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tho Union Pacific's Four thousand
Milos of Road, and More ol
.It Building.
Gossip from the Pacific Coast—
Movements of Gould
and Vlllard.
AUBstan. Railroading in Central Asia
attd Iti Influence on Oriental
Tbe Future of tlio Ohio & Mississippi—
Ike Bt. Louis Freight
Tho Alton und Book Island Got into a
Bow Over Rebate Tickets from
Kansas OltJ.
Special DUtHilch to 'Pit Chluigo TriLnnt.
Kansas Citv, Mo., Got. 10.—'There is trouble
Again about passenger rates Amongst tbo rends
centering bore. It appears that tbo tickot
agents have an Agreement to soli only rebate
lickots.lo Chicago. The only exception to this
is that the roads aro permitted to poll straight
tickets, without any rebate, on Mayor’s orders
Issued to passengers klm have hot money
ehourli to pay tho full fate to Chlohgo and wait
until they got fboro to get their rebate re
funded to thorn. This makes tbe ticl rate to
such persons only 97, Which Is ail that tUoy uro
required to pay before obtulnlngn ticket to Chi
cago. Tbo other passengers have to pay 9H.W,
and are refunded $7.80 when they arrive lu Chi
cago. -It IB alalmed that tbh ARoh had
told two tickets to Chicago ut $7 without
tbo Mayor's brdors. Tho Alton denied this,
And produced the orders of the Mayor
lh evidence, and the Mayor testified that tho or
ders were genuine and wero Issued by him. It
appears that, fur scimo reason, the other agents
are a little mail about tho Alton getting away
with thorn, mid. notwithstanding tho tacts In tho
case, they found tho Alton guilty, mid lined the
Alton agent twice the value of tho tickets at full
regular tariff rate, tuo line amounting to s‘*U.iU
The Alton agent Anally concluded to pay this
rather tlmh nmkouny trouble, and to appeal the
cuso to a higher court; but In tho moantlnio ho
went to work to see If ho could And any crook
ednesS on tho part of bis opponents. Ho speed
ily found mid presented u easu against tho Rock
Island for selling a tickot from Kansas City to
Milwaukee and extending the limit of It so
that It could bo scalped at Davenport. Tbo
lino for this uttunse, under tbo agreement, is
double tbo value or the tickot. Tho court of
ticket agents round tho facts to bo as stated by
tbo Alton agent, but decided to lino tbo Rock
Island Road tho value of that portion of tho
ticket only which road from Davenport to Mil
waukee. This was manifestly nut n decision In
accordance with tho agreement, because if tho
agreement means this, then It would also mean
that. If tbo tickot had been traveled on to desti
nation, there would imvo been no lino whatever,
which is certainly what none of tho agents pro
tended to say was what tnov intended in making
their agreement. U was thought, however, that
these decisions ended' the trouble, and that
things would go on ns usual. Rut the Alton
man, feeling that tho court, tn anger and with
out regard to tbo facts, bud rendered an unjust
Judgment against him, appealed his cuso to
headquarters, and is today In receipt of tbo fol
lowing tclegrniti from Chicago:
Chicago, Oct. 10.—I understand tbo enso
Against us to bo for selling two tickets tn Chica
go at tbo agreed rate on Mayor's orders, ns per
poreoraeht. The other sldo Claim that wo had
out tbo orders, or that they were nut gonulno.
On this wo are found guilty, notwithstanding
that tho Mayor testifies to tbn genuineness of
his o. lets. I unncrstanl onr case against tbo
Rook Island to bo that tho agent of that com
pany sold n tickot to Milwaukee and extended
tho agreed limit, so ns to admit of tho tickot be
ing scalped at Davenport. This Is proved and
admitted by tbe other side, and is consequently
h clear case under tho agreement, and wo can
not submit to tho glaringly partisan nud ab
surd decision against us In such cases. Wo can
notalford to bo In unugreeraont tho parlies to
which loso their temper and their bonds,
and mnko up their minds flagrantly, openly,
and arbitrarily, In violation of tno 'plain words
bf lbo ogrocmcnt. to And us guilty when we aro
clearly Innocent, and to find another lino inno
cent whan it is plainly and Indisputably gulliy.
Insist upon reconsideration of tbcao cases. Mr.
Bt. John will never sustain bis man In doßbor
tteivscaJpinghls own good local business to tho
detriment of bis company and diminution of bis
recolots. If not favorably reconsidered, demand
an appeal to Dio General Ticket and Passenger
Agents from these outrageously unjust docls
lions. If Justice Is domed us, It is useless to
consider toe agreement as being in clTect. and
wetmisttauo tho matter under consideration
and decide on measures to protect ourselves.
"J. Charlton."
Farther developments are awaited with deep
The London Times has tbo following regard
ing Russian railroad enterprises in Central
‘•By the completion ot the line of railway
from Krosnvodsk to Xlzll Arvat tho Bus*
Sian Government havo Mulshed tho Mint sec
tion of tbo Transcaspian Rallwuj’, which Is In
tended to bring the territory recently conquered
from tbo Turcomans Into direct communication
with both the Caucasus and tbo interior or
Russia. Tbo port of Klzil Arvat has long boon
oueofsomu Importance, and during tho event
ful period of tho last ton yours it has played a
considerable part in Russian operations In this
quarter, and now, as tho actual terminal point
of the railway, it Is not likely to sink Into lusig
niUcnnco. From Kroanuvodsk. which, after the
suggestion of several alternative places, seems
destined to remain tbo principal Russian harbor
on the eastern side of tho Casplon, to Klzil
Arvat, tbo distance Is about -*IXI miles. Tho
country through which tho lino pusses Is mostly
deSert, lying between tbo two Balkan ranges,
and completely waterless, savont tho fow spots
where wells are to bo found. Of these tho prin
cipal are those at Molln Karl, Tugcor, and Kuy
andtik. Although tho scarcity of water has
hitherto constituted an obstacle in Iho path of
nn army or of a caravan, ills probable that tho
Russian engineers nro right In saying that a
•ulllctent supply can always bo procured on
route tor the engines, white the naphtha springs
or tho Caspian provide a cheap and cosily ob
tainable fuel/*
“It is not expected that tbo Russians will re
main long content with Klzil Arvat as tho ter
minus of thoir now lino, especially ns o brisk
trade is likely to spring up with tho Turcomans,
sad also with the towns on (he northern borders
of Persia. East of Klzil Arvat thodllUoultlos
pi engineering arc very much less thou thouy
thatprcsflntodthomsolvQS west of that place,
although oven these wore not very formidable,
and havo now boon successfully overcome. As
Russia bus formally annexed tbo region up to
Ashkabad, which is about tbo sumo distance
from Klzil Arvat that that place Is from Kras
povodsk, tboro will probably bo no further de
lay than financial considerations may imposo In
carrying the lino to tbo capital of now trans
cutpiso province. The energy shown In improv
ing tbolr moons of communication with this now
P.aasesslon Is In striking contrast with tho in
dilToronoo or sluggishness exhibited by tho
auiborltles in other parts of Asia.
’Jhllo Tasbkund remains more remote from
Moscow than our possessions ut tbo antipodes
are from London, uud while tho resources
ot Siberia oro undeveloped fur want of
railroads and canals, tho same six months have
witnessed tho subjection of u bravo racu and tho
connection of Utolr subdued territory with tho
main linos of communication In the Umpire. To
pretend that this exceptional energy has not a
Peculiar slgntiloanco would butodlsrogardfncts,
nor, although wa may rupoat that there is
nothing unreasonable in Russia desiring to bring
her latest Central Aslan acquisition Into dlreut
communication with Tillin' or Derbend. cun tbo
plain fact be ignored that tho first section In a
nneof railway which must one day connect
with Meshed, and possibly with Herat
jM*®, no? boon succusslully laid down and opened
tor traUlo. U may bo very well that at some
future period wu shall have to rooognlzo in this
peaceful triumph of human skill a circumstance
t D “neM pregnant with Important consequences
to tho destinies of Asiatic peoples and powers
dyu U i * a of itiKdoms ana Iho destruction of
Tho Cincinnati Gaulle publishes Iho following
regarding the (uturo prospects of the Ohio &
Mississippi ttailroad:
il'oium lucctln, of the Ohio it Mlaslulppl
"• l ! w . tt VVemyuny which will bo held Thursday
K^l n ?. ca *9'Com very exalting affair. Doth the
barren gndCJould faction* claim a clear mu
i«s i yor tho veiling puwur for their respective
leaders, ood both sides claim that they are ready
dp the buck Interval and Dealing debt
■tako. tUg property out of tho Itecelver’s
• thfact, they uro ready to promise ovory
,H l,| g and agree to anything to capture votes,
we.fully understands how liuporiant the
i. , *vstem of roads, and also bow. lutT
Kpoftaat It i* to win the Debt, for the victorious
will slrengitiun his position so much hy
~1,,-tsmg bis holdings that the possibility of
jupiurmg It hereafter Mill be out of lUooucs
i^ 11 '.hero will oo but four vacancies lu the
lli/ilfi i ?? Dirootors (composed of tblriemi), and
Uuuld get them nil bo would be In a
minority, but a victory now insures a vlotory at
me next election. lu the meantime ho would
£ H ‘?. «mmy. It not uut
,uhru ’ the UaUlmoco & Ohio
l,e rei, ts- Tbo Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St.
