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jl|®AN ttl
B 5 Congresa-st., Boston.
Cal ,iU.l. <>oo,ooo.
Dims roiiH,,
11nrr Fr,„l 1.. Aina Th,,n. Nltikprnon,
IwrT ' ll; n,„.. .l.Alurrlll, ,!<■„. r.
Alot.H.n‘ ■ „ |( v< f t% Tlmiims liunn,
yn»w Vmi j*. Pmicr, Knit 11. linker.
aia«r(}'? l J r „,, r h. I.evl I - . Wtiilo, I). I’. Klmlnvll,
J uM nit irnli A. t*. Cootl.l/e, 11. P. Chenuy.
JJTjj yyijjiiiyj - , W. P. Embus. K.Gordun Iluxtor.
nr ns ll»cnl nr trails-
II 'V,, r,,r INmiorntlons. Mimti:l|inlllles. el«., nod
and COII.NTriIWICIN CorilHrulus of
I Vi''rnV»niZEt) to negotiate loans amt
l>u-Uiess and ciirrospomlonca. ami will
for nrliiio ncunrUles li* tun I orioleimiph.
B a«vrlccs for prmio
N. W. .10)111,\N. Aeliinry.
11, L. AHItkUAM. Treasurer.
U mil Wlon Mb,
„rtlic Non Vork Slock A t'otton Exchanges,
N E.cor. La Lollo & Wladison-ats.,
X«w Torß Olllccs. No. 11l New-st.
Cotton Commission
p.irnio wire* to our olllccs In Non V ark. No clmnin
for „,r,n« 0,-»r, fc
filled- u. )1. PAUKH.
Member of Now ( YorM:mim. Exolinnwo.
510 „,1,,r0f S..;v,|i rkMn.Vljx.lmnjjO:
j,. ji*. car. Lit Pdllo and Mnala»n-stn.. Glilcugo
130 Ua Salle-st.,
Transact a general Banking and
Brokerage business in Railway
Stocks and Bonds.
Interest allowed on deposits.
Investments carefully attended to.
Direct Wire from our Office to
New York.
lloody, Saltonstall & Co.,
Stocks and Bonds,
128 LA SALLI'i-ST.
BOODV, McCI.KLL.AN & CO.. M llrondwny, N. Y.,
.Mvnil>cr»N. Y. Htmilt Kxdmmrc.
n * IIOODV. O. W. McCI.KI.LAN, Jit..
C - t " l! I.m.ANI). K. (1. HAI/KINaTAI.U
F. A. BEERS & CO.,
14 l.u t'blciißo.
■ (WAIN, IMIOVISIONB, uud bTOCItS bouubt nnd
*srorKT*lllV’ll.runes ot etoso rules secured on ro
ipunstblo parlies, and operations conducted luiumst
Jinn. , , . ,
ig it CO..«ltroml-.U
the union TRUST CO.,
Korllifut Corntr Madison mid DcarWn-sk,
(fcclTOßfttviniiH dupoMU and allow* Interest on wma
nbject toUto rules of Iho bunk. Q M wn,s«)N.
Einkm mid Urokors. No. W Wnll-st.. Now York. linjr
iaj carry stocks <m :i to & j«r cent immilii, and. when
dn-lrert. will Itrtvlsu when and wimltolmv. Also, su
nm, KI’OCK I*lll VII,KUKS tit ronsonnblo mics la
shirk ftt to lift* win bo Invosioit. V nil Inrorumilun on
H'pllcaUon. ami ITnnnctnl Ucoortwont froo.
cousrissioy Mjsucihtjri's.
Pollcltconalanmnnta of Drain. Mil i'.nslorn orders
«Übrtlftinuch. Uuy tind 801 l Drain and I'rovlslmm for
liilure delivery. and carry mail nrunorty on nmrixm*.
SILSIJY & CO., Commission,
ia« I,A HAI.I.K-NT., ICOOSL 17.
Dur and soli OnOn for Future Pullvnry uml Carry
lull I'roiHTty uu Manilas. CnrrosiKimlomm solicit*
|il. nufumiioos fnrnlshoil. _
Tito CUy ami State nt Present Enjoy
ing the Ulggest Kind, or u lloom.
Tb the L'dllor of The VhUano Tribune.
Omaha, Neb., Sept. 11.—In u conversation
with Mr. Leavitt llnrnlmm, Lund Connnis
tinner of tho Union I’aellic Hallway Just now,
he Informed mu lliu summing tip of this
year’s crops in Nebraska is as follows:
Wheat an average crop: oats mom (ban
ordinary in yield as lo weight and duality;
rye and barley good, but average light; Into
ixitntoes light yield ;|mviy potatoes very good;
hay unusually lino uml abundant all over
the Stale. When fed to live slock it means
immense wealth to tho stock-raisers and
farmers. The movement of live stock to tho
Eastern markets lids year is onu month and
a half earlier than Just. Tho receipts at
Omaha are unusually heavy, and for August
were live times larger than for tho same
month last year, uml the stock is all inline
condition. Corn is heavy in quantity and
jiualUy, uml in passing through Howard,
lork.aud Hamilton Counties recently Mr.
ihirnimm says he did nut see u single unm*
held, uud everything is out of danger from
With tho good weather now prevailing
hPxt week ho says Uio State Fair at Omaha
will be tho most extensive and well attended I
or any over given in the history of Nebraska. |
iosumupho says: Nebraska In general
Rood results stands at tho head of Western
wui Northwestern States, and as to the
Quality of tho grain he refers in proof to tho
present ruling prices, viz.: Wheat per
Dushol, nverugo SI; corn per bushel, W
cents; oats per bushel, -10 eonls to &U cents
wholesale. *
Hie prospects for business this fall arc cx
. riio railroads are “booming,” and
oiißofllelal says his line Is suffering for the
wnuiof motive power to haul the freight
filtered fopbhlpnumt.
a well-known merchant boro says ho is
im i ut * for roo,n fur the transaction of his
{uuiness, and that orders are pouring in on
«mi steadily, and that Ids business lor An-
KMexcmleilihat of any two months last
"hong, lie Is compelled to move into more
V. 1 , fi, l 0 quarters as soon ns possible, so
u* m in) tn shape to meet (lie demands of .Ids
trade, which will soon
Wr lixtim.l nil over Uio West. hucul
1,. 11 1 ** f u Hy employed, and more Is
‘■Hued. Ihe amount on hand Is Inadequate,
f™? ni > additional Influx to tho extent of
*‘r» millions will llndquick, steady, and
pfi llublo employment. The city seems to
x&iWfftoK fllstt * r than any point In Uio
rim *i Weather cool and delightful. Aline
•f“. l asl ,ll «bt uml tills morning. Thor
jlA , r bilging between 00 uml 70 degrees
hr the shade. OiibUiiVKiu
. 52.000 FOR A WOUND.
fiwetal Jiuvaleh b> Tht CVilrnyo TrtbUlW.
iisiiKosii, Sept. lh.—Jacob Krall lit* 1877
r*yVt*U a vcnlict In tho ClrcoU Court
ini ‘V st for for damages for
. lirilM received from tv bullet llred by tho
iter. The case was taken la llto Supremo
0,1 u technical point, ami tbo Judgment
, l,ie,l> Klneu then tho defomlant begun
" , UI 1,1 e, udly to have tho judgment act
iiil ? tl 1,10 Kfmiml Umt It wua obtained
®», te “ ll, “W 1,1 b «balf « c tho Plalullir
la 1t...«* VUB am! fraudulent. T'ho cuso
ileiVf... WU A beard before Judge Park at
lua n . u v ilst Friday, whom an allompt was
bupcaeb Uio previous testimony of
C■yjLV" I'rbielpul witnesses. Judge Turk
13 Served Ids decision.
T How to <iil Well. v
U ! an ' I ?.‘ ,f PonsOM»«ro constantly troubled
«w»S..V jn,w, , , * uIOH «»f Uwwwea. Dlwiuvd kld>
Qb.i- .i. t VI , I Vw w*tfd» uru their tonmmUin*.
tbo.!, ,^? ou '* .kuow Umt KJiliicy-Worl uc u im
, br.iw° l r I ‘fr a,l ? ,u theiumu time, cuuulnjf them to
•umUo*!.. ~t bu P»>lgow Uuii have ologued tboiu,
the whole mau. iluudteda tea
k / w IhU.-i'uuhuiyh i\w(.
Oliquoa Manipulating a Eiso in Prices
—Gould Boportod to Bo Buy
ing Wostorn Union,
[oney Easy—Pool in Omaha
Preferred—Finances in
The Protfudo Markets Acllvo and Very Nervous
—An Early Advance Gives (ho Highest
Prices Thus Far,
Jot a Srason of Wealcnna Fullowed—A Great Many
Holders Instas In Hell “11 Hie
RtooKß had a strong opening. This was as
cribed to largo purchases of Western Union and
Northwestern. Prices afterward .fell back on
account of realizations, but nt the close the
market was strong.
Omaha common was strong, and advanced at
tho close to-Id. It Is said to be oarntnir a divi
dend. A pool has been formed to advance the
price of the preferred.
Gould's friends were buying Western Union.
It advanced from PUN to Itili at tllo close. The
point that It would ko to Ki was almost fnltlllud.
Most ol the “old hands,“ If thoy Imd oporntud
nt all on the point, would have uono contrary to
It and sold short. Homo day u irrent operator
will arise In Wall street who will fool “ tbo
boys" as lilsmarck deceived tbo hardened
diplomatists of Europe—by telling thorn tbo
truth. Ills profits at tlrst will bo immense.
Hoars were reported to bo covering, and nil
accounts agree that tbo short Interest Is almost
Some Now York brokers arc advising their
customers to sell on tho rise, us they liavo little
conlldenoa in tho pormnneneu of tho upward
movement. It Is worth noting ns a sign of tbu
market that Government bonds aro In bolter
dumund at higher prices.
Hurllngton it Quincy was active with good
buying, and tho demand for tho other regular
dividend payors seems to be Improving. North
west was higher than It lias been for somotimu
lately. Its business Is (mormons. 'The coal
stocks were unusually active, ana recorded
Uiuolo, of tbo Him. says tlio heaviest losers bj
thp Bt. Joo corner aro unquestionably Gould,
Huge, and Hopkins, of tbo Wabash Uomi. A
number of persons were caught on small lots.
from 100 to rtf.) shares each, Including a Washing
ton politician, wbuhnd toscttlo for $110,1)00. Chi
cago uml lloston have also contributed their
quote, while among tbo promlnont Now Vorkors
Messrs. UouryN. Smith, lieu Carver, and W. it.
Travers are sufferers. Tho bit ter acknowledges
u loss of some S£I,OjO, nnd adds: “ I al-l-lways
p*|Hl>rofcr to nek-k-k*iiowlcdpo n ld»fi (ban i
p-p-paiu, for It d*d-dlßoourapes u-p-people fmn
t-t-lrymp to b-b-borrmv iii-m*immoy from mo.’
