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that hi* appointment would bo rondo before tbo
Tno prospect of the completion of railroads to
Mexico, and of n very notable Incrcnso In tho
comtnotolnl relations between that country and
the United States, makes the mission to Mexico
tnoro desirable than It for years has been. There,
was prom competition for It under Gen. Our-
Hold, and then* nro many applications for It
mm*. Among thorn are Hogeno Sullivan. how n
Federal nlfleehnidcr in California. who la father-
In* law of Senator .lone*, of Nevada, a gentleman
supposed to la? on very friendly relations with
tho new Administration. Mr. PaeUeen, of Call*
fornln, whose name language Is Span
lah, and whn hn* extended business relations
with Mexico, Is solrl to bo also desirous of re
ceivlntr (hat apiHilntmenl. Rx-Mnrshal Pilkia,
of Louisiana-
who supposed that hn was in receive this nomi
nation from Hen. Oarlidd—ls a candidate, ns Is
John Runell Young. Tho latter is reported to
have tho worm support of Geo. Grant, It was
part nl tbo gossip of tbo time that 000 of the re
quest* that Hon. Grant made of Garileld was
that bo should send Voting to Mexico, a request
which Garfield declined; and to which Gen.
Grant made pointed reference in his noted Chi
cago interview.
g weld I DUrntcft to 77ie Chicago Tribune,
Wahimnoton, D. C., Doe. 11.-On tho ilrstday
pf the session, Haskell, of Kansas, Introduced
into the House n resolution dcelurlmr, llrst, that
tho rules of the House of Representative* of tho
Forty-sixth Congress shall be the rules of the
present llnnao unless otherwise ordered; and.
secondly, that tlio Committee on Rules, when
appointed, shall have leave to report at any
(lino nil such amendments or revisions of said
rules as they may deem proper. Tho reso
lution has not been acted on, but is ponding as
nnllnisliodbusiness. It is tho ilrsl step on the
part of tno Republicans to change what is
now the twpnty-HMt rule, and hefnro tbo re
vision during, tho Inst Congress was the 120th
rule, relating lo amendments to appropriation
blits. Haskell's lesolntlou in giving tbo Com
mittee nn Rules tbo right in report at anytime
amendments of tho rules paves tho wny for
Tho third clause of ruin 21 provides that "No
appropriation shall l>o reported In any general
appropriation bill, nr bn in order ns an
amendment thereto, fur any expenditure tint
previously authorized by law. unless in continu
ation of appropriations for such public works
and objects ns nro already In progress, nor shall
any provision In any such bill or amendment
thereto changing an existing law be In order,
except, snnti n«, being germane to tho subject
matter of tho bill, shall retrench expenditures
by the reduction of the number and salary of
tlio nitiecrs of tho United Stales, by the reduc
tion of tho compensation of any person paid out
of tno Treasury of the United Flutes, or by tho
reduction nl amounts of money covered by the
bill; provided!, that It Hindi be in order fnrtbcr
to amend Hindi bill upon tbo report
of the committee having Jurisdiction of the
subject mutter of such amendment, which
amendment. Doing germane to tho subject mat
ter of tbo bill, shall retrench expenditures."
For many years previous to the Forty-fourth
Congress Rule 120, for which tho ntmvu was
Biibstltotod by tho Democratic House in Janu
ary, lS7d, contained
In aecordiibco with wiilch amendments to ap
propriation bills proposing an Increase of too
salaries of Onvemment mllecrs and employes
were in order, l>nt amendments proposing a re
duction of salaries were nut loonier. It was
under tho wmking of this extraordinary rule
that there was such a gniwtb of fat Salaries and
enormous Increase of the (loverniaent service
dur'ug drum's Administration. During tlm
Forty-third Congress, Holman, of Indiana, made
an nnsneecsstni clfort to chango tho rule, and It
was not until tbo Democrats got control of tho
House that it was modified. The nmdlllcatlon
was directed only after a hard struggle amt tho
determined opposition of tho Republicans. A
similar tight took place during the last Congress
when the revision of tlm rules was made. Tho
rule as it now stands has proved to bo a must
directive weapon for defeating Jobs.
Sptetal Dltpatrh to Tho CMmoo Trttamf.
Wasiunoton, I). U.. Dec. IL—During tbo
recess tbo sub-commltied of tho FcnntoCnrn
inlttoaof tho Judiciary has been engaged to a
certain extent In studying tha Subject of a new
bankrupt law. Tho method adopted waslnhavo
requests for an opinion upon tho subject printed
and sent to leading business-men, to thu Boards
of Trade, uhd other commercial organizations,
to trade Journals, Judges, and others, in various
parts of tbo country, known to bo Interested in
such a measure. A grunt mass of replies have
been received, which are thought to represent
opinion In tho several sections of tbo country,
and most of tbcSu nrostrhmrly In favor of. tbo
(mauttaeat of a now law. Tho commutco be
lieve, from
that tho business sentiment of tbo country was
never more fully prepared for such a measure,
and (but tbo general idea seems to bo that there
could bo no bettor time than the present pros- -
porous period fur passing rack a law. Tho
members of the suh-cnmmlttco have also
studied tho laws of foreign countries upon thu
sumo subject, and Imvo thus thoroughly pre
pared themselves for the discussion, Uls likely
(but a hill will bo reported In tbo Senate before
tbo holidays. •
Special DUuateh In 'Die Chicago 7Wbun«.
WAHUtNaixig, U. C., Doe. U.—Among other
troublesome legacies inherited by the present
Administration is thd verdict of the couri-inur-
Hal whlchtrlcd.Whlttnkor, the colored cadet, at
West Point. The verdict was a sealed one, and
great pains have born taken to keep it secret,
but tburo are good reasons for believing that it
was unfavorable to Wbhtaker. It must now bo
npproved-nr set aside by the Presldent. and bis
known hostility to tbo old paste feeding against
the African race makes it more than utababie
that, should thn Judge-Advocate General. after
on examination of the cane, decide that the ver
dict should be set aside, President Arthur will
approve of .that decision.
Special Dlipateh to Tht Chicago Tribunt.
Washington, D. C.. Dec. 11.—Tbo President
yesterday signed (ho papers providing for a
money-order exeban re with Now Zealand uud
Miw South Wales. Superintendent McDonald,
of tbo money-order department of the ■ post
otllcc, In speaking of tbo matter, said it would
have u tendency tp largely Increase the market
fur American goods in those countries, At pres
ent tbe people tburo are willing to take Ameri
can goods, and did deal largely In American ma
chinery, but thu (rouble about extending the
cmiMiiurco of this coun-.ry In that Houtlicru har
bor was that bcruiofuro they were compelled, in
making payments for goods, to purehnsu bills of
exchange in London, and llquldulo their bills In
this Indirect way. Now that there is no lunger a
necessity for bills of exchange, lie expects toaeo
Americao trade tnurcuso rapidly. At the pres
ent time there Is a monthly lino of atcamera nut
• l San Fraucisco plyiug to ayduey, New South
Wales, thcncu to Orkley,
Sptrtal JHioutch la Tht Chicago Trilunt,
WAHtHKhtOM, D. C., Due. 11.—Proctor Knott
U cnlliteil for three years or during (he war in
tbo tariff tight. Ho says ho proposes during thu
present Congress to advocate a radical revision
uf tho tariff at every favorable opportunity in
the-House. Ho Is dead sot against the tariff
vommisiiun scheme. Ho regards it us a cunning
Jovlce fur delay, and believes tbut if a commis
sion woru appointed it would bo controlled thor
oughly by protectionists, who would secure u
report in their Interests, with which they would
Hood the country In propagation of their
doctrine. He thinks it worse than folly for rev
enue-reformers to countenance this sort of
thing, and be says ho is determined to do overy
toing bo cun to dofuut tbe commission scheme.
on thoHenchof tbo Huprcmo Court will doubt
less bo nominated this week. A mimher of per
iods have been monUonedas likely to receive
tbo appointment, but it can't bo learned tbut
tho President bos Indicated his choice. Hcero
lory Hlalno Is authority for tho statement that
Jon. tiurtlcld, bad bo lived, intended to buvo
sffered an nppulhtmunt as Jndgo of tbo Bit*
premu Court to Uoscou Cunkllug, to sbuw him
that ho entertained no feelings or uoraunat oui
mostly towards him. As Mr. Oonkllng declined
tbe appointment of LTiiof-Jusiloe tendered to
him by President Oram, bo would hardly accept
a place us Judge.
who, during lust week, revived bis resolution
providing that members of tbo Cabinet shall
liavesuatsiu thu benatuCbamuer and bo al
lowed Pj participate iu tbe debates ou mutters
concerning, their department, said last nlgbi
that bo bud strong hopes of securing its uUoptlim
ut tbe prekeut session uf thu Hciiate. When be
loro the Sunutu lust winter It received S out of
10 voles hi the committee to which It was re
ivrrcd, suu. according to thu Hcnutor, of tho id
votes, ouly/was lo opposition, the other bclog
Hint of n Senator xf ho was apathetic rnilior than
hostile. Mr. Pendleton also said that Honatar
Wlmlom, wlm Iron now n scat Ui (he Senate. wild
that bn often felt while In the Cabinet that it
would bo a groat satisfaction to him lb bo nblo
tn go upon the Senate floor and make explana
tions regarding matters under dlsctlsslrtn eon*
no nuns bis department, and on the strength of
flits ho counts on Window's Inllucnco in favor
of hi* resolution. Ho ihlnk* thorn will Ik? prac
tically no opposition to it when it colncs before
the Penuto tor Him) action.
expects lo speak tomorrow on his resolution
providing fora liirllf commission. Contrary to
general expectations, he will not touch noun tho
taritl question except Incidentally, devoting his
remarks entirely t« an explanation of wlrat bo
considers the (test method of organising a com*
mission which will perform tbo work In an hoo
osi nod capable manner.
