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ernttnf* of flunk*. Itnnkera, nnd .Merean-
Itle firms aollcllcil.
(IcnlFritn Vntletl Nliilf* Rnnili.
I'nrFlitn I'xclmnitF uml Cnblr T»*nn«fV*r«.
N>tv >:n«tnml Cnlledl >n«mnd(*.
IlmCt* received »«»• neoeptnnee, nail •nllsfitc*
tory inimrs discounted nt currant mle*.
I'oritiiiondence Invited.
ASIA I’. I’OTTKII, President
,». .F, BDI>V. Cn*htor.
.1. \v. wnuic. Am'i Cashier.
liaulcors and Brokers,
130 LA SALL.E-ST.,
Members N. Y. Stock Exchange.
CYRUS W. FIELD, New York, Special.
Direct Wire from our Office to
New York.
Boody, Saltonstall & Co.,
Stocks and Bonds,
BOODV, McI.RLt.AN 4 CO., M llronilnrnr, N. V.
Mcmhei'ft.N*. V. Ntauk RxvhaiiKts
Bankers & Brokers,
Interest allowed on Deposits. Klfst-clnss bonds
ntlcnllon clvrn to Investments.
Blocks bunithtnnd sola forcnslt or on mantm on
Sow York und I'lilludolphln Uxchnnites.
104 Wuslilnffton-st,,
Member N.Y. Stock Exchange.
Bonds and Stocks bought and sold on
commission at New York, Boston and other
Exchanges, and carried on margin.
Local sucufltios tmnUlml en commission.
Jp. A. 81212R55 & CO;,
noltl on margin. STOCK PRtVll.KGKSiitcloao rales.
New York lluuso: <l. MICIIKI.OT A CO.. 4S ilroad-st.
$lO, $2O, $5O, SIOO, $5OO,
limited In our now uml only *nfo plan of Spoculnl
ins In Whcnt Stock*, ole., quick and nrotlta Irtrac.
Now I* tint best flcuwm to take hold, \V.rllo for our
Fumphloi. etc., plvlns particular*. Sent t reo. H.km
xu St MlM.Kit, llrokcrs, ITU \Viuhtnaion*at., tlilcmjo.
$350 STOCKS. H>-~iOO.
Eastern Electric life. Co. Slock for Sale.
Lights now on exhibition nl the Inter-Ocean Office.
Intending purchasers will do well to ilrat commit
\VM. HAWVKU. Knrle's Hotel. Now \«fk.
Solicit conßlKUtnenW of Ornln. MU Kjistom onJor#
witb tlUpatun. Huy him) null liralii und Provision* for
luuiru Uultvory. »nd carry otvsli property o» nmrulns.
Bur amt Holt Groin fur Kmuru liollvory and tarry
path Property on Margins. Currcupomluncu solicited.
References 1 umlshwl.
Our National Debt Is about f\ 1 I ¥717
$2,097,803,889. BIM?
Yet tho DIKIiOM) Safes guard I « LJ| B > Hlj
greater values than tnls for tno I. IFB B I i
Banks and leading liras* of till- *■“•■■■ *-•
cage. J. W. NORUia.Uon. Agt..
til atato-st. Chicago.
List of Hutted Mate* I’atentN Issued to
Inventor* of Illinois, Wisconsin,
ITllehlgnn, minncsota, lowa, Indiana,
and Nebraska.
Washington. D. C., Oct. ft.—A. H. Evans Sc
Co. rcport'tho followlug list of patents Issued:
J. Belcrsdorf and \V. 1. Bunker, Chicago, pint
form rocKlng-cbatr.
M.C. Bullock, Chicago, gib for commoting
F. M. Crandal, Chicago, bnrbcd-fonco.
F. M.-Crandal, Chicago, barbed-wire fence.
L. F. Do Voo and W. D. Moorhead, Cbrlsmnn,
co tree-pot.
C. U. Fisler, Chicago, olovntor-buckot.
A. Goodman, Decatur, inusiu-stund.
J. L. Graven, Wellington. w'nshtug-nmchfno.
C. Haas and J.C. Btoel/cl, Font, hearse-bur
row. •
11. It, Hnwloy v Chicago, system for heating
11. H. Hawley, Chicago, whent-bentor.
'V'. H, Jenkins. Ulninl, reach for carriages.
C. Kuentner, Chicago, uluvutur.
11. McDevitt, Chicago, draw-bur for street*
H. 1). MoKoover, Mollnn, Jar-holder.
(I. Moll, Muscoutalr, device for operating the
tool-rests of lathes.
F. 11. Morgan & Co., Freeport, feed-grinding
J. It Hoy, Champaign, sled-propeller.
>V. Huberts, Martinsville, baby-jumper.
B. 0. Bcboftold, Freeport, corn-sheller.
.1. It Bloner, Hone Gap, wagon-bed litter.
W. H. Tothlll, Chicago, swing.
U. Whelan, Chicago, valvu for rendering
J. Williams, Chicago, boiler washing-machine.
J. W. Anderson and J. T. Gay, Kendall, oar
0. U. ilradsbaw and J. llowott, Nolllsvlllo,
It Kettlor, Milwaukee, rooklng-clmlr.
M. W. tyneh, Madison, buckle.
F. J. Hhuldun, I.ongwood, guto-anglug.
It 0. Bhurwlu, llrundtm, land-roller.
J. F. Drawer, Coral, machine for forming
threads on metal. *>
K. A. Drown, HrcodsvlUe, plllow-ibnm holder.
j. 0. Cowles, Mount Vernon, horseshoe.
t. F. F.scbwoiler, Houghton, uru-uoncon
C. F. Eschweller. Houghton, are-separator.
J. W. Langley, Ann Arbor, electric-regulator,
D. H. Melomly and W, J. Doynton, Uultlo
Creek, key-ring.
A. U. Biultb, Dowaglite, vehicle-hub.
N. J. Thomas and 11.1). Bcholluld, Fuwlorvllle,
pointer for pluuib-lovels.
William L. C. Aekermnnn, Ued Wing, vessel.
James B. and ti. H. lltliyer. Faribault, auto
matic sampler for Hour and other imbalances.
tawrenco U. Hoot, Fast Minneapolis, clothes
.1. 11. Doughty, (Kenwood, llre-pot for stoves.
J. R. Guruey, liurltugum, gale-roller and
T. Hines, Tama City, combined planter uud
O. D. Libby, Loblgb, machine for upsetting
A. J. Balder and B. U. Dulr, Koolo, butter
O. Warner. Dcs Moines, grain-binder.
B. Campbell, North Fngitsa, wlre-llghtoaer.
V Hllam P. Feit. South Dond, carriage- top.
Joseph G. Grolf, CouuoravUle, circular-saw
John W; Hayes, Fort Wayne, steam-engine
Jeremiah Lockwood, Bnlllvaa, door-socuror.
rranets M. Hoots, Cuimvrsvillo. rotary-blower.
J. Beatb. Terre Haute, car-axle box.
W. H. Walker, Deer Creek, torpedo-guard for
J. il. Veagloy, Indianapolis, sadb-tightenor.
A. D. Clark, Omaha, amalgamator.
A. D. Cmrk, Umuhu, umalgumatlug apparatus.
lirnwn's Iron Hitters bunbb Ul-heuUU, thoughts
of suicide, melancholy, etc.
Stocks Active, and Depressed,
Closing Very Weak.
Money Atlvnnces to 05 Per Cent,
ami Hard to Get.
Foreign Exchange Demoralized—Fi
nances in Chicago,
Tbe rrodnrc Slarleta Jtllvr. mul .Ijrnln l.imer—
ilraln Declined, ivilli Smell l.ongs
’ Staining.
Provisions Very Weak—A Great Deal of Prod*
uct on Sato, with Little Demand.
All considerations of (ho railroad war and or-
Unnry stock manipulations were swallowed up
n tbo money ijnestlon. This was llio nmln and
irnrtleitlly tho only Inllueneu at work In thu
market. Hates of Interest In Wall street nil*
vnneed tuOA per cent. Money was reported to
bo bard to got even nt Hint price, ami what
bothered operators was not tbo rates but tho
supply. A temporary rally occurred during tho
afternoon, ami some of too bears covered hi,
expecting that a great deal of money would bo
ottered on tbo street at low rates toward
tbo eloso. Hut this did not happen, and
at tbo close tbo market was almost panicky. It
Is said that Mr. Gould is locking money up, ami
ns much ns this runs counter t« what aro sup
posed to be Mr. Gould's present necessities tho
source of tbo information 1* better limn onll-
nary gossip. New York dispatches slate Unit
largo blocks of stocks came out to satisfy the
demands of the boars, amt that Mr. Gould was
getting uneasy.
There was some buying of stocks for invest*
meut, at the decline, but not much slgnillcunco
can bo ascribed to this, os nowadays bears sell
short far Investment,
Now York bank Presidents are reported to bo
scrutinizing bunk loans with unusual care.
Some of the city banks called In nil their wall
street loans on Saturday, aud among tbo collat
erals being discarded by some lenders Is Denver
Sc 1110 Grando stock.
Jay Gould's broker denies the truth of tbo
story that his principal had borrowed f 1,000,000
of sixty-day exchange on the pledge of stock
securities and sold it again In the open market
In order to raise the money. The broker says:
“Every broker In Wall street knows that Mr.
Gould basbeen loaning Immense sums of money,
not only during the past tblrtyor sixty days, but
for three years. Ho docs not need to borrow.
This story Is being circulated by a man who is
unquestionably in tbo pay of Mr. Keene, ami It
Is tienig done out of personal spite. Mr. Gould
has more than $10,000,000 out in Wall street.
Yon can take bets on that and win right along.”
What tbo stockholders of the warring rail*
roads are losing Is being gained by the mer
chants of tbo Must. Thu low fares and freight
rates have attracted to New York a great many
interior merchants, who otherwise would havo
himlo their purchases, us usual, at Hu Louis,
Chicago, or Cincinnati. Tbo result of this is
that In Now York tbo Jobbing branch of every
trade has not been so good for many years as
during tbo lust fow months.
Mr. Vanderbilt Is reported to bo accumulating
evidence from tbo largest receivers of grain at
tbo Now York Produce Exchange to show that
the Baltimore Sc Ohio mado a heavy cut on
through freight last spring and summer. If
such a charge could bo proved to be true, Mr.
Vandorblllhaflmndouplilsinlnd.lt Is fluid, to
refuso to entertain any further negotiations
with the Presidents of tho other trunk lines.