“The ultimate result of nil those corners In
wheat, corn, pork, lard, nnd stocks,” said a
venerable business nmn connected with Wall
street for nearly half acuntnrv, “will bo mi
utter demoralization of business. Seats hi tho
Kxcbunge worth S’JD.OOO today will beg |uir- ;
chasers ut f 10,000, and I). O. Mills won't bu able
to make two pur cent per nmiiiin upon ttio
s.»,ouo,oUi) bu is investing in his stock-brokers'
caravuusury in llnmd street. Kverylblng Ims n
limit—uvem Urn (ortltmlo uml reoklesness of
born gamblers. I llnnly believed ibut tbo tor*
vlblci lessens derived (rum-Black Friday, I'inlrlu
tin t’blun, Northwest, uml otbor corners imd
rendered thorn Impossible In tbo future. Hut I
hoc Unit I whs sadly mlstakon. ami time with
tiio muss of puuplo experience, unless It be per
ennui, aces lor very little. Mr. Dnlf, Mr. Bowd,
and nil tbo other youmr engineers of tno liunnl
bul Sc St. Jo comer huvo never been in corners
boloru, and they expect to eomo out way nliuud.
Hut I'll bet any amutnii of money that they will
cumu out ut the wroatreml of tbo burn. Not
only wllUbqy not bo jiblo.jo sell tbo stuck they
huvo neimmulutod. buttlio market value of the
ilmmltml \ - Bt. Joo securities will bo Injured for
years to come, uml Gould ami Bagu will not rest
till they huvo punished every one connected
with the comer. These two men hud to sultlu
for u large amount, but they will get tbo money
buck, and with heavy Interest, you may rest as
sured of that. Gould controls the Wabash and
tbo bridges over tbo Mississippi, and cun ruin
tbo Bt. Jo In no time, oven if tboru hud been
anything to vulu In it."
Tbo London Times sees no terrors In tbo
“seramblu for gold" of which so much bus
lately boon said In connection with tbo move
ment of tbo precious metals from Luropo to
America. ItHaya:
It butt nindo Uio official discount rate in Lon
don ami l'm-ld 4 pur coni uud in llorlln fl pur
cent, but those m o not “evils" to thomerean-
Ulu community, which cun well afford 4 ami fi
pur cum U» carry tin sound business, whllo tbov
m o very decidedly of mlvautatro to baiikorauml
capitalists who huvo money to Icml. Lonjf bo
lero thu present “scramblo lor {join bejmn
money was very much denror in Lombard street
than It is miw.nrprnmlscssonn to be. Thu truth
Is Unit under tiny system ol omrei
tn cood years tcinld to expand to
which the cash reservosm’ tmnks an
drawn an than ut other limes and
to rise, /rids is thu mil ti «oui
monoy lit tho present UmO. Trade-boluir
In ibu United Hlalcs riiO lippiimlntr tu Imi
In Western Uuropc, timro com Id wauled Hi
depressed years. imd tho ousb reserve* of L
uru moro strained than at other times. Tin
no escape from Union id dour money* I'<
imlulv, moderately dear money In not an m
t ho prophets of cheapness uru always assmi
tint If It worn an evil, timro would bo nbaei
no moans of avoiding It.
Tljo «roaa cavuliwa uC tho follow
I'oi.iti e
UIQ tl
I KCi,
Month of AitituHc
Jim. 1 to Amt. i 11...
Fourth woo* of Auumt. <l,
Jnii. I to Auu.iJl 1
Tbu following ehowu
Woal, Union 'i'ol.Cu..
0. i). a u
Canada boutliorn
C..C. A 1. c
Kook Uhmil ...
lltlnotH Central
Now Vorkl'uiitrnl
Now York K10vut0d.......
Metropolitan biuvutod....
MU.. U.H. AW
C„ C.. C. .V 1
Kile, |tlU...
Mli-lilumi Coatrul,
J.iiko rilioru
Nnrtliuuaiurn 01d....
bt. Caul..
ht, Caul iml
ho piuturml
1. Krlo A W..
Chicauo. rtU 1m A. N. (J
Wubuaii. bl. I* A Cutilio.,
llu i>roforrcd
UtulsVllluA Nualivlilu,...
.11. aV.,
Union Cit01Uu..............
iililo AMlaal»al|iti|
llunnltml A Hu Joo jifil...
Northern Cuclilc...
I>o iirolurrud
Ivan. ATuxua.,
Duiaaaiu. l.ack, A Won..
Do). A tlmUuii
NuwJurtur Conlrul
CaclUo Mull
Ht. l.uuls A eJiiii Krunclwu.
Du 100f0rr0d.......
i Morris A Ka50i............
dot. AWuaturn ...
I Krlu aucomla
Central Cneido..
(heap. A Ohio
I Du Ini prulurrud.
Du tkl piuforrod
Mobile ADblot
I 'l'orro Uantu ...............
DunfurA IDotlnindu. ...
Couriu. D-AK
Miaauurl Caddo..
'l'ujuh CaclUo
Dlilu Cuntrul .
Mot. '* D.” bond*
ilurlowa A Cincinnati
icnt 1)0
f L’olun
iltod tn
iX bid i
lU'i usti
ihi, am)
In L'blcngu. (lovvrmni
ami blguor, Dlatrla ol
bid aud UW asked; Uni
and iujfi asked; 4s, 115
and Uia, ua?» bid and 11
tbo 4s were 110’i and lin
I'arclim cxcbangu was dull ui
tlon. llunkerti' sterling >vu« h
bug actual rules were 4SU and 4
sterling was nominally 47TV»<
franca wore WUV* for sixty t
demand; i'rcucb commercial i
r»:!7',is Jlolglan commercial. fiTPA; bankers'
murk*' Wl Mini Ul?.f; ami commercial, Wiyiii.
Now Vui'k’n I'orclirii commercu last week
showed un excess of Imports of foreign mer
chandise over ox purl a of domestic product*. tlto
hitter being Jh.ih.siu Vid Uio former
The tntnl exports of produce from tho port
slrtoo .Imi. 1. tills your, nrn s:W),i:U,.'Vrr. against
s!Mo,o!)l,7:r> Inst year; Imports of morchandlse,
liKO.fWWt, against s:i»:»,yr.,7« , i bed, years ex*
ports of specie, S7,POLIUI, against $*».7i)0,007 last
year: and lm|xirts of specie from till pedals
abroad, against s£l,B£Mtl last year.
Tiro totnl arrivals of ((old from Europe at tho
Now Vnrk Assay Olllce sltieu Auk. til (whence wo
date tiro beginning of the 101 l Import move*
moat this yean—Haturday's arrivals nut In
eluded—nrn s!).!n7,(W’l, against sl*,,m,lWo last
year and fIS.MVOun the year before. .
I Tiro Importations of specie and bullion nt Now
I Vork during tiro week ending Sept. (t were
| tO,(fJH,y7T« consisting of S«,UUt,7U3 la gold and
I sat, Mil in silver, as against a total of s:i,».VWiil
for the week ending Hept. II last year. The
Importations since the Ist of .January and since
tbo Istof August compare iui follows with (lie
movement during tho corresponding periods of
last year:
fclil.lUlW.l f]H.IOA.LPi fII.WT.HW f IC.'.'R.IP-t
IMKVCs'i ;i.V.MJ,.f7t iilUJil mi>V)
f 11.077.401 fll'MM-
Chicago bunk elourintts were SH.UW.OOU. Loans
nro In lighter demand, with rales nt Mt/! per
cent. New York exchange was Inactive, nml
was quoted between banks at HOc(ri?I.OO per
SI,OOO discount.
Lincoln Park Ts sold nt 100& and Chicago City
Hallway V.is at IOUJ.
Ni:w VOUK.
Sp«f<il RliMfch to 1M VMenan '/Vffilinft
Nnv Voinc, Scut, Pl.—Tho share speculation
was cburaclorlxcd by considerable nativity, but
tho mnrkot wits decidedly feverish. Tho general
lendnticy, however, whs In tho direction of
higher figures, thoso shares In which tho short
Interest was largest being most iiromlnmitln
tho Improvement. At tho opening prices showed
mi advance ranging from?* tunas compared
with tho closing quotations of yesterday, and
tho market continued to Improve tip to midday,
when tho current iptotutions showed n rise of ?«
to t), Oregon Navigation. Ohio & Missis*
Hlpp, Ohio Central, I’corln, Decatur Sc
Kvmtsvlllo. Indiana, llloomtnglon St West*
urn, Louisville Sc Nashville, Illinois Contra),
Chicago, Hnrllngton ft tjnlnoy, and WtUmsh Sc
Pacific being most conspicuous
midday Oregon Navigation fell otf :), and tho
general list reacted ‘4 to I’*, but on a renewal of
tho purchasing movement tho decline was al
most entirely recovered. During tho afternoon
there was another reaction of ]»to ift, but In
tho late dealings tho speculation again look an
upwanl turn, and prices rose 4 to 14. but at tho
close a Intetlotml reaction took place In most
Instances. Thu Hannibal St tit. Joseph “ corner”
remains very quiet, and there were no ininsnc*
thins in tho common stock today. The forth
coming (pmrtui-iy report of tho Western Union
Telegraph Company will Sljow tv dividend of
ftno.oou after tho payment of a quarterly
dividend of 14 per cent. It appears,
however, that tho sum of 91;iKii.OOO obtained
from tho sales of various securities held by tho
umnpimy. such ns gold and stock, telegraph
slock, (Julian Cubic stock, etc.. Is Included In
tho net earnings, so that for tho nine months
which ends with tho present quarter the com
pany has really earned only :)! • pur cent, where*
tvs It will Imvu paid 44 per cunt.
In tbo money market n fair degroo of activity
prevailed, but eapllnl available tor loans was in
good supply, and tho rates of Interest demanded
did not exceed tho legal tlgnro. Call loans on
pledge of acceptable stuck ranged between 4
uud tl, tbo great bulk of tho business being done
at tho Intbrmcdlatu rate. Thu closing quotation
*w«s 4 und 5. Tbo Oovonimcntdimid tlcnlcrs
supplied their requirements at JXTf.I. Time
loans and prime discounts are unchanged.
In sterling exchange tbo nominal asking quo
tations cunllnuu unchanged at 191 for sixty-day
bills and for demand. Tho market today
was dull but brio, tho olTurlugs of hills buing
Railroad mortgages wore in good demand, and
generally at mlvunolng quotations. Huston,
Hartford St Brio llvsts sold up from 70 to 75. re
acted to ?J, and closed at 7d4. Urlo cuiisolldatoil
seconds declined from • lot U to Kd4.
und advtinootl to H«4. Mohllo St Ohio
Hccond debentures rose from OH‘.■s to 70, and
reacted to on?*. Ultlo Central Incomes sold
up from 51 to &d. and closed at (ho highest point.
Ohio Southern incomes, tho lasi previous sale of
which was at 4!J, advanced to 49. Peprht, Deca
tur St KvnttsvlUo Incomes ruse from HI to K*»;
Morris ft Csscx7sof 1971 from 1:114 to Uls; tit.
