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hsrlnn otoole.l n Vloo-ITo.ulent, llior «onuM
coutlnuo to bavo a person la lilt Hint nlllcoj that
requires this tobedmie,and thatit will bo well
for Republican* lo Insist upon this even to tho
extent ol another deadlock of an Indcllnll
period. They also express tho hope that David
Davis will vote with them on this subject. Tho
latter has Indicated his, Intention to be
hero Monday, but no miu knows bis
purpose with regard to iho existing situation.
Other Republicans mo of the opinion that It
will bo useless to make such a contest: that tho
Democrats unquestionably have tbo power, and
most certainly will uso it. and that It will bo a
waste of time and of party strength and need
lesly disturb tho countty lo enter upon a con
test which must ho fruitless. Tho Domoerats,
whntovcMimy bo said of thorn on paper, do not
flvo any Indications of consenting to surrender
tho opportunity whloh Ihny have of obtaining
control or tho Senate, mid all of them nractl
cully agree with Senator Call, who, In the lan
guage of llrot Ilarte, with respect to tho man
of Salono, says." U is tholr pul, and they nro
going to make tho most of It.”
whoso voice Is likely to ho as potential ns that of
any ono in tbo Jomucnitlu caucus tomoirow,
said tonight that, as he understood It, tbo Dem
ocratic position was likely to tie this: •* Wo shall
Insist upon proceeding to tho election of a pre
siding ollleur from tbo Deinoeratiu party. That
Is an opportunity of which we ought properly to
take advantage, and It Is nn opportunity cre
ated by tho resignation of two Republican Sen
ium and Iho death of another, and not.
by tho death of tbo President of tbo
United Stales. No question of sentiment or
point of political loglo unit properly bo raised as
to tbo Democratic position In this respect. Wo
Blmply hnvo a proper pulilleal opportunity, and
tho parly undoubtedly will lake advantage
of It.
should It not do so, and It could scarcely excuse
Itself to its constituency should It fall to elect a
President pro tempore of tbo Benato before tbo
tbreo waiting Senators nro sworn In, aud thoy
will bo sworn In by tbo Democratic President
pro tempore so elected."
••What Senator will you select for that
“ Undoubtedly It will bo Mr. llaynrd. Thu
principle of seniority bus always prevailed un
der such circumstances, nnU there Is no reason
why It should not now. Mr. Bayard'ls at least
two years tho senior In service of any other
Democratic Senator in tho body, and Is entitled
to receive the votes of his party on every other
"And what will bo tho Democratic position
with respect to tho commutes? "
"After tho Democrats have elected n presid
ing nllicor, tho Semite will bo tied with David
Davis on one side and Mahono on tho other
All committees drop with tbo session. That will
bo tho Democratic position, at all events, and
when tho Bcpubllcans movo to appoint now
committees tho Democrats will not be very like
ly to consent to It without they secure consider
able concessions,” t
" Do you mean by that that tho Democrats will
Insist upon nt least equal representation on tho
" That is about it. Tbo Democratic position is
that they will Insist iifion tbo election of a pro
sldlugolllcor, and un equal rcpruseuluiluu ou
tbo committees."
"But suppose David Davis, after tbo tlirco
llcpubllcan Senators uro sworn in, shall tmfn a
dltfcrent opinion from tho rest of tbo Democratic
Senators, and shall chooso to vote with tho lie
" Tben. of course, on tbat basis, tbo Republic
oos. with Mnhono and David Davis, would bo n
majority, and unless tbo Democrats should re
sort to u deadlock, would control tbo Senate."
To the BV«(<m AiHKUtUiI Prttt,
Washington, D. C., Oct. “.—The Senators of
both parties to-night arc averse to being In
terviewed ns to wlmt they will or may do In tbo
organization nl tbo Senate. There Is n senti
ment of concession on both sides, but no Sena
tor knows Just hmv far It will go, and ho dues
not like to express an opinion which may em
barrass him when ho comes to vote. It Is freely
O'Jmltted that there must be sonic concession
and compromise, but what shape it will taku
ourniot ho foretold, b'omo suggest that
u President pro tempuro bo elected for
the express purpose of swearing in tho
new Senators, bis term of ollieo to then expire,
cud, after that, tho organization bo elfeetod.
There arc precedents for this. Tbo Senate has
in tho past elected a President for u speeltlo
duty, or for a designated period of time. On
one occasion h President was elected for ono
day. There arc arc at least three Dcmocrnilo
Senators who ate In favor of conceding tho
President to tho Uopublicnus if they will accord
to tho Democrats tho Secretaryship mid
half of tbo committees, and lot tbo re
mainder of tho organization aloud as
now. Ono of tho must Inllucntiul Dem
ocrats n tbo Senate tonight expressed
bimsuti .n favor of this plan. Ho said be was
satistied that If tbo Democrats would accord
tbo President to tbo Republicans, mi amicable
agreement eould bo reached In a short timo, and
tbo Bennie bo organized by a unanimous vote
But If, on tho other band, tbo Democrats take
advantage of their temporary majority to elect
tbo President, ho believed tbo Republicans
would tight tm tho qucstlou ol tbo Secretary and
tbo remainder of tbo organization to tbo last
day of tho Forty-seventh Congress. This Sen
ator said that, If another deadlock arises, it will
run there is nu tulilng bow long, and will block
legislation at tbo regular session of Congress.
"This would bo 111-thnud and disgraceful," said
this Senator, Therefore, ho considers
Is to give tbo Hopubllcans tbo olllco tboy most
desire, which is tbo President of tbo Senate.
Conference committees will bo appointed by
both cuuoussus tomorrow, and the prevailing bo
iler is that those committees will urnmgo a plan
for organization which will bo accepted by both
parties. If tbo Republicans will divide tbo com
mittees with tbo Democrats to got tbo President
of tbo Senate, It is not improbable that this plan
will bo adopted, ns naturally thore aro a number
of Democrats who would llko to get tholr former
committee buck again. Thoro is considerable
speculation os to how Senator Davis, of Illinois,
will vote, but nothing to indicate what bo will
do bus yet been beard from him bore. Ho will
reach hero tomorrow. At tho beginning of tbo
last special session of tbo Senate, when tbo con
test over organization wnsjust opening, it was
announced to tbo Democratic caucus by au
thority of Senator Davis, that bo purposed vot
ing far tbo Democratic organization. Judgo
Davis declined to minister, but said bo would
voto with tbo Democrats. Subsequently after
the Republicans had obtained tbo committees,
in a speech, bo sold bo tbongbt tbo organization
should go wltb tho committees, but, notwith
standing this opinion, be voted with tbo Dem
ocrats, except upon dilatory motions. Tho
Democrats boro express contldonco that bo will
vote with them tbls time, unless tboy should
take some position calculated to bring about a
deadlock. *
arrived this oltornoon and called upon tho
President. In regard to the organization of tbo
benuto bo said be supposed tbo Democrats
would use tbolr temporary advantage for all It
was worth, and there did not scorn to be any'
thing for tbo Itopubllcans to do but to submit
and bide tbolr time until tbo tables wore turned.