Many of tho holders ot Now York Central and
Luke Shore havo taken this view, and are selling
One of tho most Important results of tho
shortage of tno crops will 00 In cutting down
too grain freignts of the railroads. Only guesses
have boon roudo so far as to what this loss of
business would be. The first attempt to get ex
act and statistical Information on the subject
has been made by W. T. Baker A Co,, of this
oily. They have begun tbo Investigation of the
prospective earnings of tbo principal railroads
of tho Western grain belt. Thu 111*81 of their re
ports—there Is to bo a scries of thorn—discusses
tbo shortage of the com crop of tho Illinois
Central, and Its probable effect on tho future
earnings of thut road. They say:
Of tho 1,!)20 miles operated by this company
{)lH.nr(iP)4 per coin, are in iho Stale of Illinois:
s(],2ft'J,;U4.;n>. or 7ft nor cunt of $8,W1,811.81, total
f ross earnings In IHbO, wero from transportation
a tills State.
Witfi the exception of coal, corn affords to
this road a much mrgur tonnage than any other
single article of commerce, and Bft por cent of
tho corn-trnnsportuUou on this road Is In tho
'State of Illinois.
Wo have therefore taken care to secure tho
following accurate reports from stations on the
line of the Illinois Central of tho amount of old
corn on bund and tiio percentage of damage to
the crop by drouth. Tho annual reports uud
linnnehu statements of this company show that*
tho years following dotiulunt corn harvests
have boon largely dellclent in earnings.
Thu failure of tho corn crop in Central
uml Southern Illinois, which (ho Illinois Won
tml especially serves, even If puriiat, causes a
decrease In tbo production of cattle and hags,
uml In tno ability of the tanners to buy general
merchandise. The corn harvest of 187<), fur ex
ample, was deficient by reason of heavy rains in
July, and the nuantbyof corn curried by the
Illinois Central fell from D.TTft.ft'lO bu in IflTDto
ft,B62,bit) bu in 1877: and tbo gross earnings of
1877 were $107,!W7.16 less than those of 18*0. This
was in spite of an abundant harvest In |h~7, uud
other favoring circumstances. The brat cifect
of a partial failure of tbo crop was an Increased
shipment of corn in the lust months of 187», and
the falling off In shipments and eurmnga was
postponed to 1877. 'lids wo may expect to see
repented lifter every Unllcicnt harvest. The re
sult In tonnage and earnings will only appear In
the year following tbo failure of the crop.
The report (bon gives, by counties, the amount
of old corn In crib, the yield In IKS;), and the dam
age by drouth In 1881. in BouthArn Illinois two
counties report rci.ooo bn of old corn lit crib;
thlrty-ono report mmo; one reports very little.
As to damage from drouth, tsvonty-lhroo coun
ties report corn an entire failure: tbreo ye
port corn badly damaged; six report corn*
damaged from til to U) per cent.
In Northern Illinois, thirty-one counties report
827,000 bn of old corn In urib: seven report very
little old corn In crib; two report one-third of
old crop on band; one roiwrts oite-fourib of old
crop on band: thirteen report none. Two coun
ties report no damage to corn by drouth: seven
report damage very alight: live report corn
damaged badly; sixteen report corn damaged
from DU to 75 per cent; twenty-six report corn
damaged from 10 to 40 per cent.
In Central Illinois, thirty-one counties report
ADS,OOO bu of old corn In crib; one reports one
eighth of old crop on bund: one reports!:.* per
cent of old crop on band; one reports 10 pur
cent of old crop on band; six report very Ultlo;
nine report none. One county reports no
damage to corn by drouth; tbreo report damage
very small; two report eurn ruined; sixteen re
port corn damaged from ft) to 7D per cent; twep
ty-sevuu report corn damaged Irom 10 to 40 per
In recapitulation for Illinois: In Southern
Illinois, say OA,OOO bu old eurn on haifd on lino
Illinois Cunlral. Damage, say 80 per cent, or
practically no corn for transportation. In
.Northern Illinois 1,000,000 bu on hand on lino of
Illinois Central In (bis section. Bay damage 40
percent. In Central Illinois 700.000 bu old corn
In store on Illinois Central In this section. Buy
dumago 4U per vent.
In lowa there aro about 1120,000 bu of old corn
In erib on lino of Illinois Central. Tbo present
crop Is below average, but deficiency pot muro
than 10 to IA percent.
In conclusion, the report says:.
Tbo earnings of the Illinois Central from
transportation of corn in 1882 will fall consider
ably below those trom sumo source In 1891. It
is generally believed, lot), that none of the other
crops In Illinois or low'll have yielded as great
quantities us in 1880. It If probable, therefore,
that the earnings of this road from all transpor
tation of products will bo less In 188:1 than In
1881. The earnings on transportation of general
mercaudlsu promises, however, to inuroaso In
those sections us hi Northern lowa, where tbo
farmers have nearly an average crop, and get
100 per cent udVuncu on the prices of lust year.
The Illinois Central Hallway has thus fur paid
hut about $1,100,000 of its redemption bonds,
which matured Oct. I, under the company's cull
for their redempuon at 110 and Interest to tbo
extent of the entire issue of $0,500,000. Tho
bonds aro widely scattered and comu la slowly.
Tho cash value of the HJ,O*O,UUO uf stock and the
bonds of Us New Orleans Hue now in Its treasury
practically reduces tho debt of the Illinois Cen
tral Hallway to kMiUhiinfU',Out), (Joo. The earnings
of the New Ortvaus Hue (Chicago, bt. Louts &
utcrnbcr •how an
nherof Inst year,
for nine months
n J2.71-.~fll, whllo
sso wore s2,av),mw.
for Ho|i
«1 In W
New Orleans Hallway) f<
Increase of f ft),(fit over S
nml the cotnparntlvn ear
from .lan. I, IWI, linvi
those for the same porlo*
being an Increase of SJ)W,
KarnlntfS—Denver & HI
week of September, flftl,
ISM. Total earnings for r
crease of Miles
year, ftll. Union I’aclllc
nine days of September,
of?.VW.m St. IMnI.VM
week of September. f
Great Western 1
emied Sept. showed A i
The following shows
active stocks:
mdofortho Fourth
m Inctenscor s4l*,-
I), nn In*
ojierntoil.lHtls Inst
itt«« first twenty*
17.81-’. nn Innrvnso
olm earning (hint
f», nn Ineronso of
ny of Con ml it week
;tISO of 9T.1A1.
lueUinUons o'
tlo Onti
a now i
o nn rnli
tUo tl
A lion
American District Tel. Co.
West Union Tel. to
C..U. .vy....
Cuimdii Muithoni
r.,c. a I. c
hook Island
Illinois Control
Now York Central
Aovr Vork Dievated
Metropolitan Klorntcd....
Mil., U. .4. ,t W
C„ U.. O. A I
hrie pKlturVcd.’i.
Mlelmnin Control
I.nko snore
Do jirctorroil
Do mo furred
I.nko Krlo A W
WnlMivli. M. 1.. A Pncltlo.,
Do preterm!
l.uulsvkllo A Nashville...,
I. 11. A W..
Union J’ncinc,,,.,.........
Ohio A Mississippi
Uimnllml ami. .lou. pU..
NorUiom i’nclllc
Do preferred
Kansas a'l'uxub.
Delaware. Dark, ft West.,
Del. A Hudson
Now Jersey Control
I'iulilo Mail
Ml. 1,. A Man KrnntUcu....
Do preferred....
Murrlii A Kssex
Out. A Western.
Krlo seconds
Houston A Tex. Con
Control I’actuo
Cheap. A Ohio
Do tlrst put
Do second i)l(l
Mobile A Onto
Denver A illo Urumlo. ..
I’curln. U. A K
Missouri Pacino
Toma I'nclffc
Ohio Control
Mol. Kiovated bunds
Manitoba ...
i;. Tciih. A D«
ry weak. Ha
; on tho up
Government bonds w<
noon showed n declim
y of H
prices quoted below. In Chicago, nt tbo open
ing. District of Columbia JUlfts were 107 bid
and 108 asked: United HtntesDUs ((Is continued)
10011 bid and loo\ asked: dlls(sacontinued) were
100!i bid ond 100?* asked, cx. Interest; 4s, 1I5?4
bid and 110)4 asked, ox. Interest; and -His, 11!)
bid ami asked.
Foreign exchange was heavy and demoral
ized by the monetary situation. Rates were al
most nominal. Hankers' sterling wns4 805?.483)4;
sterling actual rates were 47wa.l7D)S: commer
cial sterling was nominally 4Tfi®47fti£, nt which
point there is a good prollt In the Imports of
specie, (bough not much is expected to come
in. Bunkers' francs woro f£s for sixty days and
fi2lU for demand; French commercial bills
wero 621i?;©r;)0 for Paris; Belgian commercial,
ft!»®ft:nu: bankers' marks, IM@H4?4: and com
Chicago bank clearings were $12,1)00,000. Loans
were In active demand at B®7 per cent. Now
York exchange was weak at DOct&l.OO per
SI,OOO discount. Country orders wero unusually
Cook County 7s of 1802 sold at 12254.
Special Dlipalth lo The Chicago Tribune.
New Yoiik.Oct.C.-Hnocnlation on tboStock
Exchange was extremely bearish today. Tho
continued stringency in money compelled many
of tho bulls to let go tholr holdings, and prices
declined \\ to 0)4 per cent below yesterday's
closing quotations, tho latter Houston Sc Texas.
Thu market opened 2 per cent lower for Nash
ville & Chattanooga, 1)4 percent lower for Bur
lington Sc Quincy, t per cent lower for Cleveland,
Columbus. Cincinnati Sc Indianapolis and Mem
phis Sc Charleston, and )i to % percent lower for
tho remainder of tho list. Immediately there
was a further decline of *4 to
1 per cent, tbo latter in Burlington
& Quincy, Norfolk & Western, and Manhattan
Elevated. This was followed by a recovery of )4
to I per cent, tbo latter in Luke Erlo Sc Western
and Manhattan Elevated. Then tboro was an
other doelinoof !4 tod?* por cent, ending shortly
after noon. Beading, Loimvlllo Sc Nashville,
Columbus, Cincinnati Si Indianapolis,
Canada Southern, Chicago, Burlington & Qulnoy,
Western Union, Ohio & Mississippi, Michigan
Central, Norfolk Sc Western preferred, Wabash
preferred, Hannibal Si Ht. Joseph preferred,
Metropolitan Eluvntcd, Central Pacific, Lake
Shore, Delaware, Luokawunnn Si Western, Den
ver Sc Ulo Grande, Bock IsUml, Missouri
Pacific. Texas Pacille, Kansas & Texas, ond
Milwaukee A Luke Shore all suffered severely.
Another advance of >4 to 15* per cant, tho latter
In Louisville Si Nashville, was followed oy a
further decline of )4 to H 4 percent in tho gen
eral list, and r> per cent In Houston Si Texas.
