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Iroquois Captures the St, Ro
ger Stakes under Arch
or’s Riding,
pjjije Hundred Tons of Human
Bones from Plovna Landed
. at Bristol,
0 Tmdos-Unton Congress De
clares Against tfio Movement
for Protection.
ijy,, 45,00 0 Cases of Diphtheria in
the Province of Pulfowa—lß,76s
Reported Fatal,
The King of Dahomey Captures a
Great Number of Victims for
Human Sacrifice.
pin; persona Hurt In nu Irish Railway
Collision—Tbo Swiss Land
ftaoce Weakens in the Matter of the
Spanish Olalma—The Pope Pleased
with Von Bohloezor.
HinqrOlH \VIN’H TIIII ST. i.r.nKit stakes.
London, Sept. 14.—Tho race for tho St.
User Stakes, nt the Doncaster September
meeting was won by Iroquois, Geologist
second, and Lucy Gutters third.
nns uurrixu
Immediately before tne start for tho St.
Stakes was 100 to 00 against Iroquois,
Mo 1 against Ishmacl, ami 5 to 1 against
St Unis.
rode Iroquois,. Tim weather was dull but
tom was no rain. Tho nttomlauce was very
Urge. Iroquois* victory was extremely pop*
thr, and lie ami Archer were enthusiastically
flirercil. Iroquois attracted much nUuntlou
by Ids excellent style In the preliminary can
ter. An excellent start was effected at tho
first attempt. Iroquois was tho quickest
sway, hut Archer immediately pulled him
bark. Josyan then took Xho load, attended
by St. Louis, Limestone, ami Geolo
gist, with Iroquois next. Jly tho
Hum Uio Itlllo Units were readied Falkirk
had taken the lend, Ishmaal ami
Lucy (Hitters having joined tho leading lot
h front of Iroquois, which continued at the
head of tho second division. At lied House
Falkirk succumbed to Ishmnol, Lucy Glitters
second, with St. Louis, Geologist, Scohcll,
limestone, ami Iroquois well up until tho
half mllo from home. Hero Limestone
Joined Islmiad. After another quarter mile
had been traversed the two loaders were
beaten, Jlal Gal and tit. Louis became dis
tressed, and Lucy Gutters momentarily took
the lend, but before the distance pole was
readied Iroquois came on In full running,
ginning easily by a length. Geologist passed
Lucy (Slitters in tho lust fifty vanls. St.
Louis pulled up fourth, followed by Euslbe,
blmmel, Fortissimo, Limestone, ami Seabed,
in (lie order named. Lord Chelmsford,
Josyan, and Privateer were tho lust three,
vxccat Voluotuary, which walked In. The
Kmc of the rnee was three minutes twenty
seconds. There were three-quarters of a
length between Geologist mul Lucy Glitters.
After tho race Iroquois became tho second
favorlt for tho Cosarowltch Stakes nt New
market Oct. ll nt 14 to 1 against him, faith 13
10l against Geologist.
tub .vxm.o-riiKNcii commbucial tubatv.
The Times says: “TUo iiiitiali Comnils*
donm will go to Paris In u few clays to re
sume negotiations for a treaty of commerce,
Wo understand Unit Prance will now concede
tho point In regard to tho prolongation of tho
existing treaty which was tho Immediate oc
easion o£ tho suspension of negotiations.”
There was n largo meeting In Kxoter llnll
last evening In connection with tho Ecumen
ical Methodist Conference. (Jen. Fisk spoke
very earnestly of tho Increasing friendliness
between (treat UvUain and tho United states,
lie prayed that thdy might never bo opposed
.to war. The llev. l)r. Tiffany- explained the
position and prospects of the Methodist
Episcopal Church In America. Tho Itov.
Dr. Wilson gave a similar explanation rtda
live to the Methodist Church Smith. Tho
meeting was Instructive and enthusiastic.
t(Hlay discussion was on the highest educa
tion demanded hy the necessities of tho
Church In our time, ami tho duty of tho
Church to maintain ‘schools which nro Chris
tian In their character, tnlhumcc, etc. All
Uie speakers expressed a strong feeling In
favor of higher education of the young.
Hialiop Ilolsey (colored) said ho rejoiced at
the movement as tending to Improve the con
dition of his rate.
tub "timks”
says; “Tho Methodist Ecumenical Confer
ence offers, In some very Important points, a
favorable comparison with other religious
conferences. There Is no sign of a squabble.
A common resolution to do ns much good ns
possible u go universal and strong ns to over
power the petty selfishnesses which create so
nmch friction brother more elaborate ma
Nearly sova||-oighths of tho Anns using
coiron have expressed a detcnul-
Mum to stop their looms for a week.
KximimoN Hunsomi'TioNs.
: Uum.iN, Supt. 14.—The subscrlutlons to the
proposed exhibition of Irish manufactures
amount to £ia,WQ,
,v ''l submit resolutions to Uio National Con
veutlon declnrliifc tho cause of tho political
wa society ills Impoverishing Uie country Is
urn Uutestablo system of alien rule, tmd that
J*» people can never bo prosperous and con
tented until they enjoy tho light of solf-gov
ernment, for which they will never cense to
struggle. Tho second resolution denounces
me Coercion net as having been devised In u
Jhirlt of malignant hypocrisy, ami executed
* ur tho gratlilenllonof private vindictiveness
m»U for the suppression of admitted public
•hJhU upon men who boro n heavy share in
“movement which led tho Government to
niilnuo Uio Land bill. Another resolution
cnaracterlzes the Land bill as radically Insuf
?. 1, . a1ul BR > ,# H cannot bo accepted as a
j «. wise, or even temporary settlement of
me question. The Executive Invites tho con*
'ciuion therefore to solemnly pledge Itself to
« determined adherence to the principles of
~® Land League until nil Us aims are fully
wcompiisiiod. It has already been decided
>y the Land League to establish a Labor
Mttguo Executive, to beodlllnted with work,
in con] unction will) the LiuuJ League, but* to
"J composed exclusively of representatives
i bona tide laborers. Tho objects of this Ex-
are the extension of the franchise to
aeorers, ttie return of Labor represents
*; w to I’arllament, and Uio establishment of
• peasant proprietary.
■n». a railway collision at
WerelhJut*?V tounty persons
- (cos Uie police to oppose the renewal of
licenses to publicans who refuse to supply
travelers or police with refreshment, mid to
publicans keeping n posting business who ro
fuse to supply cars to the polled on duly.
London. Hunt. 11.—George, the ex-clinm
plou runner, made a half intto at Dinning-
Imm lu 1 mliiulo W) I*s seconds.
10,300 bales wore disposed of, cblelly Port
I’hllllp and Now Zealand: Tlio market was
fairly animated and prices were steady.
SEVEN “.suspects”
in thnKllmatiiham Jail have lliolr terms of
imprisonment continued three months.
of Newcastle, has failed. Its liabilities are
estimated nt £(M,000. A favorable lluuhla
tlou Is expected.
yesterday mndu a demonstration against tbo
lair (rude movement by enthusiastically
cheering the paragraph In tbo President's
speech condemnatory of any'relurn to "tbo
nonsense of protection," and, afterwards
adopted a resolution for tbo immediate ex
clusion of curtain professed delegates who
did not represent bona lido trades unions.
