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llficS wl
65 Congtess-st., Boston.
in It m .
ImiwT. inirr. l‘n-1 1.. A ««•»«■, C ckprson,
11. llli'i', rims*..l. .Merrill* <•*•«*. 1. I.**r«l«
im-lm Atkin'. 11. 1» I(Tlmnirtit IMiM.
IlhtprAwc*. A«;i I’. l l '*U*T. 15*n» M. Jl.Ku'r,
IS II KreWli. l.crM\ W.vlo. If. 1% Klmtmll.
Wm. 11. Hnc-ti. A. I-. I'or.n.Uo. Ij. I*, t’Meuef,
iJ.jl, Whitney. W. l>. Torlu’K. Kilonltni Dexter.
Tim Comi'niit If n lillli.Mi IIKITOITOIIV for Ail
nml'druiors, Kxi'imior*. Assignees, t liurltnldo Amo*
J illiiti*. and nil Courts of l.iir. .
IT \V n,J, ACT A* TUP*n;i:. nr us IHrat nr trail**
rr nufit for Mimn-liiainirs. nto.. mid
tr.iMSI’KU it ml CIUI.VI'KIISIU.S ferilllpatus of
, \tWaiVAiV»}ii/.ki» to xenon atk i.oaxm ami
Wo iiavlta* taiMmss nml cxpraspondani’o. and Mil
h;.iai prices fur prime «e.Mirnm- nv mail "r telegraph,
AeA I < I’oi I r.u. i re*iiiun«,
N. W. .UUIDAN. Actuary.
11. 1,. AItItKUAM. Treasurer.
100 ■\Vn«liinalon*Hl..
IVr Imvf far onlr a line of VRIIY
cltnloo Khll'iiikl, Hlnto, County* City, mul
u'lli fine! It in (liclr ntlvtinliiff* l»
•all mi nr «c|ilre«>* i«». .
130 LaSalle-sC
All securities dealt in at the New York
Stock Exchange bought and sold on com
mission and carried on a fair margin.
Interest allowed on credit balances.
Boody, Saltoiistall Ho.,
Stocks and Bonds,
11001)V*. Mol.l‘l.l.AN & CO.. !W Hrundway, N. V
Members N« Y. Ntock KtOmnsr.
1). A. IIOODV, I*. W. MeI.FI.t.AN, JK..
Korlliiml Cortfr M.vlison aol PiarWn-ilt,
rrcplrcf saving* deposits nncl nlluw* Interest on same
subject to tlio rules of thu bank. * wiiBO.V
T rxchnnge foilrl. New Turk.
HI, (,i« Nllilv-fi., C lllctlgO.
Members of the N. V. Stork and Mining ICxvlinnu’Of.
I merest allowed o» >l<mio.Ml« Hiibjcvt to dr.U I jji MsliU
PnnVer* and Drukor*. No. M Wnll-«t.. Now York, buy
nml inrry Mock* on a in.'.percent margin, and. when
d(>*ln<d. will a.lvpi* nhen and whal lolmy. Al*». *l
- STOCK PlllVlldp-.r.* at rHi*onnbh* rate* In
wbleh (::> to ftui can be InvoKicd. roll Inlurimuluiiou
aniiUcailon. and I Innticlal Itmiort hoiu Iron.
A Golden MVildlnz-Uatlronil <0 Koclc<
ton ltanU 2>cposlD*-Netv Opera*
lionise—l»cr*onul ITlniterK.
N/irriul (Mrrripciulnay i'f T7ir LTiirnfo Tribanr.
UocKPimu, 111., Oct. o,—Tbo social season la
running ut high tido in this city Just now, and
during tbo past week many pleasant gatherings
have taken place; but tbo must enjoyable and
noteworthy was the golden wedding of Mr. nml
Mr*. F. I*. (Tiurchlli, which Jocrurrod on Thurs
day afternoon, at iholr residence on tho Cherry
Valley road, n few miles cast of tbo ehy. Tho
couple were united In marriage on thoGtliof
October, IKil, at Orwell, Vt., and all but four of
these fifty year* hnvo hero spout in Whmohngo
County, mu many feci diHlunl from tbo spot
where they Ural settled. Thu forty-six years
spent In this county have pum-n very success
lui ones, wuiic all our citizens have learned lo
respect and honor them. A large number of In
vitations were Issued, lo which quite a number
responded. Tho Ilev. T. I’. Marsh, pastor of the
t’ourl-Btrcot ,M. 13, (Jhurcli, made some very ap
propriate remarks, In tho course of which ho
referred to Iho past history of Mr. and Mr*. (.’.
Many valuable ami useful gifts were presented
to tlio aged couple. The refreshments were very
elaborate; uflor which the song, “When
yon and I were young, Maggie," was rendered
with good effect. Among those who partici
pated in tho festivities of thn occasion wore A.
(!. Chapman mid family, A. W. Adiimy and fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. .1. Ilazlclund daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. C. C. Hard, Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Gregory. Mr.
John Lake, Mr. Samuel Goodwin, Mr.
bod Mrs. Charles Banders, Mlh* SuMo
Bander*, Mr. Thomas Koltiowtdl, Mr,
und Mrs. J. A. F.llison, Mrs. Pratt, Mr. and Mrs.
U. Merrick, Mr. John Ctinruhlll, Dr, I). W. Me-
Alice, Mr. and Mr*. S. Gregory, Mr. and Airs.
(Icorgo Wltnior, Mr. and Mr*. G. A. Bhoudy, Mr.
nml Mrs. (J. It. Gilmore, Mr. and Mr*, u. V».
Miirtfcldt, Air. nml Mrs. I, 1 . W. McCoy, Air,
und Air*. 11. ilichardsoii, Mr. and Mrs,
M. Zliiiplenmn, Udward Bunders, 13.
<J, Bpaldmg, F. M. Molmc*, Dr.
Johnson, Mr. und Mid. Houghton, Mr. and Mrs.
W. Kenlweil. Mrs. (tidier. Airs. Ghalers. Mr. ami
Mrs. linn, Alls* Dmlly Hurt, Mr, and Mr*. M. I’.
Drown, Chet Diirton, .Miss laiey Durum, Air. and
Mrs. Kdwurd Dnrton, Mr. und Mr*. T. Duukbei*,
Mr. and Mid. John Fcleh, Mr. nml Mrs. D.Hov
erclgti, Mr. und Mr*. Possen. Mr. mid Mrs..l. 11.
Nash, George Ogden, John I'd 111, and Guy Nash.
Thu Chicago, Milwaukee A hi. Paul llallroad
Company are hard at work on lliu new imuudi
lino trom this city to Dockion, nnu iho umiHtritc
tlon*traln will undoubtedly ream the former
place by (he mtUillu of next week. Tlio com
pany will iihu tho Chicago A lowa de
pot in this city, beside* using their bridge
over Hock Diver, and track a* far as Davis Junc
tion. This being sullied, it I* (julto likely (hat
thu company will bo running througli Irani* by
tho end of Ootohor. It le undeiHlood that tho
tniin* will bo so limed a* 10 uvrivo from Uilcngo
ulldiikior ll o’clock, which, DMrue, will prove
quite biuu'llelaltoour citizens, for they could thun
have Tin; Tunnr.SK and other morning paper*
to read at noon. It is also intimated Gnu the
company prupuso running n Buiiday I rain.
According to tlio HfiteineutH of three of tho
Nailonul banks inthl* city, pitbUsbed yesterday,
there is <i,lat),lß(i.ui on duposlt. Adding to tin*
thu auiount In other bunk* will maUo tho sum
not far from BTfkid.tioo.
Thu formal opening of the new opera-house
will occur on Holiday, Nov. It, when the Clara
Louise Kellogg Concert Company will appear.
Thu internal decorations of the building arc of
the (local order, and tho structure whom com
pleted will udd much to tho attractions of tho
Tho Hock ford at rent railroad is prmrrutslng
llnely, about cum block in length being con
structed dally.
Mr. Calvin It. Mower, of Now Vork, and Miss
Annlo 1-'. PenlUdd were married on Tuesday lust
by tlio ttev. Wilder Smith, In tho presence of
about liny invited guests. They Intend to
spend the winter In New Vork, and then take a
trip to Kurouc.
Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. Cole, of tho Booth tilde,
were surprised on Tuesday afternoon by
shout nfty of their friends—tho occasion
being their llftlcth anniversary of married life.
AH but one of tlio Methodist Ministers Ip this
3liy will bo compelled tu leave this year fur
other holds of laltor. Thu lluv. T. I*. Marsh will
doubtless be returned, and the llov. W. ti. Har
rington will go to tho Puclllo coast; but no one
knows where Iho llov. W, A. Hpeuccr will take
up his abode,
TU-Mayor William Watson has been quite
nick for a week past, but is new slowly Improv
Tim grand jury ol this county completed their
laUir* vestcruny uml returned into court, hav
ing found seventeen indictments. Thu pursuits
Indicted mo ull lu Jail, uml i|uUo n number ut
thorn will huvo to servo u term ui Jullut.
Voting Hewlett*
1 ho country la shucked over the terrible crime
mu lynching of young Hewlett In llloomlngimi.
Umuur bus it that hi* own father was a desper
ado, uua canto to un untimely death about the
time of Charlie's tilriti. Charlie had a iruod
author, who remonstrated with him. and pointed
to the i*4tluit right. Hu butntn try disobedience,
Haying on the street ovenluys when ho should
Oe at home. Three years ago this auiumurbo
vna u convert ut the Ituv. Thonma Harrison (tho
buy preacher), who was in i''alrilelu ut tho time,
illsparentauml friends hoped It was u change
fur the better, and encouraged him, hut the fob
lowing spring he wum imprisoned lor theft. Ilia
mother wua sick at the time, and aeon became a
turpse. Her death wua a blousing In disguise,
ft wua well ahu lived not toaco hla life's ending,
lita stepfather hua endeavored years to make a
limn of him, and If there la one in lowa desorv
hiKof sympathy It la bo. Hoys, atop and think
<>t this sad lesson 1 (.’harilu thought of hla
mother while being draped to Ida fate, but it
Clergymon, luwyors, editors, bankers, and la<
dies need flop Bitters dally for uervo force.
Stocks Lower, Though Money
Is Plenty end Easy.
Wall Street Dissatisfied with Secre
tary Windom’s Conces-
An Oversold Mnrkct—l'limnccs tu
Tho Produce Markets More Active, and Very
Weak—A General Break In Pro*
visions and Grain.
'bo Corn Oliqno Said to Bo Soiling Out
—All £Uo Heavy in Sym
If Pcerelnry Whtdom’s concession lo Wall
street in ollerlug to prepay f.*, 010,000 of tho
bunds covered by tho UWlh will hod nny nltcict on
tho market, Is was only to tnnko po*»3ll«Io larger
sales of stock limn could Imvo been effected
without ibis sthnnlniit. Contrary to nn almost
universal expectation, stocks went olf, after n
lomctunrlly strong opening. At notlmodnr*
Ilia day were there nny signs of n change In tho
temper nl speculation. and tho only solid ground
for expecting a rise seemed to be that there
wero too many short sales being made. Money
was easy. It was quoted at n premium only tor
n short time, mid did not then go above *,i of 1
per cent. Anything llko n rally was prevented
by tho- sales of long stork. Vanderbilt was re*
ported lo bo selling Union I'aclllo and Lake
Wall street, advices represented too operators
loro ns dtssnlistled with Secretary Wludoin for
not offering to prepay more than fs.un.oUo of
tlio culled bonds. If he bad offered to prepay
$£»,00() f iX)() those speculators would have boon
equally dissatisfied. They will sponge up money
as fast as tbo Treasury will let It out, and cry
for more.
