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A. C. DuioiUH, of Boston, Is nt tboTromont.
C. W.’Htnni.ss, of Michigan, Is nt tho Shonnan.
C. W, Wallace, of Utica, N. V., Is nt tho Sher
Judor E. J. Leach, of Keokuk, la., is nt mo
FI. Dates and wife, of Indianapolis, arc nt tho
Charles Catlou, London, Hnghuid, Is at tho
Prof. R. D. Marsh, of Cleveland, is at tho
Oroanu Judd, of Springfield, 111., Is tho
H. lltidOMAN, of Melbourne, Australia, Is nt
Ibo Palmer.
It. K. LAtinm.tN, of Fond du Lac, Wls., Is at
tho Tretmmt.
J. M. Htcdeiiaker, of South Rend, Inrt., Is nt
the Sherman.
Alexander Gauunf.ii, of Washington, D. C.,
Is at tho Pacific.
Mu. and Mrs. James I). Mkdgalfe, of Now
York, are nt tho Palmer.
W. F. Cullender mid C. L. Llnslcy, of Now
York, nro at (ho Tremont.
Tnr. Custom-House collections on dutiable
goods yesterday amounted to lIU.WO.
Harvey McDonald, M. A., and D. 11.
Houston, of Louisville, aro at tho Palmer.
Collector Shackelford, of Louisville, Ky.,
iras a caller on Collector Smith yesterday.
Wynne Rooerh and family, and Frank Hall
uid family, of Now Orleans, aro at tho Palmer.
John McCulloch, of Dundee, Scotland, and
A. Flerscholm, of Nottingham, England, aro uv
tho Pacific.
Sidney Dillon, Prosldcntof tbo Union Pnclllo
[tallroad, registered at thu Grand Pncitlu yes
terday with Ins family.
A. W. Mitchell, of J.O. Carson & Co., mem
bers of tbo Bt. Louis Cotton Exchange, is slop
ping at tho Sherman House.
At tho Bub-Treasury yesterday $15,000 Insu
rer was received and $10,01)0 disbursed, tbo Uls
sursemontsof gold amounting to SIO,OOO.
Tup. Intormil revenue receipts yesterday
imounted to sl3,sift, of which $:15,231 was for
iplms, sl,lift for cigars,’*sl,Bl7 for tobacco, and
13,15,1 for beer.
Andiirw Oi.in whs fined $35 yesterday by Jus
lieu Hudson for violating iho tire ordinance by
putting up a ITamu house on Chatham struct,
uotween Elm uud Division.
At present tho Labor Denovolont Colon num
bers l.ttni strung. It meets uvery Wednesday
night at ift North Clark street. New members
lire continually being added to (ho already largo
Tiibkksa Btaiii., of No. 45 Nutt street, who was
arrested some days ago for selling unstamped
matches, waived examination before Comuiis
minor Ifoynu yesterday, and furnished £SUU ac
ceptable ball.
(lov.Biuu.iiy M. Cullom, Llout.-Qov. J. M.
Hamilton. Auditor (J. j*. riwigart, and Seerotary
»(Sinte M. D. Dement, registered at mo. Grand
P.ioiilu Hotel yesterday morning, ea route for
Iho Wcodstoca fair.
Tub temperature, ns observed by Mnnnsso,
optician. No. hs Madison sired iTiuuunr Hand
ing), was as follows: h a. m., tw deg.; Ida. m.,
Ds: Id m., 7<): :i p. m., 74: kp, m., 71. Ifarumelur,
y a. m., 3Mkt; 8 p. m., LUftf. *
Tub headquarters of tboArmy of tho Cumber
land win uu m lUiom is, Grand Pacific Hotel,
tiutll tbolr departure next week lor Chatta
nooga. There will be ti meeting there Thursday
lit 8 p. m. to arrange preliminaries.
Tub Indies of tho Floral Mission mot at tbolr
room In (he Allptmeum -yesterday and nr
ranged g*,B boiiqm-ts from Powers contributed
uy friends in Geneva. Hucklord, and Lake
Forest, HI., and Geneva Luke, Wls.
(iKOiuin Jonks, who on Monday last was ou
ui.ii for fraudulent horsu dealing before Justice
Demurs, who, after hearing the ease, took tun
ease under advisement, was discharged on
“caveat cmplor” by tbo Justice yesterday.
Tub Nineteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry
hold a reunion and nlenlo to-day at tho South
Park ulcnlu grounds (Wuodlawn). MnJ. Norms'
airing band will furnish dancing music. Games,
swings, and other amusements bavo hnou pro
vided. uud a pleasant time Is anticipated.
Tub Oiofltlcrs’ Union of this city carries only
Bitty persons on u.« roll. At present tbo organ
j/„iiion is weak, but It is gradually growing
stronger. The aim of tbo souiety is to keep Its
members In employment. If a member is In
need the union is obliged to render Idm aid.
Tub rush of visitors to tbo uity continues, and
tbo hotels are Idled to overtluwmg. Not a room
was to be bud, and those who secured cuts weru
h u.pv. The oetual arrivals at sixteen of tbo
principal hotels amounted to il.nun yesterday,
nun it Ih estimated that fully us many more were
Mowed away with friends, at the smaller hotels,
uud at bourdlug-bousca.
Minnie Diiknc, a llttlo girl I) years of age,
wan brought Into the North Bldo Poitou Bunion
yesterday morning in a very’neglected am) dun*
unite condition. Her mother was telephoned
through tm otlicor, mid answered that sue had
given her up entirely as ahu would continually
run uwny. Thu llttlo thing was sent to tbo
Homo of tbo Friendless.
Si'Kci.u.-Omcmi JohnHl.vteii, of tbo North*
western Komi, yesterday morning made an Im
portant capture in thu arrest of Jimmy Smith,
alias "Jubhy,” tho ringleader of u gang of ear
burglnrti that Infest tbo vicinity of Clinton and
Kni/.to Hlroeta. On being brought before Justice
Walsh tho.caflo was contliiuo i to thla morning,
before which time a Junk-dealer wnn Is Impli
cated will be arrested. There are eight others
of tho gang wanted for various ear burglaries.
A NUMiiKit of Irish residents of Chicago mot at
TinrUu's Hotel lust evening to arrange fora
1.-etnro to be delivered In tho Urund Opera-
House Sunday. Bent. lift, utß p. m., by tho Uov.
father Mortimer O'Connor, of Kerry, Ireland,
on tbu subject: " Thu Present ComllUon of lie
\ md." The object of the lecture Is to raise
uinds to enable tbo tenants of a certain estate
to prosecute their suit In tho conns. Father
O'Connor has lectured In Now Turk, Huston, and
H'-veral other places. Ho expects to raiao about
The >adles of tbo Gorman Boclety will givo an
entertainment on thu afternoon and evening of
Thursday. Sept. *J2, at Ruum's Pavilion, corner
Cottage Grove and Indiana avenues. Half of
thu not proceeds will be Unvoted tu tbo miirerors
from tho Michigan forest tires atm the oilier
half will go Into tbo treasury of the l.udlea' So
ciety for tho rullof of tho poor during tho com
ing winter. As tho price of admission has been
placed at (bo low llgnru of JJS cents, everybody
can afford to contribute his mlto fur such u
charitable object.
HALvasooroof Indies representing tho West
Bide branch of tho Woman's Christian Temper
ance Union met in thu little hall at low West
Lake street yesterday afternoon. After devo
tional exercises, tho Hcoreturv'a report fur July
■huh road and approved, as were also tho month
ly reports of Airs. Colliding, of tho West Luke
Htrc-ct District Committee. Mrs. Rratich, of tho
Girls Industrial Behool Committee, and Mrs.
•Pickett, of tho County Hospital Committee.
Tbcso were all tiulto encouraging, but earnestly
urged moru thorough work.
