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A cool Reception Alike of
Oambetta’s Cabinet
and Program,
Tho T,ntiilon “Times” Thinks tho
Cnhlnot Shows a Uovival
of One-Man Power.
Tho Radicals Propose to Sot About
Abolishing tho Senate nt
tjnbdln Drops Kasily inln Ills tow Con
servatisiu, ami Squelches Hie
No Less than Thirteen Socialists Elect
ed on Second Ballots In
flow Prince Blsumrck Is Sick,
Princo Uisumrck a Monk
Will l*o.
Preparations, Accordingly, for a
Close Union with the Cath
olic Church.
Further Translated Glimpses of the
Eloquence of Souor Cas*
fb&t tbe Great Spanish Democrat Don
eiders Practicable In His
Nov. 15—The following is the new
French .Ministry as forecast yesterday: Gam
ktia, President of tho Council and Minister
of Foreign Alfidrs.
.Minister of Justice. •
Wahlcck Rousseau, Minister of tlm Inte
Paul Ilerl, Minister of Colonies and Public
lost rectum.
Bouvior. Minister of Commerce.
Coehery, Minister of Posts and Telegraphs.
Allaln 'large. Minister of Finance.
Conipcnmi, Minister of War.
(toujenrd, Mlnlslcrof Marine.
Profit, Minister of Fine Arts.
Doves, Minister of Agriculture.
Hawn), Minister of Works. President
(hfivy has accepted Urn new Ministry.
Tho following have been appointed Under
Secretaries: Spuller, Foreign Affairs; Le
lievro, War; lilamllo, Marino; Coze, Agri
culture: Felix Faure, Commerce and Colo
nies; Lcsgulllon. Public Works; Martin
Fculllec, Justice: Dovello, Interior; Dela
perte, Finance. A decree will bo published
reuultlngtlieMinlstrlcs of Public Instruction
and Worship. This is Important, in view of
toe violent anll-Clorlcal opinions of Pool
Bert, Minister of Public Instruction.
with his colleagues, in Uio Chamber of Dep
uties today, and explained tho policy of his
Ministry. Ho snld: *• Wo desire a policy
which will advance gradually and wisely
towards reform. Wo roly ou finding u ma
jority which will afford us Its frank support
in both chambers, and upon a disciplined
public eervico. Wo propose to reform the
judicial system, perfect the national educa
tion, and complete tho military legislation.
We wish, by means of treaties, to extend
ourcommercial relations. Wowish to strict
ly follow tho provisions of tho Concordat, and
to maintain peace at homo and abroad.
These reforms will sufllcons, and enable us
to reacn a fresh stage of progress.”
M. Itorodet, Itepubilcnn, proposed a mo
tion for a revision of Uio constitution, and
asked urgency Uierofor. Gmubetta opposed
the motion on tho ground that Uio Cabinet
could not Identify itself with a proposal
which threatened tho existence of Uio Sen
ala At Uio same time It reserved to itself
toe right of thoroughly examining Bnrodot’s
niotlon when tho time for discussion came,
which must bo after both Uio Souoto ond
Chamber of Deputies hod had an oppor
tunity to discuss the poluts on which tho
proposed reforms hear.
M. CJemcnccau said ho failed to appreciate
uJmbcUa’s theory as to tho necessity of a
preliminary understanding between Uio two
persisted in ids refusal to accopt
* y r urgency, which was rejected
~3w to 130,
M. Uazot, Minister of Justice, read a stale
st la the Senate similar to Uiat of Gam
bia In thediomher,
hosbox. Nov. is.—Tho Times . In Its lend
aya: “The composition of the
rench Ministry is somewhat of a surprise,
tu i a httlo disappointment.
toiilS‘. lfl . c ? nco of raul Bert’s appointment
uj!} , l ßtry °* Public Instruction cannot
now Ministry, It may nl-
Sw4 ,a i * lsi,ott, ° muc, ‘ a Ministry of
Sn.S* h,mßo,r - u ls Impossible not to
utt?T tlftUcy Gambotta tho cor
wmim* of a P erß °««l Government, and a
ImtiinH mennco to spirit of republican
iwnw? 11 !', . nis “‘cession to .olllco is tho
rw J ii,f v 1K,1,,t I’ l tho ailnirs of Franco, and,
iorv«n i 1 i°f en u 11,090 °* Europe. But hi*
tiuifn? f . Cftreor aro the strongest security
Stas* WIH b 0 proo£ oKalust .selfish
Cii n iww* ,, ?' v . 1T WAS necßivKD.
clamtlol > "as received In
T V "7 ,alut a PP> a « a “- Tho
‘••WnhSi .r* 1 * J<,ucllalß nigiirUlmt Ilia
"tor or k.y . f*w«Mea with a. reserve,
01 than of confidence.
lively, “ ur «
'irSnill I', 1 ' (lA ' llll; rrVs I'or.icv.
Uiet |L., I" 1 •I« !e oI> today In tire Chnm
''“tvttlio 1 ~i"h ‘ 1 u,,lvor ™l aultrngo
with lo >“ 75 »l(tiilfloil Its
teu...,"*"-* Ule llopnbllo mul aur
,la'eno •'etttocrnUo Institution,. \Ya
iwneii i )aa a,.! ir ° B [ m 1 n Gum what Franco
vut».. “ "“^d— namely: a ooiistUu
exempt from
‘‘"•'aaa wS lerul|o,, » loosed hydissen.
“•KiwiiS! L ‘ w ' «ver ready to render to
»Uu vei * °5. thg ,mtMW account
eubl| C n^i b | b l onmi,oslu,f 0,1 1111
wort mjm^ollldularespect, obedience,
«} , .°l rern !! ,ent relUjß on ilnd
pabKhfi ,ftmb ma un a a,Bcl ’
reform., n C !?: ' Vlt h a View of “O’
,y IU att»i re Z H‘ 8 Government has tcstllied
tno of uie esmmtiICf' 1 C f' by conßtl tuUonal laws,
J^cojupSi 1 tho State hi
of Xt ',7 wlll » U»o democratic
V* ntSfvea wlti! IU ‘ V T° T M B BK «atk
y B PP lau *o.- proiuis*
pniuitof the educational svs
loin, hn Mid they would sank, without Im
pairing tnodafcnstve power of Franco, the
heat tncntiH of reducing, in land ami eea
forces, llm burdens of tlm country; to en
deavor lo relievo the financial burdens ntmn
umii'iilture; lo llx by treaties dm economic
n'glmn of Gut vigorous hidushles; lo give
greater Impulse, to the means of prodmdlhn,
transport, and exchange, and to tho promo
tion of aoelnl’lliilft; to Insuro, by strict en
forcement of Urn concordat, rospeeL for tho
established Powers lit tho relations of
tho various religious denominations
with tho State; and Anally, while
proleellng the public liberties, to maintain
with llrnmess, order at home, and with dlg
nlly, pence ahmad. This series of reforms,
hi* said, would occupy the full term of tho
present Legislature. Thu Government would
need the full ami complete confidence of the
Ituimhllcan Deputies, which It demanded
without hesitation, belter resolved lo plaeual
the service of the nation nil It possesses of
strength, courage, and activity. The Gov
ernment would puss, neeordlng to tho will of
the country, to u fresh stage In the path of
progress, whleh knows no limits and which
lies open to tho French Democracy. Pro
longed cheering followed Gambellu’s state
r.i.ix rnna i,
Mf.iimn, Nov. 15.—A correspondent says
Hlsumrek advocates extensive electoral re
forms. lie desires that the minorities be
represented In tho Parliament, and that there
bo u radical change In tho lurnmtion of tho
electoral districts, \j[
limn.in, Nov. 15.-Tho Krcnz Xcltmuj
says: “The conference of lllsnmrek with
Uto Kmporor shows complete harmony be
tween thorn relative to tho political situation,
and tho steps made necessary thereby. Doubt
on lids point Is Inadmissible, even If Uto
Kmporor should nut open tho Reichstag.”