In tlio anthracite coal trade the Philadelphia
Isdw says there Is still it good demand for
coni, and prices rule lirm. With Iho exception
or the want of water for mining purposes, and
Iho lack of tbo necessary facilities for trails-
portatlon. tbo supply of coal Is not likely to ho
ro Increased ns (o bring down prices below what
they now are. The supply of orders Is very full,
and Is likely to be kept so. Thus from every
point of view tbo outlook for tbo trade Is quite
encouraging, and seems likely to eo run Into tbo
next year.
lu Iho New York money market tboro were
so many forced liquidations during last week
that the number of needy borrowers was ma
terially reduced, and tbo high rates current at-
trnided considerable outside capital t<
Tbo Hrrahl points out ns good renai
tber deollno in stocks that in 1880 tbo
most bountiful, exports enormous, Ir
Ited, (ho railroad* at peace, gold sire
the country, stocks listed fower by
and price* from Ilvo to thirty p
About thin lime last year Lake Shore
at 108 and Union I’aollle at W, In 188
S 5 to IK) per cent less in bulk, export
nro next to notlilmr, Imports excess!'
roads at loggerheads, but building tl
miles of unnecessary lines, no gold ■
stock list Increased by hundreds of
it least two-1
rh. At this
at 120, and U
tbo llaetunl
dollars, and prices for nl
list preposterously higl
aiinre Is cimoldcrail low a
is being given away at 11
The following shows 1
active stocks:
S 4
West. Dillon Tul.to.
D., 11. XV
Cnnada Southern....
Kook iHland
Illlnnl* Contra I
Now VorkCuntnd
Now York Klnvntod...,
Meiropolitnn Kiavatcd.
Mil.. 1,. th.x W
C., Cm D. & 1
Aiichiunn Control
l.nkn Bhnre
Northwestern 7
Do iirofurrcd......
BU Paul
Do prefurroa
Do uroicrred......
j,nkt» Krlo & Vt
Wiilmsh. Bt. b. A PaclNo.
Do eruferred
l.uiilBvllln& NasUvlllo...
1.. It. AW
Union Pnvltlu.....
tililo A.Ml*M**lmd
Ibtniilbal A hi, .100
'Do preferred
Northern I‘nclUo...
Do prufermd
Kiui*uh A Tom*..
Dobiwarn. Lack, k West.
Del. A ItudHon
New.lcpsov Central
Bt. 1.. A Ban KrnnUsuo...
Do proferreil
Morris A Fs*ox...,t
(ini. A Wester
Frin second*
Central Paelflc
Chesn. A Ohio
Mobllo A (iluo.i
Denver A Hlo Urundu. ,
Peoria. I>. A H
Missouri Pnclllo
Texas Pacllic
Ohio Control..
K. Teim. A (la
ui l
lopressod by tho
Govonmioiit bonds
Y market, in Chicago,
I.llo* were 10(i!i hid mid
i'snvin(os cnnllnucd) 100*4
ll!is (5n continued) wore
condition of (ho monej
District of Columbia 0
lU7J4asked; UiiltcdHlatt
bn) omi 100? i asked: :
W»?i bid am) )00!k asked, ox. Interest; 4s, JIB.H
lilil and 110 asked, ox. InloruBt; and 4!Js, U2>»
bid and 110 n*ked.
Foreign exchange was very heavy and weak.
Hankers’ fiterllngwaß47o)iGMNl!it sterling actual
rates wore 478!ific4fci‘4j commercial sterling was
nominally 470€M*0!4. Continental mica were dull
and nominal. Hankers' francs wnruKM for sixty
days and Ml *4 for demand; French commercial
billy were rtfWQJVWfor Paris; Holglnti commer
cial, KKtfnftllM; bankers* marks, IH©»4J(S mid
commercial. WUftKI.
Tljo foreign commerce of New Vork for tho
post weak shows u slight excess In Imports over
exports, tho former being S7,(MB,HKI and tho
laltor $7,U17,7Wi. The specie movement for tho
week embraced Imports of sß77,‘l'd, nearly nil
gold, and exports, wholly silver, of f170,U47.
Thu total exports of domestic products from
tho port of New Vork since Jan. 1 this year are
*an.OW,UST, against tnw.HlO.Ml Inst year; Im
ports of foreign merchandise, ftSl,lJß»,ms,
against $UR0,ik)5,713 last year; uxiiurts of specie
against |o,lUi),uu last year, and Im
ports of specie I rum all ports abroad $17,051,5W,
against S.’MJ,O7i),W)B last year. In tbese specie
Imports tho arrivals by the Kibe on tiaturday
arc not included. Tho arrivals of gold from
Kuropu at tho New Vork Assay Ufllee up tu Fri
day last since Aim. HI reached SII,WI,NW, and tho
payments on llmt account tho same sum.
Thu importations of specie and bullion at Now
Vork during tho week ending Oct. 7 wero $877,-
1)51, consisting of fMI.WA In gold, nnn fk'O.UWI in
silver,as against a lutal of $2,(121,5170 for tho week
ending Out. U lust year. Tho Importations since
tho Ist of January and since tho Ist of August
compare as follows with tho movement during
tho corresponding periods last year:
(t01d.... ni,snviu 9w.1au.437 H6.Wi.vui jai.TAi.trro
Hilvor... B,lw,un t.utn.iot *H,irrr ici.uVi
Tout.. mttfT.UHl 9M.T4tt.ttU H«.a«U>S m.6H.rAi
. Chicago bank clearings worn 910,100,000, New
York exchange was quoted (Inner ut tWIROo
91,000 discount. Loans were active at O®T per
cunt. Country orders for currency vrorp modcr
Chicago, Burlington A guluoyU, 975,000, sold
Spscldl DUpattK to 77is Chicago 3X6un#.
New VoitK, Oct. ll.—Speculation ou tho Stock
Exchange wua heavy In tone,, and prices do*
dined U loSH* below tbd dosing quotations of
yesterday. Tho market opened }» to 1 higher,
but Immcdlutuly begun to decline under a pros*
uro to sell, and Its course continued downward,
with one short rouutloD.tmiliiho second call,when
tho lowest figures of the day were reached. Tho
change from the highest quotations of tho
morning rumred from !& to ip H per vent, the
latter in Denver A Hiu (irur. In. Ut. Paul fell
dt NortUwcitvru Jm, Canada tiouihoru
3,'i. Indiana, IllooinlnglenJA Western 21J, Mctr*>-
polUnn elevated 3'*, Texas I’aclllo and New
York Central 3'»,am) Missouri t'rtPino 2 permit.
Hubsequcnlly there? was a recovery of '* to !>».
tho latter In Denver A Bio (Irnmle, tint In thn
(hint sates prices reacted \i to At nml iho market
closed weak.
The nrtltlelal stringency In money was ninth*
tallied nil ilny, tlio ruling rate to borrowers on
pledge nl slock collateral ranging between <1
|ior cunt nml l-'Bof 1 per rent per itinm In ml*
dltlon to legnUntoresl till near the close, when
It fell to 3fi7>:t tier cent. I.onus wore made on
pledge of Government bunds nt 4 per vent.
Time loans nml prime mercantile discounts con*
tlnuo nominally unchanged.
The sterling exchange market trim doll, hut
sternly. Tho nominal asking quotations con
tlmio to he 47m,i for sixty-day lulls nml 4id'4 for
demand. Actual business wan on a bast? of 47*1*
flimiforslxty-uny.bllK IWUW.'M for demand.,
IKPiMPH for cable transfer?, nnd 47tf1i0t77‘4
for commercial hills. *
In mdroad mortgages thorn wag little activity,
nml the market was irregular, with n emilinned
downward tendency. Iloilon, Hartford A Brie
llnds advanced fromd3*{ to »W, declined loitth,
returned tutKl, imd closed nt 113**, 4,‘hcsapeake
A Ohio currency a? sold down from Adi torsi,and
milled to JW‘,4, llrlo consolidated seconds rose
from UWii to 103?*. sold down to ini?,(, and closed
nt lOl.’i. Ht. Paul (ha Crosse A Davcn
tmrt Division) mlvnnced from m to Ill's,
Ht. l.oiiln A Han Pranclsco (class lb
from tn*-i to W, Ohio A Mlssls«lppl Ural* (Spring
field Division) from Mi to 110, New .lcr*oy Cen*
trnl hr?t Income? from UXI to 103, Iron Mountain
seconds from 111 to 11174* t-*rla fundlnirs from
tr.t'i to 100. Canada Southern guaranteed llrsts
frotn H7J4 to IK'U. Atchison, Colorado A I’acltlc
llrfll? declined I rum 101 to UK)!',, Chosapcako A
Ohio (Class 11} fromtttj* to ft, t.’tovctand, Co
lumbus A Indiana Central Incomes from 7514
to 7-*, (Irent Western seconds from 113 to Ml. In
diana, Illoomlmrton A Western seconds Ironi Po
to'TP, Morris A M-scx guaranteed consols from
13.714 to 131, Northwestern gold bonds from 13.7t0
13414, New York Central llrals from UWI4 to liVl.
Home, Wntoriown A Opdensbnrg llrsts from nil*
to 00, St. Paul llrsts (Houtheru Minnesota Divis
ion) from IWI to 101?.(, Union I’nclilo llrsts
from 11(114 to M.7‘4, and Ohio Southern llrsts
from 01 to IKI.
30 (he »f>i(em AMoekitr! Vrttt.
Nnw VoitK, Oct. ll.—Governments were un
changed, except for extended fis and coupon
4s, which nro 14 lower.
IhUlroad bunds weak on a moderate volume
of business.
Stale securities were In light demand.
Tho stock markef opened at, nn advance of 14
01 on yesterday'? closing quotations, hut spec
ulation soon became depressed and a sharp de
cline ensued, which was followed nt iho llrsl
board by partial recovery. Tho Improvement,
however, was quickly lost, and. under heavy
pressure to sell, prices Hindu took a downward
turn, tho lowest llgtiro? holnif touched ..at
about iho second call, when tho Uecllno
from tho best quotations of tho morning
ramrod from !i to tho latter lit
Denver A Bio (1 ramie, HI. hud setline oir 3?i,
Northwestern 1?{. Canada Southern 38. Indian
upolfs, Bloomington A Western 31*. Texas Pa
cltle and Now York Central 31«, and Missouri
Pacific 3. A subsequent recovery of J 4 to 114
took place. Denver A Ulo Grande leadlmr
therein: but. lit Until sides prices reacted 1b07(,
and tho market closed generally heavy.
Prom the (.DnimnWol JlatlrMn: Wall street I?
disappointed at tho Treasury ‘•relief measure,’'
which Is to prepay so.(sn.(HD of the jflH.WO.ono re
malnlmr minds called for redemption Doc. 31,
which prepayment la to begin next Monday at
Washington. It lakes time to pot hum)? to
Washington, nml they havo to bo assigned
to tho Hccretary of tho Treasury when sent, and
before it is known whether they bo accepted.
If they am accepted Monday, tho money pots
ant about tho middle of next week; If not ac
cepted, (ho bonds are returned and tho owner
has been deprived of tholr nso as collateral for
a pood part of a week, so that, altogether, tho
new order was not considered much of a “re
lief" to Wall street speculators. This was
shown by tho general disposition to sell stocks
today, which caused a not decline of li®3li In
tho more active slock?. . ~
There la nothing new about Iho trunk linn
railroad war, nor nru there any Indications that
a settlement la near.
Transactions, J1T.7,000:
Cnnnila Homnorn 7.0«
rotund Piuaile... .... T.nui
i). \ii ;mhi
Kriw Iwm
11iinuHint ft Hi. J 0..,,. l.3Ui
Kniixitß ft Texas 7,:io|
l.uutsrlllo A Nnnli.... :vso.
Mlcliluioi t'liiiind IIMUI
Missouri Pm-lilu. a.:*".
