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terms you want.
Stocks Dull at the Opening, but
Active and Strong at the
Bank Statement Hot So Bad as Ex
pected—Wall Street and tie
Treasury Department.
Expectation of Easier Money Nest Week
—Finances in Chicago.
The Produce Markets Active and Very
Much Unsettled—Another Season
of Heaviness.
But Most of the Decline Was Subsequently Re
covered, and Corn Closed Higher.
Stocks opened dull and featureless. A bad
bank statement was cipccted. Prices seemed
to be upheld bp force, and In some cases, like
Reading:, to be advanced to sett on. Gould was
reported to.bo bidding up Western Union and to
be selling Wabash and the South westerns. Whep
the bank statement appeared it was not so bad
as'naa been apprehended. The shorts began to
.cover the high- priced stocks, but.sotne pressure
was noticed to sell Western Union and Michigan
Central. ■„ ,
Money was not quoted above 1-32 of 1 per cent
premium, and an expectation was abroad that
easier money would be the rule this week.
DrfeteU Morgan & Co. were quoted as authority
for the prediction that tho money market would
he less strlhgent, and that stocks had seen their
lowest prices.
Wall street still looks to tho Government to
do something to ease tho money market. Rus
sell Sage chums that such is the Governments
intention, and ho is supposed to know, as be
4 hobnobbed an hour with Windom in New "i ork
night before last. But Keene says the Govern
ment will do nothing. Reports were circulated
thatSccrctary Windom would leave the Cabinet
on Monday, and that some Eastern man would
take bis place. Boutwcll, it is said, has been
asked to so. but has declined.
Manhattan was active and higher. It is a
mystery to the street. Gould and Sage are be
lieved to have it. Tho stock is loaning at a
Pullman was offered at 129. .
Wall street was helped by the decline on tho
Chicago Board of Trade, and a new sot of horns,
still Imho velvet, are sprouting on the heads of
the bulls. t *.
There Is, tho Sim says, considerable buyitig by
Investors of dividend-paying stocks, but cau
tious brokers are advising their customers ip
for lower prices. Tho market Is at tho
aercy of a few large operators, who by the
hmouui of loanable money they control can put
It either up or.down as they please..
The following shows tho fluctuations of tho
.* Stocks.
WraL CnioD Tel. Co

"ft* island.
35 H
47. >
• I»W4
y?* York Elevated.......
Hf tropolluin Elevated....
*pU'i».'£.k W :i
a.u. <Tjc i. ...
Ene. '
- 41 .
1 Si*
/#.WlSrie it-\V
SSS«£ v Si.‘U; & X. u.....
J\ abash, St. li. &r Pacllio..
Si .
kSSSsSI 10 •* Seville....
- b7-

ir.B. & W
4 '-i\i
• 44U
dhlo4MbslsstunJ ; .
44 -
' Ii85|
i*uiiUal isu jocpla...
‘ llok*
• *
1(2 eil 111 West Mson.
Northern Pacific
Du preferred
Kansas & Texas
Delaware, Back. & \> esc
Del. Sc tiudsun
NewJcrsey Central
Pacitlc Mail
t-t, D. A san Francisco...
Do preferred
Morris & Essex
Ont. & Western.
Krle seconds
Central Puclfip
Cheap. Sc Ohio
Denver Sc Klo Grande. .
Peoria, D. A 12 *
Missouri Pacific
Texas Pacific
Ohio Cent ni1....
E. Term. & On
Government bonds were 4 higher for the ex
tended Cs, the 445, coupon, and the 4s regis
Chicago bank clearings were $8.800,000.. Loans
were active at ft&S per cent. Country orders Cor
currency still continue large, ana New York ex
change rules at SOc&Sl per 81,000 discount.
To Uie ir«HTO Associated Prat.
New Tome, Oct. S.—G overt ments .were firpt
and !i higher for 45-is and 4s registered.
In the railroad bond market, Boston, Hartford
& Erie firsts advanced to 635> from 60H, Lake
Erie & Western incomes to 67H from 63, Jersey
Central firsts to 118 S from 117, and Jtome, Wa
tertown and OgdCnsburg firsts to 93 from 90.!-
Canada Southern firsts declined to 97 from 95!4.
Ohio & Mississippi (Springfield Division) firsts to
13 from and San Francisco second class Bto
market was firm at the open
ing, and generally higher—the Jai
ler Beading, which, however, immediately
dropped 3 J * to KlJi, rallied to 00. and
closed at 0»H. In early dealings the general
list rose 'i to Hi, but subsequently receded U
to IH, Manhattan Elevated leading In both
eases At the First Board speculation was
rather feverish, but after midday dealings re
sumed a strong toftc. and although there were
Occasional reactions the general tendencydur
ln*- the afternoon was toward higher pi ices, the
InTe sales showing an improvement ol Ito "‘s,
the “tttr Manhattan Elevated, which, however,
closed at a reaction of 1 per cent. Ihe general
market continued strong to the close, the best
figured being mostly current In the final sales.