Canada Southern, Denver Jkßlo Grando. Hanni
bal & St. Joseph preferred, Noi^liwestern, Texas
Paelllc, Louisville & Nashville, Western Union,
Missouri Paelllc, Central Poullle, Lake Hhore,
and Illinois Central wero tho other lenders In tho
downward movement. There was then an ad
vance of )* (o Hi per cent, tho latter In Louis
villu Sc Nasbvlllc.but toward the close there was
a still further decline, bilngltig prices down lo
tho lowest jHilut of tho day. In tho llunl sales
Houston A’Texas rallied Hi por cent, and Home
of the other stocks recovered a fraction ulso,
but tho market closed heavy.
Thumoney market continued very stringent
today. The ruling rate to borrowers an pledge
of stock collateral ranged from ft per cent to}*
of 1 por cent pur dlom and legal Interest, but
Just before tho close loans were made nt ft por
cent, the market closing at U per cent. Holders
of Government bonds were accommodated at ft
&0 por cent, Time loans and mercantile dis
counts are nominally unchanged. Tho sterling
exchange market continues weak. Tho nomi
nal asking quotations are ltd for sixty-day bills
and 4SU4 fur denumi. Actual business was
transacted on tbo basis of 478)4&t7U for sixty
day bills, 48H40 18254 for demand, tKKfclShi tor
cable transfers, and 47U)4(&17714 for commercial
llallrpnd mortgages with two or tbreo excep
tions woru very weak. Duston, Hartford Sc Frio
lirsts advanced from IUS to ft)?*, sold down to
ftlli, and closed nt ft). Frio consolidated seconds
declined from Util* to 101*4, milled to 102, uud
closed at 102. Mobile & Ohio llrst debentures
dropped from 0714 to WJli, and closed at 07. Now
Vork Central lirsts advanced from HIT to 137 H,
and returned to ld7. Bt. Louis St Ban Francisco
seconds (class D) fell from 01 to UK*, and closed
ut 01. St. Paul sinking fund consols rose from
bSI‘,4 to 1-4, and returned to 123! 4. Morris Sc
Fssox lirsts advanced from IDA to 1117, Lehigh Sc
WHkesbarro consuls assented from 100 to lioy,
Cairo Sc Fulton Urals from lOßl* u> 11014.
'Canada Southern guaranteed firsts * declined
from ot>U to 08*4, Donvor&lUoGramleuonstruu
tlona from lIUI \ to 107, Delaware Sc Hudson 7s
of 1881 from 100 to 11714, Houston Sc Texas gen
eral Os from lOllf lOUJI4, Indianapolis, Doeatur
iSprlnglleld seconds from HA to ft), Tex
as general (Isfromßß toB7. Metropolitan Klovated
lirsts from 100 totoii, Homo, Watertown Sc Og
densbnrg from 0114 tolM.Kt. Paul lirsts (Southern
Minnesota Division) from 100 te lUA(4, Texas Pu
eblo Income and land-grants from 71 to id, do
(Ulo Grande Division) from WIOB4, Union Pa
elite lirsts trom U'JVitoUO,Wabash Jt Puelrtc lirsts
from 11014 to 111), Fast Tennessee incomes from
DP.4IOD& Bi. Paul Sc Chicago PuoHlo Us tola at
107(4, Lake Krlo & Western lirsts (Sandusky Di
vision) at 102, Kansas Pueblo (Denver Division)
ut lll.und Albanyißiisquehamm seconds ut 100(4.
7b (AS HV«lrm AMOftutol
Nbw YuiiKi Oct. s.—(Jovcrmueuls wuro weak
and lower, extendedussellingoff ft;do&s,Kt
4145, }*; and 48, ?i.
Uullroml bonds were weak and lower.
Btuto securities wuru moderately active.
Block market wan weak at toe opening and
price* generally lower, Nashville & Chat*
tuuouga being Ut Chicago, Jlurllugtou Si
IJulnoy, 1!*; and Cleveland, Columbus, Cln*
elnnatl & Indianapolis, 1 off from yes*
lerday's closing figures. Speculation liumv*
dlnloly took u downward course, and during
the remainder of the day, except at rare inter*
vals,when slight recoveries took place, the tend*
eney was In the direction of lower urloes.
The pressure to sell was very pro*
pounced, and was mainly duo to the
stringency In money. Thu lowest llgores were
touched Just before the close, when the decline,
ii* compared with Inst niKht'ftonotntloiH, mimed
from >• to 7 a i, tho hit lor in Houston St Texaa.
Other shares more prominent in depression
holiijr Cleveland, Colnmlms. Clnelnnnti & In*
dlitmtpolls, Uoadimr.St. l,onn St Sun Francisco
preferred, Western Union, Chlemrn, narllmrloit
A Quincy, Cnnnda Southern. Louisville Sc Nash
ville. Delaware, Lackawanna »V Western, Denver
A lUotlrnndu, Kansas Sc Texas. New.lersey Cen
tral. I.like Shore, Northwestern, Oltl«» .V Missis
sip|>l, ami Michigan Central. In IlnaUnics Hmis
ton .V Texas rallied I l ',, and some Tew other
stocks recovered a fraction, but the market
closed Beuerntly heavy.
Transactions, ft2.‘»,uno.
(’nnnilAHmmioni Riui'N. V.i'nnirnl ir..(iOrt
(•.•mini I’lteUte Nortltcrn I'n. lHc tf.VM
c.,u. \ 1.1; i.am unin a :m»«
li„ |„ w HMm.ontniioft Western... H.VW
I». ft II jmjui! I‘nclim Mnll k.*m
iiimterft Vuoiintna'tWi.uo
>r iho
KIUUIHitTOMt 11,101
(.nkoMioru...,. tv ill
l.miluvlllo &
l,nk«i Krk>ft WoMoni :WMi
Mii'lilvim iVntml t-'.un
Missouri iMcinc. m.iui
NorllttfUitluni l».U«
N.J. nmtriil tMu)
... »‘?4l
,55' s
Now fin!..
( ontml 1'nc111c........tU!n,
Krto roeonil* f
i.oniuii .v wiiioitiiim>.nu- , >i
Mironnrl (to.. tH'*.,
Hi. .100 I
}*u I*. A ?*. U, ilrrlfl HU
'l'vnm*44i>eito do
TomicMco now (.0(1
kllnn .vVorruYlnSito. 47
.IMMM ,v IIMIU liniliu. 14 I
liotirvforml id
11.. C. K. A N 7.1
Cuinuln minibcrn.,...-v.i I
C..C. k I. 0... loli,
( cnirnl Cucillo l‘l
ChuMtpunkuA 0hi0... vs Do prm HH
Dollmt iiroforroil Wbjkinlurln /; NNomorn... ><U
Ihi nL'cntnl uroieereil. W I'lWttia .V ill -M
Clilunno A Allon IfiU I'annnm... 'J.Vj
IKi iirofcrrud .....I'll I'corln 11. A h......... !l*j<
i'.i It. A V IkV.i I‘iiinburrf ...iiß'hi
1.'.. Hi. 1., ,t N.O ‘S Itimdtmt <!)
fill., San. A C1av0..,. til Hack Inland
I !|UVU. A Colo Ml St. 1.. >k Sail. V' 411
luluwnrvA Ilinl«m..lliT Do prof i?»J4
>«!., I.uu. A\V I'll Itollnljiruf lU*
>. AU. (I ni st. Dim) HHVj
ir10..... C|3*Do i»ier. .^..^...........jy
)(>|ircl Mi |
’'oriWuynu Ul
I. A Ht. .Itio IIU
>0 prof.. IU(4,
lurloin ....'ao
louftun A Tnxnit ST
lllnul* C«tnimi........1~HU
.. 11. A W 4J
(nnsns «t Texud....... inH
K. * W •*:»
.nko micro UiU
.miluTlllo A Nash wU‘
... N. A. A C ft 13
■I. AC. Until prof HI [
id. AC. sticumln prof. U
Aleut. A ChnrliMtuii... *1
Michigan I'uiitrul 1
Missouri I'licltlu
Mobile X Ohio :n!£;
Morris A Kane* ,UM
Nash. A Ctialtimouua. W,
ates at
New jersey Cun trul.
Tho CommfliTlrt’- /Ld/cHn says: Hxchungo was
weak for sixty-day hills, and some bankers re
duced thoir rates tborolor. expecting the Hank
of England will tomorrow move its posted dis
count rate up toe per cent on avemmiot the
withdrawn! of gold for Kgypt and the threat
ened movement to this country. The money
stringency depressed United Htates bonds here
Ibiilroml stocks wore depressed, nut only
by tho high rates of money but by the railroad
war, and farther by tho heller that when this Is
settled the grain tonnage of roads will he much
less than a year ago. The expected upward re
action in the stock market did not come oif.
Spfdat Diimteh to The Chteaoo TVlbunr.
Hoston.OcL f».—The stock market today was
more active, but prices In many cases were
lower. In railroad shares, Chicago. Burlington
& Quincy declined from 188 to Kkt. Atchison
from llMl'i to l(t‘i‘a(s.i:M), Union PaeMlc from 111)
to Toledo, Delohos A: Burling
ton from 111)'] to II *4 Little Uock
from 74 to 01)*/], Flint from DO
to 2D. do preferred from 100 to H‘?i,Hiimlnsky
from 2T> to Vermont & .Massachusetts
from i:tl!« to HU, Hastorn from 4(1*4 to 48® l.Vj,
Uuilam) preferred from 28'] to 27!», New Vork
& New England from 02 to firt, Boston, Ilevere
Beach & Lvnn from 128 to 121, Pullman rights
from 22!» to 22?*. Portland, and Uaeo& Parti
mouth from 117 to 117!*.
In bunds Ogdeiedmi-g ds declined from 102*4 to
100, St. Joseph 7s (mm ill) to H7!i. Hartford &
Krle from (K)J4 to .77. Atlantic X I’aelllu Us from
l)a;* to Di). do Incomes from 48 io 445i(0H8. Union
PauilloHs from 121 to 121-U, Comtotion Valley 7s
from i«) to »7. Mexican Central 7s advanced f*.
to 8“! S: New York & Now Kngland 7s from lift*;
to H7(iMl74> Wisconsin Valley 7s sold at 114.
Kansas City, Snrlngiield .V Memphis subscrip
tions sold nl Il2(j. and Hell TeleoaonuUsat 111.
Iti land stocks Boston sold at H, Water-Power
at 7?4, and Maverick at 2;'*.