Ho scouted tbo Idea of filibustering. The game
was not worth tbo oandlo. Tbo Democratic inn*
Jorlty was of such a shadowy naturo that It dls
appeared as soon as it was used.
shows a great iackot earnestness upon tbo ques
tion of Secretary, and tboro are several who say
that if tho Democrats tecuro tbo presiding ofll
cop, they might as well tuko all tho Senate
oiQeos. This state of ludllforauoo is said to bo
duo to tbo difficulty about Gorham's candidacy
as a caucus nominee. If bo could bo, induced to
witudrow, Iho Republicans could undoubtedly
•ocuro tbo Secretaryship. Ho absolutely do
withdraw, lu a paragraph lu tbo Jfcpub
ifcan this morning.
Washington, d. 0., Got. 7.-Undop date of
uramun.Sopu 1, 1881, Consul Clrlnnell reports
tuat tbo otlleial statistics sbow tbo production of
wroals lu tbo German Empire from Aug. J, 1880,
s®," X* IWI, to be as follows: Wheat, 100,068,-
ryo, 108.W1.000 bushels; barley, 100,-
J».7Wb u, he ,, { oats, aB,OM,w» bushels; ooru,
KT.-WJ bushels; peas, beans, etc., SO.OjO.UI
snels. Imparts for tho samo period:
Wheat, it. 000,700 bushels; rye, 58.6W.W0 bushels;
wriey, bushels j oats, ir.KW.WW bushels j
corn, in,l7*>,o.V) bushels; pens, ben tin, ote, 1,K!1,-
AIU bushels. Thoollloln! report adds, with Minn
apparent complacency, Hint Um duties collected
on tbo Importation or grain during tho above
period ninomited to about tl,£a*>,7(M, beinir vnnr
much more tlmn tbo estimates made In 18*H.
Consul (Jrliiiicll says be thinks these llguros aru
or value. showing, as they do, tho growing need
In Germany of 4
and especially as to corn: mid that, as Dormans
become inoru familiar with Ha excellence ns
food for man and animals, mid Its relative
cheapness, tholr demand will only bo limited by
tho iimouiit wo can spare. Tho torllf from
which thoahuvo duties were collected wont into
effect July#, IbTU; It bears especially hard upon
tbo laboring classes except farmers, and It Is
said oven thoy are dlssatlsllod. it scorns cer
tain that they arc growing poorer year by year.
Tho cfllidltlon of crops In Europe at tbo close
of August, according to tho report mcolvcd at
tho Department of Statu from Consul Dyers, of
Zurich, was estimated as follows:
Ahovo average: Austria, Frnnken, nno
Sciiwalcn (Ihmtrhi), and both Upper mid
Lower Ilavnrhi. Average: Mulduu, Ron
umnin, Pcodolln, Chorsun, and Surulow
(Russia), Denmark, Silesia, Baxony, Swltzor
land, tbo Netherlands, Great llrltiihi, and
Ireland. Dolow average: Hungary, Hnrvlu,
Courlond and Eslland (Russia), Bwedou,
and Norway. Mecklenburg, Prussia, Hanover,
Rhino Provinces, Pfalz (lUvarla), Italy, and
Prance. The Danube district in WallaehUt only
promises half last year's crop, and tho crop In
Iho Wullachian district of Uoumaiiln and In lles
sarnbla (Russia) and Behlodwlg-Halslein Is much
below tho average. Thoro Is a total failure of
wheat In Tutovo, Cuutllu (Rmununla), and only
40 per cent of tbo average lu Llttllu Wallaehla.
Middle Russia gives protulso of a wheat crop
much above tbo average.
Above average: Austria and Russian prov
inces, liussarabln.Pailulln.Chorsun, and Estland.
Middle Russia, is much above tho average, and
tho Rhino provinces, Uavurla, Wurtomburg,
Netherlands, and Great lirltaln aud Ireland,
may bo said to promise a yield above tho ave
rage. Average: Hungary, Moldau (Roumanlal,
and Russian provinces, Saratow, Llveland, Tarn
bow unu Smolensk, Denmark. Mecklenburg,
Silesia, Saxony, and Switzerland. Delow ave
rage: Scrvla, Sweden and Norway, Prussia,
Schleswig-Holstein, Hanover, Pfalz (Uuvarla),
mid Eastern Italy.
Much above overage: Franknn and Schwnlon
(Bavaria). Aliovo average: Silesia and Chorson
(ItUHSIa). Average: Little Wullaehln and
Molduu (Itounmnla), Unsslan provinces, Sarntow,
Lwclaud, Tumbuw, and Smolensk, Dommirk,
Mecklenburg, Prussia, Ithlno Provinces.
Saxony, Wurteinbnrg, and Netherlands. Below
average: Hungary, Servln, Itusslun provinces,
Bessarabia and CourlunU, Sweden and Norway,
Hanover, Upper and Lower Bavaria and Pfalz,
Swltzorund and Bust Hal)'.
Much above average: Pndolln, in Russia.
Above average: Tutova, Courln, and Moldau
in Roumnnia, Messnnibfti and Middle Itussia,
and Silesia. Avcrngo: Russian Provinces, Chor
son, Llvoland, Tnmbow. Smolensk, and Bstiund,
Denmark, Prussia, Sohleswig-Holsieln, Suxony,
Knmken, amt Sehwnlen (Bavaria), Wurtcmborg,
and Netherlands. Below average: Hungary,
Scrvia, Wulluehla, district In Uounmnia (little
over half crop). Uonrland, Hanover, Ithlno
Provinces, Upper mid Lower Bavaria, and Pfalz,
Northeast and South Italy, aud Groat Britain
aud Ireland.
Much above average: Schleswig-Holstein and
Switzerland. Above average: Sweden and Nor
way, Silesia, Grout Britain aud Ireland, and
KstlamJ (Itussia). Avcrngo: Hungary, Austria,
Denmark, Prussia, Hanover, Saxony, Upper mid
Lower Bavaria. Below average: Ithlno prov
inces, Wnrtomborg. and North Italy. This lat
ter Is much below average.
Above averages Scrvia, Wnllnchla District,
and Tutova, Coifrlin In Itmmmniu, Malden,
Cherson (Itussia), and North Italy are much
above average. Averages Hungary. Below tho
average: Little Wullnchla, Itounmnla, aud Italy.
Above average: llcssnrabla and Middle Rus
sia, Below average: Schleswig-Holstein,
Special Ditpaich to The CMmoo IVRiuns.
