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From Saturday's Daily Gazette.
Thomas Shevlin and wife have sold
to Hattie North lot 5, block 51, Bill
ings; consideration $125.
No services will be held in the Con
gregational church tomorrow evening,
as the members of the society will
worship with the Methodists. Regu
lar services will be held in the morn
A. T. Ford has fAled notice with the
county clerk and recorder that he has
located and claims ten feet of the
waters of the Yellowstone river for
the purpose of irrigating the south
'West quarter of section 10, township
1, south, range 26, east.
By a deed filed for recora yester
day Christopher P. Slater has con
veyed to the Slater Brick company
lots 1 and 2, block 44, the fractional
lots 23 and 24, block 47, Foster's ad
dition to Billings townsite, and the
iractional lots 23 and 24, block 1, Bill
ints. all for $250.
A warranty deed nee ror recoru yer
terady conveys from Charles H. Hath
away and wife to Charles K. Stoltz
the southwest quarter of section 32,
township 2, south, range 23, east, and
lots 3 and 4, of section 5, same town
ship, also all water rights and stock
in water company owned by the first
parties, for which they receive $3,750.
The near approach of the holi ay
season is made manifest by the ela -
rate window displays some of the mer
chants are making as a hint that it
is time to begin thinking about pres
ents. Some of the windows are ex
ceptionally nicely decorated, or dress
ed, as it is more proper to speak, us
ing the language of the craft, while
the class of goods shown is also of a
high order.
The first real snow fall of the s a
son occurred yesterday morning, w
enough of the congealed humidity fell
to cover the ground. It disappeared
within a few hours after the sun came
out and the weather once more turn
ed warm and bright. The storm
seems to have been the tail end of one
,that prevailed to the west, as arriv
als from that direction report a heavy
fall of snow as far east as Livingstmn.
Referee Frith his declared a divi
dend in the estate of Richmond
Mitchell of Forsyth, lately adjudged
a bankrupt. The Forsyth bank, which
was secured by a chattle mortgage,
receives the full amount of its claim,
$459.84, while Montford Bray, a labor
er employed by the bankrupt, also
gets all due him, $13.40. With the ex
ception of the attorney in the case,
who is allowed $35.81, on a claim of
$150, the other creditors receive noth
ing, except that their filing fee, $1,
is returned to them. This winds up
the estate.
Tomorrow the dedicatory serviceq o
the enlarged Methodist church
take place and will be conducted by
Bishop J. N. Fitzgerald, D. D., LL. D.,
of St. Louis, assisted by the Rev.
G. D. King, presiding elder, and the
Rev. W. A. Allen, pastor. Bishop
Fitzgerald will preach at 10:30 in the
morning and also at 7:30 in the even
ing. It will be noticed that the morn
ing services will begin a half hour
earlier than usual. The members of
the congregation hope that all who can
possibly do so will be present at both
services and extend a cordial invita
.tion to everybody to attend.
A man named Smith, living in the
eastern part of the city, reported to
the police yesterday that a pony be
longing to him had disappeared and
gave it as his opinion that a vagrant
boy, aged about 12 years, had stolen it.
-Smith is the owner of two ponies and
also a boy, the latter of about the
same age as the supposed horsethief.
The two boys became acquainted and
the stranger persuaded the Smith
boy to take the horses out of the
pasture in which they-were kept and
they rode them about town. This oc
curred last Tuesday. The following
morning the strange boy and one of
the ponies were noticed about the
stockyards, since which time neither
has been seep or heard of. The fact
that Tuesday night a boy's saddle was
stolen from the barn of P. B. Moss
leads the police to believe that the
young hobo helped himself to it and
having secured a mount rode out of
From Sunday's Daily Gazette.
Among the next public social events
is the ball of the Royal Neighbors,
which takes place December 19.
Regular services will be held at the
Episcopal church at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m. Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Dr. O. Bb Prickett has recovered
from his recent disagreeable illness
and is once more to be seen on the
Christian Science services today at
11 a. m. Gruwell block, rooms 15 and
16. Subject: "God the Only Cause
and Creator."