Paul consols from I'Jl’-i to lull; Lake Krio &
Western incomes from »5 to t)’.i; J.onlsvlllo ,V
Nashville general (la from 1044 to 1115*4; Kansas
City (c Northern firsts • (Utnalm Division)
from 118 to 1184? Iron Mountain general
5s from 004 to id. 1 *: Columbus. Chicago & In
diana Central Incomes from 74 to 7ti‘i; Chesa
peake & Ohio currency us from 5(1 to 51; and do
Pests (Class H) from 85 to 85?.*. Dcluwino A Hud
son 7s of 1881 udvuttced from 108 to 1084, anil re
lumed to 108. Nashville St Chattanooga firsts
rose from 118 tn 1184, mid reacted to 118‘i.
Darlington, Cedar Uaplds & Northern llrsls de
clined from 101 to 100*4.
'i\> the irmern AuoeinUd i’rru.
Nnw Yoiik, Sept, Itl.—Uovminionts worn
steady for oxtended 0s mid ss, und 4 higher for
14s and Bs.
Railroad bonds were fairly aclivo and gener
ally firm.
Btato securities wore dull and almost entirely
Tho stock mnrkot opened strong, and *4 tod
higher, the latter for Nashville St Chattanooga,
uud prices continued to rise with occasional
slight rcuoftons until about midday, when tin ad
vance ranging from U tod wns established, tho
litUcr.on Uregoa Navigation. Ohio Sc Mississippi,
Ohio Control, Indiana, IHomnlngion & Western,
and Wabash Puclllo were also prominent thorcln.
During tho afternoon thoru was n reaction of 4
to U, whlub was most 'marked in Oregon Naviga
tion and Ilmmlbul St Ht. .100 preferred.mid which
was followed by u recovery of U to Lund later
by u miction of 14 to I*4. In late dealings spec
ulation bccaaio again strong, and In Ibml sales
thoru was tin advance of to 14, tho best fig
ures of tbo tiny being utirrent In many in
stanch* at tbo close. Nu sulcs of Hannibal & tit.
Jou took place today. '
Transactions, UTU.im
Canada Honllmin..,. UOO;Olllo & MlMlmdppl.... fI.MII
Cuntral I'hclllo ft.tuPOiitnrio A U’udaru... 1../W
It.. L. A W. 4a.iuJ;Olim Ceatru).... £l.l*o
U. \ Puente .Mull 4M»
Denver a nu* ti umimip., m. a r: aim)
i.nu.. a.iwjiucmting it,o.i
Jinn, A »t. Joo prof.. 2..>n,5t%Paaj.... M.tMj
Kniisns A Texas Atm tit. Paid ,v I'limlnt....
Kakutihoro Ij.uu Texas Pae he jj.'tj
l.tadavllle A.Nanli.... o.'Slt Union Pailfle U..UI
Mlvhlauti Ponlml 14,1H1 Wabash Pnulltu ty.(iO
Mlismifl Paulite t.uuuWestern Union A..1U1
NyrthwiMlurn I j.vui Nash. A t nnv... t«,,(«
N..J. Ponlml .....ia.oo 1., It. A U
: New Verkfontrul.... II.AO «|.*pj
NorUnnn Pudllc. U.iW)lllmi>jU Cuntral %OAJ
Money easy at closing at itfid. Prime
mercantile p«l*(n’. WML . . . „
Sterling exchange, sixty days, dull nt4BOJ-4
demand, 48|.
Producu exports for tho week. $.4t,U.»5.
UHH Now Is
.....tufft Pacliieiia ot 150)...,,,
Central Pueblo Mbs lj. {*. flmtji
Krill tenants HHU \ . P. Jaticl grain.....
LoiihdiA WtikusiMri'ullilHi !'• P. slaking luiaf..
l, consul \ rylnai*
MlwiourUla }W J, rg u a i;on»ot#...„.
Hi, Joe kff VlnrUdaitalerreit..,,
m. »*, ah. f. tnsu Mo tinoiiraiajo im.
Tuiuiviauu i.'HiTex. Pac. laud grant.
TomiCMce now I
Adams.... ...ISH iKuwJonierCenlrul.
Alum A Terre Hunii. 4a Nurinlk
jj u ,, r ot W i.Nniiliorn r^-ai0,,,.
Aniurleun ..........r>< l»u pie1,.,.,|
11.. (•. ii. ,v. K ts !.>uriliauaiurn
Canada fcmilhorn Mo prof
l* i; i p Now i urk * imtml..
L'unirul Carlau l>M„ uido L'utnmt
L'ltua. A ntllo 2S ,1)100 A MUt..
))■> Ist prut 4) ■ Mil jn01.............
I)<>ftlprof ..»M ‘''‘‘‘‘MoA VVvkturn..
t'blcaau a Alton IS) iPaiano Mall
ilo iu«f.... *<s> !I ttnrtnm..............
)i. ,v U j'., t>. A K
C.. Ht. 1.. ANo hi I'liuimrj...,
Chi.. Sun. A t’luvo..,. id Jteailirg,...
s'lew.5 'lew. A L'ul tn Hook island...
»il, A Ituilsnn ;o*si til. L. A mm !•
101.. laic. A VVo» liWh' Mn prof
I). Alt. ...... ws>4 Mimpiot
Krle 41 tit. Paul...
Mo prill, ~.n» Mu nru1....... .......
Pori V'nlytat ...Ul hi. {an, M. A M.„.
it. A si. Joe tmi tit. Punt A lliaulia..,
liu pro! IMH i*>» pi0f......
I tar,urn... ”W I exit* Pucille
lion,lon A 't'uxas UllJ tlnlmi Pariilu
Illinois I'ciitmt kbis |!i.nert Slaiei. ......
1„ U. A W 'iH. W., bi. 1,. A Ciudl.o
KuiiwiaA'tkxus .414 Mu plot,
L K. A W.“. l arg0.............
Lake tiliuru LSMa nibturn Unlmi..
iiuulsvlUa A Nuali..... bin t uitbmi
... N.A A.C TO Cuiiliul ..fU'ina.
>l. A U. tir»t* pr0f...., D 4 lisi-ulklur ........
M. C. suvoinU UVj ltou,u»uk>i
Xluiii. a t'liarliwiou... i.atlo HnttiUig.
Michigan • canal PTyj Dnuirlo
Mtsiumt Puclttu lln mulchsllfur
MoultuAOblu U Mo pr0f.....
I Slurtls A Kttex L 5 Mlvur Ollff.
I Niwih A Chatwnyuse.. U) Hisudard
loy IniSlllUdH
(ho point »t
iimimr tenda
cc of ilour
iian hi
mro la
ivlt, ua
lair rail
r uuwt
r ii>.uu
ttluus of ttio
Now &«......
Now ,!>»«...
unds were uctlvu
inblu st.Uss wore 107
tutus UVis, toil.; lild
und Itilii uskod;
ikcil. At tbd close
d tho Pis 113 und
md without vurlu-
SI mul Hlor
itotlSJ** UaukvnT
days. and WUVi for
Dllla were WQ uul
DiniuiUh to The ChUtieo Tribune,
mroN, Hcjil. i:j.—Tim HhM-k mnrkut wits
~iyniit, unit, withono or two o.xoopllon-*, *onm»
,Iml hltfhn-. UuoluilmiS iii-c* icivun ImrorniMrl*
/on with tint uloiliix rulo* or Mon'lny. Mm il<*m
iSt l-Jru* *9 ofwnml ut -,ij. y«*luniuy'» doling prims
unci iiilvitimml on hirgu riilo* in 7U. Himtmi llji
tnlviumml to IKUtt Athuillo & J'ndllo In*
comc lU '/». to |hu; Hurllnuum A: MI-murM*,
non-cx»‘tJi(»t. U, to ftrtjj. Atdilaon .Vt woro linn
Min*. Port Hi.-otl TH dodluoil H. tolll7»,ninJ
OirclundnirgiU U. l‘> IWtf* . „ ul .
In mo niiiroiuH. Alchl.om wont up from l.H?i
to l'Ri’4; Now Vork & Now Hnulnml mlvunumi
j»,to7IU; t hkngo. Ilnrlingion & Qoltmy from
lAT 1 ! to ir.ti;,; Humlimky from 21i{ to u>ktw.V»j
\VKmon«ln i.muml from »l?i HijMorn dt
p|lri(Ml rrom 411 to l‘Ws Toledo, l)d|dm* A: llnr*
Jlnifion frrmi MU lo I3U. Imvn Contral trained
1, lu IW; Union Padllo *(. to l£l»i.
I.timl «tooks woro ndrlodod.
Hull Tduplmim dudincd Ito |.*B.
7d (he tlVolrm At»u elat'd
~»c .. c.i.rr.
HOsmi.v, Sept. Hl.—Stocks closed a< follows;
Wnler-Power K**lern It. It 4T!4
Ho-uiii l.imd V Flint* P.M alhi
AlHi. .VTi.iH'kn iNiiit.m b. U. A I »rt niintii
no-mit.n.*i:.t» w, n.y. * n. k <Hs
J'.’antera U. H. I’.i* JUfff O. .V l.ikn wmmixi. 41
Ati'h. A Tupitkii It. 1t..1*42 Old Colony If*
notion A Altinov 171 Untlnml |>M M
Horton A .«abm.......til Mnil.unl common m
r. It. ft Q., l-WU Wls. Central, eunmion 3(>»
Cln., Han. A Cluvu 4»W
fiONDON. Hcpl, W.—Consols. 03 11-Ifl monoyi
:>9l( account.
sin'CK Aim.
Pauis, sept. Hl.—llontos. M.*»r 4*>c for account
and exchange on London;.Slit Mo for eheuks.
Now Ont.BANH. Sept. Hl.—Mxchatlgo on New
York—Sight, SI.OO per* f 1,000; hankers'sterling,
Sp«(nl /JdpnfeA M The Chicago 7Vfwm«*
llnsTON, Hcpt. Hl.—Tbo Ucnlings In tho mining
share-i were the largest on tho list, mid prices as
n role were well snstaW'd. Sullivan, on stiles
of :.ou shares, Improved H, selling up to 4?,,.
Powablu advanced to 115. Silver Islet declined
loTHi, and Franklin, as compared with tho
close yesterday, showul an Improvement of ;S..
San Pedro was tho exception to tho general
role, und sold otf to —Jt«* lowest point for
several months. Transactions ut tho Mining
Hxelmngo worn quldt and limited. Cellar
Springs sold at no regular mid il*», buyer mi.
Copperopohs advanced from PW to He,’. mid sold
at lilt), buyer ID, Musskcbusetis A Now Mexico
gained from M to gf. and sold seller Mat -fi.
MiUini was also higher, going from !«) lultJ, and
l)S buyer f").