Washington, D. c„ Got. 7.—Tho Army (iml
Navy HetiMer will tomorrow print tbo following:
"Thu late President Oarlleld, wo are Informed,
left but a single request to his successor. It
was not transmitted In writing, of course, but
by a no less direct and certain method. Ho
asked Mr. Arthur, when Installed us President
of tbo United States, to appoint Col. A. P. Rock
well, bis personal friend, Quartermaster-Gen
oral of tbo Army. It Is known by many persons
tbat it was tbo Intention of Mr. Gariluld In duo
timo to make this appointment. Tbo relations
between him and Col. Rockwell were well
known to buvo been of
and wo bollovo it was well understood through
out tbo army that Uookwoll was to bo Quarter
master-Qonoral. Tbo iacn was not happily re
ceived Id ult quarters, but tbore was no onu who
questioned Col. Kookwell's high character and
standing as an olilcor and gentleman. The
dying request of President Gurllold in his be
half undoubtedly places President Arthur in n
must serious dilemma, for his relations to Gen.
Grant and tbo strong desire of Gen. Grant to
havo bis friend Gen. Ingalls mndo Quarlormns
ler-Goneral aro 'matters of common notoriety.
Wo suppose that If thoro is'any one thing Gen.
Grant is dlsphsed to insist upon, it is tbat
Ingalls should bo tbo successor of Meigs."
Sptclal Dispatch to Tha Chicago IVtoun*.
Washington, I). C„ Oct. 7.—Uopresontntlro
George Huzelton, of Wisconsin, is hero to obtain
additional Instructions from tbo Government
relative to tbo suit against tho Caftan del Agua
Company, of Jloston, which has located upon a
tract oi land In Now Moxlco, and spent nearly
a million dollars upon U. Mr. Huzelton says
that tbo Government will oust tbo company
from ovory Inch of ground which tboy are now
operating, and which tboy falsely claim to 'pos
sess. Ho says that tbo survey is entirely fraud
ulent; tbat tbo company hud a bona-Ude grant,
obtained by au act of Congress, for
but tbat tboy only have occupied ono corner of
tbo land aetuolly fronted, and bavo taken a
tract outside of that upon tbo public domain In
tbo form of an Nodes triangle, live miles In
length on each side, which Includes some of tho
best mineral land In tbo United States, and that
every Inch of this laud belongs to tbo Govern
moot, anu will bo recovered In tbo suit already
brought and tho ono which laubout tobubrought.
This Is tbo company of which Gmi. Grant de
clined tbo Presidency, owing, It Is since learned,
to Information which ho bad privately obtained
thoro tending to show tbo inaccuracy of the sur
Washington, D. a, Uct. T.-Pnstors of this
city, accompanied by tbo Maryland Lutheran
Bynod, in session hero, culled on President
Arthur this afternoon at bis residence. Dr.
Chester, pastor of tbo Metropolitan Presbyterian
Church, who bad boon designated to act us
spokesman for tbo visitors, road tbo following
Mn. Piikhidbnt: As pastors of churches in this
city, wo desire to express to yon ourapprculatlun
nf tho important position to which, in tbo prov
idence of God, you have been called;
our sympathy with you in every ef
fort to promote tbo moral integrity
of our Institutions: and our confidence lu your
intention todo whatever will best subserve tbo
interest of tuu wnolo country. As a company of
religious men, wo rejoice that your iir»t ottloJul
act was tbo appointment of u day of buiullluUun
and prayer, since wu recognize In this your own
appreciation or our dependence us a people on
Clod's blessing, and the necessity of keeping Ills
commandants. As pastors of churches in tbo
Capital, wo louder you our prayers, our sympa
thy, and In tbu line of our vocation our earnest
support. In u meeting of pastors hold tuTur
Sour Inauguration there was earnestly invoked
od's blessing on yourself and your Administra
tion, and wo now unite in tbo prayer that yon
may rule over u* in tbo fear or tbe Lord, and
may bn the honored Instrument In ills bauds of
great blessing to tbo whole Nation.
To this President Arthur ruapouded substan
tially as follows: *
1 am glad to meet you, gentlemen; yet It Is
with deep sorrow under tbo circumstances
which have so sadly devolved sued momentous
duties upyy we. lu the imUormuuco of uiosu
duties ns Chief Magistrate of n God-fearing and
religious people. I appreciate my dependence
iiihiii tholr moral support nud approval under
Divine blending and guidance. I thank you cor
dially for assurances of your support, mid for
your kind expressions of symyathy and cuull
At tbo conclusion of President Arthur's re
sponse tlio visitors were Individually Introduced
to and shook hands with tho President. Thu
parly then retired, evidently much pleased with
tholr interview.
an important place.
Fp«lat IHtpalth to The L'hMoo Trltmnt.
Wakiiimitox, D. C., Oct. 7.—Tho President has
begun iho work of IllUng vacancies hi tho Ex
ccutlvo Departments, having made several ap
pointments for tho Interior Department yester
day. Tho most important vacancy remaining hi
that dc|Mirtment Is tho Commissioner of Rail
roads, and tho I’rosldunl and tho Secretary of
tbo Interior have already been conning tho list
of candidates with a view to making n selection.
It la desirable to hnvo a man In tho place who Is
well enough versed hi tho law to resist on Iho
ono hand tho encroachments of tho railroads,
which employ tho best legal talent hi tho land
and habitually claim
and on thoothor tho senseless clamor of dema
gogs and agitators against tho railroads. It
Is also desirable to have a man thoroughly
versed in tho sciences and mysteries of ac
counts. Men who combine those two accom
plishments to tho extent which tbo position re
quires nro rare. It Is not Improbable, therefore,
that a lawyer will bo selected for tbo lirst place,
that of Commissioner, and a practical account
ant for his chief assistant.
Tin: salary rou the second position
Is insunielcnt to procure tbo services of as good
a man as Is desirable, but it may bo made to
servo tho purposo fora time. There nro about
a dozen candidates fur tbo commlsslunershlp
who nro well enough Indorsed to entitle thorn
to consideration. Ono or two aru ex-members
of Congress. The others aru as yet unknown to
fame. Thu Kolcotlon will doubtless ho made
within a low days, possibly tu-murrow.
Special DUbateh to The Chicago THounr.