Transactions, 390,000:
Canada Southern....-
I) B. * W IS.UUiI
Denver* Hlo Grande
Hannibal * St. Jo pld. ah
Bate Shore.... *fffj!
Bake Eric * Western I.WP
Missouri Pacific. A 1 *
N. J. Central *•!“
Northern Pacific. J*.
Pncmc Mull
fcu Paul
Texas Pacific.
W a bus'll Pacific l‘.U
E Mon"^’ closing'’at‘.-©3. Frlme mercantile
P |tcri mg®exchange bankers 1 bills steady at
exchange, demand, 4823 i.
/ lfn.U.4*
£* Pacific ds Of
Porific ~..115 U. p. firsts prd ......
Central 1 acme *•%. p j an( j irront...
KTtep: m O. Fating: nad
Tennessee ?' tei-vu-t
Tennessee new. ®* CKS .
.a.™. ... 37K-Norfoll'
AUo™ **Tcrie Haute. S 3 ' North
Do preferred... £
American.... :S f>
B , O. U. A: -
Canada Southern
O. 0. & 1. C £.(£
Chesapeake A. 0hi0... -a I
Do first preferred-.--. «sJ»,
Fort Wayne
U. JO®-' iiJ-li
Bo MJ'*
Houston A Icxos
1..8. i 'fa/;
M &C- seconds pref.llb
Mem. s Charleston.;. <t
Michigan Central JSf
Missouri Facific '!g >4
Mobile Si Oh\o.*,••••••
Morris & Ks#bx.-.....*
Nash.AChattaniwaa. « .
2s’ew Jersey Central.•• J-.*
Nos. 162 and 164 WEST MADISON STREET.
Central Pacittc... 12,000
I). & 11..... l.aW
Kansas & Texas |w
Louisville Mush.... 4, t *ou
Michigan Central IWM)
Northwestern ;WJ
N*. V.Central.. 14,UW
mmrlo & Western... 4.A0
.teadlnz “VoKl
u Paul & Omaha.... 3.2U1
Jnlon Facltlc
Vcstern Union «,UUO
,u. r. firsts pfd ~...*.116
■U. P. land grant...... W*
V. I*. sinking tund...J2l
Virginia 05..... «
Vlrg nla consols.. s«
Virginia deferred M*
Tex. & r. land grants. .i£t
Tex.rac.(UioU.XJlrJ S£4
' Northern Pacific
uo prof ••••
Northwestern "-i
Do pref.... ;
i New York Central tjw*
. übio Ccfttmk..... fv,
'Ohio* Mississippi 445*
[Do pre1V...... «*?.,
11 Pacific Mall |J
i! Panama........ "■» .
Peoria D. & E '*?<4
iKeadlnjr...... S&J
iK0ck151and............ gg
jiuo t'rVf
St. P. & Onmhn Jfg
Do pr0f...... "Jig
Texas Pacific
Union Pacific 19?}
United biaie*;.........
W.,St. L. A Pacific... 4vs
Do pref
ifc'ttßto. r-3
uVes.ern Union..
(East Tennessee
jDo prof ***** it*
Caribou..... f#
Central Arizona *£9
Homes take....
Little Plusburp •
Ontario..*. f4 u
yulcksllxer.. h* 4
Boston*, Oct. B.—Stocks closed as follows:
Water Power... 74,Chic.. Bur. Sc Quincy.. 155
Uoston i.und S 4 Oin.. Sau. Sc Clove l- Vi
Alch. A Top. first T5...122 Eastern K. U. -t : »4
Buston, 11. Sc B. 75.... «■,*{ Flint & P. Marquette. SI
Eastern It. it. 443..... 104 Little flocks Ft. 5... 72
K..C., St. Joe Sc C. 8.75118 N. Y. AN. B W
l.ittie Buck Sc Fu 8.78.113 Old Colony, common. I*l
N. V. AN. 8., T» 117 Uutland. preferred... 27
Atch. & Topeka It. U.. 4I»M AllouexMlnmgCo.... 3
Boston Sc Albany 17U Wisconsin Cen. com.. 2 •£}{
Boston A Maine 151 Flint AP. M., p'f d... W
London*, Oct. B—s p. m.—Consols—Money,
98 15-1 G; account, 99 8-IG.
American securities—New ss, 104 M: 4s, 119 M;
Illinois Central. 814; New York Central, 148;
Erie, 48?#; Heading, 34M.
Amount of bullion pone into bank, £IO,OOO.
Paris, Ocu B.—Rentes 84f 25c.
Boston, Oct. B.—Minins stocks closed as fol
Calumet* Hecla 23) IPewablc....
Caialpu l*g Quincy....
Copper Fails 4 jlcidac.......
