Just grazing the window-sill, It struck
Gullenu’s coat, which was hanging against
tho south corner of tho celt, penetrating
it, ami striking a photograph of Gulteau. It
then glanced along the wall and dropped to
the tloor, in conversation with tho Warden
tills morning, Gnltean made several 'differ
ent Htatemdiils relative to his position when’
the shot was Urea.
lie said lie was lounging on his conch asleep.
.Subsequently he made two other statements,
saying, atone time, he was standing on the
right-hand side of tho windotf, mid at an
other time that he. was on the left.
These two statements arc regarded by Gen.
Crocker ns being made for effect, Gulteau
thinking that the nearer he eamc to being
shot,tho more likely there would be sym
pathy for him. The Warden says, even If he
had been standing on either side*of the
window*, the hall eould not have struck him
unless his head had been inclined either to
the right nr left,.though the Warden thinks
of Guitcau's cell-window very carefully to
have made the shot hcdldj for, if the ball
had entered a lmlfir.o!i from where It did,
It would have ml-wed the window
entirely, os the window of the ceil
Is not directly In lino with
the outside window. In order to see the In
slide window at ail ’ a person would have to
stand nt the extreme northwest side of the
ontsldo window, and thon It Is almost impos
sible to observe anything hjit the outline of
the Inside window, and no one but a good
marksman contd shoot Into it.
this morning, but not for a more secure one,
as tho ono he was in yesterday is regarded
as secure, ilu was removed, however, for
the purpose of keeping tho military
guard from knowing Ids whereabouts,
Tho Warden arrived nt the jail
at a very early hour this morning, expecting
to Ibid Gulienu much incensed and excited,
hut such was not thocnsc. Tim prisoner had
become calm, and appeared to bo in quite a
pleasant mood, lie, however, feit anxious
to know who tho man was who tired the
shot, ami lie asked tho Captain of Buttery B,
who was present, whether lie was going to
allowhlm to be tired nt frequently in that
manner. * «
from ids celt, ns he has lately remarked often
that he felt more safe in that cell than any
other ho had been In. He appears to haVe
changed ids min'd on that point, for hist
night ho begged to bo removed to another
part 6f tho Jail. Tho Warden today revealed
a fact which has not generally been known,
ilu said that Gidtcnu has been moved from
cell to cell every week, nnd Unit today was
tho day for ids removal, and ho would have
been removed notwithstanding the occur
rence of lust evening.
In reply to u'qucsliou regarding the health
of the prisoner, Geu. Crocker “Ir is
excellent. Why, It actually astonishes me
the way that man cats. I feel perfectly safe
In saying that he has gained fully ten pounds
his imprisonment.”
ho District Jail has been guarded by reau-
lar troops, in order to. protect Unlteau
against attempted assault. The military
otllcers have from time to time asserted that
thcy'nre fully prepared to resist the violence
of any moo. and to put down any lawless up
rising of Indignant and reckless civilians.
In view ut all the circumstances, it Is no
wonder that at least some of tho otllcers of
tho army me chagrinedUver the attempt of
Scrgt. Mason Inst evening -to kill
Uio prisoner. They Peel that many
will • look upon It as a sort
of satire on tho army, and ns reflecting on
tho character and discipline of the regular
troops. It appears from .statcmmiU-* made
by tho Warden of Uie Jail that GnlU-na has
been moved from one cell to unoUier ajmost
every week, and that. (
for tho purpose, according to the Warden,
of keeping tho military guards from know
ing his whereabouts, if lids be true, it seems
that the civil authorities are taking precau
tions against any attempt which may he
made by the military guards to dis
pose of Guiteau, whom they are sup
posed to protect from the violence
of any civil mob. But so fur us I* known it
would he unjust to reflect upon the soldiers
ilolug guard dutyatVtho Jail. It Is generally
believed that Mason was alone responsible
for Ids act, and that nothing liken conspiracy
among the soldiers has existed. Thu hidden)
of last night, however, has led many to be
lieve that In case of violence against Uultemi
there would be a good deal of shooting In
the air.
To tho XVuttrn AtuKiuleil Pro*.
Washington, D. C., Sept. 12.— Scrgt. Ma
son, who ilred tho shot at Guiteau lust even
ing, still remains under military guard at
Uio arsenal Dlslrlcl-Attoraev Corkhlll has
not yet decided upon making a demand for
thu prisoner, and tho question of Juilsillctlon
remains In doubt. Thu idea that Mason was
luuler tho Inllnmico of liquor or a drag Is
generally discredited la tho vicinity of Uie
Jail, and, although no evidence of a pint
among Uio military guard for killing Gal
teau has yet been discovered. It has long
been known that u fueling of the deepest
hostility against him exists mining tho sol
diet's on duty at tho Jail. The ollu'ers of tho
Jail, alter liavlug made an examination, are
of tho npioa that Guiteau was not at thu
window of his cell, as he told them, bat was
reclining upon Ids bed at the tlmb tho shot
was Ilred. They state that Guitenn exhibited
an agony of fear and apprehension for some
time after tho shooting, lie was removed to
another cell.
about his position when Sergt. Mason
tired Into his cell InstnlgliL At llrst, and
when under excitement, he said lie was ly
lug on the bed when Uie shot was Ilred. Sub
seqiuntlly he said he was standing nt Uie win
dow; but It Is believed that 111* llrst state
ment U true, and Uiat be concocted Uie sec
ond with an Idea that It would give him
mure notoriety If he made It appear
Uiat ho had a very narrow escape. This is
not Uie llrst time Unit Guiteau lias given
reason since ho was Imprisoned to Iwlluvu
lie docs not always tell the truth. His
account of Uio shooting, as now given to
Warden Crocker, was as follows: “Ho was
gutting close to me, and, walking to the win
dow, he pointed to a Hole In the outer glass,
and said, *Vou see that*.*’ Well, ,X saw
the wagon when they came out.
