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din Freights Yesterday Active at 3 1-2
' Cents on Corn and 4 Cents
on Wheat.
<l, Overloading of Vessels, Both
11 Steam and Sftll, a Common
i• , Practice,
Iftesiltrof aUiiUw! SU\(us Law to Pro
’ jfet tho Llvob of Passengers
ami Sailors.
i«Diid tho Lakes—Mlsoollauootis—Ar-
finals and Doparturos—Dock and
Otbor 1(0108,
ruin freights wore fairly acllvo yesterday nt
BiSnU on com ,ind 1 c0,,1s 0,1 wliunt 08 ttio
itut rates to Hulfalo. Kxcoptlonal charters
#Mg>ndo where U cent higher rates wore paid
InheMinoporl* Hut little ready room was
abd carriers had no Ullllculty In rank*
r/f!Jjf«gcmotits. The mlo to CollUigwood on
ra was lino 1,1 "W vents, with quite n tirlsk do
eud for vessels for tbßt l >ort * Boveral of tho
waredßrftl»*c«rrlora lhatenter this port—noth
urithe' propellers John 11. Lyou add City of
arrived durlug tbo past two days,
m they will not bo unloaded before tho bit
or part of the week, they will not bo available
Lforo Saturday or Monday next. It Is quite
that Iboro will lid a scarcity of carriers
wr/nls tbo close of the week. Tho engage
jjcnw mitdo yesterday embrace tho following
ifiiSCl** , ,
Hir fitiJT-iln- Busbefa.
pmooller New York, corn JS».«W
SSer George, wheat fiMiO*)
gdioeniT Marengo, com 4.1,0dd
flttko Krlo, corn 17.000
Miio ier Barbarian, corn lU,IU)
frtlwner A. J. Uowoy, corrj 10.000
prepeber' Cun nemnttgli, cohii 00.000
Total capacity 2Ui,WU
lumber freights continue Ann out! vowels
luri-c and i» good demand. Few charters wore
aide yeaicriltiy* No changes In rates m'O ro
nrtod. widqtiotatlonstiro nominally us foilowa:
Bust Saginaw to Lultu Erie
•••• i.ns3i!iii32iW
Ftoia Cast Kuglnaw to Chicago J1.2.V/&-I.W
From liny City to Lake Erie ports... H.2.VU*-'J.stl
ftpm bay City to Chicago U-tWifiJ/ja
Firm Manistee to Chicago -MM
Fiom I.mlmtium to Chicago..., I.HP.i
Fflirn While Luke to Chicago I,7ft
From (Jnmd llnvun to Chicago
)iwn MtiHki*Koti to Chicago l.OiVi
jtefltn-hnrgos carry cargoes from Muskegon
tntbls port, Irmit dock to dock, (it 1-Vi cents less
turn sailing vessels.
There was no change yesterday In Iron-oro
(retiring, the rates remaining firm hi the follow
legligurcfi from tbo points named:
From Escuimha to Chicago $ LUO
Fruia Rmumha to Lake Krlo ports 1.4001.5 U
From Marquette to l.akn Kno ports.., 2.00®2.25
D.’dpntchcs rccolvod from Ilitfralo report vea
itfls very scarce and ruling freight rales ex
tremely Una, with thu tmltuathms fayorlng un
Klvancc. Coni freights from Oswego and I.uko
Eno ports remain linn and uutlvuul tho prevail*
In? rates, and the demand at Oswego for car
tiers increasing. Tho lullowimr aro tho prevail*
From llufTnlo to Chicago $ MO
I'rvmnmiulotoMlhvaukeo MU
From l.uku Frio ports to Chicago I.lKkfcl.HTi
From ImkoKrlo ports to Milwunkco... l.tkkUil.:L>
From I.uko Krlo ports to Kscanalnt.... 1.10
From Uiko Krlo ports tu Duluth 1.2 A
From l.uku Krlo ports to Detroit 4MJ 50
From Cleveland to Ituirato 7*i
From Oiwogo to Chicago.... 2.T»
From Oswego to Milwunkoo 2.jfi
2>F Lake Krlo porta la meant any port on I.uko
Brio west or and including Kno to which Inm
ore la consigned, and from which coul is shipped.
' ‘ftoiiVi O'A’iiiEftii.'CiS." ’ ""
Tho frightful Into that befell tbo propeller Co
lumbia last Saturday night will surely have u
touatcrpnrt (or several, perhaps) this full if tho
practice ot loading vessels, especially steamnrs,
continues In tbo same reckless manner as bus
been done since tbo Queuing of navigation,
bonis have left tula port for tbo lower lakes , bo
deeply laden that It is n wonder that they bnvu
.cot foundered In tbo first still breeze they en
countered. Tboy bnvo boon loaded with mi ut
ter disregard (or tho safety of tbuso on hoard,
tbo only object, seemingly,' of tbuir owners be
ing to got a few dollars mare freight. Tho insur
ance companies, too, seemed to pay no regard
to tbo safe loading of tbo vessels
they insured, preferring to •* take tbo
chances" of tbo vessels buying fair wcatMr and
teaching their destination in safety. What la
mated in this country, In Congress, fa an Amer
ican I’liniaoll, who will aco that a law la passed
to prevent tbo loading of vessels on (bo inkoa
beyond tholr snfo carrying capacity. Tboro
(bould bo a law that wbou tbo owner or agent of
avcsscl'pcrmlta her to bo laden beyond a sufd
point, and tbo vessel meets with any disaster
from being ao overladen, and human lives uro
lost, such owner or agent should be hold respon
sible, and liable to indlutment and Imprison
fflent, on conviction, for tho lives ot ull lost on
board tholr vessels. Woro such a lair in force,
and proper ollleora to eoo it carried out,accounts
ot the foundering of vessels mid tbo loss
of those on board would bo few
tod fur between. As it ■ Is, in n
few days tbo Joss of tbo Columbia will bo for*
Bnttcn by all except tbo families ot her un
fortunate vlatlmn, and vessels will oontliitio to
he overloaded until another frightful disaster
££Uf». and thou there will again bo a fow days'*
tbo hori-or will fudo Irom tbo mind of tbo
public, and now death-traps loaded. Is it not
suoat time that tbo vossel-euptulns and Bailors
«auo sonio move to provoat this regular on
aangcriug of tholr lives’/ Is it not time tor
mein to say i 0 those owners who practice Ibis
P' c ’ tf ] ft dlng of tholr crafts|"That vessel Is ovor
dangerously so, and wo will not go out
“Lher ? if this wore done a fow times tbo
would 00 ° f aonJlnff cotHns out of port
> ?i 9 !. mull soboonor Iris loft on tbo Ulst nit. for
Vo .ndes south of Cedar I'lirkn, to load
*«>dfor Milwaukee, but has not putin »n up
pwronco as yet, which fact loads td tho belluf
m raarinp circles that some 111 bus befallen her.
* 1 hrt d considerable murcbaaiidlsa on
w>ani for tho parties who owned tbo piers sho
iMiund for, and it is feared she was untight
n«h« u *2* thti fhcont gales and either driven
«rih rw ,i ot B V l,l ° Isoliuod point or cjso fmimlorud
onboard. Tbo Iris was eommuuded by
on!?* 1 !' f ,ow . °f Wanlluwuo, and carried n
"Soiiowoc, where tbo Iris is owned.
usrircD Statm Hnoincku Omms, Oswkoo,
MMl*— I tho construction or im east
1 1,00,1 fiouruti ill tho harbor of
V., nil opening of three hundred and
ter ivr.K iS? tomung tho entrance to the hur
*ai«« *tV r M >o,Wotm lhft cast and west break
rniiin i« .M 11 ! 1 pwmiuioui limmjfomoms nro
it i.i Ji?. r pK bl, nff this entrance, it will ho marked
o}u,,fnJ **r« white ono on each side
ii«iM»S ut . r * n . Co ‘ fb °wn from steamboat lanterns
wau? 1 ? 0 ”. tt , bout twenty iiM.feot above the
end,^*VJ <1 about (W)J foot buck frmntbo
w;. <ho breakwater.
waltbu McFaulanp, Major of Unglneors.
“mr.MONB IN IT."
fWr. 7 ® JWllur o/ Thi Chicapo THbuni,
nmmnW'l beautiful and half
fuuiw r u L i?, V J Michigan, olf Hyde Park
re«i W J?,,, wld 11 "dies (on the olrnrlj, «ro two
»li{» , ini >re,cnl,,,,f Hwotber In form a crescent,
BohDr.^ tJO " w *\ u "Wo toward the land. To
nesrißr *.? y ur . u , l | boi n ! l ,ull ° and perhaps a
nslr hi.i u /. , .‘, wi ‘lo. For a full tulle and a
ofwK these roofs the chart gives the depth
tU*V£fl loUrU> ,vo As (hoy are.
