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The Legend of the Appearance
ol “ Skjold.’l
g orn a Gossip About the Present
Royal Family. • ♦
rinz Christian IX., Hie Wife, and Bis
i 6 Six Children.
The Kiev o f Ofeecc, Princess, of Wales,
ami Empress of RmCiJn.
ssfdul CorytDondtiuf of Ihf Chicago Tribune.
rwprjniAtmw* Denmark, Nov. 20.—1 n visiting
,m islcirooms hf the Danish pbrcolnttUnctory
r®Copenhagen, one cannot tall to observe and
Srbirfl n dainty hit of work representing n‘
iaeil i lilM who lies upon his shield, his bend
Bpported by n sheaf of grain—tbo iron conch
Swell ns tho rustic pillow being softened by a
la W r bearskin, benralh whose edges peep out
S point nnd Imndlo of tho youthful warrior’s
rtonl. The position of tho sloopor Is most easy
Indgraceful. It Is a copy of u work created by
tMDanlih sculptor Sloln, and purchased by tbo
ate King Frederick VII., and It embodies a
miiIIMI Danish legend. .
Tbernrly InhabltniUflof tho Island of Zealand,
U, lived un the pieturosipio shares of tbo (laid
■bwrwnvw, running far inland, -lavo tbo foot
oMbovemTHbb* Town of llobflklldo. wore aston
hbtil.noe bright morning toward tho close of
lumthor, to sco iluatlng 6n the poacofhl surface
of tbs llood-tblo a lingo shield that bore the
Biktd form of a beautiful - Infant, Whoso bOflr
■kin mantle served ns tbo drnpery of his couch,
ijullmt partially concealed, tho mighty sword
which hi!* babv hands Imd alrcndy learned to
ypld. The wondering natives hoaioned to bring
llm upbore nnd Icqrn wbeneo bo enmo. Hla
bcnrlngwn"^u regal, nnd sotnahlr, a head sat
upon his infniitilo ehouldcrs, that the people
looocamo to reverence him ns. from another
»btre. and made him to reign over them nr
gdrKing. In those days names were of simple
oriflu, and so this boy-King irns called
ffMcb means shield, .in allusion to his mode of
coining to tbolr shores. Wheti, after a long and
jucccsjfal reign, ho came to die, "Skjold”
anoaabdGd bis subjects nut to bury him In the
pound, ns that was not tho custom In tbe land
iScr.co be came, but to place his body upon a
i'kip,snd' then give If over to tho gnldnncoof
fto winds ami waves, which would bear him
back to tbe shores of his birth. The sorrowing
pcoplodldns they were hid, arid htmeo no one
Suioas to this day where lies tbe body of
tSkJobl." Hut his name arid fame continued to
live In tbo mouths of his subjects, uud his de
icenJsuis were known as " flkjoidyunge," or
taililwnof." Skjold." .
Although tho present Uoyul ■ family of Den-
Dirk docs not. In fact or, (lotion, belong to (be
prbyiny of that mythical' King of Itf6 Shield,
Its history Is nevertheless interesting; and. If
tfceaaccdJte* narrated of Its Individual mem
bm illustrate their eharnctbr and habits, tho
dUgrlloyal bouses of Europe would profit as
Duchby imitating thorn us by having allied
themselves tn the family through marriage,
f&o'jupg ami distinguished, line, of Oldenburg,
iblcb began its reign with Christian I. In HW,
perished, so far us direct descendants wore
cenesrood, In IWD." with Iho . death ofFrcd
»r.ck VII. Uut there- was. n pour Duke of
ge bouse of Glucksburg, n descendant of
Cbrlstlaa 11, of tho Oldenburg dynasty* through a
c>l!.ih*ul bnmeli, who was chosen, or'rather
tilopieil,by Frederick VH. to succeed him on tbo
tbroor which lilA family hud occupied in almost
oabrnken succession for morn than 400 yenrt.
rmtiktiAX ix.
m'jvj to the crown lu 180.1. Tbo llrst years of
hiirelrn were cuarontcrizcif by tbo loss of tbe
Canities of Sehleslvlg, which was’ robbed from
Utilu Ucntnark by Clio loiathihlri IViisslh, asSlst-
M ty Austria. Otherwise tho Iniornul and da-
Dtsiic wrlfart* of his Kingdom has been signal
tyllonrielitutr, until today tho Dunosnro one of
tbe must contented atid prosperous; nations on
ihrfio-euf the globe. Tlio private’fortiini’B of
ti;u King’s fiimdv have Itoeri fnuterhnir ulteml
fi<r tin, heller, and, from being Insignlilcaut und
poor.hisrhliilreii'tiavo been raised tti-.ibo best
iiirimi-) m Europe. Ills second son. George, has
Ihtii made King of Ur«!Cce, and wedded a
lUnglitor of Hie Homanoffs; bis oldest daughter,
Akxsndra, D l’rlneesj of WoieA; her sister,
I>i*niHr. Is the surely nnehvled Empn*ss of All
thelliisslilss Tbvrn. the youngest dahghtur, is
tfse_ Ihuthcss of Cuinberlaodi and woiild bu
Queen of HonoVer were It not for I'russhi
again; the eldest son Is Frederick. Crown,Frlneo
cflknuiurk; and tho-thlrd son Is an olllecr in
me Danish Navy, und, lit ease of tbo death of
b# brother Gem-go and heirs, will become King
aftlrm-c. Sorely, that is n noe showing from a
worldly iioitti of vlcwl
OF TUB Kish's AMIAim.ITV AND Kixhl.l-
tbo most pleasing stories upe told by his subjects,
to whom bin traits bare greatly endeared him,
cvewiinliig the prejudices at 'first entertained
■trnlrnt bis suneeiMUm because of his Herman
ptvcllrttles ami speech. Ho walks mit dally ns
fliffplf ns arty citizen, bis only retinue of nt
tmuapis being his stick and fiilthfnt-Uog. He
rmrnstho jaluiiUltmt* of all-ho meets with a
puniiiltmisncss worthy of Lord Chesterfield
ctmfcir. hat even neglecting tlua of tbu dirtiest
israinumn, amt often mopping to pat sumo up*
inrncil onrly-bcad and ask question* us to homo
tml parent*. Hueh Is his npnreelulloi) of bis
devotion Hint ho novcrsniters Its slight
e»i expression to pass unnoticed. Quo old
p«Uflm woman, living on bis eiluld of Fried-
L-oborir. presented his Majesty with a hideous
wsor her own handiwork. Notwithstanding Its
uirilnott, tbo Kmsr hud It placed beneath, his
«ntluir*dc«k In his study, which he occupies
*bm'Vor he visits Unit snuimer*palace—thus yo
doubt, ut tbo expense of violating bin artistic
icn»e, preserving the ktndly-lmonilouod old
creature from disappointment and mortUJca
tion. Once each week the Kingholds a special uu
flirnoc-day fond! hU, subjects. The poorest and
bumblest In the realm are admitted to bis pros*
eoevt aud there, surrounded by no guard, but
jniitlog to the tr<md*wi|| of the people, bo listens
to their complaititK. ami, so far as possible,
irami thotr aoixmls. Thu story Is told of
•s follows:
A Ohofgiri, sickly QnU lame, tihd compelled to
veurupon her leg heavy Iron braces that made
Bcrimivuinunis veiy awkward mid painful, bad
• liinni uf Kimoklml which sbo hail long tried In
vs'u to get presented. At loat,drlvon to desper-
JUod, siiu reaolvetl to visit tbo Ktug to person,
uqaccordingly presented herself at the hour
■ppolnted heriire the pnftnl of tho pnhico, and
hinorcd into tbu anteroom, which she found
l»y similar, applicants. Her heart
i!KL» e<l with dread, imd, when it came her
f.n , l ont ' ;r ‘bo King's presence, her courage
her utterly, and, bur crippled legs rufns
jo? to support her body, sbo sank to tbu Hour
P ,lr ‘ , *y« | n of tours. The monarch, per
oivinir Rome sort of n oominotlun with
■ bnjuired its moaulug, and learned tho
whereupon ho commanded tbo pour girl
M»i»e brmiifbt lit, and ilio next moment the tdtl-
S * , half-uiimmsoions with (right. and
1? "' babbled into tbo room. Unable to stand
1, i°® 8| a» t<»tterod toward a table for support:
auLl°u k } nd King, observing ber wuuknesj,
nu « ~|n(‘ °d a chair beside her, With tho ro
iViShouldseiU herself. Thru, stand
hiSri». ?. bw - u,ul Placing bis luma upon her
«?.n v* n j ’’ ht ? * m o- Hmdeiiy, ”My child, you
wif ß .iV. ry wtult tt,, “ frightened; coin peso your
juti v " Ur . u,ariJ * un(l ‘ell mo what yon want;
tbs irirM* n ‘*{bmg 10 fear." In this way bo aided
l>i UcrciimUon, and than listened
* M«»nil»lng to g(v« (ho
claLul’ r I..attention and tu grant bor
i uot accessary to add that this noble
*i if... 1,1 lu * w ‘»rd to (ho lottur. v
woßuh* 9 / 11 flail tbeso two incidents alone pro
Sti « u . Wr< ! vo I bat Christian IX. of Ucn
rtoci *°l P ,,ly n Uhrlstlun In naiuo. but la
tnverpiJ veru w«D If smno of tho other
mil i? I* °. r ur °Pa would turn and uollku
tltor imf aJ aflramlng tbolr subjects In the
killing and trotting billed.-.
S«u h. AUOU ' l ' T,,, ‘ QUUKN MVUK.