Washington, I). C., Oct.lt If) now probn
bln Unit Mr. Scovlllo will not bo alono hi tho
defense of Gultoiiu. Intimations huvo hcnn re
ceived boro, within ti day or two, that nt least
two qulto disiluiruishcd lawyers will voluutcor
tholrservlces. Tho mutter will be settled in tho
course or too next week. OeorgoScovllie curried
to Oultean’s cell a sensation. He left with
himsuuio papers, including some Chicago flies,
which wero tho first papers llmt Guiteau has
♦ eon since he ususslnuted the i’rosldont. Some
of those papers spoke very freely of Guitcau'n
cr.rne, and of tho necessity of hanging him ns
speedily us possible. 110 Is reported to have
been so exulted by reading these pupeis that he
bus been thrown into a high fever, which still
Washington, D. C., Got. “.—Justice .Miller has
appointed tho following Executive Committee
for tbo establishment In Washington of a
National and International Oarlleld Memorial
Hospital, to tbo orccthm of which ho asks popu
lar subscriptions In any sums from not only tho
people of tbo United States but from tbo world
nt largo: Gen. W. T.Sbcrnmn, Chairman; James
G. Blaine, William Wlndom, Gun. David G.
Swann, James Giliillan (Treasurer of tho United
Stales and Treasurer of tbo Fund). A. S. Solo
mons, John A. Baker, James H. Saveie. Judge
Arthur McArthur, John W. Thompson, Lewis .1.
Davis, Henry A. Willard, C. M. Matthews, Rogl
imld Feudal), 13. Frank Higgs, W. G. Metzurott.
Benjamin G. Lovejoy, Smith Townsend, Edward
Temple, F. A. Ashford, 8. C, llnsey, ,1. Ford
Thompson, Henry Wise Garrett, W. U. Palmer,
aud Joseph M. Toner.
Special Diipatch to The Chicago Trfbtme.
Washington, D. C., Oct. “.—The Secretary of
tbo Treasury has requested tbo Attorney-Gen
eral to ask tbo Supremo Court to advance tho
sugar eases tm tbo docket, so that an curly de
cision may bo reached. Unless tbo Court no
cedes to tbo request It will bo nt least a year,
mid, possibly, two years, before any of these
test eases can be reached. Meanwhile, both tho
sugar Industry and tho Government will bo
greatly embarrassed by tbo present radical dif
Is informed by tho Government Engineer In
charge that ail tbo work under bis supervision
will bo completed at tbo tlmo of tbo opening of
tbo centennial. Tbo foundation for tbo monu
inout Is already finished. Tbo water-supply
works are completed, and tbo wharves are done.
The Western Union Telegraph Company is
making arrangements so that tbo telegraphic
facilities will bo ample. Tboro will be eleo
trio lights every ISO feet on Pennsylvania ave
nue, In Washington, during tbo Yorktown cele
tbls morning editorially states that bis attitude
with reference to tbo Secretaryship of tbo Sen
ate remains unchanged; that, as to the olllco of
Public Printer, he is Ineligible tinder tbo law,
and would not accept the position if tendered
are progressing as rapidly ns possible, but tboy
cannot bo thorough on account of inadequate
appropriations. It bus boon tbo custom of Con
gress to sneer at tbo Wblto-llouso estimates,
and, while in tbo aggregate very largo sums
of money bavo been expended upon it since
It was tlrst constructed, tbo money bos
not always bcon wlscfy expended. Rotten tim
bers have in too many instances been glided
over, rat-boles veneered, and furniture full of
vorrnlp covered with costly fabrics, while very
little attention has bcon paid to tbo sewerage or
utbor essential sanitary arrangements, nr, in
fuel, to some of tbo most elementary conven
iences of modern civilized life. Tbo plan upon
which the improvements are now being con
ducted Is that which bad been agreed ii|Km by
President and Mrs. Gurllold before they started
for Long liranob on that dreadful tld of July,
Tbo Hast lloom, which so sadly needs it, is to bo
overhauled, and will bavo some now furniture.
Thoro are also to bo considerable changes In tbo
privato part of the bouse.
3b tha H'tiltm Aeaoeiateii i*rm.
Washington, D.C.,Oct.7.—TboControllcroftbo
Currency has declared a dividend of HI per cent
in favor of tbo German National Dank of Chi
cago, payable on tbo 10th Inst., making lu all
dividends of SO per cent.
Tbo appointment of Mr. J. E. Hilgurd as Su
perintendent of Coast and Geodetic Survey has
boon asked by about two-tblrds of tbo odlcers
of tbo survey. It Is urged upon tbo Secretary
of the Treasury by several commercial organi
zations in Hasten, Now York, Philadelphia, and
Now Orleans as an appointment eminently lit to
bo made.
Tlio Interest ebooks for the continued & per
com bonds of tho funded loan of 18H1 (tbo first
Interest on those bonds becomes duo tho Ist of
November) will amount to about 911,100,000.
Tboro will bo obout ninety nominations of
Postmasters at tbo coming special session of tho
Senate. Of (hose, about forty-five are of Post*
masters appointed by President Garfield after
tbo adjournment of tbo Senate mst summer.
Tboro are twunty-ouu post-olllccs which became
Presidential appointments on tbo Ist of last July
because of Increased receipts and twenty-two
which became Presidential appointments tbo
first of tbo present month. Nominations (or
those will, It Is supposed, bo sent In.
Copt. Dowgulu was brought into tbo Criminal
Court this morning In obcdlenoo to a writ of
bubvus corpus. Distriot-Attomoy Curkbill
stated that tbo (lovcrumtmt would bo satisfied
with slo,OUOnUdlUonal bull, but tbo counsel for
tbo Uofenio said It would bo impossible for tbolr
client tu obtain that amount. The Court stuteu
that it would further consider tbo mutter and
fix tbo amount Uutlultly this afternoon or to
morrow morning.
Cincinnati, OcU 7.—Tho charcoal Iron-work
onlof tbo United Slates began tbolr sessiou
hero lodny, only a few members being present.
Nothing was duuo except to boar welcoming ad
dresses ,'rum Mayor Moans and Richard Smith,
and resimnso by President Wrestling, of Penn
sylvania. Adjourned until tomorrow.
PiitLAUtsu’iiiA, Oct. 7.—Tbo Michigan flre
lutluron’ fund Is now SSQJttL
Startling Developments in Regard
to Those Sent to Eu
It I’rovoH to Hnvo linen Merely a
Stuart lllackiimillng
O'Donovan Rossa, Crowe, and
One Foye Acting as the
Tho Drlthii OoTornincnt Warned of
tho Shipment of tho .Mu
/ chines.
Ten Thousand Hard English Dollars Paid
Ono of tho Conspirators for Thoir
Special DUoateh to The Chicago Tribune,
Pint.Amn.i'iiiA, Po., Oct. ".--Two month have
passed since tbo civilized world was shocked by
tbo announcement that several Infernal-ma
chines were discovered aboard u llrltlsb vessel.