It was ruining then, and X was
looking at the soldiers getting
out, two of them. 1 hud my arms In this
position (putting one arm over the other
near the elbow, uud resting them on Uie Urst
bar of the cell], ami was resting my chin, 1
was resting on them when
i saw nm flash
right from 'that corner (Indicating the south
corner of the west whig], and the next, tiling
was the hall crashing and passing over here
[pointing over Ids shoulder]. See here.
Thu hall came In right here (pointing to the
spot on thowallt. U was a powerful shot,
for, after it glanced, It went right through
my coat, which was hanging on this nail.
See what it did. It spoiled this picture
[pulling out one of tho photographs taken of
him, In which the left breast Is completely
torn out). I had some other things, a tooth
pick among ttirm, which ft did not touch.
I want to keep tho picture ns a memento.”
■ Gen. Crocker said; “There was a good
aim at tho heart of the picture.”
"Yes, lint I would rather have It thoro
than in me”; ami ho added, “1 don’t know
who did It.”
A guard remarked: “It looks like it was
an accident.” '
Gulleau made no reply, hut evidently (ltd
not take any stock In the suggestion.
Sergt. Mason is said by the officers of
the battery to bn tho best shot in the com
pany. lie says ho had observed that every
evening when tho guard arrived Gulteau
took tho same position at the cell window.
and lie malic up his mind tfiat a bullet aimed
at that spot any evening,'Just after the guard
arrived would hit Gnltean. From one view
he could spe Gulteau through n window
opening in a line with Guitcnii’s cell win
dow, but hu could not tire a direct shot from
that position. lie had to round tho yard,
and got a itosiifon at another place, In order
to command a range of Gulteau’s cell
window. Mason did not stop at his
usual place of observation to sue If
(iuitcnu was nt the window, hut
ns ho hnd never foiled to ho there when the
guard arrived, Mason took It for granted
that the prisoner was nt the window, so ho
hurried on to u point where he could get a
range ot the window, nnd fired without at
tempting to make It certain thnUiuitcnu was
in range. The reason for believing that
(lUltean tolls a falsehood in saying that he
was at the window ts that, from where tho
shot was tired, he must have boon lilt had
he stood there, Gultcau Ims been removed
(o another ceil, and Its location in the jail Is
kept a profound secret. Neither military
or 1 officers other than those who are on duty
In that particular portion* of tho building
know whore it is. About noon today Gul
tcau took up Ids abode in Ids new quarters.
There will he no eourt-marthd in the case of
SergU Mason. His offense is one against
military, not civil, law. It is now not thought
nt the War Department that then?-will bo
any trial nt ail. Tho opinion that'Mason
not in ms ntnirr mind
when lie did tho tiring is n prevalent one
among the officials of tho War Department.
The civil authorities may move in tho
matter nnd prosecute, but it is not
thought they will. Tho District-Attorney
has not taken any action, mut says lie has
had no official notification of tho shooting,
(iuitean keeps ids record of time by making
a little notch in a piece of candle lie lias for
caeli day that passes. This is how lie know
when ids tdrlhilny arrived. Somu of tho Jail
guards say that Gidteau Is nn unconscion
able liar, mid Hint tie lies about most unim
portant matters. lie was in great terror all
last night lestjiu should be murdered, amt
tiie guards, hi. passing Ids cell, frequently
heard him praying during the night lie Is
evidently an arrant coward.
Sergt. Mason’s lawyer, called upon tho Dis
trict-Attorney this afternoon and asked him
o claim the from tho military
luthorltlcs,’. It* was Mason's wish to bo tried
n u civil churl. Col. Corklilll declined to do
ids nt present, nnd tho lawyer expressed an
Intention to swear out a warrant himself for*
Mason's arrest. Bigelow says. In his opin
ion, Mason Is Insano on tho subject. He
further states tliat when nows of (lultcuu’s
crime llrst reached Maitnu he was serving in
Texas, and at tho thue expressed (tin lutcn-
tlon of killing Guiteau. Mason Is said to be
of the famous family of “Mason amlSlliloll.”
He served creditably In tho Into War. If tho
mutter Is taken up by tho civil authorities
the first proceedings will be before the Po
lice Court, under the charge of assault and
battery with Intent to kill. Tho extreme
penally for this offense is eight years 1 ' Im
prisonment ut hard labor. In the event of
conviction by civil tribunal. Mason would Ip
promptly dismissed from the army.
•on; official notice
of Sergeant Mason’s offense has not yet
reached the War Department. It Is slated
there that Mason will be promptly surren
dered If demand is made for him by tho civil
authorities. Thus all complications will bo
avoided. If such demand is not made.
Mason will bo tried by court-martial. .Army
nfllcers geimvplly express a feeling of mor
tification at this attempt on (InUcnu’s life As
reflecting on the discipline and good nnmo of
the service.
A QUiniU.K.
Tho .Shir holds that the law of the District
of Columbia Is such that If tho President
should die at Klbcron or .elsewhere outside
of the District, (iiiltean could not bo qon
vleledof Ids murder. The courts of. the.
District would not have Jurisdiction.
* v
gptefiil DUpuffV/o Tht VhUaott TVttfuns.
