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On e More for Billings. N NsT'~TiTr N long
wanted in this lprt of
GlobeSteam e Woks Montana, the Globe Steam
Dye Wrks, will be under the
Next Doo to Cout management of J. H. B3cr
ext oor to Cot ous nir, who has had years of
oxplerincie in the stenam cleaning andt dying business. Chemical Dry
C eaning and French Scouring Process.
i Ladies' and Gents' Garments Cln, I, Pressed,, Dy,d Rapirid
************ ********* ****
M ail No. I..............1:40 ( . I . 1:50It n, in.
Mlail No. 2'........... 7:05 a. in. 7:151 a. ill.
Accomllnodatiun .......7::5 p. Ill. 7:80 a. In.
Daily Except Sunday.
.Accoln liodlttiio ........ .:80 p. In. 8:05 a. In.
Daily except Sunday.
H. N. KENNEDY, Agent.
1'liisse.?.Ir No. 42 ........... .. 8: H. iii.
Freight No. 411 ................ 10:015 ,i. in.
flassNHener No. 41 .............. 7:0() p. 11.
Freight No. 45 .................... .)0 i. in.
General Delivery... 8:00 a, in. to 7:00 p. In.
Sunday ............ 9:00 a. In. to 10:80 a. ii.
Money Order Dept.. 8:00 a. In. to 5:80 p. in.
'rain No. 1-Western .............. 0:00 p. in.
Train No. 2-Eastern ........... (:30 n. in.
Train No. 42-Burlington ........ 8:00 n. in.
Train No. 21-Red Lodge, Mont.,
and Big Horn county Wyo.... 16:80 a. In.
Stago-Lavina and uorth......... (1:45 a. in.
'Stage-Pryor and touth.......... (1:45 a. in.
L. F. BABCOCK. Postmaster.
-Ho liithor wanted at steaim dye works
'next to c'ourt house.
-It's off. Are you nui A home or
investment, 41-tf
-Rocky Fork coal cleaned, $:. 75 per
toll; better thiln ever. I)onovain &
Spear. *
-Real estate and insurance is W. B.
George's hobby and he knows how to
work it. *
-Rooky Fork coal cleaned, $3.75
per ton; better than ever. Donovan
& Spear.
-Peters, the tailor, is still leading.
See his suits to measure at $15, pants
at *5, and up. *
-The Dawson county fair will be
held at Sidney for three days this week,
commencing tomorrow.
-If you have any real estate you
wish to dispose of, just call on W. B.
George. He can sell it for you. *
-The Bridger Coal company at
Bridger has added three new mining
machines and the output of the mine
will now be greatly increased.
-The Bittner Theater company
;closed a week's successful engagement
at the Billings opera house Saturday
night and departed the next morning
for the west,
-Paul McCormick. Jr., entertained
a number of friends at a dance in the
Daniel Boone cabin Friday night, pre
vious to his departure for Salt Lake.
A number of the young people of the
city participated.
-Butte Miner: In the divorce pro.
ceedings of Mary Crenshaw against
William Urenshaw for a decree of sepa
ration on the grounds of failure to pro.
vide, proof was offered and a decree
granted by Judge Clancy, Saturday,
the plaintiff being awarded the custody
of the child.
-Fergus County Argus: F. L.
Summnners and Elmer B. Carter of Bill.
ings have been in this part of the
county for a week past looking after
sheep purchases. Among purchases
made was one from the McDonald
Creek Sheep Up, of 2,500 coarse wool
lambs at $S. 20.
-Wcrd comes from Lewistown that
Dorothy McVay, widow of John Mc
Vay, lihas sold all of the MoVay prop.
erty on American Fork, in the Mussel
shell country to the American Fork
Land & Stock company, an incorpora
tion of which Sume Shaw and Charles
D. Elliot are the principal stockholders.
-The preacher who can preatch to
please every hearer, the editor who can
write to pleans every reader, the mer.
chaut who csIn sell to please every oels
somer, the lawyer who cln speak to
please every listener and the dress.
wmaker who otnt please every woman tire
all dead and wearing wings iii Heaven.
Perfection is not found in humanuity.
