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:Menw e e dnpaet ell;.d{'. e~i.e
SAThe Fashion 1
this week. Some choice styles in fine material left
that will go at very easy prices. We will not place
away a garment if any reasonable price will move
I Ticket on Piano with every dollar's purchase I
I will be free. r
* --- ------- -
eL.. I.****************4thW8ta t
Mail No. 1.......... 6:"80 p. m. 6:40 p. m.
Mail No. 2 ............8:30 a. m. 840 a. m.
Accommodation ...... .7:20 p. m. 7:30 a. m.
Daily Except Sunday.
Accommodation.. ...5:45 p. m. 7:00 a. m.
Daily except Sunday.
H. N. KENNDY, Agent.
Passenger No. 42.............. 9:15 a. m.
Freight No. 46................10:05 a. m.
Passenger No. 41..................6:02 p. m.
Freight No. 45............ ...5:30 a. m.
General Delivery.... 7:30 a. m. to 6:00 p. m.
Sundays ..........9:00 a. m. to 10:30 a. in.
Money Order Dept...8:30 a. m. to 5.00 p. m.
Train No. 1-Western .............6:00 p. m.
Train No. 2-Eastern .............d800 a. m.
Train No. 11-Red Lodge, Mont.,
and Big Horn county, Wyo.....7:00 a. m.
Great Falls stage ............. .. 6:45 a. m.
L.F. BABCOCK. Postmaster.
-The bill collector is making his
monthly rounds this week. ,. r
-Keep your eye on our line of holi
daysgoods. Forester & Frizelle. *,:"
-: Mrs. Simart has been quite ill with
pneumonia; but is slowly recovering.
-~The school board will meet'tomor
row night in the First National bank
-Miss M. K. Bryan of Big Timber
is in ,the.ity . visiting her sister,. Mrs.
Davis. 4,
-The place to leave your measure
is at Peters' the tailor., Suits from
$15 up. Pants $5 up.
-Dame Rumor says that two of of
prominent people will enter the n ri
monial state this week.
-A baby girl was born last Thurs
day to Mr. and Mrs. O. Nelson, living
five miles up the valley.
-The Ladies' Guild of the Episcopal
church will meet next Thursday after
noon with Mrs. Geb. W. Robbins.
-The banks, business houses and
public offices were closed yesterday
afternoon on account of New Years.
-Miss Sara Evans has resumed her
school duties as teacher in the high
school, after an illness of several weeks.
-H. C. Nutt of Sheridan, assisstant
superintendent of the Burlington, and
Judge Metz were in the city Saturday.
-County Commissioners J. B. An
un and Pat Lavelle of Columbus were
in the city yesterday on official busi
-The home of Jos. Van Wagenen, at
the Jos. Parque ranch, is rejoicing over
the arrival yesterday of a bright-eyed
baby girl.
-The Northern Pacific contemplates
putting on an additional passenger
train in the spring, provided business
justifies it.
-Mrs. Foster, teacher in the Bill
ings public schools, has returned from
Whitehall, where she spent the holi
days with her husband.
-Miss Roesser is teaching in the
Billings public schools in place of Miss
Hayden, who is still confined to her
rooms with pneumonia.
-J. W. Dodds of Helena, who was
formerly conductor on the main line of
the Northern Pacific, has been trans.
ferred to the short line.
-Misses Mabel Gordon and Core
McCormick have returned to their
school duties at Dillon after a .week's
visit to relatives in Billings.
-Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Sims of the
iusselshell, who had been spending a
few days in Billings, departed yester
day for a visit to St. Paul.
-Grant Lamport and family re
turned home the latter part of last
week from Bozeman, where they spent
Christmas week with friends.
-This is the time of the year when
the merchant and business man goes
over his books and finds out whptyfhe
past year has had in store for hikl.
-Miss, Kathleen Rademaker of this
city has been appointed as one of the
senate committee clerks of the state
legislature now in session in Helena.
-The copnty commissioners were in
session yesterday, 4ocepting the bonds
of the new aounty officers and admin
istering the opth of office to the new
--A marriage license was issued bv
'Olerk oo te Cqv 0,i this moril
n to il on o Aborakee
[ong.,;did Anes -'l aagan of Rich
wood, Mo.