I.lout.*Gcn. Phil Bborhlmi bus accepted the in*
■vltatlon of tbo Society of tbo Army of tbo Cum*
norland of the Northwest, and will accompany
that association on their trip to Chattanooga
next week. Thu excursion will leuvu tho depot
of the Eastern Illinois Itullroad oITjUO Mommy
evening, sleepers being provided for all uecom*
punylug the excursion. A stop will bo tuadu
id Nashville and the tiaitlu*Kronnd of
htonu Itlver, and tho train is expected to
reach Chattanooga Tuesday evening. Tho re*
union of mo Army of tho Cumberland will take
place Wednesday and Thursday. Tho following
Is the official program fur those days: tiupt. sjf,
enluto of thirteen guus at sunrlso from Cainer*
on Hill by Col. Hamilton's battery, Fifth Artll
lury, U. 8. A.s Meeting of tbo Society of tbo
Army of the Cumberland at the Court-Hmlso.
Tbo meeting will bo culled to order by Gun.
John T. Wilder, Chairman of tne Executive
t-oinmltteu. who will lutrodueu Lieut,-Gen. -
Sheridan. President of tho society. An oration
will be delivered by tbo orator of the society,
after wblcb tburo will uu poems, songs, ad*
dresses, music, and general business, and u visit
to the battlefields and other places of Interest
in and about tbo oily under the escort of tho
various committees. At: artillery salute at sun*
rise will usher in tbo morulng of tbo jfild. After
the business meeting the society, together with
nil ex-Unlon soldiers and invited guests, will
convene at tbo Dead House and march to the
top of Cameron Hill to the grand stand,
where they will be met by the Assoela*
. u , of l.x-Confeduratu oilleers and Soldiers.
At u o clock the Htars and btripcs will be raised
ini tt Uug-staff by u delegation of Federal and
t.Tjiifodorato soldiers, when u grand salute will
ho bred, while the bauds play martial and
patriotic music. An address of welcome will be
delivered | torn the grand stand by a represeutu*
tiro of the Confederate Association ami their
comrades, which which will be responded to on
iMjhalf of the ex-Fcdersls by Gun. Bheridaii.
The remainder of the day will bo devoted to
algbi-scolug. Tbo reunion will cUmo with a
grand Illumination of the city and u display of
Hruworks In the evening. A corps of buglers
will be on the ground, and tho regulation calls
will bo given at tho proper hours.
Tbo funeral of tbe late MuJ. John Lanlgan
took placo yesterday morulng Horn his real
donee. No. 3»OOblo street, lo Ibo Church of tho
Holy Nrtmn mid Calvary Cemetery. Tho at*
tendance was very largo, both at tho church
and at tlio cemetery. At half-past 10
o'clock tho body was taken to tho hoarso
by tho pull-lmarcrs, Messrs. Drnad, Hnnly,
rrlmJlvllle, Casey, Grinned, Drenan.
Hoe. Callaghan. Dunne. Hitchcock. Scribner,
White, and Sexton. A procession was formed
of members of tho Drum! Army of tho Itepub-
Ho. Twentv-ihird Illinois, city employe's, and
omen*, wlitch moved to tho Cathedral of ttio
Dolv Name, followeil by relatives and ladles In
carflaites. Tho services nt tho church wero eon*
ducted bv tho Ucv. Dr. Hlordan, assisted by
Fathers Delaney and N. J. Dowling. At.thocon
elusion of tho services tho body was taken to
Calvary. Among thoso present at tho ohnrch
were John Forsyth. Bhnrltr Mann, Coroner Mat
suo. It. H. Tolhill, w. H. Condon. City Attorney
Grlnnell. J. 11. 11. Daloy, (lon. Herman Lleb, D.
B. Mead, James J, Egan, Martin llussuli, Frank
llarrclf. William Edgar, Austin Doyle, Superin*
toinloni W. J. MoGurlglo, H. J. Jones, W. M.
hiiinlon. Health Commissioner DoWolf, Frank
Drake, Charles Derrick.
piiAvuitH rou rnoimiiTio.v.
About forty ladles assembled in Lower Far
well Hall at hi o’clock yesterday morning for tho
purpose of offsetting, by their prayers mid nets,
nny posslbln evil etleciswhleb mlghteiisno from
the Hnloonkeopcra’ Stale Convention, in session
nt illuoiiilugtou. Mrs. 11. It. Smith occupied tho
llrsthour. Subject: Prayer for a fresh bapllsm
of tho Holy Spirit upon all workers in temper
tiueo rnform.
Tho hour from H to 13 was occupied by Mrs.o
it. Case, who offered prayer for tho overthrow
and overruling of tho counsels of tho Saloon
keepera' Convention. The regular noon-day
prayer-meeting occupied tho time from 13 to 1
o'clock. Mrs. J. W, Dean led hi prayer that tho
Church might realize her responsibility to tbo
li(|iior*tratllo. and might be leu to use her power
for tho suppression of tho great Iniquity. From
110 3 o'clock Mrs. 8. M. Henry ion. Subject:
Prayer for tho young men In our homes that
they may be kept amidst tho many snares that
the Htale permits and licenses. Prayer was also
offered for mothers and educators that they
might loach those under tbolr charge tho ruin
ous effects of strong drink upon soul and body.
Mrs. T. D. Carso wound up tho proceedings and
thodevniloniil exercises by n prayer tor re
formed men, that grace might be given them to
control and overcome tholr appetites.
A kIRE-RUd crushed.
Justice Hudson lined Andrew Hellno $25 and
costs yesterday afternoon for violating tbo oily
building ordinance. Andrew pleaded guilty.
Mavoii Hauiusos goes to Woodstock to-day
to tnnko a speech at the fair holding In that
Tmiuty-fivb burial permits were issued yes
terday— tlto smallest Humber In ouo day for
some ihno'past.
A.mono tbo building permits Issued yesterday
wero tbo following: C. Gotehalk. four story
brick mult bouse, Nos. 57 and fill West Division
street, ?ld,000: F. Liimpkc. two story brick
dwelling, -M.x6o feet, No. ITU Dnyion street,
?:i,800: o. 8. Crostonsmi. two story brick dwell
ing, :. h .fxl7, No. 78 Park street, F. Scofurtb,
two story brick dwelling, lilxOl, No. 475 Bupcrfor
street, jI,WOO,
TiiKitt: wore six more deaths from small-pox
yesterday, and all occurred in tbo Fourteenth
Ward, milking twelve there in two days. New
cases of the disease were reported at tbo follow
ing places: No. 1177 Went Taylor street, No. ttll
Ashland avenue, No. 578 North Paulina street,
mid No. 84 Fifth street. Three of these. It will
he noticed, arc liT tbo Fourteenth Ward—tbo
only one hi the city where tbo scourge prevails
to any extent. Its existence there being duo
solely to the Ignorance ot tbo people and
tbnir prejudicesagainst vaccination, on account
of the talk of Aid. Stnubur. Perhaps by tbo tlmo
tlio disease becomes epidemic—lt Is nearly that
now—thu Alderman will use bis Inlluonce to re
pair tho wrong he Ims done bis constituents by
telling them tbo only way to avoid Infection Is
to gut vaccinated.
Commissioner Waller mid Gen. blob, who hnvo
had tbufr lists doubled up for sumo time past,
are to bo separated by tbo Mayor, pro
vided tho Council Is willing. It la known
that Gun. bleu, as Superintendent
of tho Water Qtllce. Is a subordinate of Mr.
Waller, amt that tho latter has sought to bring
about some reforms which did not meet the ap
proval of the Ueiiuml, who has plans ol Ids own
which he wants to carry out. Bo tho relations
ot the two otllulals have not been very cordial.
