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:he Billings Gazette,
. . H. BB.OKF.R, Prop.
E. L. BOARDMAN, Editor and Manager.
entered at the Billings Postoflice as Seoond
Clase Matter.
Subscrtptton I atce.
One year, in advance ...........$3.00
Si' month................. 1.50
ii..ii................ .05
TUE8DAY, JANUARY 81, 1899.
This newspaper believes, in which
opinion it is supported by most of the
people of the state, that W. A. Clark
purchased his election to the United
States senate. The impression is gen
eral that most of the democrats and all
of the republicans who voted for him
did so for a financial consideration.
Discredit and ignominy have been cast
upon Montana by the contest and Mr.
Clark, therefore, will never enjoy the
respect of his constiutents unless he
clears himself of the charges of bribery
borught against him. The report of
that Helena grand jury was not a vin
dication: the people will never be satis
fied that bribery was not practiced un
til the charges are thoroughly investi
gated by the courts. Mr. Clark should
court such an investigation and if he
has been done a wrong this newspaper
will be among the first in .the state to
do him justice.
At the outset the senatorial contest
was strictly a democratic fight and it
was reasonable to suppose that a demo
crat would be elected. From a politi
cal standpoint, Clark had the sympathy
of a majority of the republicans at the
start, but when he invaoed the ranks of
that party and prostituted its members
by the use of money to secure an elec
tion, it became the people's fight;
Clark was not content with buying
most of his democratic supporters, but
must spread the black blot of infamy
broadcast over all political parties in
Montana. His contention was that he
was trying to break the one-man power
of an opposing democratic facti.on; that
he would succeed without the assistance
of republican votes, which he did not
,desire; that he was fighting to liberate
the democratic party from the tyranni
xcal rule of a corporation boss.
But the outcome of the contest proves
'that Clark was deceitful. He was
fighting to gratify his personal ambi
'ion, not to liberate democracy; he has
spread the disgrace which always fol
lows democratic ascendancy to the rb
publican party and allowed the impres
sion to go abroad that that organization
is as rotten as the one he himself affili
ates with. This makes it more diffi
cult for the republicans to redeem Mon
tana and prove to the world that it is
not a rotten' borough, a characterization
for which the Clark-Daly feud is solely
responsible. This invasion and prosti
tution of the republican party by Clark
was not necessary to insure his success;
seven democrats not identified with
either faction voted for Maginnis on
the final ballot, enough to elect Clark
with three to spare. But, to the shame
of the republicans, be it said, they
were cheaper than the democrats; he
drove the best bargain he could, regard
less of the consequences, one of which
is that Clark is now as cordially de
tested by the republicans as he is hated
by the democratic faction that fought
As for the Daly faction, whose poli
tical methods this newspaper has never
condoned, there is now no doubt that
its influence was exerted in the right
direction in the senatorial fight. But
its greed, in wanting to name the sena
tdr;^besides defeating Clark, has cost
- teo its honor; several times dur
i fight the Daly people could
e elected a democrat to whom.no
sappicion of bribery would have been
attached. They are therefore culpable,
but nevertheless will now do Montana
a signal service if they will carry these
bribery charges into the courts, into the
senate chamber itself, antd prove that
this state cannot be prostituted with
impunity by a millionaire's gold.
Schaob a movement would receive the
hearty lppport and co-operation of all
deeat people of the state, without re
4ei to party aMliations; the seating
e W . A Clark i the federal senate
,thesat a protest from the honest oiti.
aue)p o at Moates. lsa virtual udmis
tht she is laap.bl* of statehood
ti the tuitlriel eovarnmmnt
atdbamanw mmer
.1m .
