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jikaTj estate Auvrroy hale.
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tmluy, Oct. 21, hWI.
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are Complete und Admirable.
**«OK ADOLPH LIKsEGANQ’H Celebrated Or*
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Uta, naalatod by the World Uenowned Cornet Virtue*
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Coney Inland.
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Excuralon lime* und Low Fare* on all Ilullrnuda.
JiltOMA .
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a combination of tbo Cocoa*
ful with other Ingredients, ln«
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ivnlld* nod pertona in health.
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ad tempting beverage, when
ther nourishment U unpalatable
>nd indigestible. A* o diet for
:hlldnm It Is Invaluable.
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aioi INDIANA>AV. t Corner Twonty*tlrat*a(.
A school for boys. will reopen WKUNKSDA Y, SUIT.
11. Primary anti higher department. Careful pro*
paratlon for college. tlio scluntlllo school, and busi
ness life, I.ocateil In the best part of the city] easily
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formation apply to J. J. tiCHUIIINUKU, or JOHN C.
UUA.NT.Iinn iHdlana-av.. Chicago.
WKST SlUK—Natntorliim, fiOO Mu<)ig<m«Bt
SOUTH StDK—l£) Twcniy-fourlli-st, near lodl*
Will renuon SATURDAY, Oct 8. For particular*
genU fur i.'wmloKuu.
lartssie s
lIATAHI) TAYIiOK, I*»ot and Traveler,
Huld: “1 take pnmt pleaauru In recoinineiidliit; to
mrunla the Academy of Sir. Swltbln C. Shurtllduu. 1 ’
Said ll*«>! •• 1 cheerfully content to tho uioofmy
name as reference. Sly boys will relurii to you (for
liiulr lourtli yeun after their rucnUon."
For new lllumralml Circular address KWITIIIN
C. HiloA, M., afnrvard bidvvr*
ally Graduate, Mudlu, Pa., 13 miles from Philo.
Pennsylvania Military Academy
Choslor, I'd., open# HopU 11. Civil KiiKlneorlns.Cljoiu
latry, Clumlcs, rlnullahi dourova conferred. Apply to
'l*. A. CUMiIION’K, I’utron. at No. u» Metropolitan
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und day •ulmol far ymmu IntlU'i, Not. tiunJH
ftayttilni'Bt..Now lork.rouponaOct'ii French
und licrmun liuntuutso* pmcllcully mn«hti tlio vounto
of ittudy In ilia cnllupluto dupunmont ro<{ulru* four
ycuns and moot* all tho deuiunda lor tby D labor ud
umtlon of women.
Bprlnaboro. Warrou Co., O, Heat njulppcd Train-
Inn fchoolln Uiu Slate. For both uuxua. Send for
circular. HIJOUNK 11. FOMTKII, A. M . I’roslilunt.
UI mil! AUor auiietUnr many
year* with a very acruial hernia, and mmlnu no
-- ,1 -' ny iruwi 1 could ttnd, “
v appliance you nut
rupluro whore olltora bad failed. U
■kill and nuw ap|
...i1l »IJI
i nut only rutwinmT u..
...led. but ha?u completely
cured tno hernia.
Itciddunoo. a I Kulton-iU, omcu.tou K. W<ul>lnuioii>sL
The principle n new one. No operation whaierer.
No duntrur tnuurnid. Manufacturer! ut Klastlo
blockluaa. 'rriiKMi*. etc.
UlUceM Mtaiu-it,. CtdfuKo. ill.
To whom It way concern: Notice la hereby glTon
that I liato sold and tramfurred to I. Kurxtmm ui|
my stock In trade and the business lately carried on
by muutSteti houth btolu-st., Chieaxo, 111.
All debts due from mu and contracted on account
To whom It mayconcerm Notice la hereby itlvon
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vaulWt .U. W nor „A,.I)WIN *™„
631)n>ad*ay,N. V., und 104 Uundolpb-nl.. CliUaigo.
JOHN m.KU fc!N. Wemm .Munmiur.
A 1 nril M l nAgent* wanted for Mfoof |'fo»l*
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Pianos and Organs to rent.
188 & 190 STATE-ST.
Shawl Man.'
Only one with special experience
in that department need apply.
