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mTrklTnTliegtrig light
Incsrpnruteil Ct..!..- «>' af
of ,\ow 1 «*'*•
riii.iiKiiT i. namin'. I'rciiiont.
IIOIIAUH K. Dll.t.lN'lllAM, Vlco-PtMldenl.
C. JEIIO.MH KigUCT.Socrctnrr.
no Form a* practicable the Murklnnd Klnctrlc Light
will ho Intrmliiteil Into factories, stores, hotels. Pep»*
l»r resorts, cities end towns, etc. l or this purpose a
number of them will bo eroded nt conspicuous lilacoi
•n the thoroughfares of this city, m that tho pabllo
and olliots may soo, exnmlno, nml compare llio sumo
with some other KUirtrlc l.luhls now hi use, and nttho
i»mo time meet the most critical tests.
We claim this Unlit pqunl In all respects, am) stipe*
rlor In several, t« any other Electric Unlit now In use.
Annum tho advantages claimed nres
First—lt* Ininnsity Is so clear that It possesses the
property of developing all similes and colors, thereby
closely assimilation tho rays of etinlltehU
Second—lt l« positively safe.
Third— llscniislrueUon Is simple, and requires less
care ami attention than any compellnu light.
Fourth-It stands prcMnUneiil hi Its clear, perfect,
and unchaimhm steadiness. It Is free from nay
flickering or liability to oxllaellou. so prevalent In all
Electric Lights now In tiso.
This uniform steadiness renders It Immeasurably
superior to every other Illuminating proem* la ex*
Istonce. ... ...
Wc direct particular attention to this distinguishing
attain* ot rUf.BI»»M PUO-M M.IfTTKItIMI Oil WAVr.lt
A limited number of Hharoi of the Stock of this
Compsav are now offered for snlu by subscription nt
ONE DObliAlt PKII HI I AUK, ns follows s
Ftrrv cbxth on application. balance as called
for by Directors of the Company.
NHlwcrlpUon boohs are now ojwn nt the following
W. 11. t'ATrEUSON &CO.,tn Kxelintige placo.
H. H. DIId.INGHAM & CD.. U Nuw-st.
0, D.MOIIIIIBON fi CO.,«l < ltnmdw«y,_
AddrcM. for Prospectus,
(Mcmhor New York Block Exchange.) *'
JtO Ilcoml.st., New York.
CAPITAL, $400,001) „
SUUPLUS $400,000
AnniMit' of llnnfcs. Hunker*, nml Mti'can
llle ITcms solicited,
Hunters In I'nll.Ml Ntiiti*« Itmiila,
rorclKH Kxclminsk mnl fable 'lTuusfns.
Nuxv Knuhiyil ColleeUeiis made.
Di-tids received lor acceptance, uml iulUftie<
lory mtmi'K discounted at cun-cat rate*.
tttirvi'iioiKlrncv Invited.
AHA I*. I’OTTKII. I'rcsldonl.
.1. .1. nimv.l’aMilur.
,f. W. WOIDC. As«T Cashier.
130 LaSalle-st.
AH cecurltles dealt in at the New York
Stock Exchange bought and sold on com
mission and curried on a fair margin.
Interest allowed on credit balances.
Direct Wire from our Office to
New York.
Stocks and Bonds,
CO., M llroiulwnjr. N. V.
n - *■ SiZr k ■ m "
*} Kxchuiiuf ('mil'll Svtw TurU,
(U t.u Nnllt’-Hl., <'til(*ii bi>.
Monition* of Urn N. V. Htnok mid .Mining Kxotiiuii:i*«.
JnloroMt ultouoii mi ilo]<iinUi* iMiLJool to ilnifi nl MtfliU
Itist of I‘atcntft iNHiinl lo Norllnvrxtcrn
Ini /Xfpnrch (n 'flic Vlilitign 7W6nnr.
Washington, l». Oct, ii.—A. 11. Hvutis S, Co.
furnish (ho fodowliiK report Tor tho past week:
.1. Charlosworlh. f'hlcago. ntnoko-conauinur for loco*
11. (.'uni*, Chicago, Unol-lylm; device for grain
.1,.1. Friend, NeUuma. bee hive.
F. 1., (ioi*, Chlenuo, primers' Ink-fountaln knife.
11. U. Hawley. Hyde Vuik, nookntovu.
<l, H. Mess, Cnlaigo, move.
I*. Hleii, limit Island. corn plntilerund ilritl.
.1- W. Mclhmmigli. Chicago, telephone.
0. 0. Union, Monmouth. uirpet-stretchnr.
It. Sartorius. Chicago, wheel-cutting attachment to
WntclimnkorV lathes.
A. Wicker uml A. A. llelirl, (Julney, liny and cotton
A. Williams, Moline. luiubeMrlmiulng inochlne.
W. A.Orimili, Undue, end-hourd fastening lurwng*
On boxes,
N. Kroiscli, Manitowoc, pressure Indicator ami rcg*
•l. Punier. Milwaukee, combined wagon-standard
«nd bolstcr-lnm.
C. IlcUvr, Prnlrlo dn Ctilen, steam-boiler cleaner.
F-11. Hassell, Paw Paw. spring-lock ear*rim.*.
M. A. Mllley, Wiu-upl, food mechanism for rowing*
It. li. Herrington utid U. W, Irish, t.’rond hedge. cor*
*• 1.00. Muskegon, rowlock.
A. ft. Hciimidi uua U. v. tforg, Atm Arbor, devlc« for
tapping vessels.
M.H, Kontc. Uurllnglon. liirnoce.
t. 1. Wood, tfnocitj, traction wheel.
11. It. Hums, Indianapolis. liomlny mill.
•I. 11. tarnalmti, Oxford, stoni-winding waldi.
D. lerliii, Wliltelunil, mechanism tor operating a
cliiirn und w(i»hinu*iiiTctilrio.
•!. U. Frcitorlck, luaiunupolls, progs for bran, col*
ton-seed, ilc,
{■• 11. Ulbson. Indlnnitnollß, furnace.
”• J>'. Illlilrclli, Angulu, wludinlll.
V ‘J* i Moiiklns. Thornton, cmii|iul(nK*bnlaac«.
A. H. Jackson, Kokomo, baking imti trulsxuoi.
'*.• W. Fuuntiauur, Fort \Vnyno, Imcklu.
». t). \\ colon, DunvUle, cnldnoi-dusk.
A.P. h Marls, Norfolk, funl pros*.
W. 11, 'j upper, Alda, trcntlier-sirlp.
For Thf I'htCHw Trllmnc.
Tbo nr„ tlmt whs and tho life Unit la— '
{Jew Htrmmoly blooded they scum to bol
out tlio l'iwt holds tin* prisoned wlnoof Itsoup
"u ll»w that thirst lor thy mockery.
1 would shatter (hut licimilfiil uup In tho dust,
■l v, "t suilio ut tho ruin mid ululn at my tout;
l wuuid nay tho prloo of u hopclunue«w,
tuuldj loko wlmt Is lon—tlm sight of things
aweoi. •
IjNl the crystal llnhiff It holds It wnll,
V l . VL ’. X ‘ } * the eyes with tliu sparkludlviUQt
\vu. n mm color Iho p illiu lips
" ”h the ml, now Ido of the old, ainmjr wine.
W'ty drink of Iho purplo trrapo of today,
sniil has slumbered In suns of ibo royalest, gold,
•rtnit rocki-u In thu warm, louder arms of tho
„ Konih;
uut thu whto of our dreams is always tho old,
IBoaluit C'nlHinu’.
.... . A no V*»rk Jf.rlf.
't hen tho Cnlturu plils of itoston came homo
nou.nnf «gu hi u vessaloC thu •• Ivuuard" Muo,
uicy wuru very talkative. InnuhiUvu, pud curt*
iim* *.*** pestered tho Captain almost to death,
wuu Uuy iho eldest Culture suiipht tho onirlneiT
«inl imosituneil him: “ How tmmv revolutions,
«r. i-.ijp|u,;,.r, «|)D hujjuii, •• does tho propeller
»„ii u l' o >mh ! , ‘ thu periodof u minuter' ••Oh,"
;.il. ■»% ** about n thousand." •• indeed," o.x»
cj/umc-a Miss Hurnh Annex Emerson Culture,
you HU mo with astunishincnil" •• I
1 would," raid thu unirnmer. “ Well
S 61,0 perslflled, “ whitt Is (ho ca*
leujilmuto. bona lido ability—of tho
..r LHi I ’. u ? compared dispassionately and shorn
m prejudice with Ihoso which mir American
nu-raud lakostcumurtrnrourdlnurllv provided'/"
It ,U|., Jll»«,"hu WIM. ■■ Wtlllll" Ml.l
Jjlji t 'L ,o r c . ul, » ro "I* imsslblo you cannot
ttio , ">llcrs can do'/*' •• Vos, I can," be
«... i y “hhwhfed, while ho walked away. •* they
r|!• and blow us alt to perdition!" That
suuio ulyhl Miss Hanth Annex Emerson CuKuto
if., 1,1 i l , Ol, diary the followings, . . Find
jaw subordinate oihcluUofthu steamer averse
viih t ?i >nrtin K truthful Information associated
u.. n,bo mechanical department, which aversion
« UiKjucstinaably duo to Ijruorauco."
hnif!P. lJlllcrs b us restored toaobrloiy and health
pcritct wrecks from Intemperance.
Ravlew of Finances in Chicago
Last Week.
Tho Produco Markets Aotlvo and Vory
Much Unsettled—Another Season
of Heaviness.
(Ini Most or tlto Decline Wns Niilisrquenlly lie*
roineJ, mul Corn Closed (Uglier.
There was nn Increase In tho country demand
for gold Inal week. It wns active from nil qunr*
tors pud for all purposes. Now Vnrk exchange
remained weak nf shipping nitev—SdeOSl.W) per
SI,DOO discount. Leans wore active nt full rates
—OIW percent. llushicßS and manufacturing
were never trotter than now, and the hunks have
every prospect of several years of prolltablo
cmDloyuiont of their funds. Clearings were
vory heavy on account of tho Hoard at
Trade settlements, and reached fßti.yio.loß lot*
tho week, ngulnst CIJ,:L*B,IH7 for tho correspond*
biff week of last year. Transactions lu Now
Vnrk Slock Exchange securities and local seen*
rules wore light. Tho Inmost Inoal deal In rail*,
road bonds was Iho purehasu of CuVjO.OOO Chicago,
ntirllngtou (i yulney Is at VHiQjn.
Chicago bank clearings for the week ore re*
ported ns follows by Manager W. 8. Smith, of
tho’,Chicago Clearing* lions o:
title, Vltitrlnn. tltUincen.
Monday .....(ib.iUMVi ft. b'IS.SG
Tuesday bUIIDX". l.tii'.ici
tVeduesday l - f,'.dL , iVl ss|,iU.i
Thursday UWII.a.M pm,t;n
Friday P > u:i,.v l '.< tutrsti
tfaturduy H.Tir.i.ll,' ;u\:uO
Total fy.'.iti».i(M »;.t
Corresponding week lust year 41,:(£W7 g.itj.rui
Mr. Vanderbilt is a liar, hi tbo opinion of tho
l‘uhlie. It says It Is usually snfo to bollovo that
Mr. Vanderbilt duos not tell tho truth, and his
professions of ?.oal lor tho welfare of Now York
nrc supremely absurd, lu his utlmupt to got
tho railroads placet! under the efmrgo of thu
(iovermucut, Mr. .lore llluek has one most
powerful assistant in Mr. ViujUcrbllt, whuto
vomluet would go far to reenmdiu men to almost
any Intorforouep by.tbo (lovornmoni.
KnrningG Loulsvilio A Nashville, fourth
week In September, $£)(), 10), an Increase of
SVibO, ami from July 1 to Snju. !W, nn
Increase of fht'.b’tni. Toledo, Dulphos jc llur*
luiKtau,third week In September. fII.KH. an In*
crease of Nashville & Chattanooga onr
nhiffs for tbo month of Hcptembcr Bhow mi In*
emote of s4,o*). l-'iirnliigt of tho St. Louis, Iron
.Mountain .VSimUmrn, fourth week In Septem
ber, $111,1113.20; hicrcnso, s!i,«Tl.l.’i; for tho
month of Soptombcr. sdn,),pjO; InoreaHO,
(TUSn.on. IndlanitpollH. fteeatar Sc Sprlngilold
Hallway earnluKS, .Scplfinber, sW,oisi.hS: In
crease, s«,Wio.nti.
»V TKLKClllAl'ir.
xmv vmiK.
Nkw Vouk, 0»T. tJoverrmonts wero Arm
nml )g hljrlmr fur l!»s uml U rcKlstcrcn.
