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sr,,(1(10,0(10 MUST SMTfiAfIU lIOM
tiul;«rrlpllnn« will be rncnlvud on nnd nflor Monditr,
th l .i;iii *>or miicii. So. Mlirondwuy. fnruny
tuirl ■*! Uh* iiliovu mrotloiied Imud*.
™it.ii li'iiidk mo dntrd May. 1. twit OnvuiDyenm In
mi, .Mrrj lnifn‘«iat (ho mto of if peremtt. |>nrnn
imYiibiocnini.a no null y upon tlio I*l duynor Mnv
..,,1 ;,iivi>;niicr. In .Now Vork. nnd both prtiii'l|ml nnd
,ii npi iMVHbIo lit Dnuud hirin’ 1 * Hold colli of tlio
..iniiUnnl of vnluii nail lliiont'M. They nrn
! ii- tlio in o »r fH.ivti per mllr. to prorhlA iikouih
fur ilv> >’oo<-1 n aion nnd «m]iil|itiioiit•>r the i oiui<m>y’*
m.Ii nnti uioiMO-nri'd by n Krrt iniiru/iuoi upon the
f.,uu ir >rmi l chilli l n l.n ail mid propuriy of (ho
(j'nil'uny. li"‘ ndliiU ft very vuinabiu iuod anitituf OU
'VliijVmmH nrn nam'd nt iP<i nor crtit premium and
iMimd iniiT.iPt. or H.irri forbncnlnindaiitiacrllmd for
.no >t> 11 iii-ii inu'ii'-i ihorcon. iMviinMU oi « tili;li mini
viil «'U:lt!<• Um unl.'M rlbor to nnn Ural uinrOli'itn bond
t.i-rl.iMl ami a>n lo nn iinionnt of tin* accondinorl*
rue liiionin In null of l Ini enmpanr. I<onioil nt llm Mto
ill inilv li.uo |ht mlln. and Mtcnrod ii|mn tlicraino
lru:)i*>inhlioiil. nnd properly, ni|iml in 4d pur
remain «'( Die par or taco rnlno of anld ilrut mnrluuio
umil. and In luu propm-iion for Uirucr tiinonnlii.
ibem imw imy tor nnd rocolvn their immU
■l me ilino of Mih ei'ip.liiii. or, in lludr option limy pur
liicer ceni. at tan unionnliU <lio time oi auiMerlpitoti
■n'l t’ l l'- ,r '-out immtaly tliunmltur till the whutu
•lull be pH il.
>■ is. -i'llmi'lilft* nod rlrenlnr* vlvlnu fait Infernal*
ti.mro il on leipiem. ISUODV. Mi'I.KI.I.AN A CO.
4 .New Vof. Dec. .\ I S'* I.
may In* airo inndo thrnu'th HOODV,
BAI.TiiNM l‘ t l.l< A CO.. ClilcilrfO, who
•111 klve mil pii.iicnlaia. •
Maverick national bank,
CAPITAL ...$400,000
SUiiPLUS $400,000
Accnnute of llnnUn. Ilnnker*, und Aleyouit*
(tloFlnni ■oltellcd.
Itcntci'M In Untied Hlnlcn Honda,
Toi'cltm Hxclmatso nnd Cubic Trunsfer*.
,Vnv llnsrlmtd I‘uslccllaiia iimdc.
Ui-ol't* cu-jclvcd for noecplivioc, nnd ■ntuntc
lory naniL'* ditcoUated ul current rule*.
C'oii'f»pondunco luvllod.
AHA I'. rDTTr.II, PrOßldont.
j. J, Cn.hlor. ■
d. W. WOltlC. Ain't CuHlilotN
liuylnij. StUiHu.
U. H. 4 par cant coupon*...., IlS’-f 11*W
D.s.-iw purcvnt coupons.. .114 M HJJj
n. H.extendedU per cunts, ul .’IW per.
cent HH?< 101J6
n.H. extended ft nor cent*. at tIW pop .
cent 102# 1W
Clilcacn 4 percent*. duo Uul, Ini. to
seller 10D6
{.'out; County tlii pur corns. duo ism, Inu
p, Miller 107#
Cook County 0 nor cunt*, Qua HV, Inu
to culler KWf
r. x N. \V. 5 iKir cunts, due HV.*, Ini. to
seller lOJH*
WnUndi. Ht. Duals A I'm 1 .5 per cunts,
Cnlcaua Dir., InU to culler Mj
thleajHi CurTrnst, Int. to seller lull
PUICftTON, KUAN X CO.. Hankers,
• ■ lUI Wiuiliimtum-Ht. .
130 LaSalle-st.
All securities dealt In at the New York
Stock Exchange bought and sold on com
mission and carried on a fair margin.
Interest allowed on credit balances.
lorihrul Ccrner Madison anJ Dearborn-sit,
rteolTOsniiTlnirß deposits nnd allows Inturost on Bnmo
tvbjectto the rulua of Uiobank.
. Juntos W. Graham HI oil u.blll yoslerdayngnlnst
bla wife, Esther 12. Grahtun, nsklntr for a divorce
on the ground ol tlvo years* desertion.
W, Juokßoti Klmuiol ashed font divorce from
Louisa M. Klmmul on tbo same ground.
And Addle 12. Hussey from Joseph Hussey for
tbe same cause.
Untile IC. babbitt complains that her husband,
Darius S. babbitt, for sumo years past Hus been
in habitual drunkard, rarely abstaining from
llmsur more than a .few day nt a time. WHIla
drunk ho in also very abusive, and has been
frequently In the habit of 'misusing •her, .until
tbe wos obliged to leave him repeatedly until ho
became sober, bho. however, thinks it will not
be safe to live with him any longer, and asks to
bo allowed to leave him.
A bill for seimrato nmintcnanco was filed Fri
day, but suppressed, by Katlo llotb from Louis
llotb. on the ground of cruelty and adultery.
Judge Qarmitn Saturday granted divorces to
tho foliowlug mismatched parties: Uiuhisrdbtono
from Mary Htmm. for drunKunness: Louisa Wld
man from Frederick Wldtnan, for adultery; and
ib'ipim patry from John I’otry, for drunkenness
lad cruelty.
All tho courts and dorks' ofllcos will bo closed
Discharges from bankruptcy were Issued Sat
urday to Uobort P, Hhluu, ituol O. llouuds, and
Sormou F. Uuvllu.
State Coiirt!i.
J. S. &C. 11. Briggs began a suit Saturday for
113.000 against Prank ID. and Carrie L. Howard.
Joseph Lamb tiled a bill against Joseph S.
David and Alllo P. David to foredoso a mart
rave for $4,000 on Lots 1, S, it, £J, S 3, and SI.
la tho Town of Ilydo Park.
Tito Call Tuesday.
Judge Duummonu— In chambers.
Judge Blodgett—No court during tho week.
Judge Gahy—Tho Doud vs. Qutborlo case,
which is now on trial.
Judge Smith—No court during tho week.
Judge Williamson—Motions In Nos. 4,718 and
Judge Anthony—No court during tho week.
Judge Gahdneu—Contested motions.
judud Uooeus—No court dunmr mo week.
Judge Mohan—No court during tho week.
Judge Hawes—No uourtdurlmr tho week.
Judge Dauhuai—No court during tho week.
Jmlgmeiila* . '
Summon Couiit—Confessions—John 8. Plrlo
« “I* VS. Ella L. Nowell, II&&S0.—0. E. Moyer vs.
Knowles, pioyos & Co., composed of J. C.
Knowles, Charles Oloyos, and H. M. Haworth,
llO.l3t.TO.—Frauols C. Cushing vs. Hume, $14,-
tTß.w.—Mcrotjunts* l,nau & Trust Company vs.
bumo, $31.500.—J. W. Deanovs. Home, &VMMU4.
Judge Smith—George Webster, use etc., vs.
lU’. Hutchinson, CSU.VUI.
Judge Williamson—A. .T. Howe et nl. vs, R,
u. trazor; ,vcrdlc,t *3,ooo,;aua motion for new
CniruiTCouHT—Judges Uooehs—Port Wash
n i.lme Company vs. John O. Anderson,
*•«.—Martin Maloney vs, Aaron Phelps, *34,...
Judge Mohan—A. It. Heck et ul, vs, John
Jldurionmn, P171.H.—H.0. Ingraham vs. Pull
umu Palace-Cur Company, pUW.Ud.
FurVfts CVitcuyo Tf‘Untie,
owcolly tbo Hutnmor*sui» U shining . • w.
trouj the dome or tbo sapphire sky}' . ,
Uruoii uro tbo pastures, lbs wbem-Uolds golden;
tulmiy tbo rlvor goes foiling Uy. * • i|
Pcueont tbo oontro and ou rilo border—• V
_«um of industry ovurywhoro—
ifiomu miolj—uio clutter of reapers—
conga of harvesters on tbo uir.
hibho are tbo sounds of thoßummor*tnornU»g;
'r» uu .i? ,ny '“ lho funvs cuuso suddoulyi
lift of it omul—tbo imiok of a pistol—
Ami chocks turn pallid from sou to sea.
hushed room—n siok man lying
. rninttiur with weakness, racked with paint
uoAy iiuilotlns, morning and evening,
tuisiug our hopes, to uo dashed again.