Cjia.i I, " r ‘ho Into Ltmdgiuvo of (lessen
ifiiK.’-h.i ? V V ,mt ~t? bii nblo to hoar very much
»» -i' '“K’lOsecpt that she is not as popular
"wnuwt «f her oxtremo pruler-
I‘‘f 1 ‘‘ f her birth (Germany), of
EJsunfi, .?*/•. lo ,u «ho Ourniun tho tan
ruit! .r r * °, ,lr V«nd because she la sold to
rnt«i i a./'i r . ,un , “ lu * uyß,(, ro! bntsho la very
U»# Hiiiiirt, Mnderstund. and really desirous fur
bßniiV ,0 /i ,K, °P' U * The Danes have go
‘bslrDr.ivin.l^ 0 (J,ir .«»aiui f who robbed them of
lt is . no wonder that they
i o)nMiu,.,. , n. , ‘ r ,V a upon any attempt to
, o ,n .’ nssggsoreusinms Into the
Luurl. tint the. King and
MihemJ,.u huvn so closely united nad tdonti-
V'mnJ'ttr'"' folk ns to havo com
nuicd nil suspicion to rust,
*O4 IlkilJr* tho nmtahle traits of bis (athor,
w , l ' 18 ll ‘o hearts df his people by hU
day ho > I V. u Uii fender display, (»no
dn.'j'i, uir u bi plain uJtlscn's
V* «wrn ml ,!.fl o . l |‘ ,rpo l rttU him. only ouo
I ‘ r, 'ice? buV..Vf t . U *! 1 !?? '•“‘ltary salute. Tho
one l, y this conduct on the part of
dociciissuii or \t n ' ,urn P'l < i“'eltly upon Uianu
"Hc , hhV l ii...mVi 1 Jbon amsdnted. an hour on
Oflh?. u / a vl »'ttho*lWooQ-(homurrow.
Nsbt, Uiit U uiLn* >0 « r ‘ l l, dl ' l ,H>t n'vory 'easy
* re at lrt‘i.i.u u ,'ff.l t ‘ ! ‘u>fb H coining interview with
*b«'i au i n l When tbo dreaded hour ar
” * Hnthimss ■ him iilrms
onlly, Jublp him ho seated, and con
versed with him .must ilirnhly upon
tfinlldrd pertaining td tlio army. At length,
however, tho Prldei* arMo nnd tvun dig
nity rtddnMWU, tho ndllnquclittin rollmVs; “Oh
thif struct yesterday, when I was In civilian ni
• '•ird, yon failed td revogiil/.e mo, Now, I ImVO’
ahrtirtinjuldyou horo ludftrld orncr (hut yiul mny
hinimnc so well acquainted with lilc* nM herciUlor
th reougnlxb tun lit whatever guisd I may appear,
it Is my desire lo ho pofihmnllr known to every
oilleer of toy nrihy. This will do for todnyl
Adieu l" With such 0 happy manner of wlnnlug
resneet And crmhrteUed. Prinen Kredhplclt cannot
roll to tnnko n wise mu) beloved ruler.
A« I have Ucfiit-h said. his brother (Sortrgo is
king of tntFut.’i:,
and Is proving hlmsnlf a ver.vpnpiimr sovereign.
HisOneciPconsort Is Digit, the daughter of the
(Jrand*Duke Constantine. .At. first* A* Is said of
almost every royal pair, they wen* reported not
ttv have lived very happily. Tho Queen wits
used to tho severe ah'nt tho Russian cmm-llfn.
and pined lor her Northern home, In tho land
to which she felt as If exiled, hut. during one
ofhcrviaiu to Denmark with her husband, ho
was taken dnngurmisly lib This seemed to call
loin blossom,‘as It wore, all tbo love which had
lain, not latent, but obscured ami ovorsbad
owed by earlier utlcotlonst And from that
time to tho present the King ami Queen
of Qrcceu have bhoii most dovotod and
happy. Their children often visit their
rnyiil gnuidtinrciits. nnd often meet thoro
their royal English cousins, with whom they
romp In high gleo on tho shores of “Ksrtmt
See,” within tho park limits nf KrledunlHhg—
tho picturesque costume of tho young Greeks
contrasting prettily with tho more sombre garb
of tholr British Playmates. Tho first Christmas
that young King George passed among his
strange snujects bis parents and sisters cele
brated by decorating a Hugo Chrlstumi-trec,
which iboy tbon soul, all hung with gifts, to the
nhsont and it Is Ui ho presumed homesick King.
Everything mm hoars of thslr royal family
leaves more distinctly tho Impression that Its
members nro extremely affectionate und devot
edly attached to ouch other.
Too whole world mUujrcs tho fine character
and lovable qualities
which have not doty endeared her to (b 6 British
nation rtt birge. but Imvo exorcised U whole
snntu IntiUehco upoit tha Prince. libv husband.
Tho Danes hover tire of dwelling upon her love
liness, and of narrating how in early days, wboh
her father's Income was, only SI.WK> A year, bhd
Was her own seamstress and milliner; huiv she
had but two pairs of kid-gUlvc«.atid used towqur
the older pair when on tho way to nmkii a cull,,
replacing them by tho better ones just hnforo
entering (ho hdiiso; mid, >Vhcn slm was con
lirmod, nor scanty wardrobe ooiild with dlltlciilty
rurnisb the one whlto dross required tor tho 6u
present Empress of Husain, Is a nature of far
morrtfeoverlty than tho Princess of Wales; nml
my informant said that. 1C 1m Hip belief among
tbo Danes that shd Is much mom unyielding In
her attitude of antagonism toward reform In
Russia than is her eohsort, the Czar. Every
body has heard something of the story of her
love, 1 presume: hut It moy he that tho par
ticuluraam not well known, and hence they
will boar repetition. Dagnmr was nt Ural deep
ly In love with thu present Czar's older brother,
to whom she had neon, betrothed, lint bo wan
seized with ah Illness that resulted fa
tally. ITpoti his deathbed ho expressed
thu desire that his,- brother Alexander,
who was to Inherit the crown,; should
likewise succeed to his right as lover, and should
marry his betrothed. Accordingly, in due coiirso
of time Dagnmr was ulllaheAd and married to
tbo brother. Itwns known that she hnd tnmtrucd
for her lost lover: but no one realized how keen
hud been mid still continued to bn ber grief,
until the following circumstance suddenly re
vealed It: After her marriage, and while her
feelings were still undergoing the severe ’strain
of tans having the remembrance of tho past
stirred to its depths, shti visited tho famous
Winter Palace In 81. Petersburg, where still clus
tered many sad associations. Ih passlngthrongh
the apartments, leaning on tbo nnn of her hus
btttld, ami sni'Cminded by tho rest of tho family
and courtiers, she suddelily and unexpectedly
came upon a lifelike portrait of her dead lover.
Sneh was the shock that her overwrought feel
ings sought Immediate relief. In a bum of wild
grhlf. Her husband nnpehmt to pay no special
atlenilonto ner emotion: but smite time Inter,
when Dagnou- had grown calm, he alluded to it
tenderly, saying he fully appreciated ber grief,
nml understood how deeply uttaehed she hnd
been to bis brother, whose qualities rendered
him so lovable mid such a profound lots to
family, friends, nml nation: but be Imped that,
as tbft past nml present were unalterable, she
would try to forget her sorrow, and become hap
py In the love wbfelt bn would lavish upon her.
lie thou departed lo mienf his htmilng-lodgcs,
and thus left her atone for several weeks, so that
shemtitht have time and leisure to adjust her-,
self to tier new surroundings. 14is kind treat
ment, together with her own good sense and
strong will, hnd the desired result, and Dagumr
nbvur again displayed no emotion connected
with the past. It is to be hoped that now. as
wife ' and mother, she Is not by her unbending
hostility to Inbvlinblu reform laying up for her
self u store of wo. lit comparison to which her
curly grief will bn ns nothing.
An Uuuhcssof Cumberland and rlgbtfulQuocn
of Hanover, wo do not bear much of
the vouNtir.fcr fli.Hi’ilii, tiivn.v.
This hist member of this trio of I loyal Graces,
ns they deserve to.bo styled, was u great favurlt
of the old and deaf Qoeua-Dowagor Amullc.
whom she used lo visit rogulavlv; nml who used
ip playfully ask her wpim nha was going to gut
married.. Like many.a dreaming.limldeu whoso
lips belied her heart and ftmeles, sue always pro
tested that s/to did not Intend to marry, but should
stay to comfort her parents mid her. old friend"
thu Queen-Dmvagui*. However, it came to pass
, one into day that lovely TUyrn foli a victim to
Cupid's aim, and was betrothed lo tho Duke of
Cumberland,'who may no doubt bo amlnblo and
attrnutlvu ns well as rich, but whoso broken nose
mid nasal voice do not enhance his charms, lint
U'bynt loved, and, ns Horace .sings, .‘Move
makes blind, .you know:”, so, beaming
wjth . joy, , she hastened to Impart
her tidings to Mr aged friend, who listened to
her recital gravely, and then, while n roguish
stTtllo.boverud abuut ber lips, said, ’‘Hut bow is
this, ThyrnV I thought yon were never going to
get married!" "Uhl" replied tbo gushing girl,
" Hut I bad never seen him then I*’’ Wealthy as
the Duke li, It .is likely that bu will full heir to
Hie 9-’U,I>jO,IWU pursutml property of tbo old Duke
of.itruuswlok iml last of tbo "Uuulphs," whoso
‘tU-und-odd years avu not likely to afford him
many more years-lur protllgate sclf-lndulguiice.