--Iivingston Buterprise: Now that
Joe Allen, who was convicted of the
murder of J.1 , Bynolds la Lewis and
Olarke county, has been duly and legal
ly executed, publio attention will be
transferred froin the capital city to
Billlngs, where Murderer Brooks is
soon to play the engagement of his life,
with Sheriff Hubbard as lmatsr of cer
-Yellowstone Jourual: O;ia of the
largest, if not the largest cattle deal toi
be reparted fur the season between local
patiles, has Just been closed by which
J. M. Holt heooses the owner of all of
Plerre Wibana's "she" stock. The
onnuirao oall. for delivery in two years,
the ireus of whlPh is to he made to,
morrow audd will amsber at 1,400
to 1,oo00 hards own. ad e , a.0r
nat Seur' dellv" s will be w al atl
1,400 emwrllu b!lles., whak will thoe
trop their first calves. rJThe terms of
he sale are private, but roupbly esti
noted the transaction involves the pay.
uent of about $140,000 to $150,000,
rhe tirst lot will be taken to Mr. Holt's
unge on the Powder river, and while
t is not known, it is believed that the
owe will be shipped to market, while
ih ctalves will be kept on the range
iutil they mature. Tihe sale was ef
'cted by C. B. Towers.
-Mrs. Charlton Edholmh, viOcepresi
lent of the Ameri(an Purity league,
catured iii the M. . church Sunday
night on "Traffic in Girls and Rescue
Work." It was a very interesting lea.
ure and oun which could not help but
ippeal to the better natures of those
)reseut. Mrs. Edholm has sgniflped
er willingn(ess to returnll to Billings
trlid In (i'for will be tide to have her
1' so iin about two weeks.
-Coroner Towusend was called to
tiuntley this nmooninjg to inquire into
the death of Theodore Shlindurline,
which occurred lduring last night, the
nau being found dead in his bed this
noruing. No inquest was deemed
iecessary, death resulting apparently
ruom heart disease. The decesed was a
tou-iti-law of J. C. Cooper and leaves a
wife and four small children.
-"The He'irt of Chicago" as a
moenic producltion, is so very impressive
that the merits of the play itself are
apt to be lost sight of. The plot is
rery stroung, and the lines are said to be
verv well written. The play is strong
snough to stand alone without the
marvelous scenic aids employed.
-A social will be given at the home
if Mrs. C. H. Barstow next Friday
jvening by the Epworth league of the
M. E. church. A musical and literary
programme will be rendered and light
refreshments served for the small sum
of 15 cents. A cordial invitation is
extended to everyone.
'.i. H. Martin, a carpenter, work
lag' for W. J. Scott, was robbed of
about $80 in money and an overcoat
last night by his roommate L. L. Linu,
another carpenter, who has left the
town. The. police and sheriffs along
the railroads have been telegraphed his
/-Mrs. C. F. Burton gave a delight.
ful reception Friday afternoon to about
seventy-tive Hillings ladies in honor of
Mrs. Waite of Helena, who is president
Df the assembly of Rebekah lodges.
-W. 0. Snyder of Cody, Wyo., was
here last week to take In the fair and
meet a shipment of young trout from
the Bozeman fish hatchery, which are
to be placed in the Irma lakes.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.
D. Gruwell on tomorrow evening will
take place the marriage of their daugh
ter, Miss Dora and Arthur Blair of
South Pass, Wyo.
-A number of prominent sewer'cou
tractors are in the city today for the
purpose of submitting bids for the cou
struction of the north side system.
--he Mothers' department of the
Womans' club will meet with Mrs. F.
l. Hatbhorn next Thursday afternoon.
Ofmtlers and Membern of TrIoop M Ite
qulletend to Attend Rieceptlion.
Captain J. C. Boud, of ,Troop M of
the Third U. S. Voluuteer cavalry, has
received the followiug invitation for
officers and troop, which is explnua
Butte, Sept. 18, 1899I.-Capt. J. U.
Bond, Billings, Mont.--Dear Captaiu.
Butte wants you uud your offoers anud
troop to help extend a fiWtling J eptiou
to the First regtmeut tq o n return
home; the c oummittee h ug in ohurge
the arraugetoutes fo reception are
speianlly an ouR ' enlist the service
of the rough l s ud I mll taking the
mutter up with the captuins with the
view of Neourinig t latrge tin ltteud
aoce as possible, Moudll for dlistribu
tiou to the Moutnutlsnneldrou, swinuilnr,
only in iuswription, to those for the
First regimenlt are being mldu fltid will
be given ait the NatllU time uIi those to
the First. Kindly talke this niatter up
ait onse aid be gmood onough to let lult
heIr with what NuccesN.
