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“We promise you the dis
play of Fashionable Goods
will interest and the prices
be profitable to you.”
Fine Garments.
SI4 fc iO6 State-st.
Prestos, Keu& Co.,
it the Close of Duslness October Ist, 1881, is
Made to the Chicago Clearing House.
Hills and notes discounted |Ao.:m4f)
Call luuiia ud cailt collaterals 487.UUJUO
. ',T74.:il
. 4%.:.M)tr)
. 141.1171..*>U
. I.UtilM
United States and other bunds,
Premium account
Due from bunks and bankers...
Revenue stamp*
Land scrip
Cash on hand
Checks fop clearings
Capital stork ...| aJO.UM.UJ
Imllvliliml UW.VHUW
Ui-pyilU bjr Uuiik»uua baukur.... l.ViiLotUl
1 2.201.UU.1U
Undivided prouu.
Btme of llllnolA} County of Cook, ms
1. H. A. Kvun. of Uiollrmuf I'reslon, Kt*im A Co.,
uo KoU’Uinljr MlHrni Shut Ui« iilmvo MHiemunt in true,
to ibu beat of tur ksiowleduo und belief.
Uvruru (oandanUerlbed boforoiuo on liila htbduy
of October. IWI. JOHN KAUpO.N, .Notary I’ubllu.
n ■ Woatcnholni'ii, UoKtm*. uml
ll ■■AO A in i) I'uckol Cullury.
B llTriffiw nn Itiuum.PclMnrNl'lirUncnt
I Blfl BBBJI U U"H follu-. it tut llurtlwurt*
UIBIIIbH W Nuv«lll«n. A.U.Sl’At.lll.NU
VUKlvl 5 K Uitusi.. m Muili.im-tt,
HhIbIBH li MlUnroly nay) on lu wrllo formr
HdIRIDH ulwatmtud Luialoiaii'drool of Btrlua
UUBU Ulta Hmoo. H. 11. MC EI,WAIN,
jHunuliietwrer, ‘Mi »vvw Wub«»b*uy.
■Ue»tHrnilo» ut luwu«t jo-icu*.
new run Lie a tjons,
ft A n PIP I nAvomu wanted for 1.1 to of Unoi
!• II ft# L ll* I I liloiu (.untold. A vimiptoto, lulilc
UMnriCLll>uimitui> from cmdiuiuwmvc,
llu» umlncnt bnuniplier, Eol.
J-onwoll. UookHalliuady fordollvnry. Anelwvunlly
nlualistad volumo. Indorsed edition, l.loorat turnm.
AHonu lake orders for 1 rum '.'U loot! cuplnixmlly. out*
uiUuuv oihur bonk mn (o ono. Anvnls Mover nmitu
uuiwcysofast. Thu booksullx Itself. Extimlencu nut
useessary. Hilluro unknown. All make Immenso
t>rum<. Prlvaiu terms free. GKOUOI3 STINSON X
C(J., I‘ortlana, Uu,
vi Tho City Thnt a
M Kicked Over
yl 1A roinlc liUlory of tin* Cut*
M V'rniiolirouf 1971. wltUl7|wvp
tX Uliisirntlnnn, by u lln^tori
Jn. fiv I '.-. aril»t. Hl/*Atinn. liana*
Kjl.Pf »>•< Himift lllnmUmtrii cover, a
remarkable bll fortlio Are
W'Myr.— it.nlyw.ant or tllßCOlUlna
mMgnjJnw holiday*. For mli* at all
Hook stores i or limited for
7-“-*— S&c. OrUer Immediately,
L B. A Co.. IDS Wabash Aie., Chicago.
.... Chicago. April n. last.
UU. I'AUKBR—DIAK Bun AUur aunurlnti many
rear* wltb a v«ry larva turutal hurnla, unJ Unaiint mi
!!m (,r y m H| iy iru»< I uuuld Und, mull Uiruujb your
and uaw auudunco you nut uuly ruuiluud tbu
nibturu wburw utbara bad UlloJ, but tiavu vujii>latuly
fttrad ut* barulu. MOUK'IV. IIUFAIA.SN.
mi y ultun-ai.. omcv.WU b.Wusbluaoni-'t,
briuauiou now one. No oucrulfou wuutavur.
r. g danvwr uidurrad. Maoufucturci* or Kluitiu
•W«kluv», TruMu*. *UJ.
< iblStle I*l'. UUTMAN Ji PAItKKU,,
. omwi-aauw-*u cukavu. Rv
WKRT SlDK—Natatorlnui, MM.MuiiWmi-nu
SOUTH SlDU—l£i Twenty-fomth-st., uuar Inal-
Win fanpou SATURDAY, OoL 8. For particulars
•uiul fur (.utiilopno.
SOU 111. AND
Pennsylvania Military Academy
Clioulcr. I’n.. opctiN Bopl. 11. I'ivll KiiKlnnurlns. I'hbm
l»try, ClUMlvit. KiiKllaUi tlmrrucit cuufurrml. Amity to
T. A. COBIiRUVK. I’nlrun. ill Nib (U MotrupulUnn
Uloi-k. t-tilciuii, or toCol. Til HO. lIVA'IT. I , ru»u
Mm. sylvanus iMCKn’s noAiiniN(!
mill iluy Hfhool lirfr ymtnu liulk'H. No*. it und H
HUy-llilrd-si., Now Vork.nmimnxOin Krimnli
nmi (ionium litiummsw imu'tUfiHy tnnulus tliu cminm
ol study In tbo colloKlitto lUipuriiiH'iit riMjulroi* four
ymun. uml mum* nil thu dumuml* for the liluhor fil
ucatiuii orwotiinn.
iHDAL, PARIS, 187 a
Tala Chits,
Iko nil our chocolates, U jirc
ired with tln> Kn'ulc»fearo, nmt
oikUU of n Kiijn'rlnr quality of
focoa oml Mlgnr, flavored with
>ure vanilla beau, ticrvcd na a
rl»k or ffttcu dry an confer*
onery, it lx a delicious article,
id la highly recommended by
Hold by (Irocen everywhere.