The Mayor, therefore, has stepped In hetween
thorn and proposes to'trunsfor tho Wafer Ollleo
to tho Controller, who now has charge of tbo
delinquent brunch of It. A reporter asked his
Honor yesterday his reasons for desiring to
make tho change, and ho said:
“ I have been thinking of it for a your, and In
tended having It done when the revised ordi
nances were under consideration, but 1 over
looked It. Tho Water Ollleo docs nut belong to
the Department of Public Works, which Is u
construction department: and besides, Commis
sioner Waller, who has entirely too much to do,
told mu he would ho glad to get rid of It. The
ollleo, widen baa to do with the assessment and
collection of money, properly belongs to tho
Department of Finance. Of course 1 cannot
make tbo transfer directly. I cun recommend
it to tho Council, and that 1 shall do In a sbort
tlmo.” i
Commissioner Waller bad nothing to say on
tho subject beyond that bo proposed to reform
tbo Water Ulllco.
Gen. bleb was non-committal except ho said,
referring to Mr. Waller, that it wasn’t tbo duty
of a Jlrlgndler General to clean tbo guns of bis
soldiers. Hois preparing a report showing the
workings of tbo cilice, and in It will make snnio
suggestions which bo bones to see adopted, us
they will bo henotlelul to tbo department oud
Increase tbo revenue.
Deputv-Siiriufs' PorrEii’a horse and buggy
was stolen from in front of tbo new Court-
House yesterday afternoon.
Titßwork of cleaning out tho now Court-
House goes forward very slowly. Tbo main hull
was yesterday us dirty as over, while tho lower
halt was dirtier, if possible.
Tuu tax sales crawled along at snail’s pace
again yesterday, but the last of tho suburban
towns was dually completed, and tho special
assosiuunts of Bouth Chicago will bu entered
upon today.
It turns out that in tho election of Toll-Hoad
inspectors u week ago Monday two of tbo three
were selected from tbo Town of Northtleld, in
which there are no reads to Inspect. Tho blun
der is said tube tbu result of the Knopf-Clark
light, and since one of tho persons elected Isa
brother of Mr. Clark's partner, it Is generally
conceded that hols responsible fur tbu situation.
Biiehivv Mann yesterday reinstated Mr.
Clapp, tho Jail watchman who was suspended
Home weeks ago for allowing a prisoner to es
cape. Ho says no was moved to tbo act because
Clapp hud always been a faithful man, and par
ticularly on account of ills valor in tho McKay
llnrns light in Jail soino months ago. Tho in
vestigation whleh has been silently going on for
some days us to some of (bo. other employe's of
his oillco will cornu to an end to-day. Wimt tbo
result will bo no one knows, hut It is behoved
that several discharges will ho mado.
Tho (mention of Mayor Harrison was called
yesterday tu tho tetter of LlouL-Clov. Hamilton
to tho llloomlngtnn RaUcHn, wherein bo replied
to tho churgo that ho had failed tu send mi in
vitation to bis Honor tu attend tho soldiers’ re
union, after being Instructed to do so by tbo
Committee on Invitations.
“ 1 have suun tbo loiter," said Mr. Hur
rlson, “ and was very much surprised at
Its tone. 1 did not receive an luvlla*
lion to go to Ulooraiiiglou, and did
nut think 1 bud boon slighted. It struck mo
that tho managers did not ask mo because my
name did not occur to them. 1 know nothing
of tbo Insmtotluns. Tho day before tbo re
uulon 1 received a letter from George Bluvon
sou. of IllocimiugioM, asking mu to bo his guest
when 1 reached there. From what ho said It was
evident that he supposed 1 bad been Invited. 1
replied that 1 was nut going—that 1 bud re*
uclvud no Invitations but tbat If 1 bud
gotten one 1 would have boon happy
to accept his hospitality. J thought nothing
more of tbo matter until I gut a copy of the
llmllcHii, and then It occurred to uu that tbo
mistake occurred In ibis way; I was written to
from Hloonilnglou to ask Gen. Hancock to como
and assure him what great pleasure it would
{rive dideronl Democrats of this mate to have
dm present—to urge him to come. * What was
In the HuUcHu suggested the idea that,
knowiug 1 bad been written to, tbo
managers overlooked the invitation, mid I was
perfectly willing to oxcusu them. Hut Liout.-
Uov. Hamilton very singularly says: * Dlstln
fulshed Democrats like (lens, Hancock, llluek,
'arsons, and tbo lions. Springer, Morrison. Mmil
tua.andothers who havuuu grievances or fear of
soldiers promptly and courteously replied,but tbo
Hon. Carter 11. Harrison. Democratic candidate
for Governor In 18W, knowing the esteem In
wblcb ho was bold by ibo Union veterans of his
own city, neither replied to the invitation nor
came.* 1 regrot being turcod to suy that
and one which tbo Llcutenaut>Govomor of Illi
nois should not have been guilty of uttering, I.
have never been made aware that 1 was not held
in esteem by the veterans of this city; nor do 1
believe any here full to bold mo In esteem ex
cept a few who have tried to make their own
reputations by abusing mo. 1 noilcu that
the J.loutonunt-Govcrnor says that one
of tbo veterans at the Grand Pueltlo
meeting and that, us I bad been invited, Ibo
club should refuse to attend. That Is the first
intimation 1 hud of any such speech. And ho
also asserts that tho announcement of the (act
that 1 had received un Invitation was greeted
with u storm of imilgputlon. 1 never hoard
in It before, but It seems that Mr.
Hamilton was very promptly Informed
ulmui It. And, ns he tms shown so
Idle courtesy us to intimate that I did nut ac
knowledge the receipt of tho Invitation hecuusu
; ot my supposed knowledge ol this meeting, I
tit to cincAGft Tiuiunvft. t
am constrained to say that I suspect that he
never sent mo tho Invitation. All my letters,
except those marked * personal, 1 arc received by
tuy secretary. Mr. Thompson. If I am absent
he keeps them. If any are Important ho opens
them. Ami If I had been invited Mr. Thmmwon
would most certainly have known it. He says:
no alien i.r.vmi camk tiVtiik omen.
If I had received an Invitation, I should havo
sent an accent mice, and gone—not because llioro
were In bn politicians there, for I was not awnro
of tho fact that tho reunion was gotten up by
I,lmil.*(lov. Hamilton and others ns a political
machine. I supposed It was an honest reunion
of veterans, without ridcrcnco to politics. If I
hud been Informed that It was not, I doubt very
much whether I would havo gene. Lluiit.*Guv.
Hamilton’s letter shows that bo Is a politician.
I am not ono after his kind, bet mo
say mat but for tho publication in tho Didfelln 1
would never have known that I had boon In*
vltcd or that tho Invitation failed in reach mo:
nor would I have felt In any way that I had been
sllirhtod. 1 would not havo thought of tho mat
ter nt ail. Hut If I had received tho Invitation I
certainly would havo acknowledged it and at
tended, because 1 would havo mot many per
sonal trlonds. I would havo gono simply as Iho
Mayor of Chicago, and nut fur the purpose of
making political capital for anything In tho
Tho Hoard of Booth Park Commissioners root
yesterday afternoon, all of tho members pres
A remonstrance, signed by John 8. Corning
ond others, against allowing a basement on
traneont No. 3i:HMlchlgan avenue to extend
four foot Into the street, thereby spoiling tho
uniformity of tho sidewalk, was presented. In
tbo discussion It appeared that Just south of
there was an area wall equally objectionable,
and that on tbo npposil side of tho street there
wero similar objections. Tbo attorney of tho
board was finally called In, and gavo It as bis
opinion that tho objection nt No. 3IJI hnd been
created by a city ordinance, ond could'lint
bo Interfered with; but Ibo board took
no action further than to uummiieo that
no such encroachment would bo toluratod ex
cept wnoro tho pro|»erly-owncr held vested
rights. Tho whulu matter was referred to rbo
Chairman, with power toaet.and ho will consult
tbo attorney of tho board and lawyers of tbo
parties Interested today for more light.
A petition was presented for the Improve
ment of Flfly-UftU street from Ashland nvo
miu to Western avenue, and the petitioners
wore assured that tho work had been ordered
and would go forward us fast as possible.
Petitions tor tho Improvement of Oakwood
boulevard mid Douglas avenue wore referred to
tho Superintendent id' Improvements.