To tht Auoctaltd Prot,
Boston, Oct. B,—Sleeks closed ns follows:
Water Power. TK Cldc.. Her. X Quincy..l.V94
Huston immi K Clilc., rant,, I), x M„. HI
Atcti. .v Topeka Ist .et.m cm., Han. x ciuve i , . , rts
A. X T. land grunt 7w..111* Knstern It. U •I.")).*
A. AT. second 7s Il l Film A I*. MurouoUu. ‘A I
A. AT. I indßs ..IM!4 Little Hack A h.ti... ib'-j
Heston. 11. AK. 75.... 67 N. Y. AN. K M
Hasten) It. IL 4'<s....,lU'?f O. A LakeClinni. pfil.. W
Kan. Cllv A Law. -Is,..Ill) I), A Luke Clmin. com. II
K. V. HI. .1. A C. 11. 75.. U7W Did Colony WM
Little Hock A Ft. ti.7s.li:i!4 Hutbimt prerurrud.... 'JThj
N. V.4.N. K.7s 117 Itutluml conmiun M
AlCli. A Topeka It. U.JIH Wisconsin t’en, com.. 2.’)w
Huston A Albany ITU Wisconsin Pun. iifd... Ml
Huston A Mulnu lit KllnlA P. Mnr. phi... UTlfi
IiONIMW, Oct. s.— CntlMl
American Hccnrlilos—
Illinois t'untral, W.i;
U 7; Now Vork Central,
seconds, lot); UcmllDir.
Special Ditpatth to The CMeapn Tribune.
Hoston. Mush., Oot. r».—hi mining shores Na
tional advanced **, loti!*: Dnncnn «?.». toW*.
Hursbaw Ueclluc*d y it to 0; Hlilko >4. to 4!i;
Franklin M, to noimuzu Development Jj,
(uAU; Ilrnnswlob Antimony li, to 27; Atlantia
H. to 14'i.
To the trriteru AteotlnUtl I’rtn,
IIOSTON, Mutts., Oct. o.—Stock closed ns fol
lows; .
Alluuoi MlolimOniw), .1 Mmllson Coppor
CtihimotJt lluitlu I’ownbltt (ium) Uni
Cuinlpn.,... Quincy :s»
Copper Full* 4 UiilKO 4!J
Dunciiii Silver 4 silver U10t.,,..1ii
Kmukiiii 12*4
Ban Fiiancihco, Oct. o.—Mining stocks closed
ns follows:
Alplm a iMunn 2K
Aim JW>Noondur ....IKK
Ucrhtol 94j.N«irtliurn liullu WW
linleiiur lu'oiihtr... tW
llusi& Uoleliur mwloru
fttnilu 8 uKommii
Ilillllon .iSWai'olimt -
jliilmtr... |^uvii«u...
(iillforulit I.VM Sturm Nuvmiii
C'li.dlur lft«<sllTur Kliut
Cnu. V1ratiiiu.......... V>m tl
L’ruwn I'olni 1 1 Union fiiiKiilliliituil.. I'.'W
Kxvhuuuur 3il-;i3 Wuliw... -llfi
(limtd Jt Curry 7jM f Smith Hulwur. IlKtt
Umntl TrUo .‘UHj.Vuviiiii
llalu >V NurviUM HU Svurmoii., II
Moxlcuu bj2t
Hllvor King OcoUnw n dividend of 5i3 cents.
Tho followltur instruments wore IllcJ for
record WodncHiluy, Out. ,’i:
Canal at, 153 a of l.uku, o f, 10x150 fl.dalod Knot.
;«j tMuatur In Cimnuury to .lolm M. K111011110..1 4,000
T»unty>aucund at, aucorofVVood.il f.YJxHU
ft, dated bojil. 2f (samu jmriy to Julian bun*
dor).., 1,133
Wmlo at. 211 ft o ot Carrier. n f, tioxlOb tt. Im«
iirovoii,dutudOct. 4 (Anion Tomuaicwakl to
Mtciiuul I'uuloyiM... ... 1,4(1)
F.iaton nT.Aui ft n of Mtlwnukoo, u f, 2jxluj ft
Improved, dated Oct* 4 (Jnn Zandra to Kir*
•umi « i'uputi 1.123
I'ruirlu »v. hut Twomy-aovonUi nml Twunly
cluhth aU. w f, (UxlsUf It, daiud bopt- 33
(Hoary M. llaeon to Kvutyn W. Hnpoul 0,000
Keeloy at, 4tIT tt n of Thtriy*rlr*t, u f. vixlcu It.
(tntud HupuSKA. H, I'ljKtr to F. hchoskei 7HU
Aldlno aanuru.HU ft w of Vlneunnuanv, 11 f, 22x
125 ft, dulodOci,4(Mn»lorln Clmneury lu J.
H. Urlnneq}..*.,. ;i.UW
Aldlno»qu»*l,HiUtjtalmx tnu ahovo.n f,‘i.‘xl2»
tt. dated (let, luaiuo to Abner bantlil 2,(01
McUuynolda at, 13( fto of North Wood at. a(,
•ilxlOU ft. doled Oct. & (l>. Wuatpfahl to C*.
Kruexer)...., ... 6*<)
Uanilla av, I2d U a of Weal Huron at.u f,2lx
lit ft. dutod Jmio 4 (Ida Wliiiitnmn lo A. C.
and W. I*. Huimtrlck) au)
Mlehluun av.'AJIM ft n of 'ndrtytlftti at. w f,
AUxIKI 7-IU ft. dittud Kept. 21 (Cliurloa Morgan
to Charlea \V. i'ardrldxu» I>WJ
North Ciurk at, Chi ft » of t hlenyo nr. u f, aix
III) tt. dated Oct. 1 (Jacob Kronunhuruer lu
(iuona) W. bmltui IXOOI
Mulhor at, between Canal and Clinton, a l, 2Hx
(Ills ft. dntud bupU Jrt) (Mary Ituudukur to A.
iiorinuclun I a.li)
Market at. O) (l n uf Uundoiph, w f.'.UaJiU ft,
dated Out. 1 (Ucuriiu bmlth to Jiuraurd A.
Kcklmrtotnl) - 6U,(10U
(ilmrd at. It'd It nof Arndtumi av, a f, 4’xl2.V ft,
dutod duly H (K. Mavnurd to F, Klurowakli... CO)
Woat Twentieth at, I2< ftu of I'uulhiu, » t. Six
ft, dutud buut. lJutuua bllnatm tu K.
ilruvaoKU)..... bUJ
Drown at. n of and nour luurloeiilli, o f. 34x
lit) ft, dutud Oct, | (W. Kaufman to ilutllu
Hunker;.... 2JU)
W«*»ttflxhtuonlhai, 2l*Htunf Hoyno, af, 2lx
lift ft, datud Hupu 13 iJutm hilntilili to 1..
Kchulk) I.H.V
Uardnur at. uof North ilulsled.a f, 2llMUx'jj
ft. dutud (Set. 4 (U. and 61. lvmix to H. l,uvy».. fll)
Wuat Superior at. i| fto of lluynu, a f, 24xl(ii it,
dutud Out. i (M. McDonald lu W. and J. Kite
Kuruldi liVO
North Clark at. (lift aof llulduu av, u f. 2lxlu)
ft, dutud Aux. 2D tF. and I*. VoaatuU. U.
I’routyi I.iUI
North ClarkaUllilftsuf liuldan uv.o f,2lxilU
ft, dated And. & (A.und Ultnrkimrt (o aatno)
North Clark at, I*l ft auf Uidtltoi av, u f. xtxUM
ft, dutud Aux. ti 1 61. and M. Ktuly to anmu)...
Daablull at,.aw ft u of Thlrly*ltfUi,u (.AO
UKa ft. dated Haul, ft) (H. Wuatutn to Anna
KuunU) J.SXI
WuatConuruaa at. 224 ft wuat of l.umala. n t, u
xUI ft, iTuted bepu la iJ. U. Carlo to Arthur
Harris).... 1.7 D
milks or tin: i-ouut*mupsk.
High si. lid ft not Putlortoii »v.« r.ttxtiT (u
improved. dated Oct. S (\\ UUam halm to Jo*
such UatUeiowskl).. ...| 1,01)
Itucluu av.'JWn n of Wrlghiwoud.o
ft, dated OcU it (Albert WUner tut,. T. Mc-
Caiiyi ~ mo
Diverse/ »l. Hi ft w of Sheffield bt, * f. U)xl;’4«
It. dated OvU 4 (J. und 11. K. McConnell to X.
south or utrv i.turrs ivirms a uadii's op
skvkn milks op tub uoijut-iiouhk.
Astdand nv.tJl ft s'of Kurtr-slxth sl,«f, JM
tills ti. limed Sept. IJ it', L'utittsulmnti to Men*
at* kelly* I 11(1
hois»r(nx<in itloek Inf Maxcy's N ni-k In
Her. hi. :is, 11, dated Sold. :W iT. K. Waits to W.
(■.Scott), ICO
lads Kilo r.i In Illock I of same, dated Hopl, :<J
tsar.lo to S. *l'. Wells) MS
(Ircenwood itv. :tlI rt s of For y-oluhtli si. o f,
ou-Mi tl. dated .liino |:| iTno llaollit Thao*
lotficid Colon to ,M. It. Midst (1,010
tammlsst, !*■►'( ft s of Forty-seventh, o f. Xi*
lit ft. dated duly «T (.1. A. t'assldjr to it. Cnsn
llumliol.lt sl.l'.H ft n »r Nortli nv. of. I’isl.M ft.
ii:i:i‘.| Atm. SO i.iohn .lotinHimi .lr. to Knnim.
Huno... I +‘<o
I’.. i». \ i-:
>i. cam immi
.m. | , «iii.toninh«.... wu
Tiv'tnn Pilot tic. HV'M
Hilton Puente. ttl.ut
Wimtorn Union -IVUM
Chlcinm. Hurt. A i) ... j.tMl
KnutiVmioMJO, 4.1W1
illlnot* Conirul 6.1 W
Now 48 11-VU
I UaultloCs or bM IJ-J
Tltu following were llio receipts nml Dili)
or loitiiittir articles of product* in Htoclty
llto twenly*lour hour* ending at 7 <
Wednesday morning and fur tbo corrcsp
tlmo a your ago:
Flour, lirlx
Wheat. 1m...,.
Corn, Ini
Out*, tin
Pro. lot
Hurley, im.
llniiH »m>a. lim
Fliixotfuil, lljh.
ItriMim-ciirii. Ibn...
Cured muni*, lb*...
Heist. «*
I‘orli. brie
l.urii, I bn
Tiilbiw, 1b*.,.......
Itimor, Ibn
I.lvo ||<>U4, No
Cuttle. N
tdieoii. No
Hidmi. lb(
Illvch%rlm»t4. brio....