A number of tbo persons in iinestloii, who
were suspected of an intention (oudvoento
fair trado Interests, accordingly left tbo ball.
Edward Mnrstor., of tbo publialilmr (Inn of
Low, Sampson, Murstou, Searlu A Irvington,
writes a lung letter to tbo Times condemning
tbo draft of « copyright treaty proposed by
tbo American publishers as " utterly selfish.”
New York, Soph M.—A London dispatch
says: "A great sensation was caused at Urls
lol by the discovery that a cargo Of fiOO tons
of human bones was being discharged there
to the order of a local llvm engaged in immu
fncturtng manure. Tbo bones were shipped
from itodcsto, nt Constantinople, and are
supposed to bo the remains principally of tbo
defenders of I'lcvnn. Them mo complete
limbs among the honlble cargo, and In some
cases hair still adheres to the skull.” Peter
Cooper says: “It Is a common tiling among
tbo iirltlsh to buy human bones. In fact,
they will take all they can get ut any time
and from any part of tlio world. They use
thorn for manuring their lands. 1 have often
heard it said England was immured with
bones taken from the battlefield of Waterloo.
There Is no finer manure.”
nu: KxmiUTi».v op imsii manltactuhks
will bo held In 18*1
In tho Pcntro colliery, Glamorganshire. No
loss of life.
£30,000 in oor.u
from Holland was bought In open market
yesterday for New York, and £50,000 y\U
probably bo shipped tomorrow.
London, Sept. 14.—The Jounmt do St, Pc
fcrdmrp, the Russian otlieial organ, points
out that the intimate family relations of the
two Emperors have favored a political un
derstanding and thereby served the Interests
of the two nations (Russia and Germany) and
have exercised an important Inllueiiceovcr
their destinies.
London. Sept. 14.—1 t Is stated that J*oo
ilussiun nobles have organized themselves
under tho name of “ Thu Sacred Legion,” ns
a counter-association to the Nihilist attempts
on tho life of the Cm - . They will dispose of
largo funds nmlcmploy a complete system of
secret organization.
lluflstaa Journals publish terrible details of
tho diphtheria now epidemic In ilusslu. It
is reported that in certain communities and
parishes nil tho children under 15 years old
imvedled. Tim origin of the attack dates
from 1873, when tho disease first appeared In
llessurnblu. Since then It has spread far and
wide over the South Empire, whunco It lately
began to make rapid progress towards the
east and northwest. In Pnllawa, n province
of considerably less than 3,000,000 Inhabit
ants, there have been 45,540 cases—lo,sos
St. PETEitanuita, Sopt. 14,—Tho appoint
ment Is ordered of local commissions to con
sider tho Jewish question In places witero
tho Jews predominate.
Home, Sept. 14.—Von Schloo/er’s commu
nication, as German diplomatic representa
tive, to Cardinal Jucoblni, the Pupal Secre
tary of State, of Uio Emperor's Intention to
accredit u Minister to Hie Vatican has given
great satisfaction there. The appointment,
which will be made after the Prussian Diet
lias voted the rcqulsit funds, dues not, how
ever, involve, any question of principle, or
Include any concessions on one side or. tho
other. Its Immediate object I.s tho establish
ment of a modus vlvendl. On Von
Soli lower's entering upon his nmv duties
here, It Is expected at tho Vatican that nego
tiations between the Curia and Germany will
bo continued through him, and that a
gradual settlement of (lie various questions
will be arrived at. In tho arrangement now
concluded, there has been no question of a
Pontlllcal Nuncio being sent to Hcrlln. Von
Schloozor, who has hitherto only soon Car
dinal JftooUlnl, will have an audience with
tho Pope the Hth Inst. Tho amount Uib
slan Diet will be asked to vote for tho now
Legation at the Vatican Is W,UOO marks
HKKf.iv, Sept. 14.—Considerable attention
is attracted to an article In Uio Orcui/holcn.
a newspaper which is supposed to he the ex
ponent of lilsmavck's views, wherein the
writer/ who says ho Is a Gorman living
abroad, highly praises lilsmavck's policy and
vehemently attacks Uio Jews. Tho writer
says the reproach leveled against Illsmarck
Unit ho Is “ going to Canossa ” Is raised sim
ply by Jewish Journalists, or by those imbued
with Jewish Ideas. Thu article concludes by
approving tho antl-Sumttlo agitation, fur
which It says tho Jews and Uiolr friends who
brought the original dispute before the pub
lic are solely responsible.
Ueiimn, Sept. 14.—Tho efforts of the party
leaders to unite all tho Liberal groups hi one
doctoral program' has been unsuccessful.
Tho National Liberals resolved to act alone.
The chiefs of that party mot today, Von
Ueimlnsson presiding, (nr the purpose of de
ciding upon an electoral program. Tho re
.suit Is to be kept secret for tho present.
In the eastern provinces hovo appealed to
tho members of Urn congregation of the Her-
Hu Synugog to exert their Influence fur the
purpose of affording their provincial brethren
protection In tho event of rioting during the
coming Jewish festival.
Hoth German and Uusslan seml-ofllolnl or
gans comment on the rapprochement of Uio
three Empires produced by tho DanUlo In
at Uerllu to-uuy Xuckertort beat Tscho
gorgr. ‘
Geneva, referenco to tho
landslip near Elm Sunday evening Inst It Is
feared that the list of victims must Include
forty men of neighboring villages vvhoeame
to aid when the lirst landslip occurred In
the evening, and before the village was over
whelmed by Uio second slip, which took
place at midnight. The river on which
Elm is situated has been turned Into a lake,
and U Is feared that Uio vallev below will bo
llooded. As the pluse Is much frequented
by strangers this season, It Is feared some
have perished. A froih landslip nt Kim Is
feared. The rescuers arc obliged to proceed
with great cmilion.
Njtclal OiMz.
Cairo, Hupt. M,—‘Tli« Clicrifs consent to
take ofllco iipaiiros a momentary calm.
Arubyand bln colleagues will command the
army, and they have named tliofr own War
.Minister. Until the foreign troops arrive
there U no Ruunuitea against a repetition of
the rising.
A serious revolt
has broken out in tbo .Soudan. HncJcior
rnelm, in Kordofan, reports that the tribes
between him ami Khartoum Imvu revolted.
Joßie UViGm Atioelnftd J’rtti.
Constantinople, Sept. 14.—' Tbo Porto
has ihmlly decided lo dispatch neither troops
nor commissioners to Egypt.
Caluo, Sept. ll.—Thu new Ministry is
definitely constituted. Tlio principal mem
bers of the Cabinet are Undid Pasha, Minis
lor of Finance, ilurondl I’aslia. Minister of
War, and Marasbly Pasha, Minister of Pub*
lie Works. .
Inn letter says: "It. Is absolutely necessary
to nmliUaln European control In iSfrypt."
Paiiim, Sopl. M.—Leon Chotlean boa just
published two letters, one addressed to the
Minister of Foreign Affairs, nun the other to
ail French Chambers of Commerce, demand
ing the abrogation of tbo decree of February
prohibiting tbo Importation of American
pork. Cbottean proposes «nmnl/.lng shortly
a meeting nt Purls against tbo decree.