Duncan Silver jsllver Islet,
Franklin.... 1- I
. San Francisco, Oct, B.—Minium stocks closed
as follows
Aloha SU Mortln White l?f
Alia Mexican..... Ws
Bechtel jyJMono -’!4
Belcher IjuMoonday Ss
Belcher 13U‘ Northern Belle l-’J-l
Bodle 7T*|Ophlr. .««
Bullion 0-lo.Uro
California' 2l^3*J ; Overnmn l;;s
Choi Jar 2J$-PotuM M.
Con. Virginia garage.. . **
Crown Point.... l&ihiermNevada......... l.>^
Eureka Con 1U Union Consolidated.. 14.1*
Exchequer.... 15-10jVcIiow Jacket... 4'.j
Gould a Curry 4TS Scorpion...,
Hale & Norcxoss...... SHt)
The following were tho receipts and shipments
of lending articles of produce in the city during
the twenty-tour hours ending ut 7 o'clock
Saturday morning and for tho correspondimr
time a year ago:
Flour, brla
Wheat. bu
02.1 &0
Uye. bu
Barley. bu
Unit's seed, lbs
Fiaxseed, lbs
Broom-corn, lbs
t •,.«»
12.*, 4 it;
2,3 !>,»»
Butter. lbs..,.
Live hogs, No
Cattle. No
Sbeep. No
* 3WUI7
Wool, lbs
1’otutocs. bu
’ 4.253
Kegs, ptes
Green apples, brls...
The following grain was inspected into store in
this city Saturday morning: 1 i cars No. 2 red
winter wheat* 14 curs rejected, 4 cars other
grades winter, 59 cars No. 2 spring, 40 cars No. 3
do, 9 cars lower grades (123 wheat); 314 cars No. 2
corn, 9S cars high mixed, 2T9 cars rejected, 6 curs
no grade (697 com); XI cars white oats, 22 curs
and 3,300 bu No. 2 mixed, 45 curs rejected (78
oats); 16 cars No. 2 rye, 3 cars rejected; 20 cars
No. 2 barley. 13 cars No. 3 do, 3 ears No. 4 do (30
barley). Total (958 cars), 475,000 bu. Inspected
out: 4,107 bu wheat, 240,397 bu corn, 35,057 bu
oats, 415 bu rye.
The following were the receipts ot breadstulls
in this city during last week:
Oct.B, - Oct. 1, Oct. 0,
IHSI. is* I. JiGO,
Flour, brls 110.714 00,4*3 73, U*J
Wheat, bu „3H7,347 638,125
Corn, bu , 2,W2.531 2,H£J,HI3 8,026,142
Oats, bu 3*0.5*16 337,025 14&6B
Kye. bu.... ..... 71,0 ft) ii,S?i - SS.HU7
jjarley, bu..267,01'J 170,1)10
The corresponding shipments were:
Oct. 8, Oct. u Oct. 9 ,
X. tit. Vfil. is&K
Flour, brls. 105,622 71.000 53,103
Wheat, bu. IGl.olO 240.163 537,533
Corn, bu ..1,428,256 2,204.832
Oats, btt -HO.WU 481,072
ICve. bu 40,715 23,261 4U.243
Barley, bu 131,710. . 1UU.173 217,033
The leading produce markets were active Sat
uniay, and , very regularly irregular. That is,
they all moved in concert, first up a little way,
then down a lone way, and then up again sharp
ly; provisions recovering the lose ground, and
corn doing even more than that. It was a day
of extensive shaking put of the weaker loners.
ill I. SIM. 1(2 and Id West Mm
and some proved to be who had been
thought to be strong-. Seyeral outside capital
ists refused to margin further, and some were
unable to do so. The result was that a good
many margins were exhausted, and there were a
suspensions. The weaknes was partly
due to the fear that there would be more, and the
reation ensued when it was found that they did
ilotturnup. Some large shortages were tilled
in on the break; and a great deal of money
changes owners ns the result of the day’s trad
ing. Mess pork closed easier, at SIT.SS>*SI7.ST*4
for November and for January.
Lard closed easier, at for Novem
ber and for January. Short ribs
closed 20 c lower, at $9.30<&9.32!i for November.
Wheat closed Me lower, at $1.35(§i1.35?a for Octo
ber and sl.3S‘*@l.3S?g for November. Corn
closed l@iUc lower, at 63?.X<&fi32sC for October
and for November. Oais closed
lower, at for October and 4i>c for Novem
ber. Kyc closed unchanged, at SI.OB cash and
§l.lO for November. Barley closed 3c lower, at
§I.OO for No. - cash, $1.07 for November, and
nominally SCo for cash No. 3. Hogs were dull
and lower, with light at SS. and heavy at
SS.JK>gC.9O. Cattle were fairly active and steady,
at $2.50&0.55. The,rccelpis for the week were 30,-
000 cattle (including calves;, 139,000h0g5, and 0,913
sheep, as against 27,105 cattle, 111,314 bogs, and
0,913 sheep for the corresponding week Inst year.