Wool, 11(4
I’OtatOCK. Im
Clint, HUH
Huy. limn
milmtle.*, in
tHill, brio
Fiiuc, ukvH
Chepnu, b0xen......
Croon nnplon. brio.
,u. i*. iirHi lira m
C. I*. (utiil uriint WMi
(I. I*, (inking 1imit....1*4
: Virginia (t 0...., 40
Vlnr Min coiHot4 70
Virginia deferred llJ’n
ITox. >V I*. Imnt unuilrt. TO
■rux.i’ju.iitiuu.ot?.; bd
irfolk k W.
ortliurn I'uolllo.
Ho prof .... ow
Niiriliwt'nlorn ....IT-ft*
i|)o prof i:it
Now York (ViUrul.... , .UH
Ohio t'vntrui iV
jOlilo A Ml»hl»sl|i]>l t 4i
The following grain was Inspect!
In this city yesterday morning: f» i
tor whent, 5 cam lower grades i
Bt. I'itnlM. AM ]in
St. ft omuim :t'
Tiixuft I’iicinc 4TJS
Union I’iicltlc Ili-lti
Uuttod Sum-* is*Vi
W..MI. 1., ft l*nr|lic... 47*5
Ho prof N>Jl
Kitnto 11M
Women) Union w»6
Kiwi Tuimeasuc JIJu
‘Do tirof ‘.’’l.'-j
I’nrMion •»
Cunlrnl Arlionn tK
Ksoolnlor Ilii
IjlrmiuMuku. D,,
No. 2 spring, cars No, it do, 4 cars rejected (I'd
wheat): 012 cars ami ll.mio lai No. 2 coni, CO cum
high-mixed. -V-curs rejected, H ears no grade
(lift’ coni): Shears white outs, Ift oats and B.oooliu
No. 2 mixed. II curs rejected, 2 cars uu grade <&)
outs): 10 curs No. 2 rye, -’cars rejected: 18cars
No. 2 barley, 07 curs No. 0 do, 00 ears lower
grades (88 barley). Total (080 cars), (100.000 hit.
Inspected out: H.4KI bu wheat, I)I,TDD bu corn,
2<1,2:M lai oats. iI.IOV bu rye, 1,018 bu barley.
The leading produce markets were again very
much unsettled yesterday. Most of them do
ellneil rather heavily early In the day, and re
acted towards the close or ’Change. I'rlcea
went down under a dropping tiro of selling or
ders. which apparently would have been more
l timorous but that some of tho telegraph Hues
were in poor working order, and did not deliver
messages rapidly. A good deal oi tho selling
seemed to bo on tho part of small holders nail
ers). or on thoir account, some being closed out
because margins were exhausted. The big llsh
were not doing much, but seemed to be ratbor
liicllnnd to tho buying side, as if they
looked for a reaction, now that there Is
some promise of corn moving out aura freely.
Thu English grain markets wore linn. Mess
pork closed 28®(Wo lower, at Ill.UTli for
November and tlii.hVdlh.liili for January. Lard
closed 10£MU‘ic lower, at $12.22|j(ft.12.28 Tor
November and S|2.UOSH2.O-J'.J for .lannary.
Shorts ribs closed 250 lower, at ft).H.V&!I.B7!S for
November. Wheat ch>sod K&2o lower, at SI.!IU?*
for October and for
November. Corn closed If&'.Tio lower, at
for October and OSU't&'W?* for November.
Oats closed lower, at 4.V.(<7Ms?*c for
October, 4'tffiMtlo for October, and bl'j&lH’iertir
December. Ityo closed Ic lower, at ¥l.lU.U‘‘ol.ll
for October and for Novoinber.
Harley closed le higher, at $1.03 for No. 2 cash
and $1.1(1;* bid Tor Novoinber, with No,:) utsiic.
Hogs wore dull and closed weak at S(I.:JJ®tJ.7J
for light, and at frt.28(2i7.20 fur heavy, (kittle
were more active and llrmer, with sales at $2.25
I Little Pittsburg.
II to prut.
(silver Ulltr
Liberal orders for dry goods were placed, both
the city and country trade continuing to buy
freely. Prices show as uuioh strength as at any
time. Tho movement In clothing nod millinery
was liberal, and the feeling was ilrm. Hoots and
shoes continue active, with prlceasnatulaed. No
Important changes were developed in Uio grocery
market. Business maintains n satisfactory de
gree of activity, and the prevalent feeling Is
one of pronounced limitless. Codecs remain
somewhat under neglect, and as a eunsoipienoo
tho market does not display much strength.
There was u Unit market for all descriptions of
dried fruits, llalslns are specially strung.
Canned fruits wore quiet, but were as llrm as
before. In tho llsh market there were no price
changes, though there was n strong upward
tendency in Whitehall and trout. Dairy products
were quoted about ns before. Oils wero active
and unchanged. Coal was Ilrm. There was n
good demand for plg-lruu at previous quota
In broom-corn there Is on active trade at
quotations, the receipts of new being very light
so far. Tho hay market was strung at the ex
treme prices ruling for the past fortnight.
Green fruits, with tho advent of cold weather,
have hardened somewhat in price. Tho stock
of inferior grade apples bus somewhat In
creased, and they sell very low, but good fruit
Is held firm at our quotations. Hides are
llrmer for light and heavy green, dry showing
some weakness. Urease anil tallow are dull,
with hardly trade enough to cstubllsu a market.
In drugs and chemicals quinine has again de
clined 10c per ox, while other articles remain
steady. Potatoes continue fair at DOe per bu
on track lor choice stock. Wool in fairly active
nod unchanged. Clover and timothy were
easier at Tuesday's Insldn prices. Flaxseed
showed a little more strength, selling uc $ 1.402)
ill*. (WlMii: account, IW7«.
'Uuiioti suiih^.
Pennsylvania (.’mitral,
I. Mi’iU; Krie, w*; do
Lake freights showed a llttlo activity,
incuts bulntf made Tor tbo carrying of H7.UJU Uu
earn und 40,000 lui tluxsoed. The nil biff rate on.
corn wns understood to bo ?.{o. One special
charter, paying J!',o on corn (ID,(KM bu) was
made, in this Instance tbo stuamur taking tbo
pram direct tram tbo eunalboat.
Tbo receipts of wbuut reported yesterday at
Chicago, Milwaukee, tit. Louis, Toledo, und De
troit mrirroffated lit!,(NX) hit, and tbo sblpmonls
Hk’t.OOU bn. Tbo tdilpaqmts from New York, Hal*
tlinore, und IMifludelpbiu wuro (11,000 Im.
Tbo following iiildo shows the quantities of
Hour, wheat, and oorn Imported Into tbo United
Kingdom for tbo periods mimed:
llrrh/mKnu U r/)c riidlnj UVrk rinllrta
'«). /, twt. S> Vt. 'it, IBM. (M. 2. ).aa>.
Floor, hrl»..l'iVi»U'ii:iU«u uiMUH.Uitv.iui uv.uui«iiij,uiO
VVinml, iira.2hjAUk42Ul.Ul) iItV.UHUUMUI 2iH.IMW-M.VWU
Corn. i|ra...ht*.ttl)(ti,t2U.UW CtV.UUaICMJUJ IKMIWuU-V.ua)
Tho comparative receipts of (lour ami grain at
tho seaboard ports (crop movement) from Aug.
aitoHopt. SI, Inclusive, for four years, were us
Flour, hrla,
Wheat, bu itt,«r.MW it.vm.aM iJ.im.uM hvjuitu
Corn, bu tUJWMI RiKiWt: (UI'UJJ iI.VJI.Uti
ouw, im. jmuii u,u;,:lu i.uh.sh a,iwj,sit
Uurlov. bu It.iui »«,•&.'< HUi t:u.uK»
llyo, bu lU.-JII «W,*U I»IVV«j7
Total, bu.. 31.:«T,Ti8 3.UUUU SH,I*4S«» J*V«H.toU
The following allows the rcceipis of several
articles of proUuco In this oily hum Jun. 1 to
tho close of lust week: •lot.lMftMirl* Hour,
IjJ.u.'.’MP.l bu wheat, tKt,W>H,S7I Im corn. ai,UI7,WW
bu outs, Hft.Ull bu rye, JI.h7R.4W) bu barley,
Ith.MJI.TU) lbs Huxsced, Vitt.iyjO.ilH) lbs huu-meut,
44,1UR,«48 Its la id, ■lJ.llt.’.TiU Ois butler, 4.J17UW1
holts, HOT,IHiIi cattle, •h i sheep, HJ.S.D.WKI lb*
hides, JJ.’i.'tW.tCl lbs wool, JMRH,u.'iU tons coal,
I, ft lumber, 1)70,71:1 brls.
Tho receipts outl shipments ul Milwaukee have
nut appeared <m our bullotiu board (whim looked
tor) (ho past two days. Why is this If (low can
they expect ns to make a market Intelligently
hero In tho absence of n knowledge ot the move*
meat of produce elsewhere ?
About U.OOO ours loaded with grain are now mi
track at or near Philadelphia, waiting fur
storage room. Due can scarcely sav they are
waiting to be transferred to other points: as or*
•lets to semi part of it to New York and Haiti*
more are not tilled beuauiu they say }ho cars
eamiot be disentangled from the ruck. Home of
It liuh been on tho road since the mlddlu of An*
gust. Vet they say vessels are leaving the port
of Philadelphia without cargoes, because they
are tired of walling. “Here’sa pretty piece of
business, truly |"
Wheat lit Montreal yesterday was quoted at
11. per bu, when our market was |l.ua bid for
spot. This may help to explain the fact that a
Canadian steam tow bun lulu idle In our harbor
fur tho past ten days unable to obtain u loud.
Thu lumber trade Is la a peculiarly dull and
stagnant condition. This condition docs not re*
suit from u falling elf in the demand, us shipping
orders are stPt plenty, though perhaps not quite
so much so us one month ugo. Thu leudlug
hindrances to an active trudo arc, first, luck of
~y* y. |
, tu.wi
I 114, u;7
• ’Ji.ir.ti
to 1,7 It
lit Ci
4,1 f.)
ted into store
• curs red win*
winter, 77 curs
1.U11.1il I.IUI.UtV
transportation fuulliilrn. especially by eaiml.