J -.
-A case of measles is reported in
the city, but the attending physician
says it has been thoroughly quarantined
and there is little likelihood of its
-Mrs. John Stanley returned home
last week from a six weeks' visit to rel
atives and friends in Vergont and New
York, being greatly improved in health
by the trip.
-Although Judge Loud has not set
the time definitely for the winter term
of district court for Yellowstone coun
ty, it is thought that it will convene on
January 16.
-The American Sheep Breeder,
editorially, says: "Montana leads the
United States for sheep, with 3,101,497
head,and Rhode Island has the smallest
number, 10,564.
-The old calendars have been taken
from the walls and in their places hang
prettier and more elaborate designs,
which will serve to keep us straight on
the dates of 1899.
-State Senator Oscar Gruwell and
Representative John D. Losekamp left
Saturday night for Helena, where they
will represent Yellowstone county in
the Sixth legislative assembly.
-At the Billings Mercantile conm
pany's Saturday night No. 4,054 was
drawn from the box by Judge Fraser.
The holder might please call at the
Mercantile and claim the sewing ma
-L. W. Stanley and wife, who have
been in the city for the past two weeks
representing the Jackson Music com
pany, left Saturday for Miles City.
While here they disposed of several
-Bert Bell, a colored, man of the
town, died Saturday nu' t in the lodg
ing apartments of~ tp California res
taurant. The dir cause of his death
was cigarette smoking, and drinking
bad whisky.
-All the bridge crews of the Yel
lowstone division of the Northern Pa
cific have been transferred to Big Tim
ber, where the company has begun the
construction of a steel bridge to span the
Boulder river.
-There has been much wailing and
gnashing of teeth by patrons of the
water power company, caused by t
freezing and bursting of their w er
pipes, which in several instanjsave
flooded houses.
-C. L. Hoover, late principal of the
Edgemont school, who sucnessf'Ily
passed an examination for the UATited
States mail service, has been assie ed to
the Billings and Lincoln line and will
ran into Edgemont.
--Oapt. Jack Bond has assumed him'
new duties as city marshal and all evil
doers will now make wide tracks when
they see the "terror" coming. Captain
Bond will be a valuable acquisition to
the city police force.
-Frank H. Judkins of this city se
cured a marriage license in Helena yes
terday to wed Mary E. Stonburg of
that city. Both are members of the
Salvation Army and the groom is a
well known painter of Billings.
-Dr. A. Clark was called to Laurel
yesterday afternoo; to attend the 4
year-old daughter 9 a Mr. Jones, who
had fallen off tte back of a ,bed and
broken he.arnarr.l The fracture was a
bad one, but the' little child is getting
along nicely.. r-,
-H. A. Bradt, olerk BH. B. Segur,
general agent of the Burlington,,
returned to Billings Sunday night fro.
a ten days' visit to relatives and alfly
friend at Beatrice, Ne ., and the y~ng
ladies of this city pat him by with a
frozen glance.
-The law firm of Johnston & Johns
ton of this city has been retained by
Sam Garvin to assist County Attorney
Reno' of Carbon county in the prosecu
tion of Ink C. Hanan, George F.
illings Opera ose FRIDvA1Y, I
First Appearance in Billings of the World Famous *
and Unrivaled
Black Patti Troubadours
The Greatest Ool Show on Earth, and the biggest theatrical hit of the
century. Gree everywhere by applauding multitudes. Thirty ecstasies
Sin abony who Ve set the entire world singing their fascinating and
bielodious ion bld. A joyous blending of song, story and dance,
Sby theert under the°sun.
AV ATION Black. I ttiI
ReView. of Mlrtlh and MLelody
--Are th fe ,pop.,ar -ompany Th b 'r i serma e the
une awesneodp and iintn i r ir-e-NJOYEENT OF
tten. B g the little oned, ey enjoy it better thia i'
e OLtir shouting voce f be required d
CAKE W . , ( -eL m
Stoppa and J. M. Thorne, on the charge
of.g.and larceny.
-a-Ped Currier and wife of Island
Poiat, Vt., arrived in Billings last
we.i and will make their future home
Montana- Mr. Carrier is a nephew
dra.. Jobun L Wilson and Mrs. John
lanley, and, will go to work on Mr.