Dry goods were active and llrrn. Buyers are
not present in so large numbers as a fortnight
ago, but the attendance is still liberal, and or
ders by mall and telegraph axe still of generous
proportions. There was a free movement in
boots and shoes, bats, caps, clothing, and milli
nery goods, and prices were well supported all
around. Groceries met with an active demand
and were generally firm. Sugars, sirups, and
teas were the firmest.' No changes in prices of
dried fruits were noted. All lines, both of do
mestic and foreign dried, were firm, while in
prunes, currants, and raisins the tendency was
rather upward. Fish were quoted as before.
An unchanged market for dairy products was
also noted, butter remaining Arm, and cheese
still showing a leaning in buyers’ favor. Prices
of leather, bagging, coal, and plg-lron were
without change.
The hay market continues Arm,’with very
light stocks, especially of the liner grades.
Building materials are active and uubhanged.
In green fruits, peaches are almost out of the
market, and those shipped arc not in the best
of condition. Grapes were very plenty and
cheap. Apples, pears, and other fruits un
changed. There was uo change to note in hides,
grease, or tallow. Potatoes were Urm at 85®90c
per bu by the car-lot on truck. Wood is fairly
active at quotations. Seeds were for
timothy, and active and strong for flax and
clover seed.
... ISK
. .-yrk
Grain freights were fairly active and higher,
lie being paid on corn to Buffalo. During
’Change hour room for 1U2.000 bu corn was ou
.gaged, and quite a number of additional nego
tiations for charters wore in progress.
The receipts of wheat reported Saturday at
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Toledo, and De
troit aggregated 160,000 bu, and the shipments
. 104,«JOO bu. The shipments from New Fork, Bal
timore, and Philadelphia were 171,000 bu.
A well-know grain house ih Liverpool was
asked Dy cable yesterday to give an idea of the
future of tho market. The answer was; “ En
tirely depends on your,exports and quotations.*’
O. IX. Roche, Esq., who has just returned from
an extended sojourn ’in Southern -Minnesota,
gives a doleful account of the weather *in the
Northwest. He says there has scarcely been a
burst of sunshine since the middle of August;
nothing out ram, rain, rain, till the fields arc
flooded, tho haycocks disappear beneath the
surface of the water, the grain is sprouting in
stack, and scarcely any.plowlng has been done.
This is true of a largo part of Minnesota,
Northern lowa, and be is informed that
it extends into Dakota. People here
seem to have no idea how much the country is
flooded. Tho prospect, is really very grave for
the crops of next year, and toe situation gives
ample reason for the light rcceiptsof grain from,
tho Northwest. The thrash, and
even if the grain were’ready mey could not haul
it to market.
The difference between Hobbs and cobs isi
that the one has got corn and the ocher has not.
For the first time in.a good many days the re
ported Shipments of c.orn frc4n this city during
Friday exceeded the reported receipts.
* Two or three of the aborts who calculated Sat
urday morning upon - being able to buy marble
front residences with;,the profits waited tod
long. They did not buy in at the bottom, but,
expecting a still fbrtber tumble, held on. The
golden opportunity slipped by, for that day at
It is a matter of commercial history that wc
almost always have a break in prices in Octo
ber. When this docs not occur.it is because
prices are low to start with. Tho October de
cline may bo counted with almost as much cer
tainty as a January thaw.
HOG PRODUCTS—Were more active than the re
cent averrge. and verymifeh unsettled. The market
was very weak till towards noon and then renctcd,
except short ribs, which remained difficult to sell dur
ing the whole of the session, thouirh relatively low in
price. Liverpool reported a decline of 6d in lard and
meats, ami the local hot; market was dull at a lower
range, while the drop In grain also exerted a depress
ing effect. It was supposed that prominent packers
were glad of the chance to help prices downward, but
there was radical weakness without their interven
tion, especially for stuff for near delivery. The sum
mer packing of the city to date is reported as 2,4-W.WO
hogs, against -,598,009 to date for last year, and 1.7L0, UUO
for do in IsTO.
Mess Pokk—Declined fully 50c per brl. rallied 55
ft4sc. and closed irregularlv below the latest prices of
Friday. Sales were reported of 250 brls seller Octo
ber at 11.UU0 brls seller November at Sl7.so£hOU;
duUD brls seller January at 515.75®i9.4.i; B.UIU brls
seller February at 119.90®; 19.1 k): and 1.500 brls seller
March at Total, 82.730 brls. Tho follow
ing gives the range of the day, Including the Cull
Board: _ .
Closed Range Closed
Mess vork. Fridit v, bid. Salunlau. do. fold.
October.* $17,116 $ 17.50 $17.75
N0vember.......... liUU 17.5ft3J5.00 17.5 a
January 1U.25 15.75^10.43
February 1i>.475£ HUlfticUUU 1D.*41
L.vKO—Dcclined about viOc per 100 lb?*, reacted, and
closed irregularly easier than on Friday afternoon.