Reip.etfully Yours,
. Lloyd,
(naptain loud NwyNw cattol will be
made to hat. NotJu T the oftioer Iand
troop go to id attend the recep,
tion. All possibly can slnouid
imake it a poiwt to be there when the
First Montana regimdult retunru, Nkev.
eral catlneus have sligulfied their inteu.'
tion of etteudiulg
I, , . I'lsrtl Itl.na NiNrl tlgltlp 1Udl.
tIwrs- Nltslltd' Lessee,
V.aii. weak brought with it mtoll' than
t n.tiusal ullllllr of htouse roIbberie,
Last Tt'ueday afternoin, J)r, A, (]hark
h#ad Q utliston fromi a drawetr in his of.
liN, ailt| early MltndlhAly mIrnint g hi rahl
dutice was riob.l 11 $70 lt+r, 7 rida1y
pight 8i0 wwa stolen froml(r U, U, 1lrmtuw .
hiliPo ald thilt, si.lt' d8y or ventiUlli
irnlak tlif ?irdiltd el fromu O, ,
(tiudlerd's rdntl.Nt. An intry was Ii o
.lffeutet thatt night to AIderml 01
bs ae aueml an he vein Iw An uAn
Ipntr ap f u W a wy),
T. R. Hinds, the Butte sower con
tractor, is in the city today.
S iess Annie Rixon has gone to Bozo.
anu for a visit to relatives and friends.
M. S. Gunn, the Helena attorney,
was a business visitor in the oily Sat.
rs. F. S. Whitney aind daughter ar
ved home Saturduy from a visit to
Denve .
H. Hawkins oucae down from
olunabus today and will leave this
afternoon on a business trip to Chicago.
Senator C. O. Bowlen ad wife of
ed Lodge were the guestsof Mr. and
Mrs. Cass Prudhomme in this city last
W. Hanserd and family returned the
titter part of last week from a several
weeks' visit to various summer resorts
in Wyoming.
Clyde Lewis of Crow Agency was in
the city Sunday night on his way to
Bozeman to attend the state agricul.
tural college.
Mrs. Lawrence of Superior, Neb., or.
rived in the city last week for an ex
tended visit to her daughters, Mrs. J.
L. Harrinlgtotn and Miss Rea Lawrence.
. Gerald Panton left last week for The
Dalles, Oregou, to take charge of a
train load of sheep, which Wmin. Rea is
shippiung to this valley to feeood for the
/ Mrs. W. C. Huewlck departed for her
Mi ue near Whitehall, Mot,., Saturday
night, after a several weeks' visit,to
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Crowe
in this city.
H. F. McFarlit left yesterday for
Butte to attend the K. eof P. grand
lodge, which convenes in that city to.
day. Mr. McFarlin goes as represen.
tutive of the Billings K. of P. lodge.
Col. Saw Gordon, of the Yellowstone
Journal and who also presides over the
destinies of the Miles City land office,
was in the city Saturday and Sunday,
to see the ball games and was glad that
Billings won.
rDr. Andrus of Miles City was here
Saturday to see the bull game. The
doctor was a member of the Miles City
club which played here last July. He
is an old national leaguer and greatly
enjoyed the game.
Mrs. C. W. Barney of Chicago is here
on a two weeks' visit to her sister, Mrs.
J. B. Herford, Mrs. Barney is well
known here, being a daughter of Col.
L. Whitney, tormer postmaster, but
who now is in business at Ourbonado.
.. H. Newman and Grtnt S. Lam
p rt are in Butte this week attending
the grand lodge of the K. of P. The
former is deputy grand chancellor of
this district and a delegate, while the
latter is grand mIuster.at-arms of the
grand lodge.
%_Or. Henry Chapple, Col. A. L. Bab.
cook, W. B. George, Dr. Rinehart, A.
Fraser and J. G. Fraser left yesterday
for Helena to attend the grand lodge of
the Masonic order. Dr. Chapple is
senior grand warden of the Montana
grand lodge.