SV. ItAICEU «Ss 00*»
3)orthtstrv, 2Jna*.
\SftCkagtg. O* ALU KINDS.
Csr. Lib M. k nftk A*.., tklrin.
B**»r»ri.u» nn' oiu tiik ami ml
rOlilTC*r 11,0 p "i u cs!w«i ll Wark *
rKSifl I
H HHUr U H *»■#* I Good* delivered Fred.
Louis UoyfllCo,E^ste^
•NMBMMMNMinwii i Advertisers MlOklQttlhO
most fnvumblu rules In uny of tho loodinu iwoorsiu
Ibu 0. 8.. ul»4itw consult our orn»» botorw nnumaaui
I ‘Ji OF ESS IO iV. I L.
Disvasua, to which IMt, UEIUU devotu* uxclu»lvuu(>
tunuuu. Ulhuv. b.l AludUuifnu llumaUlul.
WAN I C.U—-urywl.oio In Auw Knvlund
uiliur Butva. Ununuul y
lutmupuly. I'roliu lurjo.
MOi\da v, ocTonmr 10, issi—ten
Oh! How Well do B
St was in the bSeak
When my pants so thin had grown and my
coat bo well was worn. - Suddenly my
thoughts grew stronger; hesitating then no
longer, straight 1 ruahed mj to the pave*
ment which so oft I’d trod before. " S'death,”
said I, “ why hove I gone so long In clothes
that freeze me to the very core?" This 1
thought, and something more.
First, I thought how slim my purse was,
and how 0(1 ’twas so before, and my wish
war to get value, only this and nothing
Ihe M<
drokc I then for the Mammoth Factory
where clothes ore made so satisfactory.
Reached 1 there all In a shiver, here I opened
wide the door; this 1 did and dilute more.
" SJlrs,” said I, “ prfiy can you tell me will
a man here dare to sell me, sell me clothes
not worn before?" This 1 said, and yet
still more.
“ My purse it is so lean and slender I
hardly dare it to you tender, but I beg you
clothe me warmly, as you oft have,done
Then we took this young man kindly,
rigged him out in clothes so finely that his
friends knew him no more. Paid he us and
had to spare; think you not that this was
fair ? Mole sex, fail not then to go to
Twenly-second-sl. and Arte-av.,
The Mammoth lirtail Clothiers of
Immense Facicry, GoxiSo feet, four floors.
I t lng er
172 STATE-ST.,
Opposite Palmer House,
Opening I
Tuesday anil Hidaj,
Oct. IS and i 2.
Special display of
Seal Dolmans and Saeqacs,
Far-lined Garments,
Malls, Boas, Hats, &e.
172 STATE-ST., Opposite Palmer House.
uyniui a ndiiosieu r.
ffiisoi tm,
113, US, 117 & 119 State-si,
Are showing an unusually large
and varied stock of all grades,
from LOW-PRICED to the FIN
EST goods made.
British Medical Journal*
“ L’Eau de Tabic dcs Reines."
, Le Ganlois de Paris.
Of all Graetrs, Dmggislt, &*Min. //V. Dealers,
All cli'uunt pnlror (’umputibin (>lM'|irnimin.«lxo(lxll
incum, l.ihHliu I'.irirnlii* <>r llm lulu JTu».
lOonl mill 111* Duvntml Wllo.
I’rito, ME DOLLAR fur llio pair.
Keiilpr«pali| by mail on rucolnt of prtru.
l.lbuml liUtoutu to Autfiua mid IKmlor*.
City Heal Estate lor Sale.
I’roiHisatsforllionarehusuor property nn Franklin
and Aduuis-su., U’t loot nn tiio lint and lot fuel on
tholuuor, and uixm wbloliU located Hiuliiot’oinimny
•in. I. will bo received ut this oiheo uu to umi tnelud*
loii llioHlsl duy of October uosts llio cliv (imtn.rltn**
rt)»orvlinr tliu rlubt to roiotU ul| nruiH»Uloiu fur sucli
p«itlia»u. '
fly unfair of tho City I'ouiu lL
YltEOilOllK T. (JL’UNKY.
- I'umotrniler.
is usiyji.ss vAitits,
Wedding and Fine Stationery,
A Democratic Opinion on the
Subject of Electing a
It Cannot Ho Done Holbro
llio Kojmblicans Are
' Sworn In.
Soma Democrats Propose that tho
' Question Bo Hot Considered
at All.
But that tho Office Bo Left
Vacant Until Next De
Arllinr ami Colliding in Confer*
once Hie Better Part of
Two Days.
Cabinet Slate Fixed “Up by “An
Intimate Friend of the
Another Statement from the Assaoin
of His Reasons for "Remov
ing” Garfield.
11 Is riililislictl l)j llrnlhcr-lu-Law
Scurllle to Shutr (juilcau’s
Mental Condition,
Secretary Windom Defines His Position in
Regard to Wall Street—The
Pension Frauds.
Spfflal DhiMtth tv 'Hie CMraun 7'rltiunr.