Sales were reported of 1150 tea spot at $11.50; 1.4»U les
seller October at f11.0X911.75: IS,ttXUes seller Xovera
beratsU.s6&lL£i; l.OUUtes seller December at fllJO©
11.ii*i• s(Jotes seller the vear at $11.75(31'..’..■}»: tWOWtca
seller January at»l2.oft3lia); 18.UUU teaseller February
at $12.15-31:1.45: and J.OOO tea seller March at $12.&*.4
12.65. Total. KC,ftJO tea. The following shows the
range of the day, Including the Call Board transac
Closed Itange Closed*
Lord. Frithtu, bid. Satunta y. do bijL
October stl.So fIUStoIMS- 111.*.* .
November. 11.57 H U.;»(Sill.Ss U-SWa
January T' Uo£cl-3)
February lilw3li4a 12. W
March 1£55 IZfr&lLo* t
Meats—Were relatively weak, declining 22HrS*»c
per luO lbs on the speculative deal, which closed uy>
©•Jlc lower than on Friday. Sales were reportccl oC
LOW pcs urcen hams < It* lb*) at '.life. and about
lbs short ribs at [email protected] seller October.saJys»U.«>a
seller November, and seller January.
Trices of leading cuts were as follows iit •-:»*/ p. m.:
Loose, part salted.
Do. b0xed..........
Short ribs cloned at for October and
fy.27}*SU.oO for November. Long clears quoted at
0j.25 “loose and sy.su boxed; Cumberland®, yjsWlUc
boxed; long-cut bams, sweet-pickled bams
quoted at KH'sK&c fur IS&in averages; green bams,
same average,
Bacon quoted at 8,4®9c for shoulder. ll@UHc for
short fibs. IHo tor abort clears, U@l4o for hams,
all canvased and backed. • . innM
BKKF—Was quiet at £1.45310.00 for mess, 110.009
10.50 for extra mess, and f13.003W.00 for bams.
breadstuffs and seeds.
FLOUR—Was dull and nominally weak, owing to
the decline In wheat. Buyers held off. Sales were
reported of 2UO brls winters, portly at $7.75; 176 brls
and 700 sacks springs at $5.£[email protected]; and 2£o bags low
grade at $4.76. Tblal equal to 1,000 brls. Winter flours
were quoted at $7.0033.50; shipping springs. fd.753-.50:
the low-grade springs, $4.5036.00. Rye flour Is about
Other Millstuffs—Were moderately active and
easier. Sales were 17 cars bran at $15.50317.23; Icar
middlings at $22.00: 1 car do at SIL7S; and 1 car wheat
screenings at $16.00 per ion.
SPRING WHEAT—Wasaclive and Irregularly lower.
The market declined advanced and
dosed ic below the latest prices of Friday. The Brit
ish markets were quoted 0d per qr lower. New ionc
was dull and heavy, and our receipts were
somewhat larger, while our reported shipments lor
the past week footed up only about half
of the reported receipts. 1 heap tblngs. with ihe
weakness In corn, were valid reaions for heaviness
In wheat, especially as the sharp \Jedlue_uf the pre
vious dav called out numerous selling from
outside parties. The resulting break exhausted a
good many margins, the parties to which were
out, hut the sflorts Abed in so freely os w ducc a
rather sharp rcacUon, enough the later was
not so strong as in the case cf corn. There was a
moderate shipping Inquiry at reduced |wn«.- r.
fresh receipts closed nominally at SL3S*L and Nad
ut SI.»H bid. with no price named for relucted, -pot
sales were reported o t a cars No. -st fL34; 10 cara
No. 6 at sl-3U9l.2U}*; and 23 cars by sample atlLUKsl.-L
Total about23.WWbu. Seller -\" Te “her owned at
about sl-33. sold at SL3S«. declined to SU3H. ad
vanced to 11.35 K. and closed at fl-feM D*
ranged 2@SRc above N ovember, and October and the
table s bo its the range for^the
Xo. Jiorlnu. /'.iLuiu. Saturday. an. bUL
Fresh receipts SL36 . : *r;s
Seller October Wo .! rSL-
Seller November
Seller December L-lOJfc L37>«fL4t9t
W?>-tkr^Vheat—' WaiPmsctiyo on store
nominally lower, at $L3a bid for No. - red, bid
lor No. 3. and $1.05 bid for rejected. .hales were I car
by sample at SL3U, and 1 car do at s{.—l h*• M - -
CORN—Was active and Irregularly weak. The mar
t'h'>rt Shoal- L. AS . Sh.rt
ribs. tiers. clears, clears.
r.MO rr.t»3 $ oso *o.so
•MiS ■ 7.10 0.75 10.1 b
y.;a 7.00 O.iV O.SO
kbt declined 2H&2%c* then advanced 3?ic. and closed
Uell'ic above the latest prices of Friday. London re
ported u decline of per quarter, probably due
to the decline hero, the previous day. while our re
ceipts were rather light, with a better prospect of
moving out stocks, but at higher freight rates. The
market staggered at the outset, and sooh broke un
der ianre oifenngs for fu.ure delivery, though some
of the longs finessed to keep up prices by bidding
H&Mc below the prices at which they wanted to soil.