Stanley's ranch down the valley.
S-JUstice of the Peace Kelly, who
was injured last summer in a runaway,
eceied notice last week that the com
pany in which he carried accident in
surance, the Masonic Fraternal Acci
dent association, would remit him dur-.
.ing the mqnth.the sum of $178.57.
-"The Week of Prayer" is being
observed by nightly meetings at the
Methodist and Congregational churches
this week. A watch night service was
held Saturday night at the former, at
which the old year was bade adieu and
the new year given a cordial welcome.
-C. M. Gibbons, who has for a
number of years held the chief position
in the, stenqgrapher's force 'in the
Northern Pacific offices at Livingston,
has come to Billings and accepted the
position in Agent Kennedy's office
made vacant by the resignation of Will
-a The Maverick Hose company held
a New Year's ball in the Armory hall
Friday night, which was not as well 't
attended as usual owing to the cold F
weather. The ladies of the Catholic E
church served a midnight sapper in the E
Terrell building, which netted them
about $30.
-Chas. M. Bair and family leave to- I
morrow for San Barunardino, California, t
where they will spend the winter t
months basking in the delightful clime t
of the Pacific coast. They will be ac
companied by W. L. Linton and fami
ly, who will remain there a couple
of months. f
-Fred Moore of Minneapolis, who I
was the guest for a week of his sister, t
Mrs. R. E. Harkness, in this city on a
his return from a trip to Spokane, has s
returned to his home. Mr. Moore is a F
student of the Northwestern School of I
Osteopathy and will graduate the com- I
ing spring. a
-Despite the denial of Fred H. t.
Foster of this city that he is not look- a
ing for any legislative position, the
Helena Independent says: "In eastern F
Montana Fred H. Foster is reported as v
a candidate for one of the $8-a-day 1
clerkships, of which there are three is' eh
the house alone." o
-It is better never to make a resolu- si
tion than to make one and break it. h
The new year has been entered upon t!
and many were the resolves for doing It
better this year, than ever before. Let P
one of our resolutions be to strive to tl
make the city of Billings more progres- if
sive than ever before. ii
-Sheriff Hubbard and family have i
taken up their abode in the household s'
apartments of the county jail, while
ex-Sheriff Berky and family have ri
moved into the Erickson residence on b
the south side. Mr. Berky expects to o:
ermove to his farm in the spring and B
return to private life. 01
-John Dyer, the old timer of the c'
Stiinkingwater country, who has been C
in town for the past week or ten days, st
was on his way to Missouri to visit his 01
father. Mr. Dyer has sold his ranch to fl
H. A. C. Darley, an Englishman, who 01
will engage extensively' in the cattle a.
business on the Stinkingwater. oi
-Fred H. Foster is in Helena this
week, and although he says not it is
averrfd by intimate friends that he is
after.a lucrative legislative position. B
Of cdurse he would like to have again at
been elected chief clerk of the senate, P1
but knowing that to be impossible, may tc
take some fat clerkship if thrown in his b(
direction. ni
-A certain professional man very
.tptly put it yesterday when he tolG
The Gazette reporter that he was g g
to try and carry his own money bh
year, instead of having somn e else
carry it for him. By this h eant he C
was going to try and collect e money er
due him for services, instead of having D
his debtors carry it.
-J. B. Elliott, who has been visit
ing his family in this city during the
holidays. left yesterday for New Brigh
ton, Minn., where ho is feeding sheep
this winter. Mr. Elliott does not antici
pate any profit in tha sheep market this
year. He says the price of feed has
been raised from $7 to about $12 and
besides the market has taken a decided
drop. to
-County Treasqrer . George left A
Saturday night for Helena to watch the
assembling of the Sixth legislature and T
pull for the Daly candidate for senator. hi
It is said that Mr. George has his optics e,
e at on the democratic nomination for
state treasurer two: years hence and
p will leave no stone unturned to get it.
t While this is going on Geo. M. Hays is
3 looking on with a merry twinkle in his
right eye.
