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The Billings gazette. [volume] (Billings, Mont.) 1896-1919, May 04, 1900, Semi-weekly, Image 4

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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The BiIlings Gazette.
Qwbu PduWykm~j, Pu~dlbbru
1)Melul City and Co~unty Ps ju'r
Uuwd .t 0h. L'uftumu.u a IMuown
*uecfl&'tten late.,
E yeur, inh wira tuL~mne &o
moln~t. *....... ....... I.PiO
PRIDAY, MAY 4, 1oOu.
fi~o u a, U 55Iub atpl
º ý a *jAI
º i
TIDIIIn Iw ¶ Itnº LY tDP o J~lDDJI
(I 11 11 110
dU ID, so u ptI Wi 1i aD4 Il ul jI
VI ..,..., 11 .. I IX1
TW i //ill WDFIN u Wl i uuuiL IrInMIFI iDD i
oJ f Q I rDInl n 'V f tilº An~
11iilpi n ) ii D lV ~ll lii P in I iDDIDII ll
W I I u VIN NF il a iiº NW l'DD Iu$ i
ara our 11 Illu~a man 11412
IIIIt NV or l iII00p,
1 fl i111 Ii 01)V Ofi nu iii
Mi i ~lR 5w SIuc fll! II# i~i~ID Hllr rl~d7
Yr ItlH r p11 ig k p IDillii N or Nn
10 llli I I Ii W 1 MD rl
11p ýr l1ýuq 1 11q p k lnri I 1JUNM 111 II()I IJgglFnr
WIII 4C I1Sf r rrl
' j'f4 b N I'YM, I lr ll r y,
11 ( 1 1~i I/ 11 ill illi tn a
ID W I rl! NoIi i Ort' IHI in mIll
II l 110 L.(11115 Ic I1 ,.~~~ ,If Ml1D i~ If~ IiA
Ik ww D IM ~ # D ~ il ul r iI iiuujI
1 pwIla 114nF i JI$ 1 lN1 ID rII
fl 10 1 fllIN i !V tl lda I'I l lai 4ID
A D º 1~ J f1S1 11111 irni V ii i IDIJ ID 111 111 P Ds I 11111 .
ýID, ! ID4 I 11 W ,l ,lJ 1 rsrrr II,
I ~ I I 1 .15'I I If I VII Dl) 1ii lIIU n I
11u1 a 0 In º qn º 111111 I )I#I a
ý h I) II I I I I1 1IDý D~l hID Dip 10ii i1 1111
lD I D1111i DIM a IS lI fil II D l 51 D
fP º I a I 1if it Di MI D1ý u1 ug ý ý !n pala
1 I II 1 1 I iriDD ný U 11 1 a it 1+,
D1 iipiº 1 ) 1 ' iiiD ( li~ ID DIIuVD
Ii1 ill i 1 Dl l It Iný NI ilIDI HiDDI
S Ws IDpll 111 I i41 111aii p l
B iNS wri llQr Ieiiir r l u al lw Nf
1W1 Isiul f Q I dil fIt v DD1 4fIg .
owNf IN IIº11i'IWi A 1 11511 n 'III~l'lI4M
ý1 1 r UIWUSIN W1 1 nI 5 11111 f I I I llfN 4
rd Wý 11 111 WII I U 1 4Iý I I141 Mlu~ 1w
! 1 1511/1 INF ýNýIf ,II VNI' 11111 1w V(lIflie~
WIuPill It IUn I YP 110j I$w 11
NIN 1ý 1 Not ~Il Nlau ik1vII apes'iil
to reultqasih the oommieatou kIeo
thae the rerty would never recive th
ratlloation of (ongrnw, The prim
was fity enots per or#e more than eve
had beau paid for Indian la#d. in Mo.
- tanis or uuywbere atl lu the uorthwes
ao far as our kuowlehde piao, and tbi
beigu the cars the treaty beausae a deal
letter just as oxou as it was signed bi
the oomwiaelou aud the Indiana nYtiul
aM spokeanlen for lse tribe. Hu
while the oemmisaliou no doubt real
o land that coungres would never cousei.
to pay tlhe price for the land aipulatet
in the treasy the commissaion Ieitl
bad un view tlhe est that their terie oS
service at l10 per day and all espeaiss
would epire aboutl Obhi time and w.il
the showing lalde they hoped thbat on,
press would again appropriate oat of
the govermPent strans bos a sollMel
eat suns to again pay tObhe worthy (1)
gaItlemen a fat alary and the neooea.