The west span of the ndw brigg
across the Yellowstone east of '-
city has been completed and work ist
now under way on the piers on the
further side- of the stream. -
Sheriff Hubbard has gone to -St
'Paul in tesponse to a request fro
-te manages of the Northerp Pacife
-who are ian4ous~ to effedt a setemear
'with him of the claim for, personal u
injuries he sustained in the wreck fU
near DeHart, a year ago last Novem
ber.. tl
The county commissioners went on T
a tour of inspection to Laieel, yester- ti
day, to make examination of the coun- tl
ty bridge at that point, on which some R
work has been done in the way of pro- ri
tectihg one of the piers that the water 1
of the river was threatening to un- t
dermine. b
The annual election of officers 3
the Billings club took place last Fr
day. It resuleted as follows:, Presi- d
dent, H. G. Williams; vice president, I
W. B. George; secretary, W. Lee
Mains; treasurer, S. F. Morse; trus- v
tees, S. G. Reynolds, D. A. Ross and I
P. H. Smith. t
An order has been made by the
state supreme court citing E. D. Weed, I
the well known Helena attorney, to
appear oefore the court December 16
and answer the charges preferred
agaihst him by a rancher of that
neighborhood, who accuses him of un
professional conduct and demands his
Referee Frith has been notified by
the United States court at Helena of
the filing of a petition by W. H. Mc
Intire and F. M. Middleton of Miles
City, lately adjudged bankrupts, to
receive their final discharge. Decem
ber 23 has been set for hearing the
petition, when all who may have ob
jections thereto must present them.
Among yesterdays- arr;vals in the
city was A. S. Lohman, for a number
of years engaged, in the mercantile
business at Chinook. Recently he dis
posed of his interests in that direc
tion and took a shorter cut to rich
ness by engaging in the sheep indus
try. He expects to spend several days
n this vicinity and will visit some of
the larger ranches and feeding es
tablishments of the valley before his
return north.
Mrs. Strang, county superintendent
of public instruction, has received
copies of the programme of the meet
ing of the State Teachers' association,
which wil convene at Missoula, De
cember 26, 27 and 28. The meeting
promises to be exceptionally enjoya
ble, as the Missoula executive commit
tee has made elaborate preparations
for the entertainment of the teachers
and the social feature of the gather
ing will form not one of its least con
siderations. All meetings will be held
in University hall and Thu'rsday even
ing, after the first session, a reception
will be given to the visitors.
From Tuesday's Daily Gazette.
Robert Milne and his wife, Maggie
Milne, have sold to James G. Huffman
lots 9 and 10, block 205, Billings, for
Although not severe and probably
the fall was not as great as they would
have liked it to be, yet the stockmen
are grateful for the snow that fell
yesterday, as it broke the drought on
the ranges and insured the long need
ed moisture for stock.
.A warrant was issued out' of Judge
Fraser's court last evening charging
Elijah Green of Junction with assault
in the first degree. The complaint
was sworn to by Under Sheriff Sales
and that officer went to Junction last
night to arrest Green and bring him
to the city..
Chris Ankel and Alex Frandila were
arraigned in police court yesterday
on the charge of having disturbed the
peace. Both entered pleas of guilty
and were assessed $5, each. They
said they had the money, but being
workingmen and out of a job just now
they thought they would serve out
:heir fines on the streets.
The Methodist c.urch, which has
undergone extensive repairs, was
fori'r ally re-opened last Sunday,
Bishop Fitzgerald of St. Louis preach
ing both morning and evening. The
trustees had contracted a debt of $2,
500 by reason of the improvements
added to the church and of this $2,100
was wiped out by pledges made by
the congregation at the morning and
If just at present the youthful
tion of the population should wish
themselves somewhere else than in
Billings they should be gently criticis
ed. Winter and snow on the ground
without a single place where the fun
ef coasting may be had is a pretty
hard proposition for the average boy
to accept 'without a murmur, especial
ly if he is- the proud possessor of a
"shin breaker" or other sled.