They were looked on as manifesting the des
peration of tho Fenians of tbis country, and
apparently foreshadowed a terrible pulley to bo
pursued that tbo independence of Ireland Inlght
bo accomplished. In tho recent rapid succes
sion of important events, particularly tbo line
mating condition of President Garfield and
his sudden death, tbo factions of tho
alleged Fonlun plotters were lost sight
of by tno general observer. Tho Gov
ernment of tbo United Stales, how
ever, through secret-service agents, continued
an investigation begun at tbo time of tbo dis
covery of tho Infernal machines, and, aided by
anxious and able English detectives, ferreted
the mutter to tho end. Tho result of tbeso In
vestigations has never been made public, and
possibly would not Imvo boon for sumo llmo to
cornu were It not for tbo
who, Irotlul over llioqulet work of tbo detectives,
began to cut adrift tbo suspected parties, who
It Is now asserted acted in tboir own Interest,
anil not in concert with any known organization.
Tho results of tbo affair ostracized u'Dutiovatt
RossaofNew York, Patrick Crowo of Peoria,
HI., ami Peter il. Foyo of tbis city, from re
spectable Irish Nationalists' company In this
country. Not that they were tho authors of a
sinister plot to destroy life and property by tho
explosion of tho diabolical machine shipped, but
because tbo entire affair was fraudulent, and
merely a plot to cheat tho English Government
out of a largo sum of money, which hud naught
for its results but tho enrichment of tho
schemers and tbo disgrace of tbo Irish cause.
Thesu facts are established by tbo police in
quiries, and, while
to tho great sensation was tbo cause of much
chagrin to tho IP'ltisb olllclals etailonecj in Ibis
country. It relieved tbo Government of grave
It will bo remembered that Crowe, about tho
time tbo discovery of tbo machines was an*
nnnnceil, attracted attention by asserting that
ho was tbolr manufacturer, and proposed to
manufacture more. This was dune to relievo
Itossa from responsibility, as tbo dully contribu
tions to Ap loquacious organizers' skirmishing
funds suiraenly fell off under tbo tremendous
lire of public opposition to a Nihilistic method
of warfare. Itossa, too, suddenly hedged
In tho hopo of saving tbo general
cause from disgrace, and stated that tho whole
affair was “ a clever plot of a shrewd Irishman
to make a little money," and further, that tho
machines hud been shipped, and afterwards In
formation of tbo fact given to thiyKogllsh au
thorities, for which
tin: “ ci.eveu imsiiMAX”
received SI,OOO. This story was literally tme,
although never belluved by the public, uor did
the authorities credit It-until Its correctness
was established by investigation. The follow
ing Information, which will bo printed tomor
row, given as to the details of this remarkable
plot, comes from tbo most reliable sources,
and bus been given fur tbo solo purpose of re
lieving tbo Irish National movement in this
country from the banc under which It has rested
since tbo finding of tbo Infernal machine. *
Peter H. Foye la well known In Philadelphia
and New York through his connection with
Fenian affairs. Until a tow weeks ago ho was
the proprietor of u groggory at No. 1818 Market
street; in this city. Ho was Identified its an ox*
tromlst in nil that pertains to Ireland, and was
always in dose sympathy with the Uossu fac
tion. Through Foye
was made Inst winter to Kossa’s followers in the
city looking to the construction of torpedoes
and the compounding of explosives. After sev
eral interviews with the inventor, who Is a
Philadelphian, Uossn ordered an apparatus for
experimental purposes. This was done, and tbo
experiment, which was made in the Cutskiil
Mountains, near Flsbkhl, proved entirely satis
factory. Upon this result twenty-one of the
machines wore ordered, and the Philadelphian
proceeded with thotr manufacture. They wore
delivered to Foye In June. Tbo machines lire
quite' ingenious in construction. In n square,
elongated tin ease seven small tin tubes
aro securely placed, with the aid of
solder. Tho tubes aro supposed to bo charged
with n terrific explosive. A steel rod extends
from tho bottom of one of tho tunes to tho top,
terminating In cluso proximity to a strong
spring, which in turn is
The spring, when set, holds tnut a small lever
which rests upon a curved arch of steel, one end
terminating in tho tin tube, from which ex
tends tho steel rod. When tbo clockwork is in
motion tbo lever Is gradually moved along tho
curved arch until it roaches tbo oud,
wami. by means of tho spring. It
is suddenly Jerked a distance of an inch down
(ho steel rad, fastened to which Is an Igniting
substance. Tho sparks thus generated cause thu
material In tho tube to explode, and tho caucus
slop Incident to this explosion discharges the re
maining tubes. When U'Donovan-Kossa got
IHWsesslon of those machines fully charged Foye
proceeded to turn traitor. It Is not possible to
learn to whom Foyu llrst made overtures, but in
tho course of time he was negotiating with tho
lirltlsh Consul in Now York. Tho llrst imforma
turn given by Foyu was to tbo effect that a
Fenian had left New York on n Whlto Star Lino
steamer having In his possession
This Information was not lodged until tho ves
sel had arrived, of whlob fact Foyu had boon ad
vised by a cablegram. Fovu hud with him 0110
of tbo terrible machines, and his information ho
impressed tho lirltlsh uthelala that tho latter at
oocu.called fur iho arrest or thu Inspection of
tho buggugu carried by tbo individual described
by his Informant. Thu philters, assisted by tho
Consul’s promptness, were highly successful.
When the English authorities hurriedly appeared
on mo dock of tho steamer thoy found that tho
person described hud loft the moment tho vessel
landed, luuvlng his baggage behind with orders
that it should bo stored until called for. It was
searched, and tho two machines found concealed.
Of course tho baggage was never called for.
This mutter was kept secret, and, according to
tbo information glvun by Foye, *
ANOTHCU (5i:i:.VT plot
was afloat. Hehad now suecedod lit establish*
mg hluiHolf In tbu graces of tlio Jlrltlnli oUlchiM,
and bis services were demanded at almost any
price. Artur reporting daily for u week, bo
suddenly discovered that a number of
machines bud burnt shipped. Himself and
bin follow-conspirators hud arranged lo toll tbo
story that wicked Fenluas hud arranged to ship
infernal machines to a consignee wbo bud no
existence, and consequently tbo goous Ui which
Ibo muchluod went cmu-ealvd would bu stored In
tbo (lovorumoiit building*. lit a low days utter
tbelr arrival the apparatus would cause an ox
plosion, ami great destruction would follow.