TM?w tt r?° u «W. l » '* ll i llfOP to our lake mariners,
two vi.^p. tin " u 'V OOI ‘Oimilerod on them nearly
Ko nou^^t ,^. tt, * 0, “i 1 ' 1 two ° r her sailors were lost,
«ano Ur i».tt? *a» fuee of bio water do these reels
.*. bo . steamers Favorite and
ft** drawing, I behove, less than six
tocka E“ ,er ' have scraped their keels on tho
»0,/a i.., 01 . 11 “ hidden -danger these reefs might
hettUh.u?i-, 1 . trttn ‘ r,,nnoJ > nto beautiful and
»tr« «**»«*• if a tew cribs
Wcklv .mil °/J them, the waves would
erlbs lbo . »and In uround the
woimiK.um.l, 11 .“tile eurlh and uraw-seed
l*Uud« 2„ a i , .£ ,Mßform ihom l(>lubueuuful green
•hmcu l m^. t M oy .^ t i uUIB0 ‘ m 1,0 u » onieU of an
to the vi.V‘{. Ul0 Uhle»g«iajj»us j* Dojjoy Island
fc nitri.ttl; 4 Y r »'-* rlcirr * **-?here is millions” la ibis
i “ u, ««body. That It is purfeelly
liable* oil/, b OO1 * assured many times by re
ftturellu.d f, n “. or * and pilots, and munyuf them
iioim tt,o,rßUf PHse that It had not Jon^ago
Thn wm:k orneit S0T&1.
1:; b o’ciS? ft JttUl tt * ( ' l .‘ w ' lc 6lreul ltt4t °vonlag at
MouJnv l V tt, {V tmrßo William Undoiub was sold
uai lo Pfeutlee ii Yau Aucklu, of Buglouw
(Hty, byMt.Clotnens pnrtios, tho conshloroUon
being *17,000.
Tho old brlir Commerce has boon transformed
into it foro*«nd*«ftcT.
TJio Imrtto York rttato enmo out of Miller
nriMlmrs' docks last nvonlnir.
The lutt Frank Uranu went Into Miller Ilrolh*
ors docks yestordny to bo calked.
The tiitts hud very littlo to do yesterday,
everything being very ijulot In tho river.
The water In bake HI. Peter ship channel is
lower by some Inches than it was last year.
Tho Hchoonor Nevada, which was stranded on
lllnkloy’s h lata, has been released without dam*
Tho lino pmpollor Lycoming, Cant. Leonard,
of tho Anchor Lino, loft last uvonhur for Half'
. J* B. eilnns has sold uono-hnlf Interest In tho
barge Guidon UUlo to John Koldorhouio for
A snrlous break occurred in tho Krlo Canal at
West Troy on Saturday. It will take three or
four days to repair It.
Capt. J.O. Hporluml has boon assigned to tno
command of the schooner ,1. Se A. Btrouach, vice
John Anderson, retired.
John Anderson has sold tho schooner J. & A.
BtronaeU to Lucas K. Merrill, of this city. Tho
consideration has not been made public.
Tho barge Argosy, which was sunk at Oswego
a few days ago. has been raised. Sim will re
quire two new frames on tbo starboard bow.
Capt. F. 8. Miller has been relieved of the com
mand of tbo propeller Arctic on account of ill
ness, and Capt. Pratt, formerly of tho Avon, bus
taken tils place.
ThoecowO. M. Keyes was (‘might In tho gala
off iilaolc River Saturday night and was nearly
wrecked. As it was she lost her canvas, and
with much (iillkndty reached Cleveland.
Tho Merchants* I,lnc of proponent, established
this spring to run between Montreal, Cleveland,
and Chicago, has been such a success that sev
eral now vessels aro to bo added to It In tho
A dccrco of sale In tbo enso of Kirtland, Wood
St Davidson vs. tho schonnor Nabob was entered
In tho United States Court at-Milwaukee Mon
day, mid m> order setting tho time of sale for
Dot. 10 was granted.
Tho steaio-bargo William Edwards and con
sorts. Marlon Fugn and Foster, arrived at this
port early yesterday morning. Capt. Pugin, tho
commander of tbo Edwards, is looking extreme
ly well, and says it will require more than tho
l.iuie-Kilns or big blows to make his lino boat
give up tho ghust.
One of tho survivors of tho lU-fatcd propeller
Colombia said tea reporter wlioo he was sa/ely
landed that the Dual’s crow hud a hard ttioo
reaching shore, but when their utinnecs looked
most dubious one of their number mimed to
sing that popular Bumlay-suhool hymn. "Full
for the tinoro,'’ which ho revived the spirits of
tbo weary oursmeo, that (buy redoubled their
already powerful eiforts aad reached land safely.
mtmmen in*.
Special Diipateh to Tht VMeaao Tribune.
Wa»hin(«ton, T). C., Sept, 14—5:JW p. tn.—Tho
stonn-conlro Is south of Duluth umi moving
eastward. Signals are ordered up at Marquette,
Duluth, Hscaimtia, Milwaukee, Section I, See*
tlon i, Chlcmro, Grand Haven, Section U, Maekl*
uuw, and Alpoua. <
flwrtat DU patch to Tht VMeaao Tribune.
Duffai.o, N. Y„ Hcpl. 14.—Charters—Coal
freights wore linn today and but fow charters
were made. The latest engagements reported
wore: Steamship Queen of the West, coal to
Chicago. $1.10; schooner D. 8. Austin, eoa! to
UHelne,tMK); schooners Miami Hollo and Augus
tus Ford, coal tn Detroit, 50 cunts; propeller
Starling, coal to Sarnia, iki cents; steamship It.
F. Darker, hulk salt to Chicago. $1.81).
bprctoi ODgideii to The Otkuvo Ttibunr.
Ci.kvki.anh, 0., Hcpt. 14.—Clmvtors—Seiioonor
Thomas Uuwn, cosil, l.umin to Milwaulteu. prl
vnie terms: Hehmmor A. D. Moroy, coni to Mil
waukee. - $1.2.1 tree; schooner Portor und pro*
puller luuuioy, coal to CUlcago, sl.2T> (reu.
AViinciu.vo nr Tm: KcnooNmt jiguina.
.Sptciai UUvattn to Tar t.7i(ea«o TVtounr.
Owbn Bound, On!., Sept. 14.—Tho propeller
Jnno Miller, which arrived here at noon today
from Club Island, Imd on hoard four of the crew
of the lust schooner llcgitm who survived tho
wreck.' She picked them Up at Lion's Hoad,
whore they had been located for several days.
Tho mute, John Young, gives tbo following par
ticulars of tho schooner's loss: Sunday last, tbo
wind south ami light. It freshened somewhat
at u p. m„ with frequent squalls from
tbo southwest. At 8 p. m. wo sighted Covo
Island light, hearing north by cast, the wind
shifting to westward and blowing n gale. At It)
p. m. tho davits were curded away by tho boat
undewung tothopalnteruatcrn. AtDUO we made
the reef of the mainsail to. clour tho light.
Finding tuo vessel laboring heavily and making
water fust we boro up and run fur Cove Island
beach. As she made water so fast she got be
yond control and was sinking, tho Captain gave
orders tor tho men to lake to the
bout to save their lives. All hands
succeeded in reaching the :huut except tho Cup*
tain, who was at the wheel. As ho caught the
main boom bo hung to it, but tho ilfu*buat being
half full of water, and having only one oar, we
were unulilo tu render him any assistance or
reach him. Wo chon ran tho yawl for Capo Hurd
Passage. Thu Captain when last seen was cling
ing to tho wreuk and culling for assistance, wo
made Flower-Pot Island at DlkJ Sunday morning,
und lay down In tbo bush to rust tilt daylight.
About 8 a. in, n vessel passed, but was
tuo fur itwuy lo bo signaled.. At oa. tu. wo
started to meet another boat with tho yawl, but
tho signal was not answered. Wo then made for
tho mainland, which was reached about H a. m.
Sunday, Finding no Inhabitants, wu made for
Cabot's Head, wuore wo arrived at 0 p. in., hav
ing then to travel to I,bin's Head, where wo took
the propeller Juno Miller, Tho names of tho
saved men aro Lawrence, tho cook; John
Young, tho am to: lly Haight and William Ver
non, seamen. Thu vessel now lies about four
miles otf Covo Island, with her topmast above
water. Mr. Foster loft again this afternoon for
tho scene of tho wreck and entertains slight bones
that ho may be able to raise tho vessel. Tho
Captu.ii, Amos Tripp, Is now the only missing
omi, and sotnu Ilshenmm who arrived hero today
(rum the wreck think that tho Captain may
have got on sumo ol tbo Islands.
2Jp«e(at,f>liputcA to The VMeaoo IVUmni,
Wa«KK<foN, Mich., Scpc. H.—Work hits com
menced on tho improvement of this harbor. A
Government steam-dredgo arrived today uud
commenced operations, it is tho Intention to
widen and deepen the channel at the mouth of
tho harbor. Tbo stvum-hargo Milwaukee has
urrlvou with stone to ballast Uio new pier on
tbo north side.
inamtANOß iutub at Mir.wAL’itr.ie.
ffprcr/il fP.'wtclt to TU CVncuou TrD ms.
MitAVAUKHk, tMu., Sept. U.—‘Tho local cargo
insurance pool have adopted tho following rules
tutuku otfeeton tho Kith Inst.i Milwaukee to
I.uko Michigan ports, US cents per |10d; Luke
Huron. IW cents; Lake Superior. 80 cents; Luke
Krlo, tu dents; l.akn Ontario, (Lius Ugaensburg,
*1.25? Montreal, *US.
nurouTtiu in had hiiapu.
spirlal Dispatch to TM CMtaoo Tribune
Miiavaukjiu, Win.; Sepr.l4.—Tho tug Welcome
lett here tunluhl for bister Day tu release tho
schooner Chris Drover, tho lugs that have been
working at her having tailed to get herotf. The
vessel is reported to bu in bud shape.