Lonpon, Sept. H.—Advices from tho west
coast of Africa state that tbo King of Daho
mey, with lUs army of amazons, raided mid
destroyed Urn towns of jjrnnno mid Okepo.
They bail populations of many thousands.
All who were unable to escape were brought
to Aboiiiuy, tho capital of Dahomey, for
sacrifice at tlio jrmu annual “custom."
London, tiept. 14.—Tho German Consul at
Leghorn, who was assaulted on n railway
carriage going from Purls to Turin, and
thrown from tho carriage-window lit a tun
nel, was not .much Injured. Thu guards of
tho train have been arrested. One who an
swered Inquiries evasively was marked with
London, Sept. 14.—A dispatch from Tunis
says the camp at Zaghounn la In n critical
position, all communications with Tunis be
ing cut olf.
Pauim, Sept 14.—Troops continue to leave
for Tonis. A body of workmen nml 500 sol
diers are oitto repair tho canal, which the
Arabs cal to deprive Tunis of water.
400 jews. .
Vienna, Sopt. 14,—Four, hundred .lows
Imvo passed through Lemberg for America.
ISugllKlmicit Giving irp tlio Itcuton
Track and Turning to America.
LoiiJ'hi it W<f.
Thu dopartnvo of a bevy of lords and lord
lings, plodding members of Parliament, and
smart political aspirants, via the Atlantic
ferry, proves that too modern grand tour is
undertaken without reference to the old con
dition of membership in theTravelers’Clab—
that tho candidate must Imvo been>l,ooo miles
east of Pall Mall. When the plan of llulsldng
the education of younggentlcmcn by allowing
them to pass a certain time In the train of
a great noble at court or In tho wars went
out of date, and to trail a pike In tho Low
Countries was no longer auo of tho liberal
arts, tho cities and society of Franco and
Italy contended for tho palm, or ruthov the
plume, of fashion oucu enjoyed by Venice
alone. Young men of rank nml position still
swam In a gondola, b(it gathered wit to prac
tice on home-kcoplngyoulh in Paris and Alx-
Jos-J)iihis, nt Home. Florence, ami Turin, nml
at tho gaming-tables of tho Ulienish Prince-
Hlshops, ns well as at (ho Ittdotto In Veutcu.
At theso places tho grand tourists en
countered much compnnyut a mixed descrip
tion, They met lliu admirable Chevalier do
Hullburi, his Excellency the Count Cagllos
tro, and the pretty Lucrczla, ami tho Ulqstri
ons Giacomo Casanova, with Ids watch In each
fob, his cordon of tho Spur sometimes mis
taken for the Kalnt-Espril, with nn ucc up his
left sleeve, and his right hand ready with
cartu and tierce. They umiucsttonablyspent
a great deal of money In sham antique mar
bles nml well-doctored copies of the old
masters. If very rich they pulled down tlmlr
country ’houses and replaced them with
Pulladiun structures, such ns miniature
Temples of tho Winds, Parthemms. and
Pantheons. Nevertheless, the old grand tour
had Its uses. Thu future Peer or member
of Parliament, with or without his ‘'bear
leader,” was away from England for per
haps a couple of years. He remained long
enough in foreign countries to acquire some
idea of their language and manners; he lived
In the heat and wittiest society that existed
In the known world; nml If he happened to be
a clever person got rhi of some prevalent
English suporstUlonsalmut the playmg-llohls
of Eton, Urn merit of riding straight across
country, mid the capacity of any English
man to beat three Frenchmen on any fair
held of battle.
Wo have changed nil that It Is no longer
hold necessary lo tho education of u young
man will) prospects Hint ho should passu
curtain time at tho various courts of Europe.
The prevalent craze now Is that everybody
should go to America. Tho aood-imtuml
Americans are very'fond of English folk.
They Imveshown n generous disposition over
since they beat us In vuuht-lmlldlnguml lock
■nuking In 1851, and the fueling has not been
decreased by tho Alabama award nml tho
victory of Iroquois. And they love uti
English Lord, oven If ho Is only one by
courtesy. Their hospitality Is proverbial.
They not only receive their guest, but take
charge of him, and pass him on to their
friends—in short, put him through, os it is
culled In the vernacular.
To ho put through by Americans of tho
best class Is an agreeable operation to under
go, for one Is Mtud, dined, mul dancud hi
every centre, and then passed mi to renewed
hospitalities. Until is agreeable nnUnxcit
litg, mthor than Instructive. Tho subject of
tho operation will have no time to assimilate
tho knowledge, to weigh It, or to
check It. What, for Instanoo. will
jiu gain In Uio way of insight into
the curious problem now being worked
out of the evolution of what Is practically a
negro nation from Uio wreck of n slnvohold-
Ing republic? Hu wilt llml Hint politics are
not fashionable in tho bust American society,
and that a Knickerbocker scorns to cast u
vote which nmy bo neutralized by that aristo
crat's bootblack. lie will llml plenty of
ngrcenblo am) clover men. and still more
agreeable and clever women. Ho may ac
quire a taste for raw tomatoes, edmus, and
shredded cabbage, and for nearly raw wild
ducks; but, so farm* good American society
Is concerned, he will llml it, minus political
conversation., a reduction of that of Europe.
Tocatfch national characteristics, lo plumb
the unspeakable depths of political intrigue
and that ofllco-seeking which seems to cling
Ilka a pestilence to purely democratic insti
tutions, he must go beneath the surface.
Ban PitAhontoo, Hope. 11.— A meeting of
wboat-growars bold In tbit olty this afternoon
was attended by l»rgo numbers or tbe loading
men of tbo Btato In that buiiuusi.
Tho Committee on biatistloa reported about
160,000 tone of wheat. In, Uio Kioto fur export.
A committee vras appointed to draw up
a plan of organization of tbe Whual-Orowora'
Association of Oallfurola, for tbe purpmo of
mutual luwhnauoo. dlumulustiun of vuluuiilu
Information, and cumbhmilup to hold wboat fur
higher prices and lower rates of freight. Thu
general imoroMlunauuinMl to bu that by Ibusu
means frvivbuouuld be brought down to iMator
liuy, and wheat pushed up to two cento.
the railroads.
A Five-Dollar Rate to the At
lantic Cities, Boston Ex
Tlio Row York, Chicago & St. Louis-
Finn tin k tor a Clorclnuil
Important Meeting of the Directors of the
Baltimore & Ohio Railway.
ThoPounsylviuila Company yesterday morn
ing niiiKiuncuil that It would Sell tickets to Phila
delphia, Ihiltlimirc, and Washington nt tho snmu
rates ns churned to Now York, which makes tbo
rale to nil moso points fS. Tbo Pennsylvania
also announces that berafter
It will sell tickets from lloston, Now York,
Philadelphia, llulilmoro, and Washington to
Chicmro, at tho rules charged from Chicago to
those (mints.
This is a stop in tho right direction. Thera Is
nu reason why east-bound rates should be
higher than west-bound rates, or vlco verm.
Tbo rates from New York and lloston to Chicmro
Imvo been Imm to for some months past,
yet tho rates from Chicago to those points up to
u week ago were flO and sls respectively. Then,
again, when tho rates from Chicago toNow York
wuro reduced tofs tbo west-bound rates re
mained $7 and $!». When regular rates pruvail
tho oust ana west bound rates arc always alike,
and there is mi rcawm why a different course
should ho pursued whop rates are being cut.