1 --The Knights of Pythias lodge of
this city has made arrangements with
the well-known theatrical company,
the Sanford Dodge, for the production
of "Damon and Pythias" in Billings
and the date set is January 27. This
is a play on which the lodge was
formed, showing the lasting friendship
between two men. It never fails to
draw a good house and our people are
eagerly awaiting the night for its pro
--The article in Friday's Gazette in
regard to the case of Fred Johnson,
wherein that gentleman was arrested
for chopping and mutilating the trees
in front of the lumber yard of H. M.
Allen & Co., should have ad the city
of Billings vs. Fred Jo son, instead
of H. M. Allen vs. Fred ohnson. Mr.
Allen set the tr s op about fifteen
years ago, but beig the street they
are the property the city, and Mr.
Allen had nothing whatever to do with
the case.
-Helen Ford, one of the inmates of
Mattie Owens' baguio, determined to
start a different life with the new year
and on Saturday night swallowed a
sufficient dose of poison to carry lher
safely over the waves to the other
shore. But her companions did not
wish to see her leave them thusly and
a physician was called, who, after some
hard work, had the woman relieved of
the deadly substance and on the road
to recovery. 'No motive is given for
the suicidal attempt.
-Rocky Mountain Husbaudman:
"The big Montana squash that took the
premium at the Yellowstone county
fair and was afterwards placed in the
Montana exhibit at the Omaha exposi
tion and proved to be the largest shown
at the great expcsition, has been pre
sented to Mr. Stewart of the Northern
Pacific exposition car, which is now
making a tour of the southern states. "
This squash is a product of Hesper farm
and is of sufficient proportions to make
the eyes of all spectators open with
-American Sheep Breeder, Chiciago:
Philip I. Moule, the old-time Montana
woolgrower, took dinner with us. Mr.
Moule owns 14,000 sheep and considers
every ewe worth $4 per head. He was
offered -15 cents for his wool but con
signed it to a well-known eastern
house. He is more than pleased with
the ten shearing machines he purchased
last year and believes the shearing
problem of the west will be solved by
the machine. Mr. Moule's sheep crook
is having a big sale and he is negotiat
ing with a large Chicago manufactur
ing, establishment for crooks enough to
supply the entire country.
-Invitations announcing the mar
riage of Miss Deesie O. Carns and W. 2
M. Cox, which took place at the home
of the former's parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.
B. Cams, in University Place, Neb.,
on Thursday, have been received in this I
city. Mrs. Cox is a sister of Miss Cora
Carns, a teacher in the Billings public I
schools, and will be remembered as one
of last year's teachers. She made many
friends during her stay of one year in e
our city and was loved and respected by t
all. Mr. Cox is a prominent merchant t
of Rapid City, S. D., where the couple I
will be "at home" to friends after Jan. I
12. t
-0. F. Goddard leaves tonight for
Helena to be absent several days while
attending to matters before the su
preme court. Tomorrow he will listen
to Colonel Sanders make an argument
before the court for a rehearing in the
murder case of Spotted Hawk. Thurs
day Mr. Goddard, as one of the attor
neys, will argue for a new trial in the
Geddes murder case, and on Friday
will argue in the Welch murder case
before that tribunal. Mr. Goddard
will be assisted by Judge DeWitt and
C. R. Middleton, while Attorney Gen
eral Nolan will assist County Attorney
Poxter of Custer county for the prose
--[ewistown Democrat: Unus Schei
belhut, the well-known miner who eu
listed with Troop M of Billings for the
war, returned last week to Fergus
county. After being discharged at
Chickamauga Gus went east to
Pennsylvania to visit his old home.
He states that while in the service he
was not even sick for a day, but he
took extraordinary care of himself.
A. L. Lumsden, familiarly known as
"Slivers," and who also enlisted with
Troop M of Billings, is now visiting at
his old home in Ohio. He will, how
ever, return to Lewistown in time for
the opening of the baseball season.
-Ernest Hogan, who has made him
self famous and immensely rich by his
song "All Coons Look Alike to Me," is
the leading comedi:.a with Black
Patti's Troubadours, which is to appear
at the Billings opera house Friday
evening of next week, Jan. 18. Hogan
has proven a valuable acquisition to
the Black Patti company. "Jim
Jollier" is the real thing in the
musical skit, "Jolly Coney Island."
He has made the biggest hit of his
stage career. He is truly a remarkable
genius and is without equal among the
colored race as comedian, composer ahd
characteristic interpreter of modern
coon songs.