HTiiiKiNu rim Moiin waubv
gpectal Dispatch tu TM C'Miapu Tribune,
Muhkkoon, Mich., Sept, 14,—A largo gang of
men employed by the Ileum lug Company havo
announced u strike fur |2 pur day. They got
$1.15 ut present.
muskboon lumueu bhipmunts.
4tniM WUMitch to 7hf VMtooo Tribun*,
MuauKuoN, Mloh., Horn. It—Clearances today,
eighteen, Dumber shipments, U,WS,IWU lout.
Aslilsnd Vrefa "MuJ. llonry M, Uobort, of tho
United dtutee Kuglnoer Corps. In charge of Uov
eminent Harbors on bakes Superior and Michi
gan, arrived on the Manistee Wednesday even
ing from Ontmmgon. MaJ. Uobort spent Th urs
day examining tho docks and harbor, gaining by
personal observation such Information us he
requires to settle tho 'ideation of dredging bosldo
solid and pile docks. Ho was greatly pleased
with what bo saw, and gives It us his opinion
that all the water necessary for any purpose
can be bad any wboro In tho harbor by building
proper docks mid by dredgmg a übiumul
to the shore. Theta uro many harbors on
Duke Michigan where tno drift la greater
than in Ashland Harbor whore the
experiment of dredging channels has been suc
cessfully tried fur years and nmeliually demon
strated. The ere docks at Gsuauuba all curry
urtiliulnl channels, made by dredging. This Is
also true at Cheboygan, Manitowoc, Ahnupeo,
us well us many uf tho ports on the oust shorn
of bake Michigan. Maj. Hubert bus uo hesi
tancy In saying that Ashland has unu uf tho
Hue*t harbors on (he chum of lakes, and unu
that will nuud but lltllu improvement to make
It perfuel. Hu does not think there need be any
fears but wbut the channel system by dredging
will prove successful, and that ducks can bo
built cheaper man on almost any otbor harbor
on the lake. MaJ. Hubert was at (he opening of
the new look at tho Bault Hie. Marie Cauul,
watch ho speaks uf very highly."
Milwaukee lUuuiiUtan: “Bbortly after U
o’ußiek Inst night resldunts in the vicinity of
Prieahd Milwaukee streets were aroused with
the cry, " 0 my Uodi llluouy murdort" coming
frouisomu ouo evldonily smuggling. Theory
was ropiuted a number ot limes, and soon
brought Dinners Hicks nod Hums, besides n
number nr persons who chanced to ho in Hio
vicinity of ilio |*ohit from which tho cries ciirnr,
to tbo corner named, A senmnu immcil John
McConnell was (outul to have been cut up con*
Hdcrably about the head. McConnell and an*
oilier sailor mimed Comley worn tiikon to tho
Mtiulnn l»y tho oilleers, hut ilio nthor* escaped.
It was nttcrmtnl* learned that McConnell wan «
* Beni)’ mi tho schmmnr Richard Winslow, which
was at tho gns-hooso dock at tho corner of Brio
nnd JolTorsoti streets, and wan reluming to
his vessel when he was attacked by w niun*
bur of allotted Union sailors nnd badlv
handled, rcelvlng a mttnber nt cuts In tho hem).
It is not known, but It U supposed that at lease
four attacked McConnell, it 1b likely that Homo
arrests will bn made to-dny. The fuclinif bo*
tween tho regular Homnon and tho ‘scabs’ Is
very bitter, nnd several murages have been
committed nt the various lake portsthls season.
The scabs’ are most tv nil snipped on Cleveland
vessels, and vessels balling from that port nro
closely watobod while In port hero or In Chi
A NAIiIIOW rscapu.
Oswego iWUulfnm: “ Yesterday afternoon u
stilt breeze drove a quite heavy sen down bake
Ontario. About Bp. in. people living near the
upper end of tbo I.uku Hburo boulevard and
people driving tbare discovered a smull sail*
boat disabled , and waterlogged, uud con*
lalnlng three persons. drifting In toward
the beach. One of tho crew, who seemed
to havo been prostrated, was lylmr
on tho seat in ibo bow, and Ihu others were busy
keeping her boforn tho sea wlib an our, having
taken down (ho sail. A large crowd gathered
along tbo beach ready to render assistance If
necessary, but tho boat drifted in and struck tbo
beach nil right near Mr. Muluaboy’s olauu. The
craw were Frank Ilaivnmn, Frank Otis, mid
Vincent llercau, and the boat belonged to Otis.
Hho was n Hut-bottomed and was half full
of water. The crow were drenched and chilled,
lint wore furnished dry clothing nnd a lire at Mr.
Mulcahoy’s house. They had cruised up tho lako
as far as fair Haven, and hail picked up a load
of wood. On their way down tboy capsized olf
Ford's Shoal, loHlng their cargo und going over*
board. They rltthtcd the boat nnd got In, but
cupslzod again on tbo way down, and altogether
hud a narrow escape."
Kingston R’Mw; “The builders ol tho King
ston llonllng dry-dock have eleven men em
ployed, und are hurrying on tbo work ns fast as
possible. Tho planking of the dock Is nearly
completed, ami the bottom is well along. Tho
calkers are busily at work, it Is Intended to
have tno dock ready fur work in three or four
weeks. Tbo engine nnd pump arc ordered, and
will be shlppetLjibout the lrnb Inst, from tbo
inanuriietorerß nt Symcnse. S. V. Tho latter Js
of tbo centrilugal ty|h>, Ferry’s patent No. 4,
warranted to raise T.j.UHj gallons of water per
hour. At that rate tho dock will bu emptied lit
one hour and a half, ns It measures about 11(1,000
gallons. Us dimensions ere no tout long by
forty foot wide ami three feet deep. It has a
lifting capacity of IKK) tons. It can be (lllod and
stink In ten minutes attar tho repairs upon a
vessel are completed. It is built similar to tno
Manhattan Hunting dry-duck of New York
City.” i
GAIT. TKIPI», or Tflß IlKflt.vA.
Toronto “Marino - men will regret to
learn that by tbo sinking of tbo schooner Uc*
gina Cnpt. lien Tripp has lost his brother. The
deceased gentleman was about 25years of age,
and Formerly sailed tbo schooner Mary Foster hi
the Uolltngwond trade. Ho resided In Colling*
wood, where ho loaves nwtfo quo two children,
but. wo regret to say, not provided lor as well
an ho would have wished. Ho had followed the
water from his boyhood, and left nn excellent
reputation amongst those with whom ho had
engaged, anu who will be pained to bear of
bis death.’ 7
WimrGrace DrumiaonU. Houih llhvoii, lundrlo*.
Hum* Chlcmtu, MunUowuu, sundries.
HliiirtJonmii. Milwaukee. Mindrlos,
Prop It. McDonald, liny Uliy. lumber.
I’ruii I.eUnd, Grand Tmvun»e, pin iron.
Prep 11. U. Cultlnberrr. I'lerulimd, cool,
i'rop vyiiitiuu KdwuruH. Huttiiio, cool.
ITnpNow York, liulTuti*. mimlrk's,
I'rop Arunimut, UgcJinaba, Inni ore.
Prop Messenger, Hcuion Harbor. nundrlns.
Pruu Hkylurk, liemon llnrbur.nundrlu*.
Prop MuntHicu. Manistee. lumber.
Prop T. W. siumik, M ulu* laiho, lumber.
I’top I.'. Tiunnpsoi). Atundcauu. iamuur.
Prop J. P. huiiviinis. Mumnauo. saadrluM.
Prop H. C. mil. Muskegon. lumber.
Prop ii, it. Puronu. south Haven, sundries.
Prop It. <j. Peters. Manistee, luiubur.
I’rop (icptvo itiiinlmm. H-ntlmlm. iron ort.
Prop lliickuyo, Muskegon. imubur.
Prop I.uko Krlc. folUouwooU. sundries.
Prop CtnwniuuKh, IhilTuUi, sundries.
Prop i.'tilciuu, tiullulo. sundries. •
Prop Nuw Km. Urund Haven, lawliig.
Prop Hwullnw, Montague, lumbur.
Prop Jiim'obti), Pushilgo. loning.
Prop Jesse It. Furwull, Cleveland, coni.
I’rup Albert MUlur. Manistee. lunibor,
i'rop G. J. Thiubiloll, I.uiUnuuui, lumber.
Hein* It.viun itmviuu. Grand llnvun, lumber.
Hchr Neiilo Torrent. Haulrmw. lumber.
Hulir ■ t. It. Nowcomb, Cleveland. emit.
Sebr UecKHWiiv, MuDkuuon, luiubur.
rclir it. \V. Pnuo. liußuiOj cuul.
Sclir Clmrlu* l<o«tor. llutiulo, coni.
ficiicHuuroni, MusUcmui. lumbur.
t*cnr Kuulo tvtiiii. Muskegon, lumber.
Hciir Presto, Umnil Huvon. lumber.