.North wc510rn,........1V.au
N. .1. Cflidnit JMWII
Money. « per nntmn
easy at Sb'ti i. I’rlmo mer
Hi erllng exchange. CO t
mam). 4SI.
Troduco exports for tli
to IAM.(I
Ccntmt I’nrlllo 117 \
Drift punuiit- MOT*’
l.ntilju ft wnxstmrn'.iKi t
I. vauKitlH
.Mis-oari rt? lif i
Ht. .toe iu?
Hi. I‘. AH. (Mlrsts 11D I
Tmtlicpsnn U*T|
Tcnnop?n*» now iww
Adnm?..,, HU [NortolkA \V til!
Attini A‘rerre ilnute.-tii Norihcrn I'itclilu :h
Duprulomni :<i 1 l)o t'rt.o <7 ,
Amorhim uiyp N«trthwo?tm».........r.’Df .
U..r. It, A N ?:» Doprer..... nil
ruiKiilit HonUiont fiTMlNew York
C., (*> A I. (7 Jinroiitu I’untml
Cciitml I’ucillo iclihllili)AMtnpls?l|i|il 41>U
rtiosiipcnkii ft 0hi0... outlm pref lt<K
iioitrsl preferred as!«'Ont»rlo A Wustortt... alftl
Do pminil iircfornnl. L’.h-j! I‘anitlo Malt i''4
i'lilcsuo A AtUm UPtli’anattm ’in
Do inidarnMl n*.*> I’unllu D. A D :I7 «
<*., it. a v irci I’liisti inr nni<i
r.,Ht. i,. an. o :r tteaiimu
rill., nan. ft 1'1uv0.... 47 Hock iHlnnd HCIa
ritno. A (Dio m Hi. 1.. Anna. K udi
Delaware ft Utuli>on..ltrm Do prof... a>
Dal., hue. A \y hriU J)u first iir«f.. Hu
11. A It. <t TUM-Ht. Paul lUf
Krlo 4Ct| Dopref lul
Do pn‘f Nt!i Ht. Paul M. A M KM
i'ortW'nyae KM Ht, I*, ft Danilin Hi,
11. ft Ht, jot) US Do prof lIOH
Do prof 11,’H Texas Paullla 4IU
Harlem •,‘Ji lliii.-u Paelllc
Houston A Texas Kl tliilled State? Til
IllinoisCeiumt Ul')g \V., Ht. 1.. A Paclllo... 47 u
1.. it. A W u tio prof mis
KansnaA Texa5....... atfi l-'aMo Ml
1.. D. ft W 41 WoHtorn Uiiliin «l'(
l.nko Mu re llili; Kant Teimtistoo Dlf
I.iiulstUlo ft NaM1...., IHI<4 110 pret 3.’*
1.. A. ft D TO I'arlliuu.. ‘M
M. At!, tlnuo pr0f..... lU'4 t eniral Arlaoim.. Mi
M. A sDoinls pruf. l*!4 Kxcclslor 114
,\leiu, A Pliarlentoti... 7U Homoptnku 1?
>ik’lit«uii('uiiiral H7K l.lttlo PUUlmrw....... pi
Mh-enirl l'nultlc..,....]Ulia Ontario.. tiq
Mulilluft iMilt Oiilcksllvur...... 14
BlorrlaA Ksiex 134 Do pr0f,,... 0T
Niihli, A (,'iiittiniiooua. hi Silver (Min..
NowJorior Ouiitrnr... KIJ4 HUunlard 21
ffjudat DUptftch to The CVdraoo TVtbunr.
Dosto.v, Oct. M.—The stouk market today has
been tjulot and rather weak In tono. In railroad
shares, Atchison declined I non MT to MU; Tole
do. Delphos A Itnrllngton from MH to 1074; Pull
man from 13? to 137 t Little Kook from 73 to 7id*:
Chicago, Ilorlltigtuo A (Jolney Irom KHM to JSI;
Now York A Now Hiitfiand IromlMl'i tnU3t Uni
land proferred fnmt 37*1 lo3T!4: iloston it Al
bany from imi to UkVroliiftii: Northern trom tin
to lid. WiHuonsln i.Dotraf ndvancedii, toisi‘4l
KrtHlorn froia 4f1!4 to 40.
In bonds, Hanford A Krlo 7h deollned !J, to
U3*lt A'llnntlo A Pnelllo incomo lls I, to 41;
/ilussaoliusutis Ucmrai Ch I. to tut; , Idtllo Dock 7s
14. to Miliis Atchison llrsts 34, to l33J.it Uoinmt
tnii Vallcv7s advanced I, to it); Now Knglaml
MortgiigoHceiirlty7s, Herlos I), sold at IDdli, and
olhors n? before.
In land stock?, Boston Land docMmtd !*, to Kli:
Wntcr-Powur to 7?i! iloylstoo Htrcul )fc, to 1.
Olliers a? before.
Hull Tclephuno closed at I4T bid.
London, Out.
U 8»(.
New fis. 1UI; 414?. lin>4( 4s, MUM.
Illinois (.’mitral, 134: I'ennsylvanla Central,
(17: New York t'enlral. M 314: Brio, 4filij do
seconds, iWlj Bending,
Tho nniuont of bolliou withdrawn from 100
Dunk of England on baluucu today is£SJU,OUd.
Paiiis, Out. 11.—BcntcsHtl 300.
Nr.w Oiiuians, Del. lit.— Higbt exchange on
Nnw York #I.Ub iiorll.uu) premium: sterling,
thirds of tbo
tlmo I.nku
Tnloa I’aclllo
of tbo
SlM'tl AIM),),
'Sp/rtal fHitwlck to ThtChtcago iVMuni*
Horton. Got. ll.—ln mlnluu shares, lirunawlok
Antimony declined 14. to tug; Him I’edro, 7*lo, to
1U; Nupn advanced H t loos? lliirehuw U, to
6*l Quluoy )■, toUSH. Others us before.
Han Fuancibco, Cot. It.—Mining stocks doted
as follows:
Alpha.. liMiMeilcoo,. DM
iittleluir 8 * Northern liolls II
ii«*i A Uu1chur........ DH tipinr.,.,. .............. UM
iiodiu a oru ...ly-U
Huilimi....... lli*:o,ovorumn..... 1M
California 16-hl Putosl Bta
fhoilar,, B*4 Uuvauo., 104
Con. Virginia.......... Sierra Nevada IMI
frown P0int........... lulHUvur Kins iwj
Kurukafuu ••• Too • a
KiCb0au0r............. mlttiiloa Consolidated.. IJU
(iould a Carry......... THiVYidui.... n
Ururnl Prise Hde Vcllow Jacket Us
Halo A Nurmis*..,.,. ii|f Hcorploii.. lj|
Martin White .. 8 (Mount Diablo,.. 1)
Tho following Instruments wore filed for
record Tii' , sduy, Oct. H:
nrv mmi'uitTV.
Langley uv. bet Kill* Park uftd Thlrtjf'OlJthth
KiWii voJsfMJ ft, dated Ueyti 1 (ounhaß,
niirMi.KlmmtoK.il, Drown) f 1M»»I
Twruty-nitUli si. o e cor or llutlrr. s I. ;’*•*
l.Mi'-fi ti. dated Her. 11, KH (C. K. Skinner lo
.Ixlin FrnsO I.im
Twmiiv-ntmti st.ndlofnlnu Hie above. s f. ',.•*
I',’ia.lan, dated eapt. m if. p. Fisher m .1. . .
nixt .M. hirnst I.WH
Aldhm square. li« ft w of Vlnonnir* nr. n f.
ir.’xlW ft, .lined Oct. II lAImerHinUUMC. It,
Altllna fMinnn*. ft w of \ loeonnes or, n f.
iWxIM (i.tltneil net. II (Masterln I'lmria’ir „
to ,!nlm N. Illllsi. 2,’JW
I'nblns *i. ‘Jlts-m feet s of Wiihsternv. w f,
iDxt'M ft. dale.| July :«(.lannis Morgan to K.
W. Pcluelhiir)... ... ItM
North nr.im ft n of Ashland. s f. a*‘*xlM ft.
.laird 00t.5 ci'iinma* Murpny to T. U.Mnr*
nhy »V)
KranMlti nt.'ii ft n of Van itnren, r f, ‘•t>xiai It.
Improved, d.nrd Out. 7 (Ksnuo of 1411/.a
m‘minor to t’aUmtliie o’lleiliyi .. H.ino
Mhodesuv. n w ear of Thlrty-seemid «l. a f.
t'lxtUl'* n. (tilled Out* 7 (Henry Urnvns to
111 I/.a inivh) . ijxm
«nme lot ns Ilia ntmvo,doted Oct. s (0. I’.f'iidin
n»”»rt»«r»V«*v.* «* *•*V*«Vr **iY *Vjootlm* Vt.* w* VIVOt
liMi-Miifi. improved, dated nn. a (Peyton It. Hi^
(Tnunllertot liurles 11. Ferry)., 2l.ftH
West Fourteenth at. mi enr of Wood, n f.sllx
T.’i ft. Improved, dated Ort. II blames l.ylieli . ■
to H. F. I,«J
I mm* si, hi* it*Mill sol Malden nr, o f.21x171 f(,
dnti‘d Oci. Id IV. l«. Ward to N.nnd A. M.
.leii.o/t *m
Paulina i«l. lietween lltnlly and .btae.
li, improved, dated I let. ,11 i.lolm .lohiitf ton to
Thlriy-o'cxod ?i, I .si ft wof South UidMed. n f,
t.vixaltkj it, dnted fept. I (It. \V. Accra to -1% „
lieoivu Ut'iinimm nAII
l.vinun nt< H w eor of Fnrndi.it f. JtljlKl ft.
dated Hcpt SI 111.0. Maalmeli top. M. Ilnliu.., I.MW
t.arr.ilieui«i.9v*(ts of U’lneonsln, w f. SlxlJl'n
fi, dated Oct. II (.John .luunb* .lr. lo I ~1.
Flnmeri I.MI
Dudley si, isn tin of Xortli uv.u f.Slxlil (I,
daieit Hept.S(M. 1.. Holmes cl nl. to I*. 11.
ClyUoiun «v. near Hliu-klmwk si. n u f.‘Alxtai
fl, dated dejit.Vl teslulu of lloriimn l.nnuo
U».l..\4dn>hi. WW
Throopst.tietween Harrison amt Coimress. w
t.VHHiixPA} tt Improved, dined Sojit. UKA. itWM
t. lioadmnit to toil, ilirniuinmi 1.000
l-’UMirtMiynl.»sift not NVnjlUenaw, nv.s f..slx
li» ri.dated anil, n.nnd vV. M. Itoa to
F. M. Wood* UKM
Strum «l, afcm nuf KUhteeiith. a f, SVywlst.
dnted Sent. tIJPL'. It. Weimerto Curl Krauts. es)
Tim tnemlses No. 7*> Ulno Island uv, diilcd
March W cllltim T. Dooley tu Clmrles I*.
l.oi>ksi.:m fes of Aremir uv. n f.-'ixtnl tl. ■ ■
dntcil July MM. Tnitah to .loan Molirlng.... UXI
XMlimt OVt’ITV I.tMtTS WttltlX A n.MMI!rt«FBRVI;S
MII.KH Of Tlln COOIII'-JlOltfiK,
DriimUati rand. n a cor Uoseoo *t. II) acres,
dated Aim. liu*i«tii(n or Dllshn R. Handley to
Hcnjnndti F. McConnell) < 2U.1V0
l.clnmlnv.eof ami near Anttlmut. tt f* I ait* 8
malt). dated .lunoiD. |s*l (eMato of .1. I*.
Stark to.). F. Illl'idcsi WO
Hnydcr *l. s « cop of Bchaol.w I, 2IXKM it, dated
Bopt. I (K. C'mrk to I*. T. •■'o
.mii.r.* uptiir col'iit-iioumi:.
