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The 1Billings Gazette.
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PAUL MG00ROlYI, lW. H. YecoRIlcK,
McCormick (flercantile Co.
• (Successors to Paul McCormick Co.)
We Solicit the Patronage of Customers, old and new.
SOur facilities for buying are unexcelled iand our prices at
the lowest living figure. ...........
A. . 4 JOHN D.
Ottir Pitc It National Hank Hninltdin.
H , AHMI'itON(i, M. i.,p
Belknapul o lck, Hillins., Montana.
MEN'S Clothingk
IRms 8 id 7, First National Hank BuiHolding. AND BOYS' Clthing
Nllght eldls answeer]d at otfte.
ln. . P. TOWNSNI), .... Blankets and Bedding,
PHYSICIAN and SURGEON. BedWagon Covers
Oilce and HReldence on Twenty.Njntl Street Hats and Caps.
N or , wo doors north of C(ttae Inn. Ofioe
.tri o privt. All oaln s will receive prompt The Largest Stock of Boots
' attention. Telephone and Shoes, comprising Ladies'
. O, DDARD. Fine Shoes and Slippers, Chil
A TTORNEY.AT-LAW. dren's Shoes, all sizes, Men's
Office over First National Bank. Boots and Shoes, all grades.
Sole Agent in Billings for the
..ED H. RATHHORN, Star brand rubber overshoes,
A TTORNE Y-A T-LA W. every pair guaranteed perfect.
ofmfo--oom 4. firt N4tional Bank Bollding. Mail Orders
Promptly Attended to.
Room 18, Belknap Block.
Butte and Billings, Montana. FIRST IATIONAh
Notary Public,
Juatioe of the Peace, U S. Commissioner,
General Commiesion Merchant.
Room 8, First National Bank Building, Billings.
Otoe in Wrwell Blook. ' Telephone,. 111
(Correspondoneo Solloited,
Sall real ropertyt. d . Iltetone connty, Paid Up Capital, - $150,000
pany. t.e' txa.indn anple Surplus and Profits, - 10,000
abt uot furnised, 0 cc next north rand
Hotel, lephone 12, --
4698 P, B. Moss, President.
yE w N TIONIL H. W, ROWLEY, Vice-Pres,
S. G. REvNOLDS, Asst, Cash,
Sha., T, Babsock,
' OF BILLINGS Jos .Z mCrman,
G, W, Woodson,
-o- P. B Moss,
APITALT, * s10,000 fransact a general banking busi.
IUIRPLUS, * • S0,000 ness., Colleotlons promptly
made and remitted for,
P1 1, All ioaltO , h
, ,lR" '' n'illi,~w.'t . tT,
•-.- l'u allYsalk i.,
Sssbu in fauls and heemui lbshuas "%W 4* P1 WSe IMse
b Will Be Deoided On Some Time
During the Next Two
Offe,4rl, by YI\'len Bros. Will Likely
lie I'hosen- 'Threve hids Are
ot(tertVld flr It.
Before many more loious have
passed the people of Billings will know
definitely as to the location of the post
oftice. The present oenrtract betweeu
the government and the First National
bank has expired and, as stated some
time ago in these eolumi nn 'the depart.
meaI was at ertisin or new bids,
whlch were o ha' een opened on
Sept. 1, last. Wi the tie e arrived
but one bid ht d aen submitted, The
postofflice inep or, who was here look.
lug after the matter, stated that he
would return again in about ten days,
Sas two or three parties had told him
they would be prepared to bid at that
time. The inspector did not return
until Saturday of last week, when be
found three bids awaiting him.
They were submitted by P. B, Moss,
president of the First National bank,
0. O. Gruwell and O. Ye en, for
Yegen Bros. The looatio . ered are
the present loation, tbh increased
,room to double its ou.nt snie, by the
bank; the oo ned joining J. D. Lose.
kamp's, by .1 Gruwell, and a new
building on Minnesota avenue, between
A. J. Gilsdorf's meat market and the
second hand store, by Yogeun Bros.
The bids, with the exception of the
bank's, ask a reservation of about 6x14
feet in the front for news stand pur
poses, and all the bidders ask for sixty
days' time in which to erect their
building in ease their bid is accepted.
Mr. Launce, the inspector, has not the
power to award the contract, but he
has sent the bids to the postoffice de
partment at (Washington, with the re
quest that prompt action be taken in
the matter, as the time is already late
and should have been settled are this.