" cck after week of wonry waiting;
. * tumbling millions on bunded knees
L, il wr » u >*(111 form, piitlid, pulscloss,
*uuro in tbo cotuigu by tuu sea.
Tluu It U ended—the long, alow tnrturo:
Tml. 1 . ■'* our doubts and roars,
iuwns ami olilcn nro draped In sable—
A »>lgbiy Nation alts drowned In tcuri.
'tw court*room, Judge and Jury}
U™« y f ‘ lroo > whpro tbo blab aud Imr, t ;
r\. l . wr rtutl »‘ , r vmit. maid and mistress, • ••
Lwuu bigot bar to sue tbo show. , • y ■)'
im! , ;. Wa,nc ‘ l wr( J t cb, us loading notor,
ilruwi <,r . p “M' 1 nillt “ I" bU brutal way}
r ,'[ J 1 wlinuNSOs and lawyers;
Jusi ns be wills It rumj the play,
r««> Sidles, plumed uml Jeweled
a /.*'V'lb.iur bis victim),oulmly lit, •
...V'bb'ks dimpling with covert lauublori '
Judtrts Bitilie at hi* Insoluut wlr. * '
Whm u fr ba ‘! r thosesoenos continue,
U t , ® “ ‘bo wlmlo world louks on In soornl
V ‘" S': P*uios must stain our annuls, ,
or chi id run to blush at, yet unborn?
Pul'll J* '1 fttl! bcd o’er a good man dying. ''
frim , .‘h.“V' ur u ‘ ani °’ ur ‘bo murdered dead;
W test BL ‘ urco ry i shall wu spsak no pro*
While iliq murderer stun It where he bled?
'{J' r “- r y shame, out abort. O Justice!
Il,r^P,rb»,‘ , « r, u i l ul put out tbo ligbtl
Hi!i! B m I* * ,h * wu wro wonry— woaryt
one tbis away from sightl
<uaiUN, Kaa. Kut.cn K Allkiito*.
Dc ■
lad°iul. u,, S , H , uuluht<, but Nature'* mil brain
WQ uorvc fuoU-to UUiora. See uoUco.
nowiiN, Dou.ai.—stout
}k* OIiMLM] IIH follmVßl
Water Power fi':l Kmioro lUllroud !W*
U'Hioti Inml Flint A I*. M an
IliMiim. 11. H. Ta m Uitln Uook AK. H..« OIK
Atchison AT. 11. U. . Ul'.ji N. V. AN. EiulnmJ... ill
llostnti AA I tinny IVi Old Dolour I»l
I OKOM AMnltlo IUU Uniltnd pfd ft
thtenuo, 1t,.% g ...PU't Do c0mm0n............ 4
fin. Him A Cleveland. itK
Nkw Vouk, Dec. 21.—Mining Blocks worn vory
quint, Umro being no thin) cull on tlio Now Vork
Mining Hoard. Iloliiti«tnn Consolidated opomil
nt 2(M. declined (o IKS, nnd cloned nl 2nd. Ktntn
i.litc* were fairly acUvot Non. 2 mul II opened nt
loi), advanced to 17(1, nnd idmed nt Kldt nnd Non.
1 und I went dull nt 2:1. Oriental & Miller, JW In
fWI Chrysolite, !WJ: *llpndi!imv, 71»; VlJdmt, 2j'dj
Cmiuullitsttud Virginia, l-M. Total Bale* at both
oxolinngM, nhtire.4.
lltMTO.y, Doo. 21.-Jllmug Blocks closod ns fol*
Allnupi JQinlna C 0... SHiOulnoy. ....
(mnlpa..... Motidtfu..
( o|i|ier Pali* 4 'tOivor i«ioi.
Dilantin i 0«im01u.....
hnuiuilii HMllunm
I'owoblo us.
IIUOOM*C't>HN—A fair baxlnci* I* reported by doal*
or*. We quotet
(Tioicuhnrl mu) 0nrp0t...,..........,.,,,, OK
Uroen, Holf-w.irkimr k
lied llpliud, Hoir*worklmr hk
Inferloriind common 7
frouk"d 5 (pi
llAliiHNO—Trudo remain* without *lim* of nctlr*
Uy. Tlio few ontom coming in nre Uliud ut the tel*
lowing quotation*!
Oner Crook.
Xllliurliip*. 406 bn..11 fiUK
l 1 4',11l
nUTTEU-Korpiiorto fair urmle* tliuiuurbui I* tin
dull n# at tiny time. Tlmro la a very Road leciil nnd
ytilppiiiu itemund fur lino table butler, and of that
el**a tliuru Is no iiecumulatlun. Quotations roiuuln ns
tronniery, fntior 4(»itl'(’oninion prada* ?y-T.l
Dairy, oln.lco .....iShua Interior. I.’mU
Dairy, fair io«oinl.,.. , *(.t, , s‘|Dreuic «-,lu
lIDaNH—Wore niavlaif hlowlj, good stock wullltni nt
Sf.7.ikiUXj per bti. Common stock is notßuiubtu mover
KIUiH-Woro atondy »l S6O purdos for frosli ntul tX*
23c for llitiud.
JIUI IJMNU M ATKHIALS—Tho oenornl condition
of thla trndo I* fiomt. dunlors ruimrUiiit n llboml do*
mnnd mini nil i|uuit.ir». Wo onulnt
Common brick. per UUI
Imllutm {mooted brick,
t*t. I.onln iimoxid brick
I.lmo In bulk. pur brl. ilulivm-ud
I»« in brio
LimlAVlllu cumum in snuks...
Ho In brio
Mlltvnilium doiiu'iil In sicks..... ...
Do In brio !.;»>
Kmtlhli I'oiiliiml cement..,., 0M& 4.1 U
llulr (bn imnorit) |>or bn....... aj
WliltonuiKl. porbrl l.vu
Mlclilkhii stucco, jier url l.Uft l.wl
Now lurkniiici-u a.oo
CllKKrtU—Tbo •llimtlonur tills market wmunucli
tlio sumo ns luifunt. Kino full oruum und the best
pan shim woods wuro fairly llrm. For tlio iiunrur
wrudoslhoro was practically no market. Wo nuolus
Full cmmi. anolembor.... 11 «|IW
Fnlloraani, October ......12 (siatf
I’nrirklin, Obmldar, cbylco.... .....lufUjill'l
I'arlHklu.tlHliCholco ... U «li«
I'urtHklm, common to umid... U bi
l.owurauos ..... a <j# 6
CUAli—Quotations romnlti tbo sumo ns before:
Anthracite (ttr-OllModinant. tUB
Krlo S.U i ) iidluiia block O.UJ
Hiilllinore & unto ftM Illinois 4.M05.UJ
Hull. At Ohio nut 0.5 U Mltiunk 5.U)
FlHJl—Jobbers report n Halit business doing, with
prices steadily holds
WliHoilsti, perji-brl |ii.(|J CHLSi
Family whUultsn 4.UU
Trout. norW-lirl 5.10 05.4»
Mncuurol—Nu. 1 shore, H-iirl U.MJ mU.74
Mackerel— No. I buy, hf-brl 0.5 U («*.U)
Alnckorel—No.ashore,hj-brl... 5.50 wjUU
.Mackerel— Imrue lamily ots.;t>
Mucltorel—Fatlamlly. «-brl 4M (,41.75
Halibut, smoked, pur lb I'J (w 1216
Cedilih-Uuorgo's, per HM lbs. 44.1X1 ftsw*
Codtlsh-Urand Hank 5.00 445.25
IkuHlsti-Uressud., 7#-.<j H
llurrliiß-l.ubrudor. split. Ur 15....-,........ 7.5 u &.4.UJ
Herring—Holland, per keg 1.10 u 1.14
Herring—Healed, pur box SW (it itt
California Milmon. 16-brl. new H.M) ftS.7,l
FIIIHTH AND NUTS—Trad* was Inactive. Tlio
fow orders received wore Ulled within tlio range ef
the following quotation* s
Flits, 1ayer5.......
Turkish pnino/qold
Turkish prunes, new..
ItuUlns, layers, now..,
Hnitslits, J.ondon layers, now.
Hnlslns, ViHomdu, now.
llulslns, loose Muscatel, new.