_,m;ip-. -MCMehpi·II
more eason that it should .bepreserved
on tliht accountl ...dstut like an o eis in
a blank deeerc of in my aeendng . 11
aov he. tate:i,1.fjlt these# ,oqr nems
furnish the nucleus for the building up
of a republican majority in future
Montana legislatures. They are herogs,
every one; they possess that strength
of character and fidelity to principle
which makes men great; _ .the,. agee
steadfast and true, upright and honest
and every man, woman and cbild in
the state respects them. All honor to
this heroic little band. The millions
of a democratic boodler did not tempt
the men who compose it; all his wealth
could not swerve them from the path of
Take heart, republicans of Montana,
and resolve, in future campaigns, to se
lect only men of that character fcr leg
islative candidates. There are plenty
of them in every county in the state;
they must and will redeem this great
commonwealth and prove to the world
that personal honor and political integ
rity still live in Monntana. This is a
dark hour for the honest men of the
state, but right will triumph and the
republican party be preserved; that
organization cannot be junstly held
responsible for the acts of eleven trait
ors who deserve to be in the state peni
tetiary instead of sitting in the legisla
. S. Hobson of Fergus County.
W. W. Beasely of Sweetgrass County.
B. D. Phillips of Choteau County.
C. C. Long bf Fergus County.
G. W. Magee of Teton County.
Samuel Mitchell of Teton County.
S. A. Bywater of Flathead County.
A. L. Jacqueth of Flathead County'
J. H. Geiger of Flathead County.
G. F. Ingersoll of Custer County.
G. F. Marcyes of Custer County.
The above are the eleven republicans
in the Montana legislature who voted
last Saturday for W. A. Clark for
United States senator. No excuse can
be offered for their crime. They have
disgraced themselves and their constit
uents and brought dishonor upon their
party. No sensible man in the state
will believe that they did not sell their
votes for money; they supported the
only democrat in the contest who was
purchasing members and must therefore
suffer the ignominy of having betrayed
their party for gold.
These men are disgraced and should
evermore be shunned by all honest citi
zens. They are traitors to political
principle and strangers to honor. They
do not belong to the republican party;
it is no longer responsible for them;
they are outcasts. They had fair warn
ing of the category in which they
would be placed before they voted for
the democratic arch boodler; Repre
sentatives Lindsay and Hedges, besides
scores of republicans from all over the
state, adjured them to be honest and
turn away from temptation.
These eleven men deserve no sympa
thy; they will receive 'none from re
spectable people. The disgrace will
follow them to their graves, descend to
their children and grandchildren and,
like the six republican traitors who
sold out to W. A. Clark in 1898, mis
fortune will overtake them. Every one
of those men today are practically pen
niless, as well as disgraced. Money ob
tained in that manner does not stay
with a man; there is a curse upon it.
The same fate will follow the eleven
traitors of last Saturday. The price of
dishonor is poverty and abject misery
in this life, eternal damnation in the
life hereafter and a name which black
ens the pages of history to be read by
generations yet unborn. Disgrace is
eternal. The day will come when the
men who last Saturday betPayed their
party will agree that death-with
honor-would have been a preferable
fate. There is none to do them honor
Not a single republican in Yellow
stone county, this newspaper is proud
to say-either before or since his elec
tion-has been heard to express himself
in favor of the republican members
voting for Clark for senator. That die
grace belongs alone to Lewis and
Clarke and Custer counties, outside of
which sentiment was universal that the
republicans should stand by a party
man. The folly of the republicans of
Helena might have been expected, but
there is no exose for thoseof C uster
county. We are surprised at their ao
tion and can hardly believe that forty
odd men in good old republicana uster
county advised cune of their legislative
members to stultify himself and pre-O.
tale his party. It is almost inoredlbe,
hat that appsaus t be the reeord, al
theagh it does. m strage ste eaeh
Alget justIste eas that nmu ete,
i maa*t i ba bhi the lgia.
lature, wast not importuned to follow
in;the footsteps of the other traitors.