W. E. Meagher of Muaneapolis, who
formerly ran the old Headquarters
hote, in this city, was here yesterday
looking after business affairs aud shak
ing hands with old triends, Mr,
Meagher is now running a dining car
on the Great Northern railroad,
iMrs 0. G. . Stull left Saturday night
orSan Francisco; to greet her hus
band, Chaplain Stall, on his return
from Manila with his regiment, the
First Montana, Mrs. Stull will prob.
ably remain in the Golden Gate oity
until her husband is mustered out,
which will be at least two weeks after
the regiment's arrival.
Adelbert M. Dewey of Washington,
D. C., a special agent of the United
States department of labor and a rela
tive of the great admiral, was in the
city yesterday, gathering statistics re.
garding labor. Mr. Dewey iI well ano
quainted with his illustrious relative
and has been prevailed upon to lecture
in Helena Thursday night of this week.
IHN A wiy MNiiiluy Alft.r a,. Illnesw
fni,,., (?nmnwu ipt huim,
,Uarl H. Hgm1ntvedt, it well known
usident of this (ilty died at hiu hove
on the south side Sundny of motrp.
tion. T'rho fuIuw(rl N'viou' era hlud
fronm the (Jougrogntioumm aroh yontor.
tfay amftenoon, ceou otod be Nov,
(kimrk, IIIcd atttqitli y eubernaurof the
A. 0, 0 U. 1d l iu d DgIwirec of Holn.
or ili It (odsy i it largu unitebur of
frieunds. 'he dgo took clhtang of the
servioes 1t th t~iumtufury. 'Thei de(ce(a(sed
leliveN 11 1V f antd it sou ebout 111 years
of lima. M Hetlstvedt wit stt one tdinti
IIIJUImad Iin the seluel Iemmwinuss with U.
N, EricksuIIIon ult owlol, Mont., but dim
polwed of his iuterest to his peertner eeanly
lsit springu and Ihas booti flltowing his
old avoctlion of n (Iarpenlter. He was
it Norwepieen by birth cend Ifelonged to
it faitirnli l society in hod Wiaji, Miuu.,
iiis formter howMa, in whlich he carrIIed
1,1000 life iiinturanii, bildl . haviee ngvli n
*9,(J0( policy in the A, I). J, W, order
in this city.
(lardl it Thanks,
Mrs. (JUlep H. Halstvodt wishw. to til,
tend her heartellt thnkis to the mumoee
herb of the A. ' ' OIL W. anld DesIa of
Honour ordrers nud Itionids for their
moany kind 11 eupvesiuiWn of e.Iwteumuiou
aud sympathy in the bmoial of hot has
Not hatving foeeod lr wiUner, I will
elel mIly bUnelh of ciOttle oeentttieM of
87h youug uewlek eatItle, *hiityrllve head
of yearliumu s l f01ty4Y.e horead of
calvew, for 00? por tead, (salvsO
thrown in.) Auim.a whlhhlrti o hoy
suob stool; b oarr0UU7Ifl w mo at
Dg' Timbhr, . os sine s. 4rt641)
Ownlle of Runnling ,HoarNea Plt Their
Anminls Agaillt i.Ineh Other.
4, orse raciug did not 'ad with the
fair, No little rivalry had been cans.
ed by the rnunutu coutents lest week
and the owners of horses proceeded to
try it out on that Ilune if it took all fall.
Waukepnugh, owned by Scarlett, and
Tonl Tongue by Cline, ran a fl00yard
dash at the flair grounds Sunday for a
bet ot $200. Tom Tongue won in 31H,
The big race was pulled off yesterday
afternoonu, when Col, T and Silver Jim
ran three.eighths of a mile. The lat.
toar horse had been purchased the day
before by Sclrlett, who backed him
against Col. T, owned by 0. , O line,
for a purse of $1,000, Besides this,
there wan over $1,000' up in side bets.
It war as pretty a rnce as has been seeu
in niany a day. Silver .lia led for
some distance, but before they reached
the wire Col, T forgtled head nd came
under the wire about half a head's
length in advance, Time 36. An.
other three."ighthe mile dash was run
this afternoon between Col. T anud Sil.
ver Jim, for $000) a side. The for.
ater won Illin intu about the same dis
taunc, time 37.
'rosperllty Aplpears to Have Mtrl'luk the
Trtlhm, lltnervaltloin.