MOtiny iir'Mi, eliMhiir til I’tliiio mercnntllo
Stcrltmi o.vuhtutgo bankotV bills stonily nl
HterUng oxchnnKiMlmniuid. 4W»i'.
Hi 1
...115 ' 11. 11.I 1 . Itruu i»f<t .......110
... i'. I*. imnl unnit 10'*;
re. li>?4 U. I*. KinUlim lumJ....Ui
... »;>>,. viruhitu i> ll
... H'v Viru nliuMxiMit* hj
.. Vlrwlnln dulfrnil Hi 1 -*
<■ H-?|. Tox..v I*. Imul Brunts. *nj2
. Tux.l'.ic.lUloti.lHvj
. in*i
104; .Norfolk St W.... 51,
<V|*ln>l I’iwltlir
Uric cocoml*
I.ulitcli \ Wllkolmrrt
l.'uilslium ciiniol*...
Mfemiurl i;«
M. .Im<
Hi. I*. \ H. U. limn...
■lVimei"M , ««*
Toiiiicsi'co noir.
lu. V! j.SorUium I’uvlilc :i:j*
... w 11it* nri'f T*
.. HI Xorthwcutorn T»?«i
.. 1 l)i» liter ;ii;„
. UiK Nmv York ('mitmi
■ (Vitiml 'J\
• W* Olii'i.V MlinlnsliHit HJ*
a* ;Ho ptor IIM
ll li \Vi*MPf»... W‘*
,Uiuii A Terre llnut
M..r. U. & N
rntiiiilii Smuiiern...
Otltf.U I’lK'ltic
rim«a|K‘iikt'\ Oliln.
Hm llrxt preferred...
• ■•I iir»l p«.
(in xcfoml urotorrtii
tMilcmro .V A1t0n.,..
Du iin'fioroil
M. A V
«:.,yt. 1.. A N.o
flu.. Sun. A irii»v»...
<*lvvo. A roll
DHtiwuro A llmlxiin.
Dfl., I.nc. A
D. A U. U
*l. V'Vt’ia'iilt' MnU....
..!£** rnnumu
fi'nritt i>. i u
. luvj riu*imrif
..'t l *! l UCMillliU , lll*|
. j;'w UiHrklMnml !S«V.
. I*l St. n sun. !■’ -Nil
. 7H )nii*?«f
i.ruf lU>
KIlk.M. I*ll 111
’ •-'st. I*h
tin |iror
11. A Hi. .Inn.
l>o tiri'f.......
’ i'lMst. KuifSV.'X m;
i:ii St. I*. A (mmlm.
Ill) l)i» jirof
.ll»M Tuxih I'ucltln..
iiiHiHton \ 'Wsail *k‘» liiiiti’iiViui’i'i*!!,’!!'.!!!!
Illinois OtUmS |„ * I'aclMe...
1.. IS. & u |ji» prof »vj.
Kmtaiis Ot 'lVxuh IS.-in'Kartiii . -M'.i
1.. I-:. ,v W cuiiWonioni Union tc.W
l.uko Hiciu r,rk|Kn»t Toiinr.Mi'o H»j,
l.miHvllln A .\rtsli KiWilii* uref »;
1.. s. a. .v r virurihuu »r;
.M. \ (*. ilrnt;* prul lHAvU’mitrnl Ar1z0im,...... lU
M. iii'. KCMtuS* |.ruf.lUi Kvot-l-lor If*
.Mem. A I'hiirlffinii... tl IMoiiiimliiLu..., 1*
Mi-aoiirl onlurtu Ui
Mohllo .V Ohio ;.■» 'Onli'KAlvor...... IVSi
.Morriit \ Ks.m’.x prof, ts
.Su*|i..vnmiinii'i<uii. to [Mlu-r CUlf ■(«
iNonT.ierauy<’eiilnu... I'l'ii HluniMnl aj/f
TUo followinp wot
or hwlluif artlolesi
tho twouty-lour 1
Hutui'ility morulmr
time u yuaraKo:
■ocolpts nml nhiptmint*
luoo In iliovity ilurlng
oiiillnp at 7 o’olodk
for lUo corrospaoUlmr
co tho c
of prod
uml f
Flour. t>rl»,
wlmut. Iju
Corn. 1ni....
iliil*. bu...
Ilyu. lui...
Ilarlny, Im
I a I'll Ml MJlllls Hill.
FliiXMti'il, 1b5....,
lli'mmworii, lbs.
CnrmJ imviln, lbs.
lU'iir, brls..
fork. brls...
litml. lbs
Tiillow, lbs
Ilullnr. lbs
l.lvo in ’(is. Xu....
CitiUr. No,,
Mutoit, .Vn. .......
I|lili'i>. lbs
lllidinincfl, brls..
Wain), lbs
I’aiiatiifia. bu......
Cua), timn.
Huy. tun 5.........
HhlnitlHs. m
Milt, brl"
lik'd*. nUus
CJli'tiso. buxais......
Uroi'ii m’jiius, hris.
Thu lollowlng were lUo
lons from (.'bfcairo fur tlio pei'lo<
tvoiubtsflro #ro«t
UV/>{ ,S(lK« /lillo
rmlliid N'nr. I, ufnt
. Oa-f. «. »**'. |irri'lon«.
Piirli, brls b.ViT
J-ural T.I-'A'S.! 2.VUH1.101 •JH-VUUU
Hum ns.aut3i
MUos. Ui.;mn.:iuj ttii.Kjs.a.'W jnur.'.Uki
fciioniiiors. i.no.rJi 's,*ob.i:n uuitMm
Tim uxixiru uf provisions from tbs seaboard
for tbo wcnk cmllntf Oct. 1 IncluUoil SI.JHH brls
work, :i,7J5 brls bouf, ft.WWjuo |b* lain, h.dui.hti ||>h
boi; meat, i1.WW.107 lbs tibuoae, ami JW3.WO tbs tal
**7,o H
4.21 s
Tho following Is a oompuratlvo summary uf
provisions exported from America from Nov. 1
to Sopt.Ul;
. .. jjtmute.
I’ork, li>9 Ai.UtWWI lO.HVXOI) lUttUM
Il>». W*at,;u Iti.fJH.HH
l4inl. aui.li'MW iUU.l7ti.3Uj M.l/XUW
TolnU..’, IHUBUMI l.JilUJjliiitf UJ.MI.UVI
Tlio following wiiiUiodUtrlliuUou ol tlio ex*
ports of Hour, wheat, titul’oom for itio week
emUnir Out. I. from .Muiilmil, Kmituii, Now York,
I’hlludeljiblu, Uultlmoro, ami Now Orleans:
... ■ y u yr t H’W, I’i.ni,
7t>~ /'»/», tui, tin.
t/iiHiKlKintrduniM uJ, r«/( *nu
t'onlltioiit 4,1111 Hi.«w
Situdi uiirt Comrul America I»,UW io ||,hii|
Wi»i»i linlli-x..,. Mist
It. N. A. (.’itliiiiica... '.'MiM n,uil
uiliur coumrlva l.i.T* :u i,aa
.m.-jtf t.til.irw i.ii^ut
Tho Now York /Vodin-r lUeUmm Wcrhly says;
It Is behoved by curium parties that thuru U
no morn wheal to come forward lor export (rotn
tho Status on tho Atlantic Slope, nr that them U
now only snllieleut for homo u»u In these Slates,
Thu movement of wheat and tlmir certainly
does not Imlieato fairly such ennoluHlon, With
only irat.Oua.uuu Im of wlteut and wheat Hour for
export from North Amenen dnrdtir liar period
from Ihsj.'kJ—duly 1 in.luiie!ki~ll Is,an Impor*
tutu factor in the world's tupnly,
The mmorul reports of tho Itusslnn wheat and
rye crops of Ibril imlloule, In connceilou with
what has previously been her export surplus,
that Hnsi'u for iho summit of ltttU«'d will have an
export surplus of whwut of about lOO.Okl.udi bu.
Tho probablu required Imports of liurope, tha-
West Indies. Houth America, the I'aclllu Islands,
tho Hast Indies, and (ho Hellish North American
Colonies will be from"(s,liiX),Uoii tottL'i.dlD.UK) bu
nt least present information In retrmnl to wants
Indicate that these tlyuros are within the runjfu
of tho probable miummiuiits.
If this shall so turn out, Husslu and North
America will, tm the basis Indicated, about sup*
ply tho required wants.
If sn bo that those two countries douot have
quite uunuuh. there ore loft lit reserve to most
possible umitlnirem'les an Aiißiru.llunyarlan ox*
Gjrt surplus of .bout fl.UOO.Oodbuuf wheat; a
uoubluu export surplus that tuny ruotfo front
I.I.WD.tWW to •JK'fHJHhJ bu, lUo Hvcrnun #v
port lor ion years having boon about ll.Vlo.ium
bn of wheat: probably mimnlhmg from Turkey
nml her dcpfudiMiciea; LrsW.nri to r»,tkki.txjij Ini
from Itaypi; something from llrlttsb Delia, Unit
sltiuunn to UrwM firhabi nfom? Imm -bm. 1 to
A Mir. ill. iw»l, upwards or s.nw.'jnO Im. Tim wheat
crops of Chill tiiul Australia mu not yot made.
Tin* prospects have In on DivoniMo In both Aus
tralis Mini Now Zealand tor it good crop of wheat,
nml tlto export surplus from this source inny I"-*
from lo-’il.oo'i.OiXi bu n* the out put shall
lin nt tho harvest In (tin coming Deccmben’und
.tunuary. Chill tuny hnvn ii.oun.iM) to MJtW.bW hu
of wheat for export. Her harvest will cumu In
December and Jnminry next.
'l'tilfl presentation of tho situation does not In*
dlciilo it famine ilnrltnr this crop year.
In tho United Stales statements have been
made t but Ihoilrouih haw prevented I hu reeding
of winter wheal. which gives to these purlieu
tho expectation that tho winter wheat cron In
America to bn harvested in will ben failure,
nml If ihere shall bo no famine thin year it may
lie expected to enmo no.tl year.
HOG I’UODCCTS-Wnro morn active than the ro
cent nverrgc, mid very much unsettled. The market
wns vary weak till inwards mum and then reacted,
except short rib*, which remained difllcnltlo sell dur
ing Urn wholn of the Ai-A«li>n. though relatively low hi
price, Liverpool reported a decline of ild In lard mid
meals, nmi the local hog market was dull nt a luwur
range, while the drop hi grain also exerted a depress
ing effect. It was supposed that prominent puckers
were glad of the chance to help prices downward, but
(huru wns radical weakness without tholr Interven
tion. espreintlv for stuff for pear dellverr. Tho sum
mer packing of Iho cliy to Onto Is reported ns ‘.MPI. I !')
hogs. nuatn<( V<*M>Cito dato (or last venr.mid
loriln hi Kb.
Milan I’nitu—Declined fully .VV per brl. rallied A.
(*Dc. and cPMed Irregularly belmt Hut latest prices of
I’rldny. Bales w«»ro reported nf i’<U brls seller Octo
ber at (17.9 U: 11.00 Oris seller .November at Ar. VMls.iii;
tW,iWI brls seller Jniniury at fh.*.»Bpr. i.v.Hs.tn) brls
sollur February at fll'.iiKHl'.i.itls and l.fsp brls seller
March nl fU'.WgllU.o Total. HI.TVI brls. Tim follow
ing gives tho range of tlm day, Including tho Call
f'hisoi It'l ii ge i
Mem por/;. fVP(<i|/.M<l. i.ilui'l.i do. Md.
October HIM f IJ.NJ ft;.:.‘»
November K»M K,.VlJlu.e» K.m
.lunimry.,.. P.i'i. iLr.v.-.te.fi t;*..GW
I'elirunry I.MD-j b'.iu.? tad I U*.Vi
I.A»11-Declined about :<du tier Pst in*, reacted, and
rinsed irregularly easier liiun on Kitd iv iiMeitioou.
Bales were rciioned of-VUes spot m fib's!: l.’iSJ tes
stdler Oetobm’ at <I bliss n.oi; 1".1«0 tes teller Novem
ber at fib.o ill.N'.s Mill Jim selli'f December m 111.'.') 1 .
H.b’u AOtes seller Hie rear nt iiurilles
rnllßr.lminnrv nUlXt«'"dl , .'Ali is.im tes seller February
ul fl-M-Vivl'.’.l’u and it.uw tes seller .March at (IXhV.(
I’.'.ru. Total. lU.’.UUIc-. Tlto billowing shows the
range of tho day, Including tho Call HuurU transac
riosnl Ittmgt Clotnl,
Isird, Frhltiy. Mil, Nolor'lop. tin, (,bf,
October fll.U 111.;.'.