Zanto curnmts,.,,
Apples. Alilun
Apples, oviipornlon, boxes
Apple*. Kaituirn. qimriura
Apples, Somiiorn
I’caclits, miimroil, Uulvos
Hlaelt berries
IMUud ebonies., j*
...... 11l «S li'.W
o?i® nl
...... 7ltfM s
ai&« ;uu
a ier
Naples walnuts
V.; *** %
wo «
Wilmington fi ® 8
Virginia 1 (j 1
HcilToimoanoo 7
(lUI2ASK—TnuIo coniluuos Inuotlro and prlcai
wnnlu Wo(|autu: -
City whltu..... ... B£SJ4
City brown
City yellow WidiSJH
Country wlilto “A" 1H
Country white
Country yu11cm........ A
Country brown..... 4Jf
UUHBN FltUlTß—Trmlo wna lltflit on Boutb Wntur
Htrom. I’riuuit rulmt itKimly. Wuquutu:
Apples. lulr to oliolou, por url fI.OOCt 6.U0
Cruntiorrlus, Dor brl 7.IWWIU.W
I,omens. nor box S.IIX* 4.UJ
Oranges. Vlorldu, per box 4.UXt# 4JW
Orangon. Jumulcn, por lirl.. uiuac H.UJ
Malagagrapes. por Drl 7.UX410.UU
(}ItOUI-: 1(1 hits —lliittlnosn wan quloi, and price* worn
without netowimujr chnnuu. Hugars wore tlriu. unci
most ellior linos vroru hula with vonlldonco. ttio onln-
Inn iirovalllnu that lowest prices have boon roaoned.
Wo again iiuoto:
Java, ohntuß Mondulliig..
1110, Diacy
Hie. prime to ch01c0.....
Uln, fair to good
Ulu, common
1110, roasting.....,,
Patent out-loaf
Granulated,standard..,. ,
Orunulatod, not standard.
A standard.....
A No. 9
Kxtru C
No. I
N. O. muluasoa, now.
Allspice UWrtli)
Cloves 4*l 4411
I'uppor IV wlidfi
Cnsstn ID (itVI
Kutuiuus.. W &>fi
111 DNd-Woro (lull utul unoliunuort. Wo quote (ho
buying prices of lending Cblungo dealers:
Droen-cured, light, peril) 81*4 DM
(iruuii'Ourua, heurjf Vv* m
I'nrl eorotl 1m
Dsnmgcd bides. i;t2
(Iroeii-snlt, bulls' (>H
Calf, pur 1b.............. l:w
Drysultod. pur (b. h
Dairy tllnl.No. 1 |l 0)5
Dnitintiod. dry.... it tti?
Uluaip-iiells. wool estimated...,,,., WfiJ
llrunaoU and born-booked 15 por cunt utr from lliuso
Klous. Long-haired tliln skips are classed ss dam*
ed Indus.
liol'rt-A fair trudo at steady prices is reported.
We quote:
I’suiho uuast ..rani
New Vork ulinlco ‘Jditlib
Now Vin k prime... ....Wfcu
Wisconsin prime,.,...,........ abitt
Wisuunslu comumn , .....i^gm
I'HJ a. 7(oPi
Old o di. l 4tf <1
OILS—HoId ut stuiuty price*. • ftnslnosa wua good lor
the Umo of your. Wunuoiu:
Curbon, Klulno liiW.Ltnspod, boiled.....cr«3tDM
Carbon, 175105 t,.... uil Wbale, winter 77
Curbon.lUltust...,. ju Hjuirui.,.. LW
Curiion. lid lost. ... VW Kcntsfonttpuro.... 10
Curbon.snow wbllo Nuutsfoot, extraSl
. and \V.W„ lsMo*t IV Nuuisfoot, No. 1.... Id
Curbon. Wls. W.W. lift hunk...,.;. 41
Carbon, W is. I*. W. Vjl straits M
Curbon,SUcli.W.W. J3v* TuriHiniino ......... M
Carbon. Mluli. I*.Wi lUo Stliior*'.., 70*474
Umi, uorrunt moko «« SspliibiMlijo.itl deg. II
l.urd, No. 1....... .. 75 (lasu|lna.deu,7tdeg. II
Lard. No. V Uasuilnu.dui),S7dou. tl
Llnsouil. mw ...R&df
CoTATtJl'lH—Tlioro wuru mi oh uncos to note In tills
inarkuU Hood puaulikluws and early rnso wore qulu
ublu ut l&n*4l.Uo pur bu by tliu ear-leu Sweet iHimteos
wuro suaruu uI»I.UWH.ig for llUnuis ana fs.lOsss.fiil for
IMUI.TItV AND QAM IC—Poultry was weak, (trussed
cuickuns selling at 6o and turseis ut Mlluo for fair to
vituluu bints. Live douse wuro hold at |s.(s*tK<e und
live ducks ut U.ifci. lu sumo, mullurdi wore In übun
dunt supply, selling nt ILULsI.'b pur do*. with ouull ul
fLdjtl.ifi. Venison was abundant, and sold at lo^lle
* i/a{! ! l'—Tboro wm nsteady trado at quotations)'
Klmi salt. Haginawund Now Vork, purbrl....* 1.31
CV -utlp »urbrl.... 1.3V41.U
•Journo wtlt, i>ur
pulry, w iti tMuM
JhUry, without buj»... . l.u)
AoUiim dairy, iH»r melt s.iJj
(Jrmmdnlmu, in btbta..... .. I.la
UvortMJtilHnu. brown au0ka............. fju
VAI.I.OW—Ia dull at Mfu for oily umi <9ju for No. 1
country retidured, with No. ‘J country ul itc. •
WlllHlcr—VliiWliualuuuOi vroroimuiudsteadyona
baaia of it.l7 por tmilun. ‘
, \VOOI.-Tburu|att steady uadu ottbo prices pron
bolowi ■
(iuod to choice medium tab. ~...4&i1t
( nurvu and dingy tub lIMUd
Kino and unwoanud ilsooe ............,..»t|tdl
Course aud mi«r«ahgdUueco...,
Medium aud unwashed Uoeco., '114*41
Medium mid washed Heecw............ ~.ati|k)
Pino wuthtid Deuce SJilu
Course washed Uuuas...... 3J&M
' oniCAQo.
-m ®ia
Total IWiil 11,674
boiuo weak 111 UUU 18.(64 103,445 B,Uii
MoiJity I.WI . Mil MJ
TuutOigr I.VJIJ 3,0*1 . V
Wodnrt'ulfty t,71» i/m M
'iiniMiinr,.,. «... i.wa nm i.isu
> riiiny swat a. 'ju i.mi
Tntnl ‘itUft? 1V.17
CATTIiH—Tho wook ustuncd dull nnd drooplna. Un*
port* fntm tin) Kti«l wuro bui, mid Uiu trunn. r/ct
wuittiiur Hindu Uiu lucui muul trudu vory rtnll. n<» thorn
wu* (mi little doniund, oiiliOf from stilppnru or
boiclmr*. Hlni'o Wnilmadny, with dlmliiUlioil *ii|h
pilon mid cooler wcnltior. ilicro ha* boon n froor
muvnmoni and *OlllO udvnnco lit prlci**, tlio wook
cloning ll&tto higher thnii tho ruling prleo* of Tuon*
d«y. OP export iirndo* tlio.o worn lew, nnd low wnru
wunlod. Thu pruimrllon of Rood itradci. howovor,
wn* Iftruor (hull fur cornu wonka previous, und of
scoluwnß* cnmiiur, irlitdißuvon prultt fnlrnvernao.
A limited number of (Jhrlidmut steers wero odoruJ.
The boat of Ututu wunt cu mucker* wore
In modurutu rmiuoct, nnd i tiled itrni nt fiifWMtt for
pour to Rood lota. (,’nlvua bavo uonilnuod mmrtu,
titidlilßh price* atlll pruvnil, chnicu vent* •olllmrut
67.1kM7.50 per. 1(11 lb*, Pninrdny'i inurkot wn* qulol
miu steady. Following nmu mu closing
Kxtm Doorua-Hlocrs wviKhliiK 1,400 lb* nnd
. upward ....«i.U40.76
Uholcn lleuvea-Kinu, (hi. Mini t;oll*fontiud
i,vuf,'f-r,iiu, ,n,. nnu uuiritiiuiuu
aiuura, wetuiiinjf |,.«u m |,i»/||>-< 6,0.)A0.24
Onnd ileuriM-WolPiauuned atuont, uutitli*
inu 1.-4 U to l.iot .V1V33.0J
MudimnUnnlut-Mnci-B In tnlrtm<'ii, mitsih*
lihi I.lllUo I.IXI llm I.UU6.K)
liiKelnjfn* riiock- Poor lo vommoit neum
and coiutnon lo ciioU-u cown i»r tU/
Maiurlucr. nelwliioß .»>j to I.U>j in*
H ocm I'liuto-cumtiinn caulu, weißniiis/ ii.o
lo Dili lb* ! a.omii)
InfUMor-hUhi nod mm cany, belter*, a.iiya.
bull*, and mmluwiM 7.(W7*:1.M
V onla-l'ur Ini lit* 4.i)J.*7.A1
llOilri—TbopnM wecc* i.r n dull and milior mi*
BiiUafautory bmt amrkol, tnr ivnlcli riulu or iiiiur* Ihu
wealltor Munelilnlly ro*s>"tulbte. ISaily In tbu week
ihw rctnipi* were picily full nnd of uxcuibnil qaiiil
ly. wlilcli fuot iinruvomblr ulfcoiod me nitimut tor
bog int'Uncu*, piki'* dcollniiik *.imply. On Wedim*-
day dm wurm und out wunili.ir cliucued pNCkunc »p*
crullnuatiiMK'li tin axiom (but. iilUiotiittl ttioro win it
Pronounced liuUiiu otfln ti.o reeelptM, autaira non)
iinnblt* to yiiMiiin Uiu markup u ilcc.ioa of Im-sAN) Uik*
Ina place, eimieu heavy pntdiH slmwou tlio uremo't
cliiiniat. liariiid'l nnraisiiv mid ITlduy. nndur miiiill
MiiplMui* Hlul it tinner pravHion taurkel. tliu deciino
"hi* rutmmed, but thu amrlnil for heityy imtl mu*
diiiai wulphl* iirmlii neiiLuned m tlio clm>u.