V .Kay is the one ray of light in a per
fliipps crowd from Custer, and. while
we know that P5 per cent of the rppub
licans of that county will condemn the
treachery~ of their representatives, we
sympathize with our loyal neighiors
in the disgrace that 'has been heaped
upon.them_,.y a few republiqans taking
sach a, stand. q ol. Sam Gordon, we
trust, will promptly cleanse the repuhb
lican party of Custer of that element;
the organization, largely tlirougb his
teachings, is strong enough to dispenise
with members of that stripe, who
should be immpdiately loaded into the
Clark boodle wagon and carted off to
Nothing has so puzzled the assessor
as how he could catch the tax shirker,
but the best plan devised to get him is
a bill introduced in the Dakota legisla
ture. The Montana legislature might
pattern after Dakota in this particular,
which would prove a blessing to this
state. The bill in question provides
that every assessor shall carry a seal
and stamp every bond, note, mortgage,
or other evidence of indebtedness; that
all notes and mortgages not stamped by
the assessor shall be void. This law
would come nearer trapping the shirk
ers than any we have seen proposed.
With such a law the holders of all such
papers would not dare do any shirking.
Anaconda Standard: As to the re
publican flop to Clark, let it be known
to all men that Thomas C. Power and
Senator Lee Mantle actively aided and
abetted it, and that Col. Wilbur F.
Sanders did everything he could to
hold the republicans in line.
W. A. Clark, with the world's
boodle record, and A. J. Campbell,
with his Pinkerton detective proclivi
ties and genius for draw poker, will
make a fine pair in Washington, in
deed! But they'll be notorious, any
Representative Lindsay: "Not for
$100,000 would I stand in the shoes of
any one of those eleven republican who
voted for W. A. Clark. They will be
execrated by the republican party and
despised by all mankind."
The Sheridan (Wyo.) Enterprise has
changed hands again, Fred J. Meyer
having sold the paper to his younger
brother, Amil Meyer, who will con
tinue the publication as heretofore.
There are three Yellowsone demo
crats in Helena, we believe, who ap
prove of the eleciton of Clark, but so
far only one other in this county has
been discovered.
The senate has agreed unanimously
to take a vote on the peace treaty on
Feb. 6, at 3p. m.
The dispatches state that King Oscar
of Swedenr at the urgent demand of his
physicians, has abdicated the throne in
favor of his son, Crown Prince Gustaf.
Former Attorney General Garland
was stricken with apoplexy last Thurs
day, while addressing the United States
supreme court. He was carried from
the dhamber, but died almost im
The special committee appointed to
investigate into the scandals in connec
tion with the' election of an United
States senator in California filed a re
port Friday. It found Wright, speaker
of the assembly, guilty of accepting
In reply to a request of Hamilton
Brown,editor of the British Realm, for
an expression of opinion on Great
Britain's imperial policy, Admiral
Dewey says: "After many years
of wanderings, I have come to the
conclusion that the mightiest factor in
the civilization of the world is the im
perial policy of England. "
After escaping death from drowning,
eleven of the crew of the ship Manbare
were captured and eaten by cannibals
of New Guinea. The Manbara was
bound for Sydney, Australia. when it
was caught in the terrific gale of De
cember. Near Cape Nelson it began to
sink. The crew, 18 all told, left the
vessel in two boats and soon became
separated. One boat containing 10
men, was finally thrown ashore ten
miles from the cape. The sailors were
seized by natives from the interior and
hurried off to the village of the chief.
The sailors were stripped and burned
and killed, one eaoh day.
Dyapeias can be cured by using
Aoker's Dyspeia Tablets. One little
Tablet will give Immediate relief, or
money refunded. Sold in handsome tin
boxes at 5 cents. Sold by Chapple
Drug Co.
Yellowutone Park imp.