In ages gone by, the black-raven banner of
tbo Danish Vikings brought turror to many a
distant shore: but, ns It was replaced by the
"Daimbrog"—a white 'cross upon u crimson
Held—which was believed lo have fallen from
Heaven In oritur to cheer tbo fainting troops
when yielding before their foes at tho battle of
Ucval in Itilli, und led them on to victory, so tbo
rude and warlike deeds of tho "ttkjolojungo"
buvo given way to tho mild sway and peaceful
policy of the present Uoym family of Denmark.
Although no longer it tuition of terrifying pi
rates, tbo Danish Kingdom yet qxercisos no
mean Inlluuneo in history: but it Is now done by
tho gentler means of Intermarriage and alli
ance—England, Itusshi, Sweden, and Greece be
ing thus bound to her interests.
is Louise, tbo daughter of tbo lute Charles XV.
of Sweden. She must have been u spoiled child,
impulsive. Impatient of rebuke, and wayWard.it
wnat issiild of her Uo tmo. When she enmuto
Denmark one day to ho lUQuuon.sbo'wns young,
mid in ber vivacity ratbor too regardless of cur*
emuny ami proprieties in suit tb6 Danish re
quirements. Her education In other respects,
too, bad been neglected, anu her filler Court
lady was occasionally wont.to administer a re
proof. This Irritated ber Highness, and onodny,
when more than usually oxasperatod by having
been reprimanded for having umdu me pi some
modu of speech wblub was deemed unbecoming
one In hot- station, Louise hiised her royal baud
mid administered u sharp blow on the olllcluus
lady's ear. Of course the lady Was terribly of
fended. and complained of tbo Insult to,tbo
Crown I'rlneo. Hu smiabt his still Irate spouse,
remonstrated with bur, and insisted upon bur
making an apology. Consequently tho princess
summoned tbo Court-lady, to whom stio ad
dressed thofollotrlug: ’iThoCrown-Prlncfc wish
es mo to upologlzo to you—but I don't want tu
dolt." Ilur lllghne<M is very vivacious, Slid at
times becomes boisterous and undignified In bur
mirth. Once, when driving through the city
with her husband and several others, she actual
ly grew so uproarious with laughter (and souls
said to laugh very easily) that she struck the
Prince's hut and sunt It rolling Into the street—
ut which sboserortumd and laughed the louder.
Ofcouraotho Quuni-pioihor was shucked nigh
to falutlug, and did not let so grave a broach of
otlquetgo without comment; but It Is tu lieprc-,
sumed that tbu fair bands of lint Bwodlalr
Princess ibis time roniulnud decorously fold A
In her lap while she utu humble-nlc.
1 only repent those bits of gossip to sbuw how
busy tho world always la with tbo sayings mid
Uoluga of Unyaliy. Undoubtedly such reports
tiro exaggerated: mid. had bars been Iho no
tions of a common Individual, and not of a fut
life Qnhon, people would not havo thought any
thing of them.* When n Queen Is guy and ani
mated by high spirits she is pronounced loud
and boisterous! uoslmdigiiliiud and grave, why
Ihon she Is still and cold. And so It goes. Truly,
if the beads of Itoyulty are ns sotnltivu tu
criticism as they uru conspicuous, tbolr lot is no
enviable otto, and slumber cannot quickly visit
tbolrplllowi It. il. 11.
Australian BUeep Industry—A Spsul
men Wool Farm—Tito Pest of Kuu>
Abpeolroon "run” |uAustralia, as ddlorlhml
by a reotmi English tourist. Is situated aw mile*
from die coast and 3J from the nearest town.
U Id too aiiuara miles In extent, completely in*
cbmed, and Is subdivided by wire fences Into
paddocks of twelve in furty'tlyo square miles
oneh; is pmvlded with extensive sheds om) up*
pllnnces fur shearing. and carries ordinarily
(.mi) head of outtio and lAI.UW sheep, besides tho
necessary horses. Except In Victoria, whose
greater compucUu‘b« has led to the purchase
outright of umoti of the station property, these
runs are hired I nna the Government on long
leases, averaging perhaps hi shillings per
nlllo, with the reservation that ooy bomi*ilde
settler may choose up toltii acres and pay lor
It by easy Installments. Generally this feo-se*
lector, ns be Is culled, may exercise this right on
any Government UilJ. but in Queensland bu Is
restricted tosuttlcd and survoyeil districts, the
object being i«> protect him from Injuring him*
self by going buck too furor from picking tbo
heart cmlot a rim. mid thin forcing itie squat*
ter ou It to byiy tdiu out. in this cuuulry,
whrrh land mu totally he bought only* In small
lots, (ho kqUitiier lodges his sitmlloloim ithd runs
his call lo wherever more Is feed within a reason
able disunit'd; in Attstrnlln ho roughly surveys
tho irrmimt by ridiuir over and around It, fixes
on hH inclosing boundaries, mu) tbon lodges UH
exclusive claim, afterwards inclosing tho whole
ns soon os he Is nhie. Thom lenses vnry greatly
In sl/o, but2s square miles are the, minimum,
and they sometimes exceed 2.0 s)! Tholr nrdm
nry slr.o Is fnitn IM to (wm minim* miles having
from 10.« H to2»H.iKWsheep, lint those rims nre
uncertain Investments nn either sheep or cuttle.
They urn beset with the chances of ‘'rims'’ of
l*n*l Ittek from tho drouth to Which Australia Is
subject, from crtttln phonies, hush tln*s, nnd
IliionmUuns In (ho mnrkers. vast tracts of ter*
rlifiry surfer seriously from a peculiar pest, tho
kaug/u-00. The large kangaroo lives mostly “In
tho open.' 1 (tie little “wallaby” Infesting the
scrub*. Theirnumberssnern Incalculable. and
they linvo n way of suddenly appearing* ns if
limy hltd come throuith the air like locusts. As
It heenmns n question of survival hutweeu those
plagues mid me sheep, thorn not being grass
ctimigti for both, shooting must bo resorted to:
two then whom tho narrator met. nt tho rule nf
six punca per tail, supported themselves. besides
eight horses mid sixteen dogs, oml a cook ut
twenty shillings h woCk und rations, On nnothtr
run, where “n tribe of blacks” had boon hired,
UO.fnr* “tails ” wore killed, snd yet It bocaino
necessary to remove most of tho sheep In order
to avoid their. Starvation. Tho dogs feed on
kangaroo, hut tho white men, at Icnsi, refuse to
toned It, nllbonirh not Inferior to ordinary mut
tons so i ho animals are useless when dead, and to
bo killud only because intolerable while living,
fire Record.
A Niiihll I'lro hi Imllninipolla lloniilU In
n Lows or fl»ihOU Wortli ol* Property*
Sptilht liUpateU tu The C'Mtago TTibart*.
iNDiANAt'nr.ts, Ind., Doe. II.—A vcryatnnll
flro this morning resulted in n loss of nbout $lO.-
UOn nnd tho total destruction of tbo building on
Booth llorldlnn strcctaceuplcd by (bo whoiosnlo
grocery house of F, Btoiiti Bun. Nothing was
known of the existence of tho (Ire until tho en
tire live-story structure suddenly collnpsdd and
became n burning heap of ruins. Thu depart
ment, however, promptly subdued tho Haines,
aud Investigation has since proved that It was
probably tbo result of the Ignition from a heated
tluo of a great stack of inciter matches in
tbo Hilrn story, 'J'tio. supporting columns
were burned, thus causing tuc fall of the upper
gloria*, which crashed tbrmmh the lower part nf
tbo huilUmg, completely demolishing the whole
structure. Tho stock in tho house at tno time
Was valued ut JTJ.UOO. and tbo building at s2d,-
(ft*. Tho loss will not full short of SUi,UOd. and
whethor any iiisumnco will ho recovered Is eon'
sldorcd doubtful, ns tbo theory Is advanced that
tbo loss was tho result of tbo building being
radically defective hi its construction. Tho In
surance carried by the llrtu was stk>,uui).
The insurance on building is SS,WJ In London
Assurance, .Loudon. . lusurnnco .un stock:
Commercial Union, of London, $10,000; Norwich
Union, of Dugland, slo,ttiu:,Manhattan, of Now
Vurlt, s.’*,ooo: Standard, London, $.*1,000: Girard,
Philadelphia, Union, of California, S2AXI;
Commercial, of Albany, Od.rslJ: Cinzens', of St.
L'ouls, . s2.rs)J: Home, of Now Vnrk, $1(1,000;
North British & Mercantile, s’*,ooo; Guardian, of
iaiuduo, $5,000.
The Congregational Church at Davoii*
purlt In., United by Flro,
Social Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Davk.npoot, la., Dee. 11.—Th6 lire ut tbo Con
gregational Church this morning gutted tho In
terior of tbo odinuo pretty generally, but left
tho walls and roof not damaged. Tim rear part
of tho room, Including tho pulpit, organ, and
furniture, wore destroyed, and tho giillcry was
much damaged -by water, the loss aggregating
tdt.OW. Tho janitor, fvhu usually slept In tho
baseiueHt, was found ut home asleep. Tbo in
surance amounts to SI7,OuJ, distributed ns fol
lows: On organ. S-'.uw hi mo Queen’s of f.tm
don; on noiiso. s},</,u m the tlrltUh American
Association of Toronto, fcVKKI m tho American
FI t o of Philadelphia, in the Homo of New
ark, und on furniture and hxlures $1,500 in tbo
same company.
A *200,000 Fire lit un Iroti-Itllll at Pitts
Special Dltvalch to 'the Chicago Trlbunr.