7b the HVifrm AnoeUiUd I‘rcii.
lIOSTON, Hcpt. Hi.—Ml
follows: i
Albino* Mining C 0.... :ik»
I'nluiniit.'v It Ul'u
Cuuiltm IJ4
(.'ojipi’r Fulls ii
Hnticua Mlvui- } i
Han Fiiancikco, He
Atptia «>(<
Aim 4H
11u1'11U'1...,. l.'i-ld
'lulcimr H'4
'ont 11Hdi0r........ 14 I
('Hollar.... s-
Cull, Vti'Ktlllil
Crown I'olnl IJii
Kuritkn Con 3T I
Kxu>iui|iim' 1!(
(ionlit x Curry.,......, hH
UrunU I’rlzc
Tho following Instruments worn tiled for
record Tuesday, Kept, id:
Wan Klahtoontli at. ft o of l<utlln. n t, 2,7x121
It, iliUiml .Inly a* nlunry pimviiliultuur to l-.il
ward Murray) • I Ku
Tito iiroiniixt* .No. 7H T«omy-illtli-sl. iluiud
(Julia .V. Towiiauml lo .Minnlo .V.
Tmrn*i , mli S.ftU
Wont Taylor at. lit It u of
duu‘il ,iinto it) iWilliam A. Honor to Kmliy _ _
Soowl) I.OUO
Clyltoiirn «vt, *U*l ft n w uf WoliMur. n u f. ..miai
U, (IjiU'il hunt. iu (.1. U, J.Utlibiml U» taUlllttU
Dayton hi, it not Wood, w f. iixl'M n.lm
nrovutl. iluU'il bcpt. & lUuuritu A. ItobbliiH to
.lollllM. KloUtiT) ..j 1.001
Kinavlavo hi, HU tv n of Want l.uko. w t, o'jx’AH
it. ilaiotl Am;, i! (G. G. Unilcoio to f, r*.
Itiitnll J.UU
ITornum »t. n rc.irnur of feii|ihln,vr r. mixi'iMt,
ilaloil.lnly iSHAiimi NV.'Kilily to Mcholihiii .is
Od’iloo av, w of Otiuluy, n w f, ItixlAi fl,
OulcU Ain;. In IW. ami C. Wlicolor to Ctiluntu
Wosi lilvUion iialr./ity Company) EjJ
Tito pronii tfs .no. avut I.OKO uv, nuicil bopt. U .
(.Mloiiiiol (iTlura to .India* GroKuiU 2,4j0
Miirhlnli-M uv. lui to uv a of TlilriyalxUfM. or,
•.’lxl'.'i loot, (latvil M’pu 13 (M. Ilaruliuu to 11,
SmtUt I’lllk UT, 7.1 It h Of UHVBt, o f. ItltliO It,
4lul«*«l(l'vtuc Itcmnittii to Joint lloil
llftytniVst, K» ft v of Wlllovf, o f,
lirovuil, ilutoil tfupt. U tJolin ,M. mculurui .
AugustJltfiit.niii) .T...t... ;.... I,WJ
ilnttmltuM at. aiit fi it of ThinyMhiM, w l. 3.*x
umvot, tlatodboni. l:i tl-rinK-ricii Mailurl to
J. KlooKiimnu)
Vim Huron at. lU* it wof ITunkltn. »l. saxWJ It.
tlaloil Anv.aj il'ortsunouili euvmiM Hank to Mi>in
Moyor Wlmolurj ••••• ft®®
Wo»t t.’oiiuivsa at, a vr or of Abor'lium, n f, Ju
xI Id It. ilaioil Sojtl. 1 tTlniiuan I*. Ulillllp* to
Alboil 11. iK-woy).. ..... 11,000
Unborn »u UtJGUtI nof Wont Imliuna. i;-f. isix
liMuimtcii i*tui.ia(J. a. i*iiini|.a io ai.coH
tluani , 4W
Jay hi, '.‘in U n of Wotismr uv. \r f. TixtAJ ft,
nntuil siojiu in U’atrlck Hullihor to U. 1 loci*
Oak i*l inti It o uf llUßliat.it I.A'ixUl It, datod
Soul. HI (Tint Union liman MnimfacturinH
• Cmuimii) lo U. A. and b. U. huortlUuori .....
Sliontian at, nw uurnur of Inylor. o l.vlsdui It,
•tatnil bo|>L. 13 (Kninutw Knuulil to Geontu
liomirlltu) *.••••.••.
Twonty-Hoi-oml hi. 4J II u of I’rutrlo uv, n f. It
xIH It, ilaioil bo|iL 1 (oatalu uf Otto .Moor lo
llllint C. llomlurjon)
Noimi uyciTV i.imith wiTin.vA uAmuaovduvitN
Mll.i;S OK TUI; CIiUUT-llIM.'Hl!.
niMiiiiiUoriilaco. lil'fio oMlrooii Hay
f. .iiixliV.M.-lii li. ilntcil rtojiUJ <Johtt .Sotilo iu
KiHmnl Alliißtnr)
KliiriMiuoitv. liutwniMi liltorny *1 mul rl-tiil
uim.i av. w r, «xui it. oaum ncpu* ik. b.
liroyor to l£mlly /miu1n....... «n
Uiiotal, tm ft w of htcwmt nv, * f.'Jj tl to alloy,
tltiluilbui’UllO’utrlck Jojco to Juitum Uon*
nudy) OKI
Shuriluir nv, 175 It it of Forty-ttilnl ht. wf.Ta
Witt, dutml July aiiO. J.mul 11. I’almor
UiKnmiim llurai.. • ••• 4J>
Filty-llm m. Liut lilhfull mid llunnvur. h f..liuac
la'll, ImproviMl, ilitioil bejit. 1 (l.tlwuril hiuu
uortu NulUn MorMM D.<U)
Mloliluan uv. tionr Kltty.Uilnl ft, w r.KiulJij
It. tint ml Hopt.'.'(Kil wui'il A. I’liukuril to .Incut)
Wiiiinvurlll nv. M It n ul Fllty-tlilnl HI, w t. i-X
I‘Jt) It, lni|truvuil, ilulinl &it|'U H (U. C. Amlur*
I'UH to Unburl Horror; “ u
Itutmi «t, 60 ft 11 of WubnniOn. jv f, a'utnOft,
ilulml Aim U 115. Aliirliiht to I*. Illrvulil ..I 37j
C’orlliottl lit, 8 « mr nt Hnyinimr i»v. n 1.-.lxUifi
it. Imiirovoil, ilntml Wept. Will. mill 1« I’U'k to
liuoruu 11. 1*»«
Tho following wore tbo ,
of loaillog articled t»f |irmlt
llio twoniy»laur hums urn
dny morning umi for Uio
Mmir. 1*rU,.........
Wheat. bu
Corn, bu
lata, bu....v
(>o. tin
larlojr, im
•run* *oo(l, lim
'lux maul, lb
iiomii-oorn. ii>*....
'lured mouth, lb*...
tour, tea
loot, iirlx..
’ort, brla
.urd, Ibi *
'l'ullovr, lbs.
Minor. Iba...
.ivoilou*. No
t'altlo, Nit
Hlteop, No
lililo*, 1ba..,...,.,;.
Wool, Ibn.,
I’otuluva. bn
Cot*l, tuna
liar, tun*
l.liuibor, 100 t.......
Hiitiunu*. f0u1......
Hail, brla
Uk’u*. |>ku»
( boo»o, baa
Croon npplua. brla..
Tlio following gOll
In this city ycsicnlu
lor wheat, A card t
til cam No.
wheat); -tiki nun ami tai.UM bo No. a coco, 117
cam and ]i),(tuo loi high mixed, auoniw rejected,
etc. dU:! corn)? £> cam wnllo outs, ID uam No. ‘i
mixed,sß‘cum rejected aw outsit s*l cam No.a
eve, \ cam rejected; Wears No. - baric)', at cam
No. 51 do, U caw lower grades'-U. barley). 'l’otal
(I,IK') cum), ttiS,ODU bo. Impeded oott 17w,tt17
bo wheal, inulndhig Itl.oVl tin of “posted,”
•Jlo.avi bo corn, 1)7,151 bo oatH.
The leading produce omrketa wore very irreg*
ular uod unsettled yesterday. Prices were
higher lUau ever, but did ooi long remain at the
top. Thoro were too many anxious to sell to
permit It. The markets looked more topdtuavy
tliao at any other tlmo tor two or in too weeks
ptuvloos, and a good tauoy of Urn obsurvaut
ones thought that prices were on Ibo torn, hav
ing been strained as much as they would bear.
Tbls was tbo ease in provisions, wheat, euro,
amtoau; whllo r>u uod barluy advanced, hut
seemed muro like staying up. A grout deal of
, property was olTered that had lioeo hold with
nrdem to soil wlioo ilu* markets should bHik ns jf
they weru likoly tooeclUio. Tbls wus roully tiiu
weak feature of the attuuUun, us It showod
that' u good muoy people weru of tbo
opinion v that the markets sro high.
The share decline la cottua holood to
umnttlo uonlhlonnn In tbo fiituro of produce.
M«h«i pork cloned V".\Th; lower. at
for October and for Junimry.
him] closed n shade lirmor. nl f Ui.:)dV,l:J.:ti 1 .4
Tor October and fU.MfifM.W/t Tor January.
Short ribs olosed fib higher, at f HUMif Hl.W'.j
for October. Wheat doled Uo lower, at flJidJi
for September, and for
October. Corn closed ?.fo lower, for
September ami (WSWyu fur October. Oats
closed >*o lower, ni Wll'&iKQio for Hoptombor,
PP-ifotniyo seller October, oml 4l?»$t4:;o seller
November, live closed lie higher, ut sl.Ol for
Sfiptoinlier, $ I.Mil©l *O7 for October, and
I.u> l 4 for November. Harley closed Slo higher, ut
sl.P)cm>b for No. !i, and fl.Kl for October and
November. Hogs were fiftlOu higher, at
ST.iM for light and at {iUOftT.4o for heavy.
Cattle were steady, with sales nl f-’.2
.Jobbers of dry-good* were busy. There was a
(food attendance of buyers and a tree How of
mall and telegraph orders. Prices remain llrm,
with standard cotton productions showing an
upward tennency. There was an actlvo move*
tnenl In clothing, inlllhiury (roods, and boots ami
shoes, prices ruling firm all around. Groceries
were uutlvo and strong. Sugars met with a brisk
demand, and in respossotohlgber prices at the
Hast there was on advance of >«e. Coffees, Tice,
sirups, Htarcli. soaps, candles, and In fuel every
thing In (ho list was firm. No price ebuntres
were noted in diary products, They were In
(rood demand and were as linn ns before. Dried
trull# were moving freely, and excepting Val
incin raisins, which were >»o lower, previous
prices were freely supported. Thutlsh market
was unchanged. Oils were linn, with extra lard
quoted higher jitUfic. Coal, loatbor. pig*lron, and
bjgglng were unchanged.