Tor winch hitler boats cannot bo nhlnlnwl
ntnny price*, nearly nil of them being tied up
with grain which they cannot disgorge. Foe
ondly, the yards and docks emi crowded to such
nn extent ns to emnurrtiss the* holders, llio work
of piling und assorting buluir cuntlminhy In ar
rears. It than Imopens llmt, while many classes
of lumber nrn plenty nnd drooping In price, oth
er kinds, such ns Mooring nnd fencing, for In
stance. have become scarce, and nre entirely ex
hausted In many yarns. Tha general market#
especially for cargoes, Is nt present decidedly
sluggish, with n tendency toward lower prices,
which must soon be reached unless the facilities
for disposing of the largo receipts arc soon sup
The lollowlng ore the exports of wheat and
Hour reduced to wheat, also com, for the week
ending Hept. 2F, irmn Montreal, (Install, Now
York, Philadelphia, llaltlmoro, nnd New Orleans:
ir/md.liil. fern, bo.
....I.Tl'S.liyi iiii.ifil
Ct real llrllnln.
I! MU)
Wi.lUl 21. .Vil
4.1.11 M ... ..
TP.** -I.KVJ
France .*.*.....
Ili.lbind and llolitlam....
Ilnt/.11, West Indies, etc.
110(5 PUOlUUri'H—Wore more active and unusual
ly weak. Liverpool reported a decline of lid In luni
amt Is In lona clears. The land ling market was lower,
uml the farther decline In itrnhi also loaded to Increase
the number of sellers oflioa product. There was an
unusually limfenuanUty ottered, eonilrtoniig llmt It
was mostly In snmlMots, and there was no demand,
tlmmih the shorts look hold rather freely every now
and then nn the dropplna market caused by competi
tion between sellers. Tito closhtK (culluu was
steadier, thongli wlilioal much reaction In the matter
of pilces. Hevurul lots of lard wore taken by shippers
who hail previously been limited below the market.
There was very little dulmf In meats for shipment so
tarns appeared on the surface.
Mess Piiiik— Declined abaMlo per hrl. and closed
below the latest prices ofTuesday. at about
flH.l.V.elS.stl for round tuts spot ursollor (he mmiin.und
(hUdfc sellerdantmry. Hales were reported ot I.ikx)
lirls seller number ai (IH.T.Vtia.B)i P.UM bids seller
November, at (ll.tD/ill'.Sij rtd brls seller the year, at
(KWt Ti.um bids seller January, at (iy.HXs2o.2ss2.mi
brls seller February, nt IfO.'AeflMT.fci and 7.V1 brls
seller March, nt cai.Ai. Tumi tins. The follow
loa gives the nthgo of the day, including the tall
CUutd Jtu itflr (Wfwfil
Mf>*V»rk. TnrnMM. nM. u'rtenl Vi. do. bid.
October iiu.uj‘4 tin.*:. (*IO.S) *!*.*>
November... UW» ItiUJ (nIR.'JJ jb.Ua
.larnmry iwsiK I’J.hU (-VAIV3 IW.fi*
February ‘JJ.C3 ‘AI.I7){ SS).H!S
l,.Mtli-nucllm , cl IJWJoc|>orll)Jlli%nnd elosod lUo
below tliu Intent jiMees of Tuesday, nt H2.U7Ht.trMi)
for round loir r|»u ur roller tlio Humid. mid fl-l.iiiHM
li«» roller January. Sales were rcnnrlod nt ‘Awd ter
HiuLutll.M'.); ■l.mitcr roller (Iciobur nt |12.U3&12.12hii
li.itVf ter roller .November ut fIM.VaIU.Hd! I.UUU ter roll*
or I incumber ul*l‘i.:rt: 1.23 J ten seller tbe vear ut fW.tti
<.»12.1Ui BS.HUI ter roller Jamuiry ut |l2,i»<»U7lH loMI
ter roller February at ll'-’.TiM Hiid Mb ter roller
March at 112.5m.12..57J<|. Tolul. .VI.UOO le«. Tlio follow
liik shows tlio muiio ut tlio day. tnclmUmt the Cull
Hoard transaction*:
Cioml filing rbwrd,
Hard. TnrrliiM. bid. undrrdoii. da. bid.
October Vlj.ft *1*1(1
Novembor U.:c,’tj l2«lo <u|2.hi
Janmiry U.ViPi IJ*3 (*12.70 12.U1
February 18.n71j I2.JU (itt'l.M 12.«. t
March..: fi.HA ift!2.s;M W.hTM
Mn.vis-UeolluoditciiorMWlbson tliu rpoculatlvu
cut. wliii nominal weakness In uthur durcrliitlour.
Sales wore reported ofii,UiO lbs rliort ribs mfUUlli
AU.UM lbs do m *W.B7Wi about :i.300.(j00 lbs do nt £>.***
In. 11l roller Oetober. f.i.73vclli.lt) roller November, i'J.KTI-j
Mlb.lJWroller.January, and*lo.u3roller Kobnmryj loj
tes sweet olukled hunir at lWtM2t*jofor lit Ibr nvuruiro.
I'rlcer of loudUm tula wore an follows ut iliflU |i. in.t
£fct»rt iS/ionf- /,. <i S. Slr.rt
ribs. tiers. clears, clears.
rr.TU (HUM (IU.4A
*.i«i , law >u.7o
7.70 ’law) UI.4A
I.oose.rnrtsultod.. fIO.UI
Do, boxed.... ......
October O.tHJ
Short rib* closed nt p.i.&W.'.H for October mul
J'.i.RWtH.HTh far November, lomu claim* iimitud lit
I'.UI) 100*0 upd «li.a) boxed: Cumberland*, lOkulOWu
boxed: lomc-cul hums. lltgftlDu: swoel-ideklod bum*
oiioted in for llwtliJ nvumuoßi oreen hums,
mine nvcnmo, l>Vt«io4e.
Ilacomiuotod nt tiu(tbo for shoulders. IlClllUo/or
short rib*. U!4«Utfio for short clours, UfcitUo fur hums,
nil eanvused und nocked.
UKIJK—Whs <|tilul Ml 1U.76.7UU.00 for moss,
lU.OI for extra moss, und <iai>U£U > .U) for bums.
FDOUll—Was nnusunlly quiet, wtlli nn nmtcrlnl
clmiitfo In prices. imcal buyers hold olf because of
tlio ducllno In wliont. and about nil the business dotiu
wan In lllllnu niall orden*. hales worn reported of l»i
brlsund 40U sacks winters and IfMi tirtn sfirliitf« on pri
vate terms! 4W sacks low prudes ut 11.3&33.MJ1 mid IVU
brli* buckwheat Hour at ftUU. Total ci|ual to l.lK't brD,
Winter (louts were guolcd nt t'.Ol'&D'.OUi shlpplmt
spnmts. ftU'XxT.ui): the luw>urudo sunns*. |4.CL’(itil.Ctl.
Ityu Ilnur nt übout M.UHOMIIU.
Oimit Mn.I.MTCm-Wcro In Unlit demand mid
ycnurully dull. Sales mu reponed of 13 cars bran
ntOikUXal'.UUt 4 curs nil.UlUnjrs ut ♦lH.idliuaa UJi leap
wliont scrounlmtsatlsbUUs mid I cur coarse corn-meal
nt per ton free on Inmrd tit country point.
SIMIINU Wll HAT— Was moderately active. at ft
lower mime, In sympathy wlili corn. The market de
clined tic. then advanced Ufie, and closed lUwmo bo
low the laiust prices of Tuesday. The HrlilsU mar
kets were (jnulml Urni, with tin npwurd tendency. and
our receipts were notlurixci but the depression of
.the previous day bronchi out sellers.nwood many
lookout lor a limber decline, ilmuuli Uioyisomn of
Ihuno professed lullli In (lie future of wheat, mid
expected 10 imiku a prollt by tal.lna hold loralu a lit
tle lower down. Thu rultinu wits said to be done
chlolly for tlio smaller elusa of operators. '1 here was
n modcratu duumml tor cmdi lots, but No. H uocilnetl
4c, elosUik ul ll.kii, with No. 3 ut alain I Wll
note that private advices from .MMvutisoo limited thu
iculliik there un vury weak, thomdi the public tele
mums said “steady." stpol sales (here) wuru
reported of I.V.W. bu and K\ curs No.
3 ut it I) ears do. "posted,' at
11.'.1h 10 curs No. a at ft.3:l; and 33 curs by smupiu ut Wc
WtI.VSHi. TolHl about 41.U/J bus selmr November
opened ut fI.PtW. advanced to 11,11)4. declined tu
f),41)4, unproved iu #1.41. and closed iufl.4U4Ml.t3K-
Seller December said at ♦l.tilM'j.l.sM, clcslna and.lipj
bid. hollur the month rancud nomlnully aitl ••.%(!.to.
closlnir ntfl.hJhidi and the year was a shade below
Uctnber. The lolluwlmr table snows thu ramie lor
the day, Including Call Hoard trunsiicttnnss
Cm,nt Joints l.Muoil
A'o. 2 spriild. 'I <o«di(|/. l/r,frnlri((. (to, 1,1,1.
Fresh receipts., ().4:>!i (l.ik 54'iul.iftVl fl-U'.S
hollar deioPer. I.4H‘t 1.,h M 1,40 l.ltyt
heller Norumbor Mils 1.1>K(ty1.44)6 , 1.4*54
heller December 1.4.Tj ' I.4iiMsa).4il 1.44
heller the year I.s-h MH I.if
WiNTt.it WllK.vr-l.ciis la store weiu nniiifnaliu
f 1,4 1 bid for No. 3 red. #l.i» bid lur Nn, it, and 11.13 for
rejected. Hales were limited to 0 curs by sautply ut
,I nm l X~Wns active nnd Irrcuumrlr weak. .The
market deullnctl then advanced IKc. undehmud
lUc below the late*, prices of Tuesday. l.iverpoai
reponed an advance ut Hd percental, and our re
ceipts were much less Ilian thu recent avuiuttu (by
the liispeUlon Ihisi; mil thu shlpmutiU* wme also
Mimll, and thu ducllno or thu nruvloas day had ft Uhl
cued a mnal many outside iioiduis IntosernHinr <if.
du * lo soli. The nilerlnit* wuru noiuuneruily oMurpu
Iti's, and iheclluiin was nmleistuoa to hu laiylmr,
which led *Olllll local observeis til sui|a*ct that an
other twist Is in preparation fur tlio “noblu unity" of
shorts. Hence too bmik was nthcli loss than on the
day previous, mm there was a decided mutton finm
the Potiom. though Hie lull advance was mu main
udnud to thu close. There was n tulr ship
pnm deinaiid lor thu lower ttnnlus, and
inick lots solil nt tfiant relui.vu priced,
U'cJerleU In sioiu closed at l‘»c tilit, with Nu. 3
nt Spot sates were reported o( Mi.Otil bu and 341
curs Nu. 3 and liliti mixed nt»7cit* | l> l Ui 4 ctus whllu ut
i4t.<«Uc: if.iiubn nnd un ears rejected nt ill)Vi*t*iKu:
34 cars by siiimduati3!,(iHt.',4o un iincUi nnd 133 c.irs
do at d'XivUv tree on boanl. 'loial nhoui tlH.ion hu.