. Pmvuuno, Fa.. Doc. li.—Gruff, Uenhott &
Co.’s now Iron-mlllsGtit Dennett Station, Just
outside of the city limits, burned about 1
o'clock this morning. The old mill near by wnfc
considerably damage. - Tho loss oaooot ho della-
Itly stated before tomorrow, but ft is estimated
at over ijaw.OJe. -The tire Issutd to have been
tbo work of mi Incodlnry. Tho firm ha, a.
largo warehouse In Chicago.
An-Elevator and Cars at Loity; Point,
/ 111., llftr»ieil.
i'pfelal Dlipatch to The C’fticaoo TrUtune.
Do.su Point, 111., Dee. 10.—At about bnlf-past
r, o'clock yesiordiiy morning a lire was discov
ered In tho 6ars Uh- tho sidb-iraek of tbo C.. P.
&H. \y. It, H.j nt this place. li Ucstroyoit three
mtipty curs und the clevutoi* of A. M. Taggart,
Es<i. Loss from tI.OJU hi 9.>,000. Tho curs were
suppmedto bo set on live by tramps: No In
A Enill-l’rcierviiiix Factory ut Adrian,
fflluti., UcMlroyodi
Sptclnl-UutKllcn to VTij iutcapt, Trtiuni.
ApUian, Mich., Dec. 11.— Another tiro of un
doubted incendiary origin occurred tit I) this
evening, A largo wooden building on tho earner
of South Main and Hccehcr streets, mod as a
frnlupreaorvlug factory by Lildd S: Clunionts.
wus totally destroyed. Tbo building, owned by
tho Clement family, was valued ut. £.’,001. The
losers losio SI.WW In stock and ilxtures: mhursd
for ll.OOUon building imd CthiJ on eontoms.
A Poaaonoier-Cur on n Train Take* Fire
and 1m Burned.
Petbiisuuho, Vq., Deo. ll.—Last night while
tbo fast train from the north was passing Hooky
Mount Station on tbo Wilmington & Weldon
Uullroad it pnssonger-coach with it baggage
apartment took tiro from n stove und wus en
tirely consumed. Tito passengers, who were
asleep, escaped uninjured.
Agricultural Sliow-ltooih* Burned*
a'ptehil DUottUK to Thi C7ilcun<, TrUiuae,
Waupaca, Wls., Doc. 11.—Flro this mornlmr
destroyed tho house ond agricultural show
roomi Af Q. Kuontz. Loss on buildings hnd cou
tonts fl.. r -0D: Insured in the .-Etna of Hartford
on buildings (ddJ, and on, agricultural Imple
ments SOOO. Cause of lire unknown.
An Oystcr-llox Factory at llnltluioro
BAl.TiMoitE. Dec. 11.—Tho steam box-factory
of Docker brothers Sc Kohl, on North Frederick
street, burned tonight... Loss. 9ti3,U00; Insurance.
98,(W0. Tbo Union Oyster Company bud 40,000
boxes in tha building.
A Newspapur Olllvo at Puduenli, Ky»;
Lnaa *16,000.
Special Dltpalch to 'ilts Chicago JVibuiu.
(.ouMVit.i.n, Ky., Doc. 11.—A special to tbo
Loulsvlllo C’ommrrcfaJ fmm Paducah reports the
total destruction of the Mew* olllec; loss 915,000.
JhwcfcU VittMlch to The Chicago Tribune*
LouiHVir.r.K, ivy., Dec. 11.—Albert Heckman,
n well-known yunng. druggist of Druudway and
Daxler uvouuu, In tnls city, writs assaulted no
tha Wurhhouso nmd two tullus from the city this
evonlng about t) o'clock by highwaymen, who
coininanuod him to halt oud deliver, in true
foul-pad stylo, and when be failed, mid mu spurs
to his horautu escape, thorn ho was tired upon,
but escaped unhurt. Tho attempt was made In
tbo very spot whoro a young limn In n carriage
'with Uls mother was rubbed only ten days ngo.
Toe city and county police are ho meting in vigi
lance thin such acts tiro becoming morn com
mon every day hero.
NhwYoiik, Dec. 11.—Arrived, tho Drltaiinlo,
from Liverpool: tho Haiti, from llroniun; tbo
BL Laurent, from Havre: tho Uollnrt, from
Hamburg. Tbo steamer tit, Imuroiu, from
Havre, bud tcrrlllo weather and was somowhnt
Atiunta, Ga., Duo. It.—Jefferson Duvls tele
graphs that clrcumsiaticoa prevent bis accept
aiiou of tha invitation to visit tho Cottdn
Uxposillon. '
The Groat Vico or Noyv England,
, i*n.rdif<lirs
Forty thousand dollars worm of obowlng*gura
Is gathered In ibo Binlo of Mnlno every your.
In Oxford comity id ii man who makes it his
business tocolludt spruce gum. Every your bo
buys from seven tonlnn tuns. Tho gum is foimd
ehfolly in too region about Uiubagog Lake and
about tho Hungeley lakes. A number of men do
nothing oUo in tho wlmor season except collect
(rum. With snuwsboeD,MX, uud u Sheboygan, on
which 1* pueked the uuin, they spend days and
nights In tbo woods. Tbo c-lesr, pu.-e lumps of
gum firti sold In thole naiivo statu, the. boat
urmgiojr liner pound. Gum not hiimi'diatyly
merchantable Id rulluod by u peculiar process.
Hlcvc-likolKueDmevDvemi wlihspruvo bouirha,
on which Id plucod tlio gum. btenm Id iniruducoa
underneath. Thu gum id melted. Isitrolnud by
(bu bough*, and tboo pAfcses into warm water,
where U Id kept from hardening until ilio packer
lakes It out, draws It into sticks, and wraps it In
tissue paper, when It b icutly for markut.
Thu gum moots with u ready sale. There Is
pot a village, town, or eliy In Maine when* it Id
not In demand. One dealer lull year mild SMUU
worth. In the largo null cities gum lias n free
bale. In Ulddolord. I.ewUlen. Lawrence, and
Lowell, the lucioiy girls consume urge quuml*
lies. It Is mid'that In the lumber vamps gum is
used us a moans or extending hospitality. Alter
nival time the host tills hl» own olauk Olay pipe
and Lauds ibto his guest. Later, clear lumps of
spruce gum hro placed boforb (ho visitor* Ahd
be Is asked to fake it chhw. Mhliic product*
SIO,OOO worth of gum Id it year, sonic of Which
linns Its way to mis market, from wtilchltt*
distributed to the various oilllyliig factory vil
lages, wlmri*, ns stated before, it is In goad de
mand. Kpruco gum l» udiilierAtcd. mid those'
who adulterate take thb trouble lo fashion the
pieces of gum to appear like (huso taken In u
pure state Iront tho trees. The.lngredient of
adulteration Is supposed xb.lic tuOflum of tho
pine tree.
How n Pair of lleatlich (iilitcsn trill*
Ixcd Tltolr Connlryitiaii’a C'<irp*c,
S>iu K-nnfltco I'm rubor.
“Isthfro much stnu/hrllhg going on In thl*
port nowl-” askcl ah Krnnttuer reporter yostpr
tiny of a custom-house olHelal, who w.is watching
the landing of some Uhlnatncu from a Hawaiian
schooner that was lying at tho foot of .Mission
street. The ctistom-hmian olllcer proceeded to
unfold bis experience of attompu at smuggling
ns follows:
Thu wont smugglers, and tho ones Unit vivo
us tho must trouble, nro . tbo Chinese. 1 don’t
mean tho raw coolies, fresh from Canton, who
don’t know tbo dlllorenco between tbo violation
of the revenue laws and tbo common breaking
of the commandments, but v tho old bands who
Imvo inudo two or three Voyage* between Chinn
and Ban Francisco na conl-passcrs on steamers,
cooks, or agents for tbo big contractors for Chi
nese labor. Haw nml manufactured silks, pearls,
Ivory ornaments, Chlnesn drugs, and opium are
tho principal articles thoy attempt to smuggle.
As for tbo llrst-namcd articles wo have no
trouble lu detecting tholr presence, ns
thoy aro- bulky hnd ’ awkward to slow
away, except about tho person, and wo
always sertreh them down to tholr measly, yel
low hide*. Opium Is what trophies us. Vim see
It is either solid or liquid; and con bo stowed
nwny lu n thousand places that no one hut nn
experienced customs olllclul would think Of
searching, A fuvurlt place is In tbo hollow be
tween (ho two soles nf their shoes. A common
bamboo cane would hold several pounds. Tho
hollow handle of trunks utid vallsoM, tbo hollow
rod? of iimniion blrd-cngesj tho rings they worn
on their wrists, tho haudlesof tholr knives, and
cion n.dead man’s body, nro u few of tho places
In which I have found opium stowed away.”
“A dead man's body v’ queried the reporter.
“ Worn! do you moan to say that they attempted
to run opium ashore 111 the cavity of a dead
man's sioinueh.
\ cs 1 do,” replied the official,and -ir you
like? I will lull you about ihot case. It win about
three years ago that I mill ttnothor officer got
order* to inspect a hui'k frdm Canton with a
load of coohes, rice, ami tea mi board. Wo
boarded her mu In the stream and went through
her manifest before she drew up to the wharf.