. roUST!* M'f’AMMuS
expects to iwue the annual report of tbo Com
missioner tomorrow. In one respect tho report
will tic defective. The Northern Pnclllo Com
pany was instructed to mako a report of tho op
erations ol the road for the present year. Either
by mistake or purposely, tbo only answer made
by the company wart to send the Commissioner a
ecrtllled copy of tho last annual report. The
law provides that in ease any company neglects
or refuses to mako such reports as thoCnnnnls
sinner demands, they shall forfeit dot less than
fl.oou nor morn than ?. f i,ooo. Mr. MoComraon
says that If tho cn*o Is not satisfactorily ex
plained ami adjusted he will cnrlfv the facts to
tho Altornov-Gencral fur bis action.
changes nv t the iiorai: mkrgeant-at-
I't thr UVjtrrn Associated Prtet,
Washington, D. C„ Dee. 11.— I Tho Scrgnnnt
nt-Arins of Dm House Ini* made several changes
in the Finance Rorcaii of his oillce.
leaves tomorrow for Han Domingo to begin sur
veys In Humana Ray.
Dime, l*nttl to Taltc tlio Soprano I*arl hi
the Frrlurmtiueo of (lie (•rent Oratorio
In Uinclmintl, Dee.'JH.
ffpfftu; Dispatch to The CM moo TVlhune.
Cincinnati, Doe. ll.—TKo sale of scats for tbo
oratorio ol “The .Messiah,” which Is to bo given
In the Hprlngcr Music-Hall Dco.iS, will occur to
morrow. “Tin? Messiah" Mill ho presented by
tlm Musical Festival Association, and Is *lo
slgned ns « Christmas performance. Patti will
sing the soprano parts, and will Imvo ns support
Theodore Thomas' Now York Orchestra, tbo Cin
cinnati May Festival Chorus or MX) soled voices,
and tho prom organ. Tho enthusiasts who
have planned this remarkable presenta
tion of Handel's great work proudly de
clare that the silvery' singer who Is to
tic (bo central star Ims never appeared
In a more brilliant setting, and that there has
never been Iti prospect a grander rendering of
“Tho Messiah." The public bavo somewhat tho
same Impression, and (bechances arc that every
sent In (ho great hall will be bought at a pre
mium at the miction sale which begins tomorrow.
Tills indication will be accepted ns quite piobn
blo or muniment when It Is remembered that
Columbus, Dayton, boulsvllle, Lexington, and
• Frankfort want to seo Patti on this samo mu
sically event fat SHth of December, tiacb sue
coast ul bidder at tho unction sale will bo en
titled to choose any number of scats up to
ten, having first paid to tho Treasurer each
in addition to iho premium. This rule Is neces
sary In order that tho great number living at a
distance, or whose business engagements will
prevent them from auemllug (lie sale, and yet
ariMletermined upon hearing “ The Messiah ”
end see and hear Patti, can secure desirable
scats through sumo trlemls. Thorn has been
made an unsuccessful effort to divert this ex*
iraordlunry Interest by tbo'uunnuuccmcm that
Patti would probably appear In tflrafuC’in
clnnntl during tho opera festival which Is
to take place In February. It was
said that it was only probable that she would ap
pear at that Huns not beoau«o of any dillicnUy
in securing her, but tor iho reason that her en
gagement to sing In (ho oratorio of "The Mes
siah " was so drawn that no announcement of a
•sulwcquent Cincinnati engagement ecu Id bo
made until after “Tho Messiah" had been given.
Tho eilect nf this adroit unumiiiccinent was to
lessen interest in the prosmiiutum of "Tho Mes
siah " on thu part of u considerable class, wan
would rather hear Patti in opera than oratorio,
mid who dhl not euro to spend' their money to
hear her twice. ’ This elleut. however, the .May
Festival Association have counteracted by deli*
nlily ascertaining iliac Pattt has not boon en
gaged io sing in opera In L’lnelmmil, nor la any
American eliy, tho present season. It is not.de
tiled that she may appear hero In operatic se
lections with the Maplosou troupe in February,
lint (hut tlues not dull tho Interest In her forth
coming appearance'ln "Tho Messiah," and hence
u null for Beats tomorrow remains assured.
A Good Showing Jlffmlr by Dip Hoard or
IllrpclorM of the Northern Indiana
Bptclal JHtpatch to Tht Chicago Tribunt .
Inuianapolih; Dec. ll.—Tbo llrst annual re
port of the new Hoard of Directors of lUo
Northern Prison, wuloh was submitted to the
Governor yesterday, presents un exceptionally
good showing. Tbo period covered Is for tbo
yonr ending with Out. 111, 1881, and embraces
Tour months of the former board's term. Tbo
receipt* and comings of tbo prison for tbo year
wcWj $77,4-.UU, of which $71,1W. 14 was for labor
porformud. The expenditures for tbo samo
tiimi were sßii,ujo.B7. leaving a doilclt of
only |d,r.lil.-17, and this Is reduced to $1,9.70.47'by
outstanding claims; Of those receipts and ex
penditures tbo former board expended sll,!K£l.-l
more than they received during tbo last four
months of tbulr term, aiiiee March 1,
1881, when tbo present board took
charge, there has boon all excess of ' re
ceipts over expenditures of £9.701.77. This
shows that tbo prison is now on a sidf-sustnin
inn basis. Thu report states that advantageous
contracts for luttimr tbo prison labor have been
made, and that n bntb, wash-house, and a build
ing lur insanu mid refractory prisoners uruimich
needed. Warden Mimimnt tuid other employes
are complimented (or vlllcicncy, Thu Warden's
re|Kjrt, aeeompanylntr that of the ihtvctors,
shows that the average monthly mimbur of pris
oners was At the dato of last report, 977.
received alnyu that, 977; total, Kit. Thu number
of discharges was au, leaving 679 men in prison
Out. til. Hut live deaths occurred mtbu prison
durlmr tbo year, and tbo general health is ex
ceudiuKly good. Of the .779 prisoners there are
■PI Hie convicts: lud were fnnnors anu iWMubor
era; luu cau neither read uur write*; IW7 -arts of
Intempumio imblis; 499 uru umnarrlcd men.
The prison Inspector reports that good Itooks
have been suppjled to lliu prisoners, and proper
mural influences exerted upon them.
The Old T'olcruti Suld to Ho n Cntull
dulu lor Dio Punliioii of Collector of
the Hurt of Chicago.
Sp«lul fiiipalrh to Pis Chttaao Tribune.
Decatuii, 111., Dec, 11.—Tbo statement pub
lished by the Associated Press lu the clluct that
cx-Uov. Oglesby, of Decatur, has commuted to
leuturu on the subject ot thu pubilu domain is
untrue. Thu Huvornur infurmed your corre
spondent today that bo will do nothing of the
kind, lie says a meddlesome Chicago reporter
started the story. The Uovurnor is generally
considered here as being u lunnidiiblu candidate
lor Cuiluclor of Customs ut Chicago, but bus
not glvuu any expression to a desire fur tuo
place, '
Hliol lilniNoll' Tliruugli ilio llcud.
Paula, Kus., Due. 10.—C, C. Armstrong, a
young man recently from Clnoimmii, went
hunting a day or two ago a couplo of miles Irom
here, and whllo nut shot himself through the
head, evidently with suicidal Intent. He was In
prosperous circumstances, and no cause can he
assigned for the act.
A I'rlulri* Tail cm l’ol»un,
SpteM liUpatth to lb* Chicago TrtUun*.
INUiANAem.IB, Ind., Deo. Id.—Ucurgu \Y.
Hichards, a U-lcgraph operator ami printer, who
has been on a big drunk for several weeks in
this city, look uoliion tonight wltn suicidal in
tern. and died irom lu effects. He formerly
lived ut Muttoon, 111.
gixrial HbvatcA to Tht L’Aiarea Trlhun*.
St. laiuis, Mo., Duo. H.—Tho Frencb delega
tion to tbo Yurktown comunnlul celebration
arrived here tonight from tuo West utui aro
quarierod at tho Linden Hotel. They will ro
main In the city two days.
Hr. Luma, Mu., Dee.. ll.—Tbe now United
States Assay olhcc. whlob bus been llitud up in
Hie old eiisinm-house building here, Is ready for
business, and operations will begin .as soon as
orders are received l rum Washington.
Labor Suvlng.
lUo demand of tba people lor uneasler method
Of preparing Kidney-jVori bus Induced tho pri»-
the well-known wholesale druggists,
Wells, Kichardsun & Co., ot Hurlnigtoii, Vi., to
prepare it lor sale lu liquid form us wed as lu
ilry turm. it saves all the labor of preparing,
uud as it l» equally ciilcieni u is preferred uy
muuy persons. Kidney- Wort always and every
where proves itself a perl eel remedy.— miffulo
At u s.