Thu bay market shows much firmness for tbo
bettor grades, for which an active Itmulry ex
ists. Other grades are fairly active. In broom
corn dealers report u light trade, with stocks re*
Inlng stocks closed ns
Knmklln W'f
I’ownlili; l <
Mills' •><
Silver islet W*
:pt. Hl.—Mining stocks
Ilnlo .V Norenms 4M
iloalunii l-'i
Mono .W*
.Sorlluiru Hollo b ,
opblr. *l*
Oro in-.r]
Overtime 8-,‘i
Mivauc Ji'j
Slorru Novmlu 3l>i
Silver Kina I'* l *
Tlp'lop .•’H
Oiilnn UioiHiilldxteo.. i<i«
Veiiior Jacket o*
houth J1ui110..... *W
MU Ihublu ti>4
Total untlti IUV.!,sVS -l.itM.iud
Those Usurer* show it d ecrunso <1 urIUK lust week
tf SIS,B!«Ihi wheiit,ttiU47 liu outs. uml HU In*
fuiHi* of -RLWbI bit corn. kl.Tl!) bu rye, U‘o,7<lß Im
barley. Total cieoruaso. 4H.-M bu.
Thu lotlmvliitf talilu shows tlm distribution of
tho brcudsiutls shipped from this city lust week:
■at | Smjmh T. j TimTiVfiriTfiii"| "tvini«m77~
receipts nnrt shipments
luco In the city ilurliii?
illiiff nc 7 o’clock Tuck
o corredimnUluir tlmu ti
41, *|.i
| it.ul
rc». |; 2
nod Inti
1 uara n
tiA cam
to 9IOVO
cd wln
s No. »
Ifil mw
ilu was luspcc
lynumiimr: J
other grades,
i. a ilu, h cam
dneed to n tninlnimn. Croon fruits show a
hardening tendency, especially peaches, pears,
und grapes. Apples are still plenty, good fruit
selling at Sl.iViperbrl, und very choice at
L’.iVl, Hides, tallow, and grease are steady, with
no new feature to note. Wool Is moving stead
ily, tbo bulk of tho sales being of low-grado
llenced, which bring low prices. Hood* wore
fairly active, with clover ami timothy llrm and
llaxscod steady at Monday’s tigures.
I.nke freights were firmer, charters having
boon made at h! Jo for corn and le for wheat. A
good share of tho room engaged was for wheat .
Tbo engagements aggregated liWJOd tm corn,
KU.iWO bn wheat, and Id,(Ml bn Ihixsced.
Hall freights to Now York aro about 12‘40 per
100 lbs on grain.
The aggregate receipts of wheat reported yes
terduy at Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Toledo,
mill Hi. I,onla wero tW».OW) bn. Tbo correspond
hnr shipments were £II,OOO l»u. Tho shipments
from New Viirkt Philadelphia, and Haltlmoro
wore TiW,ooo Im.
Tho lollowmir were tbo direct exports from
this city during tlio Inst week on tbrmurh bills
of lading: 7,*»11 brls dour. I.V.S'M lm wheat. 7*- , ,4.>J
bu corn, l.iitl pkgs pork. 4,Slit boxes moats. O.SSM
(Hums emmod moats, (J.JVI pkirs Inrd, 60 brls
tongues, ik) brls beef, IM,3ir» lbs butter,
lbs cheese, OO.ftW lbs seeds, 801,IU8 lbs Olbunkc,
.Ti.-bVJ lbs elover-seed.
The following are tbo footlmrs on tho ofllclal
report or grain In store in ibis city on Hatunluy
'bvenimr last and ntuio corresponding date Inst
t*l. issrt.
. .VJi.i uii.rJi
. Si.ina ni.ms
.:j.un,i»Vi mvtia
.tratifi i.'.uv.iiu
No. 2 winter wheat.
No. a winter
No. ifspiimr
No. a pprtmr.........
Total wheal
.I.KXi.n-Lj J. 41 j;w
Mn. 2 mid bluh*ndxcd corn.
Mow liluli-mlxuil
Total corn
.i.nMin'i ti.'.hu
.iMcu.ju', a.&ja > .V>l
No.‘4 oats..
.So, ‘.’while.
Total imlH.i
No. 2 rye.
Total ryo.
Mo." barley
Nov.U and 4 tmrlor.
Total barley
ly nilinmUs.
ly utiml
I'u Jlutiulo...
i'o Krlii
’I u Port liunm.
i'o lilmr.non...
I'ooilior jiurUi.
Ki.'JTi bu burl
Ainu Lu no unit
The question was asked yesterday, why wore
the holders of wheat la August Imuteil up uml
consulted about the posting tif wheat -while
there whs no such consultation previous to the
posting of wheat this mouth. The reason prob
ably is that Iho holders of the wheat were known
in thoonociisu and tint In tho other. It may
scorn unfair; but It was no more than right to
•give tho holders of property a ehimco to movo it
without having It advertised us bad. Of conrso
this could not be done In the latter case.
Whether It was necessary or not to post it nt nil
is another mutter.
Several comuninientlnns have reached us In
reference to “Oneida's** olfor to furnish seed
wheat to farmers. .Ho may bo addressed care
of iTtxJuoc tixdmiiuK /.Vjmrlrr, New York City.
lion PIIonuCTS-Wcru moderately active, and
very much unsettled. Tho market aavunued early, In
sympathy with u ikl rise In lard In Liverpool, und UM
higher prices on hog* atlho Stock* Yards. There was
» bettor In'tnlry lor spot stuff, hut holder* or futures
word anxious to sell after wheilt.turned, und tho re*
null was u very heavy feeling which was marked by
largo offerings of lurd on ICnsiern necount. Tim local
packers wore understood to bo generally Inclined lu
tlio hoar side, on account of the relative weakness In
l-hmipe, with apathy among consumers there, und the
report that some Itrltlidi manufacturers wore redu
cing their prodncllun. Thor ray there In UUlo encour
agement to open out packing tho auprouchlng winter
ul anything like present prices. . . , .
Pitiu:—Advanced li!«u per hrl, then declined
atViM’m. and closed ‘.lie lower on January than tho pro*
vimp* day, with only Co decline on tint near futures.
Tho latest mmmllerm on 'triiunun were about M'.Mtt for
round loot spot or seller tho month, th'.i.»al‘J.7U seller
number. and »‘.UUtuTj.tsfor January. Sales wore ro
portedof g.'slhrls x|s»t at fia.sonßki.UJi Uliubrls seller
< lumber at jllMC'iAtln.Pn I’.Uai hrls sutler November at
->u hrls seller the yeurai*lu.VO: Ujm) hr
sailor Jannury ul t'.uiili.s.'ll.lui and ,ktm oris sail
tolmmry utttUuatM.liti. Total, iit.TUi hrls. Thul
lowing gives the range of the day. Including the C
Clii/eil Ituwit CUnfit,
?U*i j'orl.v Monti.iu, Uhl. jyrjNrifiii/. «<*. hhl.
Kl'pU’UlllvT... IUMII f
October I'.'.nl . llu«w.Ul«)
Novumbur W.u* Il'.&Vi’JU.l.i Woo
January sut.'i ‘.uuV.u.lil 'JiotW
Fo brtt n ry...U t» .. . ai.ViCJ
I.Aim-Atlvam-cit tier »<«» lbs on tlio iiour
fiitnrus, with IUUo iilmn-'ii Mr .lummry. mui tlnuUiuul
li'io, duMm: nearly tho mum u* Urn jiruvlona tluy,«t
jiu.ii tor niuml him, wool, or collar tbu month. tlX.Mii
utpjjiu lor uuolior. amt for January
halos ivcro roporiotl ot .Afl tc» spot, partly m eixaj'd
'.Miutf* settlor tin* mouth at ll.JWic
rttltiTOi!Mlu riuU5.W. , -A»l*-Wl 6.W1 Millur .SOTOUI
tM)nil»r.Mj<4*l-.iy! sii to* sulhtr Urn yimr atllXn
U.ttll ics sutler January at Il'XuSAlXUiTii i.Jiu
irn Bailor Kobrunry at llXlOal-I.Uii umt wm to* sollo
March ui ||:LiU;»):Ua. Total, itl/im n». Thu follow
shows llm rutuu of Urn day. luclmlmtf Uio Cull Uu.
Vlihiil It'inut I'hmnh
Istril, MoHthiu, M>l. , Vftrrthiu, cK hl<l.
Hopim.ii.or uri. iw.iw, wwj; m #jW«
Uuiulior I-.-' UrH-iirtKl'W >•••*!,
Nnv0iu1iur......... I'f. iJ vsU.'JJ
.laimiinr I«.s* l-.*l (tiWjiij U.*»«
I'Vtmiurv IM.Ui Wl-uu l-UO
MHATW—A.IV«UtI?»I 100 JIOP tUU P», mill d1.i0.1 SO
lilahorthaii tliu iirovlmu ituy. Halo* wmo roimriuil
nilnilL’* atroul'tiluklo.l rtl.mililorrt .it h'<cj tftf tort
HH(iot*l>tokiUil iiiilt.rt ilil tt.nl itl lUntl’-'ci 1H) tmxoa
a11..i t ril.i altHUu. .I.UUUU H-a .10 .u iliulitt rtnol.
»UM*iliUtH •ellur Hoi.lomliui. fauilor
Oou.uor. ilo.tkolO.Ul fi.T .Ntivomlior. nml liU-ikVilM.ilii
luf.lamiurr. t'rlova ol lumlimt vuu wuru uit lollow*
M«ur( g/unil
rci>. il»r*.
Ismsp. part fallod..i im.ui IJAI *»|.W »««*
III), b.uml Ilwii r.i.i iMi; JUU
r>i iitimibur, luiiku.... bus »..»j Ju.iJ luiti
Oniiimr..,. IU. I»J 7..» bud HMk»
Kliorl ribs, tidier Oeiobur, closed at lIO.Utf.llM.'W.
I,mm dual*gamedm fis.ia Ioum) and Itjl.iU boxed;
ruuiberlumlt. ln'uHlii'iulMixcil! innu-mii liuiuh, lb»j*
i;,i! •tveei-picblud Imiiip mmluil »l llnWlSo lurbkuld
uvenmomrueii »mih», mimi uvemuo,
Uiuiiu mimed i.t l*»r nbmildors, UU«IP%«
litr utinrt nlw, 111-ytf tmr .hurt ctciirs. liable lor
bum., wit nomiicOund luorkiul.
ilriliK-Wrw in UT l 4mm for mats, fII).UK»
tauU lor uxtm itiuai, und f.uiusa.ui tor buitu.
Unil.Vl)STUi’l'*H AND KKDDS.