Tbo prleo demanded to ibwart this disaster was
?IO,i»0. Tho terms wore agreed upon,contingent
mi tho Information proving correct, lit due
thuoibe vessel arrived, tbo machines wero Uls
for nil of which tho English Uuvora
meat wuh out JID.UO. Foyu has bad but
imiu pleasure with bis poriluii of tho
Idiindor, as a few weeks ago bo (led from
ds establishment In Market street undqr tbo
Impression that the United Hiatus uuiboritius
were about in arrest him. and has not buen
beard of since. O'lnmovan-ltossa a few days ago
received through tbodemldeitur ollleu letters
which hud been scut to tho llutillous parly to
whom tbu barrels of cement In wnleh Ibo ma
chines were stored were consigned. Those letters
Uussu ncuepted. and It new kooks very much as
though tho English authorities bud uut given up
tno idea of punishing ibo conspirator* At nil
uvents (boro exists enasideruldo uneasiness
among tbo lUdical leaders, and under this up
prebuuslou is inaiuly due tbo fact that tins
ruvolutlaa is luada, rater U. Jfoyg Is wall
known In this city among,lrish nationalists. Ho
was tho life and spirit of
and mainly through his efforts this elub mined
la.OTJ in isM) fur those In Ireland suffering from
too famine. Attorney .lames Flaherty, who
wasuomiscl for Fore, said:
•• In tho early fall Fovu practically ceased at
tending to his business personally, and It. was
» morally eared for by mhor people. During
June he asked me many questions about Inter
national law. and was more than ordinarily anx
ious that I should hu particular as to tbo cor
rectness of my answers. About this time bo
suddenly disappeared, and I did not see him un
til tho latter part of July. Then ho told mo that
tho Government was after him, and ho might
want my assistance. After this statement I
never saw him again. Tbo
iis I subsequently discovered through his friends,
whu retained mu to protect his Interests. Tho
Government police are always mysterious, and
possibly thoy havo frightened Mr. Foyo away,
fur. while tho mutter thoy were looking up re
quired Homo Investigation, It in tho end proved
trilling, and were Mr. Foye acquainted precisely
wlih what It was hu never would have left tbo
city In tho manner in which bn did."
From another source It was learned that tho
Government were looking after Mr. Foyo for
having sold liquor In Atlantic City during tbo
snrmnerof |h*o without a Remise, and it was
only bis guilty consclcnco that magolOcd tbo
terror of bis position.
ftpretal THiratcU to Thi CMcaco TViAen*.
MILWALKKK, Win., Oct. 7.—'The'political SltUß
tlon In Wisconsin Is becoming quite Interesting,
end If tho doctors of this State do not vote at
the coming olcctlon it will not be for tbo lack
of n variety of tickets from wblub to tnnku
a selection. Tbo Republicans, tbo Democrats,
tbo Grccnbuckcrs, and tbo Prohibitionists imvo
each u full-hedged Stale ticket lu tbo Held, and
us it is less tbun two months before tbu election
takes place, tbo different parties arc already do
le? wbut they can to poll as largo
u vote as possible. Tbo Republicans have
nn excellent list of candidates, beaded by Gen.
J. M. Rusk, ex-member of Congress from tbo
Seventh District, and an old soldier, woo won
his way to distinction In tbo Union army. His
colleagues on tbo ticket oro all able and worthy
men, and tboir triumphant election would be
regarded ascertain In a straight pull between
the Republicans and Dlamicrnts: but tbo off
year In polities and the other three tickets make
the result lu November somewhat uncertain.
At the last election Mr. Garfield's majority was
nearly 80,000, which was about 10,000 greater than
ever was touched by eitherMncolnorOront, and
much larger than any majority ever given
In tbo Ktaio for a Republican Governor,
except In isy, when stnltb defeated Jenkins by
SO.UUU. That year tbo Tomperaneo ticket re
ceived but few votes, and tbo Greenback can
didate received only 12,000 votes out of a total
poll of 187.000. Tbu election for Governor In
Wisconsin falls upon tbo off year, when consid
erable apathy prevails amomr too masses, and It
requires it much greater effort to obtain a full
vote. Tbo following loblo shows tbo vote for
Governor during tbo Inst twenty years, and It
also shows that our Wisconsin Republican
friends cannot rely upon tho largo majority
rolled up last fall for Garfield and Arthur:
Randall, Republican.
Hobart, Democrat...
HandnU's majority
Haney, Hcpubllcnu,.
li’erjruaoH, Democrat.,
Harvey’s majority.
Lewis, Hcmibllcon
Palmer, Democrat... ~.. 4V,u£j
Lowin’ majority...,
Folrcblld, Republican,
Hobart, Democrat,,,.,
Fairchild's majority
Fairchild, Republican.,
TtUlnmdKo, Democrat...
Fairchild's majority
Fairchild, Republican,.,
Robinson, Democrat....,
Fairchild's majority.
Washburn. Republican..
DooUttlo, Democrat.....
Washburn’s majority.
Taylor, Democrat
Washburn, Republican,,,
Taylor's, majority,
Tiimloffton, Koptiblicnn
Taylor, Democrat
Ludlngton'a majority
Bmllh, Republican TH.7W
Mallory, Democrat
Allis, Oroenlmckcr lawitf
Smith’s plurality
Smith, HcnubUeim .
Jenkins, Democrat,.
May, Grecnbuckor...
Smith over both 12,50 u
These figures show that tho Itcpuhllcuns hnvo
barely escaped defeat on several occasions: that
tboy were badly beaten in 1873, with one of tbo
best Governors tho State over hud as
tboir candidate, and that in 1675, whlto
Ludlngton curried tho State for Governor over
Farmer Taylor, tho Democrats elected all of tho
otbor State otllces. It must not bo for
gotten also that it was not until 1877
that tbo Greenback party put In an appearance
wltii u State ticket, or that tbo 2U.UW votes
polled for Allis lu 1877 come almost exclusively
from tbo Uopubllcan puny. When these Flat
lunatics returned to the old fold—ln 187 V—or u
portion of them, tbo majority for Smith, which
was only B.OOU over Mallory in 1877, Jumped up
lu 20,1100 over Jomtlns In 1870, and the Greenback
vole diminished over 13.000 lu two years. This
year Allis Is again the Greenback candidate, but
tho success that has attended resumption, tho
present prosperous condition of tbo country, tho
rapid extinction of the public debt, amt the low
rate of Interest at which money can now bo ob
tained itieonsequonceuf tho reasonable linunclal
policy of tho Itepuhilcan party has cured a ma
jority of those Greenback lunatics, and many
of them are clothed again hi their right minds.
It is not likely that .Mr. Allis wilt poll mure than
8,000 votes.
Thu next distracting element in tbo politics of
thu State is the extreme temperance (Prohibi
tion* men. who have nominated .Mr. Kuuouse as
their candidate for Governor, aud aro making
ns vigorous a campaign as jiossibio in his behalf.
Some tu.yno of these extreme persons petitioned
thu last legislature to submit tho question of
the absolute prohibition of tho manufacture
and sale of alt Intoxicating liquors within
limits of tbo State, and us tbo Itepuhilcan ma
jority did not wish to cut their own throat*—
after passing tbo absurd Anti-Treating law—
they refused to submit to such a constitutional
amendment. At the late Heimbllcan State Con
vention tho Prohibitionists tried to get a resolu
tion passed declaring that It was tho duty of tho
Legislature to submit such an amendment to a
vote of tho people, uud nut meeting with the
success they wished Immediately calted a con
vention and nomiuutod n biuto ticket of their
own, and will support it.