Review of the Wofk of Track
laying in Minnesota, Da J
kota, Etc;.
Important ICnllrond Projects In
Pennsylvania and Now
English Locomotives and Ooaobos—Tho
Thomas A. Scott Memorial Ohurob
(’onatrnetloti in tlio Northwest During
Special Vtsvateh to Tht Chlcan TVibunc.
St. Paul, Minn., Deo. ll.—Tho i’lnitrcr Preta
Will print tomorrow on eight-column review of
the new railroad construction of tbo Northwest
for the year tsßl. It embraces six companies,
with a total of new truck laid of S,WI miles,
against 1.47 H miles laid by tho saint* roads last
year. Tbo work of tho St. Paul, Minneapolis &
Manitoba has been in tno lied River Volley, In
Minnesota and Dakota, ami north Irom Minne
apolis oh tho west of tho Mississippi: that of tho
Northern I'aclllu on tbo main lino in Montana and
on branches hit ho lied Ulver Valley and Northern
Wisconsin and In Oregon; that of tho Chicago,
St. Paul & Omaha In Northern Wisconsin qnd
Nebraska: that of tho Northwestern In lowa,
Wisconsin, and Fouthorn Dakota: und that of
tho Chicago, Milwaukee & Hi. Paul In lowa. Wls-.
cousin, Minnesota, and Dakota. Tbo following
Is the detailed summary: Ht. Paul, Minneapolis
It Manitoba, from Wahpmon westward, graded,
:» miles: Durbin extension, from Unrbln to
Fleming, track laid. 11l miles; Unrbln extension,
from doming to Goose Ulver, :tT mites: Durbin
extension, from Fleming northwest, graded, til
miles: Grand Forks west, from OJaia to
l.nrrlmnre, track laid, 17 miles: Gftod
Forks north, from Grand Forks' to
Minto. tulles: Pelican llranch, from Carlisle
to F.iunboth, track, laid. 4 miles; gaps between
Fargo and (Irami Forks, track laid. miles;
Minneapolis „v North Ossco llranch. front Min
neapolis to Clearwater. I rack laid, fill miles; Min
netonka & North Khoro Line, truck laid, il miles;
total construction, miles, of which J.KH miles
Is In new track mid; last year's construction,
""Northern Pacific—Wisconsin Division—North
ern Pnellle Junction to Superior. £1 miles;
Fergus i lilauk Hills, Wadena Junc
tion to Fergus Fulls. CO miles: Cassulton
branch. Blanchard to Mnysvllle, twelve miles;
Missouri dlvisiony‘Ciid of track liilHHOlodlen
dive, twolvo miles: Vcllmvstnno division, (lien
dive to Fort Keogh, clghty-one miles beyond
Fort Keogh, twenty-seven miles; Point d'Orolllo
division, from Spokane Falls to head of Luke
Pend d'Orellle. track laid, ninety-eight miles;
cun of Luke Pend d'Orellle, graded, llfty miles;
total Northern Paclhc construction. JCH miles.
Oregon Hallway <t Navigation Company., ±Fi
miles. Total construction In the Northern Pa
elite system fur tho year, RfiH miles. Of this 5170
miles is In new track. Including the extension to
the Little Rosebud, thirty-live miles beyond
Miles City, which will be reached Dgc. ill. Con
struction last year, 4IW miles.
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, & Omaha, con
struction work for ItWI, Northeru Division—
/Track laid north from Cable, Wls„ -'d miles;
grading beyond toward llaytlclu, 10 miles; Su
perior brunch, Win., grading northwest (Tom
Voa/.lc, on which twenty miles of track will bo
laid by Jan. I, 'Si miles: from Superior south
east, graded, 1C miles: Chippewa Falls Or North
ern brunch, from L'hipiMjwu Falls to Kicu Luke,
47 miles:' Neltlsvillo brancii, from Mernllan
Junction to NelMsvllle, track laid, U miles: Nor
folk brunch (Nebraska), from Kmcvson to Nor
folk, grading and bridging completed CF» miles
of track to bo laid this winter;. 47 miles: total
construction forissi. ITS miles: construction m
tho previous rear, SW miles. ’
Minneapolis ,V Mt. Louis—From Honrtsford.
eight miles south of Fori Dodge, to CoaUown.
nearly completed. 4" miles: Pnolllo Division,
mm completed mid Iron beyond Arlington. In
Pibicv County, 47 miles: construction for HWI,
yn miles: construction for IKHO. Mi miles.
Chicago \ Northwestern—Extension from
Mllwankco to Mociort completed. 111 miles:
extension from Dccrlng. Mleh., to the Phelps
Mountain, partly graded, :Jl miles; extension of
Toledo & Northwestern of lowa, from WebJter
City to the Minnesota State lino, partly com
pleted. HI miles; branch Drum Jewett- Junction
to Lake City, partly completed. Ml mllfls; branch
from Bugle Drove to Sioux Rapids, nearly com
pleted. *Vh miles.
lowa Southwestern—From Carroll to Kirk
man, ;ic miles; and branch from Manning to
Audubon, both nearly completed. 17 miles; (ho
James River tlm* In Dakota, from Huron up tho
James River to Ordwny. completed and In oper
ation, H 7 miles. Total construction. fc!i miles, as
ugalnstdlVl miles of uonslrue.tion In IK&t.
Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul—Aberdeen
north to point nnlrnned, IU miles; Aberdeen
south to Ashton. ID tulles; graded last season,
in miles; Kimball to Chamberlain, :h) miles;
Mitchell north to point iinlruncd.lt miles: Mill-
Rank branch beyond Wlilmar. IP miles; Marion
to Dos .Moines River, IlfT miles: Hlmix Falls to
Dell Uaplds, -‘b miles; Bristol to Aberdeen,
graded In parr nml Ironed. W miles; graded and
not Ironed, Yankton tn Scotland, g>: Hastings
to Stillwater. :i» miles; Wabasha to Euu Chtlrc,
Chlnpcwn River to Menomonee, U miles; sec
tions between Dos Moines River aud Coudclj
BlnlTs (estimated), Ml miles.
Total now lines. 471 miles.
Total In 1881, UK4 miles.
Important Projects In PontiMylTnnln unci
New York.
SjMriot, DlipiUch to Tht CMeaoo Tribune.
Er.nnnn, Pa., Dec. II.—A short timengoTiin
Tin iiilvk correspondent sent a special dispatch
in which It was stated that the Huifalo, Pitts
burg. & Western Uullroud syndioato would soon
form a combination with other lines traversing
Northwestern Pennsylvania and Western New
York. .As predicted, this project Ims been con
summated by the merging of all tbo lines of
railroad extending through the northwestern
section of Oils Slate and grldlronlug Western
Now York to Huifalo. Tbo tlnal sctllements
have boon made by the Huifalo, New York A*
Philadelphia syndicate, and the Amsterdam
clique, which holds the controlliuir Interest in
thp Huifalo, Pittsburgh* Western IlallroadCom
pany, Is the sole owner of the buffalo, Now York
& Philadelphia UaUrond, 191 mites; the OUnvn,
Jlrndford it Wnrruu Nnrrow-(Ja«o Ualiroiulp won
ty-threo miles: thn Kendall & Kldren Narrow
(ingu Jtailmnd, elchtuon miles; the McKean
St Huifalo Narrow-Hugo UHlrund, twenty-two
miles: uud tbo Huifalo Coal Company, four
miles—» total of 108 miles—all of which were
purchased in April, last by tbo Huffalo, Pitts
burg & Western Hallnmd syndicate. Col. Archer
N. Martin acting as the combination's rupro
sentatlvo In tbo negotiations and subsequent
purchase. The price agreed upon for tbo onilro
property In question was £1,K70,000, divided us
follows: Huttolo, New York & Philadelphia (ex
tending from Emporium, Pa., to Huifalo, N Y.),
89,i1.70.y005 Olcuo, llrudford St Warren, $800,000;
Kendall Si Kldred, £900.000; Olean St Huifalo,
$800,000: Huifalo Coal Company, SBOO,OOO. Thu
stork of the Oral-named corporation amounted
t 099.600 shares. Ac a private meeting of tbo
: ronresnnlotlves of tbo various companies eon
corned, held at this place, the lliml contracts
have been entered into, am) tbo narrow-gage
lines, with all tbo property belonging
to them, have been formally transferred
to tbo purchasing corporation. The old
Hoard of Directors retired gracefully, us in t&o
Ural instance, and a now Directory was prompt
ly organized, Hubsequontly n meeting was held
lit New York City for tbo purpusu of oifeetlng u
permanent organization of the .Hoard of Di
rectors, uud John W. Junes, the executive bend
of tbo Huifalo, Pittsburg St Western Haliroud
Company, was chosen President of tbo llulfnlo,.