Other journals take a similar view of Uto
the Government will provoke party conlllct
In the coming session of the Reichstag.
The proceedings of tho Prussian Diet will
furnish the true key to tho situation, ns It Is
probable the party of the Centre, whoso sup
port will be necessary if the (Sovermncnt ad
heres to Its schemes of economic reform, cun
only he satisfied by (lie adaption of some
ddlnll measure by tlm Diet in favor of their
The results of eighty-eight second ballots
for members of tlm Uclohslng show tho elec
tion of nine Conservatives, two of the Centro
Party, sixteen National Liberals, fourteen
Secessionists, two Liberals,* twenty-three
Progressists, live of tlm Parly of the People,
thirteen Socialists, and four Parllculnrisls.
lasted an hour and a half. Tlm Kmperor’s
physicians advised him against personally
opening the Reichstag.
At Urn meeting Bismarck expressed a wish
that tlm Crown Prince bo present, In order to
discuss tho present situation, and in order
that ho might have a voice In deciding upon
the policy to bo pursued. Thu Kmperor ex
pressed a wish for tlm restoration of pcncu
between the Catholic Church ami the State.
Bismarck has not suggested his resigna
tion to the Kmpcror. Both are in complete
the runs*
cover Gambclta's “grande Mintstorio” with
ridicule and scorn. Tlm sumi-oillcial jour
nals have not yet spoken.
has arrived. It Is staled that Im Is the bearer
of proposals for an understanding with tho
has approved tho budget. Tho revenue ami
expenditure of each Is estimated at (107,000,000
nutrias. A grant of 000,000 marks is proposed
fortfiabllng Germany to participate In tho
proposed international polar expedition.
to iMmton Tima.
Beiilin, Nov. I,lßßl.—Today, in tho groat
hall of tho llnthhnus here, there was held an
Imposing memorial festival in honor of tho
Into President Garfield. Whether thoauthors
of tho ceremony wero men like the welt
known German traveler who published an
account of Ids travels In Africa six years
after his return home (ids explanations had
also.lostcd us lung), or whether, in addition
to being moved by simple respect for tho
memory of a great man and for the grief of
a great people, Uioy were also Influenced by
tho deslro either to avoid tho appearance of
n political demonstration before the elections
or get up one after they wore over, it is Im
possible to say; but at any rate a debt was
paid today which ought to have been absolved
weeks ago. Germany may be said to he
mi Empire with a Uepubllc fur its Capital,
as the elections, to speak of nothing else,
have Just shown, amt it was natural, there
fore, that today’s festival was mainly due to
the Progressisiurmunlcipal element, though
ft was also attended by uno or two State •
Ministers. Tim Diplomatic Corps was repre
sented by the Envoys of linden, Brunswick,
and Hamburg hero accredited, while tho
Chief of the Emperor’s Civil Cabinet also at
tended, with Dr. Stephan, Postmaster-Gen
eral, ex-Mlnister Dolbriick, and various not
ables of Uio learned, artistic, and political
world. Princes Charles and Frederick had
expressed their deep regret at nut being able
to attend. Tho American, or rather -Uio
Anglo-Saxon, colony appeared in full force,
ami of all the largo audience more than a
good third may have consisted of ladles.
The Stars and Stripes, flanked by Uio Prus
sian and Imperial colors, were hung over
head, and a colossal bust of President Gar
field, well executed by Prof. LUrs/.en, was
placed above and behind the orator’s tribune 1 ,
which was embowered In flowers and ever
greens. The ceremony, which was simple,
was commenced by the cathedral choir, who
chanted a Itinera! hymn, and then Prof.
Gnclst, learned In Anglo-Saxon constitution
alism, delivered a kind of biographical ad
dress, which, though rather dry, was full of
devotion to the memory of tho deceased and
tho great and hopeful Nation of which liu
was the foremost citizen. Thu ceremony
ended, ns it had begun, with a chant from
the cathedral choir.
new ockan“btkameiis.
XiONDON, Nov, 15,—Tho now- Cnnnrd
steamer Sorvla was under steam all day yes*
lerdny, with *J,MO tons of dead weight on
board, and attained a speed of twenty and
one-half ihiles an hour.
Tho now White Star Lino steamer Coptic
has arrived in (lie Mersey. Uer engines
worked perfectly.
The Messrs. Lord, card manufacturers,
near Bradford, have failed. Liabilities,
£130,000. •
Hoppln, Secretary of tho American lega
tion, publishes a Jotter conveying Airs, Gar
llotd’s heartfelt thanks for tho resolution,
addresses, letters, and poems transmitted to
her from corporations, societies, and individ
uals In Great ilritnln and Ireland on the oc
casion of the death other husband;and ex
pressing hep regret that owing to their largo
number who Is tumble to 'acknowledge the
communications separately.
writes to tho Anil-Slavery Society from
Weimar that ho received, Oct. 07, letters
from Abyssinia authorizing him to conclude
the treaty of peace with Egypt. Ho says hu
will cornu to London In January, and then
go to Cairo/ He Is persuaded a lasting jwace
can only be made under tho auspices of tho
British Government. *
John Tobin, a Fenian, was arrested yester
day in Maniilngham, a suburb of Bradford,
Kng. Documents were found In his house
which related to the establishment, by force
of arms, of an Irish republic. Papers were
also found which reveal the existence of an
extensive organization known ns the “Hoyal
Irish Republican Society," with numerous
members. Tho books, rules, tuid a list oftthe
momhorsof the society are likely to throw
light on tho existence of similar organiza
tions elsewhere.
Archbishop Croke, of Cashel, writes to tho
Dnhlin /'Vccoion'v .hmniiil repudiating the
Htalcmonts of the .Sbnn/ocd that he sent a
dispatch hi tho Now York h lnh IVurltl ml
mlttimr that lm hud given advlco In 15&0 to
hold tho harvest.
Four suspects were released from prison
A mmmm.i: oirniAOK
The following particulars of the attack on
farmer Galvin, nt Casllo Island, Kerry, Sat
urday night are given; Shortly after S, live
disguised men entered the victim’s house,
and found Galvin, his mother, his wife, and
two servants at home. The visitors wen*
tinned with muzzle-loading guns, ami had
white Imndkerchhds tied across their faces
to conceal their features. One of the par
ties. a tall fellow, advanced Into the room,
ami asked Galvin If he had paid his rent.
Galvin replied hi tho ulllnnallve, adding that
all his neighbors had done the same. The
leaderthen asked him coolly would he prefer
lo have his ears cut olf, or be shot. Galvin
replied that he had only one life, and would
prefer death to mutilation. Tho unfortunate
man was thou directed to kneel on tho Hour.