November. ll.ffllj 11. o ' ll.S’i II.W-J
January, I.V.’IW libf • liiftl rJ.ifibj
Fobrnurr I}.«(*.
- IV.iVI
MKATa—Worn relatively weak. declining irPa'-tiic
per PM lb* on thu speculative ileal, wlilcli closed IT*.*
r.«SK: lawer tbim on Friday. pale* were reported of
I.UIU |K'* green Imm* (lit ib«i nt '.■■.e. and ntmui U.KM.OUf
lb* short rib* nt lb M , llerOciiiber,l. , .iV,»;i.4l.’4
seller November, hikl heller .lamiury.
IVlee* nf lending cut* were a* follow* iifU-Wp. in.:
Mo. boxed.... .....
Slum rltiA (.dosed hi f.’,;*/p t f>i‘A!i‘i t«r October uml
fur November. l.omc Hears named at
W.3i lousti ami f.'./.u boxed: f iiinberlaiids. U'.J'Hikj
boxed; limu-cill hums, swm-l-pU’klcd hum*
mimed hi r.'*|.i I'Dve for Jw-tid uvermci**; urnnu hums
same ovonita*.
IlacoiHiuoted ni tor shoulders. IKDIMefor
**)ior( rib*. Din tor Hum Hoars, UtoUo lor hams,
ull emivnsed uml packed.
HKKF-Wa» mitet 111 f.i.TaVIM.IM fur mois. JIO.U(Ki
!U.uO fur extra muss mid Ih.iwgliUKJ for hums.
Ft.OL'U—Was dull mid tioiiiltially weak, owluti to
Dm duL'lliiu In wheat. Huron* hold oif. Hnleswero
reported of -UU brls winters, partly nt #7.t'd !7.» brls
uml iUJ sacks rprhik’Mil f.'i..V*7..'idt mid UP Imps loir
prude at llo.'i. Total equal to t.iWlbrls. Winter Ibmra
wero giuiluil fit IT.Uik'-iH.'-dl shlppUm springs (i!.7.Vt.l>oi
the low-prude rprlntts |l.*V!®iJ.W. Ityu llmir I* about
OTllt:uMn.t.RTDvv»—Were moderately acllroaml
easier. Halo* worn 17 cars bran at |l*i.L()>alT.'.'.'ii tear
middlings nl f-’V.HIt I car do at III.‘a; and I car wheat
screeulnps at Ibl.V.i per ton,
H Dill NO WllFAT—WnsaHlTenml Irretmlarly lower.
Tlm luurkul (loellnod W (m;A-:c. mlvuneed D (v. mid
Hosed le below Die latest prices of t'lliluy. Tho licit*
IMi markets weiu diluted Vd pur pr lower. New York
was dull mut heavy, mid utir receipts were
somewhat lamer, while mir reported shipments tin*
the past week touted up only ulmut half
of the tepuried reeoUs Ttio-u thlm.’*. with tlm
weakness in earn, u/’to valid mi.-mts tor he«vl»e*s
In wheat? especially as the sharp decline of the pm*
violin day called out numerous return: orders from
outside parlies. The rc*oliloc break exhausted a
liood inutiy iiiarplns the parlies to which wen. sold
out. but Die marts tilled In so treaty ns to induce a
inther sharp reaction, thorn It nut inter I'oelirttf was
not so strum: as In the case cf eorn. Them wits a
moderate stil|ii<lnd hetmry at ndttivd Hume*. .No. .'
fresh reeol|its eloseit nominally at D.br'bmtd No.lt
at (lAIPa hid. with no |>rieo named for rejected, Mput
sales were reported ol V. ears No. Jat jl.lll; Id ears
No. it at fl.'.‘h>*l. - irt.,i undltlleam hv saint do til D.lUKi.'.'t.
Total abnuti\HJJ hit. Seller November opened at
about II.;;-, sold ui (leHioed to nd
vmued to and closed at flhldt hid. lieeeinher
matted »V.*)fe above November, and October mid Dio
yearahoiu;l'«ll;io below November. The tollowtutf
liihlu shows Dm range fur Dm day:
I'ltirfil Wum< tjiani
No. Jiurhw. F-oloy. .Snimitiiy, tie,bid.
Fresh receipts |t.:» |I.M fI.T,
Holler llclober Idtl l.:UV(<'tl.!lVl I.;C.
Heller. November I.mvi l.:tiV|Wil.:>wri l.:M.{
Heller lieeeinher 1.40*5 l.ii7>atfl.a?i
Heller Did year I«KJ J-V»
WiNTirit wmr.tT—Was Inactive tore lots, but
nominally lower, nl fl.itv bid for No.'i red,<l.rjihid
tor No. :t. and »I.h‘. bid for rejected. Hates nero I ear
by sanmlD at mid I ear do at II.?!»*.
roitN—Wns netlvji uml Irregularly weak. Tim mar*
luu declined'J'p.i'.’jjf. then advanced a;»c. and cloned
Uu lb(e übm nDm latent prlees of I'tliluy. l.omlon re
ported a doeltno of h-'i'd per quarter, probably duo
mllm decline hero Dm previous day. while our re
ceipts went rather Unlit, with ti hotter prospect of
iliovkiht nut stness. but at liUltur freUhl rules. Tlio
marltet sttutiered at tlio outrut. and booh broke tiu
ihtrlitntvotUirim:* tor tmnro tloUvory. Uumyti romo
of Dm lona* llnessed to tmep UP prices by blddltut
K'>tlie Isdow Dm prlees nt which they wanted to ndi.
A luuil many holders were sold out on tlm
break, their innrulti* holm: exhausted mid Dm
“clique" was understood to bo unload*
Imt throiiKh savorul brokers. Hut tlm
olterlhHs worn taken so freely us to induce u reac
tion, under which Dm most frantUi buyers were those,
who had sold short on tlm earlier down Ini n, it Is
probublo that the vlslblu supply for (IDs «latc>. when
published nearly n week hence, will show up lo not
lar from JH.iwUtai Im. <*ush coni wa* In fair demand,
elosim: MKHvo for fresh receipts of No.and die lor
relucted. Spot sale* were reported of hd.UM bit mid
lAi ears No. i mid bt.'h mixed I car while
at hies S.UUI bu and I'il oars rejected at djAilD.ie; blears
l»v h-implu nl iliwi.'.'o on (nick: nnd I.M cars do nt
•‘ukiiibiu free on board. Total ahum v.'O.Uh)
bu. Holler ' November look Dm lend In
tlm trudlnut It sold early ntUs?|e. Dmu atiltmlDfr. de
clined lo tll'le. advouced to Mke. mut closed at u*w
asked. Holler October sold early nt litljcsuie, declined
to iDu, advanced lo aijku, ami closed utivtipi bbl. Tlio
your was nominal at October prices. Tlmiollowltik
table allows Dm ramie fur Die dur;
• ■ • ritmrU /fitncr i.’lnard
No.»corn. h'riilau, .Siifunlup, do, hul.
Spot.*. .....imr i;.'ivKdaj -wu
Holler Oclober .....lUll ivi (-iiu»4 uv}7
Holier Novemher m hl!4'n.iv'U rtii H
Heller lieeombur MK iiOktiAtj <ViU
Heller Slav. 7UI* (IIS.mTIU 7Dh
OATn—tVeru ipille nctlre, cash and seller the
ummli holdlnu tlrui relailvely above the later options,
ns on the day prei ions. With llithtreenipts me short
liitei esl Is naturally anxious to protect itself, and
Dm ileuinnd from that source fur October has boon
morn limn usually unreal tlm past few days. On
Dm ether hand, oiiisldo holders of other lulures
have evidently (nr Dm time lest euiilMoneu
in Dio market. ns has been evinced
by Dm lantu uumlsiruf orders to sell nrrlvlnn for
several days past. Tlm aiurkulkt'iiunillyulosud weak.
Cash No. j sold nt and setter Dm mouth
sold from 4.’>o to Heller November opened at
4lVie. declined to -hie, mu) elosed on bile onler< lo buy
at I.Vi. Seller Mreomber opened id Ci'in.sold down to
41!ic, buck to 4.'>Me. mid elosud at CiPjO. Hollur tlm
year was dull, with Utile or no tradimi. cbmlnu' niiiii*
Mildly at 4 s’. Set lor Muy opened at 47! tc, and sold up
4<i4exe. at a ided price it closed, Sample* were hi
uooddeinsml and a irltlo lower, rash sales woru
made of (I car* at 4r..i|(fJ(o for No. ‘i in
storm Id cum l«r sample at for ru*
Jecled mixed; 4'V4bo (or rojudud whltm 4r>'dli»W«i for
No. •/, amt 4<t«o for No. 4 whllu on Iruekt 44 cam nl
44>>Du for rejected inlxmli 41H«»4740 for rujeeted
wlittot 4MtWleJ4e for Nu.l'.und 47«.4l lor.No.lt white fruu
Pit bnnnl. total ui)UBl to about 4;, uju |iu. t'ollowliur
are tlio cloihiu prices Friday, tutiuilior with Dm rutmu
I a.3T4
U Ituld
1. Thu
.. IHnttil itiiiiye I'lrord
.Nu, yoafi. FrtdtiU'blit. K-if nnmy. ilujibl,
h|*‘»l 4dU t.)5Ha4.11s 4it
•-•’Mur October M 4 ft him I’.’i
heller November 4li, -11 l ( ill 41*3
heller December.. ..4i!. 41 U4Vu 4*.U
ho terlbeycnr 4.‘->J Id, t'.l„
hellurAluy 411 4D->'(«>'.dh 4U‘J
UYIS-tVii* tiiinv uuilvu at Urn dentlnu twiuldlidied
oil the call Irlday, en»h nullliitt ni fl.lH amt October
oa.UiJ Inn at fI.UMt, heller November mill early m
•I. U unit olosinl nt (1.11 led. In seller Oocendiar
buyer* worn nonrl. mi'dftdon* betnu nomlniilly tl.lfks
I. l. weie inailuof l» carnal ll.m tor No. a
In atoms t utra hr "amnio nl fl.UVal.iH (or rejeciedi
HiutlUe for.Ao. a in aiorui I cur m il.ltl for No. a free
on oounl. ’total connl m uiieiii ii.uui Ini.
ll.Uft.M “Win itull. kuliliia early til IllUcnahfor
No. a. unit uiiorwiint ilroiipliiu ■udduniy lollJi't. at
tvltlcli tlm luuikut clmoU. No. a lor November whs
MMIo wanted, llio |ii|i;d at tile opening beimi fI.OJ,
fraiiiinclloua iiitiiu: nmdmttll.Ui near mo clone. Fur
No. a cumi there wb* ilnlo lintnlry, November
delivery aulllnd nt Me. Tliura wan u comparative*
lr UuUl irmlo in KKini'leani lower ilauroa. ( mb aide*
were niiiilu of .tears nt d.liVitl.m for No. a In atom; ’JJ
car* by •uiii|iln at for No. for No. :i on
truck! 4 rtira nt «xk*!rtc fur No- I free on board) A cats
iil’i'"M4<l.uuiorNo.;i delivered. Tout mpml tuabmit
HKlil)*— I Timothy ►oetl wu» uanlor, the cash miuo
heme lor cood to prime, November nulling
earli’ in ?-* •«!•„ und Inter uc St.'b. Klu*«eml wu« arm
at I/luuya mmroa. <l,i;t polio: the iiilinu rate. In
•vltivor more t,ere iigiii ouerlnu*, with thu ranue lor
a<«»llo iirluui rood ni Halo* won* imulo
ot m lms< clover seed si fV-ii for olil. met fa.UitsA.iA
tufiiuwi deers and l.'/i-i tum«ilmotby sued ui
eusn for in prime i fi.iA),,/October, ftor
November, Mint f/.tdW, mr iiocemPuri in can JU*.
jMihi ni on trucks fl.ui delivered, uml
iM.vki duilvurublo in timnitort I ear Mmiit.irUn nlbw
forprlmoj Imr inUlalatfl.UtH /»,* niUviF,
John t*lmw & Bon» , <|,.md(tnt .v«< fireiilarforUopu
‘ lbs market forfm-tu »oait»o<mtlnue< to orsseni
minluiuiuHtariMifo. Tbe tituti nrlccj dsniunded tor
new Auicilvun red elovvt*eui| iirn»«ni bu«lno««.