Now York St Philadelphia itallroad Company, as
well as of the narrow-gugo railroads, which
moru than fully emiltrms «Tl intimation* qela
live to me organization made In pnivumsHpectal
dispatches bv TuuTiiiiiiim: corrcsiiondunt. It
is understood that Hio Huifalo, Pittsburg &
Western Itallroad Company will build tm ex
tensive, Imposing, uud commodious'depot ou
Michigan street, between Henuca and Exchange
slrceis, lindalo. Thu tracks of the Huifalo. New
York St Philadelphia Itallroad will be extended
to Michigan street. intelligence -re
ceived from railway sources lu Erie, Pa.,
is ■ to the olTeut that work on tbt«
new railroad bearing the name of the New
York, Chicago h* m. (.mils Company, uud tra
versing Nineteenth street In that city, Is being
pushed forward with extraordinary energy and
dispateb. In tbe division extending trout Dun
kirk, N. Y., iq Cleveland, ()., 194.U9 miles have
been graded, leaving' only 1.07 miles not
cumplcitd. The leau of masonry building dur-.
mg the season are said to l*o rumarkatde, and
hardly paralleled in railroad construction. He
uween liuffulo, N. V., and Ciuveliuid iiu,uuu yards
Imvu been eompleled, mpihing between 4jui
and .'V.4HHI ear-loads of stone. The first rails were
put down mi Nineteenth street, Erio,on Wednes
day, Ike. 7. The (ruck-laying will lie moved
westward lu meet an udvaneiug party from Ash
tabula, O. A company has .beou organized for
the construction id u railroad from Hlunp.-ivlllc,
Mercer Comity, over the old towing-path ot iho
Erie Caitiil to eonucet with this road at
(ilrurd, Erie County, (IrcenO Couuty Is
to have nuuther nurrow-gugu 4 road,
to be built by u company which has a euultnl of
slUo,uu>. uud.ls styled the Waynesburg, Mount
MorrlsA West Vlrglulu Jtatlroad Company. Thu
road will connect, with the Wavnesqurg i Wash
ington lUmd at Wuynesburg. ‘ana extend In u
southern direetlun p.ist Smith's Creek, bUini
noit'a itlver. uud Mount Morns to the West Vir
ginia Hue, where U Is presumed that the eltUvus
I of West Virginia will tnko an Interest. In tho en
terprise, and push Itlnto Helds of undeveloped
wealth. Tim route is feasible, the gntdo easy,
and tbo mad can be constructed at n low es
timate. Tho Now Vork, Pittsburg .V Chlongo
Railroad Company lots leased font terra of
ninety-nine year* to tlio Pillsbnrg A Western
Company that part of the former road between
Slippery Rock River and Now Castle, Pa., tints
opening New Castle nod Youngstown, 0.,
to tho Pittsburg A Western Rond.
Tho Now York, Pittsburg A* Chicago Company
Is allowed iheprivllegenf using the track leased,
and tbo termini in Allegheny City and Pittsburg.
Tlio lino is partly graded, and work Is bolng vig
orously pushed. The way to Now Vork will bo
via (ho central Railroad of New Jersey. Tho
Redstone Rnmeh of the Monomralieln Division
will lie hastened to completion, ballasting, ties
mid Iron being laid from tbo eastern end toward
the Monongaheln crossing at Brownsville. Tho
building of tho bridge to spun tho Mommgahola
River Is necessarily delayed on nevount of nn
alteration of tho specification*.
Ivlglit New Omipnnle* Incorporated,
bpeelat Dltpuleh to Tn« chttaoa t.jfiunf.
Dks Moinus, Dec. IP.—Kdwln (). Lanphere nml
K. 1,. Mnrsh appear to have established n nmnftp
oly on railroads. As Directors, they‘publish it
notice of tho Incorporation of eight ■dllferont
compnnlcs, to construct u road across lowa—to
Tho Mississippi, Western A Northern Itnilwny
Company: Mississippi, Western & North Tier
Hallway Company; Mississippi, Western A Da
kota Hallway Company: Mississippi, Western A
Northern I'aollle Hallway Company: Mississippi
A Western Hallway Company A llargo Lino:
Mississippi* Western Hallway Transportation
Company, Mississippi, Western A Minnesota
Hallway Company: Mississippi A Cednr Hallway
Company. Tho capital of each company is
S|,IMKM»I. with privilege of Innroase to $.'.000,000.
Tho object is to bnlld n railway uernss tho Bn\le,
construct, lease, or operate bouts, barges, or
other means of transportation, mid construct
nml operate telegraph tines. The principal place
of business is at Dos Moines. Now, It is
understood theold-unm transcontinental rail
wily Is boliur revived, and It Is probably true that
this numerous railway company is only making
preparations toget naros-t this State. Tho pre
liminary work nan already boon done for at least
one of toe contemplated Hues.
The Dos Moines A* I'ort Dodge has laid steel
rails from this city to Grand Junction, and next
year will complete the track -to Fort Dodge.
Coder '(ho present managers this road, which
Was robbed, plundered, mid scuttled by Its orig
inal owners, Is picking up mighty fast.mid Is to
day pne of tho most desirable pieces of railroad
property in tho West.
The business of the now Toledo Hraueb of tho
Chicago A Northwestern may bo Inform! from
the fact that four mile* of side-track has been
put down at Toledo, vhleh will hold l.'-’bd cars,
mid yet there is not room to do tho business of
the branch on this siding.
George H. Clark, attorney for tbo Chicago &
Milwaukee nt Algona, has been assigned ex
clusively to railroad litigation, and will removo
from Algoim.
Tlio Minneapolis A St. lands have completed
the survey of their Kansas City extension from
Coaltown on tho Furl I lodge Hood to Mils
quite Creek, tlionco down the oast side of tho
creek to Hedllold:. thence southwest to tho up
lands theneo south, crossing tho Hock Island
midway between Htttatt ana Dexter, to Gruen
ilela. In Adair County, where running cornier-
Hons will be made with tlio Chicago. liurhngion,
A Quincy. Kiforts will bo made to nave the nmd
diverge so ns to make Stuart a point on the lino.
Tho Dos Moines Northern tWabash) is pushing
ahead despite tho weather. Tho contract for
construction from Do« Moines* itiver to llonno
has been mint. to be completed before Jan. I.
The Wabash la striking out West. Townships
are voting on a tax to aid in budding a branch
mini Shenandoah, In IMgo County, via Farragut
and .Sidney, to tbo Missouri Hlvcr, at Hast No-,
bmska City.
Considerable speculation lias been had by the
press ns to tbo propriety of the Chicago A Mil
waukee taking tbo fued trade exclusively Into
thulr control at stations along tholr lines, as
It shuts out dealers entirely ami prevents com
petition. The company appear to have acted
wlfre.y, and thofollowlngcircular of Instructions
to Hgcnif Indicates iko purpose of the company:
Mason Cm*, la.. Nov. &i. jKst.— Tn Agent; It
Is the dcolio of the comimu.vto place ttscnnl
within the rcueli of all needy parties, and es
pecially those living remoio from town, aim not
to sell this coni to any dealers to resell us n mat
ter of trade.
Vuti will use caution in selling, and until
furthernutleuyou will not sell to exceed •I’M)
pounds to buy otio t>crson living within live
miles of sianon*.
He governed In (bo amount fnrnlshod any tier
son by tho distance they live from town, which
will lu a measure Indicate tholr need, and to
parties living renmiu furnish as liberally n«
your supply on hand will allow.
. : G. W. Hanhoiin, Supt.
Grading on tho Dus Moines Northwestern Is
going forward between Fonda, in Pocahontas
Cmmiy, and Hockwdl City, us fast as possible.
It Is expected to reach Fonda by Jan. I. Trains
are now running to Jbtferson. In Greene County,
and will bo extended so fast us tho road is com
Tho contractor has until Juno to complete tho
rmul-hcd to .Sioux Ulver, In Clay County, Hut
recent orders from headquarters wore received
(hut the nmd must be completed lu Fonda im
mediately, regardless of expense. It is a nip
nmt-tuck race between tho Wabash and Chicago
A Northwestern to get to Spirit (.alto ilrst.
Dr. A.Teal died Nov. lil at Dunlap,ln Harrison
Cmmiy. Ho was a native of Wutcrvllet, N. V.;
camo to Chicago in IKSt, and was fora lime
'Division Master-Mechanic of (ho Chicago, llur
llugton A Quincy Uallruad. Ho unlit tho engines
of tho tmiu steamer Maid ot :au Mist, which
runs from Suspension Hrldgo to Niagara Falls.
He came to lowa In IKiT. He was an earnest
Carlstlan man and an honored member of the
Masonto Fraternity. He was formerly Treasurer
of Ark Lodge Nd. 31. of New Vork.
RnilroiulN in Vcxus-Wlmt 'J'licy Iflave
Done lor llio Development ol* the
Stole, uml Whitt They Hfcuu to Ac
complish Ilcronllcr.