Washington, I). C., Oct. I'.—A Domncmtlc
Senator, whoso name commands universal re
spect. says tonight that tbo Democrats will not
be.ablo to elect a Secretary of tbo Senate before
the three Hepnbllcan Senators arc sworn in,
oven If mo majority of tbo Democratic party
should determine upon Unit policy. This state
ment. of umtrso, can only moan that tbore arc u
lew Democrats who would not permit partisan
ship, even in tho shape of a caucus decree, to
torco thorn to such an unjust act. Then* are
said to bu three Democratic Senators who have
thus Indicated their Intention under no circum
stances to commit that lust diyporato act u(
paiUzmishlp, mid It lathe knowledge of this
fact which In n great measure has caused tbo
extremely bitter wrangling among tbo Demo
cratic spoilsmen. Tbs Indlcathms, therefore,
an* that Senators Miller,-t.upham, and Aldrich
will bo •'
before that body proceeds to tho ulccuon of a
Secretary. There arc Home Intimations, for
tbut matter, that tho Senate will not proceed to
tbo election of n Secretary at all. Some of tho
Democrats propose that they do not make a
nomination for Secretary ami do net consider
tbo question unless thu Ilepublleans shall bring
it up, but leave tho otlico vacant until Decem
ber. Tho Kepubllciuis have nut us yet taken
their position upon this subject, and may not
settle It at tho adjourned caucus tomorrow
morning, for there undoubtedly will bu sumo
speeches made on tbo question of tlio capture of
tho Vicu-Prcsideucy by tbu Dumuerats, and it is
not probable tbut anything will bo dono tomor
row (if even Dull is aecumpllshod) beyond tho
election of Mr. Ilayard, and possllity tho swear
ing in of the three Itepnblluans. Tho Democrats
are nut to bu permitted, however, to elect u pre
siding ollleer aud
without at leant n formal protest on tho part of
the Ucpnbllcans. Mr. Edmunds, It Is under*
stood, on behalf of (ho llepnblieans. will movo
lHut all tho Senators be sworn In before tho Sen*
ato proceed to tho election of n President pto
tempore, mid that Senator Anthony, as tho old
est Senator In continuous service, bo designated
to administer the oaths, after tbo custom which
sometimes prevails In the Mouse of Uoprcsema*
lives and In uihor legislative bodies. Mr. Ed
munds wilt roly upon tho precedent In tbo ease
of Cass, and It Is understood will muku nn nrgu*
merit in support of his position, In which ho will
warn tho Democrats that under tho clrcum-
Blancos It would be wise for them to bu conserv
ative. it Is even possible that after the Demo
crats shall have elected llaynrd tho llupnbllcuns
may move to elect David Davis in bis place.
connected with tbo contest for tbo Presidency
of (bu Senuto is that the candidates of both par
ties for presiding otllcer aro from tbo smallest
Htates hi Ibo Union—Dclawaro and llbudo
island. It Is now learned that thorn was more
opposition to Bayard's nomination than was at
Una supposed, and that them worn ten votes
against him on tbo lirsi informal ballot. Tuu
Indications tonight am that tbo Democrats am
likely to dnellnu to enter into tho election of
Krorctary, and «> recommend that tho Chief
Clerk bu clothed with the powers of Secretary
until December. Tbo llepublleaiis, It Is under-
Blood, will votu against going Into tbo election
of Fcerutiiry, and, If tho Democrats should In
sist upon It, will decline lo pmsont n candidate.
Tho speeches upon (ho ipiestlon of tbo Presi
dent pm tempom will imdoubledly bu
for tlx U«iniUll(!iiiHim> generally of itio opinion
tbultbo eneelof tbo course or tbo DcmucmiH
Is I o oil er u reward for nano Democratic Doom
or (lulieuii. Tim expectation In now that tbo
Hunato can uuiitlnn all of President Arthur's
ihiiiiliihUoiih umt adjourn wltbht two week*, but
speech-making nmy prolong tuosession. Holt
will bo seen that mu senseless partisan »trlfu In
town on. Tbo country mu lorn Tow day* up
palled by Uio terrible tragedy of tbo lutb of Hep*
tunibor. Hut lc?» (ban a mniitu has passed, and
already tbo f notions ol party Imvu arrayed them*
selves hem at tbo National t.uplial In solid col*
uiuti, and (bn bitterest .pmumm* itcom likely
again tu bo evokud lor
Tbo dead Is buried and tuoold political warfare
l 'T friend who bad a long couvorsutlon with
tivuauir llnyuvii today says ibut ibegomiommi
declared that, lor personal and other reasons,
bu did not desivo to be elected President pro
tempore of tbo minute, bin tbo Democrats eon*
Hldcr It tboir constitutional duty to elect a Pres*
Ilium before tbo three ({('publicans «ro sworn in.
anbev consider that the Constitution requires
that tbo ouili bo adiulnlslerotl by tbA presiding
olilcer, iu>d. inasmucii us tbuy had selected blm
lor tbo Bbimr, bu eunbPnot piuporly doclino.