Aklks, white, and irefod Jo-ep stundy. For 1 ntlhni
r>e*vnu*» thoru Is un cailur (lulliik. To'tolluin, n In*
tor luren. uml rysulso turn! downwards. Atiollior risu
U nount In eiiiurfsoud. More ruasoimbla rates now
pruvull for huinii/uod. Tlio new while ipusunl shows
laiorcondlllun. in rapvsuuit tauru U no ultontilun. 11
IIUOOM I'OUN—There U an actlro trade at
t'htdi’O hurl and carpet,
Urueii. sutf'wurktug.
lied ttpiied. do
Inferior and ojmmoa
llAUtllNti—Was lu moderate request and was
quoted steady at the prices trtveil below:
/•(art,.. StM(Uur(apJ,ftUbu....(tf Oi(W
inter t ree*. j‘.‘£ bunnies,
l.uwliion y.' (iuiiides. double..Ji
Auiurkau I'iH 'Vuol socks U
linn butler, and the tone ot th« market remain* linn.
tlii!»upptr being Inadequntß. Thorn I* aim n Aiitliclnntiy
netivo mnvfjmentln low end inodlum grade* to kw.-p
M<nks within tmidcrnlo limits. Wo again ipinlo na
l ren merr, cholro fMlMTommon grade* ISftJ)
( r remn'rT, fair mgiMid.:ik»ff4 Hack mg Mock.......PV'tbS
fmiry, ebuicn U
Inory. fair to good ...ZftGkll
nun.DING AIATKIIIAI.S—An acllvo dmnand cx*
l«ia f«»r nil descriptions, both from city and country.
Wu quote:
i.'onmxm Inlek, per 1.IM)
Imllmn prcaoed brick lb.Lo<Jli.U{
Bi. lA.tila (iteit'cd Prick..... •*».**{
Limn In Inilk, pur brl, delivered Wl
Dolnbrla „„ I.W
Loitlrvllbt cumotit In saeka . wj
Do in Prta I-: 1 '
Milwaukee cement In sacks..., .0
ho In L;i»
Mnulish I’nrtlund cement.. 4.W
11 Mr nm paper** per bu..
Wtillc mind, twir brl..
.Michigan stucco, per brl.
.SewVork stucco
CItHIMK-Wiw (|in»U‘(l n«lol nnd ennj. In iklnu
Uiito Inin been liuiliuloftolnff for porno dny* iniat,
uml jttltei imru OM«d rtff !{<2Kc. Full crumn* m
Ptnnilllr hoi.l. Wo quotes
Hill JWttn
l*nrl fklm riK'iMor, choice..... (l?f
I’ml nuim. lint, clinks UH'-il'J
I'im fkitn. common 1ui500t1......... * ♦ , iH|
i.tMY UlinlUA.
rOAIr-ltu;oml finch quantUlcßßftnni required for
current eomnimpthm buyer* were hut onlerlii*. mi
no ranee on the present imwarrmtltblo bl«h prices
being looked for. Woquolo!
Anthraclio » H.fO.lllorsbuiy t r.,in
i;no T.lOflf.iWlndlnrißblocli,... f.,U(
llnlllniore AObto H.UltMllnol* 4.o)A(.ii>l
rimimonl n.UUlMlnunk i..vj
nmi'KltA/JU—W*»ln ««imJ fJwfMiinrt nf iUHt'sUj
for pork imrreb* mid f l.:fijy<*l.4il lor lard ttenas*.
KiJUff-Wore firm at ho per do* forrlrleiiy frtr^U.
I IS] I-Worn In pood demand and avennred rlromt.
Fortbetlmeoryeitr rtoek*,«rw H«|u.
tin- catch hmli of inku nml eult-wntcr description* be*
Imt far below ihonrcruite. noqtmWi .
W liltethli. per J-4*brl W.WJ
Troiii. per 4-brt .
.Mackerel—No. 1 rliore. 4*brl.. Ib-n f*b.s.i
Mackerel—No. I tmy, ... ........... M..IH
MmKercl-No. ’J shore. M*brl ••'•i.im
Ma«'*ercl-I.ntue family * ... 4 »•
Mackerel—Ft«i Mindly. Vbrl 4.W Wl.~»
Halibut. kiiioliiml. per lb II
rodthb—t.rorjse’*. per UM lbs fi.U)
r.iiillrli-’i.ruml Hunk , -mm
Herr letr—l.it binder, npllt, brl* ■ ••I
Herring- Holland. per ken l.»l
Il«*rrlii«—r*.'iili-il. per box •'{ <•
I’nlllornla salmon. l<J*»rl.... vuj '•*.-»
HIIJITS AMI tflJ’IV-Johlior* tetwrl continued
activity, and the general market retain*it tlrin tone.
llaHn*. prime*. and currant* linva a slight upward
tendency. Wo quote:
Flu*, layer*
Turkish prune*...
llalMe*. layer*, old
Ilnleln*. Inyet*. new
KitlMii*. l.oiiiluo 1ayer*........
Itahlti*. lemdoii layer*, now,
llnlslti*. Valencia. new...
Hnifltn*. loo*e Mnontol
Muhin*. leo*e Muscatel, new.
Xante currnnUi.....
Apple*. Alden
Apple*, evepormed, Ihiso*.
Apple*. Ka*iorn
I'eiii'iie*. untured. bnlve*..
/•ined fb0rr1e*.,.......... .
Vfrmif*' L A' N. ~.S>r.rf
d.o, elror*. clrtin.
IV.rA i !'.M f l».s»i
J.'.M |i,7 j Itt.Ui
7,i1l P. 14 P.KJ
Almemt*. Tarmaoim,
Nnple* walnut*
lU*tlTonm*M«»» «Vi
liIIKASK—I» wuMkumlmovos »lowiy. \\u«nii.n*:
<•!(>■ wlil.o
niy lirmvn -‘f-j
I’tiy volloff
r.umtry whin* *‘A " *
IN'ittitrynUtM “ U" r
I'mimr? v«llu«r
(‘■•HiMivliro'vii I?*
(JKKKN CUl'lTS—There were few i)pu<;he» nn Uie
market. mill not of llio 'inallty. Orn|><‘i
«(-n* ovcr-utmmlimt and roltl from ito to .'m i<cr lb.
oilier fruit* iiiii'liHimuil. \vo huouj
Apple*. fair, cor brl •
Ciwlies, |H*r 6o\
iltiriloil pear*
l.cMiniDM, per box
rulllorni.t iwur* .. l.Ohv.
Cullioniiu imtnois 4*Mt> i>a
UKOUKJUKH-.Nonuof tbn fcuturn*o| Uil* imirUct
w«u> umiorlntly «-iiunuuil. HnMm.*** wn* uctlvo nml
tho orloyssivcii below wi*n» well supportoil:
.luvn. choice MumlnUmr.
Uto, fatii'V
iirlmo to choice.....
1110, Inlr to ituoil
Kin. roinmim
1110, roiioutm, .
ilraniiluted. Blumlurd .
Urumiliiled, not t>tu:idurd.
A standard
A No. 1’
Kxtm O
No. 1....
N. O. uioiiDtaoß.
IIAV—TIio nmrh«iroiuuln*itrmnitliomlvuntH l . Wo
m>. t ilmnili) - , jx'r loti
No.'j tlnioiliy. imp tim on tinck,
Upluml prairie lI.iiMKUJ
Nil. I prairie IMUid'itM
lIIUKS-Tliort) I* n koiul ilemnnd fur Kroon iifdeo,
dry mnvim! rather xlmutlxUl)'. Wo quote:
tir.>ou-ourea.llHlit.porlb... I«l*i
(iioiiii-cimitl. heavy t>4
I'lirl-curoil * H
limntimnl bldei.
(Jn'uti'huli hulU’ll
Cnll.l’c-r 111
I»r»*lllht, So, 1
I'alli’ii hides
imniiilHil, dr)'.....
Hiec , rvri*lli, wool estlmuic
oll.S--l.nrd oil wa» ii trllli
win* mu biruim. Other till*
win* ronMiimiily ncttvo:
Curium. Clalne IT
Cnrimn, porfiiillyn. 17
Carbon. I*3 text... . 14
i’arhuii, ini ten.... II
Carbon, III! t0i1.... HI
Cur boo,snow wblto .Wilts Coot, extra.... V!
•W. W.. IJI Watslool, No. 1.... W
Carbon. WIs.W.W. 4ri
Carbon, Wls. l*.\V. fti
Curbou. Mlcti.W.VV .VS
Carbon. Mlcfi.l’.W. DlCMlfiirV ttlfctw
l.urtl, 4‘iirrent inalto HU Nuiditlm di)o..i:itlc« 1t»
l.iml. No. I <<i uJit«nlltKMtmi..Uili*« 11
i.ni'il. Nil.*.’. M U>nM<ltniMl<]<>..K7iu > i; l£l
I’OTATOKS—Wm* sumiK ui 100 furaouinl now,
rmiI.TUV AND IIAMK-Tnuin chickens urn tu
llulnor sni'i'lr nt WHk! jior H> live wHuht. 'l’m h*>vn,
lu.-cllo i>or IU llvo weight. Tisil iliioUh, ll.i’i iuT ilni.
I‘nmlo chicken* worn scarce. selling ui Jl.iO.'M.oi oar
do*. Mallards rnlil ul l-t.oOaVh iiunlo*; ondl, ll.'.Vyi
I’.VAi small ducks, fl.3.'>: venison. f.V/clito (Mir lb.
TA lil.uW—ls dull and Urooidng at SUs fnrciiy uni!
*}<&•)»« for No. I country rundvred, with No, v* couu
try anviMfhV'
HAl<T—Tlioro wan n steady inula at Quotations:
I'lno suit. Huulnuw uml New York. |>ur br1...» I,‘tt
Conrsu salt, our brl... . l.liki I.;A
Dairy, with lni«" K.sOu'XNi
Dairy, without hairs. .. l.’o
AshtoniUilrr. l«or sack... IMA
(.round alum. (n Units I.ID
Uvenmol lino, brown sacks,. I.'D
WlliHKV—NVa* lo lower. t'lnlshud Roods vroro
Quoted mi the busts of ll.ls for hlghwlnu*. c
WtUH.-Thero Is a fairly nvllru Undo, und brief* ru
nmn ilrwr. 'Vu 000(0:
liooit 10 cholco medium tub ....lITktC
Courno mid illliKr tub....
Kino mil nnwindird ttomm
('uarxo uml unwushod Uudco
Mfillmn and imwiiahi'd mimf......
Midiimi ami mudiud llociu
Uno washed iima-u
Cmtraa washed ttuevu
W V!lllllt»llOJf.
Friday .......
T«U1,... «.
Kamo week In
Wttukuii'llii* Oct. I.
In ilio auto* ul llllnola, Indiana, MUaourl. Kama*,
niiil Noliraaka thu Kialo Amltlora’ ruporta *bow mi
li>crt'uaournducruu*u in lliu number ul tutilouml
tiuua tu compared wllli Inst your u* followa:
of stock, uml a more air
week auw n substantial
rntllu. At tlao aaulaet I
uiunulng. Munalay aim
at barely/usUluml prices, but them was marked hit*
pruvwmontaa the week advanced. and at thu ilnUla
an appreciation ascunipnred ivlilt the previous w eek
In medium lu beil unt ie* and ul lai
low ururtua wua amiuruni. TUeae wh»u iimtm billy In
creased auppir el prlaaau »(ilpplng and t»X|H>rt ruillo,
bin lliu liiuuiiun wiu nut smut na m« iiiulm*
iiniTomenttninuiluiiMiid.iuul fur runlty tlr»i-cl»»a
btaivva thu ntuiivat |irlim» ul lliu year worn aibtulnutl.
’l‘lau liualdruvai olforort waw ti lot of I.iUU-U. Ililmika
ali oia, lur wlikb un u*|Kfliiriiuld Tlunu «oro
ai muaabcr uf irma*(ur» ul W..VWtU.J4. Hblpiiurs oiht
ulml (•rliioliwlly ul for pu<aal Woilurn*. und
ut »I.aaiHI.UJ tut- ciauianoai to cltulcu natlvu atuur*.
Tlau reculpia »t ranaao cutllu rumlnue uiiprvcuoutituilly
lioitty, but lliu i-Htiiapruia turnialt an uutplu matlui for
all auitMblu talTwruufa. aiaid Hi u cuauldunibtu mlvunco
tan tlau ruilutf prluua of loriuw auaauna. I’imr |a> uuurt
itruilua were tukun by tbu Imul cannora at
wlallu tlau beat drurea were takffit byibipiaura at ft.UU
tILUL >’ur 'f««aa ilarouuh cattle the aeaaou la prau*
tlrallr over, tbuuait tbvru will no doubt bu anuionna
ara lvala nil tbnauuU thla monlla »ud iiwxt. Tlaotu ro
i-ulvuitUurliuiUaoiaaaiwoi-kxildßt r4.t4ief.CU. block
ore and toudura weru In butter ruqueat Utau lor aouau
llano nrevloua, and aolrt atrantiur. There »u aaiine*
lbUa« of a Ulllng-off la the molpu of vhltoi, coui
..T OH* 1
..d uf
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. ■;>»" 74
. .’.Ui <rt , f.7n
.'it»i r..,;..in
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s.m m.'.s'i
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J l w. i;:vi
IKV*- !•’
74»» «
Myl'S T
in « ;;i
ai w ■
iny* 104
l*l»'fc I' l
hi t* l<il«
.fJ.V'dfc SUM
l-.VOf* I!,(«)
.ll.ltHi* IJ.IM
. t>4
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••ji ( «ii
.■•J !■•'£*
.11 fc'.JVif
. Wftf
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.41 ®4ll
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,:ti mji
II eo;i
Oil !K i-Cil
In liim llrni. nml inriiemlite
i were steadily hold. Trade
I.liimwl. raw ill'it;;
i.ltiM'od, bu11ed..... Uluiift
Wluile, W1ru0r...... «»
'Xe»|»ruiit, iniru KV
I'i.tiim-MarUi‘t <luU; reeiMuts. u.ltO brls: uxuurt*.