Tho leader cried out: "Takealm, tiro I Shoot
him about the legs!” Five shots were tired,
and three bullets lodged in Galvin’s thigh.
Ho fell on his face, and several of the attack
ing parly began heating him with Urn butts
of their gnus. The temu-slrlekcn mother
threw herself upon her son to save him.
One of the guns was broken by tho heavy
of the Laml-Lenguo at Stafford tins enjoined
tho Irish voters to support tho Conservative
candidate In the Parliamentary election.
limit-:, Nov. 15.—Tho Pope yesterday satin
council with*' tho Select Congregation of
Cardinals to consider the Irish question.
They generally approved of tho altitude of
the Irish Bishops on the question.
LmnitiCK, Nov. 15.—Tho sub-commission
of the Land Court here decided that a num
ber of holdings in the vicinity of this city on
whluh tenants reside are agricultural hold
ings. and therefore entitled to tlm benefit of
tlm Laud act; that they would have been
rightly excluded If merely held as market
gardens by persons residing in Urn city. Tlm
decision was received with applause. It is
Important, as a largo number of cases af
fected by the decision will be appealed.
Tin: hush executive
Ims procured u copy of tho secret Land
League circular containing instructions to
tlm League organizers.
The sub-commission of Urn Land Court at
Limerick Ims reduced the runt of tlm tenant
of Lord Chnina from iwn to .t'44. notwith
standing Urn landlord contributed to the ex
pense of building ami drainage. Tho judg
ment Is considered starillng.
Tin: itKMAiNS ok Ancmnsiioi* m'hale
wore Interred In Tunm Cathedral. Two hun
dred priests and K. Dwyer Gray and T. D.
Sullivan, members of Parliament, were
Maduid, Nov. 15.—Castelar, In Ids speech
In the Cortes yesterday, maintained his alti
tude toward the Government was consistent
with his past history ami antecedents. Much
as he had sacrificed to Urn revolution, ho
would do It again under the same circum
stances ; but he now believed a more certain
moans to accomplish tho triumph of democ
racy was by legal struggles, us in Franco ami
America, tho press and in Parliament. The
lineal part of tho speech was a denunciation
of tho Ultramontane efforts to induce tlm
Spanish Government to Interfere with Ital
ian politics In favor of the temporal power of
tlm Papacy, and Us Intrigues and manifesta
tions in Curllsm. In describing tlm various
forms of government, In tones deep with
emotion, that thrilled through the. house
and galleries, lie alluded thus to
“How can wo forgetlhnt noble chief of
a free people, who fell at tho of honor,
a martyr to duty, after mi honorable and
brave career, an example of republican
fortitude, and tom by Uio hand of u coward
ly nssasln from his devoted wife, Ids loving
children, his true colleagues, mid a greet
Nation?” Ho then passed to the question of
education. Ho said Uio sciences and learn
ing must be free from Stale and Church
tyranny. Professional and learned men
must soar freely in pursuit of the truth be
yond Uio reach of fanaticism and despotism,
which lead, ns in Uiissla, to Nihilism and
regicide. His pathetic peroration was on the
necessity of progress mid liberty, combined
with Uiu mutual benevolence of n Liberal
Cabinet and tho Democracy. Tho speaker
was much cheorcd by tho galloi les. Crowds
In tho streets cheered him enthusiastically.
After Uio session Castclar’s house was
crowded with pollUclaus of all ranks and
shades. a
Canovns del Castillo criticised Uio action of
tho Ministry in regard to Uio Saida mas
sacre. Ho argued that foreigners wero en
titled to compensation for their losses during
tho Spanish civil wars. Alluding to tho late
Moorish conference, ho maintained Umt Uio
.Empire of Morocco must not be allowed to
‘disappear. When tho period for Its collapse
arrived, Spain should bo' ready to defend
certain positions, including the desert vil
lages. The opposiUou to Uio carrying out of
the destinies of Spain and Africa was not at
tho Straits of Gibraltar, but nt Uio Pyrenees.
Ho concluded by defending (bo Conservative
Sr. Petkiishuiio, Nov. 15.—Tho Arch
bishop Michael, of Sonia, was recently sus
pended by I'rluco Milan for resistance of
certain taxes. Tho feeling in Uusshi against
Uio action ot Sonia regarding tho case of Uio
Archbishop Michael is Increasing. The Hus
slan Holy Synod is in communication with
Uto patriarch of the Greek Church ou the
Dcforo tho coronation of tho Czar it is pro
posed to disposoof all political prisoners now
in jail, estimated at from fifty to sixty of both
sexes, implicated In Nihilistic and Socialistic
propaganda flic last six years. Tho first trial
will bo of negligent police officials. Tim
other olTemlors will bo tried in three batches.
Some of tho most deeply Implicated will he
dealt with by administrative order without
trial. Arrests are frequently matlo'throwlng
light on tho doings of those already In cus
Vienna, Nov. 19.—Tho Austrian and Hun
garian Ministers, at a Joint council, decided
In favor of Increasing the duties on many
articles. Including petroleum. Thu readjust
ment of tho customs tariff, coupled with tho
petroleum tax, Is expected to produce 8,000,-
000 florins of revenue yearly.
Geneva, Nov. iV-Several shocks of
earthquake occurred in the Canton of Vaud
last week.
Constantinople, Nov. 16,— The Porto has
informed the representative of the Knglish
and German philanthropists endeavoring
to promote the migration of Jews to Turkey
that Instructions have been sent to the Turk-
kit representatives at St, Petersburg, Gorlin,
and Ilueliarest that .lews will be allowed to
establish themselves in senat ale communities
In all parts of Ute Kmplrc except Palestine;
but they will la; subject lo the Turkish laws,
and will have toadopLlhoTurkish nation
London, Nov. 15.— The Turks evacuated
Volo, Thessaly, on Sunday, and the Greeks
entered tho town today.
A (|itacr Huron.
. Komlon HWa 1 .
"tou don’t mean to suy ho has rjulotly died
In bla bed?" •• Vex, indeed: who would Imvo
thought It?” “ till'd Just like any one el«c,
wiiiium an explosion, liuw tamu." "tJurlriend
Gliucr is to go down tomorrow with twenty
men and inspect (lie cellars nl the Hciiloss.