that In the Uepnbllean eauuua yusturday Son*
u(«« i-.dnnuuJs and one or twooibor Senators
beid tlmt lion. Arlbnr, wbilu imiiuestlonably
exercising too ulllco of President of (bo Doited
mates, bud not ceased, so lar as the Semite
nilleially know, to be Vico-Presldent. Tbeelr*
enmstunces under which tbo Hunuto adjmirogd
were spoken of in Dm discussion, ami Ibolle*
publican bunutors went reminded that when
tbo Hcuuto adjourned ticn. Arllmr was
in the chair us Vice-President. It
was kiiggosled (bat tbo Henatu bud bud
no (iillelai noUtleallon of Hie fact that the powers
and duties of tbo oilicu of President bad de*
vulvod upon blm. Therefore, wuilo. according
<■l tbo t.'ouatltutlon, tbo Senate must elect a
Prcsiuunl pm temporu in the absence ot dm
VicvPresldeiil, when ho was oxurelslug tbo
ollice of President of tku United biases, yet It is
claimed that bo bus
and that the Senate could not refuse to rcoog*
nice blm as its presiding otneer In case heap*
Kared in bis scat in tbo Semite and culled that
Jy to order. TbU whole question bsi osuu
dl»eu»sed liytlio most eminent lawyers who have
ever been In dm Semite, notably lit tllu time of
Tyler's accession to tuo oilice of President anil
during llio Impeitclinmnl or Andrew Johnson,
hi dm Initcr ease it was held liv Mr. Evans that
Johnson ruiitd not bo Impeached as President
I»ee«u<e liar did not hold the oltlooot president,
but. merely acted as President. Tho Semite,
however, nt that time did tint aiistain tho view
of Evans. Edmund* has said today that somo
of thonhlesl i-oii«tiiiitloiiul lawyers In thoconn
iry agreed wl*h Evans In hi* views. Tho fact
that such a suggestion ns Ihl* has boon timdo In
tho Ifepuldfcan caucus. and that Senator f.'d*
imiuds wai believed to «.lmro
has caused a great deal of excitement among
tho democratic Senator*. Thoy do not hellevu
that such a project at thin would havo Arthur's
Hiinmloii. At tbn tamo timo, they h.ivo boon
raueusiug infonmilly iilmo*t ail day. There*
pern which dJlfeient Democratm Senator* havo
taken into the conference of conversa
tions they havo had with their liepnU
llcnn associates have strengthened tho belief
that Senator Edmund* and cdhers design to
have recourse to some eonsdtudona I technicality
by whioh tilthnaloly to secure tho election or a
President pm temporu. or at least to prevent
the democrats from electing their parly. Thin*
eomded with the fact that Senator t.‘oakling nut
been closeted, as was stated, with (ion. Arthur
for Mio best part of" two days, gives rise to wry
grave anxiety among the llenmerals. Ex-Sen*
utor ConUllug's position, ns suggested by his
remarks on
favor* th*’ Idea that he believes that Gen. Ar*
dmr has dm right lu appear in the senate to*
morrow In his usual place, call tho Senate to or*
der. and swear In the three Senator*, and then
vacate tbo ollice. Thu question that has been
most moeteti today has been regard tho pol*
ley of tbu dumocratlu .Senators in ease lliov
should ilnd tu*niorruw upon assembling that
thu suggestion niudo in tho Ueputdlcmi
caucus whs realized, that Gon. Arthur was In
the chair. Homo of tho dcameraU thought that
the proper course tn pursue would bo to mime*
dlatclvjidjourn. It was suggested that It would
be Impossible to secure mi adjournment alter
having llrst recognized Gena Arthur's right to
call Umbellate to order, uud If this right worn
rceogniwil so far. they could not refuse to rec
ognize tho further right to administer tho oath
to tho three Senators. It was thought that Chief-
Clerk pliuler would
ami (but he would lie the only otic ruu.iabi7.ed by
Democratic Senator#. ll Is eert..ln tonight that
thlsquestion somewhat alarms Dmnoerdiie Sun*
ntors, and (buy look wlib some apprehension to
(tic possible •levulopiiiciiti* of tomorrow. lu view
of this fact. ttomo of tnem are In lavor of a fur-
I bur conference with Ibu Ueunblican* tomorrow.
Unu uf thu great dtillcnldes of tbu Democrats
In tliuir own conferences Ik tbc differences
of (|(iustlon (but prevails among ilium
respect Imr me precise oillcu which'item Arthur
mm bold*. Some of the Democrats ale of tlio
same opinion tbe stalwarts mlvnijuud. mid wbluli
was mlnmuud by Collumer, of Vurmont. In tho
Tyler ease. tbutUlm Vlee-Hresldent only oxcr
cls«*s tltc* oifiutf of i‘resident, and Is not I‘res/-
dent. Olliers of tbe liunioeniti/notiibly Day
nrd. believe that tbu decision of tbo Senate In
bulb cases (Tyler and Johnson) Unit
ml: vinM'HKHDK.vr iiixomks piibsidbnt'
Is correct. Tbu iiepnhlleans, if they do not
adopt ibis poliuy, luul that thocmirscof tbo
Democrats will justify them in refusing to mnku
any pairs and to await an opportunity to re
move llayurd mid uluut tbulr own Hresldent pro
tumporu, Senator Kdmnmls bus ntmonnuud
that in any event this will bo nls pulley, and
It Is thought that others will agree with
him. Senator Krje Bays tonight that, whllo
tbe question of tbo rltrlit of lien.
Arthur to call tho Senate to order was dis
cussed, It was not discussed with any Intention
of exercising tbo right. but simply to obtain tbo
views of Senator* as to whether tho right exist
ed, Senator r.dmnnds said yesterday that “this
manner of election of President pro tempore Is
a game which two can play at* and we are m
well equipped for tlio conical ub tbc otbor Hide.”
Tbo whole question of
tub roNsmrnoxAi.iTV of tjik law
providlmt lor the succession in ease tho I’rcsl
duni becomes disuhled or dies mid thu Presi
dent pro tempore attempts to become acting
President is qultu likely to bu at lust dis
cussed. If-nut settled. Some of tho He
publicans are of tho opinion that tbo law
of li'.td, woleh provides tbut tho President
pro tempore shall become Aetmg-J'resldent. U
unconstitutional, and If tbo case shall ever arise
when Scuator llnynnJ, as President pm tempore,
becomes ACtio#-President, they may not permit
him to exercise ms otlico unless by n decision of
tho Supreme Conn of Culled States tbo law
shall be declared constitutional.
tiik BXTini: Arm t ni; of tub iiKMontArv,
as Illustrated by thoircmiferennes today, shows
bow conscience don't tnako cowards of mum.
Tho UepnbUeans who have been consulted to
nlubt do not ntlacb thu same Importance to tho
reported scheme that Is attributed to It by the
Democrats, who are plotting to seize tho Presi
dency of the Senate and the consequent Presi
dential succession.
7b (he llVrtrrn .Imveiiihd IVm.