A communication was presented from tho
City Engineer complaining that tbo contractors
of tho board wero tapping Die llre-plugs along
Michigan avenue at tholr pleasure, and culling
upon the board to return all of the plug
wrenches In their possession atouco. Tho lat
ter occasioned sumo talk. In which It appeared,
that Commissioner Waller bud given them tho
privilege lo use tho water they wanted, and tho
subject was dropped.
A complaint was presented that tho contractor
for furnishing gravel for tho Michigan
nvenuo Improvement was not furnishing It us
fust us It was needed, because be could nut get
It transported, and tho Superintendent was au
thorized to purchase as much additional as bo
could In order that tbo work might be pushed (o
completion this season. \
Dills wuro passed aggregating about $31,000,
end a resolution was adopted authorizing tho
usu of force. If necessary, in widening Tiilrly
tllth street—that is, In compelling persons en
croaching upon tbo street to muvo tholr prop
erty at onen.
Tho board adjourned for two weeks.
Yesterday's TmnugK told about a brcach-of
prmniso suit for *IO,OOO having been brought
against young "Ham" Piatt by Miss Aunlo
Walsh, a servant who at ono tlmo labored In the
Piatt household. Miss Walsh’s version of tbo
atfalr us to Its details was not given, however,
and to supply this omission ns fur us possible a
representative of Tim Tiuuune yesterday bud ft
talk with ono of tbo young lady’s attor
neys. Tbo lattor stated that bo did not
care to bavo tbo caso tried by tbo newspapers,
but was still willing to give an outline of tbo
atfalr as presented to him by bis fair client. Tbo
attorney is authority for tho following:
Miss Walsh Is a young lady of about SO years
and very prepossessing in appearance, not hav
ing tbo big red bauds or other characteristics
usually attributed to servnut girls. She
came from lowa about live years ago,
and went at once Into tbo Piatt
family. “ Ham” was not long In showing that
ho took nn Interest In the pretty domestic, and
dually his attention to her became quite open.
She reciprocated, lly mutual agreement a mar
riage was arranged, hut it was also agreed that
Mrs. Platt was to know nothing of tbo pros
pective nuptials until after their celebration,
flelutlvos knew it, though, and “Ham's” brother
used to address Miss Annie ns sister, and a
cousin used lu speak of “cousin
Annie.” Mr. Platt warned bis son not to go too
far In tbo maltdr. but alasl Annie tells her at
torneys that, under promise of marriage, bur
lover did go altogether too fur.
Bbu loft tbo Platt family after about two
vears. ana secured a place lu Mr. McCord’s
household. Mr. McCord told the attorney that
“Hum” used to call and see Annie “every
nlgbt in tbo weak,” and that tbo young
couple not only increased tbo gas bill to un out
rageous extent, but were supremely Indifferent
ns to tbo presence of otbor members of tbo
family when cooing and caressing ns lovers will.
Those nights when tho young man did not call
to see Miss Walsh be indited her llillo loving
eplstlos.whlebthoyounglady bus preserved. Tbo
Unto of their marriage was twice llxod upon, and
twice postponed for smno reason. Last Christ
mas “ Ham 1 ' gave Annie u gold ring wbleb bus
an Inscription of some sort, and which has also
been preserved.
Tbo date of young Plfttt's first coldness to
ward Miss Walsh duos notappoar. ft Is said,
however, that It was not many mouths ago that
bo showed an anxiety to secure tbo nutos out!
ring spokou of.
A TiuuUNE reporter met Mr. Edmund JUsson
yesterday and Interrogated him regarding tbo
caso of Adoiuido Robert, who is endeavoring to
Bconro her release from tho Elgin Insane Asy
lum through tbo medium of u habeas corpus
proceeding, full mention of which proceeding,
as fur us it bus gone, appeared in yesterday’s
TimiUNß. Mrs. Robert was committed to tbo
asylum in November, 187 U, for shooting and kill
ing Theodore 1). Weber, tho act being
ootmritted in tho oflicu of* Mr.- JOsscn,
who was Weber’s attorney in a suit (or seduc
tion that was ponding at tho ttmo between tbo
man who is now dead and tho woman who killed
Mr. JOsson expressed himself os unwilling to
talk upon tho subject, giving as a reason tbo
fact that bo would likely appear os a witness In
tbo proceeding, and also tbo faut that profes
sionally and personally his relation to tho wbolo
matter had been, and was yet, a rather peculiar
one. Mr. JQsson did, however, answer u
fow of tbo questions put to him. 110
said ho bad not soon tho woman since tho time
of tho trial, and hud not boon been advised
either directly or Indirectly as to bur condition
of mind—did not know whethorsbo was ns much
lmmnu now us sbo over was or not.
“I think" continued Mr. Jilssun, “that there
la only ouo point of general lutoroat presoototi
by this case, exactly tho same point being pro-
Bunted in the cubo of Guitoau, the
would-be assusin of President Oar*
Hold} It Is this: Bhould the conltiiumont of
persons In uu Insane asylum for committing of*
(uncos of this charuutcr bo made pcrputuul,
whether sanity be restored or not? 1 narco with
Tins Tuiiiunk on that question, believing that
the coiitlncment should bo perpetual."
•'One more question," voluntcoml the re
porter. “ Would you tool any apprehension re*
gardlng your own safety if Mrs. Huberts eoourod
nor froodomV"
“1 don't know about tbutt It depends upon
what condition of mind she appears to bo in."
Mr. Jnsscn's answer came suddenly and cm*
phuilcally and with a serious expression of
Tho very largo Increase In tbo population of
tho Town of Lake View during the last year,
especially lu tho southwestern part of the town,
In tbq neighborhood of the Uocrlng Agricultur
al* implement Works, mekos it necessary tr
build more school-houses. The present build
ings nro entirely too small to accommodate all
the children that desire logo to school, lu or
der lu supply this demand the Hoard of Educa
tion submitted the question of issuing bonds to
the amount of slo,Owl to buy suitable grounds
mid erect tberoou a school-house to the
voters of bchool District No. 1,
and Ibo power asked for by tbo
Bchool Hoard was voted by a-largo majority.
This is tho preliminary step for the erection of
another line school-house. Thu town Is noted
for Us large, commodious school buildings and
grounds and excellent schools.
A very elegant wedding occurred last evening
at the residence of Mr. Jamas Hood, No. Iw
Thlny-uiulb street, tho contracting parties
beluu Mr. A. J. Cooper and MUsAnnluM. Aber
crombie. both of Hyde Fuik. Tho nuptial knot
was tied by tbo Ucv. Dr. Willing. Umy tbo
nearest relatives and must particular friends
of tbo parties were present. After tbe cere
mony a sumptuous repast was partaken of,
amt tbo buppy couple departed lor (bo Bust
amid many hearty congratulations. Tho pres
ents were noth numerous and elcertnl, ibo most
conspicuous of which wusu pair of diamond ear
rings from the groom to tbo bride.
A Tkiiiunh reporter visited Pullman yester
day to investigate tho reports und rumors eon*
corning malarial-fever which Imvo excited some
nttmiMon of Into. Mo found Mint there hod bchn
quite n number of ease* in Mmt part of Mio town
adjacent to Mio Calomel Lake. Tito people liv
ing thorolmil Indiscreetly used tho wider of Mio
so-called Inko (which Ik nothing more thiinn
swamp) lor drinking purpose*. Asldo trout
thosu fow oases, Mio health rooord of I'ulltimu
has Uoon n remarkably good one. Less than a
dozen deaths lniui oootirrud Hincu tho
first foumliitloii stone was laid, nod when
ll Is considered how ninny imm Imvo
boon conslnntiy omploycd In digging ditches,
building sewers. mid doing other unhealthy
work, tho record Is simply marvelous. It Is not
to bo denied, however. Mint most of tho water
used at Pullman is ••surface water” and en
tirely unfit for use—an evil which will bo
remedied its soon ns Mio Mydo Park water-works
can lay supply-pipes, which It is hoped will not
bo inter than Nov. I.