MiuliHon and Pcoria-sts.
Dry Goods Salem.
Madison and Peoria-,sts.
By a Jobbing House, with a well established
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ASK Foil
Pullman Dressing Cases.
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I.KATIIHiI ■Dl'*U CO,, M Blalo-’iu. putontuu and aolo
RoVuAudHw d?lvoa Ulirtlo “ makm * orropalrlug
Tha lußjed Pennack* Road Machine,
.wmlsaiiiffliffp" ““ r
B. VKSSOVK A HUNS. Clifton Home.
Owing to the groat udvuuao la the price of flour wo.
tho undersigned bakeia, will advance lliu jirleo ui
bc^W 00 o^ cuut I*” lo»f ou and after Monday,'
~JL H. liremnor, O. U. Unuly, BtUrckew & Kadiih.
A .vV‘H lL ' a " t V°-* N. U. Clildoalur.
phltoii.**’ L nikJl^l ' i,bU * lu »’ a Junge. Hugh Tom-
| | Wustenhulm's. Uotfors’. and
I ■ 11414% Ml ■ SpeMlug’a Pocket Cutlery.
I ill 11 HIW
Secretary Blaine has received-a com
munication from our Minister at Paris on
tho condition of tho French crops. Mr. Mor
ton says that the yield will probably exceed
that of IS7P, bill wilt fall short of last year’s
yield. It is rather early to estimate, nnd tho
figures on which the estimate Is based are
mere approximates.
Cait. James Dalton*, of tho tug John
Ingram, who rou a schooner which lie
hud in tow into Adams street brhliroafew
days ago. was fined 6100, the highest fine
provided by tho ordinance, in Justice Sum
merllcld’s court yesterday morning. Justice
Snmmcrlleld‘s course In this matter will
meet with general approval.
Tiikiik was a rather severe Trent through
out Virginia Wednesday night which did
grunt damage, especially to the tobacco
crop, it Is estimated that fully hnif of the
standing crop was destroyed, and In some
comities the condition wns even worse. One
farmer Is reported to hnve lost 80,000 plants,
while the Joint loss of two others Is sixty
Gkn*. U. 13. Comstock, of the Engineer
Corps, who Is now at Detroit in connection
with the Lake Survey,'ls mentioned as the
probable successor of the late Mr. Patterson
In the Superlntcndßiicy of the Coast Survey.
It Is stated that Gen. Comstock possesses In
an eminent degree the qualifications neces
sary to the proper discharge of the duties of
the position.
Tiik thermometer in the suburbs of Wash
ington yesterday morning marked r>o de
grees, and lee wns formed on many pieces of
water. The sudden change of temperature
has been unprecedented oven In Washing
ton. No wonder that Mr. Reavis wants the
National Capital In some other city than
Washington. Even St. Louis might bo us
good a place for it.
The project for the erection of a Gar
field Memorial Hospital at Washing
ton seems to grow In favor. Many
persons have promised to subscribe lib
erally, mid intimations have been made
that if n subscription list bo opened in Eu
rope Queen Victoria will head It with a
handsome donation. It Li, expected that oth
er European rulers will a'lso contribute.
Edwaiid Thompson*, sou of tho lote Ad
miral Thompson Kiebe, of the British navy,
and grandson of tho Admiral who led the
forces under Nelson at the battle of Trafal
gar, was tried this week at Hernando, Miss.,
on tho charge of stealing a mule, lie was
acquitted. Thompson has been a tramp for
several years. Ills mother Is wealthy, and
contributed freely for her son’s defense ut
tho recent trial.
Tiik Social Science Congress at Dublin
yesterday discussed tho question of tho set
tlement of International dllferonccs and dis
agreements by arbitration at periodical
meetings of tho representatives of tho vari
ous States. Tho Economic Section discussed
tiro falr-traUo question. Nearly all the
sneakers, Including Botiamy Price ami Gold
win Smith, maintained tho soundness of tho
free-trudo doctrine.
Tiik late Mrs. Jennie McGmw Flake, wife of
Prof. Flske, bequeathed to her husband
£:I00,000, to her mother £IOO.OOO, and 8100,000
oaeli to five cousins. Several relatives are
left $25,000 each, and $200,000 are bequeathed
to Cornell University fur library mid hospital
purposes and tor the care of tho MuGruw
buildings. If anything remains after all
tho relatives are provided for, It goes to tho
Cornell Library fund.