Thu Captain told mo that all the coolie* off board
were green hands, so [ did not ox|a*et much
trouble. I hoard tho ship'sdoctnraayKumothlnif
to Dr. .NlcAlbHior, thoqtiarymtlne olllcer. about a
Chluamuu having uleil on tho voyage, bums
dead heathens don't pay,doty, I paid but little
attention to bis remark and went on
about my business. It was pretty Into next
day when we um about through disembarking
ihu Coolies, ami I telt «». llreil when ino lust
rmiple came up to lib checked bit that but
for the prluo 1 take In honestly fullllllng
the duties of my rcnpmiHlldu position 1
should have let tho pair go with only a casual
search.. They were about as green a looking
brace of incipient highbinders us you ever
set eyes on. and stared around with u look
of stolid wonder, as much as to sai%
What in tho name of Cain do iboso barbarians
want to go through our baggage for? dim Car
ter, thy partner, was gd’iiir through the bun
dle'. ■•ivmg mu to inspect a big trunk that
tin t ad dumped down near tho gang-plank.
When i asked lor tho key they commenced to
Jabber excitedly, and having no time to waste 1
Just cut the curds and kicked tho lid open.
Thoro was some loose truck >on tho top that
looked innocent enough, hut I ran my band
down In tho customary way. I pulled itout
wlthayell that dim said was loud cnmiirh to
drown ttm noise of a Chinese gong on a festival
day. and, you bet, 1 had good reason, fur mr
hand hud come In contact with tho Hubby body
of o dead Chinaman, dim asked what was the
inniter, and as soon us i told him ho said that ho
guos<cd It was tho body of the Chinaman wu Into
heard tho Doctor speak'about. Wu turned tho
clothes out, and there lay tho stiff, out off at tho
legs, so as It could go Into tho trunk, and em
balmed with Rome propuruti .n t > prevent de
composition. Thu Doctor was sent for. ami said
it was all right, that they hud preserved tho
body to send the bones back totkibm. 1 was
, about to let tho thing go when Jim says: 4 Mob
ile It's a plant. You never cun toll what thorn
heathens la up to. -Lct’a look tho Hung over,
anyhow.* Tho Doctor ho chips In and says: *Do
as you like. but. that follow, died of a mighty
mean disease, amt- you hud hotter
disinfect your bands aftor you got
through Uamliiug • • it. I . would not
tuuon it'for £M.” dlumvaft as bravo ns a lion,
and tho DoolorV four only made him nlmimate,
so ho catches hold of tho Htttf and commenced
feeling It nil over. The Chummea commenced
to miiKO a strong kick, and gut fairly crazy
with rago whon dim,after punching tho cadaver
with his tints, took out his bowie-knife. Jim
called to iuu and another officer to hold tho
Clilnainon, uud whon bo saw they woru secure,
ho coolly rlpued open tho stomach of the stiff.
Will, mat China man, dead ns ho was, panned out
furiy-ftlx pound! of roffned opium.
“Cmhe lUotmd euiuu uttior day, and mobhc I
can toll you uaothcryaru to put Into too paper.”
. A Brittle Between Birds*
TMtle Ihteli l.ttlir In .If/mif.i CnuiPatfon.
A wontlomou t rout Sumo County, who bus just
reached i bo city, ruvu the particular!* of it re
markable Inoldent- which ho witnessed while
crossing While ICivor on tbo ferry Just nhuvu tbo
mouth of Sycmmiro Crook. When Hourly half*
way oero.HS the etvoitm tm enormous oiiklo
swooped down oo it Hook of gueso vrbiuh were
swimming In tbo rlvor some oljrhly rcxKbelow
tbo bout. Tbo fowls, upon observing tbo cntrlo
approaching, instinctively «llveil under tbo
wtiter Just us tbo bird struck tbo wave, Dufllcd
In tbo llrst assault, tbo oußlo llew slow*
ly upward, and. when iho rcoso came to
tbo surface, darted downward again,
mid burylim Its talons in one of ihom
uUoinpTud to boar It away. Tbo goosn strug
gled violently, while its companions swam
nround It uttering HhrlU’erles, mid the persons
on tbo ferryboat wutchml tbo strange, secno
WltU keep Interest. Once tho .eagle lifted Its
prey clear outer tbe water mid seemed on tbo
point of convoying U to tbe mouniulil-ellir that
rose grandly In the nlr on tho other side of the
stream, hue iho struggling of the goose forced
the nnplor downward, when water was mm In
reached the trooso mudn a supreme effort and
plunged below tho surface* dragging tho oaglo
al'tor It, and causing the latter to loosen Its bold
and rise upward with a Uerce soromu. x
Thu euule next attacked another goose, but
with tho same result, being compelled to relin
quish Its hold when its Intended victim plunged
beneath tho waves. This strmnrd contest lasted
fully thirty mldutei, tit the end of which lime
tbo oflglo gave up tbo fight, uud* rising, soared
nwuy to the mountains westward, wbilo tbo
llhckofgccsa swam further down the stream.
None of the Hock wore killed, but tbo water in
tho vicinity was dyed, with blood, and rbomir*
facoortho stream was covered with feathers
(or u considerable distance.
lUnrryln'i u Title*
U'lM/iliiyliiH /fr)>i|W(C((N.
A Imly bulonulmr to tho Amerloan nobility,
now domiciled In I’urlt, is ttolntr to inmdmto tiio
position of wife to n raltlsli old ftiiffllsb Hurl,
miyhiK thorofor tho bulk ol' bur »rma fortuno.
Tbu wucmblu rouu bus u podljrroo Uiut bonks
on to Nonli. U« It uUo jmiorbdor of it shirt that
wns worn by UUmiot 1. ut tbu tlmo or hit üb>
brovlmltiii. ; •
TiiuTltul FurcetlKettored Without Mvdtoluu
«lIIM Itltlt li'I.VI«|l|llll ,11.
rcu nnnuuiu«uioiun
, OUII.KLKC-milJ Al»«
rMAM;I.Saro immi nai
l'd tn iht lr umniriivilnii
am) onicucy. uunorauug
muluinjuiiiuumllil. uou>
tluumu ciirniiu, rnlicu*
tlttf Kt OUCH Utu BU.I. of
iiiul by iliolr
I'lwini'Sulvunlu iiit.lnti
niamlliu cttiuruit of tlto
\ tho VITAI.
Ikoiu;i:h, miu] curing tliu
(worn cum** of Wu»l«,
mVukuuMC KxhuuiUtm.
bin) all <U»cam>* n( lliu
’ Unno • (lanital Oivhij*.
film STOMACH. Niiturw
■ niorult'WMil* N ATUUAIi
( mil, whicii«mrm>ii)liincu«
!|tnnn|iuy clvy. Tliurn la
inn kituvrn nmiwljr tlutt
(will an |irmni>llv mid
JUnirmiLiiily roacii uml rt>»
(hlnro tint iixrvnu*. ma *•
if nan mi i Mil l i nirn mu iixrvnu*. man
mar. una vcnurntlvo •yiloma n* blctitnuliy itdmlnu*
luroti by iiiu nniu lomum-m* currant*. (Nuucida
•for fanny, iJUtdlo-.tueit and OM Jlou (lure
U a'A'aturul Way otil u/" anjfotlnj
anil Ihmbl*.
BpofUl llluairuted |wiai>lilal nonl in mbloil eurolopo
onrucvlptof ti cuuta |m»tutfu. CuusuliiilluQ frue.
amkkica.v o.vI.VAX iCJ CO.,
lU* MHtllnm-*!. ClHymru. 111.
Acid Phosphate
U round Houtli Cnroltnu I'tiuipbavo. Kor title by
WANIW) IMIOsI'UATU u»mi*anv.
QUlce 7 r;»chaiiito»t. (llmrlu.tup. S.
I KlmuituaaurtOdpßekiu:ul t'UUITH,
MB >■ Imliulilo (or llollU.i) I’ieauuu, tritely
B i4m cunt ui 1 pern* United Htmua, Wed'
ft* ■ 1111 V dmat and panic* nn.uliy. OrUuit
11 Ullwtei , &r a «{v/iii?3isaw
.'jfiark-J- Uoip kulupboiiun.
«UAXI) 01'EUA.il«USE.
Clark-st. opp. Courl-tlmiifl.
PollllTClf one week only of the
(ii'.inil English Opera Co.
Annondalc. Cimlf, Htudiinnl. Oiml, and t'nttlo tn tlm
Wrdnesdnv limllnoc. •• lloliomlan tsirl **t Wcdnn*-
ditrniclii. "MartinnA**: Tlmrsilay nlalit. Martha **:
Friday nlslil, •* Urtdc nf Liiinmuriiitinr'*i Siuttnlny.
(•rund Ahimit Mnllnvr, BiUnnli»y nluiii, Olivette.”
J*Ciit* nuijr lm ki-tiurnU for utir iK*rliirmant , v.
HUN DAY, lluc. If-Tholiocy it lUnliuUomliliiaUoii.
I lie iJihtf. HumDahß*. luid Lcfollng Tlicntrc. R*tub>
lolled lufiillon. Monnu* ami Denrlxirn-sis.. (.'hkngo.
J. 11. HAVKKI.V,.., Miniiuorund I'ruprloiori
Prices n« ununl. 11. 75c.. Uh\. OTn.
Farewell iiUhtaor the iKipulur
Umolie Mclrillo Oponi Coniimny.
THIS SIONIIAV NIUII'I. O.olrur<-al .ac^p.s,
... FinHle Melville end KnlimTrtmtto.
,\\(*ibie«(lny~lll-,1,1.H OKI'OUNKVH.I.K. Thursday
Hnitnee* W«dne«t|ays and Hitimlnyaat "1,
.Hescrved Hcmlf wliliom. extra ciairKC at llox-OQIco.