Thu action of tho Pennsylvania people re
garding wont-bound rates will force tbo Van
derbilt muds to adopt tho same course. As fur
a* tho Philadelphia. Itaiilmore. and Washington
rates uro coaeetwcd, Vanderbilt tins nothing to
do with it, ns nono at bis roads run direct to
those points, mid that business almost ex
clusively goes to tho Pennsylvania and Haiti
mnre A Ohio. Tlio latter romt met tho rates of
Iho Pennsylvania ut once and yester
day morning also commenced to sell
UcKOtH to I’bllmlolphla. ‘ lialllmnru, and
Washington fur $5. Tho principal reason why
tho Pennsylvania doubled to make (he rates to
Philadelphia, lliiltiinoru. and Washington tho
snmu ns to Now York, although Vanderbilt can
not compote for business lu tlicnn points, ts be
cause Hu* selling of 55 tickets to New York and
keeping tbo rate to Philadelphia, Ilnltlmoro, mid
Washington ut double that hgure. had the effect
of greatly Injuring these points by directing
business to New York, and tho Pcmisvivaula
could nut afford to place thosoeJUcsutadlsnd
In consequence of tho now departure by ttio
Pennsylvania and llaltlmoro & Ohio tbo ticket
unices of those two companies wore kept busier
yesterday man bo fore, und un Immense bind*
ness wnsdouo. TUu VuuderblltromU uml Grand
Trunk nJf'ocoiiMmjy to do u Urge business.
So far Vunderbill bus taken no notice of tbo
doings of his rivals, 110 has tnkun no now stops,
nor has anything boon heard from him since ho
cut down tho Now Vork into to tfA and the Hob*
ton rutu to tfO, It tsolainied that ho willluko
no now steps. but will lot his adversaries do
nil tbo lighting. 110 behoves that tho
present rales are low enough tor all his intents
und purposes, and that bU rh I* will soon get
sick of doing business at tho .mures. Ills ud*
vorsnrlos, however. have shown a good donl of
pluck thus far. and they claim to ha able to
stand tho light aa long ns Vanderbilt cun.
Although Vanderbilt bus thus far refused to
take any notice of the cut made on Huifnln
rates by tbu Ornud Trunk It la evident that this
mutter Ik worrying him more than anything
ew. At (ho f) rule too Grand Trunk Is getting
tho largest portion of tho llulfalo bind*
m-39, and most of this berciuforo went
by tbo Vnndorbllt roads. . Vanderbilt
by maintaining tho llulfnln rates and allowing
tbo Grand Trunk to got away with this business
means to show that ho dues not light ttio latter
road, and that he dues nut care what rule it
nmkos. It is hardly prmmble. however, that
Vanderbilt will long continue this policy, and
everything indicates that ho will noon hit out
from tho shoulder again and make such rates ns
bis competitors will hardly bo able to moot,
Special Diftwicb to The Chicago Itibune*
TlAi.TnionK,Bcpt. H.—A vary important meet-
Imror tbo Hoard of Directors of tho llnltimnro
& Ohio HaUroad was bold, boro nt Camden Sta
tion today, Mr. Jolm W. Garrott presiding. Tbo
loiter of resignation of Mr. John King Jr. us
u Director on behalf of tbo stockholders, which
was laid mi tlio table nt tbo July meeting, was
accepted. Mr. William Fblluros uumlnutcd tlio
lion. George W. Dobbin' to till tbo voounoy,
and bo was utmnlmuusly elected. A letter was
submitted from Mr. Donoll, resigning udu Di
rector on behalf of tbo stockholders, In conse
quence of tbo condition of bis health, whlub,
after expressions of regret ut tbo loss of socs
teemed n colleague, was accepted. On motion
of Mr. Miller, James Carey Cole was unanimously
elooted ns bis successor. Mr. Jobu W. Davis,
wbo was unpointed lu November, • IWiO,
us Assistant to * tho Second and Third Vice-
Presidents, was by tbo uunnlmmid notion of that
board confirmed as Assistant to tbo First Vico-
President. President Qnrrott tbou stated that,
In view of tbo growth nnd magnltndo of tbo
express nud tolcgraoh systems of tbo Daltlmoro
Si Ohio Company, tbo organization and
promotion of tho Interests of which require
continuous supervision to insure their effective
development aud lucrcusod usefulness, tbo
President stated that It bad loan deemed desir
able to obtain tbo services of n General Man
ager of tho express and telegraph systems of
tbo company, lie therefore nominated for this
otllce Mr. George P. Prick. Tho nomination wus
approved and tbo appointment made. Tbo
Committee on Finance presented Us report with
the following resolution:
Jleduh'ttl, That tbo agreement herewith sub
mitted, made on tbo day of August, 1881,
between tbo Baltimore &Ob lu Iluliruud Com
pany and John 8. Harbour, acting fur himself
aud bis associates, which bus been fully consid
ered, Is hereby approved aud recommended to
tbo UoarO'of Directors of tbo Baltimore & Ohio
Company fureontlrnmUonimd adoption.
lit eoimueiion with the report of too Commit
toe on Flnaneo recommending the approval of
tbo agreement between Jolm B. Barbour and bis
associates and tbo Bultimuro Sc Ohio Hoad for
the sale of a portion of lu Interest* in tho Vir
ginia Midland Company, President Garrett re
marked that tbo Orumro & Alexandria Bead,
now tbo Virginia Midland, would be of incaluu
table advantage to the Smith if its usefulness
bud not boon largely destroyed by those wbo,
through nluns of legislation and consolidation,
gained thf control of tbo Virginia & Tennessee
Hoad, loading from Bristol to bynebburg. and
then refused Urn natural and prolUablo Inter
change of trutllo between tbo roads from
Lynchburg to U'lltlmoro and from Lynch
burg through (bo Tmmuisco & Virginia Hoad
to tip) Kuutnwost. A rente to accomplish similar
objects will ultimately be opened, because tbo
perthunont interests of tho Southwest requires
it, nml Southwestern milroml organisations
must have a direct outlet to Baltimore. Lexing
ton wilt become the objective point, and those
combinations will secure a flrst-ciusi duo to
Washington and Daltlmoro through tho uso ot
tbo Valley Hoad and tho Hups of tbo liuUlmoro
& Ohio Metropolitan Branch Hoads.
7b (hi irritirn .imcfatai I'rtll,
Dautimoue, Sopi. ll.—Tfce Haltlmoro & Oblo
Hntiroad today reduced mo passenger luro
from this city to tbo West lo correspond with
tbo “out rates" from Now Vprfc. Kust-lioumt
rates arg tbo same to naUlmoro us'to Now York.
At u mooting of tbo Directors of tbo Haltlmoro &
OUto Hoad today, Ucorgo W. Dobbin was uluotud
Director In place of John King Jr., resigned.
James Carey Coalo was dueled In place of
Dtmuull. resigned. Jobn 'V. Davis was ooutlrmud
Assistant to tbo First Vico-president. President
Garrett made aVkuumiiont in regard to tho
rupldly-tnnrouiliiKOkprussand telegraph bust*
ness of tbo company, amt lis luicrvbungo of
business beyond Its own lines, covering 11,OW
miles of wire, wltb otbur telegraph orguniia
lions. Hu stated it was desirable mat n General
Mimsger bo appointed to tuko ebargo of
ttteso Interests, and (loorgo \V, Frick was
cbosim. Attor a lung siatomont by
Garrett In rvimrd to (be policy and action of tbo
l|altlimirolObto Hall mad In making connec
tions w|tb southern roads, tbo resolution of the
Flmmco Committee was unanimously adopted.