The Northern -Pacific railway has
jast Issmed a new map of Yellowstoue
Park, that should be in demand. It is
a rellet map in elous, ~. ulentl ball
made, and is eompie in PQ
and nwom.noel. eo ap0 mm
Wit* mLWiims hsma Ld la gpms
- paps Sthe making ItS umbI t
sheet ando htaessmea sired wi lMl
oa" soaIa M taat
lh~e Irving and Longfellow rhetorical
aboieties of the high sc ol will give
their half-year joint programme at the
opetra house Friday, evening of this
week, "The pr ai mp is printed else
where. It is theii itntion of the high
school literary societiAs to give occa
sional public 'porgrammes, ptimarily
for tl ',bep.flt received ipdividpally,
and also to promote a fund for the
purchase of a pianifor' the high school.
The, exeroises~.Priday evening will be
conducted by the, societies through their
presiding offloerg and the proceeds will
be used is-the nucleus of a piano fund.
Tickets 15, 25 and 35 conts. On sale,
after Tueslay, at Lieberg, Holmes &
Calhoun's drug store. By buying
tickets early you nmay avoid the crush
that attended the sale of tickets at the
former school entertainment. Only
tickets, enough to seat the house will
be sold, and every person having a
ticket will secure a seat.
Monthly Report for January, 1899.
Mies Evans....... 81.8 32.9 9.3 . 2. 1
Ii sPhillips..... 25 22.4 23. 9.6 2 1. 2
Miss Hood....... 49 44. 45. 198.2 4 16. 4
Miss EdwadA.... 5 54.5 57.6 94.7 2 59. 3
Miss Pilcher ..... 56 48.1 49.9 92.2 9 67.5 4
Miss Hayden.... 37.4 38. 118.1 1 12. 5
Miss Carns....... 52 16.4 49 94.5 8 54. 8
Miss Crawford... 42.8 46. 94.7 4 45.5 1
Mifs Reynolds... 47 40.7 44.5 92.4 8 78. 1
Mrs. Foster .... 50 9.5 89.9 99. 2 7.5 4
Total........... 462406. 426. 95. 40402.528
SHonor Roll.
Room 4, South, Miss Ella H. Hood.
Teacher. -Harry Davis, Inez Elliott,
Harold Tomlinson, Orley Nelpon, Har
old Rixon, Robie Holmes, Harold Stull,
Lillie Schmudlach, Walter Brown.
Wayne Vaughan, Palma Nelson, Roy
Matheson, Dora Rademaker, Lena Oh
land, Maud Hart, Mead Brown, Alva
Baker, Addie Goulding. Bessie Awe,
Amy Rademaker, Birdie Szitniok, Josie
LaVigne, Oscar Davis, Lillie Marsh.
Fourth and Fifth Grades, Miss Jane
E. Pilcher, Teacher.-Leora Brown,
George Deckert, Mary Flanagan, June
Gardner, Della Gilsdorf. Arthur Han
serd, Ethel McBride. Ben Heusen. Van
Salsbury, Minnie Stupe, Ben Witham;
Mike Flanagan. Reuben Smith, Essie
Summers, Fenew Deckert, Earl Fri-.
zelle, Mabel Hoe, Ethel Hanserd.
Pearl Owens, Sophia Sawyer, Frances
Tschudy, Ole Hoyem.
Third and Fourth .Grades, North.
Frank Conney, Gertrude Davis, Willie
Eilers, Florence Hutchinson, Helen
Herford, Whitney Herford, Conrad
Heffner, Fred Lechner, Kate Matheson,
Henry Mason, Rae Newton, Ethel New
ton. Mary Peters, Abner Robbins, Maud
Segur, Ira Salsbury, Helen Haynes,
Constance Chapple, Mary Hill, Lisle
Hammond, Dolorise Parker, Jennie
iteed, Ned Townsend, Willie Clanton,
Ralph White. Cassius "White, Fannie
Second and Third Grades, South.