New Orleans, Sept. 02,— The casing out
of all tho uniformed militia bodies of the
city at daylight this morning, and the mass
ing of nil the pollco at the threatened points,
hud a tendency to modify the plans of Urn
striking laborers, and these wero few cast*
of organized Interference . with non
union workers. However, teamsters were
stoned and hrlckhaUed from their teams,
several Mien badly beaten, and oim police
man seriously shot. The Mayor was active
hi trying (o suppress dlsteTbances, hut to
night confessed his Inability with his police
to’coiH) with the strikers, pud finally turned
»tho city over to Acting Governor McEnery,
who arrived today and relieved Gov, Wilt/..
Gov. MeKnery has ordered tho troops to pro
ceed to the levee tomorrow morning ami ills
pm seall crowds, the plan being to keep thetwo
brigades of militia in Gmi. Bohan’s division
murehlug and countermarching through the
streets at the front to protect the non-union
negro teamsters and cotton-rollers from the
strikers of their own color. The Imbecility
of the otllclals excites profound disgust, lor
after tho alleged emancipation of tho people
from Uadleul ruin on tho Ulii of September,
ISM.ut the cost of a score of lives tho local
government has iiecomo as helpless and im
potent as was Kellogg’s at that time as
agdnst the White League.
.Sew Orleans, Sept. 12.—'The cotton
clusters, It is stated, accepted the factors’
terms. A number of weighers seceded from
the organization, and accepted Uialr old situ
ations. Tlieru was no trouhlu today other
than the atoning by women and children of a
few drivers. The military was held In readi
ness. One of the new policemen, known as
the lllblmn police, was shot on Chippewa
street by an unknown party.
Lancaster, Pa., Sept, 12.—Tho miners
the llncklnK*Viiituy are making preparations
fur u big strike next Thursday, irumnndtmc
Slaton. Theynru now getting s> cent*
Tlie demand Is nut likely be acceded to.
No less miners will quit work.
Nkw YohKi Bent. 19.—Arrived, the Gallia,
from Liverpool.
London, Sept, 19.—Arrived, the France,
from Now York.
Piill.AHKi.Piiia, Sept. 19.—Arrived, the
British Queen. from Liverpool.
London, Sent. 19.—The Peruvian and Ba
varian, from Boston, have arrived out.
Nkw YmtK, Sept. PJ.—Arrival, Uto Queen
and Wyoming, from Liverpool,
Whole Families in the Burnt
District of Michigan En
tirely Naked.
Extraordinary Duration ot iho Great
Drouth In Canada and the
A Freight-Train Precipitated
Through n Bridge and
Coal Collieries Forced lo Suspend Work,
Owing to a tack of
Concerted Movements in Various Cities for
the Belief of the Michigan Suf
Special l)Ui>ateh to 'flit Vhfettau IVlfctm*.
East Saginaw, Mich., Sept. Vi,— J. 11.
Inius drove from Port Austin to Cass City on
Friday, by way of Bad Axe and CanYpbelt
Corners, and was interviewed at the ear tlds
morning by your correspondent, lie says
there are only eight houses left from Cum*
ber to (ircenleaf School-House, a distance of
seven tulles, '.lames Brown lost his barnS?
and grain, and his brother, Thomas. Brown,
lost everything. Kit Murphy, Supervisor of
(ircenleaf Township, lost ail he had. and it
farmer named Jackson lost all Ills buildings.
At Campbell the store was saved,
and Mr. Campbell, one of the old
est settlors, lost everything, except
the land. Knst of Campbell’s Corners,
a distance of twelve miles, the only
house left was that of KiltenduiT, and there
Mr. Imus found 100 homeless people con
gregated. Along this road lie saw people
and the corn which had been roasted by the
Haines, and eating thereof. It was nil they
hud left. Mr. Morrison lust two barns, nine
head of horses, several head of cattle, and t’*o
bushels of grain—reduced in a few mo
ments from comfort to comparative poverty.
A fanner named Oakum, of Klkloml. Tus
cola County, is in hard luck. Three
weeksf®ngo ho was burned, out, and ids
neighbors clubbed together, built him a place
In which to live, and titled him out nearly us
good ns now. Last wedk lie was entirely
cleaned out again. Knst of Cass City for
'several miles every’ building, the fences, the
crops, and tho timber v.'eh* destroyed. Last
night, within thirty mites of that place,
with no covering whatever. Some have
been so stripped Urn} they arc ashamed
to show themselves, and have sent In
one or two persons to obtain sup
plies for three or four naked
families huddled together. J. .1. Gallagher,
a young maipemployed by T. B. Morse, of
Blkland, was severely burned in the attempt
to save nic lifo of an old maif, and one of Ids
arms will have to be amputated. Blcluml
Meredith, of tho same township, will die. He
was burned in a shocking maimer, mid. lay
by tho roadside twenty-four lioujLh before al l
reached him.* In Grant Township, Huron
County, two school-houses and several
houses and hams were burned. News
reached Caro last .night .that the
family of., a Genpryj ~ named Scbalt,
living In Novesta, .‘ had perished. In
ttic same township the wife .of John Schrlber
stood In the river with Bio water up to iier
neck, holding lier baby’s head out of the
water, live long hours before aid reached
Bpietal Dispatch to The Chicago Tribun*.
Mimvaukkr, Win., Sent. I!).—At Iho noon
meeting today of the Chamber of Commerce,
Angus Smith Introduced a resolution of
sympathy for tho sntri'rers of tlnr terrible
forest tires in Michigan, and provided for tho
appointment oi a cohnnlttoo from tho Mer
chants’ Assoenltion for soliciting aid for
their immediate relief. President Freeman
appointed the following committee: William
Young, John Thorsen, A. K. Shepard, F.