A Pirrsnuito bartender, whose* linguistic
and musical abilities have been the surprise
of those to whom he doled out tho foaming
lagm and tho Inspiriting cocktail, turns out
to be nono other than a German Prince—
Prince SulmSalm. His family Is said to bo
one of tho wealthiest and most noble in Ger
many. Tlie saloon wliero ho ontelales is
largely attended. Ho proposes soon to opon
a riding-school for ladies.
Coxoiiksbuak Davis, who will lenvo
Washington for Chicago today, thinks that
President Arthur’s Administration will bo u
conservative and good ono. He is also of
opinion that Senator David Davis will act
with tho Republicans in the organization of
Uio Senate, that Scnalors-eleet Aldrich, Mil
ler, and Eaplmiii will be admitted before tho
organization, and that a Republican {Senator
will bo oleeted President pro tern*
eceded In securing an order from Acting
Postmaster-General Klmor for nu Investlga
turn by Special-Agent Stuart Into the neces
sity for an nddltlunal snb-post-oflicu in tlio
Went Division of Chicago somewhere near
tho comer of Madison street anil Western
avenue. A siwclul agent in tho free delivery
division made an examination In the matter
sumo time ago and reported against the proj
ect. Mr. Davis thinks that Special-Agent
Stuart’s report will be more favorable.
Ai.r. tho Democratic candidates for Secre
tary of the Senate, except John G, Thomp
son, of Ohio, hall from Dixie, Thu most
prominent among them are ox-Senator With
ers, of Virginia; ex-Suimtor Dennis, of Ma
ryland; Col. L. Q. Washington, a Virginia
journalist; Col. K. C. Wlnlursinlth, of Ken
tucky; Col. William 11. MoArdle, a Missis
sippi editor; dun. Pierce M. li. Young, an
ux-Congressiimn, of Georgia; and Mr.'itees
1). Kdmansun, of Tennessee. It may be that
neither of tho gentlemen, nor any other
Democrat, will get the place.
Tiik Minnesota Democrats mot In conven
tion yesterday and went through tho form of
nominating candidates for Statu unices. Thu
fallowing uru tho nominees: Governor,
Gen. U. W. Johnson; Ucntenant-Governor,
K. P. liarnum; Auditor, Uudolph Lomlcko:
Secretary of Statu, A. J. Lumberton; Treas
urer, John l\ Kussoll; Attorney-General,
Partly cloudy weather nnd rnlu. nnd sin*
tioimry or higher temperature fur this region
Hr: pouts from HIT Connecticut towns in
whleh elections were held last Monday,
show that the Republicans carried ninety,
the Demoernts llfty-two. and in twenty-live
towns tlmollleers were evenly divided. This
Is a Republican gain.
Tm: White House will not in good or
der until about the middle of winter, it is
understood that the President will continue
at Senator Jones’ residence till tne end of the
called session, when it Is probable lie will
take up his residence In thueottage attached
to the Soldiers’ Home, where President Lin
coln resided during the War.
atl|j Wihum,
George N. Baxter; ICntlrond Commissioner,
R. S. Cook. The convention indorsed Judges
Chirk. Dickinson, and Mltohcll, tho present
Incumbents. for Supreme Court Judges. Of
course none of the nominees for State olllces
have the shadow of the ghost of a chance to
he elected.
President .Arthur Inis determined Hint
for the present ut least 1m will not entertain
nny applications for positions of minor Im
portance, and nil such applications will be re
ferred to tho heads of tho several depart
ments. It Is reported that (len. Arthur in
timated yesterday that he would not send
nny nomlnntlons to the .Senate during the
called session except such as were absolutely
necessary; also, that he Ims expressed n de
sire Hint the present Cabinet oltieers retain
their positions, at least until tho regular ses
sion, Hint they may be enabled to submit re
ports of the work accomplished during Pres
ident Gnrlleld’s Administration.