Fartr-llrstst. PIT ft w of Drexol boulevard, s f,
2U It io alley. dated 8ep1.4 (M. .1. Hlchatd* to „
Bnrah.l. Armstrong) I 3.400
Omi hundred unit seventy-live Inin In Bnntli
Hide Homestead Association Addition.on s w
ror Fom*4oventh stand Htewarl av. dated
Held, 2* (Master in Chancery to thu
CannootiiMit .Mutual I.Uo-lnsnraneo Do,) I(o,nm
Hnllertlehl ft. botwemi I'KHolli und Flfly-llrsl.
Ho f. •» (tlti railroad, dntudßopu 21 (H. A. Keuu
■o 1.. A. Hniekio no
Boiilh Clark M. near the Hlmve. .Ax... ft. timed
tlet.'ld.. A. (truck* to Dm Michigan Bauthorii
Hallway company) ‘‘d
Englewood itv. JT4 no of Kftlitiod ft, * f.7Px12l
11, dated Del. 4 (I*. T. Harry to A. K. Welchi 2,.00
Wallace sl,7<»U it of Fortieth roitri. wf. 2ftxli4
rr, dated Sept, ll (C. .1. llnmldoton la .1. .1.
Covey). in)
Btima uv. ivO ft w of Ahurduen M, f f. <0x12.) It.
dit uni Oct. I'l (Curl I'lerlix to K. \\ etxeD. fft»
Michigan nv. 7ft fl n of Chestnut*!. vr r. iffhixl.'O
fl. Improved. clntud Bej)U 4:1 i 0.1.. nml J. B.
Wlrwlow to Charles 11. Bieolo) 3,J00
The following woi
of leading articles i
tlio twenty-four b
Tuesday morning
tlmo u year ago:
I imir, brli*
Wheal, btl
(.•urn. bn
Datf. im......
live. Im
Parley, ba
(Iniff reed, Itm
Flutri'ud. lua
Uromn-oorn. Hi*...
Cured mentH, lbs...
Dcof. t.’f
Dcof. brio
Park, brlf
I,aril, lliS
■J'allinr, lb*
ilulter, lb*
I.lvn hogs, No
Cuttle. No
Hhoeu. No. .........
I Itilr*. lb*
Illghutuen. brls....
Wool, Pin
I’otntoc*. Im
Coal, ton*
liny, mu*
bhlnglc*. in....
Ball, twin
Kvu*. iiktin...
CIKM'HI I , 110XCf......
Ilruen abide*, bri*.
11N. Y.Central 40.000
ilNorthern Paeltlo. u.un)
I lUllo.X ,Ml**l**lppl.... 1.2U1
1 (ntmrlo* WoKturn... l.sui
1 Pnclrtu Mull., :UU)
1 Pcorlt*. D.,t K 1.7 U)
1 Uenitlng b.uu
ii*u PrtiiV. is.no
),.*!. Paul .V Oimtlm.... 7..UU
I,Tc.\i)H I’llclljc H.HW
1, l.'nloo Pm llli) dUU)
lWiibiiMb Phu111c...,.,.14.00
l|Wc*tum Dnlun '.".MM)
in, l-Jt! por dlom, closing
rcnmllo pnnorfiJifHHi*
days, steady ut 470; do-
The followinggrain was Inspected Into atnro In
tills city yesterday morning; .18 cars whiter
wheat, 7- cars No. I) spring, 4(1 cars No. I) do, 10
cars rejected, tl cars no erode (ltd wheat); 88!
cars ami 88,7U0 Im Jfo. 8 earn, 107 cars high
mixed, 400 cars rejected, 4 cars mi tirade (BJU
corn); 1« cars white oats, 84 cars No. 8 mixed,
DO cars rejected,.'l cars n 6 grade (110 oats); ill
cars No. 8 rye. hears rejected; 88 cars No. Jlimr
ley, 88 cars No. 4 do, 0 cars No. 5 do (ft) hurley).
Total (1,100 cars). rdCi.OOO Im. Inspected out:
IH.Ptm im wheat, 811,577 bu corn, 8,880 bu outs,
I,oßs''lm ryo.
Tim leading produce markets wero more
active yesterday, and Irregularly weak. They
nil detained rather sharply In tho early part or
Ihu day, then ruled steadier after tho llrst sell
ing rush was over, ami again turned down heav
ily a lltllo heforo 1 o'clock. There were few
buying orders from outside, mid local operators
wuru rathar disposed to bearishness, as reports
from oilier points wero not favorable to
strength. Tho English markets wero ijulol on
brendstutfs, with little demand, and our stocks
In store showed an increase daring last week
that might almost bo called alarming, whllo tho
decline here has not attracted foreign buyers
either In grain or provisions. There was a fair
shipping demand for corn Monday, but it was
not repeated yesterday, llnyors scorned to have
concluded to wait awhile. Wo note that our whi
ter wheat markets aro weakening, ns wall as
London mid Liverpool, showing that homo liny
ors aro losing ctmlldenco in tho * ability
to return to rcuont high prices, If nut
to maintain those of tho present.
In tho afternoon It was reported that most of
ttyo corn sold on ’Change was sold by tho
••clique," mid that It was tho discovery of this
that weakened prices so badly near tho ulnso of
’Change. Mess pork closed OOUHOo lower, at
JH.irtfo 17.80 for November and $18.5.V?M8.57H for
January. Lard closed l)0o lower, at slUW}ll.W}i
(or November and tIB.OBHitMB.US lorJnmmry.
Hhurt ribs closed Mu lower, ut sB.BBH®d.Wi fur
November. Wheal closed 4Ho lower, at tUUN<u)
I.IWJf forOotober and SI.IK?»OL3SH for Novem
ber. Corn closed s)!i«Jiio lower, at Ul?gCjgllHo for
October and l)B!i©Ußs4u for November. Oats
closed lo lower, at 41J40 for Ootobor, 'lOtfM-tViu
fur November, and 41HtfM4?io for December,
llyo closed Ho lower, at CI.I'HKtfM.OU for Novem
ber mid 9l.lltfM.lUj for Dccombor. Harley
closed unsettled, with holders at fMW for No
vember and 91.0 H for December. Hogs wbro
active and stf/jlse higher, ut 9H.8.Vii(t.55 for light
aim at 9i).8.vr07.1H for heavy. Cattle wore quiet
and about steady, with sales at (8.00<&0.T0.
In dry goods thorn woro no noteworthy
changes. Iluslncss, though loss active than
during Hoplombor, Is lully up (n general ex
pectations, and with prices on a firm basis and
eolluoUons easy tho tradu have llltlo fault to
Ihid. Thu demand fur boots and shoes continues
active, and a free movement In clothing and
millinery goods Is also reported. Groceries
mot with their full shore of attention. Not
many buyers woro present, but tho orders by
mall reached a large aggregate, and the volume
of business was satisfactory. I'rlcos again ruled
Arm. Dried fruits oontluned strong mnlor an
active demand and light stocks. Fish wero in
good request, with prices ranging ns before.
Tho butter and obooso markets wuru unchanged,
tho former being aollvo mid Arm, and tho latter
quiet and steady, No Important changes were
noted In the oil market. Leather, bagging, coal,
and plg-lron woro also quoted ns before.
Trade In broom-corn was steady at tho prices
ruling for tho past month. Thu arrival of now
corn In considerable quantities keeps tho mar
ket well supplied. Eggs were again higher, sell
ing at IDo for strictly fresh. Grease and tallow
aro still weak, and tradu Is of an unsteady char
acter. Green hides sell fairly, but alt other
kinds continue dull at quotations. In green
fruits poaches aro source and poor In quality,
pears aud grapes plenty and cheap, ami npplus
nro In good supply, choice fruit selling at full
quotations. A steady demand for hay continues
both far shipping and the local trade at tho high
prices prevailing for the past two weeks. Poul
try Is again more plenty, chickens selling at 8®
Ue per lb live weight, and game continues scarce
and high. Wool is fairly autlvo and unchanged.
Heeds woro quiet, tho range in timothy being
from 98.45 to (8.55, on tlazsood from ILUUIi to
91.41, oloslug at tho inside tlguro, and clover
sued selling In small lots at 9A.6U3&VUO for prime
seed. . .
ho week, <5,5*17,000.
j I‘ul'lllo 0* of ltU5 1:U
iD.’lMlrslH pfd lift ,
( D. P. land grunt lUM
tD. P. sinking niial.,..m
I Virginia coiVsoi*..!.... UJ
Virginia duterred IUIK
iTex. A P. biiidgnmt*. Tl,
[Tex.P.tC.dtloU.Dlr.J H*!f
Lake freights were dull, with fovr shippers oh
'Cbnntfo. Tho price of corn hero as compared
wltU that iu Now Vurk Is aUoh as to discourage'
shipments except at vory low rules. There Is
considerable room in port. Tbo only cburlcr
umiouuced ilurlow ‘t'baotfo hours was a vessel
lor KUitfSlou with com at Go,
and ship:
at 7 o
>ro tlio receipts
of produce in I
hours eliding
and for tbo
240,19 b
m, la*.
’ l-VVH
1.77 H
Tho receipts of wheat reporteil yesterday at
I'ltlengu, Mtlwankee, SI. I.niils, Toledo, ami He*
troll aggregated tOS.iKM) bit and tho MilpmenH
lir.Middbn. Tho shipments from New Vork. Dal*
Itmnro, mid I'tulndelphla worn (111,000 Ini.
Thu following 'worn the dlrettl exports from
Ibis city during Ihn last week on through bills
of lading: I,‘Jol brls Hour, if.i.O-li bn wheat,
Itrl.OlUlm corn, :tlil pkgs pork, o.T(W bxs meats,
4.imJ cases oiimied meats. If.r>Vt pkas lard. JMT
brls beef, lo brls tongues, IIO.UII lbs butter,
lbs cheese, Tl‘fl.rtM i lbs nll.eiiKe, lirr. brls
oat-meal, Klo brls lard*oll, 01,710 lbs tobacco.
The following nro tho footings of tho nlllclat
re)iort of groin In slum In this city on tiainrday
evening last ami at tho corresponding date last
No. 'J winter.........
...... Ui.toii m.sir
tt.au.iui wr.t.vt
tuv.vn iM.;tu
AIAWIU l.fiil.l-J
X<). ‘.’sprout.
Xo. :t Spring.
Total nlicnl
No. V and lilulcmlxcd corn.
Now hlglMiilxed...
Toial (Mini
.H.fcp.w:i (l,«Sti.*^l
.An M».n
. S7i*,n::t HW..’<iT
.t»,NM«7 (VWUM7
No. J winm.
. tlryo.,
lal rye.
rrji..*«t iuu:n
iwT.iw uii.im
H7.71M Jtl.'.rn
D.’JUI 7:.u‘j;
i.xmiu ir*.r.£i
Xo. Ulairluy
Xos. a unit l Parley.
Total hurley...
Total gndm
These llgnres show n decrease during last
reck of bit outs, and an Increase of IPi.TIk
•ii wheat, i.IIIMMU nit bn rye, m,(7fl
m Parley. Total Increase, l.’Jxl.lWltm.
The following table fhtiws tho dlstrllintlon of
ho brcadstults shipped from this city last week:
, MVinif. o.in. Did*.
i nl’.s.vi "iTliatT Tixitis
i iH,t;‘.7 incii.’
* '.'.'.'.V.'.’. Kw.« ‘sul:V
My rnllrondn...
To Uniliilo
To l.rlu ..
Toother ports.