• Help'AJ, imn, MuHkeaotu lumber.
Scar.l. A. Uolmos. uraml Huron, lumber.
Solir Wblto Cloud. MurtHuson. lumbur.
Pclir J. V.Taylor. Muakouun. lumbur.
tfehr Andrew Jhckbuii. Munkegua. lumber,
hchr Alary i.uantg, Pockunl'a Pier, lumber. ,
Hulir Annie Thorlno, Atu*ku«nn. lumber,
tulir liHibcui. Munkcuun, lumbur.
Hear Uultlu, Packard’s Pier, baric,
ttelir Khcu t.yoiirt. Atusbotion, Inntbor.
Hear ’l*. S. Sklinior, Aliukogon. lumbur.
MciirH. p. wilHon. Alurhoaun, lumbur.
t>clir Perdu. Homnuov, lumber.
Pchr Klvu.iirand lluyun. lumbur.
bear Kvuiinu Hines, (irorni Havun, lumber,
bolir Uouuiaior, White l.uku. lumbur.
bour Kiln Ellunwooil, Willie l.uku. lumber,
bclirdunny (.(ml. MuHkegon, lumbur.
Hulir (foltlun Harvest. AlUNkogon, lumber.
Hi-hr Alury K> Pittkurt). puebari)’* Pier, lumber.
Hear d. A. irlili. (inma Huvun, lumber,
bear‘l'nuiHler, Mtinkuuou, lumber.
Hear J. U. Mu**, SluhUuuon, lumbur.
Hulir Murunk’o, Mllwaukou, light.
Hciir Mary Anmndu, Hrutm llitvcn, lumber, ■
HchrHoutli Haven. Atuskumm. wood.
Hear .Nuiiut* liny, Puslnigo. lumbor,
Hciir Acuivo. PualitUu, lumbur.
bear Aloinpullur. Uraad Haven, lumber,
hcl/r PIJoI, Alttitkegoii. wood,
buhr Adriatic, MuskuKon. lumber.
Hciir Advance, Aln»ku«on, luiubur.
Hchr WimUo, Muubuoo, lumbur.
Hciir liuiirso Htuul, Uraad Havun. lumbor.
Hulir 11. li. Alooro, Alunkcvon, lumber.
HclirHimwneu. Toledo, coal.
HclivKniu Hlnvlmmii, Muulitoo, lumber.
Hulir KlUu Hay, Mmtkfluun. lumber.
Hulir H. Aiuluraon. Alimkuuon. lumbur.
Hotir.lnMin Parker, MiiKkcuim, lumbur.
Hchr HurdlnUt, Mimkcaon. lumbur.
Hulir Puiniokl, hiiuboygun. lumbor.
Hchr Kmuliiib, Almiko^oii.iumbor.
Hchr Wonotoo, Atuskcuon. lumbur.
Hchr itolndcurAliißKc«oii, lumbur.
Ktmr Chlomtu, Munllowao, sundries.
Prop Mtlwaukop. Dugalo, iiytiui bu corn und sundries.
Prop buotiu. Kuniitu, tib.ObU au corn.
Ilrop Alußouauor, lluuton Harbor, sundrlus.
PrupT, W. Nnuok. Aliiasthiuu, lluliu
I’rop H. t*. Hull. Aiuskmam, ilyht.
Pnm Argonaut. Hucuimbu, Hunt.
Prop lluckuyo. Muskuuon. lighu
Prupt’unudu, (.oilSngwuud, H,uu) bu com and sun
Prop J. H. Houvorns, Hauuntiick, sundries.
(Top w. 'J’. Umvus. (tuiliilu. KH.UJ) bu wheat.
Prupurualtnlntu. DjTour,light.
Prop H. kl. TtiiiinpMin. Muskuuon. sundries.
Prop Pollu Pitnipaoll, i.iidlnuton, ilulu.
Prup Hacunaba. Kscanolm, light.
I'rop Cuba. jlukUio.4A.iMf Im wheat.
Prop l.ycuintng, Itumilu, .'<u,iui bu cum und sundries,
Hulir Apptuiitlcu Hoy, (irund Haven, light.
Hchr Mary Auu. Muiililou. light.
Huhr Annlo Hhurwnod. Krlo, ;w,oQO bu wheuU
buhr J. & A.Htrunauh, light.
Hchr ituclac, Mnnistuu. light.
HchrMtmilo Mueller, J.kdiiigtoh, light.
HoUr Mlnomi, Muskuuon, ibiiu.
buhr Jussitt Phillips, port Hliurman, lundrtos,
Hchr H. Hand. Kuwuunuo, light. -
Hear Typo. Uiraimba. light.
Hefir .1. ttoodor. Atnalstev, light.
Hchr F. It. HlookbrUtgo. Aluakegun, lltfhk
Hour Alert, Puslitlgo, light.
Hulir Atuiuunou. Peshtluo, llaht.
Hulir l.luuuln Dali. Muskugou, light
Hciir.fiiiwn, l.udniuioii, ifgiu,
Hulir York Htntu, Muskuuon. light
Huhr Puorta. Hturguun thir. light
Hulir Murungq. Uutlttlo. ll.uij bu corn,
Hchr Hulduo Uurvust Mimkogoti. Hunt.
Hulir If. A. von Vnikun(mrgfi, (liirmla, iJ.OKJ bu ooro.
Hulir tigarlta, llulUlo. 4u,iuu bit corn.
Hulir liruun Huy, l.tlllu'l'mvurau. light
Hulir kuio l.yoiiN. Miukoupn. fight.
Suhr r.vitllno ihites. Umnd Jlovon, light
eftr Wuslaliustur, JUnikuuun, llgl^
Hclirt’usouuk. Usunnubu. light
Huhr Fiutlo Wing. Muskugon, light
Huhr Persia, White laiko, light.
Hour White Cloud. Mtmlituu, light
Hear Ada .Modern. Kacuiiubit, light.
Huhr It, 11. Muuru. I 1 ruiiktort. light
buhr Huulur. Milwaukee, light
Spretal DUvoitt. to 7V>« Vhicafo Tribunt,
Pout Huuon, Mlob., ;tJopt. I I—l p. m.—Passed
up—Propeller*Ogemaw, a. 1., Hopkins, D.*W.
Powers, City of Concord, J, I*. Donaldson and
barges, 0. Chamberlin''and consort, Portur
Chamberlain and barges, Plymouth and barges;
shuduer* Ida Keith, Moonlight. Pensmikoo,
Bavulaud; alcamcrs Pearl, Flora, City of Cleve
Passed down—Propellers Sanilac, Winslow,
Gordon Campbell; schooner American.
Wind southeast, fresh. Weather Hue.
Cjwclai lUipalca (a 'iht C.imsa . ae.
Pout Jluiion, MJoh„ Bopl. H—o;3d p. in.—
Passed up—Propeller Mlnucsola and ouusurt.
Uowm—Z’ropollurs b'auiud T. Hodge. H. I),
llalloutlno mid ouasnrt, It. Priudivlllo and
barges, Michigan with schooner H, Harmon and
burgus, m. Paul with scbuonui Owassu.
Wlud southeast, gentle. Weather smoky.
tfpwlal DUsaUlt to TH* CMeap) TrUiun*.
nurvAui, N. V., Hept. li.—Arrived—Btoaui
ship Uaeuniuu, propellers Btarueou, Husslu, he
alga, Portage, and Cunestugu. and schooners
BeuuylklU unu David Dows, grain, Chleugu;
propuller ilussell huge, wheat, Toludui pntprllur
Arisouii, .Hour, liututh; siuaiu eauaj-huac
Jouuthun Beovlllo. UleveluuO. *
Cleared—Propellers China, ArUuuu, Rrnns
wick, and India. ooul.'torUuluthiprtoKillcr Hus
sell Bugu, fur 'Coicdo; propellers Hussld and
Fountain CUy and schooner Hunrlse, coal, (nr
Chicago; schooners dua«m, Mary Corely, uud
Bonutor lliood, coal, for Detroit; schooner Will
iam Bburp, coal, for Toledo. •
ypictal DuPfIUA (e Tbs CAlcuoo TViltuna.
Hsuanaua, Mich.. Bunt. H.—Arrived—Btoam
ers Progress, Prea JruUy. and CUy of New
York: schooners Watertown, M. it Warner,
UnuUllln, Urooklyn, 11. Muss, and H. A. Keut.
Departed—Bteamers Iron Ago and Oscur Town-
Bend: schooners Mark I.yon, Niagara. Iron Cliff.
Ed Kelly, Alice 11. Norris, a. fk-huolto, Homer,
and Watertown.
BpttM JKiaatcA (o TtU CMrajo TVlbunS.
MAhgb'RTTt;. Mich.,Mopt. ll.—Arrived—Schoon
ers .1. K. UlehiU'H and Higgle.
Clanrnd—Fropoller Ohm. propeller Superior;
Behooncrs HBadosky, Russell, and Havana,
pmoollerH. Sheldon, BohahnorsS. F. Ely, Wag-
MalT, .1. P. Card, U. F. Minch, 11. J. Webb, and
Ganges. ■ >
ffpfcMl Bltaafck to Tht Ch (mm Trfbixru*
Four Comiohnk, Ont.,Hoilt. ](.—Fosscd up—
Schooner U, 11. moan, Charlotte to Chicago,
Down—Htenm-oargo flood hit, Toledo to Og
densburg,wheat: pnipellor'Oullle, Milwaukee
to Montreal, general cargo. , .