■ Chicago would also como in
»cr us share of Gould's wrath, lor U bus been
anything but friendly to the iVAbash. A good
many old .scores would Imvo to be sallied, And
in n way. too, thatsVoißd not enhance Dm value
or eci l i!i(ii HtiiM. |*or sevnrill VPnN Ihb wubitsh
im* Miihimd that the ouio A Mississippi atiu cm*
iillihall. Indianapolis, m. I,mils ACniongu have
leailu ltd in.null) divert busnmHs from it. mid
Hint Is atm of the reasons why Mr. Ooillrt wants
tho rood, it must hot In) supposed. however,
Unit this is merely u light between Gould and
Garrett, and ilicti the commoting linos West Are
spuelitlm-s only. Tim Illinois central, Chicago
A Altdh, Hock Island, Chicago, Rilrllngtnn A
Qnlney, and Cijmlflimtl. Indianapolis. Bt. Louis
& Chicago lloiuH uhi watching the eunlost with
■If ci> Inlolest. EVfcl-v one of Uiuin 13 mi open
nf tho Wabash, and would dn nnyming
m tiiulr power to thwart Mr. Mould ill HlSimimme
tounpinro HioOiilo AM)NKdii|i|, Tim Illinois
Central knows very well tllul the Odin t-onto
would bn closed nml the Cairo A Vincennes Road
used for BouDmrn business. Tim Chicago. Hur 7
llngtmt & Qllhitiy end Chicago A Alton would
act but very little, if any, tonnugo
iroru lUo .Ohio a Mississippi, and tno
Ctauimmtl, Indianapolis, Bt. Louis A Chicago
wmlldlmveto pay tor bujldliig its Knaitnhco A
Western. With tho Ohio A Mississippi nndunhu
Wabash management, Mr. Mould's position
would bo about as strong as it could he. 110
would Imvo a voice In minima tho rates between
ClncliUilUi, Toledo, Chicago, tho prlheipld In*
land cities in Illinois and Indiana, mid the tram-
Mississippi country from Omnbi) to the (li)lf of
Mexico. tbit tbo question Is. will It pay to lot
any one man have control of tho transportation
interests nr such a vast Ami of country? Then
attain* will It pay Cincinnati to have tbo Haiti*
inure A Ohio work all its hnslacss to mid from
the West via Chleniro. which would undoubtedly
bo (ho case If tho Ohio A Mississippi were to
pass under tbo control of parties hostile to It?
Tbo sympathies of tho Industrial Interests of
(lie Whole region or conhtry tributary tn tlio
Ibtltlmore A Ohio. Marietta A Cincinnati, and
Ohio A Mississippi are altogether mi the side of
Mr. Garrett; but if he wishes to retain ttimn be
must im up nnd doing, nnd see to it that tno
election on Thursday is not n repetition of the
Philadelphia, Wilmington A linltlmoro ntfalr.
Tho Bt. Louis Globe-Democrat has tho follow
ing regarding tbo serious freight blockade at
Enstßt. Louis:
"Tho most,serious question now confronting
tbo business interests ut this city is tbo freight
blockadu across, tho river. Hundreds of cars
arc quietly standing upon tho trucks mvniting
transfer, and tho merchants are clamorous to
ohlnlh their goads, while freight und transfer
olllces arc daily besieged for special favors. It
Is to tho detriment of tbo general trade that
such a statu nf affairs becomes possible, and
peculiarly so hi tho busiest season of tbo year.
Tbo freight linos claim promptness In delivery,
and aro inclined to mneq biitme upon tho Trans
tor Company, while tho latter has a number nf
excuses. Tno Transfer Company allege Uml
limy have had iWO horses, actually uml threat
ened, with tho plnk-cyo, and they wero pre
vented from exul ting themselves to meet tho
annual rush of goods; that tbo past two weeks
they only obtained a limited numbor of work
ing days on account of tho Incessant rains and
tbo closing of business over tho President's
death and tor tbo fair. It Is staled on good au
thority that cars arc now standing on tho
tracks at East Bt. Louis, (100 of which oolong to
tho VandalJa Lino. Hevcrnl merchants, during
the earlier portion of tbo week, obtained per
mission to send their own wagons over nnd
select a few boxes ol goods In Dm most needed
linos, but tho railroad companies soon dis
covered that such proceedings must be stopped,
or trouble would follow, and now each merchant
must await his turn. Twenty-live cars wero
pushed across yesterday and landed ut Dm
union Depot, nnd n great pressure was made
upon tho Transfer Company tn obtain Immedi
ate admission to those ears. It is n sinaular
fact that all tbo Jobbing dry-goods houses in tho
city nro entirely void of black prints, and there
is a groat rivalry to secure tho first lot. Tho
run was caused by tho extensive draping in
memory of Uarlield. A few orders for this lino
of goods wero duplicated yesterday to bo for
warded by express, ohd tbo brief struggle will
be Interesting."
Hut few people are aware of tho extent of tbo
Union I'nolllo Itnllrond system. Hitt three years
ago all tho company owned was its main lino
from Omaha tu Ogden, a distance of l,tktS mile*.
Since then It hus been building and having roads
right and left, until today it owns and controls,
nearly 4,000 miles. It operates nt present 51.7513
miles, and Its managers state that by tho end of
the your 230 miles more will have been tutded to
tbo number. This immense number of miles of
road Is divided up Into branches and divisions us
Mnlno Lino (Union Pacino Unllrond) i.aw
Omnha & llepubllcnn Vnlloy Division i:«
Omnlm. Niobrara 4: Uluck llllls Division,... HI
Colorado Division (Colorado Contral) 1M
Bt. Joseph & Western Division M 2
Juienburtr llrancn (Denver Junction to Den*
ver) i»7
Mnrysvillo ft llluo Ynlloy Division..r«
Echo & Park City Branch ID
Utah & Northern Division.... 41S
Fort Bussell. Almy, nml other spurs 11
Main Lino (Kansas Puclllo Hallway) aw
.Leavenworth Branch ;i4
Kansan Central Branch mi
Carhomlnlo Branch
JuncUuo City ii Fort Kearney Division TO
Solomon Division rt
Salluu & Southwestern IW
Cheyenne Division (Denver Puoltlc) 100
Boulder Valley Division yy
Guillen, Boulder* Caribou 0
Wyandotte & Enterprise spurs 4
Denver & South Park Division 22T»
Oraml Total !Vri3
Tho mileHtro In onurso of construction and to
bo completed by tho close ot HMW. so fur ns pub*
ly knmrn, foots up some I>oo miles. This work is
mulniyon tho Oregon Branch, from Granger,
to Portland, Ore.; on tho Utah Northern
Branch, through Western Montana; on the
OrooJoy, Salt J.nJce Pacific Brunch, from Oreo*
ley to North Park; Colo.; and on various exten
sions of the Denver Si South Park Division.
Special Dirpaleh to The Chicago TYiSuns.
Cr.iNTOk, 111., Oot. 10.—About four years ago
tho Supromo Court of Illinois issued a manda
mus on Nathan M. Barnett, of Barnett Town
ship, DoWltt County, ordering him to sign
$40,000 in bonds issued and voted to tho Illinois
Midland Railway, bo then being Supervisor of
that township. Mr. Harnett disobeyed tho order
of that honorable body, and, ns a consequence,
tho Court sent him to Jail for six months for
contempt, which sentence bo served, coming
out one ahead of tbo court, and now tho Bit
promo Court has ordered another mandamus to
bo Issued on Lyman Baruott, brother of Nathan,
ordering him to sign them os Supervisor of
Barnett Township. Tbo fun of tho caso Is that
during the last four years. In order to maintain
tho township organization, tbo people have
elected a Supervisor ouch year, hut tbolr candi
date after election would not qualify, and
Just how tbo Supremo Court cuu. mukn
u man hold olJloo whether bo wants to or pot
remains to ho soeu. It Is at least a very
dellcuto question for a court to decide. Thu
people am bound not to pay tho amount of tho
bonds, as Iho road has not yet complied with tho
ngroomunt or contract—viz.; The road was to
have boon laid through tbo contru of the town
ship. but instead of that tbo company built tbo
roadway oil to one side, bonoo tho bitter fooling
towards paying otf tho debt. It is a similar ease
to that of Harp Township, which has caused so
much trouble to this county In tho way of riots,
etu. Tho voters of Barnett Township nro not
to bo blamed very much for this resistance of
tho dobt, as It Is no doubt n fraud, though wu
presume that tbo dual outcome will bo tbo pay
ment of tho debt.
SAN FtuNCIHCO, Cal., Oct. 10.—The Bulletin
publishes editorially a report that tho South Pa
oltlo Coast Uallroan has been purchased by tbo
Central Pacific. It says; "Wo do not vouch for
Iho correctness of the rumor, but It coiao» from
two or three sources, ono nf which Is rarely at
fault. It Is a fact that too Central Pacillo bos
recently purchased iho tiauta Cruz St Watson
vlllo ami Montoroy & Bullnas narrow
gugo roads. Tbo former baa boon
already converted to broad gaga and tbo latter
soon will bo. It Is understood that those pur
chases aro for tbo purpose of heading on Jay
Uould In his otforts to obtain a terminus ot Bun
Graders on tho California A Nevada Railroad
havo advanced on tho Oakland end several
miles below that city. Another rumor which
appears tu have a basis of fact is that tbo Ore
gon St California Road and Huornuionto Valley
Railroad, tho former under tho euulrnl of Vll
lurd, and the latter controlled by tho Contral
PaoiMo, will form a Junction somowhero nonr
tbo Oregon Btato lino, forming a complete lino
from Han Francisco to Portland, and thence tu
Pugvt Bound.