It Is again stated, and there Is no reason
to doubt its truth, that President Arthur has
rey nested Postmaster-General James to re
tain his present position, and It is under
stood Hint Mr. James will remain at least
until the star-mule coses are tried, when he
may retire in order to accept u more lucra
tive place. Should Mr. James remain
there Is no doubt that Flrst-Asslstant-
Postmaster-Gencrul Tyner will retire, ns
he nnd Mr. James have not been
able to agree very well. It Is now
generally believed that ex-Senntor Conk
ling will not be a member of President
Arthur’s Cabinet, though the Stalwarts say
that he could be if he would. Tho Stalwarts
say that he does not wish to embarrass Gen.
Arthur's Administration.
Tnr.HK was an anew and exciting scene
In the Methodist Conference at Sycamore
yesterday when the Rev. Dr. Thomas, driven
to U by persistent persecution, confronted
some of his persecutors, and made charges
against one of them, the RevTDr. Parlihurst.
The friends of the latter gentleman
tried to prevent Dr. Thomas from for
mally presenting the charges, but JJlsh
op Wiley decided, notwithstanding
the technical objections raised, that
Dr. Thomas could prefer the charges, which
are that Dr. Purkhurst In an Interview with
a Chicago reporter made statements against
Dr. Thomas which were willfully and
maliciously false. Thu court before whiah
the heresy charges against Dr. Thomas are
being heard seems to be rather hostile to the
accused; at least they have so far decided
against him In nearly every instance.
Tiikhk seems to bo a decided feeling among
some of the Southern Senators that it would
be the part of wisdom for them to aid In
electing a Republican President pro tem, of
the Senate. To elect a Democrat, tboy
argue, might lead to a revival of sectional
hatred. The South has prospered during
the era of good feeling, ami they do not wish
to put an end to that era by making a South
ern Democrat the hclr-nppurcnt to the
Presidency. Some of the Southern Sena
tors . will give expression to these
views In the caucus tomorrow, hut
it is probable that they will not prevail, and
Hint Dayard will be chosen ns the Democrat
ic candidate for the Presidency of the Sen-,
ate. Yet It is quite possible that a more
conciliatory spirit may prevail, and that a
conference committee to meet a similar one
from the Republican caucus will bo ap
pointed to make some arrangement which
will prove satisfactory to all parties.
Mn. BooicwAr/nwi has opened another
barrel, and the Ohio ward politicians of the
Democratic persuasion are enjoying them*
selves and predicting tho certain success of
their candidate. Mr. Tllden has also con
tributed a portion of his barrel, and the
■Bourbon managers In the Buckeye State are
putting It where they think it will do the
most good. It is said that they have deter
mined on a scheme to buy up some of tho
Republican ticket-peddlers on election-day,
and to employ gangs of repeaters to “ work ”
the hirgeclties. Thoßopublicifti lenders seem
to bo aware of tho Dumocraticschemes, how
ever, and are prepared to thwart them. Tho
less use of money by Bookwalter’s and Tit
den’s agents has disgusted tho butter class
of Democrats, and has roused tiie Repub
licans to their danger, and it is quite proba
ble that Mr. Bookwalter will learn next
Tuesday night that tho means which suc
ceeded in obtaining him a nomination in a
Democratic convention have not mu |twith
the indorsement of the people of Ohio.
Tiik letter written by Secretary, then Sen
ator, Blaine to President Uartield, accepting’
tho position of Secretary of Slate, Is made
public lids morning, and its publication will
without doubt Itave tho cifeet of raising Mr.
Blaine to even a higher place in the estima
tion of tho American people than that which
lie has heretofore occupied. Thoictler bears
date the 20th of December, and from it
it appears that tho tender of tho position was
made about the Ist of December. The let
ter furnishes additional proof, if any
wero wanting, of the cordial political
ami personal relations which existed be
tween Mr. Blaine amt Gen. Garliutd, of
the high esteem in which each held the oth
er, and of the pure purpose and lofty patriot
ism which actuated the dead statesman and
his living friend. Mr. Blaine agreed to ac
cept tho position because tie thought he
could be useful to the country and to the
party, and useful to Gen. Gnrlieid ns the
leader of the party and the. head of tho Gov
ernment. Tho letter, too, makes it evident,
that Mr. Blaine had no Presidential aspira
tions, mid that lie did not accept tho Secre
taryship, as some would have It, to further
such aspirations, Hu wrote: “In our now
relations I shall give nil that 1 um, and all
Uiat 1 can hope to be, freely mid Joy
fully to your service. Yon need no pledge
of my loyalty In heart amt in act. 1 should
be false to myself did 1 not prove true both
to tho great trust you conllde to mo and to
your own personal and political fortunes
both in present and In future.” And Mr.