Tliu dourviHcd iimviil* duiihtf the hint Imif of the
week wore principally Hie uuiili of tlio liuuvy ram*
Btonnaof WcclaoMiav end 't'lsinvilay. which no note*
ntietl thu mad* lli.it It wm* illilluilt lor fitnucri* to uut
lliuli ntock to tint ahl|i|ilmt ■laUiim*. ‘l'huru wu* u dud
Irmtu on Biiturdny. An Alua-lar will bo uimurvod n<» m
iiolldiiy puekun did aoicttru to Invo.d, and, nt.lionxh
tlio loiitl*iip]ily Old aniuxeued I.iUJ li«iXo. r‘‘(lci» li.i-l
Paid work to iiiakiiuc eanince. I’rkO'Of lUlilwelL'i ti
reamlaod item. Pni inlx<-d i ii'.*kiiiC’and huiyy *lMi>pinif
declined a irllln. llic hiarkut i;io*taß m #.-.W'Oi.in lor
lluht. Ml fo.iVkiiii.4U fur liuuvy. and ut U.’ttc>i.U lurnklp*
and mill*.
Mill';4'il*—Knrly In the week tlio demand wn* nutlvo
nnd price* wure mroast. I.iittliuio wu* a i naction inter,
thu market iluidititnst Mtlppar* urn' 'oeal
Putclier* omulil irueiy. and tlio mmur larxe au’.'idy
wu* well uueii mi. Thu extrema iiinuii of ilu tnarkol
n»* ff.J.V'ul.p), tbuuirli mart of llm oifenav* uioimiud
owner* ut l > .L.)(k'«>*'<u. Ciu.iliiu (lauiuituna were
:i.jO lur Interior lo commons fJ.iiwUfJfuruPidlumi
und fur uouil to elaiicu.
. Iti.jUgJU.U)
. ikj.UJ
WA I.w
7ftw m
HcrfAl.o, line. 111.—CATfi.B— Receipts. tttls can
slunutl llimuuh. Auearss market H.nuv; not qiiolulily
li oners no extra kurus uoml shippers, to-ikt'a-rAs one
load llolit, R.'tx
Hinsi.P ami Lamps—Receipt*. I,7U)i consigned
tbniugit.Mcarst ellenm-rn llirliit fair to choice i*nmt|»,
|4.£>OiU.it unu lot mtxoil sheep and taints. &.&M unu
deck eommon Canada I mobs, t'«-7«.
ut-'vft mi.iuim, ......t/n. ..mm. '
llous-Hucclpts, A.75J; ttnisUnud through. Ul cares
moderately neitvos hlgno,' tor Yorkers: other armies
imehunoetli Yorkers, uood to choice, (U. 11Xr.i.41; Hoot.
10.750t-i.ix! liiiml iiiuiliiini weights, W.UKoaWi weed
heavy weights, ft.istsu.uU.
•-'.weldl DUp.vfcft fa The CJifcd'i. IMNfrf. ’
KANSAS CITV, Mo.. Den. ‘JJ.-CATTI.R-Tho Price
Current repons: Ueeetpis. ‘tin shipments, :uu; mar
ket steady: inillvo shippers,fUCiX-JX: native stack
ers ami feeders, ft.UMi.W: nsitlvu cows. 4Cir*3Sj(
ilocs-ltecolpis, 77-ts shipment*. situs market stow
nod weak: itomi to ch.-lee M.mDt.uOs mlxcil packing,
4o.WWi.7jt lulit shipping, fj.Ubcis.oU.
Sr. I.ol’iu, Deo. 2i.-CArri.K-Bntlrtly nomlnnlt no
supplvi no doinuudiiio recelpta or shipments re
llouH—laiwort Huso donos V !.*i.7s'JS.Vis
imckiiur.ts.lM'<«a.'4Us hutcliors'to runcy, fQ.2juU.4Us no
rocolpm or sUlimivnts repurtod.
bIIKKP-NollilUH done. •
Trudontlho yards Is very active, onlors nrrlvlne
about us fast ns they can bo tilled. Wo quotes
Find, second, and third clear, HAI-lnuh ..lU.ni
Hrstund second clear, iou«b. a-ljicln 51.01
Thlid clour, rodJli. R-lnch 4j.ui
First and second clear, dressed sidlmt va.uj
Common dressed sl.tinj a.tsV)
Flooring, second common dressed HVU)
ilox hoards. 1,1-lnch .noo
A stock boards, ruuxlt 4'i.m
llslock bonrks. I(Va.lMncii... SU«U
ttstock boards. lUf-jW-lncb tw.mi
renminr, llnlquality isuj
Fooclnu,No.2. ; i.t»)
Common boards, Inviliii jt,sj
Cutnmoa boards, UxtkMfi 15.51
Dlunmslon stnlT kuj
Dlmonslun stutr. 23 to :o ft yi.vj
Timber, 4x4 10 H.«. Inolualvo, 13 ft, 15.5)
I'icKow, Mat, ruuxh, and Rood Jj.ij)
imtli.. v.7ft
HU Indies, clour H.;u
Hbinuhis, uxira A ;wj
Bliknaltis, etundurd U.UI
■! inp
. 2.70 «2.76
. V.US wJ.U)
. Idukt UJt
, 2.8 U (*IB4
.. (FI-) Q\4
. HI M 17
lavcupoor., Doc. at-i'uovMtoNs-Tuiiow-i'flmo
city sternly uMis.
Timi'KNTiNU-UplrllHnt l.omlon sternly at 4!&.1il.
OuAiN-Wliont~riprlim.Nu.il steady at JIM ti lt No.
1 white sternly nl 10s felt winter steady at le» 7it.
Corn—Firmer at 6* KM. *
.London. Ucc. 24.—Uiiain—Liverpool wheat Urm,
Liverpool American mixed cum firm. Canutes «i(T
const—Wheat flrmt oorn strung. Canutes on ptusuue
—Whuai tlrmi cum nironit. Cargoes for prompt ship*
meat by saU-Auiurtcua nilxml cum 2Usd2Js W.
Bt, liOTMS. Mo., Doo. 54.-Owlna to tlio IntorrujUlon
business on Tbantio today by tho tinul?uu uitd frolic*
somo olomoni, very few traiisucilouß woro mode.
GIIAIN-Wncat loners No. 3 rod, (1.3 m uo*li, T1.83X
January, (I.WH February. »l.i Old Mays No. 5* do,
II.DIM". Corn lowon istjio UlHo .liuitinryt CoWlo
l'ubrunrr|U)U.M<iroli: («ibnWc Mny. Oauldtvurt 4::W
W4do ctktin opiums iiuuilual. llyo bailor, lMMniV5j-io.
Unrloy dulls SjimM.M.
I.KAIk-Flrni iiKI.IU.
WIIIHKV-Sluady will.ld.
l*uovjnioNH-Very«towi only small lob trade.
IlKCKiiTrt—Klmir. fi.n« brim wlium. ay«j but corn.
27,14*1 but uniA.24.akj bus ryo.iinuot barley, 13,01) bit.
Kiiii'MKSTv-Hour, «,tus brl*s wheat. nusiot corn,
33,UMbui oui«> siouus rye, nouos barley, none.
Boston. Doe. 24.—Fr.otm—Market dull.
aitAlN-Cnni miluls No. 3 and liUh mixed, 725710 i
summer. 71u73c. Outi qulut butfc*Umdy. ttyu nom
inally unolumixuil. *
I'liovssiojfs-l'ork-Mnrkot cnslort prime, liwina
15-Wl jiow luoii, IH.UUOIB.fiOj clear urn) extra olunr,
IW-uOaUU). Uuuf, (lUJXKUUIt moss, IU.UK»i;UUs ox
iru roes*. (MikKlblU) fur futnily. Lard, DitaiU’e.
Uiinu-Hnioktfil. lie.
cnititHt-Ouiimiid fair and market firm,
Kuiiit—Nominally uiuiluiutmd.
Himts-A tntlo tlruiort western. ITOISot do wot.
lUHtmi'TS-Kluur. 4.KU uris. r.UU) iackii corn, 23.000
but wheal,4.UAl but mas, 1.4U1 bn.
ami*4USTS-i;<»ru,a).ix>jbui wheat,23,ooo bu.
(I ow
I) W7H
.97 <AiA
.i:i (iiisk
• iiM'.iid
. v utu
. wfoiUM
. i> •* m 2
, t»W« bis
. Stflr* *)s
.7 (OS
,40 013
JIT 017
,1M O'JJ
.60 MU)
505 W OUf.KAN’R.
New Oiu.kANß. Doc. JL-Uuain—Corn quiet and
llav—Dull and lowan prltho, [email protected]) choice,
tSt.tt)&M.U)| fancy, W.Ui.