Tlllef, C.
Angus Smith. The eommUceo appointed by
tho Merchants* Association consists of K.
Friend, J. Suydum, and 11. J. Jolmsoijjr 'L'ho
two committees will meet at the Ctiamhor of
Commerce at U o’elnpk tomorrow morning to
agree upon some plan ot action.
cm.mvATFu, silcn.
Special Dispatch to Tit* Chicago Tribune,
Coi.mvATF.it, Mich., Sept, pi,—Our city
shows her sympathy for tho sufferers by the
forest (ires In our State by sending a draft to
Mayor Carluton, of Port Huron,’for SB4O and
four huge boxes containing $1505 worth of
new clothing, a box of bouts, shoes, and caps,
a (jimntlty.of second-hand goods, four plows,
and other articles. And stilt the good work
goes on, with no sign of abatement.
Nfav Vontf, Sept. 12.—The Michigan Fire
ilellof Committee has already collected -SIO,-
000, and subscriptions am rapidly pouring In.
The Baptist pastors, lit their meeting to-day,
decided to take, up a general collection in oil
the churches of that denomination next Sun
day for tho benulll of tho siilfercrs.
Mkmfiiis, Tenn., Sept- 12.—A meeting of
citizens held this afternoon at the Cotton
Kxchango for tho relief tho Michigan suf
ferers, appointed a committee to canvass tho
city and report at an adjourned meeting
Wednesday next.
Columbus, 0., Sept. 12.—A citizens’ meoi
Ing presided over by Mayor Peters was hold
tonight* and committees appointed to Hotielt
and forward contributions of money, food,
and clothing to (lie Michigan sufferers.
roimßH» , oNt>K.vr:i:.
3b Oil JWhor of Tht C'hktifu TVibimr,
CmcAou, Seut. Id.—lnclosed pletiso llml
$5.50 for poor Michigan sufferers. The 50
cents which 1 hand you was cheerfully given
by my little 10-yeur-old hoy.today alter hear
ing his mother road the sad story. As his
total worldly wealth Is only about #4, this is
more for him than a million or more for tv
Vanderbilt or a Gould.
£ feel (juttu sure that, lu a higher stale of
civilization, and nnderubvUer arranged form
of government, this expensive, Imperfect,
and unsatisfactory way of helping our fel
low-mortals lu distress must glvu way to
something better.
When only a few of the units of society
need help—such ns a few Imllvblunlds or
families—this can be, pud probably always
will be, done-, by private charity, but when
the disaster Is general, or where. It covers
several townships, hamlets, and 'villages,
then private charity can do but 4|Ule, and
that little cannot bo done lit time, to relievo
the suffering and supply the destitute.
These poor creatures have Immediate
wants and should haw certain AnU Immedi
ate relief. lldw can this best be dune*.' I
'cannot enter Into details here, hut my Idea
Is that every enmity should provldi? a fund,
vanglmrfrom say 310,000 and upwards, ae
eordiiino circumstances; said fund to lie
InvestVo so that It could not be stolen or
wasted. Then, in case of distress by 1 cy
clones, eurtluiuakes, famines, hoods, etc.,
each local community would be lu condition
to give Immediate relief until the State, Na
tion. or society at targe have time to send
forward their eenUibuilcus. Hy this simple
system the adjoining and adjaceht counties
or parishes would-also be in condition to
give n helping hand., In this way tho bur
dens and severe losses of the few would ho
distributed among (hu many, making tho
Ipad light for each of us.-amt at the sumo
lime fulfilling God’s command to feed
tho hungry mid clothe the naked.
This same principle should. In my. humble
opinion, he extended to the Stale amt .Nation.
Where tho Individual-can protect himself
from loss and ruin by fire-insurance, limv
lusnrancc. or accident-insurance. ho should
he allowed to do so; hulas wo have no re
liable companies which wilt assume to take
risks against earthquakes, Hoods, famines,
cyclones, etc., It Is the duty of society to bo
ever ready for these Lziia.
RtKtlal to Tht ChUitgo THbUHd.
London, Out., Sept. Ji—Tho falmbrs are
complaining of tho drouth which, in length
of continuance and severity, has never been
equaled within tho memory of the oldest in
habitant. They, fear a storm, ns the lightning
may strike tlielr hams. Rut they no
less dread a continuance of tho dry
W'euthur, which exposes tho buildings
to great fires, even in the oldest
settled district. Tho pastures are- ruined,
and cattle. lusUjad of fattening ns they usual-
Iv do atllils season, are failing. In not a few
cases the winter stock of fodder Is drawn
upon to keep the animals alive. In Adelaide
amt other townships children nrekent homo
day after day to do nothing but drive cattle
to and from the nearest creek nr river. Re
side nil lids tiie ground Is baked so hard that
the fall work is very much hindered. Cattle
are dying lu some places for want of water.
Touonto, Sept. Pi.—Groat damage has
been done by fires in tho neighborhood ot
Owen Souml, Parry Sound, Gruvelhurst, Ot
tervllle, Stratford, Edou Mills. Rurtbn, ami
Zurich. A million dollars’ worth of Umber
\Vaa burned in-the Parry Sound district.