a07 egespe to cover . anothe waestern
ueaketig tonrs, That was the idea of
the oosamisuin and that eaplaias why
bte oomlswlion u so readily Oonsented
that Dhe ladians should releive O1 per
sore for land Ibhat hould be bcghbt
gromw te tribe at ffty osuet au sure,
The Montana repremoueutativ at
Wasulngton no doentl folly realui
that It would Iwbe Ileal uel"m at thil
time to eatempl to getl oualere to
rlsiy the nutl of she men who lutOred
that U'noW taeaty last fall, iMven ware
the prile tlipulated sl the treaty trea
aoi.ble it would e a bard matter to
get congreus to approprlate half the
lmount valled foa' Il bhe tr.uty, The
people hoauld remelubr that the
prwesn uuungrme is not sakling very
many speslul appruprlutinonl and very
lfw spelial nle are going upon the
statute booeks n(t0 now when the ap,
proprlioune poll ufor a milliou or muae
nUt there will be another oongresI
4uie Winter aUd If Son.Utor ()rlter hle
onulluded it would be unwise to push
the Irow reOarvalon tretSF lastler ln
Its preaint fort" he will likely bhuve
provided Iln Iine way the appinltLewnt
of s.lother se of aenlllasielonesu In
that uYent 1i Would eueas e lwolust usue
IOlw tIo suggest to MunOior Ulrtur that at
least two of the )eUamsiusiuotrar shoumld
be residoints of the eta.e of Moanane,
enautor ht) ur knaows that O' conmmile*'
lon of tllt l1aramtoir, whose oJajority
esuhlnurihip would lhe Miltauan pgutle
man, would at le.s try tro )Wuuloplieh
sowuu good and if thal fall1d in their
work thIu ltilt could nut be placed on
the uonuliwslol
'Mwui aU this newspapur had hoped
IlIa th t trlsty Ult lld Ily a re'Iple )of
o.wturn polltuial vagabonlds willth the
prow Indian, would find a plnuu on the
fwadPral etaltnto, we Iustl now admitl
thlt tiher l tIlle or no hope for thi
gamagge of the snts of that nossanslston.
We Inow that Mu1 11tr U('tar Iholds a
long perveºwsnn pole a Waulsilngton
and .hotl h usuanlly gate aboIlt all the
prsalNwHIuns he soaw al.tur iI tlW n.iglh.
hurounAd of thu lus to ohamb e r an the
whllO soaes, bLu We farl' he has11 not
.at reouhed thuSt stage whereby lie nlas
perform ailranles. IS would lhe alsoat
a mirPaIlu if l1 reir' slluoundeid ln gtl .
I.ng tlrpughl lha eua W thaut treatl qu.
prollmlgatwld un Otlm lrow Initila reaer*
VillIull last yes hra IIa ;0o1pl Oif ft lltrlll
TOP pillowW'C I4Will,111111'I'
fall 4 1m1u10 veige 4 flai i'IIIM 11mt thu
NwI~l1IC iuiiliti1iilt iu11trIII ViWINi1tfIe 41,
Jllr lor'Jt Twuerlly the fgprurr n1y11ur optt
III$ IIu MiItmelNIN l WHlMy it iii 4thu tntr
u11uNlriiClesi' 11tui lluheq'pIj tllu (Mu)rk 0141
hv ci mgtNjeefhy ft tuln 'Pio twiut will
whuiwit euI1 t~cw veutlU tlie ;'UuerhPIU thIU
lBihFuiuietui I'lr"l vey uelleetb'w to1 uthu tht
U01 tee euheet ini by uttuw tee iii totel' the i10
t1iu iee 11115 I u CCCII'4IHN Y ill- 1111t j g111 tile h
Clrlr llll r liirifif nul' ii IrllNrll Cifill I'l I 1111 111ll
Ill KeIIuutI 1(J1ty III ,hits y 4 J JY 111C 111º
heeel't.Ieelth11IUiet Ii, hI tI1Ny Ito WIIIUtle Wvh
tuulle'tfieet 1 ttue idln ur1lue will l4 11 4 ee
Iuue h11ut to eeoeevemINt l Iti 1f M 11111W