Washington*. D. u., Oft. A week ago tho
meeting of tho Semite was looked forward tons
one to bo In tnurked contrast with tbo extra
session culled by President (Jarllold. The lire*
diction was Umi both parties were anxious to
avoid mi exhibition of i.eniu»ny. mid that eon*
servatlvo members would so guide tho counsels
that tho organization of tho body and tho uivis
lons of committees would uu by unanimous cun*
bent. Tho death of a President by ussusinuUmi,
tho profound grief of a people without regard
to party or section, and tho laet that the .Senate
was called together Ip (supply u want In tho
Presidential succession* were tnought to tie mil*
detent reasons to cumpel an exceptional
willingness to sink party considerations at
least until tno Semite was organized. Tho
conferences nt Cleveland pointed to
Much a result, and the talk of
Senators mi both sides previous to tbo caucuses
of yesterday enforced tho same view. Thu air
ofthoeomnilUeo-rmmH appears to have pat
all such Ideas to (light, and the prospect of a
deadlock has ceased to lm a terror to Senators
of either parly. Theytnvo farther from an
agreement than over, and
• Tin: mvisios op«vv um.i: patiionaok
has dissipated tho last vestige of sentiment.
Kverv step In organization Is to be contested.
Edmunds and Frye wdt open for tbo Itennb-
Keans, and It Is nut likely ibuv will bo left with
out a rcplv from tho Democratic side. There
will be little If any obstruction except in tho
form of debate, lint It will be seen that tbo
misfortunes of tho summer have fulled to
weaken party zeal in tho leaders, however much
thev have operated on the people.
Tho Democratic candidates fur.-toemtaryuf tho
Senate are very urgent that ttiuir party shall
elect tho Secretary before tho admission ol trow
Senators; otherwise that course would have few
advocates la tho Democratic caucus. The candi
dates realize that It tbs eleollmi Is postponed
until tho new Wnatnrs are admitted there Is
little elmuet* for the election o| a Democrat, uh
David Davis’ veto Is conceded to tho Uepnblleans
on organization. Davis will not vote for tier
ham, but after iho-rosolnUon for the election of
tho Democratic caucus nominee has been voted
down and that of Domain similarly defeated, a
llopubbeiio caucus will be bold to select another
name lur whom Davis will vote and he will be
Heeled. Ilornck, the man brought from the
Pacide coast by Senator Miller as its representa
tive In place of Durham, Is not likely to ho (ho
r.uTirs (ioksii*.
Kdmundft, Frye, aiid Logan will pivßont the
Hejmblleuu protect against tiio election m' llay
tiril to-morrow pn<vimiH tu tbo swearing-in nr
Hujiulur*. If necessary, Uio llepnbiieuns will
break lUo i|Uormi) in prevent llio election of u
Democratic Secretary before tbo fcwearing-ln ni'
tbo new Senators. Although David Davis will
vote fur Anthony It in not believed (lint be would
Join tbo Uopublioaus to unseat lluyurd.
Tin; mkssaui:
of tbo President will bo abort ami formal.
A paper Is in (be bauds of u Deim-erntloKon*
ntor. said to bo signed by nil (bo Democratic
mumlKJrsof tbo Now Vork Legislature, nlloglng
tlmt tbo clceUon of f.apham ami Miller wax ue*
cmupllsbed t>y bribery, mid pointing not several
liiturmallllea connected with tboir election. It
is nut uiouxbt it will bu presented until tbo Sen*
Hcnutdra And tbo President kind and gracious,
but very reticent—rnuro so (bun any President
Blnco JJucbunan, Bemitur Antbony says.
fijwdnl ZKipalc* to Ths c’tiieaeo TViftuas.
Wabiiinoton, I). C.. Oct. U.—Alt Intimuiu per*
bouul friend of President Arthur, who has been
in consultation with blm at intervals lor several
days, says (but tbo following U tbo Cabinet*
alatu which receives tbo most consideration, and
wbleb may possibly bu sent to the Honuio Tues
day next:
Theodore Frclluglmysen, formerly Senator
from Now Jersey, rievrotary of Hiatus
Judge Charles J. Fclgor, of Now Vork, Hccrc*
taryof tbo Treasury.
Hubert T. Lincoln, of Illinois, (secretary of
A. A. Sargent, of California, Postmaster-Gen
Timothy O. llowo, of Wisconsin; Secretary of
(bo fuicrior.
Lx-Gov. Itloe, of Massachusetts, Secretary of
tbo Navy.
Benjamin P. Brewster, of Pennsylvania, At*
torney*General. .... w , .
Attoruay*Qvueral WaoVeogb has been asked
In tlio Government ns lending counsel
in tho star-route eases, and it is probable that
ho will accept tho retainer.
A I.uno r;o.\pi:i‘i;Nrn.
Sjkeicii UUpatth to The Chicago Tribune.
Wahiiinoton, I), c., Oct, P.-The prolonged
coiisnltntlon which Senator Conkljng has *i:td
with the President has given rise to a great deal
of comment. Mr. Conklin# was closeted with
tho President from noon of yesterday until long
past midnltrht, and ho arose curly this morning,
was at tho President's residence nil day, mid had
not quitted lint a into hour ibis evonintr. It h
nut believed that nil of this time was occu|>led
with discussion respecting tho formation of tho
Cabinet. It Is pretty well understood Hint tho
C'nblnci Ims boon lived upon, uttd is like
ly to be sent into 'tho .Senate durlmr
tho early days of tho present sen-ion. In view
of what wus said nt tho Itepubliean caucus yes
terday. and of wlmt Honcatnr Kdtttnnds bos re
iterated today tonnour two of his warm Demo
'■ratio friends, It Is thought that tho eonferctico
may have hail referenee to tho organization of
itiu heiiato, and that n« u result of It tho whole
question of the relation of tho Vice-President,
when the powers ami duties of the office of
Problem devolve upon him. to that olllco will
bo ultimately sell led.
ax m i;iivii:tv Koi:t:sr.vt.i.i:i).
Tit Ihr ll'crtrm Aiiociafni Prut.
.•>«>.. Mtiiui) aiiuimmt j icj«.