"Alas! pum* Icllowl nod I never bade him
adieu.” Hut last week Kols.Tl Glaser. 'First
I.iciilenaut ut Kiiginecrs. returned safe and
mmol to Vienna, and reported his oxtiamdl
nary discoveries in—or rattier under— Gm castle
of Die late lliirun Arpml L iprcstl. i lib account
runs as follows: '
I wa« sum down to Kondlfi to Inspect tho fmm*
datlon* ol thu t'ietde-v«, hi coiueijuuuec of re
ports Ujui juui t'i ■■tlnl it 11 olid had bueii mined and
Idled with dynamite. My tusk is hardly hair an*
complhhed. and I return to it tomorrow. our
xeiireii I liU4 lur hurt resulted In thu discovery or
three mines, each eoiiiidnlng four and n hair
kilogrammes ol dyuumduot mi unusual pinkish
eolor. 'j'hu lulu f.nrd of thu yeldoss was a lint*
juiu chemist. uml I eonuludu that lliH siuif must
be oi heme manufacture, lur ll Is nut like tho
dynuimie or mdlnury ooumieryu. Toiesids
bowers. to render it Imiiuiuis. tvu exploded
thu lot In an 0(1011 space U.Uol yard* lima
any Imblinmm, uml tho detomttloii was
hememluiH Unit windows wore shivered ami
doors blown in. Mi ice tnen tun more mines Imvu
been discovered; tuey wero so connected that
they would all have been exploded siimidauu
misty. The explosion would have been sin
[K*ndonrtl Ami now forlliummon of deceased's
bide penchant lor honeycombing the founda
tions ol In* um-estml hull. It was the result of
n rooted umittaihv to thu tax-gatherer—a senti
ment shared. Indeed, hy many, thuuga fort
unalely few resort to snub drastic measures of
sell-defense. Thu dynamite* however, was only
to hu used us u siiprumuimd Until pioicsi.iorihu
linron employed olhur—uml. «fc It proved, ulli
eieal—means lor everyday purposes. For In
stimee. he kept a couple of thu luruust and
llercust dog-. which wero regularly lei loosu
when thu tax-gatherer approached. It appears
that a certain raie-cjlluctor, more crafty than
Ids fellows, onee pot into thu castle In disguise,
’i'he trick mum have been discovered, however,
for alter waiting huiiiu lime In dm bull thu duor
opened, uml distend of seeing the Uaron thu
horrllied odlelul lottml himself tmu to fuuu
with a gaunt wolf. After this, and in conse
ipiunce of the report that the grim lord ut the
'manor mid sworn a deep oath to blow up
thu whole plage sooner than pay* tuxes,
thu gatherers approached tho place no
more, contenting themselves with Jutting down
the outstanding dues, widen today amount to
NJ.etu ilorlas, ami which will al last have to hu
paid bv tho heir. Another peculiarity of tho
linron s was torldu about Ids woods In thoeos
iume of Adam—before tbo full. Ills theory was
'•perfect liberty ’• within his own domains, mid
I faith hu uujoyed it.
Strange to say, beyond those peculiarities
Huron imprest! was not only of Hound mind, but
II remarkably clever fellow: u scholar mid—to
thu few whom he liked—a courteous and
hospitably host. Ills anecdotes ol Faslcrn
life were ns glowing us Lis wine was
good; besides which he was a grunt musician
mnl r redoubtable swordsman and chess-player.
Only now ami tlion a lit of oytdeal moroscncss.
or, rather, mocking anger, would suJzu him, ami
then some mie would be sure to suiter wane
sorry Joke. There was no knowing what ho
would do. and, In fact. It was always butter to
depart simply ami swiftly. As to tho outlying
peasantry, they adored him, mid Inst week 7eu
of thorn followed Ids remains to Iholr last rest
ing-place. It ha mailer lor some congratula
tion that tbo tnx-gathoront employed tho suav-
Iter in modo, and wisely bided their time, for
hud they mionied tho former In re It Is certain
that tbo final effect would bavu boon very mov
A Narrow Enciiiici
Some 'lays oko a prominent Cnnotllan iawj*cr
iminuil McLean led to tho altur a beaulUnl
litomlo possibly iimmtd Itomnlnu. but failed to
marry bur, Hlncu Just 119 ttio clurirymau was
about to tic the knot n friend tapped tho lawyer
on thu slmuldor and whispered Bomcthlmr In tils
ear which caused him to turn pale mid leave
thu church til once. For It turned out
that tho expectant brldo was 1111 adventurers
whose career In some of Its phases recalls
that of Mabel Wllberforco. Thu woman Is a
beautiful, accomplished, and Knieeful bionile,
and under several aliases linn m-idc numerous
and prulliublu eainurus. Her hlMory is Indued
a straiitfo one. When but & child she was sent
to n ladles' college In llruntford, but by whom
tho principal never could ascertain.
Her expenses were always paid in nd>
vuticn, tho coin belmr- Inclosed in an
envelope without tho sUirlitest explanation.
When she became of awe she was employed as a
teacher In another Institution. Hubnociuently
she developed symptoms of insanity, suporln*
duond, no doubt, from constant Iretilnir over
her Identity. For six months her habitation
was a lunatic asylum, utter which shu was lib*
crated. From that day to this she has been
wandering through tbo country In various
rdles. Bho made u (rood strike tu an " Ivseupcd
Nun," working up religious prejudices
aud 11 11 lux her own pgrsu, bhe was ciiually sue*
cesaful as u prosecuted proselyte I'rnm thu
I'rutoataat faith, mid us a missionary from
China, where stiu built up many monuments to
tbeifluryof the Lord; she Is said to have had no
ciiual. On one occasion she urrmured to elope
with a Shorbrooko youth ut 14 summers, but
was foiled. Thu other night she had four medi
cal men in attendance, troatltuf her for
bumurrhngu of tho hums. It is asserted
that thu hemorrhage Is n sham, and Is
produced •by n reddish chemical being placed
under her tungue. bhe has repeatedly threat
ened to commit suicide if her nmrringu with iier
iittlaneod is not oarriod out, and baa endeavored
unsuccessfully to gut thu latter to visit her.
She has been a (roipiunl visitor
where she remained a week as an Invited gnost.
The friends of MeLunn are mmirollv ovorjuved
ut his ana threaten to bring such
serious charges against tho woman that aho will
bo forcod lo leave tbo city.
I'hllndelpltla School Methods.
OrUrllnUluii tu t'hiluilehihia Isilgtr.
I think wo Imvu about tltu vilest plan of edu
cation incur public schools tlml was ovorde
vised. To save my children from being reduced
to Idiocy I sent them to private Instead ol pub
lie schools us long as I could afford It, hut this
winter concluded to trlvo the latter atrial, The
other day I heard my llitlu girl sobbing over a
rule which she was trying to commit to memory,
In tho (oiiowlmrwoi-ds. to-wlt:
“ idilo fur Short Division liulo dash one write
tho divisor nt tho led of the dividend, sounoo
lun, begin at the loft-hand comma, and divide
the mimher denoted by each Hydro of tho divi
dend by tho divisor, comma, and write the quo
tient beneath, period. Paragraph."
M 2. If there Is u remainder alter any division
comma, regard it us prcllxud to tho mut figure
comma, and divide us before period. If any par
tial dividend is less than (ho divisor, comma,
prolix It to tho next ilguro, comma, and write n
cipher in the quotient period."
" Paragraph I'roof period dash multiply tho
quotient uy (ho divisor, comma, and add tho re
mainder, comma, If any, comma, to the product,
Utterly amazed that any educator of tho
young should expect children under 10 years of
aye (o commit to memory such a Jargon
ol words that oven the mature mind can
not follow tho moaning of, 1 made
inquiry and found that tho pupils were
required tu study rules In this wav in order that
they might be able to write them out and
"point" not correctly, hut according to tho
book. I also found that If a comma was loft out,
though tho souse remained unelmuged.* the pu
plUutfurou ns much in loss of murks as though
she bud committed a vital blunder.
Advancing IMucatlon*
Answers written ny the Metropolitan School
Hoard. Pupils to questions nut by u Govern*
moot Inspector.—When* Is Turin?—Tureen la
HioCuppllol of Coiner; iho people thoro live In
birds nests ami has lone talcs. Wjmi do you
know of the patriarch Abraham?—Ho was ibo
father of Hot and ud tew wiles. Won was
culled llismale and t’other llaygur, He kop’
wun at homo, unu he hurried t'other into
the dessert, wburo shw became u pillow
of salt In the Uaytlino and a plJlow of fire at
pile. Who was Muses?—lie was an Huypsltm.