I'lioviKioNH—l'ork weak) m.Wau.IHK. Hulk meats
oiiteti atiunldon* easier) lease, tO.UMU.I3I«j pocked.
UliucKUlKß~Moln«os-nom«nd actives common
oaaieratitfcti'fes fair. DdDei prime to choice, fisc.
HuAN-Untiun ti.&
cokn-Mkai.—Dull and lower) rJJfI.
Wunm v-tUuady i Wunom reclined, 11.0031.10.
Obwioo, Deo. 2i.-auAix-\Vtoout steady, Cora
quiet and unchanged.
Nkw Voiik. Doc. 3t.—lluslmiae ban |>aon Tory quid
as usual on the ovu or Christmas, tut tho tonu or the
market Is very limn and there la it cheerful fooling in
lim trade. Cotton KnmU are quiet and tntuhumiud.
Hhirtimr prints, printed piques, und lawns uru In fair
demmid. Wuulun goods wro quiet.
OAr.TESTOK, Deo. ai.-corroK-Quldi middling,
imoi low tie, HHci good ordinary.!;.#«) not receipts,
V.7UU loltiii uxporu to Drum Drlioln, D.iWD) Coml*
item. S.tOj coastwise. UWi sales, hfij atook. lOU.OXL
NKtv uui.kanh, liua miaailng,
llifiut tew tie. tiHoi pood ordinary, J;4ioi net re*
relpts, ll,un liulvsi units. I'J.UDt exports to tiruul
Urttuln, ,H,uiAJt sales, ft.uwi stuck, lW),Hja
tit. j.mna, liua at-UorvoN-yuiuti mlddiina.
llhio] aulas. 30d) receipts, AtUUt sulpiuunts, U,hui
Slock, Hi.tftH
Mutii’iiiH, Tonn.. Do* ai.-LorroK-Dullj receipts,
IbuMwlesi shipment*, 4»l| »loo«,lCo,aW| sales UUi
• middling, UWu.
A Hutton betuitllim—A Worthy Wlfo
WunU a Divorce und tUu Money Site
(Juvo Her lluabond,
Itoil iH hUiMteh.
Tbo aristocratic! olrcbaoi the Bint, and inoro
especially of Uuiton, uru greatly exercised over
a divorce ease wblob wat beaniii In inis city to
day. Theioeaorot ihodecree.ls Mm. buuisu
CiiumUuir. who wants 10 bo legally separated
from bur husband, John Camming, for Indis
cretions sniil to havo boon.committed in
Europe. Mm. Cunnnlnu Is the widow of ibo lulu
Col, Charles O. Uuuurs, lor so many years solo
proprietor of tbu lbMHm./minuil, und «be owner
of numerous and valuable properties In and
ttround llostmi. Cutupting, wpo la an English
man. Is mucli tbs Junior of the former Mm.
Uogera, and bu tlrst met bur us w tutor or emu*
twubm to bur sons Indore tbo'dumb of bur Ural
lusband. Tbu (uul (lull she married in about a
year uftor ibo iluaih of Cul.' Ungers exposed
bur to u grout dual of talk nt tbu ilmu.
I’unding tbo bearing in tbo dlvoruo ease she bus
asked fur an Injunction to restrain Camming
,from conveying curtain ruul estate in bis pew
Session, as won as u largo umunnt of money,
stocks utid bonds. Alter Col. lingers* dunlh
were sullied on uaob of three clilldron,
and •tiM.OUI upon Hiu widow outright, and the
balance, about fJJO.UOO, was inaimueu fur tbu
bulra by trustees, and bus boon hmuensuly
proltablo during tbo lust dozen yours,
tbo Journal establishment. alonu yielding a
boudsmun prolit annually. It Is said tbut during
tbu blissful bmiuyuiuuu Mrs. Camming settk-d
upon bur svuutrl husband (bu great bulk of tbu
funds and property which she inherited from
bcrjlpst. Tuo dumestlu discoid which lud to tbu
... '.uWiu'
procw'rUng* for dlvnrco hnd lilrth sorno yemw
Hinco, lint (ho oxUtrmcd of tho *kult*toit In tho
clnsr-t wit* kept n seurut until tho wlfu flaw her
proporty ami ruone/ vanishing.
Uy iTtrw. K. U. K. N. NoiKliu’ortb.
Sir Knljrlil, of thy fair courtcslo.
Tell mi* whether tlflrk nt hrlght,
Or llillo lovl.ll. or loved aright,
I* tho Juco of thy Itidio.
V,. It. IliinwMNfi.
It wns a KpliMidid hpectaolp, that famous
iimai|tu.Ttido ball, wliloli wiis glvuii ns tlio
valndletory of tltooldhiid tho salutatory of
the now year, at the oppiiliiu of one of tlm
most brilliant Btiasous our Nalluiml Capital
had ever seen.
A great war hud ended.
A renowned military commander was at
(ho head of our (luventment, with a council
selected from amongr tho most eminent states*
men of the Nation, und n diplomatic corp. 4 of
UtemoHl diatliiLMiUlied Ministers from for*
eign CMiuilrh's.
CciTaln Illustrious pursoimgesof Royal rank
or lineage—a lira/iiiun Kuipcror, a Russian
(inind Dnhe, and a Iknrhon Prince—were
among the traimient und honored guealsot
the oily.
Heslues Uicso Utoru were giitlicred nl tlio
Ciiplml the u.uiiil winter mulilmdo of holed
imiltk'luns, liiuuioiers, autliuis, artists,
heutts’, beauties, leaders of fashion, ami
queens of audety,
Conspleumis among Uieso brlglit lights of
the wot id were two who were termed—one
the “ Hon ” mid the other Uw “ belle ” of tlm
They were both young, immlfioine, glfled,
ami one wiu wealthy.
A he name of tliolirst-menllnned was Tmlor
Ileicward. Ho was an accomplished schol
ar, an eloquent' orator, a' rising statesman,
ami, although hut 27 years of age, he was id
ready an aide party-leader In the National
House ofJtopresemallvus. In person he was
tall, fair, and stately.
His dress was always faultlessly neat and
even fastidiously.dainty.'
HU manners -wens reserved and cold, ex
cept when he was warmed up In debate on
thulhoruf Urn House of Itepresuniatives,
when he would often seeinlo be tninsllgured
and Umpired with u splendid amt hurnometo
uuenee. Men predicted lor him an Illustrious
future. He was now, ns has been said, tuo
** lion " of Urn season.
The “belle" of the winter was Leda Von
KhsehOerg, the only child and heiress of
Jacob Von Ivirschbcrjr, .head of the great
ban king house of that name.
.Shu was a beautiful, stately blonde, with a
brilliantly blooming complexion, sparkling,
purplish hluu eyes, a small, aquiline nose,
pinning, ruby lips, and shining, rippling au
burn hair.
I lor dresses weru tho Imijplc.il “inspire*
liens” of Wurth mill of I‘lnuea, nml the envy
amitiespalrol her rivals. Her manners were
at unco dignified mid gracious.
Ho much for the Hindu! status and porannal
appearance of the “lion ” nml the “hylic” of
Unit resplendent seeiiu nml season.
To say that nearly nil the young ladies
were more or less Itiiutuatcd with the “linn,”
nml ihattjnlto all the young men wore In love
with the “hulk*,” would be but a faint stale
incnlof llm situation.
And Umt these two were utterly devoted to
each other was too apparent to nil.
Hut ah I fur “the course of true love”—
there was an lusurmmintnhie obstacle in tho
way of its happy termination in marriage.
- 1 lie belle ot the season.was a betrothed
Tito fact was not generally known, for It
had not hucii ostentatiously announced in
tiie society column of the newspapers, but
Mins Von Klrsebbem was really engaged to
be married to Mr. Nicholas iirnyln. a mill
ionaire much richer and very much older
than her own father. *
Ho you nee J
Thu undent bridegroom-expeclniit had
nut come with tho widowed father ami
motherless daughter to Washington, so that
few in the city knew of tho great man’s ex
istence, mid none knew of ids relations to
the beauty and heiress. '
Least of all did Tudor llerowurd, her de
voted knight, suspect the truth. h'or if lie
had done so, be sure that his line souse of
honor would have forbidden him to trespass
on tho sacred rights b'Mhe betrothed lover
by too marked attentions to the betrothed
maiden. ,
No! Tudor llereward was'lgnorant in
seeking and innocent ill whining the Im
passioned heart of Ledu Von Klrsehberg.
Why she had concealed the fact of her mar
rlagc engagement, mid why she had en
couraged and even invited the exclusive at
luntumH ot Mr. llereward, is, perhaps, not
dUllcult to tuiderslmul. ~
ill tliu liist lustnimu It was probably noth*
iiiic morn limn vanily prompted bur to suck
to attract und monopolize tho attentions of
tliu most brilliant society mail at the Capital.
I‘osslbly sho meant no linrni at all, and liml
no ulllnudo object hi view, ifut she who
plays at “lllrtlmr" plays with fire.