Kt.OtlU-Wus to good fluinaml sad atrmm, with
Jlgbl ollorlnjs.’ No l.ugo bus wore bikvti, but uo
luu tuis weru luoldiiii iirouiid, und would tmvu tukuu
inoroliKil »alinliU« lots been on lltu inurkul. bales
wcrorc|ioru;a uf.>»brts and'ui sucks sprbiKS ul#s.*U
und&o tirls lyiirtiiuroii prlvaiu (units. Toiul.
cipiai lu l.ltu i.rls. Wloiur dmirs wore* >iuuli>d ul W-fd
Vin.uti slOppiml kprinss. ru.<W/»it-'di Uio low'gruilu
sprom*. t(.UM.’*.UX Ityo Hour al about KUtoSIK
linn ui lonuui''ptouitloio. Solos uoio rvt'ortod of |j
«ors branul |l7.U).<'W.oi forioimlund lII.UI fur tours
Kvursnitddbius uu'llHdnlfUDs 1 carsliurls atDl.COi 1
tar w liciU'Scruuiilngs ui *UU.
bPIII.SU WittAT—Wui Hctlvs uid very much un«
■otiiud. 'itisumraot for next uumb advanced Die.
Ituucblug tho hlgbcst cubit thus isr.but tboudwllnud'
3J4C, and dosedUDHo below tbo lutcat erica ot Mou*
day. I.lvorponl reported nn advance of Id per cental,
mid >mr receipt* worn again "(null, with rein*
lively larre shipment*. I>ut the loitor under
stood to 1.0 In* chiefly "posted” wheat. These
thing* ••Mini to have not the ir.*naiittf clique to buying,
mid they mini in a hur lino of shorts, Hut iho nrt
vmico hrouglitoutiigrent ninny orders to ‘•soil at
d.iUorovur" for October. Thin broke the market.
Il subsequently recovered partly under nows of
greater firmness In Now York, but nan In ruled heavy
nn Hewn of tho ilrst break brniinlit selling orders from
the ontnido. There wore »good many buying orders
In M’ind onrly. though not no ninny ns on nornrnl pro*
vl.mn days. i<omi operators were watching nervous
ly for a break, many of thorn professing to l>« con
fident that it mud come before lona. Iml
they were rather wary about selling on tho
down-turn*. Hjmt wheat was stronger, No. 7
closing at H.Ttlf for fresh receipt*, with regular at
(1.77 n*kod. No. ;t was 7e higher: am! posted wheat
wus very-strong. selling at fl.Hbul Inter nt (1.71.
Spot sale* worn reported of Si.uillui ami 6T car* No. 7
at M.77;<«1.7'H: 7i.u»l bitaitdddo cars posted do nt
11.71'(£1.’>.: blears No. :t nt 11.7*. nntl Id car* hyaatriplo
at ll.<i>-li.TI. Total about IIO.IDJ bu. Also -tear*old
No. 7 Minnesota nnd :tc*r* now do atll.w).
Hollur October opened at sold niD.£«W.
advanced to ll.itlK'«MU4. declined Irregularly to
tI.TbM. Improved to (i.7HV«. *nd closed nt*l.£<K Hel
ler .November sold nt |l..«'tl.:il l -i. closing iu<l.:tiV4,
after ranging 7(ifiW(c above October. Sutler iho
month sold ni(l.'ilitl. .*.d(! December sold alll.:ilbi<4
|.;»flt; and the year about the sumo a* September.
Tho following gives tlio range for tlio day, Including
tranaactlonsuiilboCall Hoard:
Cloting Ilinof f;(/>»cd
N'e. Sivrina. .Vouduu. t/rsDnlou, do Md,
Kro-h roeolpts (1.77 11.75! j'al./dd (1.77
Heller Hentumbur 1.91 nil.7*4 l.‘Jd(
Hollur Octolior I.Tbai l.’.'.oi
1 Heller November..... II .iff ‘•»l.;ii*-, i.ai‘(
Holler December. 1.71>( l.:t»Vi
WIHTKIt WIfKAT—No. 7 rod was quoted nominal nt 1
(].:it. Hale* wore reported of :i cur* No.Until.'itln
storm and dear* by sample at (l.Tjul.lli. Also tear
No. i mixed at (l.'.M on truck. _
t;OKN—'Was uctlvo and unsettled. Tho market ad
vanced WtHic, then declined IHc. nnd closed le be
low the latest quotation of Monday. Mvorpool re
ported an advance of vjd per cental, ami oar reculpis
wore smaller, but the stock* In store increased more
than WM>H bu durum last truck and lithe freights were’
stronger. Korthusu ruasuns the market did noted
vnuce so much as wheal enrlr. nnd was qnlto heavy
w«un wheat turned down. Them wus a good ship
ping doiimnd. snd price* again ranged higher, though
they lull back In sympathy with futures. Tlio latter
wore oifurod verv freely by local oimmtors. snd some
on account of Now tori: parties who have been
waiting for an opportunity to sell nt prices which
seemed to be about the top. Cash No, 7 closed at
litHc. and rejected nt dij-.0. Hpet sales were ruimrted
ui'.UXUI bu and Idleur* .N 0.3 sad high mixed
•mc: Ucars white ut 71«t77«i 7j.(UJ bu and Clears re
jected at DfcOlct W ears by sample nt Mf<uß!|e
ini trrtcki and T 4 curs do nt
free on board. Total about bu.
Heller October opened at iWWiWHe, receded to l>«Vkc,
advanced to »PkC. declined to dii|c, mid closed at
a>Hc. Heller thu month mid year ranged ntMW'rsWr,
closing nt i>P(c. November ranged at UrVuHtic.
December at Vale above Novumburt .tod May sold at
nPM'.Vtc, closing nt T:il-ic, the latter selling
hlhivo the highest previous ntiotallnn. The follow
tog table shews the range for the day, including
transactions on thu Cull Heard:
rWrd ll<nigr.
N’o. 3 Vom. .Vuid-iu. v*»'(<-l.iu. do. Md.
Spot r.»Nj.->fi iH.mI
Heller September *•»>% idVvw*ou M)m
heller October • l»t!gW»sJs
Heller November,.. t,* 3 ** oiVvlmls o^t
Keller May t...„>oD| di'ialu'f , -Ai
oath— opened strong, and advanced early WtWfi,
at which there was quite a heavy trading In fhaober
delivery, buying orders for that month Hppuarlng In
eoiisldenthlu numbers. Trading In November deliv
ery was also active. No. 7 cash did not partake of (lie
Imioiii to any great extent, letter, business slackened
and the advance of tho early day wa* Hi most In
stances le«i, some of the deliveries closing below tho
latest price of the day nrevlons. No. 7 cash sold I non
:r."ic to ItH-io. Heller the immlh opened at £b>iu and
soul up to Vt, closing at:r.rf{c. Heller October opened
nl W'iu and after selllitg up to 4D*e. closed at
the oiicnlng price. .November opened at
sold up ui47.Hc, slid closed Kl4llrfv44ic. holler Deceta
lieriioul curly at closing at Holler thu
vearopeimd at 4 ; k! mid closed at ir.'Vc. Heller May
sold from 4*c to 4:<e. closing at Hut lower llgare. liusl
ne*s was active In the saniplu market niu slight an-
Tiiricc. rash rales were made of Hears ut :t'la'<t-'£d;o
Instore: M car* hy sample nt W4«v410 forrojeeted
mixed. 4l«tmio for rejected white, nnd 4m>'i4l>ic lor
No. 7 on truck: I>l earn at 41c lor relucted mixed,
|er rejected whlu*. 4K9IIHie for No. 7, and 4T.q'i(
4*>4u for No, 7 while. Total uqaal to about 4'f,OU bu.
'Hie following shows the closing prices of Monday,
wile tho ruugu, Including thu call truuaacllonj yester
Xo. 1 ivtfl.
miier September,
•cllor October....
Seller Hoeumhcr W 4'.'W-»4.ds 4.(
Sellertlsu year .****■ JMv'-W -Wy
Seller Mnr ..45Vl H MU 4S
IIVK-Wm* linn nnd t*uhlssl»r, -So. a spoisolllnKat
(l.itl, with fl.iH sollor the month. Il.lrt Mel uml M.tM-j
u«lsed for Uctohur. und hid Hiul »I.Hl* asked lor
November. Cash rales irero made nt Id oar* at ll.ut
lor -N0.3 In stores .tears hy sntnple nt IMllM.tti'* lor
rejected, and (l.llft for No. a on tracks 7 him ill (I .dee
M.U7 for No. a free on board. Tula) equal to about
I'mi ini.
IIAUI.KV—Wsu active ond So hlchor. No. 3 cash
•ulllror »l (1.10, with tliu same price hid for October.
N*>. :i cash sold atstc. The sample market wiih ueilvn
uml hinder. Cush salon worn in-tdo of 7 curs mid lti,»«>j
lm ai |l .ITAU.UO for No. 3 anil Hftvdo lor No. .1 In stores
is curs in* sample at ;.v.>i>c tor No. A and hfteMUU for
No. don tracks a cure m Hi; for No, A free on hoard:
N can nt Vio for No. 4 and SV".£|UU for No. H delivered.
.Total equal tonhout K.otlha.
SKKOS-Tlmothv ivan slondr. nt f. , .TIVV- , ..ft for prime,
with aornml common hiwmdfsiitf at roiatlvo tltrures.
Clover seed went slow, ladders domuiidliiir hhsher
prions. I'rlsno seed. new. was quotable ui PUtiJikai.
and old nt J.U.Vidl.Ul. Flaxseed whs steady alll.Hj.
ilolivorod. with mtlu or nothing dolm: In future;.
Sales were tnnilo of SI line* elover seed at
lor prime, and (I.7ft for very poors Hears unit I.ltutiaa*
tlmothv seed at «.4W-ta.ia oasis, und (a.»4nta...» force
tuber; bears und 41 baits lloxsoed at fI.A», delivered.
Wheat cloned a slmrto litxlmr» ill for
“IHistuit •• roller September. for rouulur
September. lor Ociubur.
for November. 11.->i!#-hJ.Iv»H for l-foeombur. utid
Ml.tfrU for ihu yeur. Stilus were tuudu of •-'.■HJ.iUI Im
lit (l.Viiid.Vf roller Sopsombur. H.tsyj’ivl.-.'N
aulliir Oi'tuliur. M.if.’lUft.Sitl roller November. 11.
Mliii aoller Dmtmbor,.ami Vullor Uiu
your. Com uluaod Kts lib. her. nt (injliblVic for Hep*
lumber. tr.V-1i'.0.0 fur Ohio Per. isiUv-dfire for Novoin
(•ur.iHMMinSofur fortlm your.
Stilus worn niurto of l.Vit.bC
Im »t ill-Ku rollerSoiituiiilior. ♦■j'tniVie *ollol' Oetobor.
ii:*-Mi(>'>!tu rollor Novuiubur. uiul IbW.i.Jic roller May.