How much mis movement will endanger
tho Itepuhilcan ticket It is dllhctilt now to pre
diet, ns there is no sulllclent data within easy
much on which to term mi estimate or their
strength in the State. They confess that they
do not expect to do mure than to help defeat
Gun. Husk and tho relief ihoHcpublleun ticket,
mid they dolt in order to “discipline tho Ue
publican party ” lor refusing to do nil that they
demand of It. Tho Demueratlu nuwspu|>ors lend
tho Prohibitionists all 1110 aid ana comfort in
their power, not that they care a tig
fur thu temperance question per so,
but because it will help to weaken the itopub
llcau ticket, and make Its defeat thu moru
probable. It remains to bo seen what success
these impracticable men will have in forcing thu
Hepubllcan party into tbo indorsement ol their
wild theories, or in “ disciplining " it by electing
tbo Democratic candidates, from whom they ad
mit they expect nothing. These same rattle
brained gentlemen secured thu passage of tho
“Graham law " In IST-', and thu result was that
iho llupubiicaiis lust tho State in 1873 “by a
largo majority."
Amid all this discord and confusion iho lb
publicans of Wisconsin are strong in faith uud
resolute of purpose, am) fully resolved to carry
the Statu in spltu of all their enemies. Tho
Democratic party was never In such a thor
oughly demoralised condition bulore. and never
less able to avail lisolf of iho precarious situa
tion. it is absolutely without leadership, with
out ellielonl urguuualtun, connive, or lullh in
liauwn urinolules, uud Is Incapable of waging
oven n defensive waifanf. Under thosoelieiim
stances, and because wo have great eonildoneo
in tho good sense of the ituimblieansof Wis
consin, we look fur it signal victory for tboir
ticket in November.
Sfjelat ('anttvoutittut vj Uht i'Mcago Trilunt.
Lincoi.n, Neb., Oct.a—'Tbo Ilepubllcuu Utoto
Convention concluded Us labors early this mom
tug, buying occupied almost Ibo uutlruulgbt
and part of tbo day previous In tbo work wblcb
It bad sot out lo perform. Tbo call of tbo con
vention was to place la nomination oueJudgu of
ibo Supreme Court, two Hegcnts of tbo Uni
versity, and to (Ul vacancies In tbo several
Judicial and representative districts. It was
conceded before tbo convention bad assembled
Uut Judge Samuel Maxwell would bo ronuuiU
natcd Tor Supremo .Tudgn with llttlo opposition,
and Htioti proved to tio tbo case. Thu tlmt rornml
tmlloi gavo Maxwell h majority of thlrty-llvo
votes abovn till nthor candidates, am) oti motion
of tlm lion. ,1. M. Thurston lilt* nomination was
nmdu unanimous. Nominations for Itcgonts of
tlm Htutu University wore then deelnred in order
l*y tho Chnlrmon. It was thought that n very
pretty light would tnkn placo hero, for tlm ron
son that tlm present Ilonrd of Ilcgcnts are not
perfeetly harmonious on Romo ol the affairs of
tho University, nml thorn has loop been neon*
test between tho broad-gugo or liberal olo
went of tho State and tho more orthodox voter
to see which of the two should run things nt tho
University. ))y dint of hard work tho Ilihle
men nnvo held tho bnltmceof power, and would
continue to hold it If tho two Ilcgcnts t<» ho
placed in nomination by tho convention were
men of their own kind. After considerable log
rolling by both factions, tbo first ballot was
taken nml resulted in Uionominntlonoftbo lion.
Ij. H. Fflleld forltcgcnt from tho Fifth District,
and tho Hon. Isaac Powers from tho Hlxth,
Icnvlnir tho Ilonrd of Itcgonts as It stood before.
Several .Senators and Itepresontntlves were then
selected to fill vacancies, following which a plat*
form for Nebraska Republicans was rend and
adopted, and tho convention thou adjourned.
Special IHtpotch to Tht Chiftign Tribune.
Rostov. Oct. 7.—Tho Republican Stale Com
mitted will tomorrow issue an address to tho
voters here, which Is applicable to every Btalo
In tho Union. They soy:
Sharing In tbo deepest and truest sense in tho
great bereavement which has come upon us ns a
Nation, amt profoundly grateful for tbo
noblo example of trim patriotism
and tho exalted statesmanship ot our
lamented President, wo reel that
this Is not tho time lor sharp political discus
sion, or for suggesting tho need of strong parti
san notion. If Indeed such notion were neces
sary. They bollovo It to bo Just, however, to
tho Administration brought to so untimely an
end to recognize with gratitude .tho high
purpose and resnlvo which havo char
acterized it in Hm development of its
work In tho interest of tbo wboiu
people, of good government, and of genuine re
form. Whether in tlm work of completing tho
funding of the debt and further improving tho
credit of tho Nation, of exposing too schemes
of a body of public'plunderers and bring
ing them to Justice, of conducting tho
business of the Departments on tho highest and
be*t business principles, or of developing tho
principles of civil service to a practical solution,
we feel it deserves, as it will receive from all
our iwople, tho highest commendation. And we
bespeak for tho Administration of his successor
In conlldont expectation that it will fully meet
tbo anticipations of the country, that spirit of
loyalty and cordial support which tbo people of
Massachusetts have never fulled to accord. Tho
people of Massachusetts arc too fnmilinrwlth
tho character of tho administration of Us affairs
by tho Republican party to need any
words of commendation at tho hands of this
committee, its record as a whole stands as tho
ombodimentof tbo highest results yet reached
among tho States of tbo Republic. Its llnanelal
standing, tbo high character and purity of Its
public oltlcers, the character of its legislation in
tbo interests of ail tho people, regardless
of party lines, tbo perfection of Its educational
system, tho extent and scope of its charities,
tho development of Its philanthropic work. Us
regard lor our commercial, agricultural, and in
dustrial interests. Its legislation in behalf of
temperance and tbo laboring classes—ln fact,
the Just, broad, and llltcml spirit that has
always chrnctcrlzed its administration, and
which In a special sense nml to n very high de
gree has marked tho prudent and conscientious
policy of our present Chief Executive and
commended bis course to all our people—
these entitle It tho continued confidence
and hearty support of all classes of
our citizens. It is peculiarly a time when our
people, content with outgrowing and prosper
ous Industries and tho satisfactory administra
tion of Us public affairs, desire neither a change
in Us otliccrs nor its policy, nor tho intense ex
citement of no active campaign, and will com
mend tho action of' this committee in
not inviting It. Proud of tho principles
and progressive record of our parly,
and feeling that In tho future in both National
and Statu affairs it will address Itself to tbo cor
rection of any abuses that may exist, as well as
to that blghcrftask of developing In a broad and
humane spirit tho pulley of government it has
Itself created, we commend it and Us candidates
to tho continued support of tbo voters of tho
Commonwealth at tho approaching annual elec
7.4 W
Sp«(al Oil patch to 77t< Chieata Tribune.