Hu lived in u bark maid or hulrushers aud be
kept a golden cart and weMiipt broken snakes
and be net nothin* bpl kwalea and manner for
forly years. Ho was kort by the air of bis 'cd
while rldln* under a bower a true, and ha was
kill'd by bis son Abslon uh he was bangin' from
the bow, fils end was pease. Verbal answers—
Wbut )s a miracle?. Han't know. If you saw
ibo sun shining overhead at midnight, what
should you call it? The muon. Hut If 1 were to
toll you It was tbosuu. 1 should say It wero a
lie. Hut suppose 1 declared to you that It was
the suul 1 should say you was worry druuk.
Germany Conciliating »Uo Pope,
tAlHlofl UiiUtlf.
The death of Winter, the Prluce*Rlsbop of
lireslau, which took plaue uu (be ttJth ult, at
Jobamilsberg, In Hohcmla, will ftlva the Prus*
shin Government anoihor op|Mirtunlly of maul*
foaling Its conciliatory disposition towards the
Holy tsee. Filrster was isie of the Ant of the
Prussian Rlshojw who wore deposed by the
Hcclosiastlcal Court for repeated vlulstiuns of
(he May laws. As, owing lu the number of
these depositions, two-thirds of lbs Prussian
Utsboprlcs ore now vuoaut, ibo Government bus
of late shown an Increasing desire to come to
such terms with the Vatloau as will enable It to
restore the regular administration of the
Catholic Htato Church. Hut at long as
a • deposed Ulsbup is stUl alive It is
very dlUlcuu to ceuio to any agreement for tho
appointment of a now spiritual head in his dio
cese. Tho Pope cannot sanction the election of
a now Ulibop to a bee which be regards as
wrongfully vacant, and tbs Prussian Landtag
has refused to allow the Government lu rein*
state the old Illsbops. The only present hope
therefore is that an understanding way he or*
rived nt whenever one ortho deposed Ithhops
dies. The Heo of Troves, vnennt by the death of
J" former MUhop, Kberlmrd. has lately been
nib'd up In puromnen of such nn understanding.
A similar step Is regarded ns imminent with
regard lo tie* Poe of Folds, mid now tho death
of Prliiei-llisuop FUrstt r add* Hreslmi to the
niimlwr of the in which this proecM uf
hnctiieatffm cm be carried mi. The deceased
llishup hoiiscir. win) dust at tho iircen mro of
*l, was mum fnrionatu In escaping tho tempura!
petiiiiti'M of tils ecclesiastical Kent than ooiiiq of
t*M colleagues. Having apparently tin nmtdtlmi
to bo (aimed atmmir tho raartvrs, ho esciiintl tho
Incarceration which befell his brethren
Melehcrs ami Ledochmrskl liv prudently with
drawing from Prussian territory before his case
Tstmc into Iho Kcdeslinilcnl Court. For the
Inst aavon years of lilh life ho kept carefully on
AitHtrlnn gnrnnd, and fpiledy administered that
part of his diocese which lies within the borders
of Austria-Hungary.
Tim First Toncli of Winter at Dn
liu(|ttc, la*
Jbwtal OUvattk to Tht I'ktcaw 7VUmna,
Dimii.'ouk, la., Nov. If*.—Tho brsl touch of
winter foil on this section last night, tho mor*
c.ury falling to IJ above zero and freezing tho
muddy roads solid. A large numlmr of farmers
came In today from tho country, most of thorn
for Dm lint time In six weeks, thn roads being
absolutely linpiissatdc owing to voiitlnuous
t alus. Hanks arc receiving orders fop currency
today from tho country tor tho lint time lu
Canvassing tlio Situation at Oshkosh,
Bptcial iHtoatch to 17u ChUtioo Tribune
Osnuosit. Wls., Nov. 15.-A meeting of tho
Imslness-nmn of this city and Fond du
hold lii“l night to discuss the Hood rpiesttnn.
Great Indignation was expressed on ucisiutit of
Hie apparent apathy of (be owner.'* of the Nee
nail dam m the mailer of relief, and a resolu
tion culling Urn attention of tue Hccrctm-y of
War to the eouditlun of uifalrs on Luke Wnmc
bago wus drawn up, with a reoucai' lor decided
hun Francisco,
San Fuincisco. Cal., Nov. 15.—Tho first over
land Ir.uu for four days arrived at Saeruiuouto
A copious rain set In this morning. It is
snowing heavily In tho mountains, with tbo
prospect of a severe storm.
Mguul Service.
OmCKOKliltt'lllßl'SlONAl. umcKit, Wahh
in(JT'»n, I). C M Nov. lb— l u. in,—liulicuttoos:
For tUo Tennessee urn) Otilo Valley, fulr wealb
or, oust tueoutb winds, slowly rising tempera
ture, sna rnlllmr barometer.
For tho Lake region, the Upper Mississippi and
tho Uowcr Missouri Valleys, slightly warmer,
southeast tu southwest winds, railing barome
ter, and fair weather during the day, fallowed
by local rains.
The Chief SI
lug special bul
'i'bu cold win
and tho icim
Suites of the
prevailed gum
Kocky Minima
ftwin the J’ucil
Northerly to w
Atliimio coast,
ported from tii
and tho North'
about Idduun
count, where It
Tho Indication’
tluuu In the S<
Now Kngliuui i
until Tuuradt
iltfiml.Oillecr furnishes tbo follow
-111 l- 1 1 11:
ve hit* reunited the .Atlantic e«u«t.
ueruiure is rinug slowly In the
i Missouri Valley, Fair weather
urnJly in tho region a east of the
till!*, mid heavy rain* are rationed
he cornu n* fur south us VUulla.
renterly winds continue on toe
, anu east to south winds are re
-10 Lake region, the (Julf Staten,
west. Thu temperuturehas fallen
.•a lu tlio districts un thu Atlantic
la below Uio uiuiiii or tho month.
« urn that tulr wvutbQr will eon*
tmUiuni will Middlu .States mid
duiiiijr ihoi'ualur Woditusduy mid
ly murulujf, with Bluwly*rlsluir
I'miuauo. N«v. 15 —tg;lS p. m.— I Tho following
observations uro taken tit itio sumo moment of
llmu ut lilt the stations named:
Tn*r, 'Hut.
Station*. 0;J1 ti/;ti Hunt. /»’« irtVr.
p. m. p. rn.
Albany 4-1 4U 'V .. ,Kru»a.. I> Cluur.
Alputiu.. ~i VJ ft,...1-ni»ii M 0 Clear,
Umialo ;n :u W... LUhu. U Cluur.
Cairo 4’J 43 j-rusu.. b Cluur.
Cheyenne W 41 ft. IV. Krum.. U Clour.
ciiluhmo :b :t» fruiu., ucray.
Ciauliiliitll 44 UT i..... Light... It Cluur.
ciuvßinaa at m 5.i... rru»n.. u UMy.
Uiivviiport.... 34 40 breaii.. •
Heaver 37 41 g.... tutu... 0 Cluur.
Dus Mollies.... M !I7 H.... I.Uiu... (• ClMjr.
iiolruii IM 41 5.8.. turn... 0 d’rty.
DoUiiuCily 30 4T ft tin*k... Cluur.