Kurort) Him was well awnruof tins truth, sho
had not only captivated the famous young
statesman, but sho bud Irruvucably lust, to
bbu, bur own heart I
lint Hint she had no Intention of giving
him bur band was soon quite apparent.
Tho night of tho last day in the old year,
the night of Uin mnsqimrudo ball given by
Senators., in his splendid now imimdun In
the northwest quarter of the city, was Jes*
lined to deeide their fate.
Miss Von Klrschberg ami Mr. Tudor Hcrc
wurd were, of course, among the Invited
Ho too'c no nlinractor. It would not liavo
been in harmony with his promt, fastidious
nature to play any part, nr. at leant, any con
spicuous part lit such a harlequinade.
lie merely covered bis usual evening dross
with an hisurmnble black domino of line
cashmere, and ids handsome face with a black
mask of line velvet.
Sin*—by some subtle sympathy divining bis
thoughts and intentions on Urn subject—also
cs.-liv wed the queens, gypsies, peasants, nuns,
mid nights and mornings, Into which the
ladles would try to transform themselves for
one evening only, und over her dress she
wore a while silk domino, mid over her fair
face a white mask of satin und lace.
Neither had received any Intimation of the
other's disguise, yet tho samu subtle sympa
thy which hud directed limit’ costume for the
evening brought them together through Urn
Immense crowd of maskers Unit tilled all the
reception rooms, dancing rooms, supper
rooms, ami conservatories, and overltowi'd
fnto the halls, balconies, piazzas, and even
Into tho glass-roofed whiter garden on tho
Dazzling light and deafening music were
streaming through every window of tliu
crowded mansion when uio Jiluek Domino,
our hero, passed out of the conservatory, en
tered the winter garden, and looked about
Hero were no lighted lamps, for tho nimm-
Rhlno pouring In through tho glass roof
Hooded the wonderful, beautiful scene with
u soft, bright radiance.
The liltvek Domino stood peering down Uio
lovely walks, bordered with evergreens and
hardy roses In full bloom. Ills eyes were
searching for the “swum,’' id) he mentally
called a lovely white form whom he had
been watching all the evening, and whom lie
had seen glide through tho orowned room'
out of Urn house and m tho dlrooUon of tho
winter garden,
lie had followed her slowly and with til 111-
culty.for ho could not slip through a “Jam”
ns easily ns she had done. .
Now, lu this freer space turn purer air, he
honed to find her,
Dut sho was nowhere to bo scon. There
seemed to be no one In tho garden.
Nevertheless, ho walked down between tho
hedges of blooming roses until ho saw In a
corner of (ho rear hedgo an arbor of climb
ing roses In tho midst of which his eyes
caught a gleam of silvery raiment,
ilo hastened directly to Uio soot ami found
her then*.
She was reclining on tho rustic sent mid
had tukou «H her musk for ulr, revealing tuo
fair, proud fnco of Leda Vuu Kirsuliberg.
lie had not expected this revolution of hnr
Identity, and he felt that Ills presence ut this
moment might be considered an inexcusable
Intrusion upon Uio privacy of the lady.
“ Leda,” ho said deprtcatlnitly, as he stood
bofuro her and removed his own mask,
•'pleuso to pardon my indiscretion, but I
have Peon trying to make nu opportunity for
sneaking with you till Urn evening—in fact,
all Uio day—but have mu succeeded oven In
scdtirj you until tonight.”
“ Tudor, sit down here for n llttlo while.
The rooms were sd warm und the crowds so
dense tlmt 1 felt like sulloeatlng; so X cume
out here to uitmusk und inhale a breath of
fresh air,” she said, ns sho smilingly made
room for him beside her.
“Xam very glad you did so! 1 presumed
to follow you. Du you forgive mu for mv
presumption he Inquired, os ho bowed
and tooic the oiferod soul.
'•That tlepumlA,** she answered archly.
“How could you know me. to follow mol*
Or were yon, perhaps, following un unknown
white domino that luul caught your liUtlng
fancy V"
‘•llow could 1 know you?” ho repeated.
gravnlv, taking her hand and fixing hi* gvm
nn her lovely face—“ How could I know
vonll/ t»o same simple, universal hw of
-latum through which I know myself—for
yon urn mv sweeter, pnror, tiltrliur mdfl
Heda, my queen, do yon Imnuhm that any
disguise could hide you from iny knowledge f
My heart would always mcognlzu you,
Leila 1"
“Oh,Mr. llomwardl" she murmured In
n low, distressed tone, whoso moaning ho
could not hnvo perceived, for ho went on to
" 1 have hcen seeking you for many hours,
my love, my queen 1 .Not to toll you In set
speech that which my whoto life In your
dear presence has been lulling you ever
Mime we llr.it mol, and lo that meeting recog
nized cneli other! Ah, holy mine! Kver
since that nam'd moment of meeting and
mutual recognition. I have heen tempted to
hullevo la mo old heathen myth, that man
and woman were originally one being: hut
mat .Jove, in a rage, cI«U them In two, icav-
Im? the Imtveu to seek each other sorrowing
through all the attest To seel: in vain—as
wo sou hy nil the mismatched couples hi this
lower world—exeunt in such happy cases as
ours; for, sweet indy. 1 have found my com
pletion In you and you yoursln me. And we
know it non 1”
“Oh, Mr. Jlmtiward!" she moaned, In nn
ahiiosl Inaudible tone.
“*1 hiH, dear Leda, I have not followed yon
here to tell you that which you feel and know
so well, hut only to ask your permission to
speak at once to your good father and In*
volte his blessing on our betrothal. Out oven
this I senieely need to mention—for surely I
know 1 have your Munition for It."
"ON, Mr. Hercwardl Tray, pray, do not
lam to mu In this mminurt 1 ’ sim moaned, In
agitation, as siiu withdrew her hand from his
fond clasp and covered her white face.
lie gazed on her In surprise ami uneaal*
ness, jet scarcely taking In the full meaning
ol her words.
“ Hut why.’ Why may I not speak lo you
In this way'.* Why, Leda? Why?” ho In
putted. trying to taka her Innd again.
Slm drew It away as she fullered;
“Oh. Mr. Hereward! Hecausu—because
wo are only frlemlsl And we can never in
more Pi each other limn friends I Though 1
Tiopc," she milled, pleadingly, “that we may
always he just such dear friends as we are
and have been! Shull we pot?" she prayed,
drooping her hands ami raising her eyes ap
pealingly to his stern, set look.
Hemelherghmce.hu gazed on her white
cheeks uml trembling form, llxedly, incl/lve
ly. with incredulous amazement ami India*
nation In every foam roof his lirm, handsome
face, for no part of her previous demeanor
towards Idm hail prepared his mind for tills
unexpedeil repulse.
“Miss Von Klrsehberg, how Is this? It
cannot be that i hear you aright I" he mild,
“Ah, yes, you do, Mr, Hercwardl You
hear me a rigid," she sighed.
“And we can be no more than friends'. 1 "
he. said, drawing in a hard breath, “iu this
“Oh. yes, Mr. Ilcrawardl Jl is true I And
It Is heart-breaking 1” she moaned, in a voice
full of tears.
“hediil In tluMmme ot Heaven I What
doy.ni mean? Kxplaln yourself, I implore
yon I” ho timed, In tut agony of sorrow, anx
iety. nml confusion.
“1 mean—l mean—Olt, Tudnrl My liearl
is broken I” And (die dropped her head on
her bosom, mid again covered her face with
her hand*.
“Ledul Leila!” ho cried, with anguish.
“Oil, Tndorl Our friendship him been so
precious, so delightful to mej And—and—
all our communion has been so Improving,
purifying, elevating to my soul. 1 am so
lunch less vain, seliish, mid frivolous than
when you first met me, Shu spoiled child of
fortune. Our precious, delightful friendship
has saved nml redeemed me! And—and—l
pray that L may enjoy it .forever. Hut—
but—it must bo out*; IrltMtdshlp,” she said,
while heavy, sobbhtK sighs shook her bosom
and Ktreaims of tears forced themselves
through Utc slender lingers that covered her
“Ledal” ho exclaimed. In hitter pain,
“yon knew my love I mylinpesl my aspira
tions! Ami you ted me on and unto the
brink of this humiliating overthrow. Ah!
how cruelly mid bitterly you have deceived
** Oh, do not reproach me t Do not break a
braised and aching heart I If I have deceived
yon It was because I hud Hrst deceived my
self. What knew lof my own untried nat
ure >* Nothing, or next to nothing— I when wo
first met 1”
, “Ledal Lednl”
V‘‘VLet me speak! You have charged mo
find von must hear me!”
“Speak, then I” Thu above we publish ns
a specimen chapter; hut the continuation of
this story will bo-found only In the N. Y.
Ledger. Ask for tho number timed .Jan
uary 7, which can now he hail at any news
ofliecorbookstore. If you mo not within
re.telt of n news otllce, you can have the
Ledger mailed to you for ouu year by send
ing three dollars to Hubert Homier, pub
lisher, Ist) William street. New York.
M Clary » Criticised—M’lty Solid Ilepub
lleuii—“ Rattle Above (lie Clouds »>—The
Colton Reposition.