Although the amount of the bids are
not made public, at Is thought that the
one submitted by Yegen Bros. is the
lowest and that the postofflce will go
to the south side. Mr. Gruwell has
made no pretentions of keeping his bid
a secret, saying that it was $60 a
mouth if allowed a reservation in the
front for a news stand, or $65 a mouth
without. In view of the fact that the
bank offers to furnish hot water beat
and electric lights, it is thought that
its bid is much larger than that of Mr.
- Gruwell's. The bid of Yegen Bros.
will not be made public until done so
by the government, but it is thought to
be about $80 or $40 a month. The 1
efforts of this firm to secure the loca.
tion on the south side are about to be
realized, and the public can expect
to hear something in the next couple
of weeks to this effect.
IExoavltion Starts Near the Operan Homue
Iand Proceeetl North.
Ben Hager, who is superiitebdent
for T, R. Hinds of Butte, the sewer
contractor, has started the work of con.
atructing the north side sneer. The
work began in the alley at the rear of
the opera house at a point where the
present sew rune. From he it will
proceed nort to Third ave heimud then
westward o that stree .dd the work
will be pusl d as rae an is possible,
the contrao r bel. i etermined to put
as unny mei o I ae job an oan work
conveniently h a view to completing
it before cold weather sete in. 0, 8.
Collins has been engaged an time keep.
er. The drain troughs which are to
run alounside of the sewer pipe are be
ing made and will carry off the water
before the pipes are laid. All the pipe
and other necessary imuterial to be used
in the oonutruotion have been ordered
and will hbegi to arrive i it few days.
The newer when complete ,,will coat
about $98, 0, There ayhWbe about
two and o 'half IMptof new sower
onstiastod, N or~r I paylu. l S
per day for laborern and wants wore
Two New AIPto ie atlllfm Will Manu I
Unde r COurse of reoen,
The south sMe da.e It lntend to
teand idly by and asee ll the ImppJove
matls mlade on the north I~l The
Imply Iola tefolg on Mina . llM
ale feet betaig Ught a Iid with
deralable be eas be A deal
we made w wll herlinIi, Ai,
Willla mla Tir a__.eo Iie a
lot a the imlnemla iiciiI
ead Tweatlnlath atlat.L Ma, Will,
emr will at ace aemmeape the eecm
Wr ol thI mwitfl kkl ll e.M oi ll
Mr. Willia aap¢ r Portuc Baxter,
The bnildlul i. be 25x110 feet, the
samne size of e lot.
Yegen Bros. will erect a salmlal
building on the lot east, adjoining that
of Mr. Williams. It will be used for
I their plumbing establishment, which ii
to be made one of the important feae
tures of their large department store.
Before.the building is completed the
firm may decide tq raise it to the sea.
ond story. It is predicted that Yegeu
Bros. will soanme day own and occupy
tile entire frontager of this block with
their manmmoth store, and if their
growth in the past few years is any ori.
terion, this prophesy will come true in
the next few years. T'heir present
building is now crowded to its utmist
capacity and they must ueItrl begin tc
spread out,
Yegen Broas, hve also made arracnce.
meats for colnitructing a cement sidel
walk, fifteen fort wide mud runiuinu
the entire lungtuh of that block on Miii.
nIesota avenue.
ThiM ir, A:rlu ' 'c'Intiol Will Ilt, Hrle, Next
ThI'lthlay '.elmlnag.
G(Orton'i minllstrui, whinht aire the at.
traction at the opera hlinse Thursdaly,
Sept. g8th, enjoy the distinction of
being the only miinstrel company that
are traveling now that organnized when
they did, in 18117. Their performance
throughout is clever anud modern in
every detail, There in not a dry unnm.
ber on the programme, and not I mIein.
her of the company whose mission is to
fill up a vacant place on the stage, for
the company is good, all of them, The
Crescent City Qorlertte is conmpsned of
tour as sweet and trained volees as any
quartette on earth can produce, the
mnusial act of Gorton & Lee in the
best in America and the jokes are pret.
tlly told. Tie end men. of whomt
there are six, are very funny.
There in one big difference between
this company and nlany others--they
have cut nut those old-time after-pleces
and in1 their places clever combinations
of abharacter sketches innd refined
acrobatic exhibitions are given.
We really do look for a big sale of
seats and an excellent business for this
company. They are good and should
not be missed.
Look out for the greart hand concert
at noon, in front of the advance sale,
-- . -..... *,4.