uOuu tiell, te Jiuiw tII y ue1111uiuPNtIIoH, or
touuve Cit ukitmueuu feevr~n thl u Iulultl lt, o
hrueuculo Itee I'll elti tw lullww;ir IIOh wow; it
W1111If1111 111 rutisil 1114 N Iiulr w on k NI Itnn
will I'l teaeee~eeu tihu 14411 w$NM$ 1144 ueul
uluIIIl lIIe eI)PIIiiee ll u 1 loll hyYLulIhN he,'
IiytIIIu'Nw IIt Wu fit hu111 IHIIIMII, hhl4
11111 wiutt wluyied fluvuis fie 104u0i wIll
l' vuv InetuhI tIe illlttucllWIºu' thue 1 It411
iH1iiIiyiIlhf O oet 111i' 4lu1t1luC1ltt. ThorpI Is
IPIJ it lhiie 1l10'ie1ev cu1t fy1lg etnuN
lie rHNee IIHOP' hillKieih,1WtI 1Ii OIINIW Iill
HIII MH II r1 IH hol wII C hue1 t' v WPIV
nrorl Ilrf I 11 I 1o 00 Wl r Ill $1N Iloilo
utnul1I the bIhfu IN 111# hilt1' wNd 41/1
vth iIIy IHI(IW ieielllfo f11itut tIhN WIN,
w111"0 NI t11 wo u llfltHlrNity iI0tH1NIwCtJuI
OirlulDCPHulhCy'N oellhee In MNidIInNi will lip
I~tse IfoIloow#I h(fII)*~Y~ (IllJH)Itte IIHIu howVo
4111111 WNHIIt III till' 01,1150
elrr h iNll 1110 Ito nrk illJu fi l ite
ulhlpO1tIthhlrtrrn t III llt lv theIIe Ally
hHhIjOPit noi thee uf1ll ieiumwtlhluell b Iu
OHIOw MINri NI oIWul Womlnu14wv hlIWs
hhirows NWN 11 1 N11 huhC OwN uWNI,
Smon eo battle la the staoe ever
a mother's eo of the followerse ' Will
s isa A. Clark:
It i quite appestat to those poset
riw oIouissn demoUoratlc ltair tihes tin
apportiooumUet adopted wo oepnoted t
be to the adveutage of the followrrs i
Sthe Aaa.ond colmpouy eud its bhed.
I Deh r todga I edmlttedly ooutroled b
these people, With the big followlhe
the umne uturret bes le lliver Bow
uad tlw moebode whlob the Ma pureo,
pie have be e known to employ to
ynkeh the tollowing nonuat In prinariee
they will no doubt no.nl upon earryilo
abis ooenty also. Their sepealOtlos _e
that brrsll aoeoued unerly 40 par a-ni
of the aourouetou by uapuring Ch.a.
two eo"ie4 a she few oSabr votes seed.
ad ea bhe seured, Te moa who will
aele his ery to le plain feis as burr
prostM i dole blnslif Saed bthe demn.
ma ik palilso lPasilbe,, The An
eeadi ploU ul asaegee have a molu e
bhwim ereuyhelg theya 4 Thebr
MenSo in watll Slihe eheoleau ouoUol
of the soeal sisle uonevelSou sues
be e~purel# tl all who bahe followed
reeam. m f evmisw fer ibe post few
arla e , a h. ew h l
The haaeoude Itedard, the Iorga
of Mu, +a? Cueinseg She eabjeet ea'
ouImlalU eg the ease day ShaS thIe Hner
argeo Ma, lesur's foleowne to bahele,
takes a very eeeasuvasive view scd
uaruoe fees slu he eahdpiol that the op.
portioanueln was meol spoan uses hauS
would bhemS cwio the whole tuterial
of the peary il Ia seltae as hmla., Mot
lthn D)lyltee i ulne ard go be liulutl,
HNvlug won w signaal rieMtmy a thu
very outse of she atcha 1nwpaiglu, 1i
wauld be uobhlau short of aleil lfo
thlem to turn UnOOUd nuoL glosS over bhe
kow.uIl h blow ludlhul lUpo the (lmarld
ftorso tills early ta the auepalgu,
nuo the UlMrk people may mcove tWair
wind a thwy cum promi al hamaedlcbc
aid four tile couulld' rai ud Cto e baiSle
to be held at Bw uie na Jus.e I0 sd
while bhte ulle' plaoed c odld! aglaslt
Cbheta bair tuo.oler of pualps wIay poc.