Special CVirmpomlftiff ti/ The Chleaw Tribune,
Oai-vkston, Tox., Nov. 2H.—Tho ninny changes
of Government whichi'oxushnsundergmiosince .
she became known to tho civilized world Imvo
greatly retarded her progress. First a province
of Spain, then of Mexico, thou a llopttbilu. and
lastly a State, tho era of hnr’dovclopmont began
with her amiuxattou, and progressed slowly
until tho outbreak of tho grout. Civil War In
lail, when slio rebounded and lon all sho had
ginned. Her territory not having been over
run and laid waste by opposing armies, situ was
tho llrst of tho Southern Stales to recuperate
front tho paralyzing effects of tbo War, and at
oitcu mitered upon a wonderful era of develop
ment and progress, owing to tho projection tujtl
construction of various railway lines through
her territory. When Texas seceded in IHHI
thoro wero about IM) miles of railway In opera
tion. At tho elosu of Hostilities In isdl her
roads were In u horribly dilapidated condition,
and had In ho rebuilt and equipped almost en
tire. 811100 I«JS Texas has Increased her rail
way mileage 4,:j00 mile?, and has over ",(XXI miles
moro under construction, all of which will
bo completed and la actlvn operation lu
sldo of tho next two years. From five
lines In INJS, there tiro now twenty-eight
tines of railway - In active operation.
Thoro havu been constructed during mu past
year t.ttUl mlbs, ora boo that would reach from
Galveston to thu Cltv of Now Vork, which, ut an
estimated emu of tW.WKJ per mile, shows an ox
penduuroof fbMUsi.uxi.
or these twenty-eight roads, tho majority nro
extending their lines, and all except one navo
been limit mid are being extended to their ob
jective points by capital foreign to thu State.
These l eads are, or will become, potent factors
in developing tho wonderful uud varied re
sources ol iho State, whoso siipurllelal area Is
••Jaw.tUl square miles, nr larger than Austria by
so,eui niniiro miles, and larger than France by
(Sl,tfOO Hiiuuru miles. Besides* those, ten other
new tines of railway havu been elmriured, and
tire either In course of construction or surveys
are being made preparatory to the commence
tnouv of work, which will puuotrutu various
sections of tho Htato nqw without railway facili
Prominent among thoso now lines Is tho New
York, Texas A Mexican Hallway, whoso Initial
point is Hoscnburg Junollon in Fun Head Coun
ty, sixty-three miles northwest of Galveston uml
tbirty-hvu miles west of Houston, whore tho
Galveston, Harrisburg & Hun Antonio lUtllwuy
is crossed by thu Gulf, Colorado Santa Fo
Hnilroad. Its objective point Is llrownsvibe, on
tho Hat Grande, It’tu miles soitiliwent. At Hohcii
berg.lnnetlon thu New Vork, Texas A ,Mexican
Hnilroad tups thu entire system of railways of
tho Hooihwcst us effectually us If Us Initial
point was iluuaioit.und gives It direct cimimnul
entlon with New 1 ork, Chicago. Ht. Cools, New
Orleans, uml an m enu outlet at Galveston via
thu Gulf,Colorado A Haniu Fe Hnilroad. Us lino
Irom Ibuenberg.lnnetlon west pusses tnrungli
eonntles embraelng, to u largo extent, what Is
known as thu •• Hugar-Huwl " of Texas; also tho
most productive coitou-pmducing sections of
thu ritate.
Thu pi rojeclorof this Important lino Is Count
Joseph Teifener, of Italy, an eminent civil on*
placer and successful railway builder in Huropn
and HontU America. In duly. Ih.su, Count
Tcltener vMted tbo United Htutes, mid, dtmuir
u tour through Texas, was greatly impressed
with the imidcnnutu transportation facilities for
internal utd external ummunnicailoiH with tbo
neb and vast districts of thoHiatc, and especial*,
ly tho ulluvmt coast counties, which are nn*'
muted in fertility, and. prior in the t'lvil War,
were ihu must densely populated us well »r
pioduetivo portions of the State. To supply
tbo great sugar uuu cotton belt us well ns tbo
extensive euiilu regions of Southwestern Texas
with such cemmunlcatiou suggested itself.to
his practical mind as a fruitful Held fur prollta*
hie enterprise, lie was also quick to perceive
that the must direct and practical roulo uetween
New York uud thu City of .Mexico was alontr thu
Tepas coast, uud that such u lieu would traverse
Its richest counties, while. In addition. It would
open up comiminU-utbm with u nmulicr of ports
In Texas und Mexico, so admirably situated as
to irive certain pronnsu of great prospertiy and
expuiibiou uh soon as (buy could bo brought into
diiecicoinmnaictiUun with tho through runway
system of thu country.
The company was chartered Nov. 17, 11*30, uu^
surveys on tlio line wem begun ns soon there*
after its tlio engineer corps could tio organised.
As fast ns tlio line was permanently located,
contracts worn let for grading nml bridging.
Tito company, which is backed by mnplo capital,
nitd Is operated strictly upon n cash basis, will,
by Dcial, |S8l ( have tlio lino graded to Vlolorln,
ImU mms west of Hosenberg Junction, iipom
which track Is being laid nt tho nito of n mllo
and quarter per day, nml which will tin complel
cd and enrs running to Victoria liy Kcl*. I, jwef.
Tho rnlonlxntton onlcrprlsenf the company Is
upon n practical basis, and uirendy over l.iVKi
emigrants have hern brought over under the
auspices of tho company, and have hern placed
nt wo**k either on tho rond or colonised upon tho
company's lands. The emigrants are In charge
of Count Tolfcncr's nirenis from tho tlmoof
their embarkation, their passage money In*
stances being ndvanced. nndthoir provisions sc*
cured until they are nhlo to enrn their own liv
ing. 'l'hls is sirnmrel.v In eonirnst with tho treat*
meat of emigrants by other railway companies,
who leave tho poor nml oftentimes penniless for*
edgners to shift fur themselves tho moment they
Amomr tho othor railway cnlorprlsos in which
Galveston is decplr Interested is the Texas*
Mexican Narrow (laito, tho Texas Division of
tho Mexican National, whoso Inlllol point Is
Galveston, and Its objective terminus f.aredo.
The line has been surveyed and located tbo
entire length—'«od miles. Tho other two pro*
Jectcd lines for which charters have been ob
tained—botli tmrrow-gage—and which promise
to bocomo valuable adjuncts to tho commerolnl
prosporllv of tho oily. aro tho (Jaivoston A- Haglo
Fuss Air Line mm tbo Galveston A Wlo Grande
llnllwnv Companies. Mach has its initial here,
whllu the nbjcctlvo point of tho former Is nt
Knglo Pass, on tho 1110 (Irundc, about !l»V* miles.
Vleo»l*re«ldciit Onlies, of tho Northern
Vnclltcy In Nt* Paul.
Spfflflt lllip.itca to Tht Vhlruga Tribunt.
Bt. Paul, Minn., Deo. JO.—'Vico-FreskUfiit
Oakes, 6f tlio Nortborn J’nolllc, is hero with a
party of railroad men. In reply to a question
as to nn Independent lino ot the Nortborn Fa
eillo between Sauk Haplds and Minneapolis ami
St. Faul, Mr. Oakes said Unit the business of tbo
Northern Facldu aim Ft. I’unl, Minneapolis A
Manitoba hud so rapidly Increased between those
points that much inconvenience is caused
tn both lines by running over tho present
road bn tbo east side of, tbo river. -It
has become necessary for tho Northern Facllle
to have an independent lino into Minneapolis
and Hi. Faul. It Is hoped that satisfactory ar
rangements will bn made for such a line, us
prutmsUlous for the purchase of the o*soo
Hranch of tho St. Faul, Minneapolis A Manitoba
have boon for some time under consideration.
That line Is now llnlshcd as far ns Clearwater.
Heine asked about the relations between the
two mails, Mr. Oakes said they were mnm
friendly Hum they have been In the past, and
tho indications of nn early and permanent
peace are encouraging. As to tho rumored
intention of tbo Chicago, Milwaukee A’ Ht. Faul
to form an alliance with the Canadian I'aollle,
Mr. Oakes sub) nil he knew about It was what ho
had rend In tho papers. He would not credit it
until It was an accomplished (net/ tie could
understand that, while the St, Fanl.Mlnnoapaila
A Manitoba pcoplu might regard It ns bnnrilclat
to tholr Interest*. an alliance of thutfklnd would
compel the Northern Pacific to strike hands
with ttfo Chicago A Northwestern, and to speed
ily build their eastern outlet from Superior, to
the Montreal Hivcr and Siuilt Hie. Marie, which
would glvo them a shorter mute from the sumo
territory by UOO to Jl"s miles to tho Atlantic sea
board. • >
Olllctul Ucslirnuilon* and Appointments.
Special mtoateh to The Chicago Tribune*
Muavaukku. Wls., Dec. ll.—lt lm« boon of*
llclally announced that Mr. McCoy,' until now
Dlvlhlou Superintendent of Hie I'ittsbunr A Ft.
Wn.vno Hoad, ban Loco appointed Assistant
Superintendent of tlio Milwaukee Division and
nil lbo divisions of the Chicago A Northwestern
Hallroad In Wisconsin,‘tosnceend Jam os McCabe,
resigned. It is nmlorstoml that Mr. McCabe has
aceepmd a position of. (rust on the Atchison,
Topeka A Santa 1-Y* Hallroad. Daniel Ahern,
who Uaft been connected with Uio freight do*
pnrinientor theChlenKoA Northwestern Hall*
way In this dry for many years, has ‘tendered
Ills reslirnatlon. to take olfeel Jan. 1, in order to
accept a position on tho Atchison, Topeka &
Santa I'd Unllroud.
Last Hull on Now Orloanu Paclllo Laid
'■Between Mirevcport and ClioneyvlDc.