Bptehtt DUpdleh to 71* Chieuov Irihunt,
NounisrowN, Pn., Scut. 12.—The forest
fires In Eastern Pennsylvania have partially
subsided, but are not yet entirely extin
guished. Avery serous casualty has been
occasioned In Crawford County through de
struction by lire. As a freight-train on Uio
Philadelphia * Erie Division of the Penn
sylvania itnllroad was passim? over a
bridge which spans Spring Creek, the
structure, which bad been weakened by
Humes fronA tho burning trees below, gave
way, and Urn entire train was precipitated
iifto tho ravine underneath the bridge. The
cars caught lire, and' lunch valuable mer
chandise of all descriptions was totally de
stroyed. The loss is large. There la but
little Insurance. The engineer, William
Klpperly, and fireman, Charles Parks, were
roasted uilvo in tho burning wreck.
who aro known to have been on tho train
have disappeared, and It is presumed they
were burned to death. Tho enforced sus
pension in tho coal region, owing to tho
scarcity of water at the collieries; still con
tinues, ami as there is no prospect of an early
termination of tho great drouth tho stoji
page of operations will possibly bo for an
Indellult length of time. Tho only supplies
at a majority of tho collieries Uiat mo not
using mine-water were transported to them
in tanks, which, besides tho Inconvenience,
adds considerably to the cost of mining.
Tot every colliery that cun bo worked is
kept tiu to -Us fullest capacity. Tho great
fear now is that
will bo necessitated by tho giving out of tho
present sources whence water Is obtained.
'lf there is not rain very soon one-half of tho
colllcrlcsii;tho Schuylkill reglbu wlllbo Idle,
and, In view of tho threatened condition,
everybody is eager to got all tho copl out
possible wlillo'tho water lasts. Elko tho rest
of tho coal region, Shamakln has begun to
sulTer from a iaek i)f water. Tho uUestlbn
them Is. whether private families or colliers
shall ho Urn sufferers. Two of tho Mineral
Company's collieries, the Cameron and Duke
Fuller, the Henry Clay shaft, wid the Sterling
collieries arc supplied with water from
Tho supply lias run so short that part of tho
town which Is supplied with water from this
source has began to snlTcr, and will be cut olf
entirely unless thocolllcrlessnspend. When
tho nmlter has to bo decided in favor of one
or the other of tho parties, tho town will
probably bo first considered, Sliamokln
therefore prays for rain.
NKAit conn', OKNKsnn nonNTT.
Buffalo, Sept. 12.—Near Corfu forest Ores
have attacked tho clearings, compelling fam
ilies to abandon' thrtr bomos. Horses amt
young stock, bayo lost their hoofs. Many
animals are dying.
Mr. (Jeorgo It. Hotchkiss, has so far met
ftlth excellent success In fritting together
money for lliu Michigan sufferers, though ho
has made no special efforts In that direction.
Appended nru tho principal subscriptions to
T. W. Harvey » *IOO
l.mUiigtun W.&V.H.?./ 10U
Kirby Cm'pcnter Co*. ml
KriH'Ht 1’nif81ng....*.... •Jlw
N. I.mUnplon C 0..../ ['ll
Kelley. Iluthhnne & Vo ;..... M.
Martin Uyorsob & Co ; W)
M. It. Hull & Co
Wllllnm lllploy Si Hon t’B
K. K. Slmllii... J....
Walworth & Heed. I-»
White. Kwim&Co.. »*
N. & C. H. Mear* SB
lloililoek. I'nlmotcr&Co 8B
H. &0. F.Ulmt SB
Unpin*, DaUouook & Co s.»
b.Vlillf. ;.... SB
Miirrh llnin. & Knnsoni. SB
Mlseoliancoufl..; ICU
In addition, he has received unite a num
ber of packages of clothing, wiilclu will he
shipped in a day or two. Brink's'express
will deliver to Mr. Hotchkiss all parcels left
at their offices. Mr. Hotchkiss’ olllce Is at
tho l.nniberumn’s Exchange, corner of
Franklin and Month Water streets.
apfeial ttlipwUft to Tho cMeao o lYlban*
• OroNoxmwoe, Win., fcJopt. Id.—Tho whlto
grab, of which ho idiieb cmnpbiint has been
heard of trom farmers, seems to have made
disastrous ravages among Uio cornllehls be
tween hero ami Milwaukee. Over lids strip,
thirty length, thorn hits tint one field
in ten escaped. Thu corn has reached a
growth of Homo two feet whim the white
grab cute olf the roots whllo at work under
ground, leaving It In this Immature state to
die. It Is unlit for use, except ns second
class fodder. Id this rajar vicinity, though,
the grub Ims Injured the sod and pastures
immi than anything else by cutting away the
roots about liaif ah nleh bcloW the surface.
Whole nuros of sod under which they have
worked are being rolled tip like a carpet and
burned lu order |o kill them out. Smut a de
structive nuisance has not been experienced
here for years.
St. Lours, Mo., Sept. Id,—fiornard Behr, a
German, 4} years old, with a wife and
six children, dressed himself In Ids best
clothes, between u and 4 o'clock this after
noon, bado his wife good-by, went to the
garret of Ids bouse, UWd Franklin avenue,
rolled up Ids trousers, put one of his feet
Into a bucket of water, cut half-a-dozen deep
gashes In theealt of his leg with a razor,
sal there and bled to death, poverty and
strong drink were the causes.
Sjxctat iniiwlcJt ta ChUaoo 7>(&uu«.
Ckiiau Haimiw, lu., Sept, I*,*.— Lincoln
liuzclton,.n young limit S 3 years old, living
near renter Point, tins county, attempted
suicide lust night while laboring under a lit
of temporary Insanity. He took 'strychnine,
and limmoUi.-iU*' afterwords shot hinutflf In
the slouu.'u with a icvolver. Mei^Riluld
was nt onrn summoned, find at promint writ-
Ing ho Is alive. • 1
sPff(/il (Otruifch M 7V Chicago TVUitinf.