Superintendent Summers of the
Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone com
pany came down from Helena Sunday
nirht and proceeded to Red Lodge
yesterday morning where Judge Henry
of the district court will hear the
case of the company against the city
authorities. The Bell people through
mandamus proceedings seek to force
a right-of-way through the city of Red
Lodge with their telephone line.
Instead of being a nuisance and
good only for causing trouble to those
on whose land .lt grows, it may yet
turn out that the common greasewood
is the source of untold wealth to those
who possess it in -large quantities.
The Scientific American of 'recent
date says that the young shoots of the
plant produce a milkv map mad the old,
wood a rselnous gum fri Awtbih gen
nine "India" rubber may be manu- -
The government has compromised
the case against Sam Spencer, the
Teton stockman, who got himself into
trouble by smuggling a band of cat
tle across the Canadian border. It
will be remembered that when he ar
rived at St. Paul the cattle, nine car
loads, were seized by the federal au
thorities, but subsequently released
by Spencer depositing the .sum of $2,
1300 as security. This amount has
been accepted as payment for the
duty upon the cattle and the matter
has been allowed to drop.
After July 1, next, Judge F. C. Ma
will combine the business of carryi
Uncle Sam's mail with his other in
terests, having been notified of the
acceptance of his bids for the trans
portation of the mails between this
city and Lavina and between this city
and Pryor. The former is a six-day
a-week service, while the latter is tri
weekly. While he declines to give
the figures, the judge says they are
considerably in excess of the present
contract prices and that he expects to
make something more than glory out
of the venture.
Despite a very advantageous n
tempting offer he received from
Lake, the Rev. Mr. Gesner, rector of
the Episcopal church, has decided to
remain and in consequence there is
much rejoicing among the members
of the society. In recognition of the
sacrifice which the conclusion entails
upon him; the trustees of the church
have undertaken the task of a move
ment in the direction of showing in
more substantial form which they
words the appreciation which they
and the others of the church entertain
and will endeavor to make his stay
more profitable to him than it has
been in the past.
J. S. Biltgen, the iurlington brake
man, who was confined at the isolation
hospital, received his discharge from
that institution yesterday and left last
night for the south. As he had the
disease only in mild form he bears
no marks of the siege through which
he has just passed. He says that the
man Sage, the last of the persons to
be affected, has smallpox in virulent
form and is still a very sick man.
Mrs. Shranz, who with her husband
was taken to the hospital, after their
arrival from up the road, is rapidly
convalescing and will soon be well. So
far the man, who was taken there be
cause he had been exposed, has shown
no symptoms of the malady and is
believed to be an immune.
The bazaar which the Ladies Aid
society of the Methodist church is
holding in the 'Gruwell block was hap
pily opened last evening. Bishop
FitzGerald was present and made. an
address and some very good vocal
and instrumental music was another
attractive feature of the evening. The
sale of all kinds of fancy goods was
large and the lunch and flower tables
were also liberally patronized. The
bazaar will continue today and this
evening and the ladies will be particu
larly pleased to show their wares to
those who are "looking around for
something for Christmas," as they
have a splendid assortment of all sorts
of things that will make acceptable
presents for both young and old.
Tramp Applies at Pest House for
The isolation hospital would be
about the last place one would look
to for the sauce of humor to flavor the
humdrum of everyday life, but it
seems that even in that grim and sor
rowful institution things occasionally
happen to raise a smile if not hearty
laugh. A'gentleman who but recently
was released from an enforced stay
there tells with much glee the exper
ience of one of those nomadic crea
tures generally called a "hobo" who
found his way out there- during the
incarceration of the one telling, the
story. it was during his convales
vcence and the gentleman was walking
about the yard. Suddeily he saw a
sorry looking individual approach the
fence and after assuring himself that
no dog was lurking about asked the
patient if he could not give him a
"handout," saying he was "awfully
"Why certainly," answered the con
valescent, "come right in. The coun
ty maintains this smallpox hospital
and I guess it is rich enough to give
you something to eat."