Hiiitnvni'uur, 1.a., Dee. ll.—Tho last rail muho
New Orleans I'aelllu Hallway, between Shreve
port and Chenoyvillc, was laid at ll;ilO today.
This Klvcs all ml) to Now Orleans by conncethur
with Mnnran’s lino at Chuneyvlllc, forty-two
miles. The Now Orleans I'aelllu is yet to be com
pleted below (Jheaeyvllle.
Hxtension of a. Nnrrou'-Guzu.
spf..dl IHeoaUh to Tin Chicago Tribune,
iNiMAN.vroMH, Dcc. il.—Tho Directors of tbo
Uloomflold, Owensboro, Sprln«llclil A Hertford
Nurrow-Oufto Itnilrimd have decided to extend
tho lino to Seymour, u distance of thirty-six
miles. ♦
KutflUh Itailivuy Locomotives miilFai-
neuter Couches.
Mr. Joseph Gconsol, of tho Detroit Frte Pre**,
who bus Just returned from un extended Euro
pean trip, gives tho following btlcrestlug do*
scrlptlon nr English railway locomotives and
passenger-ears: * A
Tho speed and power of tho locomotives oro
something remarkable. They stand on sip
wheels. tour of wnleit uro coupled, being tho
drivers, ami llio smaller wheels are at tho for
ward eiid. Too coupled wheels on tlrst-cluss
passenger engines are six feet eight Inches In
diameter, nuu tho eyPnders are ordinarily or
about seventeen Inches diameter mid twenty
four Inches utroko. Tho engines weigh thirty
six tons, uud will draw a loud of fflU tons ait n
speed of forty-live miles an .hour. Thu tender
weighs twenty-eight tuns, has space tor Tour
tons of coal, and holds over £,:tuti gallons 0 f
water. Tho smoke-stneks nro straight and
slender, with n plain rliiit llnlsh at iho top, and
nut much greater In dlamoter than an ordinary
stove-pipe. Thu tlru-lmx Is largo and tho com
bustion period.' Hut little smoko escapes, mid
tho traveler is not annoyed nor his view im
peded by drifting steam from tho online.
Thu English railway miumgerH do not fully np
prccluto Amurluan louomoilves. Tno “ cow
catcher" appears to thorn a ludicrous sort of
appendage. 1 happened to have with me a
large phutoimiph of u llrst-eliiss Ainerlemi en
gine, with thu old-rushUmud, during top style of
slack always attached to woml-bitr«mg locomo
tives. It was'lnvariably subjected to criticism.
“ Whv do you have tbnt ugiy-looklug smoke
stack'/’* was tho usual remark. “That’s a grout
Tho English railway carriages strike Ameri
cans as being equally odd in appearance. Homo
ill'll mounted on four wheels, mid thu resem
blance to an old-style stage-coach Is mademoru
plain by thu four compartments, nr coupes. Into
which each Itrst-olasa carnage Is divided. The
newer form of carriage is longer, has more
wheels under It, miu more compartments. Fro
fluently a set of wheels Is placed in tho centre of
tho coach. In which ease there Is mure Jolting.
Tho Interior of tho compartment follows, ns
nearly us may he, too sumo model r>f mi old
fashioned stagc-couch. Thu llrst-elass compart
ments aru well upholstered with carriage cloth.
Hmnotlmes antimacassars add to tho tidy ap
pearance of tho fnrolstilugs. Ann-Birnpa are
ut tho ends of tho smtts, and shelves extend
across, near thu top of thu partitions—m; rather
racks with twine nettings—to hold bund luggage.
Klastlo cords murk out parallelograms on too
celling—parallelograms of the proper width to
receive llio brim of n hat and hold It securely,
crown downward, during thu'Journey. Tito
iamb, which hangs from thu centre. Is a conical
glass arrangement let down through tho roof of
tho coach. Thu wick of mo lump is two Inches
wide, and the fill Is fed to It through it tube from
a reservoir above. - Thu glass prevents Vhu lump
from bolng.mcddied with from below. Illsac
euffllblo only from.tho tup of thu car.
The compartment Is In.size some six foot by
five, with neats extending across and accom
modating eight passengers, who sit, four upon u
side, facing cncit other, in America, railroad
travelers Insist upon being seated sous to look
forward. In Europe, at least half of tho pas
senger list must ride backward, lit fact,.tho
preference is to rldu In that way. There am ad
vantages In respect to warmth and greater Im
munity trout cinders whet) thu windows tiro
Uuora at each side «lvo admission to Ilia com
purlmunt. Tho Imndio with which they nru fast*
cn»-d Is always on iho outside. Frequently mo
doors aro doubly locked: whim such is the ease.
Ihu passenger must wait until they arc opened
at thu station. Thu upper part id' iho door is of
glass, and may ho lowered, a stout strap with
eyelet holes leiMilutlng iho pponlng. Thu win*
down on ulthur shin dr thu door aro lowered lit
iho same way. Curtains screen both doors end
A footboard projects (rotn below tho Hour, ex*
' tending ihu whole length of tho coach, facilitat
ing admission to thu compartment aud permit
ting the guard to walk from end to end of iho
train. Thu Houttuvesteva and others of the best
equipped railroads. establish electrical com*
munlcaUon between tho llrst*elass compart*
menu amt the van occupied by tbo guards.
Over nno of the tnlddhi scats In tbo compart*
intmt ts n laitltai which, being pulled out. rings
alien in tho “van.'’ Tho passenger, naviug
pulled tbo alarm, cannot replace iho button.
Thu disarrangement of tho apparatus discover#
tho ooropartmunt trom wbcncu tho contnmnlcu*
turn come. There Is a penalty ot £.l fur pnltlnur
the uicctrlo iiutton and suuntling an plurm
without rcui|onablo and sufllclent cause.
To'lbo memory or liiolaite (lo). Thomas
A. *coti,ol tho Feuusylvuula IBullrtmd
. Tho following circular has Just been Issudd to
tbo friends of tho tuto fob Thomas A. acotti
Homo of tho friends of tbo Into President of
the Pennsylvania liatlroud liuvu determined to
aid hi porpoumting his memory by tho erection
of a church, to he called “The Thomas A. Heott
Memorial mure!)/' thu pews of which shall he
. five. It U demned proper and desirable that Ihu
funds for this purpose should bo contributed by
those who were associated with fed. Heott In Ihu
management or soi victt m thu (treat corpora*
Hull lo the Interest id which be devoted the best
years ot his hie, and sUothat thu church shtuld
bo hininly for thn use of Iho employes of the
Pennsylvania Ilallroad ttm) Ihclr families. With,
these ends to view, It (a essoullnl Ihtit tho church
should lift conveniently located, nm) It hashccit
silfrgosted that (lio organisation Of Draco Hviui
gelieal i.uthornn Churchy tho Ilov. .tobit 11. Man
ges, pastor, corner of Thlrty-Hflh and Kprlmr,
(Jarmm streets, could bo utilized for tbiw
purpose. Tho . society, which owns n tot
very desirably locateu, la tit present largely
composed of tlio employes of the Pennsylvania
Hnllrond. Tho paMor Is thoroughly in accord
With Hi lx movement, and hi* present congregn
tinn hni* been gathered nmlrily from railroad
men. It Is pvonusod to rniso £*,(),Quo to build this
memorial church, and ns Urn plan suggested
would not require nny oullny for the purchase
of a lot a handsome, substantial, and suitable
building could bo erected with that amount of
money. Contributions for this purpose are so*
Helled from all connected with the Pennsylvania
Itallroad whofavortho project ntul fed disposed
to aid it, and front Col. ecort’s personal friends.
Subscriptions In any amount will be received.
Kneli contribution will bo regularly colored in a
substantially-bound book (which will bu the
property of the chnrchi. setting lorlh the name,
address, and amount, and at the completion of
the building each subscriber will bo entitled to u
ccrllllcatoshowing his proprietary Interest In
Iho ahnrch cdlllco.
Thn iund will bo placed In the custody of It,
11. t'oincuys. Han., President Philadelphia Na
tional llaukt K. A. jlolllns, Ksq„ President
(’entomdal National llmik; Stephen A. raid
well, Kaq., President Fidelity Insurance, TmhUV
Hale*DepositCompany; Franks.llond,ox-Vlee-
Prosldent Texas Se Paclllc Itallroad; mid K.
Ilm-pcrdelTries, ex-PrcMdeut (,'omtnorelal Kx
chamre. who have consorttedtnact ns custodians
and directors of It.
AllsubscirlpUonsshould he sent to tbo un
dersigned, who will take pleasure in explaining
to nil Interested tbo full details of tbo proposed
memorial. 11. K.dAMitMJS, Treasurer.
Third and CtieMimt nircots. Philadelphia.
Tlio Canadian Pacific—A ProNporun*
Tho Toronto Qlqhe Is not hn admirer of tho
Canadian Pacific enterprise. Di a reecot Issue
it gives expression to Its feelings ns followm
As It Ih, tbo people must pay fW,000,000 In cash
for tho lino—?:W.iKW,fM» of cunti subsidy to tho
syndicate, and cash for those sections
to bo completed by the (Invcrnment. They
inti't also give the syndicate &*(),no(i,u(id worth of
laud, which tho (Invcrnment could have bonded
at least as advantageously as tbo syndicate.