Uajuiinoton. I), c., (let. P.-A news-gatherer
called upon Mr. Conkling last night after his visit
I" tho President, yrlth (ho Intention of Interview
tmrlilm upon the subject. before tlio reporter
could open his mouth Mr. Conklin# took him by
the bond, and said- •• I suppose you want to ask
me bow I came to be in Washington? 1 came to seo
tho President, lie and t have lona boon friends.
I have not seen him emeu ho became
President until today. Wo had a conversation
upon various subjects. I do not know when I
snail sen him again. I bad thought I could cull
upon him with ns much safety ns any other or
his friends, but It seems that tho gentlemen of
tho press are exercised nwr It. I assure you
that you huvo no reason to be, and I wish you a
very good evening."
NO TltlTH IV Tim KKTMIir that in: WTU.
.Sjhcujl DUimtch to Iht c’Mejyo Tribua*.
Nkw Voiik, Dot.!».—Some time agotttoro was
a report circulated hero to tho elfeel that Post
innster-CJenorfll James Would retire from tho
Cabinet nt tho end of tho present fiscal year, nnd
that thlswascoiuingent upon n rennest to that
elfect made by President Arthur shortly after his
accession to tho Chief Executive chair. This wits
one of the stories that came upon tho ilrst agi
tation of tho Cabinet question, and was dis
cussed in all Its bearings by thuso familiar with
public alfnirs by tho knowing ones. It wug
treated as an idlo ink*, and was soon set aside.
Within a few days past, however, it hits Itecn re
newed. uud Is ouco more going tho rounds, this
IV TIIK Sll.m: OF NKWdPAPKIt noSftll 1 , *
set afloat by Mr. Murat Halstead, uf tho Cincin
nati Omimrjrht!, who was here recently and
caught a good many of such things '• on the lly,"
It seemed to bo a new piece of Informntlon to
tho AVesiem editor, nnd he sots It forth with nil
tho nropur embellishments uf n sensational
dispatch. *Mr. James wns to leave tho
Cabinet upon President Arthur's reuucst and
take the position of President of a nd bunking
bi-lUulkm hi .Vow Turk, etc. Sow tins Is nil
wrong. The Timex has a special from Phtludel
pliia, bused upon authority Unm which there
can he imno belter, stating that there Is nu
truth in Mr. Halstead's story. On tho con
In tbu Cabinet until Iho reforms now begun tu-o
completed and tliu rale uf domestic hrsf-olass
postage Is reduced to two coats per half ounce.
This tie has consented to Uu. ami ho hopes tu bo
able to accomplish these cuds at no distant
day. Mr. . •Imues is couihlunt that: tho
nuo of letter-postage can bn so re
duced. mm thus another great step taken
in the postal system of tho country. The re
tonus minded to no doubt cover tho star-route
pmseetilhms. Kuribcr than tho toreguimr. It
can also he positively stated that Mr. Arthur has
rtipiesled all tho members of tho Cabinet to
remain until they eutaisu to leave, winch it is
thought they will nil do. witfi perhaps tho possi
ble exception uf Mr. Window.
i - /)rfl.i( ftbfxifch (□ 37>c Cmcajo 7n(>uiu.
Washington, D.C.,0ct.1i.-(JuHean’» brother
in-law, Mr. fJeoruo M. Seovllle, bus relunu.nl
from Now York, uml In un Interview ibis oven*
Ink said he hud not yet selected any associate
counsel to assist him lu conducting tho defense.
Mis private business In Now York cim-uinod
nearly all his time, and he wits compelled
to return to Washington sooner 'than
be expected, ns his client would prob
ably be arraigned Tuesday morning.
Mu visited (litUemi nt the Jail yesterday,
and, after consultation with him, bad decided to
ask Mr. It. T. Merrick to aid blm In tbe conduct
of the defense. Should Mr. Merrick nccopt, bu
would be given enllro charge, wllb leave to call
in additional eounsid If be saw lit.
“Have yon taken any steps to secure wit
nesses, Mr. Buuviliu?" asked your correspond
Not yet. I have not tbe means to defray
Tin: i;xpi:nsi: or niiixmxo witxkmsks to
and, as the Uoverninotit is compelled by law to
bring wltnasshs fur the prisoner living within
HU miles of tbo courl-bouse, I shall exercise
that right, as OuHcati cannot utlord to pay them.
It is provided that witnesses beyond that dis
tance can givothelr depositions, mid I* can un
dertake that task without buhig compelled to
expend u very large amount of money.
I have no money lo pay tor
counsel. but wilt ask the Court to
assign the gentleman to tbe cusu that Unltoau
asks for. While talking with him yesterday 1
suggested the name of Col. Hubert 11. Ingorsoll
as his lawyer, *Tho prisoner's eyes droppeil,uiid
he said, *Thm would umty tbo whole Cnrisilun
world against mo. for they would say that 1 bud
to gut an lulldul to defend mu. No, be won't do.
I want Mr. .Merrick/ ”
“Suppose Mr. Merrick should bo unable to as*
slst yon, wlmt then?"
“I would conduct tbo case accenting to
I would put (iuHcatt on tbo stand as Iho tlrst
witness tur tho defense, uud let the Court mid
Jury Judge by bis actions and conversation
whether or not he Is Insane. Let any body of
experts or professional, men bear him talk mid
thoru would be but one'opinion on tbo ijuestluu
of Insanity.”
“Thus far what stops have you taken?"
“I have scoured several let let's written by him
In I&VJ and lUM, which will show tbo statu of his
mind at that tlino. Mo Joined the Oneida Pom
munityln UkW, tind I have now « letter written
by him during the summer of that year showing
his Inclination un religious matters. Me has
constantly gouu astray on the subject of relig
ion, uud It Is lq this causa that I ascribe
IMS TilOL’lll.r. TOII.W
Today t rceelvad a puckiigo of letters from
my wife, which she and I had received from
Cnltoitu at different times, and I shall use them
lu evidence."