Tho committee appointed by (ho Hoard of
Education of District No. Hyde Park and
Luke, to Investigate tho ehargomadn against F.
L. Klinmey by wlllnnl Woodard of annulling
n brlbo for himself mid other members
of tho board lor their lulluouou in
Introducing the school-books for which
Mr. Woodard is nuent, mot yesterday
afternoon at tho Pullman school-house.
Mr. Hlmons, Mr. Woodard's attorney, statql that
Mr. Woodord was sick and confined to bis home,
and asked that tho investigation bo nostponed.
After some talk us to tho way the Investigation
should bo eupdueted, It was decided to adjourn
Uil next Monday afternoon at 4 o’clock, In tbo
same place, when It is thought Mr, Woodard will
be able to be present.
Tbo Western Indiana Uallroad Company bavo
commenced tho erection of a new passenger
depot on Hlxty-thinl street. Tho structure wifi
bo UN) loot In length by fifty feet in width, and
will bo an ornament to tho locality.
Yesterday for tho first time In flvo years an
address from tho President greeted tbo students
<m tbulr return in tho Northwestern University
for tho fall term. Tbo notion of (bo Trustees In
electing a President and In strengthening tho
Fauiilty was plainly seen hi tho increased at
tondaneo-over that of fonnor years. President
Joseph Cummings was present at thu Initial
meeting in tho chapel nt p. m. andguvotho
students a fow words of welcome on their re
turn. Tho session starts olf most prosperously
ami will probably see a larger number of stu
dents In uttunduneo than for many years.
Tliolr Second Anininl Convention—
Flection oT Olllucra lKoaoUillonß
They PropoHo to ItlnKo Tliolr lu
llncnco Felt In I'olltlcn*
Opeetal ViivaUh to The Chteaco 3Vi&un4,
Bloomington, 111., Hoot. 14.—From tho tone
of the resolutions of tho State Liquor Dealers'
and Manufacturers' Association of Illinois It is
evident ibut tuo whisky trade Intends to make
an offensive and defensive warfare on prohibi
tion and sumptuary laws, and hereafter
to bo present In organized form In
every campaign, general and local.
This scums to be too whole tenor
of their conversation and plans. Notwithstand
ing the fact that prohibitionists all over tho
State are praying fur the saloonlsts here assem
bled and that their plans may be frustrated,
they are evidently not suffering from gnawing
consciences, being fat, happy, and well attired.
They wear clcgutitly-prliilod badges, tu pur
chase wnlcb was a most reckless expenditure,
for they do not need them. Tho ladles of tho
Woman's Christian Temperance Union are hold
ing Incessant pniyor-mcctlugs during tho ses
sions of the convention.
To the W’tiiem Auodatid Prtu.
Bloomington, 111., Sept. 14.—Tho second an
nual convention of the Illinois Liquor Dealers'
and Manufacturers' Protective Association as
sembled boro this morning, occupying tho opera
housu. Edwin Porter, of Joliet, made tho open
ing address, outlining brietly the objects and
alms of tbe association, and the special work
which It Is to do. „
Capt. Christian Blobsatno, of Bloomington, was
chosen temporary Chairman, and Frank Hall,
of Morris, temporary Secretary.
Tho association was tbon briclly addressed by
Mayor Trotter, welcoming them tu tho city, and
slating bis understanding of their mission to bo
the protection of tbe liquor interests by Justand
equitable laws, temlmg to tho restriction of in
temperance as well as tba protection of tho
Hnuor trade.
Thu Secretary of tho association, Henry Un
buns, of Chicago, read the tlrst annual report of
tbo association trustees, showing receipts,
f 5,777; expenses, fi,luß. The association has
I,UUI members, of whom Cook ‘County lias
810, Buck Island and Henry Comities 187, San
gamon 45, Adams VI, La Hallo IM. Will 60, Peoria
07, and McLean 80. Tho report was adopted. It
Includes a paragraph changing the time of
mooting from fail timprlng, m order to got hi
working order each year tor tho fall election.
Tho lolluwfng olliucrs wore elected: Edwin
Porter, Joliet, President; John Foldkamp, Chi
cago, First Vice-President; Michael ileum, East
St, Louis, Second Vice-President: Louis Luntz,
Quincy, Third Vice-President; August Timm,
Moline, Uueordlng Uecrctary; Curl Ficrzog, Chi
cago, Corresponding Secretary; Leopold Bailor
berg, Pcorlii, TreltSurur; Harry Bubous, Chi
cago, nttornoy.
Tho association passed tho following resolu
tions: .
Itfwlvul, That tho mnlntonanco and perfec
tion of our present Statu Association la nbso-
Intoly necessary fur tho proper protection uf
our business Interests; that tbo next Beard of
Trustees spare neither trouble or expense to
properly organize every Sunutorlul district in
tbo State, bo ttmi by tho tlmu of the next elec
tion of members of tho General Assembly, tbo
businessmen engaged In tbo liquor trndu may
bo thoroughly organized and disciplined.
WnuuEAH. Tbo mnnufauturors and wholesale
dculura are,most dooDly Interested In prevent
ing sumptuary legislation and In protecting tbo
retail dealers, who are In fact only acting us
tholr agents; therefore, bo It
lUeolvetl, That tbo Hoard of Trustees be In*
structed to publish from time to time for tbo
guidance of tbo rolnll trade tbo names of all
such munuiaoturors and wholesale dealers who
either full or refuse to Join our Btnte Associa
Hetolved, That tbo District Executive Com
mittee he Instructed to mako a vigorous tight
against all such uuudldates for the General
Assembly, no mutter what political party they
may belong to, who cannot fully bo relied upon
to vole in favor of personal liberty ami nn equal
Croteetlon of ours with nil tbo other legitimate
unincss Interests.
Uctiulml, That this convention heartily de
plores tbo unwarrantable and outrageous attack
made upon the life of our beloved President,
and expresses Its earnest and deeply-felt hope
that be may soon recover from his Injuries.
Session of Tliolr Association at Lafay
ette—many Ntraiisors In tlio city.
Special Dispatch to The CMeaoo IVltiun*.
Lafayette, Ind., Bept. It.— Tito city contains
many now faces today. Tho Northwestern Mer
cantile Association Is lu session, and merchants
are hero from every direction. Those conven
tions, originating with Lafayette merchants us
n moans of Introduction between buyer and
seller, havo been largely attended on tbo two
previous years, and It was announced today that
there are now somo I.tWO names en
rolled as members of tbo association.
L. A. MoKnlgbt called tho meeting to order this <
morning, the President not being present. Tho
Secretary's report, nnd also that of the Treas
urer, wore read. The latter showed a balance
In tho treasury of 1108.77. A coamiittco was ap
pointed to draft a constitution mid by-laws, and
to suggest the proper stops and havo tho asso
ciation Incorporated. Tho new ullloors wore ail
chosen by acclamation—L. A. MoKulvbt, Presi
dent} J. M. Carlton, Vice-President: Hurt 11.
Davidson, Buorotnry; JobnO. Perrin, Treasurer.
The two last-named reside In Iblseliy. in tho
afternoon Col. Thompson, of Lafayette, wel
comed tbo visitors. The subjects ebeson by tho
P.xccutlvo Committee for discussion in tho aft
ernoon wore: " Tho Uso and Abuse of tbo Credit
System ";" Whnt Is tbo Dost Method to Du u
Successful Credit Business?" "How Can the
Itallroud Trade Itoqulrhig Credit lie Handled
with Least Loss?" "Tbo Dost Course to Pur
sue with Blow-Puyina Customers Who Are
Financially Good and Liberal Purchasers." In
tho evening tho delegates witnessed the Mattie
Vickers combination, scoured especially for tho
occasion, at tho Lafoyolto Opera-House.
Lirrhi: Hock, Ark., Sopl. 14.—A grand Inter
state Infantry military drill will tuko place on
tho fair-grounds near this city Monday, Oct. 1,
next, tbo tirst doy ; of tbo Stale Fair. Tbo fol
lowing companies, outsldo of (bo companies be
longing to tho State, will competes Cumpanya E.