Mr. Fleming estimated that tho sections which
thn syndicate will complete would cost
tXW; therefore tho country la to pay
on account of running expenses. Dots any one
suppose that more than would have
been required for that purpose under a ditTur
nut arrangement? In the cost of building tho
road Canada has gained nothing; In the
cost of running it she has lust some
thing. Hut that Is a mere bagatelle to the
tola) loss by tho bargain. If construction of
iho line had been contracted fur; If sSO,Wsi.Ort()
Were paid thereafter for operating It. tbo whole
road, costing £ll,few,UN. would - still nave been
tho property of tho people. The Treasury could
have got an ever-increasing revenue by leasing
it after once Its trnltle paid miming expenses.
Hueh a policy has been followed with great suc
cess by tho (..overnment of India la regard to
roads that, on completion, had prospects noth,-
ing like so good as those of the Canadian Paclllc.
Hut we have nut stated all the losses yet. A
company of private tnonoy-mnkorß have re
ceived power to umnopnllKo Northwestern traf
tic; lo hinder Iho construction of Independent
lines; to Im-d It over the territories: to hold a
vast urea of land speculatively; to bulldoze mu
nicipalities wanting railway facilities; nr build
up this town mid destroy that. In every future
year tho people will have to pay more to tho
company than they would have been called on
to pay for tho road, and forever (boy will b|ivo
to pay enormously for liberty to u<o tbo road,
though they will never get n dollar from it.
Tho (liieKfion ot Admitting Fnclcnned
IKiccnnrt Jnto Cloth Free o(‘ Duty,
sprc(ul liuwtch to The Chicago Trtbnnr.
Ottawa, Dec. II.—A deputation waited on
tho Minister of Customs and tho Minister of
Finance for tho purpose of Impressing upon
them tbo advisability of permitting rice In Its
unclean state to romo into Canada free of duty
from tbo place of production. Tho ehiof point
advanced by tbo deputation is that If tho rice Is
allowed In eomo Into Canada Ip Its natural cmi
dHicm tho result will bo that factories will ho
established In Canada for tho purpose of clean
ing and preparing It for tbe market. Asthoro
are no such establishments In tho country, this
would result In opening up a now Industry. The
fJnvcrnmunt luivo tbo mutter under considera
tion. A deputation from Montreal also watted
on the Minister of Customs tor tho purpose of
Impressing upon tho Ministry tho advisability ol
admitting tm* entry of Jnto cloth free of duty.
As .Jnto cloth is not n product of Canada, It, is
eonicmleit that It should bo allowed tocomo in
without charge.
Klopori with “u Iloftor-Looklli£lTluii.”
{frxlai DispatCA to The Vhlaiao TVcruif.
PHTtmiioito. Doc. 10.—A young farmer living
n shore distance east or this place was in search
of a I lit' partner. Ho wont to church on Sun
day, and saw a young Judy that would appa
rently moot his wishes. After church ho intro
duced himself, accompanied her •homo, gut tho
license on Mondav, ami was married on Tues
day. His matrimonial career was of shore dura
tion, for on Wednesday Inst ho returned home,
iil tor helm? absent for a day. and found his who
had eloped with tho hired hoy, aired about It),
tho latter taking tho greater part of bis employ
er's olothos with him.
Unveiling of a lluat to tho memory of
Col, Cumberland* /
S‘p«(al J)(.tDdfch to Ihc •Jhku;o TVPams.
Ai.i.asdai.c, Oat., Dee. 10.—Tho bust of tbo
late Col. Cumberland, General Manager of -tbo
Northern and Northwestern, Hallways, was tin
vcllod hero today lu tbo presence of Mr. Halow
Cumbcrlum), tbo lllshop of Toronto, Mayor
Gregg, Acting 'Manager of tbo Northern and
Northwestern Hallways, and other notabilities.
Tbo bust is of branzo, n llttlo larger than'llfo
slzo, and Is placed on a Scotch grnnlt pedestal
about seven foot high. It was erected by tho
men of tbo Northern uud Northwestern Hall
ways. , •
Tho Commerce of ITlontrcal—A Financial
3p«(jl DkpultN to The Chicago 7Vitmne.
Montiikai., Dee. 11.—Tho urrlvols of vessels in
this port In tho past Season from foreign purls
were as iollows: ISJI steamers of DO,OOO tons, and
1100 sailing vessels of M.WO. TbpMnland vessels
number 11.000. There was a fnlllbgolfas com
pared with ISSOof 75 per cunt In the arrivals.
Payotio i: llourgealJlt. stationers and book
sellers, of this city, have called tbolr creditors
together and will seek an extension. They claim
assets or 910,000 to pay liabilities of about
910,000. •
* Heroism Ucwnrded.
6'p*Wal Dispatch to The Chicago TrlftmiA'
Ottawa, Dec. 10.—Tbo President of tbo linked
States, through tho BrlllshMlnlslernt Wasblug
mu, has seat li gold watch to Gen. Sir Patrick
HoDougnll, Admlalstratorof the Government of
Canada, to bo prosontod.m Capt.Hoth Donne, of
Halifax, as a reeogmUon of bis act In saving tbo
crew of tbo Frank 1). Slercitt, of Will Fleet,
Maas., which was capsized mtbo Atlantic Oceuu.
A Unmor Denied*
. Special Dhuateh to The Chicago Trlftun*.
Montiikai., Dee. 11.— I Tho rumor to tho effect
that tiio friends and supporters of Sir. July’ hud
resigned because tnoy wore In so small u minor
ity In tho Quebec Legislature Is neidod In u let
ter from Mr. July to u friend la Montreal.
Winding tip Uto ISukluuhn of tin liiHur*
unco Cuinpnny*
Special DUoatiU to Tht Chleaw Trlbun*.
Toronto, Dec.'ll.—At it Rtftrmj* nictating or
tho Union Insnnmco Company hero it wns do*
lormlnod to wind up tlio business In Canada
without delay, itio company's license bnvmg
boon suspended by tlio (Juvornnumt Inspector.
A DclUiilUuf OSntilt Olllclul* ■
gprelal /KniaKU to Tht ChteaiM TrlMota
lIr.HMN, Out., Dec. 11.—(luorgo. Bconrd, Ac
countant of (ho Dunk of Commerce, tins cleared
out. Mo lotto abort time ago ostensibly fur n
vacation, biu shortly afterward* It wn* discov
ered ho was u del'anlior to (ho mnuuiit of #O,WW.
Tho money la said to huvo been lost lu stock
Tlio Lamia In tlio Nortiiwnh
gwctal IHuhiUH to Tht VhUaoo 'iMtun*. t ,
Ottawa, Deo. ll.—Tho Interior Department
has under consideration several applications for
extensive tracts or land In tho Northwest Cor
grusing purposes. Mr. tinirirert. meaiheror Par
liament, has leased u Umber-lot on tbu (lucky
Mountains, where bo Intend* to start a mill.
Ordained u I'erprlUnl Ueueon*
Hptela l Ihipatcb to T>‘* tlhicaoo 7'rlbuns.
Ottawa, Doc, UA—Mr. miss, of tbo Customs
Department, was ordained ut Kingston n per*
potuul Deacon under, tbo canon passed nt tbo
last Provincial Hynod. This la tbe nrst time ibis
ceremony bus been porformbd la too Ungltdh
Church lor centuries past.
Not lloimi? In Pay.
Bltclai IHtpatth la 'fht VMUi/v ,
Ottawa, Dec. Ill—Tbo City Hollcliorims Ue
cldod that tbo ally Is not legally bound in pay
tbo bonus of tldO.OOd to the Canada & Atlantic
Itullwuy. tbo company having failed to curry out
tbo conditions specified.
Won 111* Suit.
Spielal Dltpaith to iltt CtUtaqo TrUnmr. ;»
Toiionto, Dec. lu.—ln tbo cate of tbo Itcv.
Mr. Kth.Bim against tho Dfucesa of ilunm, wba
sues fur not betug ou tbo commutation fuutj ul
the Diocese, nor on Its sunernnmir.,, ,
obtain commutation tillownilf?"3u^!r ll,t * ’c
delivered In favor of the
Appointment* Dtixrtlcd
Bvttial Ulivateh to The Ch lfaoj Tr ,l Unt
Ottawa, Ont.. Doc. 10.-Tho owr/ui
night coiilnlns the nppoimmeut of ‘ ,‘ r ,0 *
nuv, Comnilsslonnr of Indian Arr„i!!. . nil *
Northwest, and Terries ns Ideuteminr n 1,1 ,f >o
of tbut
Tlio Flushing llntoemiu
PITTSUUItn, Pil.. Dec. 11,—The renrnin. ,
unlorlunnto victims of yostc-runy “ hHVt?
holornust wore Interred today. n„ f r r„.. ,J,tf
poareil to cirtlm tbo remains of anv of oJ, T
except a brother of Michael
us the bodies were burned beyona ' l ,, n
It was Impossible for him to idJnUfi ??'
brother’s remains, and he left Hid iw. .
olllco hardly knowing what to do, Tho wLi? *,
nt.Weol l*oiiHßylvunln llo.pl,„l
cn»y ih lliclr iml.itul lnjunui win
Tlio linsplml iibyololniw nro iliiino nil '
lllolr power lo nllorliuo tndr .iiir.rlj
THor nro rccolvliw Cnrorm nllrmion
tholr ovrry wont In talnit uitonM to.
loillcy junl .lota Uonnnllr nro most oorlottolr i„
Juroil, tai! will In mi pmlialjllliy op. In ,1
ilnyo. Tlio rest nro KOHliur nli>i W TO |
lio. o.vprotoil. Tlio UrCinif liiiiilly, Vi 1 IJ .
lioimlliiK-liouio, nro In iliwlltuto riro uiiMam?.
ovoryllnnir tlioy nwnnd harlny liron i
by tlio lire. A Hilbuurllitlon tin, | K >en <t!i r
lilolr roller mill tho roller or tlio lulurjn it*
onor Hope tiim mljmmioil too ImpiMt until
\\ ednesday oveuiug, I D9 * l
Uun over by n Itallroad Train and in
ntniitty Killed.