-Mesdames Harry M. Allen and H.
W. Rowley "received" last night at
their homes the young men of Bilings.
The hours for "open house" were from
7 to 10 o'clock, the hostesses being as
sisted by the following young ladies':
Mrs. Allen by Misses Anna BRixon,
Maud Boyle, Dora' Gruwell, May Ed
wards, Edith Colvin and Lois Fagaley;
Mrs. owley by Misses Sara Evans,
Reynolds, ' atrix athes6n, Maud
Gru.ell, Wired .e Rxon, Whaley and
1,ith Walk". 4t eahb plaoe the guests
were.pleasa eortained and served
with a dsiluunohepa. Abort thirty
young men accepted of the hospitality
of these two estimpable ladies.
-Reports froQi Red Lodge say tha
Tom Salmon, the man who killed Will
iam O'Connornand who is under sent
ence of death; is considered thbr mos
brutal vihlaln seen in that country in
many a day Be will be executed in
about three weks, but this fact does not
seem to have much effect on his con
duct. He talks flippantly of his ap,
proaching hanging. and his blas.
phemoun utterances are enough to ter
rify evei the hardened criminals in the
jail. When not abusing visitors, he
sings ribald songs and winds up With
a stream of profanity that would dc
credit to a drunken sailor. He eata
heartily, sleeps soundly and seems not
to borrow trouble over his impending
-Those who are fortunate to be able
to attend the performance of Black
Patti's Troubadours in this city on Fri
day evening of next week, Jan. 18, may
confidently anticipate a genuine treat.
The company is without question one
of the best of its kind organized in this
or any other country. The ebony
artists who comprise the company have
been selected with rare judgment and
they offer superb support to Black
Patti, who ranks among the great sing
ers of the age. The performance they
render includes comedy," burlesque,
vaudeville and opera, presented with
magnificent and costly costumes and
appropriate scenery. All the popular
"coon songs" and "buck dances" are
introduced in the first part and the
great operatic olio, in which Black
Patti and her glorious voice are im
portant factors, embrace selections from
the various standard grand and comic
The Miners of the Rocky Fork Coal Com
pany Quit Work.
The report reached Billings this
morning of a strike among the miners
of the Rocky Fork Coal company at
Red Lodge yesterday. Up to the time
of going to press we are unable to verin
fy the report.
Rees Davis, president of the Red
Lodge, Miners' union, was last week
discharged from the mines and the ser
vice of the coal company apd this is
supposed to have so incensed the union
that the strike is the result. At the
time of Davis' dismissal the coal com
pany announced that it .was occasibned
purely for neglect of duty and that "his
connection with the uniozl did not
enter into the matter of his discharge.
Bear Creek Coal..
Always on hand and we can prompt
ly fill all orders on and after this date.
Toole & Vaughan.
Dec. 27, 1898. 71-tf
Under this heading we will publish
notices for 15 cents per line for the firs,
insertion and 10 cents per line for each
subsequent insettion. A special rate
will be made for notices running one
month or longer. No advertisement
taken for less than 25 cents.
FOR SALE; CHEAP.-A combination
pool and billiard table, bar, back
bar, mirror, ice. chest and safe. Apply
to H. Lt Williams; Junction, Mont. 64-t1
Next to N. P. R. H. Depot,
WriPrices. d-w illo , ontan,
Twenty-=Seventh St.
s.ST r r a - P. .I SEITs , Prop
I - llg ';
AI Ro11e Skatig R1$
I !
* 1 r a:n p
in ert tJin k
Music bythe Lo, W
is extended to the IT l'
Cof`the i. t'nn hof, visa
rik and spend a pleasant even
g. Rink opens afterpoon a
iLmes. -LGS O
DECP T & Cl , Propss.
F i ntined I t. -e
in the Conneto
YelA tonC.A ly
JOS. PARQ &1 8 C, P
Coohrge F. Bennigho Prop.
R.ates on Applicatio
llegumlav ainevs
A. First-Class Restaurants o'pc.
all hours.O
Bakery in Connection
lOS. PARQUE & ., .
. P. I3anh
Regpal Dinners
a..n - .. g ,,
pi- *i·

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