This resolution approved tbo agreement wblok
provldoil for tbe sale of a portion of tbo lutorcn
ut tbo Ualtlmore & OnloCompany In tbo Vir
ginia Midland system, tbo control of wblcbfur
soma tiiuo bus buun buld by tbo Haltlrooru <k
Ohio Company. Ourrett stated tbm In thlstruus
fur (be Intorest of bis road and of Haltlmoro bad
been provided Cor, ,
Tbo Cleveland Leader baa lbs following re
garding tbe doings of tbo pow r«ow York, Chi
cago & Bt, Louis Hallway ui Cleveland:
It now appears that tbu Una of tbe Now York,
Chicago &»t. Louis llallroad, from Huelld to tbo
city limits, Is not fully detcnnlncd upon. It was
rotjcriud some weeks ago that two and onu-sUtb
miles of tbo line of too Cleveland, Falnusvillo Jt
Asbtabula Hoad would bo used, but It appears
tuut this lino Is so Irregular ami*
bus so many short curves that it
would bo Impmctluablo. for tbo track
of a trunk lino* Tbo property-owuua through
whoso Inno (ho first lino was surveyed consid
ered (hat tho rond would damnin' thofr property
grcitHy. and accordingly placed a higher price
on the rlirht of way ttiun tho company was will
tug Id pay. Then Jt was that tho project of run
ttlng on Mr. Lewlr (rack was brought forward
hy (ho New York, Chicago ft st. LimltCompany,
und (hoy annouiicod that this would hu tho turn
or their road and would end tho c-ontruvorsy
with (ho property-owners.
It was. and Is, a wry Apparent fact that this
would lie men) oxponslvu to thotn In tho ond
than paying (ho figure* asked for the other
rouifi, mi account of tho curves, etc. There
has Itcon within tbo past two weeks n plot vn
lem) upon to got tbo citizens to oiTop tlio right
of way on the first proposed male at a lower
flguro timii at first, if tlio rand would go over
that line lusicnd of tho other. A paper has been
circulated foreigners nmuugtho owners of prop
erty, wuleh Is hi effect n contract landing tbo par
ties twulvu tho righto* wnyroraeortaiii amount,
providing tho company will ernet two depots,
one at Luke View Cemetery and unothor a mile
or two furlbor east, and run four trains a day*
to tho city. Homo of tho citizens are disposed to
think this hut tho second act lu tho scheme to
go I lliolr laud nt a reduced figure. of which (ho
llrsl whs tho Proclaiming that tho dummy lino
would Im used, and that It Is but a movement
acton toot by tbo company,and worked by ibom
Tlio company ts now engaged in Mio Probate
Court In nu appropriation salt, lu (lx tho value
of tbo portion or land used by tbom from the
dummy truck to tho eliy limits, which bus not
.vet been purchased by thorn,
NAsnvii.t.n, Tonn., Sept. ll.—At a mooting of
tbo stockholder* of tbo Nashville. Chattanooga
ii Ht. Louis Itullroad Company today u noml*
uitntml dividend of II por cent was dotdarod,
payable Oct. 1, tbo lrHQßfor«bo<ik9 closing Bopt.
tIO. Tlio meeting was 11 conaummiUloQ of tbo
agreement inudo In New Vurk between,
tbo majority and minority ortho stockholdtjri*,
resulting tn Uio election of tbo three gentle*
m6n representing tbo minority of stockholder*,
the now Directors being Henry Knrly, of Putnam
Si Baric, New Yorks Cot. A. S. Coiynr nud MoJ.
Thomas O'Connor, of Nashville. The mill* bore*
tuforu tn existence, brought ny tbo minority
stockholders, were tunlcalily adjusted and dis
missed. Tbo nblo report or the President. (lov.
James D. Porter, fully Justified tbo payment of
n ll per cent dividend, tbo earnings
showing a surplus of aver ft per i.vnC
on tbo capital stock. Tbo President's report
shows a largo Increase in business, and that,
with tbo completion nr enterprise* now under
contract along tbo llr.c, the inalntmiuneo ol
present relations with connections, and die eon*
tinned prosperity of tbo country, the stoek will
pay Ju ibo future regular » per cent dlvl*
uonds. Tho Tennessee Coal, Iron & Hall*
mail Company, In wbiob a number
of Now York oiplUtllHtß are Interested, agreed
today to build tnreu blast furnace* nlnmr the
Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Lout* llnilwny.
This, wtth tbo furnaces at Cowan, Bmuh Pitts
burg, Chattanooga, and Itlalng Fiiiin, will do
inuoh to bring capital and population to this
seotlon. Thu liberal pulley of tbo Nashville,
Chattanooga & St, Louis Itallnmd in indorsing
tbo bonds of those furnaces will largely benollt
tbo railroad cuinpimv. Tbo Increased revenue
from tboso furnace* will pay mi annual dividend
of titf per emu.
Nrtr Yohk, Sept. H.—The annual report of
tho Northern I’aclllo Uullroud Compuny, to bo
submitted to tho stockholders tomorrow, says tho
curnlDus fur tho portion of the your ending Juno
1,1881, were from 7ftl miles against miles In
1880, and show an Inercnso ofsTol,)tt7 over tho
siimotlmo Thocxpomlliurcs were JjMXIV
HW, leaving übalnueo in tho treasury of S»OV
13b. The work of luyitw stool rails Jn the differ
ent divisions or tho mid has steadily
advanced. Tho not canting of tho express
business was f.’iI.STP. Tho report shows that
thlrly-throo locomotives, tvrenty-ihroo passen
ger-ears, and l,tTiU frolght-cars bavo (men added
to tho equipment during tho year. Tho capital
stack or tho company was reduced the pun year
by $1,100,0.71. Tho total capital stock Is <Ul,yiV
f>BB. Thero remain to be constructed to com
plete tho lino between Luke Superior
and tho Puelllo Coast 810 miles, bOH miles
being lu opcmtloa. It Is understood tho
following names have been agreed upon by tho
majority Interest for tho Directors ami executive
oilleers to be voted for at tho utmunl election to
morrow: Directors, Frederick Hillings. Aahbcl
C. Harney, John W, Fills, UoswullO. Halston,
ilohort llorrin, Thomas F. Oakes. Arteimis >l.
Holmes. Henry Vlllurd ot Now York, .!. L.
Kindtpole, Hl.Jah Smith, Ilonjainln P. Cheney of
Hostmi, John C. IJullUt of Pallnaclphlii, Henry
17, Johnston of Baltimore. Mxceuilvo olllcers—
President, Unary Vlllurd; Vice-President,
Thomas I”. Oakes.
Mr. J.E. Tucker has been appointed Foreign
Freight Agent of tbo New York, Lake Erie &
Western Hallwipr* with headquarters at Chicago.
It is expected to have tho Toledo, Clnobmatl &
81. Louis HaUroad completed and lu operation
from Toledo to Charleston In about thirty days.