Oats closed 11 rtiiiiU* easier. ui for Septnai
her. W.-i'AfiHiu for Outdoor, fl'citl.V fur November,
nod for UlO your. Solos woru nmtlu of i.U
un» fmnifUlii-fliofUj roller OclolM-r. roller No
vember, mid roller tlio j our. Ilyo ulorml nroiitf
nt for Sopiemb.ir. |l.iK-I(i.t|.i>7 tor October,
uiul |UKM.l.it>‘4 for November. with aulor of »MMI- hit
ul ll.U.V*itil.Uf aollur October unit lI.W roller Novem
ber. .Mo*Kiiorli closed 4o blither. ui Juro-vl'A.lt for
October, tor.luiniury. mid WVJOf-t'JI.UI f»ir
l-'ohrtiury. Sales were nmde of J1.3.M brls nt
‘JUtfS roller Jiunmry. laird elored 3t*c lilalicr, nt
Ilimsl-Vfi for October. flittbi'- 13-ill for November.
m'fl-UeCN fortlm your. frJ.aj-.1-'.s.hl for.lnnuiirr.
mid f for l-'ebnmry. Sales wore inudoof
lii.T.Vl tor roller October. roller
the your, roller .liimmrv. und firUKM
burfU. seller I’obnmry. Short ribs Hosed unclmiii.'eil,
ntltiU'SiKU'il) lor October, U'U'Si'tUU.'i for Novem
ber. niidflU4.'r<clu.wHlor .lunnnry. Sales were made of
IMMUI lbs ut i1U.40 aollur Uctobur und |lU.*o4fiaiU aollur
Vil/lVi '
lor elitunod by
imnOM-COUN— There Is a llitht trade nt quota
Choice hurl and carpet.
Ureon, sulf-worknm....
KiMl-lippeit. do
Inferior und common..
IIAIUJINU-Uonmlna sis j>rovt<nir*lr ijuotoil. Tin
tlomuml la only fair, but stocks uro iimiiuniloutul tin
fueling la Unit, for cotton acumless but:*
Wo repeat our lists
tutor Crook
ItllTTKll—Tticrn won' nu Mann of any noflonlmt of
price*. Tho (lonium) continue* jrrcator than thu nup
|ily.«ml tlionmrkul remain* ulroniriil llio roccnlml
tnnco. I.ueul buyor* seuuru moot of Um lino stock,
fur wnlcli tlioy uro required to pay •ikcftto for dairy
and :UKiiXeo for creamery, Wo nwiln quote!
Creamery. eunlce. Dairy. fair to aootl...lS>'W}
Criuiiu'y. lair to aood.-’iwMo I‘uukliin mock I.fcyi I.*
Dulry, chok'd N* «*
ClllilJtfK—Trade wan reported fall', wlsli llttto orno
variation in price*. The tono of tlio market wa» firm
n* before, nml umnn« holder* there I* no Inek of run*
Hdeneo In tho *lablllty of prliea, Tho tollowuitfaio
Fall cream....
I'uri r-atm l.'hedriur, choice..
I’arl skim, Hit I, cliuUo..
I'arl i>*lm, common to wood,
l.ow armies
L'OAI.-No (iflfu l'liiiiikoii wuru mill'd. Them ft
UiMiUloniumlulllio folluwlmi quuiutlonß, which uru
Uio rotnlt I'rtci'i* dollvumls
Air.liracltu, Piedmont ....I IWM
Atiiliimlu*. mu.. *M»I
AlllillltcUu, vail.. 7.55i;il .<UI IIMIiUItU block ...
Krill 3Stt7.wllllU»olii 4X(X24^ii>
llulilinoruA Ohio. aUJlMlmuik *■'*>
L'UOI'KUAIIU—WiI* til Wood iluummi ill fI.UhtUJ
for liorK imiTulß iina fl.uui.AiW u*r hint Umuch. , ,
liiiUS—Wui'olliiiiut t'iJu-.lio |iur u.u lor •ulclly
r, l--l»il-Wor« onotod imcliaiicml. Tlicru l» u nm
lltiuuit vouuiy oi l.tl macuror, tout lluiru in it I'fobu*
bllliy Unit orlcuß will «o iilclutr. Uilior nsit uru m luir
»iii>i>|y, mill at Uui imiinuni iiriroa rulu Btinidy i
Wimoiisli. |Kir trbrl &Ui
l-umlly wbuciun, ji«rW*brl
Troai. |mrW*brl
Miukurol-.No. lai.orw. •• t H* , 1 ‘■‘•J*!:*.
.MarkciTl-No. I buy. K»-l*rl }W{ «!•“>
Mai-Korol-No. U Mimro* H-hrl toi.ii
Muckorcl-lrtirvo 1«*u»ly «*}••■*
Mackurul-l'ul tutiiUy. fj-brl ... Ala W4UI
Uullbut, »mok«il. jmr11i.................... (I .M
i;»(iHs»li“Ui!imaJ *. i-ur luu llu «•«* «<>■*}
i'<iitiin>i-*nmmiier*uirvil..(. *mj <*o,wi
(,’i.ililalt-lnvßMJil . ‘n
llonlna-l.nlitiiilor. aollt, brl» « Js'{.~|
liurrliui'-Xollaml, |ior koa l.ul H} 1 '!
Ilorrlnsi —tlullunU. jtupi.oa.uuw ......... *-;*•
llurrlius-iHulod. |*.;r bus W (o Hi
I'allioriitu ratiiion. S*iirl.. iu»«v ... ».■*) MiwW
KKDiTH A.SII Nlnti—Vuloucia ralslna wuro finder,
iiijii Hwitn>|H|uuiutUMi» »ii b»;wlui. llioru wus wir
tlniii'it H.iiiiuwßiulliuiimikot tor oilier iriitu. Mi*<
ulmi wuro ilrinly iiuld. A kiiuil bimliiuoa Uln jiiukruea
nl till) brlco# iflvcii billow:
7.; A il.
« •/!
~ i.*,;* tii(
~ s.u> ui..u
. j.r. tta.i*
.. PJiW w
~ i'.Kt
ti'ti'* <<U
’ij u !SWu
Apiiluu. {•}.,*• }i[W
Ai’.iluiit evuimnuod, Ir>»ob nW* l ‘\
A ■ Kn»lfr» JW* S
AMilox. hotilWin. .. ‘VV"
rcuttio-i. mihirocl. Imlvtw H»'J .P/*
U *0»
I’iuvd cUltilcb W -J
KillHirl* .»m. f | l ‘W« W 4
Aiuiuii>i». ’lurruatmu »?*■* »*»
Su|ilc‘*»uiiuiU . M w> *j»
[•u.'-iViV*’.*/It’.l*.’.*.*.l!-*/,!*.*.*.l’.*. W
tiiii4A»K~'rtiß murkul la julrjy ut-iivo nnuatruittf
WaiK": ;i ; ...•WHS
('■muiry Aimu ••A”
loiinuy wiiiio II•} •*
Ci.iimry yuilmv
* Ulalior,
lliw I.,ruiur Milling uiM« pur Uuaaui «uid i{«» laUor
ia UkaJlUi tl»o laUcr.
Applu.. wuru sluady, u» ul»o wuru gntpua. W«HUOW.
Applet. Utr.iwr brl •wfel -W
ll.ilO* ..........
Htt», lu|un> ••
'I'uiUUD luauos, u1a.,,.
III*. H0W........ ....I
Unliliik, Irfimliiii lu>m»
lliiWns, Vulfiivlti
■(iiUl'ib, im.Bit Mtiua1u)........

liartlntt pears 40'* ill
i.cinons. per h0t.... HaW-Mi)
California plum*
California prnpn*. aMh crate 5...,.,., j.ftniij'inl
California pour" lOMIUIi
imorKiilKH-Thi) ifonornl rmrxet present* tl»o
Mine features ns tnr a number of day* preTlOtl",
There I* an active mil for itoods both from city end
country dealers, and tiiuro In scarcely nn article In
tut." linn bnl shows positive firmness. Htnnirs ad
vanced Wo, with which exception there wore no
quotable chantfoa:
.lava, choice .Mandnllnu.
Ido. fancy..
Ulo. prlmo to blnilcu
1110. tali* to itouil
Ulo, ooinmon
Ulo, runsilnif..
Patent cut-loof
Oranulntvd. standard......
(Jrumihitfd, nut standard.
A standard
A No. U
K.ttra V :
.No. 1
N. U. molasses.
I'cppor. I'.'Hi'O)
Nutmviu ........ .............10
WAV—Tlio domund is still untont for. No. I
thy. and prion linro an upward tomloaoy. Ollier
itoodr uru tirsn. Wo quote:
.No. 1 timothy, per t0n..... .....fl6.Ufc)l>L(ll
No. "i umoihr. pur (on on tmek U.iwtll.m
Mixed mo*i:uil
Upland pmlrto 11.01W12.ui
N<>. I nmlriu tUKMjMH
HIIiKS -Union lildus lira In henry slock,and nro
niorliur slowly nltiuoixtluns. Otliur description* tiro
unchanged. woipioto:
Ureoifcitrod, llultt-, pur 1b..... I"£
l.rcmi-curcd. Injury (Mfc
I’nrl-curod ~... ?J i/a 7‘2
liiinmuud hldus mi
Un*uii*nall bulln'.... ..... il!i
I’Alf. porlb i:w3
liry**alt«il. per lb 11l
llry*tllnl. No. 1 14 Olft
i-'ulloii lilrte«.. ll
lliuuauotl, dry u etl'i
bhoop-i>olU>. wool ni1inat0d....,..,.,., ti ((#;!)"
MI.I’AUS ANMn’INNKIIs 1 WAUK-1»pi»Iom reporg
it nctlvu trade. price* romnlnlna llrm. Wo iiuolc:
In-platoo, 10.t14, It'., pur box f ti.Ul
111-pl«lt‘«. 10x14, IX H..HI
in-pliuo", Hx.o. IC, rootimr min
In-plutOK.Jiixw, IC, rootliitf
l«*tln. par lb 23 0 24
iir-un...,. Xi
• JJ o 17
Copper bottoms, per lb
Shuatlilna. wjpimr-llmioil. It und Plot.
IMnntnheil. coppor«llnnud. M amt It] ni.,
I'litnlnln'd, rul to site
Shoel-dne. north.-..
Sheotoron. No. at
Sheotdron, Non. 35 to HI
Sheet-Iron, N 0.37
Common bar-iron rates
Itusslnlruil. Non. H to HI
Amorlmn planished Iron, •• II”
American rto. ’'A”
(inivnuUcillron, Nob. It to 3S 13 ® HI
Kence wire, per lb -I
Discount on imlrnnlml Iron is ID pur cent on Juni
ntn mill 111 to 40 on charcoal.
NAll.S—Wore tlrni hi 13.15 rules, end 13.05 by tlia
Ol I.?*—Remained very Arm nil round. There wan a
further ndrnuce In extra lard-011. with exception ilia
quotations weru unchanKUd:
t nrhoii, Klmno Ml* Linseed, mw CTOM
Carbon. iktlccUoii. HU* Linseed, bollud ....UKi>'ll
Ctirhon. 11l lent HU* Whale, winter.. ...
Carbon. I.<o lont IUI4 Sperm 1.30
Carbon. 110 tout u,D Neaufoot. pure.... 75
Curlmn.snow white Neatsfont.extra...