Boonk, JII M Hopl. 13.—A 13-yunr*old boy
nnincd Nathaniel Caspeel roininlttud snle.ldu
near Itldgeport Inst night by bunging himself
lo n (nit* by the .shin of tin* farmer** house in
which he was llvimr. Thu nmtlvn for the
duuil Is supposed (o Imvn Ihiuii four caused by
papers being served on him by the HlmrllT to
appear nt tho next term of court lo give ovl
dunce In n purlitlon suit, he beltur onu ot thu
hubs. Tho worry over tho nmllcr unseated
tils ndml.
Bpteinl DUvalth In The Chicago TVtaun*.
Richmond, Vn M Sept. 13,—'Tho production
by the Democrats ot thu letter said to Imvo
been, written by Frank 3. Blair, the candi
date ou the llundjuster ticket for Attorney-
General, Is tho political sensation of tho hour
in Virginia now. This tetter, in which lie
so severely denounces lltui negroas, and says
they catr no more he trusted in voting than
with your poeketbook, Ijm been eagerly
seized and published by Clio Demoeratiu
press throughout tho State. Mr. illutr, ue.-
eompanled by ids friend,\V. 11. Itlddtaberger,
was In Wythevlllu today, from which
place thd letter Is alleged to* have
been ’written. Cnpt. Gimme Ik Wise,
tho Democratic canvasser who llrst mmtu
tho letter public, was there also, and hU
speech read amid great enthusiasm on tho
part of his Democratic auditors, ’ who evi
dently- believe tho correspondence Is un
doubtedly genuine. Mr. Blair did not at tho
meeting make any public dental of the author'
ship of tho lettembut Ids friends have denied
it, and now claim to have evidence that at
thu tlmo tho letter Is alleged to have been
willten from Wythevlllu (the Uth of Octo
ber, ISSOj Blair was In Wellsvlllu. slxlvndles
away, and made aspeccli. In which be ft tiered
sentiments the reverse of those In tho letter.
On tho oilier hand, tho Democrats claim
that if the letter was not geiHilne .Btuir
would have promptly denied Its authorship
when it was llrst produced, instead of truing
oh after evidence. The W/ilp (tho Read
luster organ) will tomorrow pronounce ttio
letter a forgery. >Vllson, tho gentleman to
Vhom tho doenmont Is alleged, to Iftvu been
written, wasu committee clerk m tho last Leg
islature, which position heaecnred through
tho Keadjustor Intluoncc. CnalUlonists. and
especially Republicans, say that unless Blair
promptly and eltecllvuly,clears, his skirt?
in this matter lie will have to be
dropped from the ticket. Thu sentiment?
of distrust of the colored man expressed In
that tetter, it is ulllrmed will drive n\vay half
of the Bepnhllcnn ’support which It Is ex
pected to draw. If this Is dune some man
less objectionable will be put upon the ticket
Blair’s place. The Democrats are still jubi
lant amt believe they can prove the gonulrtu
ness of the letter. If this letter is proved
genuine, then it will somewhat embarrass
the Mahona party, for tills thing of swapping
horses in the crossing of the stream is re
garded by them as a dirty proceeding now.
and therefore they will make a determined
light to prove tho fetter a rorgery.
Special DiipalcA to 77ie Chicago TY(bune.
St. Paul, Minn.', Sept. 12.—Thu Knmscy
Comity Bcpubltcnn Convention, held hero to
day, resulted In the choice of twelve Pills
bury delegates, by a vote of 31 to 22 for
delegates favorable to Gen. Ilnbbard, of
Bed Wing.’ Pillsbury was onlymdiounccd
as u candidate for reflection a few* days ago,
and tbo result is n severe disappointment to
thollnhliard men, who counted on catching
thik county. Delegates are not Instructed,
and some of thorn are'claimed for McGill.
Insurance Commissioner, wtio was tho most
prominent candidate before Pillsbury was
brought out, and to whom Pillsbury Is favor
able. It Is said Pillsbury does not deslru re
election, but he was forcild into tho Held liy
ids friends as the only way to beat ilnbburu.
who Is considered a candidate of the so-called
State Prison ring. Ilnbbard has»carried
most of the counties that have held conven
tions, but Pillsbury men claim n popularity
of their candidate such us to Insure his nomi
nation. ’ _
Lewiston, Mo.,' Sept 13.— in a (special
election today for a representative to Cod-'
gross to (ill tho vacancy cilused by the resig
nation of Senator Frye, ex-Gov. Dldgely (Be-
I'Ubllcan) was elfceted. The towns heard
from give-Dlngely 7,700; Gilbert (Green
back), 3.073: Eustls (Prohibition), UO; sciit
torlng, 3li; Republican majority, 4.541. The
same, towns gave DaVls (Bopublloan) for
Governor last year, 1,037 majority. Tho
(owns to hear, from gave Phdsted (Opposi
tion) 1(50 majority. Inst year. .Tids county
(Androscoggin) gave Dlngely over, 2,000
majority, against Jtcpublican 270 majority
last year.
Tho Democratic cnndluntb was withdrawn
last week-, Uto Dcmocratlo Uommlttcu’
advising Democrats, to vote for Uie Green
back candidate. Many Democrats conse
.iiiently refused to go to tho polls aim others
voted for Dingluy. • -
Special OUuatch to Tht VhUaoo Tribune.
Boston, Sept.-19.—Tho Democratic State
Committee today appointed- a committee to
prepare and forward to Mrs. Garfield reso
lutions of Hympathy from tho patty with her
wounded and suffering husband. Tho Stale
Convention will bo held In Worcester Oct. 6,
and from presold appearances It will bo u
. very tamo a Hair. Thompson and Thompson
will again be tho candidates. Gen. Butler will
be out of the field altogether owing to tho re
cent ddath of his son •rfnd there are no lines*
lions lliculy to arise to disturb the harmony
of the party. .