State Examiner Johin (. Morony Iras
returned from an oficial trip to Carbon
and Yellowstone counties, says the Au
aconda Stanudard, during which he ex
amined the records of officials in those
counties inid also conducted a personal
examnination into the fair in progress in
Billings. The fair meets with his high
approval as dno the horses which have
furnisel the races there.
" You ought to see the Crow Iudianus
come into town to see the fair," said
Mr. Morouy yesterday. "They are all
fat and prosperous and seemingly roll
nug in the we'alth of the laud. The
Crow Indiun reservation near by must
be a pince of plenty. I saw hanudsome
buggies drawn by soame of the finent
horses to be had anywhere, with big
buock Crows sitting on the seat driving.
People there told me such sights are
"The oddest thing of 11l, however,
was the fact-related to meii sunh
that a Crow Indian came in the other
day and bought an $18 baby carriage."
A Flriend or tile Itlatl Ml, Has Already
Talked too Mtllch.
News comes from Big Timber to the
effect that 81m Roberts, the slayer of
Nate Young, is not particularly alarm
ed over his future fate, .alys the red
Lodge Picket, Indeedd, it is related of
hinm that his demeanor in jail gives one
the impression that he is counfident of
acquittal when his case comes up for
trial at the next term of court. The
prisoner steadtistly maintains that he
rotedl purely in self-defense when he
fired the ftual shots, and that had he
delayed a second in pulling his gun and
pressilng the triger he, and not Young,
would now he resting peacefully be.
oeath the Nod, The report is that at
the trial the defense will spring a sen
altion, showing that Young, who was
a notorious character and had served a
term in the penitentialry for partiolpat
Aug in an Idaho stage holdup years ago,
had concocted it scheme to kill Roberts,.
It is the talk that no less a person than
Dick Hicks, now deputy sheriff at
Bridget, hlas stated that he overheard a
conversation that had to do with a plot
to put Roberts out of the way, and that
he will be called as a witness in the
In addition to this, the state will be
handlcapped on account of the bad
break made by its chief witness, one of
the two men who were eye witnesses to
the tragedy. Unfortunately for the
prosecution, this iudividual, in his mis
guided zeal to aid in avenging the
death of ihis friend, has given utterance
to talk that will tend to greatly dis
credit his testimony, So atxious is he
to place the uoeo around Roberts'
neck, that his testimony will be shorn
of much of the weight that it would
otherwise have. The Picket is iln a po.
itioi to state authoritatively that a
certain well known resident of Carbon
county, who happenled to be in Big
Timber on the night of the killing, will
be called as a witness for the defense to
give rebuttal testimony. This witness,
whose namei is withheld for o~vious
reasonsm, will tesltify thats the mtlte's star
witness entered ci certain salolon at Big
Timber, after the tralgedy, rnud said to
the proprietor:
"We've got tlie u-- of i b-- at last.
You want to get on that jury, If we
get the right kind of people we'll hang
himr iure."
Upon overhearirtg these rermarks, the
Carbon county eminl, addressing the
aiuthor of thani, mnidl," You 'lu cc witues.
ine thie clamt 'aiel't you''" Jeing unwe'r
ed in the anlireietlive, the Carbon counlty
acIIt releemarked, "Well, you're c piretty
good lalll to keep your mouth shut."
A wTlitlIW tlll l n454.
"H'earI icf lttlil.llgn" Will tiH Prici' ,ed
Her., Thlertl.d. llhigl
''lTrho who like stirring hdrama of to
,4*y shouhl go to the opera house neatl
T-i.IcrPday ,eveningYI, iapt. 'J, when Liu
o.ln J, iarter'H great .p.ttqoular. pro
r.Cti.n, "I)Te r1 ear of ChJi.nuo,'" will
be PreIecteer, Ifke all ae uhdramsnel, it
tells _ I lintic e mIory, pcctlciutcliy tiad
vertiyt lly t ,h e t jen ,e jverly r.ej
lelvel rlr well wrr et , rIlauthl re'
cierly Mhlei cIl el Ii eh, wlu mIer. .oc-e
VIelmPyh igh ll el relllV IIe.e tre
Ie ll rn rf wrotlelhtlup - c mvew alid eeINe
tiew iil thee asludicn,. It i i Ie wie
FI. l e i(llr .