heliertuitoUernpeinnl atiki?{(*. declined to dl-Ku. Im
proved to DM and closed at udju bid. Boiler Novein
imrsobl early at itaje. declined m tl7)(e. Improved tu
mjii'i and closed ut DuiHtibur innuetl ut
the year nominally and .May at
the .Muy premium uelnu nmierlnlly wider
Hum horutuforu. Tint fnlUiwhnt lublo shows thu
mono (or thu day. Includtna Call llonrd trmuucllon*:
.Vo. 2 corn. Turwlny. pntrnhiv. ilo, bid
WelloV V»4?Vi I iV*’r.'*.*.‘.*,*irinSi'sW tsii
Heller November.... Wu itsfi
Holier Deeumbwr •> , «7h«i*m a
Seller May iltf W*Cti4 ia?4
DATH—Wum imik Iron Abo opentmr In aympulby
with torn. tbu douiino on nio ruuular bourn rumritiu
IrnniM to Uc. The iiutinvuiu traillmi wa» heavy,
belnu i-onllned luiuuly to iliu October, Novoinbur. and
Muy deltverluH, Hi tbu lutiur of widen übiruubml
item wan (tone, ('null uonl ut 4.Vp44.V>4u, ulouuid ul
about lUO inlior timin'. Seller tbu iiiunth ononudml
4i.Hu. deollned 10 4.’>Hf. mild 00 to 4.Vkv. declined to
4*»He, und otuiuil nt 4V»^i4uHe, Heller Novmnbtir
opened ul-HVilv, declined lu 4.>Hc, uml clonml ut file.
Heller Doeembur opened nl4tMo. duollnod to 4<-c, nuid
opaimlu to 4irH(!. und dimoil ut 4*ftu Holler tbu ruur
opened ul4i>v. koM down to 43e, und uluaeit ul 4Miu.
Holler May nold curly uv WHu. (tuulluud in 4lrt<c, und
iilomd stroint ut UA*o. In too wimple market price#
were oa»lor. mid builnuua lalrly uctlvn. t.’uab uale«
uofo niadout 2ucuraat 4jH<«*4tk! (or No.‘Jin nturui
;m unru by nuinplu ut 4ta44tiHo (or rujoc.uii
mlsedi 40HWisk,it fur rujpctud wliltoi 4tx,4 1
4i«&ofurN». a. and 4?fi»4)*)*o fur x»u,a while on truck;
‘ill lu runt 4.‘m4i.!k|u lor rujvuted mixed! lUJiulko for
rujuvtuii while, und fiwiNki for No. 2 white frgn un
board. Totul equal to about dUUI bn. b'ollowlim nru
tbu cloilnti price* Tmouluy, teuclhor wild tbo
runite jouluidHy, Invludluii tbu cull (lannucUuiifi
<,‘(i»rd ifuiiyu C'nwra
A"o. tfwifj. TuetiUtu, bid. eralnmiu. de, bid.
Sian 41-S SiWfW 4ifc
Seller Oulobor ........4iVK 4iU(*UiH 4ijj
Seller Novi'iolior.... 4ii}3 4Mk
Sullor huvumbor Ilia 4i9&4ti4
Seller the yuar ~4dis 4i win 4My
SuilurMtiy M 6tjJ
UVK—'Wiialimutlvound Iclowor, No. HHpot aollliui
In u uitiull •.a.» ut tl.ll, wnh uollor llio inontlt ut tl.ll
Hl.llh- Novfinbur aullkiitf nt ll.Ui4t4i.lt. und Du*
voiobor noiniiiaily nuuialilu attMOHiul.li. L'iuukulu*
wuro nmdo ofd cum util II fur No. 0 In aKirot si uuw
byaiiniuloulll.uilurruJoctud. und #Uj>u for No. ‘J
untrucui«U‘urut>l.rJ.4torNu. H fruit on board 1 U
uuniuituu lor not wrudua. dullvorcd. Total ugiml
loiitfout IJ,(«/bu.
itAlti.Hv—\Vn» iimto oitlfo und mromier, No. a
cadi aulllno nt rl ir.iu l.lu, vrktli Novumbor uutllnu curly
ut und lulurul il lIH. No. iltu.li uuld ultbv, mid
•uliur Novumbur ut StnMiv. utioinu ut tho Insldu
lltturu. (•miijilo# woio uctlvu una aiioinr. t’n»li»ulu»
worn madoof itUanut fI.OJ for No. J und WaulKu for
No.:»In murut Hi cura by ounijilo ut *UUK.'ufor No. 0,
HUauTu for N 0.4. und K'ivlOu lor Nn.ilou truukt llvuvh
nt j!tu lor No. 6.n*jifiu toy No. I. und tfto lor No. a Iron
uiiUiunli lit cum ul a.o for No. 4, undUtx««4l.Uifur
No. noullvuivti. ’lutui utiiiul to ulniiu.n.Uii bn.
bHKIIS-Tlimniiy und ulovur noutia wuru allaluly
uiiklur. tlm loriuur ranulnu ut fur prliuu
►ooil. und llio latter uIM.JN/iJ.dJ. f'laa»ued»uowuii u
llttlu moru liiiiiiiu»H,»ulilnk ut Ulfurlnun
wucu t|Ulio llburuj. SulenMUio Hindu ut !K4 Imub ulovur
«i!u«l ut fj.4.«ni.C.S lor intor id itflmoj Tram und Uj
btu:* llinotby t>ued ut r‘J.4nu'J.luvtuli and ('J.iUIW'J.UUi
toiler Novutubun 'JJ ntm llumaed ul 11.4ddi.1l mi
truck und 11.41441.4'J dullvorodj 1 cur UutitfurUiii uttUu
for prime.
TWO tIT’UH'K llllAlUl.
Wlieafctosod Me lowur, atf l.ilnktgl it'Vtf for Ocfnber,
for November. ll.ttMl.4iV6 for Decem
ber, and 4l.lHlanl.lU lor tlio rear, Pules worn made of
Ujn.au bu at »ciTiuf October,
seller November. 41.4im1.44U sutler Deeouibvr. and
41.iti seller tliu yeur. Cum closed Mo tiluUor, utin)tu
for October, for November, (UMtuiibyte
for December. mid lurkUy. Palos aero
imulo of I.UO.WU bu at suitor Octo
bur, ii»U'SlNVtii ho lor November, lUaUdse aullur
December, and seller May. Outs closed a
shade firmer, at 4/>4 fV<Jsc tor October, CiJf&Vlo for
November. Hl>><4i>?4u for December. ami utb+vj.’siMc
for Mur. Pales were made of lo6,UJi bu ut
bvllur Odder, soltor November , UL&tb-Vtu
seller December, und finite seller May. Urn ctnsiut a
simile easier, in 11.1114rc1.il for October. Il,l;r*»'«u7
for November, und (I.l<t»(l.bP4 fur December. with
sales ofV.i.UM Im ni si.U seller October ami (Mile#
I.UK seller .November, llnrlof closed oulul, at lu.vu
bid tor November. Mom pork closed mi*
changed, ntf KHiK.shi.ill for October, (111.05m1».U7>< f yr
November. (la.uv,«lll.tlffc for Jsmmrv, mm
luU,fcM'D.2U for February. Fates wore nmdoof a.bn
(irism limwtllWW seller Janmiry, amt S'i.l. l7J« seller
February. I.aid closed a simile easier. ai(l2.lii!ils.isu
tor October, for November. (l2.OKtflt.iyi2
for .hinunry, d'J.'Vi unit for February, and
12. W for .March. Fates were nmde nr ft,wtc* ni (15.14
seller November, (.JiWuU.il’i sollot January, h*j.;s
seller 1-obrmiry, (l2.Bifc seller March, and (CUM seller
April. Short ribs closed unchanuod, at (».&Vi«n.s;u
for October, f.'.KV'(|I.NTS4 ter November, -nnd (u.tqfc£
tn.m for Jnunary, who sales nr IftMlu Ibsnt tiuSu
■oiler October, mid SUJfi seller November. **
IlitUOM-CUII.N— I There Is an nctlro trade nt aunt**
Choice hurt and carpel 7 a;u
Orcon, self-working tl u;*
lied tipped, do 4fc(*r.fc
inferior and common*...
Crooked ;,J. 2fc(<t&^
HAIIUI.MJ—Thera ms a quiet nnd firm market for
(foods in lids line, Quotations remain ns before!
Fla™.. ...SiU lliirlaps.•»(*;.bo..., 15 s]tfc
oiler Creek UifcjUmunca, single....i;ifc-.tii*
Lewiston a Onnnlus, ilnubio.,sl ari
Anierlcim lOfclWool sack itt vtu
nCTTUIt-Flrmnuss cnntlmius to prevail In this
market For lino grades there is u sharp demand,and
the recently ndvonced prices uru easily sustained,
Low und medium urados nre not very noUrcly
souiflit for. but they, too, are Una. the supply being
light. Hales were Directed at the following!
Creamery. choice.....ffiGCLVCoinmon arndos IGAII
Cieam'ry, fair louuod.ilx«:aPacking stock Lfetii
Hairy, eimleu .....27(<cit Urouso
Dairy, lalrtoutmU ...TfttUiJ
CMKKtfK -With Iho Liverpool quotation down to
6%; mid tlio Kmiturn rnrnkut reported dull mid un<
flodlud. ilioro wnn n weak foehns muonic local hold*
nr*, nod pomo proxitiro to puli. No Impurtmit de«
olliio rosnltud. but thu tendency At tliu tuument BCenii
to bo In that direction. We quote:
rnllcrutnn 12Wdn
fail pklin Cheddar. choice
I’art skim, lint, Hmk-o li
I'nrt xhlni. L-uiuiixm tuMouii y (*| U *
I,(iirfrnd<’i' n (* «
l’()Al. r *Tho iKlvam.'o m tube froliilil* )iu« ntltruned
;!io iimrkul fur unthrnclto mid Krlw mils. Tnulorp*
lullin' unlut, tho ilumumJ Uuliitf oonltnccl for tla* mini
mrt to minor nirrmit comunijitlvo mint*. Woiinm*
-mini nrlcon iimivurod:
.* B.ra;ntt>Mt)ur«......... c.m
7.2i«7.^|[jnill«ntiblock.... t fog
iliiUliunru .villilii ’ «! (HI! I imi ViV*. “l \Z“ i! 4.Doai!jd
Mfilnmnt <t.Ui|.Uhiunk i,sj
Cooi’Hlt.uiK-Wtm hi uuud Uumnnd ut fl.li / 0 p
lurk burr, lx and «|.:tVi{l.4A for laiti tli’rcoß.