Sp(elal*iX*pitteh to The Chicago IVlbunc.
Bkloit, Wls., Sept. 12.—K. if. Duxtud and
Andrew Barloss were today elected dele
gates from the Third Assembly District of
Bock County to Uio Hlatq Conrenllon. They
will support Col. Johnson, of ihls city, fur
Secretary of State.
Special JJlipatch to 17ic Chicago TVlbunc.
Elgin, 111., Sept. 19.—At a special election
held today A. C. Joslyn was elected Alder
man for the Flint Ward, to sitccoed 1). It.
Jeneks, resigned, receiving a majority of IK
out of ittl votes cast. Ex-Aid, Quincy 011-
litan was his antagonist.
flpcdal duwicrt lo Thi CAUaoa 7Wbuiie.
junta UiikkKi Midi., Hept. 19.—Tho
Union School l£actnry, owned by K. C.
Nichols, Y.T*. Collier, 3.1* Stone, C. £.
Thomas, J, C, JJnrber, find L. W. Peebles,
wan horned to the ground tolifirlit. Tlio
building nut! contents wore worth from $75,•
000 m nml hml only 910,000 Insurance.
About iltty-llve niou mo thus thrown out of,
employment. The (ire started In the varnish-'
room in tbo basement, n workman stepping
on » mutch which iHiilted a nunntlty, Thu
tiro started nbout 0:H0 tonight. Just
ns the men had,, gone to supper,
ami In about omi hour Uio
entire building was In ashes. An adjoining
building, owned by C. C. Perry, valued at
81,000, whs iilko burned. Insured for BJt,OUO.
It was occupied by Halbert & Knights ns u.
tmidi, door, mid blind factory. Their lons Is
over 83,000, with only 9500 insurance. In
the basement 11. Snyder had a novelty shop.
1.083, $1,000; ho Insurance* ,
at.dat CITY, MICTT.
Bptcial DUpnuh to TTii Chicago THbunc
lUv City, Midi., Sepr. 19,—The lire In
Watrmt* Pros’. mill, which started at 1
o'clock lust night and burned nnlli tl this
morning, destroyed the tall I, machinery,
tramways, dock, mid IjiWO.OOO of lumber.
Tbo hiss on mill,* contents, and appurte
nances was 895,000,. Insured ns follows! In
tho German. American, 89,500, and in the
Niagara, Mutropole, Amazon, and North
.German, $1,500 each: total, 80,500* Tim loss’
on lumber was 835.000, on wlitcliVthere was
an Insurance In tho Imperial aiui New York
Umlerwriturs' for $5,000 each, and In Uio
Mutropole and North America for 89,500
*eacli; total loss lo Urn Arm, $50,060: Insur
aneo 53.J,500.
tipteuH Ij 'itu 'ir^ut:
I.oi'i-sviu.K, Ky., Kept. 13.—At u meeting
nf the oltlcers of the l.milsvllle l.egiun, held
tonight at the armory, u was decided tout-
tend tho Vorklown centennial eulebmir,.
tho Tlh prox„ 300 slroiig, tmUormud . ,
eijnlpped, mid with n hand of iintMc. Ti
nfllcers put otT lo an ndjuimiud ihumi’m- 1 11
tlio3ihh Inst, thu decision of tiu> 1111
to whether they'wlll try and iVr-nikt
Legion foninothof three years. It u■«
body of good young citizens, 'u*lldriii.V l !!! P ;
elleetlve, , finii It would bun shame in i,
them disband. ,la '«
a nnwiVAY noiisn.
mimitfft to 71i* CftlidiM Tritun»
Hai.ti.moui:, Md„ Sunt. 13.-A fiitrb’tcnrd
horse attached to an express wagon ti»
away hero today, and, dashing into n crow?
of children on Casllu street, killed round
Lang,» years of age, and seriously
font* other children about tho same age. tv
liorsu became Manned nt tho whisilo of a
locomollvu and ran'lnto tho gronpof f>ini
droll, who wore withered on a sidewalk m
toning to thn music of an organ-grlmi ►
Tliu ulillilrun w ■
.lulm. (inlmn, injury I liil in-, .mil A1,,1,0,
ImliK. 'I In. tllivur ot thu .Yimou .vim k!
seriously hurt, >m
Swelrtt DfiwUeA o The Chicago IVOtun*.
Lokisviu.b, Ky.. Sept. li-Isaac KinW
a plasterer, whose house Is on Cross slrtct
between Nineteenth and Twentieth, tta l
drlvlng'a team near Kleventh ami Mnin
streets late thtsOafUmioon wldlo In iin tu
toxteated condition, and, Ids foot stiunin?
from Oio board, ho lurched forward, rmiint
on his head, stunning him, when tin- wtuJ
of his wagon ran upon his chest, erusliini
h.ls bones ami killing him instantly. ul
feaves a wife mid live helpless little ones
f Sprc(n( Dltpalch to 7Tie (Jfiicuao TVibun*.
Dkcatiiu, 111., Sept. 13.—An expensive bn
ctdent occurred to n Midland rreigliPtmin
early lids morning near tho Central Junction
caused by a broken axle. Five cars landed
with grain were ditched and live others wer«
thrown otf tho track by the spreading rail*.
Trains were delayed and much ot the grain
was damaged.
Bpfctat Dispatch to The Chicago TVtbuni.