Also -I'.'jis lui rye mid i;ii,7l'.' im barley ulilmicd liy
Tho followhtff shows tho receipts of several
articles of nrudueo In tlilh city from Jim. 1 to
tho close of last week: JJ,HPI,Mit |>rtt§ Hour,
hi! whom, HtI.SJI.WU l.n eom.iW.Wii::
till outs, ifiajrM (HI ryo. il.itn.dW Ini hurley, till,*
(U I,KUI )lih llaxseed, Hiy.‘.'OH,UiHl His h(itf*mem,
•H.TIIJW llts I mil, 45A’IUl.r.U lbs butler. I.MiWIDO
hoys. HU.TIT cattle, um.imi sheep. fiT.iMl.im I 1»
hides, Hh wool, n.r&Vihn tons coal,
J,l IlMSM.doo I t luinlicr, «W, , i HI barrels.
Tho rolluwltijf aro Ihu exports of whont and
Hour reduced to wheal, also com, tor tho week
eudlnir Dot. n, from Montreal, Huston, New
’ork, Philadelphia, llaltlmore.and NowUrlemw:
7t»— Whol.lm, rorn.lm.
rent Hrltnlii...... 1,1 Tr.Mito
IAIKiI ... ..
3H.»SI HlMfhl
Aa.vt 4a,'.wi
'Alt's) •
Itilliind nml Hulglam....
i'uhl Indies, Hr'nzU.’ate,
Export* from Ban Francisco and Portland,
Ore., for the week ending Bept. SI, to (treat
Ilntain, ff,811,201 Im. Tills is where the Increas
ing quantity nllmit to Great Drlluiit Is coming
from. France is buying but little, getting her
wants from itussln.
lIOIT PllonUCTß—Were nimleratoly actlrn nml
vary weak. Than) vrn* no timlurlnl climma la the lane
of l.lveninol nUvk'cs. ana llln Inenl has aimhutwas
repurtud hlKlior, owing to riaull recidias. Dill lliu
amrkat Imiko curly In symimthy with earn, tlinu mum
Btemllur for a time, mat cla*oil very weak, llnutsh a
proiulaont (monitor bulled the market about half
pitfi 12 o'clock for all It wna wortli. uflor wnrklnu on
dm utlmr lack for mvhilc. Of coarfo there was lltllo
ernoUdnu rcimrtvd fur expert, thomdi fomo onlor*
nmy have been tilled on the break before Uiiilib wore
Inrlhcr rcrtuml.
Mi;h* Point—Declined iftaATe per brl. and cki*oil
tnmu nl the reduction, at nlnml (1..:i1k, for luniid lot*
*lii.l or roller the mouth, and IIH.NI for .lamiary.
bale* wcin reported ol .Ml) brl* ncllor October at (li.tU
i t 17.7,Tj I.WJO brl* Holler Novombor at #U. a* cl7.S(i ;.7,--VJ
brl* Miller.lamiary elfl*.(*4tta).:r4!v! und 2.. iii) brm Hell
er February ut Total, 41,'iT‘l brl*. The
followlug tilvcs thu range of the day, Including the
Call Doaid:
Cto»nl Itniine t'lornt
Mtt* v«rU. Md. urrlfntoi). (b>. bid,
October «17.1 P 117.70 0417.7,'. 117.. V.
November K.W 17.2 J (417.*) 17. M
Venr IJ.SI If.)'.
Jammry l.uciM D.m M.v> |
February UU> 1M.7.T (-{It'.MI KM
1,.ti11.-Declined 2.*4<ViCuper Ini lb* and clnued V**<io
below Urn luluhL pi Icon of ,M.unlay, at {ll.'narKed for
round Io(h Hunt or ruitur Octobur. und (UM’4!4Kli.lA for
January. Bale* were renonod ~r jai te* *nn. at tli.'bi
M.WM tea Miller November ut fl(.iD4ill.ii)i I.ahi tc* M'llar
leteinlicr at fll.H,'|<j .r,ll,wj! tc* nullor.lnnimry til
114 iiVtl-Ml); IM) 0 to. xeller February tit D'i.l.v.'tU.tii
1.'.’.V1 ten Heller .March ut4U.JV>*l4 .vn and 2,ltM les Miller
April iiMl4.tPttl2.lP. Total, (U,iTOO tc*. The rnltnwtmx
hlv.wh the range of tlio day. Including thu Cull Hoard
traiumcttnuHi ,
Cloffd Itiui’jf
/.••nl. .Vrnubit/, b(i(, imUnlttu. do, hut.
Oiuobor »11..->44 <ll.M
November. lI.M fll-MHOII.H) ■ II.AI
Decuiuber 14.(r.S 11.K4P,(.||1.*,M ll.Til
.lanimry 14.:»i I2ii) irU.:f> rJ.odJ
February I'.Mr-i Hi. 15 dli.ia 1i.17
MKatk—Declined about Me per loilb.smi shnttrlb*,
with nearly an eipiul wenkne.** on other eut* of mid
dle*, tnu not m uiiicii clmngo In imin*, die latter tmv
lug liuen relatively low durum the Hpeeuliitlvo InUCn.
Bale* were reported of IUM»«I lbs Hlumider* *idlct*
April at''ei 7.'i ich Hwnnl.plckled do on private lermn;
(.'ll) li** long ami *hort elenr»iit4M.7. , >! Yiiid about 4,1*91.-
U))ib*HtiortTllHat. *put, 4'J.IU Heller Oolobei',
Wo7H(3.'.i.!V»Ht)ljcr November, and PMik'dt'A for .limn
ary. I’riciißof leading eut* were uh follows at 2:30
p. hid
Weirt BVionf- 1,. ,V B. Nhirt
IHII. dcr*. r'Mii. rlriirs.
f'.yj ttVM < t» 50
7.7 ft (>..*gl o.7ft
7.f*l e. 2.1 1)..*)
.onsa, part sailed.
)0, b11.M'U..........
Blmrl rlhs ctored at (Hjfff4fcH.(» for November,
and f.'.DHOH'.lft lor.liumitry. bong clears (pioledtil
f.i.u) iuoHii and Ili.Ti boxed: Cumberland*. t'Uwl'hjO
boxudt lonu-eal ham*. llWci Hwuul-|ileklod liaind
(tuotod at Gw 14!pi for IKablavoritgc*; green hums,
sumo nvertigu.
Ihieomiiioled at for shoulder*. IU!4'?llo for
short rib*, lltllo lor nliurl clears, |:kal4o fur hums,
all innviiNcU and mteked.
lll'Jl.F—VVus <pilel nt m.7f>«ULOO for muss, fIO.OO'-A
10,00 fur extra mess, and flliWftly.UO for hums.
FI.ODD—Was nnltfl dull and ipiutuhly enslor,
though holder* did not acknowledge) any change In
prices.' iluyurs held off In eonsetpiunuo of tho wuulc
fnollng hi wheat. Balu* wore ropurlod of 450 hrls
whitur*. partly at 4H.UO| (HU hrls spring*, ]ntrtly ut tf.Tftt
lift brl* and U.O bag* low grade* at and 14i
brl* ryu Hour, partly nt fft'A 'l’utnh nipuil to J,i||i) brl*.
Winter lluiir* went quolod at (T.UKiß.2ft| shipping
spring*. T«U.Vtf7.fioi thu low-gradu springs.
Dye llonrnl about 1<U4)4i±'1.4.».
OTittm Mii.t.HrprrH-Wuro dull and unslur, the
effurlngs bulug la excess of thu ilomnnd. Bales wore
noted of IT euro hnm atflO.bUttlT.lU; 3 curseholco feed
ntf4l2j| tear wheat suruunlugs at tUo per but and I
Mir course coni-tnunl nl (47.50 per tan fruotm board.
HPUING WUFaT—Was auttvu mid lumrr.dadlnlng
4Hoon ’Cbungti from tho lalust prleosef Mumlay. and
clushig tnmu nt tho InHlUu. Cargoo* wore quotud (lU'.HI
puri)rluwurln lilvurjanil ami bumlaa, New York was
heavy, and utir Interior winter whuat markuts woru
repurted to ho on tho down grade, buyer* having
uhout lilted up. Than! wuru few Inlying ardor* hure,
and upbnruaily (ha raneilun uf lliu pvevUuis day wh*
iieeupied byngaod mnnynn olfnrlng » fnvoiable op
portunity (a nub. Hal tliu Hhart* look hold freely,
and ilia market nettled dawn steady nt a llnlo lo**
lima iki ilcelliiu, till It wit* nguta neiutaned liy thu
latur hreuk In nirn. liar siinil,* shawad n rather largo
inureasa lust naak. thuro hoing no dbponliUm in ship
except thu lov.- gradu*. oar nrlcus being ralutlvalv
above those of New York mid Liverpool. Cu-di im*
closed at (I.ICI) , for No. 2 mid |1.41 lor No. A Bpm
ealun weru returned of 4>i,iM) ba and blear* No. 2 at
G.;tp*.l.:ii! 2a car* Nu. II si (l.'.'li I car rejaelvii tin
Contrail aid.oi; and IT car* by miinntu at ♦'->)•
Tolal about (i'.ou lai, duller Novambar u«ieiiuilHt
(l.:t*H<i*l.:i>7f. ■old nt (IJL*. advmmed to ll.mfii, am
declined 10 ruled sleiuly at aPuni (l..ij,uin
fell off lo (l.ltVt ut thu close. Haller the rnuntli mn
your weru nearly nambml nl (I.;ci)j*l.:i7i Dacemlau*
wan aeiiyuutfl.lli'-cg l.Wlii. and .lamiary (pilot at »40
nbava Ducunibcr. Thu lalluwlmi Hilda show* inn
range of thu day, including trmisavtlons 011 thu Cull
f.'hwd fhinua r.'f'iinl
A‘i>. 3 torlnil. Muiulnu, uftlrnhiu, go, hoi,
I'Toali rucolpla tI.MU fli>W'U.:i7 H.Kfli
Moiinr October j.ibU l.;uuoti,ii? i.io-n,
Hellor November l.inii l.it»M«l.i*Vi
Hullur Oeeembor I.UH l.uiiictl.W)* 1.11*?.,
Hullur Urn year... I«M l.ici^ei.iij
winti;uwhhat-Ww dull and nomlmillyoiiatur
nt nbout lining price*. except for mint-led. Halos
woro lluiltoil to I cur No. a ut ll.am, und li ours by
iiimulu m ll.tlKu-l.iii.
COUN-Wa* mure iicllvo In ft apuenlntlvu wujr, unit
very weak. Tliuinurkui dutllnou mill cloaed
im T.'inunju Iktlo below lliu luteal price* or Mendayt
l.lvurpeol mid London Hum Oul) unit ciodor, bin our
receipt* worn auiiiuwlmt aiuuUor, with only moderate
alilinnenUi wiillu there hu* iinnlhur big Inurunau la«t
wuuk In our atuckn In atom, which wita iuppmied in
havu Ineruuaed tlio vlalblo aupply lo fully lUmu.UUI
bn. Addud lo this wita Ihu fuel llml uhlpplnu orders
worn acmcu hero yuMerday, Thvau things wvukunud
. lliu contlUoiicu of the miters, und (Im nmnbur of
sellers aumuud to Increase with ucuih frvali decline In
prices. 'l'tiu engagements uf vessel room
thu iluy wore supposed to mean
thul thu ollauu luul abandoned lltu liluu
of cornering lliu umrkot fur llil* niontii utt
full uloVittora, mid vrlib Una tliuru wore rumors that
lliu wliolu dual whs to bu abandoned. Tim December
premium ovur November ugaln wldunvd'oul. Cush
lots closed in illUo lor Ku. a and fur rejected.