Blaine’s idea of political service was not the
machinist's Idea; he did not want to net tho
part of tho political sycophant ami tlutlerer.
Ho says: “Your Administration must bo
ninde eminently successful and strong In
tho eonliduncu and pride of tho people;
not at all directing Us energies fur ro
otectlon, and yet compelling that result
by 'tho logic of events and by Um
Imperious necessities of tho situation.” Ami
what fair-minded person can say that the
policy foreshadowed in this letter was not
carried out during the too short Administra
tion of President Garfield? Mr. Blaine re
calls tho Intimate personal relations which*
existed between him&lf amt Gen. Gurtleid.and
he concludes by saying that however much
lie might admire Idm as a statesman, lie
would not enter his Cabinet did he nut bo-'
lieve In him as a man and love'him as a
Tho Dignified Bearing of tho
President Impressing
Every One.
No Man in the National Capital.
Wears n Sadder Paco
than He.
The Democrats Eofuse to Believe
that They Will Eelinauish
Any Advantage,
Davis Will Not and Could Not
Be Induced to Leave
the Senate.
That Has Been Tried Before, It
Is Alleged, and Failed
A Popular Storm Very Likely to
Strike Corkhill, the Public
He Is Alleged to Have Bartered
Away the AssasirTs Auto
Efforts of Representative Davis to Get
Another West Side Post-OUlce
la Chicago.
The Unparalleled Change in the Weather
Still a Matter of Astonish
Special DUpatch to The Chicago Tribune*
Washington, D. C„ Oct. o.—President
Arthur has adopted one rule for Uie present,
at least, which it would be well to make
permanent. Ho has decided not to Interfere
In any way with the vacancies which exist
In the minor ofllccs in the several depart
ments, and lie will not hear any applicants
for these positions, but will refer all cases to
the department where the vacancies occur.
He will not listen to any- applications for
olllce except lor Important positions, and ho
Is reported to have said today that he should
send no nominations to the Senate ut the
extra session except such os are necessary to
IUI existing vacancies. This principle would
also be extended to the Cabinet, unless some
of the members of the 'Cabinet should
absolutely Insist upon the Immediate accept
ance of the their resignations. The Presi
that all the members of the present Cabinet
shall remain until the regular session of
Congress, ami until they shall have com*
pletcd their annual reports. The President
called at the White House today for a few
moments, and the visit was enough to dis
courage any one fond of a ducentaud orderly
habitation. The mansion Is torn up from
the repairs which are In process, mid which
will not be completed until the winter is well
advanced. As the repairs, progress, the
workmen And that even the private part of
the house Is Infested with vermin, which,
owing to the ancient timbers and the general
musty character of the surroundings, it
seems impossible to expel. As a conse
quence of this unsuitable condition of tbo
White House for occupancy, ns a dwelling,
at least, and because It is impracticable to
use It for cilice purposes until tbo repairs
are completed, the President will continue
to remain at present at
immediately adjacent to the Capitol. Ho
will remain there until tho end of the extra
session, which he does not expect will bo
lung. Ho will receive visitors there at’tho
regular hours adopted by President Garfield
for the White House, ami will hold Cabinet
meetings every Tuesday oml Friday there,
beginning with next Tuesday. Alter the ex
tra session he will take up ids residence ut
tho Soldiers’ Home, in tho cottagv which was
occupied by President Elucoln during all the
years of tho War, and which, early this sum
mer, was refitted for tho use ot President
Garfield. That house Is connected by
telegraph and telephone with the White
House and the Executive Departments, and
tho President will come to the Executive
Mansion to transact whatever business may
require his attention In tho interim before
the assembling of Congress. Dy choosing
the Soldiers’ Homo cottage for a residence
during tho fall tho President will escape the
certain malaria ot tho White House, and also
the malarious iutluenee which, in a some
what less degree, might affect his health In
ids present temporary residence^
President Arthur, lifter receiving n largo
number of visitors {onlay, Including many
Congressmen, took a drive on the uvoiiuo
this afternoon with (Jen. Sherman In.an open
carriage. They had no escort of any kind.