Bpttial DUpalth (o Thi CWwao TViOuiu,
Lavaviotb, Ind., Oct. Id,—From tho annual
report of E. 11. Waldron. General Manager of
the Xaikn Erie & Western, which report is now
ready to ho submitted to the directory, your
correspondent loams that the not loss in freight
revenue from April Ito Juuo 30 uf tho current
year was IW.t&Ua, being that amount less than
tho sgmo tonnage would have paid
tho oumpnuy at tho rale prevailing dur
ing tho Anno period uf Ibo pre
vious year. Tho gross earnings fur tho year elid
ing Juno «H IMI. wore |I.UI,TULOJ: for tho pre
vious year. *l,oM,Mo.ll—an Increase for the year
of fdW.Sld.74. U U likely that Iho proxies bold
by Mr. Waldron will be voted on Wednesday
next fur tho present Directors, who retire on the
l-*tb—Messrs. White, Foster, Eels, and Dymun.
Ills iboughMbough.that there will not bo votes
enough to offset the stock bold by parties lu
terosted la tho Chicago, Uuclington & Quincy
ilond. . •
Tho General Buporlmeudout of tho Illinois
Central has, in accordance with the exprcssca
wishes of such of tucirntrous of tho Hyde Fork
train Who it So tho iDfty-seVniilll Mrnet depot
(entrance to smith Piirtti, nnlnred, that tho sigh
"Jackson Park," which covered the lellnrs
"Booth Park" over tho In'dll nulraew to tho
building, Im taken down, and that the original
of “Booth Park Klntloh" shall tm adhered to.
This hutloil will tmdouht meet wllh the hcartv
Approval of lltn natrons of the lino and all others
who visit smith Park, there having been a gen
erui protest against the iinino of "Jackson
Park* being applied to that station* ns the old
name Is considered tnoru appropriate In every
IlUl'VAl.o I'.VLK.
Bpttial UUvuteH ta tht CUUaon THfl'««•
lIUKVAM). N. V.* Oct. KJ.-P. P. Wright, Bn
perlntcndnnt of Transportation for the Now
York, Lake Erie A Western Railroad, arrived
hero this morning from Jersey City. Here ho
met General-Manager Newell, nf tho Lake
Khnrn A Michigan Southern, Who arrived
Himduy afternoon* and tho presumption Is that
« oonfommo «f Importance was bad, though
tmilhor gentleman had anything to say on tno
subject. Mr. Wright rulnrnud to Jersey City
this afternoon. Interviews with all prominent
Lake Shore ofllulals hero loave ho doubt bat
Hint Mr. Wright Imn boon tendered and ueeentud
tho position nf Uoncrai Superintendent of tlm
Liiku Bhuro A Michigan Boulhorn as suc
cessor to Mr. Payne, mid (but Ids formal
acceptance will bo made In a day or two. Wright
formerly held tho position nf Division Superin
tendent of tbb Lake Shore A Michigan Boniliorn,
his division extending from Ruiialo to Erie.
Previously ho acted as freight Agent for Dm
road, wllh heudquaners at Detroit. Tho
mutter of tho General Hiiporintchdency of tlio
Lake Shore A Michigan Southern Road hns
started a groat many renorts, all proving pre
mature. Sunday .1. T. I‘nrlmr was thought to
bo tho man, but today's development* Indicate
that lightning has struck in New Jersey. If
not. all tho otilulnls of tho road here bavo been
bitdiy uileled.
Special DupotcA to TDK ChUaoo Tribune.
WAtiAflit, lnd„ Del. ID.—Day boioro yesterday
J. Condlt Sthllb. President of tho new Chicago &
Atlantic Railroad, purchased forty acres of land
lying fourteen miles southeast or tho city from
AuroilTiipnnmng for f&uuo. The Impression
prevails that this land Is to bo used by tho rail
road company fur yards. Onu hundred und
thlrty-tlvo hum and forty teams aro grading on
this lino m Wabash County, and tho work is
being pushed rapidly.
Sr. I’awu Minn.* Oct. R).—'Tho new Uonrd of
Directors nf tbo Minneapolis A St. Louis Rail
road elected tho following olllcersl President,
W. I). Waibbum; Vico-President, 11. T. Welles;
Treasurer, a. H. Rode; Secretary M. P. Haw
kindt Executive Hoard, W. D. Washburn. C. U.
Pettit, J. H. Sidle, W. W. McNair. .
flptelal Olipatch to The Chicago TVlhunt.
Indianapolis, Ind.. Oct. Id.— Notice was re
coived today of tbo appulntmont of C. E. Hon
derson ns General Manager of the consolidated
lines of tbo Indianapolis. Hloomlngton& West
ern llallruad Company, with til* headquarters at
Indianapolis, Instead of, us formerly, nt New
Cincinnati, Oct. 10.—.1. M. Douglas, tho now
ly-iippolnlcd Deceiver of tho Ditto & Mississippi
llallruad, reached tbo city tonight.
Announcement Is made of tho appointment of
Mr. Charles E. Lambert us General Posaouger
Agent of tho Troy & Huston Uallroud.
Col. Joseph 11111 has been appointed General
Rupcrlntoudont of tbo East St. Louis & Caron
dolot Hallway, with headquarters at St. Louis.
Superintendent Wheeler, of tbo Western
Weighing Association, ropoita that, during tho
month of September, there wero weighed, un
der bla direction, 47,K3fl car-loads of freight.
Tho Chicago. Milwaukee Si Ht. Haul Itatlroad
announces that, after Out. In, tickets to Vermll-'’
lon, Yankton, Sioux Falla, or any point on Its
Sioux City & Dakota Division, sold In Chicago,
op-south nr cast thereof, reading to Hloux City
via any other Hue, thence via tbo .Milwaukee i
St. I'uul, will nut be accepted.
Thu Chicago & Alton bus Just completed a
now dintug-car named tbo •• Continental,”
which, it is claimed, Is superior, liutb in ele-
Bunco and comfort, to any dlnmg-eur yet con
structed. It win make )ts initial trip next
Wednesday. A special train, consisting of me
now dinmg-ear‘•Continental* amt a reelinlng
chair cur, will leave the (Jenoral Union Passen
ger Depot, corner of Madison nml Canal streets,
at 11 n. in., and will he run to Juliet and return,
to glvo tbo Invited gnosis an opportunity to in
spect this gem of n ear.
Mr. Charles 0. Eddy, (lenoral Freight Agent of
tbo CbluiiKo & Northwestern Hallway, hurt Just
Issued tbo following circular to agents and con
necting lines, regarding trulgbt destined (or
Mtlea City, via Olondlvo, Mont., informing them
that bo Is advised mat mo Northern Paciile cun
now receive shipments of freight for Miles City,
via Ulomlivo. Airents are instructed to receipt
for freight ns far us (iluudlve only, us shippers
or consignees must provide their own transpor
tation trem that point,
Mr. Bellows, of tbo Arm of Hollows & Co., tbo
bridge-builders, now constructing tbo Northern
I'ucillo llullroud bridge at Ulsmarea, Is m tbo
city. Hu says tbo now brldgo is to cost S2,OUU,-
UW, and win not bo complotod before Ueiubnr,
1882. The bridge will be two miles in length,
will aland on six piers, and in Its construction a
force of 1.200 men Is kept constantly employed.
Mr. Hollows (caves today for Lafayette, ind., to
procure twenty-five Hut cars for hauling grave/,
new locomotives, and uxcaVat mg steam shovels.
Mr. O, A. Klrabnll, for many years chief clerk
In tbo general freight ellien of tbo Cnleagu,
Hack Island & Paelllc Itallruad, Ims resigned to
accept tbo position of Traveling Freight Agent
of tbo JLuke tihoro and Michigan aouinorii Hull
road. Mr. Klinlmll is an aide and elliuicnt
irolght-mnn, and mo Lako Shore may consider
Itself fortunate in having boon able to secure
bis services. Last Saturday Mr. Kimball wuh
presented by bis old associates on the Huuk
Island with a fine gold ebulu ami luvket, the lat
ter appropriately inscribed, us a token of tbolr
regard and oatoora.
When tbo Eastern trunk linos consented to
submit to tho demands of tho Western Trunk-
Lines’ Passenger Association regarding tho emi
grant business, about n month ago, they re
quested that a meeting bo called, ut which tho
dilllcnltlcs regarding tho emigrant business
could bo fully discussed and adjusted. It was
thought that snub a meeting could ho held at
the tutu* of tbo Qonornl Passenger Agents’ Con
vention Sept. t!0, but nil weto In such a hurry to
got back that nothing could hu done. Commis
sioner Dixon, of tho Western Trunk-Lines’ As
sociation. Is now making arrangements to cult
such meeting at os early a day us cun bu agreed
In his Inaugural speech upon tbo occasion of
tbo reount opening of tho Darjeeling Tramway,
or “Himalayan Railway." as Anglu-lndlmts
prefer to call It, Hlr Ashley Eden claimed for the
enterprise tbo merit of having “solved
problems never be loro solved in tho history of
railway undertakings."
“Wo know," ho added, “of no othor lino
which asuunds 7.400 foot in fifty miles, mounts
gradients of ono in twenty-one. and comes
round curves ot seventy foot radius." Tho lino
Is described as presenting to tho oyo tho ap
puaranco of “a snake winding up Into tuo
Thu tramway, which is fifty miles long, en
ables tbo Journey front Calcutta UWI miles) to
bu portortnud in about twenty-four hours. Its
terminus at Durjouimg is T.e'Jd feet above tbo
lovul of tbo sou. Tho capital of tho Darjeellug
Tramway Company la stated to havo boon raised
outiroly lu India.
flpwlal littpaun to Ths Chicago TVtSuns.
Hi'uinoviklu, HI., Got. 10.—A bill was tiled to
day tu tho Circuit Court to brook tho will of
Thomas Htrowbrldnu, nf Ibis city, wbo died In
Juno, IMO, leaving hn estate valued at |UO,OOO.