, lb the Ui’Mor of Tltt Chttaeo Tribune.
Chattanooga, Tcnn., Dee. £J.—Sumo hind
friend turn been good enough to send mu n uopy
of Tup. Thihum; of tho ICtta with a eoliimn
bonded “The Smith” marked at top and bot
tom. Aal received comnibaeiitury attention In
that letter I am sure you will permit me to ex
press my thunks, amt to add a few words by way
of abatement and explanation.
Your correspondent Is u yonmr man of com
mendable ambition—viz.: a desire to duller tbo
renders of Tub Tiuuunc by an Invidious com
pnrlßiius of Northern and Southern habits ami
ideas, provided he expects to appeal (or the
franchises at an early day, Hut if ho has no
such expectation this literary exploit Is scarcely
u uuccess. It duos neither himself nor tho Few
Southern people he saw Justice. May 1 say
lie boasts that Chattanooga “ Is solidly Ilepub*
llcmi,”and I presumo Intones ns to understand
(tort as ilio reason why our llttlo city is "thor
oughly, progressive In every way." Ho forgot
Umtlully W per cent of tho Uepubllcnn votes
are east by negroes, and a largo per oont of
those timko their living by was that nro dark
Knot by tricks that nro vale. Ilmvun un
prejudiced glance at this vahlo and fragrant
tact dissipates the ulnmourof that peculiar pro
gress venossl 1 might mid that Judge Key Is
scarcely grateful for the gratuitous announce
mont thal.ho "is now a thorough U-qmblioan.”
Those of us who know him know him to boa
With a most remurknblo Ignorance of tho rev
olatluos of the past few years "Gary ” roller
ate* the fable of the •• buttle above (be Clouds,”
a pure Invention of uu army correspondent,and
adorned by tlmt vulu uld umn, Guo. Joe lluuker.
Ifomtor's charm l und Uio fearful scut lug at tho
riijfinnl lilgtiu by bU gilm warriors occupy itio
Name place lu history as decs mo famous hatchet
story about the Father or his Country, lint
perhaps such Push is palatable to sumo people
who prefer poetry to facts.
Now listen to tho next nonsensical paragraph:
“Tho lout of tho nmtiur Is, no one gousdouth,
or rather uu one did go until the great Gotten
Hxp.wiUon iu Atlanta opened, Chattanooga Is
riant on the way: und, either going or coming,
quite a large proportion are now stopping to
view tho wonders or this mountain and ihu UU
torle scenes hereabout.” What balderdash I
Hundreds and IlnuisamU of Northerners have
visited this hhdariu spot every year since the
close of the War, and before taut remarkable
epoch. Lookout wqs a celebrated summer re
sort, boasting u llnu hotel, and frequently 3JO
guests at one time.
If your correspondent had road (ho pamphlet
furnished htm by the Association of Mumiiuci
ururs ami MonfnmPt he would have linen less
erroneous, if rid more accurate, In bis iilliihloiis
to the absence!if iron factories heforu tho War.
Hut this accuracy would nolhavu been lu tno
lino of ••Northern ideas mid superiority." As
much us tho War did for os. li didn't do nearly
bulf your credulous •• Uury” Ihlnftslt did.
Uu a par with the childish sectionalism that
baa pinned nine-tenths of tbo letters written by
strolling correspondents U "Gary’s” sneer at
tbo'‘Totton imposition." .fcueh gentlemen us
Atkinson of Massachusetts, Hhunmm of Ohio,
audUrossof Illinois spent days in trying to
fully examine a display of nature and art where
your sprightly corresiKutdont sugely suggests
" one can spend tho heat part of a day proiitahly
going thrmigh it.” I have on doubt my friend
••Gary” bus today uu Inleillgeia ouueupUouof
what uo saw—if bo saw anything ut oil—or wiiut
is to be seen at tbo Atlanta exhibition..
The "verbatim conversation” which this ac
curate oorroiiHinduut seta down hut fully illus
trates bis great capabilities as a newspaper cor
respondent. Tollers of tho rlco-Holds of Caro
lina, listen; >
"What else enu you ratio Ithroo miles of At
"A llttlo rlco In tbo lowlands!”
Jlmmlny urimlnyl rloocm the lowlands near
Atlantal No wonder bo ilupri'Clatoi the oxpnst*
tluu and believes ibo "cloud" story* Id boo
genus umtiul
Now, dour TmnuNic. haven't wu boon punished
mutually Are not our eyes sulUdvnUy red with
weeping ovur tbu wrotuhod tnlsrcprusuniiulons
ami cburllsb criticisms or omateur correspond
ents* Vuu Know how easy It Is to ttud fault, uud
bow Utile effort Is needed to Ulsoovor ami nidg
nify deformities. Von pay fur correspondence;
why purchase stud and mmsunio seasoned wim
inlsroprusumuilous and caricatures that rotiml
the pregt'vse of our ccanuvjn country* Turutv
Mich Into tho*ii*te* basket, 1 Implore foil, and
ymt \ylll confer a favor oa your own counfrraml
Tile* irrontc.sfc proof rir the Ronnlno merit of
011 nrliclu cun be found in the amount ot oat*
romi!*u It tecelves, und llio thoim.unis of tes
timonials refuioeliutc the ffreut German Ucm
mly, prove moMt conclusively tlmt It In all
that it In represented in bn. Mr. T. J. Mur
ohy, who resides at No. 01 Dabnvolce street,
Jlrunklyn. N. iis due of too fortunate
V 1 ! 08 ,* 1 1 rubbed at. Jacobs Oil nil over my
nft letr fur .several days. amt It cared as pret
ty a case of rheumatism ns ever was fastened
on to a man. I never Inul the illsen.se before
this winter. lint ns almost cverylwdy else
was Mi htrinc with It, Unessl hud to bo-In
the fashion, bo one day I fell n nast.v sort
0 pain erifopinif down my left limb, but
didn’t think much of It until nluht, when it
h-'min to make me uroan. ! Imd seen the
advertisement of St. Jacobs Oil, amt hud
heard something about it from friends. I
theref.ne not n Pottle of It and went for my
elt luff. 1 did not stint myself in the use of
he oil, hut ruhhod half a bottle on the tlrst
lime. Ihe Jlrst application iraveme «reat n-
Hei. and I let up on it unit) the next dav,
when I used tlm remainder In the buttle.
1 hut.settled lu I have nut fell anv rheu
matic pain since. So much for Umt trial.
i /&ui
Is ft Ptnltlvf Cnro
fascll IlioitPalnftil Complaint* and U'tnkntiiU
eoeetuiuun toottr bait female population.
It will cure cutln,ly Uu want foriaotFomalaOom*
plalnti, allor&rlan truuMM.lmlumtßatloa tud Wear*
Hoc, railing ard DUpltconjcDti»oiul(ho consequent
DplnaJ TTiaLai 33, and It particularly adapted to tlio
Canyo of tiro.
It rIU dleudro asd expel tumors fretnlba atoms In
an early tfneo of development. Tbo tendency to can*
cvrcua burners there li checked reryspcttlily Ly ita uu.
It removes faintness, flatulency, decirvysall (ravin*
for stimulants, find reUovco weakness of ihortotnaeb.
It eurea Cloattsc, Headache*, Xcrrooi Prostration,
General Debility, Clccplesacsa, Deprtxdon and lndl<
Hat feeling of btoricc down, canrlag pain, weight
andbocVachc.lstUnays permanently ccml by Its uco.
It will r.t all times and under ollctrounutasccs act la
harmony with tbo lans that govern the female system.
Porthomroof Itidncy Complaints of either luxtbi)
Compound Ii unsurpusrd.
I’OUXDIi prepared at S 3 and St 3 TVbctem Avenue,
l.yan.lhm. Price ©t tlu bolt leaf or £5. Bent by mall
In tho form of pUU, alio In the form ofloscnpcs, on
receipt of price, (it per box fonltber. Kn. llnldoin
frcolyocewcis all Utters cf Inquiry. Band tier pamph>
let. idlren ad abort. XVnffoa lUm Jbprr,
Ho family ehould bo without LVDiA B. PCTSBAhTB
UTOt PU.J3. They cuto ccbsttpaUan,
and torrddlty of tkellrar. SScoataper box.
ro.ri eAlas ui: AiJit imron xsta.
As It io for Ell dißouen of tlie- KIDNEYS.
It cleanses lh« system of tbs a:rld polton
Uiat ojus.'b Hio drsadful euCfirlog **UlcU
only tbo victims cf Itlunnsatlim can realise.
of the wovil fcvm* of tlila terrible disease
bare boon (julokly relieved, in a ebcrt time
1 bashed wanJtrful siu-eeM, unit nn immense
a»lo in every partoftlie Country. In bun*
dredsofaasos Itboanured nberoall elao bad
felled. 11H nil Id, but cOairnt, t'KUTAIN
IN ITS ACTION. butbarmleaa in alt cotes,
t.lfo to all tbo liiipcrlanlorgauiiof tbubody.
The natural action of tltuKMnoysisrestored.