Mr, A. D. Alllbouo has boon appointed Cashier
and Paymaster of tho Milwaukee. Luke Shore Si
Western Hallway In place of Allyu Cox, re
Tbo Chicago fc Eastern Illinois HaUroad Com
pany bus nearly completed tho new shops and
round-house at Danville, HI., which nro said to
bo superior structures in every respect.
Mr. 0. it. Blanchard, Vlca-Prusldcut of tbo
New York, Luke Erie & Western, arrived in tho
city yesterday morning am) look tho p. m.
traiu over tho Burlington for Kansas City.
Mr. Warner, (bo contractor for constructing
tho Kemtiuky Central Kuilrond from Purls to
Hlchmond, says tbo work U progressing rapidly
nit the Hue from Winchester tulttebiiumd uud be
will have a largo additional furcu ut wurk in a
few (lays.
A. war Is In imxrrvu nmontr tbo Texas mil*
roads as tkreo ah Umt amony tbo Kastem trunk
lines, and fruiybt mica In Texas have reached
bottom llyumn Tbo mumiyors of tbo Texas
roan* have mmlo several efforts to royala to tbo
trouble*, but so fur have been mmblu to agree
ujkjii u basis at settlement.
Mr. Charles O. Hddy,General Iroluht Ayont
of the Northwestern lumd. has Imnicuit circular
mmonnalay that tbo Toledo & Northwestern
liruncU or his road baa boon extended to Al*
yona, la., ami that tbo rate for omlyraiittum*
nidus from Clueayo, Uuclne. Milwaukee, and
Kenosha to all polntsou tbo now extension will
bo ftftpercnrdoad.
Mr. Oeorao 11. Thtnlols. tJcneralTlckot-Ayonl
of tbo Wabash, Kt Louis A Paellle, has Issued a
circular /mnminemy that, owlny to tbo Taut that
tbo llutlur Hoad has lulled to make connoutlum
with the other lines m Detroit to and from tbo
Pastas wasexpected,bo is compelled to request
tbui tickets readlay via tho new Detroit lino be
withdrawn from aiilu for tbo present.
Tbo Chicago i Hvmiaton Uallroad project still
altraots attention. It 1h believed tuntmmioor
tbo many roads that uro euyiueorlmr to yet into
Cbloayoaro tbo real parties In tbo matter. A
party of surveyors bus been at work (a tbo Town
of Lako View during tbo past vrook, and loyal
proeoodbjfrs bavo been cimummeed to eundmun
tho property fur tbo rlybt of way.
Tbo ll'al) Sired jVVuw claims that Vanderbilt
bus sold 10,Wd slmre* of liurllmnou & Quluey
stock, which be bus bold for Investment tor
soitie time past. Tbo stock, says tbo t \ciiu,
which bad Previously boon supposed to have
been mild aliurt by nears, was delivered In bis
name last Mediiosday. • Tatton la uunueutlon
with bis recent unloading of Hulun Pauiiio.lt
looks as if be tblnks Iboro isyuluy in bo a big
lluhl west of Chicago, and bo duos not propose U»
bo tbo lust In selling, ' A
Although tho last number of tbo .-tmtrfran Nr
rl/tirtc/tf given a glowing account id tbo progress
made lu dig Coattuuatal llmlroad scheme ami
ululma (hat the projectors control a capital or
f luo.iKW.OiW, yot U in ilio general opinion la rail*
road circles hero ibat tho whole sohoimi is a
fraud, ami that tuo lino will never bebulli *'i in
oven predicted that Did bottom will fall oio of lie
conoeralnlcsslbauamunib. A surveying ~..riy
which arrival! at Akron tho other day, report*
that they have boon practically without pay,
even for current expense*, Mince (ho death of
tho Chief Kaaiaeor luul projector of the Hue,
Mr. James K. Abbott, July sl. Tho company
owes thorn and they had to giyo up their
valuables tu satisfy buavdlug-huuso keepers.
Tho JndlnnapbUs Joannd says: Tho heavy
fnlllngmlf In wust as well us vast bounu
shipments by cauid Is said lu be moiling
considerable coimaotlon among friends of this
slow mode of.muvmg frolgbls.tmd they are quite
alarmed at the shrinkage of their receipts
wliloli result* from the low rales at wbleh freight
Is now carried by rail. That tho (ailing off lu
westbound alilpintmta I* duo to low railroad
rules Iscrmtlrmud by Commissioner Fink, wbo
is In a position to know, 3lr. Fink states (bat
tho westbound business from Xow Vurk on the
railroads has been very large slneotlio reduction
of rates, mid that tboru was an luercaso la lami*
noss before ibo reduction, revealing a boaJlby
state of trade. Tboru was, It Is true, a slight
decrease in July lu comparison with lust year,
but In June tbo Increase was II per cent, In
May It wus nUo largo. Tho following are tbo
oiUciul figures showing tbo total amount of
freight harried west bound from Now Fork by
tho lour trunk line* during the month of Au*
Now York Control 41.1*61
Pennsylvania UMffl
Halilwore&Ohio (MiAJ
August, mo.
Increase,, sr,m
flie Loudon Polytechnic.
After forty-tbreu years of existence, during
wlilctt It saw many vicissitudes u( fortune, tbo
well-known I’olyteebnlo Institution, iu Hcgonl
si rout. Loudon, has closed Us doors. It was
established ml a lime when Lord brougham,
Dr. Ulrkbsck, Howland Hill, and Cburlei Knight
wero raising tbelrvulcus iu favor of tbe dlau*
Persons visiting Chicago should not fail to subscribe for
It is absolutely the best Political, Commercial, and
News Paper in the Union.
An ably edited Live Stock column has recently been
added to the many attractive features of THE WEEKLY
TRIBUNE. It will be mailed, postage paid, to any ad
dress in the United States, on trial,
for 25 cents.
Branch Offices at the Chicago Fair and the Chicago
Exposition. 'X'lftTlBIJrV.'K CO..
Cor. Madison and Dearborn-sts., Chicago, 111.
slon of useful knowledge. There. In lit earlier
days, the searcher after knowledge might, iu
the con of u quarter of a dollar, examine and
bavo explained in him ttio mrstcries of steam,
galvanism, tbo hvdro-oxygon lump, tho diving*
bell. tuul Innnnicraldu other Interesting objects.
Thuusstidsof b(»ys and girls, mon and woman,
have obtained iu tho I'ofvlecbnfo tholr first in
sight Into iho marvels of mechanical Ingenuity
which were arranged In tho vnriotH rooms of
(ho Institution. Hut, ns Is often tho case, the
literary mid scientific people who managed tbo
Polytechnic worn not practical buslness-mcii.
and wbnn tho elements of Hclentltlo education
censed to he « novelty, causing a falling o H in
tho popularity of the place, they sought to re
plenish Its empty euiTors by Introducing tntidenl
mul other light entertainments. The ennso
<|Uomre was that neither too lover of science
imp of iniiwlo rcspotnlcd to tho efforts of tho
direction, which than fell (melt upon such (plus*
tlonablc luomm of attracting mi andlonco ns
I’epper'aClhost and other clnn-tmp shows. He
tween two stools, therefore, tho polytechnic hint
gone down. It expires in obscurity and pecun
iary embarrassment.