Kloked Two Modern WoeIIIuoi (llandi
dates Out of a Two-5tor, Itllidingl ,
The Sheridan Enterprise says that
during the initiation ceremoules when
two candidates were taking a degree in
the lodge of Modern Woodmen in that
city one of them expecting something
dreadful was about to happen, leaped
through a second story window to the
sidewalk below and the second candi.
date followed by the same route, One
of the candidates spent the night at the
Sheridan Inn and turned up the next
morning, but the other remained in
biding during the day and was not
found until Wednesday evening, when
it was found that he cut his wrist quite
badly and otherwise bruleuing him, It
was a narrow escape from very serious
injury and neither one would probably
want to repeat the performance, "The
Enterprise hereby challenges any lodge
in any city or town that can produce
a goat that is able to buck two caudi=
diates through a second story window
without causing serious injury to
Jlohn 1tuJnowomki, a .~1pli)strder, Mlkri
Another eidr uti l'tel I)lel41,nery,
Deputy Sheriff Fred ., Btobelder of
Uebo, who is lu attendaluce at the Sep
toember term of distriut court hold into
Red Lodge this week, Is in posaseaion
of a letter from John Bujuowoaki, a
sheepherder on Five Mile creek, which
states that a skeleton, supposed to be.
long iu connection with the uullet,
pieroeeed skull fonund on Aug, 94 by Andy
Davidovita, ha. been found, together
with a number of articles of wearing
apparel, some distuLeu below' where the
former discovery wais Iade, says the
Red Lodge Pioket, The remaind are
held to be those ot a seaulge man
whose audden dlsappearance from Five
Mile some four years ago ia shrouded
in myslery, and for whose supposed
murder Charles Samison is awaitipg
trial in the county Jail in Red Lodge.
After the preliminary lrial, which war
held at Uebo, Monde , aept, 4, Auhno.
woski was luatrauoed' by Coroner Rel.
lay to make a wore thorough search in
the violanit of where the salkull was
found, sod lia isecond Uraueome din.
covery l the result. Deputy laphelder
nltend to mregi tie remauis IHtel week
and rlearn with thea to Rled Lode,
wheo some new evidene may be
brought to light,
liliha Memiupale, who wae charged
with artSalt the isal degree for
Ihooti MmI, JaIle IandesIa hLrounh
the kle hand drinu AegIet, ou tie
orthern PIello platfoe Io Oledlive
wa femsad ill of aia is the Inee
cad degene y a Jery Matiandey sad eon'
ste t, S w pa i sWhe realteatliy
Whe J.r- wue ot thre he!s. live
ae s wt r engaged It the .u Is
'hse Ie the sawe and two fre the
4dc~wmarc~" o & II
By the Insurgents Together with
One Offloer and Nine of
Her Men.
With the lillance iof the Mlontanlt
Riq'iinient- iev'yIu'n C'mait to
the I'nitell S~itats.
It in rpiiorted that the lusiurgents have
olnptnrrd the United States un hbout
Urdnueta in the Oruani river on the
northwest side of Mlmniu bay, wherre
she was lpatrolhnu. Oue ofioer and
nineh of her crew are milaiug, The
guneboatt Petrel, sent to inventipale, re.
turned anid reported the Urduuetm
beoahed opposite the town of Oralli on
the Oranu river, She was burned and
the following guns, with their amnwu
uitiou, were oaptured: A one.poauder,
onem Colt automiatil gun, aind one Nor
clinfoldt nilmuetro gun. The crew of
the Urdiuetae are prisoners or have
been killed, Further details are lack
lut. The gunboat in a little oraft only
forty toun displacement, not much
larger than n small tug. She wias cap.
turod by the navy early in the war and
hba been on police duty lu the bay for
mouthl past,
The transport Valancia arrived at San
Francieco SMnday with the balance of
the First Montauna repliment, and thee
boyc lauded yesterday,
Dreyfum, the persecuted Jew of the
Frnench arnmy, together with his wife,
il oni route to this country to spenld the
winter in San Autonio, Texas.