„ Betelal Ditonteh to Tho nhknoo Tribunt,
Cnr.RovflAN, Mleh.,Hept. It.—Cleared—Hchoon
era Winslow and Parana; propellers Fountain
Uty und Vau Haalte, <'*•
Arrived—Schooners Mason and A. I*. Nichols.
Wind—Douthwost, light. Cloudy.
sp«(al liiipate), »o Thr ChtMoo Tribune.
Mff.WAUKKK, win.. Kept* H.—Arrived from be
low—Steam-barge Nubnot,
Cleared for Chicago—Steam-barge V. J. Ker
Special Uhparth (a 77k CMeaao TrUmne,
Ci.RVKtiAND, 0.. Sept. J I.—Cleared—Propellers
Russia ami Commodore, mcrcbund..c, Chicago.
Special tHtpatch to The Chlcow Tribune.
Emu, Fa.,BupL li.—Cleared—Beboonor Annie
Vougbt, fur Chicago, with coat.
Special RUpatek (o The CMeaso Tribune.
Niagara Kali.*, Out., SepL IL—Tlie body
of (Jrhiimins, who Jumped over tho fulls re
cently, Ims been allowed to remain since
Sunday morning until today heating against
the ruck and Umber until It U almost a
fdiapetess nmas. This afternoon Olhcer
Thomas Young, of tho Ontario police, ami
Mr. Ilavls, of Table Hock, subscribed So
each to pay whoever would undertake to gel
the body. K. 1). BwciUlmut and <lolm
Johnson, two guides who take tourists be
hind tbo Uorscsbuo Fulls, undertook tho
tusk. After two hours* hard work ami
.several narrow escapes, they succeeded In
harpooning the body, drew It from tho eddy,
nnd laid It on tho rucks away from ilia water.
I bat tho town authorities und Coronururo
lo blame nobody will deny. Tho sneciaclo
Is the most shameful over seen ut Niagara
DltuiUh to 7Tie Chicago Tribune.
Tono.vro, Sept, 14.—Mr. H. P. Dwight has
received formal notHlcntlou of his appoint*
incut to the position of General Manager of
the, amalgamated telegraph lines, which em*
braces the entire Canadian system. Mr.
Dwight has been a moving spirit In telegraphy
In this country for a great many years, and
whatever Important mo.vcs have been made
in extending the lines of the Montreal Com
pany ami mil urging its sphere of usefulness
have been in u largo degree inspired by Mr.
Dwight. He may utmost claim to be the
father of telegraphy In Camilla, and to have
been chletly instrumental in perfecting the
Canadian system.
Special UlivaUh to The Chicago Tribune,
Hamilton, Sent. 14.— Gen. Grant passed
through Hamilton tho oilier day, mid the
Timen reporter wan mi hand ut tho station
to Interview him. Hu found this an unsatis
factory business, and writes to his paper ns
follows; “The ex-I’restdunt Is by no means
a garrulous man. Ills demeanor was pleas
ant, but the Hesitancy displayed In answer
ing the Interviewer’s Interrogatories was
marked. He nodded tils little bullet-shaucd
head, twinkled Ids watery eyes, and smirked
at his son I’roil, who occupied a seat in front
of him and seemed ns big a dummy us his
fiwetal DUpatcA (a TO# OdMoa Trlbunf,
Mo.vtiikai., fcjuut. 14.—Detective Fancy. of
the Dominlun
near the railway depot of Jewelry
stolen by a gang of young burglars, who
broke Into dwelling-houses hero during tho
absence of the owners.
A now Hiuitinshlp costing 3150,000 has been
purchased lu Kmrluml to ply between St.
John, N. U.» and Knrouo.
Tim manager of tho Quebec & Ottawa Hall
way is taking steps to put a stop to excursion
trains ott^uiuhty.
tfprctal Ulipafch to TAc CMcaoo Tribune.
Mostukai., Que., Sept. 14.—A number of
cattle-shippers have formed a ring and en
gaged all Uio spam room on steamers from
this pert to the uml of the season nt 4?J lOd to
JL"I 10d per head in order to force down the
price of beef or make farmers pay hand
somely for shipping their cattle. Mr. James
McSlmno, backed by Mr. Thompson, is suit!
to bo Urn prime mover in the ultuir.
Spfdal ClipateU to Tht Chicago Trlbun*,
Dkantfoiip, Sept. 14.—A itmt) named Her
bert abducted and married nMlsa Westbrook,
of this place, a short time ago, has been ar
rested at SbitforOi, and brought buck boro
with his wife, lie will be tried by u jury on
I'Viduy for abduction.
Kwctal PUrnlth to 77tc Chicago 'iVlbune.
St. Uatiiaiu.vks, Sept. 14.—A lad named
Charley Taylor, sou of Josuuli Taylor, died
yesterday of lockjaw, caused by n thorn
piercing the solo of his foot a few days ago.
Interview wlili Dr. l*.irtcliurs( on tlio
Subject of tho Tliouiint Trial.
Special JHtpaich to Tht Chicago TVllmw.
Ki.oitf. 111,, Sept. l-l.—Your correspondent
today sought out Dr, M. M. Durkh urst tu In
tcrviuw lilm In regard to tlio charges against
Urn moral clinntctur of Dr. Thomas put ia
Itlrt mouth by Uiu Chicago Times, nml sharp'
ly criticised by mioUier mumlng paper. Ah
(hough somewhat uacommualcatlvo nml
preferring Umtuo denial be imulu ns coming
from lilm, bis policy- being never to
got Into newspaper controversies, the Doctor
staled unreservedly that he hud never
made the statements ascribed to him, ton re
porter or any other person, and, more, Im was
unite positive ho had had no conversation
since the trial with any representative or the
Times, Ills connection with Um heresy trial,
ho stated, had been forced on hlni Hgainsthis
desire mid Inclination. .While he fully be
lieved Dr. Thomas guilty of the charges on
on whloh the eonicrcncu tried him. he
thought (he public trial ill-advised. It being
Inevitable, and forced by Thomas himself,
he hud entered Into the work of the
prosecution, to which he had been called, for
ali im was worth, (lood taste alone, how
over, would Imvu prevented him trom
making the after remarks charged by Um
Times, oven had they burn true. Of Uiu re
sult of tho Judicial conference Dr. l*ark»
hurst entertains no doubt,
Preparation! fur Tliulr
at CeUar Uupidv* lu.» in Navouibvr
Cku.vu Rapids, lu., Bept U,—Alrendy
llm Interests of (he National Dairy Fair to be
held at this place lu November next mo
being successfully louUmlnttur, At a meet*
liuc of Urn local Committee of Arrangements
hold at tho Umir<l of Trade rooms today
preliminary unnimemenls were Inaugurated,
tipuoluu? hulls will bo provided fur Urn tils
play of butter, cheese, and implements.
Practical working.,of factories mid cream*
cries will be had. ’ Stulls will bu provided
for .heads of dairy cattle, (ireen'n new
Upevu-ilunse, which will scat g,&oo, will bo
used for Rimurni reception and meetings.
Thu Hoard ut Trade Hull will be used tor
special meetings. Our citizens are awake to
the Importance of lids National fair, and are
taking special Interest la preparing for h.
Hie proper committees .are at wprk, and
ample accommodations w|M bo provided (or
tho largo number of siraugcrs who will at*
tend. At the regular salu of the Cedar
Uaplda Dairy Hoard otTrudy today ns.inu
pounds ot creamery bnttor was sold at iwq'OJ
cenis. Irregular sales ‘were reported of
f-W.ooo pounds. Mo cheese was olfereu.
Sixth Annual Convention of the A«-
tociationa of the United
Welcoming Addrcsn to tho Dele
gates by I), .1. Avery, of
This City.
The Graveyard Insurance Com
panies of Ohio and Penn
Tbo sixth annual convention of tho Mutual
Ilcncllt Associations of tho United States com
menced nt tbo Grand Faclllo yesterday morn
ing. As only a few of the delegates, however,
wero present at HI o’clock, when tho body was
to have been called to order, they decided to do
nothing until others arrived.
Tbo convention reassembled at U o’clock with
President Stoddard in tho .chair. ,
An address of welcome, very brief, was road
by Mr. Donald J. Avery, of Chicago, in
which duo attention was paid to tho praise
worthy objects ut tho association and to
tba great uoss of Chicago. The expres
sions of grouting wora very hearty, and
uttered hi a pleasant and entertaining stylo.
Mr. Avery told tho visitors that thoy would bo
taken to tho fair, theatres, exposition, and va
rious places of Interest In the city, and also that
they would bo shown through tbo Town of Full
Tllo President made n short speech, in which
hosutntesied certain Important questions to bo
consMvred by tho convention, x'ho questions
were referred to a committee composed of
Messrs. Uimlnur. Wilson, and Stvnnutt.