lbly Iueep tl.mw Icld. the ropa of lhu
elate doulwurbtlao UHLbtInu elec,
-mw mnrwawr
01411 IT 1010 VPua ue*110,
Whle' 4 t e hlM uIYWep Ilmm 40Ij knee011c
I the meiat luHaUm thu rtmI1 leuuN w it
limo thenya MIn hletu mNrt.r pleimfweee 11
IN tn lou heqpwe thut w9oic it EItI ulmo t
wrllteei thhe I uesvJi ilceeb lrhrre will
Jew1, no loeU" utvudellioU Ujee that HeUaa
thwe em) that thu jilletfuremlln 4uiciuu
I11 thus compost will emeele14uu wieelet
ably for the paid utelieUu, `l'lite wNe
Io 14114111411 wheci it weN uemwldruu
Lrureeteu to thu .tCte for i INU"U to fleuleev
hIm louhwly to thu Hold etcheulrd gym
tolle uo Sfituuto, buel hoti time11 hee
tpemed, sead pueepe. hevu leerew4 by
4U0fuelvu4et uvulyNte theet the' eeduptlien4 eel
tieer unle) eteeuid hlu bleu thee #0vn14
olciuem tee Molly i Meesntete lmII0tvtUU
whilni eithmuwtmu would Ihevu none ON
thou timuers of hgwrlwptuy. 'oh pmepim
of 14uu~st0 heyv posmmed thrash Ihu
eahool of 004nectel eujueluiei 4ll0t0i4t toh
piet fuw ,rNu. 'Whuy uleir vucliem
nor rhet the aagsbugee "Ieut Nwatullhu
edeption eel paid AN tllhu mtewdeud of
ve1rl Win iwe e nl . 11t fi9uht1tU the
yntpt eeoll tleeoley i'e4neu it ouwutl etewo'
lidor iota Ihe 10 t14e If fum llrur uwnipp
4 thu thisu llUcnl leurle were twiow
luoeiuunhl1, bet If uupuhl4Ienm cee'r wiue
It ie . ertnely doufbtful witllhtr tlih
ritini eoote'tu enU 094lei feoul u eneJut.
Iii of thoo votete of the etetm. MNte~mtuu
Sre evurvwhuumet NIeeted to chow thet
M0o14t4ne WPN 1ievohe to the Peety III
merle"of I hu deTlve of thu enetinieci
noVeefllW it 4114 II th et"4te 40 u" whpll
NOU t noi cireec to tieee loenc cod 140"e
the II Iht on sthee molld mteeole 1ud end
cuS puoupeulty Ihu outuecig1e oel thu Mote'
Weoo ouunpeeipn th.w reg will r weedeeeht
eetiy roelt ten 111it te'mvu Viatot1y, for thu
peetty tilbet.
Moy leltllIenm lll npl, wvill neeoiu' to
le'e4i'ie 1,hut thu 1,'upeel1iieeeeee oef Neetee'cuhe
tecc yc oueelunee M1,e I Ihetrl" N K
Jiteu iein t III Hlnl tju feep 4tu1 o1uito o1
Meevurourn Mr , ututeie le will bei wo
to lhltle l$ WIf tinee Nuei feI1eetet
vlu ltee tee ihu ecllty eluc4 011ei hu 1enet foo
eueeleetttIs leely l euholielU1lC III 111e41"m
m ioc Ueeelee tee 11104111 1 u lee rrij11ute e
tapeUIk Ihku 0111111111141lir IMI III tan fil so
live leset IIe thee' Meciclee ulueetice111. Am
cN eleecileItlune Mur. It ieeOiuh Ste f lw
11qon Im in the etuteen leewht hll' eeeiieegs
nod tisim 1N ictule thetlrsd 111. h 1-lp hee
eeeteel hby 1I ee In Muht'nwh will tee
irtttpbeetiv Molted neull UvIhrIII4IN I evSuIcehw r
D(VH IHFD II 4111111.h I'1 llfl ursbII111111 I
Ve'wtgtet t~l eeeeete1u le 1eCel' tt e Ieee
tfpenl l VMS!., NY 1I ,"'VrsliIbt 111 01.i
,tereccee0cc11 iseucNNIW N lee
Uumt ~6 l~e cil-bUiN ie ! 111t'
MIoil NA teem Ilu "totwo In $41I Ic n coll
OftNIUA uM 4N1 h r us h III;iNW ItIN
I .0N fl xlkY 1111 11 It 10 I10$,1 All
ticl 1,dNll NIP leioA'hce hot i w Nlntet
Lionteo~ Iwuu, N ht !,etwu, mPUOIyklv tIwIN
1WIO 414W~ INto$p Ou t mueI Wjh 14"d
WIjHjt 00, NNM1.11 1FP 510 * 1W1IIc
ouiwn Ctt n&ue t orw ut cd SI
lcmWwI otNIiJ~ We
Pf ,tt w oFtgettPI ui~e
PW twe iwlO~t~f~ 11 t~Ul u
woub1 and km#e me agraiaao Tie
rMhIngae Le lbw ew ea eal.b of
I'r an rp"y prsed byr the cae.