11, D, U, and K of-81. Louis, Porter Guards of
Memphis, Lamar Ullios of Dallas, Tox. Others
aro expected.
Tboro is no way Id which a young mao can
spend his winter to hotter advantage than in
taking tua thorough training to bo bad at 11, 11.
Dryunt's Chicago IluslneesCollojie. it prepares
him for tronsaotlug buslnns intelligently and
for keeping bis records in a tQ’Stomatlo manner.
This is the Unto of year when many are en
tering tbo classes. .Tbo day classes ore rapidly
filling, and those who aro engaged in business
during tbo day can have tho bcnollt of tbo even
ing session, which li Just commencing.
See Here!
You aro sick; well there Is Just ono remedy that
will euro you beyond possibility of doubt. If
11 it's Liver or Kidney trouble, Consumption,
Dyspepsia, Debility,—Wells* Health llencwor 1s
your hope, ft druggists. Depot W Luke street.
Werccommeud J-UtlroUgosewUig-maclilues.
Gapt. McGrath’s Report for tho Tear
Ending Ang. 31.
Some Interesting Statistics Relative to
tho Comity i’oor*
A Fow Valuable Suggestions to the
Cnpt. P. McOrntb, tho County Agent, has pre
pared and will submit to tho County Hoard at its
next meeting a statement of Mio operations of
bis otilco during tho past year, showing Mie worii
done, the number of recipients of relief, anil
many other Interesting Items. Although tho
cost of administering this branch of tho county
business Is somewhat grontcrtblsyour than Inst,
tho Increased cost is duo to circumstances
which tho most vigilant management could
neither Imvo foreseen nor guarded against.
The lung, dreary winter necessitated tho supply
of coal to paupers for nearly live months, and
tho prices of almost every article given by tho
county to Us charges were higher than in tho
preceding year. It may bo that tho coining
winter will uo n lighter and easier one than tho
Inst, and If such bo tho case there will ho less
call for relief from those who have to bo
taken enro of. Thoro is another point
which should not tost sight of In consider
ing this question of coat, and that Is
tho immense development of Chicago within
the past your. People may fall to realize tho
wonderful growth of tho city of late, but tnoso
who nro brought into official connection with
tho poorer classes cannot evade tho fact. It Is
Impossible to add fit) to 23 per cent to tho popu
lation of a oily wllhin a single year without im
porting among tho valuable, healthy, and de
sirable a certain proportion of poverty-stricken,
sick, and worthless, who Inevitably gravitate to
tho charitable institutions or tno County
Agent’s olllee In search of relief. A synopsis of
Capt. McGrath's report la herewith glvon.|
at the close of tho year ending Aug. 81, 18S0. 583
famines, and during the year Just ended 7.888
applications were made, being a total of 7,UUO.
Of thosu 8,784 were disapproved by the visitors,
DIB were not ut homo when called on, and 88U
could uot be found at their alleged residences.
There were, therefore, 8.888 families which re
ceived aid during tho year. Of those 8,880 have
boon dropped and 008 now remain on the books.
Those relieved Included 1,818 mar
ried persons. 1,1118 widows, 881 women de
serted by their husbands, <ll widowers,
and JIT single persons, Tho nationality of those
relieved was as follows: American, 888; Bohe
mian, 118: Canadian. 88: colored American, 87;
English, l-’l; French, 71: German, (MU; Irish,
l»7»; Italian, SI; Polish, 181: Scandinavian, 870;
Huotcb, 81: Belgians, 8. and Welsh, 8. Tho num
ber of children dependent upou those families
was 7,000.
During the year 840 moats and 201 night's
lodgings were furnished, and 880 passes issued.
The number of dispensary orders issued was
8.J150, of which 1,48(1 wore on rha
West Hide, 588 on tho North, and iWH
on the Honth Side. Artitlelnl legs, trusses, and
othorsurgloal appliances to the number of for
ty-live were furnished. Tho number of hospital
orders Issued was 8,581.
Tho burial orders issued numbered 488, of
which tho Koundlings’ Homo received 810. an av
erage of four collißk per week, aud all little ones.
Private citizens drew 188, tho Alexlan Brothers*
Hospital twenty-tour, tho Homo for the Friend
less tbiriy-tbroe, and other hospitals and institu
tions each from one to seven. There were
854 applications of alleged Insane to bo
tried ut the expense of the county,
and of this number ITti ware adjudged insane
and paupers. During tho year 1,858 applications
for admission to tho County Alms-Hcmso wore
filed, aud 788 of the applicants wore admitted to
that institution.
of the County Agent's cilice for tho year footed
up f 77.887.88. The larger Items were: Broad
mid Hour, f 18.010.81; fuel, $17,581.07: meat, fill,-
848.85; salaries, $15,810.14: transportation, f5,-
187.00; boots and shoos, f 2,180.85; burials, sl,-
Cupt. McGrath will append to his formal re
port sundry recommendations In regard to tho
inanagomuntnf tho pauper relief furnished by
tbo county. During tbo past year tbo system
of removing tho children of chronic paupers,
drunkards, and dead-boats from tbo sinister
inlhioiicos and evil surroundings which have
encompassed them bus been tried with much
success. Tbe County Agent will advise that In
nil such cases tho unfortunate children shall bo
taken away entirely from tboir so-called
natural protectors and placed In
properly-conducted institutions where they
cun ho Instructed In trudes or housework and
lilted for tho husiucss of life. Capt. McGrath
will suggest to tho County Board tbo advis
ability—indued tho absolute necessity—of pro
viding educational and industrial Instruction
for such children, apart from tbo Poor-House
proper, and bo believes |thut If such a course Is
curried out it will have n tendency to reduce
pauperism. Ho will rocommuud also that Im
mediate steps bo taken. to build a
docent Poor-llouso and tu enlarge tho accom
modations at tho County Hospital. As to tho
system of dispensaries, bo bolds that a central
olllco.,with competent physlcaus In charge (lur
ing tbo entire day, should ho substituted fur tho
present arrangement. This olllco should bo
located at tbo olllco of tho County Agent as a
matter of convenience, for more applications
come In from tbo West Hide than from the North
uud tioutb Divisions combined.
October Days ami Wlmt They Arc to
Urine Forth In Hardi-Gran ami Car-
nival FCMtIVItICS,
Baltimore has done a good thing In setting
her Mardt-Uras and Carnival days tor Octo
ber. As a matter course Shrovo Tuesday
does not fall In October, no more than Christ
mas comes In March. MurtU-Orns Is used
more us an explanation ns to what sort of a
thing tho celebration Is to bo than to com*
memorato a particular day of tho year. For
that mutter, Baltimore's pageant Is locally
known as tho Oriole, tho name being tnkoji
from tho widely known bird which Is found no
where else thnniuond about tho Monumental
City. It was old Lord Baltimore's particular
pet—and from it ho took his colors, black and
orange. Tho Baltimoro «& Ohio, in tho beau
tiful posters which havo attracted so much
attention since they wore put up in this city,
cuullucd them to tho Baltimore colors, pro
ducing novel and most artistic effect. That
tho Oiialu Is to bo tho biggest thing Balti
more over know Is a settled fact, amt, Judging
from the newspapers of that city, the whole
population Is rapidly growing to bollovotho
Insuring of ttiosuccussof the celebration the
paramount duty. Monoy has boon subscribed
most liberally, ami committees composed of
- prominent citizen* havo things so well In
hand that failure in any dotall is as good as
an Impossibility. Tho Mardl-dms, which Is
sot for Tuesday night Oct. U, will unquestion
ably bo tho mosibrilliantpageuntoverknown
on this side of tho Atlantic. It will be be
tween three and (our miles In extent, ami a
now and striking feature will ho tho usu of
hundreds of electric lights. Tho main por
tion of Uio pageant will remain a secret us to
subject Illustrated! until tho .night uf tho
celebration. Monday previous to tho Mardi
(lras there Is to bo a grand military ami lire
parade, ami on Wednesday following, recep
tion to French visitors, mask-ball, ami car
nival. Thu throe days promise a succession
of hritllant pageants by day and by night,
anditlssafo to say that those who havo
never witnessed a Mardl-Uras and Carnival,
will Ibid In tho Baltimore Oriole so constant
and dazzling a succession of spectacles as to
bewilder tho sight. The Baltimore & Ohio
has made a rate of one-half tho regular faro,
with tickets good for ten days.