Ho made several bequests to all bis heirs at law,
us well os sovorut bequests to churches, oto.,
but loft tbo bulk of bis property to tho Homo
for tbo Friendless In this city. Tho wilt has
boon admitted to probate, but mo heirs havo
employed Emery A. Btorra to eon tost it on tho
ground of alleged tmsoundnusa of mind gad tho
unduo Influence of u sister.
SjMttol PiipaUh Is Tlu CMiago IWbunc.
BruixaviKU), HU Oct. 10-Adjulant-Goaeral
Elliott and Uqrgoou-Gunpral Dixon, uf tho
Governor's itu/r, lore tonlirtu locCtilaavo, where
they will bo joined by-the other member* the
naff and proceed to Yurklown to uttoud the
centennial with Gov. Cullom.
Bvttial DU*utn lo Tht CMeago IWMmr.
Mit/WAUKBK, Oct, 10.-Tbo unfortunate, part
ly-pgralyxod stranger who bus been at the police
station slnco Saturday boa ’boon ideutlQod as
Mlubaol Mullugb, of Sterling, ill, lie will he
sunt to that Miami tomorrow, Nothing of tho
uufortunatv s history can ha learned.
Bam Fuamoisoo, Cal., Get. id.—The llusslan
Ueot. consisting uf the Clastqu, Africa, and
Nolstulk, sailed fur Honolulu today.
Her Feather*.
A girl at Anderson. Ky.» desired a now bat
trimmed profusely with bright-colored feathers,
according to tbo ruling fashion, but bad no
money to buy thou. A brlUlant-bued rooster
camobur way, and she killed him. plucked his
feathers, and adorned mo bat exactly to bur lik
ing. Hut the owner or tho fowl bad her arrested,
and she wore tho bat lu court Instead of church,
as she hud lutcudcd.
Quite a Fleet Chartered Ycster*
day to Carry Corn to
Three Cents the Prevailing Rate
Paid by Shippers for
. Room.
Tho KtGiim-Bfiffto .Jolm U. Lyon
Gets AJrrohml at Division
Btrcot Bridge.
Around tho Lahes—Vesool Charters—Dock
and Other Notes—Arrivals and
Quito a fleet was chartered for corn to Iluifalo
yesterday, (he rate paid being J coots. Nearly
every available currier in pnrl was taken, and
tho prospect is that emits will be tillered and
paid by shippers beloro the close of toe reck
for room tn luwor lake ports. Bo many grain
carriers have gone into tbo lumber nnd ore
trades Dial there IS n scarcity of vessels suitable
to carry grain, and those In port will undoubt
edly receive paying freights down tho lakes for
tho balance of tbo season. Tbo following em
brace those chartered yesterday:
Fo r liuffitlo. liuthd*.
Propeller Concmmurh. corn ftu.ww
Propeller Arabia, corn.... JW.uuu
Propeller NabanU corn
Propeller CmluetOKa, corn ua.puo
Propeller Nyncß, corn; mi.ww
I'lxjjiullor J. Plßk.corn.... !<u.ouu
Propeller J. Uouli), corn :w.ixw
Propeller Jlrnnswlck, corn. w,«w
Schooner It. li. llnycs, corn fcJ.iwu
Schooner Menrs. corn.. iw.iwtj
Hchoonur 11. C. Itletnmw, corn
ScbbotierUcd Win*. corn 4S,UUO
For Omceuo.
ScboonorSam Cook,corn., £.‘,000
Total capacity
Lumber freight* remain steady and firm at
tho ruling rates. Vessels nro in good demand,
especially for east-shore porta. A few charters
were made yesterday tit tbo following rates:
I ram East Saginaw to Lake Erlo
ports $3.23 <5,2.30
From East Saginaw to Chicago ;j.23 f(fJ.3U
From Hay City to Luko Erie porta.. sl.su (£1.73
From Hay City to Chicago.... U.uo
From Manistee to Chicago 2.51754
From l.udlngton to Chicago 2.125*
From White Luke to Chicago 2.00
From Grand Haven to Chicago L?755(5-2.0u
From Muskegon to Chicago 1.H75Fh.2.tx)
Oro freights nro reported us very strong, tho
revival of grain freights being likely to draw
some of tbo grnlu-vesscU engaged In carrying
ore at present back to tbolr proper trade. Tbo
following arc now tho rates:
From Escanubu to Chicago $ l.fti
From Rscannba to Grand Haven l.u;,
From Kscumibn lotioUth Chicago 1.03
From Escanuba to Lake Erie ports.,.. I.ROQd.u:,
From Marquette to Luke Erie ports.... 2.tx»it2.25
Yesterday's advice*, from Hulfalu mill repre
sent coal freights as very unsettled, with tho
tendency In fnvnr of higher rates. Coal-ear
tiers are very scarce nt Umt port. From Erie
and Cleveland stocks are represented as rather
small, with butsllght demand for carriers. Tuc
following are the llguros (rum tne porta named
From imfrnlo to CblcnffO tMO&I.r/i
From Hutfalo toMllwaukou 1.4U&1.M)
I rom DutliUo to Duluth 1.115
From Euko Erie purl* to Chicago VMfoVW
From l.aku Krlo ports to Milwaukee..
From Lake Hi iu ports to Ituome 1,40
From Luke Erie ports toUsciumlm 1.U5
From Luke Erlo ports to Duluth l.t?J
From Luke Kile ports to Detroit 4.V£ w
From Cleveland to Hullulo K&t. 73
From Oswejtoto Cliloujom. k'.ttx^'.riU
From Oswego to Milwaukee,. U.tUicd.fW
fly Lnko Krlc* pons Is uny pons on iitiko
Krlo weal of uml wtilcli !ron*uro
Is conalguod, and from wbfyii caul Is skipped.
the nonunion steamboat link.
A number ot changes and appointments In tho
Goodrich Lino have taken place by tho addition
of tho now propeller Michigan to tho line. Cnpt.
It. Prlndlvllio, a well-known Chicago skipper,
has been appointed master of tbo now propeller
Michigan. Joe Russell has been appointed First
Mato. Al Sohutto, formerly on the Htemn-lmrgo
liamum, has boon appointed Second Mato.
George Cowan has boon appointed First Engl
peer, and George Nelson Steward. Tbo crew
have gone to Detroit, and the Michigan will ar
rive at Mllwunkou next Sunday. Mr. Arnott,
for a long time tbo clerk of tbo Monomhico, will
go In tbo same position on. tbo Michigan. Ills
place on cbe Menominee was taken by William
Horbst. John Magnor has been appointed Stew
nrd on tbo Menominee. Tbo new propeller
Michigan will immediately be placed ou tbo ranto
betwoou Milwaukee and Grand Haven, and tbo
steamer City of Milwaukee withdrawn.
THE HAlimm AT EltlE.
The Government work on tbo harbor has been
nearly completed, and hut u fortnight mure will
bo needed to finish the small piece of tbo south
pier of tbo channel extension, all that in nnw
incomplete. Luku men nave boon troubled for
years by u bugo bar that was always to bu round
ut tbo entruueo tn tbo channel, and an attempt
has been made to remove this permanently.
Thu current In tbo channel Is tromondmuiv
swift, bnl the south pier being several hundred
foot shorter than tbo north pier, tho current
broke at tho end of the south pier, and lost its
force to such an extent that It could not keep
tbo channel open, hence the formation ol ibo
bar. Thu piers have been made of equal length
and tbo bar has been removed by dredging, and
It is thought that tho currupt will In tbo future
prevent Its formation.
Tbo revenue cutter Andy Johnson arrived at
Green liuy Saturday tuormug, and remained In
port thure until Saturday evening, when she
left for Eseinmbn, where she remained all day
yesterday. Tbo Johnson has received orders lo
cruise tbo northern waters of this lake aud to
bu on tbu lookout for vessels In distress.
Tbo Sailors' Union meets tonight.
There were thirty-three vessels at the lumbar
market yesterday.
Tbo schooner Milwaukee Is la the Vessel-Own
ers’dry-dock being calked,
Most of the ore charters reported now are
p. t., which means pretty tough.
Tho schooner Emollno tost her spritsail yard
ot the lumber market yesterday.
Tbo Une steam-barge Queen of tho West, GspL
Charlie MuMlllan, Is again in port.
Tbo schooner Itadlcal lost her anchor-stock
and hoaagoar at Twelfth street bridge yester
Tbo Cleveland Lender says coal is so scarce
there that it Is doubtful If a vessel could procure
« load.
Tbo many friends ofCspt Courtland, of the
tug J. W. HrucHawuy, will bo pained to louru of
bis serious Hluoss.
Tho schooner Midland Hover, Copt. CTotrln,
arrived In port yesterday from Midland with a
cargo of tun* bark.
Tho stcam-burgo Jarvis was on tho
Parisians Island, Lake Superior* das boon re
leased without damage or moment.
Tbo sebuoiior American. Cant. Cal Hooker,
made the ruu trom Chluuiro to Oswego and buck
to Mllwuukeu lu twenty- tour days.
Tbo wife of Cant. Hubert Todd, of tbo schooner
John M. Hutchinson, l» very Hl—so 111 that she
cannot bo removed from tbo vossul. .
Tho scow Mary Qerreit made tho round trip
butwoou Cleveland and Kelly's lalaud lu twon
tv-four hours, during which llwo sbu took a load
of stone, . • '
Tho forward portion of tbo steamer Cnrapana
was docked at Port Oalbuusle on Thursday. Tho
after portion will be ducked as soon as exion
sinus am made to the duuk.