A good many holders were sold out on the
break, their margins being exhausted and the
••clique” was understood to be unload
ing through several brokers. But the
uttering* were taken so freely as to Induce a reac
tion. under which the most frantic bnyers were those
who had sold short on the earlier down turn. It is
probable that the visible supply for thus date, when
published ncarU a week hence, will show up to not
rnr from Si.tmU.UX) bu. Cosh corn wa<4n fair demand,
closing at 63(*c for fresh receipts of No. 2. and die for
rejected. Spot sales were reported of 3U.IXM bu and
157 cars No. 2 and high mixed at 1 car white
at 04c; S.LKI bu and 123 airs rejected at Wears
bv sample at CLirhTc on truck; and 123 cars do at
V&tiUc free on board. Total about 250,0J0
bu. Seller November took the lead in
the trading: it sold early at £S%c, then at CKSCIMc. de
clined to (llUc, advanced to and closed at Rac
asked. Seller Octoberaold early at rtl?f®62c. declined
to tide, advanced to G3%c, and closed at bid. The
veurwas nominal at October prices. Thefollowlng
table shows the range for the day:
tjhts ed UtiUQC ClOifd
.Vo. 2 cum. Friii'tu. Saturday. do, hiti.
Spot .1124 C3?t
Seller October (24 IW i>i>4
Seller November ;ftl Wjb
Seller December .-..-.XfHt 6l9s£<Sit(
Seller May 7UJ* bTOrtTl.tl TIH
OATs—Wore quite active, cash and seller the
month htldlug firm relatively above the lateroplions.
as on the day previous. With light receipts tne short
Interest Is naturally anxious to protect Itself, and
the demand from that source for October has been
more than usually urgent the past few days. On
the other hand, outside holders of other futures
have evidently for the time Inst confidence
in the market. as has been evinced
by the largo nuiuberof orders to sell arriving for
•everal days past. The market gencrallyclosed weak.
Cash >*o.3 sold at •tifteMojftc, and seller the month
•old from 45c to 46c. Seller November opened at
4i}-?c, declined to 43c, and closed on late orders to buy
at 55c, Seller December opened at 4T*V(c,ao!d down to
414 c, back to 454 c, and closed at 454 c. Seller the
year was dull, wnh little or no trading, closing nom-
Inally at4sa Seller May opened at 414«* und sold up
to 4!«&c. at which price it closed. Samples were hi
good demand and a. trifle lower. Cash sales were
made of 6 cars at VJ®46*ic for No. 2 In
store: 13 cars by sample at 4R£34ac for re
jected mixed: 40® 17c for rejected white: 46®164cf0r
No. 2. and 4T4c for No. 2 while on track: 44 cars at
44^45c for rejected mixed; 44?4->474e for rejected
white; 454®4<9fc f0rN0.2.und47«43 for N 0.2 white free
on board. Total equal to about 17.UX1 ba. hollowing
are the closing prices Friday, together with the range
Jaturday. Closed Statute Closed
Xo.Zoats. Friday, bid, Saturday, do.hid.
Spot WK : f’
Seller October..... ffA
Seller November 41;$ 43 M * ,
Seller December.... 45L; 41 •*•??*
Seller the year......’. LfJt ii|j
ScllerMay .. «J 47Jf®fiRfi
RVK—Was fairly active at the decline eswbllshed
on the call Friday, cash selling atßOb and October
(15,0.0 bumtUtofe Seller November sold early at
H. and closed at sl.ll bid. In seller December
buyers were apart, quotations being nominally ll.u^i
I. Cash stiles were made of 14 caraatlLto fur N«». -
In stores 7 tars by sample at #l.(6®UB tor rejected;
and (1.10 for No. 3ln store; I car at (1.10 for No. - free
on board. Total equal to about lI.UJO bu. .