Uulamau.. at .. *
UullltU 41 3J ttuuii.. IM.'l'dy.
Knu 37 30 KresU.. b cTtly.
Kiuunuba IW an 5.... Hrl»k... U tTdy.
Kurt Harry IU 0 A.fc. l.iglii,. .lu Clear.
KarlUibsutt..,. in U ft. it. Mu*.'!.. e fair.
Unmet Uavun.. 37 IU b.tl.. great).. b Cl'dy.
InUlaimpolls.. 30 IU b... i Ujiiu... L Cluur.
KutMUk 34 40 S.t,. t-'ruau.. I fair.
La Cruiio IU 4-» a.... lirlsa... ( criljr,
Leavenworth.. 34 41 0.b.. Light,. L Cluur.
Uiulavillu 41 4U N.K. LUIU... I. Clour.
I.n» Alitmn*.... 43 34 Tv.W. Kruso.. (.Clour.
Mimiuouo Vil VJ &...Jilr>sK... t Cl’uy.
Muuipllts 30 40 b. t.. Light... Ii Clour.
Alllwuukuu 31 IU b.... l-rusu., I Ji’ay.
Nashville 34 4j N.IS. Light... i tlmu.
i’laliu... 40 3» b,... Kru»a.. i Cluur.
Unmlia.... :«i iki b.fl.. Krush.. I Clour.
Oswego 41 34 N.W. Kruau.. I Cl'Oy.
I'iUibtug 34 IM N.K. Light.. ( Clear.
Port Huron..., 3* v.l \V... Krusu.. t r'uir.
lU'Cliusior IU 31 U... KrotU.. I ,TJy,
Hunftusky. 3t 3i s*.W. Light.. l Clear.
(Shreveport US 31 K.... Limit... H Cluur.
bprliiuifuld 4(1 37 ».... Kroati.. U Clear.
bu 1mu15....... 44 ut b.... t-'roati.. i> Clear.
ftLl'aul Vj at b.K.. Krusa.. U Cl’Or.
Tuludu IU 35 ti.... Uittiu.. I Cluur.
Vicksburg...... 07 30 K.... Krush.. b Clear.
tnnklon. »>.T. IM 40 ft.... Llitht. C Clear.
Illsnmrcs IT K.... Llgiju.. b Cluur.
JlumlwtMid S 4 b.W. Krush.. i Cloar.
liunbKJU........ 07 37 H.K.. Krush.. (• Cluur.
Ft Assmnibu'u .. Ikl 5,... I.lulu. . *— Uwjw,
Furl llulunt 14 N.W. Kruab.. t CIMy.
rurtCuatur *44 74. K. UrIJV... t Cluur.
(■Mlvuutun lu 07 8.K.. Kruali.. I I'lunr.
Mourliunit 41 47 b.... Brl*U... ( Cl'dy.
i’urt l-.uda <0 US 11.... Kroali.. •- i.tmln
ban Antonin... US ot 1T.... Kruali.. i Kulr.
bl. Mrn-unt.... 17 17 N.... Kruau., .tt l’ily.
llunm. link.... aj HJ b.fcl.. Kruali.. t >.lcar.
•Too aiuali to mousuru.
Tl.-ne. iiiir* T/mr. Hu U%iwt.~VVl iT’ni IKaatArr
o:isa. m. in.im 24.1 "ti? \vT’”l "i? 0” ctour.
M:Ua. iu. .U.<]77 41.0 HI N a U tluar.
4:J»u. tn. W.3TI 1L.4 T 4 jCW... 4 U ClomJr.
d.lft |a. iu. t 0.04. IH.l) 51 S a d Cluudf.
lU:lip. 111. 41.4 m 30. Us| 4 it p Cloudy.
•llnromuior co
and Insirumenlu
.Maximum lean
Minimum tump
Mean dally Pun
lluuii dully tmu
>lsaa dally hue
fur tempi
ul urrui
uro. fct.o.
or. aiiu.
mer, xtu
r. or.U
The (hitic or Silas Death Still a l»ro
roiiml Myatcry—The Impression Onln
ttsir CJround that lie Wat Accident
ally Shut.
Spwiut Dispatch to Tht Chicago TrCmrt*.
hiNCoi.v, Neb., Nov. 15.—'Tho Omaha /frpuh
(fruit advances u now theory as to tho shooting
of tho late Watson U. Smith, which Is that It was
by accident and not by an ussasln, which latter
bus been tho general belief of tho public. Tho
weapon by which hccaraotu bis death was of
that pattern of pistols known as tho lirltlsh bull
dog, and it was nut known that Col. Smith owned
such a pistol until yesterday, when a /frjmWcim
reporter found tho man who purchased tho
weapon and givo It to him. The pistol which
was found on tho ground at tho side of tho doad
man was Identified us tho ono purchased
for Col. Smith by tho gentleman allud
ed to, who says that this weapon has
boon tho constant companion of the Colonel
fur several weeks. That a bullet from this pis
tol killed him Is un acknowledged fact, and,
now that tho ownership of tho pistol has been
traced to tho dead man himself, It Is now more
than probable that tho shouting was purely ac
cidental, and that Col. Smith camo to his death
from bis own bands. Qf course tu|s la all theory,
and whether It Is true or nut w ill probably
never bo known. Still this clow, if nucli It may
be culled, throws grave doubt on tho universal
belief that tho (loan man was murdered. The
death of Col. Smith has provoked u wonderful
sight of talk In this Slate because of
his temperance principles, oud there seems to
havu been n strong desire on tho part of those
who are lighting tho rum power to fasten
tho blHtuo of his'death ut tholr door.
Whether true or not that Watson 11. South
camo to his death through tho luslrumuntull
ty of this faction of Nebraska politics, to make
capital of the charge scums to have boon tho
deslro of (bo Prohibition loaders, knowing us
they do that, could such a charge be sustained,
ttau whisky power la Nebraska would be broken.
Did Col. Smith wish to offer himself up la
martyrdom (or tho cause of Prohibition he
could out have taken u lamer course
than this—a fact well krown to tho
leaders of both parties. Tho failure
of the Prohibition element, howovur, to moke
apy points of consequence against tho whisky
ties In regard tu this murder U still another rea
son to suspect that the death of this Prohibition
leader was nut provoked by anything that be
may have douu against thou. As the case now
stands, public opinion Is changing to tho belief
that tho shooting was purely an ucoulont, ana
uat the work of an ussusiii.
SjfttM i>Uyalc* (<i ’itw UAiMf* 'itlSan#.
Hautvouu, Conn., Nov. 19.—TbnwlU uf Charles
1). Noribam, President of the Mureaulllo Na
tional Hank of Hartford and of the New Haven
& Now York tiiutwboat Company, probated to*
day, bequeaths exceeding tXU,UOO. Among the
publiq bequests arc tbs Hartford Hospital, to
build u heme for aged and Infirm, without ru«
gnrd to uaUuuallty or religious faith, KUMJUO: to
Christ Church iBplscopol). of JUrtiorU, 91U.UX):
to the Hartford Library Association, 9S.IHU: to
the Hertford Hospital Fund, I6.UW; teTrloty
Colleiru, Hartford, general fund, 9T5.0U); tu
Trinity College to endow u professorship, £&>,*
000. Mr. Northain had recently given $40,000 for
ttio construction of tbo Northain Hall at the
C'lretiliir !»,- ,»r. Itnueli. Hrnrptnrr ofllie
Hllmolm Hoard of Health,
dpreitf Diiwtch to TSt CAuaoe ivibunr.