That stanch old craft, for many years the
" How of tuo Lukes," the schooner rlying Cloud,
Capt. Tom Guunton. arrived at this non yester
day looking us fresh as she did thlrlg-luo years
Capt. Wilds, of tbo stcam-bargo Maine, yes
terday paid to the city IM.W, tbu amount or tbo
damage td the Clark street bridge occasioned
by bis boat colliding with that structure a week
Threo anchors have been picked up from a
depth yf sixty to seventy feet between Timber
Island and Point Traverse, where the water has
bcoit so clear that they could easily bo seen on
thopcttoju. •
Mostuo statistics of tbo lake ports in the
United mates gives tbu .number of vessels,
steam and soil, at present on the stocks at be
tween forty and fifty, with p tannage ranging
from P,MUU to U,Uw tons cadf. .■
Tho propeller Nyack arrived from below yes
terday with a number of passengers and a largo
nuamtiy of freight. Cupt. Shannon sail that
although bis bout is stripped preparatory to
laying up, still the passenger travel by toe popu
lar route of the Uulou Line propellers silU eutl-
tlnlieft th sbtne dxtoril. Mthmigh iHo baits are
not running on regular lime, going nut nf part
us Minn as their tMlrgd Is nlsehnt'ged, and run
ning wild ns tbs nthH* finals nr the line,
The Master of Dm propeller Arabia said yes
terday Uml he has imverexperleneeitstmb d sea
sun since his appearance on thu lakes us tbo
present one. lie claims that It has bean a sea
son nf nolhlDg but heavy fogs and gnles*
Tho big slesm-bsrgo John 11. Lyon got stuck
lh Did Hind at Division street bridge yesterday,
Blx tugs pulled on her all the afternoon, and
could net budge her. Bho will prntmblv have tn
lighter part or her cargo of coal In order to get
off tbcbultuiti.
Ihorpwero two Jams Up tho North Ilratmb
yesterday, mid two up the Konth Rranuh at the
upper i-Hllrnnd bridue. Harbormasters Cary
and McCarthy Were kept busy straightening
things yesterday, much in tholr disgust, ns well
as the masters of the vessels caught in tho Jams.
A telegram from Capt. Davis, of tbo revenue
cutter Andy Johnson* states that he bos assisted
the iug Kitty Bmoke in an attempt to pull the
iMinken steam-barge Granite Blute off the rooks
ul Clay Ranks, but fdlled. Thu Johnson will
proceed to Green Hay, tbunco to Lakes Ildron
uhd Superior.
A sailor named George Larsen bad his right
leg broken in two places by a pile nf lumber
falling on him Haturday whim as-Htlng to load
the scow Roukaway ut Miuhugmt. Me was
brought to this city, and President Powers, nf
tho Bailors' Union, had him taken to Urn Morins
Hospital yestel'duy.
Tim Turn Over Club (the lilgmen's club) meets
tlhder Wells sired bridge Wednesday evening.
“RlowerJoe" Is the President for Dm ensiling
term ut Orto Week, und Piddv Lee the Secretary.
Applications for membership may be left with
tbo Cnmaln of (he tug Triad or any other good
looking lug Captain.
Tho new steamer Algomnh, built by the De
troit Dry-Dock Company for Dm Detroit. Mar
qtmttn & Mackinaw Rnllway. made her trial trip
oh Dm Detroit Rlvnr Thursday, ami proved a de
cided success. Him makes ilfteen miles nn hour
with ported ease. Bbn w ll bo sailed by A. A.
Kirby, and Is valued ut S*X),UtO.
In reference to Dm excessive rules for lowing
charged ny the Oswego tugs, Mr.J. IC. Post, at
that city, suys ttmt at the opening ut nuvigatloo
this spring a reduction of r* per cent on Inn
full's towing rates was made by (be Association,
and those rates still obtain ami will during tho
season. Tim same rates were adopted by Dm
tugs at Fulrlmvcn und Charlotte. Tho rales
lire about OilU'hißf lower than ut Chicago Slid
lluffulo, and are lower than at any port where
u like amount of business Is dune botwoeh Chi
cago and Quebec. When a vessel goes above
the bridge to loud coal, the D., L. & w. Rnllrmnl
Company pay towing expenses both wavs, and
And It Ouvitper to employ Association tugs than
lu maintain one of tholr own.
The regular mooting of the “.Tolly Captains'
Club" will be buM mi tho North J’ler this even
ing at V o'clock sharp. Among tho now mem
lien* to be itillluieu Ibis evening, aru Capls.
Charlie McMillan, John Sullivan, James Crogln.
nnU Tom Gutmlon., For the hifonbiUton of
tlmso Captains desiring to Join the club wo me
reiinestod to Inform them that to Join tho club
It la necessary to receive one white ball. Any
Captain who cobnut gel ono member to vote lit
Hla lavor Is rejected. The prlnelpal subject
tor discussion at tbo meeting tonight
will bo tno bridge ordinance, and It
Is likely tbut Mayor Harrison will hu in*
vited to ntlond tbo meeting and give Ids
views us to tho best means to bo employed to
Induce tug Captains to run schooners Soto
bridges ho Umt they can bo arrested
and Hied. It has now been been three or four
days since a bridge was thumped, and tbo Presi
dent of the club (his horse hus tho “ pink-eye,"
and wo won’t mention ids nanio tor that reason)
thinks tbo thing Is getting monotonous.
Sprrlal DlmkiU/i to The Chicago Trlbunt.
MUSKRUON, Mich.. Oct. 10.—'The labor troubles
heretofore referred to by your correspondent
culminated this morning by n general strike,
and nil mills on tho lake win be compelled to
shut down. An Immouso procession of labor
ers, bended by a band, paraded tbo streets this
morning, and speeches were tmtdo to tho men at
Mason's Grove, urging thorn to stick out and
keep away from the saloons, and remain or
derly and Inw-nbldlcg. Tho tlrst bad blood was
shown this mornlmr at M. Wilson Si Co.'s
milt, where tho engineer was roughly handled
and tho mill compelled to shut down. A labor
union U to be organised, and, Judging Irani a
general talk with tho men, they will bung nut.
Tho dock-wallopers aru In sympatny with the
laborers, and no vessels will bo loaded today.
Too general cry Is. “Ton hours or no Sawdust,"
Tbo contracts set to be tilled cover nearly 200,-
U.tj.0.10 feet, and tho mill-owners will not be able
to nil them unless (he mills run lull time. To
wards noun tho dock-wallopers went to work,
and lUteco vessels cleared with 1,87r>,0d0 feel of
lumber, about one-third the usual Monday’s
clearances. At Bp. m. tbo strike remains about
tho same. Tho mill-owners and workmen arc
apparently tlrm, and there will probably bu oo
change lor a few daps. Rome mill-owners are
inclined to yield, but unless all give In no satis
factory results to tho men will bu reached.
Sumo prominent mill-men say that they will
shut down lor the ronmlndorot tbo season rather
than adopt tho tcu-buur system. Everything Is
quint tonight. Tbo strike atfucts about 4,(XX)
gprelal DUpaUh to The Chicago Tribune.
Ruffalo, N. V., Oct, 10.—Coal freights today
continuo tlrm at last week's quotations. En
gagements—Propeller Oceana and schooners
Michigan, Nicholson, and Gardner, coal to Chi
cago nt $1.40; propellers W. H. Ilarnum. C. J.
Kershaw, and T. W. Palmer, coal to Milwaukee
at(l.4l»s schooner 11. F. Merry, sand tn Detroit
ot 8U cunts, two deliveries. Canal freights have
advanced another }* cent. Shlptucuu were
made at 45f cents on wheat, 4J* cunts on corn,
and U.V corns on Uuxseod to Now Fork.
Spteial IMepalch to The Chicago TYlhunt
Milwaukee, Oct. 10.— I Tho schooners Americ
an and Iris were chartered for wood from Sister
Day at (2.75 per coni.
Spteial DUPnldt to The Chicago TVibunc.
Cleveland. U., Oct. 10.—Charier—Schooner
Mineral State, coal, Lontleu to Itacine, (1.05
gprclul DUpatrJi la The Chicago Tribune,
Milwaukee, Oct. 10.—Early this forenoon
Messrs. Wolf St Davidson received n dispatch
from Cnpt. Ivlrtland announcing that the tug
Leviathan bad abandoned tbo sleam-burgu
Granite State, lying upon n rocky reef near tbo
Clay Hunks Pier, us a total loss. Tho three
powerful pumps carried by the Leviathan fulled
to free tbo old bulk, which bad suffered severe
punishment from tho heavy seas that have been
encountered since she ran ashore. Tho Granite
State Is (ho property of Uusscll, tbo Chicago
Canal street liveryman. Russell purchased her
of Philo Chamberlain several years since, pay
ing part of tbo purchase money down
and glvlug a mortgage, secured by
a pulley of Insurance, for. tbo bul»
anco due, sumo (5,000. This policy of insurance
wash peculiar oue. It covered simply partial or
tutul destruction by lira In any harbor of Ibo
United States or Canada, between Dulutb and
Quebec. No provision was made for damage or
destruction by lire on tbo high seas; neither
was tho danger of shipwreck guarded against.
Thus It will bo soon that Mr. Chamberlain Isa
loser to tho extent of (0,000 by the disaster tn
the Granite State, us with the loss of tho craft
bis lien Is wiped out. Tbo Insurance on the
steam-barge wag placed by Milwaukee agents
last spring, and It Is understood tbat the pollny
was framed according to tho direction of Mr.
Chamberlain. Ho will now In all probability try
to make himself whole by securing tho outfit
and machinery of the wrecked craft. Outside
of Mr. Chamberlain's policy there was no in
special Dispatch to Ths Catoaeo Trttun*.