SpteM nitjmteJi to 7Tie CAtrnoo 7V(f> un< ,
PnoATUn, 111.,-,Duo. la-ltlchard FitztrtVald a
ditcher, of this comity, Was run over and In.
stanly killed near Warreusburglust night bra
pnmmgnr train on thd Pnorln, Decatur*Kvim
villo itnilroad. Tho ohl timu uot tii«
caught between tbo lies and could not utt
In time. " vul
Fatally Injured Wlillc (loins to a n rf
Si*<tat iHtpateh to The CViicjjo Tribunr. *
AnittA.N, Mieb.. Doc*. 111.—An alarm of firowai
given thlsniftcrnooitj caused by tbo burning of
tho ataei) ou tbo county fair-grounds, Whiio
running to tbo lire tho Dnbeoek engine w a ,
overturned and Uie driver, Hilly jj ake w«I
probably fatally Injured. ’ u
Full of u Wholesale Grocery store
INOIANAPOMK, Ind., Dee. ll.—The four-story
building on South Meriden street, occupied by
P. Hlubl & Sons, wholesale grocers. fell In this
morning, caused, .It |R supposed, by the heavy
weights,on tho upper stories. The building U*
total loss amt tbo goods are considerably Jam.
aged. Doing Sunday morulug there was ay o na
at.tbo store when tho aceldeut occurred.
An Otllelal Investigation i» Uc ?iade,
• Hr. Loins, Mo., Dec. 11.—An otllelal Invcstlga
tlon of tho recent disaster at the St. cbark-i
bridge will bo commenced tomorrow. TheStau
Uallnmd Commissioners will be present.
Fell from u Scaffolding uml Killed,
Omaha, Nob., Doo. 11.—'William 11. Hurry, a
youmr man employed In palming the Union
Vaclllo Hallway shops, fell from u scaffolding
ami was kilted.
Dicil ol ipu Injuries.
Special D.jpateh to n.e t.mcuao TVOuru.
Aihuan, Mich., pro. lU—William lilake,driver
of tbo liabeonk chemical* engine, injured by tbo
upsetting of his apparatus whllo going to a Oro
lust night, died at 5 Ibis morning.
J, 8, Paitlord, Hin Kansan Dank*
Spretal (a T7i« cVifcuoa ZVUmni.
CAT.nwKf.u ()„ Doe. 10.—J. H. Danfonl, tbs
Kansas bunk-smasher, Is a son ot Samuel Dan
ford, of Sharon Township, this county, a venera
ble farmer of tho utmost respectability. Dan
ford iett herd n young man, some eighteen years
ago, ami went to California, mid since (boo to
Caldwell, Kasr Thu Danfonl connection is largo
and well respected, and Includes ex-Caugrew
man Danfort), for three terms Bingham's me
eessor in this district. Tbcynro nil horrified
that' young Danlord, who Is a man but ft,
should huvo so disgraced bis family.
On Imjnlry, It Is learned llut
tho bank defaulter rtnhforth was respeetahto
when a boy; uud his curly years were elmulpJ by
no escapades or vices. Ho was a hlghly-mn
euted young man. uud regarded as a CnrMla.m
unblemished virtue when he left here. Itibtf
ho returned and married Miss Climb* Witbera*.
a respectably-connected young lady, whose rel
atives lire iiiao’grofttiy shocked. In his cariltr
Western life ho was an Insurance aguat and
A Cincinnati limit Firm Hlak<>» un As*
• CINCINNATI, 0., Doe. 11.—K. .1. DrutnjnUfli
Co., druggists, southwest corner of Fifth find
Vine streets, this eltv. made an assignment
yesterday uftornuon. Tho eoiieern is very small
No bund tiled.' lieujninlu 11. Cox is assignee.
Tho lloNton IMelllc flunk.
lIoPTO.v, Maas., Dec. 10.—The Dlroolors of the
Pueblo Hank bavd deujiled to reorgaal/o tbo
Institution, ond have rcijuosted tho Controller
to levy on assessment of JiW per cent on too
capital stuck.
Tho French Delegate* lo Vorktowii
V1»«U Fort Leavenworth; and Arc Hh*
tertalned by (Jen* I*ope ami Shall’.
tfpiclaf Diipoteh to Dir CViicioo
Leavknwouth, ICu*,, Dee. 10,—At II o’clock
this morning a special train Pamela front tho
West bringing tbo French delegates to York
town, who hayo since that celebration been tk*
It lug various sections of tho United States, The
puny was under tbo escort of Gen. Mackenzie, tmi
alighted at Fort Leavenworth, where they were
received liy ((’company of'cuvulry uml u oi“P u *
tatlon of olllcurs and escorted to tbo pest, whew
Cion. Pope, commanding tho department, and
Col. Otis, commanding tbo post, gave them •
cordial welcome. A reeeplUin was hold, iijtonj -
od by all tbo eitlcors at tho rort and many pro i
liieiit citizens lr.om the city, who had "y* .*
vlted. and also many ladles of tho fert “
Dinner was served at JUo clock by .Maj.mi
tug. Tho party loft in tbo uliernoon » [£•
Kant., Tbo following is-iho list of tho i \h ''«’
Gog. Ilunkaugen, Col. Uesseau, MaJ. »• *
CapL do Launere,- dipt. Dabavlllt, l.iuij,
(lunvlllu. blunt, do Nollies. Lieut. ‘l‘» ' ‘;
Count ,do Huuinpnt, aad Loiint du A
Hvorylblog was Uono to mnko their stay pit***
RUt * Sptelitl Diitxiteh to The CVileaoo Trilunw.
Kansah CitV, Wo., Doc. IU.-Tbo
tbo Froueh delegation who «amo mA' J/‘
bo present al tho YorUtown testivU e< I
sas City tonight hi a special earm ‘-r tiw -
sourl PucltUi Hoad for Hi. Louis, l“' rl ’ *,
day they word the guests of Gem *•l* • , l{
minder of Urn Department of ‘ko M. •
Fort Lonvouwofth, where thej w \ ri ' , u a
eiitertalnud. Tbo punyroniaiu « «
tk. Louis, and .thou-go to NowOrloausu
taking too steamer homo.
Nils Attempt* to Kill Hit
clilliln.it tv 1 1 1 1 tut 1
; lltiMbuiid h mortal
StWS'Ot XiuoaKfi Itf Tht VMcagj Trihunt*
MII.WAUKPIt, Wit., IK*. 11.-. V ,"S
Mr**. Fißfbor, residing on Tenth * .
h lx!camo Inaaiio tbln forenoon, ami, **•«*[ .
session of mi nx, ultmnplod to bruin h ‘
Utile children. Her husband; rt
thu children. from trie J“»V. r a ' iYvin*r t‘U
celvrd a death-won ml. a lerrUilo ! # 'Viy ,ur*
skullbare. Uo la uMve. but cuimot P os#l >
vi vo. • -
Biuull-l’t.v Appear, ul U.lniu, 111-
SpitWl UiipKin l» Mtl'lM \‘*T m nl
(ui.ttt.-A. in.. ii..o. ii.-A *fi.ai"»
mmill-pox In lUU dtp
-Blolniu. vlotlni U a !).«• H T |, U
pupil of l,bo pillJllo nclti.ol “V n aan.l.ao.ll'.'
disease is tbuugbt to h‘ivcbcyn i»‘ ~ ) l .„ t . v ai-.
■ visitor* ut.tbe house of V hU vV
. wnero ft boa raged fur *^ ,w *,nL iU
uomlu, A cordon of P o lto ,-iry mca*-
about thq bouse, ami
mos adopted by tbo i L »v..Aj Vaceiimit-a iu
Sod people, young and old, were >“ ttu
this city yesterday. - .
JIOATUN, 1)00. 11.—Tbo «10“'0 11 r „ k „ ,b 0
Liverpool, report. that on Hot. Ul ‘ P , 10l
Htoutnor Prllico 1-Mwurd. from ■■ 1 ll[Ucr -
ITluoo Kdwuta WtitMl. .hurt or ,K.rt,
wise all right. Sbo asked to ,> | bl ‘ I . u hi.jus*
’ but tbu sou-was *oo ro»wb msto'i «J , ivo uuu* 1
side, and nftor rcjuulmug b> ber ip
tbo lowa proceeded. •
Winri»e»«er»s ~v,,o,,“ ‘’*auluKbrco*
chills,amigcuuraldcbUlVi* bstuon#

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