Unknown Heretofore, it Will Not It*-
turn for Tlioiisumls of Vouru, If liver
—Wlial Wiih Learned of It.
/VdladWi'liiii Lfitgrr,
llwimifoiu) Coi.i.kok Omr.uvATOiiy,
Ninth Month, Jill, 1881.—Tho great comet
(Comet D, 1881) being now,.except In tele*
scopes, a thing of the past, It may be well
to gather together tho results obtained by
different scleulllio men from their studies of
it. The comet was seen by the naked eye in
South America ami Australia at least a :
mouth before It was observed here. It was
then a much fainter object than when
it had arrived at Us perihelion, which
wits about coincident with the date
of Us northern discovery. Good observa
tories exist at lllu Janeiro, Cordoba, in
South America, and at Melbourne and .Sid
ney, In Australia. The observations of It
taken In these places. In its Incipient stage,
while nut revealing anything new im regards
Its constitution or structure, have been vnlu
*ublc In deducing the form of Us orbit and Us
identity with prcvluusemncts. The northern
observations have been more varied and
productive. They may bo divided Into
(l) measurements of position by micrometer
and transit Instrument;' (3) drawings show
ing its physical uppearnmio and changes,
made by the aid of telescopes of good detin-.
Ing power; (8) upeeiruseonlc observations
for tho purpose of «seermining Us structure
and chemical composition: (-1) photographs.
Thcllrslof these was tor tho purpose of
gaining data fur a computation of Its orbtu
The results, so far as at present deduced,
show that tho comet moves In a parabola, or
In a very much llatleneu eclipse, and that If
Uever returns it will only be after the lapse
of thousands of years. They also show that
If It has ever been hero before there Is no
record of it ho well authenticated os to iden
tify tho two objects. The bright comet of
1807 lots elements which very much resem
ble those of our recent visitor. JJnl Bessel,
one of tho most reliable and careful of com
puters, gave it an orbit which would not bring
ft around again till alter tho lapse of about
I,.VX) years, and tho points of disslmilarilyarc
too great to be reconciled; so Unit tho
identity of tho two is certainly nut estab
lished. It Ims been suggested with great
plausibility that they were originally con
nected, and that, ns in tho easo of Blula's
comet, in I£P>, they have parted company,
and got so tar separated that one premies
tho oilier by a period of seventy-four years.
The inthmuu connection between meteors
and comets makes alt kinds ofiuforcucos
from unu to tho other Justifiable, and it is
certain that meteoric homes chase each other
round and round in similar orbits, ami that
they arc, probably, formed by the disruption
of great comets. Our comet may, then, lieu
fractional part of a still greater comet which
long ago was forced by some Internal con
vulsion to shift fur Itself, and which has
since followed the wake of Its patent through
Thu second class of observations were thosu
coins Into tho details of Us physical appear
mice. They lutvn shown that violent forces
have been ctmllmmlly noting within, and
render tho disruption theory probable. Thu
Cincinnati observers nt one timu uimmincud
Its split, lint by the Ulna other observers
luul the opportunity to exiiiulno tho dllfuronco
wits healed, oiTho amallcr plumber had faded
iiwav, so us hot tu reach the dignity of a
separate comet. Ureal (dreams of luminous
ga* would Issue from the nucleus. K«-
velonoH would form thomsolvcs nnmndlt and
bu dissipated. Thu masses of haze surround
ing It would shuw ever-changing shape*, and
all appearances would Indicate strong forces
operating within its muss, which forces were
stirred Into Htu by approach to thustm and
diminished by recession. There barn
been made—sumo of them published and
some filed away In observatory records—a
number of drawings of Its dllTcrout ap
pearances, which somo day will ho valuable
foundations for theories concerning Us
nature mid structure.
The spectroscopic observations have given.
In the words of william Huggins, Uto great
Kntrlish authority tn thlsthmof work, (ho
following results: “l»art of Urn light from
comets is reflected solar light, and another
part Is light of their own. Thu spectrum of
this light shows the presoued In the comet of
carbon, possibly In combination with hydro
gen.” Thu mtuletiH Is probably solid,
mid reflects solar light, just as tho moon
does, while the streamers, tho envelopes, and
the tail uru masses of carbon or hydro-car
bon gases, enduing light of their own,
besides .the proof ortho fact that comets
can he photographed, tho results obtained bv
tho camera in photographing mo emmt Itself
are not very valuable. U would at lirst ap
pear that the Impression would bu umro ac
curate iu Us details than any drawings could
po&dbly be. Amt so it would If the exposure
could be only momflMtary. but in the half
hour or Urn hour of necessary exposure the
details of (ho head omy have greatly changed.
The result is that no very detuill photographs
of tho outlines of tho bond have been ob
tained, and that tho drawings will contlmiu
to bo the reliable means of knowing its am
pearaiico at any moment, lint the photo
graphs of tho spectrum uro of the highest
utility, affording Urn means of leisurely and
certainly determining the position of tho
blight lines and tho character of tho *iile
stanees which produce them, and enabling
arn’ctroscopists to compare with ono another
llmir churls.
Sucli Is a brief summary of results ob
tained from this productive comet. Never
was one mure carefully observed or by butter
observers or instruments. Nothing new us
to comets in general has been obtained, but
old theories hum been established and amass
of observations (alum which Homo day will
much assist In settling tho still enigmatical
question as to wlmt tho origin, nature, and
purpose of comets arc. J. 8.
Hullo and the Kitten**
A year anti nlmlf atrua irloudkuvo me a little
PH|*l>>’. round hr u bull,blank as nltfbt, and with
abend ami tula txaeily ilka tbosu of a fox,
cjoopt Uuu tbo tall curled up nud swopi round
femlicrwUu. Indeed. a doa-breedcr told mu it
was uthurouirbbredtiluux fox. If uu lnordlimto
lunuy lor poultry, ultvu or dead, raw or oookcd,
Uu «lau nf u ttloux fox. I bon uertulnly our uni*
iuul was of tbo truest breed. Tbo Kerupos she
bus brought usituowitb our nuiirbbors touobmg
chickens ami Uuckllmw mo many. A lutrU.»
cueklo, a iiampudo of bulf u doien children. ami
wo uru mudu aware that ttieru is uuu mure miss*
loir Holt 'll aomubody's poultry-yard; and onoo
lumu throats of slaughter tiro breathed out
ugatastour put, mingled with u promise nf M u
Bimu" for ourselves. A few weeks ago
became inurustuld, aud her depredations
were on a uuletcr, If not smaller. Beale; for
beyond a disinclination for pluln food ami a stilt.
taUsUed ilvkmg of the Ups, urouud wbleU feutb-
. bU,UKi
era showed signs of her Intent meal, there wore
no visible symptoms of nml habits.