Tbo User laolof.naeilofalldleeni#,end tbo
Bowels move freely and healthfully, in this
way the worst dJieoaes ere eradicated from
la it bu bain proved by Usonsaode that
Is tho moat effectual remedy forcltonilng the
| system of sllsuorbld aoorstlous. It shouldbs
; used In every liotiuebobl as a
Always cures IJtUOiKlirCdd, t OIiaTIPI
TIOH, PILBd mid all TEUALD UUoases.
Is pul uplnOry Tee*table Term, lit tin cane,
one paebnye of ulilriiiouUk>«ai|Uiirlsiiiedlrlne.
ll*o la l.lifubl J'atriu, very Catireutreledfor
(be fiivcutiiKu »t tbnieaiiocamiumatlllypre*
pare It. If arts teitl *iual fgleltnty in WfArr/eru.
glt iToyyocu imcGoiyr. I'ukxsloo
(Will send the «lr* nctmliM liftll tvttTOr. TT.
AitvuiitTimyu jt.ri’ES.
LoiiisUoyd&Co i> Agency OHtablllliod 13iL
Advertlners »of king tbo
must favorable rotes In buy of llm Icsdinv papers la
the u. t»., pbiaiucunsuituuf ernis Dui»recuntnu:tituf
Elegant naiurrixl psukspos VUUITtt,
no ■■ stiltublu fur llutidny l«ri-*eotM, wifely
H C*IIDVA unit nil iHirts Untied Hiatus. Wu.l«
|* B 1111 V ‘ltiius nnd parties specialty. Urdu.-*
B I 811 ll 01 by ninil am) tclmn atili ru mlvu prompt
■ ■ Ul»v aitimtlun. TAYI-Oll’* Trim Mtoro.
•iflHiK-au liuth telephones.
private Dispensary
dCIARKSt, ChiuooJu.
Chartered by Ikr Male at llllatlt, for tbeaarfUl.arl«alia«aa4
ti. Vf!.Vu , ! ,r * * r ,l, *'V *•"••• a»d t hraali l)U*M*a.
m-’iSr» i A H i l * “ »»«>»' (Alb j tiktc and KilrrUr)
?! . * Ul lTf 1 1 ' •»«]>••*» *M O'* iv itlf riail M founder el
tbr Wiaruun.ih iUllMtie Alrdirii Ha a rihwlmi, Mid II It*
that for niaay retn h« kit ret.laid klaiHlflu the
>lu4y ami tr»<llinaiof IWinal in] Cbraalr plwaiM.lloii altluv lilia
YOUNQ MEN srfiv.k-j
rIiMU nf rmthfuV tniliu-f*|n<ni ur ffoatlael
Weakaeaa, Vartaua aud
!v»p«“r ‘
IvVT.W U«nmy, lKMlraretMi.l.l
;> U.t Uim of Ha .lyifoaa, Kikaatltd
liikiut. Uahialaa *r Idraa, itareUn •* Rraaead.
••»ha •’•*»! IdM af k..r„, aa<l rr««u»uey ef
I rlaaltac, — rainentWr, I will punr*nl»e I* (eifoli SSQO rep
in* *r p«i»»u m»»»« ** uu r
WfoUati lit mlJ
•ItlM_a.»U*llf,aal tail bt nnx
— -rad. Call at aJJiitt
Up. Lurid, 111 t, Clark BU, Cblaaw. 111,
A Yiatiu cf yontbml Imtimdenoe catutng Prom*
tare Decay. hcrruae Debility, Lost Manhood, eta.
bavin# trt«l Id tala every known remedy, ht» dii*
cot(-ml»>iap)« suit curt, which be will lend PRRtt
(o bU febow'iuffuren. aildrew J. |1« ItliKVJKtie
43 Chatham hi.. S. *. *
m. tiolti Utiittl Awarded
thuuutiur. Anew tuiOtinuibMail*
kut WurKiwarruuuid Uiu Dual aud
tdiVHpoiulmiuipoUMtild lo evory
uiMu.miitiiud ' tdostlimvy of idle
i>r.fcvlt-l*ri**«>(YttUon:" Pound in
htii-d Fiouou uuiiiit, oiubonud.
lullidU, J«pi>,i.yinuiD*i)cituitiul
mol uiirinvlnxa, Ua proioftp
(tuum price only iI.U »uul oy
mull: Imialruluit naniplu, b bonus
itnd Him. AdOroiiFwabody Mod*
know tqyseu* wttfrxiiSi&iWitxr.
173 South Clark-st., Chlcajfo
Coniult |*runmUr or by luaH. (ruu of oiisruo. ou all
ciirmilr, i.vrvoui. ur iimlnl dUoiuti. 1 )r. i. Kean ki
IliO only HlmMan In tliu cliy wliu uurraitti uuroa or
pupa/, Uouri: Va-ui. id tf p. u.i buudiui, VW M tu.
«»“ Til
it Itnlln
tr Accoraa
IDs, iVUnu
f tieiivo.
Chlciwro As Nortswoitei
For Bleep - ,ncajj
apply ni C 3 ciark-at., Orahd Pn<
uoUtlppoteoruerof Wolu and i
Pacific tot Line
timab&hllffht Mxprnaa
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OMltkoch, via Jnnotrlllo
Lake Ocnera
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Klein tJxpr0M.,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,
Klein Kxnrviu
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C.’hlcitco, Ifitrilatftnn At Qu
tor Map* TlaiO-Tiiblo*. plcopl
rtatlonx. (jpplr M Ut lUirh-**.. Or
I'nliimr limn*, (.’«««> and Hlitm
nul I'.ismuffir Dnpot. unCunul*
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n Dally. /■ Dslijr, pxnei't Nnmlay. rl)a<l
Btl n u f kJar ‘ ** Dally. oxcuiliMon-lay.
liiibtUMif, Auilju), lluck Kim*, and Fterli
icbvo nnU oi~iro from Central lionot. fooiul
Cliloiiffo, JUIIM-ituUen Kt. I'mil Itr
Un-m Danot! Corner.MnilUito.Can.il, and Ai
'J Ickoj pir.oor. ill and itl Clark *Bl., f*oUnc
flrnnu l*nrlHn Tlnlnl. und nt Depot.
| i^envo.
.Mllwnukco I nst Malt
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Hour City A Untnjqiid Kim Kr...lf m • *:•» i.u
KKInA Koiilminl JMMonvor, • 4;>k|imu *Ul;»»a 111
J' uln Hpoolul Knit Kxpro»u„ • fiiu.iun ■ Uiiiu m
I. Kin EfyucMf Kxi.n**!* 4HJ|»m !«:»««
ItiiM-u Amminioil.iikm ...I* m;i>p m l * i!;Ma m
'kuins for Itniiiliutdt and Niiptn'riilev/n’leTxo iIrVJ
n.ffi. •inu il;.il n. ru. 1 itrrlto OHU u. iu. and 7»*Ja.uu
dully, Sunday
Chicago db Alton,
Union Ueu<>t. W»it bida, cornor Madison and Cannl
o'fl.. bvtwoon Medium und AtlntusMt. brldittit. und
Tucnijr-tljlrd-iu TlcievtUtllcus. ui Depots, iitiouta
Clurt*ii., lirund Pau.tlu 110101. and J’ulmur Uuuiii.
■ l.nivrt. | Ar-lrnT
Kansas city, Denver, Pueblo Bx. Ii" mV **
Ivuimua CU/, Osina To. No* .Max* -i»»n*n
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Jonut A Dttu'Ut AuciMUliiiMiiulun. • u:<)J a in * U’lj u m
’ llllnoii Central Uullrnun.
mjNit foot or )iiKe*"L and foot tit Tamilysoooml.it.
J ickutotTiuoi. U!1 ll.iniJnlpii-Ktn tioar Clark. Dr uni
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hprlngtlnld A Hannibal Bust Line
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IDally. 'Sunder* ezoeuted.
Aiitbe 11. A u. tnlm rito via Wsihlneion City, end
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Cbiceuu to New Yutk without übenee.
Tbu uew end eUimut U. * u. (*laoplne*Cere between
Cblceito sod Mew York Otllr »UiUJSudU:4Jp.iU.
iLaukekiiO Lise.
Depots, foot of Leko-iL end fool of Twonty;*oopnd
•U 'i'lcket UDtcoe at Ueoott end Ul UeudolpU-*t*
Ureod i’eclDo Hotel, end Vainer Home.
Cincinnati, IndlanepolliALooU*
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Viiubumi fl. Wayne A/VhII al Im a i|T
Depot wirnur Adams end Caiiiti**ie. l*teka( Omcet.
ii> cterk-sU I'einier Home, Ursod i'scitlo Hotel.
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Depot, Twolftb-«u! U aoHr* Jute. 0 ' Oftlcei. Ul
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liotHji corner ut Twelfth .add tfuuu-»y
I Lonru. j Arrive .
liati end RxproM .........I 1
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Z*T For oiplaiiuitun of rofuraucc
»a« Uniyil of flo IUUO*U|I(».
I* Bill)* till* uid
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Ift 7:25 p m
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i ft Z:«p in
i ft 2:ZJp m
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ur House.
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