Gou« Stioridmi** Dispatches to the War
Department Concerning tho Decent
Outbreak—'The Indian* at Sau Carlos
Agency lloportuil as Iteiilvut
Washington, D. 0.,80pt, U.-A telegram re
ceived nc Uio Wur Department from Gen,
Bhorlduu, dated Chicago, Sopl. 10, bus been re
ferred to ibo Indian Uuroau. In It Bborldon
says; “ The Indian troubles In Arizona aro con
fined to tbo White Mountain Utcs, and there Is
as yet no reason to buliovu that It will spread.
Uradley baa gone towards Fort Apaobo with two
cempunlet of cavalry and three of infantry, and
will be soon Joined by McKenzie with six com
panies of tho Fourth Ueglmont. Additional
companies .of Infantry are being collected at
Wingate, and tho nine companies of infantry
at Uncompabgro will bo sent tboro If necessary.
It Is thought best to bold them in tbo Uio coun
try u little longer, although Ibo Utcs seem to bo
golug to tbo new place all right. Qcu. Popo Ims
been uf tbo opinion that bo controls suillclent
troops to protect New Mexico and hold Goo.
Wilcox. If I got tbo slightest information that
will lead mu to belluvo that (be trouble will
spread, 1 will send tbo whole of the Third Cav
alry and ono regiment of Infantry irom the De
partment of the Platte, ono from Tuxug, and
uuu from Dakota, and ono moru can bo unshed
out from tbo Department of Missouri. Wo cun
nut well spare those forces, but will tuko tbo
ohaneca, us cold weather Is coming on and the
Indians will keen uulet In tbo North.”
Another, dispatch, dated Bcpt. 11, from Gou.
C. A. Coutant & Go.
Grand Opening!
Sheridan la as follows: “(Jon. Pope telegraphed
mu Inst night that advices from Wilcox nru to
tlio olfcct that there wns no coimuctcd attack of
Indians on Fort Apnrho; that what ocuurrcd
woh a tnuro temporary outhruak, occasioned by
thu arrest of Medici no-Man.nnd tho unexpected
llrlng of Oou. Carr's Remits, which killed llcntlg
and six men. There have been no depredations
elneo tho firing on tho burying puny, tho duy
after It wns olllclnlly reported. Oen, Pope ex*
presses some doubts ns to whether tho Indians
will lira on tho (mops now adfauclmr on them
from overy direction.
Hoerotary Kirkwood has requested Oen. Shor
lilmi, tbrouirb tho War Dopurtmont, that If a
movement of troops becomes necessary to leave
tho troops now guarding tho Uto Indians until
tho Inst that arc sent nwuy. Tho Indian Jlnremi
rewards tho outbreak at Fort Apacho ns tem
porary, and thinks tho trouble Is now all over.
(Jov. Sheldon, of Now Mexico, In a letter to
Secretary Kirkwood, writes that tho Indian
troubles have been greatly exaggerated. As a
matter of precaution, however, Sheldon urges
that arms bo scut out to arm companies of citi
zens that have been formed lest tho Indians that
have boon lighting mlghtsccktoJoin with Nana
, In hla raids.
Willcox, Arl., Bopt. U.—Hoportß from San
Carlos Agency any tlio Indians nro rcetlvo, A
company of troops baa boon sunt thereby Oou.
Mount Washington, N. 11., Sept. 14.
Tlic members of tlio Cabinet and their fami
lies arrived today.
Indigestion, nyspopsm, nervous prostration,
and nil founts nr gmionil debility rullovud by
taking Monstnun's Poptunlzud Hoof Tonic, tbo
only preparation of beef containing Its entire
nutritious properties. It is not a mere stimu
lant like tbo extracts of beef, but contains
blood-making, forcc-goncrutlmr. and llfo-sus
mining properties; invaluable In aUunfeo
bleed conditions, wbothor tbo result of exhaus
tion, nervous prostration, overwork, or acute
diseases, particularly if resulting from pulmo
nary complaints. Caswell, Hazard & Co., pro
prietors, Now York. For sale by druggists.
Tho followleg marriage licenses wore Issued yostor<
, . A'limr. Aye. Keitdenu,
(John (>. Dsblgron A.... Chicago.
} Kmlly U. Isaacson 27.... Chicago.
(Charles I*. Johnson.....’JO....Chicago.
( Ella E. Thomas 22.... Chicago.
} John Krooz UL... Wlnnutkn, HI,
( Anna Nulwuln 2a....Wlnn«lkn, lit,
( Alfred C. Whiting 25,...Chicago.
} Aiinlo W. Macaulay....2l....Chicago.
J W. A. Wychnrt 25....418 North-ay.
( Louisa K. Smith 21....1185 West Madison, .
} linns W. Hemp.. 25....27G West Indiana.
I Katie Foaron, 22....1157 West Erie.
}W. 11. Curtin .....24 lofforaon. 111.
1 llattlo JO. Cook zi....72 North La Bails,
J Fred Schroder 1d.... Itlcli, 111,
(Hunhht BchiilU 27....U1ch, 111.
I Andrew J. Cooper M...,Hyi10 Park, HI.
(Anna N. Aborcrutnblu..2:i..,.llydo Park, ill.
1 Oscar W. Snyder ...ltd....Chicago.
(Mrs. ill. J. Hinckley...lD....Chicago,
j WllnulmUrutstnim...Urdu Park, 111,
(Frcdorlcku Moyer iEl,,,,Chicago.
} Scott W. McCn5h.......21....Cb1cngu.
( Mngalo McCarthy 5u.... Chicago.
j Hubert Kriewuii 21....1U Samuel,
(Augusta Pels 21....1115amue1.
J Herman Haonlsch 53....1113 East Division,
(ISmby Ituhlnmn 2U....1H Mllton-av.
( PlillundurH. H00t......25,,..M0nr0e. Mich.
\ Anna M. West 20....72a West Washington.
( Edward O. Kovppo 22,...241 East ilundot|ih.
( Victoria Nicholas 22.,,.211 East Hmidolph,
j August John V7....:U7 Mohawk.
( Augusta Hill ft.... Chicago.
J Falrttuld M. Palmar....3o.,..Platlsmoulb. Neb,
IK. Ella Ulako 2(J,...Lowlsion, Me. t
(Ivnr Lindahl ......25.,..151 Hubbard.
(Hilda Johnson 22 ...IWHubbard.
i Hurlon llottonborg...«U....Chicago,
(Annie F. H0ward.......21.,,.Chicag0.
| William O’Hourko 27....T0wn of Lake.
(Bridget Willie ...2U....T0wn of Luka.
MKIOB FHKBMAN —At No. ■ 1854 Wabruh-nv.,
Wednesday, bept. 4, Uy tho Hot. C. Cuvornu. uf l.om
haul. 111., John B. Molgus, uf Chicago, and Alice M.
Freeman, daughter ot i)r. A. W. Freeman.
SMITH—The funeral of tho Uttloson of Mr. u»d
Mn. I'orry 11. Htnltli Jr. will occur at lliutr residence,
976 Ontario. »t., Thursday morning, Sept. 16, at 11
o'clock. All frlomls uru invited.
KKSLEII-Cornellus 1). Keslor, nl his lato rest*
donee, 9112 Mlchlgau-av., Wednesday, morning. Bepu
14. of consumption.
Ho leaves invito and son to mourn tho loss uf n
kind husband and parent.