Oncinonnng wo heard onr rlnggle erring, and
when wo went to sou wimt ailed Imp wo round
her moaning over three deed puppies. Her
Piteous efforts to link thorn Into life, Iter distress
and sorrowful crleu, touched onr hearts; audit
took the bravest mmitiif an to remove them from
tbo poor aitnnor. and to bury thorn out of her
..h. ” ,,w c °hie» tno strange part of my stnrv.
ii u M eniyent which bclumn in im wns. In
itll the pride of tmilenilty. bringing up two
kittens. Wo sitpprwu that Iloilo was determined
to Imvo something to love and cure for, and that
she was resolved not to Ire outdone by a paltry
little gray eat. Anyhow. In tbo conrsoofiho
morning tiioro was n united ery of dismay from
tho children, ami Immediately night unit? girl*
and boys> ran In to tell me that “ Hot was killing
n kitten, I went to ibo dog's abode fa the tool
house, end found her, with all thotenderness of
the most loving of mothere, nursing the bnbv*
kitten, lint I am sorry to say that successnimfo
Iho little foMiur-ninthcr greedy, and that, watch*
Imr her opportunity, she marohed oir with hie
number two. leaving poor pussy hit Pylons. The
whole <if that day—and In fuel over since—the
nuioimf of exchange and barter carried on be
tween that cat nnddmr ha tiling tu bo astounded
nt. TUo way those kittens travel, carried from
place to place, nmv In tho mouth of n dog, now
in that of a cat. Is enough to muddle the brains
of any quadruped. Homolltnes you will sen tho
two kits hi pussy’s baskets, tmf far morn fre
aocnily two In Iloilo's. Tbo doggie has lately
adopted tbo plan of carrylngone kit—the favorite
or Hint adopted one—in her mouth, nomotlmos
head down, sometimes mil, when she talma a
walk. Then. If wo call “PussJ" ahu drops
number one. and scampers off to tho tool-house
to sec If number two Is all right. Oftcner than
not, pussy-most likely watching In nmbmb—
will sclr.o tho dropped kitten, aud heforo Iloilo's
return carry It off In triumph to her basket,
We await tho rost/ltt tbo head of tbo house not
feeling qntto happy, meanwhile, nt having
occasionally to get up, In what should bo tbo
silent watches or (ho night, to march to tho
relief of n walling kitten loft on the garden door
step. while Its mlopied mother rusher oif to In
dulge Ir. a free light with anything that comes
In her way which, to her mind, la calculated to
Injure her hub)*.
The children are never tired of watching tho
morsels of kittens, which, I am free to confess,
tfiivo tho biggest heads and tho stralght-up-m
tails I ever saw. Thov wait, with whut patience
children can, to see whether these kittens will,
when they grow up, purr or bark!
A Joint meeting of (bo LumJ-hcagnors was
bold last evening In Mechanics’ Halt, IK) West
Itaadolph street. Delegator woro present from
tho Mlcbucl Duvitt hand League Club, tbo Pat
rick Ford hand League, and tho Chicago Spread
the-LlgbtClub. John Uyim, of tbo latter club,
occupied tho chair. John Conway,of thoMlobnol
Duvitt Land-League, stated tho object
or tho meeting. do mode nn eloquent
appo.it for tho rights of free soil.
*■ Messrs. Thomas Uyon.JJ.S. Norris, and j. J.
Togo, committee, drafted tbo fallowing dis
patch, which tbo Leaguers cabled last night to
Dublin, Ireland: To tho Land-Luaguo Conven
tion: Tbo Chicago I,aad-Lcogucra In Joint
moetlug assembled earnestly ask you to declare
tbo Land bill» fraud; to reject nil measures
that call Cur lose than,. tbo equal right
of ail to tho means of life—tho
land. Advlao all to hold tho harvest nnrt pay no
rent: mnko no compromise with robbery. De
clare that private ownership In land must 1»J
abolished, that tho luud must ho iniUonalb.od us
tbo common property of Us whole people, a gil t
of Its Creator to all alike, froo from private
monopolies ami rout robbery,"
• A collection was taken up to defray tba
charge* on tbo cub.ogrum, £)l boluff tbo result
ITnmtlntod by tlio Quoou.
Miinchctler (lUij.) Ilsumiiicr.
A good story reaches im from DoJglum, (h*
truth of which is guaranteed. A banking-house
at Vurvlont recently received u letter from a
bank at lludu-l'ustb. Tbo recipient* knew
that it related to it matter of great Im
portances but. unfortunately, they could
not muster tbo contents of tba mis
sive, as it was written In tho Hungarian lan
guage, mu) tboro was nut a mad at Vervlctu
who undundood that louguo. Accordingly, ouo
of tho partner* took u Journey to lirussols, ex
pecting to llnd everything he wumml nt tho
Capital, but only to he disappointed—nobody
m tuc bunks could rumi Tlummrlnn. Tboro
was, however, still tho Ausiro-llungarlHQ
Embassy, whlthor the banker betook him
ueir, to luurn that (bore was an attachfi
who ajmko Hungarian. but be had (roue to
lllarrlu fursumo seu-lmtblug. Almost la de
spair, tbo hum of the story called upon tho
liurgomastor, with whom ho was acquainted,
and related bis troubles. After sumo thought
hln worship, striking his forehead, exclaimed:
‘■After all, sometimes our most foolish ideas
prove tho best.” With this cotgiuaileul obser
vation ho asked fur tbo letter. Tbo next day
bu returned tho uriiduul tn tbo gentleman from
Vorvlers. with u iranshaiou in French, In a
ueiil, fuuilulno baud. ••To wlmt Hungarian
fair)’do i owe this good fortune," naked tbo
dellithtod banker. "This U un affair Involving
some millions, uud 1 shall bu happy to pay a
hnmlsmuo douceur to ibn iranalutor who nits
enabled mo to Met tit tho meaning of tbo letter
In Unto to ounehiilo the utlalr." •• 1 take
yon at your word.” replied tbo llutMonm*-
ter. “Ulvqino UJ.UWC. foe tho poorer llrnsdcta,
for tbs translator is nmiu other than tbeQuoon.
Bho bus uxpurlonood lively satisfaction in em
ploying her knowledge ot tho Hungarian tan
guaga tu old lye ««o of her' subjects.“ Tho
oimm ul tbn Hulglana Is a daughter .of tbo
Arehduku Juso)>b, whoso buuuileent rule of
Hungary Is still rouiuatbered by tho pooolo,
and sbn was bom In tbo Capital City during bur
lather's palatine.
Setters Water*
(Ntcclcr Holtow.l
bottled underthe direct si/pervl
For biilo by ANTHONY OEUIIS, 51 Warron
streot v Now York,
Hole agent for tho United Stater.
A sure cure for Iltlml, Illecdlng, Itching, and
Ulcerated Piluit has been dPccivoceu by Hr. will
lams. A single box or bit. WII,LI AMS* INDIAN
I'JUJ OJNTSJENT bus enmd ibo worst obronlo
canes of iwonty-llvo yeanr standing. It ulves
rrllulTn ilvs niliiMU'Hultnr iisfut'. WH.L
--IAMB’ OINTMENT absorbs tho tumors, aootboi
piihi. allays tho tmunsn Itching, uspoolally after
gutting worm In bod, acting us a poultice. It h
prepared for Piles. Hulling ot tuo parts, unit
nuilimg ulii'. Bold bv druggists, or mailed
on rerolpt ot price—sl, by
Ilucte A ltuynor'a Klolli Powdor Is the
surest Insect-killer. It makes abort work u«
roaubUH, tleas, Ulus, am) biHlbngs. Atsoprusorvuf
valuable furs and wouluus from .the ravages of
nmihs. IluuU & Uuyner, makers of tbo •• stura“
r Murray & Lanman’s
Rust for TOILET. BATH.

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