When Isay I can un a tiling I cnndolU”— FUBHII
The Kmtnent Coiacdlnn. Mr.
lu his latest and grenlrM IrniHTfonnUou,
In A. C. (iumur's FuntiMilcCiimudy,
. Aa uerfunard at tho
Every Evening und .Matlm>C!i tVcdnoday and Satur
The popular ncior and nuthnr, JOHN A. STEVENS,
and u powerful company In his famhaa drama,
Kumloy, Doc. IS.
HAGUH'H Coletiratud iiriliih Mlnilrol*.
rinrk-it., between laiko Itandotpti.
Every evening at 8, arid matinees Wednesday, Sat
urday, uml Hammy.
Harry Miner’s prank I. Frayns Combination.
Mondiir. Ili*e. IH.ono wook. Hyde ft Heilman's not
city No. :H» “Mtll.DOOS'g UI.UXUKKy."
isis fe
\y \J|/
Tho X?sti*act U tho only spe-
Vwl/ctl 1 ti, rlrto-fiir tills disease. Cold In
Head, fto. Onr M Cnlnrrli Curr.Dsptclally
k pu-paivd to moot norlcus caMsiucouUlus all the
„ cimuivu proporllea of the JSxtrncli our
Ignats] ftyr&ugo Innlnsbl? lornso'lu catarr
hal ntfocUoiis, fi simple awl mexptnslre.
Rheumatism, Neuralgia. ™°ul2
lion has cnml so many ctscnof theao distress
ing complnlutsw the RxCrnct.
Hemorrhages. K.fSr.Si,':
. h'oss, or from ouy cause, is speedily controlled
and stopped.
Diphtheria & Sore Throat B $" rn "e;
< , promptly. It Is a euro cure. Delay is dauf'iuiu.
Voi* PIIm, Blind, tllrriliiig #p Itch*
lug, U is tho greatest known rtiueJy.
Vort'lffi'iiiOlil orfliirn Wounds
Itauctioa upon Uil-ko is oust remarkable.
Caution. — POSD'R Ji.YJiM CT haa been fra/*
hied. The. peinifiio ha* the trcrrfa ** POXU'S
JiXTltAC'i"'llowh in the fflaei.and our picture
trademark oh eurrvuiuling luj" mapper. Sme
other iaghnutne. A heap* built on having POSD'H
KXTJIiCI'. IhleiiuiAher jirejiaraltoii. .■ N
Jt U fitteraoldin bitib why intature, : >.
ti- ; V-fl
POND'S EXTRACT 50c., SI.OO, $1.75.
Toilet Cream 1.00 Catarrh Cure.*.. 75
Dentifrice SO Plaster 25
Toilet SoapOCakos)**-50 Nasal Syringe 26
Ointment 50 Medicated Paper 25
*' Family Syringe, SI.OO.
Tamm, mid pane* 13,10,51 slid sft of our New
Pamphlet which bttompaliU-a cuch botUo.
IV'OtmKswrAsrratCT wnrtniffioarorotm
\ 14 West I4tu St, N- vr York.
Central Music-Hall, State and Randolph-sls.
Simulant Works in Jturerco ami Half I'alf Huntings,
All llic I'ocls in Tree Unlf, Morocco, Full dill, I'lolli,
I'kanilicn' Hii(ytlo|iciliiii, Uancroft’s Vnitcil Stales,
Ac., Ac.
u[ the United Slates, llciiscil Wilkin,
UNUV 70c.
Sli.iks|icaro's Cotnjilcio Works, Svo. ill. Steel Plate,
Tcimjsoiu Poems, lWi|ilvle, Full (lit,
Hut when ho aeua price* or CliatUirtxir, 4<o
omlr oiio copy to oucli |iurcliu»uri: Cnl’a l.’mUlu. Cnl
ure(lllinitmulon<i.|l.nJ: Unrilnu Uonnd (ho World,
OlrlhirUttlu tinea. with Ml lllitatrailniia, rt.llij He
miiua tHorlu* Ur 't'bnckcrnr. lUwtburne, Ac., hi i
tulumeat KdlUoii Do l.uxu of Umvocvlo, Jual iMtitid,
ho wUUlilok thu putillahvraimi luwoal ou privet >uu
Wavorly Novels in 24 Vols„. Cloth.
UKMtOIUUJt, that ih\» a life laala only dur
()<(/ prut pjo.s'Ttr, umi that .voir u rim*
tu jmivhaitc yuur hooka.
W. W. BROWN, Manager.
t'K.vrir.it MVHiv.ii.ti,r„
rn.iiui.itKe 1
■ | \ BTANUkItU
Jb 00.
C«i. tiki M, A rtllk in.. Abu*.
B«cartfulU KIT 01 It tUK ULMDI.
Ulsters, '
Made to order in the Most Perfect Style,
from Sao, $25, S3O, $35, S4O, ant) SSO; lined
with Satin, Silt:, Serge, and Fancy Wool
i>ioNKi;u of jiookuati: I'im t:*,
. h. \V. corner Clark uml
omisiri: jckit I'om.omn:.
Samples and rules (•ir*<>lMiH>;iaurcm<!ntacnt by mall
on application orerjrwftnri*.
Hrnncli In nil iirindiml cities.
xicir runiAVATioxs.
lty.losoj.il 11. WnlUer. 1 rol. 7i cunt*.
A ele.-ir, islrnnp. liu*lm»n«*llko of llm inh*
Joels i*| moticv. trade, end tlrmnce. by n builnoM man
win* ha* no Ibeorlut to ndrncaui, bill profont* lunsl*
b(u mid pr.iclleal v(nw« bMaedun tboruusti obsurrs*
Uoa and lon« experience.
tfotociod from tlic tioettewi wnrke of Henry Wadi*
wnnlt l.otiKfoilow br t'tionoao K. Hates. I vol.
Ilium., red edxu*.
A cbolco collection of Mr. lA)imfcllow*4 poems,
which wilt be hhthly ruined by (mrsons who bare been
tried, disappointed, or borcarod.
a luppr nov.
Uy UJnmitJome lilortison. Translated by I'rof. It. B.
Amiorsoo. h.mo. fl.yn«
This Is the third roliinm In the amhomed American
edlthmof lljomson’s novels, and Is one of the most
czqnlitto stories In modem literature.
Fnrsnln byull iMinksellcrs. Hcnl postpaid, on re
ceipt of price, by tho publishers,
Societe’ Postaie" Fraacaise ds
Canadian and Brazilian Diroot Mall
The Now Stonnt«hl|».CnMTK f)*BU. CnpL Ijiprrdrlt.
win leave tlm Wuh Imllit Wharf. Hnlirux, «m Hie 3«1
ur January. UKi, lor lln« \Vo<t Imllo.i und llmill.
tuiiuhiiid nv at, THOMAS* cW. 1,). I'AItA,MAHAN*
ThroiiYh HUM yf l.nillna from all part* of L’nnmla
and thu Unlu-il Hutto* to any pari of luo Weal ludloa,
Drull. mid Uiu Uivur Flute.
Fur Frultlit uud otliur information apply to
■J. 11. VALENTINE, -No. 1, IIS Ucarborn-sf.,
\V. lIAIU-KY lIKXTI.KV. Apout Ornsml. 317 SL
VouHtt.. Miuurcul.andat Went ImlUf Wtnirr. Halifax.
Atlas Line of Mail Steamers
I'oI.UMIII A. Sulltiitfovory wuoh—'TmirtutMiiru Invited
to until uf illicit trip*. mileli lUuy cun mitky mi tinv
routu which tlio Comimnr'it Meanicra take. ot lliu «*•
trcutn low price of »;» per rtuy, which liieln'le* Jlv
liiK»nU<Mnl tliu mourner Urn whole utim, ttmlilmr
uiujr tniiiKi’or in nur other meamomt thl> linn the?
limy rneyl yti the venom. No ticket tiuuml for )o<»
Ilmn&VL For |>uk*iuu miplr to I’IM, KOII WOOD &CO.,
AtfciiU, |j SUto-rl.. Xmr vurk.
To tiiastronr, Liverpool, Dublin, Ibjlfnst, ami lamdnn*
itorrr, trom Now \ or.: every Tliurmtaf. First Cabin,
|ii-i to t7\ nevonllnu to ueixmimodatlnn. Fecund
Cabin, (441. Htecnnxe. ontwnnl, ffli. Theno steamers
«my neither cattle, »ln*pp. imr nlk*.
tl HrooJwar. Now Vnrk.unU ill! UnmluliilosU.Clitcaßo.
JuUN DI.CUCN. Wtnunm Manager.
WTOil cueed
CllU'Afln. April It. lttl.
DU. DAUKKU-DUAH. t»llls Alter MitferlinMiwfiy
iviui) uilli a vury larao soroutl limnin. uml tnmlmi no
rt-lluf trum any Iruu 1 could llrnl. mull ihruuuhyolir
skill mid new uppllnnvo yon not only rutulncd mo
runtnrn irlivro others laid hilled. hut lm»i< curuiiloiely
enrol Him Uorntn. MUUK'I/ IIOKAIANN.
Hcrlrtuncc. m lolHm-st.. oUlcoiMl KAViwlilnaton-iit.
Tin* principle o ne* one, No mxmiUon wlmlovnr.
No iliuwor incnrrod. Muimfia-turiira of Klmalo
btockliius, Trussm. ous.
OUltu.'b htutioat., Cliknwo, lit.
H Have liirtfo fuellUiu* for Hu* execution of
B Honks. K/ulinlilois, Calalntmv*. Price I.His,
Q Pmier*. An. Jrf'lTtfsswork ilnnu furthe irmlo.