HmuNovm.p. Ml., Nov. 15.-A circular baa
been Isaucil by Dr. John 11. Ilnucb, Secretary of
thoStalo lionnl of Health, addressed to tbo
(Jcnernl Managers of railroad*. It calls atton*
tion to tbo necessity for preventing tbo spread
of small-pox, and points out tbo action that
should bo taken by the railways. Tbo circular
rends as follows:
Dk.iuSiu: At tbo last quarterly meeting of
tbo Illinois Stale Hoard of Health tbo inclosed
preamble and ruaoiuUon were unanimously
adopted. Hnioo that limn tbo Incrnnsiug spread
of simill-pox bus einpnnsl/eii Die necessity for
tbo notion lliorolti linlmausl. It Is admitted tbat
railroad mithnriUos ri«>. m'tbolr own Interest,
exert snob elfori ns to tbom may soutn necessary
ami practicable fo prevent avoidable sickness
and loss of life. Tbo question remains. Can
such elfort lie maUo moro t-IHeieni ami less on
erous bv concert of uoUon—by a well-cmuld
oredendnor sanitary rules ami regulations—by
tbo nssisiuneu of Hiutu auirloenl liunltli uutbnr
•tle.s? In ttio present emergency tbo answer
must undoubtedly Lo In the nllirmatlve. There
Is übundnnt proof of ttm aironey of railway
eammuiiluxUon In Rereading small-pox—tlrst,
by tbo transportation of luicctod passengers,
nmlnly Immigrants, and their baggage: and,
second. tlfroUKii unprotected mllwny employes.
\Vjtb tho brst, of course, tbo companies cannot
deal unassisted, hut tbo second evil la largely, If
not entirely, under tbolr control. As an Illus
tration of other evils which It la sought to
remedy nitty lie oiled tbo long through
runs of passenger coaches without change.
From « sanitary standpoint, no cur—whotbnr
Immigrant, ordinary passenger, purler, or sloop
tug couch—should bo occupied eunUnimusiy
morn ttiini a given tinmner of bourn, denendmg
upon tbo eh a meter of tbo car, Its occupants,and
the season of tbo year. At tbo end of. say,
twelve boura In winter; a crowded Immigrant
ear is olten simply a botbed for the rapid propa
gation and dllhislim of any contagions or infec
tious diei-itbu which may exist among Its In
mates. To a curtain valent, diiferlng mainly in
degree, this in also true of tbo best-appointed
first-class passenger car. parlor, or sleeping
car. While this is true, tbo dlllleulty of Indu
cing the traveling nubile to accept tbo change
indicated fully recognized. Amt yet sanitary
authorities aro agreed m» to Its Importance cm
the score of health. Whether short runs are
more or less desirable, on economic grounds, is ti
question fur the railway expert lo answer. It Is
believed that u study of tho Information you
can furnish on these ana kindred points may lie
productive of benellttobotli the railways and
to the public. Very respectfully.
‘John ll.Uaccii, M. U„ Secretary.
at lloUnlty Dllnit*
Special t>up>iuh to Th< CMfapo 7yibim«,
La Ciioshk. WJS., Nm*. 15.—Specials received
In this city today coultrm the report# or yeaicr
day In regard to tbo sensational small-pox coso
at lloKiih. Mon* cases have boon reported, two
of which are hi the family of Cullen, who died
Iroiu the dDcaso. Great excitement prevails,
and precautions are hem# taken by the health
authorities to prevent the sureud of the disease.
A Now Departure In the IHode of Their
Locution In Nebraska,
Special lltiO'tUh to Tht CitUar* Vntun*.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 15.—I’ost-Ollico Inspector
Furuy, of Omaha, has been making trouble
among tbo post-oillces ol tho Suite by locating
the flume according to tbo Instructions or the
department. It has boon tho custom of tho
J’ost-Olllco Department heretofore to allow
Postmasters In each placo to select their own
locations, with a certain amount to pay the rent.
This was ollentlmci u small bunanxa to Post
masters, who rented cheap otliccs and kept tho
balance themselves. Postmaster Foray's or
ders in regard to this mutter wore quite
explicit, ami he has already maOu changes at
Hustings at Hastings and Fremont, and expects
to drop down on several other oltlces this week.
It is looked upon ns a needless imerrcronco by
many Postmasters, but, as members nr that
fraternity scarcely ever resign, no serious
treble is apprehended.
SprcM! iUsp-itch to The Chicago Tribune.
• SpitiMmui.n, 111., Nov. 15.—Tho reception cf
tbo Grand Lodge ol Odd-Follows of Illinois
occurred at the llcpreacntutlvu Hull this oven
lug, ami a largo number of those In attendance
wero unublu to vain uu entrance: the crowd was
bo great. Gov. Cullom was Introduced by tho
Chairman of tho local Deception Committee,
and fittingly welcomed tbo representatives of
, tbo order tu the Capital of tho Scute. The prin
cipal address* of urn evening wus delivered by
Fast Grand J.O. Humphreys, and appropriate re
sponses were made by Grand Master Llcknor on
behalf of tho Grand Ig»dgc, and by Deputy Grand
Master.). 11. Miller, Grand Warden C. E. Keller,
and J. H. Utterly. The Grand Lodge then held a
short session preparatory to business tomorrow,
and adjourned till morning.
JfeKlal DUonteh to 7h( Chicago TVlSuas.
Mausuau.town, la., Nov. I"».—JmJgo Lewis
today rendered mlecroo In the somewhat cele
brated euso of Marshalltown vs. Forney, which
grew out of the failure of defendant tousuun
alloy for tho purpose for which It was vacated—
numcly: to build an opern-honac. Thudecrou
trite* Forney eighteen mom tin In which to build
tho oiwru-housu us originally uttreed, or tho
alley, which Is now covered oy a (fraud stair*
way to a music-hull, will Lie cleared at defend*
unt‘9 cost. The decision has caused rejoicing
thougbout tho city.
r ilk s’, pilem: FILES:’.:
A sure cure for llliml. Weeding, Itching, and
Ulcerated Piles has been dismverud by Ur. Will*
Inins. A sinulo box ul'Dlt. WILLIAMS’ INDIAN
PILE OINTMENT bus cured ttu? worst chronic
cases uf twenty-live years standing. It trlvos
relief In live mlmileaulter using. WILL
IAMS' OINTMENT übsorhs the tumors, soothes
pitlti, allays thu Intense itelilug, csuecluUy after
trotting warm in bed, acting as a poultice. Ills
prepared fur Plies, itelilug of thu parts, and
it o ill lug ulae. Sold t»v druggists, or mulled
tm receipt of price—sl. by
mro. elovaUon,
The physiological rvjuvonator of thoorgunlo
system, and specific euro for Impotcnoy, ster
ility. seminal weakness, loss of memory, nerv
ous debility, sick and nervous houduuhe; n con*
stltutlonul remedy for dyspepsia and neuralgia
by supplying nerve and brum power. Sent by
mull prupHld, SI per box; 0 for ?.V Pamphlets
mailed free. Van tfchituuk,.Stevenson A Co.. Ud
and Ut Luke street, Chiuugo, 111., agents, and fur
sum by all druggists.