IWH Urlni mi|iur Slate mill Western, fVU)<cU'l: eo:u*
until to LWinufiUn-IJ.TJ: iimtil to choice, lit.nl
(iiMJlj white wheel euro. IM.v-uUj! uvtm (liile,
;i!.;h,vS.m! si, l,kiih, id.-bht-ini .Minnesota jiatom
liroces*. l^uiAy.t.T.
OtiAiN—WliiMt lower: olesed hnuvvi
rt'i-eljitH, IK.iU bn: iwimm. I Hill; umiruiU’d sprintf.
No. JC'ule.uo. I!.:n uniirmlod red.
It.bl-ilMi No. it <iu. n.li-d.fi! No. 2 do. ll.mi.Mt
new. old No. I red. I.V1; mixed winter. ll,lit
niiKrmicd white. <I.tISCtJ..V); .N 0,2 do. sulun KULI) bu
ut Ni>. 2 led Uttober, sales 152.UUJ tm nt
|UtKil..V,', eloslnu ut November, stiles hhimuu
ini elosltii: nt ll.isT; Ih-eumlmr, t.iK££.-
(At) hunt M ■VitvW'h.V*. elesltiitnl l.V*t Jnnimrjr. IW.IMMni
nt fI,.V» L j!*l.«l, eloilmt nl f 1.111. Corn ojtencd
lovut. uiiJ elo.ed thin: reevl|HN. r.O.lnu inn ux]<oris,
uuurnded. No. IkiitodOet No. '.'.TVhit
J2'v;t umv mill old yellow, tU'ioi .No. 2 October. COJIA
Tti.V- clonimt nl November, WhittllUr. elusion
nl net heevmlier, eloslutt at Tie.' Outs lower:
reielrls ll.mil but c.vitoris. iftit mixed Western, tVa
tee: whltiido..V)'4i.'.v.
11A v—Slendlly held: in Inlr ilommid ut dVdTUo.
lloi’rt-ltrni! lu wood deiimmls yeurllmns
Kiodurii und Western. IB *dle; New Vura Suite, 22t*
* o'nuiT.nti.*-(‘once dull und imohniiueil. Snu;ir
dull mol itiiftiiineoii. Molasses nululnml imclmmied.
Hue tiiilet. nut lOt'iidy.
- l**:iiioi.t:i‘n--itiiii mid weak; United. UUct crude.
.... .......... ...v|.t Tk-ro; n-lltu’il. 15**'.
-.,Wi lll.ttlt A,(til TAl.i nw-IHo nt KiMie.
:M.«n 110,111 IT.ICTC lu:mN - l*»t in tu tSAVxJ.iO.
I'tillU, llnnt, Shi n>.
, M'.V, W,»| 1,8 S
, U.JUI tM.tlii il>)
, W.U •.ll.nSI
, luau •-'T.iii m,-
ft.iial JM..VU nm
i.vii iv.au 31 i
4,’iw ini
swu» ijot
2..V*| HI
In* Ik
croiif, cttiM.
In- Ik*
lUH .
Ir.k’.'M ,
Mf.tl) .
!iS,S<P .
_.«.... itti;; iivuh
iilnlshe.l supply, n bolter Him
mlvo uenehil ilunaaiul, (ho past
ludvamo In most classes of
the aiiuatlonwra* not vury cu
rt Tuesday’# trndlnu bultitfduiiu
fanuitoly few lowing nrrlnot from tin* Kind. A* n
remit. Mlghilt hotter iniroi have loon •••mlillMie'l.
Veals went »alnMo nt JI.HI im ld», and murk
in-n*l. On fininrday then- wn«
n tnoilorntnly mtlvr ninrkri, with not innHi ontiiuri* In
vntuea. 'I hu rm.elrd* wore nh'itil the largest nvrr m*
jMirtod for tlto ln»l rtrtf of tliu week. hut nearly nil
sold, nnd nt pretty full pried l . Wo giro tho following
ns tho closing
H.flrii Ilcetcs-Stours weighing l,.vw Ihsnnd
upwards l6>OfM.'.»l
(.‘bnlco Hoorpp-Htir. fat, »»d well-formed
stems. weighing l.;«*»to l.i»ihs Utiygil.W
timid lli*e»t!»-Wcdi*lniteiied Moors. weigh
ing I,'JMto I, Ml lit* fi.<o3-VT.>
Medium tirade* -J*ti»cr» In tlno n«j«b, weigh*
iiiic i,unto i.rmi.- 4.uoa.vou
/hitchers’ HiofK-l’oor to common tutors mid
common fo choice rows for eliy slaughter, .
weighing f#«) to 1,an11.«, J.TOaiW)
Block Vimle-Conitnon entile, weighing OW
to T.int lh- a.*.V3n.7a
Itifi‘rior-|.ivhl nii<t Uiln cows, lit<itorw« shuts,
hull*, hi rd senf/n wo-/«(een< .......... If.ffWJ.->l
Texan-Through droves a.5,Vnd..0
\ cuj*-|*er ItMlbs 4.U)-tt».*A
IloilS -Mih'o our is»t weekly review thin market
him developed n strong downward tenlenov. Up to
tlm elovt of Ttiesdnv hud Inooi * satisfactory
degree of aeliviiv ni prices showing mi loimlderahin
clrH'lltn*. hut nliive than Hit; market Inis wnrkud
downward; <inltn fnnidiy. showing itl tlm amt of
tin] week n reduction In values of SarfitV*. *1 h<
weaktie;** anise In pun fiotn llnr Inrgertirrlvals (an in*
eie,.«e over tin) jonvloii* ween of ■.nine 3) it in. (ml *im
mainly the result, of the very hud break In tlm pro*
VsUni market. tlnlv tthottl l.'.wt*. 01 10-a Hints otto*
seventh of thu supply. wu» taken hy the Kn*tern
trade. KatilfdayV market me* panlrhv. There wan
•oitin Huh) trading early In tit** day n*. Hi? 01T from
Friday's limitations. Inn t tiyers soon withdrew. "oj
If iff market cfri«i<il lint, trim Ihe (mile of (fie heoc ><ff(
In the pen*. Value* nfi* ton great extent nominal,
nt »n. t»i for limit and iitf'/.'.0-ii.UJ tor heavy. skip*
nmi I'liii" Mill) in. f l. v» i i.’.n.
BMKKI'-The market iris active throughout thn
iifiM week mtil worked linn. Tin? supply w«« tlmn
Ini 11 n* litru«) tf lor tint previono noi-k. tmd. with
hiil|)l>or* rtliirplv f-om|ii)tliitf tor tho <<tl<*riiu!<>. thoro
ten* hii tipproiriullon io iV.-.nc j.i-r joi lh«. I'.wrytinmt
wus inKuoi nbont u« lii«t rt'f’olvt-il. nml tin? mnrkci
linn nt filmsfor poor to rummon: nt M 'Mt
J.ij for mi'illnin. nml nt {Uo,'Vl.l'» for itouil to ctmlcci
extra might fotcli |’>.«f.
fljxrMf J)lst>atch ta nt i Mmat Trihunt .
Kanhai* « irv. .Mo., thu rn.r-Tiio Ptirt
viirrrnt reportr: lloeolpm. i»/)i ahl|miotit«.
rlodfly; tintin' “hlpf-or-. J): unfit/* •fo/'l>/*>-.
nml femh-rp. whtp, fim--it.Voi grn»e
Totini«. f.'.-Vf-i.i'i! linK-liri'i"! Pltf«*r«. i."».
lloiis-lieeelpls V.dci! rhlTinoint'*. H4s inurKot «le»
liiornllzcil timl lunlly looked: i linlu 1 . f-ViU-n:.:*'.; nilsiol
Jim-Klittf, 10; i lultl «iii|i;>Uig. J.i.'i* i‘>..s; giamets.
yr. I.CII-IW, Del. ■•llerclpt*. TM: •hip*
inentP. I.tin. All sooil t:tillv*•- Unit; export »
would hrlrnr (■ .iV'T.in. tint none Imroi good in choieit
rlil|>i>lnu. tim/iiiiiii to fntr. I i.mr.o uoml
to oholci; mi live liutrlor.*' •leer*. M.pl‘;l’->i run* unit
hoiiors, !.(»;: good io ‘•iioloi) gr.tM Tuxhiis. J.i/ij
(ttl.unj eonitnon to lair, /i. /r- i.iM.
I VDlA.n.M'om*. 001. ‘J. I —“tonOr. uachnmrH.
I'ackliik'. ♦'l UMA'JIi i. million armies, Uc*
celpis. I.TUI: »• li(i>u>oll£h. '.mi
t.’ATTi.B—Active and linn; Miliiiiliii:. AIWMi
bmeher*’, -iiM.-iu ri uml icodum. " t-i.
Milpuicm*. *.«),
CJNrtVNATI. tVI. *.—llouv—rommoti and Hoht,
#ViViiAu.'is und limciiurV. f receipt*.
I'lUi shipment*. KH. _____
There was nnililnu on the market Saturday. The
talk iiiuoiic dealers Indicate* a tinner feellntr. ami the
ueueral lmpre**lnn prevail* that butter price* will
ruin »i«m. We ipiute:
fJreen plec'c-ncitr. fR.VI Ull.nt
(ireeu common Inch 11.■’*I f-< i:t,.*J
ll.innl* i;ml i-injM n.iu i.'IS.IM
{•mmliint ‘iM> »t »►
Kjtiru hhiimle* 2.:fi f.t U.d.l
j.niii i.v. (■' i.p-V
{'••llijwltiit urn thu yard price n of dry lumber as li.ted
by the trifle, liruen lumber*Ldtir:iint<l.Mi per m Jc«.*;
Mi id. reeund. and thin) clear. :• t|.|m-h ui
Mr* I uml second ee-ur, rouib. Much ■’il.itl
Thlid clear, ruiutli. Mneii 1.’,H1
Hr*( uml eieur.dicssed •bllm? '.‘.‘.in
I 'omiuim <! V1..V1
Klouriiib'. le-eond ■•.•mm.m. dre**ed Xi.ot
11.i.v board*. lMn-n 4-Mu
A I'tocl; lidiU'l*. I'.'.xl’Mmcli. luiull la.ill
llMoek board*. li*tlMnen
t* stork liitimin, lo.' iJ-iiich ;»i.bl
I'eneliiX, Hot ipialliy l.S.ie
Kcnelm:. No. 'i I-i.m)
I’miimnii boards, I s -ai it 1..0.
Cimiinmi board*. 11 \ J-Vtu
imiih , ii*ioii must i.vsi?
lilini-11-inn •:> to ;»i it v5,..1
Ttniliur. 4x» to h.\?« Inciiiflre.lNft K..VI
IMuliOlK, Hut. nm.sil. mid kuiml
UUi -i.-u
iMilmilL’is «lmr SJ..VJ
utirn A.... il.lu
t>lilm:U*.t>tundar<l SUM
I'ollowlnt; I* tlin tlnljr unit emeu 1 of the Secretary of
tho l.mutioriimn> Uxelmnuu tor Od. 1:
tutai. iu;ri:n*rs»tM , i: .i.vn. l
l.uinl'tr. Shlngln,
.U-j.iry.'uj auiMl.u-u
Imrcnflo m*IT IM) J^tlf.o.O
IfAl.lW AVI* Hllll’MKNl4 SIXTH ,IA.V. 1.
I.umtiir. Shtunlf*.
I u-vu/r.tm
) i.t.r.>.iM.un bi.utMr*t
S&eint Ddpatdt to Tlte Chico yo TrUnme.
MVKiifoou Oct. 8-11:11) u. m.—Fuiftt-Aniorlcnn.
(lUAUf—WUent—Winter. U.’b Ids white, ll««.