Mimvaukkk, pot. 10.—Capt. Midland today
telegraphed that tho pumps of tbo me Levia
than, played on the slenm-bnrgo Granite Statu,
sunk at tbo Olay Uauks, wore unable to free
her. aud that work bud boon abandoned. It
was understood, howovor, that tbo owner of tbo
Qraulto State does nut give bur up, and will
attempt to lift her with scows.
tfpSCiOJ DlSMtch to Tlu ChXCCQO TVtOuiU,
Mti.wAUKKK, Out. 10.—Having abandoned tho
stcam-burgo Granite Statu, tbo tug Leviathan
will proceed to I’csbtigu for tbo purpose of low
ing a raft of pine logs etmtulalug about 1,000,000
foolloTwoKivers lor tbo null and tub manu
factory of Mann llrotbors. Tbo trip of tbu lug
to the Granite State protulaoa to be a dead loss
to her owners, unless they shall see tit lullbol
the craft where she lies, tugnthor with the cedar
posts comprising her freight.
SpteiaX pitvxtth to Tbs Cfcleajo Trteuns.
Buppau). N. Y„ Got. 10.—Cunt, Cornelius
Holley, of this city, was today appointed Muster
of tho steamship Oeoaulca, vivo Capt. James
Davidson. Capt. Hviloy sailed the propeller
Nebraska, of toe Commercial Lino, In ItfTtf. and
lust year was Master <m the Cuba fur snmu time,
This season ho has been employed ashore hero
by the Anchor Line. Thu OeuunlcA came down
fight Irom Chicago and took on about &euo tons
of goal for tbu Ulugh Company, She was
aground this afternoon in the river opimslt the
coal duck, us the water was about a toot low.
The price paid for this boat was HUMJiXi.
woiik counuma.Y away.
apteiot IHnaltn M To# Chicago Trtoufts.
Mu.WAUKgg.Ocl. Id.—Thu sloam-burga Na
bain, which was towed hither last week disabled
because of a loose wheel, has received a new
ouo of the Philadelphia pattern. It was found
on examination that tuo timer bub of tbo old
wheel bud been ground away to u point Inside of
Urn line of the bueket-uuus, through contact
With Hid Hum hearings. «nd that the beauties
)hi'm«t!ithi nadb'Oh rnuniltnl os min • turn*
itm-i.Mtie. Thw MiipoMimMiig was retained, but
Old lower tiMMIItf llrttl toll«* renewed;
uunljui *b tlltUAnu hi ntabvr.
. MibWAUKkM, Win., Oct. 10.—The tUrf Denis
Brothers, towing it tin* laden with ‘JO,DUO liuahoil
of barley from Green liny to Chicago, touched
al thin port today for fuel. Thu Master or the
tug says ho intends to remain at Clilcrirt and
engage In harbor lowing for the remainder of
tbe season.
not UAMAofcn Mttcn,
Sjwcfol Dispatch to Tht Chicago Trtturv*.
Dfrp.u.o, n. y. # Oct. lu.—Tbo name of (be
tnnii who was drowned Ml Fort lllirwoM, Ont, on
Saturday, by tbo .going nshnro of the barge
American, was I’. Mathnws. clnd bo lived at Fort
Miirwcll. 110 was assisting in loading the lies.
1 ho barge is not damaged much, and will be re*
bah to tfcr iir.u nAtr 00.
Smtol OUtxifril t a The CAUaoo TVlbutU.
EastT.\was. Mich.. Out. 10.—Thu tug Swoon*
Itakus, after working two days on Tier raft
which went ptmore near Fort Crescent on ac
count of tbu boitvy northwest wind, was obliged
to let It go. and arrived here at op. ra. A largo
licet Is In tbo buy. W|mi northeast.
nbveb known uimmu.
Special /t roiilih (n TT.s l,'hi tan TVtnns.
KiNtifitox, Ont., Got. 10.—Propellers from Chi
cago nrn arriving at this port light—something
that was never known before. Tbo Captains
state that they cannot get a cargo.
Bftcu it JUipaleh to Tht Chicago TYlbunt*
Tawas Mich., Oct. 10.—Tho schooner
(■ayoite Brown took refuge horn during Inst
night, tho gale having carried away her head
canvas. The schooner David Provost, lumber
laden, is also in tho harbor, as are also a Urge
uumher of craft.
AlllllVAl.S. -
fjitnr Nheboysan. Manitowoc, sundries.
‘tmr oomnn, Milwaukee. muiijriM.
•fop tl. I), t'otnnberry, Krle. coal.
•nip a. t. Baldwin; hscanaba. Iron-ore.
rupuvuniv Uumiuua, i.udiuuton. lumber.
’nip A. Kvori'ii. mat.
•n»p.Mcs«fintfor. BtMiloh llathur. Sundries.
■rop ekyirtm, Mcnim, lUri-or. sundries,
rop Waocn of tile .West, Bntlnlu. turn.
•row Arnbla. UUdulo, vumirltM.
•rop J. «. sentems. saurfaiuuk. sundries.
•mp Itabe UiclmriH. r.scnnaun, iron-ore.
•run w. It. ututwick. Bar uir, lumber.
•rup Nnhani, Miiwaukei-, limit.
’rop John I), l.j-on.
•nm Aruniinau Kocamitn. irmi-ore,
nip Nr.u-k. Hutlalu, suumt'js.
hip cTtr of utiimii. Umthli. sundries.
■rop Oconto. Oroeit Bar, sundries.
‘rop JJimicsota. B*«fKn«ba. irun-ure,
•rup Banalo. sumlrlus.
*r«p Bn,coiwl. (•ushtlso. towing,
run Ahcrcum. i.'liarloltc. coni.
Prop Imur-tiLimn. K,vanillin. Iron-ore.
Prop tfu it. tiweti. K-cniiaua, tmn-ore.
NcUr <t. Brndlcf, Alnskcgou. luurbtfr.
bchrll. It. Nuwcouib, hntt. tunl.
fehr Mucgle Hull. MusKcgoti, lumber.
Nchrii. Trumpir, I.,combs. Inm-ore.
M«hr H. B. Atuoru. Mu,hesuit. lumber.
Hrhr J, Il.Alfioi. Potnf Hi. Nicholas, lumber.
f-vlir JJudlir r>i. Joseriu, wchkl.
t<riif iioi.rr Buruor. J.mnngtuu. lumber.
fchr’J’. V. Avt-rr, Muskeiioii. lumber,
hchr Atiomm. MuiKugon, uunhur.
Scar Alvin, ilrund Muvon. lumtnir.
fchri.'ltr of Erie. Hruiid Ifht.-m. lumber,
hthr (iul(Joi) linrvcsi, lumber,
fuhr Beloit, rtult|iorl. tic*.
Pclir J. \V. iiriiwn, Mthkcsim, wood.
Nt-hr Pemlu, White l-nku, iiiutbor.
t*vhi’ Wolvcrlnu, Muskegon, lumber,
MclirCimKengc. .MnsKvinm, lumber.
fchrritr oft,rand liuvuii.urund llaseD, lumber.
K’hr BollTlu, Bmrlnv. Baht.
evhr Kvilpee, nirriugtun. lumber.
fcltr Kulu llinohlilun, Muskegon, lumber.
Scnr Kimle Wing, .Unskegoti. lumber.
Hcor Penobrcol. l.uutngton. lumber.
Hear tycr l.nwion. Mu,nvgnn. innibur.
Pchr Jason Purkor, Muskegon. nuuU.
Hebr Potuiuuc. .Muskcluii. wood.
ythrC. llnrrhon. Whlio igtite, lumber,
rebr Wpnulve. Hrubd Itnven. lumber,
yctir UoifSnwHt. ifrniiC Hhvcii. lumber,
febr < nbu. MnnlHieu. lumber.
M‘br Boca Bello. PeiturHter. lumber,
ffclif .1. A. Uoimo'. Uruna llnvi-n. lumber.
Actin'. K. Allen. (Jrnnd Mnven. liuuber.
Mclir HurUl Hnvis, Pcntwuter. lumber,
fccbr l.olilsu McHoimlJ. Miini,lce. lumber.
Pvbr Bertbn Burner. Kscimubu. lumber.
Evbr flndlvul, Puntwuter. lumber.
Hettr Austrnlia. Mthtcmn. lumber,
Pviir Alay luvbnr.is. Kseamoin. iron-ore.
Hebr Adrlntlc, MnsKvaon. lumber.
Hehr Orkney lm>r. Muskegon, lumber.
Hcbr HoueriKrycr. Bay City, lumber,
hettr h lying Cloud. I.lulo rluaiiitvu. lumber,
svtiri ccclio, i.utbiigtou, lumber.
Sclir bln. Mnrihtee. Imubor.
fehr Carrier, Traverse, bnrk.
felirc. Mlcholfon. l.tidinston. lumber.
Jupiiii, i.utUiigton. lumber,
fvlir Annie O. liniiron, MunUtee. lumber.
Ncur Pilot. Muskeiioh, light.
Nctir Nnrtti Cape. Kowumiee, bnrk.
M’hr Mlmiuimiia. .Muskegon, lumber.
Mbr otter, i.mlumiun. lumber,
pear M. Cupri.ii. Mumstuu, lumber.
.-, bi’ Han .V'Wimii. .Muskegon, lumber.
Sebr !r. J. Clark. nioLarguii. lumber.
M’hr Typo, hsi-umibn. iron-ore.
sciir.l. M. ItuleliltiMin. Krle. coni.
MbrC..l. Well>, Bußulu. coal.