Hpot anlua Hum reported of ftO.UftJ bo mid Hid cur* No. d
nod tdgli mixed jit dUiktiiiiMiu; curt rejected at
MHwWjfot 41 curs l»y sample u; laiooiilhiu on Imuki and
lift enra do utUUgriTu free on board. Total about iin,-
Uii bu. Hullur November opened at lOKwid'vu, de
clined to untie, Ihou improved to dlUu. und tell orr to
(Sl4lo, closing nt HlJiiu. Hullur Uoueiubnr rangoil nt
ißt'a October nt OiJaWIUUc. mid Jlay nt taU*
7o>iu, nil eloalng at thu Inside. Thu your Was nomi
nally thu anrnoaa October. Thu following abowa ttiu
rungu lortbo day, Including traniavtluns on thu Co"
itottA Kano* viottd
mday. yfi’aUau. du, Jdd
A’o, ?coni.
h«Tiur 0ct0ber,....... m&idtM til)
Stiller Nimmibor Un liliKuW* 13k
tillur l»ocumti«r **U kumum tui
bettor Uav M »w*«nM
OA’l'H-vvuro wuaV and lamu lower, partly >» »yw
natuy wlllienm, partly on account nr (h« Ineroailim
ruouipu, mui muitly uti accountof Uiaapportiiit iitiur
dUlnclinaUon im ilia pan of luuu bolder* to aunn llio
downward tuurauunt. Th« deolluo tut tu at lliu
npunluu, and, with the exception of the November
delivery (which experienced * brief upward turn*,
continued till the elute, when Iho market wua weak
all around. No. a cash »uld from tlortowu tottltiu,
clualiiilHt llio luiior flauru. dollar Ueiobor was In
very ifimtdouiand. aellhiti from Wlwj down to 44V<e.
Heller November uuuued at 4ac, advanced iuiK<u(ul
\tWvU p(U9 lew - ÜbttiMttoui w«iu ogiM, wui tU«
L'llni'il lit ll'Hc. I'lnMim nt ll'VnllMo. Holler Oromn*
l«‘r o|»onoil nt IM4rnilil cl«i!«i‘0 nt il-io. Holler tho t ' ar
mu* ImnllT hinlniiilooil, utnl iiomliinlly rin>tint>l< a at Mm
ll’it*. Hofkf Mn> noli! Inmi r.i'v-ilnwn In t iai
lim nl tno Inner llizmv. In finnti»lnA ilioro ivnn n
imoil imOn nl lelotlvolr lower inure*. i:u»!i siili’i
were nnnlo ofa iiiinni 4( 1 v.»Oo f.tr No. ‘Jlnnerei '■ii
mi* itr funntiK m -MirNo r»n* rojeetoii mitoii. i.*ll«
fom-Joeie.i wlilie, t.Vfor No,?, uml |ti,mi tor No.‘4
wtilln on Inv'K: !rt mn ill 4; , VjW4 | ' for roJueU'il
inlxo-l, iVjtiKS'fO for rojoiloil wlilio, 4:i'wu for No.?,
nml 4 Ml'ty’for Komi to rholeo No.? wfillA free on
hontil. Totnl I'oiiiit to iiltont I'.i.UU ho. h'ollowlnit nrn
(ho cimUm iiriri'4 nt Mniiiinr, touothor with tlio mono
yonlonlnjr, InolitOUui Urn cull Immoit'iloiM:
I lo»iif f/■ I iio<* ffodnl
•Vo. Jrtdfl, .ViOliMt/, l/r«(Mil.»i/. j|f>, M'f.
H))Ol Is»t MH«n 41-i
Feller (le!olior 4->S
Heller iVi 411*'-- M‘f 111*
Holler lleeomlior iV( 4l!vl.vS 41'*
Holier Hie fear 41* II wll!» 41
Hc>110r.Mar.................4H'f _ Mm, jw> J«U
UVK-MVim ttun llvi'. No. a ciiot pnillm! ut fl.fW. wim
H'o month oni'inlilrtit iuk'(. >nvi*iiitn>r rnllnu
til #j.im lOit urnl fl.m itml iK’iTinlicr uHlum tit
fI.UVi, tv llh fl.UliM til Hie fil in'. CnMi Hilcs worn
mmtti nf lit turn ni fir No.K In storm linin'
l*y nnmiitn nl for roWiot. tind ?I.IM mr So. a
«m 11 nek t a rnr> nl H.tH fur S«>. a fit’ll tin ixuinl. Tout I
Ml. I'*l.
I‘silfl «P.T»
ctiniil in iilmni ll.im tin. *ulih of iti.iKTi Itn went imiiln
Jim n tier I (i'i-luHc tit IMPHI.IMf ct'llnr tlm itmnih.
IIAItI.KV •wiiMlml mid Iriciriilnr, Nu. k i;iiMi mil*
tint lit fl.ns* t.lM'f. it it It flint Mil fur Oi'.nlinr ililllvrrf
in thi> nlinm. I.ltilo K;ih dmm In .No. a, innnl ilf tlnil
lit min itolmt to tliominitito nmrknl. .Novnmtmr iliiliv
itv win* utivn'd ni tlm idlin' 111 ftV. Miihlidi's unlit
i t4ii iv. ftisti mili*« wurc imulo nf ‘mm nt fl'ir.*Uiv.}
tor No. 1 1n norm car* tir unmiito nt JJn fur No.
(d «;«ic Mr An. I, mill *>ih!H«! fur Nu. Jinn ininki 4 cira
m fm* Mr Nn, I. mill tl.d'i fur No. Jl fivoon Inmrd.
'i’Mtnl ('<llllll in tiinnii. tii.ini im.
HKKlM—Tliiiiitliy itnr (tfiikcr. i«i»li lifllrnt i|ilnliil»io
in f.U.'i ' tii) [or |irti)n’, Hut nmilo at tliu filin'. Tim
llu\"hml mnrKiu uni nniiimlml irnuljr, f(i«li hollliiu
tiom fi ll flirty dun n M<MKiiii tlm filin'. Clmi'r im*
n ulniilc I'tHcr. iirliiin urn’ll tu’ltifi <|iiiiniiil(> til f-V r>’tft..V>
ill lhi* fliiKi*. Sntii-i ni'ru nnnliMil .<1 ImusfloreT ki*i'<l
71'iini iiml'il.i lnijn tlnmihr a.ioil ill
for |>iMir to iirlini', fi r tii'Mlmr. midft.H
Mr Anvciniinri -'ifiiiK mid -i.i.wii im Hiix«imrt til f I.:lm«
«<> i ll fti«li, rl.HKrl.il Kfller Oi'.otmr. nml <l.ll rutlnr
lii’ifmixTi iiin nml M liniti lliiminrlmt nl JiUt.’in.
A iMrnimi Kfud i-lmilnr of rm-ptit iiuo any l * ri'Jtnril-
Init llm si’i'il |iri>K|/t>flK in (li'nimny mid Kruni'n:
"Tim linrvi'.'linit or ki'oil In mm-kii (nr ndvnnmt
■Ail.xil :iv s :n‘.
•Jl.twi M.II'TI
.‘V.V.IIM -Ml si I
ml it nOurD enrrcet esilnmteor Its result enn bo
lade. 11l red clover UiOrn euilllitl be expected Hull'll
i On trill (ternmny uml Knince. Tim dry weidher In
■o summer cmited N'mtity of tedder to tint iiillmt
lint tint limit nf the plant was eaten uieon by lint cat*
iM tin* rest, uhlon luumlnud fur tin’ll, wan much
amiutml by tin* Imnvr ruin in iho lasi wanks. Tim
;ast will probably idve u little heller result, which
111 ho found mu In n low weeks.,"
two d'ci.dck noAtin. *
When! closed !<o hlpher, nt l.tlt for October,
fl.!W*l.ilv« (or .November. »l.:ii!tv<*l.:iTv , ( for Ooconi.
her, uml l.-Tyli for Out veur. Sales went umdii
of hit nt li.HI seller October, fl.i'.'eii
Ml-'lijy seller November. <l.:i*?d'vl.:iT;‘f wilier
thn your l*orn closed ?4 fJ 7so hulier, nt
iil.tflVtllWe for Oeioher. iUKMi«!|u for Novem
her, ii(T>.Md'io for IJecciuhor, unit tin v-»dp>vo for.Muv.
Sides wore mndii 01 l.Xi.oiMni ut hlji'i'iiity; seller
Omohur. iv.’.iir.l(e seller November, irJ, l i'iit>o seller
December. uml ißiUi-di , '>(»B seller Mny. Outs
ehiHod unelmnued nt 4i l *wt.‘>u lorDctohcr.-IllflHi'Jo
for .November. o!t('Cil.Kc tor Oceetnher, uml h'l' I ''
4>»>4e lor Aluv. Sales wero mndoot ITMDI hu ut'ltW-fl
■Ulte seller November. -41 1 feetlX.U seller December,
nml tbUnis'f sollur Mar. Uyo closed ensler, ut #I.UC-«
l.n-'d tor October. M.iMlwl.h* for November, und <l.ll
Kl.lllj for‘December. with Hides of l.'i.iiUl ini nt
(l.lMci f.dtihj seller November. Mess pnrk closed
inomditr id fi;.'4.Wl?.;v‘i for ocndicr, llT.Knti
1T..il lor .November, fIT.VAx 17.N1 for December,
»K.Vw;tH.i'.Tbj for .Inmmry, und <KT«*KTT'.i for I'Vb
rnury. Sides were niiido of ll.Tisi lirls ut flT.'.’u seller
November, #H.MHls.Viseller.lutnmry. undfls.T.i seller
l''«dirintrv. l.unl closed etislor. nt liIAV-rll.iVi lor No
vemiier. <lJ.n4>.i'_'li.iCi tor .litmnirr, <lT.ll'*»’,tiT.ll lor
l ehrimrv. mm <li.:ioi}l'4.:il!.i for March. Hales wero
ituiile ol’ Ib.I.VJ les ul |jl.m!4(rtll.iai seller November.
<l'4.id*.y.'>li.ui!> seller .Inmmry. (t‘. , .i.V^1'4.17 t 4 sutler
l elinmry. uml <r,Msi-tl4.;ff!(i seller Murcli. Snort rib*
closed loc lower, nt lor November. fs.uvt
lust for Doeemhor. uml f.i.l.Ty '1t.1.1 tor .tuminry. wlin
sides of l.aw.MM ibhiufs.n;, seller October, fs.WV4s.ul
sollur November, f.Ml' seller December. fcUdM&HUi
seller January.
nttNT'ttAli iMAUKETS.
UKOOM-COllN—Trmlu moron steadily at quotn
hnlcit Imrl ami cnrpot.
Ircoti. i«olf-worktn«..,.
tml tlpjuMl, <io
UA(iUlN(!—'i'lic market wit* without luiiiortnutncw
feiUores. Trudo wns fnlr, iind tbo prlco.* Hlren bolow
were steadily licldt
Shirk ■riS'»nrlnps,lrttrtbn....W 6MIJ4
ouur Creek Wjj 11 tunnies, slrmle....bt',svlt
l,eul*um VI (iuimlus. iloutdu.,2l wit .
Auierlnm lUKlWooi stick :H btkt j
IJUTTKU-ln this tmiriu-l llioro wits u good doirroo
or iicilvltv, mill Uiu tenor of prices vrni titiitln llrm,
tlm supply below rnodnmto. Kino creamery and tlio
bent inula;* of dairy tire salable at lint oiitsldu ijnoln
tliins, Mltlle Inn ruinll way nllwlitly hlwhcr llwnros nro
olmilnrd. Wo emillmin to rjnotu:
Creninerv, i-holee itwiKjConnmin prado#., ...KkaiW
Cmun , n / . fair i«wood.!» | '<*:wj I'neklini slock UktM'i
Muliy, choice Slmiil Uruftsu Kit »
Dairy, lair In uuml
CM J'JKMW— I Tills market hint no now fnahiroi. Choice
full m-uins belnii scarce nro (Irmly hold, and the boat
l.iirt skims doll nl iinttly lull Itßiirus, biilufrwrmlesnro
tinder nettled and show ft lack of stronulb. Quoth*
tlotm roumlit as before:
Mill cream ...