Myrtle Andress, Tom Clarke, Richard
Davis, Willie Davis. Bernice Deckert,
Robert Foster, Walter Graham. Chrissie
Hoe, Rufus Sawyer, Bert Sehock, Mary
Shearwood, Ruby Tomlinson, Myrtle
Tsehudy, Florence Wilson, Grace Awe,
Lobert Huckleberry, Mae Kennedy,
Mannie Murphy. Helene O'Donnell,
Lottie Schock, Frank Swim, Edith Szit
nick, Ella Erickson, Edmund Sunymers.
Room 4, North.-Edna Allen, Edna
Cardwell, Walter Chrysler, Edna Craw
ford, Florence Davis, Anna Dunne,
Marie Hannan, Wm. Parker, Alice
Radcliff, Lillie Reed, Harold Ross,
Wm. Parker, Alice Shaw, Lucile
Vaughan, Lucy Hawks, Mamie Clan
ton, Lyle Hungerford, Amy Benuig
hoff, Eva Berky, Joseph Biesinger,
Jennie Crowe, Gertrude Crowe, Irene
Elliott, Myrtle Hammond, Claude
Lane, Frank Robbins, Hugh Rowley,
Harry Segur, Elizabeth Trieschman,
Max Zimmerman, Sydney Zimmerman,
Clara Spear, Carl Wells, Walter Wal
Primary Grade, North. - Edna
Dunne, Geraldine Panton; Bessie Ten
Eyck, Gertrude McCormick, Agnes
Burton, Bessie Borgers, Leonard Ter
rell, Florence Hubbard, Roland Kel
lison, Nellie Reed, Frances Rinehart,
Marie Segur, Myrtle Weber, Otto Kim
berly, Joseph Nelson.
To Be Given in the Opera House Friday
Evening, Feb. 3.
Piano Solo-Valse ............ Chopin'
Lora Goddard.
"Old Mother Hubbard. "........
Roscoe Allen.
Quartette-Tyrolese Chorus......
Martha Tompkins, Ida Lamport,
Lora Goddard, Hattie Brayton.
"Our New Navy in Peace and War."
Edward Fraser.
ueat-" Whispering Hope. "......
Ida Lamport, Mary Towne.
"The Witches".............
Edith Lavigne, Lulu Railsbapk,
Stella Hoover, Clara Sohmudlaoh.
Original Verse.................
Hattie Brayton.
Violin Solo-Selection from Bohe
mian Girl.............. ...
Ellen Stebbins.
"Sweet Briar Roe." ............
Lulu Railsback.
"Nightfall." ..............
Oeoil Brookwar, Mande Gruawll,
Mariog Thum, Winnte Jones.
periments .......................
Yred Penrd. Director.
p g som ....................
Mart Tempki~.
".M . olm m um. qu"ueoem.'"
b. g- Ih4w a"°. Puq"'.
M~P~ 3ul~~ " U=k. UsW.
Special / A Complete
Attention Line of
given to .. Perfumes,
Physicians Soaps,
ns Combs and
Prescriptions Brushes
bay and Night" , .of all kinds.
Close Cutter on Every Class of Building Material. w
Location-N. P. Right-of-Way, South Side, Billings, Montana.
A.L. Babcock ardware Co.
Savage, Winchester, Marlin Rifles,
Colts and Smith & Wesson Revolvers,
Ammunition and Sporting Goods.
Yellowstone Valley Mills CONNECTION
------ .. . .
"Wholesale and Retail Grocers
S and Dealers in General Merchandise.
Come and See Us in the New Wardwell Block,
Opposite D)epot.
liCrystal Springs Hard Coal Constantly on Hand-il
Donooon 5. pear
Wish to annouhce to the good people of
Billings and surrounding country 4
that we are headquarters for
+ Groceries, Queensware, Harness, 4
Studebaker Wagons and Bugg es,
Barb Wire, Nails, Lawn Mowers=
Yours to please, 4
Q ~oeky Fork GoaL D
, ay and . Donooan 8 peaQP*
Sirjý ` rTIME ARD.-I·LI.INQa -
MA$T GOU en m.
*la II a A? h.U eOr Iin .u.S

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