While the committee were out Soorotary
I'bolps called tho roll of delegates, which showed
tho lolUiwluit-imiULHlKOPtlcmon to be present:
K. F. Phelps, C. K. Humbluion, Onlesburi; Alex
ander Gardner, Washington; John C. Terry, St,
Paul; (icomu W. Uurkbardt. J. U, McCloud,
Detroit; Daniel Lnntf, Henry Plcssnor,
South Ilond; Robert Woolton, Madison;
J. P. Sbumutu. Croatia; T). E. Slovens, Coluui*
bus; A. ti. McDowuJJ, Clayton, lit.: Kdward A.
TompJe, Hluion Cusudy. J. 0. Hanna, Dos
Moines; W. I*. Dunn. Grand Rapids; Ueortfc W.
Thompson, Zanesville, o.; C. S. Duke. Marengo,
Ju.jA. Stoddard, J. D. Avery, D. W. Wilson,
G. W. llurmird, J. R. Rurinim, Chicago; Charles
D. Pearson, T. 11. Mini, Indianapolis.
The committee appointed to consider (be
President's suptfesUous made n report, which
recommended that tho questions sutfifeslcd bo
taken up one at a time, nml discussed by tho
convention, Thu report was adopted, and the
first question discussed was that of
associations. prevailing most oxf cnslvoly fu Obfo
and Pennsylvania. Mr. Movena bhUI there wore
a number of thuso! fraudulent insilniUonscar
rled on In Ohio, and mat tbclr plan of work was
to have some very old umu, who whs likely to
ale In unhurt tlmv. sign a number of blank Hppll*
cations for membership In duioront associations,
senurou policy In each ono for * .VKM or f W.UdJ,
and then sell those policies to persons who worn
willing to pay M«0 or *iM upicco for
them, clio blanks first being tilled
out so ns to mako thy purchaser tbo henollulnry
of tbo Insurance. The Attorney-General of
Ohio, Mr. Stevens said, bad turned bis attention
to tbo mailer, and announced that bo would
break up tbo business us soon us passible.
Among too most prominent of those robber
companies, tho gentleman said, was tbo Norm
Lewisburir Association of Ohio.
The President stated that It was also tbo prac
lieu of the ofileersef fraudulent associations to
gut men who wore within a few months of tbo
gmve to Insure thonwelvcs, und mako
tbc ollloers tbo beneficiaries. the olllcers
being willing to pay llburnlly for tho
vobeios, knowing that tnoy could collect thorn
by bleeding the innocent members by means of
assessments In (ho usual way,
Mr. I’oarson thought tbo convention should
pass emphatic resolutions denouncing fraudu
lent Insurance associations and warning citizens
against having anything to do with sucu organ
Mr. Avery said that thoro vrero ninny dlfllcul
ties surrounding too mutter of abollsulug such
organizations, Tbo laws were in many respects
mu sutllclontly sirliigetit to make It possible to
dotnvay entirely witn the sw'ludliugscoemos.
Mr. Plessner thought tbo regular associations
should all udnnt tho plan of not paying any In
surance policy wherein tbo bcnoilcUry Ulu not
in tbo premises—(hut Is, tbo beneficiary should
bo one who hud depended on tbo de
ceased fur euro or support. If this plan whs
carried out and tho public advised of It. than
people might know what kind «f association to
connect themselves with. Mr. Wilson asked how
It was that tbo fraudulent UHsuclatlons could
maintain ,u suillctunt membership to pay noil
deles, when tho olllecrs and rmgholdors wbo bled
tbo Innocent members carried on tbolr guilty
practices so openly mid boldly?
No one could answer this question satisfac
Tao President said that something should bo
douo at oueo to do away with those outrageous
practices. The fraudulent associations were
doing Immense injury to tbo legitimate ones,
peojilo arguing that thoro was nothing to pre
vent tbo olllcurs of any Insurance association
from bleeding members in tho manner described.
After some further discussion u committee
was appointed to draft resolutions and suggestn
remedy In tbo premises. Messrs, titevens, Gard
ner. mid I’lessnnr were appointed as tbo com
CoOl’BllVriVß HS'noWMBJfT.
TUo regarding tuo endowment plan
of collpemtive laxurauco-wus it u proper plait?
—was next in order. No one wus ready to
speak ou ilio question, and It was (aid over for
tue time being. The iiuestioa of health In
surance followed tho same course. The fourth
question, “Should the lives of those who are
tar beyond tho age of 50 years be Insured on the
assessment plan except nt u very high rule}’*
wun not discussed. Thu few who participated
In tho discussion of this question agreed that
when mi old person was received Into
an association such n person should pay mi
assessment much larger than the aver
ages but there was some disagreement
regarding (ho matter of gradually Increasing
tho rate In proportion ns members grew older.
No dotlnU.actlon was taken by the convention
hi the premises.
At d o'clock tho convention adjourned for an
hour and a half.
Tho President staled before adjournment that
the members of tho convention had been In
vited to visit the Town of Pullman today, two
paiueo curs having been placed at their disposal
by Mr. Pullman. Tho start would bo mado
about ID o'clock, tho excursion to ruturnto
Chicago during tho nftoruuoii.
was opened with a prayer by Col. IS. I*. Pbolps,
which was a plea for old members, ami to favor
or assessments i» uiuiuul-bcnullt associations
beluif such us to cover the expenses from year
to year, 110 referred to (bo htsiore of insur»
«noo association* at wane lonirtu. hoi) awed that
experience was tlio best teaubur in all such mat’
lei*, ami (but in tbo way ul success bail been the
(net Unit tbo methods uml systems ot Insurance
societies bail so areally vuricU. lie bud made it
study of tbo assessment plan, uml tbo concluslim
bo hml michuil wan that tbo assessments mast
be ao graded Unit each, rcKiirdleasnl' awe ul Join*
nur, should bo rcuulred u» pay tbo same mfurc
vatu amount for like liuleuinliy, Tno plan or
Inereasbip assessments, bo thought, wad correct
11' luiupurary or term Insurance was desired, but
it wad not Just, wbenuiiplluil to thosowbo wished
permanent life* Insurance,
Tbo next paper wad by Alexander tlardnor,
which consisted or a mad* ol statistics ifuthereil
from bid Insurance asnoelatlous scattered over
(by country. Tbu (Inures showed (bat tbo assn*
elutions bail u membership ut 114,0bU, and Umt
iboy bail bail an existence or soveniy*soyen
months, ibu average mcinborshlu Imvlutr been
liW.UJO. Tbo average deatlwule bad boon 1.1)7
out or uvury 100 of mo membership. Them
bud boon paid to buoollulariod or dcocaaod
momtiurd fcll.tkii,:w.-i, ut an averairo yearly cost
of HOpcr jI.UK) of bamraueo. taking 10 years
as uto average aim ut tbu muinbcrablp. Tbu
total lusurauco carried by tbo lusocla lions was
tfdt 7.7dV£t, ami tbo amount of money held as a
rcdyrvu fund by tbom sl,otfl,twi, uud these
llauros, bo said, contained ail tbero win* la tbo
udscdatuont*)iiim asdoetuuuud, which was by no
ineuiid a bail Bbuwiiur.
. Mr. Hamilton, of Uulcsburg, followed whb u
paper troimug of tbo quallheauuns of Instir*
auyo solicitors, their pay, uud tbo tmumgoimmt
ol associations, and also us bow to best guard
against unworthy risks. Ho had been ''on tbo
road" for tbrou years, and related somo of hU
exirarlimues, which worn or Interest to tb? cum
vonUoo. \
T»— Vrfi«t<l**“* 1 - ;d v
Thu President, J. A. Bloddurd, followed with
a Ol«uus*ion or •• Jlow to (limp! Awiitist Un»
worthy links," scttliw forth that his tu»u*
cinnon hod iluno away with ibt* “cheap c.t
nmhmilous," and employed lustomi tbo best
physicians that could bo found, and paid thorn
Midi fur thulr work. They hud nUu employed u
traveling mwiii l« Inoh ultcr tbo comlllion of
tbo hitfuml, mid nt HurlinuUm u fuw days tutu
ccrtltlentcs hud boon returned by him and ciup
ccled where im Improper person had boon Id*
Bum), which would snvo his oMueliitlim about
Boverolof tbo other member* mudo snirvcs*
lion* on the subject, mid they nil substantially
agreed (but •*»:Ui!«|i examinations" wasouoof
tbo bunco of nil mutual tusoelaiums, mul that
among the best things tu Uu tlouo wna to employ
u butter da** of physician*. In tbo talk tbo
loprusentativesof tuo several association* do
tuilud tbo precautions tbuy were usiug tu pro
vent tbo tuhtug id improper risks, mid tbo In-
U'rulmngo ul view* was deeply Inlerusttng.
Tbo convention will reuMemlito ibis inornltbr
ut u o'clock, suiiiat jiislA will taken special car
lor Pullman, where they.will spuml several
bmtr*. 'j'bu will mnemulu tor pusjuvw at i
o'clock lu tbo ut'ivruooii.
HpUUti VitpaltK to I'M CHuaso 'JtUiuiU,
Kxvf Our.RANS, 1.u., Popt. H.—The bur nt (be
mouth of Ued LUvvr has shoaled lu such uaex*
tont as to cut off trade entirely from below,
Tho steamboats Vatoo, John M. Chambers, And
,1.1). Scully, nil loaded light, finding It Impos
sible to get over the bar, are on tboir way back
in Ihlscltv. Tho Bonify was drawing only twen
ty-six inches forward and twenty ufu This Is
tho success which Hub attended tho efforts of
MuJ. Honynurd to keep tho river open, end Is
tho result of which tho BccrcUiry or War and
thief of hnglnoers wore warned more than a
month ago.