W. \V 13 Nenlsluot. .No. 1.... M
Carbon. Win. W. W. ll?f MmiK *1
Carbon. Win, I*. tV.. IU Straits 4'J
Curlmn, Mleh.W.W. HI Turpentine 57
Carbon. Mich. I’. W. J|J( Minors' I2®‘v»
Ijird.currenuimlcu. U'i Nupbthu,dco.,t>lde»t hi
hard, No. 1 73 tiunollne,duo.,74ilek It
l.nnl.No. 3 to Ou9ollno,ilou..S7deft -I
I'HMRON—Tho market present* 110 specially new
features. IJuyors still show a disposition to oporato
coiiservutlvcly. und tho volume of business, there*
fore. Is not heavy, but tho movement Is now on tho
lihtousp. und the outlook is micounulßC. CrlciM aro
lliunamous on thu dutu of our loat report. und wti
quote tho market firm us follows:
l.uko Superior, Nos. I and I 31.(I
lathe Superior. No. it h3.w
l«aku Superior, Nns.4. o. und G ,-D.U
1 Scoich, uucordliut to brand n.OlKuS.u
American Scotch. aceordbiK to brund 35,lM><3i.u
Anthruclto und cuke V4.Ukk37.it
Silvery nl.UferD.uJ
Terms—Four mouths. _
I’OTATUiiS-Woredßm nt Tlw per mi for sound
."V/i.i.'l-ij/, Jinnot I'Unol
MiL vr*trr<titti. do.fiM.
...in :ciUi««i ic*
..VM 40't
,n 4M*>mi. <iu
SA I.T-Thorn was n steady trade nt quotations:
Fine salt, Hiid Now York.pur hr)....1 , 1-tj
Coarse salupur brl l.u
Dairy,with lines 2.40&U.M
Dairy, without wicks I- 4
Ashton dairy, t>er sack
Ground nliiin. In turn *•!'
Mvltimmil tlm*. brown sacks I- 4
TAbUiW—Was <|it<*tod linn at *.4*s«e fur city anil
for .No. I country rendered, with Mu. H country
atdUc. Salt's ».i0 hrl* city at Du.
WHISKY—Was steady. Finished coeds were
mailed ou the lands of <I.HI for hliihwlnes.
Wot ii«—There is a fairly active trade, and prices re
mala uiiclmncud. Wuouiuoi
Good hi choice medium tub...
coarse and dlncy tuh .
Flno and unwashed fleece
Course and unwashed Ihicco..,
Medium and unwashed lluucu.
Medium and washed lloece
Fine washed lleccc...
Coarse washed lluucu.
Total }MIT JpJW U'. : |
Sumo time lustwoek 1V44 A»ii >."•>*
Monday 2.101
CATn.K—Yesterday's arrival* Included very loir
pood cuttle. There wore no extra, and (inly liure and
therendrove that could properly bo classed nbovo
medium. The best on milo want at KlbUdillU. There
was u by no meirtiancUvo demand lor ful cuttle, hue
there were nut unmikh tu sutlsfy It. and, therefore,
ttiu slljshlly-advnneed prlcc.vof the day before were
molly maintained. Modliim end common loin
were more plentiful limn on Monday, and
In less demand, itnd. an it natural communem-M,
the murketfur kucli worked cinder. A jjiiud dual of
umstulfwiu closed out ut pretty full ikiiros. but not
nlUllouflho irudlnit nie done nl 10c otf.or nt about
the cloiliiß prices of lan week. KorToxu* and Wen
urn* the market was fairly steady. They were In
pretty full supply, but butcher* und carmen* both
bmijiht freely, und the close of the day saw the yard*
well cleared. Texas urns* cuttle sold nl|.l.iUiX.V* toe
pour to pood droves. The iivermm was rather com
mon, und most of them sold within a of
11. W. Sale* ut Westerns were at (,1..(k.«-t.i»—the JmU
111 r.tTwU.ue. Nullvo cows did not iuovm us froelv as
on the previous day, und u liberal shudlntf of prices
had lobe resorted to. Stockers wero 111 some de
mand, und were suluhto ut unr former ijHuuulmis.
Veitl mlves wore ilrm und In piod request. but Kant
ern stock calves tuiuulnud under nettled. buyers pen
enilly leellnu some liusitutiun about nuudinm them!
In view of lire po*alulllty of llielr bulua lulucled will
.it OsT
.WrflHurlaiw, 405 bn..W
.ItiHi (iuimloi*. »li)i!k , ..lWw><
„S 2 liiiiiitilci*. climWo.-l u>i»
Eilm Il«ovo5-Stccni wrolitulmt I.OOIba nna
CJii'lco iimmut-lf'luw.lHU niid wolMi»rni«a.
Btt:on>. wokhlnjf l.'.'Wto I.*** lb*
(j 0 „,I |!c«-vu»-U ull-lullunml muuns woluli
Uli? l.'AUlu l.iOMus
MviliiimiirHUeij-aiueri* lu
UitfMiUio 1.-U 1L»».......
Uuu'liot-s' blue*—l'iKtr to c
('timii)iiii to chulco cimi* I
nuliillliut H/U to to l,u*J lb
gtocK Cuiilu—i.oiumuu c«
tol.ttU lb* .
Jiitorior— l.itrlitniid tlilu ci
Tuxiu*—Tummsti drove#...
Vuub-l'erUU lb#
ha t.»:n
v„. .ti*. Price.
IS \X<* tUIA
*l., U-.'J UUU
i; MU Mo
is U*.m ,
I?!. . V........ iw 6.W
31 ,WU
5!;;;;!!!!!!!!! .loi fca»
fi11,,,.3 JW
,%U MU
is ,wl Mi
j .. ... .-w 6.31
ai „ ' I”! US 4Art I
aj .. .. ,iaa -am
aj . . w
£i u» 4.M1
.&* 4.« i
iju Wusiuru.. mu Mj
.Vi Weolurii.. ml Aw
Iji Uw <.ui
131 W«»lom..t.UM 4.W.1
ili«}rt-Tlu»ro wn» cimtlnuml uull
truiU*. mul mow* wu* u timber iipjtru.
Vlu> nupl'iy *ii" muro liberal Hum «f
Ui miiiiu ‘il,uu, but tlioru vjm* uuumoi
Urn nH|iittouiom*;il |uu<tiur*who u
liiiiii llio nan. iiittlit wul-UU Util It
iiDiiiitu ui> licnvy. tlioy lulvuiiceU be
aim ilium mm uu limuuvtmuml of
1 hi tiuXi.jT.UJ, mid it jo luuofiu
oiitililu uumitlUm wimiibluliiuil fur J)
4wlti», riiijti'fil by imrj Ciiutnburltti
Miub. oUliw»>'taultJ.**4juAj,
uuu a.M.us.
.V(». Av. pi-lee,,
tin ail *mj
id I*l HIM
71 |Ui UUI
i;w..,l„aw ilui I
lit UW tlUi
it;, all o-ui
171 *iiT UIU
ai.l,„.sT3 twJ
S 7 at* u.uj
to m HIM
111* 3U IUM
MO a.) US*
ti£f 3«< Ufii
to tti utU
iU «jo
a, -u.\ utU
Hu '£ll USJ
1U5......3M Uid
.VI 3il »Uv
ui'.Vli OU*
■it JL-i Had
...UN UW
.13 win
. n (tin
. :i «> ii
*Vrt, At*. /’rfM,
;il Hrt »T.Vjhi
41 :waj Tuu |
4‘» S.!U
w :w»
«i JC 7.ii
illJ VA
l.'rt aio TXi
m Ill* t.Li
& aiu t.w
;o -ju r.m
W„,„.»0 7.u)
14...;. :aa Im
.» a*i t.w
.mt tail
)|.i lt*J T.to
m mu iuw .
w«ro tirm. MpcoluHy for iwod mi
tmi mmllttua, lUu kUtmly of uumiiooiilUiuu* *mn
VVu i|uuiu poor it) umsUluiu ill ti.iAoU.lJ.u»d u ( *‘ Kl
dmlui ul 44.UMil4.CU per JUJ lU*. »J4u» only ijoltfsi r
iMiruHlwur«Ui,uvurai|tuittoUia.ul |j.U>,aud w*au
iiututf 74 ItM. Ml HUU.
nut'iMi.o. ttopu ix-CArrut-Uecoiiiu uxiay. r.w
culi»lMiit)U tiiruuuii, aw rani, umrkul«oudjich"W
»iv«n. tt.ttftu.lo: tfixiil ahlppun, frujkftAtJ! tui
l>uu&vr»'to r«ir iiovr*. W-iftfajj m
Clißiokoe*. bwi Know* U.
bllkCP AMi I.ANHU-KuCOlpW,
UugugMwrai iitftdft X*UU» good WwMfft IM«
11 Ml.Vtf
wf*au ,
W(* i"?
. wi >"5
. H <* DW|
.« (Rt*i
,;r.t mh
.10 (it -'rt
.in ran?
,4'j wt’i
am wg
Catllf. Ilnn*. ShffiK
... MIT imut u:i
... fi.nu I'i.uuJ ti.ii
jUio Mush, vrolah* . .
lominuii alevra and
lor oily slauulitur, , a . ...
m*VlVolVef», atajta,., |Urf> , , J(
*.*.*.**'. ,, ..*.'.'*i*
An. VrUf,
31 cnwn K>r7 <>'•'
W Wuaturii... t«i itij
tiii WoHiurn... i»:u
137 Wcalimi... ULi U..U
W Wuatoru... iwi .1.. U
jy uh ;uri'*
M Toxua lAI il 'v
tu Tuxaa «u
34 Tuxaa •>-.V
It) Wuaicrn... .t.**
aifuWH,....... N 3 •>•«»
Ijvoura HU .Wl
4* Tuxi* MM jug
•AiTuma n* l :i.;a
Sictiw «u a-i)
4a Tuxua JW •f;- i
4/3 Toxua KW .J—j
111 , tfU ;}•;*•
lit ’l ux iixoii..MU .l -U
31 Tuxua...... VIH H.AI
Ui Toxua till lU-U
34 ToXiM JWV «U »
ll.i Toxua.. ... 7W .LU>
•JJ ToJ :mm
•Ai • hi*J H.4:*
V ualvt*» h.«»
U VHlvui...... I&j a.uj
Ivlty in Urn inn
jctuiloii In rulum
r luvu, iimounuiti
until l«> luuetvvvi
toon lioul urUui]
nut »hovr im mud
[io, vrUllo In liuuv.
it Ilk*. Thu form**
t tiUiflT.'U*. 'tin
Ou, oi buliiuituoi
No. A''. I’rlct
;,l IW *wt
IS.:::;:™ liS
iiu Mi u:,j
iU l'.U U.'J
sw «.*&
01 a.:i u..t
i-i n.i iud
w jjj u.«u
«,t v« am
40 ait <k<;>
Ut -.'14 (LOI
lit i.T lUI
ISI «I (Lai
41 AM Hill
41 i»r il.'.i
« Aii tUi
il 101 ILA i
40......101 U.At
irj I'M OUI
M1,.,,..114 lI.UI
it in a.Oi

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