11b.hit Miring, IDs2iVi’,lllS*i: eluli, Itsud'jllnTd. Cunt,
I’novistosH—l’ork.sfK Lurd.tlls.
l-iVKlirnm,, Oct. .s-U:i*n. ni.—UinJ. «Vi< (kJ.
l.i oei. K-muvi-miSrf-nnrun-Shiirt
rllxilull in .'>b. lliiiiH—LunKcut (lull nl.Vb. Lard—
I'rlmo WtiMurn dull iit WSiM.
TniriiNTlNi:— Splrll* m l.o»dnn hleaily «l 4iH.
Uiiain— ‘iVliun.-Hiirlnii dull at Ids (fd. Corn-
Mixed dull n( lUU'vd.
MViiUl'.ioL. Oct. rt-KviMilmj.— Cotton— Thu and
Irnunlar. nvjd U-liids Kite*, B.uMj ppuciilnlloii umlcx*
ciniittu. J.tjuO; American, d,.WJ.
I'lioviMova-lluof— K»ira ludlu me**. Amcr-
Iciiii lanl.lOndd. tlncuii— l.om: dear. »>i»rtilo,sK
’l’luj (iiltmvliu: w«ro received liy tlio Cblcauu Dunrd
of Trade:
l.ivtuicnoi,. Oct. 8—11: (-*• u. in.—l.nnli tiOrOlil.
luiNiHtx. uct. i*.—l.ivnniMoi.—Whont milicr nnlei;
wliUw Mleniuaii. llx hi: NNVMyrn rod winter, 11*
i.'.irn TAitiur ea-doi* hi tU ;*M. M.uiK I.ANK—Curjoe*
oil nun.!-Wheat rather carders fair arfrruuu Xu. V
riu'liiK. VlKOiVLtikli fair avenue rod winter,>s* ddj talr
nvormrc Culltornln. .Vw iUI. Corn nithor endnr; fair
iivimm** American mixed. Ills. CurUoe* on ihimhuo
NVneatnin) cent rather cinder: (air iivonum iinnltiy
of American roil minor w heat fur immim *nl|niicm.
.’Asli.l: tin American spriiur nhoat. do. Ar»i lair aver*
inn* ijnullty or American mixed corn tor proinjA
(•liii'inoni by Mill. ill*. NYeathur In Cnulann neu
7\> Die ll'nlrm Anueiatt't Prftt,
Nbw Youk, Oct. s.-t.»imiN-Mar*«u busier:
II IMitoll Is*t'!c{ future*steudvs October, UJKci No*
vimihor. ll.tic! December, 11..'Ac: January. 11.7 lo;
February, U.wios March. 1‘Jo; A|irli, ll.llct .Mny.
kmjicj Juno. U'.mci July, iijdc.
'IVIiI'CM >m: - V‘im-1. Inn ■>!(’inly, ul KKkvwlc.
I.iitir- Wa’.itern i.-i-xli very linn m 'Jlh-IV-.
l.n.vni bat- Fairly active) atim.lyt hemlock aole,
llnenoo Avro», mid Hlo t.ramie Uuht. middle. mid
111-UV) wuiuiit.
Wool, -ajnieli nomevllu lleeci'. IMkHe: imlU'il.
'J)k» l.'cs li<.W; Tanas. lUtil/r.
l*mivijn«a:«*-l'or.‘i ilull uml miMiUitnli now me««.
Heel quiet, but nviii. Can menu dull
mid iiumlimli bmp i-lciar middles. ilii-ad'yl »Uurl do.
•llin. I.HiO llruti |‘rliba<»ieuin.*udKuU.(J.
Ilrrrui-l'lrm lor. li>‘U-e»iii;»rfi:c.
umf-miiamal: HwU'Wo.
Mitai.s- MaiiitUu-lmvil copper unctiamtoali new
hlieciinp, vie: inmu lake. H'iaii'Sii:. l*U-lruii ttrmt
h.'iiifii. •'. , :UuwVi.u«] American. I'JbiUjOkui: llu*»m
klnicimu, fll.iK'iitf.jik Nulb-Cul. skiVuiUu: cllncli,
♦UWatiUd. •
lUl.tlMulli:. 01-u H.—Fi.oitu—Without quotable
(lli.\l\—Whout—Western lower, oliwlrip itnui No.
’i whiter mil. mid October. (I.tH naked] No*
vuinlnr, fl.il’iHl.M W! December, »I.kV.4t*l.’»V*. Jan*
unry.fl-Vsl-iMl.f'b, Corn—Weatorn lower and acllva'!
niHeil, iixit mid October, tlftTUim November,
arKi'i lamranbcr, I«i!*'*7oh*u. Uuta steady. llyo
iiinui mul easier.
»».» i -I'liiuiiiwmi.
I'nov imtaN'n -UiacliaMiHCd.
lll'lTPii-Klrnai VVcaturu itraa* at Uattc,
i:iii;H-iiirUci i'ti r.«>t 4 Ak<(oraurlctly iruait.
I'arrum K. M-Nt.iailnul,
iiltm'Ktm.tf~('uiice« vuiluri Itlo uarttoua,
biigiir ilrjai.
WillhK V*— Slciialy ut tUUVkt.'Ak
Knini.iiTw—lmlrund laiaiatanui.
r MMI.M irt-~r.MII tlltu M.VI.MIMI..
ItKrctriH-Floor, I.HI brlaj whoal,3rJ,tn bui corn,
4lkjbt inti oata, t.liA bui rro, I.UAI bu.
fitilPUK.NTri-Wliont. nonoi corn. iIT.dU bu.
HAl.ba-Wltcul, <M),W bui corn. 41U.UJU bu.
KT. l.ortb. Del. H.-Kl.»l'|!~l>ull.
till.tls-Wiiuat opyjicl lower und docllliodi cloktfd
bblber tbnn lliu ononlnui No. areal. ciub.
NoTuwbur. llJsfJi Dcoutuber. January. Halua
raaipurt aa low aa fl.iT'e Novuinbpr. IIAI JJocutubur.
11.41 Kt Januaryi No. Udo, No. 1 du, ll.'it
aer.Vilj. Corn opened luwuri dccllnudi closed laUsbar,
ail mah. AAyoNuyuiubor, Ui9|u Ducoiulaer,
January. Tj‘4o Man aalualowaaiUtfaNufouaber.
liaise Docuwbfr, rt>o Juniiuiy, TMa May. Data aiitoiiort
lower and tloacd blgUor, at 4eo CJalt, fc>Jl4>a!a*j),c
November, KVVtL December. VlVtolMc May. Uvo
lower; li.ih'-i tiiil, Hurley unchanged.
I.nii -gsnet m f.Vl*».
at II.PI .....
l’(iov(H(iiN<-)mi| and lower tn soil all around!
only small tradn at irregular price*. _
lIMT.irM -Hoiir, fi.oi) brlst wheat. SUM) hut corn.
•Vd'ilitis oats. tsl.tiii bu; rye. 3.H11 but barley, H.UW hit.
Him>Mi;*T**-Kiour. li.'Mj brlss wheat. Will hut
corn. 75, wj but onut, iI.OUU bus ryo, nonoi barley; none.
I'Mii.Aiint.iuifA, J*a.. OcL FMJCIt-Flrms Weil*
fm •Mlras.l'i.&V't.VT.'i; Minnesotaexlm*.clonii.H.(l): do
straight. fj.i'i; (thin family, choice, H.oos Ohio, new
process, pi.iTl; winter patenti*. SA.VV'-f.i./D! Minnesota
patent ti rotes*. |j.oOoU.'iV Kyo Hour unchanged.
Giuix-Whvti ‘4'rtMo lowert No. 3 rod. October,
H.KliVl.is: November. ||..v;>4'-tl, .'l«! Dnemishnr.
H Corn dull: mil ml ted.track.grain depot.
JI.V.IWu! steamer do. UWi-s sail inlxcd.oetober,7l>'i«.De|
Noremhor. Decotnimr, 74M'»7bbp«, »»nla
dulls .No.*.* white. tdr«.‘dUc: very choice, 62J*o No. II
white. nWiOSi;: in I x**>i. i.'k;.
I’iiovisio.ns-In lair demands prices unchanged.
Ilf TTKit—Active, firm. unchanged.
Eons- l inns M«'.
i;in;»>j;-HruK u/tebumred,
l'i;Tinii.Kf»i-.Sninliintly sssschnnued.
WllleKV—Steady, itmdiungnd. __
lluri.iina-Flossr. ti.Tisj brlst wheat, 6,600 bos com,
oj.Mni/u: oais, mwiHt.
StlD'MKvrrt-forn. :O,IXII Ins.
.Mtl.tv.tfKKr, Wis., o«l. P.—F'MM’ii-gulot and on*
GiUi.v—Wheat strong tsnd highers No. 3 Milwaukee
liurd noiiilnnli No. 3 Milwaukee. ft4.:t*i*(s October,
November. (DKftt January.
ju*ls February. No. :i .Mllwitnkee, 11.32; No.
4 usid rejected isonilisssl. forts weaken No. 3. iCltuc.
Oiiif Unit: No.sve. Uye-Nu. I. IlibH. Dancy dull
nnd lower: No. 3 spring, !»le,
l , llmi*tON-«-.(,inter. Mens pork. 117X1 cash and
October: fl.'.i’i.liiiitintv. I’rlsuo steam lard. 111.75 cash
nnd Oetidx-rs f12.->.ianunrv.
Ilm.e-Hteady, with fair demandt 10.10(55.70.
IVcoirns-tWieaf to Huftnlo. >, •
in,( birr*-Flour. r.MMJtirl*! wheat. 20,000 btt; corn.
;:;.un im.
!*mi>M»,xTF«-Flonr. 1.1.0 k) brlst wheat, JWOO but
corn, I'.MOJ bn.
IlitSTtiN. Miss*., Oct. K-Fi.utMt-Flrmi tnodertto
dunmiidi patent «prinu wheat, K7brt'.'.?4ls patent win*
ter wlsr-nt,
Gluts—Corn union mixed. HkA'Clo: steamer, ?.*C4
s'!-, Oats sti’.idv: No. I usid extra white. s*f4Udct No.
‘i white, .Vk-s No, 3 mixed stud No. :i white.
MfH.IVS n.t.v
llim>—Finn: Western IluFalo,Plaice.
TAi.i.mv-l iisftil..(l; stocks nccumulntinK; ren*
tiered. %'•>
Itm i;if»s~Fimir.:.(in brK l.*« sacks! corn, 60,000
bu: wbeitt. HMD* bui oats, I.OlHm.
tiiii’.ULNrrt'-Flour. £.’s brls
Kkw om.ua.vjs, L»,, Oct. 8.-Ftoi;n—HJith jmulra
easier; fT.i'AS.I.'H.
tiu.tjx—Corn weak; !fWt‘y4c.
dnllmid nominal: Bulk
menu dull mot Umur: aljouldun. packed. SXc. Bacon
dull, trunk, mid lowcrj eboulder*. clear rib.
lljile; clour, 111.0, <
WtnKKV-tMondjrs tVcdorn rerUlletl. fl.tftjll.'i'J.
iSUMi't:im:<*~Co>lcu ‘liili’tnr.dmulinni/I'il: lll» cnr
tfoits unlltintv tu orlmo. IU4IV. Siunr ncilvi* nnrl
turns full* tmr. I'flint* in rliolro. yullnw
tsiimiUM. Mulu!i«o* In fuir di.'nmml; low
Cfii'lo-. J.V,’ »Ir, ncpitnlliia l<> uuniity. ttli.-o Hctlvc,
turn. und Muliur; l.oitislnnii onJlnnry to choices
ijlU V- Firm; >}.»».
M.IW (tIT.O)
lIMH W 21.01
17.. VJ
tmiis-m r Ai.-Ui'ill nl *W«.
Uav—We;»kj (irluu;, choice. llß.ii.
rt.VONNATI. Oct. il. CllTTllN—\V(‘llk fit UK®-
Fl.*it n-J:;i«ii»r. lull m»t uiioUilil) loirur.
(tii.vis—Wlicu’. In Intr iliMimml >u luvtit micst fl.l'!
<•(.1.17. fi'in Irremil ir; .No. mixed. it'fcj't'dlfejc. U«W
iiiiM'Ulcl; No. •,* mlivil, -tV'v-*♦ISo. I’.yu Honker tit
fl.lili. Unrlv.v Kiinuly m fi.viu.
I’ofK dun uud nominal l.Mr«t
lit lll.cu. Hulk incuii* null mid iiiichnnaiui.
Iliucn r; Mioulilor* ikkiilti;tl nt Wet ulimr. 12c.
"ilt**!• V”Nrofiu ill ll.l’u i-uiiililimtiun mica nt
linlxin'il u-oi'ls nrln on n mod* nt tt.Li.
tit rmi-siemly mul uriclmnsi-rt.