I’itri skltn I’lH'dilar, eliulco..
Dun skim, ll t(. clndca
Dun rkim. 1 otnitnm to pood,
t.ow Rradcr
COAL—Was (pilot, with no uhnnitc* In tptolnUons,
whlrli rumntn a* follow*:
Atilltiaultti t K.iD'Otosibunr I d.IM
Ki le i.KjtsiJ.iiil Indiana b10ck.... _ fi.it)
Ualtlmorefioiilo il.Ml Illinois.,.. 4.0031.5')
Do hi11...w....... 6.W) Mlnoilk 4.00
i’lfiUmitit (UjU|
CODl'llUAtlll—Was In wood deinund nl(t.t3wai.l3
for pork Imrrol* imd lI.HT.Wai IU for lard tlbrcun.
niIUS-Wura tlnn at Ilk) per do* for strleily fresh.
l-'Um-A fairly active business win In proKress, ntid
tltu market dlsphtud a* imtuh Btrbntilh us at any
time. Htouks arollitluor than usual for the tliuo of
year. Womiotos
IVhltellsli. porl>Url Id.OU SD.2I
Troin. per w-lu i..., 5.2.1
Mackerel-No. 1 shore. MH'il l».60 tftu.l
Aluekoret—No, 1 buy. )»*brl tl.fld CtJ.UI
Mackerel—No. 2 ahuio, fi.MJ (*«.U)
fituckerol—l.arue family 4.(Hi ce4.,0
Mackerel—Cat laiiilly, hj-brl 4.W) feM.2O
ilnlllnii, smoked. por lb.. nj 12
Codibh-tJeorßo’s. pur ICU lb* 0.00 <a*).A»
t’odllili—llrand IlmiK , IV.IH
Codtish—Dressed.... ,H
l|orriim—l.ithMidor. *]illl. brl* i.Ofl n<."o
ilorrltm-noiluml. por h«K 1-U oal.dy
llorrliiK-MMlud. pur box . A « Hi
liillliirnlu Milmon. l«*brl. t B.UU
l , 'lllJl'i'H AND Ml l'rt—Tlioru wan conunnodaotlvliy
iiotti In forol«ti ana domutlla drlod, and ovoryllilnu
la ihu lln wo* Klronit. ViilnnulnrnlHlns.uurcnms.aml
prunes urn hold hi an ndrnnuu un Instnook’a prtcue.
Hclimt are Jobbom’ prluu*:
I into*
l-'lyn. Inyur* ....
Tni klali iirimon
Ualidns. layer*, old
KiiUtns. Invar*, now
llalMnn. I.omlnn layuri
ilabdn*. l.nnilim layers, now.
Itatslii!*, Vulenuln. n0w..... ...
ItnlMliH. loom .Munuatiil
lluiHliiH, loom Muscatel. now.
Xamu currant*
Apple*. Aldon .
Apples, evaporated, bosun.
Apples, lias.urn
Annies, hontliorn......
reaches. imi ared, hulroa..
I’htud vtiorrlus... .
iii'ici in#
..... w
.'.'.‘‘.l!!! two w
WUmmulmi 5 ® *
Vlrulnln * 'J> l*.
UoiTtmuiu’mob.... 6WJ H
iIUKAHIi-'nicto la null* imuilrr. unU tlio fuullnu la
woah. Woijumm
City whllu VlfSiM
city brow
City yollnw
Country wbltu "A' 8 (itsJl
Country wlmu •• It „
Coumry follow Wlfl-'ll
Country brown .. -m
UIIHKN ClllMTH—Anulm woro iimltatmial, iimnl
mill vnliluu uluimiullnns, IVmihounro dully biiuoin*
liiKauurLMtr unU itnnrur in mmllly und null at a wldu
niiitu in iirluux. I'uara and urupoa uuntimiu plonty al
low tmuroH, Wo rjmilo:
Annie*. fair. l>or brl ... ....fJ.SUOd.UI
I'lMOlioa. purlins 75
llurllotl penra U*
Orannn, pur lb , •*» ...»
CmiiburrUi*.i’ur br).
l.omoii*. p0r0u5....... lUDOUW
Citlirornliiplum* AUI
California puam............. .U«W .Md
Caliroriiiiiuriinva. Ji>*lliorntoa MW» Aal
(iltoci'.lilKK—SVuro in'iiunilly rennrlud uotlvo, and
Ilia tnnn nr tliu market mu» laltly atundjr. Uuiuw uru
Ilia i|UuttiUuiiat
Almonds. Tarnuoiia.
Nupln* walnuts
11 i uAt in
.Invu. ilmluu JUmUallnK
lilo. fmiojr
hlii. prime to choice,,
Ido, mir to K00i1......
Ulu, roiutliiK ....■
I’nimit cul-loaf,
(iniuulatml. Htuudnrtl.....
tirumilatoil. not ■(imutmi
A auimlunl.....
A Mo. a
Kxt.a t........
No. 1....,
N. O. miiluMtifl,
••• fe
... ih<a
...41 (*l'l
;:S Si
.'. 1..40 <*W
Allsplco .........IMfftM*
Cl'IVU* «
Nuunuua-.. .Vi utUl
U A V-Tiie niarkui romolin lino fur uliolco vritdua at
iliuuflvanoo. Wuouuioi *,,,«*,♦ m.
Nu. I lliooltijr, l»«r 100 llTiMu JU
No. * itiuuUiy, |iur tuo on track
Mixed. liUkM»t4.W
Uphold jimlrlo
Nu. I .................. Mluuriaui
IlllJeS—llvalora report ofu rtrmlo lu urotm bUloa.
dry lioinu ht heavy auppljr and moving ilowly. Wo
(Vroun-oured.llßlit,per lb. Mf l # UH
llreon-ouroa, heavy.. fis
Wri-cored,.... IH<# gl
UamßHwU tiUtOi.. ....
<iruun*MU bull*'
Cuff, (tor 1d.......... Ji*>
firywiliod.iHir lb ..... ~ _«
)tnr«fliuu rJ»'. I }} £}*
thiiuukuu. dry.. mm.U k*U
gfiotio-wiilu. wool iwllinalod.,.
ui firm uml Bivatly. Truda «u fairly nob*
Ivaut ilia following prlcoii., , __
Corhun. fllttipo.,... ft {.liuocd, raw ... ...(tutffl
Ciubon. I'ariuiillim IT ).ln«ood. boltod WWW
CHi-buii. lift uiat.... 11 >Viiulo, . W
Carbon, U*J iu»b.... 11 l.tfli,
Carbon. liu butt.... W Noaufoot, iniru m
CaiCoii,»nc»wwhUo „ NeaUfooLoilra.... W
W. w., liitoat... a Noauioot, Nu. 1..„
Carbon. Ivu.YV.W. J i Hank 4
Carliou. WU.I’.W. UH Hlralla W
Carbon, Mloli.W.wf aw Turiiemlu# M
Carliou. Slid). l*.W. MlouiV..., ..lixjisi •
laird, curroiiimaka luu fsaptuba'jaoJ>)dug ft)
laird, No. 1 15 uaauitno.deo,,filing M
tMO*Wv.J.iM< W UuigUawtyO'tfilW 23
|*OTATOh!I-Worn Mnmly M for ».tmvl
I'Olll.TllV ANH tIAMH -Tallin •lil.k.ni.
lluhlor *n]n*ly itM t'.'i? |ii‘r Hi llvo wnlmn. Tutko»P
juolln tior Hi ll»t> winjlit. Ten! ilm-k", #|..Vi ii.. r
J’raliln olilokoin won* h uri-o. ho 11 not at »1... - i, n,„;
iloj. MnlMnhrulil nl 11.IM i«or iln*j 'l"all. fl jvl
V.liTi iinull clank*, fl.T.i von1«o». lA'-hic jmr Hi. *
HAI.T -Thorn wa*n finally tnoln itt <|iintiui>iii<-
Mii« i*nll. Kaitltmw ami Nim York. i>er hri....» ■ «
ronruoMill.iiur lirl i.-jv-I**!
Hairy, willi lniL 1 ' '‘MO'iMi
llairv. without lirurn..... i ,|
Anliimi ilMlrr, nor Hank...
Uritini'l iiliini. In Imcti 11,
I .Ivorian*! (Inn. nio-vn «noU i •'
TAI.T.oW -1* (lull Mini clrmniinw (U T?lu for city
?w..>.TUo for No. I notimry romloroil, wliii Nn. i ni| . ’
Irr m Halun wore mnilu of iO lal* |in Ul#
WlHM'iTsVWii*. MiiHiod ‘ itomls » Crt
odnioil oti llio UiiMh of fI.H for hlnhwlm:*. r *
Wool.-Thorn I* a fairly Uflito trnitc, nml (irlmra.
timlit llrm. Wn *jnoloi
Uoixl |<i nholoo oioillmn toll..
ronfiin amt iliimyloh
Mini an 1 immiMiuil t1e0c0.,.,.
I'liiino* amt itimioUioil itoono,.,
Mmllnin unit nnwrtnlioit Hocwj,
Mndiinn amt tnifhod llituou.
Milo itairlmil 110000...
Conrao imahoil lloueo
Hnmo ilmn Innl week,
WWloof nfi—
Moimuy sum :uvi
.Monday's of millo worn Hnolti dins 3.f
prtlvos) ll.Mllioml. Tlie lurifnsl nmnlior over recorded
for nnr nrovlous ctny wits lu.tiii) Imul.
t’ATTliK—'l'lio tnnrkHl for itood to host bo.m|» «*«
rnnsoimlity nciUo. tuul nmlnuilnml n liilrly firm (-me.
Thodormiml *m.i not very sharp. hilt tlio
ilei ontlr fnllml lota wns comprimUvnljr imiiall, nndiiii
odvrliuw Hint wore itnml cmmuli to lorwnrd w CMi
tnkonnt full Ilmira*. h’or tlm poorer clum of
mis uml romnioii urnss unlives lliu itmrkot s-mitinuo.i
mnik itini imsDltlcil, nlllumuli tlm receipts wen
much less limit nn llio day before. tml llioro wero*
peed many nlnlu entile. nml buyers took udvnnlnuo u{
this excessive supply. They did not succeed In do.
presslnu values to any mnrkud nxtont. but the bulk c{*
Ihotrudltitf In pinir to medium iiimlltles wns ni a
idmvlmt "nir" from Monday's prices. There nrr*
several droves of very pood “Western irnttlu lor whut
there wnsivhlllpplmt dinnnml nt HIV44.M), white lor
it drove nt tI»T (J. W. Moody entile (native Wynnj.
lmtstfV.il wns obtained. They nvornifud l.'Killis. and
wnni sold hy lliisenhaiint, (hiss ,V Co. Tho dny’s work
wus ilmm nt Scrubs unnl m M.iMCvJ.Tji
rinmiioii to pond native hmclmrs stulf ntfUJUti.iL
Westerns mostly nt imtlvo Milpnlmc
steers m (I.'AVdiUU. Very row choice cuttlo were of.
form), uml hm little trudlnp wus done nt ovorfi.'.ij,
Stockers Him feeders wore limited steady.