President Arthur, in fact, contrary ton num
ber of reports, appears in public as freely
and ns unnttemled as tie did when lt« was
.Vice-President, oud, to all outward appear
ances at least, tloes not seem to have
anv apprehension of sharing the fate of
Ids predecessor. It is the universal remark
of all who have looked upon the President,
Irrespective of part)’, Uiat Ids Is the saddest
f»co thnt has been seen In Washington since
the departure of tho funeral cortege. Presi
dent Arthur seems to be alfceted with sin
cere sorrow nt President (iurlleld’s death,
and the deep mourning ho wears is beyond
question a token of his berenvement at tho
loss of a friend. It is stated today, upon
apparently good authority, that President
Arthur has decided to permanently retain
.Mr. Stanley Drown, President (hirlieid’s
private secretary, in tho same capacity.
So lA* ir<i(*r» Auutiattd i'm*.
Washington*, D. C., UcU a—Tho delega
tion of U 9 National Hoard of Steam Naviga
tion, of whom E. W. Could, of St. J.ouls,
and Uen. Negley. of Pittsburg, were spokes
men, called on President Arthur today, and
explained to him the objects of the board.
Tho President, replying, observed that in tho
shadow of the great calamity which had be
fallen the country there was no escape from
the duty which had devolved upon him; and
that, in tho objects in which his visitors were
interested, os in ad measures, he would en
deavor to Justify tho expectations of them
selves and tho country. The board appointed
delegates to tho Mississippi JUver Improve
ment Convention, selecting Cairo, 111., for
the next annual mooting, and made arrange-
tr &■/

•J y
■a f
tncnls for th/ogWal meeting of lt»3 on
board nstoan/ <rar n UidMlsslsslppl cn route
to New Oilo a 5 Officers elected for tho cn
flulmr ynar:/£fi,ldent, K. W. Gould, of St
holds; Vic/ idonts, It. 11. Woolfolk 01
.iloflnger of St. Louis.
awaiting Appointment from President An
tliur Is tlmt of Superintendent of tlioCoasl
Survey, mmlu vrfeant by tho death of Mr,
Patterson. The name of Ocn. C. B. Conm
stock, of the Kngineer Corps, Ims been men
tioned here as one of the most competent'
men in the country for tlds position. He has
been engaged for many years upon the sun
vey of tho Upper Lakes, where he has been
for years carrying forward n mostexlenslve
system of the highest order of geologic sun
veylng. 110 has a reputation abroad as one
of the most accomplished engineers In the
public servlceof any nation and Is Intimately
nciinnlnted, from long practical experience*
with all the scientific requirements of tho po
sltion. Gen. Comstock Is at present at De*
Irolt, bringing Ids work on tho lakes to a close.
a puominknt srAUVAtrr itsmii.icAN,
of Xew York, who holds a high Government
position here, and who lias Just returnee
from his home in that State, expresses at
opinion that ex-Senntor Conkling will not go
into the Cabinet, though he-could do so if
he desired. Said tlds ofltclal tonight:
Cunkling's friends in Xew York ore as de
voted to him ns ever. 1 went home to tight
for him, and I carried my county and sent
a delegation to the State Convention that
would have stood by Idm to the last. Conk
ling is sincerely desirous of harmoniz
ing tho itepubllcan party throughout
all tho country. lie Is a warm
devoted friend ot President Arthur, and ho
wants Arthur to make a popular Presi
dent and succeed himself. Conkling is al
ways ready to makennysacrllice fora friend.
I have no doubt that Arthur lias already
offered Conkling Ids choice of Cabinet posi
tions, but I do not believe he will accept any,
for the reason that Conkling knows ids en
trance into the Cabinet
and would embarrass Arthur. Therefore ho
will not accept it, though, there Is a very re
cent precedent for his appointment and ac
ceptance, notwithstanding circumstances.
Conkling Is not morcunpopularwith one ele
ment of his party than llluinu Is with another.