“Mow decs tho prisoner receive your coun
“Ho Is very obstinate, and 1 huvo to yield to
blip when bo requests mo to do nnytiiiuir In bis
unto. It is list-loss to attempt to argue with Ului,
lor bo makes up bis mind ton thing and sticks
to It.” •
“Him be given you ony papers or stotomonu
since you have visited him/'
•* Ves. Yesterday, bt-ioru 1 loft blm, bo iravo
mu tbe following stutomoiU: . ,
••‘l bate boon terribly vllllled by tbo press,
and It Inis uindo some people bitter mm Im
pulsive against me, but timu will right tbut. I
e\l>eet to issue a book shortly, wherein I shall
«lmw tbe President** wrecking tbo-UopuuUeau
party m>t spring by
would buvu resulted In mmibur war, uud that
lluLJ.onl Inspired mo to remove blm to keep tbo
Ueplibllcan party bluet uml save the .Nulfou
another beam-ending and dusolutbur war. Tbo
breiiuu lust spring in tbo Uopublknm party was
widening week by week, and I foresaw a civil
war. My inspiration was to remove tbo Presl
dent uud doso tbo breach at unuo betovu It trot so
wide that nothing but a civil w*ir could close It,
Tbo divluo pressure on me to remove tbo Presi
dent was so enormous that I bad to do It. uvou
11 1 had been shot dead tbo next moment, and
tbo lx>rd look special pains toconllrm my act by
tbo gralual way bo allowed tbo President to
depart. TbU case should be Judged by tbu
eondiuon of politics in May and Juno, whoa 1
coaeolvod tbu idea or removing tbo President,
and not by tbe feollug now. Tbo President’s re
moval bos saved tbo Nation another wur, and
If ! l
[gfftVE CENTS.
a nj
tho ponplJo S-rocngnlza fhi« fnct as soon at
they reeo t& £ blr heads.
United Slate* Jail,
W ashitigton, IT C., fith October, Itwi,’
“Timm: is anotiimii paimui
I Imvo In my possession which tho prisoner die
tnted to tno yesterday. You remember that It
has been stated that 1110 day ot tho shooting, a
few minute* before tho net was committed,
Gullcau bunded a package to tho news agent tic
Urn depot mid requested him to keep
It n few minutes. After r his arrest
tho tniukagc wns t.iken possession of by
District-Attorney Porkhlll. In speaking to
Giilu-uu about It lies,ild he remembered per
fectly well wmit tho package contained, and nfc
his dictation I wrote tlio following, which be as
sured my wm curruuti
’* * Jo thf d\ eifj/nm 7Vop?c,* -I conceived tho
Idea of removimrtho Prcsldentnbouifourweekj
ago. 1 cuneelved tho Idea myself, and kept li to
myself. Not u soul In tho universe knew of my
purpose to remove the President, ft was my
own conception and execution. I rend mo
papers carefully fur and against tho Adminis
tration. ami gradually tho convlellou settled on
mo that
tiik PitKsmF.XT’M Itr.Mov.vr.
was a polltlofil necessity, because ho proved a
traitor to the men that made him. mid thereby
imperiled tho ilepublic. At (ho last Presiden
tial election the Kcputdlenn party carried every
Northern Htnte. Today, owing to tho miscon
duct of tho President lied bis Secretary of State,
they could hardly curry one. They certainly
could not carry New York, which Is tho
pivotal Slate. Imrrutitudu is tho basest
ul crimes. That tho President, under the manip
ulations of his Secretary of State, has been
Utility of tho basest Ingratitude to tho Stalwarts
admits ot no denial. Thu express purpose ot
tho President has been to ennui Gen. Grant amt
Senator Coukllug, and thereby prepare the way
for Ids reiionilmiUoti in
madness tie has wrecked tho once grand old llt
pubilemi party, umi
The men that saved the Hepubllcan party tnuaC
govern it, and not tliu uiun wnn sought its life.
1 Imvepo 111-will toward* the President. Thin H
not murder: It Uh political necessity. It will,
make my frlvml Arthur President and savd
the Hepunilu. dram during the Wursucrliieed
thousands ol lives tusavo 1110 Republic. I have
sacnllecdooly one. I shot mo President ns t
would n Hebei If I mw him pulling down tho
American Uttar. I leave my Jnstlticiutun to Hod
amliho American people. thus. (Jumkau.'
•• 1 woUavs after UuiteaU made tho
“ * Wasiiinoto.v, I). C., .hinc is, In*!.—l m
tended to remove the President inh morning,
uud went to the llaltlmoru depot, but he camu
Into tliu depot wua Mrs. Uanluld leaning on ti;s
arm. mid I concluded to remove him when he
wa< alone. It will he no wo®? lor Mrs. Ua:-
lU.dd, dear soul, to part from her timpano In this
way than by natural death. lie Is llahlo to go
at any t two anyway. Ciiaih.i:* (limUALV
rend ns follows:
"•Wasiu.mjmv, I), c., June 20, ISM.—Tho
President's nomination was an act of (So,I. Tuo
President's elecuon was an act of Uud. Tho
President's removal was an act of Ood. I am
clear in my purpose to temovu tho President.
Two objects win ho accomplished. It wilt timtu
tho kepnbtlemi party and save the Republic,
mid It will treaty a large demand lor my ooou,
"Tne'frn®.** Thu book was written lusavo
souls, and not for money, and tho Imrd wants
to save souls by circulating this book.