New School Books.___
Our New Stock of School Books is
here. We have a complete list of
all books used in Montana Schools.
Your orders will receive our prompt
Very truly yours,
Railroad News
H. B. Segur, general ageun of the
Burllugton, made a business visit to
Red Lodge the latter part of lest week.
C. S. Buck, head brakeman on the
Rocky Fork train, is taking a vacation
and nursing a hand which he had in
jured in Red Lodge last Wednesday
While making a coupling he had the
index finger of his hand crushed.
Assistant General Passenger Agent
Craig of the Northern Pacific passed
through the city the latter part of last
week on his way to Portland to look
after the transportation of the Thir
teenth Minnesota regiment from that
place to St. Paul.
The Burlington's tie-preserving plant
at Edgemontt S. D,, will be completed
about October 1. It will cost $40,000.
When the plant is in operation, 8,000
ties ai day will be treated by the new
process for preserving them. It is
known as the chloride of zinc process,
and is the sane as that used by the
Santa Fe railroad at Las Vegas, N. M.,
and by the Southern Pacific road in
California. The Burlington will be
the first railroad in the northwest to
take advantage of this process. The
ties are placed in a large iron cylinder,
the air is pumped out, and the ties
heated by steam; then the chemicals
are dumped in, and the ties kept in the
solution under high pressure until they
arn saturated, when they are removed,
The Burlington has a yard at Edge
mout in which 300,000 ties can be stor
ed, Before the ties are in shape to treat
they must be piled up and allowed to
sewnam for iabout sixty days.
A Great Northern branch to Lewis
town is one of the possibilities of the
near future, says the Milk River Eagle.
Indications point to the entering of the
town of Fort Benton below the bluffs
at that place. It is a difficult place to
build a railroad into and more difficult
to build out of the town. Hence it is
reasonable to suppose that the company
would rot build its main line into the
town simply to build it out again. A
line from Benton to Lewistown is the
easiest, and probably the cheapest, way
to reach the heart of the Judith coun
try. And if the Great Northern builds
into the town of Benton, the question
of a Lewistown line is advanced into
the list probabilities.
* * *
Frank Roberts resunmed his run yes.
terday morning as baggageman and ex.
pressman on the Rocky Fork train,
after a mouth's vacation, during which
time he was relieved by G. S. Collins
of this city.
There is a porsibility, it appears,
that the fight between the railroads for
live stock business may result in a good
big benefit to Montauan stockmen, A
week ago the competition served to
bring the rate on Montana and Dakota
cauttle down to 10 cents between St.
Paul and Chicago, and now it' is said
there Is a likelihood of the rate going
still lower, Concerning the matter the
Minneapolis 'T'imes ays :
"Rate troubles are not confined to
the passeicer departments of the Chi.
oago.St. Paul lines alone, Freight
oficialls Ihve started on a lively little
race for business on range cattle. When
the cattle anovetenut from the west be.
gau a few weeks ago it was notired
that the Milwankefe seoured more than
its aunul shiire of the business, An in
vestigation followed, which resulted in
one of the lines cutting the rate on
range cattle, Minnesota Transfer to
Chicago, down to 10 cents per hundred.
"The reduction was promptly met by
the other rfhicago, Hues, including the
Milwaukte, But the out failed to ad
just matters satisfactorily, , however,
and the Milwouke continued to receive
a big share of the businessr The ru
norr wao current yesterday that the
Burlington would take a further step,
and make a n-cent rate. The figure is
ruinously low, but the Burlington
olticials are underatood to sunpect the
Milwaukee. They laium it is nut liv
iug up to its agreement, but is waking
aeoret quotations, No aotion hua been
taken as far t san he learned, but
there is keen rivalry shown for the
"Another explauatinn which hea
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Under this heading we will publish
notices for 15 cents per line for the first
insertion and 10 cen ts per line for each
subsequent insertion. A special rate
will be made for notices running one
month or longer. No advertisement
taken for less than 2.5 osnts.
WANTED..-Solicitor at Steam Dye
Works, next court house. 1
Next to N. P. R. MH. Depot,
Writeo. d.r Billings. Montansa
finest $otel
in the
Yellowstone Yalley
Ceorge F. Beonighoff, prop.
Rates on Application,
wa wa
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