Lsu (lull Telephone, or drop u postal card.
omw.il .v i tniiM.vv,
M and Fmnklln-rC.
'l'hi» Aitmml Mnollini i>f tba.Kildi National Hunk
ori.'lilenuu li.rtlio I'lnctlnu ol IHrvolor* lor Uummimi-
UUt your and (Ini uniiHtuilmi of t»n*h uiiior buolitcm
u> umv uiiiiiu iiiUiirn tliu niouitna will Imi holn at U>o
uflUxi of wilil Hank. In i.liU-uu'iMm TUI.SDAV. JAN.
ID, Iwlwuon ilio limuaut iluniUu. m.
, ISAAC U.LoMIIAUW, (Auliloi.
CllU’.\mi, Hoc. 7. !«H.
MtmwAij VAJtns,
1 uODIARKSt. Ckicago.lu.
Ckkrtir*) (,/ lb* nuuaf Illlialt,f»r tk* tpi(U),»rUillfl(4«J
„ *>** 4 r «<•» aM'rliaU, &»n«u( (Irakte Ulwtt<».
Dr, M CAR U * rn»h*l* i.f la* Mrultr OIIh Midi-»m talMllr)
MrlUmi It w>li i)n*»n Mi IVilVf nut •> Ifki Jif 01
lk.MVkHu.il. ItitilMlf. dauF>«»rl*i-,»:i-niU4
• til kuuwa r«-t lUtl fifuiu Wi.M u !■»> rvM.l.'l l.lu irif l« Il f
tlLd» v<4 lr*.tiu.M»( Jtotu.l ■ OronL |i. a >t>r<. Ll<n
r;;-:;i:;.r'r0UMQ MEH ".VfK'Jv.ic!
t*» ('"'ll »Im •TwH k ».»i|Km| Ikaitmib-u u» rt »>•»*. a* I* I*o.
fft*k**». XtrtvM »*4 I'hplrtl
l«rtpui|T>, L««l ItikMil, *k««»t «f Ik* £ik«ii»lr4
kluliii. I>*(u<l*».«r Mm>.JmiUa 10 sorMr,
*»«f. PlupM «a lk« »V*, Uu •( liirifi *»4 I'rwy'ir; *1
I’tUllUT. ~)tmjniWi, 1 M il iktruu* U> l»«iilt 6QOO (*r
•»»ry u«t •( frltM* I>l<*««* |k»t I hlltor***, All m:,».
*U*IMiMWrt »•• ttrifftlt Wi4*lM* **t.4 HMIIIU
ItvOt MflMitf. »«l MM ►» -I <*>*Ukl>(M
kkUMwi*i»*JluUt«Wi» 1« «>lru» M*fr«r*<b r.ll ft t.1.1i.n
nr. UH4K, t)< 6. fUrk Cl., (hlcuo. 11U
tfkPri tTfua.oanioUinnwiorfircuUr.
von 48c.
A victim cf j wutbmi ImpmJoucu uauiiug I‘tvm*.
lure licajr, Kervoiio Debility, Lc-fit Manhood,
bavistf tr»J la v«l»» every kuanu remedv, lux £»•
cofrmiaaloiT*ißßi‘Uotir«. wLlchbo will fetid PKLH
to LU fellow-kUff«ruw L *tl'lrMtt «l, 11, K£CVi&.
4U fitaUtmu ot M S. Y.
iiwltl Uetl4l .iWUI'UuJ
thtiiuttor. Ai ,u * umluroaiAlaJ*
JJ Uuivt orh.auitiuuio uiouwuih!
W«*o«,af J cUi-upu»uluUl«pgii*ui>io tu c yur/
IbHEKv&u iuuii.u nmithl *iuu Atumcu ufl.uo
Ur wi.eglJrl'rwtUfVuuuui'' uwuad til
tmeel 1-ipiiUi mvxta, uiuUu«k-‘U.
- trawaririH luiUitu <<ujvi>.coiiiaauticuuUiui
JPJMBhL ftU'vl vnumvlau*, lt». pru«4r<P*
EWJyy* ui.Li, itrkc «oly >t.t> »oni uy
iM'EßßlilrftiJ u.ull;l(lu»lruioil »3invilo. 0 tirin»i
»vliUHOv». Aililruwl'outHiiiy Mu<l«
(DR. REAM, ■
173 South, Clack»BU, Chicigo,
Consult iiomunully or by mull, frvoof ( Jiarx'-'.oiia!)
clminlc, iicrvou*, or *iH)dul Uuvitsv*. Hr. J.Jvwuu Is
Uiu unljr la tin) t'U) uuo warnin'* curts or
uu jnij. ltuur»; 1) u. tutu d i>. iu.; duuduy».U to JJuj.
'AItKIVAI/ AX I) liter
J% TKAIN4 - f;xi>LAftA¥li>.V
MAitKM.«naßiunl«r otcenied. •
JMondef exteptod.
c‘ht«MKti <b Xovtnwevtern Kiilltrny.
unit liepoi earner or Wolia end Kluti*«m.
’AlttUlltt- Olf
up mirKtiexca
'thuidar excepted.
• Jyeivre. f* ArHVo.
, M3*aipm • 3:15 pm
. t uiJipm l 7i'U» m
■ M3:|V)j»m *3»ls|Mn
V u:;n p iuU 7;U>a m
. irhiDpm *3:Dnra
. in|t toon m
, • fhillci m;* il::»Jp m
; •rjtgitiw
, f ihitip m l 7-UOu m
MMAubi «at*inm
, • 4:l4piH|*lO::rjom
*|o:|spni *oil.’iim
. •UCUuinll s:oopm
;} iMHp m l ’iWsn
|*lOiWn mil Miipni
, ♦ll»:t*a»nJ i.-uipm
, )l>:U)|iin ITirannt
. • SPUnto • 7:CUpm
. bjnm CD pm
. Militia m * MUpm
. * .t:(Xlp tn 4 4:iilo lu
, • lUifJhtn
, | tiilltp mi) Rt'Eitt m
, * m.'lla m ( * i:r>r» in
,i* 4:44(1 m ii<n
,i* it:lAp m * Vs.V.n •.
4*b (»hi M0:i&1 il
, • tiiiSiim *siiij
,1 1:13 I>«H li:-;:
. * 4:15 pm
,1* I m * *:(>i
.iMoayi m^r.iiw,
tllncV IthUFriul.
ilna-W Aotfnmf.in*
irnnd I’noltlc Moutl.
!• ~ between 51nJl-
ArifleFMt 1.in0...v.; i
Onmhu.Nlßlt KxpfCiS.,.,.
Denver Express
Denver K«»t Express.,.,*
PlouvC'ltyA Yonkton
Wl.iuxCtiy & Vunlciim,......;
Dos iloltioi Dnr Express,
iif’ii .M»lnc* Niuht Express....,,..
Mirstinlliown Express
Coilnr llnpiils Express
(.'eiiaf Iffli-Mi Mala Express
Freeport. IlncKfonl X Dubuque..
r rccp'irt & ttoekrnnl.,
Firiip'.irf. itockfnnl A Duluinnn.t
t*U Haul x Minnenpoits Express..
Ft. I’itul X MlnnrniHills Express..;
lilerm A Deadwood Express
Mlnnontn AContrni tinknU
JllniicHila ft Central Dakota.....
MUrftukeo Express.,
Milwaukee Fpeclnl—Fluidity*
Miiwuukco X Uronit 1iny.....,..;.
Mllt.-auum* I'iis-oneor
Mil., drum liny X Marquette.....
Urf on Jl.ir, via Jnnovilia
Oslito-h. Vln .hmutVlKo
J.ako (lenevn |
laiku (i”iiova x Ekln
Khsln Express...,..!
Eiuln Sunday Express
Kliln Express i............
Kluln Express I
Klftln Express ..I
('lileosii, Ilufllnslon M *4|n :
Tor. Map*. Tltue-Tabic*.. Hlnetil
dnllnns, apply nl Ui Clark-su (it
Palmer liousn. I'unnf nnd Flxtm
ivul I’usseuxor Depot, on Canal
ion ami Ailnms-str.
I.r»nte.* j
10:01 n in
17:0jli m
17:0} pin
13:05 p m
hMp m
•}:W » m
4:.Tn> ra
fi;T> n in
U:3O p in
MialGiburr.Ultnwn it H creator Itx
bAmbo/.KoijWKuliti Kx
t-Uaviiiiir’H Ornva AVomunnida'.’M
bMunUunv X I'jcnlo Kriircai
M(nti!<ks l.'liy & Heritor I'xpresn.
Anrom tinmlny I’amonxcr
l/Aunirn i'ltanensbr......
f.Mvmimtt X Ottawa Kxprosi
J.SU l.nuU K.tiiro.M
Mlooklufil x Freeport IJtiiroas...
Miin.nl l'<i*4rMmrr....i
(Anri’m ('ammianr.. ..
AJi’lnet, Omnhu X J.lnonln
Muir". Kxpre*r...
nSnatbern I'oclita Kxprcn
Fl'exn* Kxnrere........,,
rtK»tiiHf.c:(fy APu.t.m.Nllfbt Kx.
bFreoport* Dutiuqurt n,tprc*«...
»• e«l. X Pet. TlioutroTrain
Psl’.ytn ■
j ■.!: ») p Tit
I Hitt {.tut
fny. r Dali
«< Dully, h (htlly. HumTu
haturiM)-. il Unity, Oxruot JtonilA]
. DuMiqne. Amboy, JCock Knita
loartiMint ii.-rlvii from i'<mtral Hut
<*Hlcnßo, MllU'iniUcfl «U St.
llnUm UrjMit: furniTMftilUon.CH
•I'lflict fimi-cu.j-l «m» a ttUrlt-
Grand I’nclUi- fTnM. anil atllon
i r und. H i crime tmln*
•tml. foolof t,nke-st.