Arend’fl llenf, Iron, ana Winn, with
Cinchona, tho standard medicinal tonlo of this
progressive ago. itenriobes tho blood; prompt
ly Invigorates tho brnlu und nervous system.
Improved digestion, cm. itcsult; A round form,
bright eyes, happy statu of mind. Aroud's drug
store, corner MudUun street und Fifth avenue.
Iteddlug’* IKumlis Nlvo lino proved
Its cfnclcucy by a teat of 75 year*' nonstout use.
Try it.
y**B*reg frta lb* rtilwl CralUf ulibael wtorli*, mliu>
«U.*|V*«l<l.. BrlrtUUlalbuMt*., ALWAYS CXtrOliH IN
TlliH. lUi* lk*lr r*p«UUaa (*•« lk*lr parll?.
tutwrier •i»»»«lb Ml M*tll». 4lallM by *ll aba b*»» ui»4
Ikni m ib* bu( ii«IU*U. ptM»l Mil **lßr<U liurt Ib* ulit.
puddlap, uwbi, «U-, •<«* ■**■•
Manu/acturtd by HTKKhII *0 I'lClC'E,
Makm of Lauullu Yeast Oenu, Creaai Uakluf
I’onder, eU., Chicago tad SU Louis.
$3.00 per Dozen,
UdO YVast Uudlawu*a(t
Chits. Gossage
Brocade Silks!
Reduced Prices.
All-Silk Choice Colors I
At SI.OO Yard,
Polka Spot Silks!
All High-Cost
Fancy Colored Brocades
Marked Down
106-110 State-st.
56-62 Washington-st.
An Iron and Copper
InlSiO tho incorporators of the
began the examination and development or the min
eral wealth of North Carolina. and, after live years of
labor and oxuense. bi-cnrno rntUUed that they wore
punsam'd of rich mid valuable mineral properties,
that only required a railroad to enable Ihouitopour
mtotlio packets of their stockholders thousands of
dollars of dividends.
l - ho principal properties being la Ashe Counir. re
mote Irma tninsportatlou. tho Legislature of North
Curellnii was asked la grant a social charter for
ailnhiK, rnllnnd. and telegraph purposes. This char
ter was grunted Feb. 11. tsd, incorporating the North
Slate Mining Company, Under this charter the com
pany have acquired vury valuable privileges: power
to buy and sell mines and mineral lands, to curry u»
the mining and reduction of ores, in nil tu branches:
to construct railroads and telegraph lines connecting
its minus with trunk lines of railroad and telegraph
lines, and fur the purpose of constructing suld rail
road and (olograph linos It has power to Issue bonds
to the amount oft'AtW per mile. The capital stock
of tnu company Is tld.un.UJO, divided Into -row
shares, of war value of ft» per share.
In i*lnniy County. twenty-three miles from Salisbu
ry* un Uio Piedmont Air-l.lno Hoad. In North Caro-
Jinn, In tho well-known Crowell Cold Mine. which is
well equipped und developed. The estate consists ot
hVlucrcs of land, rich uml lertlle soil, covered with
heavy growth ot Umber. U hu> numerous veins of
void quarts upon it, mid about iUI acres of auriferous
gravel. which yields numerous hue nuggets und course
cold. Thu comiiaity uhu oim and operate a largo
raw-mill m euiiuoeilnn with the mine.
In Ashe Comity thu.omupuny have lanto tracts of
mineral land. Among them n very valuable Copper
mine, carrying gold und silver, which Is a property of
llioncrcs. covered with heavy timber. This mine Is
lull/equipped with modern machinery, and Um al
ready produced a largo quantity of rich und valuable
Prof. Emmons. late Statu Geologist of North Caro*
Uimi l‘rof. Kerr. State Gcohmlst of North Carolina;
I'rnf. J. 11. McChusnoy. .Mining Uouloglst; Waller
Hamilton. M. K. j l*ruf. It. .M. Names, have made must
favorable reports about this mine. They concur in
the belief Uml It gives Indk-uUou of ureal commercial
value, and tluil by thu clmniclur und crude of the ore,
It promises to bo one ot ibu bust paying Copper lode's
hi this country.
When tho smullliiß furnaces are Bnlshod. the dally
presont yield of this mine U estim:ued us fellows:
'J'hlrty tuns of ore per day; average. £1 per cunt, cop
per, and *W In gold and silver per ton. mil equal
UlUtporduy. und nvernuu bu days to the rear, will
equal *U).tuu. gross earnings, per year. When the new
■him Is llnlched, und cross-cuts are made to the vein,
thqoutputean easily be doubled, and by the end of
the tint year the mine «111 Lo earning fore averaging
as at presaut) ever fI.IULLUI per year.
The Hoopstouu quarries, Kuollu mines, and Mica
minus, are slumte üboul tour miles from the Copper
minus, un the way lu Uio .Magnetic Irou-ora hods.
The estate consists of over UUJ acrua of fertile
lands, covered with a heavy growth of limber, und
also Includes a water-power of about Ml burse
The addition of railroad transportation is only re
quired to turn these iron mines Into a bonanta ot
Prof. Kerr, State Geologist of North Carolina?re
fer* lu this property In bU report to the State in livS.
on page IM7, Vol 1. lie concludes bis remarks by say
ing: ” This U manifestly an iron region, and worthy
ot thorough Investigation."
The value of these magnetic Iron-uro beds caonql
be easily estimated. At the lowest calculation there Is
In sight sunicient ere to last for lUO years, with so out
put of lUUUJ tuns a year.
Tho company uru proparlng to build a line of roll
road that will connect their Iron mines with the Onlo
Valley, aud at Uio same time bo a trunk lino train tho
Northwest to tho beutbauu This read wtu bo known
us tho Carolina. Virginia & Northwestern Kallroad,
and will connect at tiie most feasible point with tha
Ciiesapsako ft Ohm lUilruad in West Virginia, thus
giving direct communication with tho Ohio Valley
and itio Northwest, uml at tho same llmuthfl construc
tion of the ratlruad from Jefferson to Wadusboro,
will give an outlet south to Uio Atlantis Seaboard.
Judging from Uio pruseul average of ore from tho
Copper mine, it Is vsiiumtud llmt dividends to the ex
tout of two and imu-halt tfU.huy dollars per share can
be paid during ISO. Tho completion of tho compa
ny’ ■ railroad by bed will give a market to their valu
able deposits or Magnetic Iron Ore, whlcb will enable
tbuui to pay dividends of at least five (•&> dollars per
tI’UUK.VT UAUKfrr iutjn.
Mnpt, pampUloU, and full UifomaUon c«n t>a ob*
laiiifil at tliu Company'* oiUco. No. U Uromiway. Naif
\ DRY. ' . RICH, .
Grand Vintage 1878.
These celebrated Wines tor sale by all leading
Wine Merchants and Grocers.
av visitTimna bates.
Louis Lloyd &Co, E^ffig!2S^
nil niißMn 111 ,n> Adenlnet* seeking iL*
most fnvurublß mine In any ui the leading
Uw L. a- U.MMJ u.u*ultvui' eiui* beiwie vwuu<Mia*a
Special Sale of
Ilciluccd from $3.00.
At $1.50 Yard,
Reduced from $2.50,
At $2.00 a Yard,
Reduced from $11.50.
Reduced from $2.00
To $1.25 Yard.
82) I*B mu] 50 per cent.

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