Toumo. 0.. Sept 12.—Simon Diane*
while hi charge of an Ice wagon tomuorarllj
today, had a runaway and was thrown under
elite wheals and Instantly killed, Ids head be.
imr crushed In a horrible manner. Deceased
loaves a family consisting of a wife umi (our
Special Dltpateh to The Chicago TVtbunc.
Soo.vk, la., Sept 13.—Hans Larde, a farm*
er in Yell Township, was riding home last
night from Ogden and ran into a mule-team
coming’ this other way. Tho pole struck
Larde In the bowels, knocking turn from hli
horse, and ho has since died of ids Injuries,
Special Dltxxiteh to The CMeay* Tribune.
Saratoga, N, Y„ Sept. 12.—8 y nn neck
dent to a constrnctlon-trnln on tho Saratov
Lake Bnihvnytoday, M. M. Carallo, nn llak
tun, was killed, and two other of Ids corns
trymen—Bosso and Lango—fatally injured,
.Richmond, Vtu, Sept. 13.—Two passangfr
trains met In collision on the BlclnnomlA
Dauvlllo Bnllroad today. The engineer!
were badly injured—one by a leap from Ids
engine—and the passengers considerably
shaken nn. One ougnib was wrecked and
the other badly damaged.
Sjxetol Dinpateh to The Chicago 7>ibunf.
Janksvii.lk, AVis., Sept. 12.—Mrs. A.
Schwartz, while crossing tho railroad bridge
tlds afternoon, was struck by a passing train,
lecelvmjipprobably fatal injuries.
Milwaukee, AVIs., Sept. 12.—Alva Day,
wlio resided near Madison, AVIs., was burned
to death in Ids bouse tlds morning.
Washington, D. C., Scift, 19.—'Thfl best*
lng iu tho Chrlstinncy divorce suit was re
sumed, this afternoon, Ex-Minister Chrls
tlnncy was present for the first time. l!h
wife was absent. Dr. Tlalph Walsh, ones
her family physician, was called for (ho pur*
puso of proving acts of cruelly. The coun
sel for too ox-aenator objected, ns tlio wife
comfbhcd tho nets by living with tho husband
afterwards. Thg Chancery Court will w
asked for a decision. Meantime tho examin
ation was suspended.
'Special Dlipnlih to The Chicago Trffcunfc
Washington, D. C., Sept. 19.—Tho District
.Grand Jury, which met to*day, will bo very
busy this month and uoxt with various lm
portant’eases. It was understood that tha
Btari#outo'caHCS will not bo laid before tbs
jury Immediately. There Is one murderess)
mm several eases of attempted murder to w
disposed of. Ills understood that tho charges
against dipt. Ilo\Vght6 will bo taken up at
an early date.
NOTES. „ .
Washington, D, 0., Sept. 13.—The Post*
mastor-Glmoral has ordered tho dlspenlliuj*
anco after the 7th Inst, of tho steamboat uwi
service on tho route from New Orleans m
Shreveport, a distanceot m miles. Amu;
pofury “star” servldols ordered to »upp*>’
offices on Uio routo pending the completion
of arrangements for a pcrmluient MnJjJj
Tho annual savins to tho Governmental uO
-Is 819,000 i . v„,irio.
Commissioner Halim loft for Now iowJJ
night, having received a telegram
rolary Window! Inviting him to a eonftn ii«
on tho subject of tho dollmiuoncy «f P»' JJ
banks hi the inuttcr of ItileriiiU-reteuM
t&fUcl IHtMtcA to ITW Lhleaac TVifturU
. Boston, tfopt, 19,-Tho Suffolk Bar
men prominent In State affairs mot io»» <
take action bn the death of Judges
Allies.. Kesolnlions wore read by
General Marston. Tho lion. h. .
Hoar spoke of tho great losses thocoimu
ty had unstained; Judge Uoar, hi
of Justice Ames, paid ho tba
without ambition, simple and ulwr u‘ |.
discharge hf Ids duties. Tho
on tho dlHilninilslilntf o*
deceased Judges ’with steal di*i[ ll |“^ l v j,y,
character, alKtUilclty of style,
Tire lion. George 8. Hale. Mr..bto JJV 1 "
Hon. E. 11; Bonnott, and others followeu.
Special VltpaUti 16 tM CM ago
Duuuqun, lu., Bopt. 13.— Today oilo
oldest Incorporated companies Len Jr eu ;
exist. .The Dubuque llurbor ttv^lby
Cdmpauy wad organized In the yt«' , f
n number of capitalists hero and '
with a capital stock of
boiiglit n largo tract of property fniJJ 1 JufJ .
river, for which tlioy paid hluiHccm" 1
iMiotatioii that Dubiiqito was to bu a ,j.
Chicago. Today the on ‘A 6 ., " af.A w««*»w
Into wblchlt liad boon dubdbm^ 1 ",
at auction, and brought only t.
thing over I per cent on tlio lintsiiu
to (|iil«j 4 larw mitllenti!. a ret«> ls
old tortKteimtoii nml About,
nounceu for tomorrow \l*c»dy I®
members of the conference arc
the city, , -
M'M Oucmcn «.
JSMilx, 111- Snpt. 12--' lr ' ‘"-" .i, ul iW
(mi mid Mlsn Nelllo Itnlimisui. |W
city, were married nt tlio W,,. wlir IWI
- 'l'lioy 101 l juralitldJlto"
Sp.tlol UuixilfA lo Tl'* SuU 1 '
MoSTHKAI.. Kept. TA'-T 1U 1 “ l s; S1«I)T
van has declined the can u»
Churcn, New Vork,

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