Coi.cmiius, 0., Oct. ".—Today has been a roost
active one among tbo Democrats and Hopub
llcaup, but tbo contldoncc stimulated by the lav
ish display of money yesterday has materially
decreased, and the Democratic candidate has
relapsed to second place, tbo sporting fraternity
backing Onv. Foster at even money on IW.OCO
majority over IJookwaltcr, and offering five to
one on ft,OCX), with but lew takers. During tbo
day tbo Democratic candidate has been doing
the rolling-mils and manufacturing establish
ments throughout tbo city. At some of those
be was confronted with largo placards giving
the views expressed by blmscir one year ago
on tbo taritf question. Mr. llookwulter was
asked at some place what bis views
were now, be having never discussed or
spoken on tbo issues of tbo campaign since his
nomination. To these questions bo replied that
his time was limited, and that ho could not af
ford to cut his tbroat at this time by giving bis
views. From Democratic sources it Is learned
tonight that there Is much dissatisfaction among
miners in tho Hocking and Monday Creek Valley,
indicating that tho men refuse to support tbo
Democratic candidates, partly on account of his
recent conversion, hut mure-particularly be
cause of tho exhibition tbo candidate made of
blmsclf whllu on bis celebrated still-hunt lu
those sections. Gov. Foster was in tbo city for
a few hours today, and freely expresses blmsclf
us confident of tho success of tbo State ticket,
ns well as tho election of a majority of the Leg
islative candidates.
. 8.273
. 12. MU
Special IXspatcA (a Tht Chltago Tribune.
PiTTSHL'no, Pa., Oct. 7.—Tbo lion. Charles S.
Wolfe, of Union Comity, who nominated himself
for ytato Treasurer, and who Is now canvassing
tbo State In bis political Interest, arrived hero
this morning from tbo east, and stopped at tbo
Seventh Avenue Hotel, where bo was waited on
by n number of bis friends. Ho loft at 1 o’clock
this afternoon for Newcastle, whore bo spooks
tonight, and goes thoneo to Titusville, wboro bo
will bold forth tomorrow night. His ucxtob-
Jectlvu point is Wilkcsborro. Ho will return
hero to speak some night next week. Wolfe Is,
of course, enthusiastic and sanguine, ns Is bis
nature. Ho was highly pleased with tbo Phila
delphia meeting, which bo addressed Tuesday
night, and greatly elated over bis prospects for
a goon vole there. Ho says bis friends nro
active, and there Is spontaneous support for
Ins candidacy that Is surprising. Tbo bead*
quarters In Philadelphia are In eburgu of Itcp*
rnsentatlvc McKee, Mr. Leech, and others, Mr.
Mupes being nimble to give bis timu to tbo
cause. Wolfe says ho has tbo support of tbo Na
tional Itepublluun League, tbo Committee of
One Hundred, and a largo numhorof tbo rnmc
and tlio of tbo Democracy. Ho claims jift.uou
votes In Philadelphia and 10.00 U cast of tbo Alle
gheny# as mailers now stand. Ho, of course,
has no hope of being elected, but Is confident of
defeating Hon. Halley, tho Itepuhllcan nominee.
Ho says his solo object in running Is to secure
recognition fur tho Liberal wing of tbo party In
nil future movements.
Imparl* thu moat dcllclou* tuto oad iut ta .1
of a I.KTTKU from
TLEMAN lit Mad
ras. to hla hrottx.T
May, InM. d
“Tell LK A £ PER- fl
IUNS that lliclr R
K3IICO la Illtflll.V OS* I
teemed lu India, v
mid la In my oplu- B
lou. tlio moat paliwu
table, aa well aatiio if
most, wlioleaomoH
aauco tUatlaiuude.” C
• RUmatur# Is ou every botUo of OHNUINR*
Hold sud used thro u« limit tlio world.
Kaempfer’a jrnnjjfjj'
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The programme will be excep
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The programme will be sus.
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Monday and Tuomlar-tJI.ADIATOJL Wednesday
and Thursday —OTUKI.UJ. Krlday-VinuiNlUH.
Hnturday (iI.AHIATOIL Wednesday Matinee—
I.AUV OF J.VO.NH. Futimloy Malluco—Also great
play. No jiorlurmanccs bandars.
Day and Evening (Sundays Excepted)
TO OCT. 22.
Prof. Liesegang’a celebrated Orchestra (30
pieces), assisted by the world-renowned
Cornet Soloist, Signor LIBERATI.
25 cts.
15 cts.
To aucuro Season Tickets fur the
Poason Tickets will poaltlTuly bo wltlulrawa To*
nfuliu nml prices preally advanced—lT, W, tt, ana W,
nciordlixr to location. . . „ ,
The uroatost sopranos. Contraltos. Tenors, llarl*
lonus, Humus, Violinists, amt Curuutisw.
Thice .Mule QuiMtctles, T»u Mlied Oniu*-
lelte*. One l.oillea* quartette. Nix tireut
Headers. T»u Most £lu«|iteut l.ectnres.
over fifty celebrated artists are mittwed in tbls
Course. Heason llteservod Heal Tickets un sale al
tnu llux unite. m (Hi Course I'umplilet free,
mu uui umiu. UKNin - L. WI.AVTO.s. Mummer.
tuptiortoil by i> »|icpl«llr-w*lccted C<HUi;any uuaur lb«
ummiKi'mont uf UM. It. tIAVDKN.
Muihitfu Till* .ifUnioon at #,
IbtV ovotiitiK-tiruid auocUl nor-
UUI> Ml.
ixt wtiuk.
Tomorrow iHumli
runmuii't) *>f Jlli-'ll.
«irwuv bill i»r mir
2 o'clock, AITKAIIANOKH at 4 o’clock.
Ot the luvurlte Comedian, air.
Farewell representation of tliu Comedy-Drama,
Heonre Meats durlnir tlio day,
Monday America's dlstluuuTaiiud actress, Miss
Ciutk-st.. opposite tliu Court-Homo,
iiruiu) Alntluee at 9 o'clock.
Fee advertisement in tills culutun uf Hie repertoire
of thu neat and last weulu
137 Twonty-second-at,
Is now upon for Instruction In FashlonaWa Daiielmt.
Classes Tuesday mid Friday evuuliiits und butuidu)
atteruuuns. Hesldeuue, 3JUI WatmsU-BY.
Peale's Great Painting.

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