HARLEY—Was dull, selling early- at 5110 cash for
No. 2, and afterward dropping suddenly to IU», at
which the market closed. No. 2 ior
little wanted, the price at the opening being lyU
transactions being made at 51.07 near the close, tor
No. 3 cash there was Utile Inquiry, November
delivery selling at s’<; There was a comparative
ly light trade In samples at lower figures. Cash sales
were made of 5 cars at ([email protected] for No. -in atorc; -W
cars by sample at Sk-iS'e for No. 4.U33&C for on
irnnit* 4 <!ara at AKSoSc for No. 4 free on board; o cars
at U6c®Sl.tti for No. 8 delivered. Total equal to about
I Timothy seed was easier, the cash range
being 12.M5e2.65 for good to prime, November selling
early at (2.R2M, and later at C.OL Haxseedwas firm
at Friday’s figures. (1,43 being the ruling rate. In
clover there were light offerings, with the range for
good to prime seed at fcf « made
of 53 bags clover seed at forold, and la.Kbftato
for new; 6 cars and 1.220 bags timothy seed ntfi-to®
2.»S cash for4>oor 10 prime; (2.55 for Oci°bor. £_6iJ for
November, and (2.62 H lor December; 34 cars fiax
seedat #!,47><®L4i on track: #1.43 delivered, and
$1.4% deliverable In October; I car Hungarian at TUc
forprime; I car millet at for mixed.
Jonn Shaw & sons’ (London; S<fd Oircuiari or SepL
2! *T?fe market for farm seeds conilnnes to present
« nniet appearance. The blah prices demanded for
•555 AmertSm red cloverseed prevent business.
Aslkc, white, and trefoil keep steady.
rrc-grsss there Is au easier feeling.
t*»r tares, and rye also tend downwards. Anothc. rise
is noted InSnarr-sccd. More reasonable rates now
orevail f(S" bempseed. The new white mustard shows
poor condition. In rapeseed there is no alteration.
by telegraph.
‘ special DUpatch to The Chicago TrVmn*.
Liverpool, 6«. 8-ll:oO a. m.-FLOCR—American,
10 Cttils—Wneal—Winter. 10a OdSUs Ol: white. Ua®
llaOd: iprlcK. 10a M® 10 Ed; club.Ua3o»llald. Com.
Cs 2&d. •
PKonsioxs-Pork. 80s. Lard, 61s.
LIVERPOOL, Oct. 8-11:15 a- m.—Lard, (W M.
LIVERPOOL, OCL S.-PRorislo.N-s-Bacon-Short
riba doll at 51a. Hama—Long cut dull at 5-!- Lord—
Prime Western dull at fflsdd. .
TuurKNTiXB— Spirits at Lpndon steady at ■*».
GRAIN —iVbeat—Spring 1i0,3 dnllatlOaSd, Com
Jllred dnU at 6a JSid.
LIVERPOOL. Oct. S-Bvenlng.—COTTOb-Flat and
irregular, SK3B U-I6di sales, 8,000: apecnlaUon and ex
change. LOOO: American, (LatD. _ ’ ' .
PROTIsIOVa-Beef-Eitra India mess. 130 a. Amer
lean lard. 60a 6d- Bacon-Long clear. 50a: abort do, 51a.
The following were received by. the Chicago Board
of Trade:
LlvehVool. OcL 8—11:15 a. m.—Lard. 60s bd.
liuniiox, Oct. B.—Liverpool—Wheat rather quiet;
white Michigan, lls Id; Western red winter, Its 2d.
Corn rather easier at Us 2‘•id. Mark LANK—Cargoes
off coast—Wheat nilher easier; fair average >O. 2
spring, 53sS.*>ls «»!; fair average red winter. 56s 3d: fair
avemce California, 55s ikL Corn rather easier; fair
average American mixed. 31*. Cargoes on passage—
Wueat and corn rather easier; fair average quality
of American red winter wheat for nrorant shipment,
sos 3d; do American spring wheat, do, 535; falraver
ago quality oi American mixed corn for prompt
shipment by sail. 31s. Weather in England wet.
3b the Western Associated Press,
New.” York, Ocl B.—Cotton—Market easier:
11 15-i-Jc; futures sternly; October. 11.37 c; No
vember, 11.43 c; December, tLSJc; January, 11.71 c;
February, 11-STc; March. 12c; April, 12.11 c; May,
12.21 c; Juue, 12.31 c; July, UJDc.
FLoDa—Market dull; receipts. I WTO brls; exports,
superstate and Western, com-,
mon to good extra, #B.t>J@i7J; good to choice. 10.80
f>,y.<X); white wheat extra. 17.75®0.73; extra Ohio,
sU.7o®i7s; 5l Louis, &VI&&73; Minnesota patent
process, SS.U)® , J.73. . , . .
Urals—Wheat opened &91e lower; closed heavy;
receipts, 11U50J bu; exports, IC.OUU; ungraded spring,
.fUilftLHsct No. 2 Chicago, (1.33 3UO; ungraded red,
fLlrkaloS: No. 3 do. (Us®l.4d; No. 2 do, iLtidLSt;
new. ILoBa; old No. 1 red, 1.53; mixed winter, (LW;
ungraded white, 51.3561.50; No. 2 do. sales I*ooo ba
at11.473{®L43K; No. 2 red October, sales 152.1JU1 bu at
*L43@LS3, closing at 51.52; November, sales LKB.U.O
bu at 1L52J#»1.56W. closing at f 1.55; December. 1,52.-
0 0 bu at (I.SWd<»LSS. closing at 133: January, UC'iMJ ba
at closing at (Mil. Cora opened 14*t340
lower, and closed firm; receipts. WXOufi bu; exports.