"Honest, podner, is this a smallpox
hospital," now asked the famishing
one. Being assured that such was the
nature of the institution, the fellow
began to back off and when he consid
ered himself at a safe distance call
ed back: "I'm pretty hungry, but I
reckon I can stand it a while longer.
So you needn't trouble yourself about
getting me anything just now."
0.. S. Chilcott, of the Yellowstone
Nurseries at Rockvale, has sold the
St. Vincent hospital a bill of home
grown stock and will plant fruit and
shade trees and ornamental shrub
bery around the hospital grounds the
ensuing year., d-sw
line stationary at uasette ofice.
have a very attractive line of Gold
" Plated, Sterling Silver, Enameled,
Oxidized and Ebony Sets of Combs,
Brushes.. and Mirrors, put up in
paper boxes, thus doing away with
the expense of eases and putting
special quality in the goods. We
are confident that every lady who sees them
cannot but admire.. They are useful as well `'
as ornamental, while in price they are about
the same as old style toilet cases. We have
them from $3.00 to $15.00. See them.
SChapple Drug Company
Corner -ontana Avenue'and Twenty-Eighth St.
.Ionzo Kilby Charged With Looting
Sheep Camp.
It was probably because the fornr.
was too hot to be carried away
the latter so securely fastened to its
moorings that he could not remove it
that Alonzo Kilby is not also accused
of having stolen the stove and house
of Snelling & Harvey, sheepmen on
the Musselshell.
Kilby was brought to the city last
Saturday evening by Deputy Sheriff
Harding and lodged in the county
jail tu await the next term of the dis
trict court. The charge against him
is burglary and it is on an order of
Justice Ostrander of Musselshell town
ship that he is being held.
The transcript of the preliminary
hearing in the justice's court against
Kilby has been filed with the clerk
of the district court and according to
the summary of the proceedings held
it appears that when Kilby was arrest
ed he. had two companions, Jesse
Smithey and Roy Milner. The latter
twb, however, apparently were able to
satisfy the court of their innocence,
as they were ordered discharged from
In the complaint against Kilby he is
accused of having stolen six packages
of coffee, a coat and vest, two over
shirts, a knit jacket, a tarpaulin, pair
of blankets, a quilt, two frying pans,
three tin plates, a butcherknife, two
tin cups, a coffee pot, several table
knives, 50 pounds of flour, 20 pounds
of sugar, 25- pounds of potatoes, a
washbasin, a galvanized iron water
bucket, a pail of lard, one U. S. clasp
knife, a Savage rifle, box of cartridges
and a bottle of strychnine. In cor
roboration of the charge Wright Har
vey affixes his signature to the com
The theft of which Kilby stands ac
cused was committed toward the lat
ter part of last month, but it was not
until December 1 that a warrant was
Issued for the arrest of Kilby, Smithey
and Milner and the two succeeding
days were required to make service.
The fact that a bill for transportation
and another item for mileage are at
tached to the cost list must be taken
as evidence that the officer was com
pelled to travels a considerable dis
tance in making the arrests.
At the time it was looted the camp
was temporarily unoccupied, the herd
er being absent with his sheep. Al
though this is the first arrest for an
offense of that nature, parties resid
ing in that part of the county saythe
robbing of sheep camps is of common
occurrence and many heavy losses
have been sustained by sheepmen in
that respect.
Bridgf Across River Between Town
and Depot Completed. y
On Saturday last the big pge
spanning the river, between the Town
proper and the Burlington depot, was
finished and is now open to traffic.
The structure was built by the bridge
force .of the company and is substan
tial in every way. Heavy timbers were
used and it is well braced with large
iron rods. The water approach is well
guarded by wedge shaped wooden
cassions, several feet high, the spaces
being filled in with large quantities of
rock. The superstructure is securely
fastened by top and side frames, the
whole being firmly bolted together.