NerffC, Mason,
To the Kdlttr 0/ 3Tw CMmjo Tribune*
Batavia, 111., Hopt. j:i.—Wc suggest that you
start a H)-cont subscription payer lor tbo bene
fit of Scrgt. Mason, tbo man who shot at fluUcau,
and Inclose M cents each as a cuumioiicomcut to
the sumo, yours truly, ,lau»s a. am.cs,
V. iv.arAKKtr.
Plro Memorial llttlldlng.
Tb the Editor of The tJMeaoo THlmnt.
Ciiioaoo, Sept. K.—Tub Tut nu.su has mani
fested an Interest In the project of erecting an
Art Memorial Building of ilttmg proportions
and architecture to commemorate tho great tiro
of 1871. Tbo committee having this mutter In
charge seem Id have been remiss In tholr duty,
and for some reason there has been no general
solicitation, either of tbo people or of business
men. to contribute to this object. It would cer
tainly bo greatly to the creditor Chicago to have
such a building eroded, aside from tho intrinsic
value of such a structure fur art and cdticn
„Upu«l purposes, and bo a llttlng recognition of
tab world's sympathies and help Jti the hour of
our soro distress. 1 nave found, In conversing
with some of our business-men. u strung clcsiio
that tbo euterprlso should succeed, one of thorn
saying to mo, this morning, Hint ho had not been
asked to give anything, but would respond will
ingly If usked to do so. Ills plan, which strikes
me as a good one. Is to have a building largo
enough to eontaiu u mngniUeont library and an
art ball, with a tower hi ono corner !JUU feet
high, provided with an elevator to curry visit
ors to tbo tup, from which a complete view of
tho city and lake could be obtained, ft would
be a Hunker Bill monument of the great event
In our history. This gentleman is ready to give
fI.UUd for such a building mii/ir/ierc iu tho city,
but will give fi.OOU to have It located in Dear
born l’ark~a point most easily accessible to the
citizens of ah tho divisions of tbo city, north,
south, and west. Mr. Kdltor, don't acspulr of
scorn* something yet dune in this matter, and
give us yuur strong aid In stirring us all up to
this good work, U.
l*rof« King’* ISalloon Ascension.
To ths Editor of Tht CMmjo Trlbunr.
Ciiicaoo, dept. H.—l do not recollect having
souq any statement recently of tbo grounds on
which Prof. King bases bis opinion Unit when bo
gets well up into the higher regions at the air
be will tlnd eastern currents which will waft bl m
over sea and land at a rapid rate, but have It lm*
pressed upon my mind from something I have
read that bo bases this supposition of aerial cur*
rents on the theory that tbocxtcrnulatmosphnrc
surrounding the earth does not move us rapidly
as tbo earth Itself; but If tills bo his theory ho
will llnd himself mistaken if bo ever reaches
these high regions.
If It be true that the outside atmosphere In those
high regions Is retarded hy J'rloiion or contact
with tbo other or any other physical substance,
on leuviug tbo earth and golug upwards Into
space ho would find himself going the samo dl*
rootlon as the earth revolves, only at a slower
pace; hence Instead of going cast be would come
down. If ho camo down at all, west of bis point
of departure on the earth. Hut there can bo no
question that tho outside atmosphere rotates
with tbo earth, and fur tho reason that after wo
pass buyuud tho cunilnus of our earth’s
atmosphere luto celestial space there Is nothing
but the ether to retard tho ntmosphcrc and pre
vent Us rotation with tho earth, and tihisu who
are familiar with these things know Aul well
that a material so elastic that It will transmit
light waves at a velocity of JM.oOtf miles in a
second of time, or that Is so nearly nothing that
It will not retard tho movement of tho earth
through It to tho extent of ji second in a thou,
sand years, would offer very little resistance to
tho rotation nf tbo atmosphere, and hence wu
may reasonably conclude that It rotates with the
earth, and with little or no retarduilon nt the
outside. 0. I*. JUmi.ux.
PrcaMcntJal Klccdom.
7b tht Editor of 17j t Chicago TrltiUrta.
ifcGuKdcift, Ja.,b'cpt.li—fn yourcdltorlul end*
tloii “ One of Senator Edmunds' Suggestions/' in
Tub TniuuNp of Sept. 7, you very proporJycall
public iitteiuiou to the importance of sottllnit
Rome mode For uscoruilnlnar the result of presi
dential elections. You say "Senator Edmunds has
put tbo case In an cxccedltitf iyclcar ana succinct
statement” lu bis demand fur u law that will
•‘trlvctho conclusive effect cho Constitution de
mands to dm action of each State and to pre
vent ttio exercise by tho (louses of Congress of
unyttituffin tuo nature of npnollalo or revisory
power over tbo action of Ibo constituted author
ity of (ho State in such eases." In other words,
it la proposed to give full effect to tbo constitu
tional provision that "Each State shall chooso
Electors in tbo mauuorprosorJbed by its LegisJa
lure": and that tbo metnod of the State. Includ
ing Us manner of determining contested clca-
Duns of Electors, shall bo conclusive. This la all
very well. Tbuso who dispute this tiro few aud
I think I buvo studied carefully everything
primed by Tub TimtUNu aod all tho public
utterances or Bouutor Edmunds on this subject,
and both stop right hero, os II tho settlement of
thin practically uucontested question were a so*
luUod ol tho 'Thole diilleuity. U does nut touch
It. Tho real “ rub " lies beyond this.
Concede to tbo notion of the respeotive .Slates
in tho choice of electors the fullest conclusive
nosi; we thou have an electoral body composed
of U7l units, whoso sdwliou Is cortllled by con
clusive authority. Here State authurltycenses;
vro cross tho Stale lino and enter tho domain of
National cognUmuo. Hlghl hero Hcmutor Ed
munds, Tuu Timumi:, mid (ion. OurilolU, In u
speech mmlu In the House In tho spring of IST7,
Jump tbo mil dllllonlty and ilouluro or assume
that tho remainder of the process is purely
arithmetical, or a ministerial enumeration of
tho votes.
It has been n matter of surprise Umt such
great iilitilty has always failed to recognise tbo
wide chasm separating the ousting of the veto
mtd the conclusive ascertainment of the result,
ami that it should hope to bridge it by an arith
metical or ministerial proceeding.
Thu following rnllectlous may give us a look
Into this chasm. Here uru sumu of the thousand
questions, pint ot which must bu umt any of
which may have to lie settled In every Presiden
tial count, after tho cuncluslvoneas ot tbo
choice of (ho State is conceded;
t. Thu veto to bu counted must Imvo been east
by an Hlector chosen by u “thnio.” What Is ’‘a
Htatu’7 States (ns wna once tbo casein ÜbrfUo
Island) have had rival Governments. Which la
thu Slate V In Itttiilho Governor of Oregon eer
titled to unu act ol Electors: the bceretury of
State to another. Which wan the act of thu
Htutu t Who shall ducldo nils V Cun you deter
mine It by a declaration that tbo acUou ot tho
Bute la conclusive '/
U. Hupposua Htatu, in detlnncpol tho Consti
tution, chouse uu inutlgiblu person—one holding
a National oilleu—an Elector, and ho votes. Thin
has been done mere than once. Hindi Ida vote
be counted/ There nro apparent maul reasons
both ways- Tho party to succeed by his voioi
will take tho alllrmutlvu. Uio other tho negative.
1 think no advoeutu of btutu cuuelnstvcuess bus
ever claimed It settled this question.
I). Ju IMU tho WbeousJfj Elector* were pro
vuntod from assembling on the day llxed by an
extraordinary storm—an act of God. They met
und voted on the next day. Thu uoucluslvcuetw
of their selection Is admitted; but does this set
tle whether or not their votes shall be counted?
4. la ImU the Electors of thu Slate of Georgia
took a pauu of foolscap, wrotu nt the lett-Uuml
tun, "Thomas Jelfcrson," at the light-hand ion,
•‘Aaron ilurr," drew a Knu down tho centre,
signed their names under each, folded It, ami
corUlM on the ouisldni “The within contain*
our vole for President and Vice-President,”uud
then scut It up to (ho National Capital.
Hindi voles so ccrtilled be counted? Can Tuu
TuimiNK ami the Senator soltlu such a question
by declaring tho coauluslvvaess of the Btutu’a
action/ '
Ail oxamlnatlon will slmw Umt tbo CouslUu*
tlon iiomuiuH ibiny-ono vxmcuu oumimuidh in'
condition* wUIcU iuunt bo diiuyuil or muwmil
Jinny after Utp mualunWu cbolouof Iho Uhwlorui
umlor uaob ono of ibouu it liumUvil vuryitur
condition* of fuel niuy rnbui ti bumlml (hirer
oulqueiiUmiuof law not ouu of which tun bo
uuttlcd by conceding tbo conolualvuno** o£ Uio
yiulu’s tiuUoii, Wim, Uu'li, niuill Btillln thmuV
•• Aye. Ibcro’* the rub," Who Mmll tleloriUAiio
wbul la u HtuloV Wnu tiro it* Uuly ucorciJnod
organ*? Wbut irihuiml oliull dooidu whotlmr or
IKK ItlU UCCUlU|»iill||Cll voto of mi InoKirlblo
Kloctor üball bo cmmlml, or whether. If iu>
Lloelor bu iii'uvuiiiud by uu uui of (iud from
custim? bln volo on the tiny llxctl.lt ulmll bu
counted, or (iso thousand other not merely pos
sible Iml probiiblu cjucallomy
Tbo oddlUuti*tublu will not straddle tbU null 1 ,
lie that cun hmdC'oiwrcs* tun safe ur.d uou
blHuUuuhl bridge over Ibid cbuuiQ will perform
it great public uorWco. O.