pWarP Tb a 'obudela Is the 'uase
war adopted em Use heaat Nr'eikeunu a
few mouth, yo., The old aelsdela
Provided that feelrbt crewe abaski
uaoelve eantr par tar ewltohlsaa at
teruluala and luteimedat at pointa.
The vow ludahulo atlloltbee Its Sor.
p eaOlem aUd UI. onasetbad by the seem
to mim that Ifame maie a uegeslar
meeae hoem In ieu I tIer shay wsill be
realuiad to corn jeietea hoars work by
terminal awltablu Willheet eacr pa4,
Ther ma an II I di end the atrl
boereteto e a han baalaea, The
meIatau aa ran for a week 'a pIro"m
euppoe& Tie amspenr I paapwrla
for s lube uilewa he won bek daown
beonr III '? tbe aUe dl hu rrtd and
thekIr w Ip S
OMM RM o 16 IN a11 wal
I ~,eapw wIDJjvI
* a
.n 1w tgeajeleuc
Ir ariulug Goof I I a s awd work
* of to w a D11 ar aHY g,1,
111w1 pau, 4LaveewareMt pealea1 5ul
15Mi4917 u1 ai tu hea~ld m a ahyae I ye
Pruye'aluiwulu, I'L mit and beelo
V, P. sise, ti a aI nuJrela U. , , a*
I iNU, ~All orlueluy rra#,
0u Mp0aoopa ulwvulo lt' wi le vaiu lows
will iur uuaauushuuseee I Ihowlsº a. It,
.OuDu p. , dunlop T laukSu wa *
iwll eeu of evueell ae uuo' a. 11,
Ulpt Mwf it eervluisa em wwtb atba
lee 10 loop J tlerll. wuhmue, nout Ulawws
V t, mt. Mission £Na ma I*
5$+aobtuM at N p , a{. , Rl) WC an
ulugtaa of a uutuug at a, m rrs p rurvkr
''l.ºlap will as rulvluur a NOW t
41 04111011au uhrurrrb ull raunwY,
killinjpx I)poga Howe.
Rggtor of tiw' PvwItluIn
Thu Olara ruaur
Thuatri @o.
Biiings O0ri House,
Friday N4ight, May i
I iinjI 'w ula~ilýý,hi~lu 1N le
Ioin6hlng Mew I
I ethI1m Amilno I
Aamlrhlnq ýntrlallnlný II
14 w111o iI $ 'Il IIIINN IIH 11 1 11 ll
Received Ietst Holm Ollhoafn'e
AppreoIatep tho Beat!
~uuIwwegeeeu1IyIbIII C'II IMIl
hu I hueeu hIw e euu ( IIyeeu wlN led, Ii H1lgelw, e
ý1 VN11 i"141 MIIKý11 II 4l fN g I~ew wugeee f I111N 1
Ncl les4luv gege'ul elweV 0wield NCIIll NNE'
H II ii eucH le' uIItui
N)pciaul '/ 'ýh A Complete
Attention line of
ivhcun to iPurfumuM,
Ph'iciainu' , ( Soapu,
Prn~rctlptioon Combs and
D)y nd Ndighth, , Brulhew
DynNh of sall kinds.,
, L Ime wlm I,
WVBN Tim OSaui for tPeieullus,
__________________________________________ ~ I - I*JL-·I·T1 -I.I1
Iake an
la Btookl,
810hU a roRNlS
Itook Iaheing,
IOOt 11, tll ill, IolrMP Ital
Finest Hotel
In bth
Yellowitono YVilly
OeP os P, llllSlMN, Plheo
iesr on ApplWlotln,
, P, J4tbbsod
IM N /1NYV1{Ad iWg~MM
weII wsw ' uI Ie41
Forester a rr ilýI O
atlroW cl i H srlln
IqII Iw IJpln5ý
Mgnteng Avianvi NIBINgI MINTI
I 411 I
nifln!Ib ililicngsMn

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