K.tirn lloovcs-Hloors wolithhui l.ffl) lbs uml
upwards <(LV>46.:d
Clmlee lleeves-t'lim. fat. mid wllMormod
sieers. welphlnp l,:wi to 1, 4.'*) lbs aiXksllJ
(ioml Hooves—Wcll.fiuteuod niuiir*, welch*
hut l.'Mito l.:tn lb ft.ldnS.Ts
Medium llnntt'H-Mioors In lino Hush, wolph
nmi.nuio i.'iviibs i.U"o4di
llntcliers' Stock--Door to common steers und
common to choice cows lor city slumdder,
nelplillipHllto 1.U’41 lbs ’i.Toa.VO
Htnek ruUle-l.'oiiimuli cuttle. wclplilnit MJO _ m
to i.um
nferior— I,Will und thin rows, hollars, sinus.
hulls, mid scnllnwmt steers V.uvm.’o
i'exnn-Throiiuh droves , 4.T.V.r;i.;j
roalß-l’or luulbs. 4.unei,;i
in ur* ii.ro
in Mil It.tt
411 l.iiitJ ll.l'l
;u ) i.:tw a.iu
;ti i.itiu 6.m
in j,aw »,K>
IS ...I.IIIS A.7.*
.It W
4TIVyo 1.9 M
m 1....! 1,273
111) Western,.l,:tU2
;« Western..l,292
4? Western..l.9.7
41 Western..l.ai 1 .)
US l.fdO
:» Western..l.l2l
60 Western..l.UW
IRHlH—Drluc* m
heavy armies mil
small, nntl there
vtiiieeuf lelnllul
At the Mulsh u mm
out, Imt in> partoi
lllllir tl> lIUSt llltll
Itettvv id PUltaT.ll
mi Hninnlnv'* prlt
heavy, Mips sold
mtlea wore ilio foil
. N o*lo
. n r.j 11
Mi. Av. f'rlfr.M
frit nns (T.ni 1
fil 1111 T.:»t
M iv 12 7.2.1
4S 2o» 7.2.1
47 t-.« 7.91
h’l 9N 7.1.1
44 9« 7.1.1
7.1 D
42 2H7 UU
fi1.,.,..X(T 7.01
M 9iJ 7.01
111 \iU 7.01
M 2AI 7.1 W
ft* :«» 7 .ID
41 272 (i.Ui
fil 9.(7 HO)
f. 2 9.11 IhKI
fin :jn 11.01
•in 2H2 n.Ol
m nit «u*n
fit fl.H'i
m 2i2 «.ai 1
M I*7ll IlK’i
IK 203 11.71
57 (UK 11.71
til 210 (1.70 I
111] 2IH (1.7(1
strom: n* on an.
pars und tltu city n
for poor to prlino
....« 4 & ft
..... 20
:cutj «iu»
;i.mi wn.ifi
..... iur. ct&ai
li & i:iw
HUM 111
ih* ,m
in bn .it
iittc* is
art* ii
.Vo. .It*, /‘rfre.
1UU.... «7 U-(M
til... 107 4.111
1U3.... M lU7H
n(TrvAT.o. Out. 11.-CA-m.K—Hocolpt* todnr. I.TOOi
comdmicd tbruutill. WS rnnu pood dunmnd and prices
n nlmdoAluiiurs no extra Moors liurut uooil medium
BtuorK, V«iiaiji.uii lair to nourt Halil, ll.AxJl.iil
Churokcos. ra.UO. ... .... . .
BIIRIII* ASM I.A.MUS-UouolplJl. I.MDs conslltaod
ihrouult. 1 unn dull, weak, and lower: foodora. fa.'ii'rf
;i,HM fair touood Woitern rhuum H.U*«4.4t)j no oitn
hurnt lambs luffori Woatnrn. (o.AM6.7u| CtumriM,
receipts Ualiti Vomers, fd.riUii).ii): medium wolubU,
tU.7MU.bO: Kood henry, 17.Um7.1Ui nil Hold.
coliilk, v.l t 5 liomi: n very Inruo variety of stock on Hie
tnurkutt all kinds In domiuidt prices vary wellsu«j
iHliiuil on ull urmlosj choice. RJ.aOA'J.'Jij
B.UII ttml nimlttr, td.UUttU.aoi second do, Kk.OO*s.aJ(
la., live, IMUMII Northern
dressed Ikw*. ft7.V*U.U>. „ ,
hiikki* ANit l,ANii«-Hoonlpls,B.Kl7j market dull si
■npoimiK.nutilrraerateloiui sheep In loot M.6oa.vuj
eachi extra, |6.fiOUO.OOi sprlmt lambs, s&idMo p#i
pound. *
dprctaf Dispatch to J7i< t'hfraoe TVltmnc.
‘ KASHAS L'ITV. Mo.. Oct. 11.-DArrt.r.-ThO PrUt
current report*! itecelpta, a.ftOOi shlpmonis. I.»'i
market slow mid weak; nntlvo shippers, K.VStUOi
native stoehore mid feeders, Ri.700w.60j native cows.
{j.iUtt;U6t urass Texans, fIUTsBiLSBi half-broods, fJ.tus
llodH-Ueoelpls. shipments, W6| active and
Armen choice, KUtfri'l.fiUi mlxod pncklns, it.B6cstt.Ul
lluht shipping. Kt.7bstl.UU.
Hr. I.OUIH, Oct 11.—Uatti.k—llecelptf, 7IW| Ship*
menu. Mali scarcely enouuli supply to rnaho a mnrkntl
iirxont demand for pood shipping «tßdo;,biii none
here! native butcher*' sloer* llrm Btls.ftua.Ujj} k , '" , J
touhiiluu cow* unu heifers, M'AV*4.UJj proas lessn*
sieudyt common to lair, IxftUttJ.Wi wood to cholic,
{noi shipments, I.GOOi scarce and
Prnii fair to lanvy wanted ul (iLIXaI.W.
lH*(i m
Wabt Unrury. »*«.. Oct. il.-LWif -Uecelnt*.
■i.lhKliuiiUjuinrkotnclh'Ci iirlcoaaahurto lilulwr (!■*»
T. bu»l Vorkor*. lUAMitTii ooumum tu fair, I<uim
U, SWW hoadt markot fair at jfo»ior*
day’* prleti*.
au <f-Ji
A...W W*
.....II d*{-’4(
ISiiiANAiMtMS, Oci. n.-llo(J*-Hle»dr ttnd un*
chaitKodi iMtchiiitf, culta uud iitnu. H- ,h *
(UWI leucluU. ijliliiniynU, Wi. ...nvciimi
CATU.M-Hrmund unuli«ii(tu<lj »lilmiln«, ttvJjfrui
liuiuhura’. f:LUK>u.:»i siuckorauudfoeuttrs.
rttuuiitw, uii *li(|iwem», mine.
I'incinnati. Out. 11.-lioou-Klrmi common w*
Hutu. WiV-Attiai imcktnn und butcburt , W.j>*7.wi f»'
i;cl|iia, •hlpmonu, I,'JJJ.
* There worn about twenty toholi on tho canto man
hot yesterday. bales moved rather »lowly, Ibouiia
no cimcosaiona from quotation* wore reported. W*
quutot „
Union piece-stuff. llO.fiO fllWi
Urcun cuumiou 1ncb...... H..«
tireen medium wuj
Kxintgohdundseleci......... j&JJJ y
{/ruun good inch |tp|
Uonid* und Birin* IfW wtyft
biundurd shingles.. «(••>{
1:8 S i;S
following aru ilia yard price* of dry lumber a* l,luJ
by the trude, union lumber selling at IW# bar m lo**>
first, second, and third dour, fc*MnoU.,| W-W
Kim und second clear, rough, IMacb...., d
Tliltd dour, rough. ‘Mncb V/in
i'nti und second oloar, dressed siding,.,* frSJ
Conimmi droued siding
( ’louring. second common, dressed...,,..
Uia bourds, Udne1i........
8 stock boards, liMW-lnch, r0ugh.......*.
•luck bourds, IweKMucli-
(! slock boards, lULiia-lneh •
Fencing, ntsi quality.....
ruining. No. a.
Common bourds, hMuauit ....**
rutmuoii boards, lo»JU 1t......
Dimension stuff ...........
Dimension stud.!W toau ft................*
Timber, ut tossd. Inclusive, U It
I'lckuls. llal* rough, mid good
KulDgluA, elver
Hblngles, extra A
KhlngU's. standard..
Cedar vests. 4 to 11-inob round
I on*, am and b« wod «i«m, I w i*ii»cu...
IjIVR stock,
TO te
. 7,Ml HUM S;„^
|«.i«l Jti.im j.J
171, mi
.tr. I'rltt,
.l.iuV fViii'
.I.IVI in.hi
.l.Ui! lt.«l»
.l.iiH iiiin
li’hVh iuo
. ICM ii.in
.1.0 rj :i,m
,i,li:| il.’.i!
. ir,7
. Oft) il.ro
IK) ,T.V)
44 Toxnrt
niWunturn.. IWS .il.w
TUWcsturn., I.uil :i.«l
•>: Wvniorn.. tki a.*»
42Wcsiorn.. MU n!.v)
MIV oetorn.. IUI (I.ftl
f»t WcMprnl.’l.uTd a!:tj
MlWostorn.. WM
mi Western., si.ii ;i.;o
111 Western.. I*ll il.Ji
2W Western..l,inu n.ta
•awestern.. on n.ii
44Wuntnnt.. wn a.ai
71Weslorn.. nil
«7 Western.. Oil n.w
4nWostorn.. mu 3.4.1
IJOWestern.. 401 (1.2 U
i« Western.. ow n.w
nrwestoro.. to) :ui'|
1141 Western.. KIT 11.11 l
22We*tern., l«J (U9<
11 cows oil *j.su
2(1 mixed’..... lid illd
in i.2fii •4,:.)
s.ii u!sn
:u bulls 1.227 2.3 TX
p yesterday another notch,
sharply. ThO supply wsi
(inrlv olonraiieo at an mt*
htrtNiidnf lOrtKm In hciuj.
easier toulltiK wn* npi'jf
lyanuo was lost. We ipima
.'iViriLVi. amt poor In cxln
to ik'tiriH show an advance
lUu fa llithi ami I.VfiiVi in
LOUI.UJ. Ameinulho day's
I 4,A»
I 4.1(1
moved up
Ivnnehm i
was no
nimvimt c
lit the ml'
:hl nt l>.‘.
lun* or tl,
>1 at #I,OL«
miu ha I, it*.
1 No. .Ir. I'rlcc,
nil .210 K7I)
117 2VI d.i'.i
111 W) I Ml)
fil 2iH 11.14)
II 2.11 HOI
A 7 2.H1 (101
flu 312 11.0)
fil Ml llfii
fi2 202 ll.Vi
(II 2M7 HM
fil .202 ll.fil
111 >251 (Lfil
(!| 221 11.5.1
fii r.i iifii
(71 Wi ll.fi)
41 274 lift)
120 2ns n.fii
.17 2’ii llfii
lfil AM lift)
4(1 .....21(1 lift!
40 201 lift)
7(1 HI IlM)
47 IW (lift
41 '217 0. M
120 Ail IUI
M». A i*. Prtff,
01 3ii pin
fil 2IU IUI
si art iin
111 ill IUI
1# an
m 211 an
*l2 201 IU)
to ait an
7t) mi an
117 AVI HD
iiu an an
M an ani
72 HW Mi
■«...\..2tJ IUI
>l7 'All lilt)
lot an rui
61 9.0 a:«l
fil 21)1 (vll
12 inn n.Ji
liu avi ail
Vi Iltl tlii
12.1 Ifil <l3l
£»l 'AVI 8.3 J
4.» ITJ r..J)
■m avi tu<|
A 5 -im ti.ui
21 ZJI Ml>
11 In 7 UU
moil In nnilro ruquoal and oulrt a*
ir <lay vrUhln (lio past lull.
trndo bmialu trculy at td..17HM.1.f0
j quotations. Tliu lollowlnu wor#
snunns Ai.ru.
VO. .If. I*ri«. .Vo. Av. I‘r(f«.
20.. m fI.WI im.... l« ft I **
11H....1U1 411 mi.... H-l I.IW
70.. HU 4.1-itt UU....10U 4.W
110.. 70 11.0U4

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