45.425; ungraded, 65 672>»c; No. 3,ffi<®7Uc; No.
rJific; new and old yellow, *.dfc; No. 2 October,.
7Ui*e, closing at 70He: November, 72Hfe.J>te» closing
at ?4c; December. 74*4®77c. closing at 7.tr- oats lower:
receipts, 14.ux?liu: exports. i&J; mixed Western. 4*»
43c; white do, s*>{L*Bc. ■
UAV—Steadily held: In falrdemand at6s®Toc.
libi*d—firm; in good demand; yearlings, 12®30c;
Eastern and Western, 22>24c; New York State,
Coffee dull and unchanged. Sugar
dull and unchanged- Molasses quiet and unchanged.
Itice quiet, but steady.
PKTUor.Kru—Dull and .weak; United, SBc; crude,
'(jt-’jc; refined. 7?.(a
Tallow—Frm HtggOWc.
11KSIN —Firm at#22J.V*j.2.»U. .
TUJtHEXTtXE—VjuIcL but steady, at SOHwIc.
Logs—Western iresh very firm at24®24^c.
LEATllEU—Fairlv active; steady; hemlock
Buenos Ayres, and Rio Cruudd UghL middle, and
h L \V mJ l—ie
20®42c: unwashed. Texas, IR4-E.C. . .
visions—Fork dull and unsettled; new mess.
|hf.sU®iy.7a. Beef quiet, hut firm. Cut meats dull
and nominal: lung clear middles, ll(L3«)£: short do,
fII.OU. laird firm; prime steam. 112.Wkd12.1U.
BrrrEit—Firm for cholce»t;!3®37c.
Cheese—Dull and nominal: S®l2J»c.
Metals—Manufactured copper unchanged; new
sheeting, 34c; Ingot lake. li4'rfl%<~ Wg-lrun flrai;
Scotch, frUDw2S..VJ; American, L\UX«JG.(JU; HumJ*
sheeting. Stl.UfeUUa Nalls-Cut, #4OI^3.JU; clinch,
f ijlOQ&m,
Chicago, April 11.183 L
DR. PARKER-DEAR Silt; After suffering many
rears with a very large scrotal hernia, and finding no
relief from any truss I could find, until through yoUr
skill and new appliance you not only retained the
rupture where others had
—iruH tne hernia. MURLiA ilUr JiANN,
lU!»ldence.2ol Faimn-st, office. 181 E-Waablneton-st
Tl!epnnßDle» new one. So ooeraUon wbmMTsr.
So danger Incurred- Manaractnrera or rdaatle
blockings. EUTMAS * PARKEK.
Ofllcete aute-sL. Chicago. lIL _
&& oO.CIARKSt. Chicacolil
Ovlinil by Ik* SiiU of IlMnoU, ftr lk*ip*fbl.KWiUl(U4
iMtd; nn fritftlc. stna» tad Ckrtak DimM«« ,
Dr. LUCAS it »gr%4 otte ef two rrjralar (AlbfiiMc n 4 EtMir)
Collnn. It writ known on tbe Piriie nfit n loewier of
tbt nsaaxraotH Belters* M*dtol IsitUnt*. Su Fnacks, utf It h »
well known Cut that for wany mn be bat coeSaed klntelf U the
itwir t»l if and Chnrlr tkn fivltf kit*
advantage* tbu VO II lift BACH *■< ■«(«»-i t*d
botfeepmwfi lUUfI vl IfICPI H*o, *bo are wffrr
l«C fo>s» tbe of voaUtfni fodiimtloiu or nrow, SmliU
VitktMi, Smtat and Phjtlnl Debility, lapatnin {wml
laeanaeU/V Loit Xanboed, Atroaea of the 6/atr«, Ciktaitd
Tluiitr. Ctafttlm of lj*u, Af*nbt to Society, Sttytad*
eney. PlMplea ea the Face, toe* of laeryy, end Frr<|n*»cy ot
rrleellaf, —fe ttember, I trill guarantee to forfeit 9900 Nf
•very cm* ef Privet* Diteeao that 1 Ml later*. All teter*
vto**aai!*tma era nmttj wUtnibL XitWio naebtd ea a* auto'
eaaite nrMij. and *«st hj miM. If fbtl tonlpiu* «f no te fl****
kotoM wnotil iaterrit* In all rate* preferred. Call creddretl
Dr. tCCIS. ISS 8. Clivk 9U. Chkaeo. in.
Send two 3-cent stamps for circular. _
173 South Clark-st., Chicago- -
Consult personally or by mail, free of chance, on ail
or special diseases. UnJ. Kean is
the only physician In the city who warrants cures op
no pay. litters; 9a.m.t08 p. m. i Sundays, 9t013 m*

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