Funeral survloos at tho bouse Thursday, Bent, 16,
at a (i. in.
tir Cincinnati Oasotto and Eaton (O.) llcglitor
please copy,
ItOlllllNti—Orlando B. nbbblus, aged 90 years and 10
Notice uf funeral hereafter.
gyilluutmiißtou till.) papers ntcaso copy.
MOLlN—Maude Uolln, agodll years 11 months and
20 days, daughter uf Francis and Ellon Molln.
Funeral tram her lato residence. SOsburao*st.,nt
11:90u. m. Thursday. Bout. 16. by cun luges to North*
western Depot, thence by curs to Calvary Cemetery.
Frlomls uf tho family me respectfully requested to
DAVlß—Alice Maud. Infant daughter of John U
and Marlon Mavis, bout. 19, of corubraUmenluglthi,
alter two wuuka sickness. .
Funeral Thursday, tiopt. 15, from tho residence, 9.13
Cnrroll-av., at 1 o’clock p. m. Friends of tho family
aro Invited.
BTKVBNB—Suddenly, Noble Btevcns, salesman for
Keep Manufacturing Company, while on his vacation
at lilsh umu In James lllvur, Vr Is., of paralysis or the
heart. 110 was formerly connected with ihmlridgu
& Co.
BMITU-Charlos J., at the roaldoneoof his father.
Humuel 0. buitib, 2095 Vornun*av., tiopu Imaged 25
years. .
Funeral from tho rusldonco Friday at 9:90 o’clock
p. m. by carriages to Oukwuods.
HAYNB-Atthutila People’s Home, Hopt, 14, Mrs.
Addlu U liaynb, aged uuyears.
Funeral from the Homo today (Thursday) at 2 p. m.
KOT/.K—At tho residence of his fattier, In Leyden
Township, William Kotio. aged layears.
Funeral Friday, Bept. It), at 11a.m., at his father’s
MoKI.IIOV—At his lato rostdonoo, 2119 Wnbash-ov.,
utT:;iu p. m.. Tuesday, Kept. 19, uf huan disease, tiulou
MoElroy, ague! 4'J.
Funeral services at thu house at 4:90 p. to. today.
Tho remains will bo taken to Ciuolmmtl lor Inter*
UAl.b—Josotib U. Hall, at bis Into roildonco, 2018
Columui-nr.. Wodneaduy, Hopl. 11, at 4 o’clock p.m.
Noiico of imiorrtl hereafter.
8 ♦’■rouulikuopolo iN. V.j paper*ploaiocopy.
D’OItKhNII.GH— III llili city, tiopt. 13. at V:3O p, u.,
Mn. Juantiotui il’OrtoiiUlo, formerly of Cincinnati,
aped HI ymira.
t .Funeral from the roaldoncoof borßoiWO'law, Mo].
. I). Ilniwu. U6W Mlcltltfuii>av.i at 3 p. m., Tbunday,
Bopt. 15,
tJfClbolnnatl paper* pleaau copy.
MAUUMY—Hope U. at bur lat« roildonco, SsQUax*
wuil*»t.. of typhoid malaria. Anna O. Ntlua, beloved
wife of T. J. Marunoy. aged 31 yuara and lu month*.
Ktmurul Friday, bop*. 10, at lu o’clock,a. u., to
Juault Cbnrcb. Uiuncu by carriages to Calvary.
IllßllOl’—Wednesday, Hope 14, Thontaa B. nialiop.
Notice of funurul from tbu residence ut Uoburt
Hervoy, UlTwcftty*iUUi**u, in Kvoulng Journal uud
,£A. tbu Army of the Cumberland will bo held In
Ituom !l Grand I'uclilu llotul at H n. tu. tonluht to hear
(ho tlnnl reports of tbu vurlnua committees lurelu*
Utm to thu Clmttunounn ruunlun.
-tX fuaurora* AaaoolaUon will l*o hold at Klaro’a
Hall, TU North Oark-iU, on Thurador, tho l&tli, alti
ii’olitck p. in. A full a tonduucu la rtaiuoatud. JOHN
i.UBBKM. l»ro»Utonu (IKO. U. NIKOOKM. Bocrotnry.
» noon prayur-moetliiK Madlaon«aL
JL Uonurul tsecratnrr. Mr. A. T. litmilngwur. tlda
evening In Ixiwur Furwoll Hull.promUoa tu boa
pluaxint affair.
MBaud ll.fi. Si. orMfc.* u inmplo
raiuU bo* br ozproaa of tho bLI
Caudtva In Aiuurlou. put up ol*.
Kantlr and ttrloc r pure. a«l»r«
to all Cbiuaao. Addroaa
liUN'lilKH, Confoouoaer.
■li>iMli»on-«u. Cuisaro
lA B Hk Mll.K. UKKU.
SIH ■■ BM B B and other nolorloualratdul*
I IB U toratod fooila onnltaert and
ullurißß wfffsr.vr*±, u ‘S
W W V IIIS Akkuyur, SI Clark-aU U. Cl
auction SALES.
uj ueo. rriioiii: &
214 and 31(1 MnOlnun-sU
. Thursday, Sept. 15, at 9;30 a. m„
Crockery &
Vio shall offer another lento stock of
P.'mds InW.IJ., C.l!„ Porcelain. 1 lolof.
V ollow;W«ro. InllllnoHnf 'l'nlilo GiuMwarei’la^
Kc!alT und lAta * fhandoTA;»K
Hoods hacked for country merchants.
OKO. P. tiOUK A CO.. Auction
Keguiar Trade Sale'
THURSDAY, SEPJ. 15,9:30 fl. M. *
' Great Sale Cloaks and Clothine.
«KO. P.UOKK A CO.. AucUonccu.
summers sale
SIO,OOO Worth of Miiim r actiircd Furs,
Friday Morning, at Sept. 16,1881,
181) WaLnsh-nv., up stairs.
Tha entire slock of Nathan Ehrlich, Manufacture
consisting of Heal HneipioH mid l)uliimD!i. Hllk Dolt
mans. Circulars. Mink ami Huai How. Ladles’ and
Gents’Seal Caps, eta, will be suld without fall ro.
gardiess of cost. O. L. MANN. Sheriff
llyJ.ll. BUHKB. Deputy. _
FJtIUAY, Sept. Ilk at 10a. m.,Tbo
Entire Contents ot Largo House and Saloon,
On Thiiiy-fifth-st.,
Opposite Entrance to Grand Boulevard,
1 Fine Plano, Elegant liar. Ico box and Fixture*,
1 Largo Mirror, Parlor Sols. Ilrussuls Carpets. 11, \V.
Chamber Huts. Budding, Cuulrs, etc., Cooking and
Heating Htovci, Crockery. Glass und Plated Wars,
Hone, Buggy, aud Hnrnuss,
Salo positive. Splendid chance.
1). LUNG, Salesman for Mortgagee.
Manufacturing Establishment for Sale.
On tho 4lh of October next, nb II o'clock tcia. «•
will sell at Ptihlla Auction nt our odlco In the nir <>f
Jancsvllh), Wla.. nil thu Heal Estate. Jlarhlurrr,
Tools. Patterns. Potent*, and good will of Hit tunl*
noss constituting our present Mamifscturlng Ks'nb
ilshruont. Date of possession mudo known on dnj uf
sale. HAiinis M’F’O m.
J. FaUNHWOH’I'H. Sed'y<
JAKKartfiTiK. WlB.. Bopt. 1. IWHI.
baking rowvEit.
MVkra lishTar l.Tlc.jji, *£.fucVow-
Ja ItwtUUUr thim orUluury VaUluß»
*in cum. golil »t n rri»o»»bl« „
Thß llorsford Mmni\*9 awl Cook "
■eut fit*o, f
Hnmford Chtotlml Worka. ProriQto^’
•od S 3 Uftke-au. Cblcaao.
1 riLE mm*.*
fall* lo euro. Prepared by «»• * •
OallUiia, I**. AwH*j/e«uin« mMuul hu
Uw*»a U«t~U. IM W- M>JUua. * <*t. >■»■« * 1
HAlohe l^

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