* out. K.-r«>rroN-vulcts llifc.
H.unt—Fiemly tuul ttnn; extra. f.V7,V/u;.U); extra
family, f'iO-ijuJ.'Jj; ANiiJi f*i.7&itr.3js choice fancy,
Gn.\t.N~\Vl»oal steady: 11..H1. Cum steady; No. 3
white. t <io mixed, i.'k.'. Onta sternly. No, 2 white,
j:vs «to niixml, I7u. Itye uiifut; .Vu. 2. fl.lt*.
l’t:uvi*>iuN»-i'<>rk iiiiq prime •tenia hint nominal.
Hulk lucatn ihill alt-1 lower; rhoaldorß. »U«t uluar rib,
fliuti; rleur «d*te«, ISicoit dull and lower;
sin.alders. ’.diu; clour nli. ll, l| ju; clear, 12«. Hums—
Sm/ur-cup'd. it'^u.
NVhihkv—steady: fl.lj.
Tiii.umi, Out. a.—(iliAlN—'Wheat firms No. 3 red
WnLm.*li. cu»h, ami October. fl.-USs November, fI.WUI
December,(l.triii.lamiary.fl.fd bid.H..’.. 1 asked. Corn
linn; No. 3. c:n*h. dV: ilciobur and November, UV*e;
December. »>:<•; tint year. d>'yet Mar, ’,Uc bid. .Icußki-d.
Oau. dull and nominal; No. V, tush and October. V*c;
November. 4-.V
llKt'»:iiTH~lVhynl. ir.lftlbns corn, JsWlbuj oats,
Il.llM im.
'Miii'.iiKNTti-Wlient. tifMlbu: corn, UWJUO bus oaU,
KM I.a.
I’KOltt.i, 111., Ocl.9.—t;nAiN-L*omOaH and lowers
liluli-utlxcil. mixed, Hutu ciwys
lowers >n. ‘4 white, bWi-hihie. ityu dulls No.
MH}inviM:H-SomSiials issu-hanml. nl 11.17.
Umsisns-Whciu. nones cnrn.u4.r73 bus unis, la,lU)
bn: rjr* 1 . •VCubu: Imrlur, :i,VH Uu.
miii’'ii:ntv-Whom, I.iVW mis corn,ul,mjO bus oala,
4<1,07u bus ryo I.UAJ bu; bnrlvr. l.’-MJ bu.
iHvrnoir. Midi.. Oci. H.-Fi.(iru—Stcodyi no
tliiAis—Wimiit limit No. 1 white. Jl.lS»s October,
year, ond November, |l.llwt.4l!»! December, t1.44U:
■luiniiiry. 11.U‘4 M.li Keliruniy, No. 2 rod.
fI.Kl%t No. 2 white, nominal. Kecol|it*, ItWWU but
shipments. 7.IVJ bit. _____
spr;!s{ JJUn-Uth to rut Chicajo 7'rlbuni.
Kansas Cl i v. Mo., 0(1. R-<iu.M.\—Tbo frfteCur
mil report*: Wlicul—ltceoiiiti* bus KhlpmoiUa,
Ul.un bus »low and iik-itlu lower: No..’!, cash,
October. 11.11 >t:'No. 2. cu»li.*l.2»: October, (1.21 W. Corn
—ltocvltiU. li.t.il tut: phkiuntuilH, T r Vi'J but dull nhd
weak; No. 2, cash, iUJtui October. iLc.
IJfvrxi.o, N. V.. net. R-iiiiAi.v-Nothlnß dolnin
biiyurn und nolleis boMmit off for more settled mar*
Canal t-m:uiiiT»-Wheat. 4j*c.
INIH anatoms 1M.,“.-(5ii.UN-WJu‘at Arms 11.4G®
MO. Com (trim Oats strom« 4M-Hc.
. * OsWKfiO.
oiitvnr.o. x. V., on. s-Chain—Wheat quiet. .Corn
dulls WuMurn lulled. m’. /
OAi.vi;«Tov,oru s.-Corrox-gulet« mMdUnß.tlej
low middling, HHWt Knud ordltinry. lUVio; pot receipts,
MW huleat exports to (Jreal ilrllaln. -I.'iWj coast*
wl»o. ,’swi Miles ,vjU: Hiurk. uVil.'i.
.\tstv ouuiaxs on. s-CorroN—Market easier:
intdiUlmt. lint low do, lo?tu: tioml ordinary, lOVtu: nut
receipts, St&i iaot>s t'..VUi stilus, y,UjUs stuck, 1(5,1fc,
Nbw Youk. Oct. a—Tim uxuuri demand for iliool-
UiuiMind drilln I* nctlvu, imd uuciils niouutUniiml*
vuncud prion*. ('ottnn uuoil* linn, und IVppi'rMl
drill* mmln uavnnoud liynuem*. I’rlnu In Unlit i|u>
iiiiiiul. Imllao tiliia print* tin* mlvniiml |<i tun rout*.
Hiiriiu cH»*liin'n'» uiiU mirstuil cuulliitft lurjjoly lolrt
biivbil lit loiulmu nmku«.
I’m, Out. N.-I , KTIHM.KI , M-gulnlj
UnUt'il cortlltcuUiii HimKi aUT.'Vjiti rcflneri, 7J*
Tm**vn,u:. imi. k.—l'wimi.KUM-oiMHicd al
tC.SjUI IllUllUnl. I 1 *'If! UlAllkl, I'lltftMl, • tlilH
munis.s).u*J| L'liurtui*.T.'.uiOi runs. WUi.
Wii.mint«v, N. »*.. Oil. iv-SrutiTs up Trni'K.s-
TisK-nmmt He,
Lydia 11. IMuklimn’ii Viwinblc Oomimmxl will
ainil thncHiiml iimlocull ulrL'iiiiuliinreti mil In
liurmony wiiti Hie Imva that «ovrru ilu* foiiiulr
Hidtcin. AddivsM Mr*. Lydia I'. I’lnhhiim. 'SSl
Wealurn uvinmo, Lynn, M»m., Tor djculiir.
lui hk y.i via a tjo\.
TIM 15 T.1111.K.
Tor Undiin .inrt Miiwnukm* twliu ilatlratl a. m.
ami h i>. m., Simitar mornlim im-ouiod.
t-ur (iruml lluvou, vl« Mlimuikiw. twli'iidallr At J
u. in. uml n |•, in.. Similar umnimn nacimlwd.
Kur Mji'lammn, i.ijillm,’ti'ii< und Mai)ta«
li-o, dully at Mu, in.. Mimlur mm ulna u<ce|iti»l.
KnrUrcmi Hnr. .Mi’nuuiinou uml tuiy |>urUi ICmrau*
nun, etc.. Tuu«<tur ut; u. m.
I nf Kn'imm.a. MunmulnuiJ. Stiirtfumi liar,
uul till l.aku Sui’i'nur towns via KicauaUu, Saturday
*V‘il*r Krmiklort. I'lorjiort, Arcadia. «lc.| Tueaday M d
A, m. uml saiimluv 4iuu. m.
|>nck» mm .M'diitfuii-iiv.
STATE X'lfjE'"
T« i.lvoriHHil, lluMln. HulfuM, unii («on<fon*
IU-rry. Hum N. \ . iivurr 'Cluir»«lay. Hrat falilti, |i»i to
»;,'s ntiunJinif Ui uirmumuiliUirm. Sofoml CtUim.fU.
biforuKV* utuwuril. Ilti, Tttoau atuuuion carry iiwliliur
intllu. abucji, iiui- |>lu».
.... M ..AI’STIN, MAMtWiN X <>U.,
JIUIN HI.KuKN, Wi»»u«ru Mmuuiur.
UnlTemui. . lllue lilark Olllcu.
<!omii>ur«aa{. Violet i'timljiiuHl.
Obumlcal llulU, Mulct lilutk foii/ln*.
>Vlio|«milu itiitl KutulK
SO Dearborn St*
‘auiuvai. "aND ' UKV
JtX TiI,VINA - Kxt'I.ANAno.S
Mauks.—tHnturdsy excepted. •
Uluuday excepted. {Dally.
Chicago d: iVorthwcileri
For Maps,Tlimvfard.s,Hlfloplng>Cai
apply at in flark-st., dram] l*aei
onddopotcornor of Welia and K
k or itK
sundar <
rn llutlxs
nr Aceonm
•Ulc. I’aim*
Marshalltown Express
Cedar Itnplds Kvpress
I’aelflci Faal Mitu
Klou.tflsyflc Yankton
Omaha Night Express....
Cedar Itnpida Night
Dos Moines Day Express
Dos Moines Night Express
HloitxCltyA Yankton.
Freeport. Ilockfonj X Dttbutiuo.
F rue|Kiri, Kncklord fc Dubtnmu.
Freeport * itockrimt..,
l.ako(,unuvß ft Klirlti.
Mlltraukco KxprnM
Mllwactoo Special—ttundayn....
MUiriiukeo X Ureon Hay..../....
Milwaukee I'n'scnser
Mllwauken I’assuiiicr
MU., Druen liny It Mnrnuettu....
tireen Ilav. vla.lonesvilin...
Ft. I’aut a Minnenpolli .Sxpresa.
HI. I’.sttl X MlnnenjiotU FJxprcas.
I‘lcrro X Duadwood Express,....
Minnesota A Central Imkota....
Mlmtesistn A Central Dakota,...
()shko<di, via Junc5v1110..........
F.lalii Express...
Klpln I'.xnrcss.....
Etxln Express
FUuln Express
Eluln Hitmlny F7xprcss
fhlrnco, llurllnston A <)n
/For Maps. Tlmc*Tfttde». bleep
itntlotis. apply at hi Clark-st. O
foot of Indlsna-av., Grand Ui
liouio, end *jC«nal‘Bt.
nlnejr ftnl
plnx-Car A
(irand Pacli
Jnlon Depot
LGaleshttrsr.OitawaJt SlreatorEx
PNobnissn F7xpru55................
liDubuqisn X Plots*City Express..
bAiuboy.iiucK F’nllsAHtorlinx Ex
bDowncr'a Grove Accommodal’o
hMontann A I’aclflu F’.xpresa
I,.»uloseph.iUchlsonA;Totieka Ki
bKansas city & Denver Express.
Aurora Hundsy I’n-sonifcr.
bAstrora I'nsscnper
!l:l.'i a tn
tbtfa m
11 :il’i a m
1-':3J p to
l:lt'»p ns
4 :;?j ptn
p in
PMondotn X Ottawa F7xprcas
b>t. l.mils Express
Mlockfont X Freeport Express...
PAurura Fassomiur
I,Aurora l’si«soiiKar ..
cites Moines. Omaha X Lincoln
Nlpti F7xprcss
nHouthern I’acltio Express
cTexas Express.....
is Kansas City X St. .fooNUbt Ex.
liFreispori A Diilmouo F7xpro»s...
" e ‘L A Hat. ThoatroTmln.
0:051> tn
o:i>s p m
9:lVi p m
9:u*, p ns
U:2.’i p m
'« Hally. h Dally, except Sunday. e Dally, except
Saturday. rf Dally. except Monday.
iiiiinujiitftrainn V«v« and arrive from Central D*»
pot. Tout of Lrtko-au
C.'iilcitiio, Miltrnukee «fc flt. Pad) Hallway*
Union Depot: CornorMndlaon. Canal, and Adams-au.
ricla*i oniroit. »;| and G 1 L'lark-al., I'almor Uouie,
Orand I’ncltlc llotul. ami at Depot.
1 |
Mat Mall •alfwVm
Milwaukee kipru-i* !• a : i':.n in,* -IsiDii m
A<*c«<fiiji(tti*r<.cKir ...I* £;<» i> a m
Milwaukee. ai. Paul A Mlnno-} ;{lU:)iin in's a ; uipm
njMiii* k,*i)n*sH trains \ ; l 7:olam
Ureeii Jlj>, Meimsim. nn4 Ap-J ,*Uhlnn m • U;inom
i‘. lot, ’ r f Kxittpoi unlit* it P;«jpralt 7:ooam
Milwaukee. MmlUiiu, I’nitrlo dui
Chlcii, Juwa.«ml 6iUOu tn •10:30 am
Steven* Point amt Aoliluna V.UUp ra!j 7:00a m
Milwaukee, .VuniMin nml Pialrlol
Ou (,'lilim Kxiirea* .....!*10:I0 n ml*
AivotmuoiluUon i' kvju tun,* mv-’i* u
Klum .* U:£>tißi’* n:«sym
I»ubi»-|iioA«'t!<lnrHß}>Ul* Kxiircsß ni]* 4;3Jpm
Monx I 'lly K Uiilmotin F«v Kx,..tt V:(ll J» ml} TslMn m
Klaln&KlrkJnmj I’liViumr (rtnlty)| 4:ini>m. Imam in
i;iuln M'l'i'lnl h'oul Kxpress I* rnlApitii* n m
Hum.* AixiHimioilniioii.... >» ml* Dittam
Train* for II imiln.ltii and North Chlc*rolelTre C:M
a. in. mid d:;u ii. m.: nrrlro C:ti ft. m. and »:40ft. ai*
dally, duudfty ozcuptetl.
riilniKH A AJlmi.