And Conkling's appointment to a Cabinet
position would not he more distasteful to ono
portion of the parly than Dlalne’s appoint
ment was to another portion. I don’t believe
Conkling cares anything for a Cabinet posi
tion, but even If he did I don't believe ho
would accept one, for the reason 1 have
given.” The gentleman who made this
statement is a conspicuous member of a
prominent Republican circle in New York
which has hitherto included Conkling, Ar
thur, Platt, and other Stalwarts, and was ap
pointed to ofllce by Platt and Conkling.
It seems to be pretty well understood that
Postmaster-General James will remain In his
present position, at the desire of President
Arthur, but he will not stay any longer than
Is required to wind up the star-route prosed
eutlons. When these cases shall have been
disposed of he will retire ut Ins own request,
as an Important position of* higher
pay awaits his command In New
York. If Gen. James remains In tho
Cabinet, as now seems assured, First Assist
ant Postmaster-General Tyner will probably
retire. Hu has never, It is said, been in ac
cord with James’ administration of the De
partment, and those familiar with James*
purposes and Intentions say Tyner would
have gone out long ago had not President
Gartield been shot. It is an open secret at
the Department that Tyner retires If Janies
dpteial J)Upateh to Tht Chieaoo IVttun*.
Washington, 1). C., Oct. o.—The Demo
crats expect that all of their number will be
In their scats next Monday in the Senate,
with the exception of Senator Fair, of Neva
da, who has secured a pair with Senator
Platt, of Connecticut. Some Bepubllcaus
may be absent, but pairs are beiug arranged
for them. It is learned from the new comers
that some of the Democratic Senators are
now disposed to postpone the election ot
u Secretary until after the new Senators can
be sworn in. Should that be dune, a dead
lock might follow. Tim Democratic Sena
tors very strongly Insist that, in any event,
they are entitled to at least an equal repre
sentation on the committees, and they will
demand Unit what they consider their righta
In tills respect shall bo enforced.
Such of tbo Democratic Senators as nro
here tomorrow will meet in the evening for
consultation at Uio rooms of Senator Pendle
ton. A majority of tho. Senators of either
party are nut expected to arrive before Sat
urday, and it is now expected that caucuses
will be held by both the Itepublieans ami
Democrats on Saturday. One or two Demo
cratic Senators are reported to be In favor of
making sumo sort of arrangement with tho
itepublieans, but the number of these Is so
small that in all likelihood nothing will bo
hoard eitborut the conclusion or caucus. The
opinion seems to be general that, finding
themselves in a majority, nothing remains to
bo done but
that such majority gives. Far greater prob
ability exists of trouble over the committees
than of any contest over the President of the
Semite and the Senate’s officers. The Presi
dent of the Senate will bo elected as soon ua
the Senate Is vailed to order. In all proba
bility tie will be Senator iiaynrd. Tho same
opposition to Senator Bayard time was
discussed last spring crops out now.
Senator Harris and Senator Cockrell
are understood to prefer another .than
Bayard, and Senator Harris ' this
afternoon tells a reporter that ho Is entire
ly willing to become President/ pro tern., if
Ids Democratic friends desire it, Harris is a
good parliamentarian, and n Senator who
lias a good many friends among tbo Jiepub*
Matt Carpenter used to like him well
enough to teosu him, an honor lie did not be
stow on Senators ho did nut care much
about. Dawes and Harris professed to ad
mire each oilier very much, but Mr. Harris
cannot be elected President pro tern, unless
bo receives all tho itepublican votes ami tho
vote of sumo of Ids party associates
who will bolt the caucus nomination, both
impossible contingencies. If anybody is
nominated from the Democratic side Sen
ator iiayard will bo tho man. It Is not un
likely that after Senator Daynrd's election ho
will administer tile oath to Messrs. Lnpham
and Aldrich, but Mr. Miller may have to wait
awhile. Uls Uie present purpose of one
Democratic Senator to object to the recep
tion of
until the Committee tm Privileges and Elec
tions report. It may be thought best, how
ever, to admit Miller and then re
quest the Committee to make a
report upon the disputed question
whether or not a majority of the entire mem
bership of a Legislature is not necessary to
elect a Senator, it will be Impossible far the
itepubllcuns to elect a Secretary of the Sen
ate unless David Davis votes with them:

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