Thei Atteutton of thI h'olle in ( alled to .a
Had (onlditionl or Amtilr.,
1 ie attention of the unight police l
Wl led to the crowds which .other at
several points ou Tweuty."evenlh street
and Montana avenue and blockaed the
sidewalks so that it is with extreme
diffmiclty that one is able to .ps, In
the city of the lae and wJv the pro
gressiveness wl ch Billi .'enjoya, this
should not be 5llowe/" The crowding
of the nidewa k ot the only really
objectionable ftIre of walking on the
streets at tniht, Besides being com
pelled to hear all kinds of obscene lan.
guage as they pass along, ladies are
also compelled to wade through pools
of tobacco spit in one or two different
places. The most objectionable of
these is on the corner in front of the
First National bank, These steps are
crowded every night with from five to
a domen men, who seem to be having a
coutest to decide which one can ~eouce
the biggest lake of tobacco jDd on the
sidewalk. Ladies, who h not uotloed
the small.si d lake have ruined
dresses by w dingL rlgh these spots,
while otheriL~ r been bespattered by
flying gobs o o acco, which they were
not able to jump away from. One lady
very aptly expressed it when she said,
speaking about this matter: "One
eveniug I passed along there and I had
to fling my dress almost a domen differ.
unt ways in as ruany seconds in order
to keep from being covered with tobs-c
co juice-the men made a target of me
it seemed," This is not imaginary,
but a positive fact and a practice which
the police should break up. It the men
must spit tobacco juice, let them get
SLinton Clothing Co.
Everything of thu Latost and Nobbiest for
Men's Wear,
The Boat Sleocted Stock in all, Iasl.vn
The Linton Cothl,
Uu UrJO uuwuIUri UK 11t0 IIUOWtU IX
their heads to the streets. This matter
should receive prompt attention at the
hands of the police department.
All Exceed flite Contemplated Cost ot the
uhldllingl andi Action Deferred.
.he Parnly Billings Memorial Ld.
brary committee met this morning to
open the bids fcr the constrction. of
the building. There were six bidders,
in follows: Chas, Stabern & Co. and
Schaffer a Monorlief of sjpla. Tubba
& Ward, 8. B. Sawyerd., H. Gagnon
and R. B, owe olllinag. Owing
to the advace of price of all build
ing mater hin the past few
months, thbl d, together with the
foundation of the building and the
heating nud plumbing, would make the.
building rosat more than $15,000, which
is the amount set aside for it by the
gourt)(ros donor, Mr. Frederick Billings
of New York. The committ ere
forn submitted the bids to K, tilner,
who is acting or Mr. . ing in the
Imatter, aid a.skejor instructions,
which are expk LMby wire as soon as
a letter nun reach New York. The
committee will hold another meeting
ns soon as instructions ant received,
when it is expected definite action will
be taken in regard to letting the coan.
Altt MADE TO O,.
Marlhal ilond IM clearing the City of the
Marshal J. O. Bond has reeumed his
campaign against the "pinkies" or see
rotarles, who have infested the city
with their presence. Marshal Bond
has been engaged in this work for sev
erial months, but he finds it hard plow.
iug, at the prostitutes assist their
"lovers" in hiding from the police.
Some remain cached for several days at
a time, bot sooner or later they are re
vealed to the light and their departure
then takes place. The ground has been
runllmitng for several days as they were
made to go hence. Some have been
livinl in Billings for some time, while
others were "enticed" here by the fair,
but all are being made to So and the
moral people of the city can at least
breath a few more pure draughta of air
as they paus along the respectable
streets, which have heretofore been
crowded with these lecherous persons.
Marshal Bond has but commenced on a
good work, which he ahould continue
until every one of them are made to
either leave the city or at least change
their ways.,
Thie Illlinpu and Mummelsbell Telephone
Line in Runninl Order.
The Billing. & Musselsbell Tele.
pone line is now in running order.
The line covers a territory of elmht
miles. From Billings to Roundu .
fifty miles and frona Roundup au.
uelshell pornoale it Ii t i amles.
This teleph e system bhl en cotem*
plated for ayear d its comple.
tion means reat e.oip eneo to ranoh.
ers and m. ha . The ie le wa on
trnaoted by . HBugerford, manager
of the Bill eu Telephone system, who
has few equals in themse parts for Mch
work. Through his courtesy The Ga.
aette reporter was permitted to talk
with Fred W. Hanadel at the Muasel
shell postoffioe this morning and,
although the two personm were meparat.
ed by a distanoe of eighty miles, they
could hear each other's converzation
Voual mand lnt4, mamentatl Musite
Mrs. 8. A. Mashaw, teacher of
uauio ilautruwental, vocal, harmony
and Masonu' teoaulo. Resldence South
Twenty-eighth street, Billingl, Mont,
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