K’br K. P. Uoycu. l.udlnsiou. lumber,
four Ciiyiiboga. Bnwlekuii's Buy. tie*.
Sibr Mliilaml Hover. OmirsUin Bay, bark.
Pebr Abnupue. Manistee, lumber,
gcltr At. IV. Page.- Ilunuin. von),
gear J. B. Wilber. Cedar Itwer. (umber.
Miiriit'n. Hlgvl, MuHUiTiim. lumber,
fvlir Moriibig star, Onum Buy. plg-lrun.
Mmri’urot tVoodsuicK, Traverse Bay, bark.
Mnr \\. 11. Iluttbutn. Manlsieu, lumber,
fettr KtUgorulil, UutTnlo, coal,
j-ciir.l. o, King. Uußulo. coal,
fcchrlrpn State. Kscunuba. Iron-ore.
schr Jessie pailtlus, Kraakfort. lumber.
M-nr Aorta Star, MU«kegon, lumber.
Sihr J. O. Mows. Pontwutor, lumber.
M’hrUllben Knuptv Krunkfnrt. lumber.
Sebr Alvin Bronson, lloburu Buy. bark.
SclirSuuvtmlr, Pemwuter. lumlolr.
sebr l.ima Jyhnsnn, Muiilstv**. lumber.
SehrNouue Buy. Pcsiitlgo. lumber.
Hebr Aollve, peslttigo, lumber.
Hear Albitby, Uhntloue, coni.
Mbr Jane Bulsiyn, Clbirbmn, coal.
Svtir Newsboy. Alcnoiuinee. lumln'r.
Svbr IC. J. Hkfdmure. i.udmgton. liimbOß
Schr O. H. .NoiHh, Pier pori. lumber.
SetirOublo. Pier Port, lumber.
Sent Mmmolla. Muskegon, wood.
Scitr llomur. Clevelimu. coni.
Mbr Amuricun Union, Menominee, lumber.
Sclir A. K. Morse. Muskegmi. lumber,
hour \V. It. Hawkins, MunUiVe. lumber.
Hvlir 1.. W, Perry,Traverse liny. wood.
Sebr K. B. I'erew, Manistee, lumber.
Scln S. Bates. Horn's Pier, wood mid tics.
Sclir Plneblx, l.mllngton. lumber.
Scbr it. C. Cmwlonl. MunUtee, lumber.
Sclir America. Sturgeon Buy. lumber.
Schr Knto Burley, Mvnuminee. lumber.
Sclir K. V. it. Watson, point m. Ignaco, lumbar,
bebr 12. J. McVcu. Bay City, lumber.
actp.u, b.uu.nos.
Htror Corona, Milwaukee, sundries.
Himrßliebuygnii, MuiiUuwoe. sundries.
•rop Annie Young. Milwaukee, Mubi.
•rop Uulnwuru. Hurtalii.bum lm ugru and sundries,
'rep HsntiJmv, Montague. lUlit,
•rop Annie laiura, Muskegon. light.
•rop K. M.TMompsnn. Muskegon. light.
‘fop lioßi'obet. l’ii*hll«n. lowing.
•rop Nullum, Uiißuin, odOUt bu corn.
•rop It’ H- Poruw, Brand Haven.sundries,
•run J. B. Beawms, BougMiivk, nundrlea.
•rop B- >'• Urlllaln. White i.uko, sundries.
•rop Beurgu llnrnlmm, DudniSKm. light.
'rop Michael Ureli, Muskegon, light.
•rop it. McDonald, Muskegon, light.
•rope. Hnkm, Muskegon, light.
•mp B. C. imn. Iliumon, light.
•rop Charles Itclu, Manistee. light,
•rop Beurgu lumbar, Muskegon, light.
•rop *«irlurs, Dunum Harbor, sundries.
•rop Messenger. Uenlun Harbor, luudilu.
•roii Unekeye, Muskegon, light.
Behr York Unite, UitilTtnn. light.
HcbrH. A. Irish, Brand Haven, tight.
Behr Nelllo Torrent, Muskegon, light
Behr Trunsior, Mnskemm. light.
Behr Mary Aumnda. Urand lluvcn, light.
Behr i.tucnni Hall. Muskegon, light.
Bohr Ivor Dawson. Muskegon, light,
Behr Atanmo, Mhskouon, light,
helir VVolvorlrie, Brand Haven, light.
Behr Alleghany. Duiiaio.4't.uui tin Koxscsd.
Behr turd lliver, Kurd Invar, light.
Bnjir Adlrunduc. Brand Haven, light,
Behr lluckunay. Muskegon, light.
Behr Y.. B. Hbmmms. Muskugnn, light.
Behr Biuffonl. Muskegon, light.
Pchr Kvallnw Dates, Brand Hutoii, light*
BuhrJ, l>- Merrill. I.udlnauin. light.
Bohr llorschul. Mcnoinlnoc. light,
BCtir Kato I,yon*. Muskegon, light,
Pchr House Mtmnon*. Muskegon, light.
Behr Dun, Brand llaren, light.
Behr rtorntiu. Cleveland. light.
Behr l.i«le Honk, Bt. Joseph, light.
Belir Kvnllne. Mutkcgou. light.
Behr Bam Cook, Oswego. I'.'.lHl bu core.
Behr.Mjinionoe. I'eshllgo, igthl.
Behr Alert, I'sshllgn, sundries.
Special Cbpntfh 10 37tl Chicago TYlbuiU.
Tout IJuho.v. Wlob., Dot. ia-l;3d p. id.—
Passed up—Propeller* Milwaukee, Hocbestor*
Wlssublekont wind-bound, propellers ((.Stewart
and barges. Ouzollo ami barges, I). Uullonilno
uiul barges, Viuunn and consort, lluv City ami
barges, Yosemito ami barges. lion M. Dickinson.
W.T. Grave* uml consort: schooner Lisslu A.
Law, barges Colorado. Lilly May. Emerald,
Down—Propellers Philadelphia, William Ed
ward! and consort, It. I*. Kenney amt consort, 11.
L. Worthington with Exile and George W.Duvls,
Superior and uoniorl. Lowell and barges?
schooners C. 11. Johnson, M. A. Muir, Hountor,
Kscauaba, j. I.Cuau, King Bisters? steamer City
uf Cleveland? lugs Champion and raft. Lukotou
and ran.
Wind norlb, bcavy. Wonlhorcool and cloudy.
apti Ul DUvuUh (0 Th# iltatfi Tri>un*,
Tout llukun, Mich., Out. Id—OilU p. iu.—Passed
up—Propeller* Chicago, 3tlddlesox and barges,
V, 11. Kutcbum, lluttulo, J. M, Davidson, Uogl
naw Valley. U. J.' Duckett and vousort, llluwutba
uud consort? schooners M. L. Tromblo, labpo*
suing, Joseph Palau, and Scotia,
Arrived—Propeller Mayllower.
Wind north, (real*. Weather oloudy.
fljxclal DliontcA (a T M ChUnao lYfeuiu*
nrrrAMi. N. V.. Oct. 10.-ArrlveU-From Chi
cago—Fropollur Dean Ulchmuml, flaxseed; pro*
poller Lycoming, corn, tie,; propeller VanUor*
but. corn, oic.t propeller Onuldu. coni, etc.;
propeller Wuvoriy, uorut prnnellor Oceanlca.
From Mlhvaukcu-ppnipcllur W. ll* llurnum.
I-rum Duluth—l’ropuller B, F, Jlodgo, coppcrt
propeller Arclio, cupper. From Hay Cliy—Uarycs
Uuburnu, Leader, Komi. L. J. Furwell, Danner,
U. W. Wesley, A. T. UUm. Isabel Heed. N. a
Holland, John Ureden. Wlillum Trout, am) B,
Uoltuu. ml with lumbar. From Toledo—Fro*
pallor Uusscll Baku. wheat; propeller Hurley,
wheal. From(,'levalauU-propcllorJ.H.F«rwel|{
schooners I). K. Clint, HJuiwnee. J, 11, Duller,
fml B. J. Tlldgt). From Ashtabula—Frouallor
lupubllp. From Erie—propeller Fred Kelley.
Cleared—For Chleugo-ITopeller J. 11. Farwcll,
coal; propeller Lehigh, eoul; Now York, ctml.
rails, Hu.; propeller Cblcayo, eoimml. ole.; pro
peller Lyeomlug; schooner, J. U. Duller, Uwoaco,
and Shawnee. cosh barren L. J. Parwell an«l
.Banner, For Milwaukee—Propellers Fred Kql*
ley. and W, ft. tlaMufnreoM«*aoMoH«ytli K*
C'litu, coni. Fur Duluth—Propeller 8. P. Hodge,
sundries; propeller Arctic, sundries. Fof Be*
troll—Schooner Kate Kelley,coal.
Bwrisl Dtipaua h HU OMesgs iXAunt
Esoanada# Mloh„ Dot. JO.—ArriTod-BiesaiSr*
11. C. Ackley and W, L. Brown; schooners Wa*
tcrlown, Jennie Mathews, D. Vance, c. A. King.
Lcndvlllo. and Col. Cook.
Departed—Ucvenue ateatner Andy Johnsons
sftbbubeM Canton and M. 11. stalker.
Bjkttol DttoiUft to Tht tinUtt& 7wMiea.
. MtMVAfRKK, Wls., Oct 10.—Arrived from b«»
low—stimm-bargo Business; schooner* Negau*
hoe, Niirragrtrtsoit, James 0. UarrUori, Ailed 0.
Norris. M. I. Wilcox. It. M. Scovo, Nassau. Ho*
bokon, Myatlo star, Thomas it Merritt, guayle.
and George 11. Wnrmlngton.
spufal DUhun to Tht chuogo nrtun/.