Unton Drnut. W<»*t Mdo, ooritcr Mudhon mid Cauat
ft?.. bntwomi .MaillMHi ami Ail »ms-*U bridges un4
Twfmy-thlrrt-»l I'tckul OtlkuM. fit Ikjjsula.Hn *cuUD
Clnrlcst.. Uraltil I’ncUtc Hulul. mid rnlim-r llnimc.
J l.cavo. i Arrive.
’Kimimw CUT. Dontfr. PunMo K*. •rjs:a u m • n i
Knti*a« «;uy.Sntun K«. New .Met*
le-i.ArUonaM'nllfornlu Cunt Kxt'llittlp m l to
Hi. l.onK Sprliuntelil A Texas....!* v'idlit m * Tilip mi
St. I.oiil*. Hprlnuttelii X Texas.... 15 tMll p m } *:;uin in
Si. l.ouH Kx.. vu.lackMinrille... j'lhm pm : • ;iHa m
Mobito A New Orleans Kxim*««...r IMOn ni • *:4jp m
Penrln. Kenkuk .V llnr •» Tin • l*;in 11 m • 3:i‘n* m
lltitflfin Ciisi Kxpicssi Cheruitt ••ll:Hjpjii tJiiilnm
Pekin X Peoria K* . via .*ulloi..-. 1 • U:01 n m • 'Map >n
Slrentor. I .aeon, VVu«hinin<m K*.'*ru;tl p mj* a;-* p m
Juliet A Ihftulil AeL'MiiiiiiDiliiUoti. • .V.'Upin * ini'lam
near Clci
Illinois Control Kii
Depot fool of J.uke-«t. and foot of
Tlckctottlcm 131 Uiiiidolplfnt.,
I'nulllc Hotel, ami Palmer llqiibu
Ft. A Te*a» Kxprcra
Ft. I.UUIM ,x Tex kb Kjpl 1.1n0....
Cairo \ New Orleans Dxpruns...
Now OrleanaA Tuxa*. KaalKxi.
Fprinuttuld Dxpress
Spriti/Heid sulit K.xpre»«
M'enriu. liarltiiKlen d Keokuk,
el’worla, r.nrliiicuut A Keokuk,
i'ontlne .V Cliuior/ttrlli KSpruiia.
i’lmtommli K.xpruss
Gllinuii r.i««eiiuer....
■ h:Hani
} H-;niuu
1 H.Wam
I HUM |i tu
* Hi-kln in
5 HiSupni
* aiinato
} S:;tip m
* H:Mu m
* for. p iu
IMIUIUI) I il BB «'.4Un ...I
I)ulm<|iie ASluur City KxpreM*...
IHitnimm ,k Flom CUy I’.xpres*...
b—ila Saturday nwiit t-i tJUm-m «
c—On Saturday nUbt run'* lu Dei
Wnlm«h ( M(. Lonh ds.Pnc
Union Depot, state arnTTweltt!
vara run to tlio Depot, Mid Went
wUhlnonu Mock. Tteketonicef
Palmer House, and Grand PaclH
lur.a only,
elite Kali
th-sti. All
•h, to buutU
He Hotel.
J Arrive.
St. J>vni» Jt Oujf Kxj>rn*» . ‘ H;4"> a ml* 7;W v m
St. Uiula.v Cuif Fm-l l.lrio } l>:U) |> m ( 5 T:.M n m
Knn.«in*Cuy .V JJtmror Kuttt Kx... M'iijl i> ml* n in
I'uortß, liiirlliiKUin & Kuukuk K.r • u n • 2:2') p m
I'norla A IVtin Special 5 min t> m J 7s:nn m
HpnngiloM x Hnnnlunl Fast Wn« »W::*)p ml* 2:3) i> ra
{Dsllr. uxcept Mun<l«r»-
Note—l'ullumii Jjloopiiip Csnt i
Louis, Knn»u:«CHv. and IVurla.
wim tuvdlvkik* chairs, rniOKtro t
cllnlmM’lmlr Xwup'tm l.'ars, Cblct
Knnsus No clmnito of Da>
t*l. l.oul* or Kuns|ts utr.
Chicago, Knelt iilitnil t& Pi
Depot, ooriicrof Van tturioi uud S
onicus, y, C!nrk«su Sliomnn I to
Grand I'nrinu 110101, ami < jl'atin
(rnm Chicago to St.
I'arlor l>ay coao&oj.
to Kl. Louis, mid tto*
caaoto llimnibal and
iy CuactiesCuiemsu to
nelfle Uullroad.
Uiurumu*«ta. Tlcacl
Hue. I'tvlmer House,
»l, comer Madison.
*iO:illß tu
>12:10 ji iu
Davenport A frorln Kinross
Coiiiiull ISIuSTit Kurt KspUMi
Kansas city, l.cuvtmwortb A At*
cbls.in tioA Kx|>re*a.,,
St. I’nul A MlnueanolH i;x|trei>»..
roru Aevotoinodatlou
•12: (Vi t> 10 •
•UiUip IU •
• .'>;(>) ]> m ♦
t y;JU p it i
Council muffs Nlu'lit Kxpro
Kalians 4 Ur. I,<iuvmiw.*rili X At*
cblson Main Ktiuuas
St. Until A >Uniti*:i|iolh Fast Kx..
lllutt Inland Accommodation.. ..
Ulnu Island AccoiimiiHlaU«m. u ,,,
llluu Island Aivoiiinii'il:itliin.7...
Illuo Island Accommodation
Ulu9 l«lnnd Accommodation.., .
Nine Island Accnnmiudatltm
Sutitli rtiicua'i Accommodation..
SmitU l.'btniuo AccoiiiiooUbUoii..
Tlmniro Train..
I'lmrcU Train
t »::wp in t
I i
* *j;&s n in *
* H:«luu
• 4 ; 10 t> m
* HtlMp iu
• «:;♦»!► ui
* m
• J;Upm
lU:.»J |> m
I 1:15 pro
•Unit/ except Hunilayi, tDatly except Saturday*.
JDaliy ctcoii. Motmaya. tTbursday* end Saturday*
only. iSuiumreonlr.
Rllchlicun Central Railroad.
Depot*,fool ofJ.nUo.Rt.and loot of Twenty
Ticket otMi-«.4,i>n'lnr**!it., southeast cornurof ltan«
tloiph, (irm>J i’acUlo Hotel, and PalmarHouse.
Stall (tla Stain and Atr Lino).
Ncvr York A llusiun ttx
BpoclalNotr Vork Kxj<rv»i
Kulnmattio AixomniudaUuu....
Atlantic i:*pn»»a (dully)...
Nijihl r.xppcs'i...
Urnnd lUiilil* A Muakcgott Mali..
Grand IlnpUlaA Foiuaky M*j»r«»al
ulirand Uanldi A Muakomm Kt..l
•s*uniiaT cxneiitod. { Hally. t
aSatnrnuya Ihutu at 6t15 (». m.
L.nk« Mhui-e .V Mlchljfuii flue
Ticket iHlUwa at dotiuU, Van Hu
hulltj, Titumy-accuiKHat.. and Fit
*uml irolulilunira iimlof Snttrmn
oltifwuintluHiriuid HanlliuHitml
• 7:li>nm
• I'lWam
• HUD |) in
t m
f m
* i):OJu m
* UiMpoi
I ‘JilDp m
Saturday cxcuplod.
mtliera Hallway*
uren-it., bond of 1a
'iiriy«tiitr<l«sl. Ticket
in lliiusu. and ticket
d wild I‘alnmr Hnu»a,
Leave. | Arrive.
• 7::U n oi *
•0;UI»lU •
1 3;JJ|)IU }
5 ft; Li |i in It
, JUalfy,
Mall (via Main Line).
Himciul Suw *«rfc X Ho»un Kx.
NuwYnrk K«»l Slumps (rialljri.
AtlamicN. V. i;xprusit tdullyj..
* aSxtimUjr* lu»r«> UtfJp.
llitttlmnrn tie O
DoimU. Kxpnaltlon llulMtn* andl
•nil'OU Tickol iittK'e*. M < lark*
Urntul l*»clilo llolul. and
fool of Tw
•#U, I’nlmi
l.eare. ArrlT*.
• K:Wa in • «:OQpm
!6:IOp ra 4 7:fto» tn
Ui«lpm | T;U)pa
Horning Kjpruw,
Nit Kij»ru»»
Night tixproH*.... ______
{lislYy. etceuiod.
AH Um H. A u.tmlnarun via Washington Cltr. ana
Uu> unljf Hnu running ha omlro uakm through Iron
I hlcoßii u> New V»rk without i-hange.
llio unvr ami itlwaani 1). & U.bleuulug'Cara between
Chicago ana New Yorktlallv at&:hlandU:4Up.m.
itnnkukee L.lue.
Debolt, foot or I j»ku-iU and fool of Twonty-iocond*
eu Ticket OilW ct at Depot* and Ul liandulpU-tt*
Uraful Pacltlu Hotel, and Palmer Huute.
Cincinnati, Indianapolis & Looli
villu Day Kapruea , • 0:00 am* 7sJ5 p m
Do night Eivores*....... |M;li>pm | MOata
rilliliurtii Ft. Wayne & ClTlctio kaltroad'
Depot uoruvr Adams and <'ao«l*»U. Ticket unices,
(if Clark-aL, Palmer House. Oraud PaclUo Hotel*
and at Depot.
Mall and Kzprett
New Vurk Hapreaa (dally).
Pacino Kspruoa (da11y).....
fait Line
HiSOaia *7:U)pm
3;#)p m I b.wla in
6:1& p lu I »:C»a in
0:40 pm I tLUOu m
l*i(Uburv. ClnelunMtl <Ss Hb Hoult Uallread."
(Cincinnati and Kukuiuo Air-Lliio*.»
Dnpot, corner of Ao*mt and lanaLtu.. VVtrat dido,
Ticket OlUoet at Depot and HI Uaudelph-aU.
Clara-*!.. Urand Ptclflolloiol. and Palmer Homo.
Day Kipreu • B:4oam • 7:*opm
Lugaiupurt Accommodation * s:<Upm * 0:15 am
Night Lipree* (da11y)..... pm 1 7:lOnui
’ 'Chicago ib Eastern Illinois UaUroiMl.
(DttllTllt* jtoutl
Depot. Twolfth-»u, near alatu.
tWk>at.U)»lal«'i(., l>»lu«rUu
ctUc. Ufint a b»pr»M (cor.Huu*
om«*. wj
louaa. tuid QnmUV*-
Leave. ( Arrive] 4
mToO am (M HVpnl
jrei*. «>. »MttOpml* TtlAam
Pit KzpriM.,...
NubvUie * Florida »*pi
tUki<r> eicepi bundaya, «UaUy,
Chicago tt Grand Trunk Railway,
Depot comer of Twelfth and Btate»au.
Leave, Arrive.
t:l*au B*o pm
ViUytu liuaa
kail and BspreM.
Mgbl KaprvM ,
UK oi
ir Lloui#,
Iflo Hotel*
)t, Painter
6 7:25 pm
6 J. aJpa
6 3;4.i p m
6 3:45pm
6 1:45 p a
6 3:4.',pm
6 2:45 pm
6 2:20 p m
'I0;60a m
blU;hla m
B:t’. am
6 7:45am
cl (liUsts
a 6;5S a m
a a ffl
a fiiifi a ra
b 7:l', a m
7:OT pm
irk. Grand
5 *:VO a m
• h;tnpm
1 hi.'*! i» in
, T:J)kin
• Hutip in
» 7:'sln ra
• suiiptn
• h:-J)p m
•JtnOiß m
•Idrtfl a ni
‘ T:l.’> a in
• t- m
c:\ri iiais
i • R:Od|im
i * 2:45(»ia
2:45 o m
2:45 p na
P;iOo m
f,;2Ua ut
(!:'£) am
dial am
(Si tO A Ul
1::xJ p m
1C: ill |> m
• iSifid |im
|U):Q6a m
• K:jOpta
• 7UJpm
I 6:'<l i> m
*W:« a m
l t7:DUam
• 6;4Dpra
« 7:30 ma
T:«l|i m
7:«l p R)
A:Ula m
i#r llouia,

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