> Pmil Ksillumv.
*4t.« Palmer Homo,
not. . , ■
l.vnvi*. i
MHwAttktd K*H Mali • TsltJii in!* 2:rtr,, m
JlllWMiikeoKx|»ri*M..,-.. • a-lOpm • HWfnn
\N.»iikt«lm&Oomi>iiiimnc Kx ... • 6:lWj»m ‘Union tn
Mllnnukuc, Hi. Paul X illnue*! tin:X»» m,» 3:iWpm
mmlM KxprijM train* } f UUWjim'* T:U)«m
Green Mi'no«lin. nml Ap-t *lO:l'ni mi* V:«no lu
plßH'tj isspra*« train*. I t V:l»pin } 7:.«0m
Milwaukee, .Madison, Prairie. du , I
Gillen, town.mid Dakota Kx.... • ftjflnp m MOiMft m
Ptfvon* I'olii’. und Akliliuid Kx.. } tnilju wi 7:UUn tu
JIIITTBUkPu, AlanH«lt. and Prairie 1
iluCQk'ii Kxvcoim 'lO:Oa tu,* 7:IUp at
l.lborlyrllln Accommodation.,...j* m 'sfiam
ilockfnrd & .Inm*»vlltoK*(»rcM... 1*10:111 Uin'* -l-.aJo m
Klein PnMoncor * tisiDn m ■ rnii nm
IhituQuofcrndar Uapld* KxtiroM'ililsuip in;* 4:Hiii ni
HlouxCltr Si Dulni'tmi Fast Kx...it W:(il »m t 7:31 a in
Klvlndt Uockfnrd Pifsonsier '* 4:<llp nilMO'Tta o
Klein Special Part Kxpri)»*.,,.,..i* Ailiti m *H:l&aio
Itiuctv Acconnumlatlim i* U:.Up mi* tljlpn it
Trains for liumhnldt aVitj North Chloiuo irnfetUal
n. tn. and it:.ll p. m.j arrlro U:iU a. in. and 7tWa. in.
dally, Sunday excepted.
Glilcnso ib Alton.'
Union Depot, \Vu*l Side, corner Mudlinn and Canal
ait.. between Madison und, Adum»oit. brldciM, am
Twuutythinl'St. Ticket Otflcoi. nc Depots, »l Souti
ClarK'Ot., Grand PaetUo Hotel, and Palmer Home.
Kun«ii Clir. Dmivor. I’aoblo R*. .1*..,, m iT,V>*
KaiiwiaCliy.SuiUn Ko, Near .Mux- . *'*’ f 1 rr
liri.ArUuimSi.iilirofmii K.ist lix >'|l:ftl a in 5 ‘ *5 k m
fc’t. 1-ouu*. fprmtrHolil A Tmxjw.... * li:mm m 4 1:1** p m
fct, DouK nprlnutiuld * {Uiuiuio }7:l*uin
Hi, l.oiils K.t„ via JuCUiinivillu... »• J ?:45a ic
MubiloA JSmrOrluniM iixuro-w.,.:* (I;UIk ill • TSUhic
I‘torln. KuoUnk A Hup- / via • U:>>j nm * <i»
..MHifum hnxiKxiifflMf thAiiua m 5 • Unnt
rvkln A I'uurtn Hx., via Jn110i.... * • Tttfuic
Piruuor. \\ iiuhliiKHm Kx.l** u m * 'J it u id
•lollvi x Dwixiit Accommodation.!* p m • y uj , tn:
*aalur*l.»r oxcoptod. •Siimluy nxnojrturt. IMoidnr
excepted. (Daily. _ ’
llllnnl* Cvntrnl Ruilrimu.
foot n( l<iiku>*t. and taut ot
’1 ickoKmiew. Ii( lt tndoliin-t*u near Clark. Ur.mi
I’iiclllolluiul. and Dalincriluus'*. .
, l-cuvo,
Ht Jxjulrt & *l'oaai Kxprpift.
* B:M a m
} s:3U u'm
’ 8! Uhl in
' 4:%in m
’ 4rO j. m
■ :(!:!>» it in
• l;l-W |< 11.
;oris onir
.uiue uvll
Lll'HtS.- All
BXI Vitiuulb
Hie Hotel.
M. I.ouls K iVsnrKa.l J.1uc....
Cairo .V .Nyir Orleans HxpruM...
how Orleans A Toxin Fu»b Kx..
t|iruitfHolil CxincM,.,..
t/Spriiiartcnl Mk'nt Nxprefli.fi,.,
Mfeurta. iturilinnoii .V Kooaux.
i IVorlu, llurlluuioil A Kuukuk.
I'unttuu * CUaiMror.ti hspross.
ClllllfMiT.il KK)iri‘4i>
I>u(iui|uu & Sioux City Hxprom...
J>ilUu«iuu »V Sinus City hxiirim...
l»-liii Sutimiuy I'ltflil In IJlIm jii
r-On Saturday iiutltt rum to i'ei
itumttli, Ht. Ldum as l*4i
Union Depot, Htflte nnd Twolfll
car* run in IJIO Depot. mid Went
Within <mo block. Ticket.Orficof
Palmer Home. lUid Grand i’acli
Bt. Louis A Uulf (Depress
HI. Luuif AiJulf Fast Lino...
Kansas City X Ilotimr Fust ax...
I'norla. Dnrttnirton x Keokuk tls
I'enrla X I’ohln Hpeolal
HpnimUolil X Hannibal Fast Lino
* Hitt ami
} tbflon mt
*I7!!I‘I p tn
4u*Uy. MtnUy yzwpthqtidttjr.
Cttlc&nq to 81
LouU. Kanwti CUy. tma I'oorla. l nrior.J)af Coacfiea
wllb ruvoivimr aiialn*. Cblumto to St.’Louli. find U 9
cllnlnff>(.’hulr SS'upim; Onra. Chlfcotip 10, Jimmltml uni
ÜBiiKia Cltjr. So cUmiito of Day Conchas Cuicajto U
St. I.oaii or Kenans City. . . 1 ~
Ckieajo, Ituok iainad it FaclAo Kt
Depot, corner of Van llunmwnd Shurtnnntl
(Wives, M (UnrS-su Htiormaa I fyusu, I’nlyi
(Jraud I'aciou Hotel. end <jCanal. corner 2
paTcnpnrt A I’onrin Kinross
Council! lllulA Fust DxpniM.
Kansci" City, l.c-uvoiiworib x At*
Mlimc«l»on» It M. I’nul Express.
I't'ru Accommodation
* ounull Illume Nl«ot Express
Kansas CUr. l.esTcinrorln U At
chison NfKiU Express.,
MnnicniMilii At*i, I'mil Fast 1.x..
Illuu Islond Accommodation.
Him Island Acoumiuodullun
Illuo Island Ammisiiodatlun
Itlun I slum) AccoludiodnUoit
Illuo Island Accommodation
Ilhin Island Accommodation.
*ouiii (rhlcmtu Accommodation..
FoulhCliinnm Accommodation..
Tliontro Train.
Clmrcli Train .
•Dally except Htindsysl ♦DtvUj
{Dally excum Monuays. {Thors
only. idumlsTaunly.
•li:0S i* m
•riitu ji ml
* S:VJu in
t Utlftpm
♦10:0.1 pm'
t Utl3p m
* II; Vi A m
* «:Wuui
{* 4 lip n»
{• i:tiu m
* l:D|im
r except S
days and
if Twenty-*
least come
I Palmer Ui
Mtclitsnn Central O
Dopote.fout of Lake-stand foot o
Ticket ORtcos. in I 'lark-st. luutli
dolpti. clnuid Pncltto Hotel, und
Mall (via Main and Air I<tnel..>M * 7dUutn * H;W pra
Nuw York A Ilnatuii Kx * IliUUam * tiWp m
Hpcfflal .Nuir York Kxjiru*d 5 iI:UJ i> m I fiifu p itk
Kalumatnu AurumnudultuU..... * tt: 1:1 f» illi*lU:|ua iu
Atlantic Kxprusd (dally; i fiittp in‘| 0:Uln m
Mulu Kajima* r iu(*tfiU}u ut
(Irand UupUU A .Muafcwuli Matt. * UiUOu ml* TsWuiu
Urmd IliipldaA l'o:o*ty Kkjicv** * 3:W p mi* 6:ii u m
nOrand UanliU Ai.Mimkimnn Kx..|| U;lllp ni|'7::Qa m
‘tiunilftT nxcuptdil. jDally. tlaturday excupUd. 1
aSatumnrs Icaru nl 'nljp. m. _ j_.
Lake fihuro «V MlrhUrou Maathurn
Ticket oniww rtt Vmi iluruti'tt.. lio
t<«llo,Twont>'-«oi-uml*i>t.. iiitil ;-'url/*Uilra-»
miil iroltlii uflice multr Mioruinu llmiw, n
nfllcenln thw Prana fact am to ml wiut >*n>mi
} l.ouyo. | Arrtvf.
lluli frla Main 1.1n01.... , T:Wu iu • T!4<lm>o.
bimcii.l Nuvr Vurk «V UokOli ll.t ... I * IMUtt til * 7:40 pm
j*civ \«rh Putt Kxpruia hlully>...|f St<9Jp m I l»iUo «it
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