IlltUtirt AMI CHKMICAI.S—TItero In n sternly
country and city trmlo nt tbu follimunt Quotations!
Add. citrlu * Vi <A 73
Acid, tnrtnrlc, It is u M
Ammonia, curb ai u z\
Hum*, refined, it*.. KUa iu
lliuo vitriol, H u |(|
t.'rcum tiirtur. tmro, R !fl <« ;a
IMoloroform. U> HI u u
lliyeerlne. bulk, it 31 u u
Uum nrab.c. nicked... :« m o
(imutiiinjiiKjr.i1.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,, 2$ u :«
Unm I'l'lum. n. mi.;o
lodine, hiiuj
Moridnr. rnljdi. n/ 3.M tdUj
Oil, castor. V jtal I.HI <>tU3
(111. lonimi ,♦ :ui
I’ntaria. I'litor. n...... (!) & :i
Potassium. lod., »'!.. i.*. V.V.V.!*. I’.lj
Oulnlne, nil|iti,To« MU fd.'.tj
Hoot. rbel. 1-7. 1...ii0wd., 1 Mil otl.uj
Salts. l',|>roiu. It> 3
Snl|ihnr, u> *
Soiph. tiuuhouldn I'.i or 7U
KtJUS—Wind Hrni at 17C(lHe|iurdox for strictly fresh,
FlSH—l.nke descriptions are rtlll lundlmi upward,
thu sti|iiily huluu minimally nnall. For saltwater tin*
ulro the market Isstioiijt. An active banners Is I*
m om urn
\V hltutlrii. |ior tv*brl
Trent, por M-bn.
Muckered—No. l shore.<H-bd
.Mnekemi—No. I buy, >v*brt...
Muekuiel—No. 8 shore. >4*brl.
Mackerel—l.nrae family
Mackerel—Fat liooliy, Sj-Url...
Halibut, smoked, jiorlb
Codilrh-Uooruu's, |»or HU Ibr.
Codilsli-tiiaud Hunk
Ilorrlmi—l.uliiinlnr, r>plll, br1u.,.,. 7.UU
llorrlin/—llullnml, pur kojf. n0w.,... |,;vj i.ti.w
llurrlntt-’-nuiiliiil. p«r Lux.: ill it ;ii
Ciiltfurnlii million. W*i»rl. now 9.11 l H.S.'Jj
KltlM'l'H AN!f,Mn'S—Hulkiuh cuntlmio nn
mlvum-hut loinlLMiL-.r. Tin l ISHt frop l» now in riving
otliilutliHip»<if ttlilch will uo lon nil 111 tin* following
llrt. Now fiiinml.H urn nlro olloroil nll-W((‘.c. other
mill*. Loth tmi'ljfii mill tiuinuHtlo, wuru lirm nml uu*
uiiauucil. Wo ruvlsoonr Ilia:
Flps, layers
Tnrtlsh primes
Ualnllo. layurs. old
Kulslns, luynrs, now
liulsliis. l.oinlun layer*
Uatslns. l.ondnn layers. now.
Uulslm*. Valencia. now
ISatslii*. Sihi.hu .Muscatel
UalnhiK. loose .Muscatel. now.
/.iiiuo currants, out
/nine cnnuntß, now.
Apples. AWen
Apples, evaporated, boxes,
Apples, lias.ora
Annies, hoalhern
Poaches, unbared, halves..
fitted cherries
Almonds, Turniuonu.
Naples watnuln
lluil Tennessee
(iUKASK-Wnli it inlr muck on tliu umrkut. iraji
movin' slowly. Wu iiuiiut:
i lly wlilu* ; HMu*
<;ti> titoiTii,,,
I'Urtc'tloH' ....v'l'.y:
i.'onim-y wimo •• a .^aa
Country wtuiu " U" ...a... J
Country ruilmr .....V'JOfi
Country brown... 9
lilllJKN FUUrC-UniiiuH nru «iuady oi -fwjcperlJ
for aiincUo viioiou linti. I’miulnoiwoio m-ttrcv, nnJ
Hold limn ah) to fI.W. otcordlm/ tu qmillly. CuUtornli
ItiiniiH und poura Imvu utlvunced xliHrply, \V<> nuutc
Afflt’*. fmr. fur brl .
i'lmcliitt, |>ur box M>t 1.3
llnrlluit noun* M<t a
('m(iliurrlus.fi)r tiri fi.«u ttif
l.oiuun*. for lUWjtlil
t'lillforniu jilutn* i‘<
Californio 3.UW :U
Culltumlit Jiiifi'9, Jo*lb miluM
Othur urn)K , i‘. nor I
(ilU)(,'i:itlKh--Sufcrmi» wuiu mioUid aiimur. Hlrupi!
rim umoluM. aimiiMmirdi. iinil moat oilier line* mil
iilimi llnnly lifld. folloo* rtnimln vuhv. mill wo wall 1
n attirtit (I'ltiii-UiKi in tiro qiiouitluit of Kiu atfloff. rvJ*i
towtnit wro joUier*’ iiriuen:
.luvn. rhnlco MmulitlliiUi
tin. 1mi0y..........
(in. iirlmu to uiiolui)
Ho, lulr to vitoil
tlo, cuiinnoii
tin. nitimliiu
CiitviU cul-lnuf....’.
Criminal '..
(inmiilaU'ii. mundnnl......
Until nlatoil, lint nuuiditnl,
A ntunilaril
l.xtni I?V.V.V.V.,V.V.V.V.V,V.*
.Nil. I
Corn <>.....
.N, O. inolunsua,
Snutwu* VJ «a)
llAV—Tbo market remain# Urm ut tho mlvuuci
No. I Uiimlhy, |uir ton f UINWI.J
No. timothy, pur ton on tmok hximlM
Mtxi-a .. iiioaitij
U|jliuml pmlrlw ll.tyuUd
No. 1 nralrlu... antaiail
lllDKrt—(lruun liltlu.t uiti u Irlllo •troujiur. while l*
drrnidlnht w«aKnu«»l* obaurvublo. Womutlo:
Uruoii-carud. (Min. per 1b..... U‘i<* n
tirmm-coretL liuuvy »i
Dummied liiin.,, •A
(irouicnuli bull*' 3
Cult, pur Il> |?i
Dryiuillod. per lb >|
Drytllia. No. 1 14 « i
Fiillun bidet It (<4
ImtnuiitNl. dry..,.. . il 9»i7
HlieupMum*. wool uatlnmuxl ISI Ml
Ol I.H— Wuro ucllvo, drill, and unthmicud. We ituuut
Cmliou. Klolno .... 17 i.lnteod, row ...
Curbon, por/uullon. 17 l.hituvd, boiled..
Curbon, 174 uwi..., II Wlmlo, wfmur .«
Curbon, Ifid te»t.... 11 Biiuriu 1.4
Curbon, lid tutl.... 10 Neuufuoi, pure *}
Cutboii.tiiowwiiUo Nouufoot.usim.... W
\Y. W., laitc-i1... 11l Neuufoot, Nu.!...« «
Carbon. WIa.W.W. lIU Uuik g
Curbon, Ww. IMV, luft Hindta W
Curbon. Mlvh.W.W iSVu Ttirpunilnu
Curbon. Midi.l*.W. ll9| Mlnurt* UVWj
laud, miiTaitluiuke ll»i Nupiulm deo..Ul dop N
l.unl, No. 1 76 uiwuUue.ilon„74<luu M
l.uril, No, a., M <*
I'ui’A'liJKtl-Woro Heady MiUiotbfMiuml new*..
|*Obl.TllV AND UAMK—Tuiuo chicken* uni U
good MiPi>ly «it7M*ty inn 1 lb. llvu wolubL Tuul ducu
»l.6u*U j i>ur <lna. I’rulrlu ddckunt wore tcune, w
Inu ui Id.V.i nor dux. MullurUa told hi fi.76 our dux.
HAl.T—Tliuro nut a tiomly trade ul uuuuiUon*:
Kino Mill, t*uutiitiw uml New York, pur brl ...♦ „_H
(’oiirtuMill, pur brl
lialiy, with Imum,,..
Dairy, wltlinutbaitt f?
Atluun dtilnr, peraack........... ft
Dround ulmit, (n boat «... ff
UvoriMitil lino. urown tucks...... . H
TAU.OW-lt itiuvlnu ut Uo lordly and
tattV No.’l coumrr rondure^
,U WinaKV-Wft» •leiulr. Flnlaliod floods**
quoted Oil Uid bvsla of tI.W fur Itljiliwliiu*.
Wool.—Tlio/o la u fairly uctlvu undo, mid price* f
until tlrm. Wo (iiitUuj
Omul to k'lmlcu medium tub
I'liumc und iiintiy tub
h'lmi mu imwmiliud Uofto.
Ci*umi and miwimlmd iluuvw.
Mudlum and uuwiulivd ituoJo!
Ml-lllUlll HJUI HUKhtil Hum)....
I'lnu tlUVllL‘o Mt'tfCU-
L'uarau wu«bt)d fluum
Vtiillf, IliVi.
msi uSU
tiumutliuu last weak.
■ 4,MJ a
CATTI.K-Bllaluly Increased activity and Bf 0 *!
prices vruiu noted of yesivroay’s market. Tbo
celpts were iiuotlvu* turnons fur tbo precedlmi dsl
of tl:u week, aiuuumlmt tu fully u,Ut', but Uiu vfestfj
was murw favorably and iliutu was a butter d«iu*Jl
from tbo several masses of buyers. There
noluwortby advance tu any dcrerlidtim of
tlmmtb luililersof fat cuttle found U nosslbieiej
tatn a idmdu belter bnurostbmi lor some dujslTj
tbu ulferluus of lUal class out b«in4 adsioats. *8
.tlt.UI QU.IO
ti.W C'.'.'J
o.jj (ici.tu
6.141 (iW.ii
4..M1 MI.M
fi.UO flil.M
.9 4 ft r,
. 3)
. mi* :u
. S.(dV«U 1
. :uil (%:t ID
, :ui (H i. a)
. liiHv. lu«
, 1.4) 1)42.41
. iu* (n.i.ii
. if-ffc 1.4
0)4(4 I
. 31 <ai 31
n a w
13!v» W
lilyV* T
111 HI .11
34 (t( 3i
... m
~ Isjiy.t li*
... US d»
fi « 0
« <« h
fiKt's *<4
.'ft u|l
wUli A'o'a’wu'utrr
.uuo ,;(>
,uw»i u,m w*
I ~141 4.£»

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