CrbiiovoAN. Mich.. Oct. !«.—Arrived—Fro*
pollers Nashua and Lawrences schooners Ogdca
and Higgle A: Jones.
Cleared—Schooner Lotilc Wolf.
Weather cold. Light snow this mornlbg,
AVlnd west, light.
Special DUpafch to ’P>< Chicega
Coi.mnwoud, Ont., Oct, 10.—Arrived—StenttUT
Canada, from Chicago, passengers and a full
load of freight: summer Northern Queen, from
Chicago, passengers and freight.
pditt Oor.utmNe.
Spree* I Dlipatth to Thi ChlaioO Wbwit,
FmtTCßtnnßNK,Gitt. Get, in.—FnSicd uh—
Hchooner L. Benton, Ogdonsburg to Ashtabula*
Iron-ore; schooner Bangalore, Kingston to Mil*
wnukce, railroad iron.
6weml tHibnteh U> the ChUaao TfOunc.
Mabubkitr, Mich., Oct. 10.—Arrived—SchooDs
era A. tl. Muss and M. I*. Merrick.
CJoarcd—SchooaerF. Potvrr.
Sprciat Oispafsh to 7r»* CMueo Tvthunc.
Habnia. Ont., Get. lU.—Arrived—Propeller
Celtic, from Chicago, light; propeller Prussia,
Chicago, light.
.. Spfefdl iJUpafcfi to The Chtedco TXMifie.
McsiißnoK. Mich., Oct. id,—Arrlved-Sohoaoet
Active, with a,duo tiusholsof oats.
Special Ditoaleh to Vie Chicago TVtbun*.
Ci.r.vKiiANit, Go Get. la—Cleared-Schoooof
James Flutt, light, Chicago.
Bprelal iJlipalch to Tht Chicago Tribun*.
F.iue, Fu.. Get. 10.—Entered— Schooner Aanld
Sherwood, I rum Chicago, cure.
Special /BiMtch to The Chicago Tribunr.
Mibi.anh, (jut.. Oct. ID.—Arrived—Scnoonoj
Arabia, from CUlcngu. corn.
Conev ifIi.ANH Ciif'itHß, Oct. 10.—Threc-quar*
turn uf n mllm Brambulotta first. WakcQcld sccri
onil. Little Fat third. Time, Did!*.
One mile: Margin C. first, Uornadlae second,
Topgy third. Thun,
Five-eighths nr it mMo: Mato first, Frankie 1).
second, Oindftotio thin). Tlnm,
Mile and u i|iiurH*r bnrdlo-raitu: Iko Bonham
«Pst. Speculation second. Duke uf KeuUDlrd.
.»«• i'vrk Sun. vet, P.
In honor of tbo great success of the Gentle*
tncn*n Driving Association of New Votk during
Its first season, Mr. John (I. I)c Mott, one of the
fIOJ millionaire members of tbo association, uuva
a genuine clam-lmko in Gabo Coso’a plcasunc
grove, on the road to old Fleetwood, yesterday.
Among tbo pi'omlnont guests who sol down to
tbo well-cooked and nlccly-scrvcd feast, under
tho superintendence of Mr. W. It. Babcock, of
racing fame, were Messrs. B. Foster Dewey,
David Bunnor, Alley Bonner. Shepherd Knaup,
William Knapp, George B. Alley, G. Tappen, W.
Birub, J. Whyte Davis. Charles Walsh, J. 11. Mo*
Coen, James Kelso, J. Dawson, Col. Mooney. If,
O. Thompson, Myron F. Buell, C. Bachman. W.
H. Mull. Aloe Taylor Jr., W. F. Hutchins, John
Shaw, B. Garrett, W. H. llenrlquvs, Carl Burr,
Buck Houston, George Kidd, Fruuk Work, and
tunny others.
Mr. W. 11. Vanderbilt was to bnro boon of tbs
party, but tbo fact that Dun Mace drove hit
team Lysandcrund William 11. a mile over the
track of tho tlentlnmon’s Driving Park during
tbcufterimonlii dfJi so dated him that he for*
got to tarry on his way back to town.
The bake was relished tn its ml/est extent,
and tho mound, which before tbo onslaught or
tho fifty guesu or more, resembled a buy-stack,
was demolished to tbo foundation stones.
■ Mr. Alexander Taylor Jr., after giving Mr.
Do Mott credit lor his usual liberality and good
Judgment In furnishing tho banquet, congratu
lated tbe members uf tbu Trotting Association
on tho great prollts of their enterprise. They
had made mure money than their friend Myron
F. Bush, who was smothered In Hannibal & Bt.
Joe. No doubt, after tbu prolltsof tho breeders’
meeting bud been divided, the share of each
member would run up intu tens of thousands of
At this point Mr. Do Mott mode a signal to the
string band engaged for the occasion, and tbo
air became tilled with tho hunting churns I rum
Thu MascoUu.
The gem of tbo evening came when Mr. J.
Whyte DavU, tbo venerable ball tosser of tbo
Knieuerboclter Club and champion dancer of
>V all street, sung tbo song. •• Prutty as a Pic t u re.”
keeping step to tbo music with nn undulating
grace that rivaled Alnieo m her palmiest days.
After humorous and witty speeches bv Messrs.
Tie Mult, Bush, Dewey, bfaaw, ami oibora. Mr.
Hoi Hayles sang •• I'm LouelyTonlght." Intones
ns tender un one of his cuts of oeef. Charley
Walsh warbled •• The Old Cabin In tbu Doll," and
tbo gentlemen separated to tbo tune of •* when
Gabriel Blows Ills Trumpet In tbo Morulmr.”
As there isqulto a conflict of opinion between
tbu friends of Capt. Dalton and Mr. Tummy
Chandler relative tu tbelr respective ipnrrluir
abilities, Chandler I* out In u proposition to spsr
Dulton four rounds for fVJ, tbo meeting to take
place next Bulunliiy evening ut Dulttm's bouoilt,
Cupl. Dalton, tbo champion middle-weight
boxer, who made such u plucky contest with
Hulllvan and Uyau, will bo tendered a compli
mentary bonctU at McCormluk Hall Saturday
evening, Oct. 15. Some of tbo best-known box
ers In the West will upocur, and there will also
bo wrestling, Jumping, dumb-bell lifting, and
other atblutlouxurclftcs. Capt. Dalton oilers fJ3
to ouy one wbo will spar him four rounds, the
Marquis of Quecnsbury rules tu govern. As
Dulton had considerable bitting powers, bo wilt
make it very interesting to any customer who
will coma forward to claim tbo prize. John
Sullivan has given tbo Captain a few Instrnu
tlons In bard billing that will prove valuable to
bim wben Cun Morris, who, it Is rumored,
Ims ncuuplcd Datum's $23 offer, comes to wla
tbo nnmuy. ‘*Suup'* McAlpine, lid Dornuy,
Jack BowiHi, Frank Owens, iiugone MeLarihy,
Buddy Gulden. Abo WlUiumi, Kd Duplessls, Jo
seph Hchull, I*. Fallon, John HeiiJly. James Me
l.uuablln. George Uliey, and several other box
ers <*f note will appear, Horace Brink aud Low
Moure, the well-known wrestlers, will compete.
Mr. Fat Brennan, tbo celebrated collsr-uml
elbow wrestler, will referee tbo contest between
Brink and Moore. Donald C. Boss, the champion
alblofc, will appear against Tom Bek In a high
Jumping contest. The *IOO modal presented Gy
ft. k. Fox, of Now York, will bo computed for.
Also a handsome goblet for mlddlu-wolgbl
Pmminno,Pa., Dot. Id.—An Informal meeting
of representatives of tba lodupeaduut Loagtio
of base-ball clubs was bold boro tbla afternoou.
Alioraßhori discussion It was decided to go no
funbor at tbo proaoot time tban to eloct tem
porary ollicora. appoint a commit too on constitu
tion and by-laws, and call an Immediate second
meeting. Tborviipou tbo following temporary
ollioers wore oboson to act for tbo auoolatloa
until tbo olooilon of pormunont olllcers: Presi
dent, M. F. Day, Metropolitan Club, Now York;
Vloo-Presldont, CUrlat Van Doraho, Bt. r*oitlo;
llcconllng Beuretary and Treasurer, James J.
Williams, Columbus, O.t Corresponding Beore
tury, 11. 1). MoKnlgbt, Pittsburg. Messrs.
Tborner of Cincinnati, Charles Fulmer of Phila
delphia, and a delegate to be appointed by tba
Loulsvlllu Club were named u oommlitoe to
draft and present at tbo next meeting a constitu
tion anil by-laws to govern the association.
Tbla committee are to meet tbo day preceding
tbo regular meeting fur permanent organisa
tion. which will be hula at coo Ulbaun House, in
Cinulnnuii, on Wednesday morning, Nov. at
10 o’clock. ■
Ci-bvbi.anii, ().,001. JO.-TDO tfnino today ro
suited us follows,
i 2 n i n < ii
.0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 o-l
.1 o i o o o o o *-a
FmiiAUELpniA, Fa.,Oct. 10,-ln the English*
American cricket mutch today the Americans in
tbo sopoml Inning scored 77; total for two in*
plugs, 118. Tbo Britishers scored 1W m the «eo»
uud tuning, or a total ut SW.
PmifApiCM'iiUt Oct. 10.—Tbo flfteentb anni
versary cf tba organisation of the Grand Army
of the Uepubllo of this Btato was celebrated
Unlike other |nm preparations, Brown's Iron
Bitter* will not Injure the teeth.

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