Tito .iioiullU IVrltcr—Suuiu Pigureb
About Uio Mtuo>nl*ou |lu»}«v»».
fo»«»U‘* .V.Miuliir, ,
Tbo utory »t Jmaluli Mudm'd biuhuiM llfo
lUaucufurwurd read'* like u übuiuor I rum u fairy
tale, luvuiituura iimcUlim for bvvolum hoop
I'ihKd. bu no mluuod (bu mi»V and inemoaid Uio
Hpumluf luuuuruviunuy ilmm Uutt it ckur jrulu
o( £(.(k*i i'Vdt|((L-.i li’Oin ltd (lr#( your'* oso. Tito
lii-st lutiomiiudo ouiiAUuutvd ivm lundu In IS.h,
uuO wa* tmtll vury rcoimlly mill mumbilbo
luiHO workd ut t.HUUui>ter utrout. Tu lUu unlit*
rhiy irodu Mr. >]u»on oujokly added ihal of
uiitKlutf uti«ol*pi!(iu. Mr. Jvuik* Terry, of Mini*
i-boutcr and btmi'un, bud ticeii lUu Urut umUor
ut 111010, procvdlug by u iburi Umu Uio oariloat
Birmingham makers. Tho twolntter bad begun
tomnico tho silt in tbnlr pons by machinery,
while in Mr. Perry’s the slit was made by means
of a hmntner. At that lime nine pons woro sold
upon a can! for three and sixpence} and one of
ujh-mj tailing Into .tnslah Melon’s hands, bo sot
unmit devising Improvements, and tho same
evening m.'iuc three pens, which bo sent In a
letter—for which ho hud to pay nlnopenco post
mre—to Mr. Perry. That gentleman at once saw
the Improvement, hastened to Birmingham, and
had an Interview with Mr. Mason, who from
that time onward became tho solo maker of tho
peas sold under Perry's name. Tho trmlo at
first was of very modest proportions, the old
account hooks showing that in ihim and I'M)
orders woro executed by twenty nr thirty gross at
atlmu, from which tho eonconigrow imtlll Mr,
Mason became tbo largest penmaker In tho world.
In 18M twelve workpeople were employed In
Lancaster street, and III: pounds of steel woro
thought a largo mmntlty to roll for u week’s
consumption. In IST». toward tho close of Mr.
Mason’s connection with tbo works, nearly ft
thousand persons were employed, the quantity
of steel rolled every week for pcnnmking ex
ceeded three tons, nnd nhoutslxty tons of pens
warn constantly Ip movement throughout tbo
building. In one orolhor of the many stages of
manufacture. The significance of those ilgurrs
will bo bettor understood when wo add that
thorn nro probably n million and a hall of peas
to a ton.
How an Inherited I'nrin Was Divided.
. . S'orjnlk Plrelmmi. 1
Wo were told of n curious case tho other day.
It seems that n man Jiving In this county dleu
j»osßo!Mcd of finite a good farm, which ho loft to
his children awo wo near), and on which there
was u debt of It? cents. Tbo heirs wanted a di
vision. so tho court ordered a sale of tho form.
It was knocked down ton gentleman In Hamil
ton ul ftwj. It whs placed in tho hands ot com
missioners for settlement, and at tho end of six
years It was settled, the heirs not receiving a
single cent. All tho I'JW were eaten up by ex
penses. These nro fuels.
Idiko-Fronl, between the brum-bull Park and Cxdo
sltlon building.
H. R. H.,
The Giant of the gigantic creations of the
Length, 6o feet,
Original weight, 80,000 pounds. Is in
dorsed by the Press of America, and 3,000,-
000 people who have seen him.
The greatest Natural Curiosity ever ex
hibited on the face of the earth.
Open from 9a. m. to 10 p. m. Admis
sion, ascents. Children, z$ cents.
Don't fali to bring the children.
J. 11. IIAVKHI.V Mmimter nnd Proprietor.
The Talk of the ( Hj—Thls KlnrantTheatre.
And their (Vtmjmnr In Hhnkipetire'n
Or, Wluit I*oll Wilt.
Sir Andrew Acuocheclr Mr. Stuart Holton
blr'l'oby Ucleli >|r. W. H. Cmim
AM, t'HK b('i:.>KKV ,XKW,
Dnx (HIIm O|ioti Dully, from (I n. m..
For tho urtlo< wlthinn oxnmhitrwml Kencrrcd .Hc«(x,
PrlxiiU! lloxc*. mid I'rivaio linx Hunt*.
Hox<>ntuiM)|iou irnmVu.m. mull Die curtain falls
«r» Uni (ircnina [nirfomiuticc*.
Mntlnuc* Wminoxiiny nnd Saturday.
Rembrandt Peale’s
Court of Death,
O’Brien’s Gallery,
Ciark-at.. opposite tha Cuurt-llouso.
Union Square, Theatre Co.,
Every uvanlnit Ibis week,
earduu'a puwuriul druum entitled
t.n»l MOTHKU AND HON MATINKE nl 2 n. m. Hat
Votmacnclng Monday, Howl. 12, ;w»niro)y six ntahfa
and Saturday Mutlnco only. Uic renuwnud Gorman
dialect comedian,
IN Ilia aitEAT I'LAV
Hominy nluht, Kept. H-HAI.SUUUV’H TKOIUIAu
noUKHtutliulr liuwptuy, THE AMATKUU‘B UKN-
\V. D. Katun's Farcical Comody,
ity Mr. J.M. IHU/H CO.MRDV COMPANY. liiclad
tne Frank Kardciilturptj. Win. Daviduo. J. C. PudKott,
Mlm Mom ItnrtloU. und Mm. tjumi liulniy.
Mnttnuua M udneaday and Mninrduv.
Judge W. F. BlcVs Grand Art Entertainments.
I’rogruroute foe* This Cwnliiiti
TheTreftsurt'scf the ArtGallerics of Kunipe,c»u<
sbilng of U roues of
Admission. Mm Upper (JitUury. ate.
One nook only, commenting Monday, Haul. 12.
TOIVY pastor,
Ami tho World's Crrniott C>mi(innr. every Kvonlng
at H. and Matlauvs Wodausday.Huiurday, and Hundiiy.
Monday, sold. ll'.-Oiw wimli only ot HYDKJt
What Nature denies to many
Art secures to all. llagau’a
Magnolia Balm dispels every
blemish, overcomes Bedness,
Freckles, Kullomicss, Bough*
ness, Tan, Eruptions and
Blotches, and removes all evi
dences or heat and excitement.
The Magnolia Balm imparts
the most delicate and natural
comploxional tints—no detec
tion being possible to the clos
est observation. -
■ Under these circumstances a
of a crime. Magnolia Balm
sold everywhere. Hosts only
75 cents, with Bill directions.
’~Vi#X£ jfMa'lffiLtWPK,
Killohn Kervuu* mid Physical BehllUy. elo.
Uoxua of W jillm, U-Ull IUU, U( *U. 110.
Having bnnllr got rid oi uuu mipoutor, wbo coup*
torlollfauivoiil'e V iutl Ufeiurallvo uu«i vliuuaud its
iiuiito to ((Kurus UoatonuWo. wlum u *wvoi»d
jiuuuator lu tit. t-ouU, wUluit lilimoli lur tuoni
|iu» told oaid Uiouuyd* urn null lu llm imukuli n dan
gurou* iuiUuUou u( illume* .Vltul Uuitumtlvo. 110
utod u (ac'oltulkpor my laOtu* tool irudo-mari*. ;m«l
joiKuil toy »litiuituru Uioruou. When you toiy of
yourdroaiiUi. *«u him fur u written guuniutuu ilwt
tlio urtluio ha* iivuu parclituod Uuoul iruui mu, or
VW WtaM*. M, !)■< tinl. ~w
Tbs genuine vun bu had or Uulus Ulouki. Tuiinur
Jlmmu. Chicago, *ud slljnnwhiu. VAS bLUAALIC,
bl'KVnSBU?r* CO- 10 umj U| wUulu»altt
uguut* lor tint drug trade.
Ur. Slgeauiuud iuir«u« to forfait IWi (or any tall*
Vru to vuni vltuTticurd'i Vital Ilo»lur*Uvo mudur
id* •ooctai uivltW. 6r /«t anyrhbig uuyuru or O'Jurt
mi» u> tu iivur |u.<Mi uarue hi tho Culled bluUiu aluus
im>v loud nbuviud wUhluthu lut Uvu junta.

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