"My idea, snhl SJr. Scyvlllc, "In publishing
tho statements, is to let tho people sec and Judxa
for themselves us to tho condition of (Juite.m,
Heretofore It was telegraphed all over tho coun
try that Uulteuu hud.mudo curtain slntemuuts ta
tho (dllccrs at tho Jail that nothing (hat emanat
ed directly troinnlm was permitted to get out. 1
do not intend to deceive him. and when tie give*
men document of any kind lor a person, bo h«
btirh or low, I shall deliver it if possible,”
Xjd’taJ UtH'iitrH tu lUf 7Vtbu»«-
Wamiuxotov, I). (?., Oct. n.-TUe rumor that
Cnpu Hockwell, now an Assistant Quartermas
ter. uud prominent cspeciully through bis cun
ucutiun with tho household uf tho into I’resl
dent, will be made Quartermuster-tlencrul, vico
Meigs, retired,'ls by no tueatudead, but receives
full credence In tiiany quarters. Anurmyolll
ecr of high rank stated today tout he hud been
Inturmed and betkved that Mrs. GurQutd luu-lv
wtoto a personal letter tu Arthur asking that
Hockwell bo promoted, umi staling that such
promotmu was one ot the' lust wlsnes of her
husband. It la slated with no little wclunt •>£
authority that tho order retiring Meigs was pre
pared before lien Garilcld died, nut with U tho
commission uf ('apt. Hockwell to tliu position;
but lilalno objected that, however much the
President, might desire such action, he would
not bo willing to alllx his signature to the docu
ments prepared, giving as a reason that If he
was ablu to do tuts ho was also able to attend to
the matters of tnoro Imuiudhitu and vital Nu
tiuual importance.
Aimmt ANoiiiKit sphinx,
J-'ruiH Oar uira tWrojs-iulnit.
Washington, 1». C., Oct. u.—President Arthur
has become to tbo uoinielaiis ns much ot a
sphinx ns lien. iSrunt wits. Speaking of an In*
tervlcw with Uttn the other uuy. n prominent
polillenl lender sain: “ Vou can't tret a word
uni'of him. Ho is u complete mystery, lie Is
courteous, penial, pleasant, glad to hear every
thing, and upgcitlutr good mlvieu hi large quan
tities; but he gives m» Intimation us to his pur
poses. Thu only possible Judication 1 gathered
Irom him was by an occasional expression ol his
face. Vou could set; irom mat that sumo names
suggested to him for fa-met positions wero
mure iigrueitbie than ulheis, hut he absuhiiely
gave no Indication of his purposes.'*
*■ Mo yen yourself Imve any knowledge or sur
mises us lu the composition of the Cabinet?”
*•1 think them will tie tin entire change with
tbo exception of Hubert Uncoln. I do nut think
that Mr. I.tncuhi will go. There is no reason
wuy be should go. mid there are many miaous
why bo should remain, lie Is a young man who
did not seek the position lu uuy way whatever m
tuu tlrst place; was Invited lu take It without
solicitation; itbundoiiud bis home and business
In Chicago at considerable personal ana iinan
einl sacrinuu, and his established himself tu
Washington In 'what promised to be a new
career. .It would be a very grout hardship per
bouiTily to him to make a change now; amt 1
could not gather from anything that President
Arthur said that he contemplated accepting Mr.
Lincoln's resignation."
“ Hut you are certain that tbo others will go?"
“ Of course they will, ami Men. Artinir cannot
bu blamed fur wishing to have his own family
advisers—forlho Cabinet .nlk-c-rs iirouMerutt u
lot of euiUlduntlul clerks, hohhng lutiiimie per
sonal uudiamtly relations to (he llxeeuilvc. .Mr.
Hlaluu prububly will insist upon going, lu view
of what Is likely to happen; but It Is not certain
that he will retire Irom public life. Possibly
Arthur may send him to Kiiglund. Bomu of
nfalue's friends think that his ambition will bu
ipmeemnum to go there, and mat it was u>*
purpose lu go to linglanu in tuu evontol i»m
nehts eleeilim lor the second tune. Mr.
Illume is wet Mu-do, ulthuugh not extreme
ly wealtuy; has become limit of dlpm
matiu life and duties, even from tuu very
small lureiasio that lie has had pi iho Hiatu
jllcpartmuiiti and ill's. Hhtlnu is notably socially
'ummihms. bho aspired to bu Ihw ruler ol society
In Washington umtur the Unrnebt AUinimstni
llun, unu mmlii Kuino very duuided demonstra
tions m tbitt regard, bumu ul Hlumo's friends,
however, tulnk that bu purposes to leuvu tna
Uatmiel anyway; is likely lo place himself nln
mateiy In untugonism to the Arthur Administra
tion; and will attempt to mukosumo sort of au
urgaimutilmi based upon the idea of the Presi
dent’s martyrdom, uud of his own cunseoueiic
poiitieut murtyrdom, unu strlun turn new louse
of power under a combination lu bo known ns
tbu * Umiteld Hepublieiins.’ bourn of his friends
ul»o have ndvised bun to ipilt puuiiu lifo uuo
gether for the present, and to go to Murupu and
travel fur liualtu and pleasure, and help to re
build health which cannot but bosoutewuut
Injured by the torrioiu strum lu whlchuverybody
cumioetcd with mo AdminlstruUou was sub
jected fur tbreo mouths."
“As to James, he will probably remain till tbo
end of his emniulsvlun, wbleb expires by llm*
ItiUlon nbuut Out. 10,1 believe, after wbleb time
1 doubt It be expects or desires to remain in mo
Cabinet. Itu bits bud one or two,very good’busl
iiu«s oirers, wbiuu be bud seriously contemplated
accepting in tbo event tbut Uarileld bud lived.
Hu is n poor man, aim would bu very unwise m u
business way not to accept tbosu proposition*,
besides, Iff resident Arthur baa anybody In mo
Cabinet from New Verk.it is nut likely to be
“As to Kirkwood, nono of Arthur’s friends fur
u mlnuto suppose tbut Uu is to be retained. Tbo
(real surprise was (but bn should over batu
ecu selected by Gen, (iarlleld. Kirkwood is
very bonost. and, for so old u man, a very vigor
ous and active person. 1 am told tbut bu
is getting bold of tbo Interior Depart
ment very well now, altbougu bu bud
u pretty bard time at tbo stun.
He seemed to think It necessary to read every
letter that came brio tbo department on uu/

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