The flooring is very heavy and the
supporting timbers are massive it
size. The bridge is by long odds the
heaviest and best ever constructec
in the Basin and is capable of stand
ing the heaviest weight that can bi
placed upon it.
eare your cough. Sold by Chappl
IV= Ofth
We are authorized to sell these lots and to do so will make,
lowest prices and give the easiest terms ever offered. The lots
the best in Billings and. prices run from
$10.00 TO $500.00
these lots will be sold and if you have a dollar to invest, don't fall 'to s
us while these lots are on the market.
County Treasurer's Quarterly State
ment Showing Condition of Funds
The quarterly statement of the coun
ty treasurer for the quarter ending
November 30 has been' filed with the
county clerk and recorder. It shows
that at the close of ,busines on that
date the sum of $187,452,50 was on
hand and distributed among the vari
ous funds as follows:
State ... ................$14,155 83
Fish and game ............ 532 19
Stock indemnity .......... 66 07
Stock inspec. and* detective 893 55
Sheep mnspe. and indem... 97 36
State bounty ............ 4,102 14
General ...... .......... 25,322 51
Contingent .............. 10,928 72
Poor ........ ...... .... 5,410 15
Sinking ................... 5,472 77
General school .......,.. 12,548 88
Bridge .................. 5,694 01
Bond interest ............. 4,722 15
Road .................... 9,548 73
District road ............ 371 83
City of Billings .......... 18,272 73
Billings fire ............... 1,927 73
Billings sidewalk ........ 1,720 37
Billings sprinkling ........ 900 20
Billings imp. dist. No. 1 .. 37 69
Billings sewer dist. No. 2 .. 2,122 91
Billings sewer dist. No. 3 ., 5,153 00
Billings sewer dist. No. 4. 403 02
Billings sewer diet. No. 5 . 611 54
Institute ........ ........ 25 00
Estate M. Gallaher ....... 199 10
Estate J.. W. Cobb ........ 4 84
Estate George Heintz ..... 1 00
District school .......... 55,537 29
Fire department .......... 313 23
Total ...............$187,452 50
el" Receipts.
Taxes ...... ............ $156,340 05
Licenses ................ 6,141 25
County Officers fees ...... 1,137 47
Other sources ............ 37,828 05
Transferred from road to
road districts .......... 146 00
Total .................$201,592 82
Buffalo's Memorial to the Late Presi
dent McKinley.
Buffalo, Dec.. 9.-A bronze tablet
now marks the spot where the body
of the late President McKinley lay iý
state in this city in the lower corridor
of the city hall.
The inscription on it is as follows4
"Here lay in state the body of WiQ
liam McKinley, President of the UniT.
ed States, September 15, 1901." Fort.
five stars form the border of the to
let, and the letters are cud into tI
bronze to the depth of t i efight)
of an:inch.
Makes a Discovery on Trout C
That May Make Him Rich..
Several weeks ago Al Hsr
brought into Big Timber sampl
what he believed to be oil whlc
had discovered on the ranch.:.
nephew on Trout creek. Mr.
son sent the samples'to Butt -
analyzed, and is just in receipt
report of the analysis. It sho
samples to have contained o(
oil. He says that from the mo
side there oozes a small stre`
water which runs down and ,
inja small basin near the foot
gulch. He and his nephew w
tracted by the oily appearance
water and the scum that forme,
it. The scum has an oily .ee
the touch. Mr. Harrison's inv
tion has proved so satisfactoryi.
he is, preparing to organize a
company to prospect the Vicin
oil, feeling confident that them°
good flow to be had in the neig
hood, or that there is an immens,
of coal.
Convicted on His Girl's Evide
Kansas City, Dec. 6.-Wal1e yF
naugh, who forced his swee
Daisy Wheeler, a 17 year old
steal $1,200 in pension moneo
her widowed mother and flee,'
him to Chicago, was found gu
the criminal court here today
given a five year sentence in:.o)
itentiary. Cavanaugh was ca -
on testimony given by the girl..
A. L Babcock Hardware
Goods adapted to thea es
prices ad4qpte4L to the
In other
do well to cononalt iat ""
we offer. ,

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